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The problem with so many drugs and chemicals is that they so badly confuse the body’s healing by taking over, leaving only another problem to deal with from the compounding effect of NEVER having been healed in the first place. I hope this makes sense and I hope you will help me keep looking. Diets that we feed our horses are another major factor in preventative health. Our horses did not eat grain in the wild, especially so much corn. Why do we have to add so much molasses to their feeds? Perhaps because they don’t like the feed? Or is it because it is really not good for them? Corn, for instance, has the same glycemic index as sugar. In other words, a tablespoon of corn has the same effect as a tablespoon of sugar. Molasses essentially is a sugar. Just imagine the blood glucose rising after the first meal of the day. Now imagine the blood sugar crashing to a low level. Herein lies the problem- a sugar low equals “starving” to the horses’ metabolism. The metabolic system does all it can to get the blood glucose back up. The pancreas, adrenals, thyroid, all kick in. These glands literally are worn out by the vicious cycle, day after day, of high and low sugar levels.

in the first place. I don’t use flax oil in horses only because I find it difficult to maintain the freshness. Rancid or spoiled oil is worse. And heaven forbid if you know anyone using corn oil, alias syrup, please suggest they stop! For horses I prefer a mixture of soybean and coconut oil. Our brand is called H2Oil, Hoof and Health Oil. Despite what you read in the press, coconut is both good for both man and beast. My favorite grain to top dress it on is oats. What else can we do to tip the scale to the side of wellness? Use antioxidants! They are the scavengers of sickness, the buzzards that clean up all the messes in our bodies; the rustoleum that prevents the rust in the first place, or better yet, that which stops the rust dead in its tracks! The rust, or oxidation, is what turns the apple brown when you cut it in half. It is oxygen gone bad, free radicals bombarding everything it finds.

Keeping the bugs off as much as possible is critical. See Bug Check on page 42.

Imagine asking your horse to act while on a sugar low. This is probably the number one cause of moody and hyper horses. I also believe this daily metabolic stress is the reason we have so much founder and colic today. Even when a minor stress comes along they have no reserves left because of the weekened adrenals and thyroid.

The weak links are the gut and the feet, hence colic or founder. This same scenario even happens to dogs and cats. Have you seen the amount of corn in pet foods lately? Based on the number of doughnut shops, bagel shops, and high fructose soda pop machines around, alot of people are destroying their “stress resistance” with carbohydrates and sugar, too. The answer for people is 25 grams of protein first thing in the morning with fresh flax oil or virgin olive oil (two tablespoons). The answer for horses is a good oil top dressed on the grain which slows the absorption on the grain and prevents the high spiking sugar levels

Bottom line, if you want your animal friends to live longer and healthier lives, give antioxidants daily and take them yourself. It’s already been proven that antioxidants are beneficial. It has been since the 60’s. Every day our animal friends, as well as ourselves, are bombarded with pollutants. We eat them. We drink them. We breathe them.

Even horse feed (not to mention our food) has pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, hormones, etc. in it! Water has chlorine, trihalomethanes, alum, lime, and potassium permanganates just to name a few! My goodness, just smell the air as you travel down the polluted highway. I believe you get my “drift”! If I only had one thing that I could do to help tip the scale to wellness it would have to be to use the antioxidant and natural “antibiotic” garlic. It is an awesome antioxidant, a tremendous source of sulfur for the body and a tremendous bug powder when mixed with the a few other ingredients. Sulfur is one of the most basic substances needed to rejuvenate tissue. Do you know that at one time garlic was used successfully to prevent polio? It was also found to be



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