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ved that cooking created connection and togetherness. They were utilizing the very best of fresh ingredients, spices, and made-from-scratch recipes. I use both Jewish recipes as well as Lakota recipes taught to me by my aunties and mother. What are some of the premier cooking techniques, cultural food preparations, and recipes you learned over the years you apply to your cooking today? We have learned to field harvest a buffalo, prepare traditional foods, and make a bone broth utilized in many of our recipes. We have also become known for gorgeous charcuterie boards using locally-cured meats and artisan cheeses. Kimberly, you mentioned growing up in a household of men raised by a single father. How did you learn how to cook? What were some of the things you knew that you apply to your business today? I am a fifth-generation entrepreneur and learned that organization was key to the success of any entrepreneur at an early age. I learned to cook from my grandmother Rachel, my aunt Barb, and my Aunt Joci. I loved the smell of their homes when you entered; something was always cooking. I think cooking, exploring, and making mistakes is essential. Not everything I have prepared is a smash-hit out of the gate. It takes work to perfect a recipe. Brandon, what were some of the lessons instilled in you from hunting from an early age? What and how are you able to bring those virtues and cultural practices to your cooking? Hunting requires patience and perseverance, and respect for our elements and environment. When we cook, we cook from our hearts. Honoring the ingredients in which we prepare our food, ensuring not to waste any of the animals, and thinking of the ones we are preparing our food for in prayer. I think that’s why our food and presentation is so unique. How do you both work as a team together for Etiquette? We have been married for fifteen years; we have three

children and are fostering our nephew. These same virtues of love and respect are how we work together. But most importantly, not to take anything too seriously. Brandon constantly teases; you will always find humor and good food coming out of our kitchen. Brandon is also the muscle: cooking, organizing, and doing all the heavy lifting. Kimberly is the company’s face because she’s not shy, she’s generous with people, and an expert in branding. We manage the business together, relying on each other’s strengths.


We talked about incorporating regional Indigenous cuisine and cultural food prep earlier; how do you teach that to others? Why is that vital? How does this showcase both of your Native heritage to your clients? I think it’s crucial to showcase Native people positively and show that we are complex and beautifully-resilient people of our cultural teachings and history. Our food is the foundation of our resistance to colonialism. Before

“Native cuisine is the authentic American cuisine of this country. It is also the food that fed our ancestors and why we all exist today.” COVID-19, we had weekly cooking classes in our private dining room. I think it’s important to share so that traditional teachings carry on for future generations. What does the future look like for your family and your business? COVID-19 has hit our business significantly, but we will persevere. We will continue to be innovative and stay relevant as we move through this challenging time. You can sign up on our website to keep in the know: www. etiquettecateringco.com.

Brandon and Kimberly, chefs, caterers, and owners of Etiquette Catering Co, pictured with their small family whom they teach the ancestral knowledge they learned. (Photo: Tarin Hartman of Tayhart Photography)


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