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mares, which apparently never seem to get enough. This should be in addition to making it readily available free choice (always be sure to put any salt product near readily available water). Naturally balanced sea salts are the best source of sodium salts and are excellent sources of many other essential macro and micro minerals. Man does have somewhat of an idea of what animals needs are, but truthfully there are minerals today that we did not know of 5 years ago, and there will be minerals years from now that we don’t know of today. If we don’t know they exist, how can we put them in a mix? Personally, I prefer Mother Natures’ sources. These are also less likely to contain undesirable ingredients such as lead, aluminum, cadmium and even mercury. According to one study at a major university even dicalphosphate, which is almost always a major part of mineral mixes is often contaminated with lead and cadmium. Typical white salt used in blocks and most mixes is really made for industrial use anyway and since

our horses and live stock consume such a little amount by comparison, this industrial grade is usually what is used. Any white salt is also bleached and kiln dried - this is not a very “natural” process. Salt and mineral blocks are not enough and should be outlawed in my humble opinion. Probably the worst problem is the excessive other minerals that are added to free choice mixes and even trace mineral blocks. This is especially a problem with many “hoof supplements.” These are usually full of minerals and will often help and they “look good” on the analysis BUT, again, in my humble opinion, they often tip the scales of balance the other way leading to excessive amounts of other problems in the future. A slower, more naturally balanced approach leads to more stable health. According to my sources and with personal experience in thousands of animals, if sodium and calcium are always readily available free choice, macro and micronutrients will more likely remain and deficiencies are less likely to occur.



NEW ADDITIONAL FORMULA ALSO AVAILABLE! Same RED CAL formula but with extra magnesium. This High Mag formula is especially great for fat, overweight, "cresty neck" easy keepers but also wonderful for any horse.

Replacement for salt blocks, trace mineral blocks and other electrolytes. BALANCED BY NATURE, NOT BY MAN Red Cal(r) is mined from sources of Ancient Sea Beds across America. Red Cal(R) is "Mother Nature's" source of loose organic salt and minerals NOT man's chemical, kiln dried, hard useless blocks or rocks. The organic material from these ancient ocean sea beds naturally chelates and makes RED Cal(r) readily bioavailable. RedCal also contains added organic selenium, grape seed, yeast, and direct fed microbials. With natural sea salt, colloidal trace minerals, calcium and herbs. • Truly the healthiest product yet! • Feed "Free Choice" or top dress! • Great for sheep and goats too! Always provide a good source of water. Rain and weather does not diminish effectiveness. Just hang a bucket on a fence post and make sure there is always some in it. It is the easiest, single most healthy thing you can do for your horse. -Dan Moore, DVM CONTAINS NO ADDED POTASSIUM OR COPPER.

If your Horse is Hypp positive, especially consider making RED CAL available to your horse! -Dan Moore, DVM

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