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Rivers crisis: Amaechi opens up on feud with First Lady


N a no holds barred setting, Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State ,yesterday opened up on his long-running battle with the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan. He traced the feud to her visit to Okrika during which, he said, the First Lady publicly chided him. But he said he is ready for peace “if it is peace that everybody wants.” The governor spoke in Port Harcourt while receiving a delegation of Niger Delta Bishops who are trying to resolve the political crisis in the state. The Bishops had,visited Mrs.Jonathan last month, during which she stated her own case. She said on that occasion that she regarded the governor as her son and would not wish him evil. But the governor, responding on that point yesterday, said: “No mother takes away a police commissioner to the detriment of her son.So when next you see my mother (First Lady),please tell her she should try and protect her son.” It was a veiled reference to the role of the state Pol i c e Commissioner,Mr.Mbu Joseph Mbu,in the crisis.He has been accused by the governor and observers within and outside the state of taking sides with the forces against the governor,including Mrs.Jonathan. The governor also spoke on his disagreement with his former aide and current Minister of state for Education,Mr.Nyesom Wike. The Bishops were led by the Rt. Rev. James Aye Oruwori. Following is the transcription of Amaechi’s speech at yesterday’s meeting as made available by his media team. “My Lords, I don’t know what to say, believe me.The only thing I want to say to you and I want to be put on record that the wife of the President said when my wife came to beg me, I pushed her away. “I have never quarrelled with my wife publicly, and I will never quarrel with my wife publicly. So there is no time I pushed my wife away, and there is no time I will push my wife away. “I just want to correct that so that nobody goes away with the impression that somebody told my wife: ‘go and talk to your husband.She came and I pushed her away’. No, that day I simply walked away into a bus and I sat down until they finished. “So, all I did was go back to the bus to enable my wife perform her official function as someone who had received the wife of the President and escort her to all the places she wanted to go to. “I hope that it (this mediation) will work. Niger Delta Monarchs came and no result came out of it and since you are men of God I hope that this one God will bless it. I hope so, because

•Recalls how quarrel with Patience began •Says he was under pressure from President not to nominate Wike as Minister

Yusuf ALLI, Managing Editor, Northern Operation and Bisi OLANIYI that is the same way I spoke to them (the monarchs) and they said, ‘watch out, it will work’, and they never returned because it never worked. “There are so many persons who had come to mediate but nothing came out of it. If it is peace that everybody wants, I am ready for peace. When you say you are seeking for permission, I am wondering why, because if you did not have the permission you would not have gone to see the wife of the President. “The mere fact that you have seen the wife of the President means that you have initiated the peace move, so you don’t require any further approval than the approval of God that you have started with. “There are aspects of the story that is public that I need to correct. Lord Bishops, please allow me correct those ones too because when you spoke with the wife of the President she spoke publicly. She said and I concede to her when she said she is my mother. “As wife of the President, who is the head of government and head of the nation, she is my mother and you expect that as my mother she should be able to protect her son. No mother takes away a Police Commissioner to the detriment of her son.So when next you see my mother, please tell her that she should try and protect her son. “The other aspect is the Okrika story when she visited. As I said, as the governor, by protocol I will receive the President and you know that the President is not just our President, he is the head of the nation but when the wife of the President came I went to receive her at the airport and she slept in Port Harcourt . “The next day she came up with a programme that was not part of the official programme, and what was the programme? She wanted her people to receive her in Okrika. There was no plan; there was no protocol arrangement, nothing. “We just had to quickly arrange protocol to take her to the place. But to do that we wanted to also show her, as part of her own programme, not our programme, was to show her the projects we had done in Okrika. So we took her to the Rufus AdaGeorge Ring road in Okrika which we started

and completed and then somewhere we saw a health centre and a primary school and I said stop, let me show her this health centre. “We looked at the health centre and we were satisfied. At the primary school, there were houses around the primary school too close for comfort; no football field, no playground, no space at all around the school and I turned to the wife of the President and said ‘Your Excellency Ma, we have not finished with this building, we would buy the houses that are surrounding the primary school and demolish them’. “Once she heard the word ‘demolish’, the wife of the President flared up and took the microphone from me and started all sorts of diatribes that I won’t men-

tion here for the respect I have for the office of the wife of the President. “When she finished, I felt that it is wrong to confront the wife of the President publicly. When she finished, I withdrew and walked into the bus. When we got to the ground of the reception which was not part of our programme, which she just included herself, I came down from the bus and went to sit in one of the primary schools. That is where she said my wife met me and I never and will never... How did the wife of the President know that my wife met me and I pushed her away when she was supposed to be in a public ceremony. Was she standing with me and my wife in that primary school and saw me push my wife away?

“So it is important that you get to know this and it is important that the public knows that the altercation between myself and the wife of the President was as a result of providing services in her place, the Okrika people because you must deal with the issue of paedophiles. “If you build a primary school and the place is surrounded by people who are cooking and selling and buying, that is not a conducive atmosphere for learning and we did not say we would come there with caterpillars and demolish.We say we would buy the houses from the people and pay them off to be able to get a football field and provide playground for the children and fence off the school so that we can pro-

tect them from paedophiles.That was what happened.” On the Minister of State for Education, Nyesom Wike, the governor said although he was under pressure from the President to drop him as a ministerial nominee, he refused. His words: “I heard you also visited Nyesom Wike. I try not to talk about Wike. I say so because he is my subordinate. I try not to talk about him but I heard you visited him. “Why I won’t talk about him is that Nyesom Wike, his second tenure as Obio Akpor Council Chairman was by the grace of God but I was the architect of that second term. Nyesom Wike was appointed Chief of Staff by me. Nyesom Wike as a Minister of State,

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•Governor Peter Obi issuing instructions at the site of a hotel demolished in Onitsha yesterday for harbouring human heads, ammunition. PHOTO: NAN

Court refuses to hear Lloyd’s bail application


HE Rivers state High Court sitting in Port Harcourt , yesterday refused to hear a bail motion by the detained leader of the Rivers state House of Assembly (RSHA), Chidi Lloyd, when no plea had been taken in the case preferred against him by the Police . Lloyd was detained in Abuja on Tuesday, July 23 by the Inspector General of Police Mohammed Abubakar in connection with the July 9 fracas on the floor of the House. Justice Latan Nyordee said it is trite law that an application for bail in a criminal proceeding cannot be argued when the accused person is not in court or even arraigned. He held that when an interlocutory application is filed in a criminal charge as


Our attention has been drawn to a story published on Page 5 of Saturday, April 20 edition of this paper in respect of Lagos lawyer, Johnson Esezoobo. We have long discovered that the story is not correct in all material facts. We hereby retract the story and apologise to Mr. Esezoobo for the inconveniences caused by the said publication. — Editor

Rosemary NWISI, Port Harcourt serious as that Lloyd is facing, it is proper for the accused person to be properly arraigned before application for bail can be heard. He noted that the condition for granting the application to hear the motion had not been fully met and the prosecution still has time to respond to the accused person’s affidavits. He adjourned the case to August 6, for ruling on his arraignment. He said:”in my own very, very view, and I so hold, that when an interlocutory application is filed in a criminal proceeding of this magnitude, it is proper to allow the accused person to be properly arraigned before application for bail can be moved. “This is trite law as regards criminal proceeding that motion for bail should be moved before plea is taken. Again the condition required to hear the motion is not fully met.For these reasons, the application is not granted. “This case had earlier been

adjourned till the 6th day of August, for ruling. I rule that the matter be adjourned till the August 6.” Lead counsel to the accused ,Mr. Beluolisa Nwofor (SAN), had informed the court that the business of the day was to argue on the application for bail dated and filed on July 30 2013, and served on the prosecution on the next day. He said: “the case was adjourned today(yesterday), for substantive motion for bail filed on July 30, and served on the prosecution on July 31. “The process was received and signed for by, Sikpi Eniyepere (ASP).Evidence of service has also been returned to the court, but the Police have since then not filed any counter affidavit or written address in response to our affidavit. “It is more than 48 hour stipulated by law and we are ready to go ahead and move this un-objected motion for bail. “The accused person’s plea has not been taken and he is not in court.The police did not bring him.We can go on with the motion for

bail, and an order made , as we know that an accused person can be granted bail even when he is in prison.If it pleases my Lord we are ready to go on to move our motion.” Chidi is facing a-six count charge of conspiracy, attempted murder, assault and malicious damage arising from the July 9 fracas in the State Assembly. His charge was filed at the state High Court last Monday by J.C. A. Ideachaba from the Force Headquarters Abuja, but he is yet to be arraigned and granted bail. At the last sitting, the House leader was in court but was not arraigned following an objection by his counsel to the appearance of a private legal practitioner, Donald DENwigwe(SAN), as lead prosecutor in the case instituted by the police without the permission of the Attorney-General of the state(A-GS).DENwigwe in his reply said the charge was not initiated by the AGS, but the Police that engaged him, hence he did not require any authorization from the A-GS.




HE anti-Amaechi forces at work in Rivers State are getting uncomfortable with the ongoing peace talks between President Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Rotimi Amaechi. They are worried that reconciliation between the two could threaten their own political future and sources say the individuals concerned are at work to derail the peace talks. They are said to have mapped out a six-point agenda to put their plan into effect and sway the President from any peace pact with the Rivers State governor. It was gathered that the anti-Amaechi forces have been meeting in Abuja and Port Harcourt since penultimate Friday after the wife of the governor,

Rivers crisis: Anti-Amaechi group plots to truncate governor’s peace talks with Jonathan •May flood 36 states with Lamido-Amaechi presidential posters •Set to go to court to seek Amaechi’s dismissal from PDP Yusuf ALLI, Managing Editor, Northern Operation

Mrs. Judith Amaechi received the First Lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan at the Port Harcourt Airport. Some of those at the two sessions included a former principal officer of the National Assembly, some members of the factional PDP Executive Committee in Rivers State , some legislators, ex-militants and

former political appointees in the state. They resolved to circulate fake posters of Sule Lamido-Amaechi 2015 presidential ticket across the country; seek a court injunction in Abuja to remove Amaechi from PDP; instigate incessant protests in Port Harcourt; induce indiscriminate arrest of commissioners and the 27 proAmaechi lawmakers; procure and induce violent and cult activities in order to cause insecurity in the

state; and ensure that they produce the state’s slot in the NDDC with ex-Deputy Speaker Austin Opara, Boma Iyaye, Emeka Noeke as possible nominees. A reliable source said: “The forces against Amaechi have been unsettled since the reconciliatory talks between the President and the governor/the five Northern governors began last weekend. “They lamented at one of their meetings that they might lose out if the peace

deal is sealed. This is why they have designed six plans to stall the peace moves. “Some of them openly lamented when they saw the wife of the governor, Mrs. Judith Amaechi receiving the First Lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan last week. “Shortly after Mrs. Amaechi received the First Lady in Port Harcourt , the anti-Amaechi forces sum-

•From left: Minister of Lands & Urban Development, Ama Pepple; Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Mohammed Musa Sada; Minister of National Planning, Shamsudeen Usman; Minister of Sports, Alhaji Bolaji Abdullahi; Minister of State for Niger Delta Affairs, Darius Ishaku; Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Elder Peter Orubebe; and Minister of Petroleum Resources, Deziani Alison-Madueke during the Special Federal Executive Council Meeting on 2014 Budget at the Presidential Villa, Abuja yesterday. PHOTO: Akin OLADOKUN.

Al-Qaeda: Fed Govt to extradite Nigerian suspect to US



Eric IKHILAE, Abuja trict Court of the Eastern District of New York, and a bench warrant issued for his arrest by a US magistrate. He is charged with “conspiracy to provide support to a foreign terrorist organisation, provision and attempted provision of material support to a foreign terrorist organisation, unlawful use of firearms and conspiracy to unlawfully use firearms.” The offences, on conviction, attract a minimum sentence of 10 years and maximum of life imprisonment. Babafemi, who until now, was based in the US, fled to Nigeria after realising that he was to be arrested by men of the US Federal Bureau of In-

vestigation (FBI). He is currently in the custody of the Department of State Services (DSS). The US suspects Babafemi to belong to the “al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)” an affiliate of alQaeda. He allegedly travelled to Yemen between January 2010 and August 2011 to train with the group and relate with its senior members including the now deceased Anwar alAulaqi and Samir Khan. Babafemi was said to have admitted, during interrogation that he was paid about $8,600 by the AQAP to return to Nigeria and recruit some English speaking individuals to work in AQAP’s English language media organisation. The media organisation is

believed to serve as the organisation’s medium of radicalising English speakers, who it recruits to commit terrorist attacks on its behalf. The extradition application could not be heard when he was taken to court on Thursday owing to its late service on Babafemi’s lawyer, S. O. Yahaya. State’s lawyer and Head, Central Authority Unit, Federal Ministry of Justice, Muslim Hassan, who said court processes were served on Babafemi a day before his appearance in court, however agreed to Yahaya’s request for more time to file his counter processes. Justice Ahmed Mohammed fixed hearing of the extradition application for August 28.

NUT declares strike against LG autonomy

HE Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) yesterday resolved to go on strike to pressurise the National Assembly and State Houses of Assembly to stop the planned autonomy for Local Governments in the country. The strike is scheduled for the beginning of the next academic session. The union has also launched a group life insurance cover for its members. Besides,the union said it

•Takes insurance cover for teachers John OFIKHENUA, Abuja

would not allow the abolition of states and local government joint account,saying there must be a stable alternative platform for funding primary education in the country to guarantee regular payment of Primary School teachers salaries . The union president, Comrade Michael Olukoya,said in

Abuja that the planned strike is “a temporary measure to secure the education of the less privileged constituting the masses of the population of this country.” The position of the NUT is at variance with that of the mother union -the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC)- but Olukoya that teachers have to defend their source of income. He said that leaving pri-

mary education under the purview of local governments will not be in the best interest of education . Meanwhile, the NUT yesterday signed a deed of agreement with the Capital Express Assurance Limited for group life insurance cover for teachers. It said the move was a proactive step “towards ameliorating the suffering of teachers who might die in the service of the fatherland.”

moned a meeting to restrategize and stop the reconciliation moves. “They are just determined to upset the peace talks because of the disposition of the President to reconciliation.” A source in Amaechi’s camp said: “We have got wind of the plot, they do not want reconciliation. “We thought what they were doing was to support Mr. President. If so, why don’t they want Amaechi to settle with Mr. .President? It is obvious that they have a different agenda for Rivers State outside Mr. President’s good intention.”

Amaechi opens up on feud with First Lady

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HE Federal Government has initiated extradition proceedings against a Nigerian, Lawal Olaniyi Babafemi, suspected to be a member of the terrorist organisation, al-Qaeda. He is to be extradited to the United States of America (USA). Government has applied to the Federal High Court in Abuja for the extradition of Babafemi (32 years) who is also known as “Abdullah” and “Ayatollah Mustapher” in the US where he is wanted for his alleged involvement in terrorism. Attached to the government application was the fourcount charge-marked:13CR109-JG- filed against the suspect at the United States Dis-


I nominated him. “I was under pressure by the President to drop him, I refused. The President persuaded me to drop him and bring a woman but I refused. “ I heard he is going all over town saying I didn’t appoint him, I didn’t appoint him, the President appointed him but I nominated him to be a minister as the Chairman of Nigeria Governors’ Forum. I did but you know, character doesn’t come easily, character is a very difficult thing and I am a man of character.” Earlier, the leader of the delegation, the Rt. Rev. James Aye Oruwori said they were in Government House because they needed the governor’s permission to intervene in the prolonged crisis in the state and the dispute between the governor and the First Lady. He said they took the challenge to intervene in the crisis without external influence, having also visited First Lady to restore peace to the state. Bishop Oruwori said: “Our coming is not influenced by any person.Our coming is not sponsored by any person but because in a home where there are fathers, peace is always maintained and because we have observed that there have been some challenges to the people of Rivers State, then to the entire Nigeria, we feel agitated in our spirits. “It is not an exaggeration to say that we have been praying but then prayer without faith is classified as dead and it is on this note we have taken upon ourselves to make a move to seek for peace. “The scripture says precisely in Matthew 5:9 that ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they are the children of God”. “The best thing to do, we felt is to first of all come to you and to say we would want to intervene in this matter believing that there is nothing impossible with God. “We just feel that if this matter is allowed to escalate, the matter is something that will not affect

only we that are living but even our children that will be born tomorrow”. During her own meeting with the Bishops last month,Mrs Jonathan had also admitted that the her feud with the governor started during her Okrika trip. She said: “This matter started as far back as four years ago at Anyugubiri in Okrika when I begged him not to demolish a part of Okrika but (that he should) dialogue first with the people. “After that incident, he called the chairman of Okrika (local government) and sacked him for holding a reception in our honour; that boy was the first victim. “He also put my people under curfew for nine months. I called him and pleaded with him but he refused. Then I began to hear all sorts of propaganda in the media against me; this is not the way. “I’ve never spoken about this issue but as men of God, I believe you’ll say the truth always because there are a lot of conflicting interests; some will hear one thing and say the exact opposite. “I also want you to know the genesis of this problem and pray that God touches Amaechi’s heart as per his hot temper because when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. “I appeal to Amaechi to sheathe his sword so that we can defend our state and this country with love, unity, patriotism and truth at all time. “Hebrews 12:14 urges us to embrace peace with all men without which; we cannot see God. “Amaechi is my son; I cannot fight him, and I cannot kill him. “He shouldn’t be used by outsiders against his own blood because this seat is vanity. One day, no matter how long it takes; we will leave this seat. Power is not forever. “This seat is vanity; others sat here and left .So one-day I’ll also leave, and we will meet at home; so why should I fight him?Let’s calm down, face issues, leave non-existent matters, stop magnifying lies and respect our leaders and people in authority. Let’s give peace a chance.”



VP’s new residence: Jonathan bows to Senate P RESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan has turned down the request of the Federal Capital Territory Development Authority (FCDA) to spend additional N9billion on the new official residence of Vice-President Namadi Sambo,according to indications yesterday in Abuja. The President upheld the observation of the Senator Smart Adeyemi-led Senate Committee on Federal Capital Territory that the funds request was indefensible. He also asked the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Senator Bala Mohammed, to keep the memo on the variation of the project. He said the Federal Executive Council would not consider such a memo and urged the FCDA to give Sambo a befitting official residence within the initial scope of the

Yusuf Alli, Managing Editor, Northern Operation

N7billion vote for it. The original contract sum for the VP’s residence was N7billion, but a variation of N9billion was sought by FCDA bringing the total cost to N16billion. A review by the Bureau for Public Procurement resulted in the reduction of the variation cost from N9billion to N7billion making N14billion. The Senate Committee on FCT, however, said a N16billion or N14billion accommodation for the VP is indefensible in a country where many cannot afford three square meals per day. Investigation revealed that the President took the decision at a Federal Executive Council meeting when Mohammed wanted to table the memo.

It was learnt that the President told cabinet members that he would stick to his administration’s desire to cut cost. It was gathered that Jonathan’s position led to the new policy of the Federal Government stopping all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) from forwarding any project variation and review beyond 15 per cent. A highly-placed source, who spoke in confidence, said: “The President has rejected the FCDA’s request for additional N9billion for the VP’s residence. He said there is no way the government could afford about 120 per cent variation. “The President also directed the FCT Minister to shelve plans to forward a memo to the Federal Executive Council on the N9bilion variation. “Jonathan said the decision

was not personal. He said the directive affects any project involving his office. “So, the VP’s residence will be executed within the available budget.” Responding to a question, the source added: “I think the variation informed the new 15 per cent variation policy on contracts.” It could not be immediately ascertained if the project could still be executed with the budget limit or not. Another source added:

N Abuja High Court yesterday vacated its earlier order stopping the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) mini-convention to elect new members into its National Working Committee (NWC). Yesterday’s ruling by Justice

FG to spend N100bn on universities’ infrastructure


Augustine EHIKIOYA, Abuja versities which will be inclusive of lecture theatres, classrooms and hostels, I’m sure you know that the state of hostels and classrooms in our universities is appalling and the President is determined and has given us this assignment to make sure that that is done immediately. “It will start with the sum of N1 billion and we set up a small committee which will report back to the bigger committee on Tuesday for us to be able to select universities across the six geopolitical zones where the president will decide to go and fag off projects worth about N 1 billion and intend that that should be the end of this month or first week of Septem-

ber because there are processes that needed to carried out for us to achieve that. ”Already we have called all the funding agencies and we have been holding meetings with them. What we are trying to do is that all the money that agencies in their individual capacities be harnessed together so that it will be well coordinated so that we know that this is how much the federal government is spending on our institutions on a yearly basis.” On why the strike has not been called off, Gov. Suswam said: ”That is one of the reasons why ASUU is even on strike. Having said that, I want to say that the negotiation with ASUU, in the next one or two weeks, we should be able to arrive at something that will necessitate them call-

ing off the strike, once we are able to agree with them on all issues that they have raised.”



would commence its test run at Star FM (101.5) from today, pending its full operation when its licence is ready. The target audience are the Nigerian workers who are expected to be educated through phone-in programmes and interviews on how to deliver efficient services. Also the employers of labour who may want to reach out to their workers on new develop-

Eric IKHILAE, Abuja

Suleiman Belgore has now cleared the way for the party to proceed with arrangement for the convention. Justice Belgore elected to vacate the order after the plaintiffs - Abba Yale, Alh. Yahaya Sule and Bashir Maigudu –all of them PDP members, applied to withdraw the suit in which they challenged the composition of the party’s NWC. The court had, on July 25, restrained the party from conducting any form of convention “whether special or ordinary,” for the purpose of electing any officer into the office of the PDP pending the determination of the suit by the aggrieved members of the party. Moving the application for withdrawal yesterday, plaintiffs’ lawyer,Mr. Friday Nwosu, told the court that his clients elected to explore the party’s internal mechanism in addressing their grievances. He said the plaintiffs, being loyal party men, who wish to remain in the party, resolved to withdraw their case and table their grievances before the party’s National Reconciliation Committee headed by Bayelsa State Governor, Seriake Dickson. Counsel to the defendants (PDP and its National Chair-

man, Bamanga Tukur), Tobechukwu Nweke and Raphael Oluyede did not object to the plaintiffs’ decision to withdraw their case. They, however, urged the court to dismiss the case rather than strike it out. Ruling, Justice Belgore said he was satisfied with the application for withdrawal and all the necessary accompanying documents filed by the plaintiffs. He held that the application, having been brought under Order 27 Rule 3 of the court’s Civil Procedure Rules 2004 the court was left with no option than to allow the withdrawal. Justice Belgore elected to strike out the case as against dismissal on the ground that no major steps had been taken in respect of the substantive suit. “The suit is struck out. The earlier order restraining the defendants from holding any convention is vacated. That order is now discharged, as it crumbles with the striking out of the suit,” the judge held. He, however, frowned on Nwosu’s decision to petition the court’s Chief Judge, complaining of experiencing difficulty in withdrawing the case. The judge said it was wrong of Nwosu to have written such petition even before his withdrawal application was brought before the court.

Kano arms find: Witness blames DSS UT for the impatience of over fleeing key suspect operatives of the Depart


ment of State Service (DSS), the owner of House 3 Gaya Road, Kano where a large cache of arms and ammunition were recovered recently - Abdul-Hassan Thahil - would have been arrested. Thahil is currently declared as being “at large” in a charge filed against three of his alleged accomplices, now standing trial before the Federal High Court, Abuja for terrorism related offences. The three - Mustapha Fawaz (49), Abdallah Thahini (48) and Talal Ahmad Roda (51) all Lebanes - are charged with their companies - Amigo Su-

Bank workers to float radio station

ENIOR bank workers are set to float a radio station to be known as ASSBIFI Labour Radio. Speaking with journalists in Lagos yesterday, the workers under the aegis of the Association of Senior Staff of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions (ASSBIFI), said the outfit would be managed by ASSBIFI Multi Media House Ltd. ASSBIFI National Deputy President, Comrade Oyinkan Olasanoye, said the station

The Chairman of the committee, Senator Smart Adeyemi, had said: “The National Assembly is not going to appropriate additional N9billion for the project, especially at a period in this country where people cannot eat three square meals. The N9billion is far more than the original cost of the project. “In Nigeria, there are many people suffering. So we have to look at budgeting in relation to the needs of the people.”

Court vacates order stopping PDP convention A

•Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi (third right) and from left are Director, Office of Democracy, Rights and Governance, USAID, Kenya, John Smith-Sreen; Governor, Nandi County, Kenya, Dr. Cleophas Lang'at; Country Director, International Republican Institute (IRI), Kenya, John Tomaszewski; Governor, Western Equatorial State, South Sudan, Joseph Bakosoro; United States Ambassador to Kenya, Hon. Robert Godec; and Deputy Director, Africa Programmes, IRI, Milica Panic, shortly after a session at the IRI's Africa Regional Governance and Best Practices Conference in Mombasa, Kenya ... on Thursday.

OOD times appear to be coming for Federal Gov ernment-owned universities . They are to have projects estimated to cost N100 billion provided by government soon as part of the effort to boost education at that level and arrest the decay of infrastructure in the institutions. President Goodluck Jonathan is to flag off the projects by the end of this month or early next month, Governor Gabriel Suswam of Benue State said yesterday. Gov. Suswam is the Chairman of the Universities Needs Implementation Committee set up by the Federal Government to look into the issues raised by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in its grievances with government. Its members are currently on strike partly on account of the state of the infrastructure. Briefing State House correspondents in Abuja, Governor Suswam said the projects are towards resolving the ASUU/FG crisis and ensuring adequate provision for the needs of universities in the country. He said each of the universities will have projects worth N1billion naira. He said: “Once that is properly coordinated, at least we will see results, and if the President flags off these projects, worth N100 billion across uni-

“We may have to reduce the scope of work or the infrastructural facilities at the residence. “You know, the VP is a man of simple taste and he has no personal interest in the project. We can still get a befitting accommodation for any sitting VP. The Senate Committee on the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) had opposed additional N9billion expenditure on Vice President Namadi Sambo’s official residence

ments and technological knowhow towards earning their living. She said the station would be a strict platform for labour issues and that it would distance itself from politics. However, the station that will be self-funded will be fully commercial. Olasanoye said the reason for the take off of the ASSBIFI Labour Radio at Star FM next week is to let listeners know what the programmes are all about.

Eric IKHILAE, Abuja permarket and Wonderland Amusement Park Resort. Roda, while testifying yesterday as the first defence witness, told the court that he had advised the SSS operatives who arrested him to play it cool and be patient. Roda, who was arrested in the house by SSS operatives in May this year, was led in evidence by lead defence lawyer, Ahmed Raji (SAN). “I told DSS6 (an operative of the Department of State Services) that this matter should be handled with care. “I told Mr. Osagie (an official of the DSS and a lawyer involved in the prosecution) that they will not see Mr. Abdul-Hassan anymore the moment they took us before the media and blew the whole thing open,” Roda said. He told the court this piece of information was included in a statement he made to his interrogators. Roda, who said he was born in the country and has been around for about 30 years, admitted knowledge of some arms and ammunition in the Kano house.

Roda told the court that the owner of the house once told him of a plot to attack the Saudi Arabian embassy in Nigeria. The witness said he once assisted in the movement of the arms from where they were earlier kept on Sultan Road, Kano to 3 Gaya Road, where they were discovered by state agents. He said although he assisted in the relocation and the purchase of coolers in which they were later stored, he was oblivious of what the items were because they were held in wooden containers. Roda said he only knew about some Ak47 guns and land mines. Under cross examination, Roda said he could not inform security agencies about the arms because he was told by the house owner that he (house owner) had licence that covered the arms. At the conclusion of his evidence, and upon an application by Raji, the court ordered that the three accused persons be moved from their current detention place at the DSS custody to Kuje prison, Abuja. Further hearing has been fixed for Monday.



Siege economies and political control G ENERALLY and historically, it is during war that com batant nations lay siege on each other’s territory and borders. The Trojan War in which the Greeks laid siege on the ancient city of Troy and gained access eventually with the subterfuge and lure of a wooden horse, with Greek soldiers hidden inside, is the best historical example of a successful siege. Today, however, I am not interested in such military sieges whether ancient or modern. Instead I am drawing inspiration from them to talk of economic sieges in modern times which have no territorial borders or defined locations. I am saying loud and clear that in modern times and in today’s global economies, political and economic mismanagement have created economies that have wittingly or unwittingly laid siege on the welfare and interests of their electorates. In essence then, siege economies have emerged in which the electorate is like a prisoner in its own house; as politicians try to keep the status quo while the electorate squirms and frets at first, and later gets desperate to throw out the yoke of the bad joke of imprisonment in what it knows it is its natural habitation by right. The evolution of siege economies in modern times and how political leaders manipulate the global and individual political systems to maintain the status quo at all costs while the electorate or the masses struggle to throw off the shackles of imprisonment in their own house, is the topic of discussion today. The Zimbabwean Elections of last Wednesday which the PM Mr. Tsvirangai called a farce after ignoring the pre election charge of President Robert Mugabe to his supporters that the election was to be a do or die affair for them, provides a good example of a siege economy and the struggle for political control. Also the registration of a new political party in Nigeria – the APC - by INEC, in a nation in which the ruling party thinks it will forever win elections, just because of its size, where oil theft and mismanagement of the nation’s mono economy have turned its citizens into landlords of poverty in their country, is another good example of the struggle for political control in a vintage siege economy like Nigeria. In addition, US Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to Pakistan and his closed door meeting with Pakistan’s newly elected PM, Nawaz Sharif on the Pakistani economy and the war on terrorism, round up our examples for discussion today. Again, we start with Zimbabwe where 89 year old President Robert Mugabe‘s party was on course for a smooth victory in spite of all odds and expectations of majority of Zimbabweans for a change of government from the Mugabe regime which has been in power for 33 years. Even though international observers have said the elections have been largely free and fair and AU Chairman of Observers retired Nigerian General Olusegun Obasanjo was quoted as saying that the first impression was that the Zimbabwean polls have been free, one cannot ignore the anomalies highlighted by the opposition. The first is that about 2m voters on the voters list were recorded as dead and as such could not vote for the simple reason that dead men don’t or cannot vote. The second is that about one million voters were disenfranchised for one reason or the other and could not vote . In effect then Mugabe’s party has won a costly electoral battle but cannot claim victory because it was a pyrrhic victory in terms of electoral breaches that denudes it of any legitimacy. This is a victory for 33 years of Mugabe’s rule that has ruined the Zimbabwean economy through EU sanctions and land seizures that has crippled the nation’s once buoyant agricultural sector and fast growing economy that was once the envy of the nations of southern Africa and indeed the rest of

Africa. As for Mugabe’s truculent pre election violent jargon that the election would be a do or die affair, I presume the old Zimbabwean Patriotic Front warrior must just have borrowed a leaf from the book of another warrior, a Nigerian now election observer at the Zimbabwean elections General Olusegun Obasanjo, who used the same volatile vocabulary while campaigning for the late President Yar Adua to succeed him at the 2007 elections. You may call both of them birds of the same feather and you could be right at least in terms of usage of combustible political vocabulary. But if you brand them as ‘experts’ at laying siege to their economies and manipulating its control through rigged elections like the 2007 elections that the ultimate beneficiary, the late President YarAdua himself later admitted was rigged; as well as this last Zimbabwean elections where living voters turned up at the polling booth to be listed dead and could therefore not vote, then you have scored a bull’s eye indeed in that comparison. The registration of the APC made up of a merger of opposition parties in Nigeria’s bullish, winner takes all political terrain on July 31 ushers in another cycle of hope that Nigeria’s difficult democracy and siege economy may not crash land sooner than expected. At least not like the high flying train in Spain last week which took a corner at a speed of 192 mph while its driver was on record as having a telephone conversation and killed about 80 innocent passengers. A big wig in the ruling PDP once said that the party will rule Nigeria for the next 60 years. Just this week another PDP chieftain said the APC cannot be a threat because it is made up of strange bed fellows. I wonder which political party on earth is not made up of strange bed fellows. Especially as politics is a game of who gets what, when and how and that has to be discussed, and negotiated amongst people of various background and interests, who come together to fight a common cause. Given the implosion in the PDP and its factional governors’ forum there is little doubt that the ruling party is losing the concensus and common front that catapulted it to power which it has tried to cling to by all means. The PDP should therefore be indeed wary with the emergence of the PDP and the political stature of those behind the party especially Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu co author of Financialism. This is a brilliant book on how the financial system drains the economy. Financialism could have helped the PDP leadership a lot if it had been published by the time they took office in 1999 when the foundation of turning Nigeria into a siege economy was laid and cemented with the political control PDP has had ever since, through successively rigged elections .With the emergence of

This is a victory for 33 years of Mugabe’s rule that has ruined the Zimbabwean economy through EU sanctions and land seizures that has crippled the nation’s once buoyant agricultural sector and fast growing economy that was once the envy of the nations of southern Africa and indeed the rest of Africa

APC then, the ball is certainly in the other court and not the PDP, which obviously has run out of ideas to transform the Nigerian economy with the requisite knowledge management base to get the economy out of its rut and siege. What the APC needs to do is to be prepared to fight rigging which the ruling party seem to have perfected to an exportable commodity for Zimbawe, to a stand still. For the new APC and indeed Nigeria as a whole –eternal vigilance is the price of liberty - especially at this point in time, for the APC to change the pervading, sickening and repugnant climate of economic siege and claim political control in the coming 2015 elections. Lastly I take on Pakistan together in the context of today’s topic and I will illustrate with the two personalities involved and the issues they are facing. These are the US Secretary of State John Kerry, and Pakistan’s PM Nawaz Sharif. The two have two things in common and these are focus and principle and again I will elucidate. Before coming to Pakistan John Kerry had just kicked start the Middle East peace process. At a press conference after both sides agreed to start talking, the Israeli peace negotiator doffed her hat to the US Secretary of State for the firm way he told the Israeli and Pakistani chief peace negotiators that failure was not an option in the renewed Middle East Peace Talks. In Pakistan, Kerry will be visiting for the first time since he took over from the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He faced a newly elected PM Nawaz Sharif who has just come to power and who has condemned the drone strikes which US President Barak Obama asserts is a legitimate weapon in the war against terrorism, a war in which the US and Pakistan are partners in fighting the Taliban, on the hilly borders between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The war on terror has turned the Pakistani economy into a siege economy dependent on US largesse given the Pakistani government to prosecute the war and fuel its economy as well. But the Pakistani army prosecutes the war and has done it half heartedly while the politicians in power cannot do much because of the fear of a coup from the military as the war is unpopular with the largely Islamic population of Pakistan. Now Nawaz Sharif has spoken against the drone strike which the army and the other opposition could not do for fear of losing US funds and increasing the tension of a siege economy or losing political control or relevance in the process in Pakistan. Yet I am sure that Mr. Kerry knows that Mr. Sharif is man of honor and principle who has spoken on behalf of his nation and the US will respect his views and concern on the drone strikes. Pakistan is lucky therefore in that it has a new leader that even the US which oils its siege economy knows as a man of principle in political control who should not be allowed to lose face in the two nations partnership fight against terrorism. That to me is mutual respect that is at first personal but which has a high convertible rate in sovereign and diplomatic relations and I think Pakistan was lucky this week that the leader talking to John Kerry was Nawaz Sharif and not anyone else in Pakistan. That was a lesson on the rewards of leadership focus and principle in high diplomacy, and it has my total and sincere admiration.



What’s the economist’s business in our business? B EYOND its strong condemnation of The Economist’s meddlesomeness in what are purely domestic affairs, I believe the National Assembly should, as a matter of national importance, come up with a drastic legislation against the circulation, purchasing, possession or reading of the arrant foreign Satanic Verses being disseminated by publications like the Financial Times and others in our country. If not, these foreign journals will end up corrupting the minds of Nigeria’s laid back, talk-no-evil, see-no-evil, law-abiding citizens — those who have come to accept pervasive corruption and blatant impunity as directive principles of state policy. Come to think of it, these publications are fond of raking up well-interred dirt, crying more than the bereaved. What else must we do to knock it into the empty brains of these neo-colonialists that, as a sovereign nation, we do not need them to tell us how to spend, distribute, preserve or waste our God-given wealth? Shouldn’t they be satisfied that, in our magnanimity, we have embraced democracy and, contrary to their doomsday predictions, all the structures of governance are working at full throttle? I have often wondered why these foreign journals, with hack writers who know little or nothing about our customary reverence for political office holders, take delight in writing what they are not paid to write. The fact that they get into the living rooms of our leaders at the snap of the fingers should not translate into an abuse of that privilege. Anyway, I don’t blame them. I blame our leaders who would gladly offer an arm and a leg to grace the pages of these foreign magazines or allow themselves to be asked silly questions by correspondents working with foreign cable television stations in the name of international publicity. If only they would keep faith with the local media and its people-friendly mode of grilling the Oga at the top, an unknown quantity like The Economist would not come up with that scandalous verdict that our ‘most distinguished’ Senators and highly revered ‘honourables’ receive the highest salaries and allowances in the world for doing nothing! In fact, I am utterly disturbed that, some three weeks after the publication of this despicable news, the leadership of the National Assembly has not instructed a team of senior lawyers to file a multi-million dollar suit at the International Court of Justice against the economically-dumb The Economist! How could they sit by and watch these people go away with this criminal breach of trust and callous violation of the oath of secrecy in revealing a pay packet that has been shrouded in secrecy for years? Okay, I understand that a grumpy spokesperson of the Senate, EnyinayaAbaribe, has condemned the publication, describing it as misleading and incorrect. But is that all he could say to these imperialists who are bent on derailing this smooth-running democratic train? Mr.Abaribe’s counterpart in the House of Representatives, Zakari Mohammed, has even gone further to make clarifications between what is actually earned as salaries and the humongous amount being spent as ‘running costs.’ That, I also say, is begging the question. Whether the figures being bandied are exaggerated or not; whether they are sourced from the data obtained from the International Monetary Fund or any of those ubiquitous transparency agencies or not, it is important to note that these two lawmakers did the nation a great favour

by refusing to disclose the real amount that our lawmakers draw from the national till – a reward for obliging us with their largely self-serving services in a nation that a Professor of Economics dubbed the world’s costliest democracy. They have candidly advised those who have no jobs to do other than prying into what our ‘distinguished’ lawmakers earn, to take a stroll to the office of the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) where, I assume, a dutiful desk officer would be waiting to hand over copies of the ‘true’ pay package to them with a warm smile etched on her face! Had it happened in years gone by, the publishers of The Economist could have been charged with treasonable felony and deliberate attempt to incite the people against their patriotic leaders. In fact, they could suffer the pleasure of having their heads shaven with broken bottles!What, for crying out loud, is their business if our legislators earn a basic salary of $189,500 per annum (N30.6m)? Why cry wolf if our “highest paid lawmakers in the world” take home approximately 116 times the country’s GDP per person of $1,600? Shouldn’t Nigeria be commended for its generosity to those who are sacrificing their time in the hallowed chambers, just to earn a measly $189,500 annually, which is estimated to be 52 per cent higher than what Kenyan legislators, who are the second highest paid lawmakers, earn? Oh, were they expecting ordinary Kenya to beat us in this race of official extravagance? Never! If we must spill it out, it is, to say the least, insulting for anyone to demean the office of the Nigerian lawmaker. And if we don’t stop this trend, the time will come when these guys will take up the Presidency, lampooning it for earning in a quarter what President Barack Obama takes home in a year and wasting billions on owanbe parties! Have they suddenly forgotten that the circumstances are different and, therefore, there should be no basis for comparison? If they had taken the pains to understudy why political office holders get paid what they termed outrageous salaries, I believe they would have called for an increment in the



If we must spill it out, it is, to say the least, insulting for anyone to demean the office of the Nigerian lawmaker. And if we don’t stop this trend, the time will come when these guys will take up the Presidency, lampooning it for earning in a quarter what President Barack Obama takes home in a year and wasting billions on owanbe parties!

Knucklehead With

Yomi Odunuga E-mail:yomi.odunuga SMS only: 07028006913 packages. It is my considered opinion that our lawmakers are grossly underpaid for obvious reasons. First, Nigeria is not Kenya which depends on mere tourism and coffee production to run its economy. We are a major oil producing country that not only flares multi-billion dollar gas but also loses millions of dollars to daily theft of crude oil. Second, politics is an investment here and those who go into it and succeed have a right to expect huge returns on capital. Third, the political class is expected to conform to a tradition of being limitlessly liquid in cash, sassy in outlook and very bohemian in nature. Even the economic juggernauts at The Economist would agree with me that these expectations require loads of money. That’s why we pamper our lawmakers or any other political office holder for that matter. Unlike Obama whose children attend schools in the United States, our lawmakers’ children need to be properly educated in Ivy Leagues schools abroad. Does that come cheap? Unlike the Queen of England and Prime Minister David Cameron who fly commercial British Airways, our lawmakers either fly presidential jets, chartered flight or buy First Class tickets on routine basis. It doesn’t come cheap either! Unlike Mandela who receives medical treatment in a South African hospital, our lawmakers cannot afford to die in a Nigerian hospital. That demeans their status. If they must die, it has to be in the best hospitals in Germany, United Kingdom or the US. Do the yamheads at The Economist know how important this tradition is? Unlike other leaders who retire to farm houses, our lawmakers must own mansions in, at least, three foreign countries, their states and the Federal Capital Territory! If we don’t close our eyes to the ‘running costs’, oversight functions that come with standard ‘gifts’ and funds budgeted for ‘capacity building courses’ in far flung countries, and a freshly minted life pensions for principal officers that may soon be smuggled into our Constitution, how would they attain the enviable position of being the world’s richest lawmakers? Do these interlopers in our private affairs know how legislatives aides, paramours and numerous jobless citizens who take solace in being hangars-on rely on the crumbs from our legislators’ tables for survival? Don’t get it twisted. It is not as if we are eternally ungrateful or that we are blind to the yeoman efforts being made by these foreign agencies to open our eyes to the crying rot within. All we are saying is that if official methods cannot take a prize for meeting the needs of the common man, we shouldn’t be prosecuted for coming tops in the area of authorised profligacy. We already have a place in the Guinness Book of World Records! In any case, Naija, as they say in my area, no dey carry last! And so when next The Economist tries meddling in our business, we should ask them: if we don’t take care of our over-pampered fat cats in politics, who will?

’ Of FRESH Party and INEC

UST as the nation is reeling from the comical saga of Senator Ahmed Yerima’s child mar riage legislation, the shock victory of Rev. Chris Okotie’s FRESH Party against the INEC in the legal tussle over the party’s deregistration in an Abuja Federal High Court is creating ripples across the judicial and political landscape. FRESH has won what, in sporting terms, could rightly be called an upset victory. That is when an underdog inflicts a humiliating defeat on an acclaimed champion. INEC’s Attahiru Jega, backed by the mythical federal might has gone about deregistering smaller parties in an arrogant manner, making provocative pronouncements that clearly gave out the supposed neutral election umpire as a PDP Man Friday. Less than six months after the 2011 pesidential election, the commission, acting on a controversial Electoral Act 2012 (as amended) in collaboration with the PDP-controlled National Assembly, threatened to decree what it calls non-performing parties out of existence. About a year later, Prof Jega made good his threat despite widespread public outcry and went ahead to first deregister six parties, and then on December 6, 2012, brought the hammer on 28 political parties, including Rev. Okotie’s FRESH. All the affected parties, some of which were led by veteran politicians like Balarabe Musa, a second republic Governor of Kaduna State, and former Secretary to the Babangida military regime, Chief Olu Falae, cried out loud against this injustice, but the INEC would not burge. Some, like FRESH went to court to seek redress. While a Lagos High Court had earlier ruled in favour of the INEC’s position that it could deregister political parties based on Section 78(7)(ii), Rev. Okotie’s party ignored this obvious setback and pursued its case independently at an Abuja High Court. Notwithstanding the cloud of uncertainty hanging over the judiciary over some recent questionable rulings of its officers, FRESH kept faith with the system. This persistence finally paid off

on Monday July 29, 2013 in an Abuja Federal High Court of Justice Gabriel Kolawole. After carefully considering the protracted arguments of the INEC and FRESH on the propriety or otherwise of the deregistration exercise, the Honourable Justice declared that the INEC’s action is unconstitutional and invalid. He went on to recommend that the offending Section 78(7)(II) be expunged from the constitution. One must give kudos to Rev. Okotie for his doggedness, a crucial quality of a strong leader whose grit would inevitably be called forth at critical moments; and without sounding patronizing, his two lawyers, Messrs Fred Agbaje and Kola Dopamu, deserve praise for their brilliant submissions that swayed the judge. The tardiness of INEC’s lawyers and the lacklustre attitude of the entire defendants who have a weak defence anyway, exposed their illegality in the face of legal fireworks by Okotie’s attorneys. These guys have written their names in legal history for this landmark judgment like Lord Denning said, “Justice must be done, even if the heavens fall.” The truth is that it is the earth that quakes, the heavens never fall because God always vindicates the just. I am not a member of FRESH, but I love the party’s boldness and its philosophy of paradigm shift in the running of the affairs of state. It strikes me as a party of the future. But the future starts now. It goes beyond proving a point by taking on the heavyweights of our polity as Rev. Okotie has been doing since he joined the fray in 2002. It is not easy to contend with the federal might. Aso Rock has a way of destroying its opponents, but so far, FRESH has proved to be a tough customer. This party could well pull the rug out of the feet of the almighty PDP, sooner than later. At least, with this legal triumph over the President’s party, FRESH has shown that it is a strong contender for power which can not be


From the legal perspective, one cannot but commend Justice Kolawole for doing his job without fear or favour. That is precisely what the tenets of the profession demand of every practitioner: Dispensation of justice no matter whose ox is gored; no matter the stakes

wearied by the arm-twisting and dirty tactics of a corrupt ruling elite. From the legal perspective, one cannot but commend Justice Kolawole for doing his job without fear or favour. That is precisely what the tenets of the profession demand of every practitioner: Dispensation of justice no matter whose ox is gored; no matter the stakes. Those who claim that the judicature is dead and buried, I say, you are wrong. This great verdict is a victory that resonates beyond our borders. It must alert those who have

given up on Nigeria, including our fervent admirers that this country still has men of integrity in positions of leadership, in the judiciary, in the legislature and even in government. Our foreign friends must be happy that you never say never, with Nigeria. This nation, under righteous leaders, can redeem its battered image. Picking the pieces of our broken nation is an opportunity offered on a platter of gold by this divinely inspired verdict. We must seize this moment and begin to challenge those who want us to continue doing business as usual. The paradigm must shift, even from now; not just in politics; but in all aspects of our lives. Some folks in power who benefit from our current suffering will go any length to resist the change we all desire. But it is a well established fact that when change comes, nothing can stop it. This legal victory for our democracy is an encouraging signpost to paradise. Nobody is saying any change is easy. There’s never a royal road to victory. Nigerians must stand up for their rights. If we fail to do this against the foolish, child marriage legislation being promoted by some paedophile lawmakers, for instance, we’d end up with a huge moral burden. One is highly disappointed that our President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, has not spoken out against this looming injustice against the girl child, when President Barack Obama has openly condemned the verdict of a jury which perverted justice by failing to convict a white murderer of a black kid. Selective justice is a subversion of the democratic process. That’s what FRESH fought for in this case of deregistration. Every Nigerian has a right to belong to a party of his choice regardless of the size, financial clout or popularity of such a party. A small party with purpose and integrity is better than a big party of corrupt, greedy elites. The survival of parties should be left for the electorate to decide; not the PDP. If that’s the only point from this verdict, I’m satisfied with it. •Ashiru wrote from Kaduna











Woman's first Caes with cerebral palsy,


The late Rosemary with one of her children




ess arian section leaves her baby sy, second results in her death


Baby Samuel


I was shocked when I returned only to be told that my wife had died in the course of a Caesarian operation. I asked questions but did not get a convincing response from the doctors


Please, I don't want to say anything or have any story published on the matter. When our son's (Samuel) head was slashed by doctors at the Apapa General Hospital, it was celebrated in the media, yet nothing came out of it. Besides, I am having some issues with my in-laws concerning the


Barrister Adejumo



We were least prepared for war when Biafran soldiers attacked my command in Ore — Major Iluyomade

We were least prepared for war when Biafran soldiers attacked my command in Ore Major Iluyomade Interviewing Major Raphael Iluyomade was an alluring mission prompted by information supplied by Brigadier-General Godwin Alabi-Isama in his recently released war memoir, The Tragedy of Victory On-the-Spot Account of the Nigeria-Biafra Civil War in the Atlantic Theatre. In the thorough tome, Alabi- Isama named Iluyomade as the soldier who led the fighters that foiled the Biafran rebels in their ambitious march toward Lagos, the then federal capital. This episode of the civil war was momentous and memorable. Indeed, in popular lore, so fierce was the combat at this front that it created an immortal expression in Yoruba language, Oleku Ija Ore, meaning, the battl of Ore was tough like no other. So, when Iluyomade surfaced at AlabiIsama's well attended book launch in Lagos on July 18, it was an opportunity to ask him for an interview, which he readily agreed to. Four days later, in the war veteran's tranquil home in Ibadan, Oyo State, it was time to relive his experience at Ore as well as other combat situations during the hostilities that spanned 1967 to 1970. Just before the interview in Iluyomade's spacious sitting room, the 76-year-old retired soldier from Ondo State demonstrated his enthusiasm for books, especially those that had to do with warfare, by opening his equally roomy and impressive library to the visitors. This unexpected excursion spoke volumes about the man, and validated his nickname, revealed by Alabi-Isama at the book presentation. Iluyomade, known as Hitler by his colleagues, had a rich collection of books on the German megalomaniac, and said he must have read no fewer than 23 books on the infamous war lord. There was no dull moment during the interview as Iluyomade served his narrative with arresting spice, punctuated by one or two occasions when he went to the library and then upstairs, first to fetch a Bible to back his credibility, and then to get pictures to buttress his claims. He spoke to two members of The Nation Editorial Board, comprising its chairman, SAM OMATSEYE, and FEMI MACAULAY; and BISI OLADELE, Oyo State Correspondent.


Many tim , I w ould not sleep in the beasrr a they (Hausa/Fu ck because were carrying rilani soldiers) want them to sufles. I didn't ound me and shoot me rr a t because nothin night, happen if they d g would to go outside aidn. So, I had several times. T d sleep day my wife refu here was a me, insisting thased to follow happened, she t whatever w the barracks o(Iuleld sleep in timo barracks). It wa s li k e the whole thing that until escalating and I started command the tr was sent to oops at Iwo road





There was a day Gen. Hassan Usman Katsina came to Ibadan to speak to the troops. The governor, Gen. Adeyinka Adebayo, was with him. Some people from the army headquarters in Lagos were also with him. They did not allow any journalist to enter the compound. Then he spoke to us in a bad and undiplomatic way. He said that the (Hausa/Fulani) soldiers would not leave Ibadan and that if they were threatened, he would use 40 soldiers to defeat the Yoruba



Continued tomorrow


THE NATION, Saturday, AUGUST 3, 2013

Our statesmen should guard their utterances or they destroy the nation —Mike Omeri, DG, NOA The Director-General of the National Orientation Agency (NOA), Mr. Mike Omeri, explains why it has been difficult for the agency to reach the mass of Nigerians who need to be enlightened on issues relating to governance. He speaks on the challenges of running a mass mobilisation unit of government that is dependent on meagre allocation from a supervising ministry. The DG also responds to the claim in some quarters that his appointment was meant to compensate him for the part he played in President Jonathan’s electioneering campaign. He spoke with our Deputy Editor, Nation’s Capital, YOMI ODUNUGA, Excerpts:

Well, there are indications that it will improve because the President has, within the last one year, given us N64 million which we used to execute some projects. And I must say that that is unprecedented in the history of the agency. He has promised to give us some more. As a follow-up, he set up a committee on the repositioning of NOA, which has made recommendations for the release of a certain amount of money to begin the process of sensitisation. So, we are waiting for funds to be released because the process is ongoing. As soon as we get that, a brand new NOA would emerge to drive the transformation process. There is a school of thought that believes the NOA should be placed under the Presidency instead of the current arrangement where it is being superintended by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. What difference would it really make? The difference here is in the manner of its operations. Because sometimes, the activities we undertake are based on presidential mandates and directives. So, if you have to work under a minister and you have a direct instruction to implement an activity that will require your engagement with ministers, the relationship becomes a little bit clumsy. Although many of the ministers that I have been working with in the respective ministries and departments have realised that the agency drives their own activities and they open their doors to us. We really need that kind of statutory freedom to operate from the position of independent operations. We also hope that if we are operating on that level, we will escape partly the issue of the envelope system that is reducing the capacity of the agency at the moment. Maybe if our budget is clearly stated anywhere and is released to us directly, it will give us the latitude to do a lot of things. There is also the problem of access. If that is done, NOA will have easy access to information, because there is so much happening at the level of the secretariat of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) and the National Executive

governance. So, it is safe to assume that what you are requesting for is some kind of autonomy? I would not say autonomy is the right word, because every agency must be supervised by somebody or an institution. But our operational requirement is making us to make this demand, because sometimes, I hardly stay in the office. I am always on the move. So, I shouldn't be tied down by one ministerial meeting or the other. My assignment is not to go and discuss some things that are sometimes unrelated to National Orientation Agency. But because there are ministerial meetings to consider, for example, the issue of tourism and culture, I am compelled to be there while I have my own task that will not require tourism and culture. Since I have to prepare the platform for tourism and culture to flourish, I am compelled to go. You know that in national orientation, the issue of patriotism is there, which is an internal affairs matter. The issues of sensitisation and • Mike even how to deploy farm inputs and preserve and protect the environment, and lots more are there. So, we cannot just gross the functions of the agencies to just culture and tourism. These are platforms for sensitisation, mobilisation and orientation, just like the media or Council schools are. (NEC) that will In spite of what you are doing at the national require NOA to get to the people of Nigeria. Most level, the NOA seems to have gone into times, we do not get them as we should. These extinction in the states. Why? things would have been eliminated the moment We are in the process of reorganisation and the agency is given that level of presence and giving states activities. I know, for sure, that the power within the structure of government and state directors are making some efforts within the limits of their resources and capacity. Media is quite expensive. So, you would not hear many of them speak on what they are doing, but I know that they are. There are some of them who make one extra effort or the other to further consolidate on the vision that we brought into the agency, so that everywhere will be full of activities as desired. We are going to have a retreat in the next couple of days with the state directors. The structure now is to send most of the programmes to the states and local government areas, and thereafter the wards and the units. We may not all hear of what is happening because we are constrained by lack of funds. We are not on a large scale



EW months after you assumed office as Director-General, you were quoted as saying funding was a major challenge. Has the situation improved?

Other countries will not insult us if we do not insult ourselves. Therefore, every Nigerian should stand up to whoever would say negative things about this country



THE NATION, Saturday, AUGUST 3, 2013

• Mike


As far as I am concerned, I have a responsibility to my country. If I see what is right that I need to do, whether in government or out of it, I will do it. I am qualified to be here or anywhere. So, if it is because I have served the President in his campaign and he brought me here, he did not bring me here because I have nothing to offer, and I have no regrets


implementation of most of the ideas, but at the level of mobilization, at least, we are able to provide some money to the local government areas monthly and we ask them to do what they can do. Even if it means going to the market place one at a time, it will make a lot of difference. For it to have the meaning that it deserves, it needs to be funded properly so that it can be outstanding and clear for everyone to see. In the last six or seven months, there has been a lot of politicking and all the political parties are involved. Will you say that NOA has been able to sensitise the parties on why they should focus on something else rather than politics? Yes, we had the first interaction with most of the political parties last year. We intend to replicate that now that things have taken this dimension in the political arena. We will soon go back to engage the politicians so that they really understand that in playing politics, you uphold your country. That is the essence of politics. Government or politics without the people is not relevant. So, we will initiate another round of meeting so that we can achieve the purpose to reduce the tension that is pervading the polity. But at the moment, what I will say is that Nigerians, especially elder statesmen, should guard their comments. It is okay to canvass for votes and attention, but it is not okay to canvass for the destruction of the country, simply because you want power. It is not okay to denigrate a country that is aspiring to move forward. If you are negative about a country, even about situations, it comes to pass and gives room for others to talk and insult you, and it diminishes the patriotic zeal of other Nigerians who will want to contribute to making the nation prosperous and better. Other countries will not insult us if we do not insult ourselves. Therefore, every Nigerian should stand up to whoever would say negative things about this country. There are things that we can say that are true of the country. The progress being

made in some areas of our national life cannot be denied. I just came back from Lagos about two days ago where little things that make big impact on the lives of the people are being provided by this administration. So, why don't we uphold those things? It gives confidence, reinforces beliefs and shows that the country is working. Forget about President Jonathan. Forget about the ministers and so on. What is your role? This is because we all have a role. Whether we are the opposition or within government or onlookers, we all have a role to play. When you say, it is okay for people to canvass for voles, but it is not okay to denigrate or call for violence, are you also saying that it is okay for people to call for the return of President Jonathan two years into his first tenure? President Jonathan himself is not canvassing for votes. He himself said that people should forget about 2015 until the time comes and adhere to the provisions of the law. So if the President himself says ‘wait till it is time, so that we do not do anything illegal,’ why will other politicians and elder statesmen fall over themselves on an issue that is taken care of? We have told them, just like the President has rightly said, to wait. What is the NOA doing as an advocacy agency to sensitise the people on the deadly activities of insurgents in some parts of the country? We have been going round the country organising inter-faith programmes with religious leaders and other agencies. Apart from that, we have been in close collaboration with most of the agencies. Ours is a social tool for mobilising peace. We have come up with an essential peace forum and it has gone through the third stage of perfection, and we are coming up hopefully with a peace call for Nigerians so that it will be out there, popularised on the streets so that Nigerians will remember that Nigeria matters and that we do not only profess an ideology, we need the national space to profess it. In order as to popularise it and make people attracted to it, let us protect the

environment and the Nigerian national space and keep the peace. And it is not just about keeping the peace but to build peace also as a continuous effort. Can you update us on what is going on with the committees on flooding? NOA has initiated a meeting of National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) and so many other agencies. We have also designed certain facilities that we deploy, which will be interactive and will be placed in the communities so that we can change the culture of dirt to cleanliness in order to have a clean environment. So, the committee that was set up has reviewed the activities that need to be done. We are meeting to continue the effort from where we started. We have been proactive, and that was why NOA initiated the activity and strategy with these agencies. That will change people to do the right thing and make government to take the necessary measures that will prevent loss of lives and property. Let me use this medium to call on Nigerians to heed the call, because no government will see disaster and be irresponsible about it. We are a responsible government and that is why every effort is being made to get people out of harm’s way by relocating and equipping them with knowledge of the dangers that are likely to be associated with flooding, so that they can take measures to prevent its effects on their lives and property. Do you have any collaboration with other ministries and agencies outside the federal ministries? What we suggested is that the government ministries and parastatals set aside a certain percentage of their funding for communication of government policies to be accessed by the NOA on the presentation of proposals. We want to send proposals to government agencies and other institutions of government. They can use our structures to take government policies and programmes within their own sector, using this platform that has been deliberately created by the government to reach the people. And we have signed quite a number of MOUs. We have signed MOUs with Primary Health Care, Consumer Protection Board, National Identity Cards Management Commission, and so on. Others are also coming on board. People want to see what we are doing, so they can key in. I am glad that there is a new kind of interest and people are desirous of partnering with us. Some people believe that your appointment was a payback for what you did during the fuel subsidy crises in your days with Neighbour to Neighbour. How would you react to that? As far as I am concerned, I have a responsibility to my country. If I see what is right that I need to do, whether in government or out of it, I will do it. I am qualified to be here or anywhere. So, if it is because I have served the President in his campaign and he brought me here, he did not bring me here because I have nothing to offer, and I have no regrets. Essentially, what I have come to do is to add value to this agency. I was the Special Adviser to the President of the Senate before now. So, if anything, I have been downgraded as DG. Since I came here, in the first instance, I rode my personal car for almost one year. I did not stay in any hotel and I worked for almost 24 hours and there is no money within the place. So, what kind of compensation are they talking about other than getting the right people to do the right thing within the structure of government so that the transformation needed will be achieved? How do you relax? I like work. What I do not like is meaningless phone calls, because they can interrupt a lot of things. I wish people will learn to send text messages. Owing to the nature of my job, which I am mostly busy at, most people will call when I am busy and get angry when I don’t pick their calls. But a simple text message will get the message across. Occasionally, I play golf with my peers. That is how I relax. Where do you expect NOA to be in the next few years? I want NOA to gradually emerge from all of this into an institution that is a giant in the publication of government policies, programmes and activities in mobilising Nigerians to support their country and mobilise patriotism from Nigerians in all spheres of life and transform this country into the paradise that they wish for.



President Goodluck Jonathan

President Paul Biya





‘Why our mission to extort money from school proprietress by threatening her with assassination failed'

The suspects Ebele BONIFACE


We gave her one more day to send it. When she failed, we sent the threat letter. We told her that we were good boys but she wanted to turn us into bad boys. We asked how she would feel if we kidnapped two of her pupils or if they got missing. We asked her to call us with our phone number that was with her, but for three days she did not call









‘Drogba to end career in US not Chelsea’

Pg 30

Pg 31


I can be

Nigeria’s best

striker if…..

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pg 32


KILL Sam Okwaraji o p k E y a d i r F —

• Friday Okpo





I can be

Letter to Comrade Oshiomohle (1)

Nigeria’s best striker if…..

• Enahoro


E may be relatively unknown, but Nigeria's youth prodigy Tunde Enahoro has been around for a while as far the round-leather game is concerned. Though just 22, Enahoro started his professional career in Spain with Torrellano CF after a stint in Nigeria with grass root club side, Haske Football Club in Lagos. The Edo-born striker who visited the corporate headquarters of the Nation Newspapers during the week speaks to INNOCENT AMOMOH, PAUL OLUWAKOYA AND BOLAJI ALUKO-OLOKUN in this interview on his intention to solve the goal-scoring problems in the Super Eagles’ squad if given the chance, and other issues. Excerpt.

• Enahoro

• Oshiomole

PHOTO: Bola Omilabu




Stephanie Henshaw goes off social radar







My rival happens to be my younger sister’s classmate in secondary school


I Aunty, I am Lucy from Ibadan. I am dating a guy who says he loves me but he is dating another girl and whenever she is around, he tends to avoid me. Whenever I tell him that I can’t share him with anybody that I want to end the relationship, he will then apologise and say if he didn’t love me, he wouldn’t have introduced me to his parents and that I should try and understand that he is dating her because of me and this girl happens to be my younger sister’s mate in secondary school. Oh yeah! So he’s dating her because of you. Really? Many years ago, whenever our fathers wanted to take a second

wife, they would announce that they were getting a helpmate for our mothers – somebody to help wash plates and clothes around the house. So, your boyfriend is getting you a helpmate even before marrying you. That’s n-i-c-e!! My dear, you’re the one he’s avoiding here, not the other girl, which means that she’s the favoured one and the one whose emotions need to be protected. You’re the one who would understand and you’re the one he’s not afraid to lose even if you know. Forget about him introducing you to his parents. It is possible he has introduced her to them too with some explanations about why he’s about to dump you. From the tone of your mail, I could see that this other girl doesn’t live where you and the guy live. So while she’s away, he needs a human blanket to

Can a nightmare dream cause a heart attack during sleep? Please ma, can a nightmare dream cause a heart attack during sleep? I lost a friend during his sleep recently. – Uche, Ibadan. We often are shocked by the death of friends or relatives that previously seems to be in good health. Nightmares can kill through heart attack or serious arrhythmias only in people with pre-existing heart disease; not in healthy individuals. Most of the sudden death occurr while they are sleeping. The exact cause can be mysterious, but mostly due to congenital cardiac electrical abnormalities called brugada syndrome. Sudden death during sleep usually occurs during REM sleep phase, the stage when someone is in a deep sleep and getting nightmares. The cause of death is not the dreams/ nightmares, but the factor of heart disease. In the REM stage, heart rate tends to be less stable so it is quite •I’ve been reading your column in The Nation newspaper. You are indeed very great. God bless you. - Tayo 08039229920. •Adeola. I need to befriend you, please. How possible is this? I’m a man of 50 years, civil servant, Northerner. 08063163… P.S: I’m happily married with kids.

dangerous for patients who have heart problems. If you suffer from heart disease, REM sleep is very risky. However, heart attack does not just happen when we are asleep. Sleeping is the time the body rests and regenerate cells. Staying awake is not the solution to avoid a heart attack. Brugada syndrome occurs more frequently in Southeast Asia and is more common in young male (30 years). Actually congenital abnormalities in the heart of this electrical system can be known by checking the heart rhythm by electrocardiogram.

Lost contact

keep him warm. You can decide from now on if you want to play the second fiddle or you want to move on. It’s really not wise fighting over this guy, so move on if that’s what your mind is telling you.

One of the contenders for my girl’s heart is a naval officer married to a German woman Please Aunty Ineed your advice. I’m 32, in love with a 19-year-old girl. The problem is that when I talked to her, she told me she loves me but she has two men in her life. The first guy is her secondary school boyfriend, he is 23yrs, learning a trade and he was the one that disvirgined (deflowered) her when she was 18. The other guy is a navy officer and he

is 50 years old, married to a German woman with a kid and he intends to marry her. Aunty this girl promised to marry me, but I must give her some time to leave the other two guys since I don’t have a good job after my OND and her family does not have money and I want her to go to school and have her OND she must go out with them so as to get

What cream can I use for reddish skin? My name is Tosin, the problem I’m having is my skin. I usually have reddish skin. What can I do or which cream should I use? Are you a mulatto? I know that white skinned people are prone to getting reddish skin at certain periods of the year. But if you’re black like me, then you need some information about the skin and some of the conditions that could cause redness of the skin. Your skin separates the inside of your body from the outside world. It protects you from bacteria and viruses, and regulates your body temperature. Conditions that irritate, clog, or inflame your skin can cause symptoms such as redness, swelling, burning, and itching. Hives - Red and sometimes itchy bumps on your skin. An allergic reaction to a drug or food usually causes them. People who have other allergies are more likely to get hives than other people. Other causes include infections and stress. Hives are very common. They usually go away on their own, but if you have a serious case, you might need medical help.

From you to me •Hello my Aunty Adeola, I love and appreciate you, May God bless and protect you from all evil IJN. Please, I still have a problem, as young and beautiful as I am, I don’t have any desire for sex, even if I stay for a year. I have been thinking whether there’s something wrong in my body; please help me, the same Beauty. Lagos, thanks. P.S: Beauty, I treated your issue last week where you said you cry because men come after you. Now, you’re saying you’re not interested in sex and you’re married! I’ll call you for a woman-to-woman talk. Cheers! •Hello. I liked your advice for the 35yrs old man looking for sugar mummy. Keep it up. (Awe S.O) - 08170223528. •Sister Adeola I love your column. How do you know all these things concerning a man’s life. Are you a scientist or a writer? I can call you anything because you’re superb. – 08100784297. P.S: Thanks for your mail. First of all, wisdom comes from God and the ability to use it as well as

make research and interact with people gives one an understanding of human beings – not only men. •Good day madam, I just read your reply to the first letter in your page in today’s (Apri,20,2013). I’m interested in the name of the drug. The subject is on low libido. Thanks in anticipation. Mathias. P.S: I will respond to that on a personal level. Expect my call. •I found it very difficult to believe that we can still find a virtuous woman like you around going by the way you address issues in your column. If it is not ephemeral, I wish you can audience me to share my marital problem with you, perhaps God could use you to restore my mutilated marriage. Thanks – 080340…. . •Great morning and week to you and the family. I pray that the Lord God shall deliver you from all evil works and designs and deliver you to His heavenly kingdom IJN, Amen! – 08105018048.

•Mr and Mrs Ebele Boniface during their wedding recently. With them is Frank Mba, Deputy Force PRO and Chief Suprintendent of Police (CSP), Force Headquarters, Abuja

the money she needs for her school. Aunty I am confused what should I do now? Dear brother, they say the patient dog eats the fattest bone. In your own case, I doubt if there would be any bone left to eat at the end of this girl’s OND o. The naval officer is eating his own bone and the other guy too is having his fill and if you look at it, both of them have the right to eat as much as they can. The naval officer is obviously the one paying most of her bills while she has fond memories of the other guy, so they’re share holder. Smart girl; she has told you that she can’t leave any of them because of their contributions to her life, so the choice is yours to make. If you were my brother, I’d be so shocked that you could still be thinking of waiting for her after her revelations! You’re indeed a patient man. Just be warned the naval officer won’t be this patient if he finds out about you and the other girl. And as for the poor woman in the man’s life who has to share her man with a girl who shares her bed with other man, I can only pray she doesn’t get infected along the line. There are so many good girls out there who would work extra hard to make extra money for school fees. Not all girls are dogs so it doesn’t have to be this girl even if she is the most beautiful woman alive. Watch it o.

•Hi Adeola, kindly link me up with a friend I lost contact with in 2003, his name is Emmanuel Sammuel from Akwa Ibom State. He did his youth corp at NIOMCO, ITAKPE in 2003. His last address was 10 Bajulaiye St Shomolu, Lagos...he can reach via: 08036880646: I am Mohammed Yakub from Okene Kogi State. •Hi Aunty! Please kindly link me with Alabi Abayomi of Fellowship Baptist Church, Kaduna, he stays at block 12 New Barracks. I am Efe from Ibadan 08100045470. •Please kindly link me up with Mr. Akoye and Adokiye Horsfal (2 brothers) we were both schoolmates at Ansar Ud Deen High School, Falolu Road, Surulere, Lagos. We all met last in 1988 and Mr. Bily and Mrs. Ann Oristejafor, we all worked together at G.B. Ollivant. Marketing Services Dept. A Div. Of UAC Nig. Ltd. Lagos. I am Atulomah. N. O. - 08105232378. •Please ma, help me locate Rosemary Eluma. She lived at Festac O Close before we lost contact. Thanks, Amos 08030411891. •Please Madam help me locate Samuel Aniedi Umanah of Fed Govt Tech Colege Ikot Ada Idem. Thanks- Godwin Esenyie, 08036667225. Please madam help me locate Chiamaka Justina Chukwu, a graduate of IMT Enugu, Bus Admin/Marketing. She is married. Thanks. Monarch Emma Chimere (Igwe). •Kindly link me up with wife or any child of late Wole Odebunmi from Ile Oluji who died in an an accident while in Okene some years back. I need to return something he left with me as a friend back to the family. All efforts to trace any of his family has failed, pleaseEngr Lawal/08037874082.

She would have spent the night with the guy if he was a woman like her? Madam Adeola, good afternoon. Please Madam, what does it mean for girl that someone likes to say she would have spent a night with the guy if he was a woman like her. Thanks, Fb. FB, she meant exactly what she said. You’re not a woman like her so she won’t spend the night with you. Oh, you think she must have been using style to invite you? If she wanted to spend the night, she wouldn’t even wait for an invitation. So, she knows what she means. Don’t go pestering the poor girl to come and sleep with you.

•Princes Chiwueze David Njemanze and Chimekemeze Daniel Njemanze during their first birthday ceremony




ELINA turned her face a bit and the kiss landed on her cheek. He looked at her in surprise. This was a first- a woman rejecting him! “What’s the matter? Don’t you like me?” he asked in a puzzled tone. Selina shook her head. “It’s not that, Chief. It’s just you are moving too fast for me. I need some time to...” she started to say. “Time? What for? I like you. I liked you right from the first day I saw you at the club. And I want you. Agree to be mine and I can give you whatever you want. Just name it and...” he snapped his fingers, “It’s all yours.” “Chief, I’m sorry. Thanks for the offer. But I’m a responsible lady, properly brought up from a good home. I don’t mess around with men. I...” “I know. That’s one of the things I like about you. You are not like all these cheap girls around. But consider my offer and you won’t regret it. I will turn your life around for good...” Selina pretended to consider for a while before saying: “Alright. Just give me sometime to think about it. Let me go home today and I will call you in a few days.” Three days later, a Friday, Selina packed a small over night case with enough clothes to last a few days. Chief’s driver was waiting downstairs and she hurriedly locked up her apartment and made her way out. From a few days’ visit, Selina ended up spending nearly two weeks with Chief. It was all his fault. “I have to get back home to take care of some things,” she stated about a week after she arrived. “What for? Are you not enjoying your stay with me?” he enquired. They were in the upstairs dining room having lunch. Ten year- oldSammie, one of Chief’s sons had been with them but had left to ride his bike outside. “It’s not that, Chief. I have an appointment in two days with a business partner of mine,” she explained, taking a sip of water. “Whatever the business will fetch you, I will give you double. So, just relax and enjoy yourself, my dear,” he said, smiling at her. After Chief had gone out to attend to some business, she went to her room. It was next to Chief’s room and had a connecting door. She stood by one of the windows which overlooked a side of the expansive compound. As she gazed at the wellmanicured lawn interspersed with royal palms, pine trees and other plants and beautiful flowers, Selina could not believe her luck. Here she was in the home of such a wealthy man like Chief and he was ‘practically’ begging her not to leave, at least for now. She had enjoyed her stay so far with Chief; he had made everything available to her in his well-run luxurious home. “Just tell Madam Beatrice if you need anything,” Chief had told her the first day she arrived. The woman was his house-keeper who looked after the house with a retinue of other domestic staff like maids. A dark, slim

your account just last week. Don’t tell me you’ve spent it all!” Chief stated when Selina asked for a cheque of half a million. “Ah! Chief, you’ve forgotten. I sent the money to my mother. She needed to restock her shop and she asked me for help,” Selina said. “Is that so? In that case, you will need more money,” he said. He brought out his cheque book and wrote out a cheque for a million naira. A joyous Selina collected the cheque and later that day, gave it to Lexie. “Good job,” he commended her.

The tycoon’s son (5)

woman with a surly look, she had looked at Selina with something akin to suspicion the first time they met. It was like the woman disliked her on sight. “Naim problem be that. Make I enjoy myself here!” she said, turning from the window. She pressed a button to summon one of the maids to get her a cold drink. She put on the flat screen TV in the room and sat watching a programme on a foreign channel while she sipped her drink. She must have fallen asleep for the next thing she knew, someone was touching her hair. She opened her eyes to see Chief gazing fondly at her. “When did you get back?” she asked as she sat up on the bed, yawning. “Not long,” he replied. “I must have slept off,” she said. She got up from the bed and stretched. “Come with me. I want to show you something,” he stated. She followed him to his room, looking puzzled. Chief opened his briefcase and brought out a large envelop which he handed over to her. Inside was a large amount of money in foreign currency and two credit cards. “That’s for agreeing to spend more time with me. There’s enough money in the cards to do all the shopping you want,” he stated. “Ah! Chief, thanks so much! All this for me?” she said excitedly, looking at the money and the cards. “Anything for my baby.

My sweet Selina!” he said fondly. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek. “Is that all you can do?” Chief asked. He took her hand and drew her to his large bed. “Not again, Chief! Don’t you get tired?” she asked, laughing. “Not of you, my dear...” he stated. Six months later... Lexie watched with keen interest as Selina’s affair with his father waxed stronger. He was glad at the turn of events, that the ‘bait’ he had set had been bitten by his father. From all indications, Chief, according to Selina was crazy about her and could not do enough for her. Within a short time, he had changed her car and rented another apartment for her in a poshier part of the city, besides other things. He was even talking about buying her a house before the end of the year. Selina could not be happier. In all her years of ‘hustling’ Chief was the most generous man

she had ever dated. She had travelled twice with him outside the country and in both cases, he had given her large sums of money to shop. She didn’t lack for anything. The only condition Chief had given her was she could not go out with anyone else as long she was with him. “I don’t share my women,” he had told her bluntly at the beginning of the affair. She didn’t mind too much. Chief took care of all her needs so she could do without the other men in her life. She had ‘sacked’ some of her other boyfriends and ‘suspended’ others, deciding to devote all her time to Chief. She did not want to put ‘sand sand in her own garri’. She was enjoying her time with Chief so much, there were times she forgot the reason she was with him in the first place. It was Lexie who reminded her one day about six months later. He had visited her at home and they were discussing his father. “Your dad is so caring. And generous too,” she en-

thused. In the short time they had been together, he had given her millions, besides the numerous gifts. She had given part of the cash to Lexie as part of the deal they had together. “Good for you,” Lexie said. “But don’t get carried away by all this. My father is like the weather- unpredictable; he can change anytime. He might love you now. But what about tomorrow? What happens if a new lady catches his eye? So, you need to stay focused on the big picture...” Selina sighed. “Lexie, I know you have issues with your father but is there no way you can settle your differences? I can help in that regard, you know, bring both of you together,” Selina stated. “What are you talking about? This was not part of the original plan...” he said, sounding upset. “I know, but...” “I see you are becoming distracted by my dad’s largesse and losing focus. Look, we have a plan. It will pay you to stick with it!” Lexie told her curtly. He told her the next phase of the ‘project’ would commence soon stating: “Tell Chief to write a cheque for you. Just tell him you need some money. Make sure it’s a cheque and let me see it once you collect it.” Wondering what he needed it for, Selina met Chief the following day to get it. “I paid some money into

She listened quietly, not speaking. If she had her way, she would not have gone on with the plan to swindle Chief. In the time she had been with him, he had treated her so well and Selina had begun to grow fond of him. The thought of duping him made her feel bad. But business was business and she had sworn to support Lexie in this ‘project


*** Two weeks later, he made another request, this time for some cheque leaflets from Chief. “What do you need it for?” she asked in a puzzled voice. He explained his plans. “Do you think it will work?” she sounded sceptical. He nodded. “The guy who will sign the cheques is an expert in forgery. So don’t worry. Just get me what I need,” he assured her. Lexie had carefully picked the guy for the job and he was sure of his competence. “I can forge the President’s signature. Or that of the Governor of the Central Bank. No problem,” the man had told Lexie the first day they met, a crooked grin on his face. Lexie’s grand plan was to withdraw a huge sum of money from his father’s accounts with the forged cheques and leave the country for good. “My dad will be traveling abroad for his annual medical check-up. He often stays for about three weeks. That’s when we will strike as reaching him then is difficult,” Lexie told Selina. She listened quietly, not speaking. If she had her way, she would not have gone on with the plan to swindle Chief. In the time she had been with him, he had treated her so well and Selina had begun to grow fond of him. The thought of duping him made her feel bad. But business was business and she had sworn to support Lexie in this ‘project’. Besides, she stood to benefit so much from the deal. As Lexie had pointed out, she could not put all her hopes on Chief for ever. He might love her now but what happens tomorrow if he meets someone else and abandons her? It had happened before in past affairs with other men. Men, from her experience were unreliable, could not be trusted. It was left to her to look after her interests, secure her future. If their plan works out, she would be able to do that.. •To be continued •Will Lexie and Selina’s plan to dupe his father succeed? Join us next Saturday for the concluding part of their intriguing story! •Names have been changed to protect the identities of the individuals in the story. •Send comments/suggestions to 08023201831(sms only) or



Every July, indigenes of Arigidi gather to celebrate a festival in honour of the river. It is also an opportunity for the town to showcase its tourist attractions to the world

•Dancers at the festival


VER the years, the Olokun Festival Foundation has continued to explore the cultural heritage of the Yoruba race in Nigeria as a means to achieving excellence in the western part of the country and beyond. Buoyed by the need to sustain the culture and tradition of the Yoruba for the

benefit and privilege of the people, the foundation has saddled itself with the hosting promotion of different cultural festivals in virtually every state of the southwest of the country. Among such festivals is the Okota Festival which it has successfully hosted for many years. Arigidi-Akoko, a rural community in Ondo State

is ordinarily laid-back. Here, life is uncomplicated. Every day, an average native wakes up in the morning, prepare and head for the farm. Those not involving in farming engage in one kind of trading or the other. The houses are old, showing that, to a large extent, it is a community that has been in existence for long.

At the Ayase area of the community, a little after Arigidi-Oja, the hills jut out. They are normally an interesting sight to behold, especially in the early morning when they are still wearing the snow-white crown of the early morning dews. Down at the foot of the hills that form a kind of valley is the Okota River said to possess mystic

powers by the indigenes. Every July, indigenes of Arigidi gather to celebrate a festival in honour of the river. It is also an opportunity for the town to showcase its tourist attractions to the world. During this year’s celebration, venues of the two-day event were packed full with many people climbing whatever available platforms and buildings to catch a glimpse

Tourism News


HE Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN), the apex national tourism body for private sector practitioners, has elected a new executive to pilot the affairs of the body for the next two years. The new exco was elected during this year’s annual general meeting held at the Nanet Suites in Abuja. The former National Deputy President, Chief Tomi Akingbogun, emerged as the President. Other members of the new exco include Chief Ini Akpabio, the CEO of Nanet Suites who emerged as the First Deputy President, while Mallam Rabo Saleh Kareem of All States Travel emerged as Second Deputy President; Chief Biodun Odunsanwo, Vice President, South West; Anofiok Ekong, Vice President, FCT; Arch. David Binga, Vice President, North East; Chief Alex

FTAN holds AGM, gets new

Edom, Vice President, North West; Rev. E. Yakpogoro, Vice President, South-South; Mr. Shemshak Gompil, Vice President, North Central; Ngu Darlington, Vice President, South East. Other officers are ZakariAbdullahi, Treasurer; Prince Gani Adebiyi,

Membership Secretary; Mr. Shola Ilupeju, Membership Secretary; Mazi Chuzy Nnodu, Membership Secretary; Nma Jennifer Iwuanyanwu, Internal Auditor; Mr. Lucky George, Publicity Secretary; Mr. Segun Adetayo,Publicity Secretary II

•Alhaji Dantata swearing in the new FTAN executive officers

and Mrs. Joy Dike, Legal Adviser. In his speech on the occasion, the former FTAN President, Chief Samuel Alabi, decried the poor funding of the tourism sector,saying it is hampering the development of the sector. He called on the incoming executives to put pressure on the government to increase the funding of the sector. He also called on the ministry to involve the FTAN in the planning and staging of the Abuja Carnival. On the decree setting up the NTDC, Alabi said the NTDC Decree of 1992 was obsolete and needs urgent review. He called on the FTAN to improve on its liaison with the members of the National Assembly for it

to be amended. In his acceptance speech after the election, Chief Tomi Asigbogun called on members to support the new FTAN executive. Some of the areas he said the new leaders of the FTAN will focus on include: expanding the membership base of the association; reactivating member associations that are not doing so well and reconciling associations with erring members. He promised that the FTAN shall continue to work with media and government agencies to encourage Nigerians to patronize domestic tourism products.

of the happenings. Commercial activities were also at a climax, as the enlarged population also led to an increase of patronage of virtually every product and service on offer within the community. Sellers of items, like food, drinks and souvenirs smiled to the banks, while service providers and owners of hospitality outfits like hotels and transporters were not left out. On the first day of the festival, organizers put on a show at the Ayase Town Hall where pretty damsels from many higher institutions within the southwest region of the country contested in the now famous Okota Beauty Pageant to see who wears the celebrated crown and drives away with the brand new car, including the cash prizes on offer. The competition and night saw the ladies also taking part in exciting choreographic displays, cultural dances, beach wear and evening gown displays, all to the admiration of the audience

NIHOTOUR signs MoU with ITP


ATIONAL Institute for Hospi tality and Tourism Studies (NIHOTOUR), the apex man power development parastatal of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation, for human resources development for travel, hospitality and tourism Industry in Nigeria, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Institute for Tourism Professionals (ITP). The signing of the MOU is meant to promote the development of the industry, while recognising the need for collaboration in the discharge of their objectives as it relates to the professional sectors through articulation of awards, collaboration and complementary activities for the purpose of advancing the growth of the tourism and hospitality industry in Nigeria. The DG of the NIHOTOUR, Dr.



•Masquerades on the occasion

which filled every available space of the hall, with some watching from outside through the windows. Activities of the pageant night were directed by Amstrong Ihua, a legal practitioner who seems to have found a love in the arts of fashion, beauty and entertainment. At the end of the contest which involved 15 finalists, 24-year old Stephnora Boniface, a graduate of the Bircharm International University came out the winner. She was trailed by Labaeka Abiola, a student of the Olabisi Onabanjo University and Zainab Okesola from the Babcock University who came second and third respectively. The night also featured many performances by upcoming acts and cultural displays by the Royal Ambassadors Cultural Troupe, while the disc jockey ensured there was not a dull moment until the show ended in the small hours of the morning. Not even the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) or a faltering generator was able to douse the fun for the audience. Despite the lateness of the evening’s excitement, participants were up early again the next morning as they thronged the Okota River to scoop water after it was blessed by the custodians of the divinity. People came in their hundreds with con-

Munzali Dantata, commented that agreement will further strengthen the relationship between the NIHOTOUR, as the skill council for the tourism and hospitality sector, and ITP, as an awarding body for the implementation of the National Vocational Qualifications Framework which was approved by the Federal Executive Council in April this year. It is in furtherance of the synergy already established during the three- week development of the National Occupations Standard organised by the National Board for Technical Education in Lagos in April this year in which the NIHOTOUR played a major role.

tainers of different sizes to scoop some of the water which is said to heal sicknesses, make barren pregnant and bring about material and financial blessings, among others. From the river, everyone proceeded to the grand finale of the festival at the Palace Square, Arigidi-Akoko for more fun, entertainment and an enlightenment lecture. In his welcome address, chief promoter of the Olokun Festival Foundation, Otunba Gani Adams, stated that many years ago when they started the festival, many people felt they were just paying lip service to the issue of cultural promotion. He, however, expressed gladness that the foundation had served as a valid compass to the cultural and tra-

ditional journeys of the Yoruba people. While calling on the people of Arigidi-Akoko to continue supporting the Okota Festival, Otunba Adams, who is also the national coordinator of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), stated that the vision of the foundation was to see Okota River earning a world heritage status which would no doubt encourage tourism activities in the community. Also speaking at the event, monarch of the town, Zaki of Arigidi Akoko Land, HRM Oba Yisa Olanipekun, commended Adams for his consistency, love and patriotism over the years. He noted with joy how the approach of festival usually heralds good

tidings for the community and its environs. The royal father also took time out to speak with newsmen on the recent Appeal Court ruling which upheld the ruling of an Akure High Court which nullified his installation and declared the Zaki stool vacant. He stated that he had filed a stay of injunction, a copy of which he presented to newsmen.Oba Olanipekun said the town and serving monarch did not have a palace because it was burnt down during the preceding crisis. It was another successful year for the Okota Festival, and most of the tourists that thronged the community for the festival went back with happiness.


•Female drummers

•From left: Otunba Adams, Oba Olanipekun and another guest

NTDC to build tourism centres in six zones


Namibia to market tourism assets at Akwaaba African Travel Market

S part of efforts to rapidly develop domestic tour ism destinations by the Nigerian Tourism Develop ment Corporation (NTDC), six tourism centres are to be built across the six geopolitical zones in the country. The Director-General of NTDC, Mrs. Sally Mbanefo, made this declaration while addressing members of management and staff in an interactive session at the tourism village in Abuja during the week.

The DG, who took time to intimate staff on progress report and recent developments since her assumption of duty, emphasized that the core of her administration remains a comprehensive development of Nigeria’s local tourism attractions, hence the need for the tourism centres across the geo-political zones. According to her, the NTDC plans to introduce information desks at major airports in Nigeria with the aim of supplying tourists and visitors, relevant information on areas of interest, directory on places to visit, activities of the NTDC and the tourism industry in general. During the meeting, Mrs. Mbanefo noted that the NTDC will work with stakeholders and professionals on strategic imperatives aimed at growing revenue base, while restructuring the corporation and repositioning it to better •Senator Ahmed Hassan Barata and Mrs Mbanefo at an finance its activities. event... recently

HE Namibian Ministry of Tourism and Environment and the Namibian Film Commission will be showcasing at the only international tourism expo in West Africa that takes place in Lagos annually. Namibia, with its wild Skeleton beach, the famed national parks and picturesque city of Windhoek, offers a composite blend of attractions that appeal to the adventurous, the sedentary and the urbane shopaholic, the types that have been flying out of Nigeria in huge numbers recently. West Africa, with a population of over 270million people, has two of the fastest growing economies in the world in Ghana and Nigeria. Nigeria,with over six million international passengers, generates over $1.25b from flight tickets annually. Today, almost all the leading African and Middle east airlines are increasing flights into Nigeria with the rapid rise in passenger figures. Ethiopian Airline is the king over the Nigerian skies with daily flights into Lagos, Abuja and now Enugu. Its sister airline, Asky, has flights into Lagos and Abuja. Kenya Airways flies twice into Lagos and is about to start Abuja flights. Emirates flies twice a day to Lagos and soon to Abuja, Etihad and Qatar are all hauling huge figures from the ever-growing travellers. Nigeria with 167million people has only 15million passengers annually which is less than 10% of its population. So the trend will be upwards in the coming years. Air Namibia flies to Ghana and will soon start flights to Lagos and Akwaaba provides a huge opportunity for Namibia to reap from the huge West African travelling public who patronise South Africa and Dubai as first choice of regional destinations. Namibia now joins The Gambia in planning big for Nigerian Travellers at Akwaaba. ”As you are aware The Gambia Day has always been a very important activity for The Gambia on Akwaaba .“ This is according to Adama Njie, the Director of Marketing for The Gambia Tourism Board. The Gambia celebrates The Gambian Day at Akwaaba African Travel Market that takes place in Lagos,Nigeria annually. The preparations for this year’s edition is in high gear.The Gambian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Her Excellency Mrs Angela Colley-Iheme, is a permanent fixture at all major tourism events in Nigeria, winning friends for the country. She was the special guest of honour at The Abuja Bantaba event early July. The Gambia, as part of its strategic plans, had planned a study tour of Nigeria by its tourism technocrats to further understand the market. According to a position paper by The Gambian authorities, the Nigerian market is important to the growth of travel and tourism in The Gambia. In the Gambian context, tourism is considered a strategic sector and the engine that drives the economy. Therefore, to increase the arrival numbers during the green season the adopted strategy is to promote subregional tourism where Nigeria is identified as an important market. This decision was as a consequence of a strong participation in and attendance to Nigerian travel shows, increased travel industry, increase in Nigerian Banks and collaboration with Nigerian regional airlines and media. Today Nigeria is the fastest growing market for The Gambia, having registered over 8000 arrivals by air alone in 2011. The Nigerian market is a “high end” and “high •Ikechi Uko spending” visitors (higher than most of our traditional European markets), with only three hours flying time (far less than travelling from Lagos to Victoria Island).




Dwelling according to knowledge


Dear reader, With joy unspeakable full of glory, I sincerely welcome you to this life-changing and destiny-moulding column. I count it a very great privilege to be sharing God’s Word with you. I am full of excitement, because of the great and mighty things God has in store for you. It is so loaded and full of fat things. You will not miss your own portion in Jesus’ name! This month, via the Word of God, I will be sharing with you, Dwelling According To Knowledge. It is my prayer that as you open your heart to receive and act on God’s Word concerning your family today, your marriage and home will experience a positive transformation in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen! The major reason for crises in families, today, is because family members do not fully understand their God-given responsibilities in the family set-up. A person cannot do that which he does not know. If a person does not know his duties in the family set-up, he cannot fulfill his obligations. This month, I shall be examining one of the vital responsibilities necessary for achieving family success. In 1 Peter 3:7, the Bible records: Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered. The main emphasis here is the phrase, “Dwell with them according to knowledge.” The word “dwell” is translated from the Greek word “sunoikeo”, which is used to denote domestic association; this association is to be done according to knowledge. For any family to experience any degree of success, knowledge of the nature and duties of every member of the family is inevitable.

What then is knowledge? The Oxford Dictionary defines knowledge as awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a person. defines it as “the state or fact of knowing; familiarity, awareness, or understanding gained through experience or study; specific information about something.” When the Bible, therefore, enjoins us to dwell according to knowledge, it means there are certain facts that one must lay hold on, in order to enjoy family success. There are lots of family crises, when we have little or no knowledge of our duties in fulfilling God’s ultimate purpose for the family. That is why the Bible says in Hosea 4:6: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge… Each member of the family has a certain God-given responsibility to fulfill in the family, in order for success to abound therein. My husband has often shared one of the secrets of our family success, which is the acquisition of knowledge. By reason of what he saw of the marriage institution in his growing up days, he began seeking to know from God His true purpose for the institution of marriage. It was in that state that God showed him the seven concepts of marriage, which has been practiced conscientiously in our family, causing us to enjoy a great deal of success. It took knowledge for us to know our individual placement in the family network, and that knowledge has set us free from every family crises. To enjoy family success, therefore, the place of knowledge cannot be over-emphasized. In Proverbs 24:3-4 the NIV Bible, enumerating the benefits of knowledge, says: By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures. If you must find families which are filled with rare and beautiful treasures of peace, love, joy, satisfaction, sunshine, fulfillment, etc, then knowledge is the key. It takes knowledge to enjoy family success. The prescription to dwell according to knowledge within the family network has its source in God. Therefore, I will be looking at His instruction on the subject, for the Bible has said in Proverbs 2:6: For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth

Govt urge mothers to practise exclusive breastfeeding


OTHERS have been urged to practice exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of a child’s life with no addition of water, herbs or any other drink. This is critical to optimal development,growth,general wellbeing as well as survival of a child. This was stated by the Special Adviser to the Lagos State Governor on public health, Dr Yewande Adeshina at a press briefing to commemorate the 2013 world breastfeeding week held between August 1 and 7. She further added that breastmilk possesses anti-infective properties that help to protect infants against diseases and can be

Rizqah RAMON easily digested by a baby. She appealed to mothers to desist from feeding their babies cow’s milk which contains protein that is too high for a baby,clot in the baby’s stomach and cannot be easily digested by the baby. “Manufacturers of breast milk substitutes must not have contact with breastfeeding mothers,” she stated. Adeshina regarded breastfeeding as one of the most cost effective and impactful tools for poverty alleviation and sustainable development globally. She therefore urged the father,inlaws and people in the Society to support women so they can effectively practice breastfeeding.

Benefits of banana


ANANA is ready to eat when it is quite firm, bright yellow, and emanate rich fruity fragrance. Ripe fruit peels off easily. Ripened, fresh bananas are nutritionally enriched and sweeter in taste than raw green ones. Here are some benefits of Banana: •Bananas help overcome depression due high levels of tryptophan, which is converted into serotonin — the happy-mood brain neurotransmitter •Eat two bananas before a strenuous workout to pack an energy punch and sustain your blood sugar •Protect against muscle cramps during workouts and night time leg cramps by eating a banana •Counteract calcium loss during urination and build strong bones by supplementing with a banana •Improve your mood and reduce PMS symptoms by eating a banana, which regulates blood sugar and produces stress-relieving relaxation •Bananas reduce swelling, protect against type II diabetes, aid weight loss, strengthen the nervous system,

and help with the production of white blood cells, all due to high levels of vitamin B-6 •Strengthen your blood and relieve anemia with the added iron from bananas •High in potassium and low in salt, bananas are officially recognized by the FDA as being able to lower blood pressure, and protect against heart attack and stroke •Rich in pectin, bananas aid digestion and gently chelate toxins and heavy metals from the body •Constipated? High fiber in bananas can help normalize bowel motility. •Bananas are soothing to the digestive tract and help restore lost electrolytes after diarrhea. •Bananas are a natural antacid, providing relief from acid reflux, heartburn and GERD •Bananas are the only raw fruit that can be consumed without distress to relieve stomach ulcers by coating the lining of the stomach against corrosive acids.



HE term AIDS is an acronym that stands for “Acquired Immune Deficiency Syn drome”. It is acquired because the victims do not inherit the condition, but contract it. Immune deficiency means that the victim’s natural bodily defense mechanisms are unable to function properly, and “syndrome” refers to the combination of different abnormalities or diseases making up this condition. AIDS is a complex of diseases and symptoms resulting from unexplained immune deficiency; caused by a retrovirus, culminating in a “mixedbag” of life-threatening opportunistic infections, which invariably results in death. The retrovirus that causes AIDS is known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) with types I and II already isolated. Although there have been wide speculations and insinuations as to the origin of the virus (HIV), the fact still remains that the first cases of AIDS were diagnosed in North America, Europe and Central Africa about the same time in 1981. Since then, cases are being reported all over the world and most countries now have people with “fullblown” AIDS as well as carriers infected with the virus. It occurs in about 1 to 10% of the population and the incubation period is 4 to 10 years. The virus has been isolated mostly from semen, vaginal secretion and blood. It is generally believed to be contracted through sexual intercourse, transfusion of contaminated blood, use of un-sterile instruments such as needles, blades and catheters, trans-placental infection, organ transplant, tattooing and circumcision as well as breast-feeding. The major characteristic feature of AIDS is weight loss of about 10kg within 1 month without a known cause. Other symptoms include chronic diarrhoea, persistent cough, skin infections, oro-pharyngeal candidiasis, swollen lymph glands and night sweating. Prevention Prevention of AIDS is achieved through avoidance of casual sex, and other factors that may predispose to HIV infection; as well as sterile procedures in clinico-surgical practices. Treatment and Control Before recommending our treatment and control packages for HIV/ AIDS, it is pertinent to ask the following questions:

cometh knowledge and understanding. The scriptures often use the words wisdom, knowledge and understanding interchangeably. But they are occasionally spoken of as separate and distinct. Knowledge is the fact, understanding is the ability to lift the meaning out of the fact, and wisdom is knowing what next to do. Knowledge is the ability to collate and access information. This alone may not be beneficial, except the information gathered is understood, leading you to the next line of action. Understanding, on the other hand, is the ability to extract meaning out of information, which produces principles, while wisdom is the ability to decipher which principles to apply now. The injunction to dwell according to knowledge will not be beneficial without an understanding of what one’s responsibilities are, and a decision to put them to work. To enjoy the knowledge of God knowing what to do per time, being born again is the only sure foundation. To be born again, you have to confess your sins and accept Jesus as your Lord and personal Saviour. If you are ready to be born again, please say this simple prayer with me, in faith: Dear Lord Jesus, I come to You today. I believe You died and rose again for my sake. Forgive me of my sins, take over my life, make me Your child and let Your peace reign over my life. Thank you for saving me. Now I know I am born again. Congratulations, you are now born again! I believe that you will begin to experience the reality of the price that Jesus paid for your sins at Calvary. All-round rest and peace are guaranteed you, in Jesus’ Name! Call or write, and share your testimonies with me through: E-mail: Tel. No: 08141320204; 07026385437; 07094254102 For more insight, these books authored by me are available at the Dominion Bookstores in all Living Faith Churches and other leading Christian bookstores: Marriage Covenant, Making Marriage Work, Single With A Difference, Building A Successful Family, and Success In Marriage (Co-Authored with Bishop David Oyedepo). 1. Why do outbreaks of serious infectious diseases leave some people devastated and others free? 2. If some people are known to be carriers and could go around with the virus for up to 15 years before they physically breakdown, couldn’t there be ways of helping to cleanse the virus from the system before it manifests? 3. Are the sufferer’s thoughts, aspirations and living habits not affecting the disease cycle as well as response to treatment? If yes, then in Holistic Lifecare, we are committed to total cure of HIV/AIDS sufferers when they have just been tested and diagnosed positive, when they are still able to eat, drink and move around on their own, but not when they are expecting their funeral the next day! The Holistic Natural Remedy being suggested for restoring good health, vitality, and total cure in HIV/AIDS sufferers; is a combination of herbal, nutritional and psycho-social therapies at the appropriate time and in the right proportion. Notable among the useful herbs for HIV/AIDS are Aloe vera, Allium sativum, Harpagophytum zeyheri, Echinacea augustifolia and Zingiber officinale. For further information and consultation on Holistic Lifecare research and services, especially on Blood Infections, Infertility, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Chronic Debilitating Conditions as well as mental and social problems, please call on: 0803-330-3897 or visit: Mosebolatan Holistic Lifecare Centre, Adeyalo Layout, OgbereTioya, Off Olorunsogo Express Bridge, Ibadan. Website: Distance is no barrier, we can send remedies by courier if need be. We also have facilities for accommodation, admission and hospitalization in a serene and homely environment.




Catholic diseases: Mania

ANIA can be considered colloquially as an excessive interest, love, or devotion to something such as a hobby, e.g., car racing or collection of artworks. A woman might say to a man: “I am mad about you”. Often we refer to a genius as mad. Mania and madness have various connotations in social life. Such colloquial mania or madness is often desirable, acceptable, or admirable. The medical condition of mania is not desirable or admirable, and in many cases, not acceptable. Mania is a “mental disorder characterized by extreme excitement and energy” (The American Academy of Physicians’ Family Health and Medical Guide, 1996). The Stedman’s Concise Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions, 3rd Editions defines maniain two ways: “an emotional disorder characterized by euphoria or irritability, increased psychomotor activity, rapid speech, flight of ideas, decreased need for sleep, distractibility, grandiosity, and poor judgement” or “ an abnormal love for, or morbid impulse towards, some specific object, place, or action”. The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (6th Edition) gives a definition from psychology for mania: “a mental illness in which somebody has an obsession about something that makes them extremely anxious, violent, or confused”. Webster’s New World College Dictionary (4th Edition) gives several definitions amongst which are: “a type of mental disorder characterized by an abnormal preoccupation, compulsion, etc.” Mania is difficult to define and for the purpose of this article, I prefer to consider it simply as super-reaction to a person, place, thing, or event; activity that goes beyond the supports of reason and wisdom. Every human being becomes medically manic under various conditions, thus mania is a catholic or universal medical condition. Underlying genetic predispositions, cultural, reli-

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ANY situations arise in children when an episode of convulsion and one which has been complicated by unconsciousness continues for over half an hour without the child regaining consciousness. At times, the child regains consciousness for a very short while, and then another attack comes up, followed by yet another .Without adequate management ,the situation may continue despite proper anticonvulsant therapy. Some situations l leave parents , guardian and care givers baffled, especially when they occur in day care centers, kindergarten, boarding schools etc. Complications such as liver damage, respiratory failure, deafness, blindness and permanent brain damage may result either from the cause of the problem itself or from the mixture of concoctions usually forced down the throat of the child, rubbed into the eyes. Chronic and life long problems can also result from unsupervised and prolonged administration of anticonvulsants by medical persons. First it is necessary to remind us that in children, conditions of seizure, or epilepsy can be caused by many things, from, vigorous shaking or throwing up of a child, infection- including those capable of forming brain abscess, and ordinary ones like meningitis, malaria etc, infestation( worms that particularly infest the brain), space occupying brain lesions other than abscess -slow growing tumors. They may occur in the absence of any of any known disease condition or brain injuries, and some are inherited(autosomal pattern ) from parents. It is also good to know that in any such conditions, the foam or saliva coming out from the mouth is not infectious, neither is it capable of

causing a similar illness for any person it comes in contact with. The squeezing or contractions occurring in muscles which surround the salivary glands and other glands in the throat milk their ducts and continuously squeeze secretions out into the mouth -you only need to get rid of them ,as you protect and make the tongue fall back away from the teeth and openings into the nose so child does not choke or suffocate. Also it is extremely dangerous to attempt forcing any thing sharp like spoon into the mouth -the damage to the tongue can be extensive. Putting fingers between the teeth is equally dangerous. Any thing forced down the throat could end up in the lungs, or hang in the wind pipe. It must be emphasized that convulsion in a child or epilepsy in an adult should be considered serious medical emergency and though there are many places and options available, there is no wisdom when you delay where medical attention is available and can be assessed- medical emergencies are not as simple to handle as people think, when mistakes are made, there is often no opportunity to correct or reverse them . Doctors and nurses have been trained to recognize and avoid doing the wrong thing or making avoidable mistakes whenever medical emergencies declare them selves . Going to the Hospital should therefore be the first thing that comes to the mind of any reasonable parent whose child develops a seizure disorder -for even when the attack seems over, subsequent ones can so demoralize and confuse them that they may simply watch helplessly as life slowly but steadily disappears from the patient. Going to the Hospital with a severely ill child provides opportunities to learn a few things particularly about some of the unusual and unexpected ways these diseases appear; For instance, a child may fall head first on a tiled floor and after a few hours, begin to cry like a cat with

gious, spiritual, social, psychological, temporal, economic, political, and other varied influences can precipitate manic episodes or stable mania in individuals. A manic person is hurtful to self and to others and in many cases more hurtful to others than to self. Thus mania is a condition we should all be aware of and know that we all have the possibility of developing any time, any day, anywhere, anyhow. People with stable mania, chronic mania, established manic lifestyles, attitudes, or behaviour, are possibly safer than people who fall into instantaneous and unexpected acute mania. The established known maniacs can often be tolerated, accepted within an understanding society, and cared for to fit into regular life. Persons known to have chronic mania can be regulated medically, legally, morally, and charitably, therefore any possible harm from them is limited, contained, or aborted. Some cases can fit well into family life, with other members of the family being understanding and supportive. Instantaneous mania is more common than we can believe and because it may not linger, it may pass unnoticed, yet leaving behind significant harm. We may never think of ourselves as sometimes becoming instantaneously mad or manic therefore we look at historical examples. When King Herod gave an order to kill innocent babies, he was mad. In a moment of madness he initiated significant harm killing all children, two years old and under in Bethlehem and the surrounding coasts. He could not reason in that moment, he was pathologically angry with the wise men that did not return to him. We can recount Hitler’s episodes, Idi Amin’s atrocities, and terrors spread by religious fanaticisms of all faith institutions. Pathologic anger, fear, dread, envy, hate, greed, lust, vengeance, rivalry, etc., can develop in any person instantaneously and precipitate madness. Such madness is never expected by the per-

son who goes mad or by the victims. Because the victims are unguarded, they are surely affected or hurt. Therefore, for all of us, knowing how to not get mad is an important aspect of good health and safe living. Within families, manic episodes by persons that were not known as mad have resulted in homes being burnt to ashes; family members being burned and disfigured; family members being stabbed, shot with a gun, poisoned, or hurt for life in various ways; property being destroyed; economic losses; or violation and disruption of good life in various ways. Any of these episodes may happen one pleasant, happy, sunny day when everybody has been feeling good and happy. The unpredictable possibility of madness from anyone, anywhere, anytime, anyhow, makes it necessary for us to take a closer look at this medical condition and how to save ourselves from it. To be continued. Dr. ’Bola John is a biomedical scientist based in Nigeria and in the USA. For any comments or questions on this column, please Email or call 07028338910

Common diseases of children In focus: Seizure syndrome, epilepsy and epilepticus in status; a parents' guide the hands and legs in a posture not usually seen in humans . An adult with epileptia partialis continua( continous partial epilepsy) will present in ways that will make it very difficult to convince relations to allow patient stay in Hospital . Luckily, whatever the cause and however bizarre the manifestations, they can be properly managed and the results very gratifying indeed, like the little life saving magic or miracles that Doctors and Nurses perform with little or nothing by way of reward- take for example the very simple rectal administration of 5mg diazepam(valium 5) in the case of a child who is stretching away while groups of people are pouring anointing oil and crude oil all over him at the same time. This treatment costs nothing, except that you don't go pick up the drug off the shelf as when you are buying paracetamol, and yet the medication very predictably stops the attack of convulsion in over 90% of cases; seeing it done will also provide the parents with an opportunity to learn how exactly it is done , just in case the same child or a sib surfers a similar problem. It has to be stressed that the longer the duration of a seizure, the greater the degree of brain damage and the likely hood of developing epilepsy later in life and being on drug treatment throughout life. Beyond that , periods of unconsciousness lasting longer than half an hour or episodes of multiple attacks in a few hours or one day are associated with multiple organ damage ,and possible death. Stopping the convulsion becomes paramount and therefore recognizing the different types is equally important; Seizures occur when certain influences trigger abnormal neuronal discharges in the cerebral cortex of the human brain, resulting in abnormal function. The pat-

tern and degree of clinical manifestation depend on the cause (aetiology) and the region of the brain affected by the discharge. Seizures may be the result of an identifiable cerebral insult or may arise without detectable cerebral disturbance , the percentage that fall into this latter group is becoming very small in developed countries due to the enormous diagnostic potentials now available , but in developing countries like Nigeria, where poverty is rife and the literacy level is dropping steeply, every medical problem has something to do with the spirits, and must be approached, before any other issues are entertained Unlike seizure disorders, the epileptic patient is subject to re-

current, unprovoked attacks that have the features of seizure disorder, particularly for those who persistently refuse to seek medical help. In conditions of epilepsy ,ordinary television lights can spark of an attack , as may the loud barking of a Dog Status epilcpticus is usually reserved for prolonged seizure lasting more than 30 minutes . It also refers to a situation where a series of seizures ocuur within a very short period of time without return to consciousness . A syndrome is usually a group of disorders with observed , defined and persistent commonalities. Seizure or epilepsy syndrome describes

many groups of associated disorders with altered consciousness and abnormal body movements common to them. Status epileptic us may be associated with convulsion or without it, but in children, over 90% of conditions are the convulsive type where the hands and legs of a child undergo alternating patterns of stretching out and relaxing- newborn, infants and older children may not show the same pattern of muscular tonic clonic manifestation as the older ones, but upward rolling of the eyes, bicycle and chewing types of movements, short periods of cessation of breathing ,non responsiveness or abnormal response or visible changes in muscle tone can tell that something is wrong. One common cause of status epilepticus and one which is preventable is febrile convulsion. It typically affects children 3 years and below though it may occur in children up to the age of six. To be continued

Health Matters Quiz Corner Answers to last week’s questions 1.a The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the human body. Measured at the level below the lower border of the piriformis muscle in healthy subjects is about the size of a normal human finger and has a range 19.4-28.8mm, mean =24.1 mm{20mm(Grays Anatomy,40th ed)}. b. Though the Sciatic nerve has 5 roots, it is actually a double nerve with a common Peroneal portion (lateral fibers) arising from the dorsal divisions of L4,L5, S1 and S2 and a Tibial portion(medial fibers) shooting out from the ventral divisions of L4,L5,S1,S2 and S3 2.a The femur , a bone of the lower limb and the longest bone in the human body its maximum length measured from the femoral head to the medial epicondyle is within the range 40.550.6cm. b. The ratio of the Femur to Height assuming a normal 70kg male is 1:4. This ratio varies significantly with respect to Race , and with regards to Sex. Femoral lengths may differ between the right lower limb and the left even in the same individual. 3. After birth and for a period up to two years, transmission of HIV/AIDS from an infected mother to her child accounts for approximately 30- 40% of transmission. The probability of transmission of HIV-RNA via breast milk equals 0.00064/liter and 0.00028/ day of breast milk a. The acronym MALT stands for Mucosa Associated Lymphoid Tissue Tissues classified under MALT are aggregates of un encapsulated lymph nodules distributed unevenly in the lower intestine, breast ,throat, stomach etc b. Transmigration of macrophage cells

infected with HIV can occur across breast epithelia, and the oro-pharyngeal mucosa . The low acidity in the stomach of infants equally favors infection through Gut associated lymphoid tissues. 4. a .Concerning breast milk, water constitutes about 86%(range 80-90). The presence of lactose and water in breast milk makes a palatable mixture that is palatable and available on demand b. It is not true that breast feeding interferes in any way with immunization. Many mothers prefer information picked from neighbors and peddlers instead of taking advantage of avenues made easy by mobile phones to reach their physicians . Breast feeding actually helps immunization in many ways. 5. For a booked 35 year old Para 1 mother presenting with major degree placenta praevia , presenting part is breech and patient is in hemorrhagic shock at 37 weeks of gestation, the options available to the Senior Registrar whose consultant is out of town but could be reached depend on his own experience, past obstetric history of the patient(previous Cs) and the hospital policy regarding cooperation between Teams on call duty and many others. He could call his consultant and follow instructions. He could do a quick assessment of the situation and seek immediate assistance/rescue from another Consultant Obstetrician. The most reasonable thing to do is to ensure that all activities progress in the direction of having a live baby for a mother equally alive to take care of her child. The most important temptation to avoid is the pressure usually from patient’s relations and colleagues persuading the Senior registrar to go in himself and get the baby out, rather than bother the Consultant in charge.





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Kwankwaso condoling with one of the victims at Murtala Mohammed Specialist Hospital








PDP slams N10m on Anambra guber aspirants

HE leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has slammed N10 million on each of the party’s governorship aspirants in Anambra State, just as the Seriake Dickson’s reconciliation committee steps up efforts to reconcile various factions in the Anambra and Ekiti chapters of the party. Similarly, female aspirants who intend to join the race are to cough up N5 million each. This is outside the one million paid by each of the aspirants to obtain the expression of interest form. Acting National Publicity

Gbade OGUNWALE, Assistant Editor, Abuja Secretary of the PDP, Mr. Tony Okeke, could not be reached to confirm the levy. Calls made by our correspondent to his mobile telephone line yesterday were not answered. Our correspondent’s text message seeking his reaction on the matter was also ignored. There are no fewer than 26 aspirants in the Anambra governorship race on the platform of the PDP. A reliable source at the party secretariat confided in

our correspondent yesterday that the N10 million imposition was meant to separate genuine aspirants from pretenders. One of the aspirants, Mr. Sylvester Okonkwo, who picked his nomination form yesterday, confirmed that he paid the N10 million nomination fee. Okonkwo, who spoke with reporters shortly after collecting his form, said some of the aspirants had complained about the exorbitant fee during a meeting with the leadership of the party, but that the party leaders did not yield

FEC begins consideration of 2014-2016 medium-term fiscal framework


HE Federal Executive Council (FEC) yester day began consideration of the 2014 to 2016 medium-term fiscal strategy framework,with President Goodluck Jonathan presiding. The special cabinet meeting, according to Information Minister Labaran Maku, was to ensure an early presentation of the budgets to the National Assembly. Mr. Maku told reporters at the end of the meeting that deliberation focused budget forecasts and the revenue

Augustine EHIKIOYA, Abuja and expenditure expectations towards growing the economy within the threeyear period. But he said that the frame-work is still work in progress as new inputs were introduced at yesterday’s meeting. The framework has been given to the Finance Minister to enable it finetune it for FEC’s approval before its presentation to the National Assembly. He said: “The meeting was called to discuss the me-


e-mail: Tel: 08122697498


Laylatul Qadr

NIGHTS are naturally pregnant. They give birth to wonders in the day. In human life, the essence of night is not just to sleep and rest. It is also to plan how the day is to be meaningfully spent. Thus, the great things that men do in the day are initiated in the nights. This is confirmed by the Almighty Allah in Qur’an 97:3 thus “The Night of power is better (and more prosperous) than one thousand months.” That Night of power, commonly known to Muslims as Laylatul-Qadr, is the mother of all nights. It is the night in which the secret of human destiny is concealed. It is the night that combines all three divine features of Ramadan: blessings, forgiveness and emancipation of the faithful from the claw of Satan. It is the night in which Allah’s favour is granted to His obedient servants. If only one Laylatul-Qadr is more prosperous, for Muslims, than 1000 months, it means that meeting that one night once in a life’s time is enough for a true believer to gain entry into AlJannah. And, by analogy, it means that the average life span of modern man as determined by Allah is 83 years and four months. That is what 1000 months amount to in years. Yet, in His mercy, Allah makes that night available to us every year. That makes it an endless opportunity for whoever seeks the favour of his Creator. The exact date of Laylatul-Qadr in the month of Ramadan is not specified. This is to enable the faithful ones make efforts in seeking the favour of Allah, by searching for the night. Even Prophet Muhammad (SAW) could not be specific about identification of that night. When he was asked about Laylatul-Qadr, all he could proffer as solution was for the Muslims to search for it among the odd nights in the last ten days of Ramadan. Those are the odd nights that precede the odd days in the last ten days of Ramadan. They are the 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th and 29th of the month. But since one is not sure of which of those nights will actually be Laylatul-Qadr, the best way out is to wake up in all the last ten nights. Each night is spent by observing Nawafil (supererogatory Salat), recitation of the Qur’an and the chanting of Allah’s glorification: Tasbih, Tahmid, Istighfar, Tahlil and Salat ala-n- Nabiyyi. The number of rakats to be observed is not specific. It is according to one’s ability. Ditto the chanting. The recitation of the Qur’an can be done in Arabic only by those who understand Arabic and know what they are reciting. Others may recite the Qur’an in their vernacular languages or in English. The essence of reciting the Qur’an is to understand what the book contains to be able to meditate on those contents. It is of no use reciting what you do not understand. Even those who understand Arabic very well do make mistake in the recitation of the Qur’an. After all these, one can then supplicate to Allah in a very sober and humble mood. The best supplications are those already provided in the Qur’an. They are the supplications made by the Prophets who preceded Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and those made by the last prophet himself. Most of those supplications start with Rabbana (our Lord!) And, they contain all that any human being may wish to request from Allah. In the night of power, thousands of Angels are dispatched into our own world (the earth) to say Amin to the prayers being offered by sincere Muslims. Missing Laylatul Qadr is like missing a life’s opportunity.

dium term fiscal framework and the fiscal strategy paper for the 2014/ 2016 appropriation year. We have been discussing the medium term fiscal strategy paper forwarded to us by the CME. We discussed the planned strategy for the budget between 2014 and 2016. “The medium term fiscal strategy and the fiscal policy strategy paper are contained in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 fiscal revenue framework as well as the expenditure framework for the budget of this year. “The idea of bringing this to FEC was for us to intensively discuss the budget scorecard for the year between 2014 and 2016 and also to look critically at the revenue we expect and the expenditure for this year and the overall fiscal objective of the government to grow the economy within this period.” He added: “It is an elaborate policy paper that was brought to us. We have been debating it to see that the budget between now and 2016 realizes the objective of growing the GDP, stabilizing the macro economic environment which has ensured that Nigeria remain the fastest growing economy in the continent as well as the destination for the inflow of foreign investment into the continent. “So we are looking at the budget objective, budget policy and the direction that we want the economy to go and how it could impact on the welfare and well being of the people of Nigeria. It’s a technical paper, we have begun discussion on it, it is work in progress. “We have made the first observation which the CME will be going back to work on further before it is openly tabled at the NASS. This is what we have been doing since morning. A lot of successes have already been achieved in the economy and we want to be so consistently in terms of policy direction, in terms of target and objectives we intend to achieve in various sectors of the Nigerian economy. “We also want to ensure that this year budget like last year comes early. The early passage of the budget will also improve execution. Last year, it was October, so, this year we are hoping to keep the momentum of early passage of the budget. Submission to the NASS should be early so that by January, we should have the budget passed.”

ground. He said the party leaders made it clear to the aspirants at the meeting that the N10 million would remain the standard fee for PDP governorship aspirants in other states for subsequent primary elections. Meanwhile dusts are being raised among aspirants over zoning and consensus candidacy among the various aspirants in the Anamabra and Ekiti chapters of the PDP. Bayelsa State Governor, Seriake Dickson, who held separate reconciliatory meetings with stakeholders from the two states on Thursday, enjoined the aspirants and party officers in the two states to embrace peace. Dickson, who chairs the PDP reconciliation committee, told the gubernatorial aspirants from the two states to close ranks and work for the

success of the party at election. He bemoaned the loss of Anambra and Ekiti by the PDP to opposition parties, warning that there was no way the PDP could reclaim the two states in an atmosphere of rancour and divisions. Dickson had declared at the meetings that zoning and consensus option were not part of the terms of reference of his committee. According to him, the two issues should be left for the national leadership of the party to sort out. The Bayelsa Govenor deplored the recent violence in the Ekiti chapter where party offials were brutalised and chased out of their duty posts by armed thugs allegedly brought in by one of the aspirants. Dickson warned that the leadership of the party would

not condone such acts of violence. He urged the various aggrieved persons to explore internal mechanism put in place by the party for the resolution of conflicts. Dickson stated: “The leadership of the party is worried about the growing level of violence in the Ekiti State chapter of our party; this must stop. We should refrain from violence, particularly when we are talking about issues in our party. “Please convey this message to our members back home. We don’t want reported cases of violence again because the party has the necessary internal mechanism for members to resolve issues”. He implored members of the state working committee of the Ekiti chapter not to hesitate in volunteering information and advice that could assist in resolving the crisis on ground.

Nigerians urged to assist the needy


passionate appeal has gone out to wealthy Ni gerians to inculcate the habit of providing for the needy in our society going by the alarming and escalating level of poverty in the country. The founder of a non-governmental organization “Save The Soul of The Needy International Foundation”, Mr. Emmanuel Udogba Ubah, whose foundation is saddled with the responsibility to accommodate and rehabilitate the destitute, the homeless and the indigent in our midst, reemphasized that it is the will

of God for the blessed to be a blessing unto others. Speaking during a media tour of a Rehabilitation Village located at Oke-Afo Badagry Express Way built by him to accommodate orphans, the indigent and the needy, the philanthropist recalled the vision given to him by God in a dream four years ago to take care of the needy and the Church of God, which led to the establishment of his foundation to accomplish the vision. He explained that the foundation has the objectives to accommodate the destitute, the homeless and the less privi-

leged; to provide for motherless babies homes; and to train the indigent with skill acquisition to make them useful and fulfilled. Mr. Ubah said his vision is to take the NGO nationwide by establishing rehabilitation homes in other parts of the country, and therefore urged corporate institutions and wealthy Nigerians to partner the foundation to cater for the needy in our society. He stated that currently the NGO is embarking on a wide campaign to woo more partners into the venture.



Cocoa farmers seek FG’s intervention in disease control

14, not 67 persons were resettled in Anambra, says Fashola L C AGOS State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, yesterday revealed that only 14 rehabilitated persons rescued from the streets were returned to their state of origin in Anambra State, and not 67 as reported. Fashola, who made the clarification during a visit of Aka Ikenga, Igbo community in Lagos to his office in Alausa, Ikeja said what happened was indeed "a very small matter" that has been exaggerated to score cheap political gain. Explaining the situation, the governor said that there was actually correspondence between the Lagos State Government and the liaison office of the Anambra State Government in Lagos on the 9th of April, 2013, from the Special Adviser on Youths and Sports, Mr. Enitan Badaru, to the office on integration. According to him, there was a reply from the liaison office to the Lagos State Government on 15th April requesting specific information, which he said was provided in another letter to the liaison office on 29th of April, adding that when they failed to respond to the last letter, the state government was forced to act since the state was expending resources on feeding. Fashola explained that it is wrong for Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State to say that he was not informed, adding that it is either he was being mischievous or was not properly informed by the liaison office, which

Teachers advocate use of Yoruba language in schools n Adesoji ADENIYI, Osogbo n EACHERS of Yoruba Language in Osun State have advocated the use of Yoruba language in schools. Lamenting the relegation of Yoruba language to the background among youths, they said it was high time the state governments in the south west geo-political zone encouraged its use as language of instruction in schools. Speaking at a public programme at the African Church Grammar, Osogbo, Osun State, to celebrate Yoruba culture among secondary school pupils, a radio and television presenter, Mr. Kunle Jimoh, charged the students to be of good conduct and to be submissive in all their ways, saying in Yoruba land, people should be seen as cultured, lettered and upright in deeds and thoughts. Jimoh, who was the guest speaker at the occasion, said the language should always be in the curriculum and scheme of study in schools, noting that Osun Osogbo festival was embraced by the international community because Yoruba culture remained one of the most recognized and indispensable in the world.


n Miriam EKENE-OKORO n exchanged correspondence with the state government. Fashola felt sad that the governor, who had called him personally on minor issues in the past, opted to go to the press on a matter that could have been settled. “If the governor had called, we could have sorted out things”, he said, adding that what happened was not new. Governor Fashola displayed a similar letter he re-

ceived from Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr. Godswill Akpabio on two persons who claimed to be from Lagos State. “We took them in, but they are not from Lagos and we are looking through the South West”, Fashola said, adding that such issues ought to have been treated on merit without ethnic or religious coloration, which he said engenders sentiments in people. Speaking on comments from some constitutional

lawyers, the governor said that rights guaranteed by the constitution are not absolute. “If you want to live in my house, you must live according to the law by not constituting nuisance. If you become a nuisance, I have a duty to protect myself”, he said, and advised experts to moderate their comments. Earlier, President of Aka Ikenga, Mr. Godwin Uwazurike, said Igbo in Lagos have always sup-

ported the government and will continue to be loyal, but that they were put under pressure following alleged deportation of 67 Igbo from Lagos State. Another member of the team, Mr. Ben Aka, told the governor that his group is now finding it difficult to convince Igbo in the state and indeed Anambra to support the All Progressive Congress (APC) with Anambra election around the corner.

• From left: Segun Odunewu, Akanni Odunewu and Ebunoluwa Awosika, children of late Chief Alade Odunewu, at the eight-day Fidau prayers, held at the Island Club, Lagos, yesterday. Photo: GBENGA KUTELU

Monarch, Cleric hail Fayemi on development BA Victor Adeleke Bobade , the Onire of Ire-Ekiti in Oye Local Government Area of Ekiti State, and the people of IloroEkiti in Ijero Local Government Area, have hailed Governor Kayode Fayemi for the various projects being executed by his administration in the state. In a letter personally signed by the Onire, the traditional ruler noted that his community has been transformed by the various projects executed by the Fayemi administration. Oba Bobade praised the governor for the reactivation of the


n Sulaiman SALAWUDEEN, Ado-Ekiti n Ire-Ekiti Burnt Bricks Factory, which had been moribund for about 22 years, and the reconstruction of the Ilupeju-IreIgbemo road, which had been abandoned by previous administrations. The royal father also lauded Governor Fayemi for making Ogun Onire Festival a UNESCO cultural heritage site and tarring one kilometre township road in the community under the administration’s construction of five kilometres road in

all the 16 LGAs. In a related development, foremost cleric and international preacher, Sheik Muyideen Ajani Bello, has urged Ekiti people to support the development efforts of the Dr Kayode Fayemi-led administration, adding that the governor is a gift to the people of the state. Sheik Bello spoke in AdoEkiti as Guest Lecturer at a Ramadhan Lecture organised by the management of Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (Progress FM 100.5FM).

Commending the state governor for the developmental efforts, which he said "is very noticeable everywhere in the state", the Cleric said, "I advise you people (the Ekiti's) to beware not to lose this opportunity provided by the Fayemi leadership. According to him, "Fayemi is an opportunity for you. I urge and appeal to you to take it. I was somewhere three days ago where we were being urged to pray for some governors who were doing their jobs well in the country, Fayemi was one of those being mentioned."

Opadotun said: "We were coming from Abuja where we held a meeting. And by the time

eight to nine times and finally crashed into the bush.”

n Damisi OJO, Akure n

OCOA Farmers, under the aegis of Cocoa Farmers Association of Nigeria [CFAN], have lamented the nonavailability of fungicides to control the spread of pods and other diseases affecting cocoa farms around the country. Speaking to newsmen in Akure, Ondo State, the farmers said it was pathetic that their farms are being destroyed by heavy rainfall, and called on the Federal Government to assist them in solving the problem. Southwest particularly Ondo state is the largest producer of Cocoa in the country. The statement, signed by Adeola Adegoke and Joseph Ayodele, CFAN National Secretary and Southwest Vice President respectively, said cocoa farmers across the country ought to have sprayed their cocoa pods with fungicides, but regretted that the agro-chemicals are not available. The statement reads: ''We are crying out to the Federal Government, through its Ministry of Agriculture, on the imminent losses we will record on cocoa production this year if urgent action is not taken on the immediate take-off of the Growth Enhancement Scheme [GES] programme in all cocoa producing states. We do not have agro-chemicals to spray our cocoa trees and pods due to the delay in the implementation of GES in all the cocoa belt in Nigeria.'' The group also urged the Minister for Agriculture to urgently include cocoa boost fertilizer in the GES programme, adding that the action will revitalize the aging cocoa trees for higher production. The cocoa farmers also noted that cocoa, which used to be the major foreign income earner for the country in the past, had been relegated to the background because of crude oil exploitation.

Lagos Assembly Three NUJ officials feared dead in auto crash confirms Gbeleyi our vehicle got to Osu area, the for the low speed in which the •Others injured n Bisi OLADELE, Ibadan n rear tyre of our bus burst and as commissioner WO journalists from the driver was traveling. Teaching Hospital, Osogbo for the vehicle veered off the road All the survivors, including Lagos State Council of the treatment. and summersaulted for about for finance Nigerian Union of Jour- the Oyo State chairman, Gbenga


nalists (NUJ) were yesterday feared dead, as officials of the union were involved in an auto crash. Many NUJ officials from the Lagos and Oyo councils were returning from a meeting at the National Secretariat of the union in Abuja when the accident occurred on the Ilesa-Ibadan road. Unconfirmed report revealed that two of the unionists were killed in the accident, while others sustained varying degrees of injury. The union leaders, it was gathered, travelled in a 14-seater bus belonging to the Lagos State Council. The accident, it was gathered happened as a result of a tyre shortly after the Ilesa portion of the expressway around 6:00 pm. It was learnt that the accident would have been more fatal but

Opadotun, who also sustained injuries, were taken to the Ladoke Akintola University

Agric ministry organizes training for youths, farmers HE Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development (FMARD), in collaboration with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology (FCAHPI),


n Tayo JOHNSON, Ibadan n Moor Plantation, Ibadan, Oyo State, have trained 200 Nigerian youths in livestock production. The six-week vocational training, which started on the 24th of June, was concluded

yesterday at the auditorium of FCAHPI. The training, which brought participants from different geopolitical zones of the country, was organized to expose unemployed Nigerians to agriculture business.

CNPP supports Lagos on resettlement order HE Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP), Lagos State chapter, has said the deportation of 14 destitute to their home state from Lagos is in order, and urged those condemning the action to stop. In a statement made avail-


n Musa ODOSHIMOKHE n able to The Nation yesterday, Hon. Akinola Obada, the CNPP chairman, explained that the action was to enable the deportees to contribute to their society, instead of roaming the streets. He said: "We believe that it is

on record that the exercise, which involved three states, is to ensure respect for the dignity of the human person. Lagos State government notified the affected states 90 days ahead of time to enable them make adequate arrangement and rehabilitation of the individuals."

HE Lagos State House of Assembly yesterday confirmed Mr. Ayodeji Ariyo Gbeleyi as Commissioner for Finance. Mr. Gbeleyi is to replace Mr. Adetokunbo Abiru who resigned his appointment during the week. Gbeleyi was,until now, Special Adviser on Public Private Partnership to the Governor He is a Chartered Accountant, and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. He currently co-coordinates LASG’S team efforts for the delivery of such landmark projects as the Eti-Osa Lekki Epe Toll Road, Lekki – Ikoyi Toll Bridge, Lekki Deep Sea Port, Lekki – Epe Airport among others.




Air Force men, traders clash in Benue n Uja EMMANUEL, Makurdi n ANDEMONIUM broke out yesterday in Makurdi, Benue State capital, after an attack on some GSM dealers by men of the Nigerian Air Force from the Tactical Air Command, based in Makurdi. An eyewitness, Comrade Austin Agada, told The Nation that the Air Force personnel, said to be about 15 in number, came in a town service bus to the popular GSM market, located on the Kashim-Ibrahim road. He said: "Immediately they arrived at the GSM market, they went straight to the shop where they had a misunderstanding with a phone repairer, and beat him mercilessly.” The crisis later degenerated following attempts by some people to intervene, as the Air Force men manhandled everyone around, including people who came to the market transact business. The injured were later taken to the Federal Medical Center (FMC), Makurdi, for treatment. Meanwhile, the Public Relation Officer of NAF Tactical Air Command, Wing Commander R.O. Obasi, told The Nation that all the Air Force personnel involved in the fracas are being detained in the guardroom for proper investigation. As at press time, armed police men from the Benue State command are stationed at the market to forestall any breakdown of law and order.


Boko Haram: Police commence 24-hour patrol of Jigawa schools O forestall any possible attack on schools in Jigawa State, the state police command has directed a 24-hour surveillance and patrol around all secondary schools across the state. This was disclosed by the state's Commissioner of Police, Mr. Kayode Theophilus, while addressing newsmen at the end


n Ahmed RUFA'I, Dutse n of a special security meeting between police, officials of the ministry of education and school principals, held yesterday in Dutse, the state capital. He said the measure became necessary to prevent any possible attack on schools in the state, and charged all Area Commanders (AC) and Divisional

Police Officers (DPO) to collaborate with authorities and stakeholders. The police boss, however, urged the state government to erect security fences around all schools in the state to curtail unnecessary intrusion into the schools. He said security is the responsibility of all the residents of the

state, and urged all school principals, stakeholders and the general public to be proactive and alert the police on any strange movement around them. In his remarks, the state Commissioner for Education, Professor Haruna Wakili, said the state is ready to provide all necessary support to security agencies.

• Mothers with their babies at the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital, to mark the 2013 World Breastfeeding Day in Bauchi, yesterday. Photo: NAN

Kogi NULGE boss condemns senate over LG autonomy

n Muhammad BASHIR, Lokoja n

HE President of the National Union of Local Government Employee (NULGE), Kogi State chapter, Comrade Tom Abutu, yesterday described votes against the proposed local government autonomy as votes against Nigerians in the grass root. Comrade Abutu, who made the statement while speaking with The Nation, expressed disappointment over the role of the senate during the constitutional amendment hearing. It will be recalled that the senate voted against the local government autonomy, while the House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted in favor of the autonomy. According to him, "Some of


them are aspiring to become governors of their state. All they are interested in is to create a soft landing for themselves when they become governor. I want to declare that anybody who does not wish the masses well will never achieve his or her ambition in Jesus name." Commenting on the fear that the state governors could frustrate the arrangement when the bill comes to the states, Abutu said, "If the senators can vote against the act because some of their ambition to govern their various states, I will advise the members of the state House of Assemblies to vote in favor of the act, who know they might be called by their people to come and be chairman of their local government council," he added.

Kwara LG poll: APC protests alleged discriminatory fee n Adekunle JIMOH, Ilorin n HEAD of the October 2013 council polls in Kwara State, the new All Progressives Congress (APC) has kicked against the imposition of a non-refundable fee of N250, 000 and N50, 000 on candidates seeking election as chairmen and councilors, by the state Independent Electoral Commission (KWSIEC). The party described such provisions in KWSIEC guidelines for the conduct of the council poll as not only exorbitant, but also discriminatory. It will be recalled that the commission recently fixed Saturday October 26, for the conduct of council elections in the state. In a letter addressed to KWSIEC and the state Commissioner for Justice, and signed by the state Chair, Caretaker Committee of the former Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Comrade Sola Iji, considered the said provisions “of Articles 12, 13, 14 of the guidelines as unconstitutional, illegal, null and void.” He said: “It is our humble submission that it is the law that nomination fees are unconstitutional and therefore illegal same also not having been charged by the Independent National Electoral Commission in any of its elections in strict compliance with the pronouncements of competent and superior courts of record or same. “We further submit that the 2013 local government elections have been adequately provided for in the state 2013 appropriation bill with about N400 million and N97 million appropriated for both the capital and recurrent expenditures of the commission respectively.


Omoworare congratulates APC HE senator representing Osun East, Senator Babajide Omoworare has praised the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) over the registration of All Progressives Congress (APC). He commended INEC for standing resolute and shoving aside the intimidations and desperate manipulation from high places to “conclude this noble and much awaited exercise.” While appreciating the leadership and members of the merging political parties, Omoworare insisted that the party would emerge victorious in the next election.


Remembrance for Pa Fawehinmi HE 10th remembrance service for late Pa Mascott Masolope Fawehinmi comes up tomorrow at the Methodist Cathedral Church of Blessing, 102, Palm-Avenue, Mushin, Lagos. According to the family, he worked in so many places and had travelled out of the country to study. He was a member of Methodist Cathedral of Blessing, Palm Avenue, Mushin, Lagos, and was also a member of the Elder’s Union of the church. He was a jovial, humble and friendly and strict man who was respected by everybody.





Recovered human heads: Obi demolishes hotel

NAMBRA State Government yesterday announced the confiscation all assets belonging to the owner of the Upper Class Hotel, Onitsha, located at 8 Old Market Road, Mr. Bonaventure Mokwe, where fresh human heads were found Thursday. He is from Umuchu, Aguata Local Government

•Confiscates hotelier's assets Odogwu EMEKA ODOGWU, Onitsha

Area, Anmbra South Senatorial Zone. The building was bequeathed to him by his father. Governor Peter Obi, who announced this at the scene of the demolition of the ho-

tel where three fresh human heads and two AK47 rifles with magazines were found, said his government would not relent in its effort to stem the upsurge of crimes in the state. Obi said the demolition of the building was in line with

the policy of his administration to sustain the fight against crime and criminality. The Governor made it clear that government will not relent in its resolve to flush out hoodlums from all parts of the State and will continue to knock down property belonging to criminals. “I am aware some would

rather want us to convert these property for use for public purposes, but I tell you, acquiring these property and knocking them down is psychologically more beneficial because the weight of the punishment is proportional to how much fear it engenders in people to run away from crime,” he said. In their separate speeches, the Transition Committee Chairman, Onitsha North, Mr. Eddie Okosi and his Onitsha South counterpart,

Mr. Ugochukwu Ezeani, said the government was already winning the war against criminals. They said that Onitsha had been rebranded by the governor’s good work and his ability to restore the lost glory of the town. Some residents of the area including Osondu Ugwu, Osita Akuma, Patrick ThankGod, Chike Nnevo and Chioma Nwokei, commented the courage and political will of the governor in liberating the state from the claws of criminals.

Group meets, empowers youths


HE Ubulu-Uku Development Union (UDU), Lekki Zone, Lagos, will hold its monthly meeting tomorrow, Sunday, during which it will unfold programme of action aimed at empowering sons and daughters of the town, especially the youths. President of the Lekki Zone of the town union, Dr. Phil Nonyeh Ofulue said in a statement, while urging all members and potential members to grace the meeting in Lagos, explained that the Union has completed arrangement to launch its employment generation

•People from five communities in Ogbaru Local Govt. Area of Anambra State, registering for the state government’s Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programme, at Atani in Anambra... yesterday

18-yr-old trafficker of man, 30 arrested in Awka


he Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in Anambra State, yesterday arrested one Gashon Giwa, 18, who allegedly tricked his friend, Nihu Musa, 30, from Taraba to Awka to sell him. Parading the suspect in Awka on Friday, the state Commandant of NSCDC, Mr. Michael Ochogwu, said Giwa used his father’s car with registration number AE 412 FUN to embark on the journey from Taraba. “Investigation made by the NSCDC intelligence department revealed that Giwa tricked Musa, his friend to accompany him to a nearby village in Taraba. “Later, he told him that they should go further to Onitsha to see an uncle to collect some money. Eventually, he took him to Awka, where they spent a night at an uncle’s home in Abuja Estate, Awka. In the early hours of Thursday, Aug. 1, 2013, luck ran out on one Gashon Giwa on the verge of negotiating a suspected victim of kidnapping found stranded at Abuja Estate, Awka,” Ochogwu said. The Commandant said Giwa was a commercial motorcycle rider and a student, who hails from Maigoge Bali while the victim was a bus conductor, from Maraba, Taraba, State. According to NSCDC, Giwa used his father’s car, a Toyota wagon, with registration number AE 412 FUN, to carry his victim friend all the way from Taraba to Anambra State. “The arrest was made possible through a tip-off to the NSCDC Command who tracked down the suspected kidnapper to a house at Abuja Estate, Awka,” the

Odogwu EMEKA ODOGWU, Onitsha Commandant explained. He said that Giwa had earlier visited Awka in June 2013, and contacted an old friend who is a commercial motorcycle rider for assistance to sell Musa on July 31. According to him, the motorcycle rider, however, reported the matter to NSCDC. Ochogwu said that the suspect and the victim would be handed over to the State Security Service (SSS) for further investigations and actions. In a confessional statement, the suspect said that he came to Awka on the invitation of his uncle who is an army officer to collect some money. According to him, “the road from Taraba to this place is too far that was why I asked

my friend to accompany me so that when I drive and get tired, he would take over from me. “So when I arrived, my uncle was not around, but I met his wife who fed us on arrival after which she refused to feed us again. “And because I had no money or fuel in my car to return to Taraba, I thought of selling Musa through a friend here in Awka, so that I could get money to go back to my village. “He later took me to someone who promised to buy my friend at any amount because my problem was to go back to my village,” he explained. When asked how he nurtured the idea of selling his friend Musa in Awka, Giwa said “I thought I could get somebody that could buy him so that I could go back to the village to tell my parents what

happened.” Also speaking, Musa, whose statement was translated from Hausa language with the assistance of an NSCDC official, told reporters that he had accompanied Giwa to Awka for reasons he couldn’t explain. According to him, he had been a friend and he could not even explain how it all happened. “The only thing I know is that Giwa met me on the road in the village and asked me to accompany him to a nearby village. “But on getting to the village, he said we will proceed to Onitsha. I only came to find myself in Awka and I don’t know whether he intended selling me,” he said. The commandant urged members of the public to give useful information that will lead to the arrest of human traffickers in the state.

Anambra North warns indigenes against deputy governorship slot


he people of Anambra North Senatorial Zone, under the aegis of Omabala union, comprising six local government areas, have vowed to sanction any person from the area who accepts the post of deputy governor or campaign manager to any other person not from the zone. The group which has been clamouring for the governorship seat of the state, has also told the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) to conduct credible primaries for aspirants, to show its sincerity. This was made known

Nwanosike ONU, Awka yesterday at the Parktonia Hotels in Awka in a communiqué signed by 15 leaders of the council areas under the chairmanship of former Chief Judge of the state, Justice Obidigwe (retd). According to the group, it is already in contact with other zones in the state and pleaded with some aspirants from other zones to step down for equity, justice and fairness. According to the Communiqué, “the union vehemently condemns any attempt by a citizen of Anambra North to lobby for or, accept, even on a platter of

gold, candidacy as a deputy governor. “With equal severity, we condemn the acceptance of the role of coordinator or campaign manager for a gubernatorial candidate other than one from Anambra North Senatorial Zone and his deputy from another zone. “Omabala Union earnestly, prayerfully ask God whose will moves and rules the world, to bless all men and women everywhere who come effectively to the aid of Anambra North in pursuit of this governorship goal,” the communiqué read.

scheme and skill acquisition centre. The Town union leader stated that the present unemployment situation is worrisome, which is why the zone was opening a job search centre to help the youths in their quest for gainful employment. He stated that one of the roles of the town union is to see to the wellbeing of the indigenes of the Ubulu-Uku in Delta State, wherever they live. He said the decision to inaugurate the Lekki branch was part of effort to bring the town union closer to members.

LG autonomy: Group mobilises 1m youths against National Assembly


RESSURE group under the auspices of Progressive Anambra Youths (PAY), in conjunction with Newbreed Youth Organization (NYO) yesterday said it is mobilising over one million Nigerian youths against the Senate should it continue to hinder the autonomy of the local government. While applauding the voting in favour of autonomy of the local government council by the House of Representatives which they said was in line with the aspirations of the grassroots, the group chided the Senate for voting against autonomy of the third tier of government. In a statement signed by the National President Newbreed Youth Organization, Comrade Okafor Nonso Smart and National Secretary,

Odogwu Emeka ODOGWU, Nnewi Mr. Chika Nath NwakwoArinze, the group gave the Senate till September 14th this year, to reverse its decision or contend with over one million youths taking over the National Assembly. “This campaign would be massive. We shall mobilise Nigerian youths offline and online until the right thing is done. The vexatious issues is that the Senate did not do the right thing and this forms part of our discussions on September 13th, 2013. “The Senate voted for their self interests and that of their pay masters and among vexatious issues, included the denial of local government autonomy; child marriage, immunity clause for sitting governor, president and their deputies, among others.”

One killed as truck rams into shopping mall in Imo


T was a horrible sight yesterday in Owerri, the Imo State capital when a

heavy-duty truck crushed a middle-aged man to death. The unfortunate incident which occurred at the Imo State University junction along the Okigwe road, when the driver of the Mack truck with registration number GDD 751 KA, lost control of the vehicle apparently as a result of brake failure, skidded off the road and rammed into a shopping mall, killing a man simply identified as Ikechukwu. According to eyewitnesses, the driver of the truck was coming from the Orji end of the Okigwe road, when his truck lost control and headed towards the crowded shopping mall, where it knocked down an electric pole before hitting the victim who was also trying to run away.

Odogwu Emeka ODOGWU, Nnewi Miss chidimma, one of the shop attendants, who witnessed the incident, narrated that the victim who supplied poultry products to the shopping mall had already finished for the day and was answering a call on his phone before the truck hit him from behind. When our reporter visited the scene of the accident, sympathisers had thronged the scene to catch a glimpse as the lifeless body of the victim who was being dragged out from under the truck by officers of the Civil Defense Corps. However, the Imo State Police Public Relations Officer, Joy Elemoko (DSP), who confirmed the incident, said the driver of the truck who escaped unhurt was promptly taken away by the police for further investigations.




USTICE Suleiman Aliyu of the Federal High Court, Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, has ordered for the remand in custody of the former presidential candidate of Hope Democratic Party (HDP), in the 2011 general elections, Ambrose Owuru, for allegedly defrauding one Ikechukwu Eze of the sum of N66million in Port Harcourt. Owuru, pleaded not guilty to the five-count charge of fraud, forgery and alteration

Court remands ex-presidential candidate for alleged N66m fraud

preferred against him by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC). He was, however, ordered to be remanded in the EFCC custody till August 13. Counsel to the EFCC, Ukpeli Ewoh, said the accused person committed offence contrary to Sections 1(1)(a), of the Advance Fee Fraud, 1(2)(c), of the miscella-

Man, 43, hacks wife to death over snake Osemwengie BEN


middle aged man identified as Godwin Idon, during the week, allegedly killed his 40year-old wife for killing a snake inside their home in Uzebba-Iuleha, Owan West Local Government Area of Edo State. The week-long quarrel was said to have ensued between the couple after one of the sons of the deceased had killed the snake in the couple’s living room. The deceased’s husband was said to have been infuriated by the action which he described as a taboo in the community. Our reporter gathered that it is seen as a taboo to kill a snake inside a home of any Uzebba-Iuleha person. Investigation revealed that after a week of quarrel, the deceased, in company of her mother-in-law, decided to see

Ogbemudia, Benin

a native doctor in order to know the implication of the son’s action. It was upon her return that the husband accused her of foul-play and subsequently used a plank to hit her on the head after a reported quarrel between them. The remains of the woman who reportedly died on the spot has been deposited in a morgue in Sabongidda-Ora, headquarters of the council. The Area Commander of the Nigeria Police, Mr. David Jimwang confirmed the incident and said the man who was immediately arrested has been transferred to the State Police Command. The Nation gathered that the deceased’s son, who was alleged to have killed the snake, is a product of the late victim’s earlier marriage.

Rosemary NWISI, Port Harcourt neous offences Acts CAP M17of revised Edition (law of Nigeria), 2007, and punishable under Section 1(2) of the same Act. Ewoh said the accused person committed the offence in Port Harcourt in March 7, 2011. The charge against him partly stated: “That you, Abrose Owuru, a male, on or about the 7th day of March, 2011 within the jurisdiction of this court, with intent to defraud did obtain the sum of N60million from Ikechukwu Eze, on pretext that you have

sold to him four plots of land situate at plot 44A, Amadi Layout in Port Harcourt, a pretext which you know to be false and thereby committed offence. “…on the same date as above, you did make a document titled certificate of Occupancy dated March 20, 1990, purportedly issued by the Rivers State Land and Survey covering plot 44A Amadi Layout in Port Harcourt with intent that it may be acted upon as genuine which you knew to be false and thereby committed an offence..” …on the same date as above, you did utter a forged Cer-

tificate of Occupancy dated March 20, 1990 purportedly issued by the Rivers State Lands and Survey, covering plot 44A, Amadi Layout Port Harcourt, thereby committed offence .” among others. He was arrested in Port Harcourt last Wednesday, while leaving the court promises after a proceeding, suspected to be the failed arraignment of the Rivers state House Leader, Chidi Lloyd. He said he was innocent of the allegation, attributing it to the handiwork of political rivals. The founder of HDP, in a news conference at the court,

said he was innocent of the allegation levelled against him, adding that he did not receive any money from the complainant. The accused, however, admitted that the sum of N60million was said to have been paid into his Sky Bank account but disclosed that the matter was presently pending in a state high court. Efforts by his lawyer, Jeoffrey Joseph to move an oral application for bail was objected by the prosecution and upheld by the Judge. Justice Aliyu ordered that a formal application (affidavit and written address be filed to enable the prosecution reply appropriately. He adjourned the matter to August 13, for hearing on bail application.

We didn't exonerate Etsu Nupe, says CAN scribe


HE Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN says it did not exonerate the paramount ruler of the Nupe Kingdom, Etsu Nupe, Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar over his role in the conversion of Charity, daughter of Pastor Raymond Uzoechina of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) to Islam, contrary to reports in some national newspapers (excluding The Nation newspapers). The newspapers quoted the General Secretary of CAN, Rev. Dr. Musa Asake as having said that “We have actually resolved the issue; there is a good understanding now especially as it concerns the person of respectable Etsu Nupe who has been misrepresented in the media.” But Asake, in a signed statement made available to The Nation at the weekend, disowned the statement, explaining that “as the General Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, he could not have spoken in that manner, especially after witnessing the emotional encounter between Charity, her parents and siblings; a momentary family union which suggested to me that the young girl was under certain influences within the palace of the Etsu Nupe.” Asake disclosed that “young

Charity had agreed to go home with other members of the family during this encounter only to talk about threat to her life during the meeting,” adding that “the statement, therefore, does not represent my words and thoughts since I represented CAN at the meeting and not the spokesman of the Etsu Nupe. “For the avoidance of doubt, the statement I made to the press which approached me after the meeting was that we have listened to both sides and that after hearing them, have come to an understanding of the matter. I also recall telling the correspondents that the matter would soon be resolved and that Pastor Uzoechina had all reasons to accuse the Etsu Nupe for taking custody of his daughter without his consent. I said the Etsu Nupe explained how he was given the custody of the girl. I then referred the correspondents to the acting governor whom I said would brief them further. “CAN has been consistent on this issue of the forcible conversion of Charity Uzoechina because the manner, method of securing her custody and the demeanour of the Etsu Nupe each time a truce meeting before the last one held in Minna was called, left much to be desired.”

2015: Group endorses aspirant


group, Dibofun Descendants, has endorsed Dr. Meyiwa Erewa for the House of Representatives in 2015. According to the group, “he is the only man that qualifies to bring dividends of democracy to the people of Warri constituency. The endorsement which was made during the visit of Dr. Meyiwa Erewa to the Dibofun descendants in Warri, Warri South Local Government Area, Delta State had prominent members of the family in attendance. Chief Sam Eyengho (The

Tieyemewei of Gbaramatu Kingdom), who briefed the Dibofun descendants about the intention of Dr. Erewa to run for the Warri Federal House of Representatives seat come 2015 stated that no Warri indigene has ever represented the Itsekiri at the national level. He pleaded with family members to support their son in his bid to run for the Federal House of Representatives seat. Dr. Muyiwa Erewa in a chat with journalists promised to deliver democracy dividends to the downtrodden if elected come 2015.

•Chairman, IDEA, Mr. Dotun Suleiman (M), presenting a dummy cheque to winners of the Hackathon Soft Ware Competition, while Cross River State governor, Senator Liyel Imoke, his Deputy, Mr. Efiok Cobham and Acting DG, NITDA, Dr. Ashiru Daura (R), watched during inauguration of the ICT incubation centre, South-South zone, in Calabar... yesterday


Cross River launches first S/South ICT incubation centre in Calabar

ECHNOLOGY Development Entrepreneurship Acceleration (IDEA) Incubation Centre in Calabar. It is the first in the SouthSouth Geopolitical Zone. Imoke described the Centre as a vision shared between the state and Federal Government which will play a greater part in a system that will encourage youths to showcase their capabilities and potentials. While appreciating stakeholders of IDEA, which is the component of the Tinapa Knowledge City (TKC),

Imoke explained that the completion of the first phase of the facility will turn around the economy which is not oildriven. According to him, “This will stimulate service and technology-driven economy as well as rapid growth of the nation because it will provide young men and women with capacity and intellect to compete globally because their creative minds have made them to become what they want.” The governor explained

that TKC is a product of an investment in an emerging economy of the nation which Cross River state is determined to kick-start, hoping that the facility will become the driver of the economy which is being revolutionised by the youths. He commended those involved in IDEA for attracting a sustainable framework and noted that there was need for the private sector to key into it as it will truly drive the development of not only their products and its market but the economy of the nation.

Ewherido's replacement: No anointed choice, says Uduaghan


O V E R N O R Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State, has denied reports that he has anointed a candidate for the Delta Central Senatorial seat rendered vacant by the death of Senator Pius Ewherido, last month. Ewherido died in Abuja after a brief illness. His death has led to intense politicking by members of his Democratic Peoples Party (DPP) and the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state. However, speaking after inaugurating judge of the Customary Court of Appeal and Advisory Council on the Prerogative of Mercy in Asaba, Uduaghan said he had no pre-

Shola O'Neil, Regional Editor, Port Harcourt ferred candidate for the senatorial seat, stressing that it was the responsibility of PDP members in the senatorial district to nominate a candidate. He said: “I have not anointed anybody for the forth coming election in Delta Central Senatorial District. Any candidate that wants to vie for that position must be nominated by PDP members from the district and should be a candidate acceptable to all members of the district. We are ready to come out to campaign for that person.” Speaking further, he ex-

plained that PDP will do all in its power to win back that senatorial seat and charged the party members to work assiduously to produce a candidate to enable the party work as a united front for its success in the by-election election. On local government council election, Governor Uduaghan disclosed that plans were already in top gear to conduct the elections in the state as the State Independent Electoral Commission was set to deliver on this responsibility. He promised to lead the campaign for the Peoples Democratic Party candidates in that election.

Imoke disclosed that the center will be managed by the private sector for the benefit of Cross Riverians. The governor remarked that users of the facility will comprise a new generation of Nigerians who will take advantage of its contribution to a revolution that will take the country to greater height globally. House of Representatives committee member on Information Communication Technology (ICT), Hon. Nkoyo Toyo, described the Centre as a beautiful concept that will contribute to the development of the nation because its future depends on human resource based on ICT. Toyo, who represents Calabar Municipality/Odukpani Federal Constituency, noted that the Centre will enable youth to see how they could use their innovation and creativity for the development of the nation and also control the world in future. She observed that the quality of human resource is the most critical input of development and not oil, adding that Tinapa has become a living line in the country. Representative of the Ministry of ICT, Dr. Asairy Daura, who described the Centre as a convergence of three visions, said it is aimed at creating job and empower youth, while Cross River established TKC as a vision of ICT in Africa and the world.




FIFA Ranking: Falcons retain No. 1 spot


HE Super Falcons have remained No. 32 in the world and No. 1 in Africa following the August FIFA Women’s World Ranking released on Friday morning. The Falcons have not played a game since November last year and have remained static on the table. The top five in Africa also remain the same

with Cameroon in second place at No. 48, Ghana is third at 49, South Africa is fourth but No.51 in Africa and Equatorial Guinea is fifth at No.52. Namibia, Tanzania and Zambia were one of the biggest climbers, moving six

places to 102nd, 107th and 108th respectively. Meanwhile, Germany remain second in the world even after winning July’s edition of the European Women Championship. They lost 10 points following their defeat to Norway and their

draw with Netherlands at the group stage. USA, Japan, Brazil and Sweden retain their places as first, third, fourth and fifth respectively in the world. England fell four places to 11th following their quarter-final exit from the Women Euro.

LMC empathises with Pillars, puts off Glo League fixture


HE League M a n a g e m e n t Company (LMC) has sympathised with the board and management of Kano Pillars whose technical officials were involved in a road accident while returning from the Federation Cup quarter final match in Ilorin against Warri Wolves. Chairman of the LMC, Honourable Nduka Irabor, who flew into Abuja Thursday afternoon, made several contacts with Abba Galadima the Kano Pillars General Manager to ascertain the extent of the accident and consequently announced a postponement of the Glo Premier League match this weekend between the club and Akwa United. Irabor commended Akwa United for their understanding and accepting that the match be put on hold. "We obviously are saddened by the report of the accident involving Kano Pillars in Gangarida, Ikara Local Government Council of Kaduna State on their way to Kano. I am in contact with the club officials and are wishing the injured a quick recovery while we continue to monitor the situation,” Irabor remarked. Pillars were knocked out of the Federation Cup Wednesday night in Ilorin and were returning to Kano ahead of the Glo Premier League which they are the

•Chelsea's Victor Moses sprints away from Juan Jesus of Inter Milan during the International Champions Cup.

Moses in cloud nine after Chelsea victory


UPER Eagles striker, Victor Moses has expressed delight after putting up a man-of-thematch performance to help Chelsea to a 2-0 victory over Inter Milan in the International Champions Cup match played at the Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis in the early hours of Friday. Moses together with Nigerian team mate, Mikel Obi were on parade as the reigning UEFA Europa League winners progressed to the semi-finals of the competition thanks to goals from Eden Hazard and Oscar. Moses was involved in Chelsea’s opening goal as the Jose Mourinho-led side took

Kano Pillars: Ganaru, others responding to treatment after crash


HE Chairman of Kano Pillars FC, Abba Galadima, said on Friday that the three coaches involved in Thursday’s auto crash were responding to treatment from injuries they sustained. Galadima told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on telephone that the technical adviser, Baba Ganaru, and his assistants, Aliyu Makaiba and Kabiru Baleria were in stable conditions. NAN reports that the accident occurred around Gangarida, in Ikara Local Government Area of Kaduna State, and killed a roadside mechanic, as the coaches were on their way home from a Federation Cup quarterfinal match. Pillars, currently the defending champions of the Globacom Premier League, lost the encounter 0-3 to Warri Wolves in Ilorin. ``The coaches are responding to treatment and I must say that they have made some impressive recovery between yesterday (Thursday) and today (Friday). We’re all being

hopeful and prayerful toward their quick recovery. We’ve been told by the doctors that their conditions have been stable, but we cannot say when they will be discharged from hospital; the doctors will decide when,” Galadima said. The chairman expressed his gratitude to Nigerians for their show of concern and support over the unfortunate incident. ``On behalf of Kano Pillars, I want to say a big thank you to all Nigerians who have empathised with us either through phone calls or visitations,” he said..

By Akeem Lawal the lead in the 12th minute. The Nigerian broke through to the edge of the penalty area and passed to Oscar, who curled a superb shot past Samir Handanovic and into the upper corner of the net. Moses also had a hand in the second goal as he was brought down on the edge of the area and a penalty was awarded despite the protests of Inter players. Hazard converted the penalty to give Chelsea a 2-0 lead which stayed for the

duration of the game. Moses was replaced in the second half by Michael Essien, while his compatriot, Mikel was thrown into the fray in the 66th minute in place of Marko Van Ginkel. Moses later took to Twitter to express his delight with the Blues’ performance. “Buzzing after great win against Inter. Thanks for your amazing support. Come on #Chelsea”, he twitted. Next up for Chelsea is a clash with AC Milan in New York’s MetLife Stadium on Sunday.

Cold keeps Igiebor away from training


UPER Eagles midfielder Nosa Igiebor was conspicuously missing in Real Betis’ Friday morning training session as he was said to be suffering from cold. The midfielder was the biggest absentee though Antonio Amaya was also not part of the morning session owing to a muscle strain and was thus advised by Betis medics to take a rest even as assurances were given on his quick return to action. reported that Nono was made to replace Igiebor in Coach Pepe Mel’s experimental starting lineup. Meanwhile other Betis players like Braian Lolo

Rodriguez, Reyes and Juan Carlos have continued their rehabilitation which is being supervised by Fran Molano The returning players have been doing various exercises on the lawn.


matches under investigation following open fingerpointing that some teams and their officials conspired and colluded to lose their matches at a critical period in the regular season to confer advantage to certain teams while putting other teams at a disadvantage. The Federation's Technical Director, Muktar Khaled confirmed that at the end of the investigation, appropriate

•Continued from back page career’s death knell. Wenger is an institution. He is an international scout. Many managers respect him and compare notes with him. I wonder what he would say of Oboabona if his views are sought on the Sunshine FC of Akure defender. I wrote here in the past that Oboabona ought to have gone to Arsenal for trials, irrespective of what he achieved at the Africa Cup of Nations in January. I reckoned that if he trained with Arsenal - even if he didn’t make it - it would have been his meal ticket for life to brag his way into any European club. Wenger loves African players. Those who didn’t meet his marks at Arsenal he recommended to other European clubs. That is the window I thought Oboabona would have exploited. But he listened to his dumb advisers and parroted their tunnel vision thoughts in the international media. I wish Oboabona luck, but he should know that if things go awry, he doesn’t need to blame anyone but himself. Who is Obaobona in the catalogue of players to join issues so disparagingly with Wenger? Obaobona still has a chance to deny the Wenger blast to save his career. He should. Indeed, it is heart-warming that Uwa Echiejile is being chased by at least three clubs. Equally pleasing is the fact that Besiktas is seeking to woo him through a former player, Eagles Assistant Coach Daniel Amokachi. Besiktas has signed another Nigerian, Michael Eneramo for the equivalent of N511 million, although after initial fears about his health. The most sought after defender in the Eagles is Ambrose Efe. Three years ago, Efe was ruled out of football due to a heart ailment. He underwent corrective surgery. It is pleasing that he opted to remain at Celtic FC in Scotland than being involved in the nomadic seasonal movement. Good decision, especially as his club is in the champions League. This week has been one of favour for Nigerian internationals, the last being the working permit granted to Eagles defender Kenneth Omeruo to return to England and compete for shirts at Chelsea. I pray that Jose Mourinho looks in his direction quickly; otherwise, he should sit with the wily manager and ask for a loan move out of Chelsea to a club where he can play regularly. For this writer, it is celebration time. Victor Moses and John Mikel Obi will jostle for shirts at Chelsea under Mourninho. I had canvassed here the need for the duo to look elsewhere for greener pastures. But they have chosen to take their destiny in their hands and I hope that they can prove their mettle when the chips are down. Good luck folks, but remember to hop out if you feel your chances are slim when the transfer window opens again in January 2014. Pictures of Eagles midfielder Joel Obi training with Inter Milan in Italy lift one’s heart at a time when Mikel is regaining his form as an attacking midfielder. Joel Obi will fit perfectly as the defensive midfielder for Mikel to get a free role in the team. Indeed, Oduamadi’s move from AC Milan to Brescia is his wisest. There is nothing like playing regularly - for a soccer star. It is not just earning the big bucks. And with Oduamadi’s superb outing for the Eagles at the 2013 Confederations Cup held in Brazil, it will be survival of the fittest in the Eagles when the players assemble for any game. Don’t forget, the home-based lads anchored by Sunday Mba are lurking around to give the Europe lads a run for their shirts. Ahmed Musa is back, scoring goals. Did I hear you hiss? Musa is an asset to the Eagles. He has this uncanny trait of scoring goals for the Eagles in key matches. He may be wasteful with chances, yet the team needs his speed upfront to destroy teams with slow runners. Now that Emenike is back and we are expecting Shola Ameobi to join them, some of Musa’s crosses would be converted into goals. The most important thing is that our players are fit and ready for the 2013/14 season. It couldn’t have come at a better time. Victor Anichebe and a legion of Nigerian players in the Diaspora would want to use the platform of the 2014 World Cup to fight for shirts in the team. Good times, indeed.

Etisalat FC Barcelona U-17 Schools’ Cup set to TISALAT Nigeria on inspire young talents Friday August 2nd


officially announced the launch of the Etisalat FC Barcelona U-17 School’s Cup, a 5-A-Side football competition for secondary schools in Lagos. From August 1, 2013, sixteen secondary schools will be competing against each other for the star prize of one million naira educational award to the school and an all

NBBF investigates match-fixing allegation in DStv League

OLLOWING allegations that some clubs in the Atlantic Conference of the Dstv Basketball League have conspired to lose their matches deliberately, the Nigeria Basketball Federation, NBBF has opened an investigation of the alleged match-fixing. Specifically, the federation is following leads provided in official reports of the officiating officials for the

Good times for Eagles stars

sanctions would be applied where guilt is proved during the season or thereafter to serve as deterrent to other clubs who may want to do same in future. He warned teams and officiating officials that the federation will not tolerate any form of fraudulent practices detrimental to fair play and the good name of the game which could also bring the sport into disrepute.

By Bolaji Aluko-Olokun expense paid trip to the United Arab Emirates. Speaking to reporters at a press briefing Director, Brands and Communications, Etisalat Nigeria, Enitan Denloye explained that the Etisalat FCB Under-17 Schools’ Cup is an innovative platform created by the company to provide an opportunity to football lovers to express their passion for the game. “Since signing a partnership deal with Spanish Football Club FC Barcelona in 2009, we have provided our customers with the best of both worlds, –our world class quality of service and the best in football by FC Barcelona”, Denloye explained. “As the official telecommunications partner for FC Barcelona, we have been rewarding our

customers with the Etisalat FC Barcelona Promo, one of the biggest cash and prize promotion currently in its second year. Now we are taking the passion of football to secondary schools in order to develop young talents, build great friendships in a fun and exciting way as well as winning prizes”, he said. Participating schools in the competition have been selected by the Lagos State Ministry of Education and the Lagos State Football Association. The sixteen schools gearing up for the competition represent each of the six Local Education Districts in the state. The preliminaries of the competition will be played on knock out bases and eight teams will progress to the quarter finals with four teams moving on to the semi-finals that will lead up to a school emerging winner.





High-cap stocks sustain equities’ rally N

IGERIAN equities rode on the back of highly capitalised stocks to close the week on a bullish note in spite of widespread declines in share prices. Notwithstanding losses by 31 stocks as against gains recorded by 22 stocks, aggregate market value of all equities inched up by N42 billion from N12.127 trillion to N12,169 trillion. The All Share Index (ASI), the common value-based index at the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), also rose by 0.35 per cent from 38,292.07 points to 38,424.34 points. This pushed year-to-date return to 36.84 per cent. The uptrend was largely sustained by gains by highly capitalised stocks in breweries, building materials and banking sectors. Nigerian Breweries topped the gainers’ list with addition of N2.89 to close at N177.90. Dangote Cement, the most capitalised stock at the NSE, followed with a gain of N1.28 to close at N196. Zenith Bank rallied 73 kobo to close at

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N20.93. CAP added 69 kobo to close at N48.50. Unilever Nigeria rose by 45 kobo to close at N63.01. United Bank for Africa (UBA) chalked up 41 kobo to close at N8.42. Oando gathered 25 kobo to close at N13.20. Portland Paints and Products and Guinness Nigeria garnered 22 kobo each to close at N5.64 and N250.22 respectively while National Salt Company of Nigeria (Nascon) gained 20 kobo to close at N12.20 per share. On the downside, Lafarge Cement Wapco Nigeria recorded the highest loss of N2 to close at N108 as investors sought to lock in profit from the recent gain by the cement stock. Stanbic IBTC Holdings lost N1.88 to close at N18.84. Conoil dropped by N1.66 to close at N32.01. Presco dwindled by N1.42 to close at N38.48. University Press dropped by 46 kobo to close at

N4.26. Ashaka Cement lost 30 kobo to close at N25.50. Guaranty Trust Bank slipped by 29 kobo to close at N25.32. First City Monument Bank lost 17 kobo to close at N4.53. Seven-Up Bottling Company dropped by 15 kobo to close at N74.20 while RT Briscoe declined by 12 kobo to close at N1.45 per share. Total turnover stood at 281.07 million shares valued at N3.49 billion in 5,407 deals. Banking subgroup accounted for 147.8 million shares worth N1.39 billion in 2,060 deals. United Bank for Africa was the most active stock with a turnover of 30.96 million shares worth N260.92 million in 326 deals. Transnational Corporation of Nigeria followed with a turnover of 20.15 million shares worth N28.30 million in 87 deals. Zenith Bank placed third with a turnover of 16.90 million shares worth N346.42 million in 405 deals.

Stanbic IBTC grows first-half profit TANBIC IBTC Holdcompany's strategy of building by 115% ings Plc recorded profit a sustainable business through before tax of N13.1 biloffering of end-to-end financial


lion in the first half of 2013, a whooping increase of 115 per cent on N6.1 billion recorded in the corresponding period of 2012. Interim report and accounts of the financial-services holding company for the period ended June 30, 2013 showed that profit after tax also grew by 104 per cent from N5 billion in 2012 to N10.2 billion in 2013. Gross earnings rose by 30 per cent to N54.5 billion as against the N41.9 billion recorded in comparable period of 2012. On the basis of first-half re-

sults, the company has declared an interim dividend of 70 kobo per share. Commenting on the results, chief executive officer, Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc, Sola DavidBorha, said the first half performance confirmed the robustness of the company's strategy of building a sustainable business by offering endto-end financial solutions to all the market segments in such a manner as to generate significant returns to its stakeholders. According to her, the resilient performance supports the


solutions to clients to generate sustainable risk adjusted returns to our shareholders. She said the group was in good stead to deliver even higher performance in the times ahead. "Despite the testing operating environment, we continued to grow our business responsibly as evidenced by the significant growth in revenue, profitability and our balance sheet. We will continue to explore opportunities to grow our business and market share responsibly as we leverage on our growing customer relationships, enhanced by our growing delivery channels and excellent service delivery," David-Borha said. She said the company would continue to bring financial solutions closer to its existing and potential customers.


SATURDAY, AUGUST 3, 2013 TRUTH IN DEFENCE OF FREEDOM VOL.7, NO. 2566 A department of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) reportedly attempted to delay the registration of the newly formed APC. Ultimately, good sense, courage and Professor Attahiru Jega’s integrity prevailed and the APC became a legal and political reality. I therefore reproduce below a piece published in this column on June 22, 2013 Look at the books which I have written, the lectures which I have given, and the many speeches and statements which I have made. You will find that there is no problem confronting or about to confront Nigeria to which I have not given thought and for which I have not proffered intelligent and reasoned solutions - Chief Obafemi Awolowo, 3rd of July, 1979

APC and the courage for change


HE above assertion was certainly no empty boast by the great sage, Awo, as he assiduously sought the country’s presidency in 1979. Reading his vast collections of writings today, one is still amazed at the extent of his industry, the depth of his research, and the enduring relevance of his proposed remedies for the protracted maladies that have laid Nigeria prostrate for over five decades. That was a statesman, politician and leader avidly committed to transformational change and who made every possible sacrifice, even if ultimately futile, to help actualize his dreams for a country he loved passionately. I want to believe that the leaders and moving spirits behind the emergent new political party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) have also given serious reflection to their decision to choose ‘change’ as the party’s slogan. This question is pertinent because the President Goodluck Jonathan presidency along with his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) apparently flippantly flung the phrase ‘transformation agenda’ before our too easily seduced eyes in the run up to the 2011 election. Having won a pan-Nigerian mandate, neither president nor party appears, two years after, to have any inkling what transformation is about. Thus, our existential realities only steadily worsen even as they trumpet their purported accomplishments from the roof tops. Things have clearly sunk to their lowest ebb in contemporary Nigeria. Despite the undeniable progress made in many states in the present dispensation, the centre that controls the bulk of the country’s resources remains largely rudderless and clueless. And even as poverty worsens, insecurity reigns and corruption struts our highways in majestic omnipotence, we have a presidency that is completely preoccupied with 2015 to the exclusion of almost all else. Yet, the darkest period of the night also marks the gradual transition to dawn. This may thus also be the beginning, fortuitously, of Nigeria’s march towards hermanifest destiny of greatness in spite, perhaps because of, the inexcusable ineptitude of the Jonathan presidency.

Those conversant with the story of Alhaji Dikko that we knew would readily say that with a man like him heading the ruling party's disciplinary committee, then, the result is known even before the committee begins sitting. Unless of course the things the man used to do, he does them no more — Tunji Adegboyega

For we all know the catchphrase of the ‘largest party in Africa’: PDP! POWER! It has monopolised power in the country since 1999 while increasing the powerlessness of Nigerians in the face of hunger, disease, ignorance, darkness and joblessness

•Bisi Akande There are great expectations and immense anticipation in the air. This is perhaps the most significant moment of political alignments and realignments in Nigeria’s post-colonial history. In sharp contrast to the perfunctory and halfhearted political alliances that failed woefully in the first and second republics, the opposition seems determined this time to forge a solid full scale merger to wrest power from the behemoth at the centre. Against all odds, the merging parties have come up with a common name, common logo, common slogan, agreeable constitution and are pacing premium on coming up with a national redemption programme rather than pursuing personal political ambitions. And the obsessive ambition of President Jonathan is turning out to be a blessing in disguise for the opposition. It has split the PDP down the middle bringing it to the point of implosion. It has ruptured the National Governors Forum and, very happily for the opposition, alienated many PDP governors who may work against their party in 2015 just as they bloodied a hubristic presidency’s nose in the May 24th, NGF election clearly won by the irrepressible Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State.

But then, these are still early days yet. After all, 24 hours is a long period in politics. This is why the opposition leaders involved in the merger moves must be constantly challenged to reflect on their motives and incessantly interrogate their assumptions. This is exactly what my colleague, Mr.Olakunle Abimbola, did in his column of last Tuesday. He wanted the APC leadership to have a crystal clear idea in their minds on why exactly they want to ease the PDP out of power at the centre come 2015. If it is power for its own sake, he reasoned with characteristic incisiveness, the new party would not be much differentfrom the PDP it seeks to displace. For we all know the catchphrase of the ‘largest party in Africa’: PDP! POWER! It has monopolised power in the country since 1999 while increasing the powerlessness of Nigerians in the face of hunger, disease, ignorance, darkness and joblessness. I approach Abimbola’s concerns from a slightly different angle. What kind of change do the APC leaders have in mind when they advocate the need to lead the country in a different direction from the retrogressive one taken over the last 14 years? The ironic truth is that to bring about the kind of change that will fundamentally and qualitatively transform the country the way the

PDP has completely failed to do, the new party at the centre must also place premium on ‘power’ a s a value. But then, I refer not to the arrogant, purposeless power associated with the PDP. No, I mean the power of self-discipline, the power of self-denial, the power of sacrifice and the power of selflessness. Let me explain. It will be all too tempting for a new party at the centre to want to maintain the current unhealthy asymmetrical relations between the federal and state governments. The government will be likely under the illusion that it will wield the immense powers at the centre more responsibly than the PDP has done. Nothing would be more false. Absolute power will always corrupt absolutely maybe it is the PDP in power or not. Fundamental decentralization of powers, resources and responsibilities from the centre to the states and regions is thus a necessary change that a post – PDP government must consider non-negotiable. Of course, such a federal government will take the lead in upholding the rule of law, transparency and judicial integrity to tame corruption and promote good governance. Again, if a post-PDP President emerges in 2015, he may be inclined to retain the dysfunctional, excessively expansive powers of the Nigerian presidency that has become a veritable albatross on the entire political system. Again, the outcome will be as disastrous as it has been under the PDP and positive change will remain pure fiction. All the nonsense of the President being the leader of a political party must go with the PDP. Critical national institutions must be relatively autonomous of the presidency. Party supremacy must hold everybody, no matter how highly placed in check while internal democracy must be the norm. To be fair to two prime movers of the APC, General Muhammed Buhari and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, they have demonstrated a remarkable willingness to forfeit selfish, personal ambition for the collective party and national interest. That is a commendable example of the power of sacrifice and self-denial. Furthermore, what will the APC do about the outrageous allowances, perks and salaries particularly of our law makers? That is one area where there must certainly be drastic change in the direction of greater probity and frugality. Let us heed the following words of Awo in this regard in the second republic. According to the sage on 27th January, 1980, “When the National Assembly expends so much time and energy in discussing the salaries of its members, while it does little about a reasonable minimum living wage or income for the working classes and peasants; when our parliamentarians conceive of something in the neighbourhood of N2,000.00 per month by way of salary and allowances each for themselves where the lowincome group including policemen earn as low as N70.00 per month ( I don’t know how much the rank and file of the armed forces earn)…we can be sure that the end of democracy is in sight, even though, in our blinding self-seeking, we may not perceive it”. Surely, it is no easy task for the APC but the party can ill afford to dash the high hopes of Nigerians.

Ade Ojeikere on Saturday 08111813079 - sms only

Good times for Eagles stars


HY is soccer the king of sports in countries where it is like a religion? It is simple. The teeming fans’ passion, the players’ sublime skills, the enchanting ambience around the stadium before, during and after matches and the media blitz, which sends blue chip companies fighting for space for their products and services in the beautiful game. Soccer brings everything to a standstill wherever it is played. Such is the games’ immense followership that every new season brings forth expectations from the fans, who are eager to know how well their clubs will fare. Unimaginable figures fill the media as fees to lure big players to new clubs. Clubs that cannot splash the cash put their fans under pressure when new deals are struck in other teams. And with 2014 being a World Cup year, players are moving to clubs where they

can get regular shirts. They want to play regularly to secure their national team’s shirts. No player worth his onions wants to sit at home from June, next year, watching his mates play on the big stage. The World Cup is the biggest platform for any player to rewrite his career. European managers will be in Brazil with their cheque books, seeking top performers ahead of the 2014/15 European season. So, who is the costliest player in the world after Christiano Ronaldo’s 80 million pounds sterling move from Manchester United to Real Madrid? Two players may break this record, given the way clubs are lurking around to strike, if one bid fails. In all the permutations before the European transfer windows shut down on August 3, Tottenham Hotspurs’ Gareth Bale is the most likely person to break the 80 million pounds sterling mark. Again, only, if Real Madrid of Spain live up to their tag as the Galaticos (big spenders on stars).

A few pundits may place their bets on Liverpool’s Luis Suarez to beat the mark, in the event that Arsenal pulls out, now that the Reds are asking for 78 million pounds for the naughty but talented striker. It has been a festival of sorts for big players in Europe, with a sprinkling of South Americans and Africans being mentioned. So, where are Nigerian players in this transfer bazaar? Proudly, this writer can say that the trend this season has been our best, with Africa Cup of Nations’ best striker Emmanuel Emenike being the highest mover - if he accepts to join Fernebahce FC of Turkey. Reports from Turkey on Tuesday night suggested that Emenike’s club has agreed a fee of 13 million Euros, leaving the window open for Fernebahce to talk with the Eagles star. But there are moral issues on this deal, especially after Emenike has been accused falsely of being a match fixer. The court cleared Emenike, after a series of harassment on the Nigerian, everytime he stepped into Turkey.

Will Emenike accept this offer, given what he went through? With such big cash on the table, you never can tell. Emenike should shun the offer and wait for bigger pies, in Europe, which would come with a superlative outing for Nigeria at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Cynics may argue: what if the Super Eagles do not qualify for the World Cup? It is far-fetched, given the way the team is playing. But the choice is Emenike’s to make. As I sat through Thursday night to write this column, word came in from France that Vincent Eneyama is Lille FC’s first choice goalkeeper. Good to hear that. Enyeama opted for a loan deal to Israel to regain his form, having been benched at Lille in the previous season. This confirmation is good for Nigeria’s quest for a fourth World Cup appearance in Brazil. I really don’t know who Godfrey Obaobona’s manager is. Oboabona’s bile at Arsene Wenger was ill-informed. If he is not careful, his uncouth utterance may sound his

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