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Can you tell us about RE-create Outreach Art Studio? How did it start and what does it mean to be an open arts studio? RE-create is an Outreach Art studio for youth aged 16 to 24 in downtown Hamilton. Youth can “dropin” to the studio three times a week for free art-making, snacks, and coffee. Youth can use materials to make something as simple as a button in fifteen minutes, or as extravagant as a six-foot wood-crafted sculpture. The youth coming to RE-create are often facing social, mental, physical, and financial barriers which can prevent them from making art due to the costs and the space needed.

gy care, restorative practice, family life-planning and mental health resource support. RE-create is one of these supported programs and currently offers studio times: Mondays 12:30-3pm, Tuesdays 7-9pm, and Thursdays 4-6pm. “Open” is a good word to describe RE-create. We are open to whoever comes through the door, for howev-

er long they want to stay, and open to the things they want to express artistically, even if they just want to vent about their day. The studio is kind of like a family. In this sense, RE-create is an open community. The youth and volunteers who walk in really define what the space is going to look like and make it the artistic and familial community that it is.

“We are open to whoever comes through the door, for however long they want to stay...” RE-create opened its doors in September 2003. Betty Brouwer, our artistic director and an art therapist, saw a need for artistic opportunities and places for at-risk youth to express their stories in downtown Hamilton. RE-create moved into its current studio space in November 2011 at 126 James Street North. RE-create’s mother organization is Shalem Mental Health Network. Shalem Mental Health Network has a counselling centre at 875 Main Street east and supports many programs ranging from cler-


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The Muse - Issue 6 (Winter 2017)  

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