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The Mycenaean, Leesville Road High School, December 16 2013

The Millennia

All Leesville studen born between 1981 people accuse you o self-centered and la into a world of tec student loans and su These infographics about you to see if are correct and co national studies


According to Tom Kratt today’s young adults are a ge sive social commitment and d and careers for the greater g about Leesville’s own Loonie is entirely true. 79% of Leesv in the community is extreme ing the greater good. Also, o of Leesville students have a s they abide by. Krattenmaker of teens “have different mora ticulating them.” But, we ha morals.


Business Insider recentl no longer the most popular teens. According to the article ter is now the most importan only 23% said that Facebook our infographic coincides tha most popular site among Le has taken over its spot with a claiming to use the service. behind with 62% of LRHS us


According to our survey, o said they were not hardwork believed they had either a goo hard. However, according to 39% of students nationwide work very hard. Many students at Leesvi 42% of Leesville students do workforce) and 58% do (this toring). Nationally, 26% of t Labor Statistics, held part-tim


Leesville student’s politic filiated, 31% Republican, 29 bers of a minor party. This c nial data that found that ind However, there are more R ville than Democrat which the stereotype that youths liberal. Leesville student’s po downward trend in political among millennials.


To find out if you are a stereotypical Millennial take this quiz by Pew Research:

Contrary to previous gen their parents, Millennials, a survey, fight very little with found parents of millennials ments with their own childre ing with their parents. Leesv sentiment: Over half of the had a “really good” relations only nine percent described good” or in “constant disagre

The Mycenaean, Leesville Road High School, December 16, 2013

Millennials/ 9

a l G e n e r at i o n

nts are Millennials, 1 and 2000. Older of being narcissistic, azy. You were born chnology and high urvived a recession. s are gathered data f these accusations ompared them with s and averages.


tenmaker in USA Today, “... eneration marked by impresdedication to using their lives good.” The data we collected es suggest that this statement ville finds that helping others ely important to them--valuour research found that 59% strict set of moral values that explains that our generation als, and different ways of arave found teens have strong


ly reported that Facebook is social media service among e, 26% of teens say that Twitnt social media service, while k was, down from 42%. While at Facebook is no longer the eesville students, Instagram a staggering 73% of students Twitter, however, is not far sers.


only 7% of Leesville students king while a staggering 92% od work ethic and/or worked o a Huffington Post survey, e said they did not want to

ille hold jobs or internships. o not have a job (not in the includes babysitting and tuteens, according to Bureau of me jobs throughout the year.


cal allegiances are 33% unaf9% Democrat, and 7% memcoincides with other millendependents were on the rise. Republican students at Leescontradicts other data and are mostly Democratic and olitical knowledge matches a awareness and participation

Leesville’s own Foods classes teach various objectives regarding food choices and health, nutrient groups and the various influences on food choices. However, when students cook muffins in class, they are given the choice of what kind to make. Students have the resources to make whole grain blueberry muffins-- a healthy choice--but most make chocolate chip muffins. Joanne LeSieur, Leesville’s food class teacher, said, “Many of my students think that they can eat anything they want while they’re teenagers, but that stuff

catches up with you later in life.” Teenagers are notorious for acting without thinking about the potential repercussions, and their food choices reflect this. Gaining

Governmental guidelines

The USDA created a basic diet plan for calorie-based diets. They split up the diet into the

Financial burden


nerations’ relationships with according to a Pew Research h their parents. The survey s are having far fewer arguen than they remember havville’s Millennials echoed this students surveyed said they ship with their parents, and d their relationship as “not eement.”

This data is gathered from approximately 400 different surveys given to students of different grades and socio-economic status.All of this data is from our own research and is gathered from Leesville students.

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