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CAN prays for national peace A

S parts of efforts to curtail the rise of insecurity in the Nigeria, the South West and Lagos zones of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) recently organised a national prayers and fasting programme for peace in the country. The one-day programme which held at the Lagos Presbyterian Church, Yaba under the theme: ‘O! Lord, Save Nigeria in Distress’ attracted a host of clergy men from various Christian dominations as well as politicians and people from other walks of life. Notable among them was the South West Chairman of CAN, Archbishop Magnus Atilade, the Lagos State CAN Chairman, Monsignor Benard Okodua, the Secretary, Archibishop George Amu, The President of The Apostolic Church, Pastor Gabriel Olutola and Senator Oluremi Tinubu, who was represented by the Vice Chairman of Lagos Mainland Local Government, Mrs. Lola Essien. In his address, Archibishop Atilade noted that Christians have an obligation to pray for the peace of the country where

By Vincent Nzemeke

they live because it is a biblical injunction. He added that the problems bedevilling Nigeria today requires spiritual solutions. He said: “As Christians we are under obligation to pray for the peace of our country. In 2nd Chronicles chapter 7:14, God said he will heal our land if we humble ourselves and pray to him. The problems of Nigeria can be solved if we humble ourselves and seek the face of the Lord and that is why we have organised this programme.” Other speakers at the event also charged Christians to be vigilant and continue in prayers to ensure that peace reigns in Nigeria. The highlight of the programme was the intense prayer sessions against kidnapping, violence, shedding of innocent blood and the destruction of churches by the Boko Haram sect in northern Nigeria. The programme also featured song ministrations by the Presbyterian Church Choir and other invited guests.

• L-R- Mosignor Benard Okodua, Archbishop Magnus Atilade and Mrs. Lola Essien at the Prayer for Nigeria event in Lagos recently.

Year 2013 is a year of testimony—Bankole Jefferson


ASTOR Bankole Jefferson, the General Overseer of Mercy Tabernacle Church, Ogba Lagos organised the Christmas edition of his outreach tagged ‘Help from above’ during the

Shun peace talk in Saudi, says Erumaka


HE General Overseer of the Wordbase Assembly, Lagos, Bishop Humphrey Erumaka, has charged the federal government to shun any form of conditional dialogue on peace deal from the Boko Haram sect. Erumaka made this known in an interview with The Nation recently ahead of the church 14 days of Prayer and Praise Revival programme scheduled to hold early next year. Erumaka said the recent condition for peace talk ini-

By Adeola Ogunlade

tiated by the Boko Haram sect with the federal government in Saudi Arabia was a clear indication that the sect was not interested in the peace and stability of the country. According to him, the need for peaceful co-existence and mutual understanding in any society is very germane for national development but can be effectively done when people or the different parties involved show genuine interest for peace.

‘Preaching gospel in UK is a challenge’


HE problem of acceptance has been identified as a major challenge in spreading the gospel among white majority in the United Kingdom and the Island. This was made known by the National Director of The Redeemed Christian Church of God in the UK and Island, Elder Pastor Baba Isiaka in chat with The Nation at The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Milk and Honey Parish Maryland Lagos. The occasion was the parish’s annual ‘Let Somebody Shout Halleluyah.’ He was one of the people honoured by the parish for their contributions to the growth of the church during the programme. In spite of the challenge, he said the church has succeeded in establishing over 800 parishes in the UK and Island. “The whites came to bring the gospel to us in Africa but we have taken it back

He said “I generally believe in dialogue as a process of mediation but one can only dialogue with people who show real interest for peace. Nigeria can no longer be held ransom by faceless groups whose agenda is primitive and undefined. The condition of the peace talks in Saudi Arabia should be jettisoned in its entirety.” While calling for continuous prayers for peace and stability on the part of citizens, the pastor also advised government to put structure that will help protect the lives and properties of citizens in place.

week. The event where food items, clothing and other essentials were given to the less privileged pulled a lot of crowd in the area. It was also an opportunity for the man of God to talk about some of the revelations for the year 2013. “We have just finished our 12 days fasting to wait on the lord. Year 2013 is a year of testimony. People who have been waiting on God for children, for a husband, to build a house, promotion and miracle would get their breakthrough,” he informs. Jefferson went on to say that: Our nation has also gone through tests and trials, in the new year we will see visible improvements being tested. I think that Boko Haram is government ineffectiveness. I think that Mr. President should come out and be more pro active and not docile. Plane crash is everywhere but it is much

in Africa because all the equipment they use is sub standard. The tragedy that is obvious in our land is hunger. If the government does not nail this there will be a revolution.” Jefferson admonished Nigerians to be thankful for the year 2012 .His words: “It has been most difficult for people but we thank God that we are standing by his grace. And we are at Christmas again and as usual we are doing our food distribution and we have done several. Particularly, I heard a testimony yesterday from someone who benefitted from our help from above for three consecutive months. Now, she has been empowered and she said she does not need our help again.” He added: “Her name is Hannah Ifeoma Okoro, she has a colourful testimony. She bought drum sets for the church. In fact, she bought me the costliest suit this year and

she said she would put me on a monthly brand new suit and shoes. I feel fulfilled that this is what God wants me to do to transform lives. It shows you that there is nothing God cannot do. This girl came in here dressed in okrika and she wanted to hang herself at that point. She was brought in for help. She was able to send N200, 000 to her mother in the village. People who have means should give others leverage.” A cup of food, Jefferson said, can make a difference in someone’s life. “If we all share this world would be a better place. We can see the monstrous greed and my advice to Mr. President is to kill corruption. Corruptions has moved to every fibre and even as a pastor people make all kinds of illegitimate demand. If they are not the ones behind corruption they should make laws to show it.”

Jonathan is target of assassination in 2013—Prophet Oluwasegun Isedowo

By Innocent Duru

to them in the UK, Island and America. In comparison, we are bringing the light back to them. The challenge is more of acceptance because the white majority is no longer conscious. We thank God for our presence there because the Lord is really working there. In UK and Island alone we have more than 800 parishes and they are always full,” he said. He called on Nigerians, especially Christians to remain committed to the Lord in the face of persecution by the Islamic terrorist group popularly called Boko Haram. He said: “As Nigerians we must call a spade a spade. Boko Haram is an enemy, they can never be friend. Nigeria has a great future that is bigger than an individual. God is still working in Nigeria. The country is going to carry the flag for the Lord forever.

By Yetunde Oladeinde



ROPHET Oluwasegun Isedowo, a fast rising healer and televangelist and leader of Ikotun-Egbe based C.A.C Calvary Cry & Miracle Ministry in Lagos, told news men yesterday that God has directed him to alert the nation to pray in order to avert a major catastrophe which may involve President Goodluck Jonathan in the year 2013. According to him, God has revealed that President Goodluck Jonathan has been marked for assassination in 2013.

Saying that the specific month was also revealed through the spiritual message, he msintained this will not be publicized for security reasons and for the fact that God has given a directive, which must be obeyed by the president and all peace-loving Nigerian Christians in order to avert the impending catastrophe. Prophet Isedowo also said that it was revealed to him that enemies of the president have concluded their plan, which would come via a very insignificant bomb explosion. In his own words “ God the Omnipotent did reveal that the assassination could ONLY be averted if President Jonathan can fast for seven consecutive days in the first week of January 2013 with the support of all peaceloving Nigerians, especially, Christians, who must fast during the first three days of this same month.

Warning concernedly that it is only through the recommended directive of God could be averted, the man who accurately predicted the capture of Laurent Gbagbo, former Ivorien president during a live telecast in Lagos, insisted that disobedience to the voice of God may spell doom for the Nigerian federation in this regard. Prophet Isedowo said, “should I be taken for an attention-seeking man of God and these warnings be unheeded, this could lead to the unfortunate balkanization of the country in spite of the preparations to mark one century of Nigeria as a nation in 2014”. In line with this spiritual revelation to him, the prophet maintained that “should this avoidable catastrophe be allowed to manifest, the balkanization of the country

into three entities will be proceeded by an internal crisis and civil war of immense magnitude, which will negatively affect all Nigerianshome and abroad. Repeatedly, Mr. President is urged not to ignore the 7-day fasting as no amount of security beef-up around him might be adequate to deal with the evil designs of his enemies as only God in his infinite mercy, can terminate the plans of those bent in assassinating him. Apart from the specific message to President Jonathan, he revealed that God also sends him to all agents of evil spiritual deeds and ritualists, especially in the Christendom, in Nigeria that 2013 will be a year of severe judgment for them as they will be visited with sudden deaths unless they turn away from using their evil powers to spread diseases among the unsuspecting masses in Nigeria.

The Nation December 30, 2012  

The Nation December 30, 2012

The Nation December 30, 2012  

The Nation December 30, 2012