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Our horse has had antibiotics and steroids for years, due to a swollen sheath. We started Bug Check for flies; the sheath problem went away. The problem came back when we stopped Bug Check. Needless to say, we started back on Bug Check. Our vet was amazed; he started referring people, too. O. Odel

Get past Grape Balm’s smell! It is worth its weight in gold! I have two injury-prone horses that always have scrapes and cuts. Grape Balm handles them all. It heals wonderfully, whilst it repels flies and gnats. I even use it on myself with great results. I highly recommend Grape Balm for every horse owner. It handles all of my wound care. -J. Palmer

I was boarding a friend’s horse last year. She was not convinced of Bug Check’s value. She changed her mind when she saw her horse covered with flies, standing next to my horse ( it was on Bug Check) that did not have a fly on it. Bug Check is great! -L. Sinclaire

My horses are Field care, which means lots of biting. I always use Marigold Pocket Healer on them. Within two to three days they usually have a good bit of hair starting to return. Also, it’s a great product for my dry lips; don’t tell my horses! J. Smith

Thanks to Worm-Check, I have not de-wormed my horses since March; they never have worms. I use Bug Check year-round, so I never have to use fly masks. I am your biggest fan! S. Adams

My horse is a twenty-two year old COPD case. The vet said he had only four more months to live. He has been around for two more years, even with a high pollen count! Thank you! T. Niston

Dr. Dan, he’s our man. His Bug Check is killing flies like nothing can! -S. Golus

We have five horses. We love Bug Check for insect control and as a beneficial food additive. -M. Hedges

My horse had Hematoma surgery, allergies, and mucous problems. He was on Tri Hist. At your suggestion, we tried Vim and Vigor Plus Joint. He is now better. -M. Nathaniel

I always feed my older gelding Joint Check. He’s dropped weight on-and-off for years; we could never keep him at a healthy, consistent weight. Then we started him on this product. He has maintained a healthy weight for three months now. Also, his joints would crack when I picked up his feet. What’s more, he’d shift his weight from leg to leg in the pasture; he doesn’t do that anymore. My gelding doesn’t cough and heave from his hay anymore. Once we would soak it; now we throw it into his stall as-is. We’ll never go without this product again!!! -J. and “Gideon” Walker

I have been using Grape Balm Hoof Healer on a Thoroughbred that had a very poor, very dry hoof. It was always cracked. Until then, the owner was ready to give up. She is now the perfect horse when it comes to her hoof wall and sole. Thanks Grape Balm! -B. Taylor I have been using Bug Check for two years and will continue to use it in the future. It has kept the fly population down around the barn; flies do not reproduce in the manure. Also, when I trail ride my horse occasionally gets a few ticks. Even if I miss removing one, it will be dead when I find it. -B. Ramkin I eat all organic foods and use all-natural products. You helped me realize I was exposing my horse to many chemicals that could be compromising to his health. Thanks for educating horse owners that there is a better way! -E. Marks

My father’s dog was itching and losing her hair. I used Grape Wound Healer for three days; her hair was growing back and the itching stopped. -M. Ikermean I had my horse on Red Cal with Bug Check; for the first time in his life he had no rain-rot. I sent him to another farm, and they stopped giving him the Red Cal. The rain-rot was back within the first month! -K. Davidson

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