Public Interrogation: Outside the White Cube - List of Works & Artists

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Public Interrogation: Outside the White Cube List of Works and Artists Video Arts Borders - Anne Murray (USA) The Separation Loop - Leyla Rodriguez (Germany) Gnomonicity - Amitesh Grover (India) 36&71 - Anthony Stephenson (USA) Sully - Marbella Carlos (Canada) You See Davis - Rembrandt Quiballo (Philippines, USA) Untitled (Sleeping People in a Train) Hannah Reber (Germany) Into the labyrinth - Geordy Zodidat Alexis (France) The Safest of Hands - Clint Sleeper (USA) Hunt/Find - Dani Salvadori (UK) Leaving My Skin - Ellen Wetmore (UK) Presence of Absence - Matt Lee (India) Untitled – Mohammad Namazi (UK, Iran) Still Images / Photographs Right Time Right Place - Robert Rutoed (Austria) Peripheral Strangers - Julie Dawn Dennis (UK) De Staat (The State) - Maarten Tromp (Netherlands) Ruinophilia - Anna Garrett (UK) Circling the Square - Arturo Soto (Mexico) The Spectator, the Viewer, the Observer and the Perceiver – Francine LeClercq (UK)

Magic Rooms - Carlos Collado (Spain) Date of Consumption - Lita Poliakova (Finland) Street Photography - John Robert Luna (Philippines) Walls - Elena Efeoglou (Macedonia) Fitting Room – Megan Mace (South Africa) Street art you can take home (for free) Lorenzo Bordonaro (Portugal) Victim – Solomon Eko (Nigeria) Performance Videos / Public Interventions Balloon Performance - Louise Winter (UK) Somarts Mural Dance - Johanna Poethig (USA) Unpatentable Multitouch Aerobics - Liat Berdugo (USA) Disclaimer at Manchester Art Gallery Laura Gower (UK) Sustaintability – Dani Lamorte (USA) Animations / Digital Job Interview - Dénes Ruzsa and Fruzsina Spitzer (Hungary) In Between - Sofia Makridou, Theodora Prassa (Greece) Decadence of Nature - Olga Guse (Russia) AsianGirl N40°42'54.488" W73°59'30.313" Victoria Elle, Rocky Li, and Jennifer Mehigan (USA)