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SPECIALTY SUPPORT PRODUCTS! Dr. Dan’s “Critical Care”Overweight, Hyperthyroid, Insulin-Resistant Support

Dr. Dan’s “Critical Care”Founder / Laminitis Support

Supports blood sugar stabilizing and provides support for metabolic issues. A more stable blood sugar without the spikes and lows offers a much less likelyhood for such condtions as insulin resistance (IR), metabolic issues and fat overweight cresty necked horses. Ingredients: Magnesium: Although it is not known exactly how magnesium affects the body overall it is believed to be involved in over 300 bodily functions. Cellular energy production and handling the negative effects of stress as well as glucose meatbolism are among the most important for this mineral. (also see our Hi Mag RED CAL as a “free choice” solution too) Chromium Yeast: Not your typical chromium! This trace mineral combined with yeast has been shown to be more bioavailable, overall. Chromium is sort of like the “spark plug” for many enzymatic reactions in the body. It especially “jump starts” and supports glucose delivery and metabolism. L-Carnitine: An amino acid which provides support for fat and glucose metabolism. Niacinamide: Vitamin B-3 pancreatic support to aid the proper glucose delivery. Alpha Lipoic Acid: Being both fat and water soluble, Alpha Lipoic Acid is probably one of the best anti-oxidants available, This valuable nutrient supports and maintains sugar levels within the normal range and reduces oxidative stress! Tyrosine: The thyroid and adrenal gland are often compromised in today’s horses. Tyrosine is an amino acid precursor to proper function of these glands and subsequent glucose metabolism. Taurine: Also an amino acid offering support of liver and glucose metabolism.

Support for structural and laminitic tissue . Though it is pricey, you simply won’t find better ingredients for relief anywhere at any price. Only for horses! Vitamins, Minerals, Microbial Cultures plus... Ingredients: (per 2.5 oz) Lysine 3,500 mg Methionine 1,000 mg Threonine 500 mg MSM 5,000 mg Devils Claw Extract 1,750 mg Biotin 5 mg Sodium Hyaluronate 25 mg Phellodendron Extract 100 mg Yucca Extract 1,000 mg Boswellia 200 mg L-Glutamine 1,000 mg Glucosamine HCL 1,250 mg Vitamin E 1,075 IU

Worm Check All Natural herbal paste formula! Use one 40 Gram Tube per 1200 lb. Horse. This all natural herbal paste formula is tremendous — and we will prove it! Receive a FREE parasite exam with the purchase of each six tubes.Can be used on any horse,any age. If you normally rotate,consider using Worm Check with rotation! Better yet—customize your program using Worm Check along with parasite exams.Consider using RED CAL.

Marigold First Aid Ointment

Grape Balm Herbal Wound Healer

Marigold Flower (calelendula offinanalis) in a bees wax base is an ideal alternative to antibiotics or steroid ointments. This is our favorite for not only fresh open wounds and cuts, but also rashes, bee stings, sores, burns... even chapped, cracked hands and lips! Many even use in the eyes as as protectant and to sooth irritation.

Yes it is is icky and ugly, but highly effective and especially effective for any skin issue that is already ugly and icky. You know...... those “yikes, when did that happen” cuts, wounds etc. You can use literally anywhere on the skin except the eyes. It too, comes in two sizes... both a jar and a tube.

Available in two sizes, the jar is great for the office or house. AND one should never leave home without the “ pocket healer” size! It is great first aid support for any cut or wound. It actually protects from dirt and debris and immediately starts the healing process rather than damage the skin cells like water, iodine type products, antibiotics or other harsh chemicals. Literally filling the wound with Marigold ointment can “flush” out the debris and protect until sutures can be applied. Veterinarians are amazed at the support it offers for healing. You will too!!

The jar is great for large surface area locations like rain rot, warts or fungal issues. The tube version, having a slightly more liquid consistency, is great for “flushing” those icky abscesses, especially of the hoof. I just can’t list all the uses that people have found for Grape Balm over the more than 10 years that it has been on the market. You will be amazed as well, with this unique blend of herbs and grape seed extract....“if you can get over the smell”.There is nothing like it!

H2Oil- The “Hoof and Health Oil”

as little as 67 cents per day!

Grape Balm Hoof Healer

Almost every other hoof product on the market contains petroleum, turpentine or acetone- and some even formaldehyde. Effectively treats thrush in a couple of treatments and remoisturizes a hoof in the same amount of treatments, then keeps them that way by using only once or Hoof Check Conditioner twice a week. Great nail hole dressing. Veterinary Developed, Professional Strength, All-Natural Easy-to-use application jar. Formula- NO CHEMICALS, PERIOD. Great for daily maintenance and for dry, flaky, cracked hooves. Economical and easy-to-use.

Provides essential 3, 6 & 9 Omega Fatty Acids Our Hoof and Health Oil supplement is especially formulated to help avoid dry, flaky and itchy skin and to help with poor hoof conditions. EXTREMELY palatable and a tremendous addition to any feed! Cold-pressed processed.

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