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from Gary Lane... Today’s horses living in the information age will require better mineral care than ever. “Why?” Our modern day farming practices along with the age of our pastern fields most certainly have been depleted of natural minerals over the years, mostly because of fertilize abuse. Now let me add one more comment to the mix: A horse kept in a stall or pasture field also needs to drink plenty of clean water. Red Cal is a great free supplement choice I use not only for good mineral quality for horses, but the added insurance of Red Cal natural balance requires the horse to drink plenty of water. Our gaited horses were developed for work, pleasure and transportation. Let Red Cal work for you to ensure not only fine quality of mineral supplements, but the added bonus that your horse will drink plenty of fresh water. Gary Lane is the author of “Training the Gaited Horse from the Trail to the Rail”and new DVD “Understanding The Middle Smooth Gaits”. For more information see

I have been using Dr. Dan’s products for over 6 years and the resultshave been amazing. As soon as I got both horses off the processed food, the change was immediate. My horse, Playboy, (pictured) was so bloated, he looked like the Pillsbury Dough Boy and it was because of the junk that was going into his system. He had also developed a cresty neck that really worried me. I immediately started both horses on oats and Dr. Dan’s Just Add Oats, Weight Check Oil, and Red Cal and I couldn’t believe the results. Blaze's breathing got better with this new feeding program plus the AllerChek (he has Heaves) and Playboy looked like a completely different horse and calmed down within a week practically. The other product that I swear by is Bug Check. I literally have NO FLIES around my barn in the summer so all my animals are happy campers and have no flies to speak of--even the dogs. I also love the Grape Balm—stinks to high heaven but it works. Thanks, Dr. Dan for always being there when I need you. Liz Dietrich, Florida


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