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Re-elected President offers to include Romney in plans

•From left: First Lady Michelle, US President Barack Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden and Second Lady Jill Biden acknowledge PHOTO: AFP supporters following Obama’s victory speech in Chicago…yesterday


•Jonathan, world leaders greet Obama •Romney ‘leaves everything on the field’ •Four more years —Editorial •Senate, House of Reps hail Obama •Obama...signed, sealed, delivered •Lead well, step granny advises

have always believed that hope is that stubborn thing in‘Iside us that insists, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that something better awaits us so long as we have the courage to keep reaching, to keep working, to keep fighting ’ •SPORTS P23 •EDUCATION P25 •POLITICS P43 •N/HEALTH P45 •E-BUSINESS P47 AND MORE ON PAGES 2-6&19




•Success: Obama supporters explode with delight as their candidate was declared winner...yesterday

Obama… signed, se Obama and his wife Michelle celebrate on stage after he delivered his acceptance speech ...yesterday

What was the atmosphere like when President Barack Obama accepted his re-election at the McCormack Place, Chicago, Illinois? The Nation’s Asst. Editor OLUKOREDE YISHAU, who witnessed the moment, reports


E walked into the cavernous hall at McCormick Place, Chicago filled with deafening cheers. His supporters had been waiting for him to make his acceptance speech. He climbed the podium at 12:35 a.m. eastern time as Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” played out of the speakers. Some of the supporters cried openly when he was declared the winner. Actress Vivica Fox was one of those who broke down in tears. Friends held one another and hugged. Some danced like it was going out of sync. It mattered not to them that the mood at the Mitt Romney camp was gloomy. As Obama wrapped up victories in several key states, the song “How Do You Like Me Now?” blared out from the McCormick Centre loudspeaker. Then the crowd began to dance and sway to the beats “Twist and Shout.” The crowd swayed, holding flags aloft and watching themselves as television networks showed Obama and Michelle acknowledge supporters following his victory their images on giant screens. Decked out in a black suit and blue speech in Chicago ...yesterday


Olukorede Yishau Reporting from

UNITED ST ATES STA tie, the president, who waited for the noise to subside, hugged his wife and daughters. He stepped onto the podium and smiled. Before he made his way to the podium, President Barack Obama had sent e-mail to his supporters telling them they made it happen and that he was on his way to address them. He said: “I’m about to go speak to the crowd here in Chicago, but I wanted to thank you first. “I want you to know that this wasn’t fate, and it wasn’t an accident. You made this happen. “You organised yourselves block by block. You took ownership of this campaign five and 10 dollars at a time. And when it wasn’t easy, you pressed forward. “I will spend the rest of my presidency honouring your support, and

doing what I can to finish what we started. But I want you to take real pride, as I do, in how we got the chance in the first place. Today is the clearest proof yet that, against the odds, ordinary Americans can overcome powerful interests. There’s a lot more work to do. But for right now: Thank you.” His wife Mitchelle and children Sasha and Malia left the stage for him to make his last acceptance speech as America’s president-elect. As they were leaving the supporters, waving America’s flag, cheered. The moment of glory was captured live on television, radio and the internet. Reporters from media organisations from over 30 countries of the world, including Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Brazil, Cambodia, Mexico and India, captured the moment for posterity. Reporters jumped on tables to get a better look at it all. The parking area of the venue bore credence to the fact that history was being made. Outside broadcasting vans and satellites of major news organs, such as CNN, BBC, Fox and so on littered the ground.

‘I’ve left everything Text of Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s concession speech after he lost to President Obama in Boston… yesterday


Obama and Michelle acknowledging supporters ...yesterday

HANK you. Thank you. Thank you, my friends. Thank you so much. Thank you, Thank you. Thank you. I have just called President Obama to congratulate him on his victory. His supporters and his campaign also deserve congratulations. I wish all of them well, but particularly the president, the first lady and their daughters. This is a time of great challenges for America, and I pray that the president will be successful in guiding our nation. I want to thank Paul Ryan for all that he has done for our campaign – and for our country. Besides my wife Ann,

Paul is the best choice I’ve ever made. And I trust that his intellect and his hard work and his commitment to principle will continue to contribute to the good of our nation. I also want to thank Ann, the love of my life. She would have been a wonderful first lady. She’s – she has been that and more to me and to our family and to the many people that she has touched with her compassion and her care. I thank my sons for their tireless work on behalf of the campaign, and thank their wives and children – for taking up their slack as their husbands and dads have spent so many weeks away from

home. I want to thank Matt Rhoades and the dedicated campaign team he led. They have made an extraordinary effort, not just for me but also for the country that we love. And to you here tonight and to the team across the country – the volunteers, the fundraisers, the donors, the surrogates – I don’t believe that there’s ever been an effort in our party that can compare with what you have done over these past years. Thank you so very much. Thanks for all the hours of work, for the calls, for the speeches and appearances, for the resources and for the prayers.




Short takes The Abeokuta man at polling place He looked every inch a Nigerian and reporters were not surprised when Mr. George confirmed that he originally hails from Abeokuta, Ogun State. Now, an American citizen, George, who said he got his citizenship 10years ago was at a polling centre inside the Ethiopia Community Association in Chicago. After casting his ballot, George, who said he was in Abeokuta, a fortnight ago, said he voted for Obama. “I voted for Obama,” he said,” not because he is a black man but because he is a good man. He has done his best for this country and I believe we need to re-elect him. I don’t believe Romney has what it takes to move the country forward. Obama is what we need.” George must have been excited when Obama eventually carried the day.

Victory for marriage, marijuana The November 6 elections in the United States were not just to elect the president, vice-president, senators and House of Representatives members. In Maryland, a state not far away from Washington D.C., and Maine, the course of U.S social policy was altered. The two states became the first to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote. Washington and Colorado legalised recreational use of marijuana, which by federal law is illegal. It remains to be seen how the conflict is resolved. For 70 years, marijuana was prohibited. United States President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle and daughters Sasha (left) and Malia (right) wave to supporters in Chicago before making his acceptance speech...yesterday

ed, sealed, delivered For the close to 30 minutes that he spoke, he cut the image of a man who knew his opponent almost humbled him and he promised not to let down those who stood for him and those who stood for his opponents. After all, he is not president of Democrats, but America, which, he said, is the greatest country in the world. The first thing he said after ‘thank you, thank you’ was: “It moves forward because of you. It moves forward because you reaffirmed the spirit that has triumphed over war and depression, the spirit that has lifted this country from the depths of despair to the great heights of hope, the belief that while each of us will pursue our own individual dreams, we are an American family and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people.” He continued after their applause abated: “Tonight, in this election, you, the American people, reminded us that while our road has been hard, while our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up, we have fought our way back, and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America the best is yet to come.” He thanked every American who participated in this election, either by pounding the pavement or picking up the phone when canvassers called or held an Obama sign or a Romney sign. He said he spoke with Romney and congratulated him and Paul Ryan on a hardfought campaign. He said the battle was not personal.

“We may have battled fiercely,” he said,” but it’s only because we love this country deeply and we care so strongly about its future. From George to Lenore to their son Mitt, the Romney family has chosen to give back to America through public service and that is the legacy that we honour and applaud tonight.” He promised to seek out Romney, who conceded defeat publicly shortly after calling him on phone before midnight. “In the weeks ahead, I also look forward to sitting down with Governor Romney to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward,” he said. His words for his deputy, Joe Biden, were greeted with applause. “I want to thank my friend and partner of the last four years, America’s happy warrior, the best vice president anybody could ever hope for, Joe Biden,” he said. Obama, at this point, said: “And I wouldn’t be the man I am today without the woman who agreed to marry me 20 years ago.” The audience responded with claps and waving of flags. He continued: “Let me say this publicly: Michelle, I have never loved you more. I have never been prouder to watch the rest of America fall in love with you, too, as our nation’s first lady.” He was applauded. Then, it was time for the children. He said of them:

“Sasha and Malia, before our very eyes you’re growing up to become two strong, smart beautiful young women, just like your mom.” Again, the audience clapped. He said, laughing: “And I’m so proud of you guys. But I will say that for now one dog’s probably enough.” He continued: “To the best campaign team and volunteers in the history of politics...” He was interrupted by applause. Then he completed the statement: “The best. The best ever. Some of you were new this time around, and some of you have been at my side since the very beginning.” After the speech, he stood on the podium, waved at the audience and Mitchelle and the kids walked back to the stage. They hugged like one happy family. Then, Biden and his wife joined. They exchanged hugs. And from the blues came fireworks. Other dignitaries joined them on the podium waving and clapping as the fireworks beautified the arena. It all came to an end when they all left the stage. The audience, many of them who had waited for no less than six hours, dispersed too, leaving the managers to clean their ‘mess’ and happy that their man is going to be at the Capitol Hill for the next four years. And the curtain was closed on a moment of history. Time was 1.30am, eastern time.

on the field’ You gave deeply from yourselves and performed magnificently, and you inspired us and you humbled us. You’ve been the very best we could have imagined. The nation, as you know, is at a critical point. At a time like this, we can’t risk partisan bickering and political posturing. Our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people’s work. And we citizens also have to rise to the occasion. We look to our teachers and professors. We count on you not just to teach, but to inspire our children with a passion for learning and discovery. We look to our pastors and priests and rabbis and counsellors of all kinds to testify of the enduring principles upon which our society is built – honesty, charity, integrity and family. We look to our parents, for in the final analysis, everything depends on the success of

our homes. We look to job creators of all kinds. We’re counting on you to invest, to hire, to step forward. And we look to Democrats and Republicans in government at all levels to put the people before the politics. I believe in America. I believe in the people of America. And I ran for office because I’m concerned about America. This election is over, but our principles endure. I believe that the principles upon which this nation was founded are the only sure guide to a resurgent economy and to a new greatness. Like so many of you, Paul and I have left everything on the field. We have given our all to this campaign. I so wish – I so wish that I had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction. But the nation chose another leader. And so

•Romney Ann and I join with you to earnestly pray for him and for this great nation. Thank you, and God bless America. You guys are the best. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thanks, guys.

Long night... not really Pundits, candidates and voters feared they were in for a long night. They thought the results would not be out until later in the morning. But, their fears were allayed by major news networks. NBC News projected Obama the winner at 10:13 p.m. eastern time. By then, Obama had added Ohio’s coveted 18 electoral votes to his kitty. Fox News and CNN quickly followed. CNN projected Obama to win Ohio and the election at 10.18pm. It was California, with 55 electoral college votes that shut Obama up from the early lead that Mitt Romney had. So, the night was cut short, but supporters still had to wait for Romney to concede defeat, which took some time in coming. His strategists perhaps thought Ohio could still give them some boost. But he eventually did, first by calling Obama, then accepting publicly and allowing Obama to give his own victory speech at 12.35 am eastern time, which is 7.35 am in Nigeria

Confusion in Chicago Many voters in Chicago were confused about where their polling places were. They were shuffled around polling places, asked for identification, shouted at by election judges and left holding the wrong ballots. The confusion made the Chicago Election Board hold a news conference to apologise. The board said it received nearly 1,500 calls about voters unable to find their polling places. A voter said: “I am pretty frustrated. I don’t think I’m going to vote. I am pretty disappointed. The people didn’t know what they were doing.” The Columbia College Chicago junior was ready to vote in her first election. She said she had an Obama yard sign, a new voter registration card and a sample ballot reflecting her research on candidates for everything from president to the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. But the 20-year-old never cast a ballot. Instead, she said, she trudged around the city for four hours trying to vote after election workers at a polling place near her River West home could not find her name on the list. So she began her fruitless odyssey to find the right polling place. “I wasn’t going to give up until it was 7 p.m. and the polls closed or I voted,” she said. While Pilkington was confident that Obama would win Illinois, she said it still was tough not having her voice heard. “This was really important,” she said. “I really care about what happens in our society.” Chairman of the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, Mr. Langdon Neal, apologised at an afternoon news conference. “We had a bit of a bumpy ride this morning,” he said. “We apologise for those two hours of a bumpy ride. We think we have righted the ship. About 6:30 a.m., deluged by an unprecedented demand for help, the website crashed, and it didn’t come back online until late afternoon. From there, the problem mushroomed. Also down was the number to text for polling location help. The crashed site then prompted “a tremendous crush of phone calls. “We pride ourselves on being ahead of the voters. Unfortunately, this time we find ourselves playing catch-up. We need a more robust website.” Neal said it took a couple of hours to reroute the Web traffic to the state elections website, and that by 5 p.m. the city site was up and running with beefed-up firewall protection. He said his office was still investigating the possibility that there was a deliberate attempt to overwhelm the system, called a denial-of-service attack, but “we have no evidence to support that at this time.” Neal said the problem also was complicated by a few errant election judges who — trained to facilitate the vote — instead “looked to interfere with the process.” In another, voters legally on the rolls were told to go to another precinct, said James Allen, a Chicago elections commission spokesman. “We have never needed a category in our complaints database for suppression,” Allen said. “Maybe we do now.” Neal said any judges who intentionally tried to frustrate the system would never be judges again. Three election judges were removed for being sleepy, belligerence toward voters and for intoxication. “We call them sleepy, grumpy and drunky,” Allen said.




Senate, Reps hail Obama’s return Challenge INEC on transparent elections


•VICT VICTOR ORY VICT OR Y: Jesse Jackson celebrating President Obama and his son, Rep. Jesse Jackson (Jr)...yesterday

HE Senate and the House of Representatives yesterday hailed the re-election of President Barack Obama . Chairman, Senate Committee on Information, Media and Public Affairs, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, said the lesson of the election is that the will of the people should always prevail. The House of Representatives message followed the adoption of a motion under a matter of urgent public importance by Friday Itulah (PDP, Edo) that considering the historic re-election of Obama, Nigeria could learn from the outcome of the election. He said it would not be out of place for the House to congratulate him. Abaribe noted that the process of the US election began with the primary where the best candidates emerged flag bearers. He added that the election result being close is the beauty of democracy. Abaribe said: “For me, barriers are continually being broken. No section of the country should be excluded from

‘ pick Nigeria must lessons from a system that works. The future of Nigeria resides in institutions that are virile, just and fair

From: Onyedi Ojiabor, Assistant Editor, Victor Oluwasegun and Dele Anofi, Abuja

the position of the presidency. It is one lesson we should draw from the US election.” On the ongoing Constitution review, he said the amendment would be made as detailed as possible to enable every Nigerian irrespective of where he/she is to participate. House Minority Whip Samson Osagie (ACN, Edo) urged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to learn from the experience of the American presidential election. Bimbo Daramola (ACN,

Ekiti) said: “Nigeria must pick lessons from a system that works. The future of Nigeria resides in institutions that are virile, just and fair. The lesson of the presidential election is that the Americans do not have to wait for the apex electoral body to announce the winner. “And that is just because the system and the process were transparent. If we put our acts together, we will get there”. Mrs Abike Dabri-Erewa (ACN, Lagos) said the outcome of the America’s presidential election should be a source of inspiration for the Nigerian electorate and INEC. According to her, being from Africa, the black race should be proud of Obama’s accomplishments. Hon. Nnenna Ukeje (PDP, Abia) and Andrew Uchendu (PDP, Rivers) urged the INEC to emulate what happened in the US. Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal, who presided over plenary said: “The House has taken note of this historic election and hereby congratulate him and wish him a successful tenure”.

Lagos Speaker greets US President


EMOTION EMOTION: An Obama supporter in Nevada breaks down with happiness as other are jubilant

LOSS LOSS: A Republican supporter slumps on the floor of Romney’s planned victory rally

AGOS State House of Assembly Speaker Adeyemi Ikuforiji has congratulated President Barack Obama on his re-election for another four years. In a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Rotimi Adebayo, the Speaker said: “I, Rt. Hon. Adeyemi Ikuforiji, my family, all my colleague-legislators, the management and staff of the Lagos State House of Assembly, send our hearty felicitation to the re-elected President of the United States of America, Mr. Barack Obama, for his historic and sweet victory at the polls on Tuesday.” “I also salute all Americans for voting in President Obama for another term of four years at the White House. One must also greet

members of the Democratic Party for standing firm with President Obama since he came to power, and now reelecting him for a second term in office.” He went on: “As a democrat myself here in Nigeria, who had accompanied our national leader in the Action Congress of Nigeria (A.C.N), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to attend the national convention of the Democratic Party in the United States of America some weeks ago, it is indeed a thing of joy for me to realise that the Democratic Party has again been lucky to have it’s candidate reelected for another term.” “The re-election of President Obama, is indeed a thing of joy for us to be alive to see this great thing hap-

pen before our eyes. It is indeed a time for celebration for all democrats across the world, particularly here in Nigeria, the African Continent, and the world at large because, there is a lot of lessons for us all to learn from the brilliant example of the United States of America. “ Apart from President Obama emerging as a very great source of hope for all Africans, particularly the youths in the continent, our democracy also has a lot lot learn from how democracy works in the United States of America.”. “ It is our prayer that President Obama’s second term in office will bring greater development, joy , prosperity , and peace to the United States of America and to the whole world,” he added.

JUBILA TION JUBILATION TION: Marta Nunez from Honduras wears a Barack Obama dress.





‘You’ve voted for action’

In this election, you, the American people, reminded us that while our road has been hard, while our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up, we have fought our way back, and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America the best is yet to come

Text of President Barack Obama’s acceptance speech after his re-election in Chicago, Illinois… yesterday


HANK you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Tonight, more than 200 years after a former colony won the right to determine its own destiny, the task of perfecting our union moves forward. It moves forward because of you. It moves forward because you reaffirmed the spirit that has triumphed over war and depression, the spirit that has lifted this country from the depths of despair to the great heights of hope, the belief that while each of us will pursue our own individual dreams, we are an American family and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people. Tonight, in this election, you, the American people, reminded us that while our road has been hard, while our journey has been long, we have picked ourselves up, we have fought our way back, and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America the best is yet to come. I want to thank every American who participated in this election. Whether you voted for the very first time or waited in line for a very long time. Whether you pounded the pavement or picked up the phone. Whether you held an Obama sign or a Romney sign, you made your voice heard and you made a difference. I just spoke with Governor Romney and I congratulated him and Paul Ryan on a hard-fought campaign. We may have battled fiercely, but it’s only because we love this country deeply and we care so strongly about its future. From George to Lenore to their son Mitt, the Romney family has chosen to give back to America through public service and that is the legacy that we honour and applaud tonight. In the weeks ahead, I also look forward to sitting down with Governor Romney to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward. I want to thank my friend and partner of the last four years, America’s happy warrior, the best vice president anybody could ever hope for, Joe Biden. And I wouldn’t be the man I am today without the woman who agreed to marry me 20 years ago. Let me say this publicly: Michelle, I have never loved you more. I have never been prouder to watch the rest of America fall in love with you, too, as our nation’s first lady. Sasha and Malia, before our very eyes you’re growing up to become two strong, smart beautiful young women, just like your mum. And I’m so proud of you guys. But I will say that for now one dog’s probably enough. To the best campaign team and volunteers in the history of politics... The best. The best ever. Some of you were new this time around, and some of you have been at my side since the very beginning. But all of you are family. No matter what you do or where you go from here, you will carry the


memory of the history we made together and you will have the lifelong appreciation of a grateful president. Thank you for believing all the way, through every hill, through every valley. You lifted me up the whole way and I will always be grateful for everything that you’ve done and all the incredible work that you put in. I know that political campaigns can sometimes seem small, even silly. And that provides plenty of fodder for the cynics that tell us that politics is nothing more than a contest of egos or the domain of special interests. But if you ever get the chance to talk to folks who turned out at our rallies and crowded along a rope line in a high school gym, or saw folks working late in a campaign office in some tiny county far away from home, you’ll discover something else. You’ll hear the determination in the voice of a young field organizser who’s working his way through college and wants to make sure every child has that same opportunity. You’ll hear the pride in the voice of a volunteer who’s going door to door because her brother was finally hired when the local auto plant added another shift. You’ll hear the deep patriotism in the voice of a military spouse whose working the phones late at night to make sure that no one who fights for this country ever has to fight for a job or a roof over their head when they come home. That’s why we do this. That’s what politics can be. That’s why elections matter. It’s not small, it’s big. It’s important. Democracy in a nation of 300 million can be noisy and messy and complicated. We have our own opinions. Each of us has deeply held beliefs. And when we go through tough times, when we make big decisions as a country, it necessarily stirs passions, stirs up controversy. That won’t change after tonight, and it shouldn’t. These arguments we have are a mark of our liberty. We can never forget that as we speak people in distant nations are risking their lives right now just for a chance to argue about the issues that matter, the chance to cast their ballots like we did today. But despite all our differences, most of us share certain hopes for America’s future. We want our kids to grow up in a country where they have access to the best schools and the best teachers. A country that lives up to its legacy as the global leader in technology and discovery and innovation, with all the good jobs and new businesses that follow. We want our children to live in an America that isn’t burdened by debt, that isn’t weakened by inequality, that isn’t threatened by the destructive power of a warming planet. We want to pass on a country that’s safe and respected and admired around the world, a nation that is defended by the strongest military on earth and the best troops this — this world has ever known. But also a country that moves with confidence beyond this time of war,

to shape a peace that is built on the promise of freedom and dignity for every human being. We believe in a generous America, in a compassionate America, in a tolerant America, open to the dreams of an immigrant’s daughter who studies in our schools and pledges to our flag. To the young boy on the south side of Chicago who sees a life beyond the nearest street corner. To the furniture worker’s child in North Carolina who wants to become a doctor or a scientist, an engineer or an entrepreneur, a diplomat or even a president — that’s the future we hope for. That’s the vision we share. That’s where we need to go — forward. That’s where we need to go. Now, we will disagree, sometimes fiercely, about how to get there. As it has for more than two centuries, progress will come in fits and starts. It’s not always a straight line. It’s not always a smooth path. By itself, the recognition that we have common hopes and dreams won’t end all the gridlock or solve all our problems or substitute for the painstaking work of building consensus and making the difficult compromises needed to move this country forward. But that common bond is where we must begin. Our economy is recovering. A decade of war is ending. A long campaign is now over. And whether I earned your vote or not, I have listened to you, I have learned from you, and you’ve made me a better president. And with your stories and your struggles, I return to the White House more determined and more inspired than ever about the work there is to do and the future that lies ahead. Tonight you voted for action, not politics as usual. You elected us to focus on your jobs, not ours. And in the coming weeks and months, I am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together. Reducing our deficit. Reforming our tax code. Fixing our immigration system. Freeing ourselves from foreign oil. We’ve got more work to do. But that doesn’t mean your work is done. The role of citizens in our Democracy does not end with your vote. America’s never been about what can be done for us. It’s about what can be done by us together through the hard and frustrating, but necessary work of self-government. That’s the principle we were founded on. This country has more wealth than any nation, but that’s not what makes us rich. We have the most powerful military in history, but that’s not what makes us strong. Our university, our culture are all the envy of the world, but that’s not what keeps the world coming to our shores. What makes America exceptional are the bonds that hold together the most diverse nation on earth. The belief that our destiny is


shared; that this country only works when we accept certain obligations to one another and to future generations. The freedom which so many Americans have fought for and died for come with responsibilities as well as rights. And among those are love and charity and duty and patriotism. That’s what makes America great. I am hopeful tonight because I’ve seen the spirit at work in America. I’ve seen it in the family business whose owners would rather cut their own pay than lay off their neighbors, and in the workers who would rather cut back their hours than see a friend lose a job. I’ve seen it in the soldiers who reenlist after losing a limb and in those SEALs who charged up the stairs into darkness and danger because they knew there was a buddy behind them watching their back. I’ve seen it on the shores of New Jersey and New York, where leaders from every party and level of government have swept aside their differences to help a community rebuild from the wreckage of a terrible storm. And I saw just the other day, in Mentor, Ohio, where a father told the story of his eight-year-old daughter, whose long battle with leukemia nearly cost their family everything had it not been for health care reform passing just a few months before the insurance company was about to stop paying for her care. I had an opportunity to not just talk to the father, but meet this incredible daughter of his. And when he spoke to the crowd listening to that father’s story, every parent in that room had tears in their eyes, because we knew that little girl could be our own. And I know that every American wants her future to be just as bright. That’s who we are. That’s the country I’m so proud to lead as your president. And tonight, despite all the hard-

ship we’ve been through, despite all the frustrations of Washington, I’ve never been more hopeful about our future. I have never been more hopeful about America. And I ask you to sustain that hope. I’m not talking about blind optimism, the kind of hope that just ignores the enormity of the tasks ahead or the roadblocks that stand in our path. I’m not talking about the wishful idealism that allows us to just sit on the sidelines or shirk from a fight. I have always believed that hope is that stubborn thing inside us that insists, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that something better awaits us so long as we have the courage to keep reaching, to keep working, to keep fighting. America, I believe we can build on the progress we’ve made and continue to fight for new jobs and new opportunity and new security for the middle class. I believe we can keep the promise of our founders, the idea that if you’re willing to work hard, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from or what you look like or where you love. It doesn’t matter whether you’re black or white or Hispanic or Asian or Native American or young or old or rich or poor, able, disabled, gay or straight, you can make it here in America if you’re willing to try. I believe we can seize this future together because we are not as divided as our politics suggests. We’re not as cynical as the pundits believe. We are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions, and we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. We are and forever will be the United States of America. And together with your help and God’s grace we will continue our journey forward and remind the world just why it is that we live in the greatest nation on Earth. Thank you, America. God bless you. God bless the United States.

PDP urges Nigerian politicians to learn from US election

HE Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has advised politicians to imbibe the spirit of sportsmanship demonstrated by candidates in the Tuesdaty’s American presidential election. A statement by the National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh yesterday

From Gbade Ogunwale, Assistant Editor, Abuja

urged contestants in Nigerian elections to emulate the attitude of the Republican candidate, Mr. Mitt Romney in congratulating President Barack Obama the moment he realised he lost the contest. The statement said: “The

swift manner of congratulations and the graceful conduct of the defeated candidate is a shining example of patriotism and submission to the overall will of the people. “This act is one of the elements that have made America’s democracy the envy of all nations. The greatest threat to the stability of

our democracy is the reckless bickering that happens after elections in Nigeria. “A lot of time and energy is dissipated on frivolous legal suits and the pursuit of bitterness which indeed affects valuable time for the delivery of electoral promises. “President Obama’s con-

stant reference to patriotism and a sense of duty to America by Americans in his acceptance speech is another lesson we must imbibe in our quest to build our democracy. “ With this election, America has once more blazed the trail in overcoming its internal stratifications

for the overall benefit of their country”. The PDP congratulated the American people on the success of the election and expressed confidence in President Obama‘s ability to lead America out of the current economic challenges confronting the entire world.



NEWS •Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu (right) presenting President Goodluck Jonathan with the 2012 CAPAM International Innovations Award won by Midwives Service Scheme, National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), during the Federal Executive Council meeting in Abuja…yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

Obama to Americans: my best yet to come


RESIDENT Barack Obama yesterday offered to include his Republican rival Mitt Romney in his plans for his country’s future. He spoke after overcoming Romney in a bitter and costly election campaign in which, contrary to predictions that the poll would be a dead heat, he took seven of the nine key battleground states. Although Romney won in North Carolina, Obama swept to victory in Ohio, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, Wisconsin, Virginia and Colorado. He took 303 Electoral votes to Romney’s 206 – sweeping past the 207 required. Florida, the last swing state, was left to call yesterday. . Obama is also ahead in the national popular vote, with

the country-wide exit poll putting him on 50% - two points ahead of his Republican challenger. This is despite his popularity plunging since he was swept into the White House on a wave of hope in 2008 and unemployment currently standing at 7.9%. After Romney conceded, the president appeared on stage to cheers as Stevie Wonder’s hit, Signed, Sealed, Delivered played. “In the weeks ahead I look forward to sitting down with Governor Romney to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward,” the President told the crowd He also said: “Despite all the hardship we’ve been through, despite all the frustrations of Washington, I’ve

never been more hopeful about our future. I have never been more hopeful about America. “I believe we can seize this future together because we are not as divided as our politics suggest. We’re not as cynical as the pundits believe. We are greater than the sum of individual ambitions. “We know in our hearts that, for the United States of America, the best is yet to come,” saying he is “more determined and more inspired than ever about the future.” Obama twitted “Four more years” and posted a picture of himself hugging his wife Michelle. This was retweeted more than half a million times - a Twitter record. The contest had been billed as one of the tightest races for

the White House in decades, but Obama won comfortably. Romney, who stayed in Boston to monitor the result, conceded after he lost Ohio, a key swing state. “This is a time of great challenges for America and I pray that the president is successful in guiding our nation,” he said. The Republican thanked his running mate Paul Ryan, his sons and their children, His wife, Ann whom she described as “the love of my life” who would “have been a wonderful first lady”. “Paul and I have left everything on the field. We have given everything to this campaign. I so wish that I had been able to fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction, but the nation chose another leader,” he told his army of supporters.

Buhari rejects Boko Haram’s offer


ORMER Head of State Gen. Muhammadu Buhari has rejected his nomination by fundamentalist group Boko Haram to moderate the proposed talks between it and the Federal Government. The sect, whose attacks have left hundreds of people dead, last month held out an olive branch to the government. It, however, gave some conditions, one of which is that some eminent Northerners, including Gen. Buhari, should moderate talks, which it is proposing to take place in Saudi Arabia. Yesterday, Gen. Buhari said he would not have anything to do with the talks. “How can I represent the people I don’t know? That I didn’t believe in their cause and struggle. How can I work for government of Boko Haram?,” he said. The General spoke yesterday in Abuja after a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), the political party on whose platform he contested the 2011 Presidential election. “I do not know any member of the Boko Haram sect. I do not believe and I do not know of any religion that will go and kill people, burn schools”, Buhari said. In his view, the Federal Government has lost control of the country’s security. Said Gen. Buhari: “There

‘I do not know any member of the Boko Haram sect. I do not believe and I do not know of any religion that will go and kill people, burn schools’ From Gbenga Omokhunu, Abuja

was a stage when I mentioned that I agreed with one fellow, who said there are three Boko Haram groups one of Muhammed Yusuf whom we know of. A leader of the military then in Maiduguri did what we know in the military about internal security. They looked for Yusuf and handed him over to the police. “A healthy young man who died under a very dubious manner in the police custody. Again, his in-law was murdered, their houses razed down. I understand that Borno State government had to pay compensation. The second Boko Haram are the crimiContinued on page 59

Jonathan, world leaders greet re-elected Obama


RESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan yesterday joined other World leaders to congratulate United States President Barack Obama who won re election. He defeated his Republican challenger Mitt Romney A statement by Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Dr Reuben Abati, said:“The president said he looked forward to the further strengthening of U.S.-Nigeria bilateral relations and the U.S.-Nigeria Bi-National Commission, which was established during President Obama’s first term. “He noted that both would serve as platform for the promotion of greater trade and economic cooperation between Nigeria and the U.S. as well as bilateral collaboration in other areas.’’ It described Obama’s victory “in an intensely fought presidential race as an endorsement by the good people of U.S. of his leadership’’ and for the good work he had done in the past four years “towards ending global economic depression and fostering global peace and security’’. The statement said that Nigeria, the Economic Community of West African States and the African Union enjoyed very cordial and productive relations with the Obama Ad-

Kenyan community celebrates victory


AVING her walking cane and smiling broadly, the stepgrandmother of Barack Obama celebrated yesterday in Kogelo, the tiny Western Kenyan village, where people danced and rejoiced after the United States president won four more years in the White House. Kogelo, a dirt-road town where children play soccer in bare feet, was the home of Barack Obama’s father, and claims several relatives of the president among its population. The family matriarch is Sarah Obama, who was married to the president’s late grandfather. “Take the great job that people have given to you and lead them well,” Sarah Obama advised her relative by marriage after his victory. “They have shown immense love to have voted for you.” Residents hoisted branches of green leaves, red plastic chairs and even onespeed bicycles into the air to celebrate Obama’s win. “The community is happy. The community is waking up from their sleep to come and celebrate,” said Kennedy Rajula, the president’s cousin. ministration in his first term. “President Jonathan looks forward to continuing to build on Nigeria’s and Africa’s developmental collaboration with the U.S. in the next four years. “Jonathan wished Obama continued good health and God’s blessings and guidance

Sarah Obama is the second wife of Obama’s paternal grandfather. Obama referred to her as “Granny” in his memoir, “Dreams from My Father,” and described meeting her during his 1988 trip to his father’s homeland and their awkwardness as they struggled to communicate. Kenya takes great pride in its association with Obama, and Prime Minister Raila Odinga told The Associated Press that the election victory was a great day for the U.S. and Kenya. “Obama’s victory has proved that it was not a fluke the first time round, that the American society has changed, that the people of America have now, basically living the American dream of a people who are united by race, by religion, by ethnicity and so on,” Odinga said. “People are prepared to work together to build their country.” Kenya has its own presidential election coming up in March. The country’s last vote in late 2007 turned devastatingly violent, and more than 1,000 people were killed. Many people in Kenya vote along tribal lines, adding to the tension, but Od-

as he prepares for his inauguration in January 2013 for a second term in office.’’ European Union (EU) President Herman Van Rompuy and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said the United States was a key strategic partner of the EU and the EU looks forward to

inga said the U.S. vote showed that elections should be decided based on issues. “This is what we should learn from these elections, American elections, and try to see if we cannot replicate it here in Kenya, that we move away from personality based campaigns or ethnic based campaigns and move toward issue-based campaigns,” Odinga said. John Githongo, a former adviser to Kenya President Mwai Kibaki on ethics and governance who resigned and then exposed hundreds of millions of dollars in government corruption, said Obama enjoys “an unprecedented level of trust” among the people of the world, though he said there are some in Kenya who worry the U.S. will now begin cracking down on corruption and tribalism in Kenya. “Many leaders thrive on corruption and whipping up tribal sentiments to consolidate political support,” he said. Eric Lugalia, a 31-year-old pilot, said he is excited Obama won again. “It also motivates us before our elections. Him being Kenyan, it motivates us to vote wisely for leaders who can bring change, unlike voting along tribal lines as we do.

continuing the close cooperation. The EU leaders expected to further strengthen ties with the U.S. and to jointly address global challenges, such as security and the economy, during Obama’s second term. Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a telegram to

Obama yesterday, congratulating him. He later called the US president, his spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper who also congratulated Obama said “Canada and the United States enjoy one of the closest and most extensive relationships in the

world.” He said he and and Obama “have worked on several important bilateral initiatives to generate jobs and growth in both our countries. “I look forward to working with the Obama administration over the next four years to continue finding ways to increase trade and investment flows between our countries,” Continued on page 59

CLARIFICATION In our lead story yesterday, we gave United States President Barack Obama’s popular vote figure at 40,022,078 (49%) and his challenger Mitt Romney at 40,983,134 (50%). The figures were as at 5.00am when the newspaper went to bed and we so stated in the story.

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NEWS ACN urges Mimiko to conduct council poll


HE Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has described the sacking of nine caretaker committee chairmen by Governor Olusegun Mimiko, using the House of Assembly, as not only a ploy to deceive the people, but an attempt to cover up his activities in the local governments in Ondo State. ACN’s Director of Media, Publicity and Strategy in the state, Mr. Idowu Ajanaku, said in a statement that Mimiko has just guided the House of Assembly to sack the caretaker committee chairmen. He cited cases of mismanagement of funds, thereby confirming the fears that the local government appointees have become a conduit pipe through which the state’s funds have been siphoned. He alleged: “Perhaps, a report that the refusal of these sacked chairmen to make the stolen funds available for the re-election project is what has made them suffer this fate in the hands of Governor Mimiko. “It must be noted that the Odigbo Local Government chairman was spared, to win the confidence of the Speaker who is from the area, to support the plot of the Labour Party government. “The ACN is appalled that Mimiko has refused to conduct a local government election for almost four years. We feel this is not only unfair but a surprise that a beneficiary of the democratic struggle will involve in such an undemocratic act. “We urge Governor Mimiko to begin the democratisation of the local government administration by conducting a poll within three months, failure of which we have no choice than to seek judicial intervention. He should stop running the local governments like his personal estate.”

Senate to CJN: swear in Jombo-Ofo T

HE Senate yesterday asked the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Mariam Aloma Mukhtar, to swear in Justice Ifeoma Jombo-Ofo as a judge of the Court of Appeal. This followed the unanimous adoption of a motion, entitled: “Refusal of Chief Justice of Nigeria to administer judicial oath on Justice Ifeoma Jombo-Ofo.” The motion was sponsored by Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu and 108 other senators. The CJN, on Monday, refused to administer judicial oath on Justice Jombo-Ofo as a judge of the Court of Appeal allegedly due to a petition that she is not from Abia State that presented her for appointment. Ekweremadu in his lead debate chronicled the processes the nomination of Justice Jombo-Ofo went through before it was turned down at the last stage by the CJN. He prayed the Senate to note that Justice Jombo-Ofo was nominated as a judge of the Court of Appeal by the National Judicial Council (NJC) having gone through due processes for such appointments, she was to have taken the oath of office on November 5. Ekweremadu enjoined the

From Onyedi Ojiabor, Assistant Editor

Senate to appreciate that the CJN, who is the Chairman of the NJC and presided over the clearance of Justice Jombo-Ofo refused to administer judicial oath on her on the grounds that she is not from Abia State, though it is the state of origin of her husband. He asked the Senate to observe that there was no record of any objection to JomboOfo’s appointment by her husband, Abia State Government or Abia State judiciary. The Deputy Senate President said the practical implication of the action of the CJN “is that Nigerian women have lost all they have struggled for over the years and Nigeria will be taken back by 100 years.” He added: “Once a woman is married outside her community, local government area or state, she cannot aspire to any position (appointive or elective) in her husband’s community, local government area or state. “It is very unlikely that she will secure such a position in her state of origin since she is married.”

Ekweremadu urged the Senate to note that the unfolding scenario put Nigerian women in a hopeless situation and contravened Section 42(1) of the 1999 Constitution (as amended). The Senate, he said, should take special note that there are instances of women who have taken judicial appointments and occupy executive and legislative positions in the state of origin of their husbands. He noted that an example is Justice Mary Odili, who rose to Justice of the Supreme Court on the basis of her husband’s state of origin. According to him, “if we allow this injustice to stand, most women will lose their jobs in future.” Senate Leader Victor Ndoma-Egba, who seconded the motion, cited several sections of the constitution to show that the action of the CJN was wrong. Ndoma-Egba said over 30 years ago, Justice Kalu Anya, an Igbo, was the Chief Judge of Borno State. “Today, we are being told that an Igbo woman cannot take appointment in another part of

Army chiefs to defend case Nov 27 From Damisi Ojo,Akure

•Justice Mukhtar

Igbo land,” he added. He said what is worrisome is that the same CJN who refused to inaugurate Jombo-Ofo, was the chairman of the processes the nominee went through. Senator Uche Chukwumerije, who also supported the motion, noted that it is an ironic twist that the sad incident took place under the leadership of another woman as the CJN. Senate President David Mark said the implication of the action of the CJN is that “if there is anything good in the husband’s place and we say that the wife cannot take it, I think is just unfortunate.” Mark noted that the sanctity of marriage would be destroyed by the action of the CJN if it was allowed to stand.

•From left: Mr. Femi Ekundayo, Chairman of the occasion; Chief Abdul Fatai Olukoga, Special Adviser to the Lagos State Governor on Education and Kayode Opeifa, Commissioner for Transport, during the 11th Annual Business Forum 2012 of LASUMBA Heritage in Lagos...yesterday. PHOTO: SOLOMON ADEOLA

Stakeholders seek media agenda From Sanni Onogu, Abuja


HE Nigerian media was yesterday urged not to leave the ongoing constitution review process to the politicians alone. That was the view of the people who spoke at a media dialogue with the editors on the Constitution Amendment Process, held in Abuja. The forum was organised by the Democratic Governance for Development (DGD II) Project in collaboration with the Office of the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Dr Reuben Abati. Abati said although the role of the media in the review process falls into its traditional function of education, information and enlightenment, how the role is discharged matters. He said: “If care is not taken, the reportage of the media can heat up the polity and pitch one section of the society against the other, but journalists have the responsibility to understand the issues so as to help the people understand them better.” One of the speakers, the Executive Director, Human Rights Monitor, Mr. Festus Okoye, noted that the present process of constitution alteration is beset with a lot of challenges.


ACN congratulates Oloja, Adesina

HE Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Ondo State chapter, has congratulated Messrs Martin Oloja and Debo Adesina on their promotion as the Editor and Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian. State Director of Media, Publicity and Strategy of the party, Mr. Idowu Ajanaku, in a statement, hailed the duo for their achievements in journalism and support for liberal democracy in Nigeria.


He said The Guardian protects the interests of the oppressed in the society. Ajanaku said: “For us in the ACN, we see the decision of the management of The Guardian as commendable and a reward for excellence, which the organisation is known for. We express our confidence in the sustenance of the values and virtues of the newspaper, which have endeared it to Nigerians and the whole world.”

NDLEA arrests student with cocaine

23-year-old Management Accounting student has been arrested by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) officials at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Ikeja, Lagos. The drug suspect tested positive to drug ingestion during the screening of passengers on an Arik flight to London. He has completed the excretion of 92 pellets of substances that tested positive to cocaine, weighing 1.535kg. NDLEA Commander at the airport, Mr. Hamza Umar, gave the name of the suspect as Chiwuzie Godson Chiedoz-


He said the suspect was also found in possession of two tickets. “Chiwuzie presented a valid Asky ticket from Lagos to Lome at the screening, but during a search, a valid Arik ticket from Lagos to London was found in his luggage. The Lome ticket was to divert attention from him. Besides having multiple tickets, he also tested positive to drug ingestion” Mr. Umar added. Investigations showed that Chiwuzie is a student at Waltham College, London where he has lived since 2009. He reportedly told narcotic investigators that he was re-

cruited to smuggle drugs in his school in London. He said he was promised £3,500, which he intended to use to pay his tuition fees. According to the suspect, “I smuggled drugs against my wish because of my financial predicament. “I was at a crossroads and there was no help in view. They promised to pay me £3,500. They gave me two tickets as a safety measure. “They contacted me in my school in London and directed me to a man in Lagos. My travel expenses were paid and when I arrived in Nigeria, they took me to a hotel in Lagos where they gave me the

drugs. I ingested 92 wraps because I had no option. I regret my action.” He hails from Oba in Idemili Local Government Area of Anambra State. The Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of the NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade, reiterated his call on the public to be strongwilled and resist temptation to make them traffic in drugs. He said: “We have the keys to our success. Unless you agree, nobody can make you a drug trafficker. Those who lure this student into drug trafficking are not with him now. Those who come to you with drug trafficking offers do not wish you well, resist them.”

A Federal High Court sitting in Akure, Ondo State, yesterday ordered the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Azubuike Ihejerika and Army Director in charge of Administration, Lagos B.G.A. Mohammed to appear before it for allegedly dismissing an officer, Emmanuel Ojo-Giwa. Ojo-Giwa, through his lawyer, Mr. Yemi Adetoyinbo, on April 25 went to the court to seek redress following his dismissal. Adetoyinbo prayed the court to reinstate his client, saying his dismissal did not follow due process. Besides, the dismissed officer also prayed the court to pay all salaries and allowances accrued to him from the time he was dismissed to date. Joined as co-defendants were the Army-in-Council and the Nigerian Army Director in charge of Administration, Lagos, B.G.A. Mohammed. At the hearing session, counsel to the dismissed soldier, Adetoyinbo, told the court that the motion on notice and writ of summon had been sent to the Nigerian Army-in-Council by the chief bailiff. He said he and his client, Ojo-Giwa, had appeared before the court more than 20 times before Justice Stella Okeke retired. Mr. Adetoyinbo said Justice Okeke had scheduled the date for hearing of the motion on notice for May 24 before she retired. He presented the motion on notice before the court through Order 3 Rule 4 of the Federal High Court Rules, according to his prayer. The case was adjourned till November 27.

‘UTME to become computer-based’ By Samuel Adetunla

THE Registrar of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), Prof. Dibu Ojerinde, has said by 2015, the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) will become computer-based. He spoke yesterday with the management of the University of Lagos at the Senate building. The registrar said the computer-based test is not the only option for now, adding that “candidates will be allowed to take other options next year and 2014 till we fully computerise the UTME in 2015.” He noted that the computer-based test has been designed to ensure the optimum performance of the candidates in terms of layout and simplicity of the questions. Prof. Ojerinde said JAMB wanted to introduce it to check exam malpractices. Responding to a question, he said: “Answers to questions may be entered into the computer in two ways. You may key in answers by clicking on the option you believe to be the answer or typing in the letter of the option. Answers are recorded directly into the computer. “You will receive your scores on your mobile phones immediately you leave the examination centre.’’



NEWS Reps to probe fuel scarcity From Victor Oluwasegun and Dele Anofi, Abuja

THE House of Representatives’ Committee on Petroleum Resources (Downstream) is to investigate the recurrent fuel scarcity in the country. This followed a motion by Bashir Babale (Kano/PDP) under matters of urgent national importance. The lawmaker said the country had been experiencing fuel scarcity in many states. He said although fuel is meant to sell for N97 per litre, the product is being sold at various prices. Speaker Aminu Tambuwal mandated the committee, headed by Dakuku Peterside, to investigate the scarcity and submit its report within seven days. Also at plenary yesterday, a Bill seeking to amend the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (Establishment) Act, 2006 passed through second reading. The bill, which was referred to the Uche Ekwunife-led Committee on Environment, will compel oil companies to compensate communities affected by oil spills when it becomes an Act.

How Ogbulafor used fake documents to defraud Fed Govt, by witness


N Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission (ICPC) investigator, Basil Momodu, yesterday told an Abuja High Court in Maitama, that an accused, Emeka Ebila, forged documents certifying that three fake companies executed contracts worth N107 million. Momodu, a prosecution witness in the trial of former Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Vincent Ogbulafor, also told the court that the fake companies were listed as contractors being owed by the Federal Government. Ogbulafor and Ebila are being prosecuted by the ICPC on a 16-count charge of alleged involvement in N170 million contract fraud.

The ICPC alleged that Ogbulafor, while serving as Minister of Special Duties in 2001, colluded with Ebila to float three fictitious companies — Chekwas International Nigeria Ltd, Henrichko Nig Ltd and D.H.L. Consultants — with which they perpetrated the fraud. Momodu, who was led in evidence by ICPC counsel Adegboyega Awomolo (SAN), told the court that Ebila used the companies to siphon N82.6 million, N11.5 million and N6.2 million in 2001. The witness also told the court that investigations by the ICPC further showed that the companies were not genuine contractors of the Federal Government. Momodu, who told the court that he took six state-

ments from Ebila, said at first, the accused denied any involvement in the alleged contract scam. “After we confronted him with the evidence, he confessed to collecting the money and sharing same. “He told me in the statement that the first accused (Ogbulafor) got N30 million from the deal, Emmanuel Bossah, a deceased director in the Ministry of Finance, got N54 million. “He also wrote in the statement that Jude Nwokolo, an associate of Ogbulafor, got N6.5 million. “The second accused also told me in the statement that his share of the money was N4.7 million,” he said. Momodu alleged that Ogbulafor used his position as the minister supervising

the National Economic Intelligence Committee (NEIC) to make Ebila, a member of a committee verifying contractors. When Awomolo sought to tender a copy of the report prepared by NEIC with names of local and foreign contractors being owed, Ogbulafor’s counsel John Egwuonwu objected. Egwuonwu said the document Awomolo sought to tender was not certified and did not have any Federal Government stamp. Following the objection, Awomolo withdrew the documents and sought an adjournment to enable him get it certified and stamped. Justice Ishaq Bello adjourned the hearing till November 26.

Falana sues Fed Govt By Eric Ikhilae

RIGHTS’ activist Femi Falana (SAN) has queried the Federal Government’s decision to scrap the People’s Bank established under the Ibrahim Babangida regime. To him, the abolition of the bank is in violation of the People’s Bank Act 2004. He has sued the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) at the Federal High Court, Lagos. Falana is seeking an order directing the government to re-establish the bank, which was created to provide loans to the underprivileged. He said the bank, established in 1989, was meant to provide credit facilities to those who cannot access facilities from the conventional banking system. In the suit, the lawyer is seeking two reliefs, one of which is a declaration that the decision of the Federal Government to abolish the bank is illegal, and violates Section 1 of the Peoples Bank Act (Cap P7) LFN 2004.” The other relief is an order directing the Federal Government to re-establish the bank and to provide loans to underprivileged Nigerians forthwith. Falana had, in a letter, dated July 23 last year, requested President Goodluck Jonathan to reestablish the bank, a demand that was ignored. The plaintiff's lawyer, Oludare Falana, told the court about a pending exparte application, seeking the court's leave to serve the defendant with court processes. Justice Okechukwu Okeke said the motion was not in the court file, a development that prevented its hearing. He adjourned till December 12.

EFCC arraigns Polish woman From Yusuf Alli, Managing Editor, Northern Operation, Abuja


HE Economic and Financial Crimes Com-

mission yesterday said it has arraigned a Polish woman, Dora Gilmaska, before an Abuja High Court presided over by Justice Abubakar Umar. A statement by the agency’s Head of Media and Publicity, Wilson Uwujaren, said the suspect is standing trial on a one-count charge of fraud. The statement said: “Gilmaska, the Executive Officer of Icon Media and Marketing Agency Limited, is being prosecuted for issuing a dud cheque of N9million to Tayo Olugbemi. “When arraigned, the accused pleaded not guilty to the offence, prompting her counsel, Chris Okoye, to file an application urging the court to admit his client to bail. “But prosecution counsel Samuel Ugwuegbulam opposed the application on the grounds that the accused had earlier jumped administrative bail. “In his ruling, Justice Umar granted the accused bail for N5million and two sureties. “He also said one of the sureties must be a civil servant resident in Abuja. The accused is also to deposit her passport with the court registrar. “While adjourning the case till Thursday, the judge ordered that the accused be remanded in EFCC custody, pending when she is able to meet the bail conditions.”

NigComSat bill causes ripples By Lucas Ajanaku

• Members of the Anti-Corruption Network protesting at the Ministry of Finance in Abuja... yesterday PHOTO ABAYOMI FAYESE

Why we’re in harmony with Executive, by Tambuwal N IGERIANS can only be served when the Executive and Legislative arms of government work in harmony , Speaker of the House of Representatives Aminu Tambuwal has said. Tambuwal spoke yesterday when he visited the national secretariat of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He said the House would always ensure a harmonious working relationship with the Executive. Addressing the party’s national chairman, Bamanga Tukur, the Speaker said: “I will like to place on record that we are working harmoniously with the Executive.

From Gbade Ogunwale, Assistant Editor, Abuja

“We are here to discuss what ordinarily should be the business of our party; that is ensuring that we provide good governance to the people who elected us. “We shall continue to do what is good for good governance and the orderly administration of the government. “For clarity of records, there has never been a single request by the Executive that has not passed through the floor of the House.”

The Speaker, however, said despite the cordial relationship between the two arms, the House would not hesitate to criticise some of the policies from the Executive, where necessary. According to him, irrespective of the fact that the PDP has an overriding majority in the House, bills and policies from the Executive would be scrutinised thoroughly by members. Tambuwal continued: “Of course, criticism must be made. Issues must be raised. Policies must be criticised. Bills must be scrutinised. “But at the end of the day,

we get to the desired destination of ensuring that the programmes of our government are passed. “Majority of the members of the National Assembly are members of the PDP and are very much committed to the manifesto of our party. “We are aware of what the manifesto of our party is all about. “It was the manifesto of our party that we marketed and got elected. Tambuwal hailed Tukur and members of his team for what he described as their contributions toward stabilising and repositioning the party.

Four arrested for attack on Compass MD


OUR suspects allegedly involved in the attack on the Managing Director and Editor-inChief of Nigerian Compass , Sina Kawonise and others have been arrested by the police in Osun State. According to the police spokesperson, Mrs. Folashade Odoro, the sus-

From Adesoji Adeniyi, Osogbo

pects were arrested by a patrol team with the joint effort of the military personnel. She said one dane gun, four mobile handsets and N58,000 were recovered from them. Kawonise, who is a former Commissioner for Information in Ogun State, was shot

on Monday while returning from Awka, Anambra State, where he had gone to present a keynote address at the 17th Annual Conference of the Nigerian Anthropological and Sociologist Society. The police, however, claimed that the victims were attacked on Owena/Ilesa

road. Also attacked were Samsudeen Hammed, Yusuf Yaya from Adamawa State, Sunday Ayo from Osun State and Kowei Ebidubagha from Ogun State. The Commissioner of Police, Mrs Kalafite Adeyemi, has visited the victims in the hospital.


BILL seeking autonomy for the Nigeria Communications Satellite Limited yesterday caused ripples among stakeholders in the Information Communications Technology (ICT) sector. The firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Timasaniyu AhmedRufai, said the firm is seeking autonomy so it could source for funds to expand its business. Ahmed-Rufai said the bill, if passed into law, would allow NigComSat Limited to engage in international business partnership and compete with global satellite providers. But a former president of the Association of Telecoms Companies of Nigeria (ATCON), Emmanuel Ekuwem, said the bill would confer undue advantage on the firm and stifle competition in the industry. Also, the president, Nigeria Internet Group (NIG), Bayo Banjo, said autonomy would affect the market. ATCON President Lanre Ajayi expressed fears that NigComSat could go the way of NITEL. He said the reversal of fortune of NITEL started when it was merged with the Post and Telecommunications Department. The bill is before the Senate.




N12b approved for Lagos, Cross River water projects •Mambilla, Zungeru plants ready in 2015 •N3.3b for renovation of ECOWAS Parliament


S part of the effort to address the potable water shortage in Lagos and Cross River states, the Federal Government yesterday approved a loan of $77 million (about N12 billion) for the two states. The concessionary loan is coming from a French agency. In the package is $43.9 million (N6.8 billon) for Cross River and $33.8 million (about N5.2billion) for Lagos. This was announced at yesterday’s Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting at which President Goodluck Jonathan presided over. FEC also approved N2.3 billion for expansion of the service lane of the Niger Bridge at Onitsha and N444 million for completion of the

From Vincent Ikuomola, Abuja

Ibadan-Oyo section of the IlorinIbadan Expressway. Others are the Mambilla Hydroelectric Power Project and the Zungeru Hydroelectric Project under a build, operate and transfer arrangement. The Federal Government also signed two Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with two Chinese firms, Sinoyhydro and China Civil Engineering Construction Company (CCEEC). Information Minister Labaran Maku said the loan is to facilitate access to water in some cities and towns. In Cross River, the loan will be used to supply water in Calabar metropolis, covering Ogoja, Ikom and Obudu.

Court strikes out My pikin maker’s name


FEDERAL High Court, Lagos, yesterday struck out the name of the deceased Managing Director of Barewa Pharmaceutical Company Limited, Kola Gbadegesin Okunlola, charged with production and distribution of adulterated drugs. The decision by Justice Okechukwu Okeke was informed by an application from the deceased’s lawyer. The deceased, his company and two of its workers, Adeyemo Abiodun and Egbele Austin Eromosele, were being tried for allegedly manufacturing and distributing an adulterated drug: ‘My Pikin’ teething mixture. Yesterday, prosecution lawyer Aminu Halilu told the court about the “sworn declaration of the demise of the first accused (Okunlola),” deposed to by Judith Egbeadumah with a death certificate from St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos. He prayed the court to strike out the deceased’s name from the charge. “We are convinced and sat-

By Eric Ikhilae

isfied that the first accused is dead. “In view of this, we cannot continue with the case today. We urge the court to strike out his name from the charge,” he said. The court granted his request. When asked by the court who replaces the deceased as representative of the company, Halihu sought an adjournment to enable him work with the defence. He also asked for an adjournment to enable him amend the charge to reflect the present development. Defence lawyer Folabi Kuti did not object, but urged the court to set a trial date. He blamed the prosecution’s tardiness for the delay in the case, which began about three years ago. Kuti said the other accused wanted prompt conclusion of the case. Justice Okeke granted the prayer for adjournment and fixed further hearing for December 3.

Bi-Courtney reassures Med-View By Kelvin Osa-Okunbor


I-COURTNEY Aviation Services Limited, operators of the Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two (MMA2), yesterday assured the management of MedView Airline of smooth operations. Med-View begins scheduled domestic flights from MMA2 today. A statement yesterday by its spokesman, Steve OmolaleAjulo, said the company is elated that Med-View will be operating from MMA2, “which further confirmed the conducive nature of the terminal to airline operations.” “Bi-Courtney has put everything in place to ensure that MedView Airline sustains its operations at the ultra-modern MMA2 the way we have always done and have continued to do for other airlines that are using our facility, which is the best airport terminal in the country.”

Jonathan receives award


RESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan yesterday received the trophy and certificate for the 2012 Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (CAPAM) international innovation award. The award was presented to the President at the weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting by the Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu. Nigeria won the competi-

From Vincent Ikuomola, Abuja

tion at the CAPAM Global Association meeting held last week in New Delhi, India. Nigeria beat Australia and Canada to clinch the award. The competition, according to the minister, was to celebrate International Innovation that impacted positively on countries and their people. Nigeria’s entry was “the Midwives Service Scheme”.

Police warn vehicle owners


HE Lagos State Governmetn Rapid Response Squad and Governor’s office, Obafemi Awolowo way, Alausa, Ikeja, had warned owners of vehicles to remove them or lose them to members of the public through auction. The vehicles are Mitsubishi BE 612 KRD, V/wagon has XA 571 AFZ, V/Wagon bus XD 483 JJJ, V/Wago bus XN 129 EKY, V/wagon XT 289 LSD, Lexus AH 828 BDG, Honda Accord CA 609 EKY and Hyundai Sonata, BX 585 BDJ.

Maku said: “In the case of Lagos, the loan would enable the Lagos State Government to improve the quality of water treated for public supply. “It will also develop the capacity to successfully run the public utilities, particularly water supply, in the two states on a commercial basis.” On the power projects, the Minister of State for Power, Hajiya Ibrahim Kuchi, said they would be completed in the first quarter of 2015. The minister said the Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) signed with CCEEC and Sinyohydro Corporation is for the implementation of the Zungeru Hydro Electric project. Another MoU with Sunrise Power and Engineering Transmission Company is for the implementation of the Mambilla Hydroelectric project. Ms Kuchi said: “We are challenging Sinyohydro. We don’t have six

years to deliver. Mr. President will have to inaugurate the projects by 2015. We are looking at the first quarter.” The Mambilla project, according to the ministry, will cost $3.2billion. The Federal Government has made available N87.6billion, representing 15 per cent of the cost. The Ministry of Finance has secured a $928million loan from the Exim Bank of China for the funding of the Zungeru Hydroelectric Power Project in Niger State. The revised Mambilla Hydroelectric power project comprises three dams: Nya, Sumsum and Nghu. It will interconnect tunnels with generating units at Abong Power Station and generate 3,050 megawatts into the National Grid. Ms Kuchi said the Zungeru Hydroelectric power project would gener-

ate 700 megawatts upon completion. Also approved is the rehabilitation of the ECOWAS Parliament building at N3.3billion. The Minister of State for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Ms Olajumoke Akinjide, said as host country, Nigeria is obligated to provide a suitable accommodation for the parliament. The project, awarded to Julius Berger, would cover the roofing, seats, auditorium, elevators, library, electrical and mechanical installations. The FEC also approved the construction of a strategic road Sagbemi, Kiribo, Gada, Egbekigbo in Ondo State at N3.555 billion with a completion period of 24 months. The contract, which covers 23 kilometres, is part of the post-amnesty project.



NEWS 188 leave Ekiti for Jerusalem

Ondo Muslims allege neglect

From Sulaiman Salawudeen, Ado-Ekiti

ONE hundred and eightyeight pilgrims left Ekiti yesterday for Jerusalem. At a farewell service held at the Government House Chapel in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital, Deputy Governor Mrs. Funmi Olayinka urged the pilgrims to be well-behaved. Mrs. Olayinka, who represented Governor Kayode Fayemi, urged them to pray for Nigeria and Ekiti State. She said the administration would continue to support pilgrims to ensure the spiritual wellbeing of the people. The Government House Chaplain, Ven. Deji Alabi, said though the pilgrimage has become an annual event, it should positively affect the behaviour of the pilgrims when they return. Chairman of the State Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board Chief Aaron Komolafe urged them not to involve in frivolities in Jerusalem, but to rededicate themselves to God and pray for their families and friends.

Ajimobi urges police to tighten security OYO State Governor Abiola Ajimobi on Tuesday urged the police to tighten security as the Yuletide approaches. Ajimobi spoke at the Police Headquarters in Ibadan, the state capital, when he visited Police Commissioner Joseph Mbu. He said his administration’s commitment to security led to the setting up of the Joint Security Task Force, codenamed “Operation Burst”. Ajimobi said as an “amalgam of various ethnic groups and a hotbed of political activities in the Southwest”, Oyo must be adequately policed. He said the government would support the police with logistics and equipment to enhance their performance. Mbu assured the governor that his men would maintain law and order. Ajimobi also visited the member representing Ibadan South East II in the House of Assembly, Mr. Bamidele Ojo, at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan. Ojo was shot in Ibadan on Sunday by gunmen, who snatched his car.

‘I’m not among those sacked’

From Damisi Ojo, Akure


•Osun State Governor Rauf Aregbesola (right) and Venezuelan Ambassador to Nigeria Mr. Enrique Arrundell (left) mobbed by excited children during the presentation of educational materials to selected public primary schools in Osun....on Tuesday.

Protesters burn Ibadan police station


POLICE Inspector allegedly beat up a commercial motorcyclist to death yesterday in Apata, Ibadan, the Oyo State capital. It was learnt that the policeman hit the victim, popularly called Akebaje, in the head with a baton for allegedly violating the traffic law. Sources said Akebaje carried two passengers on his motorcycle, instead of one, as stipulated in the new Traffic Law. They said Akebaje “tactfully” dropped one of his passengers when he saw the policemen.

Sources said a policeman, who noticed what happened tried to stop him, but Akebaje tried to escape. This reportedly prompted the policeman to hit him with a baton. An eyewitness said Akebaje slumped and started bleeding. The eyewitness said the policeman dragged him into a patrol van and took him to Kola Police Station. A mob stormed the police station and set the building ablaze. The protesters were dispersed with tear gas.

The area was deserted when about 20 police vans arrived later. It was learnt that over 20 people, including a two-yearold boy, were injured during the protest. But acting police spokesman Mr. Ayodele Lanade said Akebaje was not dead. Speaking with reporters at the Police Headquarters in Eleyele, Lanade said the motorcyclist and his two passengers fell from the bike while trying to evade policemen on a stop-andsearch duty. He said the policemen tried to assist them, but their

action was misconstrued by motorcyclists, who beat them (the policemen) up. Lanade said commercial motorcyclists used the opportunity to slam their anger against the new Traffic Law on the policemen. He said: “The person they claim is dead is alive and in our custody. He only pretended to have fainted.” Lanade warned motorcyclists against taking laws into their hands, adding that there was no justification for razing the police station. He said 28 suspects had been arrested and 42 motorcycles seized.

Aregbesola: social justice, rule of law vital to democracy O

SUN State Governor Rauf Aregbesola yesterday said social justice and the rule of law are vital for sustainable democracy. He said the absence of the two is causing avoidable socio-economic challenges in the country. Aregbesola spoke in Osogbo, the state capital, at a workshop organised by the National Orientation Agency (NOA). The theme of the workshop is: “Social justice and the rule of law: The panacea for peaceful co-existence in Nigeria.” Represented by his deputy, Mrs. Titi LaoyeTomori, Aregbesola said no concrete development could

From Damisi Ojo, Akure

A former Caretaker Committee Chairman of Idanre Local Government Area in Ondo State, Mr. Taye Sunday, yesterday said he left office two years ago. Sunday was reacting to a newspaper report that he was among nine caretaker committee chairmen that were sacked by the House of Assembly on Tuesday. He said: “I handed over to Mr. Inormac Akinnayajo in 2000 and he was in that office until Tuesday, when the Assembly sacked him and eight others.

From Oseheye Okwuofu and Bisi Oladele, Ibadan


From Adesoji Adeniyi, Osogbo

occur in a society without equal rights and opportunities. Describing the workshop as “laudable and necessary”, the governor said social justice and the rule of law are central to sustainable democracy and meaningful governance cannot be achieved without them. He said it is encouraging that officers manning NOA Social Justice Centres across the country were periodically trained. Aregbesola said: “It worries the mind that Nigeria has not nationally accorded so-

‘It worries the mind that Nigeria has not nationally accorded social justice and the rule of law the necessary attention’

cial justice and the rule of law the necessary attention. “Nigeria is stranded in the pit bog of avoidable socioeconomic challenges because the two core ingredients of democracy outlined in this

theme have been either halfheartedly appropriated or ignored completely. “This explains why our democracy appears to fit the common description of being nascent, despite our return to democracy 13 years ago. “Peaceful co-existence among the various major and minor ethnic groups in the country has also been under threat at different times, owing to what is perceived as the inequality enabled by the political economy in place. “We are witnesses to the common development in which citizens rejoice openly over the misfortune of public office holders simply because they are convinced that those individuals came into sudden wealth at their expense.”

INEC warns Oke to stop blackmail

HE Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) yesterday warned the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the October 20 governorship election in Ondo State, Chief Olusola Oke, against making “baseless” allegations. It urged Oke to seek redress in court, if he had complaints about the election. Oke had, in a statement by his media aide, Mr. Kunle Adebayo, alleged that INEC and security agencies rigged the elec-

From Leke Akeredolu and Damisi Ojo, Akure

tion for the Labour Party (LP). In a statement by its Director of Legal Services, Mr. Oluwole Uzzi, INEC said: “No amount of blackmail can discredit the election, because prominent and respected Nigerians, including the PDP, have congratulated the winner and hailed INEC and the electorate. “Oke is a lawyer and he is certainly aware of the electoral dispute resolution mechanism enshrined in our constitution. Any aggrieved

person is encouraged to avail himself of this process, where the facts and evidence adduced are subject to forensic examination. Justice is dispensed according to law and proven facts, not on sentiment or whimsical notions. “Having resolved to seek redress in court, why then did Oke resort to taking umbrage in the mass media in an attempt to discredit, subvert and undermine a credible process? “The commission stands by the sanctity of the voter’s register as well as by the declara-

tion and return made, which was in compliance with extant laws and rules. “It did not at anytime conspire with anyone or institution contrary to the law. It acted fairly, competently and professionally in its conduct of the October 20 election. “INEC acted without fear or favour, affection or ill-will and in line with the law and international best practices. It intends to continue doing so and no amount of blackmail or intimidation will deter it in this resolve.”

HE Muslim Youth Organisation (NACOMYO) in Ondo State yesterday urged Governor Olusegun Mimiko to address the alleged neglect of Muslims in the state. In a statement by its State Coordinator, Alhaji Abdul Yakini Alli and Secretary Tohir Sodiq, NACOMYO said the number of Muslims in crucial sectors were less than 50 per cent. It said: “Since the state’s creation in 1976, no Muslim has ever emerged Chairman of the Civil Service Commission or Head of Service (HOS) and these are critical sectors where people are employed. “During your struggle in 2007, Muslims believed in you and massively voted for you. Muslim youths came out for the first time in the history of the state to publicly declare their support for you. “We did this because of your rapport with the Muslim Community and your choice of a Muslim as your running mate. “We urge you to ensure that the chairmanship tickets for the forthcoming local government election are on a Christian/Muslim basis and vice versa. “We advise you to extend a hand of fellowship to members of other political parties, especially their governorship standard bearers, to develop the state.”

Ogun CNPP hails Amosun


HE Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP), Ogun State chapter, has praised Governor Ibikunle Amosun for the speedy execution of projects. CNPP Chairman Otunba Owolabi Odebudo spoke with reporters after the group inspected major projects in the state. Odebudo praised the speedy work at the Ibarra Roundabout Overhead Bridge and the newly inaugurated Totoro road in Abeokuta, the state capital. He hailed the governor for the judicious use of the money raised through bond and the state’s allocation from the Federation Account. Odebudo praised the State Mass Transit Project, which he said has eased transportation. He said as a responsible opposition group, it was CNPP’s duty to monitor the g o v e r n m e n t ’ s programmes. Odebudo urged the governor to ensure that all major towns were covered in the execution of projects.





Naira eases to three-week low against dollar


HE naira eased to its lowest in three weeks against the U.S. dollar on the interbank market yesterday as state-owned energy firm Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) sold dollars to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), reducing market supply. The naira fell to N157.48 against the greenback on the interbank, its weakest since October 17, when it closed at N157.60. The currency closed N157.20 on Tuesday. Dealers said NNPC sold dollars to the CBN instead of selling to the market, raising forex demand as most banks had sold down their positions in anticipation of the dollar inflows. "There was a lot of demand in the market by banks covering their position after the NNPC sold its dollars to the apex bank," one dealer said. The naira had been supported by large dollar flows from energy companies and offshore investors buying local debt, keeping it within the N157 to the dollar range. "As long as there is demand in the market and no significant dollar inflow, the naira should depreciate further in the coming days," another dealer said. At an auction yesterday, the CBN sold $50 million at N155.74 to the dollar, the same amount and rate it sold at its last auction on Monday.

DATA STREAM COMMODITY PRICES Oil -$107/barrel Cocoa -$2,686.35/metric ton Coffee - ¢132.70/pound Cotton - ¢95.17pound Gold -$1,800/troy ounce Rubber -¢159.21pound MARKET CAPITALISATIONS NSE JSE NYSE LSE

-N6.503 trillion -Z5.112trillion -$10.84 trillion -£61.67 trillion

RATES Inflation -10.5% Treasury Bills -7.08% Maximum lending -22.42% Prime lending -15.87% Savings rate -2% 91-day NTB -15% Time Deposit -5.49% MPR -12% Foreign Reserve $35.8b FOREX CFA -0.2958 EUR -206.9 £ -242.1 $ -156 ¥ -1.9179 SDR -238 RIYAL -40.472

The $75 benchmark price will safeguard what is precious to the economy which is the macro-economic stability of the country. - Dr Ngozi OkonjoIweala, Minister of Finance

Row in Senate over govt’s $7.4b loan plan T HE Senate was divided yesterday over plan by the Federal Government to borrow $7.435 billion for pipeline projects. The government seeks to obtain the loan from a consortium of banks comprising the World Bank, from which it is asking for $2.975 billion, African Development Bank, for $731.23 million, the Islamic Development Bank$672.85 million,French Development Agency-$56.61 million and Exim Bank of China, for $3 billion. Through the motion to mandate the Senate Committee on Local and Foreign Debts to scrutinise the proposed loan, Senators insisted that additional details justifying the items for which the loan is sought must be provided before the proposal would receive its endorsement Senate Leader, Victor Ndoma-Egba who sponsored the motion entitled, ‘Inclusion of the Pipeline projects into the Medium Term (2012-2014) External Borrowing Plan,’ recalled that President Goodluck Jonathan, sent a communication seeking the consideration, approval and inclusion of the Pipeline Projects into the Medium Term (2012-

From Onyedi Ojiabor, Asst. Editor

2014) External Borrowing Plan dated 14th February, 2012. He explained that the projects are special initiatives designed to put the economy back on track through growth and employment activities geared towards transforming the fortunes of Nigerians by the implementation of the Government’s transformation agenda. He said the projects are at various stages of finalisation and a total external Pipeline borrowing. However, many Senators were not comfortable with the proposed loan. Senator Joshua Dariye in his contribution, recalled that the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala rescued the country from the London and Paris clubs under former President Olusegun Obasanjo, saying he is worried with the rate the country is borrowing money. He cautioned that if care was not taken, the country would land itself into a more serious mess on account of loan. Senator Ita Enang, said some of the items listed for

• From left: Managing Director/CEO, Finatrust Microfinance Bank, Mr. Deji Popoola; Ag. Managing Director, Mayfield Microfinance Bank Ltd. Mrs. Florence Nwabuisi; Managing Director/CEO, Sterling Bank Plc Mr.. Razack Adeyemi Adeola and Managing Director/CEO, Parallex Microfinance Bank, Mr. Femi Otenigbagbe, at the Sterling Bank Customers’ Forum, held in Lagos.

the loan are unreasonable. Enang noted that most of the items for which the loan is sought are already covered in the 2013 budget. According to him, items like employment, roads, flood control and primary health care are already covered in the 2013 budget. He urged the Senate to ensure that the loan is obtained at competitve interest rate to avoid a situation where high interest rate would be used to repay the loan. He also wondered why no project was slated for Akwa Ibom in the Pipeline projects. Also, Senator Benadict Ayade opposed the loan in its

entirety. Ayade wondered why the loan should be taken when there is nothing to show for loans obtained in the past. Besides, he said it is more likely that the loan would end up in the pockets of some fat cats in the country. He cited the example of his Cross River North constituency where a water project worth N500 million was said to have been awarded and paid for, stating that no project of that description was executed in his constituency.


Standard & Poor’s upgrades Nigeria’s credit rating


TANDARD & Poor’s yesterday upgraded Nigeria’s credit rating, citing improved financial stability and optimism over reforms to the banking and electricity sectors. It raised the nation’s longterm foreign and local currency sovereign credit rating to BB- with a stable outlook, three notches below investment grade, from B+. The S&P’s score is in agreement with that of Fitch’s rating, while fellow ratings agency Moody’s, assigned the nation a Ba3 rating with a stable outlook. “Nigeria’s external reserve buffers have been strengthening on the back of high oil prices and strong exports,” Standard and Poor’s said in a statement, adding that “the government has sustained reform momentum in several key areas, including cutting the fuel subsidy and reforming the power sector, while the authorities have restructured and strengthened the previously troubled banking sector.” The agency said Nigeria’s foreign exchange reserves have risen to around $42 billion, up from around $33 billion at the start of the year, while the Excess Crude Account

By Simeon Ebulu, with agency report (ECA), where money earned from oil exports over the benchmark prices is saved, contains around $8.4 billion, compared with $2 billion at the end of 2010. This is still down from $20 billion in 2007 and economists have argued that savings can be too easily poached by government. Nigeria set-up the Sovereign Wealth Fund earlier this year to better protect its savings but it has been restricted to $1 billion due to opposition by state governors. The agencies observed that the nation is still hobbled by widespread government corruption and mismanagement. “The stable outlook assumes that the government will continue to pursue its reforms and that there will be no worsening of political tensions and no significant return of insurgency in the Niger Delta,” S&P said. However, a large-scale oil theft by organised criminal gangs is still a risk to the economy. Foreign oil majors believe around 150,000 barrels per day (bpd), out of Nigeria’s total production of around 2.3 million bpd, is

being stolen. As part of meaures to address the pervading corruption in the sector, the President removed a substantial part of thefuel import subsidies in January, which cost an estimated $7 billion last year. Although President Goodluck Jonathan was forced to partially reinstate them after nationwide protests, it has lifted a burden from the treasury. To further drive the reforms aimed at repositioning the economy, Nigeria is expected to complete the privatisation of the bulk of its electricity sector next year, which should help reduce chronic power shortages that represent the biggest setback on economic growth and the chief complaint of businesses. “I think the upgrade is justified and actually long overdue,” said Stuart Culverhouse, Head of Research at Exotix. I don’t have big concerns about debt or fiscal sustainability so the higher rating, which brings it into line with Fitch, is deserved.” JP Morgan last month added Nigeria to its local currency government bond index, pushing up bond prices by 300 basis points and supporting the naira.

At that point, the Senate President, David Mark, promised to take up the issue. But Senator Ayogu Eze supported the loan, wondered however why no provision was made for the development of water ways. Eze said the roads would continue to be bad even when fixed if alternative means of transporting goods was not created. Mark said the issues raised by Senators would be addressed by the committee, adding that only names of states that applied for loan appeared in the document.


he warriors’ 19th day challenge was a night affair.Grouped into two teams of three members each, they were required to solve a crossword puzzle. Team A had Paschal Eronmose (carrier),Onyinye Udodi (placer) and Nuhu Zigwayi (seeker) whileTeam B had Ifet Iniobong (placer), JamesAdah (carrier) and Priscillia Ezeh (seeker). The game saw balls with letters inscribed on them scattered in a lake. It was the job of the ‘Seekers’ on both sides to look for any letter at the request of the ‘Placers’ who would then fit the letters on the board. The‘Carriers’ would have to lift up the ‘Placers’ to enable them (placers) fit in the letters in higher spots above their reach. Uzor Osimpka, who was not picked by either side,rendered her services to both sides by collecting the balls from the ‘Seekers’ of both teams and handing them over to their ‘Placers.’ Priscillia was ordered to do 20 press-ups as punishment for stepping out of the lake when attempting to give the Transporter a ball to pass to her team’s Carrier. At the end of the games, Team A won. Paschal, the team leader retained his position as Head Warrior. For losing, Team B was directed to construct a look-out post. Chidi Mokeme, the Anchor Man, insisted that the look-out-post be resilient enough to withstand the weight of the warriors. The contestants had until evening as deadline for completing the structure with Head Warrior,

Pascal, supervising the work. James put the machinery for constructing the look-out post into motion. He not only mapped out the area forconstruction, he set about cutting bamboos. He had ample assistance from Ifet. There was a sudden down pour and work had to cease. However, this was a direct contravention of Chidi’s orders to the losing team. Will they get away with this act of recalcitrance? Despite being tucked in the deep forest of Usaka jungle with creeping creatures as companions and wild animals as neighbours; the warriors still found time to unwind as they treated themselves to sessions of lap dances, early that morning. Paschal serenaded Priscillia, Uzorwas teased by Nuhu; while Ifet dramatized body wriggling will surely linger in Onyinye’s memory for years to come. In the all-female lap dance session, Priscillia entertained Onyinye first. As Onyinye was ‘returning the favour’,Uzor warned that her(Onyinye’s) pastor may be watching Episode 19 of Gulder Ultimate Search 9. Onyinye stopped dead in her lap dance act at Uzor’s remark and bolted away. Perhaps her pastor does watch Gulder Ultimate Search 9 when it is broadcast on TV. The show continues tonight on AIT, African Magic World (DSTV), Real Star (Star Times), AKBC, Uyo and ITV, Benin at 10pm.




Reps to curtail President’s powers on revenue sharing formula


HE House of Repre sentatives has initiated a process designed to ensure that President Goodluck Jonathan complies with constitutional provisions on revenue formula for the three tiers of government. The lawmakers noted that contrary to constitutional provisions, the President has not been forwarding advice on the revenue formula by the Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Allocation Commission (RMFAC) to the National Assembly.


From Victor Oluwasegun and Dele Anofi, Abuja

To ascertain the position of the House, the Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal said the issue would be dealt with at the on-going Constitution review process. He said the committee has received proposals for an amendment to make RMFAC forward a reviewed revenue sharing formula at any point in time to the National Assembly, rather than the sitting President as is the current practice.

Consequently, the lawmakers have urged the Commission to advice the President to table the revenue formula before the National Assembly as contained in the constitution. The decision of the House followed the adoption of a motion sponsored by Aliyu Madaki (PDP, Kano) which was unanimously adopted. Madaki noted that section 162 (2) of the 1999 constitution (as amended), provided that the President upon receipt of advice from RMFAC, should table before the Na-

tional Assembly the proposals for allocation from the federation account. He said: “The third scheddle of the constitution allowed for the review of the existing revenue formula and principles in operation to ensure conformity with changing realities.” He disclosed that the existing revenue formula in use was the “Allocation on Revenue Federation Account moderation order 2002. He said: “We are aware that the existing revenue for-

mula modification order 2002 has been modified twice without the inputs of the National Assembly. “It is of great concern that the RMFAC is yet to fulfill a constitutional responsibility as stipulated by section 162 (2) of the constitution. I must however add that the aim of the motion is to compel the RMFAC to advice the President to send the revenue formula to the National Assembly.” Also, the Deputy Leader, Leo Ogor (PDP, Delta), charged the RMFAC to

wake up to its statutory responsibilities, pointing out that the it was pertinent for the House to bring the Commission to conform with present day realities. “It is unfortunate that the powers of the legislature to approve the revenue sharing formula had been usurped by the Executive over time. RMAFC must wake up to its responsibilities by reviewing the formula in a manner that would give Nigerians a formula that would stand the test of time,” he said.

Fed Govt to sanction telcos over HE Federal Govern detailed review of the poor service other ment has issued an ul quality of service indicator,

timatum to telecommunications service providers to improve their services or faced sanctions. Besides, the Nigerian Communications Commission has also concluded arrangement to check all promotions that are aimed at increasing subscribers’ base. The Minister of Communications Technology, Mrs. Omobola Johnson, said attempts by providers to increase subscribers base is responsible for the congestion in the networks. She said government is expected to come up with another detailed review of the quality of service indicator by December, stating that any operator that is found wanting would be appropriately sanctioned. She said: “In the coming

• NCC moves to curtail promos From Vincent Ikuomola, Abuja

days, NCC would curtail or stop all promotions that either increase subscribers base, the subscribers minutes, or that are causing additional congestion on the network. “ The second thing we are looking at, is if you recall, we fined the operators based on their not meeting the quality of service status, and we did work with them after the fines, and we agreed the term upon which they would upgrade their infrastructure and meet the new quality of service indicators. We also agreed that in December, we would do an-

and any network operator that is found wanting will be appropriately sanctioned by the regulator. “Today I had cause to brief Council on issues that affect over 100million Nigerians, and that is the issue of quality of service on our networks over an extended period of time. She listed the pace at which operators have been investing in expansion, modernisation and upgrade of their infrastructure , as someof the reasons for the poor service delivery. “The second reason is the promotions that we are seeing by the operators that is causing the degradation of the networks, promotions that ask subscribers to come back, promotions that promise cars, houses, aero planes.

• The newly elected Chairman-President of UNCTAD-ISAR, Mr Jim Obazee (right) and the Deputy Secretary General of UNCTAD, Mr Petko Draganov, during one of the deliberations at the Conference held in Geneva, Switzerland...last week.

‘Using cooking gas can save N4.4tr’


SWITCH to cooking gas, according to ex perts will reduce the load on Power Holding Company of Nigeria ( PHCN), provide alternative source of energy and reduce gas flaring in the country, thereby saving the country over N4.4 trillion. The Managing Director, Nigerian Independent Petroleum Company (NIPCO), Mr V e n k a t a r a r n a n Venkatapathy, said in a statement that the switch will guarantee easier access to alternative cooking gas, create 15,000 new jobs, create 15,000 new access points for the purchase of LPG, in addition to 300 Oando filing stations. Other advantages include reduction in outbreaks of fire as a result of unattended kerosene stoves, reduction

From John Ofikhenua, Abuja

of deaths as a result of inhalation of coal, kerosene and firewood smoke, and reduction of maternal and child deaths. To the rural dwellers, the switch will create jobs and check rural – urban migration, development of the rural areas due to provision of infrastructure, development of human capital and associated skills set, creation of subsidiary industries to support LPG production and distribution in rural areas, as well as creation of new industries. The statement added that the President of Nigeria Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association, Auwalu Ilusays, observed that these are critical gains Nigeria can no longer afford to lose, add-

ing that the nation has the capacity to produce four million tonnes of cooking gas annually if government supports the sector. “We are determined to explore this potential, but government needs to promote the industry for us to make it a reality,” he said. He listed some of the challenges the sector is facing to include excess Value Added Tax (VAT) and high import duty on equipment. He urged the government to deal with the lack of regulation inhibiting against the promote of LPG utilisation in the country. While stating that the country has a huge potential in the gas sector, the statement noted that Nigeria ranked among the world’s highest producers of natural gas Nigerian, but is the least on the scale of national consumption of the product.

Fed Govt to set up 40 new rice mills


HE Federal Government is working on the estab lishment of 40 new rice mills early by 2013 through a collaborative arrangement with the Chinese Exim Bank. This rice mills are to be located in all the 36 states of the federation in concerted effort and integrated strategy to achieve the new national goal in agriculture. The Chairman, Rice Processors Association of Nigeria (RIPAN) Hon. Mohommed Abubakar, disclosed this in a press conference on the Rice Value Chain by the Rice Processors Association of Nigeria in Abuja. He said in the past four years alone, investment in rice processing has exceeded N200billion. He said the Minister of Agriculture is working towards implementing all the various components of the

From Franca Ochigbo, Abuja

programme all over the country, while striving to ensure that the nation reaps the expected benefits in youth employment, farmer’s prosperity, poverty reduction and national food security through a well-coordinated action plan in the agricultural transformation agenda. “The Nation is well on its way to success, as important milestone are being achieved and course corrections are being made in a never before achieved successful example. “With the current hit in the natural disaster of flooding all over the country, the farm product lost is as high as 40 per cent of the annual crop/ yield. As an association we will take up the remaining harvest promptly to facilitate dry season farming activities. “From preliminary investi-

gation in the flood affected areas, it is estimated that about 40% of the rice crop may have been lost, particularly in the lowlands swamp areas near the major rivers. This may create a supply shortage of about 1.5million tons in the local availability of paddy, translating to milled rice shortfall of about one million tons. “This as far as the association is concerned should not create a major food crisis or food shortage to the level being touted by rice merchants and speculators who are advocating massive rice imports. We acknowledge that foods may have dealt a serious blow to yam and cassava, which could have provided some relief in the food chain, basket in the absence of rice grain, yet there is no need for panic and speculative hype call for rice importation,” he stressed.




Experts warn on cassava inclusion policy D

OES the Federal Government have the political will to enforce its decision to increase tariff on imported wheat flour? Some stakeholders are not convinced that the government has the will to execute the policy because it may be detriental to the people’s well-being. To them, the 40 per cent cassava flour input is too high. When former President Olusegun Obasanjo approved 10 per cent cassava flour inclusion in bread baking, many who took the cassava bread then confessed that it was not delicious. Later, bakers sought a reduction in the cassava content of the bread. The government yielded to their request, slashed the percentage by half and eventually threw out the policy. According to the Executive ViceChairman, Honeywell Flour Mills Plc, Mr Babatunde Odunayo, despite the goverment’s good intention to use cassava to boost rural development and urban decongestion, its unavailability and lack of technology by local millers to process the volume required could frustrate the effort. He described the situation as a challenge to flour makers, despite their willingness to use cassava. Odunayo argued that manufacturers might not have any choice at the end but to maximise the profit with the new import duty, which he said could lead to increased prices in other things, especially bread and wheat. “Wheat is a major raw material in the production of our products. It actually accounts for over 90 per cent of the total raw material input and it is wholly imported. The price of wheat is influenced by so many factors most of which are beyond us as local users. For example, the Federal Government recently announced an introduction of a 15 per cent levy, in addition to the five per cent import duty for wheat. This necessarily means an increase in the production cost of flour and other

wheat imports worth N635 billion (about $4.2billion) in 2011 were overstated to demonstrate that wheat imports hurt Nigeria’s foreign exchange earnings and worsen the rate of unemployment. He said these figures, even if they include cost, freight, insurance and duty, were high, adding that over $1.8 billion is spent on wheat imports annually using the same cost, freight, insurance and duty schedule. The Lagos State Chairman of the Association of Master Bakers and Confectioneries, Jacob Adejorin, confirmed that the price of bread had increased since September 1, following the increment of price of flour and other ingredients by N1, 000. He said: “Members of our association have no option but to increase the price of bread because of the N1, 000 addition on the price of flour.” An industrial expert in Lagos, Dr

Ado Ahmed, said: ‘‘The government should review the policy of increasing tariff on wheat and flour because it is a vital policy thrust that could be detrimental to the well-being of the common man on the street because Nigerians eat a loaf of bread depending on the price and size. When the prices of bread and other allied foods skyrockets, it will deny Nigerians the meal they like best; therefore, may lead to protest that will endanger the peace of the country by the importers and master bakers.’’ He said the government should not be in a hurry to go ahead with the proposed increase of wheat and flour tariff. “The announcement alone may cause panic importation that may be used to increase the prices of bread, biscuits, spaghetti, noodles and others,” he said. A consumer, Cynthia Abaribe, who feared that the increase on import duty would affect noodles and other products, said the policy would only make life more difficult for the average Nigerian. “As a student, noodles and bread are my last result whenever I think of taking a quick food that would be affordable, when the sons and daughters of the rich might settled for fast food joints. Now that the prices of these commodities are set to go up, what is the hope? I think the government needs to consider the masses and have a rethink,” she said. For a long time, bakers have been on the edge over rising costs of ingredients needed for the production of bread and other confectioneries. As a result, many small scale bakers have been compelled to abandon baking. Although industrial researchers believe that the inclusion of five per cent cassava flour in wheat flour could lead to a drop in the cost of baking flour, not all flour millers have heeded the government’s policy. Hence its impact on the price of flour is not yet felt by bakers.

•Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Otunba Bimbo, Ashiru.


inconsistency, have frustrated governments’ efforts at effec-

tively meeting the funding needs of the manufacturing sector.

•Cassava bread

wheat based products from millers,” he said. An economist, Ismail Quadri, said because some of Nigeria’s policies in the past were unplanned and poorly researched, they did not work. He said: “There is nothing bad in cassava components but the fact remains that necessary research and consultation among stakeholders have not been done and this is dangerous to the market. “To me, this is another bandage

approach that will later expose the wound and create hardship for the masses, who either earn their living or consume the wheat based on products because as it is, it is obvious that price of these commodities would be jacked up”. Again, despite government’s insistence that the primary goal of the new cassava policy is to cut wheat imports by 40 per cent by 2015 to conserve foreign exchange earnings and increase employment, there are insinuations that its estimation that

‘Despite the goverment’s good intention to use cassava to boost rural development and urban decongestion, its unavailability and lack of technology by local millers to process the volume required could frustrate the effort’

Multiple charges inimical to business, says MAN


HE Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Ogun State chapter, has said excessive charges are hindering its members’ businesses. According to MAN these as multiple taxes, levies and other charges by various tiers of government are excruciating. Speaking at its 27 th Annual General Meeting, its Chairman, Dr Dapo Oguntuga, said the continuous introduction of taxes and levies by various organs of government, and the mode of their collection were not proper. “ Their actions pose great challenges to business planning, execution and projections. For instance, the state government recently revised Deed of Lease of Agreement from 10 to five years, while at the same time revising the land charges from N62,000 to N242,000 per annum,” Oguntuga said. Others are poor infrastructure, especially road network, water supply and electricity in industrial estates. He said the government should prevail on its officials to stop the molestation of company vehicles’ drivers conveying raw materials and finished products, most of which are unauthorised, as well as various organs of government personnel who visit factories at various times demand-

ing similar payments and gratifications, saying all these are affecting manufacturers’ operation in the state. Oguntuga assured that manufacturers would continue to play their role in developing the state. His words: ”Manufactures will do everything possible to support the vision of the state government. Despite the harsh economic climate, manufacturing activities are on the increase with the branch recording appreciable growth in membership. “ Among the major factors that have stunted the growth of the manufacturing sector is the

dearth of long-term funding for manufacturing industries”. The National President, Mr Kola Jamodu, said successive governments acknowledge the existence of the funding challenge facing the sector, especially the high cost of funds and consistently tried to address this challenge through various policy initiatives. He said the inadequacy of funds at the disposal of some financial institutions, dearth of basic infrastructure, harsh business environment, changes in the structure and economic fortunes of the nation, as well as policy

‘Transfer 50% of excess crude oil sale to SWF’


HE National Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA) has advised the Federal Government to channel about 50 per cent of excess crude oil sale to the Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF). The President of the association, Mr Herbert Ajayi, made the call in Lagos . He advocated that excess crude oil sales revenue be lodged in the Excess Crude Account (ECA). He welcomed the introduction of Medium Term Expenditure FrameworkMTEF (2013-2015), Performance

Agreement Contracts signed by President Jonathan with ministers as well as the gender empowerment as worthy innovations, which could be replicated by other tiers of governments and all their agencies with modification where necessary. “These innovations could bring both the public and private sectors together on the same page. “On gender empowerment, we counsel that the pilot programme should prioritise education and enlightenment, as well as access to entrepreneurship finance for women,” the association said.

NACCIMA lamented that the cost of providing physical infrastructure has become prohibitive for the government to bear. He advised that concessioning or privatising the infrastructure was advisable. This, the association said, would replace the “do-it-alone syndrome” by the government, stressing that each tier of government should consider embracing Public-Private Partnership (PPP),which has been successfully done on some heavy projects. The chamber while commending the presentation of budget

2013, urged that the machinery at government’s disposal are used to ensure high level performance of the 2013 budget. The chamber noted that that despite the government’s zero-tolerance for bribery and corruption and the activities of the anti-corruption agencies, not much appears to have changed as indiscipline, bribery and corruption have continued to thrive. NACCIMA argued that the government needs to review and devise new strategies to tackle this dilemma, which it feared could affect the performance of the budget and service delivery in 2013.



NEWS Unilever unveils TV show for Knorr NORR, one of the products manufactured by Unilever Nigeria Plc, is to stage a TV programme tagged Knorr Taste Quest to enhance cooking. The show, the first of its kind, is open to consumers between the ages of 20 and 45, who have passion for cooking. The prizes to be won range from a brand new Hyundai Accent, N1 million and kitchen equipment worth N300,000 for the first position; the second runnerup goes with a cash prize of N1 million and full kitchen equipment, the second runner-up will receive N500,000 and kitchen equipment while other participants will go home with different kitchen equipment and other consolation prizes. At a briefing, the Marketing Director, Unilever Nigeria Plc, David Okeme, said Knorr is a leading brand driven by its natural taste, adding that the company developed the ingredients used for the brand from sustainable sources and would explore ways to make it stronger. He said Unilever has put in place


From left: 1st Vice Chairman, NBA Ikeja Branch, Mr Adesina Ogunlana; Registrar-General, Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Alhaji Mahmud Bello and Minister of Trade and Investment Olusegun Aganga, during a tour of CAC Alausa office and launch of its 24-hour incorporation service in Ikeja, Lagos.

measures to ensure it delivers top quality in Nigeria and because the brand has been voted as number one brand in terms of taste. “The programme promises a lot of excitement. It’s going to be very engaging and rewards those who stand to show their skills using Knorr to deliver the right taste. We try not only to deliver taste but to deliver taste continuously and this is why our technology and market knowledge seem well understood than other competitors in the market,” he added. Speaking on the prizes to be won, Okeme said, “we have checked and discovered that cars, kitchen equipment and cash prize are some of the lifestyle items that people want, to help their daily activities. We believe the winner will move around with the car, invest the cash in the area he or she wants and the kitchen set, to further their cooking skills.” “We are taking the brand and Nigerians on a journey of ultimate taste and to develop skills to a point of reckoning rationally. It is a way to reward our loyal

Binatone storms Lagos Trade Fair


From left: Chief Social Architect, Good Character Development Initiative (TGCDI), Lagos, Prince Nnagozie Ochhi; Dean of Faculty, Josephson Institute Character Counts, Los Angeles, United States, Mr Gary Smith; ProChancellor, Pan African University, Dr Christopher Kolade, and member, Nigerian Economic Summit Group, Prof Pat Utomi, during the group’s seminar in Lagos. PHOTO: ABIODUN WILLIAMS

Nigeria accounts for 30% of sub-Saharan Africa’s exports


IGERIA accounts for about 30 per cent of sub-Sahara African (SSA) countries exports. The international financial advisory firm, Renaissance Capital (Rencap), which made this known, said the volume of Nigeria’s exports makes it vulnerable to the global economic downturn. Rencap, in its report entitled: SubSaharan Africa: Export patterns: How trade dependencies have changed, said Nigeria is SSA’s biggest exporter. According to the reports, “Almost 30 per cent of SSA’s exports outside the region originate in Nigeria, and three countries – Nigeria, SA and Angola – dominate extra-regional exports, accounting for 70 per cent of the total, implying that SSA’s exposure to a global downturn through trade is concentrated in these three countries. We believe the impact on Nigeria and Angola is mitigated by their limited exposure to the EU”. Nigeria is said to have exported nonoil products worth over $1.40 billion

Stories by Toba Agboola

this year. The figure represents about 11 per cent decline from the over $1.43 billion recorded over the same period last year. Value of exported goods for January was put at $161.6 million compared to $307.2 million realised a year ago. The Executive Director, Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC), David Adulugba, had put the value of non-oil exports for the first and second quarters of the year at $660.1million and $686.2 million as against $818.8 million and $676.2 million recorded in the same period in 2011. According to him, Nigeria exported non-oil products worth $242.9 million in February, this year compared to $273.6 million recorded in the same period last year, adding that Nigeria exported non-oil products worth $255.7 million and $220.6 million in March and April, this year, as against $237.9 million and $250.6 million recorded for 2011.

Meanwhile, the nation’s growth was said to have softened in 2012 to less than seven per cent on the back of a slowdown in the non-oil sector’s activity, particularly Agriculture and wholesale and retail trade, owing to insecurity in North. Rencap explained that floods have also threatened to further undermine growth in 2012. “We project growth of 6.3 per cent in 2012, down from 7.4 per cent in 2011. Floods also increased the risks associated with inflation, such that it might return to the low double digits and the policy rate likely to remain flat at 12 per cent in the short term. Rencap maintained that SSA economies that trade with the United States, which is facing the challenges in its fiscal policy, may experience slower demand in 2013, whereas the region experiencing the worst downturn – the EU (such as Southern Africa) – and/or have high export/GDP ratios (such as the Republic of Congo), are most exposed to the slowdown in global growth we expect in 2012 and 2013

T Fed Govt, states, others to develop industrial clusters


HE Federal Government is set to work with 36 states and other stakeholders to develop industrial clusters in the country, the Minister of Trade and Investment, Olusegun Aganga, has said. The minister spoke in Abuja when members of the steering committee on Pan African Competitiveness Forum (PACF) paid him a courtesy visit. Aganga said the clusters would be developed based on comparative and competitive advantage, and that their establishment would boost the economy through the creation of jobs and wealth.

He said the government was also poised to revive the One Local Government, One Product scheme. Aganga expressed concern that funding had been a major challenge to the development of Small and Medium Scale Enterprisies (SMEs) in the country. He said government would endeavour to create the right environment for SMEs to thrive. The minister expressed the commitment of the government to work with the Forum to realise PACF’s objectives. The PACF Steering Committee was

led on the visit by Prof. Peter Onwualu, Director-General, Raw Materials Research and Development Council (RMRDC). Onwualu explained that the development of modern clusters could lead to the creation of about 30 million jobs in the country. Onwualu, who chairs the committee, said its members visited the minister to brief him on the Fourth annual continental conference of PACF to be hosted by Nigeria. He said the conference would focus on the development of clusters with to create jobs and wealth among member states.

NTERWORLD Products Nigeria Limited, distributors of Binatone products in Nigeria, has offered the public the opportunity to buy its products at the Lagos International Trade fair at the Tafawa Balewa Square complex, Onikan in Lagos. Its Regional Sales Manager, Mr Isaac Parasar said Binatone products will not only be available at fair prices, but that various gifts have been provided for their customers during the fair. They include 2013 calendars,T-shirts, scissors, and iron. Parasar said the firm will soon produce solar lights and energy products to match with the world trend to conserve energy. Samples will be displayed in the trade fair.

“Binatone has continued to be a leader in the market for producing sensibly priced products, that surrounds our everyday life. Drawing on both our experience and research, Next year will see the introduction of a host of innovative products. It will be a showcase of new technology, breath taking designs and the confidence to produce in a manner that helps sustain the environment,” he said. He explained that the company will draw on its experience and research to see that 2013 witnesses the introduction of a host of innovative products, adding: “We take great pride in delivering the best possible solutions to make life - just that little bit easier”.

ACC, INTA hold roundtable


LL is set for the Fourth Roundtable of the Anti-Counterfeiting Collaboration, Nigeria (ACC) comes up next week at the Four Points by Sheraton, Victoria Island, Lagos. ACC is holding with the International Trademark Association (INTA) . The theme for this year’s Roundtable

is: Taking the legislators to the counterfeiter’s doorstep: A case study of the IPCOM Bill and the Counterfeit Goods Bill 2011. According to a statement from the group, Chairman, House Committee on Commerce, Sylvester Ogbaya, will chair the Legislature & Regulatory Agencies Session while the keynote address will be given by the DirectorGeneral of NOTAP.

Ekiti, SMEDAN partner on projects


HE Ekiti State Government is partnering with the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) to implement the agency’s “One local government area, one product” programme (OLOP), an initiative modelled after Japan’s One village, one product. The programme, which is supported by Japan International Corporation (JICA), was designed to develop the 774 local government areas in the country with a product of competitive and comparative advantage. Speaking at the just-concluded Small Business Opportunities Fair in AdoEkiti, the Ekiti State capital, for the six states in the Southwest, Governor Kayode Fayemi noted that Ekiti would continue to monitor the progress of her participants at the fair and work with SMEDAN on more enterprises’ development initiatives, such as the OLOP. The Governor, who was represented on the occasion by the Secretary to the

State Government, Alhaji Ganiyu Owolabi, commended SMEDAN for the training of 100 youths in the state on how to identify business opportunities and set up their own enterprises. The Governor also commended SMEDAN for choosing EKiti to host the Small Business Opportunities Fair. Earlier in his address, the DirectorGeneral of SMEDAN, Muhammad Nadada Umar, who was represented on the occasion by the Director of Strategic Planning, Policy and Coordination, Mr Olawale Fasanya, explained that the programme was expected to revitalise rural economies through the establishment and running of viable small businesses in the rural areas based on the competitive and comparative advantages. He also noted that the benefits of the programme include structured and sustainable development of the rural areas.

Group signs MoU with ICRC


HE Centre for Infrastructure, Policy, Regulation and Advancement (CIPRA), at Lagos Business School, and the Infrastructure Concession and Regulatory Commission (ICRC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), that will allow them to conduct research and develop case studies, reports, policy research papers and other instruction materials covering various areas of Private-Public Partnerships (PPPs) in infrastructure in Nigeria. The MOU signing ceremony in

Lagos, was attended by the Dean of Lagos Business School, Dr Enase Okonedo; Director-General, ICRC, Mansur Ahmed; Director of CIPRA, Dr Ernest Ndukwe; Mr Chiedu Ndubuisi of ICRC and CIPRA Research Fellow, Dr Bongo Adi, and representatives of the two groups. CIPRA Director, Ndukwe said: “The MoU we have signed represents an important milestone for ICRC and CIPRA and will advance the development of requisite skills and capacity for PPP’s undertakings in Nigeria”.













Four more years •An embattled Obama rebounds at the polls after an uncertain term


FTER over a year of frenetic campaigns marked at times with vitriolic acrimony, the majesty of the American democratic system shone through on Tuesday. The victory was not as emphatic and glorious as the 2008 election story, but Barack Obama’s win was a testament to a resilient candidacy and the level-headedness of the American people. All President Obama needed were 270 votes, but he exceeded the mark. He swept the electoral votes in the Midwest, especially in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan. The opponent, Mitt Romney, after some hesitancy, gave a graceful concession speech. He had earlier congratulated President Obama in a phone conversation. A number of issues emerge out of this election. It was closer than it seemed. Unlike in the 2008 election, President Obama won the popular votes with a

‘But the most important lesson is the adherence to the grand rules of the game and display of the colourful ritual of democracy ... For sure, there were suspicions of mischief in Florida and Ohio, but the candidates had already mobilised lawyers to ensure that any infraction was handled according to law. Unlike in Nigeria where the gangster logic and the big man prowess supervene, America reminded the world that it is a nation of laws and not of men’

slimmer margin, and that was because some of the states he won came with also narrow edges. They include Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Colorado. It was also an expensive campaign, and regarded as perhaps the most expensive ever, gulping over six billion dollars. The election was a bold statement by the minorities. Romney held the majority of whites, especially the white male. While Obama raked in 39 percent of white votes, Romney lapped up 59 percent. But over 70 percent of Hispanic, black and Asian voters backed President Obama. Without doubt, President Obama could not have won without white votes, especially women who buoyed his numbers with 55 percent of their population. This demographic is a rebuke to what is perceived of the Republican Party as the party of white men and racism. But with the rising visibility and population of the Hispanics, the so-called Grand Old Party may find itself shrunken to a minority status by a coalition of the minorities, or what some analysts have called the coalition of the ascendant. This includes, of course, the young population, 60 percent of whom voted for the president. This demographic accounted for 19 percent of the vote, up from 18 percent in 2008. But the most important lesson is the adherence to the grand rules of the game and display of the colourful ritual of democracy. It was beautiful to watch on cable television how Americans lined up for hours, with patience and sense of destiny. There was no reference to the mischief of any election chief. For sure, there were suspicions of mischief in Florida and Ohio, but the candidates had already mobilised lawyers to ensure that any

infraction was handled according to law. Unlike in Nigeria where the gangster logic and the big man prowess supervene, America reminded the world that it is a nation of laws and not of men. President Obama’s victory comes after a tumultuous term, where the economy was the worst in half a century with every area of the economy haemorrhaging jobs. He bailed out the auto industry, instituted reforms in the financial sector, reformed health care, arrested the housing drift and turned the job profile to a net gain. In spite of these, the recovery only lumbered along as millions of Americans suffered hardships. That made the pundits cavil at President Obama’s attempt to buck the trend: to win an election on a soft economy with high unemployment rate. But the undercurrent of the election was that it was a revenge of a backlash. Shortly after his 2008 victory, a group of conservatives known as the Tea Party confronted the president and backed an adversarial Republican legislature to frustrate his many moves to save the economy. The movement appealed to the worst of the human spirit, with racial taunts and other forms of insults. The November 6th vote was to reaffirm the 2008 statement of an inclusive America and, by implication, a world as family. Obama did not invoke that crowd while he was under the siege of bigots. He retreated to himself and failed to engage. He has vowed to rally that crowd that played a major role in his rebound this week. They will back him on his government agenda. He needs to tap that voice in order to inspire America with his own voice, for himself, for America and for the world.

One up for peer review •Femi Falana, SAN’s criticism of the senior Bar is good for self-cleansing


HE allegation by Femi Falana, SAN, that some senior members of the Bar often collude to subvert justice instead of enthrone it, could be criticised on many fronts, the foremost of which is the lawyer’s creed. Mr. Falana, the rights activist, was speaking in Lagos at a workshop with the theme, “Promoting Ethics and Integrity in the Courts System and Improving Citizens’ Access to Justice”, put together by the Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP), in conjunction with the Royal Dutch Embassy in Nigeria. The lawyer’s creed gifts everyone the right to legal representation, no matter how heinous the alleged crime is perceived. The reason is simple. Under the law that Nigeria and most of the civilised world operate, every accused person is presumed innocent until otherwise proven by a court of competent jurisdiction. The presumed innocence, it would appear, is less to encourage crime but more to ensure that whoever is accused has his guilt – or innocence – proved in the open court, so that everyone gets justice: the accused, the injured and the society. If innocence is presumed, therefore, there cannot be any logical moral grandstanding over a brief a counsel should or should not take. This moral high horse, no matter how desirable for societal sanity, has already given way to access to justice, rigour of proof and equity before the law. To this extent therefore, Mr. Falana’s trenchant criticism stood on slippery grounds. A senior lawyer that he is, he

cannot in all conscience condemn others for doing their professional duties, even if their perceived morality rankles Mr. Falana – as do many. Still, a lawyer’s total submission to his professional creed does not justify unbridled cynicism, which sets many lawyers on the extreme path of playing pranks to cripple justice, or winning cases at all cost, even if by that justice is openly, cynically and unconscionably subverted. That, if the truth must be told, is sickeningly common here. To the extent that such unscrupulous conducts rubbish the judiciary and run the risk of triggering anarchy, everyone should share Mr. Falana’s concern. That any lawyer is merrily guilty of such conduct is bad enough. That some senior lawyers, senior advocates of Nigeria, luxuriate in this cynical practice is just intolerable, at least on two fronts. One: If gold rusts, what would iron do, goes the sharp rebuke by English poet, Geoffrey Chaucer – if senior lawyers treat justice with levity, how would the general society not develop cynicism, the sort that has contempt for the court system, undermines the rule of law and promotes eventual anarchy? Then two: senior lawyers are role models for the juniors. If they show such professional waywardness, what paths would the future senior lawyers tread: the wide and merry way that leads to perdition? It is from this crucial prism that Mr. Falana earns praise for his courage, particularly for someone not exactly a golden boy with the establishment; which perhaps explains his long delayed admission into the body of SAN. In a country where

privilege is often regarded as a cult of silence, even if things are going irredeemably wrong, Mr. Falana has proved his consistent self as a patriot and social critic. However, fellow wigs should not see these point-blank criticisms – Mr. Falana named names and cases, in which his observed abhorrent practices took place – as wild disapproval from a gadfly. On the contrary, they should regard it as welcome peer review and criticism. The James Ibori, Siemens, Panalpina scandals, Erastus Akingbola and Halliburton cases that he cited vividly drive the point home. Everyone in Nigeria’s judicial system must join hands to save the Nigerian judiciary form ridicule. Mr. Falana’s call is as good as any to start the rescue mission. The society can only be better for it.

‘However, fellow wigs should not see these point-blank criticisms – Mr. Falana named names and cases, in which his observed abhorrent practices took place – as wild disapproval from a gadfly. On the contrary, they should regard it as welcome peer review and criticism. The James Ibori, Siemens, Panalpina scandals, Erastus Akingbola and Halliburton cases that he cited vividly drive the point home’

The sensible course on Syria


ESPITE balking at military intervention, the U.S. is exercising prudence in There is no appetite among the American people — or on the part of the two men competing for the U.S. presidency in Tuesday’s election — for U.S. military intervention in Syria. That reluctance is sensible. Painful as it is to observe the deaths of tens of thousands of Syrians in the war between President Bashar Assad and insurgents inspired by the Arab Spring, the deployment of U.S. troops or a campaign of airstrikes under the rubric of a no-fly zone would enmesh the United States in an unpredictable conflict with a heavily armed ally of Iran on behalf of a fractious and fragmented rebel army. Even providing weapons to the rebels at this point would entail unacceptable risks that they would flow to Islamic extremists. Given the unwillingness of the United States to use force to help dislodge Assad, some have suggested that it is therefore pointless for the U.S. to concern itself with shaping a post-Assad Syria. On the contrary, this country and other “friends of Syria” are behaving prudently in trying to identify and nurture an alternative political structure in the event that Assad falls. Looking forward to this week’s meeting of Syrian opposition figures in Qatar, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said last week that the Syrian National Council, a group dominated by longtime exiles, “can no longer be viewed as the visible leader of the opposition,” though it could be “part of a larger opposition.” The United States is especially insistent that a new opposition movement include not just Sunni Muslims but also Christians and members of the Alawite sect to which Assad and many of his officials belong. On Monday, the Syrian National Council expanded its ranks to add representatives from political groups inside the country, but the Obama administration is continuing to press for an entirely new structure. The consequences of a new alignment might not be limited to the shape of a post-Assad government. If it were clear that the alternative to Assad was not a Sunni-run regime that would oppress Alawites, Christians and secularists, Assad could lose support. Hopes of dislodging Assad quickly died months ago with Russian objections in the United Nations Security Council to a plan under which he would have stepped aside in favor of his vice president. China, which also vetoed resolutions sanctioning Syria, recently expressed interest in a new international initiative for a cease-fire and a dialogue between the Assad regime and the opposition. If that effort also founders, as seems likely, Syria’s conflict will go on. But even if they don’t opt for military intervention, the U.S. and its allies are right to try to influence what happens in Syria during and after the conflict. • Los Angeles Times

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IR: The ripple in the polity is heightening as a result of the latest parley offer by the dreaded Boko Haram Islamic group to the federal government. The group said it preferred dialogue to hold in Saudi Arabia and not in Nigeria. According to Abu Mohammed Ibn Abdulaziz, who claimed to be a leader of the group, “five of our members have been mandated buy our leader, Imam Abubakar Shekau, to handle the dialogue with some prominent people in the country including the former military leader, General Mohammadu Buhari”. It also picked Dr. Shettima Ali Monguno, Ambassador Gaji Galtimari, Mrs Aisha Alkali Wakil, and her husband, Alkali Wakil and former Yobe State Governor, Senator Abba Bukar Ibrahim as mediators. Despite misgivings, the Federal Government has indicated its desire to commence discussing with the sect as well as considering compensating members of the violent Islamic sect, especially, those alleged to have suffered from the violence and “were seen to have been killed unjustly”. Boko Haram has never hidden its desperation in advancing the course of its brand of Islam in the country through violence and unbridled terrorism and wanton destruction of lives and property, which Islamic scholars have said is antithetical to the tenets of the religion. While apologists of the group have continually attributed Boko Haram’s mindless acts of terrorism to poverty, unemployment and bad governance, the group itself has


On the Boko Haram’s offer of dialogue held fast to its stated mission of foisting its variant of the Islamic governance on the northern parts of the country, making it complex and difficult to truly understand its real mission. To worsen matters, the group already has international recognition as is reputed to be collaborating with two of the world’s most vicious and notorious terrorist groups. It is hoped that the much-sought dialogue is not going to be an invitation to more security troubles for the nation. Already, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) has threatened “se-

rious consequences” if the government accedes to demands made by the group without releasing its leader, Henry Okah. Okah is currently standing trial in South Africa for terrorism over his alleged involvement in the 2010 Independence Day anniversary bombings in Abuja. It is saddening that government has displayed poor political will and bad intelligence in fighting the insurgence. This appears to be encouraging criminal groups to canvass for official recognition, dialogue, compensation and amnesty. As a way out, the Federal Government should consult widely by

taking into consideration, the security implication of its decision before going for the parley. The government needs to go the extra length by carefully examining the genuineness of the group making the demands before engaging in any dialogue. Again, why should the talk be held in Saudi Arabia? Is the nation at war? The federal government should avoid conveying the impression that the nation is tending towards a failed state. • Adewale Kupoluyi Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

SOS to President Jonathan


IR: Our dear President, I choose to write you publicly as all avenue’s to address our matter has been exhausted because those charged with such responsibilities are not sensitive to our plight. As a listening President with conscience, you had given approval in July this year for the release of the sum of N34 billion to pay the outstanding severance benefits of those that were laid-off

in 2007 as a result of the public service reform exercise. It may interest you to know, sir, that up till now the Bureau for Public Service Reform (BPSR) and the office of the Accountant General of the federation (AGF) are still sitting on the money for no cause. All efforts to get them pay our benefits have yielded no result as they are buck passing while some are feeding fat on our sufferings. In this case, the BPSR is the major

problem: These are Nigerians who have served the country in the past diligently, who still have school feed for children to pay, medical bills to pay, etc still they are heldup by same Nigerians as a result of corruption. Sir, only your untiring efforts can bring succor to us, the dying and suffering laid-off reformed workers nation-wide. • Danfulani Ahmed Shika, ABU, Zaria.

Aba: A resident’s creed


IR: We believe in Abia, the owner of all moribund industries and deplorable roads in Aba. Endowed with oil wells and a formidable football team, including cheering fans. We believe in Aba, the only commercial nerve centre of Abia state, once beautified and decorated by SOM and after some years went into decay but was fairly repaired by OUK and finally suffered under TAO, crucified and dead but not yet buried but would rise again under a forthcoming God fearing leader and be restored to its former glory. There and then its residents would heave a sigh of relief. We believe in the law and policy makers, supporters of multiple taxes and levies in Abia State, especially in Aba. We also believe in the judiciary, the overseers of all good and bad in the state and we hope for a sensitive leader who would put smiles on the faces of Aba residents in no distant time. We believe in one indivisible Nigeria that would launch us into the utopian world by the year 2020. I know they would call for the head of this writer but I fear no evil as I want to go to heaven for I cannot reach there if I did not die. • Nkemakolam Gabriel Port Harcourt




State police


HE recent report that the President of the Nigeria’s Senate, David Mark is now in support of state police calls for some comments. We do not know the PDP’s position on state police but it seems most of the northern PDP governors are opposed to state police. I have never understood their reasons for this except that they will want the federal government to remain awesomely powerful. Supporters of over-concentration of power in the centre see nothing wrong in it being overused. This has been the practice in the past that even a genial and gentle person like Shehu Shagari used the federal police to bulldoze his way in the states of the country that were under the UPN, GNPP and the NPP during the second republic. But times have changed and the security problems in the country have increased geometrically and the Nigerian police and even the Nigerian army have not been able to do much about it. This calls for a total overhaul and a review of the organs responsible for peace keeping and enforcement. In the past, we had native authority police (yandoka) and even local government police in the North and the West. It was only in the East that for cultural reasons that there was no local government police during the first republic. It is true that there were attempts to misuse this local police against political opponents in the North and in the West and this was the reason why these forces were abolished and their members absorbed into the Nigerian police force after the coup of January 15, 1966. But a lot of water has passed under the bridge since that time. We now have 36 states and Abuja and the population of Nigeria has grown from the initial 36 million in 1956 to a purported 160 million now. About 50% of Nigeria’s

‘A situation in which police federally recruited and consisting in most cases of people not speaking the language of the areas where they are deployed is totally unacceptable. It is the continuation of the divide et imperia of the old colonial system where southern soldiers and police were deployed in the north while northern police and soldiers were deployed to the south so that there will be no sympathy for the locals by the colonial police and army.

population now lives in urban areas with attendant growth in criminal activities. The economy of Nigeria has more than quadrupled and Nigeria is now closely linked to the international communities with consequent increase in international crimes. Nigeria has also become more sophisticated and the wealth of the country is equally more concentrated in a few hands thus creating problems of inequity and inequality with attendant growth in envy and crime. The number of the proportion of the young under 35 to those above 35years is probably in the ratio of 60 to 40 and many of the young people are unemployed and unemployable thus swelling the population of the disgruntled elements in the society. In short, our society is primed for crime and the challenge is for our government to react appropriately to this. Nigeria is a federation and like all federations all over the world, maintenance of peace must be concurrently pursued by the states and the federal government. In most civilized parts of the world, policing is not only a matter for government at the center but it also involves regional, local, city and county authorities. In the United States that we like to compare ourselves with, there is the Federal Bureau of Investigation; there are state police, county police, city police and sometimes campus police in many of their universities. These organizations work hand in hand in order to preserve peace and they have their jurisdiction properly demarcated. Interstate crimes are handled by the FBI while the local crimes are handled by the state police or city police. They all share information and work hand in hand for the interest of the people. I do not see why the same thing cannot happen here. State, local and city police would of course recruit people with the knowledge of the local areas and local language. This would give them intelligence advantages that are fundamental in policing. Critics of local police and advocates of federal police on the grounds of funding are totally mistaken because right now most states contribute equipment and money in support of the federal police assigned to their states. Recently I had an experience in the problem of federal policing. There was a crisis in Ekiti State University. We had information that students might riot and destroy university properties. We alerted the state police commissioner who said he could do nothing unless the Inspector General of Police orders him to. We had to alert the state governor who in theory is the chief security officer of the state and he had to call the IGP to give orders to the commissioner of police to protect his state. While we were going back and forth, the students invaded the university and destroyed facilities worth hundreds of millions. If

our governor was in control of the police in his state, this unnecessary chaos would have been avoided. This is a practical example of how our current policy is not working. Lives are being lost in the process of this bureaucratic rigmarole while our leaders are busy disputing the limit of power of federal and state police. On the question of Jide misuse, we have the judiciary to rein in Osuntokun any attempt to misuse state police. In fact, we are more in danger of misuse of centralized police power as has been done in the past and is still being done today as I write. We are supposed to be a federation. A situation in which police federally recruited and consisting in most cases of people not speaking the language of the areas where they are deployed is totally unacceptable. It is the continuation of the divide et imperia of the old colonial system where southern soldiers and police were deployed in the north while northern police and soldiers were deployed to the south so that there will be no sympathy for the locals by the colonial police and army. Is this what we want to continue in the 21st century of heightened awareness of cultural nationalism? This is not working in Nigeria and the more we bind ourselves together by force, the more resentful people will get. The result is the kind of resentment leading to problem against non-natives every time there is a misunderstanding or accident involving people of different tongues. We have to be realistic in this country. Our founding fathers knew the fundamental differences of our society and that was why they opted for the federal system of government with all that goes with it, namely separate and coordinate police, judiciary, civil service etc. In the words of Sir Ahmadu Bello, ‘‘we cannot forget our differences, we must understand them”.

Constitution review: A dangerous oversight


E passed through this road before. But we seem not to have learnt any lesson from what happened then. The country faced a constitutional crisis following the late President Umaru Yar’Adua’s long absence from home, leaving the ship of state rudderless. We had a vice president in person of Dr Goodluck Jonathan, but the late Yar’Adua crowd did everything to stop him from acting for his boss. And they found a justifiable ground for their position in the Constitution. Now, we are travelling the same road again, with Taraba State Governor Danbaba Suntai taking a somewhat forced leave of absence from work following his plane crash on October 25. The only difference this time around is that the issue is restricted to the tiny state of Taraba. But treating it regionally instead of nationally will be taking a myopic view of the issue. The issue at stake is the same as that of 2010 when the late Yar’Adua left home in a hurry and did not return until about six months later in the heat of the constitutional crisis caused by his absence. Now, Suntai too has left his state for treatment in Germany just as the late Yar’Adua went to Saudi Arabia late in 2009 and did not return until May 2010. For now, we don’t know when Suntai will return. This, I daresay, is the crux of the matter. When will Suntai, who was flown out on October 27, return?

When he returns will he be medically fit to return to work? Should his absence lead to a vacuum at the Government House, Jalingo? For how long can a governor be away on medical treatment before his office can be declared vacant? All these questions have become necessary because of the political bent his absence seems to be taken. Remember, this was how the Yar’Adua case went until providence intervened. With the Yar’Adua case still fresh in mind, we need to do things the way they should be done before the Taraba matter becomes something else. Right now, we are all pretending that everything is normal, when we know that they are far from being normal. It is almost two weeks now that Suntai left the country and there is no way that by now there are no matters calling for his attention. As we all know, in his present condition, Suntai cannot attend to state matters. The most important matter he can attend to for now is his health, which should also be of utmost concern to all those who truly love him. As we pray for his speedy recovery and await his return home, one thing, however, cannot wait and that is governance. The government of Taraba must continue to run with or without Suntai. Governance cannot pack up all because Suntai was involved in a plane crash. We thank God that he is alive. What if he had died in the crash? Won’t his deputy have

‘Is it proper for a state to be without its duly elected governor for 13 days, the number of days that Suntai has been out of the country as at today, counting from October 27?’

been sworn in by now as governor? We should not be sentimental about this issue at all. What has happened has happened. We cannot close down Taraba because of this unfortunate incident as some people are suggesting. For how long will we have to wait for Suntai to get well in order to return to office? The Constitution, which foresaw a situation like this, unfortunately did not make clear-cut provisions for a deputy governor to take charge immediately the governor is indisposed. This is the lacuna the supporters of Suntai are exploiting to stop the deputy governor, Alhaji Garba Umar, from taking charge. HE framers of our Constitu tion, in their wisdom, did all they could to prevent a vacuum in the absence of the president or a governor, but our politicians have devised a way of circumventing the constitutional provision on this issue. With what we saw in the Yar’Adua case and what is about to happen in Taraba, we need to take a look at Sections 144 and 189 of the Constitution in order to stop political hyenas from reaping from where they did not sow. When the late Yar’Adua was away for months, these political interlopers seized power from the righful person, the then Vice President Jonathan, turning him into a sissy in his own administration. Then, the National Assembly through the Doctrine of Necessity, saved the day. With that, we can say we have a precedent to fall on to avert the brewing constitutional crisis in Taraba. As is often the case, the crisis is instigated by those who believe that by their action, they are being loyal to Suntai. Others are doing it for the fear of the un-


known. They don’t know whether the governor will survive or not and as such they don’t want to be caught on the wrong side if he pulls through. The issue is beyond Suntai or even any one of us. The question we should ask ourselves is this : is it proper for a state to be without its duly elected governor for 13 days, the number of days that Suntai has been out of the country as at today, counting from October 27? This is where I think the Constitution did not do well. But we cannot blame the framers for this, rather we should blame our politicians, who are always looking for a loophole in any thing in order to have their way. The loophole they are cashing in on can be found in Section 189, which similar provision in Section 144, the Yar’Adua clique used for long to stop Jonathan from coming to office in 2010. Section 189 reads : The governor or deputy governor of a state shall cease to hold office if - (a) by a resolution passed by two-thirds majority of all members of the executive council of the state, it is declared that the governor or deputy governor is incapable of discharging the functions of his office; and (b) the declaration in paragraph (a) of this subsection is verified, after such medical examination as may be necessary, by a medical panel established under subsection (4) of this section in its report to the speaker of the House of Assembly’’. With this provision, Suntai can stay in Germany for as long as he wishes because neither the Taraba State Executive Council nor the House of Assembly will initiate such a move. Who will bell the cat? This is a long shot, but having seen what happened in the Yar’Adua case, let all men of goodwill appeal to the good conscience of the executive council members

Lawal Ogienagbon SMS ONLY: 08099400204

and the lawmakers to do what is necessary. It will be in the best interest of their state to allow Suntai’s deputy to step in, pending the governor’s return from his medical trip. Making Umar acting governor will not detract from the fact that Suntai is the governor because it is not an impeachment. It is better to have an acting governor in place rather than leave the state without a constitutionally recognised leader as it is now. Doing this will not amount to disloyalty to Suntai because his supporters will be doing him a world of good in his most trying moment. While at this, let me quickly submit that the planned Constitution review will be incomplete if nothing is done about Sections 144 and 189. It is time these sections were amended to state specifically how long the President or a governor can be away before the vice president or deputy governor steps into their shoes in acting capacity. I will go for seven days. If this issue is not factored in, then I am sorry to say, we are not serious about amending the Constitution. We cannot afford to keep quiet over this sensitive issue after seeing what happened in 2010 and the lie now being led in Taraba. ‘





S it has once again turned out, the PDP administration from 2001-2011, according to Ribadu draft report, presided over the theft of N10 trillion worth of crude oil. In all, the entire nation lost about N16 trillion through all sorts of shady deals by PDP and its associates. Other findings include the loss of $29b from 2001- 2011, the theft of 250,000 barrels of crude oil daily within the same period and also the loss of a total of $183m in signature bonuses paid by oil companies to the federation. There were also reports of indebtedness of foreign oil firms to the nation such as Addax, now a unit of China’s state-owned Sinopec, which owes Nigeria $1.5 billion in unpaid royalties, part of a $3 billion black hole of unpaid bonuses and royalties owed by oil bonuses. Shell, the report also says, owes Nigeria’s government N137.57 billion ($874 million) for gas sold from its Bonga deep offshore field while oil majors owed $58 million between them for gas flaring penalties. They were also not adhering to newer higher fines. Among other recommendations, the Ribadu committee want the NNPC reorganised or be scrapped. Alison Madueke who sat on the KPMG report for months has also acknowledged receiving the draft of Ribadu’s report over a month ago without any action. She has however now disclosed that a committee had been set up by the Ministry of Petroleum Resources to look into the “differences in perspective on the Ribadu committee report” and make an “input”. Dr Doyin Okupe’s heartache on the report however was that the report was illegally and prematurely released. According to him “what was irregularly released prematurely to the media is a draft copy which still requires full assent of all members of the committee and clarifications and due process from the originating ministry before the official handing over to the Presidency". Like Dr Reuben Abati, who also found it strange that the report found its way to the pages of newspapers even before it was officially presented, he has once more reassured us of the president commitment to fighting corruption. There is however a curious parallel of views between the minister, the two government spokesmen, and the duo of Oronsaye and Otti who have tried to discredit Ribadu’s report. While no one can begrudge the president’s men for their views on their principal’s commitment to fighting corruption, Doyin Okupe’s attempt to distant the Jonathan ad-


ANY people living in Lagos would agree that in a manner that can largely be found as consistent, the Lagos State government has displayed that it is prepared to shoulder its responsibilities to the people, the environment, and of course the future of the city. The challenges and the threats confronting a city composed in the way that Lagos is, needs to be handled with great sense of duty and responsibility. Lagos has the potential of suddenly becoming unmanageable, and things can indeed spiral out of control. This possibility remain a constant headache and must occupy the attention of those who are in charge of managing the city. Functional and well-run cities across the world are managed within the ambit of visible and accountable leadership, strong laws, strong institutions, as well as a disciplined and committed citizenry. Today, the challenge of managing a thriving, livable and sustainable city has become even more arduous. Cities continue to draw and command serious attention. Countries are rated and taken more seriously on the strength of their cities. Cities are now major drivers of investment decisions. Investments that would end up driving the local economy on the path of development are contingent upon the quality and visible tracks of progressive and result-oriented city management. Cities have also become centres of national socialisations, as other city and town managers begin to benchmark, copy and emulate successful practices and models. Cities have not just local, but international attractions, and indeed define and bouy perceptions. When people come into your city, they can quite easily judge what kind of people you are. In Lagos, as in most parts of Nigeria, motorcycles are popularly referred to as Okada. The Okada phenomenon, also sometimes referred to as the Okada menace, has over time become one of the delicate touchpoints in Lagos. Depending on your side of the divide, arguments for and against it can be unassailable. It is within this prism that one can conclude that the hues and cries generated by the restriction of Okada to some routes in Lagos are not

Ribadu-led petroleum task force ministration from the monumental stealing going in government is an assault on Nigerians. Was it not under this government that the number of fuel importers jumped from about two dozen to over 140 out of which 25 are currently facing legal actions for swindling the nation of about N3 trillion? Even if Okupe thinks Nigerians suffer from collective amnesia, Nigerians could not have forgotten so soon the revelations from Lawan Farouk report which the government tried to discredit, or the findings from Aig Imokhuede-led technical committee set up by the government itself. On the current Ribadu findings which those who have just secured plum government jobs are trying to discredit, Ledun Mitte, chairman of National Stakeholders Working Group (NSWG) of the Nigerian Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI) said would not have been necessary if the successive findings of the NEITI had been implemented. In fact in his opinion, the Ribadu’s committee report only reiterated the revelations that had come out of the successive NEITI reports that had shown that the nation was losing about $9.8 billion or N1.373 trillion in outstanding recoverable funds due to the federation account from oil companies. NEITI has so far conducted three different cycles of industry audits spanning the period 1999-2004, 2005 and 2006-2008. The statement stressed that each of the past NEITI audit reports clearly identified financial, physical and process lapses, and revealed a loss of some $2.6 billion due to underpayments,

under-assessments, poor judgment in the computations of volume of crude sales and other leakages. Another round of comprehensive audit of the oil and gas sector for 2009- 20011 which began early in the year is expected to be concluded next month, December. In the light of the above, it is perhaps only government functionaries like Okupe and Alison-Madueke that have faith in government commitment to fighting corruption. Instead of addressing the cynicism of the governed, PDP that has proved over the years that it doesn’t just give a damn about the governed is busy attacking the opposition for performing its constitutional role of holding the ruling party accountable. What in a democracy is disrespectful in ACN’s argument that “both Orasanye and Otti should have resigned their membership of the committee the moment they were given the plum jobs to avoid the apparent conflict of interest. The fact that they stayed on, only to disparage the report of the task force so openly and ferociously at the end, is the clearest indication yet that they were meant to play that exact role of spoilers’’. In fact, that was the argument of Ribadu who was pained by the turn of events. According to him, most of the members saw their appointment as a call to duty when appointed in February, and therefore worked round the clock during the first three months. Steve (Orosanye), according to him, “never participated in any of the meetings for this work. And during the course of the committee work, Steve became a member of the

Ridding Lagos of ‘Okada’ menace By Diipo Famakinwa unexpected. And admittedly, this is not just by the practitioners, but of course users, also activists, political opponents and opportunistic critics and cynics. But it was not always like this! Until just a few years ago, Okada was virtually a nonexistent feature in the consciousness of the average Lagosian. Though existed elsewhere, it was never considered as fit for this environment. Rather, we had the molues, the kabukabus, the danfos, and a few and far inbetween taxis or cabs. And unlike what is beginning to emerge, the transportation system was badly structured, badly organised, largely informal, and could be described as a knocked-down engine. Government intervention in terms of the enabling environment and provision of physical infrastructure was minimal and not based on any sustainable strategy. However, with astronomical increase in population, unchecked urban expansion, sundry economic pressures and other city-related challenges, the okada trade jumped on Lagos and grew to become an invidious phenomenon. The most common argument against the okada trade from many quarters is the unacceptable rate of accident fatalities that have maimed and also claimed many lives. This argument cannot be overstressed. It does not matter the sentiments, we as a people need to stop succumbing lamely to dehumanising conditions in order to justify a living. What may be considered expedient, in most cases, is not necessarily dignifying. Part of the reasons we have come to this sorry pass as a people is that we have become people

of very little sense of personal and collective dignity. A few years back, it was possible to get good barbers, tailors, mechanics, panel beaters, welders, vulcanisers, masons, builders and the likes. Today, the story is different. Pay a visit to any of such workshops these days, you would find only the sole proprietor doing all the work. In many instances, he is old and therefore declining in capacity and productivity. Ask why he is the only one in his workshop, he would tell you that all the young ones in the neighbourhood have taken up Okada as a trade. Therefore, we have stopped producing artisans and workmen! It is not an unfounded or far-fetched fact that we now rely on workmen from Ghana, Guinea, Togo, Benin Republic, etc. Even school children are riding okada! What kind of future are we envisaging? Anyone who has fallen victim of the rage of the okada riders would support any move to contain this menace. In their typical unruly manners, they do not obey traffic rules. They ignore traffic lights, ride on kerbs and flowers, meander through tight angles and columns, ane end up damaging anything in sight. They damage urban infrastructure and run away. They would break your vehicle lamps, tear down your bumper and damage your side mirror, and quickly bolt from the scene. Many of them also rob. They follow people as soon as they step out of the bank carrying anything that looks like cash. They rob them of the cash and leave them stunned, if they’re lucky not to have been shot. There are countless stories to tell. To change the face of Lagos, courageous leadership is a prerequsite. A few attempts to deliver on strong reforms have always been

board of the NNPC. And Mr. Otti became a director in NNPC. They chose to remain as members of the committee instead of resigning”. But as usual, government has an ally in Tribune that has always been too quick to help it identify its enemies. As part of effort to discredit the report, Tribune alleged that some politicians have hijacked the report. Quoting sources close to security, the paper claimed ‘A report in the custody of government indicates that a former presidential aspirant, who is still hopeful of contesting the 2015 election met on Saturday with a chieftain of one of the leading opposition parties in Abuja where the plot to hijack the Ribadu report as a launch-pad for the 2015 election was said to have been hatched.’ PDP on its part, instead of showing remorse for the greed of its members is diverting attention from the issue at hand to pillory the opposition which is doing its job of keeping the government on its toes. As if the party forgets we are running a democracy, it is accusing the opposition of disrespect for the presidency. The Ribadu Draft Report is destined for the same fate as the KPMG report whose nonimplementation, Olisa Agbakoba had described as a national embarrassment; like Lawan Farouk fuel subsidy scandal, about which Okonjo Iweala said “we are going to be very aggressive in recovering money owed government and block all revenue leakages”; and like Imokhuede’s technical report being half heartedly implemented.

‘The Ribadu Draft Report is destined for the same fate as the KPMG report whose nonimplementation, Olisa Agbakoba had described as a national embarrassment; like Lawan Farouk fuel subsidy scandal, about which Okonjo Iweala said “we are going to be very aggressive in recovering money owed government and block all revenue leakages”; and like Imokhuede’s technical report being half heartedly implemented’ met with very stiff resistance from diverse quarters and many times with ulterior designs. One would recall a few years ago when the Ministry of Transportation came up with the idea of MOT testing for vehicles in Lagos. The idea was so badly received, lampooned, condemned and derided until the government abandoned it, the merits of it notwithstanding. The Bus Rapid System also suffered the same elite cynicism. All manner of complaints raged against it. Now BRT is working in Lagos. Of course many people would remember the days of na flower we go chop? Similarly, the Oshodi transformation process was not without its fair share of cynicism. Fortunately, government managed to successfully push it through. Today, we all point to it as one of the wonders of government performance. Government must set clear terms and limits of residency and behaviour for people within its borders. That necessity must not be allowed to be impinged. The alternative is chaos and lawlessness. Many of the people complaining today will simply fold up their activities in Lagos and return to their towns and villages. In a recent Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ranking of the world’s best cities to live in, Lagos was ranked in the bottom top ten on liveability index. Of the top 20 cities that McKinsey has identified as growth hot spots for companies targeting young, entry level consumers, the list includes urban centres such as Lagos, Dar es Salaam, Ouagadougou, Kampala, Lusaka and Ibadan. However, according to MasterCard’s Index of Global Destination Cities, Cairo, Johannesburg, Casablanca, Nairobi and Tunis have been ranked as the top five destination cities in Africa. Lagos did not feature. These are grim statistics that should worry any serious government, and it underscores the fact that, in fact, Lagos needs much stronger actions, and urgently too. Lagos, no doubt, requires a modern, integrated and well-managed transportation system. Okada has no role to play. It is a misnomer and must not be allowed to become a permanent feature.

NSF: NSF:Anambra receives Unity Torch, assures on sports development

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Thursday, November 8, 2012



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s e k a m a i r Nige s s e r prog

•Now 57th in world, 10th in Africa






Eagles sweat over USA visas •Senate President, Minister wade in •Uzoenyi, Gambo Mohammed boost team


• Gov. Peter Obi shortly after receiving the 2012 Unity Torch for National Sports Festival in Awka, yesterday

Anambra receives Unity Torch, assures on sports development


OVERNOR Peter Obi of Anambra state yesterday received the 2012 Unity Torch for National Sports Festival with assurance on total commitment on sports development. Obi assured the people of Anambra State that all sectors of the State economy, including sports development will continue to receive adequate attention in line with the State government’s policy of developing all sectors of t h e S t a t e e c o n o m y simultaneously as encapsulated in the Anambra Integrated Development Strategy (ANIDS). Receiving the 2012 Unity Torch on National sports from the South-East zonal coordinator of national sports festival Mr. Stanley Okebugwu, Obi said, sports aside being tool of actualising national unity, creates employment. Okebugwu, who first handed over the torch to the Commissioner, Mr Edozie Aroh who in turn handed it over to the Governor, thanked the Governor for the huge investment in sports. Governor Obi thanked President Goodluck Jonathan for his commitment to sports development, describing sports as a veritable tool for national unity. “Besides sports functioning as a

From Odogwu Emeka Odogwu, Nnewi tool for national unity, it also contributes to human development, creation of employment and generation of revenues”, the Governor said. Recalling the state of sports in Anambra State before he became the Governor, Obi said it was disheartening that as at 2006, sports completely collapsed in Anambra State with the state not having a single stadium, nor were sporting activities encouraged in schools. Schools were built and approved without sporting facility. He noted that with good investment, commitment to sports under his government that all those things have been redressed. Earlier, the State Commissioner for Sports and Youth development, Mr. Edozie Aroh commended the governor for his interest in sports development. He reeled out the achievements of Governor Obi on sports to include construction of two mini stadia, restoration of school sports, insistence that all functional schools in the State must have sporting facility and adequate funding of sporting activities which has led to improvement of medal haul (table) in all categories of sporting events in Anambra

LOC organises seminar for shortlisted caterers


N a bid to ensure that athletes for the National Sports Festival (NSF), Eko 2012, are well catered for in an hygienic environment, the Catering and Feeding Sub-committee of the Local Organi s ing Committee (LOC)yesterday organised a oneday seminar to enlighten shorlisted caterers on the rudiments of proper hygiene in catering. The seminar which took place at the Sports Bar of the Teslim Balogun Stadium, started at about with the registration of participants. With over one hundred caterers in attendance, the seminar led by Professor Clement Fasan of the University of Lagos, treated topics like Food preparation and the challenges of meeting athletes' specific general needs, implication of safety/Hygien practices of food vendors relationship, the place of human relationship in caterers, and food hygiene and safety. In his welcome address, the Chairman of the Catering and Feeding Sub-Committee, Olusegun Dawodu expressed

By Innocent Amomoh satisfaction at the turn out, saying that the synergy already existing between the Sub-Committee and the caterers will result in success when the festival begins. "Well as you can see, the turn out is impressive and that shows that the caterers already understand what it means to be shortlisted for a project as laudable as the sports festival. "We have started well and we expect that this will be the beginning of a working relationship between us and the caterers,"Dawodu emphasised. Final Munu list today no excus for the caterers Dawodu further informed that the menu list will be handed over to the caterers today to guide in providing the best as far feeding and catering for the athletes and officials is concerned. Other resource-persons at the seminar includes, Olayinka Eboda, Tinu Madunagu,and Dr. Ismail abdus-salam. The vote of tanks was taken by the secretary of the subcommittee,Oluyomi Oluwasanmi

HERE was palpable tension on Wednesday over travel plans for the national team; Super Eagles, ahead of the international friendly against Venezuela, scheduled for Miami in the United States on November 14, as the American Embassy in Abuja, seem to be foot-dragging over the issuance of visas. The Ministry of External Affairs had tried to make the issuance of the visas easy for the Eagles by issuing a ‘Note Verba’ for the team to the USA Embassy, but that was rejected, as officials of the embassy reportedly said the team was not entitled to such diplomatic treatment. The Embassy thereafter fixed Friday, November 9 for the team to appear at its consulate for visa interviews ,while the team is scheduled to travel out on Sunday, November 11, the fear in the

camp of the team is that the visas may not be issued same day to the team and that may upset travel plans already perfected by the NFF for the first international friendly after the team’s qualification for the SA 2013 Nations Cup. A top official of the team, however, assured that going by the smooth relationship between the Nigerian government on one hand and its American counterpart, he was sure that the visas will be ready on time for the team’s departure on Sunday. “We have a smooth relationship with the USA Embassy and we are sure they will make the issuance of visas easy,

but we also have to let government at the highest level know what we are going through”, the top official declared. Already, Senate President David Mark and Sports Minister, Bolaji Abdulahi, have intervened in the matter to ensure that Super Eagles players and officials get the needed travel documents for the trip on Sunday. The two top government officials are said to be pulling the strings at the highest diplomatic level to ensure that the November 14 game sees the light

I don’t know

—Keshi cries out From Segun Ogunjimi, Abuja



Future of world football in Africa—Amokachi


MPRESSED with the quality of talents on display at the Glo Soccer Academy screening venue in Abuja on Monday, Daniel "The Bull" Amokachi has told the global soccer community that Africa is coming up fast to rule the world of soccer. Thrilled by the skillful display of football by the youths who thronged the Old Parade Ground, Abuja, for the screening, Amokachi advised the enthusiastic boys to take their training very seriously and ensure full utilisation of the opportunity offered by the Glo Soccer Academy to etch their names in the world of football. According to him, "Africans are gradually coming to dominate the centre stage of global football. I am convinced that the future of world football is in Africa. Foreign coaches know this and that is why they are beginning to show interest in our boys. Meanwhile, five youths emerged from the Abuja screening centre which ended on Tuesday. They are Godfrey Peter, 15, of Government Secondary School, Minna; Aliu Yakubu, 14, of Sunna High School, Jos; Obongwu Anthony, 17, of Ogirioko Memorial Secondary School, Makurdi; Abdulrahman Umar, 14, of Sunnah High School, Jos; and Sunday Momoh, 16, of Kakuri Day Secondary School, Kaduna.

Nigeria makes progress W •Now 57th in world, 10th in Africa


N Wednesday, FIFA released the latest rankings of countries, with Nigeria showing remarkable progress. Possibly following Nigeria's 6 - 1 hammering of Liberia in the AFCON qualifiers last month, the Super Eagles have moved six places to perch at the 57th position in the world, and 10th in Africa. Zambia, Burkina Faso and Ethiopia, the opponents of the Eagles at next year's African Cup of Nations in South Africa are ranked 39th, 89th and 102nd in the

world respectively. The rankings of World Cup qualifying opponents Malawi, Kenya and Namibia have diminished. Malawi fell five places and are now ranked 101st in the world(27th in Africa), Kenya from last month's ranking of 128th are now in the 130th position( 39th in Africa) while Namibia occupy the 117th position( zonal ranking 35th). The next ranking of countries will be published on December 19th.



UPER EAGLES handler, Stephen Keshi has confessed that among the teams in Nigeria’s Group C which comprise Zambia, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Nigeria, its only Ethiopia that he does not really know their strength at all. “Like I have said severally all the teams that qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa really worth their onions. I know a little bit of Zambia and Burkina Faso because when I was handling Mali national team I had two or three games with them but now they have changed their coaches. “But Ethiopia I don’t know them. But they must be a very good team to found their way into the finals of the Nations Cup holding next year in South Africa. So we have to handle the Ethiopians as well as other teams in the group with care. “There is no minnow team for us, there is no looking down on any team in our group or any other group. We have to be on top of our game and be professional about it”, Keshi disclosed.

•David Mark


• Moses

CAF snub shocks Osaze


Mikel Leads Eagles’ pros to USA E

AGLES’ coach Stephen Keshi has called up 11 foreign-based professionals led by Mikel Obi for next week’s friendly against Venezuela in Miami, USA. Keshi will also name 15 players from the Nigeria Premier League for this match, which forms part of the country’s build-up for next year’s Africa Cup of Nations. Besides Chelsea midfielder Mikel, other pros are Newcastle United striker Shola Ameobi, who was cleared to play for Nigeria last year alongside Victor Moses after a long-drawn process. Ameobi gets his first call and battles for a place upfront with Victor Moses, Ukraine-based Brown Ideye, Obafemi Martins, among others. Israel-based goalkeeper Austin Ejide, a 10-year veteran, is also on the list, along with Onyekachi Apam, back from injury at Rennes of France and Portugal-based defender Elderson Echiejile. The other pros are Raheem Lawal, Ogenyi Onazi and Nosa Igiebor. Invited foreign pros: Goalkeeper: Austin Ejide (Hapoel Be’er Sheva, Israel) Defenders: Elderson Echiejile (FC Braga, Portugal); Onyekachi Apam (Rennes, France) Midfielders: Mikel Obi (Chelsea, England); Nosa Igiebor (Real Betis, Spain); Ogenyi Onazi (SS Lazio, Italy); Raheem Lawal (Adana Demirspor, Turkey) Forwards: Brown Ideye (Dynamo Kiev, Ukraine); Victor Moses (Chelsea, England); Shola Ameobi (Newcastle United, England); Obafemi Martins (Levante FC, Spain)


Sidney Sam’s AFCON readiness excites Keshi

EST BROM star Osaze Odemwingie expressed suprise he did not make the short list for the 2012 African Footballer of the Year. The Nigeria international striker, who scored 10 league goals for ‘The Baggies’ last season, was not even on the initial list of shortlist which had compatriots Mikel Obi, John Utaka and Victor Moses. The 31-year-old Odemwingie tweeted his shock, but assured that his time for recognition by the confederation of African Football (CAF) will come. "I am not on CAFs short list? Na wah oh! Because I didn't score 20? Hahaha I still believe! No shaking! My turn will come!", the West Brom striker tweeted. Osaze has already scored three goals in the English Premier League this season. He is set to make a comeback to the Super Eagles after he was overlooked since February after

From Segun Ogunjimi, Abuja


UPER EAGLES Head Coach Stephen Keshi has told NationSport with full enthusiasms that the most sought after Bayer Leverkusen midfielder cum striker has agreed to play for Nigeria in the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations starting in January. An elated former Eagles’ defender disclosed that it was a cheering news to him because the player was full of excitement when he was talking to him about his readiness to join the Nigerian side in preparations for the South Africa 2013 AFCON. “Sidney Sam and I spoke two days ago (Monday) and he was really very keen to come and play for Nigerian now. This is a cheering news any way. I actually told him that Nigeria is his father’s land and we would like to see him don the Nigeria jersey for his fatherland. He then told me that he would be glad to join the team. “So we would see him during the training sessions and towards the (Africa) Cup of Nations. When he comes around we will see how it goes”, Keshi disclosed. He also revealed that he spoke with Newcastle United striker, Shola Ameobi yesterday morning and he was preparing for the Europa League with his team and the player also promised to be in the United States for the Venezuela’s friendly match. “He is excited that he might be with us in America”, the Big Boss as he is fondly called disclosed.

a below-par showing in a 2013 AFCON qualifier in Rwanda. Mikel is the only Nigerian player left in the latest short list of 10 players that has reigning Player of the Year Yaya Toure, Didier Drogba and Andre Ayew of Ghana. The award ceremony will be staged in Accra, Ghana, on December 20.


AFCON 2013

Eagles need fighting spirit, says Amuneke


ORMER Nigerian international, Emmanuel Amuneke, has said the Super Eagles need a fighting spirit to fly at the 2013 Afcon in South Africa. Amuneke explained to that every team at the Africa Cup of Nations will aim to defeat the Super Eagles. He added that Group C opponents, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and African champions, Zambia will not be easy foes. "No team will be easy foe at the Africa Cup of Nations. Same goes for the opponents of the Super Eagles. Remember no one gave Zambia the chance of winning the Nations Cup earlier this year. But they won it based on determination and good display of the game and also a

bit of luck. "I must say that the Super Eagles will need more than just big names to do very well at the Nations Cup next year. The players and coaches will have to show they are ready to fight if they want to win the championship next year. It will be difficult but a fight from them will be helpful against the other teams," said the 1994 Afcon winner. But Amuneke, now an assistant coach with the Nigerian Under17s, believes the Super Eagles will make it out of their AFCON group. "Of course I expect them to qualify from their group but they will have to put in a lot of fight to do so," he said. Amuneke's two goals in the 1994 Nations Cup final helped Nigeria to their second African title with a 2-1 win over Zambia.

Ikoyi club to host 2nd Southern Sun Golf Tourney



HE high flying Southern Sun Hotel, Ikoyi, will be presenting its 2nd fun golf tournament at the Ikoyi Golf Club this Saturday. The event which shall be hosting close to 200 golfers from across the nation is a sharp development from last year’s event which had 77 players on the course. This year’s event which has close to 20 corporate bodies as co-sponsors will be formatted in a manner where each playing group shall consist of four players, two against other two golfers, while scoring shall

count on Stableford points. “We have taken golf to a fresh level”, Southern Sun Regional General Manager for Africa, Mark Loxley, said. “We have brought so much fun into the game by focusing on our associates and friends. We are able to entertain them with golf in a decent environment, the Ikoyi Golf Club, which in fact is our neighbour. We are in the hospitality business and all we can do is gather people around us to have fun in a serene environment. Golf fits the bill and this is what we are doing.

Yobo to miss Venezuela friendly


UPER EAGLES coach Stephen Keshi has ruled out injured captain Joseph Yobo from a friendly against Venezuela next Wednesday. Also ruled out for the game are Kano Pillars stars Papa Idris and Reuben Gabriel, who are recovering from injury. “The players are just returning from injury and I think we should not rush them back for the Venezuela

game," Keshi said Wednesday in Abuja. Keshi also confirmed that Osaze Odemwingie would not be considered for the Venezuela friendly because his wife is heavily pregnant. "Osaze Odemwingie would not be coming for the Venezuela game because his wife is very heavy but he is in my plans for the Nations Cup proper," he disclosed. Odemwingie has agreed to return to the team after he

cleared the air with Keshi at the weekend. Villarreal striker Ikechukwu uche, who was the team’s leading scorer in the AFCON qualifiers with three goals, has also been left out. "For Ikechukwu Uche, I have seen him enough so he would not be listed and Emmanuel Emenike is still recovering from injury," explained the Nigeria handler.









Rivers set for e-UTME •As JAMB flags off awareness campaign

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Covenant varsity gets VC, DVCs A CHANGE of guard in the top management of the Covenant University (CU), Ota, has led to the naming of Prof Charles Korede Ayo as the third substantive ViceChancellor of the school. •Prof Ayo

Ayo, whose appointment has been ratified by the Board of Regents of the university, will replace Prof Aize Obayan who served for seven years.

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CAMPUS LIFE •An eight-page section on campus news, people etc

How should students’ project be kept? FOR every graduating student, it is a compulsory course. Those who refuse to take it know the consequences of their action; they risk not graduating. Project entails conducting research on any topic of choice of the student under the guidance of a lecturer. Though not taught as a course, project carries high credit units, sometimes as high as eightcredit unit for two semesters.

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•Graduates gather for an aptitude test at the Women Development Centre, Abuja

It sounds unbelievable, but it is true. Hit by hard times, graduates, some of them with Master’s and Ph.Ds, have applied as truck drivers with Aliko Dangote Transport Company. About 13,000 of them applied for the 100 vacancies. KOFOWOROLA BELO-OSAGIE and ADEGUNLE OLUGBAMILA report.

Graduates dump degrees for truck driving B

ETWEEN the 60s and early 80s, students finished from the few universities in existence with jobs waiting for them. It was a continuation of the good times they enjoyed in school, where they did not have to take turns to use equipment in the laboratories; they ate sumptuous meals in the cafeteria; and had comfortable hostels. Back then, in the labour market, their qualifications attracted a lot of fringe benefits, including housing and car loans, opportunities for foreign training and other prerequisites. However, today, with the unemployment rate in Nigeria standing at 23.9 per cent, according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), that bliss has virtually disappeared, existing only for a few graduates from well heeled families, or extremely brilliant students. There are no accurate statistics on the number of graduates produced by the universities and other tertiary institutions yearly. However, with an estimated 300,000 being admitted, about the same number enter the labour market searching for blue collar jobs that do not come easy. The norm now is for graduates to apply for jobs they are over-qualified for. That is why the response of 13,000 graduates, some of them with

Master’s and Ph.D to the advertisement of Aliko Dangote Transport Company for truck drivers, has generated a lot of reactions. The initiative, called The Drivers Academy, aims to recruit and train 2,000 graduates to become professional heavy vehicle drivers for the newly-established super fleet of the Dangote Group. At a mentorship meeting of the World Bank Youth Forum recently, the President of the Group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, said many graduates who applied for the jobs were more than qualified, adding that they graduated from reputable tertiary institutions. Of the 13,000 applications received, he said six were from Ph.D holders,

704, Master’s and 8,460 first degree. “All these things are verifiable, and they all graduated from reputable institutions. And our plan is to eventually make them self dependent,” he said. Of the number, the organisation now has the onerous task of rejecting about 93 per cent as it only needs 100 drivers. If employed, he said, the drivers would get allowances for each trip, in addition to their salaries — N300,000 monthly. They will also get the opportunity to own the trucks at no interest or repayments after they must have covered 300,000 kilometres, which he said is about 140 trips from Lagos to Kano. Ayobami Adewodun (not real

‘One of my friends we finished together the same year lost his wife-to-be, who is a graduate, to one of the area boys working with the National Union of Road Transport Worker (NURTW). I then wondered why the lady never felt she was a graduate before dumping my friend for an illiterate’

•Aliko Dangote

name) is one of those who hopes to reap from Dangote’s job window. He graduated from The Polytechnic, Ibadan, 10 years ago. He worked briefly as an account officer in a private secondary school for four years where he earned N14,000 per month before quitting to join a plastic producing company which raised his pay to N20,000. “Immediately I saw the (Dangote) advert, I put in my CV,” Adewodun told our reporter. “I learnt the same advert first came out last year but I missed it so I decided to keep track of it this time.” On whether he would not be ashamed as a truck driver, Adewodun said: “Why should I? This is a country that wastes graduates. Education no longer counts but how rich or comfortable you are. Let me give you an example, one of my friends we finished together the same year lost his wife• Continued on page 26




Rivers set for e-UTME •JAMB flags off awareness campaign


HE Rivers State Government says infrastructure is in place for candidates to

•Dame Lawrence-Nemi (fourth right) and Prof Ojerinde (third left) with officials of JAMB and the ministry at the flag-off.


Five governors for NTI graduation

OVERNORS of Imo, Katsina, Kaduna, Edo and Jigawa are to be honoured during the second graduation and awards programme of the National Teachers Institute (NTI), Kaduna holding between today and Saturday. The institute will also hold the third National Teachers’ Summit during the period as part of activities to commemorate its 35th anniversary. In a signed press statement, the NTI Director-General and Chief Ex-

ecutive, Dr Aminu Ladan Sharehu said the President, of Common Wealth of Learning, COL, Canada, Prof Asha Kanwar, Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, and Governor Ibrahim Chema, of Katsina State will be decorated with the institute’s Fellowship awards at graduation, while Governors Adams Oshiomole of Edo State, Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa of Kaduna State and Sule Lamido of Jigawa State, will receive the institute’s outstanding education awards for their contributions to education and

teachers’ capacity enhancement. Other recipients of the award include Pro-Chancellor, Afe Babalola University, Ekiti State, Chief Afe Babalola, Prof Thomas Kolawole Adeyanju and Prof Adamu Baike, former Vice Chancellor, University of Benin. Meanwhile, the National Teachers Summit is expected to attract 41 eminent professors and seasoned educationist in Nigeria and the overseas that will make paper presentations on education-related issues.

write the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) online next year. Speaking when Prof Dibu Ojerinde, Registrar, Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) flagged-off an awareness campaign about the Computer Based Test (CBT) for the 2013 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), the Commissioner for Education of the state, Dame Alice Lawrence-Nemi said that the government will provide free laptops to students in public schools by March 2013. This is in addition to the provision of ICT facilities in schools and the introduction of ICT learning at the primary school level. The Commissioner noted that the government has built a Computer Centre in conjunction with Zenith Bank, adding that the Ministry will ensure that students without ICT facilities in their schools will be sent to the centre for training. Mrs Lawrence-Nemi also promised to support JAMB in creating awareness about the CBT examination next year, saying the Ministry will take the campaign to all public and private schools in the state. Earlier in his address, Ojerinde

said the CBT will be fully operational in 2015 and until then, JAMB will still accommodate paper and pencil examination. He noted that Rivers State chosen as the take off point of the awareness campaign because of the transformation in the education sector of the State. He also appealed to the Commissioner to assist the body to relocate their zonal office in Port Harcourt which gets flooded during rainy season. In her closing remark, the South South Zonal Coordinator of JAMB, Mrs. Stella Onowu Amene, thanked the Commissioner for agreeing to take the CBT awareness campaign to schools. Meanwhile Dame LawrenceNemi thanked JAMB for the successful conduct of the Rivers State teacher recruitment exercise in August. She said the State will recruit quality teachers for the 13,000 teaching positions in its schools, who will undergo six months training to equip them for the task ahead. The Commissioner hinted that 11,700 slots were given to Rivers Indigenes while 1,300 non-indigenes will be employed. Praising the board’s effort in eliminating examination malpractice, she assured Ojerinde that the state will assist the examination body in relocating its Zonal Office in Port Harcourt.

Graduates dump degrees for truck driving • Continued from page 25

to-be, who is a graduate, to one of the area boys working with the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW). I then wondered why the lady never felt she was a graduate before dumping my friend for an illiterate. Today, the lady is still married to the area boy and they have three kids. When I heard my friend’s experience, I decided it was about time I increased my take-home pay so my wife too won’t be snatched by someone who is richer.” Mr Akanni Ogunniyi runs a Master in Business Administration (MBA) programme at the Lagos State University (LASU). Though he feels comfortable working for a notable public relations outfit in Ikeja, Lagos, if given an opportunity, however, Ogunniyi said he would not reject Dangote’s offer because of its mouth-watering pay. “Though my monthly pay is about N130,000 and I enjoy my work but I won’t mind Dangote’s job, too. I know drivers will be asked to dress corporately, have good communications skill and we would not be treated like mere drivers because we are graduates. But, before I do that, I will ask my company to increase my pay. I can then decide to resign if that does not happen,” he said. Experts in the academia and the labour market attribute the trend of graduates seeking positions they are over-qualified for to the harsh economic environment. Mr Sinari Daranijo, CEO of Learn4change, an outfit that provides online distance learning platform for training in globally recognised certification programmes, said the difficult economic climate in Nigeria has made it difficult to appreciate the worth of higher qualifications. “The economy is not ripe enough for over qualification. At this point in our economy, a BSc is almost like a secondary school certificate. But getting up to a Ph.D to become a truck driver is something else,” he said. Rather than depend solely on quali-

fications earned in formal learning, Daranijo advised graduates to acquire vocational skills while still in school which could help them either run their own businesses or get jobs because of advancements in information communications technology. “Only one to two per cent of graduates get graduate jobs. While getting your degree, it is best to get a vocational skill, let’s say in ICT or barbing, and others which can be useful after school,” he said. Given that some unconventional jobs pay well, Daranijo also said graduates may be stimulated by the money to apply. “The money could be the attraction. At the end of the day, people think in terms of the value. If the salary advertised is what they will pay, some people will leave their bank jobs for truck driving,” he said. Mr Muyiwa Moyela, a PR consultant, agrees with Daranijo on the motive, which he described as neither wrong nor right. “There is no wrong or right about it. If you are a manager somewhere earning N60,000 a month and someone is a driver earning N200,000, you can think of what you stand to gain driving a truck. It is a function of demand and supply. People demand for work and if they have the skills, they apply,” he said. Dr Bukola Adedoyin of the English Department, LASU, believes Dangote’s pay package is tempting enough to lure anybody even in the academia. However, he added that except for those who acquired their Ph.D through the back door or in an irrelevant field, no academic worth his salt would stoop so low to trade his doctorate for a truck-driving job. “Having a Ph.D is a thing of pride in the academia. You are not only respected in your country but around the world. So, I believe a lecturer who can defend his doctorate would not dump that certificate and take to driving no matter how tempting the pay package is. “Today, we know that acquiring a Ph.D is no longer a question of intel-

•Applicants scamble for job placements

lectualism. We have a crop of Ph.D holders who got their certificate by being mere contractors who ran errands or became their supervisors’ drivers and house helps while doing their programnmes. Such people, I know, cannot defend their certificates. If today, the NUC is saying there is a dearth of Ph.D holders compared to the rising number of universities, especially private ones, I don’t think any Ph.D holder should remain jobless in Nigeria, today. It is for you the media to find out how those people Dangote mentioned got their Ph.Ds. On the part of graduates and Master’s holders, however, Adedoyin agreed they might be tempted by what he said appears an irresistible carrot Dangote is dangling before their eyes. “The prevailing level of poverty in the country is enough to make any graduate or Master’s degree holder abandon his CV to mount a truck for Dangote. In Nigeria, today, it is possible for you to have a first degree and Master’s and yet remain jobless or be underpaid. The system is so bad that the fact that you graduated as a medical student does not guarantee you immediate job.” The Vice Chancellor, Crawford University, Igbesa, Ogun State, Prof Solomon Ayanlaja, says he’s ready to suspend his credentials and mount

the driver’s seat if he has no choice. “Nigeria is a country that is not cerebral; where the illiterates live like kings while those who went through school hardly have nothing to show for it. This is a country where the society praises social miscreants and political thieves at the expense of those who toiled to acquire sound education. If as a doctorate degree holder, my take home pay is nothing encouraging, and personally I’m not sufficiently entrepreneurial to do more things to make ends meet, I will have no option than do any other jobs that may improve my welfare.” Like Adedoyin, Ayanlaja also agrees that there are many who parade spurious certificates which make them unemployable. He also argued that many of them may have failed rigorous interviews conducted by blue-chip organisations in the past, noting that that may have pushed them to apply for a driver’s job to hide their shame. “Recently, two people who claimed to be Ph.D holders from an American University applied for a teaching job in our university. I then googled the name of the university online only for me to discover that the institutions are profit-making ones. In America, if an institution is described as a profit-making alone, that means the degrees they award can’t stand the test of time, so I sent

them away. “Even in Nigeria, today, we have lots of ‘cash and carry’ certificates; thank God the NUC is clamping down on them now. But, overall, Nigeria as a nation is a slave trader. It is either you work with government or corporate organisations that pay better, otherwise, you end up working with an organisation owned by an individual or few individuals who are still struggling to survive in the business. So, from where do you expect him to pay you fact salary? Kunle Lawal, a professor of History and International Studies at the University of Ibadan, lauded Dangote’s efforts in providing jobs for the army of jobless youths. However, he sees the situation as the disappearance of dignity of labour in a country once reputed for it. “In this same country, in times past, people were satisfied with jobs that fitted their professional callings. But, today, people look for any job that will guarantee their survival even if they don’t derive fulfillment from it. “Dangote also wants to employ sophisticated people as graduate drivers and not illiterates because he knows driving a truck requires specialised techniques. This new development will create a positive impression about truck driving by the society. But, I also feel these people may be used and over used and made useless by the time they are done.”




UNIPORT students decry forced holiday


TUDENTS of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) who were sent home after the barbaric killing of four of their colleagues on October 5, are seeking to resume soonest. The students noted that their future should not be sacrificed because of the heinous crime committed by suspects who are already in police custody. They called on the university management not to change the timetable. According to the school calendar, they are meant to start their examination this week. Some of the students who spoke with our reporter at the host communities, Choba and Aluu were of the opinion that the more they stayed at home the more their future are endangered. Chituga Obilor, a 200-Level student of Sociology said: “I am not happy staying at home doing nothing when I was to write my exam this month. The school authority should allow us to continue with our studies. In fact, I don’t see the reason why they should

•New students of the university taking the matriculation oath

Lagos rewards ‘excellent’ teachers


WELVE years ago, when he was a secondary school pupil, Mr Monsuru Ayodeji Popoola aspired to be a top administrator in a multinational company. Last Friday, however, Popoola was awarded the best Primary School teacher in Lagos State at the 2011 Annual Education Merit Award. The yearly event, which held in the expansive Adeyemi-Bero Auditorium in Secretariat, Alausa, was organised by the Lagos State Ministry of Education to honour teachers who have distinguished themselves in their jobs. Popoola said he was not expecting to go home with a car after the programme. “I was surprised when my name was announced as the Best Teacher in Primary School category. I will have to think about parking space in my house now. I didn’t know the reward for my activities would come early in my career. This should tell my colleagues that our contributions as teachers are being monitored and will definitely pay off one day,” he said, thanking the government for the gesture. The programme, which was attended by teachers from all education districts, pupils and their parents, was chaired by the General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, Dr Daniel Olukoya, who was represented by Prof Ade Ojo, a senior pastor in the

From Precious Dikewoha, Port Harcourt

keep us at home when the suspects have already been arrested.” Omasiri Amadi, studying Mass Communication, shares his view. “The students who were victims of the brutal murder are dead and some of them have been buried and the suspects according to news are now in the custody of the police so why are we still at home or we are expected to pay through our future,” she asked. Another student, who gave his name as Emmanuel Awarri, said he couldn’t afford to stay more than four years in the school. “I don’t have anybody assisting in my academics and I am begging the school management to call us back because I make my money from school through some business I assist people to do on the campus,” he said. Though the school’s Public Relations Officer was unreachable as at press time, a reliable source told this reporter that by Thursday or Friday the university will issue a press release concerning the plight of the students.

By Wale Ajetunmobi

church. Dignitaries present at the occasion included the Deputy Governor Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire, Commissioner for Education, Mrs Olayinka Oladunjoye, her predecessor, Dr Leke Pitan, Sen. Oluremi Tinubu, represented by Mr Yemi Osilaja, Director of New Era Foundation. Others were Special Adviser to Lagos State Governor on Education, Otunba Fatai Olukoga, chairman of State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Mrs Gbolahan Lawal, Directors in Ministry of Education and Permanent Secretaries in Ministries of Special Duties and Agriculture among others. In her speech, Oladunjoye noted that Governor Babatunde Fashola’s drive to improve the welfare of teachers and create enabling environment for learning under the free and qualitative education scheme led to the revival of the Education Merit Award in 2007 when the best teacher went home with a brand new Kia Rio car. She said the car presented to the winner of 2009 edition of the award was donated by the lottery magnate, Chief Adebutu Kessington, while Pastor Olukoya gave one of the cars for this year. “I am happy to inform you that the 2011 edition is being celebrated with two brand new cars which will be pre-

From left: Popoola, Mrs Oladunjoye, Mrs Orelope-Adefulire, Otunba Olukoga and Mrs Olajide during the presentation of the cars.

sented to the Best Teachers in both public primary and secondary schools. It is worthy to mention that one of the cars was donated by the General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries,” Oladunjoye said. Olukoya noted that his ministry shared in the commitment of Lagos State to excellence, which is why the church always honours its members who graduated with First Class with brand new cars. He said that the out-

standing performance of Fashola in the education sector encouraged the church to remain a reliable partner of the state. “I wish to state that I am perfectly in agreement with the decision of the Lagos State Government to honour its best teachers and principals. Not only does such an annual have the potential of greatly motivating teachers and principals to invest, in the spirit of healthy competition, their utmost in

performing the duties for which they are paid, but it will also enable them to know that due attention is ceaselessly paid to by the government to their dedication to duty,” he said. Mrs Orelope-Adefulire said the 60 per cent success recorded by Lagos State pupils in the 2012 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASCE) was a direct result of the dedication of Fashola’s administration and commitment of teachers to excellence.

Lawmaker empowers Epe youths By Kofoworola Belo-Osagie


•Recruitment Officer, Halogen Security, Mr Shola Olikungbemi (right) and the Control Room Manager, Mr Emmmanuel Anyanwu presenting books to Mrs. Blessing Ndukwu, Principal, Adam Yakub Memorial High School, Agege and some pupils (from left) Felix Progress, Ajoke Akerele, and Oluwaseun Zacheus at a Security Awareness Outreach for secondary schools in Lagos, organised by Halogen Security at the school. PHOTO MUYIWA HASSAN

MPOWERMENT is behind the numerous programmes that a member of the House of Representatives, Hon Lanre Odubote has initiated in his Epe constituency. Ahead of the launch of a bursary scheme, ICT training and free school bus ride and other programmes for next week, Odubote said with education and skill acquisition, youths could be empowered to become self employed. “The only way out to help young people out of unemployment is to continue to empower them through education. Through the ICT training, if properly capacitated, they can earn a living from anywhere,” he said. Throwing more light on the ICT training, registration for which will start Monday next week, Odubote said participants will be trained by facilitators from the Nigerian Com-


munication Commission (NCC) who will deliver world class tuition in various certification areas for a period of about three months. On the bursary scheme to be launched the same day, Odubote said youths who benefited from the free tutorials he sponsored ahead of the 2012 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) who have gained admission into the tertiary institution will be given regular stipends from the 2012/2013 academic session.



EDUCATION FUNAAB FILE Varsity to partner Israeli Institute THE Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) and the Galilee Management Institute (GMI), Israel, are fine-tuning arrangements to develop joint programmes. The President of GMI, Dr Joseph Shevel, who led a three-man delegation to the FUNAAB ViceChancellor, Prof Olusola Oyewole, said under the proposed collaboration, some senior academic staff of the university would be sent to GMI to lecture for a period. “We came here because we want to develop new programmes. Through this programme, we will start sending some of the professors to ourinstitute to teach. In the next few weeks or days, the Council of the university is coming to the Galilee. While there, we will sit down and design the programme,” he said.

Accreditation excites Dean THE Dean, College of Engineering (COLENG), Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), Prof Samuel Adejuyigbe, is delighted over the full accreditation of all programmes in his college. The programmes which were given full accreditation by the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) are Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Engineering and Electrical/Electronic Engineering. “The COREN accreditation is mandatory and compulsory because if you don’t have full accreditation, your programme will not run. It is either you pass or you fail and if you do not have full accreditation then you have failed and it shows you cannot admit any student against the next session until you have been accredited,” he said.

‘Varsities have become money-making factories’ T HE crisis of governance in tertiary institutions in the name of Internal Generated

Revenue (IGR) has made most of the nation’s ivory towers become money-conscious at the expense of inculcating sound moral values in students. This sad development has further resulted in indifference by many lecturers and university administrators who are busy chasing money, while the very students they are meant to groom have also become vulnerable, and therefore venturing into anti-social acts. Activist and a professor of political science, at the Lagos State University (LASU), Abubakar Momoh made this known while delivering a keynote address at the sixth annual conference of Association of Sociologists of Education of Nigeria (ASEN) hosted by the Faculty of Education, University of Lagos. In the address titled: Education and Social Violence in Nigeria, Momoh kicked against the entrepreneurship orientation of universities in Nigeria today which he said has eroded the culture of scholarships

By Ramat Musa

and stunted national development. He lamented that today, craze for money derivable from universities’ IGR as well as part-time programmes, have shifted attention from the creed upon which universities are established. Said Momoh: ‘’In the name of socalled IGR, most of our universities have become factories, and faculties have become entrepreneurs. What is important is what brings in money to the university, not what is important to the overall development of the nation or what is in the public good. “Our universities are increasingly being commoditised and have become cash -and- carry ventures. Regular undergraduate programmes are no longer lucrative and attractive to some academic staff; part-time programmes are now real target of many university administrators. But this part-time programme has grossly eroded the

quality and value of the academy. They have also de-politicised many scholars and reduced their autonomy and capacity as public intellectuals.” Momoh also faulted the insistence of the National Universities Commission (NUC) that universities teach entrepreneurship to undergraduates. “Even the National Universities Commission (NUC) is now forcing the teaching of entrepreneurial courses on vice-chancellors of Nigerian universities. All that now matters in higher education from the point of view of NUC and government is how to create entrepreneurs who will not depend on government job. The impression is created as if people went to school merely because they go employment. “Careerism, rather than activism, has become the dominant culture in the academy, whereas the academy ought to be a contested terrain. The suppression of ideas in the academy has led to the routinisation (sic) of violence, mak-

Scholarship changed my life, says student


LAMIDE Akin-Olugbade is an example of what the 225 beneficiaries of the Oando Scholars programme could become in future. The 16-year-old is a 300-Level student of the Lead City University, Ibadan. If she maintains her present Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), she will graduate with a First Class in Mass Communication. She performed with members of the Xplicit Dance Group during the launch of the scholarship scheme of the Oando Foundation for brilliant pupils in its adopted primary schools last Tuesday at the Civic Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos. Olamide and 39 members of the dance group are recipients of a scholarship scheme by Oando’s subsidiary, Gaslink that will enable her study up to postgraduate level. At the time the group got the scholarship for their sterling dance performance at an event by the oil company, she was a pupil of Hallmark School, Ibadan and her inability to pay fees led to been sent out on many occasions. However, since receiving the scholarship, she said she has been able to

• Director, Oando Foundation Ms Durosaro; Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw and some students from Oando Adopted schools, who are beneficiaries of its scholarship during the launch of the scheme for 225 students in Lagos By Kofoworola Belo-Osagie

focus on her studies and her dance career, which she partakes in during her leisure. “The scholarship has touched me in a positive way. I came in contact with Oando Plc when I was in SS1.

We were not able to pay tuition fees so we were being sent out of school. Since we got the scholarship, I have been able to focus on my studies. They will pay our tuition till Masters level,” she said. Like Olamide, the 225 recipients of the Oando Foundation Scholars

•Prof Oyewole

VC speaks on food safety THE FUNAAB Vice-Chancellor, Prof Olusola Oyewole, has charged Nigerians to be more concerned about the safety of the food they eat. Oyewole gave the charge last Monday at the opening of a workshop on Food Safety and Risk Minimisation, held at the International Scholars and Resource Centre. He said apathy on the part of Nigerians towards the safety of their food causes food-borne diseases that result in untimely deaths. Speaking at the workshop, Oyewole challenged the organisers to make it an annual programme. Facilitator for the training was Dr. Y. Martin Lo of the Department of Food Science, University of Maryland, US.

•Prof Momoh

ing human life to be greatly devalued. Hence violence has become a normal way of life,’’ he said Also speaking on victims and perpetrators of social violence, Momoh recommended seven steps which if taken, can assuage their grievances while also setting the tone for a new beginning. The steps, according to him, include: prevention, intervention, mediation, rehabilitation, reinstitution, re-integration and participation.

•Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi, shaking hands with Headmistress, SUBEB Nursery and Primary School, Ado-Ekiti Mrs. Taiwo Ayinla, and Pupils of the school, for winning the Best Primary School in Nigeria award during the 2011/2012 President’s Teachers and Schools Excellence Award, held in Abuja. With them is the Ekiti State Commissioner for Education Science and Technology, Dr Eniola Ajayi.

programme will no longer need to worry about not being able to afford fees, books or other learning materials. Under the scheme, 10 Primary Six pupils from the 28 public schools in Akwa Ibom, Bauchi, Cross River, Delta, Kaduna, Katsina, Lagos, Ogun, and Rivers States adopted by the Foundation will benefit from the scholarship which will cover tuition, sundry expenses such as transportation, study materials, school feeding and school uniforms up to tertiary level. Speaking at the event, Director of the Foundation, Ms. Tokunboh Durosaro said the initiative is to consolidate on the efforts of the foundation to improve the learning environment in the schools and empower the pupils to be able to compete effectively with their more privileged counterparts. “The scholarship will give the children opportunities they probably would not have had and will give them a platform to compete with other children,” she said. She said further: “A lot of children who are enrolled in Nigerian public primary schools never progress to higher levels of education. Secondary and tertiary education remains mere pipe-dreams for most of them. We are committed to changing this grim story for as many Nigerian children as we possibly can.” Also commenting, Chief Executive, Oando PLC, Mr Wale Tinubu said the organisation commits one per cent of its profit-before-tax to funding the Foundation’s programmes.


Fee hike delays students’ resumption at UNN Page 31

*CAMPUSES Mission *NEWS to *PEOPLE Maloney *KUDOS& KNOCKS Last week, all hell was let loose at the Ekiti State University (EKSU) following the death Hill

of a final year student of Accounting, Teslim Adebola Ibrahim. OLATUNJI AWE reports. *GRANTS Page 34


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‘Unionism has moved beyond hooliganism’


In many higher institutions, equipment designed by students as their final year projects have been abandoned. The students are not happy that what they laboured for are being treated this way. PHILIPS OGBAJE (400-Level Information Technology, Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola) examines the implication of these abandoned projects for education.

Adeola Adelabu is a 500-Level Agricultural Economics student of the University of Ibadan (UI). He is vying for NANS president in elections billed to hold in Jigawa State later this month. He told MUSLIUDEEN ADEBAYO about his programmes. •Grinding machines designed by ex-engineering students of University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN)

How should students’ project be kept? F

•Adeola •Story on page 30

OR every graduating student, it is a compulsory course. Those who refuse to take it know the consequences of their action; they risk not graduating. Project entails conducting research on any topic of choice of the student under the guidance of a lecturer. Though not taught as a course, project carries high credit units, sometimes as high as eight-credit unit for two semesters. However, policies vary according to institutions. A project is like the proverbial debt which every final year student must pay before graduating. While some students look forward to it; others don’t, because, according to them, it is “stressful and time consuming.” For a well researched project, students are required to use the library, Internet, or gather other data empirically. The written report from a project contains sections on date of the research, methodology, analysis, findings

and conclusions. While some projects involve mainly report writing, others require students to come up with a particular design and construction of equipment. Those who undertake such projects are mostly Engineering, Pure and Applied Arts, Computer Science and Information Technology students. Construction and design projects are known to be time consuming, stressful and expensive. Despite the huge resources and time invested on these projects, they are literally abandoned almost immediately after completion by students, and the reports packed and dumped in the store rooms of departments. This practice which is common to most tertiary institutions is not limited to first degree projects; the theses for Master’s and doctorate degrees’ are also left to rot away after completion. At the Department of Pure and

Applied Arts of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), Enugu State, for instance, works of art and sculptures by students dot everywhere in the department. These sculptures are churned out every year in their hundreds, at huge costs to the students only to be abandoned in the rains. The story is also the same in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Agriculture, Makurdi, (UAM), Benue State, where hundreds of past projects of students are scattered in the open. The only difference is that some of the projects adjudged to be good are kept inside while the others compete for space outside. At the old engineering block, Moddibo Adama University of Technology (MAUTECH), Yola, Adamawa State, mechanical and electrical equipment designed by former students have become seats for visitors and students.

Some of these equipment are products of demanding research work, ingenuity and creativity. Though some of the machines are operated manually they have great market value if utilised and projected. For instance, graduates of Mechanical Engineering in MAUTECH designed a sachet water nylon recycling machine as their final year project. Some of the students, who spoke with our correspondent, said if the machine is improved upon, it could save the country from the environmental hazards posed by indiscriminate disposal of nylons and create jobs for youth. Unfortunately, the recycling machine is lying idle at the engineering complex. An Engineering graduate of the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), Ondo State, Olumide Famoroti, said the way the projects are treated would not encourage students to give their •Continued on page 31

•Igbinedion hosts students on 78th birthday-P32 •Orji appoints student as adviser-P33




Revisiting our Pushing value system Out


T an event last week, I witnessed an incident that made me almost blow

my top and wonder what type of children some parents are grooming, or have already groomed. A young lady of about 22, in her bid to move in between tables spilled her drink on the head of an old man old enough to be her grandfather. I gently pointed to her that she just spilled her drink on the head of someone. She looked at me sternly, shrugged her shoulders, waved her hand and muttered “so?” I couldn’t believe what I just witnessed; I simply shook my head while other people came to my aid. There was a shouting match when they reprimanded her appropriately, all the while; the old man was just staring at her in disbelief. That was when someone, who apparently knows her, muttered: “and she’ll say she is a 300 level student in the University”! After enquiries, I found out she’s an undergraduate in a private university in Ogun State. This incident, and a couple that I’ve witnessed where you’ll see a young man or woman walk straight to the counter in a supermarket wanting to be served, oblivious of the fact that there may be more than 10 people on the queue awaiting their turns to be served. This has got me wondering that we may have “unconsciously” raised a generation without a core value system, a generation that may not believe in processes, but in quick fixes. This has permeated almost all aspect of our system. Why is a set of value system relevant in an individual’s life or a society, we may ask. Most nations, I know, have constitutions used to establish the groundwork for that nation’s social, legal and ambitious future. It establishes the basic relationships between the citizens of the realm and between them and their rulers. It defines rules for good and bad practices, laying down laws against taboos while preaching certain prac-


Agbo Agbo 08052959489 (SMS only)

• tices as essential. This generally is the means of identifying the nation’s values or value system. It is assumed that a nation’s value system is sacred and could extend beyond that nation’s boundaries. All nations are supposed to be proud of their value systems, just as a person is proud of his or her upbringing and character and would try to impress that behaviour and beliefs on others. Basic values are traditional and historic, reflecting aspects of the experience that each nation went through since its inception as a national unity. The greatest part, however, used to be – and, in some cases, still are – extracted from the main religious teachings of the nation. In fact a value system is based on averaging the total human experiences and producing a compromised version for all to follow. Religion is often present at the heart of a human value system. Those who believe in God and a specific religion would prefer their ‘holy’ constitutions to ‘human’ ones and, if they accepted the latter, they would do so with the proviso that they are allowed to practice their own religions at the same time. Our value system therefore is the sum total of our ideas and beliefs. It includes every opinion we hold about life. Each thing we like or dislike, and the importance each one has to us, merges to form our unique value system. Our value system develops through what we are taught and experience, combined with our reactions to them, forming our preferences and our unique perspective on life.

Ultimately, every opinion we have in life is based on something in our value system. The quality of any society is directly linked to the importance of the shared values. Two people may share a common interest in football, but if one thinks the other is a liar and a thief, they likely will not develop a deep friendship. On the other hand, if we have a mutual interest in keeping our neighbourhood safe, our views on sports will not interfere with our working together for that common goal. Relationships grow over time as the citizens grow together in their values. When two people meet for the first time, they do not know very much about what the other person values. Each one makes assumptions about the other, some of which are true while others are false. Yet, over time, if they discover that they agree on their most important values, their relationship will deepen and grow stronger. This is also true regarding all family relationships. Parents usually seek to instill their values into their children. As a child grows, he forms his own unique value system from what he learns from his parents. The quality of the relationship the parent and child share is completely dependent on how much they agree on each other’s most significant values. Good neighbourliness is based on common values systems and we experience this truth every day. We want to be with those who share our interests and moral ideas. Conversely, we avoid people who do not share values similar to ours, whether in moral areas of life or simply in manners or interests. In fact, it is difficult to enjoy a relationship with someone who is substantially different from you. Of course, the true values that we hold are the ones by which we actually live. If we claim to value something, yet do the opposite of it, then we actually value something else. If I claim to value truth, yet lie, then there is something more important to me than telling the truth. My lies prove that I hold some other value more deeply than

honesty. Every family has rules or expectations of what each member should or should not do. The degree to which we follow those expectations reveals how much we agree with them. Although we might not agree on a rule or expectation, we might still live by it in order to preserve our family relationships. In that case, we value the relationship as more important than choosing our own rules and having our own way. Our actions are the first indicators to ourselves and others about the values we hold because the values that we live by are connected to what is most important to us. However, we can sometimes have other desires in our hearts that differ from our actions. To be completely at peace within ourselves, there must be conformity between our deepest values and how we actually live. That is, you must be committed to your deepest values and seek to live according to them. Otherwise, you will experience inner conflict because you have not determined which values are most important to you, and every choice you make will not flow from a firmly held belief about that area of life. It is sad to note that some parents have abdicated the responsibility of instilling core positive values in their children and have left that to schools, nannies and the society to do, but what such parents fail to realise is that schools don’t train children, parents do. My reference on children here is predicated on the fact that character and values is better instilled from the formative years of a child. What a school or society does is to guide, the onus is still on the parents to provide the moral foundation in which their children’s future would be firmly anchored. The school, in most cases, is first and foremost a business venture set up to make profit. If you doubt this don’t pay your child, ward or children’s school fees for a term or semester and see what happens. That proprietor that often smiles at you and the Teachers that open your car doors and give your children a “warm hug” grinning from ear to ear will show you their true colours. I don’t believe that the parents of the young lady I mentioned would be pleased with her behaviour.

‘Unionism has moved beyond hooliganism’

How should students’ project be kept?

•Continued from page 29


•Continued from page 29

•Some abandoned sculptural works

best to research. Benjamin Okon, 400-Level Fine and Applied Arts, UNN, said it was discouraging to see expensive projects abando4ned by the management. “Our projects are supposed to be ideally displayed in an art gallery or sculptural garden but here, we don’t even have opinion of what to do with those works,” he said. Othniel Abutu, a graduate of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, UAM said:“it is absurd and a huge waste to dump students’ projects in the open after they spent resources to accomplish them.” He urged government to show interest in the projects in order to improve on the research works and make them economically viable. Jude Maneke, 500-Level Mechanical Engineering, MAUTECH, who is currently undertaking his final year project, told CAMPUSLIFE: “My project involves the design and construction of a mechanical chicken de-feathering machine; a machine that au-

tomatically removes feathers from slaughtered chickens. The initial estimate of the total cost is N150, 000, excluding the transportation and the paper work. It will be a huge waste of money if after all these, the machine is abandoned just like others. I will be pained.” B.T. Kwalagbe, an Academic Technologist, in charge of Biological Science laboratory, MAUTECH, blamed management of institutions for the waste. “Every project, whether it involves report, design or construction, is ideally supposed to be continued. If, as a Biologist, I conduct research in a community and discover a particular disease and submit report without carrying out further research on how such could be treated and controlled, I would have done a shoddy work and this is what is obtainable today in Nigerian higher institutions. Research works are not continued because there is no encouragement; students should be encouraged by providing them with adequate wherewithal to do further work. But most universities do not do

this, students submit projects just to graduate while lecturerS supervise projects to be promoted,” Kwalagbe said. Dr Hassan Abdulsallam, the Dean of School of Engineering and Engineering Technology (SEET), MAUTECH, said: “Project works are abandoned today because government is not interested in investing in the research works carried out by students. Nigerians are only interested in finished products. In some developed countries, projects are kept in special centres where students with ideas on how they can be improved upon are encouraged with grants and sponsorships. “In addition, governments of these countries have legal framework that forces the private sector and institutions of interest to invest and sponsor viable projects to its marketable stage. But this is what we lack in Nigeria and we must change our views to ensure students know what they are taught in class through these project works.”

HY are you contesting for NANS president? I am driven by the passion for positive change. I believe that all hands must be on the deck to make the body the voice of students. I believe in playing my own part to improve human situation, which is why I am contesting. I want to ensure a new NANS that will flourish in this democratic dispensation without losing its value which is the protection of students rights and guaranteeing their welfare. Do you have antecedent in politics? I have been representing my department and actively participating in politics since my 100-Level days. I was the Chief Whip and Speaker of my hall of residence. I was also the director of admission in the Junior Chamber International (JCI) and later became Executive Assistant to the National Collegial chairman of the group. I was elected the Social Director of the Faculty of Engineering after which I was selected as mobilisation officer of NANS. I also contested for the presidency of UI Students Union Government (SUG). How will you settle the problem of factions that may arise after the election? The election will be monitored by National Universities Commission (NUC), Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), operatives of the State Security Service, Nigeria Police Force and Ministry of Education officials. I believe none of them would want to soil its image by going ahead to conduct another factional or kangaroo election after Jigawa election in November. Besides, there is no faction but leadership crisis.

Many are of the opinion that NANS has lost its voice. Is the notion true? NANS is gradually winning the heart of Nigerian students because it is now responding to issues based on collective interest and I promise to continue with the trend if elected. We want to tell the public that rascality and hooliganism in NANS is now a thing of the past. Unionism has moved beyond guns and bullets but dialogue and consultation. This is the era of peaceful settlement of disputes. Our stand on issues will based on collective interest but NANS is still relevant. We will resuscitate SUG in schools that do not have it in place and this will make NANS more relevant on campuses. What is your view on the attacks on students in the country? Government must strengthen security in all campuses because I see attack on students as assault on our collective good. This is the first time that criminals will be attacking students without restraint. Each time they attacked campuses, one noticed the security responses were weak as is the case in Mubi in Adamawa State. We are saying that the case of about 40 students killed must not be swept under the carpet. Also, Aluu killing in Port Harcourt must be pursued to its logical conclusion. Culprits must be appropriately sanctioned as a deterrent to other criminals. What is your advice for students? Students should always be active in fighting for their rights but in a civil manner because we don’t want hooliganism. We must embrace dialogue with managements of our institutions. When dialogue fails, we can explore other peaceful means to drive home our interest but we must not suffer in silence.



CAMPUS LIFE Fee hike delays students’ resumption at UNN A month after a new academic session began at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), students are yet to resume. Why? It may not be unconnected with the increase in school fees, reports OLADELE OGE (400-Level Mass Communication).


OUR weeks after the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) began a new session, students are yet to resume. Only a few students, who have paid their school fees, are attending lectures. Lecturers, said the absence of students may affect academic activities. They wondered why students not returning to campus. CAMPUSLIFE learnt that it may not be unconnected with the increase in fees. At the Enugu campus, students demonstrated against the hike in Internet charges, which jumped from N3,000 to N12,000. This does not include other charges students have to pay during registration. The

•Students receiving lectures at Akanu Ibiam stadium last week

students argued that their parents could not afford the new fees. They also said there was no electricity to charge their laptops to ensure they logged on to the Internet when they want. At Nsukka, students complained that the management was unfriendly and insensitive to their plight. When CAMPUSLIFE spoke with some students who were yet to return on phone, they said they needed to raise money before they could come back to campus. Lecturers are lamenting that the development may affect their course outlines and period. Last week, most of the departments vis-

ited by our correspondent were yet to commence lectures. Some lecturers vowed that they would not go back to teach the absentees the courses they missed. At the Faculty of Agriculture, for instance, only a few final year students were present as at the time of filing this report. At the Faculty of Arts, which always bubbled with various activities, only freshers were around because of their clearance. Lectures have been abandoned by majority of the students. However, at the faculties of Engineering, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences and some de-

partments in the Faculty of Social Sciences, lectures were held for students. Some lecturers conducted their continuous assessment tests. Some of the absentees, who spoke to our correspondent, urged the management to reduce the fees so they could return to the school. Daniel Mama, 300-Level Mechanical Engineering, said management must identify with poor students, who could not afford the new fees. “The plight of indigent students becomes more pitiable when many of them find out that tuition fees has being increased.

Some, perhaps, made calls to find out the situation of things on campus from their colleagues that are in school, who may have told them that nothing is going. This will make them to continue their stay at home.” To Uchenna Kingsley, 300-Level Geology, if lectures began on time, the session may not experience any hitch. “Students should come back to campus for us to conclude the academic session on time. If they continue to stay at home with the notion that they cannot afford the new school fees, we will be the one that will be affected after all,” Uchenna said.

Students of Dramatic Arts at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Osun State, have held a drama and fashion exhibition. WILBERFORCE AREVORE (300-Level Language Arts) writes.

•Phelomena and Tunde on the stage


CADEMIC activities virtually came to a halt at the Faculty of Arts in Obafefemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife Osun State last week. Students, trooped into the Pit Theatre of the Dramatic Arts to watch a play by their colleagues and an exhibition by the Hyper Entertainment, a students’ drama group in Ife. The presence of a dramatist, Pa Jimi Solanke, and his wife at the programme tagged: Inception 2012 added colour to the exhibition, which was supported by modelling agencies and fashion design outfits in Osun State. The event also featured dance, exhibition of art works, fashion shows and trade fair. Solanke’s son Olusola, a 400-Level student of Dramatic Arts, was the lead character in the drama entitled Tororo, written by the late Ola Rotimi. The four-character play, directed

•Solanke (middle) and wife with Prof Jemison applauding the characters during the drama show

Fusion of fashion, drama by Ayoka Thompson, 400-Level Dramatic Arts, was set in 1974. The drama described the ordeal of a young woman, Philomena, who ventured into prostitution, and a young man, Tunde Ogini, who got imprisoned for fraud. The scene opened in a Hotel Kilimanjaro room with Philomena and General Steward, her customer. After they thei time together, Philomena stole a leaf from the cheque book of the General when he was not watching. She thereafter met a bank official, who forged the signature of the General to withdraw 5,000 pounds from the General’s account at Iganmu Metropolitan Bank. When she was arrested, Philomena claimed that it was Tunde, who asked for her hand in marriage, that

forged the signature. Tunde was picked up by the police, who later discovered that the allegation against Tunde was false. It was later discovered that the manager of the bank and Philomena connived to defraud the General. Tunde was, therefore, released from prison. Speaking after the drama, Ayoke said students were skeptical about the fusion of fashion and theatre because that had not been done on the campus. “For me, it is not just an event, it is a dream come true. Fashion is the trend among the youths but blending theatre and fashion seemed odd at first, but I am glad that we achieved what we intended with the programme. With Jimi Solanke’s presence, this is a sign that we have achieved

something different; a sign of a new concept.” Solanke commended the students for the “beautiful delivery” of the play. He said: “I never expected something close to perfectness when I was informed of the drama but the characters did a very good job. Fashion exhibition and drama at the same time is quite commendable. It is a sign that Nigerian youths are doing things that were regarded as unrealistic in our days. I give kudos to you all.” Prof Noah Jemison, a renowned Arts lecturer at the East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania, United States, who was present at the presentation, said: “The drama was educative and we must praise lecturers in the department for allowing students to teach

what they are being taught in the classroom. They are in one way or the other trying to heal the society via their work of art.” The characters in the drama said the presentation was more than a play to them, adding that they spent time on the rehearsal to deliver the drama. “We once performed this play at the University of Ibadan during their festival of plays which held last August,” one of them said. Victoria Wills, an Accounting student of the Polytechnic Ibadan, who was at the exhibition, said: “It is rare opportunity to witness a show as this; despite the fact that I am a fashion person, I have never thought of the relationship between fashion and theatre. It is not just about the play, the fashion exhibitions were properly organised. Niyi Salawu, 300-Level Education student, said: “I have never fancied fashion, but I commend the brains behind this beautiful event.”



CAMPUS LIFE Igbinedion hosts students on 78th birthday

Strike disrupts activities at Imo varsity •Okorocha begs lecturers From Ekene Ahaneku IMSU


HE palatial residence of the Esama of Benin Kingdom, Chief Gabriel Igbinedion, played host to students of the Unversity of Benin (UNIBEN) last week. The students paid courtesy call on the proprietor of the Igbinedion University, Okada to celebrate with him on the occasion of his 78th birthday. Led by the president of the Students’ Union Government (SUG), Favour Osifo, the students were among the hundreds of well-wishers, who joined the chief in celebration. The Speaker of the SUG parliament, Godfrey Ameh, while presenting a birthday card to the Benin chief, extolled the virtues of Igbinedion, saying his developmental activities in the state would continue to inspire the young people all over the world. He cited the Esama’s proprietorship of the Igbinedion Education Centre, Igbinedion University, Independent Television and Radio stations in Benin City as prime ex-

•The students at Igbinedion’s residence From Osato Edopkpayi UNIBEN

amples of the chief’s relentless contributions and unwavering commitment to nation building. After he received the card, Igbinedion said he was grateful to the students for taking the time out to celebrate with him. He also

prayed for the students and wished them well in their academic endeavours and pledged to support the union in its mandate to cater for the welfare of UNIBEN students. The SUG delegation included the Margeret Odia, Vice President, Suleman Aliyu, Secretary-General, Osarodion Imafidon, Attorney

General, Osariemen Okuonghae, Director of Welfare, Emmanuel Ogbomon, Director of Information, Simon Udebhulu, Director of Finance, Sylvester Baye-Osagie, Director of Sports, Donald Abuah, Deputy Speaker, Valentine Ikediashi, Clerk, Chinwe Odiaka, Deputy Clerk and Godwin Eromosele, Chief Whip.

College matriculates freshers

Management urged to re-adjust exam timetable


TUDENTS have been charged to take their studies serious in order to achieve academic excellence. The admonition was made by the Rector of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Television College (TV COLLEGE), Dr Ayo Fasan, during the matriculation ceremony held for the 2012/2013 diploma students at the school auditorium. Dr Fasan also urged them to shun vices that may jeopardise their academic pursuit in school, advising them to make their stay on the campus a fruitful one. He said: “Many of our ex-students are doing exceptionally well in media organisations across the federation and they all started like you. You have the chance and privilege to join that train now but you must know that only hard work and determination will take you that high.” While presenting the students for the oath of matriculation, the Registrar, Hajiya Hadiza Lawal, called on the freshers to be of good conduct throughout their stay in the college. She said immediately the students swore to the oath, all the laws and regulations of the school would be binding on them. Some of the matriculating students said they were excited as they

From Stanley Uchegbu UNICAL

•The Diploma students taking oath during the ceremony From Gotodok Lengshak and Sulemann Dutse TV COLLEGE

were officially admitted into the college’s system. Ruth Daspan of Journalism department said: “Now I feel like a full student and I can

now settle down and be groomed on presentation which is my major priority here.” Another student, Joseph Davou, Production department, said he was in the right place to learn the basics of television production. About 267 students from the department

Students threaten protest over fee hike HERE is a growing disaffection among students of the University of Jos (UNIJOS), who are threatening to demonstrate against the fee hike by the management. The students are at loggerhead with the management of the institution over the increment in the accommodation fee. The Students’ Union Government (SUG), led by Nanlop Maya, asked the returning students to suspend payment of fees to the institution’s account until the issue of the over 130 per cent increment in school and accommodation fees is reduced. The SUG advised the management to urgently address the situa-


MEMBERS of academic staff of the Imo State University (IMSU), Owerri have embarked on a strike action due to inability of the management of the institution to pay the arrears salaries. The action has disrupted academic activities in the school. The strike coincided with the visit of the state Governor Rochas Okorocha to the university, ostensibly to stave off the industrial action. When students got to the school last Friday, they were shocked to learn that their lecturers had gone on strike. The notice was pasted on the notice board of the Students Union Government (SUG). Michael Nduka, 100-Level Nursing Science, said the strike action had begun before the lecturers officially downed tools. According to him, “for the past one week, academic activities have been suspended and none of us has attended any lecture.” Meanwhile, Okorocha addressed the striking lecturers on the state radio to call off the strike, after which he visited the school again to appeal to the aggrieved party. He promised the students that his administration would not stop the scholarships given to them. The lecturers have since resumed for lectures.

From Mariam Akingbala UNIJOS

tion to avert any form of protest by students, a plan CAMPUSLIFE gathered was in the offing by the press time. Nanlop, who is Acting President of the union, and Lucky Dikshik, Secretary General, said they opted for the delayed payment until the issue was looked into as many returning students would be shocked at the increment which he described as a far cry from what they would have expected. The duo stated they gathered from the school website that the management has reviewed up-

ward, school fee and hostel accommodation of N 27,000 and N12,500 as against N12,000 and 4,500 respectively. The union leaders added: “The Students’ Union officials are not duly consulted before such a decision was taken.” They had, earlier in a letter, stressed that “the outrageous amount posted on the website is unacceptable” and maintained that if the institution went ahead to implement the new fees, “students catering for themselves will find it difficult to cope, which may lead to some of them dropping out of school when they cannot afford the new tuition fee.”

of journalism, production and engineering were matriculated. Present at the occasion were the Dean of Studies, Mr Aleichenu Odumu; the Academic Secretary, Mr Zakari Yakubu, as well as the Dean of Students’ Affairs (DSA), Mr Justin Davwed. Others were Head of Journalism department, Mr Terkimbi Manyam, his counterparts in Production and General Studies, Mr Olaniyi Oladokun and Ms Halima Bewell respectively.

PRE-CLINICAL students in the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, Faculty of Allied Medical Science and Faculty of Clinical Sciences in the University of Calabar (UNICAL) have rejected the examination timetable released by the management. The students complained that the exam was fixed around festive period with intention to put them in rush. The exam was initially fixed for December 4 but postponed to December 19. Speaking to CAMPUSLIFE, a Medicine and Surgery student, who pleaded anonymity, said that the exam was supposes to be on December 4 with a paper each day. “But the exams have been fixed to December 19 with two papers per day.” Another student said after the last semester exam, which was one paper per day, students performed woefully, “now they have fixed the examination with two papers per day, I don’t know how we are going to perform better this time,” she queried. A student of Physiology urged the management to re-adjust the timetable back to December 4 and make it one paper per day, saying students still needed to cover more materials with diagrams before the exam.



CAMPUS LIFE Varsity elects union leaders


TUDENTS of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) trouped last week to elect new leaders into the offices of the Students’ Union Government (SUG). The election, which was held at the newly completed College of Food Science and Human Ecology (COLFHEC) and College of Environmental Resources Management (COLERM) buildings, had nine presidential candidates, which observers said was the highest in history of the school. Preceding the elections were series of activities including presidential

Orji appoints student as adviser


From Emmanuel Shebbs UMUAHIA

After making the request, Jude recommended Afulike as the unanimous nominee to the office. The nomination was subsequently approved by Orji. The Governor praised the demand and promised that he would keep the students closer to his government. The students intimated the governor on their challenges, which included bursaries for the state students, and government scholarship. They also asked for a vehicle to ease their movement. In his reaction, Governor Orji said bursary had not been applied for by the students, a situation that made the state officials think the students were buoyant to fund their education without the help of the government. “But in a situation where the students don’t apply for bursary, we believe that they are buoyant enough to take care of their educa-

tion. Any student that wants bursary assistance should apply to the Ministry of Education and they will be assisted. Students have been applying and they have been getting responses.” On scholarship, he said: “The state government has been very optimistic on the award of scholarships to students in the state. Currently, we have more than 30 students who are on the state government’s bursary scheme abroad. They are being taken care of as they study special disciplines on foreign universities.” The Governor promised to assist the NAASS in its projects and programmes, especially on the purchase of bus and construction of official complex. Afulike thanked the governor for an opportunity to serve in the capacity. He promised the students of his loyalty to their cause. He is ex-president of the Students Union Government (SUG) of Abia State University, Uturu (ABSU).


ARENTS of students of the Lagos State University (LASU) have urged the management of the institution to review its new fees to be paid by 100-Level and 200-Level Direct Entry students. The parents said the fees were too exorbitant to be afforded by them. They spoke under the banner of Concerned Parents of LASU students at a press conference held in Lagos last weekend. Mr Akindele Olugbola, who read the press statement, said: “We perceived the new fees as unaffordable. We the parents of LASU students are oblige to inform the general public of our predicament. We call on the public to join us to rise against the attempt to take education out of the reach of our children.” The statement reads further: “Sequel to the official bulletin issued on Monday, 17 September, 2012 wherein the breakdown of school fees for 2012/

•Prof Omole presenting the 50th anniversary logo to the Emir and his subjects

Chancellor praises VC on transparency


From Sikiru Akinola OAU

versity. A release by the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the university, Abiodun Olarewaju, stated that the Emir was delighted to receive the VC and his team. He expressed satisfaction on the maintenance of the university environment. Olanrewaju said the Emir praised the management for putting in place policies that accommodated students of diverse back-

grounds to make the institution cosmopolitan. “Alhaji Usman promised to do all within his power to further project the image of the university and showcase its potentials to the outside world,” the PRO said. Prof Omole appreciated the royal father for his advice towards making the university a world-class, adding that the tenure of the Emir as Chancellor recorded tremendous achievements. He prayed to Allah to grant the Emir sound health and wisdom to offer greater service to OAU and humanity.

From Anuoluwapo Alani LASU

2013 academic session was stated. We held a peaceful protest across various quarters of the university’s main campus, Ojo, decrying unbearable fee.” “As a matter of fact, we were marvelled at the released. Our expectation has always been that intakes of the year mentioned above would be considered as returning students which presumably will bring down against what we paid when they were admitted. This is intended to make education affordable and whittle down the risk of death of public education amongst Nigerians and residents of Lagos State.” Olugbola called on the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), civil liberty groups, non-governmental organisations, human rights groups, students’ bodies and pro-democracy groups to appeal to the Lagos State Government to review the fees to what they could afford to send their wards to school.

Varsity receives Good Governance media team •VC bags award


HE Emir of Katsina and Chancellor of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, Alhaji Abdul-Mumin Kabir Usman, has praised the transparent manner with which the ViceChancellor, Prof Bamitale Omole, is running the affairs of the institution. The Emir stated this when the VC led a university delegation to Katsina on a courtesy visit to the Emir to intimate him on the series of activities lined up to mark this year’s convocation ceremony and 50th anniversary of the uni-

debate, manifestoes and campaign. Tension was heightened prior to the election date due to the number of aspirants and desperation on the part of some of the aspirants. When the election results were announced by the Independent Electoral Committee, Temitope Adesipo of the department of Pasture and Range Management was returned as the president-elect. Others elected were Azeez Edunjobi, Vice President, Dolapo Ayokunmi, General Secretary, Azeez Salawu, Public Relations Officer and Obinna Ezemmaduekwe, Welfare Secretary among others. The elected officials have since been sworn in.

Parents appeal to LASU on new fees

•Jude speaking during the meeting as Governor Orji listens

HE Governor of Abia State, Chief Theodore Orji, has appointed a students’ leader, Christian Afulike, as Special Adviser on Students’ Matters. The appointment followed the demand made by the national executive members of National Association of Abia State Students (NAASS) who paid a courtesy visit to the Governor recently. The NAASS president, Jude Ezeibe, pointed out that the absence of the Adviser to the Governor on Students’ Matters had strained the relationship between the government and the students of Abia State schooling in and outside the state. Jude said: The “appointment of a Special Assistant on Students’ Matters to your Excellency would help enhance the relationship between the government and students. This will bring the students closer their root, thereby making them to understand the programmes of government on education.”

From Abiola Solanke FUNAAB

N recognition of the fundamental role tertiary institutions play in the development of any nation, the media team of the Good Governance Group of Nigeria has visited Ibrahim Babangida University (IBBU), Lapai. The team, which was led by the Minister of Information, Mr Labaran Maku, urged the Niger State government to prioritise funding of its higher institution. He emphasised that the wide margin between Nigeria and other developed nations of the world in terms of educational development required urgent collaborative efforts of the people at various levels of leadership positions in the country to act. Mr Maku, who also praised the state government for providing basic infrastructure at IBB varsity, said the institution would a model among its peers if the government releases more funds for its development. In his remarks, Minister of National Planning, Dr shamusdeen Usman, expressed satisfaction with giant strides of Niger State government for infrastructure in the state university,

From Yinka Olatunbosun IBBU

urging it to continue with bold steps. In another development, the League of Democratic Students (LEADS), has honoured the Vice-Chancellor of the institution, Prof Adamu Kolo , with a merit award of performance. The body said the he was awarded in recognition of his commitment to the development of the state university. The national president of LEADS, Mr Ochekwu Morgan, during the presentation of the award, said the body observed the pragmatic approaches of the vice-chancellor over the years towards taking the university to the level of excellence among its peers. He also disclosed that Prof Kolo’s laudable antecedents and intellectual ability as well as his commitment to effective service delivery at any leadership position stood him out for recognition by the organisation. Responding, Prof Kolo thanked the body for the honour, pledging to continue his developmental activities in the institution.




Soccer tears them apart The inter-faculty games organised by the Students’ Union Government (SUG) of the University of Calabar (UNICAL) started well, but ended in controversy, STANLEY UCHEGBU (400-Level Accounting) reports.


RACK field stunts, incredible kicks and dazzling gymnastic feats were the major attractions at the just-concluded inter-faculty games at the University of Calabar (UNICAL). All the sporting activities took place in the Abraham Ordia Stadium on campus. The games were organised by the Students’ Union Government (SUG) through the office of the Director of Sports, Sunday Iyoma. Among the events were football, badminton, long jump, table tennis, lawn tennis, volley ball, scrabble and chess. Ten schools in UNICAL participated in the contest. They are faculties of Agriculture, Allied Medical Sciences, Arts, Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Education, Law, Management Sciences, Social Sciences and Sciences. For a week, the faculties slugged it out with one another to clinch the coveted positions. In the football game, Management Sciences, Basic Medical Sciences, Allied Medical Sciences and Law got to the semi final after tough preliminary matches. Later, Law team was sent packing after being trounced by the Management Science team. It was the second time the latter would be defeating the former at the semi-final stage. Allied Medical Sciences team was trounced by Faculty of Basic Medical Science. The final match was as tough as it was entertaining for the contending teams, as each fought hard to lift the trophy. The teams were smartly dressed in shades of blue Adidas jerseys as they jogged to the pitch amid cheers by the of spectators. Red Cross Society officials were on hand to

give first aid to injured players. A spectator, Owolabi Faleti, who spoke with CAMPUSLIFE, tipped the Management Science team to win the trophy. In the stadium were representatives of the Vice Chancellor, Prof James Epoke, and Students’ Union officials. After 90 minutes, the match ended goalless. The game could not proceed to extra time because the day was getting darker. The referee decided the winner must emerge through a penalty shootout. The decision favoured the Faculty of Allied Medical Science, which mauled Management Science with 5-4 points. The game, however, ended in controversy when the losers alleged that a part-time student of Marketing was among the players of the winning team. SUG Financial SecretaryAkpan Blaise, said the winning faculty hired mercenary to win the trophy. According to him, when Management Sciences played against Law team a similar case arose and three days after the match, the losers petitioned the SUG. Akpan said the union cancelled the result and fixed a replay. “Now, the same thing has repeated itself in the final match between the Faculty of Allied Medical Science and Management,” he said. Fortune Augustine, a Management Sciences student, said the final match was a gang-up against his faculty. “All of them ganged up against Management Sciences because we have been champion over the years,” he posited. Bassey Nkanu, 300-Level of Accounting, said impersonation would have been checked if a technical committee was constituted by the organisers. “The technical committee would have ensured that all participating players are

•Spectators at the final match

•Allied Sciences and Management Sciences teams before the final match

bona fide students of each faculty and the university.” Despite the controversy, the president of the union, Ayi Ekpenyong, decorated the winning team with medals and handed over the trophy to the team. In all the contests, Faculty of Education topped the medal table with 14 gold medals, five silver medals and six bronze. Followed Education on the table was Faculty of Allied Medical Science with three gold medals and a silver medal. Others were Faculty of Social Sci-

ences with two gold medal; Faculty of Law, one gold, five silver and two bronze medals; Faculty of Science, one gold, two silver and four bronze medals; Faculty of Management of Science, a gold and a silver medal; Faculty of Basic Medical Science, a gold and five bronze medals, Faculty of Arts, four silver medals and Faculty of Clinical Science with a bronze medal. The coach of the Allied Medical Science, Emmanuel Ilen, denied that he enlisted foreign players in

his team. He said the student in question is in 300-Level Public Health in his faculty. He said the issue should have been raised before the match was played but “they waited until we won the trophy, which shows that they were up to something.” Sunday said that the reason for the inter-faculty games was to breed sportsmen that would represent the university in inter-varsity sport competition. He advised losers to accept defeat in the spirit of sportsmanship.

Mission to Maloney Hill


O ensure their promotion to the next class, 100-Level students of Geography Department, Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK), went on a field trip to Maloney Hill in Keffi. The hill, which is covered by the rubbles of houses built during the colonial era, is about 300 metres above sea level. It was named after Captain C.W. Maloney, who was the colonial representative in that area. It is behind the palace of the Emir of Keffi. There was excitement as the students climbed to the top. They were guided by some of their lecturers. The activities started with the convergence of the students at a popular Comfort Zone on campus by 8am. Thirty minutes later, the students were divided into 17 groups with about 16 students in each. They were later addressed by Mr Akwa Labaris, Dr Mahmud Abubakar and Mr Kpalo Sunday Yusuf, all of who are lecturers in the department. They stressed

•The movement to the top of the hill

•Students posing at the top of the hill From Kamaluddeen Abubakar NSUK

the need for the students to conduct themselves in an orderly manner. They also remind the students of the security challenges in the North, urging them to take note of suspicious object they may find

on their way. Exactly 10am, the students departed. When they descended from the hill, the students visited the Emir’s palace, where Dr Abubakar addressed the emirate council. Other monument visited included Antau Bridge, oldest bridge in Keffi,

which was constructed in 1962 by Ahmadu Bello Administration. They also visited Keffi Roundabout and main market. One of the students, Blessing Samuel, said: “The excursion was educative but stressful. It afforded us to know some important histori-

cal issues about Keffi in addition to climbing Maloney hill.” Falahu Abubakar, another student, thanked officials of the department for “providing is with the practical knowledge of our course.” Firdausi Ahmed said he felt like a Geographer after he came down from the hill.




Rage of flood and agony of the displaced

By Philip Okorodudu


HE people of the Niger Delta and indeed, the country at large. People have been displaced from their homes. Mothers are crying, looking for their missing children. Properties worth billions have been washed away and destroyed by the torrents of water that flooded many states recently. Children cannot go to school because their schools have been flooded. They have turned to refugees in makeshift camps for those who are displaced. But for the fact that God promised that he will not destroy the world again with water, one would have thought that the end of the world had come. From the small town of Olomoro in Isoko North Local Government of Delta State to the capital city of Asaba,

from the riverine Bomadi LGA to Patani, the linking town between Delta, Bayelsa and Port Harcourt; from Udaba Ekphei in Etsako Central Local Government Area in Edo State to the oil-rich town of Omuku in Rivers State, speed boats are now being used to fiery human beings and their luggage across highways made for vehicles. Sir Isaac Newton, one of the greatest scientists of all times, in his Third Law of Motion, stated: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Man has been, over the years, either consciously or unconsciously making the earth unsafe through its activities. The burning of fossil fuels, releasing of green house gases into the atmosphere is now yielding fruits, howbeit negatively. Destruction of the mangrove through gas flaring in the Niger Delta, smokes from car exhausts, over exploitation of forest resources, torrential rains and such like are all contributory factors to the scenario that we are presently experiencing. Heavy rainfall, coupled with the release of water from the Kiri Dam in Adamawa State, Lagdo Dam in the Republic of Cameroon flowing into the Benue river and the water from the Upper Volter flowing into the Niger river have tremendously increased the water level of the Benue

and Niger rivers. The rivers, due to excess of water, overflew their banks engulfing its tributaries which extend to various areas in Nigeria. The speed at which the overflowing water was moving to cover every space was overwhelming. Places that were hitherto considered unreachable by the flood are now completely under water. The National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA) had said that people from riverine communities should vacate their communities but the situation has gone beyond their expectation. Many local governments have been completely submerged by water. In Delta State alone, twelve local governments were overrun by water. In some places, roofs of buildings indicated that there are houses at the site and residents, with no place to go, have turned oil platforms, boats and farmlands to makeshift homes with no food and clothes. With the continued rainfall and water associated diseases, the situation is pathetic. The flood, which started sometimes in July in some parts of Edo and Kogi states, may not have reached its peak going by the available statistics. There are concerns by experts that should there be a collapse of dams in Nigeria especially the Oyan dam in Abeokuta

which is as high as a 10-story building, some parts of the southwest and Niger Delta could be completely submerged. The Niger Delta, located in the atlantic coast of southern Nigeria, where River Niger divides into many of its tributaries is the bearer of most of the burdens of the flood. The region, with the largest wetland in Africa with about 2,370 square kilometres consisting of water is in a dire need of relief materials. Temporary settlement camps have been set-up by state governments in the Delta region but they seem not to be enough as many people, with their belongings that they could rescue from the flood, are still stranded in villages and competing for space that is yet to be flooded. The Delta State Commissioner for Information, Barrister Chike Ogeah, noted in an interview recently that ‘there is a real prospect of an outbreak of disease on the residents who depend on the flood water as their main source of drinking water’. The people of the flooded areas are susceptible to such water borne diseases as malaria, dysentery, cholera and diarrhoea. Also, there is the danger of being exposed to sea animals like the crocodile just as some houses have become fish ponds. It is a good thing that the Federal Government deemed it fit to

categorise states according to the level of damage and render assistance. Well meaning Nigerians who have the interest of the people at heart and still believe in the complete sovereignty of the Federal Republic should offer assistance to save people from dying from hunger and starvation occasioned by the flood disaster. Monies allocated to alleviate the suffering of the displaced persons must be properly accounted for. Efforts must be made to ensure that the recent occurrence of armed robbery in Oharisi Primary School in Delta State where displaced persons were robbed of their little belongings must not occur again. It baffles me as to how sane persons, who are supposed to be of help to displaced persons, suffer their unhappy patriots. This is no time for looting, only men of proven character should be appointed to committees that would be setup to manage the resources accruing to the resettlement of the flood victims and all efforts must be in top gear to see that there is no “jungle justice” is the execution of the committee’s duties. The time to be our brother’s keeper is now for a stitch in time saves nine. Philip, 400-Level Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering, DELSU

Vengeance as ungodly virtue


S a young child growing up, my mother instilled sociallycorrect moral principles in me. I learned from her that “two wrongs can never make and right.” Years ago, I read about a father who took law into his hands to seek vengeance. His eldest daughter rebelled against his wish to associate with people involving in drugs and sexual promiscuity. At a night, the police called to inform the father that the daughter had been found dead from an overdose of drugs. In a state of rage, the father loaded a gun and drove to the house were his daughter had been living. He shot all her daughter’s acquaintances he saw in the building. Many father might have be tempted to do the same, however two wrongs never make a right. There are times in when we learn lessons the hard way. Romans 12 Vs. 17 to 21 read: “Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. On the con-

By Johnpaul Nnamdi

ET me reassure you of my utmost respect for your office and for you as a father, leader and most of all the number one citizen of Plateau State. I want assure you also that I do not belong to the society of cynics, who always see something wrong in any policy your administration implements. Neither


trary: “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” The horrible lyching of four students of the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT), Chidiaka Lawson, Lloyd Toku, Tekena Erikena and Chidiaka Biringa, is no longer news. This demonic act by the locals of Aluu Community in River State has attracted criticism from near and far. The reason for the killing of the youths is not in any way tenable. In fact it was barbaric. A lot of people in this country take laws into their hand on a daily basis. Reasons are not farfetched. Crimes happen as a result of wanting to take revenge. The criminals then apportion blame on the devil. Some have attached their own cases to witch craft. But God will judge us all by our intention. Amanda’s boyfriend was snatched away from her by her best friend. In anger, she stabbed her friend to death. Taking the law into her own hands, forgetting that two wrong can never make a right. How did she manage do I fit to the class of pro-government sycophants. Many of your critics prefer to criticise, rather than give you a pass mark on some developmental feats recorded in your tenure. But anybody with a clear conscience will acknowledge your effort to bring Plateau State to the path of development. Not only has infrastructure such as roads and bridges been fixed to the surprise of many of us, you have admirably restructured the government by incorporating more youths who are believed to have better ideas and energy to key into the current trend of governance. However, I want to seize this opportunity to bare my thoughts on things I feel are not right. I write this piece because I am very sure I do not share these sentiments alone. Initially, I had said I would not bother not until I was faced with the stark reality of my inaction. Upon reaching home as a fresh graduate, I was elated by the flattering accolades of family members and friends. But this, in no time, was watered down when I met Pam (real name withheld). Pam is my neighbour. The kid has

her temper? Was the boyfriend only man on earth? Why didn’t she allow God be the judge over the situation? Amanda was sentenced to death. They both lost their lives. Lessons learnt the hard way. The actions of the UNIPORT student who went to burn property in Aluu were equally wrong. Anyone in their shoes would have done the same, even after seeing the video clips of the barbaric act. I am a student too and the murdered students were my colleagues in the pursuit of academic certificates. I felt bad, I shed tears but there should be restraint. The brutish killing of the students was another poignant reminder that we now live in a wicked and sick society. The video clip of the gory scene showed the extent to which our country has travelled in infamy. People believed they were judges and that they can be judges in all situations, forgetting that two wrongs cannot make a right. They imposed a punishment of death without trial; we, as colleagues, are against that kind of punishment and act. But the community has suffered an equally stern punishment without trials in the hands of the youths that sought to revenge the brutal killings of their

colleagues. This is not what a sick society should look like. With no respect for socially accepted principles and law and order, one wicked act summons the other and a vicious circle of vengeance and counter vengeance continues forgetting that two wrongs cannot make a right. Shall we all continue in sin that grace may abound? God forbid, said the Holy Bible. Twelve houses were burnt in the retaliation for the killings. Properties worth millions were lost, just the same way the lives of the innocent students were brutally snuffed out. In Nigeria today, when a thief is caught, instead of handing him over to the police, he will be beaten to death and burnt. The thief may have been wrong, but the killers have done the worst by taking the law into their own hands. Vengeance is of the lord and those who do evil will always get their rewards. Paying evil deeds with evil is wrong. When you kill a thief, the offence you have committed makes you worst than the thief. Because the one who took a life is worse than the one who stole a phone. In most cases those who try to repay evil with evil always commit a worse crime that the initial

Letter to Jonah Jang no glint of hope as he narrated his ordeal since his school (a public school) went on strike six months ago. Pam has been on the street and his dream to be a graduate is turning to a nightmare. I would have shifted the blame on his parents for not enrolling him into a private school, but I learnt that Pam’s parents are state civil servants, who have been on strike for a long period of time. There is a saying that education is the bedrock of every society. This is true. You will leave no stone unturned in your negotiation with the labour union to see that teachers go back to the classroom and thousands of children like Pam go back to school. Although, reports have it that the labour union are not considerate, and the government will not dance to their tune either. Should children of the poor in dire need of primary education that will shape their lives and the society roam the street due to the war of ego between the government and the labour union?

Also, several accounts of the sick and pregnant women who have lost their lives due to unavailable immediate medical care from their local government areas because health clinics are affected by the strike are as well worrisome. Many homes have gone broken for the reason that their bread winners are civil servants. Pipe borne water is no longer running in the pipe. The cliché that when two elephants fight, the grasses suffer seems to aptly describe the present condition of the hapless citizens of the state. The strike has dealt a blow on almost every aspect of the social life in Plateau State - from the top to the grassroots. Arguably, many may point accusing fingers at the labour union for its uncompromising stance, nonetheless I am of the opinion that the people of the state willingly gave you their mandate and you must not let them down. It is often said that your generation was a very lucky one. And I concur.

By Esther Mohammed

offender. It is better to live life with the reverence and awe for God, knowing that he is the judge of all. He doesn’t pays to play God or take a life. We all know that some criminals deserve to grim punishment, but let us not allow the seed of revenge to grow in our hearts. Esther, 400-Level Mass Comm., UNIBEN Your generation’s fortune lied in the fact that you had an almost impeccable education with high moral standard, which is elusive in this generation. Such education and system presented endless possibilities and opportunities which I will not shudder to say prepared you to be a one-time military governor of the old Benue and Plateau states and now the executive governor of Plateau State. I will not be making a grave mistake if I say that so many children like Pam have their future enveloped in agony by a protracted strike, which several negotiation committees have fruitlessly tried to put to an end to. A writer once wrote about the conscience of a man being the final arbiter. This way, if the welfare of the people you lead and the future of this generation are dear to your heart, it is expedient for your government to end this prolonged strike. This is a prayer that should be heard if not for anything, for the sake of Pam and other children who are members of this generation. Johnpaul just finished from Television Journalism, TV COLLEGE Jos




Union seeks support on development •Begs Fashola for bus


RESIDENT of the Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education (AOCOED) Students’ Union Government (SUG), Hassan Odutayo, has assured students of the institution that his administration would protect their interests and foster good relationship with the management. He also assured the students they would benefit from the college’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) system, as well as prompt release of results among others. Hassan, who spoke to CAMPUSLIFE at the SUG secretariat last week, said the executive which came on board last August was saddled with the task of cleaning the mess of the previous administrations. “Upon our assumption, we met a lot left by past administrations, which I do not want to mention here because it will amount to reopening old wounds. What the new ex-

•SUG officials after they were sworn in last August From Adegunle Olugbamila LAGOS

ecutive is interested is how to forge ahead and ensure we overcome over those challenges” Hassan said. He added that his executive had met with the monarch of Ijanikin, the college’s host community, Oba Momodu Ahsafa, chairman of Oto/

Awori Local Council Development Area (LCDA), Kayode Roberts, and the Provost, Mr Wasiu Bashorun to support his administration, noting that the responses from the people were encouraging. Meanwhile, the Vice President of the union, Gbolahan Ajeniya, has appealed to Governor Babatunde

Fashola to provide the union with a mini bus to make its activities easy. He urged the governor to borrow a leaf from Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, whose administration donated buses to all state-owned institutions. “When last year Lagos State government gave out a new Toyota Hiace bus to all unions in this col-

lege and LASU (Lagos State University), we thought the government would also give us but we did not get one. We are, therefore, using this opportunity to appeal to Governor Fashola to come to our aid. We need a mini bus that will make our activities faster,” Gbolahan appealed.

On and Off Campus By Solomon Izekor 08061522600

•Prof Imevbore presenting the plaque to one of the awardees

Honour for lecturers at Zoology lecture


HE Nigerian Association of Zoology Students (NAZS), Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) chapter, has hosted its 2012 departmental lecture and awards tagged The DNA revolution and man. The programme, which was its fourth edition and organised in honour of Prof A.M. Imevbore, was held in the conference centre of the institution. In his lecture, the guest lecturer, Prof Idowu Awopetu of the Zoology department, said the method used by scientists to solve the molecular structure and chromosomal organisation of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) was a tortuous one, which started in the 1860s. He said the stages were divided into six, observing that that the principles of genetics were universal across living systems. From historical perspective, he explained that the science of genetics was founded with the publication of Gregor Mendel’s paper titled Experiments on garden egg in 1866. “It became established in 1900 after its rediscovery. Since then, a lot of new research works has been added but the basic principles established by Mendel and the classical general

From Busari Kemi OAU

geneticists remain intact,” he said. On the usefulness of DNA to human life, Prof Awopetu said it could be employed in generating useful transgeneric plants and animals and also in crime detection. There was excitement among the audience when the don observed that substitution of one amino acid would solve sickle cell anaemia problem. The NAZS president, Tobi Bakare, thanked lecturers and students of the department for their support towards the success of the programme. The lecture also featured the presentation of award to distinguished lecturers, who themselves in their various fields. The awardees included Prof Sola Fajana, Vice-Chancellor of Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Prof Sola Akinrianade, former VC of Osun State University, Prof J.I. Awopetu, Prof S.O. Asaolu and Prof I.A. Ojo. Others are Prof Israel Obisesan, Prof Olaniyi Onayemi, Prof G.E. Erhabor, Prof Adesuyi Adejuyigbe, Prof I.A. Ojo, Prof V.A. Adetiloye




Redeemer’s varsity releases new merit/demerit system


OING by the way the students of the Redeemer’s University (RUN), Mowe, cheered and threw their caps during their matriculation last Thursday, the ceremony could have been mistaken for their graduation. However, it was not. Despite that they have four years of training ahead before they could be considered worthy in character and learning to earn a certificate from the institution, the students and their parents were excited about their admission to study in the university. In addition to earning good grades needed to successfully graduate, the students must also not fall foul of the university’s rules and regulations. At the event, a pamphlet detailing the new merit and demerit system of the university were distributed to students and parents.


By Kofoworola Belo-Osagie

For each act of merit, the students could earn between 15 and 20 points. An accumulation of 40 points and above could earn the students letters of commendation or listing in the university’s honours roll. Such acts include: recovery of valuable property misplaced by others, consistent decent dressing, punctuality and regularity at programmes uncommon acts of bravery, and commendable conduct outside the university. However on the other hand, students can lose between five and 30 points under the demerit system. The offenses include: noisemaking in the library, eating in lecture room, lateness to/absence from morning devotion and all categories of church services, violation of

dress code, non-participation in sports programme, leaving campus without permission, among others. More serious offences attract warning, invitation or outright expulsion. The offences include: sleeping off campus without permission, examination malpractice, disrespect for authority, changing locks, entering the room of the opposite sex, stealing, cultism, possession of dangerous weapons, fighting, and smoking or drinking. In his speech, Vice-chancellor of the university, Prof Debo Adeyewa reminded parents to take their parenting role seriously so their wards can fit into the RUN system. He said: “It will be recalled that during the just concluded fourth convocation, the Visitor to the University and General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, (RCCG), Pastor E.A. Adeboye,

reiterated that our university was not envisioned to be a reformative centre for wayward children. He, therefore, warned parents not to treat the Redeemer’s University as a dumping ground. “I will like to reiterate that fact that this university is focused on incubating and raising future leaders; giants, who like the university anthem says, would change the world for God.” One of the matriculating students, Ekanem Ukeme, a 16-year old studying Tourism, said only innately bad students would be worried about accumulating demerits. “The school has a lot of protocols but in the end it is a very good environment. The rules will cause concerns based on the individuals involved. If you are someone that likes disobeying rules and doing bad things, you can be punished,” he said.

Covenant varsity gets VC, DVCs

CHANGE of guard in the top management of the Covenant University (CU), Ota, has led to the naming of Prof Charles Korede Ayo as the third substantive Vice-Chancellor of the school. Ayo, whose appointment has been ratified by the Board of Regents of the university, will replace Prof Aize Obayan who served for seven years. The new Vice-Chancellor will work with two Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Dr Taiwo Olubunmi Abioye (DVC, Administration) and Dr Aaron Aderemi Atayero (DVC Academics). This is the first time the university will have two deputy vice-chancellors. The appointment was made public at the Chancellor’s Dinner organised to celebrate the 10th Founder’s Day anniversary of the university. In a brief hand-over ceremony at the Vice-Chancellor’s office last Monday, Prof Obayan noted that the engine room of CU is its vision and advised her successor to always have the vision at heart. The outgoing Vice-Chancellor

whose tenure attracted over 68 awards, numerous linkages with world class institutions, among other feats, appreciated those who worked to make her tenure a success. Responding, Ayo described Prof Obayan as an epitome of simplicity with finesse for excellence, who demystified university administration and triumphed where many men have failed. The new VC joined the university in September 2003 as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer and Information Science. A Senior Fulbright Scholar, he served in various capacities including Director, Academic Planning Unit, Chair, Quality and Academic Standards Committee (2008-Date), Chair, Convocation Planning Committee 2007, 2009 and 2010, amongst others. Until his appointment, Ayo was the Head of Department, Computer and Information Sciences. The new Vice-Chancellor is a member of many professional bodies including the Nigerian Computer Society (MNCS), Com-

puter Professionals (Registration Council) of Nigeria (MCPN), Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). His research interests include eGovernment, e-Business and mobile computing amongst others. Dr Abioye joined CU in October 2005 and served in various capacities. An Associate Professor of English Language, she was the Acting Head, Department of Languages before her appointment as the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Administration. She was the Chairperson, Convocation Planning Committee in 2008. Dr Atayero is one of the pioneer staff of CU. He joined the university as a Lecturer II in 2002, in the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering. A recipient of Ford Foundation Teaching Innovative Award, 2009/ 2010 for Demonstrative Innovative Approach to Teaching, Research and Mentoring of Junior Academics, Atayero was at different times Acting Head, Department of Electrical and Information Engineering, Covenant University and a

Deputy Vice Chancellor, Achievers University, Owo, Prof Samuel Oyewole has praised Abolaji Adekeye and Johnson Akande, medical doctors and members of the National Youth Service Corps 2011 Batch C who had their primary assignment at the University Health Centre, for their commitment to the Hippocratic Oath. During a send-off programme organised to appreciate their service, Oyewole praised them for their love for the country despite the challenges they faced during the year, imploring them to see themselves as members of the “Achievers family”, even after their service year. Speaker after speaker, including the Acting Registrar, Mr Oyewole Abimbola; Director of Audit and Strategy, Mr Olu Ogedengbe; Principal Assistant Registrar, Mrs. Sunmbi Awobuluyi; and Assistant Matron, Mr Oluwole Opeyemi, described Adekeye and Akande as very pleasant, amiable and responsible Nigerians who deserved the honour given to them. The duo were presented with plaques.

Second set ready for NYSC

•Prof Ayo

Lead Researcher, EIE Biometrics Research Cluster. He is a member of many professional bodies including Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE), International Association of Engineers (IAENG), World Academy of Science Engineering and Technology; and International Who’s Who Historical Society.

Chukwumerije, others seek varsity status for OkoPoly


ITH the quality of facilities and manpower the Federal Polytechnic, Oko in Anambra State, boasts of, some stakeholders are seeking its transformation into a university of science and technology, to be named after its founder and first vice president of Nigeria, Dr. Alex Ekwueme. Speakers who attended the third edition of the Dr Alex Ekwueme Annual lecture organised to mark his 80th birthday anniversary recently, spoke glowingly of how the institution established as a College of Arts and Science in 1979 is deserving of such upgrade given its development under the Rector, Prof Godwin Onu. They also said Ekwueme is deserving of the honour of having the upgraded institution named after him because of his contribution to the development of the country. Chairman, Senate Committee on Education, Comrade Uche Chukwumerije, who was the guest lecturer at the event said the upgrading has become necessary. Chukwumerije, who had visited the institution with some members of his committee on oversight function two days before the lecture, said he was very impressed with what he saw.

ACHIEVERS FILE Corps members rewarded

THE second set of graduates of the Achievers University (ACU), called up to participate in the ‘Batch C 2012’service year of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme have been told to be good ambassadors of the university as they proceed to serve their fatherland. Rev. Bayode Oladimeji, Director of Student Affairs, said this last Tuesday while addressing graduands who were in his office to collect their call up letters. That morning, the Idasen-Ute Road leading to the permanent site of the barely five-year-old institution came alive as the students, upon getting the information that the list had been released, besieged the campus, eagerly checking the notice boards for details of their postings. Reacting to the mobilisation, which came just two months after their final examinations, Funke Akinrimisi (Cross River), Ronke Oyegoke (Kogi), Oladipo Olagbegi (Lagos), Olabisi Ali-Balogun (Benue), Omowumi Akinmulegun (Oyo) and Ayodehinde Falade (Rivers) could not hide their joy over the posting.

Cross River plans poly From Nicholas Kalu, Calabar

HE Cross River State government has revealed plans to expand access to qualitative education through the establishment of a polytechnic at Ugep Local Government Area next year. Presenting the 2012 budget at the state House of Assembly in Calabar, Governor Liyel Imoke said the bill to establish the polytechnic was receiving the attention of the House. Funding for the new institution will be part of the N19,622,904,372.11 Liyel is proposing to spend in the sector in 2013. He said the state also intended to meet its counterpart funding obligations in respect of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) scheme. Imoke assured the lawmakers that the plans would not stop the state’s investment in the Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH). He said: “We shall not shy away from our obligations to the Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH).”

T •Entrance to Federal polytechnic, Oko

He said the polytechnic has distinguished itself in terms of infrastructural development despite paucity of funds, adding that the use of internally generated revenue (IGR) in completion of capital projects shows commitment on the part of the management. The senator praised Onu and his team for providing an enabling environment for learning, and introducing innovative programmes like Aviation and Aeronautic Technology, Mechatronics Engineering and Nano Technology. He described the call for the upgrade as a step in the right direction, adding that with the spate of

the institution’s development it will be actualised. Also, Chairman of the Chrome Group, Sir Emeka Offor who was represented by Chief Innocent Anoliefo spoke in the same vein. Similarly, the Vice-Chancellor of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Prof Boniface Egboka in an interview said Okopoly has what it takes to be a university. “I have this feeling and vision that soon Okopoly will become Dr. Alex Ekwueme University of Technology. The institution has relevant infrastructural facilities. It has enough masters and doctoral personnel who can run uni-

versity curricula to give opportunities to our teeming population of young men and women who seek admission. The former Secretary General of Commonwealth, Chief Emeka Anyaku who chaired the lecture, said he was privileged to be part of Ekwueme’s birthday celebration, adding that the celebrator, whom he described as a national icon has instituted many legacies in the country, including the polytechnic. He said: “I cannot see any Nigerian leader who has been as roundly educated and informed as Ekwueme in Nigeria’s history of both pre and post independence”.




Etisalat rewards students’ excellence PORT HARCOURT, the Garden City, hosted five universities in the Southsouth and Southeast as Etisalat rewarded the brightest and the best from the departments of Electronic & Electrical Engineering; Computer Science and Business Management at its merit award programme. Beneficiaries of the programme are given scholarship grants annually as part of the its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts in support of education. The Chief Executive Officer, Etisalat Nigeria, Mr Steven Evans, said: “From a country where youths make up about 41 per cent of the population, students make up only a fraction of that number. Nigeria’s literacy rate has been estimated at about 60 per cent. However from all indication, the actual rate is lower than this. For development to truly be actualised, significant investments will have to be made as have been done in South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia.” Evans said Etisalat Nigeria is passionate about development in Nigeria and particularly education as it is the bedrock of development.

APPROACHING DEADLINES 2012 TWAS-DBT Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme for Developing Countries, India Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biotechnology for Young Scientists from Developing Countries (other than India), to study at Research Institutions in India 2012 Study Subject(s):Biotechnology Course Level:Postdoctoral Fellowship Scholarship Provider: TWAS and Department of Biotechnology (DBT) of the Ministry of Science and Technology Scholarship can be taken at: India Eligibility: -Be a maximum age of 45 years on 31 December of the application year. -Be nationals of a developing country (other than India). must not hold any visa for temporary or permanent residency in India or any developed country. -Hold a PhD degree in bioscience or biotechnology. -Be regularly employed in a developing country and hold a research assignment there. -Be accepted at a biotechnology institution in India (see sample Acceptance Letter included in the application form). -Provide evidence of proficiency in English. Scholarship Open for International Students: Yes Scholarship Open for Students of Following Countries: Developing Country Scholarship Description: TWAS-DBT Postdoctoral Fellowships are tenable at key biotechnology research institutions in India for

a minimum period of 12 months to a maximum period of 18 months.To help candidates in their choice of a suitable host institution a list of biotechnology institutes in India is available here: List_Biotechn_India.pdf. However, candidates are free to choose an Indian biotechnology institution that does not appear on the list. DBT will provide a monthly stipend to cover for living costs, food and health insurance. The monthly stipend will not be convertible into foreign currency. In addition, the fellowship holder will receive a house rent allowance. How to Apply: By Post Scholarship Application Deadline: 31 August 2012 END 2012 TWAS-CNPq Postdoctoral Fellowship for Developing Countries, Brazil Postdoctoral Fellowship in Natural Sciences for Young Scientists from Developing Countries, Brazil 2012 Study Subject(s):Natural Sciences Course Level:Postdoctoral Fellowship Scholarship Provider: National Council for Scientific and Technological Development and TWAS Scholarship can be taken at: Brazil Eligibility: -Be a maximum age of 45 years on 31 December of the application year. -Be permanent residents in a developing country (other than Brazil). -Hold a Ph.D degree in a field of the natural sciences.

-Be a regular employee in a developing country (other than Brazil) and hold a research assignment there. -Provide evidence that s/he will return to her/ his home country on completion of the fellowship. -Not take up other assignments during the period of her/his fellowship. Scholarship Open for International Students: Yes Scholarship Open for Students of Following Countries: Developing Countries (other than Brazil) Scholarship Description: The following is additional information concerning the TWASCNPq Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme tenable in Brazil. It is an integral part of the information given here: TWAS Fellowships for Postdoctoral Research.TWAS-CNPq Postdoctoral Fellowships are tenable at research institutions in Brazil for a minimum period of six months to a maximum period of twelve months. They are awarded to scientists from developing countries (other than Brazil) to enable them to pursue postdoctoral research in the natural sciences.CNPq will provide a standard monthly allowance which should be used to cover living costs, such as accommodation, food and health insurance. The monthly stipend will not be convertible into foreign currency. How to Apply: Online Scholarship Application Deadline: 20 July of each year

AOCOED alumni to tackle graduates’ unemployment


HE new executive of the Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education (AOCOED) Alumni Association has called on -the Lagos State governmernt to earmark a percentage of its workforce to products of the institution. The alumni, which praised the government for the huge investment it has put into the 54-year old college, lamented that the institution produces hundreds of graduates every year, many who today, still wander the streets owing to unemployment. The alumni president-elect Comrade Adeyemi Adesanya made the announcement after emerging a winner during the alumni election held last Saturday at the NOWA Secondary School, Navy Town. Adesanya won by a landslide polling 287 votes ahead of four other contenders: Aroyewun Adeyinka, Diya Zaecheaus, Ojulari Munirudeen and Olugbogi Yussuf- who poled six, 27, two, and two votes respectively. Adesanya said:“Our new executive shall liaise with the Lagos State government through the offices of the Commissioner for Education and Spe-

By Adegunle Olugbamila

cial Adviser to the Governor on Education to earmark a percentage of its workforce to products of AOCOED. This institution remains one of the best teacher training colleges in the country today, and a pride to Lagos State. “Every year, AOCOED produces hundred of graduates into the labour market yet we get little from the state government in terms of employment opportunities for our graduates. Now, if the government has put this much into education in Lagos State, why would they say they can’t use the products of that investment? It is either you take the products or shut down the school. We are going to pursue this to a logical conclusion and I know the government is a listening government. This situation has remained so for long because we have not made concerted efforts at reaching the government over it.” Adesanya, who lamented the under performance of the alumni association in the last four years, attributed the development to defective constitution of the body which he said would be

•Adesanya (left) recieving his certificate from Comrade Olamilekan

reviewed soonest. He said the alumni website would be opened right away, noting that moves to register it with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) would commence afterwards.

He also assured the new executive would embark on compiling database of members in addition to the proposed alumni building for the association. Chairman of the electoral committee Comrade Olamilekan Basiru told The Nation that the 44-year old alumni association has had its fair share of challenges, noting that the election was the first of its kind in its history. “For about 44 years, this association has been run as there was no association at all. Some people just felt it was

their birthright. At some point, some of us felt things can’t continue to remain the same and that was when we started having problems.” Other winners include Adedini Adedayo (Vice President); Okugbesan Olawale (Secretary-General); Hassan Yussuf (Adeddayo’s Assistant); Ogongo Sunday (Treasurer); Idiareh La’rmark (Social Secretary); Imail Yussuf and Kareem Surajudeen (Auditor 1 and Auditor 2) Quadri Olatunde (Financial Secretary); and Oluwole Johnson (PRO).

Ex-students to uplift alma mater


•From Left: Director, Centre for Infrastructure, Policy, Regulation and Advancement, CIPRA, Dr Ernest Ndukwe, Dean of Lagos Business School, Dr Enase Okonedo and Director-General, Infrastructure Concession and Regulatory Commission (ICRC), Mansur Ahmed exchange documents at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at Lagos Business School.

S the Awori-Ajeromi Grammar School, Agboju clocked 50 this year, its old students have come together to revive the lost glory of their alma mater. The alumni, under the aegis of AworiAjeromi Grammar School, Agboju, have met to re-inaugurate its association. The convener of the association, Ambrose Okpara who connected the old students via a facebook page, described the initiative as an opportunity to give back to the schoolthat has invested so much in them. “Since you are convinced that this school is the bedrock of the knowledge you acquired and has equipped you with values and skills needed to excel in the world, you should contribute positively to the school, your environment and the world at large,” he said.

By Paul Oluwakoya

He also expressed the determination of the alumni to work hard at lifting up not just the image of the school but also contributing to its academic and physical development.” “Members have been saddled to look into the deplorable condition of the school and report back to the house during the next meeting,” he added. Among dignitaries at the inauguration was the former Chairman Amuwo Odofin Local Government, Prince S.A. Sekoni, 1968 set, who expressed hope that the association would encourage all past and present pupils of the school “to continue epitomising excellence, morality and display integrity while positively projecting the image of the school and their own personality with focus and the knack for reliability.”




‘Our problem is not population but mismanagement’


HE Director, Quality Assurance and Research Development Agency, Nigeria, (QAARDAN), Mrs Theresa Okafor, has identified mismanagement as a major obstacle to the country’s progress. She spoke at this year’s Quality Assurance workshop organised for school heads, teachers, parents, pupils and stakeholders. The event, held at the Pan African University, Aja, Lagos, was well attended by pupils from private and public schools in Lagos State, including school owners and other stakeholders. Mrs Okafor argued that a culture of creativity be more entrenched in the curriculum to train the young ones to become better leaders. Her words: “Students should not be taught that the problem we are having as a country is population, instead it is mismanagement. We need to check where the problem really lies. Then the curriculum question; what are we doing about it? How much efforts have we made into improving it? The curriculum would teach young ones how to be creative, and more responsible to their society.” On the essence of the workshop, Okafor said it was to seek path-

By Seun Olalude

ways towards arriving at a more holistic curriculum. “We have a National Policy on Education that integrates character education with learning. So we want to see how well this curriculum can collate with that because quality assurance (QA) agencies are also appraising curriculum in the country. The old curriculum is encumbered, some things need to be removed,” she said. Corroborating Okafor, Lagos State Commissioner for Education, Mrs Olayinka Oladunjoye said character education is a key determinant to development. Her words: “There is doubt that the quality of educational provisions determine the level of development in a state. Therefore, character education is paramount in the building of a virile 21st century mega city. Education should not be confined to acquisition of certificates alone, it should be made functional.” Mrs Oladunjoye praised private sectors and voluntary organisations,such as QAARDAN for their contribution in infrastructural development and teacher training. Director, Curriculum Develop-

•pupils at the event

ment Centre, Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC), Dr Ismail Junaidu delivered a paper on the topic: Expose on the learning and the character education content in the new Nigerian curriculum. He said the new basic curriculum courtesy of the Nigerian Education Research and Development Council (NERDC), adding that it addresses moral development at every facet. His words: “Specifically, at the

Oshiomhole demotes principal, rewards teachers


DO State Governor Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has given cash gifts to some teachers for their commitment to duty. He also ordered the demotion of the Principal of Annunciation Catholic College Junior Secondary School over alleged incompetence. Besides, Oshiomhole ordered the immediate promotion of three others. The governor who announced this measure while on an on-thespot assessment of the attendance and punctuality of teachers in schools at Edo Central said: “it gives me some confidence to find all is not lost.” “It gives me some confidence to find all is not lost.” “You are an example of what is possible and I am proud of you. It gives me some comfort that even in the midst of this madness, there are some people who we can still be proud of, who take their respon-

From, Osemwengie Ben Ogbemudia, Benin

sibilities seriously. It gives me some relief. It is worrisome to find that majority of teachers are involved in late coming or absenteeism. And that is not the best we can do for our state. “When we punish those who are guilty of late coming or absenteeism, we should reward those who are doing their job well. We have to use the carrot and stick. I am happy that we have a few of you who recognise that the work place is a serious place and you have a contract and you have a duty to service that contract”, he said. Oshiomhole who reiterated his belief in education added, “We must bequeath to our children a better society and education is at the heart of our future.” He noted that if all Nigerians work according to the rules and

regulations and give their best to the country and state, the country will grow”; adding that “if we keep looking for excuses, the country will keep having challenges. “I am happy you give me some confidence to find that all is not lost because it hurts to find that teachers do not take their jobs seriously. Edo can’t be the same again.” “Every child may not be a graduate no matter what we do. But every child is entitled to free qualitative education; that requires that we make the right investment in infrastructure.” Tothe principal who was demoted to a classroom teacher, Oshiomhole said: “As a principal, you never ensured that your teachers complied with the regulation. You led your teachers in coming late and we will not retain you as a principal. We will down grade you to a classroom teacher. A leader must lead by example.”

basic education level, the objectives of education borders on the inculcation of permanent literacy and numeracy and character and moral training among others, while at the senior secondary level, there is

emphasis on developing people who can think for themselves, respect the views of others, respect the dignity of labour, appreciate the values under the broad national aims and live as good citizens.”

300 schools for Bobo ‘brain test’


O fewer than 300 public and private primary schools in Lagos State have qualified for the annual Bobo Kiddies’ Brain Test holding next week. The competition, in its third edition, is organised by Bobo Foods and Beverages Limited. The company’s Marketing Manager Curtis Adekunle, said the qualified schools scaled through by answering intellectual questions posed to them. “Out of the 300 schools that qualified for the preliminaries, 40 will move to the quarter final stage while 20 schools will qualify for the semi finals, while 10 schools are expected to be in the grand finale after the sectional quiz competition.

By Tajudeen Adebanjo

“This is a subtle way of ensuring that the children are fully equipped for the technological challenges ahead of their development in line with global standard,”Adekunle said. Adekunle said the overall winner’s school will get a fully airconditional Bobo branded school bus with television installed. The competition, he said, is designed as part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR), to fight illiteracy among children and reward loyalty of the Bobo consumers. The qualified participants have been grouped into four zones (AD) in line with the nearness of each local government to qualified schools.

Students win four awards at international fair


T was a good day to be a Nigerian at the Birchwood Hotel and Conference centre in Boksburg, Johannesburg, South Africa where Nigerian secondary school students drawn from Rivers, Benue and Akwa Ibom States shone like a million stars at the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists. Competing with over 600 projects by students from South Africa and other African countries, the Nigerian kids won four awards. Intel, the globally renowned technology company sponsored the students to South Africa as part of its efforts to improve interest in science education and technology. Calvary Arrows Secondary School located in a rural, Gboko community won a special award for innovation and novelty in Engineering. The school developed a multi-pow-

ered lawn mower that can be powered by electricity, batteries or solar energy. They smiled home with 2, 000 Rand cash reward. This is aside another silver medal in the mechanical, aeronautic and Industrial engineering category. Niger Delta Science College, Port Harcourt won a bronze medal for their investigation on an automatic multi-phase selector with a generating plant while Community Secondary School Aka Ufot in Akwa Ibom State won another bronze medal for their work in producing plastic materials from simple cassava extracts. Corporate Affairs manager of Intel, Osagie Ogunbor said the success of the students validate the relentless nature of the Nigerian spirit in the face of infrastructural challenges, especially in the education sector.

UNILEVER woos pupils with cakes

A •Participants at the graduation/quiz project organised by Devcomms Communications a Non-Govermental Organisation with support from the Education Sector Support Programme (ESSPIN) UK. The event aimed to empower young school girls. PHOTO ADEGUNLE OLUGBAMILA

S part of activities to celebrate the 2012 handwashing campaign, Unilever visited Temple International School, Ilupeju and presented children who just reached the age of five with scrumptious-looking, blue, pink and creamcoloured cakes for achieving the feat of reaching their fifth birthday. After the surprise gift, the children were taught the 10 steps involved in washing their hands. The workers of the firm, which produces Lifebuoy health soap, also visited over 30 schools within the Maryland, Agbara, Ojota,

Ikeja, and Mainland axis of Lagos State under the campaign. As they demonstrated the 10 steps, they told the pupils that the soap could keep their hands germfree for up to 12 hours. Speaking during the exercise in one of the schools, Brand Manager, Lifebuoy soap, Dexter Adeola, said this year marks the fifth birthday of Global Handwashing Day (GHD) – a day co-founded by Unilever’s health soap brand Lifebuoy to raise awareness of handwashing with soap as a simple but lifesaving habit.




Kwankwaso counts gains of investment in education


The long road to the VC’s quarters

•Inaugurates Governor’s College


LMOST all primary school pupils in Kano State, who sat for the Common Entrance examinations in the last academic session, secured admission into secondary school. Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso, who made this known during the inauguration of the multi-million naira Governor’s College built by his administration, said this was possible because of government’s massive investment in new classrooms across the state. “Our vision is to ensure that every child in Kano goes to school that is why we are investing massively in educational infrastructure and recruitment of teachers among other things,”, he said. He lamented that statistics from the Federal Ministry of Education indicate that 32 per cent of schoolage children in Kano are out of school, assuring that he is committed to ensure that the situation is

From Kolade Adeyemi, Kano

reversed by providing teaching and learning materials, school infrastructure and incentives to encourage learners and teachers. He described the Governor’s College as a science-based school, established to transform children with potential to the best academic level, and give them an international and multi-cultural view of the world, which will enable them contribute positively to nation building. Kwankwaso charged pupils of the college not to relent in becoming academic and moral champions, as it is the only way to justify government’s investment in their education. He disclosed that the government has concluded plans to set up a First Ladies’ College at the present site of Mariri Rehabilitation Centre, explaining that all the paper work has been completed and funds for the



project will soon be released. The governor, who was earlier on conducted round the school to inspect its facilities said: “I am satisfied that the promise we made to the people of Kano State during our campaign has been fulfilled.” On his part, the expatriate Principal of the school, Magdy Thomas promised to do his best to ensure that the school becomes a model in Nigeria and beyond.

•Year 3 pupils during filling the bottle race

School sports prepare pupils for class


LL eyes were glued to the sports field of the Supreme Education Foundation (SEF) Schools, Magodo, Lagos, as pupils battled for honours during its 11th Inter-House Sports competition last Wednesday. While competition among the junior school pupils provided some form of comic relief, those among the middle and high school pupils filled parents and teachers with pride and admiration of the talents on display. The competition was not lacking in the intrigues that the sports meet of the school is known for. The four houses-Bala Yesufu (Red House), Lekki (Yellow), Tarkwa (Blue) and Obudu (Green)- set the tone for the day with a march past. During the march, they made their ‘eyes right’ salute as colourful as possible, employing all kinds of tricks

By Kofoworola Belo-Osagie

to sway the judges in their favour. They all had kings and queens; some threw confetti, while one of the houses even had a jeep driven after them. After the applause by parents and guests subsided, following the 25metres biscuit and ribena races, picking the fruit race, filling the basket, lime and spoon, bursting the balloon, filling the bottle, and sack races, for Nursery one to year four pupils, the serious competition began with the sprint races. The middle and high school pupils competed in 100m, 200m, 4x100m and 4x400m races, while parents, teaching and non teaching staff participated in 100metres races. On the significance of the sporting event, Mrs Nike Adamolekun, said the pupils are able to learn a num-

ber of values transferable to other areas of life. “It is the most exciting activity for the children and even their parents. The children will learn team work, patience, forbearance and how to handle success or failure through their participation in the sporting activities,” she said. The school’s Director of Studies, Mr Vincent Nkama, said gains on the sports field prepare the pupils for class work. “Education is an all-round affair. You need to develop the psychomotor, cognitive and affective skills of the child. We use the sports competition to develop the psychomotor domain of learning to make them all-round students. It makes them to function effectively so they can withstand the rigours of academics. It also gives room for practical learning,” he said.

LBS signs MoU with agency


HE Centre for Infrastructure, Policy, Regulation and Advancement (CIPRA), at the Lagos Business School (LBS), and the Infrastructure Concession and Regulatory Commission (ICRC), has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in Lagos. Under the MoU, both parties will collaborate to conduct research and develop case studies, reports, policy research papers, capacity development of public and private

sector personnel involved in Private Public Partnerships (PPPs), and other instructional materials covering various areas of PPPs in infrastructure. At the signing were the Dean of LBS, Dr Enase Okonedo; the DG of ICRC Mansur Ahmed; Director of CIPRA, Dr Ernest Ndukwe, Mr Chiedu Ndubuisi of ICRC and the CIPRA Research Fellow Bongo Adi. Ndukwe said the MoU repre-


sented an important milestone for ICRC and CIPRA and would advance the development of requisite skills and capacity for PPP undertakings in Nigeria. The two parties seek to leverage on the internationally certified and excellent faculty and facilities of LBS to lead the development of requisite knowledge in PPPs and infrastructure management in Africa through policy research and the development of case studies.

AM glad I found time to read the speech Prof Timothy Olagbemiro, ViceChancellor of Bowen University, Iwo, delivered during the 7th Kofoworola convocation of the institution Friday and Saturday last week. Belo-Osagie It was a very long one but an equally long bus ride afforded me the opportunity of reading 08054503077 (SMS only) through the entire text. It reminded me of a story we did many years ago titled: "ViceChancellorship along ethnic lines". The article showed evidence of how politics, religious intolerance, ethnicity, godfatherism and other vices have polluted the university, nay tertiary education system. The selection process for the position of Vice-Chancellors is one that is usually fraught with these unenviable factors, affecting how the final candidate for the hallowed office emerges. Almost always, there are complaints of somebody in the race, sometimes one more qualified, being sidelined because of one or a combination of the factors mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, the practice is not limited to state-owned tertiary institutions where the governments determine who leads. Even federal government-owned institutions are afflicted by this malaise, as demonstrated by Olagbemiro's experience applying for the vicechancellor's seat of three federal universities namely: University of Ilorin, Usuman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, and the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi; and one state-owned university, Ladoke Akintola University of Science and Technology, Oyo. They were all the same. While being Yoruba, Christian and a supporter of a principled academic did not help his vicechancellorship cause in universities in the north, not being aligned politically and religion-wise with the 'king makers' did not favour him in his own state. All this happened despite being eminently qualified for the job and being commended by several interview panels. Finally, the professor of chemistry was appointed vice-chancellor of Bowen University, at a time he did not expect he had lost faith in the system. There are many Olagbemiros from all over the country who would have done our institutions a world of good but were not given the chance because of selfish interests of many groups that have their strangle holds on our institutions. These groups - unions, churches, mosques, professional societies, ethnic-based clubs, or host communities insist on the enthronement of their candidates whether qualified or not, disregarding the guidelines and performance of the other candidates in the race. With the world becoming a global village, insistence on ethnicity, religious or political affiliations in the selection of leaders of our institutions means we may be unable to compete with world class institutions were it matters. World renowned institutions are beginning to look across borders for people who can perform, irrespective of race, age, creed or sex. The bottom line is results. When we allow sentiments to cloud our better judgment, we give room for ineptitude and mediocrity, both ingredients of retrogression. We need to rise above these sentiments to promote the health of our institutions. We need to return to the days when an academic of Igbo extraction could manage an institution situated in Yoruba or Hausa land. Most of the nine universities established by the Federal Government in 2011 have vice-chancellors from ethnic groups different from where they hail. Prof Ibidapo-Obe, Vice-Chancellor of the Federal University, Ndufu-Alike, Ebonyi State is Yoruba, while Prof Chinedu Nebo of the Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State, is an Igbo man. Prof Mobolaji Aluko was appointed from the Southwest where hails to head the Federal University, Otuoke, Bayelsa, located in the Southsouth; while Prof Ekanem Ikpi Braide left her place in the Niger Delta to be Vice-Chancellor of the Federal University, Lafia, Nasarawa State. I believe their appointment was done in the spirit of excellence and true federalism. However only, time will tell whether their successors will be selected based on the factors that have kept our institutions from growing.

‘I believe their appointment was done in the spirit of excellence and true federalism. However only, time will tell whether their successors will be selected based on the factors that have kept our institutions from growing’

From my Inbox Re: A day with Mrs Olufunke Ponnle (Thursday, November 1, 2012) Kofo, please get a diary to record your daily activities. It is mandatory in some environments. 080539483--


“It is going to be a tough month for us now. Schalke came at us in the second half and we found it difficult to be honest. But we dug deep and before the game we probably would have taken a point. When you come to a difficult place with a difficult atmosphere, against a good team who beat us at home, [it was great] to get the two early goals. It is just a shame we couldn't kill it off, but it was a good point in the end.”

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Arsenal Winger, Theo Walcott predicting it would be a tough month ahead of Gunners' game to Fulham, Tottenham and Montepellier.

Ronaldo, Messi Arsenal ready for month’, go head-to-head ‘tough says Walcott in boot sales A •Balotelli


EAL Madrid maestro Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona star Lionel Messi have launched separate ranges of boots from rival sponsors. Ronaldo has introduced a new special edition pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII CRs, which are covered in black on the top but have a pink layer on the sole. The boots also display the Portugal international's signature symbol of a heart, which represents his love for winning, and a cross, which is said to show his hatred for losing. Meanwhile, Argentina forward Messi, who became a father for the first time following the birth of his son Thiago last week, has manufactured a pair of bright yellow Adidas F50 boots.

Mancini escapes UEFA punishment


OBERTO Mancini will avoid punishment from UEFA following his outburst at Danish referee Peter Rasmussen in the aftermath of Manchester City's draw with Ajax on Tuesday. The City boss was angry at the final whistle after his side were denied a penalty late on in their Champions League clash with the Dutch champions. Earlier in the game the hosts had also had a Sergio Aguero goal disallowed after Aleksandar Kolarov had been ruled offside. However, UEFA have confirmed that the Italian coach will not be facing any disciplinary action as the match officials did not mention the incident in their match report. "Nothing was reported neither by the delegate nor by the referee," a UEFA spokesperson told the Guardian. "No disciplinary proceedings are opened." Mario Balotelli has also escaped punishment for his involvement in the closing minutes of the game, after the striker had to be held back by captain Vincent Kompany after also approaching the match official. The decision may come as a surprise, particularly as UEFA handed Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger a fine and a ban following his comments about the referee's performance during Arsenal's 3-1 defeat to Barcelona in 2011. Wenger also received further punishment for confronting referee Damir Skomina after last season's Champions League defeat by AC Milan at Emirates Stadium.


RSENAL winger Theo Walcott has expressed his belief that the Gunners are ready for the challenging month which lies ahead. The north London side face Fulham, Tottenham and Montpellier at the Emirates Stadium before trips to Aston Villa and Everton. But the 23-year-old says Arsene Wenger's side are prepared for these tests, as they look to overcome a mixed start to the campaign. “It is going to be a tough month for us now,” he told Arsenal Player. “It is going to test us all, not just physically but mentally as well, and I think we are ready for it.” The England international also declared his happiness with earning a draw from Tuesday's Champions League clash with Schalke, despite having held a two-goal lead. “Schalke came at us in the second half and we

found it difficult to be honest," he continued. “But we dug deep and before the game we probably would have taken a point. “When you come to a difficult place with a difficult atmosphere, against a good team who beat us at home, [it was great] to get the two early goals. It is just a shame we couldn't kill it off, but it was a good point in the end.”

KER Casillas has stressed that Real Madrid still have qualification for the knockout stages of the Champions League in their own hands, despite their 2-2 Group D stalemate at home against Borussia Dortmund. The Spanish champions currently sit second in the standings with seven points from four games, and defend a three-point lead over third-placed Ajax with two more games to go. "There is one game less to play and it is still down to us [in terms of advancing]. We're only one point behind Dortmund so we are still going to fight for top spot. Our group is a difficult one that contains important teams," Casillas told "We knew that if we had

won today it would have meant a big step towards qualifying but we must take the positives. We have managed to save something from a game when we were behind. "Our opponents tonight [Tuesday] were very good in both games we played against them. It's strange that in Germany they [are fifth in the standings] whereas in Europe they are playing like that. "In the first half tonight they controlled the ball better and managed to get through to our area. We went looking for the equaliser in the second half and it eventually came. We hardly conceded a chance after the break so I think that the draw tonight is fair." Real Madrid resume domestic action on Sunday when they travel to Levante.


Drogba wants fresh Casillas: Madrid’s start at Shenhua destiny in our hands F I ORMER Chelsea striker Didier Drogba has vowed to stay at Shanghai Shenhua next season amidst constant speculation over his future. The Ivorian won the Champions League with his last kick for the Blues back in May, but left Stamford Bridge after eight years to embark on a new journey in China. The 34-year-old has endured a difficult start to life in the Chinese Super League, with his new club changing manager three

times, but he insists he is preparing for next season. Drogba told the Shanghai Morning Post: “I hope next season I can start again from the beginning with Shenhua.” Despite the arrival of Drogba and his former Chelsea team-mate Nicolas Anelka this term, the Shanghai outfit finished a lowly ninth in the CSL. Rumours of a return to England for Drogba subsequently intensified, especially as reports came to light of alleged

boardroom trouble which would force owner Zhu Jun to withdraw funding from the club. But Drogba offered his explanation on why the team had underperformed this season, stating: "Because I joined Shenhua relatively late, I didn't prepare with the team early in the season, so our results this year were not very good.” Drogba has scored eight goals in 11 games since his free transfer to Shenhua, earning himself the nickname "Devil Beast" amongst Chinese fans.



Bolt makes final cut OLYMPIC double sprint champion and world record holder, Usian Bolt, remains in contention for the 2012 IAAF Male Athlete of the Year award - his fourth - after being named among the three finalists by the sport's governing body on Monday. American sprint hurdler Aries Merritt and Kenyan middle distance star David Rudisha are the other male finalists this year. However, Olympic 100m champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce - the other Jamaican shortlisted for the Female Athlete of the Year award - was not named among the three female finalists yesterday. Valerie Adams, the Olympic, World Indoor and Diamond

League champion in the shot put, Olympic Heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis and Olympic 200m champion Allyson Felix are the three women still in contention. Fraser-Pryce had one of her best seasons since breaking on the scene four years ago, successfully defending her 100m Olympic title before claiming silver in the 200m, as well as the 100m title in the Samsung/IAAF Diamond League. Among the men Yohan Blake, the 100m and 200m Olympic silver medallist who last year received the award for Performance of the Year after his blistering 19.26 run in the 200m, did not make the top three this time around.






The process leading to the amendment of the 1999 Constitution is taking shape as the Senate and House of Representatives are devicing means of taking into account people’s views. In this report, Deputy Political Editor EMMANUEL OLADESU examines reviews the procedure that the House has come up with and issues to be presented at the forthcoming “People’s Sessions”.


HE House of Representatives will hold the “Peoples’ Public Sessions on the Review of the 1999 Constitution” on November 10, throughout the 360 Federal Constituencies. On November 8, the Speaker of the House, Aminu Tambuwal, will flag off the exercise in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FTC). Many stakeholders have criticised the proposed one-day sessions. They claim that time may not be sufficient to adequately accommodate all shades of opinion in the polity. The exercise is a novel response to the strident calls for a more participatory and transparent review of the Constitution. Some of these calls have taken the form of clamour for a Sovereign National Conference (SNC) and referendum, both of which are not provided for by the present Constitution. However, in line with its sworn commitment to its 2011 legislative agenda, the House has outlined the format it would take. The deputy Speaker, Ikedi Ihedioha, whom doubles as the Constitution Review Committee Chairman, said the process would be an all-inclusive one, thereby affording stakeholders participatory opporties.. The 2010 Constitution amendment embarked upon by the National Assembly was a major milestone in the history of Constitution making in Nigeria. It was the first time a Nigerian parliament would alter the country’s Constitution since independence. That amendment, which focused majorly on electoral reforms, laid the foundation for the redemption of Nigeria’s electoral integrity as reflected in the 2011 general elections. Ihedioha said the public sessions would attract a panel of experts and stakeholders in every constituency. Expected at the forum are members of the State House of Assembly from that particular federal constituency, local government chairmen, representatives of the Nigerian Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress; Nigerian Bar Association, Academic Staff Union of Universities, Nigerian Union of Teachers, Civil Society Organizations, and National Association of Nigerian Students;

• House Representatives in session

Reps take Constitution amendment to constituencies Others are the Nigerian Youth Council, National Council of Women Societies/Representatives of Women Organizations, and Nigerian Union of Journalists. According to the House Committee on Constitution Review, the objective of the sessions is to improve the inclusiveness and participation of members of the community and other stakeholders in the current constitution amendment process. The exercise will also increase the capacity of the participants to collate and prioritize issues that require alteration or inclusion in the 1999 Constitution, and to constructively engage with their legislators. The forum will collate the views and positions of the participants on the issues proposed for amendment in the Constitution. It will also increase the capacity of the House to receive inputs and suggestions on constitution amendment from individuals and groups, as well as provide a platform for the House to respond to the concerns of the citizens on the constitution amendment process. The collated views would be forwarded to the Committee on Review of the Constitution in a language that will enable the committee members to consider them for constitution amendment. The 51-member House Committee is made up of one member per state, the principal officers of the House and some members representing the interests of women. Over 200 memoranda have been received

so far. The dominant issues include indigeneship, residency and citizenship under the Constitution, Immunity clause, accountability, judicial reform, national security and police reform, fiscal federalism, local government and restructuring or devolution of powers. Others are financial autonomy for local councils, removal of the Land Use Act and the National Youth Service Corps from the Constitution, part-time legislature, abolition of Joint States/Local Government Account System, voting rights for Nigerians living in the Diaspora, and zoning or rotation of offices of President and governors. According to the guidelines, the public session shall be organized and implemented in every federal constituency by an independent Steering Committee of experts and stakeholders. The Steering Committee shall choose a Secretary from amongst its members. It shall be held in a public place where members of the public shall have unfettered access. Also, every constituent is free to participate in the session and proceedings shall be uniform throughout the country as far as is practicable. The Steering Committee shall make efforts to ensure wide publicity for the sessions in every part of a federal constituency, so as to guarantee the participation of all Nigerians at the grassroots. Decisions at the Session shall, as much as possible, be taken by con-

sensus, but where that fails, then by voting, where the views of the majority shall prevail. Voting shall be by show of hands or voice vote. In addition, the Steering Committee shall ensure that every item to be voted on, are explained to the people in the language prevalent in the locality. Each federal constituency may indicate other issues requiring amendment, other than those listed in the template for the attention of the House Constitution Review Committee. However, there shall be a video recording and written reports of the proceedings of the sessions across the federation by the Steering Committee, which shall be submitted to the Clerk of the Committee not later than seven days after the event. Certain items have been identified as some of the issues to be discussed and voted for at the sessions. They are the recognition of the six zonal structure, States creation, funding and creation of local governments, residency, citizenship and the indigeneship question, justiciability of economic and social rights, fiscal provisions\, independence of state legislature and amendments to the exclusive legislative list to devolve more powers to States. Others are fiscal federalism, abolition of state electoral commissions, Immunity removal, State police, zoning and power sharing, term of office of governors and President, whether single term of five, six or seven years, or a renewal term of four years; independent candidacy, voting age, improved women representation, disability rights, Diaspora voting, single national chamber legislature, presidential or parliamentary system, role for traditional rulers, and further electoral reforms. However, the committee said that the House would welcome additional inputs on other issues of interest to Nigerians on the review of the Constitution.

ACN to PDP: Lagos has nothing to learn from you


HE Lagos State chapter of the Ac tion Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has declared that the state has nothing to learn from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) either at the state or federal level about governance. In statement signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the party Joe Igbokwe, ACN said it was reacting to the reported statement credited to former national deputy chairman of the the PDP, Chief Bode George that Governor Babatunde Fashola should learn from President Jonathan and the PDP on how to handle the issue of restricting commercial motorcycle operators from some major roads in the state. It wondered what message Bode George wants to send because there is nothing a federal government and a party that has led the country through nearly fourteen years of ir-

responsible, corrupt and mediocre leadership can teach a state like Lagos if not but how to visit decay on a progressive and responsible state. “Even as we agree that Bode George is rustic and suffers seriously from a credibility crisis given his sordid record, we presume that he should make appropriate effort to ensure his words conform to the basic tenets of reasoning and logic. In advising Lagos State government to emulate the PDP and the federal government, we are blank on what aspect he was referring to. Does he recommend the Lagos State government to emulate PDP and the Jonathan presidency on the sordid mess the PDP has rendered all federal roads in thirteen years of unmitigated decay? Does he want Fashola to emulate the PDP’s acrid record in reducing Nigeria to an en-

‘We want to ask Bode George whether he want the Lagos State government to emulate the PDP that has unleashed an unsolvable energy crisis that obtains in the present situation where Nigerians buy fuel at N250 per liter in the worst fuel crisis the nation stands to face’ clave in Somalia through levying an intractable security crisis we are facing at present? Does Bode George want Fashola and the ACN to emulate PDP’s record shattering unemployment record that has made youth unemployment so over-

whelming in an oil rich nation? “We want to ask Bode George whether he want the Lagos State government to emulate the PDP that has unleashed an unsolvable energy crisis that obtains in the present situation where Nigerians buy fuel at N250 per liter in the worst fuel crisis the nation stands to face. Is it on a fluctuating power sector the PDP has made a permanent part of life in Nigeria? Does Bode George want Lagos to emulate the PDP government’s elevation of corruption and public stealing to a directive principle of state policy? We can go on and on to demonstrate that the PDP is a curse to Nigeria and Nigerians and has nothing to offer Nigerians except tutorials on how to demolish a vibrant country to a pit of poverty, want and misery. Igbokwe said the party is firmly

behind the state governor in its decision to restrict Okada riders to only some routes and roads in Lagos.“Lagos ACN wants to call to mind that we have thrown our support to the decision of the Lagos State government to restrict okada operations in certain roads in Lagos principally on account of the uncountable deaths and maiming that mount by the day from accidents involving okada operators and on the need to curb the role of okada in crime cases. “But since the decision to ban okada in Lagos, the PDP had found it an anchor in reviving their dead political dream in Lagos. They have made the ban on okada the sound bite of their every political gamble and that is what ostensibly prompted Bode George’s incoherent and illogical advice. But Lagosians should think deeper before guzzling PDP’s cheap sentiments.



POLITICS Chief Solomon Lar served as the first National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and was Plateau State governor in the Second Republic. He told a select group of journalists in Kaduna last weekend that the basis for the proposed talk between Boko Haram and the government is flawed. Kaduna State Correspondent TONY AKOWE reports.

Avoid dialogue with faceless groups, Lar tells govt


OW would you react to the killing of Gen. Mohammed Shuwa (rtd) by unknown gunmen? The development is very unfortunate. I read in the newspapers that one of the Nigerians who fought seriously to keep Nigeria one during the civil war, Gen. Shuwa was shot and killed by gunmen. Gen. Shuwa is one of Nigeria’s unsung heroes. He was a hero but nobody talks about him. Government upon government never did anything to bring him up and recognise his contributions to Nigeria. Nobody sang his heroism. It is unfortunate, the government must do everything to find out those behind this unfortunate incident and bring them to justice. This is my plea. I know the government of President Goodluck Jonathan is doing its best about the security situation in the country. The general feeling among Nigerians is that the federal government is not on top of the security situation. I don’t agree with that assertion. The government is in absolute control and that is why we are still meeting here (in Kaduna). People are moving about freely. If the federal government were not to be in control, that would mean that Nigeria is a failed or failing state. I, however, believe that there is still more to be done to see that we live in peace. And I am calling on all Nigerians to be patriotic by supporting the government in this regard. It is time to think Nigeria and once we do this, we will have not much problems. Do you subscribe to calls by some people that the federal government should dialogue with the Boko Haram Islamic sect? I disagree completely, unless they show their identity that Mr. X, Y, Z is Boko Haram. For them to name some people to be their representatives, who are they? They are faceless people, let them come out and say we are the Boko Haram. In other words, are you saying the federal government should jettison Boko Haram’s proposal for dialogue having nominated Buhari and others to represent them? Has Buhari agreed? Is Buhari their representative? Is Ali Mungonu their representative? You see, I didn’t want to mention names, but if they (Buhari and Mungonu) said yes, they are their (Boko Haram’s) representatives, we would. But have they agreed to represent them? Let them come out. During the Niger Delta crisis, some people came out and said they were the leaders of the militants. That was very reasonable and that was how the late President Musa Yar’adua was able to tackle the problem of militancy in the Niger Delta. The Niger Delta militants were not faceless like Boko Haram. Why didn’t Boko Haram follow the example of the militants by showing their faces? Dialogue with a faceless group is not feasible. With the present state of things in the country, what are the chances of the PDP in 2015? 2015 is still a long way to go. Everything will depend on Nigerians. Nobody should take Nigerians for granted. This is what I always say. We are in a democracy, I Solomon Lar strongly believes in democracy, I am always for democracy. Nigerians are the ones that will decide. It does not mean that PDP will be there forever. Whenever Nigerians decide to change to another party for better, they can do so, but meanwhile the PDP is doing wonderfully well. The National Chairman of the party, Dr. Bamanga Tukur is doing extremely well and I think Nigerians are reasonable people and would appreciate him. Some people believe that governance is too expensive in Nigeria, like maintaining bicameral legislature instead of a unicameral. Do you agree with those advocating that we should have one parliament in order to reduce the cost of governance? If that is the general opinion of Nigerians, I subscribed to it. If Nigerians feel that we should have one or two parliaments, it is left for them to decide. But each of the two parliaments has its merit. For example, in the presidential system of government, the two parliaments ensure checks and balance and it helps us to have a stable government in place. If you have two parliaments, it would not be as easy to remove the president as it is in the parliamentary system. We have to look at what is suitable for us. We do not need to have a very expensive parliament. Our members can cut down their salaries and other benefits, everything depend on us, the Nigerian people. No parliament can hold Nigeria to ransom. Nigerians have the power to change anything. For the past eight months now, both teachers and local government workers in Plateau state have been on strike. Why have elders like you who are from the state failed to prevail on the governor to find a solution to the problem in the interest of the school children whose future is in jeopardy? I have not been in the country for quite some time. Now that I have come back, I will go to the governor and find out the problem between him and the striking workers. I am sure he is a listening governor and he will listen to me and we will see how the issues could be resolved. You were the National Chairman of the PDP when Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was president. Some people say Obasanjo, as president was very firm and decisive while President Jonathan is very weak and indecisive. Is that correct? What answer do you want me to give you (laughter)? The current president is a good man, he is humble. When somebody is humble, it doesn’t mean that he is weak and there is strength in humility, there is power in humility and there is wisdom in humility. So he has all these qualities. Was Obasanjo not humble? I am not saying that none of them was humble. Both of them were humble but as human beings all of us have different approach to doing things. • Lar

‘We’re not rubber-stamp Assembly’ Najeem Salaam, Speaker, House of Assembly, State of Osun, Osogbo, believes strongly that a legislature should not act as a rubber-stamp for executive actions. In this interview with Assistant Editor JOKE KUJENYA, he explains how the executive and legislative arms of government have improved on the quality of public infrastructure in the state.


OW would you describe the way politics is played in the State of Osun? Politics in our state is not different from what obtains in any other democratic clime. The only difference here is in the peculiarity of our people. In Osun, our people practise what could be termed as traditional politics, because they follow leaders who could interface for them in government. And without the intention to sound patronising, I think it was Governor Rauf Aregbesola that brought the electioneering to a new level where anybody could aspire and get elected. So, I can say that politics in the State of Osun is beginning to evolve and with the way things are going, people will soon begin to learn how to accept and practice developmental politics. Critics says the House of Assembly is a rubber stamp legislature. What’s your view? On the one party House, what many people do not realise is that the most fragile and dangerous parliament is a one party parliament. I say this because in such a House, every representative must be heard with no suspicion, especially where every member realises that he or she has a stake in the government, and thatdissenting views could not be ignored. And this shows that the robust debate of one party House is far more deeper than dividing the house. In fact, it would take the grace of God and wider consultations for a leader to strike balance in a one party House. But on the “rubber stamp” aspect, the State of Osun House cannot be said to be such. On a number of occasions, we have had to take Mr. Governor through rigorous tasks on issues presented before us. He can attest to it, we don’t just pass things because it is a one party House. But we won’t also create undue friction if there is no need for that. I don’t believe in such undue conflict. But Mr Governor himself has never sought to treat us a “rubber stamped” parliament. He is a man that duly separate and even distanced himself from the way we run our affairs in this parliament. All the members can tell you that boldly. That a parliament is a one party House anywhere in the world does not mean all things will go the way of the executive without going through the due checks and balances. What’s your take on the allegation that there is religious tension in the state? I laugh when I hear such. Religious tension in the State of Osun? When you, as a visitor got into the state two days ago, do you feel any tension in the air? I tell you there is no religious tension in Osun. The governor is a

• Salaam

devout Muslim and he is no apologising for that. And in his about 14-member cabinet, there are more number of Christians, that is, in the majority, than Muslims. And till date, I have not heard or read it anywhere that he has forced them to become a Muslim before they could be allowed to do their jobs. The governor is one man that appoints people into his cabinet based on absolute merit and not on religious sentiments. In the House of Assembly, we have majority of Christian as lawmakers. Even majority of the newly appointed Permanent Secretaries in the state are Christians. However, those wishing that our state is religiously tensed should look elsewhere because there is no other state where you find a leader that allow all religions –Christianity, Islam and traditional -represented in open events as each of them is made to offer open prayers in their own ways. So if there would be any need for religious tension in any state, it has to be engineered by the number one citizen of that state. That’s just my point. Have the lawmakers ever had the need to disagree with Mr. Governor over policy and issues? If yes, give examples... Oh yes, on a number of occasions. We have had to disagree with our governor more than once. There was a time he elected to conduct exam for the selection of Permanent Secretaries to be appointed into the employ of the state. We asked him to halt the process then until the House was properly briefed and agree upon the decision to be take. And in fairness to him, he withheld the process and appeared in person to properly briefthe House properly. And then, we lifted the ban. And then, the exam was eventually conducted and it turned out to be the novel idea that enhanced merit

in the selection of senior civil servants in the state. I could sire more and more examples. And permit me to use this medium to inform you and all looking for loopholes in the way we run our local politics here that it is really not compulsory to create friction in any democratic setting if there is no need for such. If your leaders comply with laid down rules; work harmoniously with him. If you think he is erring, call his attention to it. And he amends his ways, soft pedal on him. Democracy does not mean you must engender conflicts where there is absolutely no need for such. My view of playing politics is widely different from that of those expecting that the state must be boiling. No, no, it doesn’t have to be that way. We would fight if we have to and if we don’t have to, then, we will give room for peace and development to thrive. What’s your take on the recent rebranding of “Osun State to “State of Osun” with the flag and crest being altered? I will tell you that there is not much to the renaming of Osun State to the State of Osun or to the alterations made on the crest. The change in the way the name is called is just a matter of semantics. The values and culture that shape our state is not altered in any way. As for the crest, the inclusion of ‘cowries’ is just torevisit those gems that used to be part of our general culture as Yoruba people. At least, in those days, the mere mention of cowries or when you call it in Yoruba “owoeyo”, it evokes some memories of the old folklore that you used to hear about in ancient history. Well, I am just worried that people must think there must be a particular reason to something. I don’t like to reason that way. The governor has explained both in the newspapers and television on the reasons behind the change and I don’t think it is right to hold him in doubt for whatever reasons. Two years as Speaker, State of Osun, what have been the challenges, and prospects as you look ahead? On the challenges, I would say that have been quite enormous. The first set of challenges came on the basis of those I set for myself as the target which happened to be to have a House of Assembly that would pass laws that would first transform this state for the better, make directive and positive impact on the lives of the citizenry, as well as promote the well-being of the nook and cranny of this state so that others coming after us will have some foundation to continue to build upon and they would not be able to crush it. There is also the nonchalant attitude of our people towards the process of making laws.

• From right: Bayelsa State Governor, Seriake Dickson, Managing Director, Mike Adenuga Foundation, Mr Yomi Ogunbamowo (left) and Deputy Governor Rear Admiral John Jonah (rtd) at the presentation of relief materials by Mike Adenuga Foundation to flood victims in the state.





Group to integrate traditional, conventional medicine T

RADITIONAL medicine is to be integrated with conventional medicine in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), West African Health Organisation (WAHO), has said. This was contained in a communique at the Fifth Scientific Congress of Traditional Medicine Practitioners (TMPS) and Conventional Medicine Practitioners (CMP) in Cotonou, Benin Republic. The theme was Strategies to mitigate the challenges hindering effective collaboration between traditional medicine practitioners (TMP) and conventional medicine practitioners (CMP). According to WAHO, the need to integrate traditional Medicine into health systems has taken renewed importance, as more innovative and holistic approaches are being actively sought to arrest the devastating impact of diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria in Africa. The body said: “In order to substantially reduce the disease burden of Africa, health care providers have a moral and medical responsibility to ensure that people have access to the best of traditional and biomedical systems of care.” It recommended that decision makers and programme managers at government, civil society and community levels should be equipped with the necessary information and tools to successfully integrate the two systems of health care. WAHO the sector is still confronted with the perennial problems, such as inadequate financial resources, lack of mechanisms for the official recognition of TMPs and limited research data on the safety. Others are efficacy and quality of TMs and inadequate clinical studies to validate the ethnomedical uses of some medicinal plants.

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It said several solutions were proposed to address some of the challenges. Chief among them, it stated, was the establishment of interdisciplinary collaborative programmes aimed at bringing together the key stakeholders, particularly TMPs, clinicians, researchers, communities, entrepreneurs, development partners, and governments to harness the full potential of TM. It identified collaboration between practitioners of traditional and conventional medicine as one of the priorities of the African Regional Strategy (ARS) to promote the role of traditional medicine in the health sector. This, WAHO said, would bring many benefits to the people, especially in the control of HIV and AIDS and malaria. These diseases have placed a

heavy burden on already weakened health systems in sub-Saharan Africa, it added. On the way forward, the body said, promoting collaboration between TMPs and CMPs is one of its key activities. WAHO assured ECOWAS of its support to develop the sector. It is also proposed that as an effective means of bridging the existing divide between the two sectors, the body will engage some seasoned and influential physicians, who do not support TM, but can explain in non-confrontational terms what constitutes the reservations of CMPs (particularly orthodox medicine practitioners), to participate in its gap bridging programme between the sectors. WAHO said each country in the region was represented at the session, adding that invitation was also extended to those who were inter-

ested in the development of TM, irrespective of their origin. “Such interested persons were encouraged to submit abstracts on topics related to the theme or sub-themes,” it added. Delegates from Nigeria at the conference were a conventional medicine practitioner at the Federal Ministry of Health, Dr Akpan and Chief Medical Director, Research Institute of Traditional and Alternative Medicine (RITAM), Dr Johnson Idowu. Dr Idowu, who presented a paper, said his aim was to highlight the role of RITAM, to provide a sound basis for the development of traditional medicine products in Nigeria. “Our aim is to modernise the practice of traditional medicine by putting some science into it and provide reasonable level of evidence that may lead to further development to attain international standard,” Idowu added.

‘Multivitamin supplement will boost health’ By Wale Adepoju


IGERIANS have been urged to supplement their food with necessary multi-vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. According to the President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN), Mr Azubuike Okwor, supplementing what people eat will ensure their health. Okwor, who spoke at the launch of Reload multi-vitamin in Lagos, identified poverty as the major reason people don’t eat right. The PSN boss recommended Reload range of multivitamins to the people, stressing: “Reload is duly registered and certified by the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC).” He said the product, a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral and antioxidant in a vegetable and fruit blend, will help people solve their nutritional problem. The product, he said, is a beautiful inclusion to a market that is fraught with unsafe drugs, adding that it is a problem that organisation is presently focusing on. A reputable pharmacist and for gubernatorial candidate in Lagos State, Mr Jimi Agbaje, said the product will enhance the diet of Nigerians. He said: “70 per cent of Nigerians are living below the poverty level and do not take a balanced diet while the remaining 30 per cent tend to eat more of one group of nutrients against another and that is why they need to supplement what they lack in nutrients through multi-vitamins such as the Reload. Chief Operating Officer, Pharmacy Plus Ltd, Mr Obi Chukwuemeka said the product is important because multi-vitamins are needed to keep the body healthy and to prevent future health problems. This is why people should supplement their diet (especially when one does not eat right) and to fuel the body with energy and strength, he added. “Reload contains 24 fruits and vegetables. Taking one tablet daily would give you all the nutrients you need on a daily basis. Taking it in the morning will keep you ‘reloaded’ for the entire day.’’

‘Badly done abortions can cause infertility’ 1234567890123456789


OR infertile African couples , getting to know the reason for their plight can be frustrating, and ‘hellish’ Research has shown that infertility is not predominantly the problem of women; men are also liable. A trained midwife and herbal practitioner, Mrs. Adenike Adepoju, popularly known as Mama Leader blamed the rising cases of infertility among women on abortions by quack doctors. Mrs Adepoju said while biological cases of infertility can be treated with orthodox medicines and herbs, badly done abortions are difficult to handle. She said:, “I can tell you that most cases of infertility among young Nigerian women are selfinflicted. From experience, I have come to realise one thing. And that is that badly done abortions is responsible for most of the infertility cases. Such cases are usually difficult to rectify because damages would have been done

By Segun Ajiboye

to the womb.” She advised young women with unwanted pregnancies to seek advice from medical practitioners and shun self-medications, which is rampant among young naïve women. “You won’t believe me that some of our women still resort to self medication when they find out they are pregnant. This is the cause of many deaths among our women. Even in the case that they survive, the babies are usually hurt by these dangerous instruments.” Though a trained nurse, Mrs Adepoju said she started combining the use of herbs and orthodox medicines when she realised the efficacy of the method. “I am a trained nurse. I started my career at the popular Island Maternity Hospital in Lagos. After that, I worked with several other private hospitals before I decided to set up my own.” Interestingly, her grandfather,

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from whom she learnt to use of herbs, was a popular traditional birth attendant in Lagos. “My paternal grandfather was a very popular traditional birth attendant in the Yaba area of Lagos. He taught me a lot about the use of herbs. What I have done is to combine that with my experience as a trained nurse and midwife.” For her, herb is a sure and better way of handling most health issues. “Some of the problems we

have is that we don’t value what is ours. For me as a person, I know and understand the worth of modern medicines. But I also know that it is very good if we can combine that knowledge with herbs.” It was her search for that knowledge that took her to India in 1996, where she acquired more knowledge on causes and cure of infertility and the use of herbs. “I have always loved to know more about whatever I do. So, in 1996, I went to India for more studies. I came back in 1998, and I can tell you that those two years were indeed very rewarding for me, because I learnt a lot about the use of herbs and how to combine them with orthodox medicines.” She boasted that she records an average of 60 percent success with her patience, who she claimed sometimes come from other parts of the country to see her in Lagos. However, despite her success rate, a terrifying incident sometimes in 2002 left an indelible mark on her psyche. A heavily pregnant woman, who she said did not register for her ante-natal

appeared in her office and begged to be attended to. After what seemed an eternity and plenty of pleadings from the woman, Mama Leader agreed to help her. “I agreed to help her because I observed that she was in serious pains. We immediately wheeled her into the labour room. But after sometime, I discovered that it was taking longer than was necessary for her to deliver.” Unknown to her and her team, the woman was carrying a set of Siamese in her womb. “At first, I thought she had twins, but I soon realized that they were conjoined twins. After a long battle, we were able to take delivery of the twins.” Though she now looks back at the incident with relish because it was successful, she, however, confessed that the experience brought her closer to God. “You see, the doctors will tell you that it is God that heals. But that incident confirmed to me the awesomeness of God. We prayed and did what we were supposed to do, and God intervened and did the rest for us.”




A devastating sexual revolution on the way W

ILL today's children and young adults survive their parents? This is a hot question in Europe and America where sugar, sodium and fat are damaging the health of children and young adults, and sex freedom for children as young as eight years is creeping in to deal what may be the final blow. I couldn't help thinking of this generation last week when a lucky, smiling Nigerian father came to inform me his two sons, both students, who had been undergoing dialysis for kidney troubles, had now been declared fit as fiddle by their doctors. But some other children who were also undergoing dialysis were not so lucky… some of them died. Esther Olanrewaju, my niece, will remember the boy in her neighborhood who was crippled by kidney failure and died soon after writing JAMB exams for admission to a university. I am sure Mrs. Clara Oyibo, who runs the Pax Herbal Centre at Ikeja, Lagos won't easily forget the story of her nephew on the danger list of the University of Nigeria teaching hospital, Enugu, a few years ago. His doctors did not expect him to survive the ailment. He became alarmed when, one after the other, as though programmed, the inmates in his ward who, like him suffered from kidney disease, began to die. He phoned his aunt frantically. Mrs. Oyibo told me later he had once asked her for a favour she was in no position then to oblige. So, this time, she decided to do whatever it would take, to help him. The young man, a university student, wanted an alternative therapy to the hospital medication, or, better still, a complementary therapy. Mrs. Oyibo and I had many stressful days combing the City of Lagos for medicinal herbs that would support the healing of his kidneys. This case must be more than 10 years old. The food supplements market was just popping up, ridiculed by some doctors and pharmacists but accepted by some. If I recall correctly, we made do with PAX BITTERS, MISTLETOE, Maritaniana (it is fading out in the market now) and …what else ? That was a far cry from two months ago when I first met the gentleman who came to seek help for his sons. To him, I could suggest specific kidney cleaning and healing herbs as (1) Amazon KDY - C L (2) Bell's Kidney Cleanse and Function Tea (3) Bragg's unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (4)buffered Vitamin C (5) Udo's Oil (6) Flaxseed Oil (7) Amazon AF. (8) Green powder and (9) Moringa oloifera. A pity it was that newcomer Kidney Reassure hadn't arrived in the Nigerian market. My suspicion in this case, as in soon others, is that Candida, a member of the yeast family, had a hand in it. Many therapists miss this point, and, accordingly, may miss an effective therapy. One doctor gave me an insight. When one reader in Abuja told me two doctors had advised that she surgically removed one ailing kidney, I asked her to see a doctor who employed nutrition in his practice. He looked at a CT scan of the kidney and concluded that white patches which may have suggested calcification or scar tissue to those two doctors may in fact, be Candida infections. Doctors who link the growing wave of kidney disease to consumption of alcohol or water extracts of herbs may have a point where the herbs in reference aren't folk recipes which have been used in therapies for centuries without any known side effects. But how many traditional medicine recipes are not times honoured? If time honoured medicines now cause problems, as they thick, the real culprit need be sought elsewhere. Your guess should be as good as mine… Candida. We live today in a world laden not only with sugar in foods and drinks, but with chemicals, pesticides, additives, colourings and heavy metals as well. Sugar makes the blood thick and acidic. Germs like acidic environment and flourish in it. Diabetics know that this is why their sores heal with difficulty, if it does at all, and their nerves and kidneys suffer damage. Women who suffer from vaginal candidiasis remember their doctors warn them to go off sugar… because Candida, like other germs, feed on it to overpopulate themselves. We can easily see the spoilage caused by sugar in the plant kingdom. Once a fruit, such as mango, banana or pawpaw (papaya) begins to ripen, the sugar content begins to increase. By the time it becomes overripe, the sugar content would have become so high that bacterial activity in the cells is full blown, giving rise to the rot or decoy always observed in overripe fruits. Is the human cell any different? The answer is NO. We all, plants, animals, minerals or molecules, are subject to the same law. OR MANY decades, Europe and America, from where sugar gorging came here, has battled with degenera tive diseases caused by sugar, fat and refined salt (table salt). Newspaper and magazine articles of that time were filled with such reports as child obesity, child diabetes even in infants, asthma, child cancers of all kinds, particularly leukemia (cancer of the blood), and child vision disturbances, among many others. Teeth and gum disease exploded. In Nigeria, I still see many men and women of my age who have all their teeth intact, whereas their children have pulled some and their grandchildren many more. The susceptibility of children and young adults to disease and life spans shorter than their parents' isn't surprising. Just watch carefully the next time you are at a supermarket and a father or mother comes in with his or her child. Watch what will be bought for the child. It is unlikely to be anything but biscuits, sweetened milk and beverages, deep fries, sugar embalmed drinks, pastries, egg and fish rolls et.c. Do we balance children? What do they know? What did we, too, know as children? But we were lucky to have been raised on herbs, a feature of up-


bringing missing in the time of our children. I remember my first year at the high school boarding house. The first layer of my books cupboard, which we called locker, was bedecked with Coffee and Condensed milk and Buttersnips. These were great sweets and milk of my time that I was derived at home by parents who, forever, warned of health dangers of the sweet tooth. As young male adults, we indulged in alcohol. Some of us even went into drugs. Many of us are dead or half dead today. But the grounds we prepared as young people for damage to our bodies in later life are incomparable to the harm today's young adults inflict upon their health. It is the magnitude of these inflictions and related scale of degenerative diseases and death of young people which led to medical conclusions in Europe and America that many of today's children and young adults would not survive their healthier parents CCORDINGLY in the 1990s, the World Health Or ganisation (WHO) asked member states to persuade food companies to downscale the food content of sugar, sodium and fats in their products. I do not know what has become of this plea in Europe and America. In Nigeria, nothing seemed to have happened. Before it became defunct, The Comet Newspaper tries, albeit, feebly, tried to make this WHO concern public issue. That was about one decade ago. More young people have been dying of all sorts of ailments, the foundations of which are traceable to their days in the womb or as children. Today, sex, a new poison, compounds their health problem by draining them of vital generative energy. Though which the spirit powers the body, and a deficiency of which leaves the organs weak and lifeless. And, as usual, everything, like gayism and lesbianism, has it roots in the western world, and infects places as far away as Nigeria. Arguably Sigmund Freud, that well known psychologist, set the ball rolling when his thoughts influenced European women to cast off their "sense of shame," that protective ornament of the soul, to enjoy sexual pleasure. Hitherto, the Elizabethan age women were like my grandparents. In their time, men and women knew each other and begat their offspring with their clothes on, not in daytime, but in the dead of the night when their faces, like their mood, were shrouded by the darkness. Today, women succumb even in offices, inside the car, on the beach… anywhere. No longer do women stand before men in awe. Men have condescended to become the toys of women in bed! Today, homosexualism and lesbianism is not the biggest deal in America, awful as it is. In 2009, President Barrack Obama signed into law the Hate Crimes Prevention Act. The law forbids anyone to talk ill of homosexuality. Doing so is considered hatred towards homosexuals and is punishable by up to 10 years in jail. That means the church cannot preach against homosexuality. As was to be expected, many pastors and churches have gone to court to challenge the constitutional validity of this law on grounds that it aborts their right to free speech, which is guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Constitution. As Dave Jolly, also a lawyer puts it: "Under the strictest definition of the law, any Biblical preaching against sin in general, especially that of homosexuality could be considered hate language, and therefore a hate crime. If convicted of the felony, a person could spend as much as 10 years in prison? Some of the challengers of the law since 2010 are America Family Association of Michigan and many Michigan pastors, including Levon Yelled, Rane Ouellette and James Combs. they actively preached that homosexuality was a sin, quoting the bible, and saw the Hate Crimes Prevention Act as a violation of the constitutional right for "Free Speech And Religion". But the judge dismissed the suit on the grounds of "standing and ripeness", a legal term for their "legal ability to file the suit for future circumstances that may or may not ever happen." But the pastors appealed the judgments and also lost at the appeal court. After the news, David Yerusha/ Mi, a senior lawyer and challenger of the hate law said: "Criminalising religious opposition to homosexuality while elevating those who


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engage in homosexuality acts to a rejected class under federal law is a clear violation of the constitution and a frightening abuse of federal power". What if the appeal to the Supreme Court fails? Dave Jolly answers. "If the Supreme Court rejects the request to hear the case, the Hate Crimes Prevention Act may and will be used against anyone that says or does anything that a homosexual deems offensive or hurts their pride and self-esteem. Pastors in churches across the country could find themselves facing 10 years in prison for preaching God's word. The Hate Crimes Prevention Act protects sinners from having their feelings hurt, but it does nothing to protect Christians from having someone like a homosexual denigrate their beliefs and feelings. They will still be allowed to say what they want about Jesus Christ or anyone that follows Him and that won't be considered hate language. In this American descent from Life, elementary schools have become a battleground for the souls of children. In an executive order, President Obama has directed that homosexuality be taught school children, thereby 'fast forwarding', as it were, their lives to adult life. Many teachers are objecting on conscience ground, at the risk of losing their jobs. A Catholic school has threatened to close down rather than comply. HE battle has been joined by the International Planned Parenthood Foundation, which has offices in Nigeria. It is campaigning that adult sexual rights be extended to children and their recognition be accorded the "evolving capacity" in all children and young people. The IPPF wants these rights legally guaranteed in all nations, as gay rights now are in the United States, so that "all young people around the world (will) be able to explore, experience and express their sexualities in healthy, positive pleasurable and safe ways". For people of my generation who believe the generation behind us has turned the world upside down with sex, it would appear they haven't seen anything yet. For the goal of the IPPF is "removal of parental involvement or spousal consent laws that prevent young people from seeking sexual and reproductive health services." The IPPF is not done with parents. For it adds: "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and right. Therefore, all young people should be able to exercise and fulfill their rights equally, including sexual right…Barriers. The IPPF calls for censorship of sex education which teaches sexual abstinence as a means of pregnancy prevention. It demands, also, that doctors of children release information on sex matters concerning a child to the parents only under consent of the child. It sees nothing wrong with the fact that about 40 per cent of children born in the United States last year were delivered of unmarried mothers. So grave has this problem become that President Obama had to make a law compelling all companies to pay for abortion by their staff who wished to have it. Some of these companies have challenged the law in court, the owners saying they objected to abortion. The government has fought back saying a company is not an extension of the owner. But the courts are backing the owners that their companies are extensions of their persons and ideas. Not since the time of Sigmund Freud has sex threatened to entomb mankind as it does today. There is no doubt that there is a struggle between men who want the LIGHT and men who prefer the DARKNESS and that, in this battle, the Antichrist, the fighter against Christ, that is the fighter against GOD, is raising its head as predicted would happen just before the End -Time, using its minions on earth. But which human spirit has the endowment to challenge GOD? Who else can but LUCIFER, the fallen ARCH ANGEL using fallen humans for his last- ditch battle? ANY researchers of this world- wide crisis of which Nigerians appear oblivious, as in all things, believe the prime architect of the grooming of children for sex is Alfred Kinsey. He is described as a "PROMISCUOUS HOMOSEXUAL" and "Sadomasochist" who "twisted the world's perception of sexuality in the 1950s and 1960s with his world famous Kinsey Reports" while at Indiana university, He claimed to have carried out experiments which showed that (1) "children are sexual from birth" (2) adult- child sex is beneficial and not harmful (3) "child orgasm is culminating in extreme trembling, collapse, loss of colour and sometimes fainting!. He admitted many children he experimented with suffered excruciating pain" and screamed "if movement was continued" some, as young as two months old, fought off adult partners, sometimes violently. A. J. F. Matt Barber wrote on October 31: "Disturbing though that may be, what's equally disturbing is that nearly all of today's liberal 'comprehensive sex education curricular - such as that pushed by groups like the National Education Association (NEA), Planned Parenthood and the Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) - is derived entirely from the criminally fraudulent research of Alfred Kinsey. My conclusion is: it could happen here, too. When Americans sneeze, don't we catch a cold. There are many nudist clubs in Nigeria, especially Ikeja, Lagos. There are many gay and lesbians in town too. We are still lucky our culture holds them down. Christianity cannot stem the tide. It focuses heavily on prosperity and witches and wizards, not on God' Will. For people who say it cannot happen here, let them remember it was once said an IDI AMIN couldn't happen in Nigeria. But then it did in GEN ABACHA. Anything can grow on the soil that is ripe and right for it parents, gird your loins.



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e-Business Airtel indigenises brand as Nigerian heads firm W

ITH the appointment of Mr Segun Ogunsanya as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Airtel Nigeria, doubts have been erased about the telecoms firm’s plans in Nigeria. A few months after the acquisition of the African assets of Kuwait’s telecoms giant, Zain, Airtel’s management comprisig the Chairman, Dr Oba Otudeko, outgoing CEO, Rajan Swaroop, CEO, Airtel International, Manoj Kohli spoke with reporters in Lagos on the firm’s integrity. An issue raised on the occasion bordered on the ‘reputation’ of Indian firms operating in the country. The reporters wanted to know if the Indians who were taking over the business were not going to lay off the workers and whether Nigerian professionals on the pay roll were not going to be subjugated to the whims and caprices of their less qualified Indians. Swaroop and Kohli took time to explain the mission in the country, rolling out a long list of what it hopes to achieve in the short, medium and long-term. All efforts to convince the reporters made little or no impact as they left the conference venue, in small groups, discussing in hushed tones what the telco’s future in the country. Analysts say it is against this backdrop that the appointment of a Nigerian to head the firm is significant. President, National Association of Telecoms Subscribers (NATCOMS), Deolu Ogunbanjo, says it is welcome considering the cynicsm that attended the take over of the telco from Zain, especially with the reputation of Indians in exploiting cheap labour anywhere they set up business. “The apointment is good news for the industry and it is also fulfilling the local content policy in the ICT sector in Nigeria. It is good news because the fear many Nigerians were having when Airtel was coming was that the Indians, once they come, cheap labour takes over. And look at the background of Mr Ogunsanya, coming from Coca Cola International and that is in no small way a great feat because Coca Cola is not a small company. It is a large multinational company with presence all over the world,” he told The Nation. Ogunbanjo said it is part of Airtel’s fulfilment of the local content policy in the ICT sector in the country. He commended the managemnt of Bharti Airtel for its consistency, adding that with the appointment of Ogunsanya, it is now clear that the firm believes that Nigerians could effectively managed businesses. He recalled that Zain also appointed the late Bayo Ligali as its CEO, saying: “Airtel has now come out to say boldly, ‘we are in Nigeria, we believe in Nigeria, and we believe in Nigerians managing Nigerian businesses.” For Lanre Ajayi, president, Association of Telecoms Companies of Nigeria (ATCON), the umbrella body of telecoms companies in Nigeria deriving strenghth in its sheer number, it is very healthy development for the industry. “I believe it’s a good development. It is a wise decision and


•Swaroop By Lucas Ajanaku

it is in the best interest of the company because Ogunsanya is not only competent technically, but also understands the terrain. I want to believe that a Nigerian will understand Nigeria better than a foreigner and in this particular case, they have been able to identify a very competent hand who also happens to be a Nigerian,”he said. The NATCOMS chief believes the new CEO will take Airtel to the next level, increasing not only subscriber base but service quality. “Only recently, the firm moved to number four as the largest telecoms firm in the world and there is a thin line between number three and four. So, there is a very thin line. Ogunsanya will hopefully take Airtel, building its subscriber base in Nigeria to becoming number three in the world by 2013,” he said. The ATCON Chief is optimistic that the new CEO will deliver on the mandate handed over to him by the management. “I believe the company must have set milestons for him, so the expectation is for him to meet the goals set for him by his organisation at the end of the day. The telco is out there to compete with other companies providing the same services in the country, such competetion is good for the market. It is good for the consumers and we all stand to benefit from it,” Ajayi who is also former president, Nigeria Internet Group (NIG), said. A chartered accountant, Ogunsanya holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, will be responsible for defining and delivering the business strategy and providing leadership for Airtel Nigeria and report to Kohli, CEO (International) and Joint MD, Bharti Airtel. The appointment takes effect from November 26, 2012. A statement from the telco said he takes over from Swaroop, who has successfully led operations at Airtel Nigeria in the past two years. Rajan will be appointed as non-executive director on the board of Airtel Nigeria following the completion of the transition and will continue

to work closely with the Airtel Nigeria leadership team. Speaking of the appointment, Dr. Otudeko, chairman, Airtel Nigeria, said, “I am pleased at the appointment of Mr. Ogunsanya as the chief executive officer and look forward to working with him towards making Airtel the most loved brand in the daily lives of Nigerians. It is our resolve to continue building a robust pipeline of local talents in Nigeria as part of Bharti Airtel’s Africa Leadership Initiative. I have been impressed by the outstanding leadership qualities of Mr. Swaroop who has laid a solid foundation, during his tenure, for the long term growth of our business. I wish him success as he moves on in the Group.” For Kohli, Segun’s appointment underlines Bharti Airtel’s commitment to promoting African talent and building a world-class leadership team. “I am delighted to have Segun on board and am confident that his rich and diverse experience will add immense value to our operations in Nigeria.I wish him the very best in his new role and would also thank Rajan for his immense contribution to Airtel Nigeria,” Kohli was quotedvas saying. According to Airtel, Ogunsanya brings with him over 24 years of rich industry experience across multiple geographies, organisations and diverse sectors such as Coca Cola, Banking and Arthur Anderson. His last assignment was with The CocaCola Company, where he started his career in Finance and gradually transitioned into senior leadership roles with the various bottling operations of The Coca-Cola Company across diverse markets and countries in Africa. In his last stint, as the Managing Director and CEO of Nigerian Bottling Company, he was responsible for over $1billion revenue operations. The takeover of Zain by Airtel was adjudged by analysts as the largest telecoms takeover by an Indian firm. It cost a total of $10.7 billion. Reputed to be the brand that has undergone the highest number of corporate metamorphosis beginning with Econet Wireless, Celtel, Zain, and now Airtel, the firm has built a formidable empire in Africa where it operates in a total of 17 countries growing its subscriber base by 31 per cent or an additional five and half million customers to hit 20 million subscribers in August, this year.

GOtv charts path to future digital technology


HEAD of complete migration from analogue to digital broadcasting, GOtv, which premiered the second generation Digital Video Broadcast Technology (DVBT2), when it launched its direct terrestrial television service last year, has restated its commitement to quality. With the launch of the technology came a bold announcement to deliver its service on the most up-to-date technology platform. The advertisement of that intent has left competitors (still dependent on the outdated DVB-T or T1 technology) playing catch up. Of GOtv’s decision to adopt the most modern technology, Chief Adewunmi Ogunsanya, chairman, Details Nigeria, promoters of GOtv, said: “We are very excited to about the launch of GOtv, a true testament of our vision to democratise the pay television landscape in the country and make digital television services a must-have for all Nigerians. This

launch forms part of our broad-based strategy to contribute to Nigeria’s digital migration through sensible infrastructure investments and competitive service delivery.” Compared with its analogue cousin (T1 technology), DVBT2 is a geological age ahead. For the end-user, digital television has potential for resolutions and sound fidelity comparable with blu-ray home video and with digital multiplexing. It also offers the possibility of sub-channels and distinct simulcast programming from the same broadcaster. For government and industry, digital television re-allocates the radio spectrum so that it can be auctioned off by the government. In the auctions, telecommunications companies can introduce new services and products in mobile telephony, wifi internet, and other nationwide telecommunications projects. In addition, digital broadcasting creates improvements in video and sound quality that gives room for high definition

television. Moreover, the transmission and reception of broadcasting data expands to other different platforms, including mobile phone TV, Internet Broadcasting IPTV, DVB-h (Digital Video Broadcasting – camcorder). The superior technology of GOtv also offers a wider spectrum than T1 and is more efficient. At its best, T1 allows for an upload of about 20 channels on a platform. T2, on the other hand, yields about thrice that size. This is about 60 channels on its platform, given the same bandwidth. Another edge it has is that it experiences less interference than what obtains in T1 GOtv’s launch came at a time the country is slowly kicking off its drive towards the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) goal of migrating TV broadcasting from an analogue to digital platform by the year 2015. Already, five cities– Continued on page 48




National Assembly urged to criminalise telemarketing


HE Director-General, National Lottery and Regulatory Commission (NLRC), Mr Peter Igho, has called on the National Assembly to pass a law on intrusive and unsolicited calls by telecoms operators. Most of these calls, he said, were “telemarketing cold calls” foisted on the customers, mostly at odd hours of the day. “Telemarketing is marketing conducted over the telephone. Most telemarketing calls are ‘cold calls’ meaning the recipeints of the call has not requested that the telemarketer contact him/her,” he said, adding that apart from the fact that such calls have been associated with various scams and fraud, they are aften considered as provocative, espaecially when they occur during dinner hours, early in the morning, in the middle of an important meeting, late in the evenings or in the middle of the night. Igho, who spoke in Lagos, said in some countries, telemarketing is subject to regulatory and legislative controls related to consumers’ privacy and

Stories by Lucas Ajanaku

protection. He therefore wants the Nigerian parliament to pass a law that will make it a criminal offence for any operator to call its subscribers without the consent of such subscribers. “In some countries, telemarketing is subject to regulatory and legislative controls related to consumers’ privacy and protection. Unfortunatley, such legislations are yet to be enacted in Nigeria. The Nigerian parliament should enact a law that criminalises unsolicited and intrusive telemarketing at odd hours,” he said. According to him, the US has restricted telemarketing at the federal level through the enactment of the Telephone Comsumer Protection Act of 1991, adding that many professional associations of telemarketers have codes of ethics and standards that members comply with. While some jurisdictions have impelemented, he warned ‘do not call’ lists through either legislation or industry oganisations, telemarketrs are barred from initiating contacts with

Surge in mobile devices push WiFi demand


ETWORKING technologist, Cisco, has linked surging global demand for mobile devices as a factor that will push up demand for WiFi addng that traditional mobile networksplay critical roles to meet the needs of consumers. According to the firm’s Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) study, a copy of which was made available to The Nation, 52 per cent of respondents own smartphones while 48 per cent use traditional mobile phones, revealing that WiFi is the predominant access technology for mobile devices that include laptops, mobile media players, eReaders, tablets, and mobile gaming devices. While almost 50 per cent of mobile users are consuming all forms of video, music, books, and games on their devices, 25 per cent of consumers are using mobile devices for entertainment on a daily basis with consumers averaging more than 2.5 hours of usage in a typical day on their mobile devices at home, more than double the time they spend using them at work. Over 50 per cent of tablets, laptops, and eReaders are connecting exclusively through Wi-Fi, 70 per cent of smartphone

users connect their devices via Wi-Fi at some point, while on average, smartphone users use Wi-Fi one-third of the time to connect their devices to the Internet. The report is based on the survey of mobile users in Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom in March 2012 Earlier this year, the Cisco Visual Networking Index predicted that global mobile data traffic will increase 18-fold from 2011 to 2016, reaching 10.8 exabytes per month. In Nigeria, MTN MiFi now offers a portable WiFi device that allows users connect up to five WiFi enabled devices such as laptops, tablets, phones and other such devices simultaneously to the internet. All a customer requires is one data subscription on the MiFi device, with which he/she can connect the WiFi enabled devices to the internet. The Airtel Broadband WiFi solution too is enabling users in Nigeria to share broadband connection with more than one computer or device in their office or homes. Instead of being transmitted through cables or wires, the broadband connection is transmitted via radio waves.

GOtv charts path to future Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kaduna and Kano– currently enjoy digital television transmission. Digital migration, according to the government, will spark domestic production of set-top boxes. Minister of Communications Technology, Mrs. Omobola Johnson, said the government is wooing foreign and local companies to invest in the production of digital TV settop boxes, with the hope of producing 20 million set top boxes. “I don’t believe that we should repeat the same mistakes we made in the past. We are partnering with the Ministry of Trade and Investment to encourage and incentivise companies, both those established inside and outside Nigeria to take advantage of the coming digital migration because there will be a need for companies that manufacture set top boxes,” she said. But there a are fears that these arrangements may not meet deadline, as such are yet to kick off. Mr. Mayo Okunola, General Manager of GOtv Nigeria, explained that the GOtv platform was designed to make digital television available to all. “The GOtv brand was specially created to make available an affordable digital television services for all. When people think digital television, they immediately imagine it has to be expensive. This is not the case with GOtv, which offers great

Continued on page 47

family entertainment at affordable prices,” Okunola explained. With less than N10, 000, a subscriber can acquire a GOtv decoder, install it by himself and enjoy premium content for as little as N8, 000 or N9, 500 for GOtv and GOtv Plus respectively. The package comes with a threemonth free subscription. At the expiration of the initial three months, subscribers will have to renew their subscriptions, depending on their choice of bouquet, for N1, 000 and N1, 500 respectively. GOtv bouquet offers a rich menu of 25 channels, while GOtv Plus has all the 25 channels on GOtv plus additional seven channels, including CNN, Sony Entertainment TV (SET), SuperSport Blitz, NatGeo Wild, Disney Junior, MTV Base and the primary AfricaMagic channel–an aggergate of 32 top-tier channels. For fans African entertainment, GOtv offers five AfricaMagic channels. These are AfricaMagic, AfricaMagic Hausa, AfricaMagic Movies, AfricaMagic World and AfricaMagic Yoruba– channels through which Africans confront the distortions normally associated with viewing through non-African prisms.

subscribers. “Legislative versions often provide for heavy penalties on companies which call individuals on these listings. The US Federal Trade Commission has implemented a National do Not Call Registry in an attempt to reduce intrusive telemarketing naionwide,” he said. He also cited Canada as another country where telemarketing is under strcit regulation, adding that it is now being handled by the Canadian Radio-Televison and Telecommunication Commissio while in Australia, the practice is restricted by the Australian Federal Government and poilced by the Austrian Communications and Media Authority. He said Austrian government restricts calling hours for both research and marketing, urging the National Assembly to take steps to halt the practice in Nigeria.


ESIROUS of engaging its numerous customers Peppe Terra, has opened an acount with popular social media, Facebook. According to a statement by the firm, the Peppe Terra Facebook page is an innovative and user friendly presence on the web, with modern approach to cooking that is slowly evolving as the ultimate destination for cooking related discussions, updates and chats – all pertaining to a lively mix of authentic and modern culinary practice in Nigeria. It features information and interaction on recipes, ingredients, cooking trends and consumer perceptions on cooking and food in general. It added that it is poised to using this engaging social media, beside twitter and google plus, to add a more personal touch to its marketing campaigns, as well as communicate with the consumers on a direct one to one basis. Peppe Terra, with its promise of “No Stress - No Mess - Peppe

Peppe Terra takes customer interaction to Facebook Terra - All Plus”, was launched in Nigeria in December, 2010 and the response from the consumer has been extraordinary. Roy Deepanjan, Managing Director, TGI Nigeria Limited (the makers of Peppe Terra, from the House of Chi) said: “Peppe Terra with its phenomenal franchise amongst consumer will always try to engage with her consumers through every possible touchpoint and Facebook was just one of the options. The Facebook page has developed an online community where consumers log in on a regular basis, to learn, discuss and share views on Nigerian cooking, food & recipes.”

‘Global pricing, panacea for grey products imports’


APAN’S global leaders in imaging, Nikkon, says global pricing is the panacea to unbridled importation of electronic products from the grey markets as it officially annouces its presence in Nigeria. Rohit Sawhney, the Area Manager, Nikkon, who spoke with TheNation in Lagos, said Nigeria is a huge market that cannot be ignored in Africa, adding that the firm has therefore decided to establish a firm footing in the country with a view to boosting its global market share and discouraging grey imports of its products into the country. He added that the official entry of the firm into the market also marked the availability of the one year warranty on its products. According to him, the menace of

grey imports can only be tackled through global products pricing, adding that the opening up of Nigeria’ office marks the end of the road for grey imports. “As far as grey import is concerned, one thing that is important is global pricing. Our aim is to cut grey imports through global pricing so that our customers can get the one year warranty and value for their money. “Nikkon has an office in East Africa, set up at the beginning of this year. We are now opening regional offices. We have one in Kenya, we are opening another one in Nigeria so that customers can get the best

value for their money and get the one year waaranty on our products.We are leaders in Europe, India, US and now in the UAE,” he told said. He disclosed further that Nikkon has an office in Dubai that takes care of the Middle East and Africa, arguing that the aim of the imaging firm is to be closer to the customer instead of sitting in Dubai and deciding how the Nigeran market is. “That is why we have set up an office in Opebi Road, Ikeja. The idea is to be close to the customers and serve them well. We have a service centre to take care of after sales services too,” he added.

New Horizons now MicrosoftValued Partner


EW Horizons Nigeria, a franchise of New Horizons Worldwide, world’s largest independent IT training organisation with offices in 80 countries and six continents has emerged Microsoft 2012 Valued Partner, putting the organisation in the top five per cent of Microsoft’s ecosystem globally. A statement by the firm explains that Microsoft competency differentiates organisations such as New Horizons in the business world and enables the organisation to capitalise on market opportunity with tailored benefits such as eligibility for a direct relation-

ship with Microsoft, customer technical sales and advisory services, and prioritized exposure on the Microsoft customer marketplace. The MD/CEO of New Horizons, Nigeria, Mr Tim Akano, said this partnership is an added advantage to New Horizons, which is a fast growing organisation with strong interest in the growth and development of the ICT and e-business aspect of Nigeria’s economy, as it will increase the nation’s opportunity to have more Microsoft Certified Professionals. Furthermore, he said New Horizons will continually use its unparalleled

knowledge gathered in its 30 years of operations in 80 countries and six continents to ensure best IT and e-business trainings for Nigerians. Akano said, “With our robust relationships with Microsoft, EC-Council, Oracle, Cisco, Certiport, Certified Biometrics Professional (CBP), Linux and Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing (SAP) the future is bright for the Nigerian ITProfessionals.” The firm empowers about 50,000 Nigerians yearly in universities, schools, military, and corporate organisations.

•From left: Analyst, Social Media, Etisalat Nigeria, Ms Oyinye Egwudo; Project Manager, Nigerian Idol, Ms.Tiwa Medubi; Performing Artiste, Chuddy K and Specialist, Events, Etisalat Nigeria, Mr Dayo Adeyelure, at the PortHarcourt auditions of the Etisalat-sponsored Nigerian Idol music reality show, Season 3.












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Vehicles crush man to death


E was close to home but he never got there. He was crushed to death by two vehicles while attempting to cross the busy Ikorodu Road at Palmgrove busstop, Lagos. His refusal to use the pedestrian bridge at the bus-stop cost him his life. Friends of the deceased, whose name was simply given as Taofeek, told The Nation that they warned him against crossing the road. They said he refused, adding that his refusal may not be unconnected with the fact that he was drunk. They were returning from a party in Ikorodu and alighted from a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) vehicle at Palmgrove around 9.02 pm on Monday. Amid tears, his friends evacuated his mangled body and took it to his residence in Adebari in Somolu, a stone throw from the scene. A friend, Benson, told The Nation that Taofeek would probably not have attempted to cross the road if he was not drunk.

By Dada Aladelokun

He said: “We were coming from a party at Ikorodu where he drank Hennessey (a popular brand of exotic alcoholic liquor). In fact, knowing full well that he was drunk, we all warned him against not using the pedestrian bridge while he was alighting from the bus. Oh, this is how Taofeek will end his talent as a well-loved designer.” A woman, who witnessed the accident said: “We were all shocked when we heard the bangs in quick succession. The cars that hit him sped off, leaving him dead. By the time his friends and sympathisers got there, his head had been shattered beyond recognition. But his friends who watched it happen took his remains to his residence without wasting time.” Members of Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI), have been drafted to the highway to ensure that pedestrians use the bridges, especially during day time.

Petrol tanker falls in Lagos


HAT would have resulted in a major fire outbreak was yesterday averted at Iyana-Isolo, on Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, Lagos. A fuel-laden tanker fell in front of Ajumoni Junior primary School and Ajumoni Secondary School, Iyana-Isolo, Mushin, Lagos, spilling its content on the road. There was pandemonium as people, including pupils scampered for safety. The tanker, with registration number LAGOS XA

By Chinaka Okoro

227 ERE, was negotiating a bend from the Apapa axis of the expressway to Mushin when it fell. Men of the Lagos State Fire Service arrived at the scene todouse the spilt fuel with water. Witnesses told The Nation that “when the driver of the tanker was trying to negotiate the bend, the front tyre entered a pothole and the tanker fell.” The driver was said to have run away after the incident.

Court remands robbery suspect


Lagos Magistrate’s Court in Ikeja has remanded 27-yearold Kingsley Eni in prison custody for allegedly robbing Daniel Onuoha of N1.33million. The prosecutor, Sergeant Isaac Oseni, alleged that the accused committed the offence on September 13, around noon at Block 31, Shop 17, Alaba International Market, Ojo, a Lagos suburb. Oseni alleged that Eni was caught with one locally made gun and other dangerous weapons, adding that he used

By Tumininu Owolabi

the weapons to rob Onuoha of N1, 330, 000. The offence, according to the prosecutor, contravened Section 5(b), and is punishable under Section 1(2)(a) of the Robbery and Firearms (Special Provision) Act, Cap 398 Vol. XXII Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 1990 as amended. Magistrate Olagbegi Adelabu remanded the accused in prison custody till November 26.

Gunmen attack motorist


IX gunmen using three motorcycles yesterday attacked the driver of a grey Murano Sport Utility Van (SUV) at Iyana-Isashi, on Badagry Expressway. It was learnt that the men trailed their victim from Badagry, and caught up with him at Isashi, where they shot into the aire to scare other motorists. It was gathered that they shot into the air to collect a

By Jude Isiguzo

bag suspected to contain money from their victim. The victim did not struggle with them. However, scores of passersby who scampered for safety were injured. The Nation learnt that following the shooting policemen at the nearby Okokomiko Police Station locked their gate and took cover inside.

•The collided trains... yesterday.


Scores injured as trains collide S ‘ the end I thought CORES of passengers were injured yesterday when two trains collided at Idiko, Mushin, a Lagos suburb. One of the trains was on motion; the other was stationary when the accident occurred. Both had passengers on board. A accident occurred at 8.20am., during the rush hour, when pupils and workers were crossing the rail line. The loud bang from the collision made people to scamper for safety. Personal effects of petty traders littered the scene when The Nation visited. It was gathered that the accident followed the failure of a technical officer to changeover the track for the incoming train to maintain a free lane. Some of those who sat on top of the moving train jumped off before the accident, The Nation learnt. Sympathisers said a woman allegedly broke her spinal cord and an expectant mother was said to have miscarried. There was blood at the scene as a rescue team from the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) took the injured to the hospi-

By Wale Ajetunmobi

tal. An eyewitness said when the NRC officer saw that there would be a collision, he rushed out of his office, waving a yellow and black flag signalling the train to stop. “It was too late for the train to stop, but for the courage of the driver, who slowed down, we would have been carrying dead bodies here now,” said an eyewitness, Biyi Kamoru, a trader. NRC Director of Corporate Planning Mr Timothy Zalanga, who was at the scene with some engineers, said he could not confirm the number of those injured. He asked our reporter to wait for “official statement” from the NRC Information Unit. Muyiwa Bonajo, a cobbler, who claimed to have witnessed the accident, said: “I sat on that chair (pointing to a chair) relaxing after I took my daughter to school. Suddenly I saw Ajere, my carpenter friend, running towards my direction screaming there will be a train accident. As he was approaching, he was telling people to

of the world had come but I later saw people running into Idera Street shouting accident, accident, accident

run far away from the scene. I stood up and I saw the moving train heading towards the one at rest. I ran away but after the collision, we all rushed back and saw injured passengers. “Policemen from Elewedu Station besieged the scene immediately and cordoned the place off, to prevent miscreants from looting. I saw about 50 people with bleeding heads, hands and legs. I saw a woman, who is seriously injured on her back being taken away by the people that came from the NRC for the rescue operation.” Mrs Adenike Osunaike said

she was in her store when she heard a loud bang. “I thought the end of the world had come but I later saw people running into Idera Street shouting accident, accident, accident. There was confusion but when everything calmed down, I saw many people who sustained minor injuries,” Osunaike told The Nation. In a statement, NRC spokesman David Ndakotsu said: “The management of Nigerian Railway Corporation wishes to confirm a train accident at Mushin Railway Station, on Wednesday, 7th November, at about 08:22 hours. “The two trains involved in the accident were mass transit trains, one coming from Iddo to Ijoko and the other from Ijoko to Iddo. “There were no fatalities. However, three of the four injured persons were treated at the Railway Clinic and have since been discharged. “The NRC management has since set up a high-level committee to investigate the cause of the accident. Meanwhile, normal services have since resumed in Lagos.”

Student caught with 92 wraps of cocaine


23-YEAR-OLD student of Management Accounting at the Waltham College, London, has been arrested by officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA), Ikeja, Lagos, for alleged drug trafficking. The suspect tested positive to drug ingestion during the screening of passengers on an Arik flight to London. He excreted 92 pellets of substance weighing 1.535kg that tested positive to cocaine. NDLEA’s airport commander Mr Hamza Umar gave the suspect’s name as Chiwuzie Godson Chiedozie. Two tickets, he said, were also found on Chiedozie. “Chiwuzie presented a valid Asky ticket from Lagos to Lome at the screening, but during the search, a valid Arik ticket from Lagos to London was recovered in his luggage. The Lome ticket was to divert attention from him, but besides having multiple tickets, he also tested positive for drug ingestion,” Hamza

By Kelvin Osa-Okunbor

said. Investigations revealed that the suspect has been living in the United Kingdom since 2009. He reportedly told investigators that he was recruited to smuggle drugs in his school in London. He said he was promised £3,500 with which he intended to pay his tuition. “I smuggled drugs against my wish because of my financial predicament. I was at

a cross roads and there was no help in view. They promised to pay me £3,500 and they also gave me two tickets as safety measure. “They contacted me in my school in London and directed me to a man in Lagos. All travel expenses were paid and when I arrived in Nigeria, they took me to a hotel in Lagos where they gave me the drugs. I managed to ingest 92 wraps because I had no option. I regret my action,” Chiedozie, who hails from Oba in Idemili Local Govern-

ment Area of Anambra State said. NDLEA’s Chairman/Chief Executive Ahmadu Giade urged Nigerians to resist temptations to take to drug trafficking. He said: “We have the keys to our success. Unless you agree, nobody can make you a drug trafficker. Those who lured this student into drug trafficking are not with him now. Those who come to you with drug trafficking offers do not wish you well, resist them.”

Butchers get N3.6b meat preservation loan AGOS State Governor Babatunde Fashola has approved N3.6 billion soft loan for butchers to acquire cooling vans for proper meat preservation and distribution. Chairman of the National Butchers Union of Nigeria, (NBUN), Lagos State Chapter, Alhaji Muritala Babalola, aka Seriki Kara, made this known yesterday at the union’s Southwest meeting


From Tayo Johnson, Ibadan

in Ibadan. He praised the governor for the loan. Babalola recalled that in 2010, Fashola gave them N670 million loan to buy over 150 Mitsubushi vans. This, he said, enabled the butchers to transport their meat from one abattoir to another effectively. He said: “Fashola has help

us to protect the health of the citizens, especially with the slaughter and preservation of meat in a hygienic environment with the purchase of these vehicles, because we do not need to hire unclean vehicles to transport our meat to the market again.” Babalola promised the union’s continued support for Fashola’s transformation agenda.




Stanbic IBTC Holdco takes off as NSE starts listing process •Equities sustain upswing with 0.26% gain


HE Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) would today kick-start the process of listing of the newly formed Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc with the full suspension of trading on Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc. The full suspension, expected to take effect today, implies that there will be no exchange of shares of price movement as against technical suspension that only restricts price movement. The full suspension comes on the heels of final approvals for the take-off of Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc, making the banking group the first group to fully complete its transformation into a holding company (holdco) in line with the new regulatory regime of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). This may also make Stanbic IBTC Holdings the first holdco to be listed on the NSE. Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc will replace Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc as the trading stock on the NSE with the listing of the former and delisting of the latter. CBN’s Scope of Banking Activities and Ancillary Matters No 3, 2010 requires banks to fully concentrate on core banking functions. The new model requires banks to either sell all non-core banking businesses or form a holding company to hold such non-core banking businesses including activities such as insurance, asset management and capital market operations. Five banks including First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Plc, First Bank of Nigeria (FBN) Plc, Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc, United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc and Union Bank of Nigeria (UBN)

By Taofik Salako and Tonia Osundolire

Plc have opted for holding company structure while others are seeking to divest from non-core subsidiaries. Operating subsidiaries under the Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc now include Stanbic IBTC Bank, Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers Limited, Stanbic IBTC Asset Management Limited, Stanbic IBTC Stockbrokers Limited, Stanbic IBTC Trustees Limited, Stanbic IBTC Ventures Limited, Stanbic IBTC Capital Limited and Stanbic IBTC Investments Limited. Stanbic IBTC Capital Limited and Stanbic IBTC Investments Limited are newly incorporated companies while Stanbic Nominees Nigeria Limited is now part of Stanbic IBTC Bank. Subsequent to the full suspension, the process of delisting Stanbic IBTC Bank and listing Stanbic IBTC Holdings is expected to be completed within two weeks. Also, in line with the provisions of the scheme document approved by shareholders, the excess capital from the bank’s share cancellation will be returned to shareholders as cash. The bank intends to pay shareholders for the cancelled shares within 21 working days from November 8, 2012. Chief Executive Officer, Stanbic IBTC Holdings, Mrs. Sola David-Borha confirmed the emergence of the new structure and prospects of the banking group, noting that the new structure will consolidate the strengths and expertise of different business unit and enhance the group’s ability to drive future growth.

She pointed out that the holdco would guarantee significant benefits to shareholders, employees and customers. According to her, with the completion of a holding company structure, Stanbic IBTC will proceed to a new stage of growth with the ultimate goal of becoming Nigeria’s leading end-to-end financial solutions provider by leveraging the global network of Standard Bank Group, Africa’s biggest banking group in terms of total assets and earnings, to which Stanbic IBTC belongs. She noted that the company’s performance in the nine-month period ended September 30, 2012, clearly underscored its formidable growth potentials. The report showed significant improvements in all key indicators. Gross earnings increased by 35 percent to N64 billion compared with N47.4 billion in comparable period of 2011. Profit before tax improved by 13 per cent from N8 billion to N9 billion. Shareholders had on August 9, 2012 overwhelmingly approved the creation of a holding company at the court-ordered Extra-Ordinary General Meeting held at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja. Meanwhile, the Nigerian stock market sustained its modest upswing with increase of 0.26 per cent to push the average year-to-date return to 29.24 per cent. Aggregate market value of all equities rose from its opening value of N8.516 trillion to close at N8.538 trillion. The main index at the NSE, the All Share Index (ASI), firmed up to 26,792.27 points as against its opening index of 26,724.02 points. Nigerian Breweries led the gainer s with a gain of N2.20 to close at N136.20 while Nestle Nigeria topped the losers’ chart with a loss of N27.90 to close at N642.10. Total turnover stood at N212.9 million shares valued at N2.36 billion in 4,803 deals.






CBN to audit staff competencies in controlled functions


HE Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is set to assess skills, qualifications, experience and competencies of staff currently occupying controlled functions to check frauds in the banking sector. Auditors, compliance officers and other bank staff involved in ensuring that due process is followed in banking operations fall within this group. CBN Director, Financial Policy and Regulation Y.B Duniya said in a statement published on the CBN

Stories by Collins Nweze

website that such exercise will enable the Bankers’ Committee identify at the preliminary stages, gaps that would impede the effective implementation of the Competency Framework for the Nigeria Banking Industry being appraised by the apex bank. Duniya said that the list of controlled functions is not exhaustive as other important roles and responsibilities may be added. However, he said the apex bank has directed the lenders

to furnish it with names of staff manning the controlled functions, academic and other relevant qualifications, number of years’ experience on the control function; post qualification and general banking experiences; other competencies that support the performance of the control functions. They are also expected to supply details of identified deficiencies in skills, qualifications, experience and competences as well as measures envisaged to remedy positions within 18 months of the approval of the framework.

The CBN had earlier issued a competency framework that will guide banking operations in the country. It said the recent global financial crisis exposed the inadequacy of skills and dearth of executive capacity in the banking industry. The skill gap, it explained manifested in among others, the lack of in-depth knowledge of core banking functions and poor understanding of basic banking operations; poor understanding of banking regulations and poor risk management and corporate

Trustfund records N353m profit in 2011


HE Trustfund Pensions Plc has recorded a profit after tax of N353 million for the year 2011, indicating some 64 per cent increase over N215 million earned in 2010. Speaking at the firm’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) held yesterday in Abuja, Chairman of the company, Mrs Ngozi Olejeme described the increase as modest. “We must acknowledge the level of cost control and cost reduction approach adopted by the management team for and efficient resource utilization, which we hope would be sustained,” she said. Mrs Olejeme said noted that there has been an increase of about 20 per cent in our Fund Under Management (FUM) from N116 billion in 2010 to N139 billion in 2011, representing over 12 per cent increase. Trust Fund she said would continue to put up ef-

By Dupe Olaoye-Osinkolu

forts to guarantee wealth creation for our shareholders. The company’s gross earnings grew from N1.735 billion to N1.994 billion, representing a 22.2 per cent increase

onstrates that we are determined to live to our word of creating wealth for all stakeholders, be they our customers, employees, shareholders and other interested parties,” she added.

over the previous year. Olejeme said the company remained unalloyed in setting the pace in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.”The performance of our company dem-


IDELITY Bank yesterday gave out N100,000 cash prize to Charles Nwaiwu at the first mini-draw for its ongoing Cash and Cars Savings promo held at the Lagos International Trade Fair Complex, Lagos. Other winners according to a statement from the bank, include Sunday Oliver Tobechukwu and Enedirichukwu Ike-Okoro, who won a generator each while Izunna Akusonowua went home with a blackberry phone. Managing Director, Fidelity

to encourage savings culture amongst Nigerians of all age brackets. “In an environment like Nigeria where access to funds is minimal, individuals must cultivate the habit of putting something aside for the future. This invariably puts you in a better way to borrow from a bank or other sources than one who does not have savings at all,” he said. He said that for N25 years the bank has operated, it will give out one Hyuandai Accent car and N1 million cash, making it a total of N25 million cash over the next five months. Also, five

Bank Plc, Reginald Ihejiahi said the promo was meant to promote savings culture and to reward its customers for their patronage and support in the last 25 years of the bank’s operation. Ihejiahi, who was represented by General Manager in charge of Lagos branches, Emeka Obioha Obiagwu, said 25 Hyundai Accent cars, N25 million cash prizes, 250 generator sets, 250 blackberry smart phones will be won by customers. He said that the bank is embarking on savings campaign

Amount N

Rate %


3-Year 5-Year 5-Year

35m 35m 35m

11.039 12.23 13.19

19-05-2014 18-05-2016 19-05-2016

Initial Current Quotation Price Market N8250.00 5495.33 N1000.00 N552.20

Price Loss 2754.67 447.80

INTERBANK RATES 7.9-10% 10-11%

PRIMARY MARKET AUCTION (T-BILLS) Rate % 10.96 9.62 12.34

Date 28-04-2012 “ 14-04-2012




2.80 1.19 1.00 11.70 2.11 1.77 0.76 0.56 0.57 6.05

O/PRICE 19.76 11.25 8.41 115..00 1.35 4.10 670.00 0.97 0.53 0.54

cars will be won every month, as well as N5 million. He said there will also be one winner of N1 million star prize per month to be alternated among the draw locations, two first prize winners of N500,000 eight second prize winners of N250,000 and 10 winners of N100,000 third prize winners as well as 105 cash winners throughout the promo at 21 winners per month. Fidelity Savings Accounts (FSA), Fidelity Personal Savings (FPSS), SWEETA (for children), Easisave or Flex are some of the products driving the promo.

the most important part of the bank’s new brand identity is its renewed spirit of customer service and commitment of the bank to put customers first in all its considerations. He said the new logo also captures the lender’s commitment to retail banking, which will also impact positively on its market leadership. “We decided that rebrand-ing will add momentum to our performance and visibility in the market,” he said. According to the bank CEO, the inclusion of bright colours in the bank’s logo makes its branches conspicuous and easy to be seen by customers. “We want to be seen more. We have 30 new branches under construction and will hit a 300 branch network in the next three years,” he said. He said the bank had undertaken an overhauling of its brand assets in a bid to position itself as a major player in the banking industry.


3.08 1.29 1.05 12.28 2.21 1.85 0.79 0.58 0.59 6.24


0.28 0.10 0.05 0.58 0.10 0.08 0.03 0.02 0.02 0.19

C/PRICE 18.78 10.70 8.00 109.70 1.29 3.92 642.10 0.93 0.51 0.52

CHANGE 0.98 0.55 0.41 5.30 0.06 0.18 27.90 0.04 0.02 0.02

Amount Sold ($) 150m 138m 113m

Exchange Rate (N) 155.2 155.8 155.7

Date 2-7-12 27-6-12 22-6-12


NGN USD NGN GBP NGN EUR NIGERIA INTER BANK (S/N) (S/N) Bureau de Change (S/N) Parallel Market

Current Before

C u r r e n t CUV Start After %

147.6000 239.4810 212.4997

149.7100 244.0123 207.9023

150.7100 245.6422 209.2910

-2.11 -2.57 -1.51














July ’11

July ’12





Standing Lending Rate ,, Deposit Rate ,, Liquidity Ratio Cash Return Rate Inflation Rate

8.50% 4.50% 25.00% 1.00% 12.10%

8.50% 4.50% 25.00% 2.00% 12.10%

9.50% 5.50% 30.00% 2.00% 11.8%

NIBOR Tenor 7 Days 30 Days 60 Days 150 Days


27-10-11 N6.5236tr 20,607.37

Rate (Previous) 4 Mar, 2012 9.0417 9.6667 11.2917 12.1250

Rate (Currency) 6, Mar, 2012 10.17% 11.46% 11.96% 12.54%

28-10-11 N6.617tr 20,903.16

% Change -1.44% -1.44%


LOSERS AS AT 7-11-12



IAMOND Bank yesterday unveiled a new corporate identity that reflects its new vibrant corporate logo and renewed commitment to quality customer service. Speaking at the media briefing in Lagos, Managing Director of the Bank, Alex Otti said

Amount Amount Offered ($) Demanded ($) 350m 150m 350m 138m 350m 113m


Amount 30m 46.7m 50m

ment of human capital and lifelong learning.



Tenor 91-Day 182-Day 1-Year




OBB Rate Call Rate

•CBN Governor, Lamido

Diamond Bank rebrands for improved customer service

Fidelity Bank gives out cash, gifts to promo winners



governance practices. The framework is expected to address the competency challenges in the banking industry, explore growth opportunities as well as critically facilitate improvement in the quality of the industry’s human capital. Under the framework, successful banks will be those that distinguish themselves by according high priority to continuous enhance-

Offer Price

Bid Price


9.08 1.00 125.92 124.84 0.76 1.11 0.94 1,129.87 9.94 1.33 1.80 9,827.59 191.08 1.62



Bank P/Court

Previous 04 July, 2012

Current 07, Aug, 2012

8.5000 8.0833

8.5000 8.0833




NEWS Abia hands over plantation From Ugochukwu Ugoji-Eke, Umuahia

THE Abia State Government has handed over its rubber estate at Ameke Abam to a private firm, Imoniyame Holdings Limited. The government urged the land donors to work harmoniously with the company to enable it increase production. During the hand over at the Central School, Amaeke Abam, Governor Theodore Orji noted that the transfer would enhance greater efficiency in the management and utilisation of abundant rubber resources n the state for the benefit of the people. The governor said the government alone cannot solve all the socio- economic and unemployment problems facing the state. He added that it is through the public/private partnership (PPP) that it could achieve sustained growth and economic efficiency.

Ohanaeze disowns pro-Biafra agitation group


HE apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has criticised the alleged re-declaration of the Republic of Biafra by the Biafra Zionist Movement (BZM). The event led to the arrest and prosecution of over 500 members of the group by the police. The Enugu State Chairman of Ohanaeze, Chief O. A. U. Onyema, explained that though the pan-Igbo group did not support the re-declaration, the Federal Government needs to probe the cause of such action and address it. He said the motive behind the action was beyond Ohanaeze’s understanding, adding that the people should not take advantage of Section 35

•Urges Fed Govt to examine grievances From Chris Oji, Enugu

of the Constitution on the fundamental rights of individuals to cause anarchy. Onyema said: “Just recently, I was privileged to be in a joint crucial meeting between the National Executives of Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) and the Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo counterparts in Enugu. I am aware that the communique made it clear that the resolve of both group is to work for the future of Nigeria. “I am aware that there is a group called MASSOB (the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereignty of Biafra), which has been having issues with the Federal Govern-

ment on its aspirations and modus operandi. But the sudden emergence of another group, called the Biafra Zionist Movement (BZM) and its sudden desire to re-declare Biafra is still an enigma to me. I cannot place what its intention is, having known the position of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo concerning Nigeria. We aspire to maintain its indivisibility for the better strength of our nation. “Although at the end of the Civil War in 1970, the then Commander-in-Chief, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, made a declaration of “no victor, no vanquished”. I advise the Federal Government to revisit that statement, analyse it in relation

with the rate of development and the maintenance of federal infrastructure within the supposed ‘defunct Biafran State’. It should appreciate that the decay and neglect, especially of our roads, raise a question mark on whether actually the statement of ‘no victor, no vanquished, is not a mere window-dressing. Such belief can create the spirit of revisitation of the issues of Biafra as done by the BZM. “I am strongly opposed to disrespect of the law, and I advise our people to try to review their intended action regards the provisions of the law of the land, before they take such steps. Contravening the law leads to sanctions.”

Orji to complete projects From Ugochukwu Ugoji-Eke, Umuahia

ABIA State Governor Theodore Orji has promised to complete many ongoing projects his administration started. The governor described them as legacy projects, which he said will be inaugurated soon by President Goodluck Jonathan. In a statement in Aba, the state capital, by his Chief Press Secretary, Ugochukwu Emezue, Orji noted that though the allocation from the Federation Account is insufficient, his administration is making sacrifices to ensure that it bequeaths an enduring legacy to future generations. The governor said his administration started the legacy projects to develop all sectors of the state. He said the state suffered from past governments, which should have laid a solid foundation for its development.

Ngige gets UNN Award From Nwanosike Onu, Awka

THE senator representing Anambra Central, Dr. Chris Ngige, has received this year’s Dignity of Man Award from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). The award was instituted by the Department of English and Literary Studies at its Sixth Africa and World Literary Conference held at the school. UNN Vice-Chancellor, Prof Bartho Okoli, described Ngige as a person who made his mark in the public service when it was common to see political office holders paying a lipservice to governance. The Vice-Chancellor noted that the former Anambra State governor uplifted the living conditions of the people in the state as well as in other parts of the country.

Onitsha South arrests three ‘fake’ revenue collectors From Odogwu Emeka Odogwu, Nnewi


HE Chairman of Onitsha South Local Government Area of Anambra State, Chief Ugochukwu Ezeani, yesterday said the council has arrested three “fake” revenue collectors who were allegedly extorting money from traders at Ochanja Market in Onitsha. The council chief said the hoodlums are being detained at the State Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and would be charged to court when the police complete their investigation on their sponsors. He said the council has executed people-oriented projects within his few months in office. Ezeani said the council has assisted over 500 youths to get jobs since his administration assumed office. He said: “Our concern is to make Onitsha South the neatest in Anambra State. You can see what we are doing with our recent decongestion of Ojukwu Gateway, which was initially taken over by hoodlums and thugs in the name of collecting revenue for the state government. “We have done same at Benin Park, near the River Niger Bridge. There, thugs and hoodlums were parading themselves in a broad day light with Indian hemp and all sorts of dangerous drugs. We want to ensure that unsuspecting traders do not become victims of their pranks.”

Flood victims in Anambra get N20m drugs •Anambra State Governor Peter Obi (second right); former President, Enugu State Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (ECCIMA), Sir Okey Nwadinobi (right); Deputy Governor, Financial System Stability of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Dr. Kingsley Moghalu (third right); former Imo State Deputy Governor Ada Okwuonu (third left) and other members of the Southeast Economic Summit at opening ceremony of the 2012 summit of the region in Enugu…yesterday. PHOTO: OBI CLETUS

Onitsha traders deny row with Anambra officials


RADERS at William Street Market in Onitsha, Anambra State, have denied fighting government officials over the reported plan to relocate it to its permanent site at Ogbunike, Oyi Local Government Area. There have been speculations that the Acting Chairman of the market, Mr. Solomon Maduike, and his principal officers, quarrelled over the alleged refusal to relocate the market. But Maduike yesterday in Onitsha described the rumours and report as mis-

From Nwanosike Onu, Awka

guided and unfounded. The businessman said those spreading the rumours are unscrupulous elements, who want to tarnish the good image of the market. He said: “There was no shouting match or brawl between me and my principal officers or agents of government over the alleged refusal to conduct an election or relocate the market to Ogbunike. “The report was intended to engender disaffection among the tranquil traders

at William Street.” But the Chairman of the government’s caretaker committee Mr. Gabriel Momegha said the committee was at the market to meet with its executives. The committee chairman said the committee wanted to persuade the market executives to deliberate on the need to relocate to the permanent site. He said: “The visit was to seek the possibility of the executives of the market to dialogue on how to relocate to the permanent site. The place has been completed

and inaugurated by the Anambra State Government. “By the mere mention of Ogbunike Building Material Dealers’ Market in the introductory speech, Maduike started shouting on top of his voice, saying he was not interested in Ogbunike Market. “Efforts to explain the need to relocate to the new site, where he also has a shop, failed. We tried to tell him the need to relocate because William Street Market is no longer big enough to accommodate their goods. But he refused.”

Appeal Court adjourns ruling in Ararume, Okorocha suit


HE Appeal Court in Owerri, the Imo State capital, yesterday adjourned ruling in the suit by Imo State Governor Rocahs Okorocha against the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) candidate, Ifeanyi Ararume. After hearing arguments from counsel to the parties, Justice Hussain Mukhtar adjourned the matter indefinitely to enable pending suits before the Supreme Court on the state’s governorship election be re-

From Okodili Ndidi, Owerri

solved. Counsel to the governor Chief Niyi Akintola (SAN) said: “The matter has been settled once and for all at the Supreme Court. But suddenly, we heard about the matter, which is a pre-election matter. The ACN came to the Appeal Court because it is its constitutional right. But suddenly, Ikedi Ohakim – the former governor - and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) filed applications for

leave to be allowed to appear. The same PDP was the petitioner against Okorocha in the election and the matter has been pursued up to the Supreme Court. “So, the same people came to be joined in the same matter and we refused. This is based on the law that was available to us at that time. We have appealed against that… We are opposed to it.” Counsel to Ararume D. O. Madu said: “What has happened is that they said they


have an appeal at the Supreme Court and they want the Appeal Court to await the judgment of the Supreme Court. There is no ruling really; nothing has been decided.”

From Nwanosike Onu, Awka


MOBILE clinic, sponsored by the senator representing Anambra North, Emma Anosike, has treated about 20,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) following the recent floods in Anambra State. The senator’s foundation has also distributed drugs worth over N20million to the flood victims. The Coordinator of the clinic, Chief Godwin Obidike, spoke with The Nation yesterday in Umueri, Anambra East Local Government Area. He said the clinic visited most communities affected by the floods, including those in remote areas. Obidike, however, said much had not been done at Odekpe, Ogbaru Local Government Area, where he said the state government was giving the victims effective health care delivery. The coordinator said the clinic visited most camps created in the area by Governor Peter Obi, including the Umueri General Hospital’s camp. He said: “We still need to go back to some of the communities because we noticed that they still need much help.” The coordinator noted that most of the victims were traumatised. Obidike said: “The floods have started receding. We will now make it from village to village. We noticed that most of the buildings, especially at Umelum, in Ayamelum, have started collapsing.



NEWS Jang to council workers: no work, no pay


LATEAU State Governor Jonah David Jang has insisted that his administration would not rescind its decision to punish local government workers who have been on strike since May. The governor spoke at the Government House in Jos, the state capital, when he received the reports of a committee set up to mediate on the industrial disputes in the state.

Boko Haram attacks JFT vehicle From Joseph Abiodun, Maiduguri

•From left: Ambassador of Switzerland to Nigeria, Hans-Rudolf Hodel (left); Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Diaspora, Abike Dabiri-Erewa; Deputy Head, Embassy of Switzerland, Tamara Mona and a member of the committee, Bimbo Daramola during a meeting the bilateral migration partnership between Nigeria and Switzerland at National Assembly, PHOTO: ABAYOMI FAYESE Abuja...yesterday

ACF opposes creation of more states


HE Chairman of the National Executive Council of the pan-Northern Nigeria socio-cultural group, Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), Alhaji Aliko Mohammed, has said the forum is against the creation of more states. Mohammed spoke in Minna, the Niger State capital, when he led his council to the Chairman, Northern States Governors’ Forum (NSGF) and Niger State Governor Babangida Aliyu. He said the forum believes that the creation of additional states would be counter-productive because of lack of

From Jide Orintunsin, Minna

funds for the socio-economic development. Four new states are being proposed to be carved out of the existing 19 in the North. The forum chairman also opposed the single term tenure for elected political office holders, as being proposed in the amendment to the 1999 Constitution. It noted that a single tenure for the President and governors “does not contain motivation as an instrument of management of human affairs”. Mohammed explained that

in the single tenure proposal, “there are no incentives or rewards that can motivate occupants of executive posts towards excellent performance”. The ACF chairman suggested that Nigeria should consider the Chile model and those of similar countries which allow multiple tenures that are not consecutive. He said Bangladesh goes under a caretaker government whenever it conducts elections. Mohammed also said Nigeria is not matured enough for state police. According to him, this will be abused by state governments against national unity.

The ACF chairman explained that this is because the states are not financially viable enough to manage the police force. Instead of state police, the ACF chief called for an “improvement on the number and quality of the Nigerian Police for improved performance”. On the indigene/non-indigene syndrome, Mohammed noted that anyone born in any part of the country should be regarded as an indigene of the place. He added that no one has control on where he or she was born.

Boko Haram: why Nigeria, ECOWAS will intervene They agreed that Nigeria has HE Minister of Foreign in Mali, by minister derailed from the steps set by Affairs, Ambassador its founding fathers.


Olugbenga Ashiru, has said Nigeria and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) will intervene in Mali because of the security challenge the Boko Haram insurgency poses to the nation. The minister said there is no going back in implementing the United Nations (UN) Security Council Resolution 2071 for military and other intervention and assistance to Mali. Ashiru deliver a position paper on the current situation in the Sahel and West Africa at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) in Lagos. The minister said Nigeria would not accept the partition of Mali or the imposition of an Islamic state on the country. He said: “One of the major challenges facing Nigeria today is security. The menace of Boko Haram and its links to other terrorist organisations in Africa, such as Al-Qaida in the Maghreb (AQIM), has demonstrated to us in the Nigeria the nexus between domestic situation and foreign policy. It has shown that peace and security of the sub-region is tied to peace and stability in Nigeria. This is why the Federal Government has taken a keen interest in the situation in West Africa beginning with Nigeria’s historic engagements in the restoration of peace in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau and now, Mali. “Neither Nigeria nor ECOWAS has jettisoned the principle of unconstitutional change of Government. On the country, it was that same principle that informed our unequivocal condemnation of the coup and our intervention is ensuring that the military junta in Bamako handed over to the Speaker of the National Assem-

•Experts seek solution to diplomatic solution to insurgency

From Yusuf Alli, Managing Editor, Northern Operation and Precious Igbonwelundu

bly, Diancounda Traore as the Interim President under the Framework Agreement that was first hammered out in Abuja under my watch. “ECOWAS has continued to push for the implementation of the Peace Agreement, despite continued challenges. Indeed, an Extra-ordinary Summit of ECOWAS on Mali is scheduled to hold in Abuja in the next few days. “This is coming on the heels of the adoption of the UNSC Resolution (2071), which has provided the needed backing for military and other intervention and assistance to Mali . Let me assure this audience that ECOWAS is working hard to respond adequately to this Resolution. “In the same vein, the socalled serious dispute between ECOWAS and Bamako appears to have been exaggerated. Mali had since formally requested ECOWAS to deploy its forces to Northern Mali.

“The issue of support for the military junta by the Malian people had also been raised, but this is no reason to encourage military, unconstitutional change of Government, which the AU had adopted as a sacred principle. “The real challenge is to promote good governance, deepen and strengthen democratic institutions and encourage a developmental state that will address the basic issues facing the people.” Diplomatic experts yesterday said the Federal Government needs an independent foreign policy that is devoid of western pressures to end the growing insecurity posed by the Boko Haram sect. They also said there is need to regain the control of the Sahel region from terrorism. The experts spoke in Lagos at a three-day international conference on the Current Situation in the Sahel and West Africa, organised by the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) in conjunction with the Institute of Security Studies (ISS).

Participants resolved that the nation’s “father-Christmas” foreign policy approach should be replaced with a strategy that will ensure that its interests are protected. The participants included Foreign Affairs Minister, Olugbenga Ashiru; former Foreign Affairs Minister, Gen. Ike Nwachukwu; Norwegian Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Rolf Ree; the Director-General, NIIA, Prof. Bola Akinterinwa; the Director, ISS Regional Office, West Africa, Dr. Deo Barakamfitiye; the former Director-General NIIA, Amb. George Obiozor; Professor of International Law, Akin Oyebode, as well as Nigeria War College General chief, Brig.-Gen. Femi Orimogunje; former Ambassadors E.A. Aina and Adegboyega Ariyo, University of Lagos (UNILAG) lecturer, Dr. Franca Attoh, among others. They decried the openness of the nation’s boarders, especially the Sahel belt, stressing that it is through the belt that Boko Haram imports its soldiers. They noted that poverty and unemployment were the major reasons for the challenge.

Three killed, two injured in Jos attack


HREE bodies, suspected to be those of Fulani killed were on Tuesday night, were found by their kinsmen yesterday morning at Shonong village, Bachi District of Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State. Two others were injured in the attack. A resident, Usman Yakubu Muhammed, gave the names of the dead as Zainab Yusuf Idris, Salifu Yusuf Idris and Kabiru Abdulahi. Muhammed said: “The attackers hid near a bridge and attacked our people returning from Fadan Karshi market at 8pm on Tuesday night. The attack was carried out by suspected Berom natives. We have no doubt about that. We have even given some names

From Yusufu Aminu Idegu, Jos

of those we suspect to men of the Special Task Force (STF) on Plateau State Crisis, codenamed Operation Safe Haven, for investigation. “Two of the victims are members of a family who were attacked on their motorcycle on their way from the market. The attackers killed the first two victims and threw their bodies under the bridge. “We went in company of a member of the STF to evacuate the bodies from the water under the bridge early Wednesday because the water is not big to float them. Their bodies were ridden with bullet wounds.

From Yusufu Aminu Idegu, Jos

Workers of the 17 local government areas have been on strike in the last six months over payment of the 18 per cent minimum wage. Though the government and Labour have agreed on 55per cent of the minimum wage, the point of dispute is the payment of salary owed during the fivemonth strike. Jang said those who have been on strike would not be paid for the period they abandoned their jobs. The committee was chaired by former military administrator of the state, Bitrus Atukum.


USPECTED Boko Haram members yesterday attacked a patrol vehicle of the military Joint Task Force (JTF) in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital. Though no one was killed in the attack, the vehicle was damaged from the impact of the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) the sect members threw at the soldiers. It was learnt that the attack occurred at a major road linking Gwange/London Ciki wards. A resident told reporters that the IED exploded few metres from the JTF vehicle during a routine patrol. An exchange of fire between the JTF men and the sect reportedly followed the explosion. It lasted about 20 minutes. Motorists sped away from the area and the residents ran for safety. JTF spokesman, Lt.-Col. Sagir Musa, confirmed the incident. He said at 8:35am yesterday, there was a failed IED attack on a JTF patrol vehicle in Gwange/Costain area of Maiduguri. The military officer explained that the IED, which was allegedly targeted at the JTF vehicle, was buried on the road by suspected Boko Haram members. He added that there was neither a casualty nor an injured person. The area was cordoned off as the Bomb Disposal Unit of the JTF searched for IEDs. Sagir said normalcy has been restored in the area.


I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Idris Rukayat Temitope, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs Badmus Rukayat Temitope. All former documents remain valid. General public should please take note. CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP

I Mr. Charles U. Omeili Of FBN plc, Samuel Asaba House 35 Marina, Lagos, notify the general public that I have applied to the LSDPC for its consent to change ownership of a wing of duplex otherwise known as Block 5A, Amuwo Odofin Housing Estate, Phase II, Lagos which was originally allocated to Engr M.O Sanyaolu. I have made series of efforts to contact Engr M.O Sanyaolu the assignor from whom I brought the property, but all efforts have proved abortive. I hereby indemnify the corporation against any future claims that may arise if my application is granted, and undertake to pay cost of any dispute that may arise on same. LSDPC, Engr. M.O Sanyaolu and The General public, please take note.

CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP I Mrs. Yetunde Olurinde Of 14 Oyebola Street palmgrove,Lagos, notify the general public that I have applied to the LSDPC for its consent to change ownership of Room 17,Block 9 Rabiatu Thompson crescent, Surulere.Lagos which was originally allocated to Alhaja Aduke Adeitan . I have made series of efforts to contact Alhaja Aduke Adeitan the assignor from whom I brought the property, but all efforts have proved abortive. I hereby indemnify the corporation against any future claims that may arise if my application is granted, and undertake to pay cost of any dispute that may arise on same. LSDPC, Alhaja Aduke Adeitan and The General public, please take note.





HE University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) has been reopened after almost a month. It was shut on October 9 following the protests by students and lecturers over the murder of four students of the institution in OmuokiriAluu, Ikwerre Local Government Area of Rivers State. The decision to reopen the institution was taken yesterday at a Senate meeting. Lectures will begin on Monday. It was also learnt that the second semester examination will start on December 7. UNIPORT’s Deputy Registrar, Information,

From Bisi Olaniyi, Port Harcourt

Dr. Williams Wodi, in a telephone interview yesterday confirmed the reopening of the university. Wodi said: “The Senate of UNIPORT, at today’s (yesterday’s) meeting, reviewed the situation on the campus and decided to reopen the university immediately. “The timetable has been slightly adjusted. “Most lecturers finished their lectures before the closure and will only take a few days to revise, so that the students can prepare for the examination.” •Cross River State Governor Liyel Imoke presenting an equipment to one of the 6,000 beneficiaries of the state’s poverty alleviation programme in Calabar, the state capital. With him is the Commissioner for Social Welfare, Mrs. Endeley Inyang (left) and others .

Oshiomhole, Airhiavbere take battle to Appeal Court T




CAVEAT EMPTOR Re property situate and being at plot 3 Block a, State industrial Estate, Ilesha/Owo Road, Akure covered by deed of Legal Mortgage registered on 7th July 1979 as no 12 at page 12 in Volume 444 (Certificate of Occupancy) in the Office at Akure. The property described above belongs to Ideal Paints Nigeria Limited. There is pending Litigation in respect thereof at the High Court, Akure in Suit No AK/137/96: Union Bank of Nigeria Plc V 1. Ideal Paints Nigeria Limited 2. O.A. Babalola 3. Mr. Joshua Afolabi Alabi 4. Mathew Adewolu Adepoju The general public is hereby warned that the ownership of the property is in the defendants until the honourable court decides otherwise. Any effort, by any body, including Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, to attach, dispose of or do anything inconsistent with the interest of the defendants, is void. Signed: Akin Babalola Executive Chairman Ideal Paints Nigeria Limited.

HE legal battle between Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and Maj.-Gen. Charles Airhiavbere (rtd.), the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the July 14 governorship election, yesterday shifted to the Appeal Court sitting in Benin, the state capital. Airhiavbere is seeking a declaration that the Governorship Election Petitions Tribunal should assume jurisdiction on qualification matters. Oshiomhole is urging the court to quash the remaining reliefs sought by the appellant at the tribunal, on the grounds that the major issue of qualification had been determined. Airhiavbere’s counsel Chief Efe Akpofure said: “The issues before your Lordships are clear. Whether the issue of qualification is a pre-election matter and the Tribunal has no jurisdiction over it. I submit with the greatest respect that that was erroneous and does not have the support of the law and the Electoral Act.

“The issue of whether materials for qualification were adequately pleaded before the lower tribunal was not in doubt because the tribunal, in its ruling, admitted so on Page 879, Vol. 2 Lines 11-16. “The issue of qualification is not a pre-election matter that ought to have gone to the High Court. The tribunal was wrong to strike out reliefs 1 and 2 in the petition.” Oshiomhole’s counsel Chief Wole Olanipekun (SAN) countered the appellant’s argument on the grounds that the PDP, which sponsored the appellant in the election, was not contesting the outcome of the election. Olanipekun said: “My Lord, this is an appeal by an orphan and the court is not an orphanage. His party has conceded the election, but he is insisting on an appeal. “There is no ground challenging disqualification or not of the first respondent. They only mentioned corrupt practices. The appellant

has also argued that the lower tribunal ought to have taken cognizance of the provisions of the Constitution. He pleaded the Electoral Act and there was no reference to the Constitution and that was the argument we proffered; appeal is a continuation of a hearing. “If there is complaint that the form submitted in 2007 is different from that submitted in 2012, then those are issues they ought to have ventilated before the High Court, which could have led to a disqualification and not annulment of election. “My Lord, we are not here for magic. When you are pleading non-qualification, it will be non-qualification as per the provisions of the constitution. “The fora for ventilating non-qualification as provided by the Electoral Act, particularly with respect to the declaration in the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Forms as provided by Section 31 of the Elec-

toral Act, is either the Federal High Court or State High Court and should be preelection and not post-election.” In his application, Oshiomhole also sought to quash the remainder of the case before the tribunal, saying that the tribunal “rightly agreed that there was no petition before it and struck out the main reliefs instead of striking out the entire petition. There is no live issue remaining before lower tribunal. The Appeal panel, headed by Justice H.M. Ogunmiju, with Justices S. Yakubu and T.O. Awotoye as members, reserved judgment in the appeal to a later date. Both Oshiomhole and Airhiavbere were in court. A Deputy Superintended of Police (DSP) was injured in a fracas between ACN and PDP supporters on the court premises. It was learnt that he injured DSP was the former Divisional Police Officer (DPO) of Ugbor Police Division. He was taken to a nearby hospital.

Edo suspends school’s licence over girl’s death


HE Edo State Government has suspended the operational licence of the Kingdom Heritage Model School, where a three-year-old girl, Omokaro Imiefan, was found dead in the toilet. It said the school would be shut at the end of this term. The late Omokaro was said to have fallen into a

From Osagie Otabor, Benin

bucket of water in the toilet and her body was discovered two hours later. She was taken to the Winners Chapel Church, owners of the school, where pastors allegedly tried to revive her through prayers. When she was eventually taken to a hospital, she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Commissioner for Education Ekpenisi Omorotiomwan, who announced the suspension on the school premises yesterday morning, said preliminary investigation showed that “avoidable mistakes” led to the child’s death. Explaining that children should never be left unsupervised, Omorotiomwan said: “The provisional suspension will allow the

school to run till the end of this term because of the remaining children. That school lacks the capacity to manage children. “The lesson is for school managers to know that they have a duty to care for the children. We will now be looking beyond beautiful classrooms and buildings in giving operational licenses to schools. We will look at the management.”

Delta flood victims to get N5,000 each


ELTA State Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan has said a token would be paid to flood victims before they leave relief camps. He said adults would be given N5,000 and children N3,000 each. Uduaghan spoke at a meeting with political appointees. He said the money was a “token pocket money” for those anxious to return home. Uduaghan said the commit-

tee set up on the resettlement of displaced persons was yet to submit its report. He said the state government would contact the victims when the committee submits its report. The governor said: “We are not going to allow anxious flood victims return home empty handed. We are going to give them little funds to buy pots and other essentials because they lost everything to floods.”

He directed camp commandants to properly document the data of victims, so that they can be easily contacted when the government is ready with the final resettlement package. Uduaghan warned unaffected residents against pretending to be victims. He said the government had no plan to recruit people to work in the camps. The governor said he was shocked by an information that

some people where selling forms for employment in the camps for N20,000 each and warned residents against falling prey to fraudsters. Uduaghan directed headteachers of secondary schools in flood-ravaged areas to ensure that all SS 111 students were registered for the National Examination Council (NECO) and West African Examination Council (WAEC) examinations.



NEWS Buhari rejects Boko Haram’s offer Continued from page 6

nals attacking banks and market places stealing money and issuing statements that they are Boko Haram and I have no regret saying that the biggest Boko Haram is the Federal Government itself, because it has all the powers to stop anarchy in the country. Now, the social part of the country has been paralyzed, economic activities have stopped. People are no longer thinking of employment, they are thinking of what to eat and how to go about the following day. “Why is it that government could not do it with all the military, police and other security agencies and with all the resources available?, he asked. Gen. Buhari also spoke on

the CPC BOT meeting and the re-election of United States President Barack Obama. Gen. Buhari said: “Today, we met and reviewed what transpired in our party from the time of the elections through the tribunals to the Supreme Court and the elections in Kogi, Adamawa, Sokoto and the by-elections across the country. “We are done with all these problems and we have discussed how to move forward. Among the things discussed is the matter of merger, which has occupied the minds of most Nigerians as the only realistic way of consolidating the multi-party democracy system for the opposition parties to come together and fight the ruling party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). I

challenge the elite to go and do some research, from 1999 till date, how much Nigeria earns and where the money is.” On Obama’s re-election and lessons to learn, he said: “The second coming of Obama is another big achievement for the US and we congratulate them as a country and as a people. He worked for it, he deserves it and he got it. His fundamental belief that the government is to look after the weak, in terms of the heath policies saved him. All are behind him and the system is working.” At the BOT meeting were Buhari’s former running mate, Pastor Tunde Bakare, former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, (FCT) Mallam Nasiru el-Rufai, CPC

Riot policeman shoots bus conductor dead in Lagos


•Gen. Buhari

National Chairman, Prince Tony Momoh, Nasarawa State Governor Umaru Tanko Almakura and former Minister of Works Hassan Lawal. among other.

RIOT policeman yesterday at Ketu/Alapere on the outskirt of Lagos, reportedly killed a bus conductor, sparking off a protest by residents. The policeman is attached to the Police Mobile Force (PMF) 50, Abuja. The suspect, Corporal Oluwakeyesi Gboyegba, was arrested by his colleagues. He was taken to the Alapere police station where he was detained It was gathered that the incident occurred around 7pm after which protesters barricaded major roads in the area, chanting war songs and demanding that the policeman be released to them. Eyewitnesses said there was a disagreement between the

Jonathan, UN, EU, world leaders greet re-elected President Continued from page 6

Harper said. Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and South Korean President Lee MyungBak have also sent messages congratulating Obama. German Chancellor Angela Merkel cited her and Obama’s past “close and friendly cooperation” regarding the ongoing financial crisis, peacekeeping in Afghanistan and efforts to control Iran’s nuclear program in her message Wednesday. “I look forward to continuing this (cooperation), so that both our countries can continue to work side-by-side to master the most important foreign and economic challenges that we face as friends and allies,” Merkel said. French President Francois Hollande congratulated Obama, saying his victory would “once again reinforce our partnership to facilitate the return of economic growth in our countries, to fight unemployment, and to find solutions

to crises that threaten us, notably in the Middle East.” Hollande voiced belief that France and the United States would continue cooperation based on dialogue and mutual respect. British Prime Minister David Cameron, who is on a diplomatic and trade visit to the Middle East, said he also looked forward to working with Obama. Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said her government was ready to cooperate with America. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard delivered congratulations to Obama soon after his victory. United Nations SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon in a statement in New York, said he looked forward to continuing a smooth working relationship with the Obama administration. He also expressed hope that both sides would continue to work together on existing chal-

lenges. “Many challenges lie ahead – from ending the bloodshed in Syria, to getting the Middle East peace process back on track, to promoting sustainable development and tackling the challenges posed by climate change. All will require strong multilateral cooperation. “The Secretary-General and the United Nations will continue to count on the active engagement of the United States on these and other crucial issues as it strives to meet the hopes and expectations of people around the world, he said.” India said it is looking forward to continuing engagement with Washington. “India and the U.S. have developed extensive bilateral cooperation and partnership based on shared values based on belief in democracy, the rule of law and pluralism. We look forward to continuing to deepen and widen the engagement between India and the U.S. in the years ahead,” a statement

from New Delhi, said. In separate statements, Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga said Obama’s victory will further cement Kenya-U.S. relations. President Kibaki said Obama’s re-election was a reaffirmation of the confidence the American people have in his leadership skills. “On behalf of the government and people of Kenya and on my own behalf I convey our congratulations to you, for your well deserved victory. I commend the American people for showing their confidence in your leadership,” Kibaki said. China’s official media said on Wednesday that ties with the U.S. were uneven in President Barack Obama’s first term and that mutual trust had “whittled down,’’. It added that, his re-election would offer an opportunity to put the relationship back on

track. A commentary issued by state-run Xinhua news agency shortly after Obama’s election win seemed to indicate a sense of relief that continuity will be assured as Chinese leaders embark on their own transition of power. But it acknowledged that sore issues remained between the world’s largest and second-largest economies. “As the two countries have been ever more economically interwoven, a new U.S. government perhaps should start to learn how to build a more rational and constructive relationship with China,’’ Xinhua said. “The new Obama administration perhaps should bear in mind that a stronger and more dynamic China-U.S. relationship, especially in trade, will not only provide U.S. investment with rich business opportunities, but also help to revive the sagging global economy.’’

By Jude Isiguzo

suspect who was a passenger in the bus in which the deceased was the conductor and others. There were no details of the row. It was learnt that the police corporal allegedly pulled out his pistol and shot the conductor in the head. He died instantly. Sources said when the suspect realised that he had killed the conductor, he attempted to escape but was arrested by other policemen on patrol who disarmed him and handed him over to the Divisional Police Officer at Alapere Police station where he was detained. Lagos police spokesperson Ngozi Braide would neither confirm nor deny the story when contacted.

US states approve gay marriage


OTERS in Colorado and Washington in the United States approved the first statewide initiatives to legalise the recreational use of marijuana as Maine. Washington and Maryland became the first states to approve gay marriage by popular vote. “The voters have spoken, and we have to respect their will,’’ Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper said after Tuesday’s voting. “This will be a complicated process, but we intend to follow through. That said, federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug, so don’t break out the Cheetos too quickly.’’ Amendment 64 legalised marijuana for anyone over 21. It is to be sold at state-licensed stores that would pay taxes that were expected to generate millions of dollars in revenue for the state government.

Your Sexual Health & You: Novelty Tips, Questions & Answers


met a girl at a party when I travelled last year. We got drunk and slept together. It was an affair that meant nothing. One day I got an email from her on my blackberry. My wife was with my phone and saw it. Now she wants a divorce. I love my family and I never meant to hurt my wife. Please I need you to beg my wife for me – Yinka Dear Yinka, I understand that you are sorry and I don’t want your family to break up either. But I don’t know you well enough to speak on your behalf. How do I know that you have not done this before and that you will not cheat again? There are a lot of faithful women out there who contacted sexually transmitted diseases from their cheating husbands. How can I assure your wife that she is safe with you? I don’t know anything about you and cannot make promises on your behalf. I know that humans make mistakes and we all need forgiveness. So if you are truly sorry, this is what I suggested. Apologise sincerely to your wife. Apologise and beg her for forgiveness. I don’t know if she will accept but you have to change your ways and keep apologising until she feels she can trust you again. This can take months or years. Trust is easy to lose and hard to gain. Both of you should also get tested for sexually transmitted diseases – Uche I bought the Xzen 1200 supplement to help with my weak erection. I have started taking it and these are the things I have noticed. Please tell me if that is the way it should be. My erections are stronger and I get aroused easily. After having sex, a few minutes later, I feel like having sex again. I took one capsule on Friday when I bought it. It is Monday now and the medicine is still working. I am in my office and whenever I think about sex, I get aroused – Hakeem Dear Hakeem, everything you have reported is exactly the way Xzen 1200 is supposed to work. Apart from giving you hard erections, it increases arousal, helps you with multiple

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FOREIGN NEWS Yemeni security officer shot dead in central Sanaa


GUNMAN shot dead a Yemeni security officer near the interior ministry in the centre of the capital Sanaa on Wednesday, a police source said, blaming al Qaeda. Several security personnel have been killed in recent months in the unstable Arabian Peninsula country where militant groups stepped up activities during a revolt against the president. The gunman drove away on a motorbike driven by a second man, the source said, declining to be identified. “The assassination resembles the many operations that have targeted intelligence and security officers in recent months,’’ the source said. “It is clear that it bears the fingerprints of al Qaeda but until now we don’t have proof,’’ the source added. Attacks on security officials and politicians increased after Yemen’s army, backed by U.S. drone strikes, pushed Islamist militants out of towns in the southern Abyan province. Yemen’s uprising ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh in February. Saleh’s successor Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi has promised to crush the militants. Washington and Yemen’s neighbour Saudi Arabia are keen to stop al Qaeda and other Islamist militants strengthening their hold on a country which is close to major shipping lanes.

‘California’s death penalty law in focus’


CALIFORNIA ballot measure to abolish the death penalty on cost grounds trailed in early results from Tuesday’s election, but voters agreed to soften a “three strikes’’ law that gives longer sentences to habitual criminals. With more than three quarters of the precincts reporting, results showed about 53 per cent opposed ending capital punishment in the state. California, the most populous U.S. state, hosts nearly a quarter of the nations condemned prisoners but has executed none in the last six years. The group that sponsored the measure, ‘SAFE California’, refused to concede in the early hours of Wednesday morning, saying on Twitter, “We’re still watching results come in it is not over.’’ They based their campaign on the question of cost rather than morals. They said the system, which mandated appeals that can take decades, costs so much that the financially troubled state could save hundreds of millions of dollars by instead jailing the worst killers for life.

•People look at the scene where a six-storey shopping centre collapsed yesterday in Accra, killing at least three people and trapping dozens of others. Police said around 50 employees were reported to be in the building before the collapse. It was not immediately PHOTO: AFP clear if customers were also inside, with one worker saying the mall had yet to open.

100 missing as Bangladesh boat carrying migrants sinks A boat carrying about 110 Bangladeshis and Rohingya Muslims from neighbouring Myanmar sank in the Bay of Bengal on Wednesday as they were heading to Malaysia. It said that about 100 of the immigrants are missing, a Bangladeshi border force officer said. The boat went down in rough seas off Teknaf, on the southern tip of Bangladesh, Lt.Col. Mohammad Jahid of the border guards force told Reuters. Twelve people have been rescued and the search for others is still on, he said by tele-

phone. “We were heading to Malaysia for jobs but the boat suddenly went upside down and sank,’’ survivor Jamir Hossain told Reuters. “I floated for several hours before a fishing boat picked me up,’’ he said. It was the second such accident in 10 days. A boat carrying about 130 people sank off Myanmar on Oct. 28 and only a handful of people were rescued, Jahid said. Another survivor of the Wednesday’s sinking, Nazir

Ahmed, said the boat was crammed with people, most of whom had no travel documents and had each paid 22,000 taka (270 dollars) for the journey to Malaysia. “The boat was over-laden,’’ Ahmed said. Bangladeshis and members of Myanmar’s Rohingya community, who face persecution in Buddhist-majority Myanmar, often, make the perilous journey by sea to Southeast Asia in search of work. The stream of Rohingyas trying to leave Myanmar has

intensified this year because of violence between the Muslim community in western Myanmar’s Rakhine state and Buddhists. Nearly 200 people have been killed in intermittent clashes since June and tens of thousands, most of them Rohingyas, have been displaced. Myanmar regards the estimated 800,000 Rohingyas in the country as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and denies them citizenship. Bangladesh has refused to grant Rohingyas refugee status since 1992 and regularly turns back people trying to slip out of Myanmar.

Bombs hit pro-Assad Damascus district


ULTIPLE bomb explosions on Wednesday hit a hilltop district in the Syrian capital Damascus populated by members of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s Alawite sect, witnesses said. The attack occurred a day after deadly tit-for-tat attacks in segregated neighbourhoods of the capital, deepening the sectarian divide between the Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shi’ite Islam that has ruled Syria since the 1960s, and Sunnis leading the 19-month revolt against the

Assad family rule. Smoke was seen rising from the Alawite enclave, known as Mezze 86, which is situated near the presidential palace, from what appeared to be heavy-calibre mortar bombs, several residents of Damascus said by phone. “Ambulances are heading to the area and the shabbiha (pro-Assad militimen) are firing automatic rifles madly in the air,’’ said a housewife who did not want to be further identified. Syrian state television said the attack was carried

out by mortar bombs, causing casualties, but gave no further details. A car bomb exploded on Tuesday near a mosque in alQadam, a southern workingclass Sunni neighbourhood of the capital, killing and wounding dozens and opposition activists said. Al-Qadam, from where rebels operate, has been the target of heavy Syrian army artillery barrages in the last several weeks, just as . Syrian warplanes have also hit the area.

Korean agency to meet in Nigeria


HE Korea International Cooperative Agency (KOICA) on Wednesday in Abuja said the “Annual KOICA Alumni Gathering’’ of the agency would hold in Nigeria. This is contained in a statement issued by the association and made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN). The statement said that the ceremony was an avenue

for all former participants of KOICA’s invitational training to unite and share valuable knowledge and experience. According to the statement, the event which is slated for Nov. 9, will be attended by government officials and scholars who participated in KOICA’s global and country specific Capacity Development Programmes. “KOICA’s aim is to have

its alumni as important catalysts in the realisation of the vision 20:2020 and Nigeria’s rise at the global stage,’’ the statement said. The statement recalls that KOICA had offered 2,519 courses to 39,962 participants from 177 countries since 1991. “Nigeria can now boast of over 500 participants who went for capacity development in Korea.’’

Iran hopeful for Obama’s second term

I •President Obama

RAN on Wednesday hopes that the re-election of American President Barack Obama would lead to new developments in the relations between the two countries. “The challenges ahead of Obama in his second presidential term will hopefully lead to positive impacts and developments and would not be like the last four years,” said

IRNA, the official news agency. The Iranian government has not made any official reaction to Obama’s re-election. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad left on Wednesday for Indonesia to attend the Bali Democracy Forum. Iran and the U.S. have had no diplomatic relations for over three decades and hopes the status would change.




Ronaldo: Every player dreams of recognition W

HEN you were a player, was it this time of year, when the voting for the FIFA Ballon d’Or is taking place, that you gave most thought to these kinds of individual awards? Every player dreams of being recognised internationally as the best player in the world. Of course only one player can win each year, but players don’t only think about it at this time of year. You think about it all the time. This is the fruit of a whole year of playing well on a regular basis, scoring goals, being important to your team and winning titles. There’s a complete set of criteria for deciding who wins the Ballon d’Or. How big an impact did winning your first FIFA World Player award have on your life? Did opponents show you more respect afterwards? Wow, that first one was so special. It was lovely. And because I wasn’t expecting it, it was wonderful. You do get more respect from opponents but, at the time, the responsibility on your shoulders and the pressure to keep up that level of performance also increases. It’s good in several ways and I always say that, for me at least, the more pressure the better. I’d turn that into energy and motivation and was able to perform even better. Do you think 1996 was the year in which your life changed the most? You started it playing for PSV Eindhoven, won a starting berth for Brazil at the Atlanta Olympics, earned a move to Barcelona and were finally chosen as the world’s best player... It was a fantastic year: I started out of favour with A Seleção Brasileira, as a back-up player, though I was getting games and being decisive for PSV. And later came that transfer to Barcelona. It was a year packed full of emotions. A year of important decisions too, because it’s not easy changing clubs and taking a step like that in your career. But I was given a very good welcome at Barcelona and I managed to stay focused on just playing football. And how about when you won the award for the third time in 2002. Was that the ideal way to cap a year that featured a remarkable return from injury on the way to winning the FIFA World Cup™? I think that it was magnificent to cap the comeback with the World Player award, because it was a more personal achievement. It was about overcoming obstacles and was an example to everyone. I spent a year and a half battling to recover and I was rewarded by being able to play at the 2002 World Cup. I played well, was the tournament top scorer and won the World Player award. It was perhaps an even more significant win than the first because of the difficulties I’d had to overcome along the way. Was there any player you had a particular rivalry with when it came to these individual awards? Zinedine Zidane, for example, who also won the top prize three times? I’d say that in my day the competition was much fiercer than it is today, without taking anything at all away from [Lionel] Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who are the two players that’ll be up there fighting it out to be the world’s best over the next few years. But in my day there was Zidane, Rivaldo won it one year, [Luis] Figo, me, later came Ronaldinho Gaucho... The battle to be the best was very fierce among that generation of players. Back then, whoever won certainly deserved it. Zidane and I were quite dominant during those years, with him winning three times and me too. We experienced some spectacular years which were enjoyed by all those who love football. You have played alongside a host of star names, many of whom also won the coveted award. Could you pick out any player who, in your mind, deserved to win but didn’t? These individual prizes are, in a way, a form of rewarding the consistency of a given player but football isn’t an individual sport, by any means. It’s a team sport, in which the collective is very important. I always made a point of sharing the credit for those awards with all

Winner of the FIFA World Player of the Year award in 1996, 1997 and 2002, there can be few, if any, men better placed than Ronaldo Nazario de Lima to give their views on the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2012 and it's impact on a player. sat down with El Fenómeno and spoke on the importance of recognition, the rich array of players challenging for the top individual honours during his era and those he thinks were unfortunate to miss out - as well as his tips for this year's awards. The upcoming edition of the prestigious ceremony, which will recognise the finest performers on Planet Football over 2012, is set to take place on 7 January 2013 at the Kongresshaus in Zurich. my team-mates in the sides I was playing for. There’s no doubt that, in that sense, there’s a lot of injustice, because in any given year there’ll be several players who’ve performed consistently and deserve the title. For example, I always found it very difficult when I came up against Paolo Maldini. He was the best defender I faced over the course of my career. He definitely deserved to win the award several times over, but sometimes the criteria don’t work out perfectly. That’s because he’s a defender and the public like to see goals and great pieces of skill, while defenders are there to put a stop to those moves. But Maldini was always far too talented to be playing at the back anyway. Is it harder for non-European based players to gain votes? Football has been, in general terms, very well-balanced but the fact that European football is the most competitive and the best to watch isn’t going to change. It’s the benchmark for the whole world. So, it’s only natural that the continent where the best players are based is also the one that picks the winner of the award for the world’s best player. In your opinion, has Neymar done enough yet to be ranked alongside the biggest names currently in the game? Neymar is a great Brazilian talent. He’s a rare gem that we have. Some time ago I said he needed to come and play in Europe to prove how much talent he has and show the whole world. Sooner or later that’ll happen: he’ll come and play in Europe and then he’ll be in the mix for the Ballon d’Or. He’s going through something similar to your early days in A Seleção: he’s still very young but there’s huge expectation on his shoulders. How would you advise him to handle that? There’s no mystery to it, I always say the key is being focused on football. And he’s a very focused, very disciplined lad. He’s always aiming to play, score goals and win titles. So, there’s nothing special I can tell him that he isn’t already doing. I’m sure that sooner or later he’ll come to Europe and, once there, he’ll prove to the world that we Brazilians are still producing great talents. If you could vote in this year’s awards, who would you choose as the FIFA Ballon d’Or winner and why? It’s still a battle between those two – Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo – even though [Andres] Iniesta and Xavi will be in there too and are also incredible players. However, because they play in midfield, the public might not feel quite as passionately about them. So, Messi would get my vote because, in addition to being decisive – scoring loads of goals and winning trophies – he’s able to bring a special and different kind of magic to football. Cristiano Ronaldo is a very technical, very skilful and very pragmatic player, but Messi continues to produce the unexpected on a regular basis. And who’d be your choice for FIFA World Coach of the Year for Men’s Football and why? Ah, I’d give the best coach award to [Jose] Mourinho. I know the world of football well, so he’d get it for his tactical organisation, his planning, his training methods... He’s the coach I’d vote for because it’s not easy to handle 25 players so well on a daily basis. How about your prediction for the FIFA

Women’s World Player of the Year? My prediction is... well, I’d vote for Marta. (laughs) Being Brazilian, I’d vote for her to win again. How many does she have already? Five, isn’t it? Well I’d vote for her so she can win for a sixth time too (laughs). Turning to the FIFA/FIFPro World XI, who would be your 11 picks? Let’s see. I’d go for [Iker] Casillas, Daniel Alves, Sergio Ramos, John Terry and at leftback... Who shall I put at left-back? Roberto Carlos maybe? (laughs) And Marcelo, from Real Madrid. In midfield I’d have Xavi, Iniesta and [Frank] Lampard. Then, up front, would be Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar. If the award had existed during your playing days, do you think you’d ever have won the FIFA Puskás Award? Which of your goals would get the nod? Ah, I think it’d be that famous goal for Barcelona against Compostela [on 12 October 1996]. I think that would be the winner. And your best in a FIFA competition? Maybe that one from the Final of the 2002

[FIFA World Cup] against Germany, my second goal.

“Messi would get my vote because, in addition to being decisive – scoring loads of goals and winning trophies – he’s able to bring a special and different kind of magic to football. Cristiano Ronaldo is a very technical, very skilful and very pragmatic player, but Messi continues to produce the unexpected on a regular basis.”





Leave Aluko out of Nations Cup


ULL CITY boss Steve Bruce is hoping forward Sone Aluko will not be called up by Nigeria for the forthcoming Africa Cup of Nations. The 23-year-old has scored six goals in 15 league appearances for the Tigers this season after joining from Rangers in the summer. “There’s no way I can stop him from going if he gets called up. “The way he’s playing at the moment, it certainly is a possibility,” Bruce told BBC Radio Humberside. “I just have to hope that (news of) how well he is playing hasn’t reached Nigeria. We’ll have to wait and see.” Aluko, who made his debut for the Super Eagles in a friendly against Republic of Ireland in 2009, did not feature in any of the qualifiers for the tournament in South Africa that will run from 19 January to 10 February 2013.

The former Birmingham City and Aberdeen player opened the scoring for Bruce’s side in Tuesday’s 21 win over Wolves. After a run of three successive defeats, the Tigers have now won five of their last six matches to sit fourth in the Championship.


Unilag teams win volleyball events


HE male and female teams of the University of Lagos, Unilag, were the winners of the Volleyball events of the 4th Lagos Inter Tertiary Games. Eight teams contested for honour in the male category, while six teams took part in the female category of the Tertiary Games facilitated by the Office of the Senior Special Assistant, SSA, on Grassroots Sports Development to Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola and organised by relevant sporting associations in Lagos State. In the finals decided at the Sports Complex of the University of Lagos, Unilag female team beat Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH) 31. The game ended in 25-24, 26-24, 22-25, 25-12. Lagos State University (LASU) finished third. They defeated Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) in the third place playoff. In the male final, Unilag defeated Yaba College of Technology 3-0. The game

By Femi Shittu ended in 25-14, 25-18, 25-10. Lagos State University (LASU) came third, beating LASPOTECH to the bronze medal. The champions in each category won for themselves the sum of N400, 000, while the runners up took home the sum of N230, 000 each. The third place winners in both category were given the sum of N120,000 in each category. Meanwhile, athletics events of the championship start on Thursday at the sports complex of Yaba College of Technology. The football event is currently going on at the Unilag sports complex and Yaba College of Technology. Beach soccer and beach volleyball, which are also ongoing, are taking place at Kuramo Beach. The two events end on Friday. The grand finale, which will witness the relay finals and football final, will take place at Yaba College of Technology on Saturday.

Okunowo sues PHCN over razed house


X-NIGERIA international Gbenga Okunowo on Tuesday begins legal proceedings against electricity firm PHCN over his burnt house. "By November 13, I will be going to court with PHCN over my house," Okunowo informed The former Eagles defender claimed that the fire which razed his house in July came from the next compound, which is owned by the state electricity company. He will be seeking a hefty compensation for his loss. In the meantime, the former Barcelona star received a cheque of 500,000 Naira from the Oyo State Government as donation to help him overcome his misfortune. Oyo State commissioner for youth and sports, Dapo Lam Adesina, presented the cheque to the ex-Shooting Stars’ player. Dapo Lam presented the cheque during a Shooting Stars ex-players/ stakeholders' forum and said this is just the beginning, promising to see to the welfare of past stars. "We have to just started, we are still going to do more under the leadership of Oyo State Governor, Abiola Ajimobi, because we are going to stand by you. Thank God for life because when there is life, there is hope and I'm assuring you that this will not be the end, we are still to do more,” said


He added: "A lot is being expected of the team henceforth and we will be using the coming season to relaunch ourselves as one of the leading clubs in the country. I so much believe that our challenge for the title


ile, not on their sick beds, we want to start helping them now. Most of our ex-stars are suffering and we need to help them and that is what we have started doing."

• The five successful boys picked for Glo Soccer Academy at the end of Abuja Screening exercise: (L-R)Godfrey Peter, 15, of Government Secondary School, Minna; Aliu Yakubu, 14, of Sunna High School, Jos; Obongwu Anthony, 17, of Ogirioko Memorial Secondary School, Makurdi; Abdulrahman Umar, 14, of Sunnah High School, Jos; and Sunday Momoh, 16, of Kakuri Day Secondary School, Kaduna.

Agbim signs super Rangers’ deal

Thugs beat up Sharks GM, disrupt training C A

NGRY thugs on Wednesday, beat up the General Manager of Sharks FC Okey Kpaluku during their morning training session. The training was abruptly disrupted as a result of the occurrence. learnt from a reliable source in Port Harcourt that a player who is an orphan was dropped by Kpaluku recently, and threat-

and all other honours are real." Kwara placed sixth on the 20-team league last season and having dumped former coach Tunde Sanni, lots is expected of the new coach to improve the team's fortunes.

League delay suits Kaduna Utd ADUNA UNITED have stated that they are not in a hurry to get the season underway despite commencing preparations for the next football season about two months ago. Club spokesman Abdulrahman Tonga told that the delay in commencement of the season has been an advantage to the team noting that they had little time to prepare for last season where they have to survive at the final day. "The league was previously planned to kick off in October

“We are not going to relent on our efforts to help our former players who brought glory to this club. We want to start helping them now that they are healthy and ag-


'Kwara title challenge is real' WARA UNITED spokesman Olayioye Ajide has told that the club is ready to battle for honours in next season's football campaign declaring that the team's goal of competing for honours in all front is real. Kwara commenced a 10-day close camping in Ijebu-Ode Southwest Nigeria at the start of the week and new coach Samson Unuanuel stated the team will be in the running for a continental place as well as domestic honours and Ajide believes the objective is not out of other for the club. "We are looking forward to a great season because of what the government has invested in this club. Our target is to first of all get a continental ticket which will be a very good achievement while we will also be in the running for the league title as a whole and the Federation Cup."

Adesina. "Couple of weeks ago we tried to see to the well being of one of our former players, Femi Opabunmi, who has an eye problem.

and if you look at the way things are going, it will likely be around December which I believe is good for us as a club. We were rushed to start the league last season and it really affected us. It was the main reason that led to our poor campaign as we battled against relegation for most part of last season," he said. Tonga stated that the ample time that the team has go through the delay of the league will help them to perfect strategies for the upcoming season with the belief that they will be having a contrasting showings in the league next season.

ened to attack the Sharks boss. "The GM (Okey Kpaluku) was beaten black and blue just as training was about to end on Wednesday morning," the source told "A player, who is an orphan was dropped at the end of the concluded season, and the

only means of survival for the player is the football he is playing. So he felt he has no means of livelihood anymore, and he threatened to get back to Kpaluku," the source said. The development may lead to an indefinite suspension of training ahead of the next season.

Nwordu joins Heartland


UPERSPORT.COM learnt that the former Enugu Rangers' man was signed for a season in Owerri on Friday. Nwordu said the move is a dream come true as well as a huge challenge to his career. "I've moved to Heartland for the new season. I actually signed the contract paper on Friday, the package is a huge improvement compared with where I came from and the team is well organised. I'm happy with the movement to the Owerri-based side "The package could have been bigger but for my previous side, Ocean Boys, it affects one's bargaining strength and limits to the extent one can complain. I have to start from there, work harder and prove myself once again in all aspect of the game both on and off the pitch," he said to The former Sharks' centreback said winning the league shield is the value he hopes to bring to the Naze Millionaires' camp. "The entire state wants the Premier League title as the Federation Cup title seems to hold no attraction any longer having won it back-to-back. I share in their belief that it must be the league shield, it's challenging and I think with the quality of players I met on ground it won't be a tall order. Heartland have recruited the best of attackers in the land, competition will be stiff and that will surely bring out the best in us," said the former Nasarawa United defender. Heartland finished last season on 51 points from 36 matches and will hoist the nation's flag in the 2013 CAF Confederation Cup.

ONSISTENCY and a rising international profile have earned Eagles home-based captain Chigozie Agbim an eight million Naira deal at Rangers. Agbim will now be one of the highest paid players in the Nigeria Premier League after he sealed his mouth watering eight million Naira (about $50,000) contract with Rangers. Agbim, who dumped Warri Wolves for Rangers last season, told his "desire to play Champions League football next season was one of the reasons for his move." The agile goalkeeper featured for ‘The Flying Antelopes’ before he left for Warri Wolves. Sunday Mba also dumped Warri Wolves for last season’s league runnersup Rangers. Rangers, alongside champions Kano Pillars, will represent Nigeria in next year's CAF Champions League.

• Agbim




Banyana Banyana in historic win •Defeats Super Falcons S OUTH AFRICA have created history after a 1-0 win over Nigeria in the semifinals of the 2012 African Women’s Championship in Equatorial Guinea. Banyana Banyana had never beaten the Super Falcons before in almost 20 years of trying, but has finally succeeded thanks to a first half goal from Janine van Wyk. The Nigerians have long been the queens of African football, but South Africa can challenge that,

especially if they go on to win the tournament. Banyana also qualified for the 2012 London Olympics while Nigeria stayed at home. The decisive moment of the game came on 24 minutes when Van Wyk picked up the loose ball and fired in a shot that looped over the Nigerian goalkeeper from distance.

South Africa will meet hosts Equatorial Guinea in the final on Saturday, a repeat of the 2008

Moses breaks deadlock Pregnant wife prevents Osaze in Chelsea's 3-2 win


UPER EAGLES and West Bromwich Albion striker, Osaze Odemwingie has been exempted from the United

•As Golden Eaglets intensify training


towards securing the ticket for the 2013 African Under17 Championship,” Garba said. “Everything is well on course and we are confident about our chances against Mali. Whatever we have done recently is in the past, our focus now is the first leg game here at home in Calabar.” The Junior Eagles of Mali qualified for the final round of this qualifying tournament with an impressive 6-3 aggregate win against Mauritania

tournament decider that was won 2-1 by the latter. Banyana also lost to Equatorial Guinea 1-0 in the opening match of this competition, but have got stronger as the competition has gone on.


Manu allays Mali fears OACH Manu Garba (MFR) has reiterated that the Golden Eaglets would be at the ready to face the Junior Eagles of Mali in the final round qualifier for a place at the 2013 African Under17 Championship to be hosted by Morocco. With the November 18th first leg game around the corner, the Golden Eaglets have intensified their build up and Garba is confident that his wards would scale the Malian hurdle. “We know what we want and we are working steadily

• Victor Moses (centre) is mobbed by Chelsea team-mates following his late winner

following a 5-1 win at home in Bamako despite losing 21earlier away in Nouakchott. Consequently, Garba said it is imperative that the Golden Eaglets win well at home since the Malians could be a hard nut to crack in front of their home fans judging by their record against Mauritania. “Perhaps, our first leg game against Mali at home is going to be our biggest test yet and we are going to give it our best shot in order to make the second leg a mere formality,” added Garba.

From Segun Ogunjimi, Abuja State of America bound Nigeria team that would confront Venezuela in order to be with his wife who is due to deliver any time from that period when the friendly match would be played. Osaz as he is fondly called rescinded his decision not to play for his fatherland after discussing his future with the Nigeria Coach Keshi this week. The coach, however, told NationSport that he actually permitted him to stay away from the friendly match against Venezuela in order to be with his expectant wife. “Osaze was not on the list of players that will confront Venezuela in the US friendly because of personal reasons. His wife is heavy and its around this period she might put to bed. But he would join us for the final phase of the preparations for the Nations Cup”, Keshi disclosed.


late goal from Victor Moses has given Chelsea a 32 victory over Shakhtar Donetsk in tonight's Champions League encounter at Stamford Bridge. The Blues led twice through Fernando Torres and Oscar, but the Ukrainians fought back to earn what looked like a point. However, Moses came off the bench to head in Juan Mata's corner in the third minute of injury time to seal a dramatic triumph for the Blues. Chelsea went ahead in comical circumstances after only six minutes as Fernando Torres charged down Shakhtar goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov's clearance before finding the net.

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE RESULTS Chelsea Juventus Bayern Valencia Benfica Celtic Braga CFR Cluj

3-2 4-0 6-1 4-2 2-0 2-1 1-3 1-3

Shakhtar. D FC Nord’lland Lille BATE Borisov Spartak. M Barcelona Man U. Galatasaray


However, their lead lasted only five minutes when Willian calmly struck the ball through a number of Chelsea players to get Shakhtar level. Fernandinho, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Alex Teixeira all had chances to put the visitors in front as they took control of the contest. Despite the away side's dominance, Chelsea regained the lead five minutes before the break when Oscar lobbed Pyatov from all of 40 yards after the goalkeeper had headed the ball to clear. It took Shakhtar only a minute after half time to equalise and it was Willian again who showed composure to slot the ball past Cech at his near post. Razvan Rat nearly gave the Ukrainians the lead moments later, but his stinging effort came back off the post. John Obi Mikel rightly had his header ruled out for offside just after the hour before shooting narrowly wide. The game looked to be heading for a draw when Moses came off the bench to nod in Mata's corner and earn the three points for Chelsea.



‘The Ribadu Draft Report is destined for the same fate as the KPMG report whose non-implementation, Olisa Agbakoba had described as a national embarrassment’ THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2012 TRUTH IN DEFENCE OF FREEDOM

VOL.7 NO.2,303



N Friday Oct 19, Prof Bayo Olumide left us for eternity. He was 75. We almost saw, as he “walked away”, his mortal dignified bearing. And at the minute of his final departure into eternity, we saw him struggling to bid us farewell with his rich, sonorous but deliberately baritone voice. Yes, the Vice-President of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Society has left; yes, the President of the Pan African Association of Neurosurgical Society has departed; and yes, our No 2 Nigeria’s Neurosurgeon in terms of professional seniority has now moved on to victory. We remain enthused by his world-class competency in his area of calling. That was a Gentleman who bestrode the various operating theatres doing what he knew best: saving life from the most delicate area-THE BRAIN. And that he did most efficiently and gracefully for about 40 years Consultant Neurosurgeon. For each operation, he moved prayerfully into the theatre with his blessed hands; at the end of each miracle God wrought him, he came out of each theatre with more blessed hands! When shall we see the hands again? They are not gone. The hands have been duly replicated through his professional mentees in some parts of the World. Achievement, Passion & Fulfillment: A synthesis Talking directly about Prof Olumide’s ACHIEVEMENT is one thing we will not do. This is because achievements by themselves are not enduring. With time, every achievement of man is surpassed; the owner of each original achievement gets forgotten. What endures is FULFILLMENT. And each fulfillment is embodied in one’s respective passion. What we will therefore be talking about are some of Prof Olumide’s PASSION when he was alive. But before we review that phenomenon specifically, we will have a flash back on parts of his background and see the extent to which his background has enabled the various passion being brought to the front burner hereafter. His Enabling Background On both paternal and maternal side, he was born into enviable ancestry. He was a scion of Kemta, a division of Egba Kingdom. His great grandfather, Josiah, the second Balogun of Egba Christians, served as Minister for Sanitation and Public Health, (1898), in the Egba Council of State headed by His Royal Majesty, Oba Osokalu, the Alake of Egba Kingdom. His grandfather, Rev J.J Olumide, was the Secretary of the Egba Anglican Diocese. His father, Gabriel, was a Manager in the British G.B Ollivant Company in the mid-colonial era. We should add here that his maternal grandmother, Eyimetse, was a Princess of the Royal House of Ode, a division of the Itshekiri in Warri. Bayo’s marriage to Ronke achieved nobility blend. Ronke’s mother was from a respectable Calabar royal lineage. Her father equally had illustrious ancestry of Itebu-Manuwa. What remains unique about her father, Sir Samuel Manuwa, is his yet to be surpassed attainment as Consultant Surgeon, Consultant Physician and Medical Services Administrator. In the Colonial Legislative Assembly, Sir Samuel Manuwa was the Inspector-General of Health.


ust like ABUJA...centre for GHANA-MUST-GO


Prof Bayo Olumide (1937-2012)

•The late Prof Olumide

Prof Olumide was in Igbobi College, Lagos, for his secondary school education between 1953 and 1957. He was an all-round student with natural bias and flair for biological sciences. And from Igbobi, his prodigy began to unfold. His record in character, learning and the extracurricular attainment remain a bench-mark. He naturally endedup as Senior Prefect in his era and with Grade 1 School Certificate in the bargain. But I must indicate here what still worries me personally as past President of Kings College Old Boys Association. I still wonder how Prof Olumide “missed” King’s College for his secondary school education. I feel consoled that

he made up for the “miss” with the final “polish” he had in King’s College when he ended up there for his Higher School Certificate programme. But since Prof Olumide is no longer in a position to “hit” me back, I shall refrain from further banters which those of us who attended first grade secondary schools in Lagos, Ibadan and Edo are used to. In any case, what we must note about our prodigy is the fact that even the boys who were his King’s College HSC Class mates, and who started their career in the College as Form 1 Students, did not find him an easy nut to touch, let alone to crack! He still held sway in academics and athletes. Also like K.C boys, his character was intact. In cricket, he became a threat to the K.C original bowlers, wicket-keepers and batsmen. And no wonder he ended up being in the Nigerian Cricket Team between 1963 and 1969 when he had already become a Senior Registrar. We indeed celebrate this amiable K.C Boy who remained committed to our Association until his demise. And no need to go into the details of his excellent finish of his basic medical programme at U.I. He completed his Neurosurgical Fellowship programme at Edinburgh within two years. Becoming a professor in his chosen specialty by 1983 was expected. But as I said earlier, we are not concerned in this recall of his laurels within the concept of Achievement. We are rather concerned in this recall of his laurels within the concept of achievement. We are rather concerned now with fulfillment phenomenon within the framework of the various goals he set for himself. Fulfillment is the enduring issue. Each of his fulfillment area is em-

HARDBALL OU did not have to be a clairvoyant to predict that President Barack Obama of the United States would be re-elected in the November 6 presidential poll. But Hardball ignored metaphysics and acted breathtakingly like a seer on Monday by sticking out his neck in favour of an Obama victory. And so after taking seven of the nine swing states (or eight out of 10 if Pennsylvania is counted among the battleground states), Obama surpassed expectations by winning, at press time, 303 Electoral College votes to his challenger, Mr Mitt Romney’s 206. If he takes Florida, which was still being counted when this column went to bed, he would climb to a massive 332 Electoral College votes. In terms of popular votes, he exceeded the Republican candidate’s votes by more than a million. Obama’s Electoral College votes doubtless painted a rosier picture than the popular votes (50% to 48%), which showed that the keen contest that ended in a dead heat before balloting, was after all anything but heated or dead. But the remarkable thing about Obama’s victory goes beyond the election statistics that has dazed everyone, how he won, what he intends to do, and what coded messages can be gleaned from his challenger’s strong showing in the ballot. Just as it is presumptuous to think that Hardball’s prediction of an Obama win was of any significance to the electoral outcome of the 2012 US presidential poll, it would also be hubristic to counsel the winner on what to make of his victory. It is more important to consider what Nigeria can learn from the poll.


Obama defies the odds again The US of course has the infrastructure to conduct a smart election and get the results out in a jiffy. They have done that again this year with the customary aplomb the world associates with them. Even though it is the third or fourth largest country in the world by total area and the third largest by both population and land area, this country of more than 314 million people, which in 2008 saw a voter turnout of about 131m out of a voting age population of more than 225m, has conducted elections without shutting the economy down and declaring a national holiday, and has declared the result virtually a few hours after the last ballot was cast. Such feat becomes notable when compared with the dreadful botch Nigerians have made of their elections. If Americans could do it, the question is why can’t we? Is the problem just one of technology or age of country? Contrary to what many believe, the 2012 US presidential poll was also not just about picking a president. Quite a number of issues were on the ballot for voters to indicate their preferences. And they killed many birds with one stone. Among the issues settled on Tuesday were: ·“Referendums in Maine, Maryland and Washington state approved same-sex marriage, while a measure in Minnesota to block gay unions failed


bodied eternally in each of his passion when he was alive. We extol the passion now as benchmark for generations to come. His passion For Culture & Value The only language Bayo spoke was INTEGRITY. When he had tremendous stress as to how to retrieve his family home under the hammer of the mortgage, he left Nigeria’s shores for more remuneration with his dutiful wife and children bearing the psychological pain of living apart from him temporarily. He rejected the temptation of diverting Teaching Hospital patients to a private Surgery. Bayo was a GENTLEMAN. He was not only on avid Cricket Player, his life was “Cricket”. His humility and respect for all belie his background. He believed in human dignity and he reflected it. To him, all patients are basically human beings. He saw the accident of his being born into comfort as an opportunity to make any human being comfortable – he was blind in terms of class stratification or discrimination on whatever basis. He spent hours on-end in the theater on ANY patient who came under his blessed hands. Dola and I visited him and Ronke at home a fortnight before he passed on. When I coincidentally raised the value issue during our visiting tete-a-tete, he made some prophetic statements. Bottom line, he was still firm on his principles. He was neither fake nor artificial nor condescending in relationship, his overall attainment notwithstanding. His Passion for God These days, difficulty in defining who a Christian is increases by the second. Claim to being born-again and being filled with “holy spirit and anointing” has become the vogue. The closer one’s pew is to the Church Pastor and the louder one responds to the Pastor’s “Hallelujah” call, the more such a person presumes he has achieved nearness to God. The Egbas had the grace of earliest Christianity conversion. Knowledge of the true God by Bayo’s four earlier generations followed suit. And he naturally bequeathed commitment to Christ’s sovereignty to his nuclear family. He worshipped CHRIST uncompromisingly and in solemnity. Bayo demonstrated faith in CHRIST through spirituality and work. He departed a FULFILLED Man of God. May he rest in perfect peace •Oshobi is a past President of King’s College Old Boys’ Association •Dapo Fafowora returns in a fortnight •For comments, send SMS to 08023211188

•Hardball is not the opinion of the columnist featured above Colorado and Washington state voted to legalise recreational use of marijuana ·California voters rejected a proposal to abolish the death penalty ·In a referendum, Puerto Ricans voted in favour of becoming the 51st US state, if Congress approves the move.” The election is also remarkable for the intervention of Hurricane Sandy, as Hardball noted a day before the election. Sandy is one more example of just how unfathomable human affairs are. Just when we think we have everything under control, it is precisely at that moment that forces greater than we are intervene to alter the course of history. How many military generals have lost a battle or a war because of intervening variables such as freak weather, supposedly small miscalculation of the thickness of soil, gradient of a hill, a break in communication between forward troops and resupply lines? To say Obama was lucky to win this election, when everything conspired against him, is to belittle his enormous talent as a public speaker, his charisma, his ability to connect with voters, his hard work and his incredible self-belief. But both his 2008 win and this latest one speak inexorably to the fact that there is a magisterial Supreme Being somewhere who sits over the affairs of men and who, as Albert Einstein once said, “does not play dice with the world.” Readers, especially the agnostics among them, would disagree; but we dare them to offer a more audacious explanation for why Obama has twice in less than a decade brazenly defied the odds.

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The Nation November 08, 2012  

The Nation November 08, 2012

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