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The challenge only makes me want to work harder and race harder to cross the finish line...

The final stop on the tour is Aug. 31, 2013, when Kid Rock rolls into Milwaukee, to perform & party with thousands of riders.

Uniting women in promoting motorcycle interests and advancing the sport in a positive way.




Photo by Danny Bailey

Queen of the Quarter Mile Sandra Carter-Beal: Canada’s Drag Racing Sweetheart

by KIANNA PATIN Contributing Writer - TMT

and holding the trouble light for him while he would literally be sitting in the engine compartment and under the hood of his car. “It’s funny, you know,” says Sandra. “I’d be out in the yard with my dad working on the car and my sister would be in the kitchen with my mom baking.” She laughs. “I guess that should have


Free spirited and a self confessed sport adrenaline junkie, Sandra Carter-Beal lives every day as if it were her last. No guts, no glory. There isn’t a roller coaster in the world that she’d

pass up on. Downhill skiing, aeronautics, bungee jumping and kayaking are all favourites. If there’s an element of the unknown mixed with danger, she’s magnetically attracted. ​Sandra credits her father Bill for passing along his automotive knowledge and passion. She remembers wearing a pair of coveralls

NEW 1963 LOCATION: Merivale rd., 1963 Ottawa Merivale | 613-736-8899 rd., Ottawa | |613-736-8899 www.hdottawa.com | www.hdottawa.com

been the first clue that I was headed down a different path. I inherited my ‘wild side’ from my dad, that’s for sure.” A practical joker at heart, she believes it’s important to keep an open mind to opinions and never judge. ​ see p.3 Her hugs are her handshake.

Your road to FREEDOM Starts Here.

March 2013, The Motorcycle Times – 2

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• Racing transmission with MTC multi-stage lock up clutch​​ and electric-over-air shifting​

• ​​14.0:1 Compression Ratio​ • 2 stage launch box linked to shift lever and ECM​

• ​​Dry weight: 510 lbs. (232 kg)​ • 526 lbs. (239 kg) with wheelie bar​ • ​​Top Speed so far: 140 mph / 225 kmph​ world championships followed, in 1977, 1980, and 1982. Muldowney’s success came in the face of enormous opposition from those who felt drag racing (or any form of motorsport, for that matter) was no place for women. She went against all odds. They didn’t want her to race Top Fuel, the association, the racers, nobody... Just Shirley. Muldowney once noted, “The NHRA fought me every inch of the way, but when they saw how a girl could fill the stands, they saw I was good for the sport.” Today, when it comes to girls filling the

stands, Sandra Carter-Beal is one of the next generation of women who are doing their part to continue in the footsteps of women like Muldowney. “I love everything about the world of drag racing,” Sandra says enthusiastically. “I especially love the way we all look out for each other, take care of each other. Yes, it’s typically been a male-dominated world and profession. Yes, I still encounter the odd (guy) who isn’t willing to let go of the old stereotypes and who makes things a bit difficult for me. But for the most part, all the guys I race against are like brothers. It’s a close-knit family.”

And speaking of family, Sandra was quick to point out several other people in her life who make it possible for her to work towards fulfilling all of her goals and dreams. “Without my husband Chuck, I wouldn’t have even had the chance to race. My friends, Danny and Bruce, continuously bring their belief in me to the table. And then, of course, there’s my mom and dad; my parents encouraged me to be me, and I grew up believing I could become anything I wanted to be.” Congratulations, and here’s to a wildly successful 2013 racing season, Sandra. You truly are Canada’s Drag Racing Sweetheart!

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Photo by Danny Bailey

And she is every inch (all 5’5” of her) Canada’s Drag Racing Sweetheart. Bubbly, blonde and full of personality, Sandra is a force to be reckoned with. You would never guess by looking at her that drag racing a 2006 Harley Davidson Destroyer is not her first foray into the world of racing. Sandra hit the ground running in a 70 ½ Camaro, drag racing for eleven years at Cayuga. Soaring fuel costs and other considerations were the catalysts for her making the change from a car to a motorcycle, and she hasn’t (figuratively speaking) looked back since. That doesn’t mean she forgets where she started. “I will never forget the very first time I set foot on a drag track,” she enthuses. “It was with Benny Grevers and his family. I was a teenager at the time and I babysat for them. One night, they asked me if I would be interested in going to the track and I figured ‘why not?’. Benny raced a Camaro at the time. I think he still does. It didn’t take me long to become an ‘honourary’ and unofficial member of his pit crew. I was bitten by the racing bug that first night. I loved it!” Sandra has seen a lot of changes over her years of racing, and credits Shirley Muldowney as an inspiration and someone who paved the way for women in the sport. In 1958, the then eighteen-year-old Muldowney made her debut on the dragstrip of the Fonda Speedway. She obtained her NHRA pro license in 1965 and competed in the 1969 and 1970 U.S. Nationals in a twin-engine dragster in Top Gas. With Top Gas losing popularity, Muldowney switched to Funny Car and won her first major event, the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Southern Nationals, in 1971. She stepped up to Top Fuel, getting her license in 1973. An unprecedented three NHRA Top Fuel

• Transmission: 5 speed​

3 – The Motorcycle Times, March 2013

Quarter Mile Queen

March 2013, The Motorcycle Times – 4

BrainStorm opinion The Motorcycle Times is published 11 times a year from Feb thru December.

BRENT WAKEFORD Editor, The Motorcycle Times

Beauty and the Beast As you read through this month’s issue of The Motorcycle Times, you’ll begin to notice a theme. International Woman’s Day is celebrated worldwide on March 8th and it’s a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. In some places like China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria, International Women’s Day is now a national holiday. So, where do motorcycles come into this? Easy! Every year, more and more women are taking to 2 & 3 wheels, and the numbers continue to grow steadily. What was once a male dominated hobby and sport, women have saddled up in the rider’s seat and taken the bike by the bars. Everywhere you go, women are seen trading in the passenger pad for the thrill of solo riding. They’re coming up through the ranks of men on the open road, the race track and the drag strip. Female-only riding clubs are springing up all over the world and most male riders are beginning to treat them as equals. It’s just another step to equality that although they shouldn’t have to take, they do and will, until we finally reach the generation that will put them on the same level playing field in all walks of life. My first experience with a female rider came in the form of a tall, curly red-haired girl I met back in the late 70’s. I was out for a putt on a warm summer evening when I came across this big Electra Glide parked out front of the local

Dairy Queen. I stopped for a cone and looked around for the owner of the classic bike to chat him up. Numerous people occupied the picnic table and as they departed one by one, a lone female remained. I inquired if she was the rider of that big ole bike and with a laugh, she replied, “Sort of. I stole it….but not in the way you might think.” With that, we sat and she shared her story. She was the wife of a steel worker, a shift worker, a biker, and a caveman who believed that his petite, fragile ‘lil wife belonged on the p-pad and not in the rider’s seat. Things were very different in the seventies. She’d constantly encourage him to teach her how to ride (as this was long before motorcycle courses) but the answer was always the same: “When you can pick it up off the ground, I’ll teach you how to ride it.” A neanderthal? Definitely. Overprotective? Certainly. Confident in her abilities or potential? NOT! From her prospective, she wondered why she should have to pick up a motorcycle that she never planned to drop. She was always observant when she rode with him. She asked questions and mimicked clutching, shifting and leaning into turns from the back seat. All she needed was to be in the rider’s seat to bring all of that theory to life. And with that, one evening after her husband had driven off in the truck to work his twelve-

hour shift, she rolled Big Blue from the garage, fired it up and rolled off into the evening. At that point in the conversation, she asked if I wanted to join her for a ride to the beach strip and, before waiting for my answer, she’d mounted the big blue steed, fired it to life and yelled over the roar of the engine, “Catch me if you think you can!” Well, let me tell you folks, that girl could ride! And as she roared off down Main Street, I was hot on her tail. Upon arriving at the strip, I had a dozen more questions I just had to ask: How long had she been borrowing her husband’s bike for these continental shift adventures? Doesn’t he know? Has he any idea? She laughed her little laugh and answered. “It’s been going on two years. Right under his nose,” she laughed again. She had become an avid, experienced rider, logging more miles then he managed, during that same time. When I inquired about her getting her license and her own bike, she just chuckled and said she was having too much fun riding on the wild side. Years later, I still wonder if she ever got caught by him, busted for no license, or if she just up and told her husband about her late night excursions on his Big Blue. I hope she eventually got her license, bought her own bike and continues to ride to this day. She showed me that want and determination can overcome gender and size. Ride on, ladies… ride on!

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55––The Times, 2013 TheMotorcycle Motorcycle Times,March March 2013

4 – The Motorcycle Times , June 2010


March 2013, The Motorcycle Times – 6

MotorcycleNews New Indian Motorcycle Engine Reveal

Raquel Pomplun, Miss April 2012

Daytona Beach Bike Week will prove to be a pivotal moment in the history of Indian Motorcycle and a historic milestone in motorcycling. The long-awaited, completely new Indian Motorcycle engine will make its debut to members of the press and motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world. A special unveiling event will be held on March 9th at 9 pm at Dirty Harry’s Pub on Main

Street in the heart of Daytona Beach. Special celebrity guest Mike Wolfe, host of HISTORY Channel’s “American Pickers” series and diehard Indian Motorcycle fan, will be on-hand to join the celebration. No tickets are required for this chance to take part in history, but a fully charged camera is highly recommended. The public reveal promises a great time, some surprises, and plenty of American pride.

Playboy Girls & Victory Motorcycles Now, that’s more like it, getting to see how Victory Motorcycles made their 2013 catalog look so good; the little secret was well-kept until now, but today it’s time to let everybody know the recipe for success: Playboy girls and some serious attitude. Victory teamed up with Playboy and had Playmates Anna, Ciara and Raquel all around the bikes for a hot and very good-looking photo session. Even more, Playboy photographer Stephen Wayda was the man in charge of making everything look stunning so that’s why you’ll have a hard time taking your eyes

off the 2013 Victory catalog. Having worked with the girls previously, Wayda managed to bring together the best of the two worlds: feminine beauty and great bikes, and the result is truly amazing, pretty much like the Victory bikes themselves. The Playmate-autographed cover bike will be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to Operation Gratitude, an US Military support program Victory Motorcycles is part of. We’re looking forward to seeing similar catalogs from more manufacturers. Pick up your Limited Edition 2013 Victory Brochure at your local dealer.

OCC Files for Bankruptcy The merchandising division of Orange County Choppers filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Poughkeepsie on Thursday. The parent company, Orange County Choppers Holdings, did not file. The merchandising division, called Hudson Valley Merchandising in court papers, lists $1.4 million in debts, all of which are judgments filed against it. All of the division’s listed assets are IOUs from various accounts, including a knife company and a brand development firm. “American Chopper,” a reality show featuring the bike-building company led by Paul Teutul Sr. of Montgomery, ended its 10-year

Each year around the world, International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 to inspire women and celebrate achievements. Thousands of events occur not just on this day but throughout March. Many groups around the world choose different themes each year relevant to global and local gender issues. With more women in the boardroom, greater equality in legislative rights, and an increased critical mass of women’s visibility as impressive role models in every aspect of life, one could think that women have gained true equality. We do have female astronauts and prime ministers, school girls are welcomed into university, women can work and have a family, women have real choices. And so the tone and nature of IWD has, for the past few years, moved from being a reminder about the negatives to a celebra-

TV run in December. GE Commercial Finance started to foreclose on the Choppers’ glass-and-steel headquarters in 2010. Instead of moving forward with the proceeding, the company took the deed to the building back the following year. A trustee was appointed to the case Thursday. The Choppers division will be liquidated because it is a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Paul Teutul Sr.’s son, Dan Teutul, who runs his own steel business in Montgomery, said Friday evening that he knows nothing about his father’s business.

tion of the positives. Many global corporations have also started to more actively support IWD by running their own internal events and through supporting external ones. For example, on March 8th, search engine and media giant Google even changes its logo on its global search pages to reflect both the theme and significance of the event. Year after year, International Women’s Day increases in status. The United States even designates the whole month of March as ‘Women’s History Month’. So make a difference, think globally and act locally!! Make everyday International Women’s Day. Do your bit to ensure that the future for girls is bright, equal, safe and rewarding. For more information visit: www.internationalwomensday.com

CTX700N/CTX700T (American Model Shown)

Honda Canada Announces New Series for 2014 Introducing the 2014 all new CTX Series—the CTX700N and the CTX700T are the first in a new family of future CTX models to come. Honda introduced a number of terrific new bikes in 2013, and now they’re carrying the momentum forward with even more innovative models that will continue to meet the lifestyle of today’s customer. These new models are not only exciting in concept but have attentiongrabbing good looks and are fun to ride. CTX stands for Comfort, Technology and eXperience—a rider experience that’s unique to these machines because of new Honda technologies that focus on class-leading comfort, easy-to-operate features and versatility. These first CTX machines share the same innovative design as the NC700 Series and place a premium on lightweight handling thanks in part to a low center of gravity, ergonomics that translate into day-long comfort and distinctive urban roadster styling. CTX700T (with ABS) - The open road has never looked more inviting than when you’re rolling

along on the all new 2014 Honda CTX™700. Made for travel with an efficient fairing and windscreen up front, the CTX700 boasts features that make it an ideal partner for exploring all that the open road can offer. It starts with great rider accommodations, thanks in large part to a comfy seat that’s only 719 mm (28.3 inches) high — a full 71mm (2.8 inches) lower than the NC700S! The longstroke 670cc engine with its twin cylinders canted 62 degrees forward for better weight distribution and a lower center of gravity for nimble handling. The CTX700T comes equipped with Antilock Braking System (ABS) and an easy shifting 6-speed manual transmission. With its strong low-end torque, light and nimble handling, roomy riding accommodations and smooth engine, the CTX700T excels at long-range travel, but these qualities also make it a terrific weekend warrior or daily rider. Get out and see that destination you’ve wanted to visit—on the all new Honda CTX700T.

Rate Hikes for Saskatchewan Riders Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) is requesting the province's rate review panel to approve a rate change as part of a package of rate adjustments scheduled to go into effect in April. Under the proposed changes, almost all motorcycle users will pay double-digit increases, some will pay even more. Rates could go up an average of 73 percent for motorcyclists in that province. SGI wants to remove the cap that dictates how much rates can increase in a given year. The most dramatic change will be sport bikes and bikes with engines over 400 cubic centimetres.

Explaining the proposed hikes, SGI president Andrew Cartmell said motorcycle users have relatively high injury claim costs. The proposed increase is "significant", but with the rates as they currently are, motorcycle users are essentially being subsidized by all the other drivers, he said. "We're basically collecting, in some cases, not even half the premium we should be depending on the type of motorcycle," he said. The rate review panel will hold public hearings on the proposed increases. The higher rates will take effect Aug. 31st if they are approved.


CALENDAR TMT’s 2O13 list of destination rides & bike rallies around North America.


Bike Week, Daytona Beach Florida officialbikeweek.com March 8-17, 2013


Arizona Bike Week azbikeweek.com April 10-14, 2013 Laughlin River Run laughlinriverrun.com April 24-28, 2013


Myrtle Beach Bike Week, North Carolina myrtlebeachbikeweek.com May 10-19, 2013


Americade Motorcycle Rally, Lake George, New York americade.com June 1-8, 2013 Laconia Bike week, Weirs Beach, New Hampshire laconiamcweek.com June 8-16, 2013 Johnstown Thunder in the Valley, Johnstown, Pennsylvania visitjohnstownpa.com June 20-23, 2013 Alanticade 2013, Summerside, PEI alanticade.ca June 27 - July 1, 2013 Thunder in the Cascades, Youngstown, Ohio thunderinthecascades.com June 27-30, 2013






> DECEMBER 1 st 2012 to MARCH 31 st 2013



Vehicles may not be exactly as shown. Limited time offers are subject to change without notice. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Up to $2,750.00 in retail incentives applies to eligible retail purchase agreements completed between December 1, 2012 and March 31st, 2013. Non-Current Suzuki dollars should they apply can be used only towards the purchase of the particular model to which those Suzuki dollars apply and are available only at participating dealers. This offer is valid from December 1, 2012 and March 31st, 2013. See your dealer for complete details. PDI charges from $132 to $528, freight charges from $110 to $208, taxes, license, insurance, applicable fees and registration are extra dependent on model. Specifications, product features and colours are subject to change without notice. Read your owner’s manual carefully and remember to observe all safety regulations. See your participating Authorized Suzuki dealer for availability and complete details. Suzuki. Way of Life!

Visit A Local Authorized Suzuki Dealer

Ready Suzuki 430 Hensall Circle, Mississauga 905-896-1600 or 855-896-0430 www.readysuzuki.com

Suzuki Of Newmarket 80 Harry Walker Pkwy, Newmarket 905-898-1081 or 888-376-7779 www.suzukiofnewmarket.com

Belleville Sport & Lawn Centre 128 Church Street, Belleville 613-968-4559 or 877-968-4559 www.bellevillesportandlawn.com

BRAMPTON POWERSPORTS 105 Van Kirk Drive, Brampton 1-888-224-6593 www.bramptonpowersports.com

Sturgess Cycle 615 King Street West, Hamilton 905-522-0503 or 888-421-3333 www.sturgessonline.com

Snow city cycle & marine 1255 Kennedy Road, Scarborough 416-752-1560 or 877-766-9248 www.snowcity.com

> DECEMBER 1 st 2012 to MARCH 31 st 2013


Vehicles may not be exactly as shown. Limited time offers are subject to change without notice. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Up to $2,750.00 in retail incentives applies to eligible retail purchase agreements completed between December 1, 2012 and March 31st, 2013. Non-Current Suzuki dollars should they apply can be used only towards the purchase of the particular model to which those Suzuki dollars apply and are available only at participating dealers. This offer is valid from December 1, 2012 and March 31st, 2013. See your dealer for complete details. PDI charges from $132 to $528, freight charges from $110 to $208, taxes, license, insurance, applicable fees and registration are extra dependent on model. Specifications, product features and colours are subject to change without notice. Read your owner’s manual carefully and remember to observe all safety regulations. See your participating Authorized Suzuki dealer for availability and complete details. Suzuki. Way of Life!

7 – The Motorcycle Times, March 2013





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March 2013, The Motorcycle Times – 8



ADVANCED ROAD CTake RAFTyour skills to the next level.

Our European inspired course begins by evaluating your current skill level and tailoring our program to meet your needs. Challenging you to take your riding to the next level. Using an advanced riding system as taught by the UK police to their riders.

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES... Call or go online to book your course today! www.advancedroadcraft.ca



helMeTS FoR lIFe

The lightest helmets on The planeT



Check out our complete line of european inspired helmets

Shop online at: www.nexxcanada.ca


two cents SCOTT MACDONALD Contributing Writer, TMT

The Needs of the Many The ‘Needs of the Many outweigh the needs of the few or the one’. If you recognize this quote then like myself, you’ve probably seen one too many Star Trek films. I am reminded of this quote as we dedicate this issue to women riders because for many women entering this sport, they look to their peers, spouses and friends to help mentor and coach them through the process of moving from passenger to rider. All too often, the advice they are given is flawed or biased from the getgo and is based on their own experience. A while back, my wife and I were discussing the differences between men and women riders; how they approach motorcycling in general and the emotional ties women seem to have during the learning process. As a male in this sport -- I know I speak for many men, we look at the motorcycle as a challenge, something to be mastered or conquered. It’s one of those things you’d have on a bucket list so that you can check it off and say, yup, I did that. For some guys, it’s a passion that has existed from a very young age, but usually for guys it’s a pride thing, being able to puff out our chests because we are among the few who take to two wheels despite the dangers and risks associated. For women, it’s more an emotional connection, a feeling of deep accomplishment and pride. Most women won’t develop that stereotypical attitude many new male riders seem to get; in fact if you didn’t know they were a rider, you’d never suspect it. The other major difference between the sexes when it comes to riding is the motorcycle itself. Women know their limits and when they are ready to face greater challenges. Unfortunately it’s the men in their lives who hinder their progress by persuading them to choose a motorcycle beyond their skill level. I have lived my life on the premise that we need to walk before we can run, respecting the process of learning and developing positive results through progressive positive experiences. Because of my job with this newspaper, I have been fortunate to be given the opportunity to ride all sizes of motorcycles from all the manufacturers. I have the confidence and the skills to do so because of my experience. When I graduated from the safety course over a decade ago, I didn’t purchase a one-litre race bike and ignore the fact that I had virtually no experience on two wheels. I didn’t buy my dream touring bike for the same reason. I was smart enough to recognize my limitations, tuning out my buddies’ recommendations and suggestions on what I should ride based on their experience. For the first three years of my learning curve, I rode a 650 cc cruiser because it was what I was comfortable with. I rode that bike under every conceivable condition from bitter bone chill-

ing January day rides through to those summer windy downpours. I rode two up, with my wife on the back for most of that time on country roads, congested city streets and unforgiving highways around the GTA. After that three year period, I had successfully developed the skills I needed as a rider to safely and confidently consider moving up to a larger motorcycle, which I did. I thought that a bigger motorcycle would naturally be a better choice; more horsepower, more comfort etc... and that part of it is true. All that comfort and power comes with a tradeoff - weight. I went from a bike that barely weighed 400 lbs to an overweight touring bike that pushed almost a ton. Obviously, it took some getting used to and in time I began to enjoy the time spent on that bike. No more fatigue on long rides, no more fighting the wind on my chest and the ability to ride two up with no effort. The problem was, I didn’t realize most of my riding was limited to shorter rides to and from work, evening rides to meet friends etc. The only distance riding I found I was doing was on weekends and those were really only day rides. So, why did I need such a big bike? Partially because my friends rode big cruisers and partially because I didn’t take the time to understand my riding habits. Once I figured all that out, I found myself selling the bike and moving back down to a smaller cruiser, a 750 cc cruiser in fact. It does everything I need it to do; perfect for commuting, great for day rides and small enough to still have fun with on a twisty backroad. My wife has since gone through the stages of getting her license and she too stayed true to the practice of walking before you run. She began on a smaller 250 cc bike, and gained the critical experience with positive results because the bike was correct for her skill level. She has now moved up to ride the same bike I do, and she does it with skill and confidence. Despite her choosing the right bike for her skill level and not listening to sales people who only cared about their commission or taking the advice from a fellow rider who didn’t give a damn about her success as a rider, she had my support. We would spend hours in parking lots practicing maneuvers, slow speed riding and gaining an understanding about her motorcycle and herself. When she was ready to take her riding to the next level, she knew it and was confident. If I had pushed her into a bigger bike from the start, I am sure she would have either given up on riding altogether or would have made the decision to stay on the back of my bike as a passenger. Guys, if you love her, give her the time she needs to learn. She will let you know when she is ready because to her riding is not just in her head, it’s also in her heart.

Visit facebook & chat live. “KATChat”live every Tuesday 8-9pm evening for Q&A and some biker fun. Make it a date! Meeeooow!

9 – The Motorcycle Times, March 2013




Uniting women for a supercharged, fuel-injected, estrogen ride-running nitrous...all without getting helmet hair! Whether you ride your own, ride on the back or simply enjoy the motorcycle lifestyle; www.womenmotorcyclist.com is dedicated to all who embrace the passion of two wheels. The founder of women motorcyclist, Brenda Fox, is a spokesperson for women in motorcycling. She is a professional motorcycle test rider, journalist, stunt actor...Brenda is one of the only females in the industry whose opinion, knowledge and expertise allow her to test ride and review some of the most elite motorcycles in the world.


Cruise along the highways, glide down scenic back roads, follow pre-planned routes or create your itinerary as you go. Whatever your preference, Ontario is one of the best destinations for motorcycle touring. Whether you choose a weekend getaway of spontaneous cruising or a road trip lasting several weeks, the diversity of terrain and scenery will have you hooked. Cruise past fields and forests and through towns and cities. Experience that unparalleled feeling of independence and freedom that comes from touring the open road in beautiful Ontario.’ This site includes an Ontario weather link, events & shows listings, clubs & associations listings, an interactive motorcycle trip planner, road maps, a distance calculator and plenty more. A ‘must visit’ website if you are planning to do any touring of Ontario next season.


Women Riders Now (WRN) is the leading resource, online or in print, for motorcycling news and reviews from a female point of view. One of the biggest shifts taking place in the motorcycling industry is the growth and impact of the female riding population. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council’s latest statistics, 25 percent of all motorcyclists are female—that’s one out of every four riders. Since 2003, the number of women riding a motorcycle has increased by 24 percent, making women the fastest growing group of new riders. It’s not just a guy thing anymore.


Experience the thrill of motorcycling at a women’s only Garage Party! Welcome to the start of an incredible journey – a chance to take the road less travelled and discover a world unlike any other. Out there, everything looks and feels a little different. When others learn of your passion for motorcycling, they’ll see you in a new light. Follow your dreams. Learn everything there is to know about motorcycling from a women’s perspective – the metal, the road, the fashions, and the social network. Take control. Who knows? You could be heading out on the road this summer! Explore the world of motorcycling at a women’s only Garage Party event!

hammer 8-ball® + Vegas 8-ball® VICTORY JUDGE™ VICTORY JUDGE™

hammer 8-ball® + Vegas 8-ball®


Ready Victory


430 Hensall Circle, Mississauga 905-896-1600 or 855-896-0430 www.readyvictory.com

1898 Baseline Road , Bowmanville 905-436-6487 www.spoiledsports.com



4325 Harvester Road, #12, Burlington 905-681-7270 www.peakpowersports.ca

202297 Highway 6 & 21, Owen Sound 519-372-0937 or 888-865-5782 www.tbpowersports.com

WAYNES WORLD POLARIS 29513 Highway 28, Bancroft 613-332-4649 www.waynesworldpolaris.ca


200 Preston Parkway, Cambridge 519-880-8800 or 888-702-4150 www.apexcycle.ca



SET UP A TIME TO take ONE FOR A TEST RIDE at victorymotorcycles.com SET UP A TIME TO take ONE FOR A TEST RIDE at



March 2013, The Motorcycle Times – 10

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Jennifer Roth: The Need for Speed Photo by Sara Sousa

Clockwise Top Left: Brenda, Maggie, Sabine, Nicole, Sharon and Sylvie

Girls Next Door

The Best of What Happens When Motivation Meets Determination by KIMBERLEE ANNA TAPLAY Contributing Writer, TMT They are someone’s sister, neighbour or coworker. Mothers, wives and grandmothers, they are just six of the fastest-growing segment of the population embracing the world of motorcycling. Women who exemplify the best of what happens when motivation meets determination, and who live in a world where there’s no room (or patience) for the word ‘can’t’. In a month earmarked for celebrating women and their achievements around the world on a large scale, TMT salutes these women and all of the women who throw caution to the wind and decide instead to become riders in it... Brenda (Boots) Brown Brenda is a fifty-one year old motorcycling enthusiast and mom on a mission. She started riding just over five years ago and hasn’t looked back since. ”I wanted to teach my children that it’s never too late to learn something new,” says Brown. “That’s also part of the reason I started the Steel Horse Riders club.” “We spend a lot of time socializing and riding together,” explains Brenda. “I am in awe of the way bikers work together to raise money for causes that are near and dear to their hearts.” People need to know we are out there and we are willing to help.” Brenda’s current ride is a Kawasaki Vulcan 900 named Coppertop. “Riding to me represents freedom. There is nothing like going down the road

on a moonlit night and all you have for company is your ride and your shadow from the moon. What a wonderful way to live life! Live to ride and ride to live!” Sylvie Paquette When Paquette first got her M2, she started out on a Yamaha V-Star 650, but due to a physical impairment in her hand, she had a hard time shifting and clutching. “I also found the weight distribution of the bike was hard for me to handle because of my burnt-out knee,” says Sylvie. “The only option I had was to go with an automatic bike that was approved by the Ministry of Transportation for me to ride, and one that I would be able to go for my M license on.” Sylvie chose the Yamaha Majesty 400cc. “It’s a comfortable bike (scooter), and the weight is good for me to handle with my knee. I also don’t have to worry about missing a gear when shifting because it’s an automatic.” Sylvie, and her life and riding partner Ken, spend a lot of time riding together side by side. “I love riding,” says Sylvie enthusiastically. “It’s like finding a freedom that you never knew existed.” Sharon Robertson Sharon began her riding life at the tender age on 9 on a ‘62 Vespa 150 and moved up to a 360 Honda at age 16. She took a thirty year hiatus to raise 2 children as a single parent. Her next bike came to her as salvage, the result of a friend’s nasty bike accident. It started as a stock, red 77 FXE, with no front end (the bike was hit head on).

Almost a year went into jigging the frame, redesigning the bike, rebuilding the engine, and fighting for what she envisioned for her ride. “I don’t know how many times I heard `You can’t do that’ or ‘It won’t look right,” laughs Sharon. “I wanted an old 50’s glide look. I replaced the narrow glide front end with an 85 Heritage wide glide, changed the rear struts, put 16” mags on the front & back and installed a La Pera gunfighter seat; it dropped the bike about 6” from its original height and gave it a nice, fat, hug-the-road profile.” There was also a custom paint job, with the store matching the paint to a candy easter egg; aqua, with original 70’s metal flake, in peacock blue/lime green. Now that her bike was ready, all she needed was a license, and so, at the ripe young age of 50, she got her M2 following enrollment and completion of the motorcycle course at Fanshawe College. The funny part of the whole story is that Sharon doesn’t drive; she’s never had a driver’s license of any kind, and still doesn’t drive a car! “I rode my bike home from the shop as soon as I passed my test, and I haven’t stopped smiling since!” says Sharon, grinning broadly. “In four years, I’ve ridden 40,000 km. This year (2013), I will be riding to Nova Scotia. I’ve even started a motorcyclerelated business, (video sunglasses -- awesome for taking videos on the bike).” According to Sharon, having a bike is like having a whole new life. “You can ride into any town and if there is another bike parked, you have an instant friend. It’s the one place where you can leave your stress behind, no one in your ear, can’t hear the cell phone ringing more... p.19

Jennifer Roth is determined, committed, talented... and very much a woman in a ‘ man’s world’. Her ride? A 2007 Kawasaki ZX6R that she bought in September 07’ . She rode it for 10,000 km on the road before taking it to the track. “I took the course at ‘Turn 2’ at Calobogie Race Track, Levels 1 & 2 in July 2009 and was hooked after that weekend. We converted my bike to a track bike that fall and did a few track days before I started racing (in May 2010).” The motor remains stock, but modifications to the ZX6R include: The front and rear suspension; steel brake lines; Brembo master cylinder; Bazzaz Fuel Injection Tuner; quick shifter and traction control; Armour Bodies race body work; a Hindle exhaust; and various other bits and pieces. When asked about being a successful female in a sport typically dominated by men, Jennifer didn’t even hesitate with her answer. “It can be difficult being a female in this sport, but that challenge only makes me want to work harder and race harder to cross the finish line before them. At SOAR (Southern Ontario Association of Racing), most of the guys are willing to help you out -- on and off the track -- no matter what your sex. The guys are supportive of the female racers and encourage the women to enter into races other than Formula Femme if they feel she has the skill level to compete. Sure, they don’t relish the thought of ‘being beat by a girl’, but it’s always something to talk about in the pits afterwards! I have had guys take me around the track to show me everything from braking points to how to take some of the turns faster because they want to see women continue to grow and excel in the sport.” And excel she does! In 2012, Jennifer was undefeated in the Formula Femme races, and she & her husband were the champions in the GTU Endurance Race Series. For the upcoming 2013 racing season, Jennifer plans to race with SOAR in the Formula Femme series, do the GTU Endurance race with her husband again on their TL1000, and possibly enter a race or two in open sprint against ‘the boys’. Her advice to women, Give track riding a try. “It’s way more fun than riding on the road. It can become very expensive though, so keep that in mind if you want to get involved.” Jennifer suggests taking a course or two at a school geared towards riding on the track. She also recommends participating in some track days before committing to racing. “Riding on the track is very exhilarating,” she shares. “Some people think it’s risky, but I think since everyone is going in the same direction and there are no cars, trees or poles to get in your way, that it might actually be safer than riding on the road…”

11 – The Motorcycle Times, March 2013

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training wheels KIMBERLEE ANNA TAPLAY Contributing Writer, TMT

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One year. It has been exactly twelve months since I began this journey of mine. Forget the fact that I spent years secretly wishing I was brave enough to tell someone about my passion and yearning to own a motorcycle. Forget the fact that the only experience I’d ever had on a bike was when my ex-husband coaxed me onto the back of his dirt bike (one that was far too big for him) and he wiped out on the side of the road and threw me into a ditch. You can even forget about the fact that I never dreamed that I -- a chubby, single mom of two girls – would feel comfortable enough in my own skin to throw my leg over a ride and mount up. What a difference a year makes! I owe a great deal of gratitude to many people along the way: To the first person I got brave enough to tell about my dream, and who eventually turned out to be the one to convince me to climb on board behind him on his Harley and go for my first real ride; to my daughters who, after a stifled laugh and a look of disbelief, followed by a “You’re not really serious, are you?”, encouraged me and told me to ‘go for it’; to the publishers of The Motorcycle Times, who saw something genuine and sincere in me when I approached them about writing a column for their newspaper; and to my mentor, who sensed something in me long before I understood it myself, and who has patiently taken the time to listen to my unending questions and educate me about ‘the world’ that I long to belong to and feel a part of. Lastly, there are the women who have encouraged me, shared their stories and who have helped me to understand the magic of ‘The Sisterhood’. You often hear about motorcycling being a ‘man’s world’ and about the brotherhood that exists between male riders. It wasn’t until I began educating myself about the world of motorcycles and motorcycle riding that I realized how many female riders there are out there! My good friend Nikki (a ‘sister from another mister’) has been a wonderful source of support, and a valuable resource when it came to sharing insight and information about shopping around for my first ride. She and her husband, Joe, have made impromptu appearances on their bikes in my driveway, and we have spent hours at a time chatting and discussing the pros and cons of various scenarios and experiences. Business associates, friends and clients have shared their own stories of bike ownership and adventures after learning about me being at the beginning of my own journey. I’ve heard tales of women who rode two-up for years and are finally ready to take control of and own their own bikes. There are women who have told me about not being taken seriously at shops or dealerships when they showed up wanting to have work done on their bikes or were looking to buy. Boy! Do I know what that’s like! I remember walking into one showroom and standing behind a bike that had caught my eye. I was chatting with a young guy (in his early 20’s or so) who had his eye on the bike that was right next to the one that I was interested in. The salesman came over and started talking to the young man, virtually ig-

noring me and not taking any of the (educated) questions I was asking seriously. He then proceeded to show the young couple around the showroom and out back where there was also a selection of used bikes. I tagged along like that kid on the playground who hadn’t been picked for either team, wanting so badly to feel like I fit in, and yet very much on the outside looking in. I left that showroom feeling invisible and promised myself that I would never go back there, and more importantly, that I would never let anyone ever have me feeling like I didn’t belong on a motorcycle. I’ve met some pretty amazing women from all walks of life while working in the TMT booth at the motorcycle shows in Toronto (January) and London (February). There were wives with their husbands, groups of girls who belonged to the same riding clubs, professional riders and racers, and everyday ‘girls next door’ who took the time to chat and share their passion for the open road and the wind and the freedom that moves our hearts. Truth be told, I’m somewhat of a tomboy. Throughout my life, my best friends have always been guys. In addition to being a motorcycling enthusiast, I am an avid Canadian football fan, hockey nut and I love to putter around the house and garden. Heck, I even create my own ‘honey do’ list. It’s not that I don’t have female friends; I have always just felt more comfortable around the guys. That’s why I am doubly – and happily – surprised at the level of comfort and camaraderie that I have found when it comes to having discovered a whole world of women that I never knew existed. It’s like C. JoyBell C. once wrote: “We are all equal in the fact that we are all different. We are all the same in the fact that we will never be the same.” We all come to the world of riding from very different backgrounds and for very different reasons. We all stay, however, for the same one: We love being riders of the wind. We are of The Sisterhood. It’s one of the reasons I find riding so appealing. Being a single mom with an almost empty nest, I see long stretches of alone time in my not-so-distant future. How do I see myself spending all that free time? Let’s say I take a daytrip and pull in to Timmy’s parking lot along the way. When you’re in a cage, you get out of your car, you go in and grab your coffee, head back out to your car, climb back in and leave. On a bike? if there’s another bike within yelling distance, you can almost guarantee that within minutes, you’re swapping stories, sharing travel tidbits, and have made a new friend as well. I’m loving this journey of mine so far. I’m grateful for all of the guidance and advice. I’m thankful for all of the encouragement. What I hope I have and what I seek is humility; humility says there were people before me who found the path. Some of them even created it. Thank you to all of the people, particularly the women, who have welcomed me with open arms, lives and hearts to this wonderful world. It’s nice to know we’re in this together. KAT out!

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13 – The Motorcycle Times, March 2013

You Don’t Have to be Rich To Own The Road

March 2013, The Motorcycle Times – 14

OpenRoad: H-D’s 110th

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Visitors to the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee can enjoy fine rides through the ages. Ed Bierman photos, flickr c.c. 2.0

A Date You Won’t Forget Celebrating 110 years, Harley-Davidson Hosts the Party of the Century

by ANNA DANIELS Contributing Writer - TMT There’s a joke circulating around the internet that a husband forgets the password to a couple’s computer and he asks his wife for the information. ‘It’s our wedding anniversary date, darling,” she says with a smile. He sits there at the computer for three days before he gets up the courage to tell her that he still can’t get in to the desktop. Luckily for motorcycle riders and enthusiasts of both sexes, there’s one anniversary date that neither is about to forget. 2013 marks the 110th anniversary of the Harley-Davidson company, and celebrations are underway around the world. From Milwaukee to Rome and in dozens of other cities all across the globe, Harley-Davidson is commemorating 110 years of classic motorcycles and classic good times. But Rome and Milwaukee are just the start-

ing point. Taking place on six continents, at hundreds of dealerships and attended by millions of motorcycle enthusiasts, it’s an anniversary party of the monumental kind. But what’s a party without gifts? Harley-Davidson has taken the party to the next level, creating special collections for both men and women. The complete 110th Anniversary collection is emblazoned with the eye-catching 110th Anniversary logo: clothing including Pink Label Collection - which is a collection of items dedicated to support people touched by breast cancer, glassware, jewellery, buckles, decorations and many more pieces ensure that when you’re looking to add to your collection or buy an enthusiast a birthday (and especially an anniversary) present, there’s plenty to choose from. A visit to the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee will have you discovering how Harley-Davidson grew out of humble beginnings

during the Industrial Revolution, learning about the manufacturer’s contribution to America’s effort during two world wars, and how its motorcycle influenced pop culture. The Harley-Davidson Museum is more than a nostalgia trip for motorcycle enthusiasts. It offers a glimpse of American history and culture as you’ve never seen it. Current special exhibits include: The Tsunami Motorcycle -- The remarkable story of the survival and recovery of a 2004 Harley- Davidson Night Train® motorcycle; ‘Designing A Celebration’ – A behind-the-scenes glimpse into the design and manufacturing processes used to create Harley-Davidson’s anniversary model motorcycles and the special logos they bear; and permanent exhibits include Clubs & Competition, Design Lab, Engine Room, the Harley-Davidson Journey and the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Gallery. As a solitary visit, the museum is a great adventure; shared with a partner, especially if they are an enthusiast as well, it’s a true

bonding experience. If music is more your thing, Harley-Davidson recently announced an exclusive partnership with legendary musician Kid Rock, including a Saturday night performance for the company’s 110th Anniversary celebration in Milwaukee over the 2013 Labor Day weekend. According to a recent Harley-Davidson press release, the first-of-its-kind partnership brings together two legendary American rebels and named Harley-Davidson as a title sponsor of Kid Rock’s Rebel Soul tour, which kicked off Feb. 2, 2013, in Kansas City. Unique experiences at each of the 60 planned stops during the Rebel Soul tour will be offered to fans, and the tour sponsorship is just one aspect of the overarching relationship, which will extend from concerts to retail promotions. The final stop on the tour is Aug. 31, 2013, when Kid Rock rolls into Milwaukee, Harley-Davidson’s hometown, to party with thousands of his fellow riders.

15 – The Motorcycle Times, March 2013


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March 2013, The Motorcycle Times – 16


Szokes Renews with Parts Canada

Rockstar Energy/Yamaha OTSFF signs Shawn Maffenbeiber OTSFF Sports Marketing Group’s Andre Laurin is pleased to announce the signing of Shawn Maffenbeier to Team Rockstar Energy Yamaha for the 2013 CMRC Canadian Motocross Nationals. The Swift Current, SK native will campaign the MX2 National Championship for the factory team aboard the new YZ250 2-stroke. “We believe in Shawn’s potential to make a dent in the MX2 title hunt and we’re glad to have him aboard for the season,” said Laurin. “Shawn has a long history riding Yamaha product, which should make the transition to our team a smooth one for him.” Maffenbeier, who won pretty well every amateur motocross championship in his home province of Saskatchewan at one time

or another, made his breakthrough on the CMRC Nationals scene during the 2011 motocross season, when he traded his No. 23 plate for a noteworthy No. 6 in the MX1 class. The highly anticipated 2012 season proved to be filled with highs and lows for Maffenbeier, which saw him finish the MX1 points chase with a No. 10 ranking. Maffenbeier experienced consistency issues and finding the right focus, something he hopes to put behind him this year. “I’m quite excited to have been presented with the opportunity to sign with Rockstar Energy Yamaha, OTSFF. I’m looking forward to the challenge of contesting the MX2 class, and I’m definitely aiming for the No.1 plate,” Maffenbeier said.

See Jennifer Roth competing on one of the race dates below. Photo by John Reid

Eight time Canadian Superbike Champion Jordan Szoke renews his personal sponsor deal with Parts Canada. Szoke will continue to represent Parts Canada by representing Alpinestar leathers, HJC helmets and Thor dirt gear. Szoke and Parts Canada have worked together for the past three seasons, and have now extended that relationship into 2013. Last season Szoke and Parts Canada worked together to bring home the 2012 Canada Cup

and number one plate. “I am really excited to continue with Parts again for this year.” says Szoke. “We once again rallied our existing sponsorship efforts together and use products that Parts Canada exclusively carries to help brand our team and represent Parts Canada well.” The Mopar Canadian Superbike Championship season opener will be held at Shannonville Motorsport Park June 7-9.


Dani Pedrosa again fastest in pre-season testing Dani Pedrosa was the man to beat again as the second MotoGP pre-season test in Sepang got under way. Repsol Honda rider Pedrosa - who was on top in the first test at the start of February - was fastest throughout. Pedrosa’s best lap of two minutes 1.580 seconds put him ahead of world champion Jorge Lorenzo on a rain-hit afternoon. Pedrosa’s rookie team-mate Marc Marquez was third, with nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi in fifth and British rider Cal Crutchlow sixth.

Crutchlow was left frustrated by the wet weather which left the riders struggling for grip. The Tech 3 Yamaha rider said: “This morning the track condition wasn’t good at all. It was greasy and the heat was just making it worse and you can see the lap times are a fair way off what we were doing here only recently. “There were a few crashes and it was obvious that we’d got used to the grip that we had at the last test but it wasn’t there and when people started to push they crashed.” The test continues until Thursday, with the first race of the season at Qatar on 7 April.


2013 RACING SCHEDULE SOAR Practice Weekend - May 11 & 12, 2013 Grand Bend Raceway, May 11 - Modified Track, May 12 - Long Track Round One - May 24-26, 2013 - Grand Bend Raceway - Long Track Round Two - June 14-16, 2013 - Grand Bend Raceway - Modified Track All Bike Weekend Round Three - July 26-28, 2013 - Grand Bend Raceway - Technical Track Steve Shreeve Memorial Weekend Round Four - August 16-18, 2013 - Grand Bend Raceway - Screaming Alien Track Round Five - Sept. 20-22, 2013 - Grand Bend Raceway Reverse Screaming Alien Track Round Six - October 4-6, 2013 - Grand Bend Raceway - Long Track

Rossi Reverts to 2012 Bike at Sepang February 26 2013 - Having suffered an engine problem with his latest equipment, Valentino Rossi made a brief switch back to last year’s Yamaha Factory Racing bike as MotoGP™ pre-season testing continued in Malaysia on Tuesday. The Italian ended a rain-affected day in fifth position, with teammate Jorge Lorenzo second.

“Unfortunately we had less than half a day, “We started at ten o’clock and had something to do, but then we had a small problem with the engine on the new chassis we’re working on. So we had to stop that bike and continue with my old bike but I’m quite happy because my pace wasn’t too bad, even on the 2012 bike.

17 – The Motorcycle Times, March 2013

full throttle

Dover Thunder Apparel celeb

RUSSELL WILSON Contributing Writer, TMT

Female Custom Since the boom of the Industrial Revolution there have been businessmen, economists and speculators trying to maximize their earning/profit potentials by optimizing their abilities to reach the consumer and get you to understand why you simply cannot live without their latest widget, gizmo, mechanism or product. Likewise, with the growing economic power wielded, no matter the sex or the sexual preference of the CEO heading AnycompanyAnyplace Inc., they have and always will be trying to accomplish the same thing as ‘Slick Willy’, Valentino, Bill Clinton, George Clinton, Justin Timberlake and that *&(#*!% of a boss that your girlfriend works for: To get into a woman’s pants! Get your mind out of the gutter! It’s not that kind of article. Yes, we’re talking about ‘getting in her pants’, but not in the way you’re imagining. It’s the back pocket. Not literally, since most women prefer designer purses or hand bags of some sort, but figuratively speaking (Rosie O’ Donnell excluded). Ever since Indian Motorcycles made rear shocks available in 1915 and the mother and daughter tandem Avis & Effie Hotchkiss went on a 5,000 mile jaunt in and about New York and then San Francisco, motorcycle manufacturers have been intrigued by the female rider, and the dollars they possess, with claim increasing in unison with their earning potential. As females have sought and received independence in many sectors and aspects of life, quite naturally their career options for all intent and purposes are equal to men. There’s still discrimination (it seems all animals are at risk of going extinct, but idiots are like roaches), but for the most part, a woman can be anything she aspires to be, and have the accessories to show for it. More and more females are signing up for motorcycle safety courses, or simply learning on their own, or from husbands, friends, or partners. A woman rider today will rarely get a second glance or comment, it’s become so commonplace. I’ve even seen men on the back of the bike with a female at the controls (women love confident & secure men). Motorcycle companies are trying to find the ‘white elephant’; the motorcycle that female riders gravitate to en masse. The most popular bikes for women, according to polls and dealership sales in the U.S.A, are: • Harley Davidson Sportster • Honda Shadow • Yamaha V-Star • Harley Davidson Softail • Kawasaki Vulcan

• Kawasaki Ninja • Suzuki Boulevard • Honda Rebel • Honda CBR600RR • Harley Davidson FLSTF Fat Boy One of the reasons the bikes mentioned above are the most popular with female clientele is that they all have relatively low seat heights. Most women are much shorter than the average man (which most motorcycles are engineered for). Motorcycles manufactured with the female rider in mind have seat heights ranging from 25.4 inches to 30.5 inches. How many times have you seen someone at a red light ‘tippy toeing’? Not good! It appears women better understand the importance of having both feet firmly on the ground more than their male counterparts. These bikes also tend to be more forgiving; if you accidentally give the bike too much throttle, you may get ‘straight armed’ to a certain degree, all else being equal, but at least you won’t be doing the ‘superman’ down the street, or worse. Female riders in general tend to be ‘better’ riders than their male counterparts due to the fact that they seem to put more effort into being ‘smooth’ with the bikes controls, and don’t attempt to ‘muscle’ them. As men, we tend to want to ‘control’ the bike instead of finessing it and allowing the bike to do most of the work. We know how to work ‘smarter’, but in our minds it’s simply not as impressive. When women ride, they’re not trying to impress anyone. When men ride, they’re trying to impress everyone, even if no one’s paying attention (including themselves). My daughters, who are far too young to operate a motorcycle, have grown up around bikes, and say they one day want to ride. Fortunately, their generation doesn’t base careers, hobbies, and interests on a person’s sex. They’re part of the generation that feels they can be whoever they chose, and aspire to accomplish whatever they can dream. Like most dads, I dream for them to never grow up, never physically develop, and of course to never take any interest in boys or men. If I had sons, I’d dream for them to never grow up like their dad. All kidding aside, the women’s movement has laid the foundation for the numerous social and socio-economic advancements afforded females of today, and of the not-too- distantpast, whether it’s justifiably recognized or not. With world economies suffering to varying degrees, the motorcycle industry is focusing more and more on the female rider, as it appears to have found the golden goose that lays the proverbial golden egg. No bacon here.

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Margit Wamsley, right, and friend Connie Prime showcase some of Margit’s e d “Dover Thunder Apparel”. By Donna McMillan “Dover Thunder Apparel”, specializing in Friday 13th biker wear is celebrating its 13th year of business this year, a year of three Friday 13ths and expectations that this July 13th could be the biggest event in Port Dover to date. Owner Margit Wamsley, who works as

a Special Events Coordinator for Norfolk County in her regular work day, will once again have staff manning two booths that feature “Dover Thunder Apparel”. They can be found next to Dover Hairport, near the Dover Dairy Bar and in The Arbor parking lot. Thirteen years ago, Margit started off designing hats and quickly moved to Fri-



1-800-269-2728 www.manthainsurance.com


March 2013, The Motorcycle Times – 18


Clockwise Top Left: Betty and Dot, Dot, Motor Maids iconc white gloves and vests with blue sleeves, Motor Maids group photo circa.1940’s,

The Motor Maids

Uniting Women in Promoting Motorcycle Interests around the World by BRENT WAKEFORD Contributing Writer, TMT Motor Maids, Inc. is the oldest continuouslyoperated women’s motorcycling organization. In the late 1930’s, a young woman motorcycle enthusiast named Linda Dugeau of Providence, Rhode Island, conceived the idea that a number of women who owned their own motorcycles might be interested in becoming acquainted with one another. Her vision was to unite women riders from coast to coast and to inspire other women to participate in the sport of motorcycling. Linda based her idea of a national women’s motorcycle organization from Amelia Earhart’s women flyers “The NinetyNine Club”. Linda wrote to dealers, local newspapers, riders she read about in motorcycle magazines and anyone who might know of other women motorcycle riders. After an extensive search, in 1940 she compiled a list from which the Motor Maid organization was founded with 51 Charter members, from 19 different states and the territory of Alaska. The initial Constitutional Article establishing the requirements for membership has remained a Motor Maid hallmark: “Membership shall consist of women who legally own and operate their own motorcycle or one belonging to a family member”. The American Motorcycle Association Charter #509 was issued to the club in 1941 under the official name Motor Maids of America. In the 1960’s, the club became incorporated. The resulting name change -- to Motor Maids, Inc. -- allowed for the recognizing of their many members in Canada. The founding premise of the Motor Maids was to unite women in promoting motorcycle interests and remains so to this day. Advancing the cause of motorcycling in a positive

way was an integral part of Linda Dugeau’s vision. As she said in 1942: “We want to advance the cause of motorcycling in general. We want to try to erase from the mind of the public the usual unpleasant opinion of the sport. We feel that with girls riding clean, shining machines, in neat, well-tailored outfits, and showing proper courtesy to motorists and pedestrians alike, we will do a great deal for the sport and bring the sport into public favor.” Dot Robinson of Detroit, Michigan, was appointed the first President. She held the position for the next 25 years, until resigning during their 1965 convention. Lou Rigsby of Chattanooga, Tennessee was the first Vice President; Linda Dugeau was the first Recording Secretary; Helen Kiss of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, was the first Treasurer, and Assistant to the Secretary was Hazel Duckworth of Valley Falls, Rhode Island. In keeping with changing times and growth of the club, six additional offices have been added since that time: Advisory Editor, Supply Officer, Publicity Director, Historian, Web Editor, Safety Officer and Assistant to the Recording Secretary became the Membership Secretary. Informal meetings and get-togethers were held at various national and district events in many parts of the country. At the 1946 convention, it was decided the organization needed someone to provide a link between the membership and the National Officers, so The State Director system was established. State Directors are appointed by the President and are responsible for keeping their area membership active and informed. They are also responsible for hosting at least one gettogether every year. In the early 1990’s, State Director was changed to District Director as State/Providence or groups of States/Provinces divided the membership into Districts. Nellie Jo Gill, Marion Trow and Arlene Son-

nefelt were some of the many members who served in the Armed Forces during World War II. During that time, travel was greatly restricted because of gas rationing. The first formal convention was held in Columbus, Ohio, May 27- 28, 1944, with Motor Maids Jane Farrow Langley and Jo Folden, co-hosting the event. Formal business was conducted and a banquet dinner was held at the Columbus Steak House. Over Labor Day weekend that same year, the first Regional Meeting was held at Plainfield, New Jersey and out of that meeting came the club colors - Royal Blue and Silver Gray - and the Motor Maid emblem in the form of a shield. The first official uniform had its beginnings at the Plainfield meeting; It was tailor-made of silver-gray gabardine with royal blue piping. This eventually evolved into a uniform consisting of gray slacks, a royal blue blouse with a white tie, gloves and boots. The Motor Maids maintained a uniform right through from the 1940’s, and in 2006, the membership voted for a new uniform design. The official uniform now consists of black pants and boots, a royal blue shirt, white cotton vest bearing a large Motor Maid emblem and their state/province on the back, and the signature white gloves. In 1941, Howard Foley of Columbus, Ohio approached the Motor Maids with the idea of parading at the Charity Newsies Race. When they paraded at the Newsies Race, the Motor Maids became known as the ‘Ladies of the White Gloves,’ hence the beginnings of the white gloves. The Motor Maids paraded annually at Charity Newsies through its final year in 1979. Over the years, the Motor Maids have been asked to parade and act as the official color guard at numerous motorcycle races across the US and in Canada. Traditionally, Motor Maids parade at their annual convention as

a thank you to the hosting city. The tradition of holding a formal convention continues today, with conventions hosted each year in different parts of the United States and Canada, starting the Tuesday following the July 4th holiday. In keeping with the Motor Maids, Inc mission -- it is a riding club -- members must ride their motorcycle to convention in order to participate in the business meetings, vote on club business and elect officers. If a member had attended two National Conventions and has ten consecutive active years of membership, she may apply for Life Membership. A Silver Life Membership requires twenty-five years of active membership and attendance at five conventions. If ten conventions have been attended during fifty years of active membership, a Golden Life Membership is awarded. After a twenty-five year tenure, Dot Robinson retired as President. Dorine Hamilton of Wichita, Kansas became the second, Mary Cutright of Chillicothe, Ohio the third. Kathleen Anderson, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, the fourth, Jeanne Deak, Chardon, Ohio, the fifth, and Jan Barrett, Englewood, Florida the sixth. Brenda Hickling-Thatcher of Toledo, Ohio the seventh, and as of the July 2011 election in Grand Rapids Michigan, Susan Gibson, Cinncinati, Ohio is the eighth and current Motor Maids Inc President. Kathy, Jeanne, and Jan remain active in club business, serving as Executive Counselors. Today, with approximately 1,200 members across the United States and Canada, the Motor Maids are a diverse group of women motorcyclists, united through a passion for riding while fostering a positive image and promoting safe riding skills. Their vision is ”Honoring the Past -- Riding toward the Future” and that vision continues well into the next millennium.

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...it’s just the wind, your thoughts and miles of new adventures. So stop thinking about getting a bike… just do it!” Maggie Maloney Maggie’s bike is a 2009 V Star 950 Tourer. She’s added (along with some help from her hubbby) highway pegs, riding lights, engine guards, and saddlebag guards. “She’s perfect!” Maggie happily declares. “I’ve been riding since I was very young, inheriting the craving for it from my Dad. My husband also rides and we’ve got several rallies and road trips booked for this summer already. I am so looking forward to each and every moment in the saddle!” Sabine Her ride (named ‘Nini’) is a 2010 Yamaha VStar 1100 Silverado which she made ‘hers’ with Ultimate seats, Yamaha OEM Hardbags, Engine Guard, Highway Pegs and other little touches of ‘bling’. Sabine started riding in Germany when she was 22. She took a twenty year hiatus and got back into it in 2009 at the age of fifty. “My ride is my therapy,” says Sabine. “It gives me a much-needed break from my busy job as an RN in a local hospital.” Nicole Pinto Nicole’s love for motorcycles really blossomed when she was a teenager. “I’d always had a love for motorcycles, and went to my first Friday the 13th in about 1991 when I was 18,” she says. “I was hooked. The celebration in Dover was pretty small back then!” Following several years of wanting to ride and not just be a passenger, she finally bit the bullet after some nudging from a few friends, got her license, and took the bike course in September of 2010. After spending part of her first full season riding and owning first a Yamaha VStar 250 and then a VStar 650, Nicole’s current pride and joy is a 2007 Harley-Davidson Sportster XL1200 custom. As most riders do when they get a Harley, Nicole has put a great deal of heart, time and money into making the changes she wanted in order to take the bike from stock to her very own: “There are a million things you can do,” she says. “I’ve changed the pipes; put on a hypercharger; installed new saddle bags; put on a new seat; changed all of the pegs, grips and lights; changed the horn; changed the shocks; added heated grips; added tons of chrome, accessories and more. The list is a mile long, and just when I think I’m done, I think of something else I want to do or change.” When it comes to what she loves most about riding, Nicole talks about the sense of freedom and adventure that comes along with jumping on her 1200. “We’ll get on our bikes and just ride, with no particular destination or agenda in mind, and who knows where we’re going to end up. It is such a fantastic way to see this beautiful land. I have been through so many places that I’d never even heard of or seen before, and have met some great people along the way.” She sums it up perfectly by quoting one of her favourite helmet stickers: “Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out the window.” Only a biker, indeed…

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19 – The Motorcycle Times, March 2013

Girls Next Door

March 2013, The Motorcycle Times – 20


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my garage Reader’s Contributions

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Rob and Joanne Perttula gas up at one of the roadside petrol stations along the route. Gas was available at most stops, although diesel is much more commonly used in Morocco. places and towns of interest, the landscape is arid, rugged, with “little to see and no place to overnight.” Having said that, he went on to say that putting the miles behind you was hardly uneventful. The scenery was beautiful and spectacular in every way, from the Atlas Mountains, to rolling green hills, to the

1981 Yamaha XS650

red sand dunes of the Sahara Desert. They were able to cover a lot of ground quickly as the roads were nearly deserted (to own a car in Morocco is most unusual and those that do are wealthy city dwellers), and the speed limit is “mostly just a suggestion.” Roads were fairly good, from a biker’s point of view, although the mountain roads

One of a Kind

Serving the GTA

Brad Harfman: I started in September 2011 by buying a 1981 Yamaha XS650 for $1,000.00. I drove it the 75kms back home, barely making it. The carburetor needle valves wouldn’t seat, causing gas to flow out of the carbs at every intersection. I eventually got home by adjusting the gas tank shutoff valve according to the speed requirement. Almost immediately, I began tearing it down to nothing but a bare frame. My intentions were to make a bobber. The XS650 motorcycle has a host of internet sites to assist the enthusiast in making his dream bike come true. With the help of my cousin, Rob of Chappell Customs, I began the process of creating my own bike; a one of a kind – created by me – bobber. At times I thought ‘What am I doing? I’ve never rebuilt any type of vehicle before!’ but once I had started, I knew I was committed to the end. The process began with the teardown to the frame only, grinding off of all unnecessary tabs, cutting off and replacing the rear frame with a hardtail section.

I went through numerous websites until I could figure out the parts necessary to create my bike, my vision. For the parts I couldn’t purchase, I fabricated them out of bare metal and slowly my ride began to take shape and form. I tore down the engine, replacing worn parts and learning the ins-and-outs of this iconic engine. Removing and shortening the front shocks & hand-polishing all of the aluminum covers, I found the hours working in my garage a great way to immerse myself in the learning process and stretch my creative boundaries. Purchasing bare metal and transforming it into mounts and brackets for the seat, signals, headlight, rear fender and the ignition coil proved challenging but immensely rewarding. I am at the point now that only the wiring needs to be completed. The bike will be ready to ride this spring and I’m looking forward to the sweet feeling of pride and joy riding a bike that I created. I haven’t given her a name yet, but it will come...much like spring. Brad, nice job on the build. It’s a real departure from its original look. TMT

...hey, got a second? Have you been wrenching on a project. Send us some before and after photo’s; a little info about what you’ve been up to and we’ll make you famous. Ok, maybe not that famous. Email your pics and story to: kat@themotorcycletimes.ca

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March 16-17, 2013 Spring Motorcycle Show International Centre, 6900 Airport Rd. Sat-10-9pm, Sun105pm. Adults $16, Youths under 12 $5, Under 6 free, Free Parking! Bikes of The Century” Vintage Motorcycle Display, Special Guests, Door Prize, Stage Shows, Motorcycle Clubs, Rides. Swap Meet-Used & hard to find parts for American, British, European, Asian motorcycles. www. supershowevents.com April 13-14, 2013 National Motorcycle Show The Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place. Vendors selling new & used bikes, parts, accessories, clothing and much more. The custom and vintage motorcycles showcasing classic and custom models of today and yesterday are on display competing for cash and awards. More info, 705-778-2275. www. nationalmotorcycleshow.com April 28, 2013 Ride2Reach Spring Tour Ride to Wasaga at 9am at Hurontario & Mayfield Road Brampton. Donation $25/ rider, $15/passenger. Fundraiser Ride for 7 Children’s Hospitals. www.ride2reach.com. Eric r2r@ manilasunriseriders.com, John john@motorcycleenhancements.com May 3, 2013 Female Ride Day A globally synchronized campaign for women motorcyclists with the purpose of building awareness, encouraging women to start riding. Any Road, any highway, any street.

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905-975-1890 or privatelessons1965@gmail.com for rates or to reserve your space. Minimum M1 required to qualify.

May 24, 2013 Laps4Cause II 8pm at Formula Kartways 79 Bramsteele Rd Brampton. $70 /ticket. Grandprix Style Go Kart Racing with fellow riders! More info www.ride2reach.com. Eric r2r@manilasunriseriders.com May 24-25, 2013 Perth County Forbidden Ride Fri 6:30pm-9pm, Sat 10-8pm. Start in Stratford end in Mitchell , Sat start in Shakespeare and end in St Marys. $30/riders, $25/ passenger. Friday kicks off with a Motorcycle Caravan, ending with a Show‘nShine, good eats and some entertainment. Motorcycle Caravan, Professional Show n’ Shine, Live Entertainment, Meal, $1000’s in Prizes, Touring Countryside, Silent Auction, Swag, plus 25% off regular price* for a Stratford Festival performance of The Three Musketeers on Friday, May 24. Some condition apply. Cathy Info@visitperth.ca, 519603-3724, www.visitperth.ca May 25, 2013 6th Spring Poker Run Registration 9:30-11. Queen’s Bush Pub, 451-10th St, Hanover. $25/person. $100/pledges gets a limited edition tee, registration includes dinner, entertainment, 50/50, prizes for best

poker hand, silent auction. All proceeds to Big Brothers and Big Sisters Hanover and Grey Bruce Eat and Learn. 250 km ride touring Grey Bruce & area. Anita queensbushpub@yahoo. ca 519-364-6666, www.queensbushpub.com May 26, 2013 The B.A.D Ride Dave & Buster’s at Hwys 400 & 7 (East of 400, South of 7). Registration 8:00-10:15am. Ride departs 9:45am.Signed/ unescorted Ride, mid ride stop at Belvedere Cookhouse, Pefferlaw then onto Markham Fairgrounds. Every registered rider enjoys: Continental breakfast, Limited edition 16th year T-shirt, Original 16th year bike bandana, Min. one draw ticket for Grand Prize, BBQ lunch & live music. Riders & passengers must each raise a minimum of $75, and will receive an additional ticket for every extra $50. Every dollar raised goes directly to the Distress Centres. The Grand Prize winner must be eligible/present to win the 110th Anniversary 2013 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail Classic. Don’t forget about the free Kick Off Party on May 23 at Dave & Buster’s. Enjoy a night of music, games and complimentary food. Karen, karen@torontodistresscentre.com, 416-595-1716, www.thebadride.com June 1, 2013 Hero’s Highway Ride C.F.B. Trenton, Hwy. 2 near R.C.A.F. Road, follow the signs. Registration FREE-sign a waiver to participate. 8:30-11:15am. Ride Departs 11:30 Sharp. www. heroshighwayride.com. June 2, 2013 Huronia HOG Poker Run Registration 9:30-11 at Hospice Simcoe-336 Penetanguishene Rd, Barrie), Ride ends at Barrie Harley-Davidson-311Bryne Drive, Barrie. Min. donation $25/person.Allriders/bikes/ makes/models welcome.  The first ride leaves at 10am, last ride leaves at 11am.  2 hour ride ends at Barrie Harley-Davidson, prizes awarded. Hamburgers, sausages & pop available for purchase.  Proceeds to Hospice Simcoe. www.hospicesimcoe. ca. Rain or Shine. Wayne assistantdirector@hurniahog.com, www.huroniahog.com\events 705-737-2283, . June 2, 2013 Poker Run for MADD 9-4pm at 395 Mulock Dr, Newmarket. Registration $25. A pre-planned ride & poker hand, BBQ, 50/50, prizes, silent auction & entertainment. Marvinmahaggith@sympatico.ca, www.yorksimcoeriders.com, 905-833-6407, June 9, 2013 Vaughan Hospital Ride       8:30 Registration, 10 departure. Vaughan City Hall 2141 Major Mackenzie Dr. Vaughan. $35/rider, $15/passenger.

160K ride with one stop through scenic routes north of Vaughan. Food, Music, Prizes. Styles-416-931-4555, www. vaughanhospitalmotorcycleride.com June 15, 2013 Nipissing Ride for Dad Registration June 14, 3-7pm, & June 15, 8-10am. Opening ceremonies at 10am. Parade leaves at 10:30am sharp. CTC parking lot North Bay. Registration $30 or free with $100 in pledges. Police led parade through North Bay to waterfront area followed by a scenic poker run ending at Clarion Resort for a meal and prize awards. John705-497-7777, Terry-705-4970728,Chopper-705-752-5566, www.motorcycleridefordad. org/chapters/nipissing. June 22, 2013 Ladies of Harley Charity Ride In support of the Participation House. Registration 10-11am, Coffee and Donuts, Poker Ride begins at 11. BBQ, Prizes, 50/50 Draw at the end of the ride at Rocky’s Harley Davidson 900 Wilton Grove Rd London. $20 for each rider and passenger. Ellie-519-660-6635 ext 221, elliem@participationhouse.com, www.participationhouse.com   June 23, 2013 Merrickville Motorcycle Show 10-5pm. Main St. West, Merrickville. Free, People’s Choice - $5 registration. People’s Choice Awards -7 categories, trophies, live band, DJ, 50/50, Prize Table, Street closure, Vendors, BBQ. Paul paul@mvmcshow. com, www.mvmcshow.com. 613-715-3331-after7pm. June 23, 2013 Hawks MC Poker Run $5 buffet breakfast from 8:30 with kick stands up at 11. 447 Club, 3210 Homestead Drive, Mt. Hope. $20/person. Poker run with full meal at the last stop. www.hawksmcc.ca June 29, 2013 Ride for Progeria 9am at Tim Hortons, Elmira. $25/rider, $10/passenger. Raising funds and awareness for Progeria in a loop up north with a stop for lunch. Amanda www. facebook.com/RideforProgeria, 519.669.9812 July 6, 2013,  R.O.C.K. Ride for Our Cancer Kids. Register 9:30, Ride at 11. Finale/ Awards at 4pm. Motorsport Harley-Davidson 1375 Confederation St. Sarnia. Min $50/ pledges per bike.  All $ to Childhood Cancer Canada. Ride through scenic Lambton & Kent Counties, midpoint bbq at Mitchell’s Bay. Free shirts for first 100 bikes. Live band at Finale. $1000’s in prizes for top 50 fundraisers, plus every $50/ pledges chance to win grand prize–$500 in free gas. Bob, bob@rockride.com  519-4647627, www.rockride.com

23 – The Motorcycle Times, March 2013

Contact your local HONDA dealer for more information, pricing and any special offers. Ready POWERSPORTS 430 Hensall Cir, Mississauga 905-896-3500 or 855-896-0430 www.readypowersports.com

KW Honda 465 Conestogo Rd , Waterloo 519-746-7900 www.kwhonda.com

RL Equipment 10402 Highway 17, Verner 705-594-2373 www.rlequipment.com

HUDSON MOTORCYCLES 3900 Richardson Sdrd, Tilbury 519-682-2430 or 800-465-1895 www.hudsonmotorcycles.com

Barrie Honda Powerhouse 74 Mapleview Dr., W., Barrie 705-797-2006 or 800-267-4449 www.barriehonda.com

Mid City Honda 1767 Oxford St East, London 519-659 6533 www.midcityhondacenter.com

Sturgess Cycle 615 King St. West, Hamilton 905-522-0503 or 888-421-3333 www.sturgessonline.com

Team Honda Powerhouse 170 Steeles Ave., E., Milton 905-864-8588 or 877-864-8588 www.teamhonda.ca

†Everyday Getaway Sales Event (“Offer”) applies to eligible retail purchase agreements for a limited time, while supplies last. Offers valid on select new (not previously registered) Honda products purchased from an authorized Honda dealer in Canada (excluding Quebec). “Your Price” represents a discount deducted from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price before taxes and can be combined with lease/finance offers. All prices shown do not include freight, PDI, licence, insurance and registration, applicable fees or taxes and are not applicable in Quebec. Dealer may sell for less. Dealer order or trade may be necessary. See dealer or honda.ca for full details and eligible models. Actual prices, discounts and savings may vary by dealer and models. ††90 days deferred payment is available on select 2012 and 2013 Honda Motorcycles. The 2012 models included in this offer are as follows: CBR250R/RA, XR650L, VT750CA/ C2, VT1300X, VT1300CRA, VFR1200FA, ST1300A, NPS50C, GL1800AL/AD, CBR600RRA, CBR125R/RS, CBR1000RRA, CBF600SA, CBF1000A and CB1000RA. The 2013 models included in this offer are as follows: VT750CA/C2, VT1300X, VT1300CRA, CBR250R/RA and CBR1000RA. Offer available through Honda Financial Services, on approved credit. Monthly payments are deferred for 90 days. Contracts will be extended accordingly. Interest charges will not accrue during the first 60 days of the contract. After 60 days, interest starts to accrue and the purchaser will repay the principal and interest monthly over the remaining term of the extended contract. * Limited time purchase financing offer available to qualified retail customers on approved credit (O.A.C.) on new (not previously registered) 2011/2012 CBR250R/CBR250RA (1.9% for 24 months / 3.9% for 36 months / 4.9% for 48 months / 5.9% for 60 months) and 2012 Gold Wing GL1800ADC/GL1800ALC (1.9% for 48 months / 3.9% for 60 months). Example: MSRP for the 2011/2012 CBR250R is $4,499 financed at 1.9% APR equals $191.19 per month for 24 months. Down payment or equivalent trade may be required. Cost of borrowing is $89.56 for a total obligation of $4,588.56 (including down payment). Total obligation does not include freight, PDI, taxes, license, insurance and registration. Dealers may sell for less. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. See dealer or honda.ca for full details. Honda Canada reserves the right to change, extend or limit its offers at any time. At participating Honda Motorcycle or Honda Powerhouse dealers only excluding Quebec. Models and colours may not be exactly as shown. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing, and please respect the environment when riding. Obey the law and read your owner’s manual thoroughly. Honda recommends taking a motorcycle rider training course. (“Offers”) are valid from January 1, 2013 to March 31, 2013. All Offers are subject to change, extension or cancellation without notice. All “Offers” valid at participating Honda Motorcycle or Honda Powerhouse dealers. Visit honda.ca for full details and other financing rates. Errors and omissions excepted. Prices/specifications subject to change without notice.

March 2013, The Motorcycle Times – 24

Profile for The Motorcycle Times

The Motorcycle Times - March 2013  

The MotorcycleTimes is Canada's #1 read Motorcycle Newspaper. Designed to appeal to the broadest cross section of motorcyclists. We feature...

The Motorcycle Times - March 2013  

The MotorcycleTimes is Canada's #1 read Motorcycle Newspaper. Designed to appeal to the broadest cross section of motorcyclists. We feature...