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Be prepared in MIRACLE-GRO case of flood 2 Cu. Ft. Potting Mix

We all know that April showers bring May flowers, but those showers can also bring the threat of severe and heavy flooding. According to FEMA, floods are the second-most common and widespread of all natural disasters, affecting homeowners in all 50 states year-round - often following winter snow thaws, spring rains or heavy thunderstorms. March 12-16 marks National Flood Awareness Week, a time for all homeowners and communities to ensure that they are properly prepared for flooding. Here are some tips below from Generac Power Systems that will help your readers and their families be prepared in the case of a flood. ►Develop a family emergency plan. Plan and practice a flood evacuation route with your family. Know safe routes from home, work and school that are on higher ground. ►Build an emergency kit with basic disaster supplies including: ►First aid kit ►Bottled drinking water ►Non-perishable food items and manual can opener ►Battery-powered or hand-crank radio

►Flashlight and extra batteries ►Waterproof/water-resistant clothing

such as rubber boots ►Safeguard your possessions. Create a personal flood file containing information about all your possessions and keep it in a secure place, such as a safe deposit box or waterproof container. ►Purchase a portable or standby generator to power your home in the case of flood-related power outages. A back-up source of power like Generac’s Guardian Series can fuel essential home appliances such as a sump pump, refrigerator and furnace, reducing the risk of damage to your home and belongings. You can learn more about standby and emergency power solutions at ►Prepare your home in advance by anchoring fuel tanks, clearing debris from gutters and downspouts, and placing the furnace, water heater, washer and dryer on cement blocks at least 12 inches above the projected flood elevation. ►In the event of a flood, make your way to higher ground as soon as possible, avoiding areas where the water level has already started to rise. Never attempt to drive through a flooded roadway.

• For indoor/outdoor container flowers & plants • Enriched with Miracle-Gro plant food • Feeds Instantly to help build strong roots • Feeds up to 3 months

Are high efficiency filters necessary? BY LOUIS SCHWEERS AIR PLUS HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING

Do you routinely use of high efficiency pleated filters? If improving indoor air quality is your goal, use caution when making that decision. Although the filter’s stated efficiency is generally accurate from one side of the filter to the other, the duct system must be taken into account. If the filter is installed directly at the air handling unit, the filter generally provides the degree of filtration promised. It the filter is installed at a filter grille (the most common arrangement), how-

ever, the filter can actually be counterproductive and result in higher levels of contamination in the home. Although the filter is easy to change when it is installed in a filter grille, this arrangement also means that there is a section of ductwork between the filter and the air handler. Just as the supply ductwork is under positive pressure, the return ductwork is under negative pressure. Under negative pressure, air is drawn into the return duct not only through the filter, but also through leaks in the duct system. Even the best ductwork leaks to some degree; standard ductwork

leaks much more. The static pressure drop across a high efficiency pleated filter is much greater than that across a less expensive “furnace filter.” In layman’s terms, this means that the air handler has to work much harder to pull air through a pleated filter. Since air will take the path of least resistance, the amount of air being drawn into the system through leaks is substantially increased. Add in that most duct systems are located in an unconditioned attic, or worse, a moisture and mold-laden crawl space, and conditions in the home can actually deteriorate.

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