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Summer/Autumn | 2017

NEW AND EXCLUSIVE Liveaboard Adventures TRUK LAGOON Show-stopping Wrecks A DIVE Less Ordinary MAD ABOUT MARINE LIFE Dr Richard Smith

Truk Lagoon

6 days,13 shipwrecks, 22 dives Journalist and PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Mark Cowan discovers a wealth of hidden treasure in the world’s finest wreck diving destination, Truk Lagoon.


mmm-hmm-umm. Chuukese dive guide Ken slinks down a grated stairwell and into the shadows of the engine room, singing to himself. My buddy and I follow the melody between machinery encrusted with silt, and curl around the cobweb of pipes and handwheels. Ken flashes his light and points it towards a darkened corner. In the orange glow of torchlight the ghosts of the shipwreck Kensho Maru suddenly come to life, 73 years after she sank. Lined up meticulously on a bulkhead is a row of spanners, spare valves, springs and bolts, and my brain snapped and crackled with images of the past. I see a conscientious engineer walking the gangway, wading in humidity, happy his domain is shipshape.

Shipwrecks hold a powerful fascination for most divers and the Japanese ghost fleet of Truk offers an unparalleled chance to explore the long-lost secrets of wartime in the raw, unfiltered by historians and guidebooks. Under tropical blue waters is a forgotten world of artefacts, preserved at the very moment a nation’s hopes were sunk by an American airborne raid in the spring of 1944. A pristine medical kit still in its case, the crates of sake bottles, the gas masks, the spare submarine periscopes and torpedoes are still lying there untouched more than seven decades after they vanished.


Ken turns and moves through the shadows cast by our torches. His singing hangs in the water as we pass what was once the engine control panel. The polished metal is gone. Rust smudges the outside, but the maker’s stamp is still visible: ‘Tama Dockyard, Ito Japan, Diesel Engine No 164 1938’. White-faced pressure gauges hooked up to a compressor blink in the light like the eyes of a cartoon robot. Engine rooms hadn’t been on my bucket list when I first arrived. But that’s the power of Truk: it feeds your explorers’ spirit like nowhere else on the planet, whether you are a single tank recreational diver or a twinset techie. As we ascend back up the staircase, light filters through the skylight windows high above and colours the cylinder heads a supernatural blue. Breathing deeply, we snake through the superstructure. Light from the portholes highlight the brick-floored kitchen with its giant oven, the bathroom, and the bridge where the telegraph still stands. Gently finning through an open window, we emerge out over the deck and head for the shotline. Ascending, I think about what people had told me about this place before I left. Don’t miss the tanks on the San Fransisco Maru. Check out the trucks in Hold C of the Hoki Maru. Marvel at the bow of the Fujikawa Maru towering over the seabed. Lose yourself in the cavernous holds of the Rio de Janeiro. They were certainly the show-stoppers, but as the sea shrouds the Kensho Maru once more, I realise it’s the small discoveries that will stay with me forever.

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EXPERTS IN TAILOR-MADE Our website features a choice of over 160 locations worldwide, hand-picked for the finest diving and snorkelling experiences.

Truk – Wreck Extravaganza Spend eight nights at the best wreck diving destination in the world. Staying at a resort, two boat dives a day will take you to explore the underwater museum of an entire Japanese fleet. 12 days from £2,895

WELCOME In our latest seasonal newsletter we are immensely proud to announce our involvement in the new Global Dive Alliance, providing you with exclusive UK access, and the very best deals to the world’s most sought after liveaboard destinations. You can also discover the latest additions to our portfolio in What’s Bubbling on page 5, including exciting dive resorts in Fiji and Papua New Guinea. We introduce our new collection of whale watching and swimming holidays, get you thinking about diving outside the box with some fantastic diving locations offering you a dive less ordinary, and underwater escapes to suit every budget. Finally, we are proud to announce our support for Deptherapy, who are now an official charitable partner of Dive Worldwide, joining Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation and Project AWARE. We hope you enjoy our brochure and find plenty of inspiring ideas for your next diving holiday.

Phil North and the team DON’T JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT… “Charlie! The trip was amazing. Fifth visit to Maldives and best diving we’ve done there yet!” Joel D travelled to the Maldives “The reef and rainforest package is a great way to see the astonishing variety of wildlife, archaeology and habitats Belize has to offer as well as being a lot of fun.” Elizabeth H travelled to Belize “I just want to say a big thank you on behalf of Tony and myself. The arrangements you made for us were just perfect. I have never liked night diving or entering wrecks, but with Mario I went into complete darkness up and down narrow passages but felt very confident in him and his knowledge of the cave systems and his skills. In the first four dives we didn’t meet anyone else underwater amazing! I would love to go back there, and I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dive Worldwide to arrange it all.” Susie S travelled to Mexico

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Diving Experiences From liveaboards to holidays that blend diving and topside adventure, trips for singles and luxurious resorts, we’ve got it all covered. Love to dive with sharks or improve your underwater photography? We offer the most comprehensive collection of diving holidays around the world.





Learning to dive is easy and it’s fun. How about learning as part of a family holiday in a wonderful resort location? UP GRO


Reap the rewards of diving with likeminded people. Join an expert led trip or we can arrange one for your group. VING




From the Caribbean to the South Pacific, we offer a wide choice of liveaboards including a new collection of exclusive charters. ING







Experience another world below the horizon before relaxing in luxurious accommodation on your return.

From characterful hotels to charming guesthouses and luxurious properties, we offer something for everyone. VING






Single divers – don’t miss out! Join one of our liveaboards, small group adventures or resort based options. LING



View to see our full collection of dive holidays. 4

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Bubbling We are continually adding new destinations, resorts and liveaboards to our expanding portfolio. To keep up-to-date, sign up to ‘What’s Bubbling’, our regular e-newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Discover Maldives & Sri Lanka

Waidroka Bay Resort, Fiji

Designed to ensure a captivating mix of underwater highlights and topside experiences, this twin-centre trip idea is a journey of discovery and available throughout the year. Spend a week in the Maldives on your chosen liveaboard exploring famous sites of the central atolls followed by time in Sri Lanka with its mix of ancient architecture, rich culture and natural beauty.

This boutique oceanfront property is nestled amongst tropical rainforest along the Coral Coast of Fiji’s main island and offers easy access to plenty of dive sites including the sharks at Beqa Lagoon. Suited to divers of all abilities the sites feature an abundance of marine life. Expect colourful soft corals, schools of pelagic species, sharks, rays, turtles and most life in-between.

16 days from £3,625

14 days from £3,545

MV Majestic Explorer, Galapagos Islands

Tawali Resort, Papua New Guinea

Specifically designed and built to circumnavigate the Galapagos Islands, this vessel features eight spacious cabins. The week long itinerary offers up to 20 dives in this exceptional location spend time at Wolf and Darwin islands, famous for encounters with hammerhead sharks and squadrons of eagle rays as well as manta rays and whale sharks in season. This adventure promises encounters with unique and magical wildlife.

Tucked away in a secluded area of Milne Bay this private retreat, only accessible by boat, was lovingly built by local craftsmen. Its unique location allows guests to dive, snorkel, relax and enjoy the unspoiled wonders of nature, whilst experiencing some of Papua New Guinea’s exotic culture. In addition to the enchanting house reef, the resort operates daily boat dives to sheltered coastal muck sites and offshore reefs. Expect an impressive diversity of marine life and fantastic photographic opportunities.

10 days from £6,495 Exclusive departure dates are available to book now (see pages 8-9).

14 days from £5,275

All holiday prices in this brochure are based on two persons sharing, including flights from the UK, accommodation, transfers and diving except where specified. For full details call our expert Dive team. Prices correct at time of going to print (1 June 2017).

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A Dive Less Ordinary Are you looking for something a little different for your next dive adventure? We constantly search the globe to feature an unrivalled range of truly unique scuba diving experiences. Here, we share some of our most spectacular, memorable and off the beaten track resorts, liveaboards and trip ideas. There are plenty more ideas on our website. It’s what we do best: create outstanding tailor-made diving holidays.

Nuarro Lodge, Mozambique As the world continues to get smaller, this gem of a resort is remote yet accessible enough to escape modern life and reset your inner wild. The experience is all about the pristine environment, friendly people, diving and top class activities available from this exceptional beach and bush lodge. Learners, photographers and snorkellers will be at home on the shallow house reef whilst the dramatic topography and current washed walls are an added challenge for experienced divers. Expect a plethora of macro life amongst the fans and sponges as well as larger fish, rays and turtles. Humpback whales can be seen spy hopping in season. Jan-Dec, 10 days from £2,975


The Great White Dive Adventure, Australia

Dive & Discover Madagascar

The Neptune Islands are the only place in Australia where you can get up close to great white sharks in their own environment. Combine this with leafy sea dragons, wildlife encounters on Kangaroo Island, spectacular scenery and famous wineries you have a holiday experience of a lifetime. Non-divers and snorkellers welcomed.

Northern Madagascar is remote and home to some of the most unique and endemic species on earth most notably, several species of lemur. Combine this with the opportunity of whale shark and humpback whale encounters whilst diving rarely visited islands surrounding Nosy Be and you have a compelling combination.

Oct-Apr & May-Sep, 15 days from £2,975

Apr-Nov, 16 days from £4,195

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Infiniti Liveaboard, India

Nabucco Island Resort, Indonesia

Get on board for a special adventure in the Andaman Islands that very few divers have experienced. The highlight of the short season is undoubtedly the Barren and Narcondam itinerary, an adventure to explore two remote volcanoes with stunning dive sites and marine life including manta ray encounters. This is a must-do for adventure seeking divers.

Located on a private island on the Maratua Atoll off the east coast of Kalimantan, the diving experiences available from here are immense. Huge schools of barracuda and other pelagic species reside in ‘Big Fish Country’, Kakaban is home to a lake of non-stinging jellyfish and Sangalaki is where turtles nest and manta rays can be seen all year.

Mar-Apr, 12 days from £4,145 (Barren & Narcondam itinerary)

Jan-Dec, 15 days from £2,395

Mafia Island Resort, Tanzania

Mermaid Liveaboards, Indonesia

Located in the heart of a marine park, this small resort amidst coconut palms on a sandy beach offers an incredible diving experience. The diversity of marine life is evident on the vibrant reefs both inside Chole Bay and outside, along the walls. Expect critters, colourful tropical fish, turtles, rays and whale sharks in season. Snorkellers are welcome.

The ultimate time to get on board is when the boats operate extended itineraries visiting incredible dive spots between Flores and Raja Ampat and vice versa. Dive with manta rays and sea snakes, around volcanic islands and along colourful walls that drop into the abyss. The adventure offers topside excursions incorporating a cultural and historical experience.

Oct-Mar, 10 days from £1,995

Apr-May & Nov-Dec , 19 days from £4,995 (Biodiversity special)

Seychelles Dive Safari

Discover Christmas Island, Australia

Hop on board a charming schooner for a week of adventure. These dedicated diving trips operate in season when seas are calmer allowing time to travel further to open sea sites as well as exploring the dramatic topography of the inner islands. Expect a plentiful marine life including sharks, turtles and schools of pelagic fish.

Marine life encounters around this rarely visited island are spectacular year round, but it’s the wet season when the red crab migration begins and the plankton levels increase, attracting whale sharks and manta rays. The fringing reef is awash with a myriad of tropical fish, eels, critters and crustaceans whilst dolphin, turtles, eagle rays and sharks are often seen in the blue.

Jan-Dec, 10 days from £2,750

Nov-Apr, 10 days from £2,145

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Exclusive Liveaboard Adventures Bringing you the world’s finest diving experiences is what makes us tick. That’s why

we are immensely proud to launch our new range of world-class liveaboard charters, offering you exclusive UK access, not to mention unbeatable prices, to the world’s most sought after liveaboard destinations as part of the new Global Dive Alliance.


Galapagos Islands



Cocos Island

Huge whale sharks, schooling hammerheads, majestic manta rays and much more besides mark the Galapagos as a dive destination without equal.

One of the world’s hottest dive destinations, with big fish encounters galore and humpback whale encounters between January and April each year.

Superb reefs and thrilling shark encounters await in magical Palau. Our trips are timed to coincide with the full or new moon, bringing spectacular spawning events.

Cocos Island is one of the world’s most sought after destinations for shark lovers. Expect to see hammerhead, silky, silvertip, Galapagos and white-tip sharks.

Raja Ampat


The Bahamas


Dive or snorkel the world’s most diverse coral reefs in Raja Ampat, bursting with every kind of life imaginable, from rare critters to majestic manta rays and even whales.

One of the world’s premier dive destinations, jump on a Maldives liveaboard to experience manta cleaning stations, whale shark encounters and drift dives.

The stunning islands of the Bahamas are famous for their thrilling shark encounters. Along with superb reefs and wrecks this is the Caribbean’s finest dive destination.

Explore pristine coral reefs bursting with life, undiscovered dive sites and humpback whales in season on a liveaboard adventure along the Omani coast.

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Book now to benefit from these introductory prices We are proud to be a founding member of the Global Dive Alliance. Bringing together six of the most reputable specialist dive tour operators from across Europe and the UK to offer you exclusive access to the world’s finest liveaboard adventures.

Galapagos Islands, 7 nights from £4,165

Raja Ampat, 11 nights from £3,465





4 Aug 18 13 Aug 18 6 Oct 18 13 Oct 18 20 May 19 25 Jul 19 29 Jul 19 24 Aug 19 26 Sep 19 3 Oct 19 2 Nov 19 28 Dec 19

Majestic Explorer Humboldt Explorer Majestic Explorer Majestic Explorer Humboldt Explorer Galapagos Aggressor III Humboldt Explorer Majestic Explorer Galapagos Aggressor III Galapagos Aggressor III Majestic Explorer Majestic Explorer

28 Jan 19



11 Mar 19 Pindito




Nights Interest

7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7

Whale shark season Whale shark season Whale shark season Whale shark season Manta ray season Whale shark season Whale shark season Whale shark season Whale shark season Whale shark season Manta ray season New year special

14 Oct 19


1 Apr 18 15 Apr 18 22 Apr 18 25 Apr 18

Nautilus Explorer Nautilus Undersea Nautilus Belle Amie Nautilus Explorer

Nights Interest

15 Nov 18 Nautilus Explorer 24 Feb 19

Nautilus Belle Amie

8 8 8 8 15 10

26 Mar 19 Nautilus Undersea


31 Mar 19 Nautilus Belle Amie


7 Apr 19

Nautilus Undersea


19 Jun 19

Nautilus Explorer


Humpback whale season Humpback whale season Humpback whale season Humpback whale season Guadalupe and Socorro special Extended humpback whale season special Extended humpback whale season special Humpback whale season Extended humpback whale season special Extended bait-ball season special

Palau, 7 nights from £2,445 Date


19 Nov 18 18 Mar 19 1 Apr 19 15 Apr 19

Palau Aggressor II Rock Islands Aggressor Palau Aggressor II Rock Islands Aggressor

Nights Interest

7 7 7 7

Full moon spawning special Full moon spawning special New moon spawning special Full moon spawning special

Cocos Island, 10 nights from £4,245 Date


11 Jun 18 27 Jul 18 4 Sep 18 18 Oct 18 8 Jul 19 13 Aug 19

Okeanos Aggressor II Argo Argo Sea Hunter Sea Hunter Argo

Nights Interest

10 10 10 10 10 10

Whale and critter special Whale and critter special Raja Ampat & Triton Bay snorkel special

Maldives, 7 nights from £995

Socorro, 8 nights from £2,545* Date

Nights Interest

Peak hammerhead season Peak hammerhead season Peak hammerhead season Peak hammerhead season Peak hammerhead season Peak hammerhead season



7 Apr 18 28 Apr 18 12 May 18 26 May 18 9 Jun 18 23 Jun 18 7 Jul 18 21 Jul 18 5 Aug 18 19 Aug 18 2 Sep 18 16 Sep 18 30 Sep 18 13 Oct 18 20 Oct 18 27 Oct 18 3 Nov 18

Emperor Leo Emperor Leo Emperor Leo Emperor Leo Emperor Leo Emperor Leo Emperor Leo Emperor Leo Emperor Orion Emperor Orion Emperor Orion Emperor Orion Emperor Orion Emperor Leo Emperor Leo Emperor Leo Emperor Leo

Nights Interest

7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7

Best of Maldives Best of Maldives Best of Maldives Best of Maldives Best of Maldives Best of Maldives Best of Maldives Best of Maldives Best of Maldives Best of Maldives Best of Maldives Best of Maldives Best of Maldives Best of Maldives Best of Maldives Best of Maldives Best of Maldives

The Bahamas, 10 nights from £2,350** Date


23 May 18 Bahamas Aggressor 27 April 19 Bahamas Aggressor

Nights Interest

10 10

Extended shark special Extended shark special

Oman, 7 nights from £1,595 Date


20 Jan 18 3 Feb 18

Saman Explorer Saman Explorer

Nights Interest

7 7

19 Apr 18

Saman Explorer


28 Apr 18

Saman Explorer


5 May 18

Saman Explorer


12 May 18 Saman Explorer


19 May 18 Saman Explorer


26 May 18 Saman Explorer


Best of Hallaniyat Best of Hallaniyat Daymaniyat & Musandam special Best of Musandam New itinerary Best of Musandam New itinerary Best of Musandam New itinerary Best of Musandam New itinerary Daymaniyat & Musandam special

These exclusive departures will book up quickly so reserve your place with the Dive team today! All prices are based on boat only in a twin share cabin. Flight inclusive prices are available on request. * Based on triple share cabin ** Based on quad share cabin

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Ocean Giants Ancient, intelligent, and hugely impressive, whales are some of the finest animals to grace our planet. The chance to watch whales in their habitat, or even share the water with these ocean giants, is a wildlife experience with few equals. Our new collection of whale and dolphin adventures are designed to take you to the heart of the action.

“Usually when I come up from a dive I want to have some down time. But that is

all forgotten when you are told there is a minke whale circling the boat. I could not get de-kitted quickly enough to put on my snorkel and get on the line. Even though I thought everyone else would see it but not me there it was making a lazy circle round the boat to the excitement of all. Add to this having the world expert, Alastair Birtles, with us for the week and it became a very special trip.�

Margaret S travelled to Australia


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Discover Dominica

Iceland: Orcas & Northern Lights

The Azores: Sperm Whales & Bottlenose Dolphins

Join this short whale watching group trip to experience the stunning Snaefellsnes Peninsula, heading out on boat trips for close up encounters with large groups of orca, plus excellent chances to view the northern lights.

Help a team of researchers and scientists in the Azores with an ongoing study of sperm whales and bottlenose dolphins. Learn about their habitats and behaviour, and have the chance to dive with blue sharks.

When to go: Year round 9 days from £1,795

When to go: Jan-Mar 5 days from £1,475

When to go: May-Oct 7 days from £1,395

Tonga Nai’a – Whales, Volcanoes & Virgin Coral Reefs

Western Australia Diving

South Africa: Sardine Run Adventure

Discover the Caribbean’s ‘Nature Island’ and enjoy incredible diving in Dominica’s pristine and spectacular marine parks. There are plenty of dive sites to explore, as well an opportunity for whale watching, hiking in the rainforest and plenty more.

Join marine naturalists and film makers aboard the Nai’a liveaboard for close encounters with Tonga’s curious and captivating humpback whales. Enjoy diving remote and pristine coral atolls and reefs.

The North West Cape and world famous Ningaloo Reef is diving adventure at its best. The abundance and biodiversity of marine life is astounding and this rewarding trip is timed to offer unforgettable encounters with manta rays, whale sharks and humpback whales.

When to go: Jul-Sep 10 days from £4,855 (boat only)

When to go: Apr-Aug 16 days from £3,795

When to go: Jun-Jul 10 days from £2,475

Australia: Minke Whales & Mantas

Great Whales of Mexico’s Pacific Coast

Enjoy a unique experience snorkelling with curious dwarf minke whales on a week long liveaboard, before diving with manta rays on the southern barrier reef at Lady Elliot Island on this Queensland adventure.

A fabulous whale watching voyage to Baja California’s spectacular Pacific coast to see blue, fin and humpback whales, and witness the thrilling spectacle of grey whales at close quarters in their breeding lagoons.

Dominican Republic: Snorkelling with Humpbacks on Silver Bank

When to go: Jun-Jul 22 days from £6,425

When to go: 7 Apr 2018 10 days from £4,995

01962 302 087

Witness the ‘Greatest Shoal on Earth’ as millions of sardines migrate along South Africa’s eastern coastline in June and July. Dive and snorkel with thousands of dolphins, seals, sharks, whales, and even birds.

Enjoy the extraordinary thrill of watching humpbacks in the warm, calm waters of their Caribbean breeding grounds, including opportunities to get in the water and swim with them. When to go: Jan-Feb 11 days from £4,495


Underwater ESCAPES We offer an extensive range of dive holidays to suit all budgets. Whether you are looking to blow the budget on a holiday to celebrate a special occasion, or are looking for a short break we can help. Here our expert Dive team select some of their favourite escapes to suit every budget.

UNDER £1,500

UNDER £2,000

Visit Malta

Dive Santa Maria, Azores

Cenotes & Reefs, Mexico

Visit Bonaire

This is an excellent short-haul trip for anyone seeking sunshine, wrecks and relaxation. Malta’s three islands, each with its own characteristics and a spectacular variety of dive sites, are famed for wrecks and caves.

Picturesque Santa Maria is the most south easterly island in the Azores where larger pelagic species are commonly encountered, most notably the devil rays at Baixa do Ambrósio where snorkellers are also welcome.

This dive adventure includes turtle encounters on the reef and a unique, breathtaking experience as you discover the crystal clear water caves and passages of the world-famous Cenotes in Yucatan. No specialist qualifications are needed.

Undeniably the shore diving capital of the world, Bonaire, just north of Venezuela, is a diver’s paradise. With little rainfall Bonaire makes for a perfect year-round destination and is ideal for families and couples alike.

8 days from £645

8 days from £1,045

9 days from £1,835

9 days from £1,875

A Visit to Bali

Visit Tobago

Often overlooked as a dive destination, Bali offers exceptional diving, from superb macro life to exciting drift dives, encounters with mantas and exploring the wreck of the USS Liberty at Tulamben.

Tobago’s year-round pleasant climate and warm waters make it a popular destination. Southern Tobago is full of life and offers diving to suit all abilities, from shallow sloping reefs to thrilling drift dives and wrecks.

SharkWEEK Diving Adventure, South Africa

Maldives Island Hopping Adventure

Some of the best shark diving experiences are found along South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal coast and at Ponta do Ouro in Mozambique. Expect to see a huge variety of other species too!

Underwater highlights include thrilling drift dives, soft corals, caves, turtles, wrasse, grouper, sharks and eagle rays. Staying at guesthouses to experience the local life, this is an incredible adventure.

10 days from £1,395

9 days from £1,245

12 days from £1,795

9 days from £1,995


Contact our Dive team to plan your next diving adventure

“Thanks for arranging my trip to Mexico at short notice.


We had a great time and some fantastic dives. The people at the dive centre were really good - all friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.”

Our website features a choice of over 160 locations worldwide, hand-picked for the finest diving and snorkelling experiences.

Ian A travelled to Mexico

UNDER £3,000

OVER £3,000

Maldives Dive Safari

Belize Discovered

Palau & Yap

Explore world-class dive sites from the comfort of a liveaboard, followed by a few days relaxation in a resort. Underwater highlights include whale shark and manta ray encounters and mesmerising drift dives.

Combine a week exploring Belize’s excellent diving from Ambergris Caye with a few days discovering the country’s mystical and magical interior, including Mayan culture and rich rainforest and wildlife encounters.

Take in two of the Pacific’s most iconic and spectacular diving destinations with a fabulous twin centre itinerary to the islands of Yap and Palau for superb manta ray and shark encounters, wreck diving and much more.

13 days from £2,595

13 days from £2,295

19 days from £4,895

15 days from £3,875

Komodo Liveaboard

BIG in Mexico

The vast Komodo National Park, home to the legendary Komodo dragons, is one of Indonesia’s most iconic and exciting dive areas. It is best dived by liveaboard to appreciate the area’s riches including sharks, rays and turtles.

The warm, nutrient rich water of the Sea of Cortez is one of the most biologically diverse locations on the planet and is home to plenty of large marine life including whale sharks, hammerhead sharks and sea lions.

Dive Beqa Lagoon & Somosomo Strait, Fiji

Tahiti Island Hopping Adventure

This coral and shark diving adventure includes two top diving spots, the Rainbow Reef and Beqa Lagoon. Expect magnificent and multi-coloured soft and hard corals as well as a thrilling shark dive.

Spend your time island hopping between three of Tahiti’s most alluring diving islands. Experience the passes of Fakarava, marvel at the manta rays of Bora Bora and enjoy the marine life around Tikehau.

11 days from £2,675

10 days from £2,295

18 days from £4,095

15 days from £4,045

01962 302 087

Dive Raja Ampat, Indonesia Experience world-class resort based diving and snorkelling in Raja Ampat, the epi-centre of the Coral Triangle. With unparalleled biodiversity ‘The Four Kings’ is at the top of many divers’ wish list.



The Dive Team Our Master (scuba) Mind series continues with the introduction of Alex Roberts who works in our busy sales team. Alex learnt to dive on a coral archipelago off the coast of Venezuela at the age of 13 and adventure has not been far away ever since. ALEX ROBE RTS DIVER PROF ILE Certifi c Curre ation Dat e: Apr nt Ce rti 20 Numb er of fication: P 03 ADI A (logg d ed) d ives: v. & Nitrox 88

What excites you most about being underwater? The thing that excites me most is exploring and experiencing a world that few people have seen. There are so many incredible creatures and sights to see beneath the waves that a large portion of people never get to encounter.

What has been your most memorable dive travel experience? I’ve had some brilliant dives, but my first dive in Venezuela will always be one of my most memorable ones. I was watching five yellow fish swim along. These fish then went behind a coral stack and four of them suddenly shot out from the other side. I poked my head around the stack to see the tail of one of these yellow fish going down the gullet of a beautiful little chain moray eel. I was hooked on diving for life after that moment. I was watching nature at its purest and I was the only one to see that sight.

Where was your last logged dive? My last logged dive was in Naples, Italy. I was diving around some ancient Roman ruins - something quite unique! It was magical to see the mosaics and statues from thousands of years ago and to imagine what life would have been like in a Roman beachside resort. Finding myself finning along ancient streets, around temples, into saunas and spas, and exploring the stunning villas will always be something I remember.


Where in the world would you most like to dive and why? Tough choice to pick just one! But it would probably be Saint Helena. I have a degree in history, so being able to dive the myriad of wrecks around the island from different periods, experience the unexplored waters, see some whale sharks, and walk across the stunning island when I’m above the waves would be a dream.

If you had to choose one marine species to help conserve, what would it be? Sharks. All sharks. All shapes, sizes, and species. Sharks are the key to the oceans and we need to do far more to keep them safe and thriving.

Although much of your week is spent arranging people’s holidays, what do you do in your spare time? Most of my spare time is spent either playing guitar, writing, and reading. I am currently writing a novel, a poetry anthology, and an EP as a solo musician.

What are your top five logged dives? • Mafia Island, Tanzania • The wrecks of Sangat Island, Coron, Philippines • The Caribbean Islands of Venezuela • The wrecks of Malta • Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique

Contact our Dive team to plan your next diving adventure

Mad About

Marine Life Marine life expert Dr Richard Smith shares some tales from his recent liveaboard adventure to Raja Ampat, Indonesia.


bsolutely, my most favourite thing about diving in the mega-diverse region of Raja Ampat is that there is always something new to see. Without fail, on every trip that I have made I have seen something that is new to me, whether it be a new species or behaviour. I was excited to be joined by 15 fantastic guests from Dive Worldwide to explore this amazing area for ten days aboard the Indo Siren. For the majority of the group, this was their first visit to the area and for some their first dives in the fabled Coral Triangle. I don’t believe I’m overstepping to say they weren’t at all disappointed!

Each day of the trip I gave a lecture about the local marine life. On this trip, amongst other topics, I talked about common reef behaviours, why reef fishes are so colourful and some basic reef ecology. I believe that so often we visit these far flung reefs and miss much of their majesty. Through my talks I aim for guests to get more out of diving by looking at the reef a little more closely. The best way is by scrutinising the interactions seen and taking time to really watch the species. I was happy to see the guests even got a little excited about parasites (a subject I find fascinating), and there was an isopod parasite on a cardinalfish at the last night’s photo competition. Of course, as well as the smaller critters, we were happy with sightings of both species of manta ray, the oceanic and reef species. Plus we saw walking and wobbegong sharks, as well as Rhinopias scorpionfish and other gems; all obviously had the stunning backdrop of Raja Ampat’s glorious reefs. Probably my highlight was a very young pinnate batfish found by repeat guest Annie. She found the small fish in a little cave where it was swimming just like the toxic flatworm that it mimics. This was a really special find. Why not join Richard on his next adventure to Wakatobi?

Wonders of Wakatobi with Dr Richard Smith Departs 18 Aug 2018, Duration 11 to 18 days Price from £4,345

01962 302 087



Coral Coast Highlights are plenty along Australia’s Coral Coast; from the Pinnacles Desert through impressive gorges, to deserted beaches and along the 300km of fringing reef of Shark Bay and Ningaloo UNESCO World Heritage areas. Enjoy encounters with humpback whales, manta rays and whale sharks in season. There’s so much to discover and so many experiences to be had.

Western Australia Diving, 16 days from £3,795

Includes flights from the UK, accommodation, breakfast, diving, day tour in Perth and transfers.

Contact our Dive experts to plan your diving adventure

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Over 160 locations worldwide, hand-picked for the best diving and snorkelling experiences. Finest dive locations Superb selection of resorts & liveaboards Tailor-made specialists Personalised service 100% independent 100% financial protection

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Long Barn South, Sutton Manor Farm, Bishop’s Sutton, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 0AA, United Kingdom Dive Worldwide is part of The Natural Travel Collection Ltd, a small independent and privately owned travel company that places a special emphasis on sustainable tailor-made holidays.

Photographs courtesy of: Mark Cowan, Chris Breen, Dr Richard Smith, Jane Morgan, Justin Gilligan, Christmas Island Tourism Association, Alex Safonov, Simon Rogerson, Nautilus Explorer, Nick Garbutt, Alex Roberts. Apologies for any omissions. ©Dive Worldwide 2017 No portion of this brochure may be reproduced without the prior written consent of Dive Worldwide.

Dive Worldwide Summer/Autumn Brochure 2017  

In this issue we launch our new range of world-class liveaboard charters, offering you exclusive UK access, not to mention unbeatable prices...

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