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Seller’s Package       Specially  Prepared  for   SFC  Cecil  F  &  SGT  Theresa  M  Chandler  


Prepared by   Lee  and  Stephanie  K.  Nash,  REALTORS®,  SRES   ERA  Colonial  Real  Estate.        

Each ERA®  office  is  independently  owned  and  operated  except  offices  owned  and  operated  by  NRT   Incorporated.  

12 Principles  of  Real  Estate  Excellence   1. Never  compromise  honesty  and  integrity   2. Treat  everyone  with  courtesy  and  respect.   3. Maintain   an   attitude   of   continual   self-­‐improvement   and   self-­‐ renewal   4. Act  professionally  under  all  circumstances   5. Uphold  the  image  and  reputation  of  ERA  Colonial  Real  Estate   6. Embrace  the  philosophy  of  ERA  Colonial  Real  Estate   7. Actively  participate  in  the  success  of  others.   8. Understand   and   fulfill   your   role   in   achieving   real   estate   excellence   9. Understand   that   the   client’s   needs   come   before   the   needs   of   myself   10. Honor  commitments  to  yourself  and  others.   11. Openly  communicate  with  the  client   12. HAVE  FUN  IN  THE  PROCESS!  

            Each  ERA®  office  is  independently  owned  and  operated  except  offices  owned  and  operated  by  NRT   Incorporated.  

Our Personal  Commitment  to  You!   Professionalism     We   Pride   ourselves   on   being   professional   REALTORS®   with   a   responsive,   communicative,  proactive  work  ethic  and  practice.    Because  of  these  high  standards,  industry   professionals,  sellers,  and  buyers  have  all  come  to  enjoy  and  respect  working  with  us.  


The real   estate   industry   is   constantly   evolving.     Being   informed   and   up-­‐to-­‐date   on   contracts   and   disclosures   are   key   factors   in   ensuring   a   closing   on   time.     However,   what   is   perhaps   most   important   to   you   is   our   knowledge   and   guidance   which   protects   you   from   potential  default  and  future  litigation.  


Together we  will  attack  the  challenges  with  creative  solutions  that  protect  your  interests   and  support  your  highest  priorities.  


WE are  legally  bound  by  our  fiduciary  responsibilities  with  both  our  sellers  and  buyers  to   provide  “honesty,  integrity,  and  the  utmost  of  care.”  


We will   exceed   your   expectations   and   make   sure   all   of   your   questions   are   answered   within  a  twenty-­‐four  hour  period.    We  have  text  messaging  along  with  email  capabilities  directly   to   our   cell   phones.   We   will   strive   to   return   your   phone   calls   and   emails   within   a   FIVE   hour   period  and  will  provide  you  with  communications  and  update  as  they  happen.    


Whether  you  are  a  home  seller,  home  buyer  or  another  sales  associate,  every  decision   reflects  the  strict  code  of  ethics  We  adhere  to  and  have  committed  to  as  a  REALTORS®.            


Each ERA®  office  is  independently  owned  and  operated  except  offices  owned  and  operated  by  NRT   Incorporated.  

Our Integrity  Pledge  to  You     Lee  and  I  will  focus  on  you  and  your  needs  and  wants.  We  know  that  our  overall   success  depends  on  how  well  we  fill  your  needs  and  create  value  for  you  that  will   exceed  what  you  pay.   WE  succeed  when  WE  succeed  with  you….  when  you  refer  us  to  your  friends  and   family  and  continue  to  allow  us  to  serve  you.     Our  Integrity  Pledge  to  you  is:   • • • • •

To deal  honestly  and  fairly  with  you.   To  deliver  more  value  to  you  than  you  expect  to  receive.   To  only  recommend  solutions  that  will  create  value  for  you.   To  fully  understand  your  needs,  wants,  problems  and  concerns.   To  develop  a  trust  relationship  with  you.  

The  process  WE  pledge  to  practice  is:   • • • • • •

Lee and  I  will  follow-­‐up  and  successfully  handle  all  concerns  after  the  sale.   Lee  and  I  will  NOT  recommend  a  solution  when  it  is  not  the  best  choice  for  our  clients  or   customers.   Lee   and   I   will   listen   and   help   all   buyers   and   sellers   work   through   challenges   and   concerns  before  a  decision  is  made.   Lee  and  I  will  demonstrate  honesty  and  do  our  best  to  earn  trust  from  each  buyer  and   seller   Lee   and   I   will   recommend   or   demonstrate   an   appropriate   solution   to   all   needs   and   wants.   Lee  and  I  will  approach  and  gain  rapport  with  each  client  and  customer.  

Lee and  I  will  do  our  best  to  carry  out  this  pledge  and  sincerely  appreciate  this  opportunity  to   serve  you.    We  want  to  serve  you  the  way  you  want  to  be  served…..with  Integrity.    

Each ERA®  office  is  independently  owned  and  operated  except  offices  owned  and  operated  by  NRT   Incorporated.  

GOALS As   REALTORS®   We   have   three   main   goals   while   listing   your   home.    We  want  your  house  to  sell:   1. for  the  highest  possible  market  price,   2. in  the  shortest  amount  of  time,   3. With  the  least  amount  of  stress  and  hassle.   What  are  your  three  main  goals?   1.__________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________   2.__________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________   3.__________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________     Each  ERA®  office  is  independently  owned  and  operated  except  offices  owned  and  operated  by  NRT   Incorporated.  

OUR Focus:  

SERVICE: Getting  the  job  done  when  it  needs  to  be  done  with   care  and  precision.       AND    

COMMUNICAITON: Keeping  you  informed  throughout  your   transactions.         Each  ERA®  office  is  independently  owned  and  operated  except  offices  owned  and  operated  by  NRT   Incorporated.  

Our Five  Steps  to  Get  Your  Home  SOLD     1. Our  Listing  Process   • Pre-­‐interview   over   the   phone-­‐this   is   where   I   will   get   some   information  on  you  and  the  property  and  set  our  first  appointment.   • You   will   receive   my   pre-­‐listing   package   in   an   email   before   our   first   appointment.   • During   our   first   appointment   We   will   present   a   PRELIMENARY   COMPETITIVE   MARKET   ANALYSIS   of   your   home   and   determine   the   best  possible  price  in  today’s  market  and  set  our  final  appointment   • During   our   final   appointment,   review   and   complete   the   LISTING   AGREEMENT,   put   a   key   in   the   lockbox   and   put   the   lockbox   on   the   front  door.   • Prepare  your  home  for  sale.    WE  will  spend  as  much  time  as  needed   going  over  the  entire  property  with  you,  both  inside  and  outside.    WE   will  make  a  list  with  you  of  suggestions  and  recommendations  about   your   home   so   that   it   will   be   seen   at   its   highest   perceived   value   while   competing  in  the  market  place.   • The  day  we  list  your  property,  the  yard  sign  and  a  brochure  box  will   go  up  in  the  front  yard,  the  lockbox  will  be  placed  on  the  door.   • Within   the   next   few   days   we   will   place   copies   of   the   Sellers   Disclosure,   sign   in   sheet;   take   home   brochures   with   information   sheets   on   the   Gold   Star   property   program,   the   Sellers   Security   and   Buyers  Security  Plan  as  well  as  ERA  Home  Protection  Plan.   • Within   the   next   couple   of   weeks,   implement   full   marketing   plan   as   outlined  in  the  following  pages.   Each  ERA®  office  is  independently  owned  and  operated  except  offices  owned  and  operated  by  NRT   Incorporated.  

2.Marketing Plan   A. Standard   • The  Multiple  Listing   Services  (MLS):  Professionally  represent  your   home   to   the   MLS.     As   a   result,   your   home   will   be   exposed   to   EVERY  agent  in  the  surrounding  counties  of  Central  Texas.   • Open  Houses:    We  will  try  to  coordinate  with  other  homes  for  sale   in   the   area   to   increase   traffic.     Lee   and   I   will   advertise   our   open   house  date  and  time  in  all  internets  and  print  marketing.   • Broker  Open  House  Tour:  We  will  put  your  home  up  for  all  of  the   local   agents   to   tour;   timing   of   this   depends   on   what   is   on   the   weekly  tour  and  time  of  the  year.   • Virtual   Office   Tour:     Personally   conduct   a   virtual   tour   of   your   home  during  the  following  week’s  business  meeting  in  our  office.   •     “THE”   place   where   consumers   with   or   without   buyer’s  agents  go  to  find  your  home.    We  utilize  an  upgraded  site   for  more  exposure.   • Yard  Sign:  The  day  we  list  your  home  the  sign  will  be  placed  in  the   front  yard.   • ERA   Home   Protection   Plan:     Administered   by   American   Home   Shield   covers   you   until   closing   and   the   buyer   for   1   year   after   closing.    The  money  is  taken  right  from  closing  so  no  money  will   come  out  of  your  pocket  up  front.           Each  ERA®  office  is  independently  owned  and  operated  except  offices  owned  and  operated  by  NRT   Incorporated.  

2. Marketing Plan  Cont’d   B. Differentiation   • • • •

• •

• •

Emails:  Lee  and  I  will  email  an  electronic  flyer  to  everybody  in  our  address  book  with   the  same  information.   Merrill   Marketing:     We   will   personally   mail   75   “Just   Listed”   post   cards   to   neighbors   and   specific  A+  clients  We  have  in  our  database  for  added  exposure.     Open  Houses:  Lee  and  I  will  include  each  open  house  date  on  as  well  as   Exposure:  Your  home  will  be  provided  exposure  through  at  least  53  top  notch  websites   including,,,   Google,   Trulia,   Yahoo   Real   Estate,  and  many  more.  Enhancements:    Visual  Tours,  banners  and  scrolling  marquee  which  make   your  home  stand  out  from  the  others.   LeadRouter:    When  customers  inquire  about  the  property  on,REALTOR.COM,   and  many  of  the  other  websites  their  information  is  automatically  sent  to  our  cell  phone   for  immediate  follow-­‐up.    Statistics  show  that  the  average  consumer  can  wait  as  long  as   54   hours   for   an   agent   to   get   back   to   them   with   information   on   a   house   they   were   interested   in.     With   LeadRouter   we   can   answer   their   call   within   minutes   and   sometimes   while  they  are  still  on  the  site  looking  at  your  home.   ERA   Sellers   Security   Plan:     Simply   put…brings   more   potential   buyers   to   your   home.     Ask   us  how!   Home   Zone   Visual   Tours:   Lee   and   I   will   come   to   your   home   and   take   high   resolution   photos  and  create  visually  appealing  tours  to  draw  the  buyer  in  and  get  excited  to  see   your  home.   ERA   Commitment   to   Service   Guarantee:     Checklist   of   ERA’s   commitment   to   selling   your   home.    “We  put  it  in  writing  so  that  we  are  responsible  for  doing  what  we  say  we  will   do!”        


Each  ERA®  office  is  independently  owned  and  operated  except  offices  owned  and  operated  by  NRT   Incorporated.  

3. Our  Communication  with  You     • Keep   our   communication   with   you   honest   and   will   not   tell   you   something  just  because  you  want  to  hear  it.   • We  will  contact  you  when  we  know  the  home  will  be  shown  and   we  will  e-­‐mail  the  agent  a  feedback  survey  and  forward  it  to  you.   • We  will  be  available  when  contacted  to  present  any  offer  that  is   written  on  your  property.   • Make   sure   that   any   offer   that   is   presented   is   followed   by   a   pre-­‐ approval  letter  on  behalf  of  the  potential  purchasers  prior  to  full   acceptance.   (This   does   not   automatically   secure   that   the   final   funding   will   take   place   on   all   transactions,   but   it   does   take   the   guess   work   out   on   whether   or   not   the   buyer   is   initially   able   to   purchase  your  home.)

• Keep   current   on   all   market   conditions   so   that   we   can   provide   you   with  sound  advice  when  considering  the  following:    

Price Improvements   All  offers  presented  


            Each  ERA®  office  is  independently  owned  and  operated  except  offices  owned  and  operated  by  NRT   Incorporated.  

4. Closing Your  Transaction   Lee  and  I  will…..   • Constantly  keep  you  informed  as  to  the  progress  of  your  sale  from   the  time  of  signing  until  the  closing.   • Be   proactive   and   eliminate   any   problems   before   they   arise   and   work  hard  to  handle  any  situation  that  may  arise.   • Be   present   at   your   closing.     This   is   what   we   have   worked   to   achieve  and  you  better  believe  Lee  and  I  will  be  there!    

5. Our follow-­‐up   Lee  and  I  will……   • Be   available   during   those   post-­‐closing   days   when   you   will   be   having  questions  and  concerns.   • Be   following   up   on   your   transactions   after   you   have   moved   in.     This   includes   being   on   my   exclusive   email   list,   mailing   and   corporate  survey  about  your  experience.   • These  are  the  steps  Lee  and  I  will  take  for  you  to  help  you  achieve   your   goals.     When   and   only   when   you   have   received   the   proceeds   from   the   sale   of   your   home,   do   we   receive   payment   for   our   services.    We  look  forward  to  serving  you.        

Each  ERA®  office  is  independently  owned  and  operated  except  offices  owned  and  operated  by  NRT   Incorporated.  

Pricing Your  Home     Setting   the   proper   asking   price   for   your   home   is   the   single   biggest  factor   that   will   determine  the  success  or  failure  of  your  home  sale.     The   consequences   of   making   the   wrong   decision   are   painful.     If   you   price   your   home   too   low,   you   will   literally   give   away   thousands   of   dollars   that   could   have   been  in  your  pocket.     Price  it  too  high,  and  your  home  will  sit  for  months,  developing  the  reputation  of   a  problem  property  (everyone  will  think  that  there  is  something  wrong  with  it.)     Failure   to   understand   market   conditions   and   properly   price   your   home   can   cost   you  a  bundle  or  cause  your  home  not  to  sell….preventing  you  from  achieving  your   goal.  

WE WILL  NOT  LET  THIS  HAPPEN  TO  YOU!!!!   Utilizing   the   latest   computer   technology   and   my   in   depth   knowledge   of   the   market,   We   will   analyze   current   market   conditions   in   combination   with   your   personal  time  requirements  to  identify  the  correct  price  range  for  your  home.     You  cannot  afford  any  “guesswork”  in  this  critical  step.    

Each ERA®  office  is  independently  owned  and  operated  except  offices  owned  and  operated  by  NRT   Incorporated.  

Benefits of  Proper  Pricing   FASTER  SALE:   The  proper  price  gets  a  faster  sale,  which  means  you  save  on  mortgage  payments,   insurance,  and  other  carrying  costs.    

LESS INCONVENIENCE:   As  you  know,  it  takes  a  lot  of  time  and  energy  to  prepare  your  home  for  showings,   keep  the  property  clean,  make  arrangements  for  the  children,  and  generally  alter   your  lifestyle.    Proper  pricing  shortens  market  time.    

INCREASED SALESPERSON  RESPONSE:   When  salespeople  are  excited  about  a  property  and  its  price,  they  make  special   efforts  to  contact  all  their  potential  buyers  and  show  the  property  whenever   possible.    

EXPOSURE TO  MORE  PROSPECTS:   Pricing  at  market  value  will  open  your  home  up  to  more  people  who  can  afford  it.    

BETTER RESPONSE  TO  ADVERTISING:   Buyer  inquiry  calls  are  more  readily  converted  into  showing  appointments  when   the  price  is  not  a  deterrent.    

HIGHER OFFERS:   When  a  property  is  priced  right,  buyers  are  much  less  likely  to  make  a  low  offer,   for  fear  of  losing  out  on  a  great  deal.    

MORE MONEY  TO  SELLERS:   When  a  property  is  priced  correctly,  the  excitement  of  the  market  produces  a   higher  sale  price  in  less  time.    You  NET  more  due  to  the  higher  sales  price  and   lower  carrying  costs.         Each  ERA®  office  is  independently  owned  and  operated  except  offices  owned  and  operated  by  NRT   Incorporated.  

Dangers of  Overpricing     Many  potential  buyers  will  not  even  look,  thinking  it  is  out   of  their  range.     Those  buyers  who  do  look  are  shopping  by  comparison,  and   looking  at  your  home  may  convince  them  to  make  a  bid  on  a   different  property.     Since  an  appraisal  is  often  required  in  financing  a  property,   it  is  futile  to  price  a  property  for  more  than  it  is  worth.     Often  the  first  question  buyers  ask  is,  “how  long  has  it  been   on  the  market?”    Properties  left  on  the  market  for  an   extended  period  of  time  usually  become  “shopworn”  which   causes  many  to  believe  something  is  wrong  with  it.     Overpricing  tends  to  dampen  the  other  salesperson’s   attitude,  making  it  less  likely  to  be  shown.     Overpricing  lengthens  marketing  time,  and  invariably  results   in  a  lower  selling  price  than  would  have  been  otherwise   obtained.         Each  ERA®  office  is  independently  owned  and  operated  except  offices  owned  and  operated  by  NRT   Incorporated.  

Obstacles to  Proper  Pricing  

Incompetent Agents….   …who  will  accept  a  listing  at  any  price  the  seller  puts  on  it.    


…who lead  the  seller  to  believe  they  got  more  for  their  house  than  they   actually  did.    

Inflationary Times….   …that  causes  prices  to  go  up  rapidly  because  of  economic  factors.    

Recessionary Times….  

…that causes  prices  to  go  down  because  of  adverse  economic   conditions.    

The Market….   ...when  drastic  changes  in  supply  and  demand  alter  a  home’s  worth    

Loss of  Perspective….  

…due to  sellers  being  emotionally  attached  and  losing  their  objectivity.    

Need for  a  Certain  Amount  of  Cash….   …has  nothing  to  do  with  value,  no  matter  how  important  the  reason.  


Each ERA®  office  is  independently  owned  and  operated  except  offices  owned  and  operated  by  NRT   Incorporated.  

Contracts and  Negotiations     When   an   offer   is   presented   on   your   home,   you   will   have   three   basic   choices   in  deciding  how  to  respond:   1. Accept  the  offer.   2. Reject  the  offer.   3. Make  a  counter  offer  (called  a  “counterproposal”).   Together  we  will  thoroughly  analyze  the  offer.    We  will  discuss  its  strengths   and   weaknesses   and   determine   whether   or   not   it   meets   your   primary   goals.     After   scrutinizing   the   entire   contract,   Lee   and   I   will   share   our   recommendations,  and  then  you  will  decide  how  to  respond.   This  is  where  a  professional,  competent  agent  can  be  worth  their  weight  in   gold,  because  having  the  right  wording  or  contingency  clause  in  the  contract   can  mean  the  difference  between  a  smooth  transaction  and  a  messy  court   battle.    This  part  of  the  negotiations  is  something  that  we  do  not  take  lightly   and   really   feel   that   is   the   point   in   which   your   trust   and   confidence   in   us   and   our  skills  will  be  the  reason  why  you  refer  us  to  your  friends  and  family  for   their   real   estate   needs.     At   this   point   our   goal   is   the   same   as   yours…   the   highest  possible  price.    Lee  and  I  REPRESENT  YOU!   Being  intricately  familiar  with  real  estate  contracts,   we  know  how  to  protect   your   best   interests.     Our   experience   in   contract   negotiations   will   benefit   you.       Each  ERA®  office  is  independently  owned  and  operated  except  offices  owned  and  operated  by  NRT   Incorporated.  

Professional Fee   It  is  not  a  secret.    As  you  can  see,  our  Six  (6%)  percent  professional  fee   is   split   between   many   different   parties   so   that   we   can   offer   you   the   best,  most  comprehensive  services  possible  in  order  to  get  your  house   sold  in  the  least  amount  of  time  for  the  most  amount  of  money.      

Co-­‐op Broker:    


Listing Broker:    


Where   does   the   commission   really   go?     As   Lee   and   I   have   illustrated   above   the   listing   broker   does   not   usually   get   to   keep   the   full   amount   once  your  home  closes.    The  6%  professional  fee  charged  is  first  divided   in   half   and   paid   directly   to   the   Co-­‐op   Broker   who   brings   the   buyer.     Then  the  portion  that  is  left  for  the  Listing  Broker  (which  is  now  3.0%  of   the  sales  price)  is  then  split  with  the  listing  agent.     If   after   reading   this   package   you   are   comfortable   that  Lee   and   I   are   the   agents   that   best   suits   your   needs,   we   have   included   the   seller’s   disclosure   for   you   to   fill   out   to   expedite   the   process   of   getting   your   property  SOLD.  

Each ERA®  office  is  independently  owned  and  operated  except  offices  owned  and  operated  by  NRT   Incorporated.  

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pre-listing packet for sellers