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WORM CHECK All Natural herbal paste formula! Use one 40 Gram Tube per 1200 lb. Horse. This all natural herbal paste formula is tremendous — and we will prove it! Receive a FREE parasite exam with the purchase of each six tubes. Can be used on any horse, any age. If you normally rotate, consider using Worm Check with rotation! Better yet—customize your program using Worm Check along with parasite exams. Consider using RED CAL too!



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Guaranteed Analysis Per 40 Grams: Clove 500 MG Ingredients: Diatomaceous Earth, Garlic, Artemisia, Clove, Psyllium, Glycerin, Apple Flavor. PARASITE EXAM Don’t overworm with expensive dewormers if your horse doesn’t need it! Collect about a thimble full of horse's manure, place in a plastic baggy, if more than one horse be sure to label each baggy with horse's name, place in envelope along with name, address and phone number, mail to The Natural Horse Vet, P. O. Box 429, Unicoi, Tn. 37692. (Enclose $10 for each exam). Once received they are processed within 72 hours and the results are mailed back to you.

COLOR CHECK Helps restore vibrant true coat colors. Keeps the blacks, black, the bays, bay and palominos, palamino! A must for all show horses! PROMOTES AND HELPS MAINTAIN HEALTHY SKIN AND COAT! HELPS KEEP: BLACKS - BLACK, BAYS - BAY, SORRELS - SORREL, AND PALOMINOS - PALOMINO. FEEDING DIRECTIONS Horses and Cattle: As a loading amount, top dress one to three scoops daily per 1000 lbs of body weight for the first two to three weeks. Typical maintenance dose is 1/2 scoop daily. Divide amounts if fed more than once daily. Each scoop (provided) equals 1 oz. Sheep and Goats:As a loading dose,top dress 1/4 to 1 scoop per head per day (average weight animal).Typical maintenance dose is 1/4 scoop per head per day.Divide amounts if fed more than once daily. Each scoop (provided) equals 1 oz. “I have tried all similar products. Color Check works twice as good and twice as fast! All show horses need this product and especially H2Oil (Hoof and Health OIL).” -Chris Tipton, Mountain Horse trainer

3 lbs

12 lbs

36 lbs

One pound lasts each horse 1 month at the maintenance amount. INGREDIENTS: Ground Dried Grape and Seed Pomace, Mechanically Extracted Soybean Oil, Roughage Products, Mechanically Extracted Coconut Oil, Mixed Tocopherol (Vitamin E as a preservative).

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