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May 2010



them:youth finish up in the studio It’s been 6 months since the lads played live, them:youth are putting the final touches to their self produced, self funded debut album which will be released through their own Big Hand Recordings label in the summer. Well this  is  something  I  never  thought  I'd  be  writing,  "an   introduction  to  them:youths'  magazine".  You’re  probably   wondering  what  has  just  landed  in  your  inbox,  well  let  me   explain.   As  of  January  this  year  we  set  up  our  own  label,  BIG  HAND   recordings.  Whats  been  enlightening  is  we  answer  to  no   one!  What  gets  put  out  is  from  the  band,  not  a  marketing   department,  not  as  a  result  of  a  meeting  between  suits   who  don't  have  a  clue. As  I  write  this  the  new  batch  of  songs  are  being  mixed  and   should  be  out  soon.  We've  been  holed  up  in  sunny  Brixton,   south  London  in  a  studio  called  the  Dairy  recording  and   producing  everything  ourselves.  There's  sitars,  monks,   psychedelic  Nlutes  the  whole  kitchen  sink!  It  sounds  epic.   We've  come  out  of  recording  all  alive  and  all  still  friends,   which  is  a  miracle  when  you  put  four  hairy  men  in  a  box   room  for  sixteen  hour  days,  weeks  at  a  time. Being  in  a  band  your  main  hope  is  to  make  music  you  love   and  feel  passionate  about.  In  order  to  get  more  people  to   hear  it  you  then  have  to  do  things  that  aren't  necessarily   anything  to  do  with  you  actually  making  music,  but  rather   to  do  with  selling  and  promoting  the  music  i.e  

photographs, interviews  etc.  As  a   band  you  hope  and   pray  that  during   your  working  day   you  come  across   someone  with   some  light  behind   the  eyes,  who's   switched  on  and   loves  what  they  do.   We've  been   fortunate  enough   to  come  across   people  who  we've  worked  with  who  are  just  as  passionate   about  what  they  do  as  us  and  who  also  like  our  band.  So   this  magazine  is  a  platform  and  voice  for  those  people  as   well  as  them:youth.   First  live  show  of  2010  June  11th  Carnivale  East  London more  info  


Sophia Schorr-Kon Is a  photographer  who  is  as  diverse  and  varied  with  her   subject  matter  as  medium.  She  works  shooting  bands  one   minute,  and  politicians  the  next.  Her  versatility  is  key  as  she   is  as  comfortable  getting  grubby  in  the  pit  at  a  music   festival,  to  shooting  amongst  the  hushed  rooms  of   parliament.   Choosing  to  capture  her  work  on  a  range  of  tools  from   digital  to  pinhole  cameras,  oversized  Polaroid  contraptions   and  even  picking  up  the  odd  value  pack  of  disposables  when   the  mood  feel  right.  

from.  She  is  now  working  on  material  for  a  book  looking  in   to  the  everyday  life’s  of  people  involved  in  the  Hardcore   world,  focusing  on  the  extreme  opposites  of  what  band   members  have  turned  to,  to  make  a  living.  It  is  looking  to   highlight  the  underlying  reasons  of  what  attracts  so  many   people  all  over  the  world  to  this  open  and  honest  expression   of  aggression  that  gives  them  an  alternative  voice  through   music.

These photographs  are  from  an  ongoing  project  she  is   developing  looking  in  to  the  European  Hardcore  scene.   Hardcore  music  that  derived  from  Early  Punk  and  Oy  music   of  the  late  70’s  and  early  80’s  is  brutal,  aggressive  and  highly   charged.  But  attracts  people  who  are  courteous,  open   minded  and  focused,  with  a  dynamic  shared  sense  of   responsibility  for  their  home  grown  music  genre.  She  discovered  this  on  a  tour  to  Belgium  two  years  ago,   when  she  hopped  in  the  back  of  a  van  with  a  friend’s  band.   The  photos  she  came  back  with  were  full  of  life  and  energy   and  the  experience  of  watching  a  world  so  far  removed  from   her  life  proved  a  valuable  creative  place  for  her  to  work  



Sophia Schorr-Kon

Check out  more  of  Sophia’s  work   here www.sophiaschorr-­‐


Sophia Schorr-Kon


Sophia Schorr-Kon



With the World Cup practically upon us Wally Downes gives us his thoughts on who he thinks should make the squad

THE CHOSEN FEW: GOALKEEPERS PICK THEMSELVES. Pt.1 Every football  fan  with  access  to  the  Internet  and  the  will   power  to  avert  their  eyes,  for  Nive  minutes,  from  the  bounty  of   pornography  available  has  chipped  in  with  their  version  of  a   23-­‐man  World  Cup  squad  and  I  am  no  different.  I  will  break  it   down  into  segments,  to  allow  you  enough  time  to  YouTube   ‘Gordon  Brown  Disaster’  afterwards.  

season in  the  Premier  League,  look  how  Arsenal  have  suffered   in  the  absence  of  Jens  Lehmann  and  how  the  top  clubs   Nlourish  with  a  mature  head  in  the  sticks.  Hart  is  the  only   keeper  in  the  top  ten  sides  to  be  under  25  and  has  15  years  to   reach  the  level  of  some  one  like  veteran  Edwin  van  der  Sar.   This  tournament  will  give  Hart  invaluable  experience  and   stand  him  in  good  stead  for  the  future  six  or  seven   tournaments  he  could  feature  in  for  England  in  the  future.

Ben Foster  helped  Watford  to  the  Premiership  back  in  ’05-­‐06   and  far  from  disgraced  himself  in  the  season  after  when  the   It  would  be  easy  to  point  to  the  league  positions  of  the   Hornets  suffered  relegation.  Four  teams  had  conceded  the   employers  of  my  Nirst  and  second  choice  keepers,  David  James   same  or  more  amount  of  goals  in  the  league  that  season  and  in   and  Robert  Green,  but  it  is  clear  to  anyone  that  has  seen  their   the  33  games,  in  total,  that  Foster  played  he  conceded  a   fair  share  of  Premiership  action  this  year  that  not  only  have   respectable  27.  However  he  is  now  27  and  has  played  just  127   these  two  equipped  themselves  exceptionally  well  but  they   competitive  club  matches.  He  has  been  besieged  by  injury  and   have  also  got  an  awful  lot  of  practice  in.  Under  immense   overlooked  at  Manchester  United,  with  David  James’  career   pressure  each  week,  both  behind  shakey  defences  and  in   coming  to  a  crescendo  he  may  still  climb  the  pecking  order   team’s  short  of  strikers  able  to  force  the  onus  onto  their   but  he  needs  two  or  three  quality  seasons. opposing  number  James  and  Green’s  only  major  stumbling   block  might  be  the  physical  and  mental  toll  that  the  2009-­‐10   Chris  Kirkland’s  tale  is  a  similar  one,  made  his  professional   season  has  taken  on  them. debut  in  1997  and  followed  that  up  shortly  with  an  England   cap  but  in  all  that  time  he  has  amassed  just  215  club   Joe  Hart  has  been  a  stand  out  success  story  this  season  and   appearances.  He  has  had  a  Nine  season  with  Wigan  this  term   his  worth  has  been  highlighted  this  week  by  billionaire   but  its  not  enough  to  warrant  him  a  place  on  that  plane. employer  Manchester  City’s  desperate  attempt  to  bring  him   back  from  his  loan  spell  at  Birmingham,  to  salvage  their   challenge  for  Champions  League  football.  Hart  has  missed  just   There  you  have  it,  replies  are  welcomed. two  of  Brum’s  36  league  games  this  year  and  at  just  23  he  is  a   shining  prospect  for  England  and  whichever  domestic  side  is   Next  up  is  England  defenders…..  easy?!? lucky  enough  to  secure  his  future  services.  This  World  Cup,   however,  has  come  to  early  for  the  youngster  to  be  a  serious   contender  for  the  number  one  jersey.  Experience  is  such  a   vital  element  and  it  has  proven  itself  so  many  times  this   Goalkeeping  up  1irst.                                                                                                                              


SOUND OF GUNS GUITAR MUSIC IS BEGINNING TO FLOURISH ONCE AGAIN Bubbling under  the  cultural  radar  of  scene-­‐ridden   acceptance  is  a  new  bred  of  rock  and  roll  bands.  Shunning   the  short-­‐lived  fads  of  style-­‐over-­‐substance  electro  know-­‐ nothings  and  the  copious  other  disintegrating  sub-­‐genres   that  have  been  and  gone  are  a  collection  of  guitar-­‐based   bands  who  are  taking  the  underground  by  storm.  And  it’s   just  what  we’ve  been  looking  for.

sewer of  social  commentary.  

Where the  whole  new-­‐rave  /  electro  thing  kicked  off  with   the  Klaxons  et  al  some  3  or  4  years  ago,  the  guitar  has  taken   a  bit  of  a  backseat,  in  a  rather  dubious  and  dumbfounded   manor.  And  although  Mumford  and  Marling  have  bought  the   whole  folk  revitalization  into  the  mainstream,  we’re  lacking   a  certain  bite.  I’m  not  expecting  genre-­‐crafting  pioneers  or   It’s  less  of  a  back  to  basics  affair  and  more  of  a  progressive   anything  like  that,  but  what  we  have  here  is  a  revitalised   step  into  new-­‐age  British  guitar  music.  The  likes  of  Sound  Of   source  of  new  visionaries  who  will  hopefully  put  the  guitar,   Guns,  12  Dirty  Bullets,  The  Rubicon  and  Exit  Calm  are  all   the  attitude  and  the  over-­‐powering  strut  back  on  the   wearing  the  regal  branding  of  their  past  nineties  guitar   towering  plinth  of  brilliance.   based  heroes  on  their  sleeve  but  they’ve  bought  it  into  a   new  age  of  thrilling  supremacy,  muscled-­‐up  guitars  and   Dan  Jones hollering  vocals  that  call  to  mind  everyone  from  The  Verve   to  The  Music.   This  is  a  revival  that’s  well  overdue.  These  likely  lads  are   banishing  the  post-­‐oasis  lad-­‐ethos  by  creating  something   that’s  got  an  irrefutable  dance-­‐music  groove  while  retaining   a  Nlair  of  distinctly  gritty  Brit-­‐rockness.  It’s  unashamedly   idiosyncratic  and  thought  through  rock,  with  songs  like   ‘Architects’  by  Liverpool’s  Sound  Of  Guns  blistering  an   audience  with  full-­‐throttle  riffs  while  ‘F   at  Man’  by  12   Dirty  Bullets  infuses  that  cockney  wit  of  indie  swagger  with   some  brainy  analogies  that  cast  themselves  deep  into  the  



Ben Adsett  from  out  of  step  blog   http:// Recommended  Listening   With  the  sun  Ninally  starting  to  come   out  music  is  becoming  even  better  to   listen  to.  I  personally  like  walking   about  in  the  sun  with  good  music   turned  up  loud  on  my  headphones.   This  month  I  have  been  mostly  listing   to  and  discovering: Three  Trapped  Tigers  –  These  guys   make  some  of  the  best  instrumental   breaky  electronica  I’ve  heard  in  ages.   What’s  even  better  is  they  actually  use   instruments  to  make  their  sounds   there’s  obviously  some  synths  included   but  the  drums  and  guitars  give  their   music  an  interesting  characteristic. Darwin  Deez  –  This  guy  is  going  to  be   huge  and  so  much  has  been  written   about  him  in  the  last  month  so  I’m   going  to  keep  this  short.  You  should   have  a  listen  to  his  unique  blend  of   angular  guitars  and  electronic  style.   Darwin  Deez  is  a  must  if  you  like  the   Strokes  or  Julian  Casablancas  and  will   make  the  perfect  stop  gap  between  new   material  from  both.     Mike  Scott  –  The  former  singer  from   Phineus  Gauge  and  now  the  singer  in   London  Based  Company  L.  Mike  creates   another  layer  to  his  musical   personality,  making  music  that  can  only   be  deNined  as  acoustic  punk  rock,  he   writes  great  protest  songs  and  mixes  

from the top Three trapped tigers Darwin Deez & Aspen Sails

Paper & Plastic Records


these with  damming  political  and  social   commentaries  on  the  state  of  this   country.  Lyrically  Mike  is  political   without  preaching  and  has  an  amazing   ability  to  write  reverse  political   statements.  It’s  possible  to  download   all  Mike’s  solo  work  free  of  charge  from   his  website  and  I  would  deNinitely   recommend  doing  so.     Aspen  Sails  –  We  are  lucky  enough  to   have  this  amazing  folk  two  piece   coming  to  play  for  us  in  May  and  I  can’t   wait  to  see  how  their  beautiful  acoustic   folk  works  live.  They  have  a  drummer   and  rely  on  using  harmonies  and  the   occasional  bit  of  percussion  to  create   rhythm.  Lyrically  the  band  creates   beautiful  very  detailed  imagery  mixed   with  the  most  romantic  sense   heartbreak,  the  Maud  the  EP  that  was   released  this  winter.  This  EP  is  near   perfect  with  each  song  gliding   faultlessly  into  the  next,  perfect  music   to  glide  around  town  to.   If  you  were  to  choose  a  record  label  to   discover  this  month  it  would  have  to  be   Paper  +  Plastic  Records.  This  label   follow  a  fantastic  art  based  DIY  ethos,   which  Nits  with  the  Out  Of  Step  ethos   perfectly,  basically  the  label  put  as   much  value  on  the  artwork  that   accompanies  the  great  music  they  are   releasing.  This  label  is  home  to  some   truly  amazing  artists  both  musically   and  artistically.  My  personal  favourite   act  are  Failures  Union  who  crossed  the   pond  to  play  for  Out  Of  Step  in  March  to   bring  their  early  indie  inspired  alt   country  punk  to  our  audience.  Coffee   Project  are  also  incredible  they  make   acoustic  music  with  guitars  and  a  

DEFENDERS IN: John Terry, Rio Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, Glen Johnson, Matthew Upson, Leighton Baines, Wes Brown, Michael Dawson. Pt.2Filling a  23-­‐man  squad  seemed  an   easy  enough  task  at  the  start,  however,   just  Nive  minutes  in  to  the  conundrum   and  not  only  am  I  torn  between   defenders  but  I  cant  even  decide  how   many  to  take.  I  have  settled  on  eight,  I   considered  a  brave  seven  but,  with   injuries  blighting  my  options,  one  more   seems  more  vital  than  optional.  Once   that  mathematical  brainteaser  was  out   the  way  it  was  time  for  the  stalwarts,   shoe-­‐ins  and  certainties  to  pick   themselves  again,  or  so  I  thought.  In   truth  I  started  with  a  list  of  23   defenders,  everyone  a  genuine   candidate,  well  Jonathon  Woodgate   might  be  considered  wishful  thinking.   When  Fabio  Capello  Nirst  addressed  the   British  press,  upon  his  appointment  as   boss,  he  placed  a  hell  of  a  lot  of   emphasis  on  form  being  paramount  to   his  team  selection;  in  doing  so  he  may   well  have  made  a  rod  for  his  own  back. Rio  Ferdinand,  one  of  the  best  three   defenders  in  the  world  for  the  past  10   years,  is  a  shadow  of  his  former-­‐self.  A   few  months  ago  I  implied  that  his  off-­‐ Nield  exploits,  magazines,  restaurants,   Nilm  productions  and  record  labels,   might  be  the  scourge  of  his  season,  now   I  feel  almost  repentant  as  he  is  so   clearly  crippled  with  back  problems.    A   meager  12  Premier  League   appearances,  six  shy  of  the  18  showings   that  seasoned  sick-­‐note  Ledley  King  has   put  together  instills  very  little   conNidence.  So  often  Ferdinand’s  Nleet  of   foot  was  the  perfect  foil  for  John  Terry’s   lack  of  pace,  the  two  combined  to  make   a  dream  pairing,  in  Rio’s  current   condition  that  is  far  from  the  case.

For some  good  news   Ninally,  the  fourth   best  statistically   rated  defender  in   the  Premiership,   according  to   Actim,  is  English   and  has  missed  just   a  handful  of  games   in  three  seasons.   Leighton  Baines  is  25   and  is  about  to  complete   another  stellar  season  for   Everton;  in  the  last  three  years  he  has   played  90  league  games  and  attracted   plaudits  throughout  English  football.  He   is,  Nirst  and  foremost,  a  tenacious   defender  and  a  reliable  left-­‐back.  He   quality  of  his  delivery  has  secured  him   the  role  of  free-­‐kick  taker  for  David   Moyes  side  and  the  Scots  manager  can   regularly  be  heard  championing  his  £6   million  man.  Stephen  Warnock  has   shown  a  similar  level  of  consistency  and   reliability,  in  the  same  position,  at  Aston   Villa  but  Baines  edges  it  as  Ashley  Cole’s   back  up.

close but  he  looks  increasingly   vulnerable  up  against  pace.

Paul Konchesky  and  Ryan  Shawcross   can  consider  themselves  unlucky  not  to   make  my  completely  irrelevant  cut.   Konchesky  has  Nlourished  in  a  Roy   Hodgson  side  that  is  primarily  a  4-­‐5-­‐1   defensive  one,  which  counts  against  the   former  Charlton  mans  inclusion  in   Capello’s  4-­‐4-­‐2.  Ryan  Shawcross  is  going   to  be  a  big  player  for  England  for  years   to  come,  already  a  commanding  Nigure   in  a  Stoke  side  that  has  established  itself   in  the  Premiership  with  his  help.  The   fallout  form  the  Aaron  Ramsey  incident   Wes  Brown,  Matthew  Upson  and   has  counted  against  the  23-­‐year-­‐old.   Michael  Dawson  make  up  my  remaining   The  three  game  ban,  incurred  from  the   defensive  cover.  Brown  offers  cover  in   resulting  sending  off,  came  at  a  crucial   any  position  across  the  back  four  and   time  and  making  his  return  in  a  7-­‐0   has  shaken  off  the  youthful  over-­‐ defeat  to  Chelsea  did  not  help.  Gary   exuberance  that  previously  allowed   Cahill  and  Micah  Richards  have   mistakes  to  creep  into  his  game.   struggled,  one  with  Nitness  the  latter   Matthew  Upson  is  a  large  part  of  reason   with  form  and  they  too  look  like   that  West  Ham  are  still  in  the   occupying  England  spots  in  the  future. Premiership,  a  solid  yet  cultured   defender,  one  of  the  top  ten  this  year.  All   The  fallout  from  Sven  Goran  Eriksson’s   the  noise  over  Ledley  King’s   reign  is  still  damaging  as  Jamie   involvement  seems  short  sighted  when   Carragher,  despite  an  impressive  season   you  consider  that,  yet  again,  he  has   with  faltering  Liverpool,  refuses  to  make   played  half  a  season  while  Michael   himself  available  for  the  new  Italian   Dawson  has  held  things  together  for   chief,  while  Sol  Campbell  gets  a  ‘thanks   Spurs  for  over  30  games  and  grown  in   but  no  thanks’  from  me. stature  as  a  defender.  Dawson  has   statistically  had  a  better  season  than   We  do  have  an  abundance  of  talent  in   Upson  but  experience  would  guarantee   defence,  some  players  at  their  peak,   Upson  the  third  choice  centre-­‐half  spot. some  over  the  hill  and  some  real  

Too much  has  been  made  of  John  Terry’s   apparent  lack  of  form  since  his  extra   marital  activities  become  public   knowledge.  You  try  to  go  about  your   business  with  50,000  screaming   obscenities  at  you  and  its  bound  to   cause  a  wobble,  in  a  months  time  it  will   all  be  forgotten,  as  will  Wayne  Bridge   Phil  Jagielka  and  Joleon  Lescott  have  not   who  will  be  ofNloaded  by  Manchester   got  enough  match  time  in  while  Gary   City  and  exiled  from  the  national  team. Neville’s  re-­‐established  importance,  in   Alex  Ferguson’s  side,  meant  he  goes  

prospects, the  key  will  be  getting  the   right  balance.  Capello  will  have  to  earn   his  money  when  it  comes  to  selecting   his  defenders  but  if  anyone  can  do  it  I   fancy  the  Italian  can.

YOU’RE FIRED AND YOU’RE ALSO A TWAT... I’ve never  written  a  review  about  a  Nilm   or  a  television  program.  I’ve  never   really  needed  to,  and  I  don’t  know  as   much  about  Nilms  etc.  as  I  do  music,  so   it’s  just  never  cropped  up.  However,   last  night  was  the  Nirst  episode  of  the   Junior  Apprentice,  and  you  know  what?   The  younger  they  get  the  more   repulsive  they  become. Business  entrepreneur,  Sir  Alan  Sugar   is  the  daddy  behind  this  reality   program  in  which  the  great  commerce   dealing  individuals  of  this  nation  come   head  to  head  in  a  series  of  money   making  tasks.  I  was  a  regular  viewer  of   The  Apprentice  when  it  Nirst  came  out.   Watching  a  collection  of  suit  clad   yuppies  run  around  trying  to  Nlog   barrels  of  dogs  piss  or  a  crate  of  pigs   trotters  makes  for  good  viewing.  The   contestants  persistently  bicker  behind   one  another’s  back  while  reeling  of   cliché  business  terms  to  seem  a  lot   more  essential  than  they  actually  are.   Relentlessly  chattering  over  each  other   with  their  piercing  voices  Nighting  for   centre  stage,  these  stern-­‐faced  bull-­‐ shitters  could  start  an  argument  with   Helen  Keller,  but  that’s  what’s  so   entertaining!  It’s  not  their  ideas  or  lack   of  common  sense  that  makes  it  good   viewing,  it’s  the  fact  that  these  people   are  so  self-­‐absorbed  with  their  own   unjustiNied  brilliance  that  they   eventually  combust  into  a  whirlwind  of   useless  ideas,  squabbling  ‘grown  ups’   and  sweat-­‐stained  Gucci  suits.  

of themselves,   but  in  brogues.   So  with  the  Nirst   showing  of  the   Young   Apprentice  I  was   dubious  as  to   what  age  these   business  types   start  spewing  out  lines  like  ‘are  we  all   reading  from  the  same  hymn  sheet?’,   and  it  turns  out  a  lot  younger  than  I   thought.   Donning  rather  ghastly  M&S  junior   suits  and  armed  with  a  disjointed  sense   of  entitlement,  each  one  of  these  little   cretins  spouted  out  the  same  tosh  as   their  adult  comrades,  bit  in  a  higher   voice.  One  little  shit  bag  in  particular,   Jordan,  frowned  at  the  juvenile   competition,  claiming  he  was  far   superior  than  his  GCSE  taking  rivalries   only  to  be  Nired  at  the  end  of  the  show.   Poor  poor  Jordan.

The rage  that  ensued  within  me  hasn’t   altered  my  perception  or  enjoyment  of   these  reality  tv  programs,  because  I  like   to  get  cheesed  off  with  these  fame   hungry  cock-­‐rags,  it’s  more  of  a  reality   check.  These  briefcase  slingin’  young   guns  have  already  set  their  belligerent   ethos  in  stone,  and  sure,  a  number  of   them  have  added  rather  fantastic   achievements  to  their  c.v  before  hair   has  hit  their  balls,  but  everything  in   moderation,  yeah?  You  might  even   Who  doesn’t  like  conNlict  on  television?   think  that  a  Ninger  pointing  angry   That’s  the  whole  appeal  of  reality  tv,   Jewish  man  might  deter  them  from   and  that’s  certainly  why  I  watch  it.  But   acting  so  big-­‐headed,  well  I’m  afraid   what  makes  the  apprentice  so  engaging   not.  Jordan  still  feels  supercilious  and   is  that  these  people  are  no  better  than   still  believes  he  should  have  emerged   Big  Brother  contestants.  They  all  end   victorious,  well  Jordan,  we  live  and  we   up  in  the  same  situation,  Nighting  for   learn.   centre  stage  while  making  an  utter  twat  

Interview Whats the  story  behind  steadyguy:   what  made  you  wanna  do  it? JT:  


FASHION Introduction After spending   a   few   years   involved   in   various   aspects  of   street   fashion,   sneaker   collection,   and   just   general   involvement  on  the   United  Kingdom,   American   and   Dutch   art   and   music   scene,  the  idea  of  starting  a  company   that   would   link   good   upcoming   fashion   that  has   been   in1luenced   by   these   various   art   forms   with   those   that   appreciate   them   was   a   no   brainer.  

The  reason  why  I  decided  to  embark   on  this  journey  was  my  love  affair  with   not  so  main  stream  fashion,  music,  art,   product  design  and  a  general  mentality   that  prefers  what's  not  popular  culture   but  able  to  function  in  the  normal   world.  I’m  not  one  of  those  militant  anti   main  stream  or  anti  brand  people,  who   won’t  wear  a  pair  of  Levi’s  because  they   are  "so  main  stream".  I  actually  like   Levi’s!  But  I  do  like  to  Nind  rare  things   that  are  of  good  quality  and  have  some   kind  of  thought  catching  ethos  about  it.   After  years  of  living  across  various   cities  and  discovering  many  interesting   people  and  the  projects  they  are   involved  in,  I  decided  this  was  the  route   for  me  to  take,  link  people  who  believe   in  what  we  believe  in  and  the  really   awesome  brands  out  there.   Why  the  name  SteadyGuy?   JT:

In high   school   in   the   late   90’s   when   someone   was   rocking   a   rare   pair   of   limited   edition   sneakers,   ones   that   were   so   rare   that   the   only   other   25   In  2009  Justin  Taundi,  decided  to  set  up   pairs   were   scattered   across   the   world   from  Tokyo  to  Rio  De  Janeiro,  the  guys  I   Steadyguy  Clothing  a  small  company   that  is  meant  to  bring  together  people   spent   my   teenage   years   in   art   school     used   to   come   surround   the   privileged   that  look  for  substance,  design  and   owner   of   these   sneakers,   in   awe   of   creative  merit  rather  than  big  brand   these  rare  trainers  and  half  in  shock  as   names.   to  why  he  had  even  considered  wearing   them   rather   than   shelving   them.   The   Trent  Rampage  hangs  out  with  label   mob   of  other   envious  teenagers   would   owner  JT  in  Leeds  and  Ninds  out  what   this  American  has  to  say  about  British   be   going   crazy   shout   hey   “   Steady…….   high  street  fashion,  techno,  hip  hop  and   Guy,   Where   did   you   kop   those?!”.   This   became  a   phrase  that  stuck  with  me  for   some  exciting  up  and  coming  stuff   when   something   of   rarity   and   some   peeps  can  expect  from  his  label. kind   of   sentimental   value   came   from,   and  hence  when  setting  up  Steady   Guy,   this   was   a   Nitting   name   for   what   the   vision    is  for  SteadyGuy.    

You mentioned  that  "product  and   graphic  design,  hip  hop,  techno,   street  and  skateboard  culture,   illustration  and  photography"  are   elements  that  characterize   steadyguy.  How?   And  what  is  your  background  on  say,   techno  music  and  hip  hop  culture? JT: Having   been   brought   up   within   the   Philadelphia   Hip   Hop,   turntablism,   skateboarding   street   culture,   then   going   to   art   school   where  I   did  Nine   art   and   product   design   followed   by   my   time   as   the   other   half   of   Dj’ing   duo   Madplastic   with   Swedish   Dj   Fredrik   Stjarne  has  given  me  insights  into   those   different   worlds   and   the   lifestyle   that   comes  with  it  have   shaped  my  frame  of   mind  to  be   susceptible  to   things  which   are  inspired  by   these  elements.  Years  of   watching   clubbers   and   their   fashion   styles   from   city   to   city   around   the   world  and  being   around   Being  involved   in  these  various  things   you  get  to  party   a   lot,   see   a   lot   of   people   individual   styles   meet   a  lot   of   creative  people  and   realise  the  abundance  of   quality   under   the   surface   creative   fashion   out   there.   All   the   brands   and   art   that   we   have   now   and   will   be   getting   in   the   future   will  have  one  or  all  of  these   elements  as   these   are   the   things   that   inspire   and   excite   us.   In   all   this   we   like   awesome   graphics,   good   creative   substance,   things   that   deserve   some   artistic   merit   and   quality   that   stems   from   the   things   that   stimulate   us.   By   Teaming   up   with   CHris   Marshall,   our   Creative  "Badman"   who   has  a  strong   background  is  design   and   product   design,   it   was   obvious   we   had  the  same  vision  and  thoughts.

heard of  them,  that’s  what   we   are  trying   to  do,  that’s  what  gives  us  pleasure.   Well  the  formula  is  simple  in  how  we   Nind  our  brands,  is  it  interesting,  does  it   have  substance,  is  it  unique?  Is  it  of   awesome  quality,  do  we  like  who  we’re   working  with,  and  then  does  it  fulNil  the   Steadyguy  philosophy,  if  all  these  are   present  then  we  are  good  to  go.

What's your  take  on  Britain’s  high   street  fashion  culture?  Do  you  like   brands  like  Urban  OutIitters  and   American  Apparel  count  as  high  street   in  your  book? JT: Well   I’m  loving  the   British  street  fashion   at   the   moment,   people   have   got   balls   now,   chicks   are   getting   number   one   clippers   length   haircuts   and   rocking   some   crazy   wicked  retro   stuff,   the   guys   styles  are  ranging  from  the  mod  looks  to   the   dubstep/grime   scene   cap   wearing   look.  Its   wicked  I’m   buzzing   from   it.   Its   like  there  has  been  some  kind  of  fashion   liberation   serum   injected   in   the   bloodstreams   of   kids   today.     Britain  six   to  seven  years  ago  the  fashion  scene  was   a   bit   dreary,   I   moved   to   Germany   and   Holland   and   visited   Scandanavia   and   was   thinking   bloody   hell   the   fashion   scene  here  is  better  than  in  Britain.  Then   I   came   back   to   Britain   and   in   the   last   couple   of   years   its   stepped   up   to   have   Europe’s  leading  street  fashionista’s.    Here  the  high  street  does  shape  the   street  styles  though,  which  is  a  shame  in   my  opinion,  because  the  high  street   makes  us  uniform  like,  noone  likes   (especially  the  ladies)  to  be  in  a  bar  and   having  someone  wearing  the  same  top,   and  everytime  you  shop  highstreet,  just   think  on  that  shelve  or  rack  a  lot  of  other   people  in  your  city  are  going  to  be   wearing  that.  I  live  in  a  young  vibrant   part  of  Leeds  where  I  have  the  pleasure   of  seeing  these,  young  aspiring,  artists,   dj’s,  musicians,  students,  hippies  and   street  gang  types  etc  originality  levels   are  high  and  that’s  pretty  cool  to  witness   everyday.

Well what   do   I   think  of   Urban  OutNitters   and   American   apparel…   Hmmmm,   well   they  are  very  good  businesses.  “We’ll  put   50  thousand  pairs  of   denim’s  across   the   country,   they   sell   out   we’ll   restock   the   shelves".   I   don’t   think   the   principles   of   uniqueness,   rarity   and   originality   apply,   which   is   fair   enough,   just   a   different   philosophy   to   what   we   believe   in.   They   have  some  good  quality  stuff  there,   with   m a s s ive   b uy i n g   p o w e r   a n d   p r / marketing   machines   its   always   going   to   be   a   winner.   They   can   be   a   one   stop   shop,   they   can   design   and   determine   a   look   for   someone,  one   can  walk   in   those   shops   with  £300   pounds   and  come   out   with   a   new   look.   We   like   the   hunt   of   putting   together   things   from   various   places.  In  terms  of  them  being  high  street,  I   think  so,  I  walk  around  Britain’s  cities   and  every  other  bag  is  an  Urban   outNitters  bag,  and  apart  from  Topshop/ Topman.  No  one  else  is  on  the  high   street  competing  with  those  guys  for   that  particular  market  segment. You  stock  OnTour  stuff  and  I've  never   heard  of  OnTour  until  I  came  across   your  store.  Their  designs  are  to  die  for.   So  how  do  you  select  your  labels?  Like   what's  the  criteria?  Is  there  some  sort   of  formula? JT:

Anything else  you'd  like  to  add? JT:   Well  we   would  like  people  that  feel  they   can   relate  to   what   we   are  trying   to  do   to   check   out   what   we   are   doing   from   now   and   within   the   next   year.   We   are   still   new  on  the  scene  but   we  are   due  to  have   more   brands   like   Study   Footwear   from   LA,   Norse   Projects   from   Scandanavia,   Gourmet   Footwear   and   AlNie   Clothing,   Superhorstjansen  from   Germany   just   to   name  a  few  that   will  be  coming  onto  our   portfolio.   Not  to   mention  a   lot  of   Artists   and   photographers   we   are   going   to   be   showing   on   our   site.   We   still   have  a   lot   more   to   come   so  people   should  check   it   out   and  see   what   we   have   on  offer.   The   most   thing   we   are   excited   about   is   bringing   out   womenswear   in   AW10,   after  our  fear  of  competing  with  the   fast   fashion  market  in  the  UK  we  realised   we   trust   the   women   in   Britain   to   go   for   substance  rather  than  disposable.

We   believe   fashion,   art   and   music   are   extensions   of  our  personalities,   they   are   a  means   of   communication  that  we  have   to   convey   a   message   about   us,   so   if   people  believe   there  is   still   a  place  for  a   unique  indie  sort   of  approach   and   want   to   support   it,   the   supporting   us   will   be   See  that’s   the  beauty   of   what   steadyguy   much  appreciated is  trying  to   do,   bring  otherwise  unheard   Trent  Rampage  is  the  person  behind   of   labels   and   brands   to   the   inquisitive   www.bad-­ customer  that   appreciates   good   designs,   an  independent  UK-­‐based  electro,  indie,   quality,  the  themes  behind  them   and  the   dnb,  house  and  techno  music  blog. unique   element   of   it   all.   You   have   seen   the   designs   and   the   products   and   you   were   impressed   but   you   had   never  


MIDFIELD Pt. 3 An infamous Achilles injury has eradicated an argument that was overshadowing Englandʼs World Cup chances and the emerging talent more than ready to take David Beckhamʼs place. Had he  been  Nit  Goldenballs  would   the  park,  he  has  also  been   have  made  my  list  but  the  rumpus   known  to  get  on  the   surrounding  his  inclusion  detracts  from   scoresheet,  he  is  a   the  team  too  much.  I  now  look  at  the   premature  end  to  Beckham’s  World  

complete player.   Gareth  Barry’s  

Cup dream  as  a  painful  blessing  in   disguise,  it  saves  the  possible  

recent injury  may   tragically  force  him  

embarrassment of  him  being  over  

out of  the  reckoning  

looked and  it  leaves  a  space  open  for  a   younger,  in-­‐form  midNielder  to  cement  

but on  current  form  he   would  not  make  my  squad.  

Aaron Lennon   having  a  rest

their place.  Mind  you  in  the  recent  days   Viera,  De  Jong  and  Kompany  have   Jamie  Carragher  has  hinted  at  his   outshone  him  in  Manchester  City’s   return  to  the  fold  and  one  of  my  

midNield and  while  Barry  was  relied  on  

previous defensive  selections  would   make  way  for  him,  much  in  the  same  

so much  by  Aston  Villa  he  has  faded   somewhat  into  the  back  ground  at  The  

way that  if  a  certain  evergreen   Manchester  United  redhead  returned  

Eastlands. Replacing  him  is  not  easy,   especially  with  Owen  Hargreaves’  

to the  England  fold  a  degree  of  

tendonitis reducing  him  to  just  one  

reshufNling to  this  group  would  be   required.

league appearance  this  year.   Michael  Carrick  gets  the  nod  from  

Frank Lampard  and  Steven  Gerrard   me.  He  has  become  the  scapegoat  for   maintain  their  posts  as  England’s   Manchester  United’s  misfortunes  this   leading  midNielders,  Chelsea’s  goal  

year and  that  has  cost  him  his  place  in  

machine has  spoken  recently  about  this   the  starting  11.  In  my  goal  keeping  and   season  being  his  best  and,  in  terms  of   defensive  selections  stats  had  a   team  silverware,  he  might  be  right.   Liverpool’s  captain  is  suffering  a   different  fate,  a  miserable  season  with   Liverpool  will  hopefully  not  leave   Gerrard  too  deNlated,  we  must  hope   instead  that  the  new  found  freedom   from  AnNield’s  heavy  shackles  

deNining role  but  further  up  the  Nield   ability,  temperament  and  technique  

especially good  when  he  was  lining  up   alongside  some  very  average  West  Ham   players.  A  mix  of  inexperienced  young   Hammers  and  a  few  foreign   mercenaries  surrounded  parker  and   while  they  were  picking  up  ratings  of   5s  and  6s  his  combative  style  and   never-­‐say-­‐die  attitude  ensured  him  8s   and  9s  in  comparison.  Had  Barry  and   Hargreaves  been  available  this  may   have  been  a  tougher  choice  but  with   the  attacking  options  still  to  feature  a   reliable  anchorman  is  what  I  need  and   that  is  certainly  what  Scott  Parker  is. Aaron  Lennon  has  made  his  return   to  action  just  in  time  and  I  assume  that   over  the  next  eight  weeks  he  will  regain  

as much  sharpness  as  possible.  Lennon   play  a  much  larger  part.  Carrick  has  the   gets  the  nod  ahead  of  Sean  Wright   discipline  that  is  vital  for  all  holding   Phillips  for  a  few  reasons,  Nirst  touch,  a   midNielders,  that  mental  strength  that   Ninal  ball  and  a  smug  father  separate   allows  you  to  sacriNice  personal  glories   for  that  of  the  team.  Carrick  also  has  a  

the two.  SWP  is  a  sub  at  best  at  

reinvigorates the  scouser.

range of  passing,  off  either  foot,  that  is  

The ‘utility  man’  tag  can  be  a   poisoned  chalice  but  it  seems  to  be  

unrivalled in  the  Premiership.  He  has   experience  at  the  highest  level  of  club  

international defenders  will  be  able  to   cope  with  the  predictability  of  his  game  

working perfectly  for  James  Milner.  The   football  and  he  has  been  free  of  injury   former  winger,  occasional  fullback  and   all  season.   newfound  centre  midNielder  has  shone  

Scott Parker  also  goes  to  South  

in Aston  Villa’s  engine  room  this  year.   In  Milner  you  have  a  squad  member  

Africa in  my  book,  I  am  a  big  fan  of   Parker’s  and  without  him  I  don’t  think  

that can  play  on  either  Nlank,  in  either   fullback  position  and  in  the  middle  of  

international level  and  I  think  most  

and his  lack  of  ball  control. My  inclusion  of  Joe  Cole  may   surprise  some  and  it’s  not  an  easy   choice  by  any  means,  especially  having   watched  Chelsea’s  celebrations  

yesterday. Cole  offers  a  mercurial  talent   West  Ham  would  have  survived  this   that  England’s  squad  lacks,  he  does  the   year.  I  do,  however,  think  that  he  looked   unexpected,  he  does  the  things  that  


Zidane, Del  Piero,  Bebeto  and   Bergkamp  have  done  for  their   respective  countries.  I  am  not  putting   Cole  on  the  same  pedestal  as  those   mentioned  but  I  hope  it  demonstrates   my  point.  When  a  team  lays  out  two   banks  of  four  and  invites  you  to  attack   them  then  pace  and  power  will  not  cut   the  mustard.  Something  audacious  and   unexpected  must  happen,  something   that  an  average  player  would  not  think   about  let  alone  attempt.  Wayne  Rooney   has  this  certain  ‘je  na  sais  quoi’  in   abundance  but  his  goal  scoring  instinct   takes  priority  as  a  striker.  Cole  also   offers  the  option  of  playing  as  a  second   striker  and  as  a  centre  midNielder.   Adam  Johnson  completes  my  eight   midNielders  although  one  of  the   forwards  I  am  to  name  in  the  next   installment  is  as  effective  on  the  Nlank.   Johnson  has  had  a  Nine  season  and  in  a   short  time  he  has  proved  he  is   Premiership  quality  at  least.  He  is  not   just  a  speed  merchant,  going  outside   every  time,  playing  into  the  defenders   hands,  he  also  has  the  verve  to  try   something  different.  Johnson’s  an   unknown  entity  on  the  international   scene  and  that  could  work  in  our   favour.  If  he  travels  I  certainly  expect   him  to  have  more  of  an  impact  than  

Theo Walcott  did  at  our  last  attempt   and  he  does  not  seem  the  type  to  be   phased  by  anything,  having  settled  into   the  Man  City  soap  opera  with  apparent   ease.   I  thought  I  would  be  more  conNlicted  as   I  went  through  my  list  and  had  to  put   crosses  through  certain  names  and   ticks  next  to  others  but  when  I  look  at   these  eight  names  and  consider  where   they  could  play  anywhere  in  a  team’s   six  most  offensive  positions  I  get  a   sense  of  assurance,  conNidence  even.   I  wonder  if  Fabio  realises  how  easy  this   job  really  is?

top: James  Milner Middle:  Lampard  &  Gerrard Bottom:  adam  johnson  (number  9)   alongside  theo  walcott

Joe Cole




1. Walter  Murphy  &  The  Big   Apple  Band  -­‐  A  Fifth  Of   Beethoven  (Soulwax  Mix) 2.  DJ  DLG  -­‐  Paramount   (Rogerseventytwo  Mix) 3.  Fred  Wesley  &  The  J.B's  -­‐  Blow   Your  Head 4.  Lamb  -­‐  Cotton  Wool  (Fila   Brazillia  Remix) 5.  Nick  Drake  -­‐  Saturday  Sun 6.  Joe  Bataan  -­‐  Gypsy  Woman 7.  Jellybread  -­‐  I  Pity  The  Fool 8.  Nightmares  On  Wax  -­‐  Les   Nuits 9.  Corrina  Joseph  -­‐  Lonely 10.  Pilot  Priest  -­‐  Body  Double 11.  Rusko  -­‐  Hold  On  (feat.  Amber   Coffman)  (Sub  Focus  Remix) 12.  Mt  Eden  Dubstep  -­‐  Sierra   Leone 13.  Peaches  -­‐  I  Feel  Cream   (Proxy  Remix) 14.  Midnight  Juggernauts  -­‐  Into   the  Galaxy 15.  Django  Django  -­‐  WOR 16.  Hawkwind  -­‐  Hurry  On   Sundown 17.  Jeff  Buckley  -­‐  Lilac  Wine


18. James  Brown  -­‐  King  Heroin 19.  The  Cure  vs  The   Commodores  -­‐  Easy  Heaven   (Brat  Mash  Up) 20.  Chromeo  -­‐  Night  By  Night   (Skream  Remix) 21.  The  Temper  Trap  -­‐  Science  Of   Fear  (Rockdaworld  Remix) 22. Florence  And  The  Machine  -­‐   Dog  Days  Are  Over   (Breakage  Remix) Follow  the  link  below  to  hear  the   actual  playlist view_play_list? p=25B8D7960ED1B421 If  you  would  like  to  hear  more   check  the  link

COUNTDOWN COMPLETE If the  30-­‐man  provisional  squad  is   anything  to  go  by  then  my  predictions   have  been  pretty  tasty  so  far.  Wes   Brown  didn’t  make  it  but  as  I  said   previously,  if  Jamie  Carragher’s   availability  had  been  public  knowledge   he  would  have  blown  Brown  out  of  the   water,  as  he  has. Lets  cut  to  the  chase,  Wayne  Rooney  is   in  and  he  needs  to  be  well  looked  after   for  the  next  month.  He  has  shown  the   strain  of  carrying  the  attacking   demands  of  Manchester  United  on  his   broad  shoulders  recently,  never  more   so  than  on  Sunday  when  he   volunteered  himself  for  substitution   when  still  in  the  hunt  for  the  golden   boot.  Rooney  is  not  the  sort  of  play  that   returns  rusty  or  loses  his  touch,  if  he   doesn’t  kick  a  ball  again  until  June  10th   I  will  still  have  him  leading  the  line,  bar   none.

ability. All  the  stick  that’s   been  aimed  at  Emile  over   the  years  by  know-­‐it-­‐all,   failed  footballers  turned   journalists,  like  myself,   have  no  doubt  contributed   to  Heskey’s  glaring  lack  of   self-­‐conNidence  but,  in  a   one  month  knock  out   tournament,  there  is  not   enough  time  for  ego   rubbing,  especially  not  for   such  a  questionable  talent.

In Heskey’s  place  is  Peter   Crouch,  there  are  pros  and   cons  to  the  inclusion  of  Crouch  (or   Dave  as  Trigger  calls  him)  pro:  the  used   to  play  for  QPR,  con:  I  reckon  Abbey   Clancy  was  after  me  before  he  started   Nlashing  his  cash  at  her.  Crouch  has  a   better  Nirst  touch  and  better  mobility   than  Heskey,  two  massive  factors  when   picking  a  target-­‐man.  Crouch  can  also   Theo  Walcott  has  pace  and  defenders   Ninish  as  he  has  shown  with  Spurs  and   do  not  like  pace,  just  ask  Gary  Neville,   England  already,  yes  some  of  his  goals   Jamie  Carragher  and  John  Terry,  three   have  come  against  lesser  teams  but  he   world  class  defenders  who  have   puts  them  away  none-­‐the-­‐less.  Capello   constantly  faltered  under  the  pressure   will  be  going  against  all  his  previous   of  pace.  Also  an  option  out  wide,   claims,  that  he  picks  players  on  form,  if   Walcott  is  a  potential  impact  substitute   he  picks  Heskey,  he  has  had  his  chance   if  ever  there  was  one,  his  inexperience   and  he  has  failed  to  deliver,  time  and   limits  his  options  when  on  the  ball  but   time  again.  We’ve  all  heard  Michael   you  don’t  need  to  think  too  much  when   Owen  et  al  describe  the  ex-­‐Leicester   you  can  run  100m  in  11  seconds.  Look   man  as  the  ideal  strike  partner  but  we   at  what  Walcott  did  to  Barcelona  in   don’t  have  Michael  Owen  any  more.  We   their  Champions  League  Nirst  leg  with   need  to  pick  a  player  able  to   Arsenal.  The  narrow,  intricate  football   compliment  Wayne  Rooney  and  I  see   that  Arsenal  plays  makes  it  difNicult  for   Crouch  as  the  man  for  that  job. Walcott  to  have  an  impact  over  90   minutes.  Each  of  the  three  goals  he   Bobby  Zamora  is  omitted  from  my   scored  against  Croatia,  in  qualifying,   World  Cup  squad,  he  has  been   came  from  the  former-­‐Saints  star   exceptional  as  the  focal  point  of  a  4-­‐5-­‐1   picking  the  ball  up  wide  and  running  at   formation  for  Fulham  but  Fabio  Capello   people,  that  does  not  happen  at  the   is  not  going  to  play  that  system.  It  may   Emirates,  not  since  a  certain  Mr.  Henry   not  sound  like  a  hugely  demanding   ruled  the  roost  in  North  London. change  for  a  player  to  make  but  I  do  not   see  Zamora  continuing  his  club  form   Emile  Heskey,  if  it  were  up  to  me,   onto  the  world  stage.  He  has  had  one   would  be  spending  his  summer  in   exceptional  season  on  the  back  of  some   England  with  his  agent  trying  to  Nind  a   pretty  woeful  ones,  he  has  moved  from   new  club.  The  professional  rebound   club  to  club  and  often  been  ofNloaded  as   board  cannot  get  into  his  club  team  and   a  disappointment.  I  think  Zamora  has   age  is  not  on  his  side.  Heskey  is  a   been  a  fortunate  victim  of  Roy   conNidence  player  if  ever  there  was  one;   Hodgson’s  management  skill  and   he  needs  an  arm  round  his  shoulder,  a   Fulham’s  particular  style  of  play.  It  may   whisper  in  his  ear  and  a  gaping  open   seem  harsh  but  I  think  Zamora  knows   goal  before  he  can  show  any  form  of   that  he  would  be  out  of  his  depth  in  


South Africa,  there  are  better  players  in   front  of  him  and  I  think  there  are  even   better  players  behind  him  in  pecking   order. This  is  a  the  most  depressing  part  of   the  draw,  I  am  completely  indifferent  as   to  whether  Jermaine  Defoe  or  Darren   Bent  go  to  the  World  Cup,  both  are  well   short  of  the  crème-­‐de-­‐la-­‐crème  of  all   out  strikers  England  has  produced  in   the  past.  Lineker,  Shearer,  Owen,  goal   getters  of  the  highest  quality.  Bent  and   Defoe  are  quick  and  know  where  the   goal  is  but  they  do  not  inspire  me  in  the   least.  I  doubt  that  either  of  them  have   the  mental  strength  for  an  occasion   such  as  this  and  I  see  neither  of  them   getting  the  better  of  a  world-­‐class   defender.  Bent  has  got  goals  at   unfashionable  Sunderland  but  there   must  be  a  reason  he  is  not  playing  at  a   better  side  at  26  years-­‐of-­‐age.  Defoe   just  about  pips  Bent  to  the  post  but  I   still  have  my  reservations.    Barring   Wayne  Rooney  this  group  of  players   leaves  me  completely  deNlated,  so  much   so  that  I  wouldn’t  even  bother  with   starting  any  of  the  other  three…. IN:  Wayne  Rooney,  Peter  Crouch,  Theo   Walcott,  and  Jermaine  Defoe Below  is  my  starting  11  for  England’s   World  Cup,  this  is  a  fantasy  but  with   attacking  options  like  those  above   desperate  times  call  for  us  to  rely   entirely  on  Wayne  Rooney













VIEW FROM A JAPANESE MUSIC FAN Step into  any  record  shop  in  Japan,   and  you’ll  Nind  that  there  are  at  least   two  sections-­‐-­‐-­‐one  for  Japanese  music,   commonly  called  J-­‐Pop,  and  the  other   for  non-­‐Japanese  music  (generally   Western  music  from  North  America,   Europe,  Australia  and  such).  Many   times,  there  are  more  sections  devoted   to  other  types  of  music  either  based  on   genre  or  region.  Even  in  this  economy,   there’s  no  sign  that  the  Japanese  have   lost  interest  in  music;  after  all,  CDs  and   mobile  phone  downloads  still  do  sell,   karaoke  boxes  are  still  Nilled  with   people  singing  their  favourite  tunes,   and  numerous  concerts  by  musicians   are  held  in  this  country.   Some  listen  to  mainly  J-­‐Pop  artists,   some  listen  to  foreign  music,  and  some  

As a  music   listener,  I’ve   noticed  that   foreign  artists  and   domestic   (Japanese)  artists   tend  to  do  business   differently.  Older   songs  get  passed   on  to  newer   generations  easier   amongst  artists  from  abroad.  It  would   not  be  unusual  for  newer  artists  to  cite   established  artists  or  their  songs  as  an   artistic  inspiration,  and  music   magazines  and  other  media  pass  on  

The above  comparison  was  not   meant  to  be  a  speciNic  criticism,  yet  as  a  

older music  to  newer  generations.  Yet  

music listener,  I  Nind  the  different   situations  to  be  fascinating.  Many  

the J-­‐Pop  scene  is  generally  devoid  of   listen  to  both.  Yet  among  those  who  are   this-­‐-­‐-­‐the  record  industry  seems  to   interested  in  foreign  music,  it  is  well   treat  singles  and  albums  as  disposable   known  that  their  passion  is  immense.   items  ready  to  be  tossed  into  the   Every  individual  in  this  country  who   rubbish  bin  as  soon  as  their  15  (or   listens  to  non-­‐Japanese  has  their  own   perhaps  5)  minutes  are  up.  This  is  not   individual  story  as  to  how  to  they   to  say  that  every  Japanese  musician  is   became  interested  or  exposed  to  such   faced  with  this  fate-­‐-­‐-­‐the  more   music.  Perhaps  their  parents  were   mainstream  the  artist  is,  the  more   interested,  perhaps  their  friends  were   likely  is  such  a  case.  Whereas  it  is  not   interested,  or  maybe  it  was  that  they   unusual  for  non-­‐Japanese  artists  to   started  to  learn  English  in  school  and   have  several  year  gaps  between  the   became  interested.  Whatever  the   release  dates  of  their  albums,   reason,  you  can  be  sure  that  once  they   become  a  fan,  they  tend  to  stick  around.  

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mainstream J-­‐Pop  artists  tend  to   release  albums  more  frequently.



countries around  the  world  produce   talented  musicians  and  there  is  no  real   right  or  wrong  way  of  doing  things.   Of  course,  many  people  are   worried  about  new  technology  as  well   as  the  economy,  but  in  the  end,  good   music  will  survive.  At  least,  that  is  what   many  people  are  hoping.   Eimi  Sato    

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