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BUG CHECK! Original concept and product formulated in 2000 by Dr. Dan Moore, The Natural Vet. Voted Most Innovative New Health Care product in 2001 at Equitana USA. Still the Most Effective and Economical. Over 20,000 horses can't be wrong!

Don't be fooled by the"Copy Cats"!

as little as $7.99 per month!

Bug Check is Non-Toxic, Chemical Free and Healthy! Horses Love It! Bug Check works from the inside out. Just a small amount each day on the feed will significantly reduce the fly population and help repel other biting insects. Satisfaction guaranteed! Thiamine, Garlic, fossilized minerals and even grape seed ingredients fortify and support the skin and gut, making your horses more resistant overall. Bug Check is also great for boarding horses-- because unlike chemical “feed throughs” it will work regardless of whether or not all horses are on it. Works around the clock, even at night when mosquitos are at their worst.

Not a Pelleted Formula! Pellets are Cooked and Cooking Destroys Nutrients! I don’t know any horse that eats anything cooked that is in the wild, do you?

Available in:

50 lbs

30 lbs

10 lbs

2 lbs

One pound lasts each horse 1 month at the maintenance amount. That is, a 10 pound pail will last 1 horse for 10 months or 2 horses for 5 months.

Finally Something That Works Naturally!

The Finally Something That Works™ product is a unique All-natural formula that combines the very best essential oils into a water/oil based multi-formula to help repel insects.

Dr. Dan Moore, DVM

Bug Check Spray Bug Kill and Bug Repellent Spray with Pyrethrins and Aloe Vera. The“Quick-Kill”formula kills fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, gnats and flies on horses, foals, dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Repels for 2-3 days. Also for use as a grooming aid and coat conditioner. 32 oz. spray bottle.

Forms a shield-like layer of protection on the outside that lasts for hours. Does not contain Pyrethrums or Citronella. No Chemicals. No Insecticides. 32 oz. spray bottle. This product does NOT kill. - It DOES repel and repels great!

Stable Check Flying Insect Repellant Granules - keeps the bugs out of the air. Great for stalls and around the barn. Non Toxic, Non Chemical - great for mosquitoes and flies! “Just Shake It on the Ground”.Last up to 3 weeks even outside. Pleasant odor, no mixing or water needed. Container covers 4000 sq. ft.

The Natural Vet Companies | PO Box 429 | Unicoi, TN 37692 *Product orders that total over $150.00 qualify for the reduction of the normal UPS ground shipping charges incurred on orders shipped to the continental 48 states.



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