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Dear Horse Enthusiast: Pleasure, performance or “pasture puppy” pet.....we all want what is best for our horses. Let’s face it, they are a big part of our lives. In fact, for most of us, our entire lives revolve around them! Almost everything we do is so that we can spend more time with them, showing, performing, trailing, or just enjoying. Our barn is cleaner than our house, our vehicles have six wheels or more, our boots cost more than an Italian three piece suit, and our clothes and hands all have that incredible smell that - well, you know, brands us as horse people. I love that smell, and yes it is in my blood just like yours. If there were a natural alternative to drugs and chemicals or even if a natural approach could more effectively “cure” an unwanted condition, you would most likely use it for yourself, right? Well, these are available for you. They are available for your horse, too! Our goal is to bring to you and educate you on the most highly effective natural alternatives for your horse. Understand we are not just another “product” company. We are your source for alternative information and products. Call us, write us, check out our Ask-A-Vet section on our website. We are here to help because together we can make a difference for our animal friends. And as always, I promise to be straight forward. Those who know me, know I tell it the way it is, good or bad. That’s me.

The Natural Horse Vet Dan Moore, DVM

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ABOUT THE COVER... The Mountain Horse is as natural as it is beautiful. They are naturally gaited the day they are born. They are naturally gentle, naturally love people and naturally people desire to be around them. I personally like to refer to them as the “Natural” Mountain Horse. Today the Mountain Horses have become one of the fastest growing breeds in the country. Kentucky, the Bluegrass State, typically only known for Thoroughbred race horses, the Kentucky Derby and beautiful sprawling farms was the source of this spectacular treasure – The Mountain Horse. Hidden away for centuries in these Appalachian hills of eastern Kentucky, Mountain Horse numbers had declined so low that by 1980, they were recognized as a rare breed in need of preservation. Today, thanks to several registries, their numbers are on the increase and can increasingly be seen on trails and at gaited horse shows throughout the country. The horse’s gentle temperament, strength, and stamina, plus its ability to survive with minimal care, made it a perfect utility horse for the rural mountain lifestyle of yesteryear. The horse became part of the family. Just as other family members shared in the daily work tasks so did the Mountain Horse. They worked the fields, cleared the lands, and carried the children safely to school, yet they looked their Sunday best while carting the family to church. While the Mountain Horses of today do not have to earn their keep like they did many years ago, they still possess the same willingness, temperament and desire to please. Perhaps the characteristic that sets the mountain breed apart from all others is its ability to produce a natural, free way of going and a smooth comfortable ride. This trait has become extremely popular with the baby boomer generation, as they look for a gentle horse which the whole family can ride. This beautiful cover horse, known simply as “At a Boy,” is typical of the natural beauty and natural wonder of this breed. Photo courtesy of Rose Hill Farm LLC and used by permission of Bob Langrish photographer. For more information and a listing of breeders of the Mountain Horse visit


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