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MARIGOLD POCKET HEALER An ideal alternative to antibiotic or steriod ointments. The 12 gram tube is great for your saddle bag or even yoru purse. Great for chapped lips and hands too! Marigold Flower (Calendula officinalis) in a bees wax base is an ideal alternative to antibiotic or steroid ointments. Unlike most other topical products Marigold contains no turpentine or worse yet Sulphuric Acids.

12 gram tube

It does, however, locally relieve pain and aid in the healing of open wounds, rashes, cuts, sores, even sweat cracks NATURALLY! Because it is prepared in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopedia of the United States (HPUS), this product will not interfere with other homeopathic remedies and is generally considered safe for people and pets, too. Once you try it you will never use any thing else! Comes in 12 gram tube or 4 oz. jar.

“We were especially impressed...the Marigold Healer is perfect for your saddle bag and first aid kit! Low potential for irritation, in fact, had some obvious painrelieving benefits!” John Lyons’ Perfect Horse



Icky and ugly – but highly effective!

Almost every other hoof product on the market contains petroleum, turpentine or acetone and some even formaldehyde. Wouldn’t an all-natural alternative make more sense – especially if it really works?

Truly a multi-purpose herbal healer, that seems to be working for everything. Wounds and raw itchy skin like rain rot or scratches heal quickly with daily use. Helps prevents scarring in deep wounds too!

4 oz. jar.

How about if it effectively treats thrush in one or two treatments? What about if it remoisturizes a hoof in one or two treatments and keeps them that way by using only once or twice a week? Well here it is – even packaged in an easy to use brush jar. Because this product is more like a gel in consistency it doesn’t leave tracks in the barn either.

Contains Grape Seed Extract, Clove Oil,Walnut, Pau D’Arco, Garlic and Artemisia and NO chemicals! If your horse has an external skin problem this is a MUST TRY product! Comes in 8 Oz. jar or 12 gram multi-dose tube.

Also it won’t freeze and it doesn’t get thin in the summer. It does smell a little, but this is better than smelling acetone or formaldehyde and it is sure much better for your lungs! It is also great for nail hole dressing.

Have been using many of your products for about 8 years. Love them. Was treating my young horses' cuts and scraps with another product because I was too lazy to walk to the barn to get grape wound healer. he kept moving away. I told him to quit being baby and stand still (in a nice way) and this stuff (another natural product) did not sting. I said "see, I will put it on my cut". The darn thing stung like crazy. I got the grape wound healer and put it on me and it did not sting whatsoever. Once i got the wound healer and let him sniff it. he stood perfectly, without a halter . There will be nothing else on any cut from here on out. Ordering several right now. Thank you for NOT compromising on the quality of your products. If we would only listen better to our horses. They know.

A big question we often get is - ”When do I use the Grape Balm and when do I use the Marigold?” My suggestion is that if a wound is fresh and clean (or an insect bite), use Marigold Pocket Healer. It’s great to carry in your saddle bag or purse (ladies only of course!) If the wound is UGLY and nasty, use the Grape Balm. If you ever seen or smelled Grape Balm, you know it sure is ugly and sure does stink too, but it is awesome! -Dan Moore, DVM

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