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starts in the gut, it is imperative that we take care of the gut. Even something as simple as deworming can trigger a problem. A simple change can make a difference—a big difference—enough to cause a life and death situation. So what is a horse care-taker to do? Not deworm, not use steroids, not use antibiotics—my, my! What else is left to use? Well there are options and I urge you to explore them further. Doing so myself has changed my closed minded veterinarian school thought? This approach may not please the drug reps or even your veterinarian, but it may save your horses life—maybe even yours. Personally it took the loss of my father to open my eyes to “other options.” I have gone from all drugs to all natural. Homeopathy for instance is something I urge you to explore. The results are phenominal and actually homeopathy is quite simple to use in acute situations such as over eating. No horse owner should be without at least one remedy. It is called Nux Vomica. The key note for use is overindulgence, and it is especially great for the gut or any stress. Even if you suspect a problem of over eating or or overgrazing the horse should be given Nux Vomica (30c potency) and repeated as needed until a response is noted. Another remedy we should never be without is Arnica Montana. This one is great for any trauma – emotional or physical. By the way, concussion, ie. trauma, from riding on pavement or even hard dirt tracks can cause laminitis too. Arnica would be great for such situations if the horse seems tender footed.

Belladonna is another, especially if there is sweating, apparent pain or sun sensitivity (or dilated pupils). If you are older than me you may remember an old product called Bell Drops — it was a mix of both Nux Vomica and Belladona. These remedies are basically just tiny pellets – almost power like in size. It is quite impressive to see a tiny amount of powder make such a dramatic difference. The difference in using homeopathy versus drugs is that homeopathy triggers the body to heal itself, drugs interfere. Drugs generally may help short term but in my opinion over the long term generally result in even more issues. Other modalities such as Chiropractic, Acupuncture, VOM (Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation), laser therapy, red light therapy, can also be beneficial to trigger the body own defense mechanisms. Of course, some reading this may well disagree, and believe me, I understand how you feel because I once didn’t understand either. But seeing was believing for me! Almost any situation can benefit from the above. And one thing for sure is that you can never hurt by trying homeopathic remedies. They can only help and never hurt! I promised a bottom line answer: the answer is… don’t short the salt (natural salt and minerals of course) and don’t over use the drugs regardless of the situation. It is simply amazing what the body can do when allowed to respond on its own, especially if it has the nutrients to do it with.

Good Morning Dr. Dan, I called you last Nov. about a Belgian that had low ringbone. One area Ferrier said, if it was his horse he would shot it, another suggested a corrective horse shoeing. She also always wanted to lay down & was limping severely. So we decided to call you & you suggested a couple of products that you thought could help us. We used your Critical Care, H2Oil, Just Add Oats & Joint Check to treat her. After just 2 wks. of using your products we saw a differance in her behavior, more animated & alert. After 3 wks. we could see a brighter look in her eyes and she was spending longer periods of time standing up & was walking with about half the limp that she had been. It has been about 5 months and we continue to use your joint check & other products for her. This horse is now spending about 80% of her day standing, she still has a slight limp, but she is much more active & walks around our pasture.

Critical Care—Founder and Laminitis Formula (FAL) See Page 48.

Critical Care—Overweight, Hypothyroid, Insulin Resistance Formula (OHI) See Page 48.

My wife Sue & I truly believe that your advice and products have helped return a quality of life to this horse. If things did not improve, we thought we would have to put her down. We realize we have a long way to go yet, but without your help, this horse would not be on her path back to a near normal life style to where she can walk in the pastures eating grass pain free. We will be happy tell your audience about our results with your products and advice. Sincerely, Wes K.

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