The Natural Horse Vet Magalog

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PLUS Advantage™ Feel The Difference! Sometimes Just Give Your Body What It Needs and you may get amazing results... Weight Loss, All-Day Energy, Blood Sugar Control, Metabolism Booster, Muscle Mass Builder, Cholesterol Control, Allergy Control, More Vitality and other possible benefits. This is a proven advanced formulation that features 13 whole herbs and Chromium Picolinate synergistically blended and delivered in a capsule form with other beneficial ingredients. And now with a more potent amount of Chromium with added Fennel, Dandelion and Vanadium for even greater benefits while delivered in capsule form! Originally formulated as just a weight control product, this formula has been known to energize, reduce fat, build muscle mass, help with blood sugar, help with bad cholesterol and help with variety of other ailments.

Chromium helps maintain normal metabolism and is an essential part of the GTF (glucose tolerance factor) molecule. GTF is an important cofactor for insulin in the regulation of blood, necessary for proper metabolism. Vanadium is necessary for cellular metabolism and for the formation of bones and teeth. Also inhibits cholesterol synthesis and plays a vital role in growth and reproduction of the body. American Ginseng helps enable the body to cope with hunger, mental and emotional stress. American Desert Herb provides energy and is a source of Vitamin B-12. Guarana helps to maintain stamina and physical endurance. White Willow is an excellent anti-inflammatory. Bladderwrack reduces water retention and aids in digestive functions of the body. Gotu Kola is an excellent mental stimulant. Licorice has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and immune-activating properties. Astragalus increases the body’s resistance to disease, strengthens the digestion system and improves the vitality of the immune system. Ginger aids digestion and stimulates circulation. Bee Pollen helps to improve overall vitality and endurance, both mentally and physically. Reishi Mushroom helps increase energy, improve digestion and lower HDL (the ‘bad’ cholesterol). Rehmannia is used to replenish vitality, strengthen the liver, kidney and heart. Fennel has been used to treat cough, bronchitis, stomach discomfort, flatulence, and sinus congestion. Dandelion is believed to stimulate digestive functions. Also considered as an excellent cleansing tonic for the liver. Gum Karaya is a great source of fiber.


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