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To My Dearest




Someone I can go anywhere with; someone I can be myself with.

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You know you got something good when it puts you at peace. You know you got something good when you feel things that you never knew you could.

December 2013


I know I have been owing you a let ter for awhile. & I wanted to make it special, thoughtful and fun. So, here is a letter to you to remind the both of us why we are together and continue to love eachother deeply everyday. Our relationship has faced many challenges down the road that test our love for one another and how strong it really is. We go through stupid shit to really deep serious shit, but through it all we have made it so far and there is no reason now to stop trying. At the heat of the moment, we are at eachother’s throats, but by the end of it all it only leads us back into eachother’s arms & I think that is the best and more powerful part of all. You are understanding and patient and willing to stride on this relationship with me and I am truly thankful. I can be a hard headed bitch sometimes, but at least we know eachother enough and can say that I’m just pmsing (haha!). & at least I can admit to it!-- So at least it is a start to something. By the end of the day, past all the bullshit and other little thing, we know we got eachother and we know our love remains the same. As long as we continue to love eachother, our souls can never truly part. I think that is why in the end, it always brings us back to one another. I am sorry for the times I am stupid, but just know it is all out of love. I love you baby, Merry Christmas! Hopeful to spend many more Christmas’ to come together. Love, Bubs

June 29 2010

Glenn &Ruby

Bub Letter  

Special letter to my love in the form of a magazine layout view.