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HAT Off-Piste Snow Report for 11-17 January 2014

With the wam temperatures and radiation from the sun, there have been quite a few naturally-releasing slides on steep slopes, Weather Forecast (as reported by Météo- and some glide crack releases. From around France Savoie on 9th January 2014) 2000/2200 m and above, the avalanche risk Becoming colder at the beginning of next will increase. At these higher altitudes, the snowpack is thicker and especially fragile on week, with snow returning. steep/very steep slopes and could easily be triggered by the passage of a group of skiers. Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th: Sunny weekend. Cloudy at altitude. We need to be particularly cautious on W to N Temperatures remaining wam (3 to 4° above facing slopes, which have the most snow on them AND have a serious weak layer under seasonal norms). Light N winds. the newer snow. Below 1800 m rain has permeated the weak sub-layers, forming solid Monday 13th: Stormy weather coming to mountain strata (strong layers) in the snowpack. areas with a W then NW weather system, bringing precipitation and a marked drop in The afternoons will be particularly risky for temperatures. (Snow down to 500 m, with up off-piste skiing. With these warm spring-like weather conditions the snowpack is becoming to 20 cm possible above 1000 m). humidified right through to the weak, still cold, sub-layers. Meteo-France warns that even Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th: Winds alternating from S to SE, bringing slopes which have been skied for a few days some very ‘uncertain’ weather. Temperatures could end up sliding. remaining low (at seasonal norms). Check out the regular N. French Alps avalanche bulletins by Météo France. Off Piste Snow Conditions With the current very warm, spring-like Tip of the Week conditions, the snowfalls of 30/40 cm from Be careful on steep slopes with fresh/ last weekend have compacted a lot, and untracked snow - especially those that have have become very heavy in places. Very not been skied much this season i.e. slopes variable conditions at high altitude. Gullies are that haven’t had the benefit of being more full of snow, but elsewhere rocks are poking stable due to skier compaction. “Don’t let through, or hidden beneath, the surface. S your guard down” says Andreas Bjorklund of facing slopes, particularly, have become very Alpine Experience and HAT, “... just because crusted due to the warm temperatures (as people may not have been killed in the area well as N facing slopes bellow 1800/2000 m). that you ski in, doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have (judging from the potential severity of Snow Stability the many non-fatal recent accidents in many A weak sub-layer of cohesionless (sugary) resorts in the Alps).” snow persists in the snowpack, affecting slopes facing all directions. Reports have Ride Hard, Ride Safe!
At HAT we’ll be been coming in of slabs being triggered by sharing what we find with you again each skiers on WSW and N facing slopes between week here. We’ll be updating our blog as 2500 and 3000 m. (Some friends witnessed much as possible, especially if conditions 4 skiers being caught in a slab avalanche in start to look unstable (or if we have some nice the ‘Col de Ves’ area of Tignes a few days photos from a great ski!). Don’t forget you ago, luckily unhurt.) A big avalanche also was can follow us on www.henrysavalanchetalk. triggered by someone else in that area - they com/blog, on Twitter @HenryOff_Piste and on Google+ and Facebook
 suffered a serious broken leg.





After being here for the best part of a decade Mikey is a pretty familiar face around town. Here we find out a bit more about him. 1. How many seasons have you done? This is my ninth here in Val 2. All for the same chalet company? Yep, all for Le Ski, except for a winter in the Blue Note.


5. How many onsies do you own? I think on the last count it was 12. 6. Why do you like to lick them? That was a little game my bro invented & was pretty funny – there was a FB group called ‘one-piece lickers’ to add your photo’s. 7. We should bring that back. What do you think? For sure – I think the group is still up? Get licking and taking photo’s. Just remember it’s got to be a secret lick, the onsie wearer should never know they’ve been licked. 8. Why, with all the other options for accom have you decided to start your own company? We thought there’s still a gap in the market. Mainly catering for friends and families of seasonnairres who don’t want a fullon chalet holiday but would prefer a selfcatering apartment with lots of extras such as champagne & canapé reception and daily breakfast deliveries. Please visit www.skilavie. com for details. 9. Interesting idea. Can you promise people that if they book with Ski La Vie they won’t wake up with Alex Allen in their flat? I can promise that……..I think!! NB: that is definitely NOT one of the many ‘extras’ we offer.

3. Wow. What have your different job titles been? There’s been a few, Chalet Host, Guests Services Manager, Resort Support, Hot-Tub Manager & Upgrade Wine Sales Supervisor and now Chalet Manager!! 4. Speaking of different titles what’s up with all your nicknames like Mike the Knife and China Mike? The Knife was for a night of such aggressive spooning, she said it was more like being ‘cut in half’ than a gentle spoon. And China Mike is because the more I drink the more Chinese my eyes look!!


10. After the hundreds, if not thousands, of women you’ve pulled over the years what made you decide to settle on Emily? She makes a good brew.


PHOTO BY REBECCA JACKSON Each week we host a photo competition sponsored by our favourite homegrown brand: PLANKS. It’s free to enter and the winner gets to grab themselves a beanie from their fresh new 2013-14 lineup. Think you can do better? Prove it. Send your entries to The Fine Print: By sending in a photo in you’re giving us the right to publish it, crop it, and generally use it in any way we want to. Kind of like your mum. Prizes must be collected in person at the Planks store in Val Village.


If you’ve spent any time in Val, Tignes, or Hossegor over the past 4 years chances are good you’ve heard cover band The Cheerleaders smashing it on a local stage. Well, a couple personnel changes later and The Cheerleaders are writing and playing their own music under the name of Sunset Sons and they are properly killing it. As we spend the summer in Hossegor we’ve been following their progress and we’ve been more than impressed with them. With their last gig of the winter coming up this week we thought we should sit down for a chat. When did you guys first get together? We met in Hossegor about 4 years ago. [Drummer] Jed had already been playing in a band in the Canary islands with a guy called Brendan (recently deceased), and he was working in the kitchen at Le Surfing. He called me to say the ‘dish pig’ had a really good voice and we should get the band back together to go do a ski season. The ‘dish pig’ was [lead singer] Rory.

and ate baked bean baguettes for pretty much every meal. Sounds a bit rough, why do seasons? We’re all surfers and so we’re all very lazy. We started this band so we could avoid having real jobs and live where we want. When did you start writing your own music? We first had a crack about a year ago. We hired a dance studio in Hossegor and would go every Friday for a few hours (good waves or not). the first tune we wrote was shit. The second was ‘She Wants’ and everything got easier from there...

What did you do for those first years? The first year we came up here (as The Cheerleaders) no one would give us any gigs. [Ed note: I worked at a local bar back then and I don’t think we listened to their CD because the band had a shit name.] We would actually sit at the end of bars and audition whether it was requested or not until finally the Loop in Tignes gave us a shot. We smashed it and so the word began to spread. That first season we all lived in the same room; fought, argued


No dive-bar tours for you guys then? We’ve done our share of them. 4 years man. Plenty in this town too. Any gigs before you leave town? Yeah. We’re doing a show at the Morris on Tuesday (14th). Its gonna be really cool to play a real show. I think this town could do with a little break from the same old cover bands (including our one). Its ticket only but the ‘wristys’ are free. We just want people who really want to come. To come. What’s up with Rory looking like this? THIS. IS. RORY! Biggest gigs? We’ve only played a handful of real Sunset Sons shows. Our first one this summer was for the closing party of the Swatch Girls Pro. The second was Mick Fanning’s victory party after he won the Quik Pro. That was ace! When’s the EP coming out? Its nearly there. Just needs a little more love then it will hopefully be out end of the month or the start of February. What’s next on the horizon? We leave in a week to go back to the beach house in Hossegor. We’ve got tunes to work on and a few gigs around the South West. There’s a lot of activity going on at home. Our management are busy readying the world for us.


Where can we hear/ see some more of your stuff? There’s some demos on Soundcloud. And a little vid on Youtube Who’s currently single? Rory. Eternally Rory. What’s the way into your hearts? Rob’s missus makes a mean carrot cake that keeps us all in check. And obviously blowies too...(she doesn’t do us all tho). For more on Sunset Sons check out our Facebook page: themountainecho. We’ll put us some videos and a radio interview we did with them this summer. Their last gig of the season is this Tuesday at Moris Pub. Wristbands available now. You can also catch them as The Cheerleaders at the Danois on Tuesday at apres.

FILM CONTEST Sick of sore feet? Ever wanted to go for a heli-ski? Want to get better off-piste? Want some free Planks gear? Are you creative? Like making movies? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then bust out your camera and put together a 2 to 4 minute video, upload said video to the Facebook page for either New Generation Ski School Val d’Isere or Surefoot Val d’Isere, and get your mates to click like! The team with the most likes gets a reverseheli off-piste session and custom orthotics from Surefoot worth €1500! There’s also a ton of Planks Clothing up for grabs. There’s set theme for the videos so you’re free to let the creativity flow. The winning video could be anything from a comedy sketch to an epic shred session - the sky is (quite litterally) the limit! So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself 3 mates and a camera and get shooting!

photo: cromwell heli



BAR & EVENT LISTINGS EVERYDAY - DRINKS DEALS & MORE Please note: This information may change at any time and without notice. Victors: 2 for 1 cocktail happy hour 9-11pm. Lodge Bar: Happy Hour from 4:30-7:30, €3.50 pints, €2 soda/juice. Jazz/Chilled Tunes from 4:3010:30, House 10:30-late Blue Note: Free nibbles and happy hour beers at apres. Pacific: 13 Euro jugs of beer or cider and free cheesy nachos at apres. Le Petit Danois: 2 for 1 Happy Hour on drinks & cocktails 4-5pm, 9-10pm. Live music at apres, live Djs at night. Bar Alexandra: 2 liter jugs of stella for 20€ Desperados or Corona + tequila shot for 7€. Underground: Happy Hours from 5-8pm, DJs LeoMix & Sebastien G from 10pm. The Fall Line: 3.50 pints of Kro from 4pm-6pm. Bottles of Champagne 25 Euros all day. Dicks Tea Bar: Apres-ski from 4:30pm. After Dinner Club 10pm-1am, singers, DJs, Sofia on Violin, Chris Sharp on Sax. Club open from 1am. La Folie Douce: The Best Apres in the Mountains open from 12pm. Cafe Face: Hourly raising beer prices, free gastromonic nibbles and live music at apres. Le Graal: Seasonnaire Prices, Free shuttle bus and the best late night burger in town! Moris Pub: Burger and a pint or 1080 for 16 euros or less, 10 Flavoured Vodka shots for 20 euros or less... Come and collect your Moris Card to earn points. Saloon: Open for apres from 2pm. Happy hour 2-5 pm, 2 pints for €6.50, then cocktail happy hour 8-10 pm (2 for €10) Loop: Rose happy hour - 12 Euros a bottle from 3pm. Le Chalet: Happy Hour 4 - 5pm + 10-11pm One free shot with every full priced alcoholic drink purchased 5-7pm! SATURDAY11th Dicks Tea Bar: DJ JOAKIM ALFVEGREN Le Petit Danois: Dj Charlie Love Le Graal: Saturday Night Fever - The best of the 70’s & 80’s. Doudoune Club: So Kitch DJ JOHAN HOLT The Fall Line: Party Night Bananas: 18 euro Seasonnaire Menu in restaurant, includes free small beer or glass wine. SUPER BOMB SATURDAY downstairs! Buy any two bombs get the 3rd free. Le Chalet: Open at 21 with DJ Mark E Strut Krystal Club: Ladies Night from midnight: Champagne for the girls midnight to 2am SUNDAY 12th Dicks Tea Bar: CHALET GIRL SUNDAYS Le Petit Danois: Apres: Ram Raid, Evening DJ Charlie Love Le Graal: The infamous SUND’GAY NIGHT is back

at Le Graal! Saloon: Geroge More apres! Everyone’s favourite! Moris Pub: Classic Val d’Isere Sunday après with Mike then The Jaybeez kicking off the week’s night time live music. The Fall Line: Live DJ End of transfer day fun Doudoune Club: Mini Club @ Le Chalet - DJ MARK E STRUT + Ladies Night Le Chalet: Après Ski - SNAITHY Live 4pm + LADIES NIGHT 9pm - 5am with DJ Mark E Strut Bananas: 18 euro Seasonnaire Menu in restaurant, includes free small beer or glass wine. Seasonnaire Diners are entitled to Happy Hour prices in the bar downstairs all night long. Boom. Krystal Club: SEASONNAIRE PARTY ACT 1 - BASIC DRINKS €5, come get your loyalty card MONDAY 13th Dicks Tea Bar: DJs JOAKIM ALFVEGREN & JASON PURSE Le Petit Danois: Apres: Jaybeez, Evening DJ Charlie Love Saloon: Apres with Mario Shepard, Seasonaire Jugs all night. Moris Pub: Apres bangers with Daisy B n Tom over from Meribel then Dominos’ Monday Club with earthquakes and Natasha free pouring the flavoured vodka. The Fall Line: DJ Pocket Sized Dave Pacific: Open Mic Night Doudoune Club: Club Poulet Mark E Strut Le Chalet: Après Ski - MULLIT Unplugged Live 4pm + DJ Mark E Strut 9pm-1.30am Bananas: Toss The Boss: If you win the roll, you win the round! From 8pm-11pm. Le Graal: Seasonaire night 2-4-1 B4 1. Free shots until 2 with dj seasonaire Sammy on the mix 23h 1.30 Krystal Club: Russian New Year! TUESDAY 14th Dicks Tea Bar: DJs JOAKIM ALFVEGREN & JASON PURSE Le Petit Danois: Apres: Cheerleaders, Evening DJ Charlie Love Saloon: Apres with Mario Shephard, TRIANGLE TUESDAY – 10 X HOUSE SHOTS €20, 10 X STANDARD SHOTS €25 Moris Pub: Essential Mike and Richie at après. A very special Wednesday night with The Sunset Sons featuring Rory’s face. The Fall Line: Live DJ Doudoune Club: GUESTSTAR DJ KRAFTY KUTS Support Johan Holt Le Chalet: Après Ski - MULLIT Live 4pm + DJ Mark E Strut 9pm-1.30am Bananas: Whichever company brings in the biggest crowd gets 50% off their bar tab! Lodge Bar: House with DJ K2 WEDNESDAY 15th Dicks Tea Bar: Super Apres Ski - Beer Pong, 2.5€ pints 17:00 - 18:00, Hot Chocolate, Mulled Cider,


Free HOT bar food including home made Giant sausage rolls!! Break Beats & Hip Hop from DJ Dan. Le Petit Danois: Apres: For Josie, Evening DJ Charlie Love Saloon: GEORGE MORE APRES!! JOSS Night!!! 1 Joss 3 euros 10 Joss 25 euros The Fall Line: Rose apres: €15 bottles of Rose. Moris Pub: The Mikey Gray show - guaranteed entertainment to accompany your Moris Burger. Mullit Moris Mosh Pit at night. Le Graal: ELECTRO GRAAL Doudoune Club: BOOMBOX - Soiree 90’s DJs Phil Garner & Petit Jean Bananas: Bananas Boat Race @ 9pm. Teams of 4, knock-out format. Finalists drink the finals round for free, Winners receive a bottle of banoffee vodka and a celebratory round on us!! Happy Hour prices for participants. Sign up your team at Bananas or message Celeste Atlee on Facebook. Le Chalet: Seasonaires Après Ski - MULLIT Live + DJ Mark E Strut 9pm-1.30am THURSDAY 16th Dicks Tea Bar: LUNA THURSDAYS - SPECIAL GUEST DJ - DJ LOUISE KAVANAUGH Moris Pub: New to the Moris – For Josie at Apres. At night – don’t miss Dynamite’s first gig for Katy Perry style tunes. DOUBLE MORIS CARD POINTS ALL DAY & NIGHT ON THURSDAYS. Le Petit Danois: Apres: Daisy B and Tom, Evening DJ Charlie Love Saloon: FULL MOON PARTY Pacific: The World Famous Salomon Raffle - Win Skis or a Board!!!!!!! From 10:30pm. The Fall Line: €7 COCKTAILS ALL NIGHT LONG! (ex The Wylde One) LIVE MUSIC Doudoune Club: #SUPERTHURSDAYS - DJ Crazy B from Birdy Nam Nam - Support DJ Mark E Strut Le Chalet: SNAITHY Live 4pm + DJ Johan Holt 9pm-1.30am Bananas: Grab your mates and kick-start your apres/night with some drinking games. Happy Hour Prices for all participants!! Krystal Club: Sensation of life with DJ Dane Carter from 12am. Le Graal: FULL MOON PARTY - facepainting & more! Cafe Face: PLUS SAVAGE: Jungle Night! FRIDAY 17th Dicks Tea Bar: JOAKIM ALFVEGREN Saloon: Jagerbomb party!!!! 3 euros a jagerbomb. Le Petit Danois: Apres: GEORGE MORE, Evening DJ Charlie Love Moris Pub: Rolling like a river with Mike and Richie at après. Friday Finale Mullit at night.The Fall Line: Planks Wine and Cheese with Jim from Planks spinning the tunes. Le Graal: Funky Friday Doudoune Club: SO BRITISH - DJ Mark E Strut Le Chalet: Après Ski - MULLIT Live 4pm + DJ Johan Holt 9pm-1.30am Bananas: Flip Cup Fridays! Half Price Beer for participants. Bar Alexandra: La Noche Bomba Latina - DJ Ol Groovist, cocktail specials. Pacific: Live Music with The Dominos from 10:30





WHEN CALLING FROM A FOREIGN PHONE ADD 0033 AND DROP THE FIRST 0 ENGLISH MEDICAL CENTRE Dr. Alan Griffiths - PISTE SECURITY / SKI PATROL Put these numbers in your phone right now! Val D’Isere – Tignes – POMPIERS (Paramedics / Firefighters) Dial 15 from a landline or 112 from a mobile phone POLICE MUNICIPAL (Local Police) GENDARMES (National Police) ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE Point Auto, La Daille AVALANCHE SAFETY HAT run weekly avalanche safety talks as well as excellent beeper training courses - STVI (Lift Pass offices) SKI SCHOOLS Progression Ski & Snowboard School New Generation - PIZZA DELIVERY Flash Pizza - www.


PHYSIOTHERAPY / REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE / PILATES Progression Physiotherapy and Massage RADIO/TV VAL D’ISERE 96.1FM and online SWIMMING POOL / SAUNA / GYM ClLIMBING WALL / YOGA The Aquasport Lesiure Centre at the bottom of the Face. MOBILE PHONES / SIM CARDS / DVD & HEADCAM RENTAL Philips Shop, near the tourist office - To hire DVD’s or headcams you ‘ll need to bring your passport and pay a deposit. TOURIST INFORMATION Office de Tourisme, located at the main roundabout. Open 7 days a week from 8:30 am until 7:30 pm. LOCKSMITH/KEYS CUT Andy @ Prestige Renovations - ACCOMODATION Pierdor - Accomodation by the week, month or season - Simply Val d’Isere. Specialist Val d’Isere Travel Agent. 0845 021 0222 AIRPORT TRANSFERS Europe Transfer -


World News


Cosying up to Balls and looking to get in bed with anyone; sounds like he’s the contents of a prophylactic rather than the device itself.

North America has spent most of the week in the grip of a polar vortex, sending temperature records tumbling. In Kentucky, an escaped prisoner turned himself in to get out of the cold. Even normally warm states such as Florida and California have seen temperatures dip below zero. The lowest recorded temperature in the US was -37C recorded in Embarrass, Minnesota but, more interestingly, -17C was recorded in Hell, Michigan. Technically that means Hell has frozen over so around half a dozen girls I went to college with now have to sleep with me.

A surprise inspection at an Acapulco jail has discovered six female inmates living in the male section, 100 plasma TVs, two sacks of marijuana, 19 prostitutes and 100 cockerels for cock fighting; I didn’t realise Charlie Sheen was on holiday there. The Dutch government have taken to paying 20 alcoholics in beer and tobacco to clean Amsterdam’s streets; summer job anyone. England cricketers Stuart Broad and Matt Prior talked an English man out of jumping off a bridge in Sydney; after the Ashes whitewash it was the least they could do. A hearse carrying a coffin tried to order a meal at a drive-thru KFC, but was turned away for being too wide; if only the restaurant took that attitude to patrons. A man on a train from Aberdeen to Glasgow attempted to copulate with the drinks trolley; while it was probably his best option, there’s no way he could afford it. A Santa Fe woman has been arrested for threatening her boyfriend with a gun, having pleasured herself with it, while asking him, ‘Who is crazy, you or me?’; err, you. Police in Australia have rescued a naked man who got stuck inside a washing machine while playing a game of hide and seek. It took 20 minutes to dislodge him, with rescuers using olive oil as a lubricant; didn’t realise Graham Swann was that desperate not to take the field for the 4th Test.

photo: Harry Potts

A BBC article this week asked whether there should be a word for an almost-alcoholic; I believe the word they want is ‘seasonnaire’.

Nick Clegg has continued the Lib Dems’ fight for significance on many fronts; being civil to Ed Balls in the corridors of Westminster, sparking rumours of a Lab-Lib coalition in 2015; decrying Boris Johnson for name calling, in spite of calling him a slacker back in June, after he branded the deputy PM ‘David Cameron’s lapdog-cum-prophylactic device’; and attacking Conservative policies reducing the size of the public sector and cutting benefits by a collective £25bn.


For news, weather and ski condition updates in English tune in to Radio Val d’Isere on 96.1 fm at 8:10am, 8:40am, 9:10am, 10:10am, 12:45pm, 1:45pm, 5:10pm and 6:10pm on 96.1fm or check out


DICKS TEA BAR Located in the centre of town, does this place really need an introduction? Open from 4pm to 5am with great (read: sexy) staff, an amazing lighting and sound system as well as a cosy amibance during apres. Drinks promotions every night from 11pm – 12pm. Book ahead for VIP tables.

THE FALL LINE Newly renovated after being bought by 3 of Val d’Isere’s most legendary barmen, you won’t recognize the old Bar la Foret. A great cocktail list, reasonable prices, an abundance of chalet girls, plus Handsome Giles and Charming Timmy behind the bar, what’s not to like?

LE GRAAL One of the smartest nightclubs in town complete with a flashing dance floor. Free shuttle bus 11pm - 5 am: see opposite page for details. Free wi-fi and an all-night burger bar make it a great place to hang out before the crowds show up (about 10:30pm-1am) or a great spot for a late night snack.

BAR L’ALEXANDRA Located near the post office and run by the fanatic Kiwi Phil. It’s the best pool venue in town. There’s also a top level sound system so Phil and his antipodean friends will be throwing some loud parties. Great for big groups. Check the listings for live music.

MORIS PUB 25 seasons old and still going strong with the chalet girl’s favourite drink, the 1080, live music every après and evening there is plenty on offer at the Moris. The Home of Val’s Best Gourmet Burgers, homemade & huge. The Brave take on the legendary doubledecker Moris Burger. Also offering up veggie choices as well as massive portions of wings & nachos. Come hungry... SALOON Located on the slopes and in town at the same time, this place is a good meeting spot during the day and party spot at night. Après ski is wedged in the middle with live music and even a ski attendant. Keep an eye out for their epic theme parties! DOUDOUNE CLUB “Unavoidably the best club in the alps” - Pete Tong Open 11pm - 05am. Located on the ski front @ Rond Point des Pistes with courtesy-bus: +33 (0) 601-456 907 FLASH PIZZA Better known for its delivery and take out service, it also offers an eat-in service with a relaxed atmosphere, super friendly service and wine bar. It is located next to the Galerie des Cimes in the centre of town.


BLUE NOTE Located next to the hotel Omelune, opposite the ESF office. Serving up all your classic drinks to a mixture of jazz and funk. Atmospheric and friendly with free nibbles and specials at aprés (3pm-6pm). They also have a pool table as well as table football and show main sporting events especially boxing due to owner Matt’s armchair obsession. LE CHALET - APRES-SKI & PARTYBAR Doudoune Le Chalet is the newest bar in town. Live Music & DJs daily creating one of the best party atmospheres in Val d’Isère. Ski in Fall out, this is the place to end your day, and start the night… Open 4pm - 1.30am Get your free stamp for Doudoune Club B4 midnight! #GIB00 LE PETIT DANOIS Offering good all round service and live music at apres. Will create your hangover at night with the highly intoxicating Red Erik and scandie fun but cure it the next day with a full English breakfast. Open for food all day from 10am to 10pm serving traditional breakfasts, the Danois also serves pies, great wraps, salads, curries burgers, and steaks. Located in the centre above the bus stop roundabout.


LOOP Located at the foot of the slopes in the centre of Tignes Le Lac, Loop is a perennial favourite for tourists and seasonnaires alike. Great DJ’s & live music at night. When the sun shines, there is no better place than the terrace overlooking the lake and peaks to kick back with a gourmet burger and refreshing beer. PACIFIC Just past the second roundabout in the centre of town. Well known for its huge selection of cider, live music during apres and in the evening, plus the raffle every Thursday where you can win yourself a pair of Salomon skis/board. There’s Beer Pong on the go all the time plus fee cheesy nachos and 12€ jugs of beer and cider at apres. All live sports shown, hand ball, footie, rugby, F1, cricket, superbowl....... you name it. UNDERGROUND CAFE A sleek basement bar situated right in the center of town it’s got a modern New York feel, great DJs and has some of the best cocktails in town. It’s sister restaurant is just above it on the corner and features a great selection of burgers to eat in or take away. FOLIE DOUCE Located on the mountain on the OK/Orange, this ‘daytime nightclub’ creates one hell of a party up there with live DJ’s and singers mixed together. The mountain restaurant offers a full range menu in a luxury environment. Eat inside or out and soak up the party atmosphere up there. CAFÉ FACE Located in the centre of town, this is a cosmopolitan bar with live music from five. Hourly beer prices from 4pm going up 10 cents an hour until 10pm and free gastronomic finger food. P’TIT CREUX Always our favourite pit-stop on the way home from a long night out P’tit Creux is open all day serving tasty cooked-to-order takeaway pizzas and kebabs. The fact that we’ve spotted a famous 3 Michelin star chef walking away with one of their kebabs speaks volumes. LE LODGE Right in the centre of town this is a great place to eat in a vibrant atmosphere. It’s always busy so book ahead. It’s fondue is pretty much the stuff of legend, and the bar downstairs has a great happy hour and chilled house music. TIGNES CUISINE Based on the slopes at Tignes Le Lac you can ski to their south facing terrace for fast and fun asian cuisine. They steam fry their dishes to ensure the


fresh ingredients remain healthy and tasty. Look out for some super-tasty new menu items this year. 4 SEASONS Situated in L’Alexandra (next to the post office), this restaurant offers a great alternative menu, including Wraps, Curry, Thai, in a fresh relaxed atmosphere. Eat in and take away, it’s open for lunch midday till 2pm weekdays and open for dinner 6:30pm till 11pm 7 days. BAR JACQUES In the middle of town Bar Jacques is a great, cosy, family run restaurant with a menu focusing on food from south-western France and the Savoie. Fantastic Foie Gras and the best Cassoulet you’ve ever tasted. DANS LA JARDIN DES ALPES Val’s newest restaurant in the end of the Gallerie des Cimes features a unique concept with a deocor that brings the countryside indoors (think massive trees and a starry sky), an upmarket sandwich shop (featuring the cheap and HUGE Hunger Buster) and a chef who puts his own touch on mountain classics - not one to miss! 04. VICTORS Located above the Spar supermarket. If you enjoy good cocktails and being surrounded by attractive Scandinavians this is the place to be. This place has always been better known as a bar. But, if you can bear to walk all the way past it, you’ll find Victor’s ‘Dining Club’ offering a host of International cuisine. ARBRE DE VIE ‘The Tree of Life’, one of Val’s newest restaurants located in the Galerie des Cimes opposite the Bus Station. Manu, Caro, and the rest of their ‘Fab’ team welcome you with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Open every evening, as well as at midday on the weekend, their chef uses fresh quality productsto bring you Alpine specialities with a touch of world flavours. BANANAS Located steps off the snowfront Bananas is back in full-swing! A great little Tex-Mex influenced restaurant by day serving up Fajitas, Tacos, Steaks, Salads, Burgers and more, at night it turns into a great little basement bar with an amazing ambiance famous for bringing in chalet girls by the truckload. KRYSTAL CLUB Located across from the Parking du Centre this stylish and beautifully designed basement club & nightspot is a combination of chic decor, great DJs and live music and a laisser-faire attitude.

Bananas Back in full effect after 2 years of operating under a limited capacity due to a fire the legendary Bananas is once again the place to be for both food and drink! Having already enjoyed the downstairs bar with its drink specials, fun staff, and quirky but amazing music I thought it was time to get my chops into some of Bananas food. My partner Patrice and a couple other mates headed down with big appetites and we weren’t disappointed. As the only Tex-Mex place in town it’s hard to go past the tacos, enchiladas, etc, but I’m a sucker for ribs so of course that’s what I had and I’ve got to say I was pretty damn happy. Even still, when seeing what everyone else had I got a bit of food envy so we all decided to share a bit of each other’s plates. Patrice had the honey duck which was perfectly cooked and served with a massive portion of gratin, while one of

the lads went for the nachos which, in the French style, are more of a gratinated dish that calls for a knife and fork. They were epic. I’m glad to see Bananas back in full swing and can’t wait to try their 3-course seasonnaire menu on Saturdays and Sundays that only costs €18. As a seasonnaire you don’t always have a ton of money to do things like going out for dinner with mates so when you find a good value you’ve gotta get straight on it! KE




Low back pain reportedly occurs at least once in 85% of adults younger than 50 years, making it the third most expensive disorder in terms of health care, surpassed only by cancer and heart disease. Being in ski resort we see a lot of it! Mainly snow park related, backs are often injured and the patient doesn’t realise until the next day. This is often because of a distracting injury like a broken arm, or the pain can be due to muscle spasm. Muscle pain comes on a little later than would bone or ligament pain, and is due to the muscle swelling, bleeding and trying to repair itself. Just being unfit will increase your chances of muscle damage in a crash. If your core (the deeper muscles around the waist responsible for support and balance) isn’t up to the job then even all those muscles you’ve been working on in the gym will not help you. So how do you work on your core?

equates to a tail in some other vertebrates. In summary, it hurts a lot when you land on it on ice or a rail. It is very easily fractured. We classify these fractures as displaced or non-displaced. The former requires a surgical opinion. A non displaced fracture needs a lot of rest, pain relief and we recommend using a lot of pillows when sitting! In essence, the way to sort a bad back is not to get one. Prevention is the best cure and keeping fit as talked about earlier is the key. I am unaware of any evidence behind using a back protector or impact shorts but anecdotally, most of the patients we see with broken backs or coccyx fractures were not wearing such protective clothing, which probably speaks for itself. Personally, I love my impact shorts. I hope this article will help you get ready and fit for an amazing next season.

There are certain exercises that are useful. For example, most exercises involving a Bose stability ball in the gym use your core. Swimming is good too. The trick to using the deeper muscles is to suck your belly button inwards towards your back and wait for it..... simultaneously use the muscle that stops you from urinating. At first this is quite difficult, but you can incorporate it into everything you do – walking, skiing etc. This has been shown to help with prevention of back problems. Consult a physiotherapist or personal trainer for more ideas. So, when should you be really worried? The presence of systemic symptoms such as fever, weight loss, pain on coughing, and bowel or bladder problems should alert you to seeking immediate medical help. These however are unusual in younger populations of patients. Severe pain should always be seen by a doctor especially if it is right slap bang in the middle of your back or pelvis i.e. do you have a broken spine?! Then there’s the good old coccyx injury. This is the bone right at the end of the spine that


Please see Back-Pain.htm for more information. - Dr Alex Cockroft





Belles of the ball...

Separated at birth? A group of respectable local businessmen.

Everybody loves laybacks.




How to look cool and get lots of girls 101. French kiss.

If you’re gonna go skinny-dipping it’s probably best not to use the pool underneath The Echo editor’s apartement. (This is the least offensive picture we took.) Oh la vache, what a nice hat!


A stitch in time...

Who doesn’t wear sunglasses in the club? Seb’s Dad: not impressed.


Inter-nightclub Spiderpig, Spiderpig, does walk of shame. whatever a Spiderpig does. (Hi Sara!)


Party in the DJ Booth!

Body shots anyone?

Student Madness!

Everyone loves free Danois kit.

Apparently slalom and apres can tucker a chap out fast.


Pro Crush Name: Sierra Quitiquit Age: 24 From: Alta, Utah, USA Sponsors: Spyder, Volkl, Marker, Bern, Discrete, Oakley Website: About: Splitting her time between snow-covered peaks and the runways of New York, Sierra Quitiquit is part freeskier, part yogi, part surfer, and part fashion model. Standing at 5’10” tall with long blonde hair down to her waist it’s easy to see why she’s been the face of brands like American Eagle, Nike, and Lululemon. When you see her charging the backcountry it’s also pretty easy to see why she’s becoming one of the hottest names in women’s skiing right now. Check out our Facebook page for a couple videos of Sierra killing it.




The magic number. The ‘don’t screw the crew’ rule has, until very recently, been followed by the staff at the Moris Pub. That all went sideways when their latest female arrival had her first night out with the rest of the staff which, of course, got really damn messy. So messy in fact that she ended up getting invited back for a threesome with Lulu and a member of her male harem. In the end it was all a bit much for the newbie who felt a bit too awkward about things and bailed before things got out of hand. Assault works both ways. F&P Lex decided that she was ‘in the mood for a snog’ the other night and so grabbed an innocently drunk Al (Blue Note) by the ears and pulled him in for a mouth-raping. Satisfied, Lex then walked off leaving a nowexcited Al chasing anything in the bar for the rest of the night.

Somehow, like Saffa Al, he seems to be industructible as he’s already back behind the decks 3 days later. Must be the top physician Doc Al had take care of him.

Anoymous text. My shoulders were really sore all day. I went into the loo to check them out and it turns out they’re covered in bite marks. I guess I got laid last night?? Not easily fazed. Saffa Al (Snowberry) cut himself for 10 stiches on the back of head (see page 30) falling over trying to take a piss in Saloon. Not one to be laid up by a little thing like head trauma he was back on the slopes an hour after being released from the hospital in Bourg and back in Pacific about 67 sheets to the wind later that night. Respect. Get well soon. ‘The King of Val d’Isere’ Charlie Love (Danois) slipped off his throne last week and busted his leg pretty good.


Aren’t marines supposed to get the job done? Charlie (temp security around resort) has been out here for 3 weeks and despite being a good-looking dude with good chat hasn’t been able to seal the deal with anyone. We’re gonna chalk it up to desperation as he’s joining the marines in a couple weeks and must subconsiously know this is pretty much his last chance for a while. The closest he’s come was pulling Suzy (Moris) but he had to stop before things got good to be sick and then left after being seen walking around the staff accom in his pants. He also managed to make it back to a certain Saloon staffer’s gaff, but got pushed back once he got there. We have confirmed reports of him walking down the high street screaming “I’m so f**king FRUSTRATED!!!!” to himself at 6am. Ladies of Val d’Isere, how about a pity throw for this brave young soldier? More from the Moris. We’re not sure what’s up with the Moris but the staff sure do seem to be happy to go out of their way to accomodate their customers

Mitch (Dicks)


needs. Charlotte had a gentleman caller over one night who, for reasons that aren’t particularly clear, left in a real hurry. On his way home he stopped by the side of the road for a wee, but as he’d botled so fast he forgot to take off his raincoat things got pretty messy... We need Page Ski Girls! Ever wanted to model? Looking for your 15 minutes of fame? Look no further! Get in touch with us and you could be featured on page 3 of The Echo. In exchange you’ll get a full professional photo shoot including portraits, head shots or whatever you’d like for your portfolio. As usual, nothing printed in the Rumour Mill has been properly researched and everything should be taken as fiction rather than fact. If you’ve got any questions or comments, or just want to spill the beans on your mates shenanigans, please feel free to contact us at Don’t forget to throw us a like on themountainecho as well.

Eric Bana (as Chopper Read)




You may have noticed that we have a new feature this week on page 33: Pro Crush. Basically, it does what it says on the tin. Lindsey and I are going to take turns choosing who to feature, so both male and female athletes will feature. Feel free to send us any suggestions. In case any of you don’t know the 2014 Polo Masters is taking place at the foot of the Face de Bellevarde this week. Matches begin at 6pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday but if youre a big Polo/horse fan then you might want to sign up for the behind the scenes tour on Wednesday morning. The tour is free but you will need to register at the Tourist Office no later than Tuesday. Until next week, keep your stick on the ice. KE



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