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Austin deuce coupe

I’ll never forget the first time I heard Stray Cats sing “Stray Cat Strut” on the radio as a kid. I begged my mom to buy the cassette tape for me. I played it over and over until that tape wore out, and rockabilly music has flowed through my veins ever since. Something about a quick beat and a standup bass grabs me and makes me move. Then, add in the “true” rockabilly performers-throwback style-- and their diehard fans, and you’ve got a recipe for fun.

kevin fox

Following a traditional rockabilly approach, Austin-based Deuce Coupe appear completely “dudded up” with cuffed Levi’s, western pearl snap shirts, old style suspenders, pointy-toed boots and wayfarers. Not only do they look fab, but they also throw down a mean beat. And playing at The Mean-Eyed Cat, a venue with a name that reflects its look that also hosts some of the best down-home music in Texas, they are prepped to bring it all the way.

justin moore

Front man Kevin Fox, who sings and plays the standup bass, exemplifies rockabilly. His talents combined with band members Justin Moore (guitar) and Adam Berlin (drums) give their fans a hell-raising, foot stompin’ good time at their shows. They perform a combo of covers and originals. Of their originals, I enjoyed their newest, “Hotrod Mama,” with its raw originality and straightforward lyrics. The lyrically sexy “Hot,” not only made me hot, but also made me hone my swing dancing skills. When covering the old time favorite, “Maybelline,” adam berlin and the Stray Cats “Rev It Up & Go,” Deuce Coup gave both songs a special twist. These guys are some of the nicest people in town, and absolutely making strides to the top with their fresh, feelgood rockabilly.