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SPRING EDITION Featuring: #M etoo in the Classroom Read how the #M eToo movement is impacting America' s youth Spring Fashion Trends What' s ' in' this spring

& Tips on how to Go Green

Hannah Cook, 10


LETTER FROM THE EDITORS As editors of this year 's spring edition of The Nation we wanted to publish fresh content that represents the rebirth of the spring season. Our staff specifically covered stories that kickoff spring and highlight events and issues related to the season. In this issue you will find a diverse selection of articles and media, including advice columns, current events and a special look at student artists. We would like to thank each of our staff members for working hard to produce quality content for this magazine. We are lucky enough to have a talented staff filled with committed writers and photographers, and they never fail to submit anything less than their best work. If it weren't for their dedication we would not have been able to successfully put this magazine together. We encourage each and every one of you to support your peers by reading their work. Take the time to congratulate these students for their accomplishments, and most importantly, enjoy every word.

Our Staff

Salinas Dinh, 10

Sarah Brager, 10

Alejandro Martinez, 10

Andrea Delgado, 10

Gabi Jensen, 11

Katelyn Morgan, 12

Thank you for reading.

~Sarah Brager and Juliana Bernal, co-Editors Morgan Anderson, 11

Juliana Bernal, 10

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Tableof Contents HealthyHabitsfor Earth By Salinas Dinh

FreezinginMarch By Alejandro M art inez


4-5 6-7 8-9

By Andrea Delgado



By Sarah Brager and Juliana Bernal

Jade,Center Stage By Gabi Jensen

GoGreenor GoHome

12-13 14-15

By Kat elyn M organ

Dodd: Art BeyondtheClassroom


By Alex Holm es

ClassRank: Pros&Cons


By M organ Anderson


HEALTHY HABITS TO HELP EARTH Simple ways to incorporate a "Go Green" initiative into your daily life From wherever you call ?home,"

global sea level has risen by about

Whether you believe in climate

whether it be the distant valley,

eight inches since then, and is

change or not, it

arid desert or bustling city, we all

projected to rise another 1 to 4

would not hurt to

share a home bigger than life

feet by the year 2100. It has also

go green and lend

itself: Earth.

been predicted that before mid

a helping hand to

century, the Arctic will be ice-free.

the planet we call

It is not a stretch to call Earth a

home. Here are

magnificent planet, so it is only fitting that we have a day

Not only do the drastic changes

dedicated to appreciating

within our Photo Lita Silguero

environment affect us

and saving our

and future generations


to come, but they affect other species as

But is a single day enough? answer is no.

some great ways in which you can contribute to the greater cause of helping our planet:


Avoid using plastic water

well. With humans

bottles, and purchase a

having the capability of

reusable one.

abolishing countless

In short, the

numbers of species off the face of the

Although plastic water bottles are very practical, they are also very harmful to the environment. Eighty-percent of plastic water

Talk of surrounding climate

bottles end up in landfills. Each

change has been one of the media?s biggest highlights this

bottle contains harmful chemicals

year. The scientists at NASA?s

that leak when being

Goddard Institute for Space


Studies conducted an ongoing


temperature analysis, showcasing that the average global increased by about 0.8° Celsius

Earth, it is without a doubt our job

since 1880, when they could first

to prevent that from continuation.

reliably record these statistics. The

Plant more trees.

Besides producing oxygen, trees Photo Yulisa Ortiz

temperature on Earth has


Photo Andrea Delgado

also remove toxic contaminants from the atmosphere. -

Volunteer for cleanups in your community.

By sacrificing just a few

Earth by causing

hours of your time, you?ll

deforestation, draining the

become a Good Samaritan

world?s oil, and overheating

by simply picking up trash

the planet.

to help the people around you and your community as whole. Plus, if you?re planning on applying to college, it?ll look good on applications! -

These are just a few ways to help the environment. It is truly up to us, or rather, up to you to take action and make a difference.

Turn off your lights when you?re no longer occupying a

~Salinas Dinh

room. This small act reduces emissions of carbon, saves energy, and saves money as well. -

Have a vegetarian

?Earth day is a great event to have so we can acknowledge the pollution in the environment and take a day to try and help the future ecosystem for a more resourceful world,? Josh?ua Monsalvatge, 9.

Photo Jalen Square

day. Ah, one of my favorite ways to stay green. Now, i?m not saying you should give up meat for life, but try to commit to eating meat free at least once a week. The mass consumption of meat

Photo Alex Holmes

contributes to the harm of


Ph ot o An dy Fi t zger al d Feat ur i n g M adi son Kan e, 10


FREEZING IN M ARCH In the past March has been the month where Texans begin to take out their paddle boards and dig their swim trunks out of their drawers, but this year stands out from the rest. Satellites have have been sending back reports of United States, and one thing is clear: the U.S. sticks out like a sore thumb. The Weather Channel reports new record-breaking temperatures, many of them below freezing.

but it can be slowed down significantly.

March in Texas is typically a time for going outside,

return back to normal.

swimming with friends and having picnics in the park as a breeze cools you down. Due to the current weather the United States has been experiencing, the outlook of going outside is nowhere in sight at the

By controlling how much carbon dioxide is released we would be able to control the pace of Earth?s rising temperatures. Controlling the rate that the Earth is heating would allow us to replenish what we have lost in the polar ice caps. If we were t o stop the ice caps from melting, the springtime temperatures could

~Alejandro Martinez

moment. Data f rom previous years project that we should be in the mid-80s with a slight breeze. But in reality the weather has reported arctic winds blowing through the U.S. Being the coldest and wettest winter in United States history, the question circling through everyone?s mind is, ?why is this happening?? The culprit has been narrowed down to a simple cause and effect explanation. Global warming is causing jet streams from the north to blow south. Global warming is not a new issue, and as Arctic temperatures increase, jet streams are causing cold air to blow south. Geological experts have released information that global warming cannot be stopped,


BLOOM ING INTO SPRING FASHION In the fashion industry, it?s always

style of clothing that captures both

layers and frills with color to spare.

about being one step ahead.

comfort style. This look is also

Seen recently on the Dolce &

Fashion designers look at past

something that can be universal

Gabbana runway, the models

trends and mimic or emulate them

due to you being able to style it

sported long layered dresses with

to create new looks for people to


some colorful floral prints. This

Changing gears to accessories, big

spring, as well as summer, you will

hats are going to be a popular

be seeing these in stores like

trend this summer. Spotted on

Forever 21 and even in high end

Simone Rocha and other models,

designer places like Valentino. With

by taking a glance at social media

Spring comes pastel colors that will

this summer you will see this trend

be flaunted along with these fringe

come to life. These hats will be


One look that is upcoming is silk

seen around the beach or as a

Regardless of whether or not

tops. For the past few months,

street look. Mainly seen in spring

you?re interested in fashion, the

fashion magazines and models

and summer, these floppy and

clothes you are wearing came from

have been seen wearing silk and

over-sized hats are gonna be a hit.

somewhere. Anything you can find

If you weren?t a big fan of the 80?s

in your closet, whether it is

you won?t be a big fan of this one.

popular this year or was popular in

This year, neon will be making its

the 60?s and 70?s, was at one point

way back into the fashion industry

designed and hand selected to be

and maybe even your closet.

put into the place you purchased

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner have

them. This whole process is what

started sporting this look.

designers go through every year to

Although it?s not for people that

throw out fresh, new trends that

are big on neutral tones, these

everyone will enjoy.

purchase. They gather looks throughout the season and put them into fashion shows where they are then chosen to be put on racks for wholesale. Here are some trends that are here to stay or are coming in this season.

satin dresses. This soft and feminine look is being used in blouses and camis. This top, which can be tucked into some nice dress pants or simply a pair of jeans, will be making its way back into closets. In 2019 you will start to see a whole lot of this look, from office wear to nights out. This trend, which was once extremely popular in the 2000?s, is making its influential comeback.

enough to sport this look. Along with neon as a big party and street

The next thing you will see a lot of

trend, sequins add to this bold

is pleated skirts. From short to

fashion statement. This style

mid-length, these skirts either have

probably won't be seen much in

a plaid or printed look to them.

office settings, but it will make

Pleated skirts can be dressed up or

appearances on teens and

down and can be worn all year due


to their length, depending on what you wear underneath. This is a


vibrant colors are for those brave

The last style that will be big this spring is worth taking a look at:

~Andrea Delgado, Fashion Editor

Sal i n as Di n h w ear s a t i e- f r on t sn ak e sk i n sh i r t w i t h pl eat ed pan t s Ph ot o by Jul i an a Ber n al


"#METOO" IN CLASSROOMS Founded in 2006 by Tarana Burke, a civil rights activist, the #MeToo movement was created as a safe haven for victims of sexual assault and is known as a platform that empowers young women. The purpose of the movement is to raise awareness about the drastic affects sexual violence has on young communities, and create solutions to limit the absurd number of incidents reported worldwide. Those working with the MeToo movement are doing this by connecting victims of assault to resources, promoting a healthy recovery. By encouraging the conversation of sexual violence on the global scale, Burke's goal is to shed light on the broad spectrum of survivors, including women of color and the LGBTQ community. The #MeToo movement started as a small, local organization. However, the power of social media has influenced its rapid spread. The viral "#MeToo" hashtag has encouraged people to not only discuss issues of sexual violence, but to identify and prevent possible attacks in the workplace, and the home. While they understand that themes of sexual violence can be uncomfortable to dig in to, survivors and advocators of the movement emphasize how crucial open-minded discussion is for preventing abuse. "#MeToo could be the conversation starter or the whole conversation. I'm trying to pivot the conversations to solutions instead


of numbers," Burke said.

of or embarrassed by.

While many of the women who have come forward as victims of sexual assault are in their 30s and 40s, teenagers experience a great amount this abuse in their schools. For example, the New York Times reports 43% of middle school children experience sexual harassment from their peers, and a third of teenagers report experiencing relationship abuse. Many adolescents do not fully understand what is and is not appropriate, but the 'MeToo' movement is providing clarity. The movement is influencing youth by creating a better understanding of what is classified as sexual

"It is so common and acceptable for young women to be harassed. I see it in the halls at school. One example is seeing young men slap

violence, and it is helping teenagers to recognize inappropriate behaviors and prevent future incidents. Since its viral spread in 2017, the #MeToo movement has changed the way teenagers behave in their relationships. Many of them are becoming more aware of the way they are being treated, or how they're treating others. Adults are more hopeful that teenagers in sexual relationships will openly discuss what they are and are not comfortable with. The movement has also empowered young women, giving them the courage to come forward with their stories of abuse, rather than hiding out of fear. Women are learning that the word "no" is not something to be afraid

women on the butt and then walk away laughing," said English teacher Valerie King, who is an assault survivor. "This is not acceptable anymore. Especially since the rise of the MeToo movement, harassment and assault should be taken very seriously. Young women and men should be empowered to tell the truth when assault occurs, and those that they report it to must act." Many say it is the responsibility of adults to teach their children about consent and appropriate behavior at the right age. Adults are beginning to introduce this information when the kids are young, rather than waiting until they enter a sexual relationship. A third grade teacher in Los Angeles, Elizabeth Kleinrock, created a lesson plan for her students that focuses on safe physical interactions without bringing in the topic of sex. Simple solutions such as this could lead to significant improvements in the way teenagers treat each other in relationships, and hopefully decrease the rates of sexual violence amongst young people. Parents are also emphasizing the importance of consent to their

Art by Lolly Ortiz Rodriguez,12

healthy discussion about sexual violence. Many of them are shocked by how prevalent sexual harassment is in high schools today, which is a result of the rise of social media. While they cannot shelter their kids from the media, parents are doing their best to teach their children what is moral and ethical.

sexual violence. With the prevalence of smart phones and social media, teenagers are at a great risk of online sexual harassment. The use of technology in sexual relationships has made it easier to obtain information without consent, as well as harass people from behind the screen. It also peer pressures young people into sending things that may make them uncomfortable. However, technology has positive aspects as well. It provides an outlet for sharing experiences and finding helpful resources.

Kleinrock created a flow chart for her third graders to explain ?Technology has spread the news of sexual harassment in both good consent.

"Everyone should be treated with respect. I have a daughter and a son. I have raised them to treat everyone with respect and kindness, to listen to others, and not to judge," Jacob Bernal, parent of Nation staffer Juliana, said.

and bad ways. It provides a safe outlet to use your voice and express your opinion online, but on the other hand, it allows people to virtually sexually harass others as well as obtain their information," Emma Jackson, 12, said.

A majority of sexual abuse survivors experience their assault during their adolescence. Many people don't realize that teenagers are at an extremely high risk of

The #MeToo movement has been inspiring women to speak out against their abusers as well as report incidents that they witness. Supporters of #MeToo are hopeful

that future generations of women will feel empowered to use their voices, rather than feel like they have to hide their story. ?I hope that #MeToo will empower future generations of women by encouraging them to use their voice, speak out against what they think is wrong, and speak out against the abuse they see in their society,? Jackson said.

~Sarah Brager & Juliana Bernal, co-Editors


Photos Yvonne Carvajal


JADE CENTER STAGE AT OSMF LOCALFESTIVALGIVESSENIORJADEVONDREWTHEOPPORTUNITYOFALIFETIMEBY SELECTINGHERTOCOMPETEAGAINST10OTHERCANDIDATESFORAGRANDPRIZE Jade Vondrew was amongst the few Indie singer/songwriters chosen to take the stage in the ?youth competition?at the long-running Old Settler ?s Music Festival. Vondrew,12, was among the handful of 12-18 year-olds chosen to compete at the three-day festival, held on April 13th. While Jade did not place in the competition, this youth show is the same one that catapulted the career of local singer/songwriter Sarah Jarosz, who got her initial start at the annual 2009 Old Settlers Music festival in Tilmon, Texas.The festival started in 1988 and has new, entertaining lineups every year. Beyond that, they also have a youth competition where 10 candidates are chosen from an assortment of applications to compete for the top prize: a commission, professional feedback and a 45 minute set for the following years festival. "Playing at Old Settler 's Music Festival was an awesome experience," Jade said. "I got to meet so many new people and saw some other super talented musicians."

and I guess decided from there," Jade said. Jade?s mom supports her through all of her experiences. She said despite all of the pressure that comes with performing she is so proud of Jade?s adventurous nature and ability to soak up the limelight. ?She has been singing since before she knew how to walk or talk,? Yvonne Carvajal, Jade?s mom, said. Carvajal said she could not be more proud of her 17 year-old daughter. She hopes Jade can be a role model for other kids who are too nervous to chase their dreams. Despite her success, Jade says she is going to college to get a degree while pursuing music on the side because that is what is most important to her. ?If I make a name for myself that would be cool, but it?s not something I?m stressing over. I?m just excited for the opportunity I?ve been presented with,? Jade said. Although she didn't take the 1st place trophy, Jade did get to meet celebrity judge Spencer Gibb-- musician and son of Bee Gee Robin Gibb (opposite). "It was so exciting to play for such a big event," she said. "I'm sure it helped me grow as an artist."

Jade plays music gigs around the Austin area, as well as in various states around the country. ?I entered in an online application and they reviewed my YouTube channel

THEPURSUITOFART SUMMERLEWIS "I have been interested in art since before I can remember. When I got into high school I realized that art was something I wanted to do forever. I will continue to study art at Baylor. Drawing is a way for me to bring my imagination to life and it's a special way for me to give back to others. My favorite thing to draw is people or animals. Really, I like to draw anything that I can make look realistic. My perfect art creating conditions are days where there is daylight lighting, some summer moon to sip on, some John Mayer playing in the background. My current project is making twelve cohesive portraits of girls with different hair styles. All of the paintings will have watercolor backgrounds with complementary colors to bring it all together," Summer Lewis said.

-Gabi Jensen, writer/section editor


GO GREEN OR GO HOM E National Honor Society (NHS) members started a ?go green? movement at the beginning of March. The members are working to improve the environment of the campus by raking fall leaves away, picking unwanted weeds in the garden, laying mulch on tree beds, planting rose bushes and throwing away numerous pieces of trash found all over campus. Not only does this service project give students the opportunity to give back to the school, but the project also teaches members the importance of keeping our school environment clean. ?It?s important to keep our environment green because taking care of our plants and animals ultimately affects us too. I liked cleaning up the school with friends because not only did I have fun while doing it, but it was a chance to better the environment that we as students have to see everyday,? Emme Handal, 12, said. Many NHS members are looking forward to seeing their plants bloom in the coming months. ?While cleaning up the school I enjoyed improving the quality of the outdoor areas on campus and contributing to the beautification of the greenery. Although the cold is not the perfect weather for cleaning I still had fun. I learned that raking leaves while it?s windy is a lot harder than it looks. I think people


should care more about keeping our school clean so it is more presentable and has healthy plants growing around the building,? Sierra Dittmar, 12, said. Other members were not as eager to participate, but when they started cleaning and realized the importance of the project they seemed to have a change in heart. ?The weekend we decided to clean was so cold. I was miserable. But after we finished cleaning and we took a step back to see what everyone had accomplished, I was amazed at how much nicer the school looked. I think it?s crucial that students realize the importance of keeping our school clean. We need to take care of it because it represents who we are as people,? Madeline Appleton, 12, said. Over the next few months, NHS members are looking forward to seeing their hard work pay off by admiring plants bloom and keeping the school clean. NHS members will continue to clean the school throughout March and April, before and after school, to help remind everyone on campus that a green planet is a clean planet.

~Katelyn Morgan

Ph ot os Han n ah Wilson 15

Th e Head an d t h e Hear t by M ar cie Dodd 16

DODD: ART BEYOND THE CLASSROOM Q: How does it f eel t o be on e of t h e t op t en ar t ist s t o w at ch in Au st in ? A: In typical artist style, it's hard to be in the spotlight, but it also fills me with a ton of pride.

Q: How lon g h ave you been cr eat in g ar t ? A: All of my life! I remember being in 5th grade and designing a poster for something in class and having my teacher tell me she thought I'd be an artist one day. I've known I wanted to be an artist since middle school.

Q: Wh en did you en t er you r f ir st ar t sh ow or get r ecogn ized f or you r ar t ? A: In high school, I had an art teacher who encouraged my passion. I actually still have an award that she gave me on my pin board in my classroom as a reminder of where I started.

Q: How did t h at m ak e you f eel? A: I felt like I had a purpose.

Q: Wh en did you r ealize you w an t ed t o cr eat e ar t as a car eer ? A: I realized in high school. I wasn't sure how to do that at first - my counselor in high school wasn't knowledgeable about art school. I have had to forge

my own path. It has been hard, but extremely rewarding.

Q: Wh at t ype of m edia do you u se? A: I am a mixed media artist, which means I use a variety of mediums to create cohesive pieces. The mediums I use most frequently are alcohol ink, spray paint, photo transfer, acrylic paint, charcoal, pastels, collage, and paint pens.

space Leia

Q: Wh at is you r f avor it e t ech n iqu e? A: I probably use photo transfer most often.

Life Finds a Way

Q: Wh en did you decide you w an t ed t o t each ot h er s h ow t o cr eat e ar t ? A: It's always something I have wanted to do. I think art is the best kind of therapy. My goal in teaching is the be the adult I needed when I was in high school. Hopefully I can make a small difference in someone's life.

I Keep My Visions to Myself

Q: Do you h ave an y sh ow s com in g u p? A: None on the books yet, but I have a few exhibit proposals out that I am waiting to hear on. By Alex Holmesphotographer

Honey Bee 17

" I t h i n k r an k i n g st uden t s i s a w ay f or t h em t o see h ow t h ey com par e academ i cal l y, an d i t open s up col l ege oppor t un i t i es f or t h em ." M i r i am H yak , 11 18

STUDENTS ARE M ORE THAN JUST THEIR RANK College: The thing that seems so far away but at the same time, is just around the corner. Students fight to the death for the best grades, but why do we do it to ourselves? Why is it so important to compete with our peers to prove that we are better? As a student that cares so much about getting into a good college, it is important for me to draw the line between healthy academic competition and creating unhealthy relationships with your peers. When starting high school we are given the mindset that we have to be the the best-- the best academically, best in sports, and at the same time be the best at home for your family. Imagine what this does to the people that aren't ranked top in their class or put their home/work life first. This might create a sense of hierarchy between students, which creates tension and rivalry.

On the other hand, many people may see it as preparation for the real world. We rank peoples' success in life based on how much money they make. How is this different from what we are doing in school? Class ranks are creating a continuous cycle of judging people and "putting them in their place." Just because they have a low erclass rank,does not mean they should be viewed as worth less than others. They might excel in college or even in the workforce, but just because high school wasn't for them they are automatically less than those who were at the top of the class. There is no real way to fix this problem, since that is how you get into college, but maybe it needs to be noticed as something that is not healthy for students. ~Morgan Anderson, writer/photographer

DOYOUTHINKWE SHOULDRANK STUDENTS? "I think having a class rank encourages a large sense of motivation that some students otherwise would not have. The majority of students take great pride in their class rank and it pushes them to do better." Willie Olivarez, 11

"Class ranks don't show a student's full potential since it only shows certain parts of their academic skill level that doesn't always apply to real life." Caroline Ballay, 11

"I don't enjoy it because there are many hardworking students like myself aren't in the top 10 percent. This gives students difficulty getting into higher ranked universities. Eric Acosta, 12


Photo Melanny Valencia-Loredo