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NUTRIHEALTH A Radical Solution By Dan Moore, The Natural Vet®

For horses, pets, and people, nutrition and preventative health has never been more important than today. Imagine 100 horses in a herd exposed to influenza, some will get sick and some won’t. Why? Imagine 100 people exposed to anthrax, some will get sick, some won’t. Why?

than the disease, especially if the disease is very, very rare? And what if the disease were treatable anyway and what if I could prevent it with good nutrition including antioxidants? What longterm effects could these vaccinations have? I ask these seemingly ridiculous questions because I think our horses have changed for the worse since my 21 years in practice. I believe they are weaker today, less resistant than in the early 80’s and just seem to have much more cancer, colic, founder, pulmonary disease, allergies etc.

I know it is scary to think about either situation, but similar scenarios are actually occurring right now in each of our bodies. The battle is health versus sickness. This battle never stops. It is constantly raging and we are the effect of it. Or could we really be the cause of it? If everything were well and wonderful So I question: WHAT HAS CHANGED? everyday, then I imagine we would be A good example of this change is EPM. “We are vaccine free for well and wonderful, but, I think that it Why after million of years does the horse almost four generations goes without saying that that is suddenly have a problem with possum now and we very seldom impossible! Stress is a major cause of manure? I don’t claim to have the answers get sick horses.” illness, but how does this relate to our to this but I have some theories. Certainly horses? we do vaccinate much more than when I first started practice. We didn’t even vaccinate for rabies First, let’s define a working definition of stress. My way then, but then one or two horses came down with it and to describe stress, right or wrong, is “the effect of whammo … millions vaccinated. The same was true for something or someone you feel you have no control Encephalitis and Strangles and now West Nile and even over.” Anybody stressed lately? Unfortunately for our EPM, with provisional vaccines, no less, that may or equine friends stress is a part of life. Showing, trailering, may not even work when all the facts are gathered. training, breeding, it seems there is always stress in horses’ lives. But, since they ARE affected by us it is Have you ever vaccinated a horse for influenza and it our responsibility to keep them “less stressed” or they later came down with it? How about vaccinated for will get sick. Strangles and in a few short weeks it was leaking pus all over the barn? How about, heaven forbid, Rhino and the Let’s face it, though, we can’t quit showing, performing, mares later aborted. I have – plenty of times. In fact, so trailing and breeding, etc. I guess some of us could just much so that now I don’t vaccinate at all. We have about be professional petters, myself included, but these guys 30 Rocky Mountain Horses and we are vaccine free for really prefer to work right? Probably just keeping them almost generations now – and we very seldom get sick in a stall and not letting them to perform or work is the horses. No more abortions after horse show exposure. most major stress of all. So, with reason, let’s assume No more strangles, knock on wood! Our horses are just we keep going about our normal business. But are there healthier! other ways we stress our horses without knowing it? I absolutely think that we inadvertently stress our animals Another thing I don’t do is deworm every 2-3 months.. everyday, and the bad thing is we do so with the best of Foreign substances like deworming chemicals and intentions. vaccinations just confuse the bodies’ healing mechanisms to where it has no clue what is supposed to be part of the Take vaccinations for instance, are they really that body and what is not. It seems to just start reacting to important? Most folks in the “real world” would argue everything. Take for instance the allergy tests on those YES, but I have to ask myself, could the cure be worse horses with hives. Every one of them I have seen the a

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