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Dec.1, 2016



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December 1, 2016

Your guide to surviving the Holidays Collin Morris || Assistant Sports Editor

A few years ago, we millennials looked to our good friend Ned Bigby for valuable life lessons on Nickelodeon’s “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide,” yet his absence (or the cancellation of his show) may have come in the time we needed him most – college. ​ In the show, Ned would endure a typical tumultuous day of middle school, while breaking the third wall to relay numbered tips to assist the audience in overcoming their own qualms. And what time necessitates tips more than the holidays? So, without further ado, here are seven tips for a successful holiday season:

Abby Siegel || News Editor

T ​ ip #1: Adopt plenty of hypothetical cats. A timeless aspect of the weeks leading up to your holiday of choice is an un-jolly amount of classes, studying and exams. When that time comes and you’re forced to choose between your best bud’s totally original ugly sweater party, you’ll need one of these imaginary companions for a scapegoat. ​Tip #4:

Be fiscally conservative. Maybe stay off Tinder until Dec. 26th.

​Tip #2: Enjoy the real food while you can. We get 38 days of Winter Break this year, and, come January when you walk into Winslow, you’ll be regretting each meal you skipped at home. Savor every bite of that holiday ham.

​Tip #5: Dress appropri-


It can be a feat to be healthy over the holiday break. Returning home inevitability means comfort food, holiday cookies and endless amounts of time to spend sleeping in and binge watching New Girl on Netflix. Holiday parties and family dinners are dominated by the infamous yet beloved sugar and carbs, and although delicious, you may be asking Santa for bigger jeans this year if you abide by this lifestyle. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Regular activity, simple food swaps and mindfulness can help you establish a healthy relationship with food and exercise while improving skin, confidence and overall health. It can be done, and it doesn’t require hitting the gym for hours or giving up Grandma’s famous pecan pie.

Compliment Grandma’s makeup every time you see her. In addition to the food, Winter Break also presents an opportunity to earn a few care packages. Grandma will remember your holiday cheer, and you’ll be glad you had it when she sends a fresh stock of toilet paper.

​Tip #6: Avoid the holiday

ately. Your new black ski mask is appropriate for a joyful day of sledding, it is less appropriate for a trip to the gas station or the shopping mall.

s s e n t i F r e t

​Tip #3:

click bait. That article titled “Seven Ways to Prepare for the Holidays” isn’t worth your time.

​Tip #7: Buy a Spotify subscrip-

tion. You only get one month to listen to festive music on full blast without earning yourself a scowl from your local Ebenezer Scrooge.

Get Active

Eat Well

Drinks, including coffee, alcoholic and other holiday beverages, are often loaded with sugar and fat. For coffee, swap an eggnog latte with a coffee with milk and cinnamon or a skinny vanilla latte with sugar free syrup and nonfat milk. You do not have to completely give up the food you love to be healthy. Choose smaller portions of the unhealthy options. If you have an absolute favorite food, choose healthier options throughout the day and splurge on your one favorite side or dessert rather than eating unhealthy all day. Eat healthy before a party so you won’t be tempted to eat everything in sight once you are there. Before you go, eat something high in protein to keep you full. When at the party, choose the healthiest options to snack on like fruit or vegetable tray, white meats or cheese.

You don’t have to go to the gym to get your blood pumping. Help put up Christmas decorations, vacuum the house, walk around the mall or play with the dog to increase your heart rate. Many gyms have monthly memberships and discounts for college students. Purchase a membership for the month while you are home to get you motivated to go to the gym. Pinterest and Instagram have many free workouts available posted by personal trainers. Do a search and find exercises that meet your fitness level. Many of these workouts can be done at home without gym equipment.

Be Mindful

If you make a health plan and you will be more likely to meet your goals. Consider how many times you would like to exercise a week, how many sweets you will have a week and how you want to evaluate your personal definition of success. Create your plan and then track the progress you make. The scale isn’t the only way to measure health. Take body measurements or before-and-after-pictures to see physical results. Journal changes of personal growth and confidence. Be mindful of when your cravings hit. When shopping, pack healthy snacks like almonds or a protein bar to prevent purchasing a cinnamon sugar pretzel or cake pop when your stomach starts rumbling

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December 1, 2016


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December 1, 2016

Holiday desserts on a college budget Hallie Beard || Opinion Editor


calls for baking, parties and lots of class. As college students on a ramen noodle finals-week budget, though, how can we pull off a mature, domestic shindig with beautiful confections? Without mom’s kitchen full of tools and a pantry full of ingredients, will we be forced to show up to ugly Christmas sweater parties empty-handed? Have no fear: these easy and pretty dessert recipes will impress even your grandmother, and they won’t leave you slaving over the stove for hours. Follow these instructions (or add your own touches) and your holiday baking endeavor will be a piece of cake – pun intended.

Prep t ime: 1 Choco 5 late To Cook time: 2 minutes ffee Ba 0-35 m rs e Ingred k a C e t ients: inutes at L e c i p O ne and in S a Pumpk utes O n e stick half sleeves min 0 1 : e o of but s m A bag ter, m f chocolate Prep ti e: 30 minute o f e s graha l h te m i redde A bag m cra d coco d Cook t ts: o ckers f c hocol ix nut ien m d m e e e r e k i g r a a l n u k t c I e p e a c c n n i i h mpk ag sp A bag d semi-swe ips (any ki One b z. can of pu ed nd – f et o en 5o eel fre One c f Heath toff ) One 1 k butter, soft e to m a e n e c c w h o o c ix dar ips i ndens Direct xp i m k, One st e eggs e e d k e i a o g m c r n a e s: Cru ilk rg th al a l e o p t n r i r n u s i o b h o c F esso in gra om r. This ons: C pumpk butter r to make ham cracke Directi , butter and electric mixe if a . Mix gs the cr crust for a rs by hand down ith an don’t worry w der, eg u n8x1 o , m x i m bles w aking 3 pan r with food nd m an. se – Once i t s h u r t w bowl a ick and den ly into the p r h e th ith the e t th chips, e crust is d he crust is e melted but m ooth loaf o , , m e s mix is k r t o a v u e c c w en and r and elted oconu n, laye po tes ed r ’t u i n n s s i e i e p s t d m o ack no a r covere it d into 0-30 d with nd toffee ch desired am t too dry. er mix d bake for 2 ause of its f c s o n o i n p a t u r h den s in nt T e n ec pans a ntly. B ormal prox sed milk o next. When any order of chocolat muffin on it freque much as a n p imate v ly 30 m er the enti finished, p until each l e g s o n a i T . k e l s c l i e u r o re sur a f inutes ch for face a ur the can yer t won’t cups ¾ way e i . z , E a y l t a i g s s n o y and n sic den delicio d bake for a f ll muffi e icing or ba d caramel fi – p e u k s s n ! ca chee cans a a m e r a t p e x r d e c d ra ook with taste, o to make it l c i s s a l g ac tin of fros wnies on top t. des Surprise Bro n A minutes n ook time: 15-20 C decade inutes Prep time: 5 m gs) Ingredients: o nuts or fillin (n ix m ie n w One box bro mints d chopped ndes chocolate directed and ad One package A as ix m ie n w assically pare bro Directions: pre nies will look cl w ro b e es Th ecial. s. late ition holiday sp d -e up Andes choco ed it m li a e t bark! ut taste lik nt’s peppermin scrumptious b au at re g r u yo outdo They’re sure to

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Happy Holidays

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December 1, 2016

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Please join us President’s Office and Town & Gown

Holiday Open House at Oakhurst (1510 Main Street) Dec. 1 • 4:30 - 6 p.m.

Town & Gown Community Band and Choir Holiday Concert Dec. 2 • 7 p.m. First Baptist Church

Equal education and employment opportunities M/F/D, AA employer. Murray State University supports a clean and healthy campus. Please refrain from personal tobacco use.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Future Grounds

(270) 761-4800 1201 PAYNE ST. MURRAY, KY 42071



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December 1, 2016

Holiday Fashion Guide It’s all about the ‘fit’


Sarah Combs || Sports Editor

For those of you who have been hiding under a rock and don’t know what that means, it’s a shorter version for the word outfit. Which is just way too long to say, whew (pats forehead perspiration dramatically.) Now, on to the fit! The fit is your life, it’s your mantra and a few tips and tricks can give you an idea on how to stitch together an outfit over the holidays, sure to lure in that “I miss you” text.

NEW YEAR FIT Christmas Fit It’s all about stylish comfort. There are too many plates of mashed potatoes and ham to be had for you to argue. Stick with something that will give you breathing room while you lay in the middle of your living room floor in a food coma. A quarter-length sleeve turtleneck paired nicely under your favorite spaghetti strap dress is the perfect combo. You can pair it with thigh high boots or thigh high socks and booties for a more heel friendly option. Try not to focus so much on height of your shoes, we all know how spiking that egg nog can sneak up on you and turn you into a teeter tottering intoxicated – er, I mean food coma-induced sleepy mess. Another hot trend this holiday season is the incorporation of velvet into your fit. If you’re a bold fashionista looking to make a statement, pair a velvet dress with sheer black tights. Set off the outfit with details: a fur jacket and closed-toe chunky heels.

Sequin and fur, fur and sequin. Pair them. Buy the duo now and put them side by side in your closet to get nice and acquainted. Pair a sequin dress with a fur cape, sheer tights and strappy, barbie-esque heels. The strappy nude heels are all the craze this year; however, a closedtoe shoe would be more realistic for the practical gal who wishes not to lose her toes to frostbite. You can rest easy and save some money on those obnoxious face glasses that read 2017, Snapchat has evolved and will most likely have you covered. If you’re looking to take cover inside this year, content sipping wine next to a popping fire, an oversized sweatshirt paired with sequin leggings and knit knee-high socks can give you optimal range of motion but still cute enough to post an off guard Instagram picture. *Leisurely sitting next to a fire on New Year’s, oh what’s that? A camera, oh I’m so off-guard. Kissy face*


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December 1, 2016


‘Tis The Season: a ‘single’ celebration Emily Williams|| Contributing writer

Ah, the holidays. That sacred time of year that fills the air with the sweet scent of pine needles, a pie in the oven, chestnuts roasting on an open fire and probably something with the slightest hint of cinnamon that you can never quite trace back to a source. But for much of the world, the holiday season fills the air with something that goes to places much deeper than your nasal cavity is capable of reaching. During the holiday season, lovebirds spread their wings and soar towards the endless opportunities to broadcast their love to the world. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a good holiday romance and sweet gestures of holiday cheer. But when thinking in terms of public displays of affection during the holiday season, I think we could all agree on the fact that there is a line and it should be drawn. In order of importance, here are some PDA hotspots to avoid this holiday season. Sit back, relax, and avoid.

The ice skating rink

This one came to mind fairly quickly when thinking in terms of holiday PDA. The ladies in the relationship are given the opportunity to channel their inner damsel in distress and rely solely on their partner for stability while the guys channel their inner Hercules and come quickly to the aid of their partner, which is bound to result in some flirtatious bantering and ultimately PDA. Beware the rink.

The coffee shop

This one was inspired by those couples who really love to sit on the same side of the table in public places. A habit that in and of itself is harmless, but what are the motives behind this? We’ll say for the sake of this article that it is PDA and we will avoid it.

Wherever a snowflake falls

We all know that snow is the love language of many Christmas fanatics and I really can’t blame them, so this one kind of speaks for itself. Basically, just hole yourself up inside and watch

Netflix during a snowstorm. Singles, consider yourselves well-informed and armed with knowledge for the holiday season. Happy avoiding and bear in mind that being single during the holidays (and any other time of the year) can be just as satisfying as being in a relationship when you harbor the right mindset.

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The News


December 1, 2016

A very Dickens Christmas Alicia Steele

Assistant News Editor

Kenlake Foods will host “Dickens’ Downtown” on Friday, Dec. 2 and Saturday, Dec. 3 throughout downtown Murray, offering families a free chance to decorate cookies, listen to stories, write letters to Santa, enjoy Christmas entertainment, learn to make reindeer food, take carriage rides and visit vendors. On Friday, the event will last from 3:30-8 p.m. and include a tree lighting ceremony at 5:30 p.m. in the court square and a concert by Murray’s Town and Gown Community Band at 7 p.m. at First Baptist Church.

Kacie Lawrence, senior from Murray and mother of two, said she took her 6-year-old and 8-year-old to the event last year. “They had fun making cookies and doing crafts,” Lawrence said. “They also wrote letters to Santa and made reindeer food – glitter and oats.” She said her kids also talked to Santa on the court square, but they skipped the carriage ride because of the long line. “The kids had a pretty good time,” Lawrence said. To close the weekend event, on Saturday, Murray will hold its first ever Rotary Light Up Murray Christmas Parade at 5 p.m. CFSB and Young

Professionals of Murray will also host a “Holiday Hustle” ugly sweater fun run. Participants can check in at the corner of 10th and Main streets at 4 p.m. followed by a costume contest at 4:15 p.m. and the run will begin at 4:30 p.m. Individual runners must pay a $20 entry fee, teams of 10 pay a $15 entry fee per member and children under 10 pay a $10 entry fee. Participants can register online at www. Prizes will be given to the “Tackiest Team” and first through third place winners of the run. All proceeds from the run will benefit local charities and nonprofit organizations.

Happy Holidays

The Murray State News - Holiday 2016  

Murray State, News

The Murray State News - Holiday 2016  

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