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A Total Antioxidant formula loaded with Trace Minerals plus Powerful Detoxifying ingredients



REDOXX is Dr. Dan's revolutionary formula for humans, featuring the prized ingredient- MONTMORILLONITE CLAY- a rich source of minerals, including calcium and many other trace elements. Add to this, beneficial vitamins, minerals, herbs, and super antioxidants and you have a product that has the potential for amazing results. Contains:

Vitamins Minerals Herbs Trace Minerals Antioxidants

Montmorillonite Clay An ingredient used for centuries by native cultures for internal and external benefits. In modern times this ingredient has recently been featured on the Discovery Channel as a possible “secret to life” as well as being part of a NASA study in which it was found to be beneficial to astronauts returning to earth after space missions. Our source of this volcanic clay contains a supply of no less than 49 trace minerals that can help to offset the marked deficiency of calcium, magnesium and other minerals in today’s diet. Thiamin (Vitamin B1) Enhances circulation and assists in blood formation, carbohydrate metabolism, and the regulation of hydrocloric acid – necessary for proper digestion. Thiamine optimizes brain function as well as learning capacity and as a potent antioxidant, it helps protect the body from the degenerative effects of aging. The high carbohydrate American diet increases the need for B1. Methionine It is an essential amino acid that assists in the breakdown of fats - especially that in the liver and arteries. Also reported to detoxify the liver and detoxify the body of lead and other heavy metals. As a building block of all protein, it is especially essential for proper growth and bone development in children. It likewise, helps diminish muscle weakness, prevents brittle hair and nails and protects against radiation, osteoporosis and chemical allergies. It is not synthesized by the body and is therefore essential that it be provided in the diet.

! W E N

Vitamin B6 Involved in more bodily functions than almost any other single nutrient. B6 especially plays a role in cancer immunity and aides in the prevention of arteriosclerosis and heart disease by inhibiting the production of homocysteine. It may be helpful in the treatment of allergies, arthritis, and asthma as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. Silymarin Extracted from the seeds of milk thistle, it has been used for centuries to treat liver disease. It guards the liver from toxins, drugs, and the effects of alcohol, and helps promote the growth of the liver cells. It also has been shown to increase levels of glutathione. Continued on next page...


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