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Critical Care Founder and Laminitis Formula (FAL) Two of the most common problems I see in my practice are Laminitis and Grass Founder. Many times there is no notable reason for it occurring in the first place—the owner just finds a seriously lame horse. Almost always, treatment is costly and recovery is slow. Conventional therapy often just consists of pain medication with the nutritional aspects freqently being overlooked. In my humble opinion, this nutritional aspect of the problem is the most important and can be a significant factor, both in prevention and treatment— hence the reason for Founder and Laminitis Formula. Prevention consists of limiting grain and sugars (molasses and corn especially) and making absolutely certain that a natural source of salt and minerals is available at ALL times in a readily available form. Please don’t think that blocks are a readily available source. A horse simply can not lick fast enough to make a difference when chemical changes are occurring! Grasses

Aller Check

“Better products simply can’t be bought at any price.”

An allergy is basically a hyperactive immune system—the body is uncontrollably overreacting. Even Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or Heeves could be considered an allergy. The opposite is a suppressed or under active immune system which allows viruses, bacteria, fungi and other illnesses to develop because the immune system can’t fight them off. Those pathogens that usually don’t cause problems suddenly cause huge problems. A few good examples are Whiteline Disease, and Thrush and even Rain Rot. Have you ever noticed how these diseases tend to keep coming back in the same horses over and over while other horses eating the same food, in the same environment are not affected? There immune system is simply worn out! The ideal immune system is in between not overactive or under active—responding adequately to those challenges faced moment to moment. Keeping it this way is the challenge!!! Our Aller Check is the best formula for keeping a balanced immune system that money can buy.

Critical Care Overweight, Hypothyroid, Insulin Resistance Formula (OHI) The more insulin produced daily, the shorter the life span! Even in “lesser” species like flies, ants and other bugs, resting insulin level is used as a guage for life span. Guess what causes insulin to go up—sugar and carbohydrates. What do we feed our horses? Sugar and carbohydrates—like grain and sweet feed. Here is an example of the crisis our horses are facing today: Rocky Mountain Horses were initially bred in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, they essentially were raised in strip mine conditions—that is—just fed grass, and barely that—all five foundation sires to the breed were still breeding in there 30’s!! Still kicking in their 30’s and going strong! Most horses today are


change in chemical composition almost hourly—weather is a big factor, as are chemical fertilizers and lack of adequate liming to the soil. But, The bottom line, ultimate reason for this founder, laminitis and even colic for that matter is a rapid change in gut flora—where normally healthy bacteria becomes deadly. The weak links in a horse are the gut or the feet—so obviously they suffer first with often deadly consequences. You will see results or we will refund your money, and if you truly compare ingredients you will find that Critical Care is actually cheap. For instance, it has a 50 mg daily dose of Hyaluronic Acid (the latest and greatest joint supplement)—total up the days you get in a container and compare price on just this ingredient alone and you will find our formula less expensive. Plus you get 2,500 mg of glucosamine, 10,000 mg of MSM, 2,500 mg of Devils Claw Extract (for potent yet still herbal, pain relief ), 2,000 mg of Yucca (often sold just by itself ), 400 mg of Boswellia, a tremendous anti-inflammatory herb all by itself. Also, LGlutamine, Arginine, Methionine, Lysine and Threonine—hardly ever available in nutritional products but so important for healing.

“I am astounded by the progress of my foundered horse went from being down 90% of the time to walking like a normal horsein 2 1/2 weeks with Critical Care Laminitis Formula—and it was actually cheaper and certainly a lot healthier than all the drugs that were suggested instead” –L.D.

My horse went from not even being able to walk to running through the woods in two days. These remarkable results had me in tears. And yes they were expensive but they worked and priceless compared to losing my horse! –K. O’Brian It is expensive but awesome.. I really wish it could be cheaper but unfortunately I can't compromise the quality by doing so! -Dan Moore DVM

The benefits of this Multi-Herb formula have been proven over and over. Besides herbs, it has enzymes and probiotics, sea kelp, plus essential minerals and vitamins for the purpose intended. Our Aller Check is the very best that can be bought to correct the immune system, once imbalanced. Aller Check has all of the same ingredients as Health Check, PLUS so much more! There is nothing like it available anywhere! One example of additional ingredients is Larch Arabinogalactan, a natural soluble dietary fiber. Clinical studies at the University of Kentucky have shown remarkable improvement with gastrointestinal and immune system function: a major benefit is that it increases K cell (killercell) activation—extremely important in immune functions. It’s even anti-carcinogenic! Quercitin, another ingredient of Aller Check is a

potent antioxidant. It too, is anticarcinogenic, helps protect from diabetes and heart disease, excels in allergy control, and even strengthens capillaries. This last function alone should be pretty important in aiding in the prevention of West Nile and other mosquito borne diseases. Bromelain is great for post operative and posttraumatic swellings, sinusitis, and nasal and pulmonary problems (like bleeders), plus tremendous as an anti-inflammatory agent and even cancer prevention (could cancer be an overactive immune function— personally I think, yes!) Tumeric is used for inflammatory skin conditions, allergies, ring worm, infections & swellings. N-Acetylcysteine is helps produce one of the most powerful antioxidants of all—Glutathione—so important for allergies and respiratory conditions. See next page for more info.

considered ancient at 20 years of age. Certainly many factors are involved like over vaccination, and over deworming, etc., but I believe our horses today are quick ly be coming insulin resistant and aging prematurely because of the insulin levels. The insulin/age correlation within other species is my basis of the theory. Just look around at your neighbor or perhaps your own belly—any ex tra fat around? Over weight, outright fat, cresty necked horses is almost the norm today. So much insulin is being produced to handle the sugar that the body’s insulin receptors stop working. A comparison would be walking into Grandma’s kitchen on Thanksgiving day. That turkey smells sooo.. good when you first walk in, but after an hour or so you hardly smell it—your smell sensors have become

resistant. Anything we can do to keep the insulin levels low or lessen the resistance to insulin will be much healthier—not just for horses but people and pets, too. The prevention is a high fat diet (log on our website for the scientific truth about how good saturated fats, like coconut oils are good for us and unsaturated, high transdiets are k illing us). The treatment is Critical Care Overweight, Hypothyroid, Insulin Resistant Formula. The basis of the formulation has been gathered from some of the leading physicians in diabetic and cardiac care. The literature supporting the ingredient funtion is overwhelming, and clinically it just is amazing. Ingredients include Carnitine, Lipoic Acid, B iotin, Copper, Zinc, M agnesium, S elenium, Chromium, L-Tyrosine, Cinnamon, Niacin, Ginger, Ginseng etc.


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