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FEED FOR SUCCESS! ™ Join the thousands that have found success by saying YES to Dr. Dan's feeding program. And by saying NO to commercial mixed feeds and pellets.

Feed oats plus hay or grass and then it’s as


1. Supplement oats with our Just Add Oats 2x. 2. To the Oats- also add our Weight Check Oil supplement (essential fatty acids etc.). 3. Make our RED CAL free choice products available at all times. “Don’t just guess with what comes from the FEED bag... Know what’s going into the bucket. With the Feed For Success program there is no guessing.”

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Intro Pack

Weight Pack

25 LB. Red Cal 25 LB. Red Cal Hi-MAG 5 LB. Just Add Oats 2X 5 LB. Just Add Oats 2X 1 Gallon Weight Check Oil 1 Gallon Weight Check Oil (each pack contains one of each item)


Larger packs available - see page 38.

Feed Oats plus Hay or Grass... TM The “Original Low Starch Diet”

To The Oats, Add...

Just Add Oats® 2x Supplement


as little as 67 cents per day!

25 LB.

“Check your feed bag label for yourself! 5 LB. 10-Month Supply If your horse is not getting the exact 2-Month Maintenance Supply amount of feed for his specific body weight each day then he is either getting too much or too little of the vitamins and minerals that was added to the grain mixture. By feeding oats instead of commercial mixes you can give the amount of oats that your horse needs for his metabolism - easy keepers just a little, for hard keepers you give a little more — and then add our Just Add Oats supplement (the vitamins, minerals etc) right on top of the oats to assure your horse gets what he needs. WHY OATS? Oats are whole and not a by product like commerical ingredients or beet pulp! Oats are more natural than pellets. Pellets are cooked and I don’t know any horse that eats anything cooked in the wild, do you? I am sure you also know that cooking destroys nutrients. Plus, contents of each batch of commercial feeds can vary batch to batch depending on what is available and less costly. Such “least cost analysis” approaches may not be so great for colic prone, other gut sensitive issues and especially allergies. With oats and the JUST ADD OATS supplement you always know what you are getting. Every bucket full is always the same!”


Weight Check Oil

as little as 71 cents per day!

Throw Away All Salt and Mineral Blocks... Make Red Cal Available Free Choice At All Times!

“Mother Natures” finest gift to man, Red Cal, offers pristine sea salt, herbs, calcium, magnesium and other minerals plus perhaps even other micronutrients not yet discovered! And since it comes from a desert that millions of years ago used to be the ocean, the micronutrients are “naturally chelated” with organic matter...there is just nothing like it!

Fortifies the oats with what man knows they need! The chances of getting the right balance from commerically mixed feed is slim and the bag proves it!

To The Oats, Also Add...

Red Cal® or Red Cal® Hi MAG

“Did you know that most commercial salt and minerals are either “man made” or some other industry’s waste product? 25 LB. Unlike these, Red Cal is not bleached, kiln dried, heated, or altered with chemicals or pollutants; it’s balanced by nature not by man! Did you know that blocks for horses, and even cattle for that matter, are almost useless and potentially dangerous! They just can’t get what they need, when they need it, fast enough by trying to lick or chew from a block! When the weather changes sudden imbalances in the grass can occur. Horses must be able to get what they need when they need it! Period! Thus... Red Cal is fed free choice and loose, not in a block form. Just hang a bucket on a fence post and pour a little Red Cal in it. Rain does not even diminish effectiveness. See our websites for more about the dangers of blocks.”

We believe this is our finest product yet developed and your horse will prove it. It is OK to use along with any of our other products and for any horse, any age. Although you let them eat all they want, it’s economical too. Typically a 25 lb bag will last from 100 – 200 days for one horse but will vary depending upon the individual needs. Use year round for best results. Hi-MAG RED CAL FORMULA ALSO AVAILABLE! Same RED CAL formula but with 6% added magnesium. This formula is especially great for fat, overweight, “cresty neck” easy keepers, but also wonderful for any horse. 25 LB.

Essential 3, 6 & 9 Omega Fatty Acids Are Critical To Any Horse’s Diet! Every cell in the body is surrounded by fat which allows nutrients into the cell and waste to get out. The hydrogenated fats found in almost every commercial feed causes cell membranes to become like plastic, preventing this exchange of nutrition and waste. It’s been proven in people that hydrogenated fats cause insulin resistance, obesity, Type2 diabetes, etc. Hydrogenated fats are killing us and killing our horses and pets! If your horse needs to lose weight or maintain his current weight, give 2 oz per day. If he needs to gain weight you can add more. Extremely palatable.

1 Gallon 2-Month Maintenance Supply

Weight Check Oil contains NO Hydrogenated Or Processed Fats and is GMO Certified Free! Cold-Pressed.

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*Product orders that total over $150.00 qualify for the reduction of the normal UPS ground shipping charges incurred on orders shipped to the continental 48 states.


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