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The Benefits of Organic Selenium In Horses and Humans By Stephanie Moore Organic Selenium (Se) is a necessity for horses and humans. We must be careful to utilize Organic Selenium and not Inorganic Selenium. It is impossible to get an adequate amount of Selenium (Se) from the food that we consume; therefore we must supplement our diets. Organic Se is very helpful to athletes, both horse and human. Organic Selenium is vital to the body of both humans and horses. Selenium is a key element in antioxidant defense. Therefore, it is important to every cell in the body. It boosts immunity. Growth, disease, and reproduction are basic systems that need Selenium to function properly. Se activates the thyroid hormone; this is proved by the healthiness of foals that have been supplemented with Se, and the lack of health in the Se deficient foals. It is very important to take Organic Selenium instead of Inorganic Selenium. Organic Selenium is from yeast. Yeast forms the same kind of Selenium that plants produce. That means that humans and horses are able to ingest this healthily, since we have lived on this type of Se for as long as we have been on the earth. Inorganic Selenium is a by-product of copper mining; that is definitely not the thing that should be put into our bodies. Birth, growth, immunity, and performance are all negatively affected when selenium is not in the natural organic form.

In actuality, Selenium content in grains varies among regions of our country. There are only a few areas in the Great Plains that still have enough Se in their crops. Crops in the Eastern (that’s us) and Northwest United States have very low levels of natural Se. So, it is impossible in our area of the country to get enough Se in our diets without supplementation. Athletes, whether horse or human, need Se in their diets. Exercise increases the metabolism via oxygen, which in turn means that more Se (stored in the tissue) is moved to meet the greater antioxidant demand. There was an experiment done with racing Thoroughbreds. They were given Organic Selenium or Inorganic Selenium. Those who were given Organic Se were better able to cope with the levels of training, and recover better from stressful events with less damage from the stress of performance. There is also less chance of disease from all of the stress. Therefore, humans and horses that engage in aerobic activity would benefit themselves greatly if they took Organic Se. In summary, Selenium is a vital part of nutrition in humans and horses. It benefits all body functions. One must be certain to ingest the Organic form of Selenium, and not in Inorganic form. Organic Se should be supplemented into the horse and human diet, since the soil of most of the US is Selenium depleted. Athletes, especially, would benefit.


PREG CHECK A must for any breeding operation! For horses and cattle. Comes in 2 lbs, 10 lbs or 30 lbs. See page 50.


Natural sea salt, colloidal trace minerals, calcium and herbs. Truly the healthiest product yet! Feed "Free Choice" or top dress! Consider as a replacement for salt blocks, trace mineral blocks and other electrolytes. Red Cal(r) is mined from sources of Ancient Sea Beds across America. Red Cal(R) is "Mother Nature's" source of loose organic salt and minerals NOT man's chemical, kiln dried, hard useless blocks or rocks. The organic material from these ancient ocean sea beds naturally chelates and makes RED Cal(r) readily bioavailable. RedCal also contains added organic selenium, grape seed, yeast, and direct fed microbials.

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