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Honda CB1000R

Jessie Gregory Of Ice and Bikes

Winter It’s Show Time!

If you think this street fighter is all looks and no go? Think again.

‘Once a rider, always a rider’. Isn’t that how the saying goes? Jessies’ Spinal Cord injuries haven’t slowed her down

Like every year before, the show circuit gets going full steam ahead. But is that a good thing?

Bobber Boyz

by KIMBERLEE TAPLAY Assistant Editor - TMT

stripped it and then realized he didn’t have the cash to continue with the endeavor. More time passed and the itch to get his hands on the handlebars grew stronger with each passing day. One day on his way back to Luc’s shop from town, Timo spotted a 1972 Yamaha 250 RD for


Owner and operator of Bobber Boyz/Mad Squirrel Studios, Timothée Richard of Cap-Pelé, New Brunswick, is also a multi-medium artist who has had a passion for two wheels for as

long as he can remember. In 2005, he began helping friend Luc LeBlanc at Kent County Customs (KCC) with some of his bikes. After participating in the TSN Hockey Bike build-off, Timo was bitten by ‘the bug’ and decided it was time to get a bike again. He found a sporty at a great price, bought it,

NEW LOCATION: 1963 Merivale rd., Ottawa | 613-736-8899 | www.hdottawa.com



Photo by Martin Cormier

sale. When he got back to the shop, he took some money from his sportster project, called the number on the For Sale sign, offered the guy $600.00 and bought himself the bike. “It was so cool, man,” Timo says with a smile. “Bam! I was back on two wheels again. I had almost forgotten how good flies really tasted,”

Your road to FREEDOM Starts Here.

December 2012, The Motorcycle Times – 2

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3 – The Motorcycle Times, December 2012

“Bam! I was back on two wheels again. I had almost forgotten how good flies really tasted,”

Bobber Boyz continued from cover he laughs. “I was hooked for good this time and it felt awesome. Man! I rode the sh*t out of that little two-stroke.” He rode it so hard he blew it up, bored it out, and then rode it even harder. Things were going great; but then Life got complicated (as it tends to do). One night at a local bar, on a whim, he jumped on stage and started MC’ing. “I must have done OK,” he says, “because they asked me to join the band. It sounded like a great idea, so I said sure. It picked up a little steam and then we got noticed by a record label out of Montreal.” Getting noticed by the record label was followed by a record deal, and then a few hits on the French airwaves. “It got pretty hectic; I became a father for the first time. Being on the road all the time was keeping me away from the baby, from Julie, from bikes, my studio and everything that was important to me.” In 2009, Timo walked away from the band and the music industry, and dedicated himself to his family and working towards finding a fulfilling job and career. He returned home to dedicate himself to being a father, independent artist, and get back to his passion of riding motorcycles. “I needed a job to help pay the bills, so I went to see my mechanic, Mike Milligan of Milligan’s Cycles in Moncton. The ‘72 Yamaha that I had bought was in pretty bad shape, and Mike had rebuilt the top end for me. He did a great job, and had a great rep for

being a skilled mechanic.” Mike agreed to let Timo come onboard as an apprentice. Timo had come to realize that if he was going to continue running the ol’ two stroke and if he wanted to keep rebuilding the ‘old stuff’, he had to brush up on his mechanic skills. “Old bikes break down…they just do,” he explains. “And if they don’t, you’re not riding them hard enough.” During his time at Milligan’s, Timo met Tyler Bridges, a skilled welder/fabricator who had been working at the shop for a few years as a mechanic. Between his ideas and Tyler’s skills it didn’t take long for the topic of conversation to turn from ‘shop talk’ to ‘chop talk’. They started (with their boss’ permission) working in Mike’s shop after hours and began

building a bike. They built what they could with what they had. Tabs broke, parts were bought, other things broke, things were welded, and on and on it went. “That winter, the Mad Squirrel (the bike) was stripped and painted. Knowing I needed to carry some tools, I beat my first cow and just knew it was the start of something special. That’s when Mad Squirrel Studio was born.” In creating the leatherwork for that first bike, he also began to refine the unique skill that he would eventually become well-known for, as word spread about his talent: He tolled some emblems for a 1969 Honda fuel tank; He carved out custom seats; He continued to work on developing his signature style. During their second year in operation, while

at the Wharf Rat Rally, wheelies were pulled with the two-stroke on the main drag. “That was followed by blue and red flashing lights,” he grins. “After some convincing, we were allowed to keep the bike as long as we promised that no more wheelies would be pulled during the rally. We were lucky. It was either that or the fact that the officer had previously owned the same bike when he was younger. We could see him trying to hide his grin under his mustache.” The next morning while they were rolling out to the grounds of the rally, they heard pedestrians yelling out things like ‘The Bobber Boyz are here!’ I guess there’s nothing like flashing blue and red lights to help you get noticed at a rally,” laughs Timo. “That’s where ‘The Bobber Boyz’ name came from.” Find them on Facebook

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December 2012, The Motorcycle Times – 4

BrainStorm opinions Contact Info:

BRENT WAKEFORD Editor, The Motorcycle Times

Winter... Yuk! The downside of winter is dealing with the emotional stress of once again putting the baby away for what seems like an eternity till spring riding season begins. For some, a road trip south of the border, including a motorcycle rental helps to keep them in the wind while others may trailer their bikes to one of the many winter riding events throughout California, Nevada or Florida prior to spring to get a kick-start on the season. For the rest of us, we just suck it up, suffer parked motorcycle syndrome (PMS) and sit on our bikes in a heated garage with a fan blowing in our face and Steppenwolf blaring “Born to be Wild” on the stereo. Okay maybe that’s just me! But, like clockwork, late fall through early spring always had one saving grace; the infamous “Bike Show Circuit”; starting in December with the manufacturers show, leading into the SuperShow and then followed up by a few spring shows. These were the places to gather, meet up with brothers and sisters of the wind, see what was new in the stock, custom and mild to wild bike builder forum and shop for parts and accessories. I’ve attended these shows annually for thirty some odd years and have watched them grow from a few vendors and hundreds of attendees to hundreds of vendors and thousands flocking to see what’s new. In the old days and yes, I’m dating myself, these shows charged little to get in and gave you great bang for your buck. The promoters charged the vendors a small fee to set up a table or three, which afforded them to sell off that year’s remaining stock and merchandize at a greatly reduced price from retail, which also made room for their new arriving stock. Deals were to be found. Quality parts and accessories at blow out prices and it was a tight knit community of biker friendly shops, businesses and merchandisers that were there for the riders.  Over the last five to ten years many have seen the new change to these shows and it has become apparent, it’s only just about the bottom line. Rental facilities are jacking the prices of event space, forcing promoters to follow

suit and charge outrageous rates to vendors, kicking the small, up-and-coming business owner to the curb or making the larger companies increase their prices, sometimes over retail costs, just to turn a profit. What these folks don’t realize, that in the age of twitter, networking and social media, the word gets out “day one” of the show, warning others it’s not worth attending. As the door sales drop, each year the promoters open up the venue to anybody who’ll pay their table and space rate. These bike shows now have roofing and window companies selling their wares, inferior crap quality leather vendors selling cut-rate chaps, jackets and vests that almost peel off your body in the wind and nobody seems to care about the consumer. Door sales drop, reputations tarnish and eventually, the shows will be replaced with customers just going to the retailer where there is no door charge, no cost for parking and they will just buy the product in store. For those seeking better then retail pricing, many now just google and find an on-line store or cross-border shop for sweeter deals. These shows are destined to fail and close, all because of greed. Canadian customers will stop shopping Canadian and we’ll have to go elsewhere to buy the products we want and need. So, with that being said, do I plan on attending the next round of upcoming motorcycles shows? Possibly some, but defiantly not all. My jaded, yet cautiously optimistic outlook leads me to believe that a change is possible, but not likely. I once sent a letter to one of these promoters voicing my displeasure of spending fifteen dollars at the door, seeing their entire show in less then twenty minutes, not finding one item less then retail cost and in closing, offered my suggestion on how they could make, in my opinion, their event a successful motorcycle show. After all, I consider myself somewhat seasoned after attending hundreds of these events over the past thirty-something years. His e-mail response was “you go put one on and I’ll come see how you do”. I think I might do just that......Stay tuned! 

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900 900 900 222670 670 670 333280 280 280 430 430 430Hensall Hensall HensallCircle Circle CircleMississauga Mississauga Mississauga••905-896-1600 •905-896-1600 905-896-1600Toll TollTollFree: Free: Free:1-855-896-0430 1-855-896-0430 1-855-896-0430

5 – The Motorcycle Times, December 2012

4 – The Motorcycle Times , June 2010


December 2012, The Motorcycle Times – 6

MotorcycleNews Larry Hagman Passes at 81 Larry Hagman, best known for playing Dallas villain J.R. Ewing. A long time biker, who m/c’d at many annual California Rides and loved to ride. He’s had numerous bikes over the years but his love was a Heritage Softail. Larry passed away Friday morning from complications stemming from his recent battle with cancer. He was 81 years old. “Larry was back in his beloved Dallas, re-enacting the iconic role he loved most,” his family said in a statement via The Dallas Morning News. “When he passed, he was surrounded by loved ones. It was a peaceful passing, just as he had wished for. Hagman’s representative says the late actor will be cremated. His Dallas co-stars Linda Gray (who played his wife Sue Ellen) and Patrick Duffy (who played his brother Bobby) were reportedly at his bedside when he passed. “Larry Hagman was my best friend for 35 years. Says Gray, He was the Pied Piper of life and brought joy to everyone he knew”.

Janus Motorcycles A Modern Piece of History Janus Motorcycles is an American manufacturer of hand-made, small-displacement bikes that harken back to iconic eras of motorcycling history. The goal of Janus Motorcycles has been to produce a line of simple, stylish, easy-to-ride and light-weight motorcycles that will appeal  to a new generation of male and female riders. Their bikes aren’t replicas; they haven’t designed them to exactly emulate a period from history. They are contemporary, practical machines that celebrate some of their favorite aspects of motorcycle design over the last century. Janus is building motorcycles for all ages of men and women who may not see themselves as a the typical “biker,” or doing 150mph, but who love the freedom, joy, and mobility that a motorcycle allows, especially if they can work on it themselves. What they are trying to accomplish is a step toward building a younger, broader generation of American riders, and ideally, a new American motorcycle company producing bikes ranging from 125 to 250cc’s.

Currently in production of the first model, the “Halcyon”, an homage to 1920’s and 30’s recordbreakers; Brough Superior, Indian, Triumph, and Zenith, to name a few... The bike comes complete with sprung leather saddle seat and panniers, wide handlebars, and a long, low polished aluminum fuel tank. Janus designs and builds everything by hand in and around our home-town of Goshen, Indiana, including the frame, fuel tank, exhaust system, leather seat and saddlebags, handlebars, pin-striping, wiring harness, and all the additional elements that make up the complete motorcycle. They use rims and brakes manufactured to their specifications, EBR hydraulic forks, and a great Spanish-designed 2-stroke motor. The highly upgradable engine is a water-cooled 6-speed unit based on the Derbi Senda that produces about 10 hp in stock form. Every bike comes with both kick and electric start, as well as an oil injection system. Turn indicators, high and low beam, speedometer, mirrors, and a top speed of 55mph insure safe operation on all but limited access highways. Visit Janusmotorcycle. com for more information.

Suzuki Continues Car Sales in Canada PRESS RELEASE. Suzuki Canada Inc. announced today that, despite the announcement earlier by its affiliate, American Suzuki Motor Corp., of its decision to focus its operations on the long-term growths of its motorcycle, all-terrain vehicle and marine divisions by winding down and discontinuing new auto sales in the U.S., Suzuki Canada has no current plans to discontinue new automobile sales in Canada. While American Suzuki’s realignment of its operations will be achieved through a restructuring of its operations under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, Suzuki Canada is not

contemplating any form of court-supervised restructuring in Canada. “Suzuki’s customers can confidently continue to purchase new vehicles, obtain service, parts and accessories and take full advantage of Suzuki Canada’s warranty program,” said Bill Porter, Sensior Vice President, Automobile Sales & Marketing, Suzuki Canada. “Suzuki Canada, including its Automotive Division, remains fully open for business in Canada, and will be honouring all customer commitments.” 

2013 Zero Electric Motorcycles Most performance bumps amount to noticeable but relatively small increases. The lineup of 2013 Zero Electric Motorcycles ($9,500-$16,000) bucks this trend by offering an average power increase of 99 percent, thanks to a new Z-Force motor that’s more powerful and efficient. Other

improvements include higher-voltage power packs, faster charging, mobile phone integration, new bodywork for the Zero S and DS, the new FX urban cycle with modular power packs, and a new title for the S: “World’s longest-range production electric motorcycle.”


November 14th KatChat: Sylvie Paquette: A topic for TMT... alternative cycles for the older riders, the arthritic riders and the handicap riders... I think it would make a good article... The Motorcycle Times: Funny you should mention that, Sylvie... I am in the process of writing a feature on a young lady who rides (and who also happens to be in a wheelchair); she’ll be featured in the December issue. (Note from TMT: See page 20 for profile on Jessie Gregory) Sylvie Paquette: We have a friend that rides CanAm and he is in a wheelchair The Motorcycle Times: We highlighted the Spyder in October’s issue... The CanAms are pretty cool :) Sylvie Paquette: Going back to alternative cycles...I am wondering if an article on automatic transmission bikes that are ministry approved for exit courses and highway... would be appropriate... The Motorcycle Times: The CanAm has the option of being a semi-automatic (starting

Join the facebook KATchat Live every Wednesday from 8-9pm

with the 2013 model).... There is another make of automatic transmission bike, it was made by Ridley -- there were actually several models (3 or 4) including a trike. The Motorcycle Times: Zero motorcycles (electric) are clutchless, one speed bikes.... zzzzoooooom!! *hehe* BookBabe Bibliophile: When I had trouble with my M2 road test...clutch issues...a friend said, “Maybe you’re a VESPA girl. The Motorcycle Times: Ridley shut their doors for sale of motorcycles in 2009 (but you should still be able to buy parts) for the 5 models plus the trike The Motorcycle Times: Maybe we will look into doing a piece on scooters and Vespas :) Sylvie Paquette: Sherry, I did buy a Yamaha majesty 400cc scooter... The Motorcycle Times: Your scooter is “pretty cool’ (according to the publisher), Sylvie *lol* “It can really move”.... *hehe* BookBabe Bibliophile: When I was 16, I wanted a candy apple red scooter...and to live in Paris. *laughs*

Sons of Anarchy: A biker soap opera that airs weekly on Tuesdays at 10pm.

Jax: Has grown dark, vengeful, paranoid and obsessed with remaining at the head of the table. Clay is family, it is evident that he is a back-stabber and killer and needs to go, but Jax needs proof in order to bring it to the table. He directs Gemma to become ’friendly’ with Clay again in order to get the evidence he needs. What happens to the deal with the Irish if Gemma even gets her proof? Is Clay voted out? Does he meet ‘Mr. Mayhem’? Either scenario would jeopardize the club’s standing with the CIA and the RICO case, which is the reason Jax isn’t simply killing Clay himself. He still believes in his father’s philosophy and he still wants to lead the club someplace safe and profitable, but first he must rid it of Clay and his influence. Such a drastic move requires drastic measures. As drastic as handing Tig over on a fatal platter to Pope? That remains to be seen. Juice: Jax knows Juice’s secret; Is he intent on punishing Juice for his ‘disloyalty’? He has already been betrayed by Clay and is understandably on edge; he doesn’t have room for sympathy or understanding when it comes to any sort of rat sitting at his table. Frankie Diamonds: Killed by a member of the mob before Jax or Clay could get to him first. Tara: Played by Otto and now must deal with blood on her hands, Clay: Is he being honest when he’s thanking Juice and begging Gemma to be sincere with her feelings? Or does he sense a game afoot? Countdown to the final episode: Juice and Gemma learn about the Nomads. Chibbs and Bobby are up to date on Tara and Piney. Clay reached out to Tig, seemingly unsuccessfully, while Jax used less subtle and more threatening means of dealing with his mother and Juice. It looks like it will all come down to Bobby, which had him sit down with Clay to warn him. These two go back a very long way. And Bobby has grown disenchanted at Jax’s renegade side over the past couple episodes, highlighted by his breaking SAMCRO’s ties with the Grim Bastards. Bobby may not think his old pal belongs in the club any longer, but there’s enough loyalty and years of friendship here to believe that Bobby doesn’t think Clay belongs in the ground, either.

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© 2012 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). All rights reserved. ®, ™ and the BRP logo are trademarks of BRP or its affiliates. Offers valid in Canada only from November 1, 2012 to January 31, 2013. The terms and conditions may vary from province to province and these offers are subject to termination or change at any time without notice. See your participating BRP Can-Am dealer for details. ◊ Financing Option: Subject to credit approval by the participating financial institution. Eligible units are new and unused 2011 to 2013 Can-Am roadsters. For example, a financing loan in the amount of $15,000, financed at 3.99% APR, equals $442.79 per month for 36 months with $0 down payment. The cost of borrowing is $940.44 for a total obligation of $15,940.44. License, insurance, registration, freight and preparation, options, applicable fees, duties, levies and taxes are extra. Dealer may sell for less. While quantities last. ¤ 3-Year Extended Warranty: Eligible units are new and unused 2011 to 2013 Can-Am roadsters. The buyer of eligible units will receive the 24-month BRP Limited Warranty plus a 12-month B.E.S.T. extended service contract subject to a $50 deductible on each repair. The buyer of eligible units will also receive 36 months of FREE Roadside Assistance. See your participating Can-Am dealer for a copy of the BRP Limited Warranty and B.E.S.T. contract.† Savings of $2000 on Spyder RT: rebate applicable to new and unused 2011 and 2012 Can-Am Spyder RT models. ‡ Savings of $1000 on Spyder RS: rebate applicable to new and unused 2011 and 2012 Can-Am Spyder RS models.BRP reserves the right, at any time, to discontinue or change specifications, prices, designs, features, models or equipment without incurring any obligation. Some models depicted may include optional equipment. Always ride responsibly and safely. Always observe applicable local laws and regulations. Don’t drink and drive. 610573

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7 – The Motorcycle Times, December 2012


Can-am SalES EvEnT

December 2012, The Motorcycle Times – 8


es Tim ycle c r o Mot


The Motorcycle Times is looking for a few good writers.

Contributing Writer, TMT


If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our team, send in a sample story to: editor@themotorcycletimes.ca Ya never know, maybe there’s a hidden Woodward or Bernstien in you somewhere. ExtraExtra.indd 1

12-05-30 2:24 PM

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bikes on speculation and neither of them sold. When the shop closed due to lack of business, the bikes were moved into the owner’s home garage, where I am certain they sit to this day. Expensive mistake? Or was it a case of getting caught up in the glamour and not understanding the business and who really is the backbone of this industry. I guess it doesn’t matter now. Guys south of the border like Jesse James and Indian Larry who had been servicing true hardcore customers and the Hollywood and professional sports stars for years became celebrities. Sure, they got caught up in the TV exposure, the hype surrounding the ‘chopper phenomenon’, biker build-offs and such. Can you blame them? The difference was, these guys were doing this long before the two Paul’s came long and they knew that change was inevitable and that change would decide who ultimately remained in the end. It’s been a decade now since the rise of the chopper and where are they now? Jesse James is back to building hotrods, his real passion and Indian Larry is dead, most of the overnight custom builders are gone and now it’s rumored that OCC may go into receivership – but that’s just a rumour. The fact is the whole motorcycle industry is in a state of change. It has seen an incredible surge of popularity over the last decade but has been due to recent changes in the economy. Motorcycles are a passion, everyone in the business knows this, as do those who currently ride. People like you and me will continue to spend on our passions, but not frivolously. As for any newcomers to the sport, motorcycling is a want not a need, so onto the backburner goes the dream until things change. So what is next? If I had the answer to that, I don’t think I’d be sitting here writing this column. I do know one thing for sure - the answer lies in change. Retailers need to recognize and adapt to customer needs. Improve on service or retail hours maybe, adjust pricing perhaps, promote rather than be silent. Customers are an elusive commodity, they migrate from area to area, they are methodical yet at the same time impulsive buyers so the one thing a retailer can count on is that business is going to change in some way. I am hopeful that 2013 will be the year for renewed prosperity in this industry, we have all seen too many shops and services close their doors because they couldn’t adapt to change.

...and the Winner is:

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It has been said that the only things you can count on for sure are death and taxes. Well, I think there is room for one more certainty and that’s change. I am not sure if the need for change is part of our genome or if it’s been passed down through the generations, but it defiantly exists. Most people I speak with resist the very thought of change. Once the word change is mentioned their demeanor begins to change, they become quiet, faces start to loose expression and some begin to fidget or become uncomfortable – change? Why do we want to change? ...do I need to change? ...do we need to change? ...is there something wrong with the way things are? ...change? ...no, no change! Change is an inevitable part of our lives and I think it’s a good thing. I for one wouldn’t want to have everything in my life remain exactly as it is or was even ten years ago. So how does this relate to motorcycling? Like any business, motorcycling consumers and the industry behind it are in a constant state of change. The key to ones success is being able to identify that change and to be able to make the necessary changes to remain in business. If you look back a decade ago, a little show called American Choppers aired on the Discovery channel and we were glued to our seats watching the dysfunctional Teutel family bicker and argue. As entertaining as they were to watch, the more important thing was they brought the “chopper” from obscurity or mythical status to mainstream. All of a sudden, everyone just had to have a raked out, rigid frame, fat tire custom. I remember during the early years commenting to my wife that the chopper was going to die a horrible death. This small segment of the industry can’t continue to remain a viable mainstream business when only the rich and famous can afford to drop a hundred large on a custom. When they decide ‘choppers’ are no longer the cool toy and move on to something different who is left to sustain that industry? Just you and me baby. During that prosperous time, custom builders started popping up all over. Here in Canada small shops with big dreams began to build elaborate bikes with huge price tags and just expected them to just sell themselves. To who? Did someone forget that we live in a country that is covered with snow four to seven months of the year? I knew of one shop that had built two

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ADVANCED ROAD CTake RAFTyour skills to the next level.

Our European inspired course begins by evaluating your current skill level and tailoring our program to meet your needs. Challenging you to take your riding to the next level. Using an advanced riding system as taught by the UK police to their riders.

9 – The Motorcycle Times, December 2012

a c







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*No interest for 6 Months: This is a limited-time offer, which is subject to credit approval from TD Auto Finance® (TDAF) on qualified purchases financed during this program. Retailer order/trade may be necessary. Offer may not be combined with certain other offers, is subject to change, and may be extended or terminated without further notice. See participating retailers for complete details and conditions. “No Interest” means that Polaris Industries Inc. will pay the interest charges on behalf of the purchaser until 6 months from the date of purchase. No financing charges will be assessed to the customer until 5 months from the date of purchase. The rate from contract inception will be 6.99%. Rates from other lenders may vary. Monthly payment and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade. Minimum amount to finance is $5,000. Example: $7,500 financed at 6.99% over 60 months = 60 monthly payments of $148.47 with a cost of borrowing of $1,408.42 and a total obligation of $8,908.42. Freight, licence, PPSA/RPDRM, insurance, registration, any retailer administration fees and other applicable fees and taxes are not included in the financed amount. Dealers are free to set individual prices, but dealer must be enrolled with TDAF to participate. See your local dealer for details. **Non-transferable. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Offer good for up to $500 in apparel or accessories. Not valid on non Pure Polaris® apparel or accessories or on purchases from the Pure Polaris online store. ***The three-year warranty is available on new 2010 through 2013 Victory models. Offer is valid only in the U.S. and Canada and does not apply to prior purchases. Three-year warranty consists of 12 months’ factory warranty, plus 24 months’ POLARISTAR® Power Protection ESC. Subject to $50 deductible, no mileage limitation. See dealer for details. †$3,000 rebate on 2010 and 2011 Victory Vision®. Other rebates vary by model and model year. See dealer for details. Victory or Polaris® dealership employees are not eligible for this offer. Must purchase a 2010 through 2013 Victory model between November 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012. Offer must be redeemed by December 31, 2012. Victory and Victory Motorcycles® are registered trademarks of Polaris Industries Inc. Always wear a helmet, eye protection, and protective clothing and obey the speed limit. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol. ©2012 Polaris Industries Inc.

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Brian Biggers Luke Air Force Base in Arizona was home to Senior Airman, Brian Russell Biggers for six years (from 1999 to 2006). Nowadays, Brian calls Springfield, Missouri, home and he is the owner and operator of a very successful tattoo shop named B-Ink’d. ‘I’ve been tattooing for 11 years and riding for 20,” Brian answered when asked about his life as a civilian. “Both of them are in my blood.” Brian’s first bike was a Harley and he’s never owned or ridden anything else. With that being said, Brian’s dream bike is actually a ‘rat rod’. “You know… ‘rat rod’… a bunch of separate things thrown together,” he explains. “Separate, they’re just a bunch of parts and pieces. Together? They beI was facing a rather strong headwind but the speaking of course. personal, just to you; come something the best of everything you’ve ever isknown bike remained solid with only a slight shimmy Slowing down for a visual rest stop equally or experienced during the radial-mounted time you’ve from passing semis. effortless with the 310 mm dual been riding.” As I moved my way through the close-ratio four piston calipers in the front and single 256 a Harley Davidsix speed transmission, just when I thought I mmBrian’s discs in current the rear.ride AddisABS and you will be son Sportster 883. “At least, it started had reached the top end, the bike would de- confident to navigate your way around an unout thatbroom way,”top he that explains. when I liver a little more power before I pulled in the expected flies off“But the landscape sayahead custom? I mean custom! It –was built clutch. Compression ratio is 11.2:1 and releasing truck of you on the highway again, hyfrom the frame up. The frame itself was the throttle the bike reduces speed rapidly but pothetically speaking. chopped and the swingarm even and consistent. The key locked, 17 litre fuel tank has offersbeen a feaextended 6 inches. The front is a I Gauging speed on a motorcycle is so much ture that I have not seen on any of end the bikes wide glide conversion with a rake, and different than in a vehicle and specifically with have ridden to date. There is a bar that goes the entire engine is built by hand from sport bikes. They are designed for a track. Built across the nozzle entrance that prevents the the cases up, with the biggest Cam you for speed and agility and this one boasts a mere fuel nozzle from entering the gas tank and can put in them. It has after-market percurb weight of 222 kg (489 lbs). thereby reduces likelihood of over-fueling formance pushtherods and reverse dome Keeping the weight down is the ‘advanced and spillage. high-compression Keith Black pistons. It gravity-die-cast aluminum mono-backbone The the lowbiggest slung stainless steel can exhaust gives has valves you do on a frame’ as well as the ‘magnesium cylinder-head the bike that race track sound and its boxy deSporty and the heads have been flowed and alternator covers.’ sign in lineand with the sci-fiThis Transformer I first andfalls ported polished. thing goes The CB1000R is true to track engineering. visualized. on and on and on...” What feels like 80 km/hr is more likely to be 120 Honda a one-year unlimited Brian offers describes riding as mileage ‘The to 130 km/hr which is fabulous on a track but transferable warranty with an option purUltimate Freedom’. “Nothing else to matif your not paying attention to your gauges on chase anme extended warranty ters to when I’m on mythrough scoot! I Honda wish there was a way that everyone could feel the highway, the blue and red flashers will feel Plus. that least once in their life,” he says. the need for an introduction. Hypothetically MSRPat(motorcycle.honda.ca) is $13,249. “Riding isn’t just something that I do; it’s a part of who I am. It’s a way of life.” Brian has a soft spot in his heart and his life for all things military. From tattooing The Soldier’s Creed on the outer thigh of a friend who had been mobilized DISCLAIMER: Please note that this insurance quote should only be used as a guideline and is based on a to Haiti offering discounts and special 35-40 year old male rider, with full M license for minimum twoto years. Quoted Insurance rate is also based on deals to coverage those who have served, is a maximum annual range of 8,000 kms with $1 million liability and a $500 deductible. This he quote does not include any discounts for multi-line coverage any other possible available discounts. greatorexample of everything that isRiders good considering purchasing any motorcycle should contact insurance and acquire an exact quote whentheir the worldagent of tattoos and bikes ‘colbased on their motorcycle of choice, circumstances, location of residence, history and other delide’. Thanks fordriving your years of rate service, termining factors before purchasing. The Motorcycle Times will not be held responsible or liable for insurance Brian… and Happy Riding! quotes that differ from the above example.

2O12 Honda CB 1000R by Marissa Baeker Contributing Writer- TMT It has been referred to with a plethora of creative descriptions from street fighter to under cover supersport and after I rode the 2012 Honda CB1000R you can add one more to the list of cleverly concocted characterizations used to describe the bike – the Transformer. Stand before the bike and the triangular shaped multi reflector headlight, neatly crafted within a matte black and gold mini-fairing, resembles the head of Megatron – leader of the Decepticons. Use your sci-fi movie imagination and the upper gold accents resemble eye brows, beveled hollows look like eyes, side signals could be ears, lower circular 7-bulb led light resembles a mouth and then add in the gold inverted 43mm front forks for fangs and you have yourself one mean looking robot on an ‘endless crusade for power and control.’ The signature of a transformer is its ability to compact all its parts and make it one machine. When I sat in the saddle of the bike, the ergonomics of this model fit my body perfectly and my knees practically snapped in either side of the tank, hugging the bike as though it was made just for me. I was surprised to learn the bike had a 32-inch seat height because normally I don’t fit very well on lower bikes not to mention that the majority of sport bikes I have ridden have been too small to fit my body but this one was different. The wheelbase is 1,445 mm (56.9”). and this bike would fit just about every other sized rider as well. I continued to investigate the bike from the

rider’s seat and my imagination was fueled as I turned the key to view the digital display. Across the top – an rpm scale. On the left temperature and speedometer while on the right fuel, clock and odometer readings all clearly visible with a quick look even in the glare of the midday sun. Gold coloured aluminum handlebars are positioned upright more synonymous to that of a standard sport bike style than a super sport but there is plenty of room to crouch down over the tank should you choose to escape the wind. The bike boasts an angular design positioning the rider slightly forward for a comfortable yet sporty ride. Gold-coloured rims and pin striping add stylish highlights to the matte black colour. After starting the engine, I made some personal adjustments and discovered that the Honda CB1000R had the same design flaw I have experienced riding other sport bikes. Maybe it’s me but whenever I ride a sport bike, I get a great view in the side mirrors of both of my shoulders and if I want to see what is behind me, I have to lean one way or the other to move the vision impairing shoulder out of view. If I crouch down lower, the side mirrors are pretty much useless. Pulling out of the parking lot and heading for the highway my first impression was that there was no shortage of torque – great for an experienced rider but a new rider could easily lift the front wheel off the ground unexpectedly if they were still refining their clutch/throttle control skills and could get a severe case of buck teeth and whiplash if they were unfamiliar with the different elements each style of riding offers. This 998 cc fuel-injected four cylinder beauty was a fabulous ride. Heading down the highway


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helMeTS FoR lIFe

Contributing Writer, TMT

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Injured in a Motorcycle Crash? Accidents will happen, especially on a motorcycle. When they do, I am on your side. I am a personal injury lawyer Tim Leigh-Bell, and at my firm in Mississauga, I help victims of motorcycle accidents and their families throughout Ontario recover the compensation they need to recover and carry on with their lives.

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Winter(frikken)rizing your motorcycle Normally at this time of year, I would start off with “Here we are folks with another riding season coming to an end and it’s bike winterizing time” but thankfully, at this writing, the weather has not turned to cold blustery days filled with grey skies and blowing/drifting snow. November came to a close with moderately high single to double digit daytime temps and ride-able evenings. This is the issue when I give my advice tips on winterizing your bike, tearing down for paint, installation of parts and thorough winter cleanings while suffering the dreaded “rider” PMS (parked motorcycle syndrome) So, for all you riders stretching out your season, good for you! But keep this issue as reference as winter is inevitable and will come, to some extent, whether you like it or not. Till then....Ride, People-Ride! Once the winds do start to blow, the snow drifts and the streets normally paved with gold-turn to salt and sand, you may be parking it. If you have nothing to do to your baby this winter and want to keep it on stand-by for the occasional nice riding day, it is still advisable to hook up a 2 amp. automatic battery trickle charger also known as a battery tender, unless you have a nice heated garage or you park it in the livingroom. Don’t laugh, you’d be surprised! The cold nights will zap away at the voltage rather quickly and shorten the life of the battery. I personally use one all year long which keeps my battery charge topped up when I’m unable to ride for a week or so. These are nice and simple-hook up the supplied harness to your battery, hang the plug out from under the seat or somewhere accessible and simply just plug it in and walk away. No muss-no fuss-no worry. The tender tops up to full charge and goes into stand-by mode and only clicks back on when the volts drop below the range. Its piece of mind at a very little cost. If warm storage or a tender isn’t an option, remove your battery and store in a warm dry area on a non-concrete surface as cement can actually draw current from your battery. If you do ride throughout the winter, it’s advisable to wash down any road salt and sand after the ride as it’s brutal on chrome and paint if left on. Always park your bike with a full tank of fuel, unless you plan to remove the tank for paint etc. then drain and air dry completely. The rationale behind this is that condensation will form in a gas tank not full and create rust, which plugs up fuel lines, filters and injectors. When I chose to ride during the winter months, I just top up en route home after each ride, in case winter starts the following day or keep a jerry can full handy. To stabilizer-or not stabilize your fuel,

that is the next question. Personally, I don’t stabilize, as I ride through the winter and replenish my fuel as needed and a good high octane used for storage normally won’t break down enough over winter to lose it’s octane starting principles. On the flip side, I have in the past witnessed stabilizer turn to jello in carbs and injectors requiring costly clean-outs. Worse case scenario, if the un-stabilized fuel breaks down, drain and replenish with fresh stuff. If you’re in tear down mode for major work, paint etc. this is the time to set up your garage organized and prepared for cold days and evenings of wrenching. A good space heater, storage space for the removed parts and of course rocking tunes to pass the time. Beware if using fuel type heaters as proper ventilation is required. As you remove parts, clean, mark and store for later. Once down to the frame with tins, seat and most, larger parts removed, this is a great time to clean those hard to reach places, touch up paint stone chips and polish before reassembly. If prepping for paint, remove all hardware, chrome accents and anything not being painted to save you some extra prep costs with your painter. Once the parts have returned, it’s advisable to let them sit for a week or so to let the paint harden up a bit more. Multiple layers of fresh paint and clear coat are soft and the paint can actually swell or crack under a tightened bolt. If parts are going out for chroming or powder coat, mark the underside with a marker or etch your name to avoid parts getting mixed up with other people’s orders. Some like to do oil and filter at the start of winter-some at the end. Really it’s up to you. Personally I do it when the mileage tells me it’s time as I ride during most winters but prefer to start off spring with fresh blood flowing through her veins. An idle bike sitting all winter in the garage will have the dirt and any metal filings drop down into the pan and you don’t want that crud pumping through your engine with the first start-up in spring. It doesn’t hurt to raise your bike off the tires for winter storage to avoid flat spots and remember the first thing to do before that spring ride-check tire pressure! This is also the time to go over your bike looking for loose, worn or damaged parts and lube cables, grease points and wheel bearings. As for all the nice new bling-bling going on your pride and joy, have patience: have a soft surface underneath the bike in case you drop the part; follow installation directions and torque specs; and thoroughly clean any fingerprints and grease from those parts that get hot as that ‘harmless fingerprint’ will embed right into the part permanently once heated.

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The Divorcees: Outlaw/Country Americana Band and motorcycle riders during their recent video shoot.

Of Crows and Chrome by KIMBERLEE TAPLAY Assistant Editor - TMT The Divorcees are an outlaw/country Americana band (and group of riders) from the east coast of Canada – New Brunswick, to be precise. It’s a place where folks still like their Willie, Waylon and Johnny. A blue-collar province richly-steeped in traditional Acadian, Bluegrass and Celtic music. A rider’s paradise where curvy highways hug a coastline carved by the highest tides in the world. It also happens to be where The Divorcees and Timothée Richard of Bobber Boyz / Mad Squirrel Studios crossed paths. The rest, as they say, is history. The Great White North’s original Honky Tonk Heroes, The Divorcees (Alex Madsen: vocals and electric guitar; Denis “Turtle” Arsenault: bass; Brock Gallant: drums; and Jason “J Byrd” Nicholson: acoustic guitar) have brought their brand of rough-and-ready country to roadhouses, festivals, and big stages from the shores of Canso, Nova Scotia to downtown Vancouver, with legions of supporters across Canada, the US, Australia and Europe. The band has shared stages with George Canyon, Corb Lund, The Sadies, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Their songs -- just as the members of the band are in person -- are no-nonsense and straightshooting, full of stories speaking of love and loss, letting loose (and paying for it), of justice, freedom and the need for it. You Ain’t Gettin My Country (2008) and sophomore album Last Of

The Free Men (2010) received critical acclaim, with both receiving East Coast Music Awards for Country Album Of The Year in 2008 and 2010 A highly-anticipated third recording - a concept album titled “Four Chapters” -- was recently released, and many Divorcees fans consider it to be the band’s masterpiece. Written, recorded, and produced by the band themselves at Pumpk’n Patch Recording Studio in Memramcook, NB, the album was a mammoth undertaking, including an instrumental piece, narrative passages, illustrations, and a written story to accompany and conceptually weave together the songs on the album together; it received The Atlantic Film Festival’s ‘10X10 Music Video Program’ offers 10 Atlantic Canadian filmmakers and 10 Atlantic Canadian musicians the chance to work together and create a music video. The prize? The RBC Emerging Artist Award, and ten thousand dollars to be split between the filmmaker and the musician. The Divorcees song “The Crows” was selected as one of the 10x10 videos being created and presented during the 2012 Atlantic Film Festival. In a 10 day period, the band and Scott Simpson (filmmaker) created, shot, edited and played “The Crows” during the festival Music and Image program. The Divorcees’ and Scott Simpson won the Emerging Artist Award and were each presented with a cheque for $5,000.00 at the AFF Gala. (You can view the video at: http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKFtuffGL0Y) That’s all well and good, we can hear you thinking, but what has that got to do with motorcycles? It’s simple, really. The Divorcees’ members are

all motorcycle enthusiasts: Alex doesn’t currently ride but he loves motorcycles and has written a couple of songs on the topic, including the hit “Ride Free” on the new record; Brock is more of an off-road bike rider (counting a1972 ST90 and 1984 CR250 among his many acquisitions), his brother built a 1967 Shovel Head from parts, and his mom currently rides a 2010 HD Softtail Custom; Jason remembers dirt bikes being ‘around everywhere’ when he was a teenager. Raised by a single mom who wasn’t fond of the idea of her son owning a bike (but knew how boys who grew up in the country had a lot of land to cover, back roads to travel, and plenty of trails to explore), Jason always ‘had access’ to a bike from somewhere or another. It didn’t hurt that his uncle owned a Yamaha shop (with street and trail bikes, snowmobiles, etc); Denis ‘Turtle’ Arsenault’s only bike was an 85 Honda Shadow 1100. More of a ’Lone Wolf’, riding is very much a personal ‘meditative, freedom-ofthe-open-road kinda thing’ for him. That being said, he did however offer the occasional lady a ride because ‘nothing beats being at the controls of a machine with a pretty girl’s arms wrapped around you.’Turtle’s (Denis’) dad teaches a motorcycle/small engine repair class at the local community college. So when it came to the concept and creation of their AFF entry, the band agreed on one thing: motorcycles needed to figure prominently in both the process and the finished product. Enter Timothée Richard. “We needed bikes and riders,” explains band member, Brock. “The nature of the shoot made it so that we couldn’t risk putting (the guys) into

some of those riding situations. When we put out the call through facebook, Timo offered to help and showed up with with a bunch of bikes and a handful of friends.” The video, directed by Scott Simpson and photographed by Kevin Frasier, was shot in Moncton on open roads with no permits and a very small crew. They were able to get all the shots they needed in just a day or two. The song itself, The Crows, examines a world on the cusp of destruction. “In some cases, we had the band’s van driving down the middle of the road -- bikes just inches away -- a camera person hanging out the sliding door, and the director yelling ‘Speed up! Speed up! OK… now slow down...’ It was certainly something we’ll never forget and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Timo, our stunt drivers and their amazing rides (including an old CB Honda Café-style, Yamaha 650 Rigid, Harley Shovelhead and Suzuki Marauder).” Amazing rides, indeed. Very few things stir the rebel soul like motorcycles and rock and roll; free spirited CapPelé native, Timothée Richard, walked away from a record contract and a successful career as a member of Acadian hip hop group Radio Radio to pursue his passion for building custom bobbers. Some of the bikes used in the video were built by Timothée (Timo to many of his friends), who is the owner of Bobber Boyz /Mad Squirrel Studios, the Moncton-based company — specializing in vintage rebuilds, fabrication, custom paint and leather, sales and service — featured on the cover of this month’s edition of TMT.

15 – The Motorcycle Times, December 2012


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FinishLines motogp

Majority of AMRA DemoAna FleetCarrasco Stolen Steps Up to

Become First Female Moto3

MV Agusta & Parkingo Join Together for World Supersport Racing The Italian motorcycle manufacturer who is currently the sales leader of the middle weight supersport class has decided to return to racing on the world stage and is convinced that they have joined forces with the ideal partner: ParkinGO. The two companies will be joined together in a three year contract. The program will debut the MV Agusta F3 675 in the 2013 world Supersport class together with additional racing activity development. The project will place the three cylinder bike from Varese in the able hands of the race technicians whom have already won the World Supersport Championship in 2011 and were contenders in the 2012 World Superbike Championship. The ParkinGO Team have helped bring about this dream project building a long term link to the historic Italian motorcycle manufacturer whom have in the past accumulated 37 world championship titles, a number of which together with Giacomo Agostini. The signature of the contract arrived on the

day of Claudio Castiglioni’s birthday, whom would be 65 years old today. This is clearly a sign that goes beyond mere coincidence and continues to convey the passion for racing that has always been synonymous with the motorcycle icon. Giovanni Castiglioni - Presidente MV Agusta: “To be able to reach this agreement with ParkinGO is personally very satisfying. Taking into account the passion for racing that I have inherited from my father, this is a very emotional decision and I am looking forward to the challenges that will inevitably need to be overcome. Together with Engineer Bordi’s experience, who personally plays a very important role in this project, I am convinced that there are all the elements needed to achieve our goals.” Giuliano Rovelli - Presidente ParkinGO: “ Together with my brother Paolo we recognize the importance of MV Agusta’s return to World Championship Racing and are extremely satisfied to be able to join forces.”

15-year-old Ana Carrasco has been confirmed as JHK t-shirt Laglisse’s latest signing as the Spanish youngster prepares for her World Championship debut in the Moto class. On Wednesday Carrasco already had a chance to try out her KTM machine around the Almeria circuit along with teammate Maverick Viñales, just one day after the Madrid-based team, led by Jaime Fernández Avilés, officially confirmed the rising star’s ride. Whilst Viñales heads into his third season in the light-weight class with the aim of fighting for the title, Carrasco, who turns 16 next March, the mandatory age to take part in the Championship, will face a steep learning curve with the team that she scored points with on three occasions last year in the CEV Spanish Championship. In her first outing with a standard KTM she already improved her personal best around the

Almeria track by 1.2s, and is looking forward to when she gets to try the official bike at the beginning of February. Ana Carrasco “I am very happy about this opportunity Jaime and my sponsors are giving me. To debut in the World Championship is the dream of every rider. I was not expecting it and I am very enthusiastic about it. I can’t wait to get into preseason testing and do my first race. In Almeria I didn’t ride an official KTM, but the feeling I had with the standard bike was good and I’m pretty happy. The chassis is very different from what I’ve ridden this year and I rode over a second faster.” In 2011 she became the first female to score points in the CEV 125 Championship and this year will be the first female to make it into the new Moto3™ format.


Valentino Rossi owns Monza Rally 2012 Rossi Breaks Gag Order Valentino Rossi never has been the shy, retiring type, so it came as little surprise that he broke a gentleman’s gag order and spoke to media about his return to Yamaha after testing was washed out Wednesday at Aragon. Rossi is still under contract to Ducati, which he joined after the 2010 season, for a few more weeks and was quiet after turning 28 laps on a Yamaha M1 in wet conditions Tuesday at Valencia before the Crossed Tuning Forks packed up and headed to Aragon for testing Wednesday. That gamble failed when it rained at Aragon and cleared at Valencia.

But The Doctor, who won four World Championships for Yamaha between 200410, still got a good sense for his new bike and old team after limited track time. “It is very nice to return to a team like this, where I reunited with many friends and people I worked for seven years,” Rossi said. “I’d say we’re all happy. I have the feeling as if I had never left Yamaha. “Sensations (of the bike) immediately are very good. I only did a few laps in the wet, went pretty well. I had a good feeling. I’ve always liked this bike, even if the wet is light.

The 30,000 or so fans that piled into Monza earlier today sure got the spectacle they came for. The 90th edition of the Monza Rally Show saw the legend that is Valentino Rossi claim his third title at the fabled Milanese circuit and even scored a double as he walked away with not only the Stage Rally win but took the top step of the Master Show like a boss. “We come to win” were The Doctor’s first words to the press ahead of the weekend. He delivered, and in some style: with multiple Le Mans winner Dindo Capello breathing down his neck, Valentino had huge competition all weekend and in fact secured a margin of victory in the Stage Rally by a tight 2.8 seconds, after 9 outings, around the awesome Autodrome di Monza. The pair traded stage wins on Sunday morning and it was ultimately a further 54.4

seconds back to Piero Longhi in third. With a smile on his face the whole way through the weekend, the fans not only got up close to their hero in the paddock on his numerous trips out of the garage, where he inked memorabilia and posed for photos, but he drove the Master Show in front of the jammed grandstand with immense confidence. Run on the start-finish straight and in honor of the late, great Marco Simoncelli: the headto-head format saw Valentino set fastest times in his heats. Picking his way to the final, he came up against fellow MotoGP star Andrea Dovizioso who couldn’t find quite enough to stay with him. The final run saw him square up against Capello one more time but over the three-lap run he blazed to the win by over 8.5 seconds.

training wheels KIMBERLEE ANNA TAPLAY Contributing Writer, TMT

“Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?” — Ian Wallace I’m a small-town girl. Born in Eastern Canada and transplanted to Ontario when I was just two years old, I grew up in a little village on the St. Lawrence River. Our library was located in a church basement. There were two – count’em – two gas stations (one by the ‘Welcome… you’re going to love it here’ sign, and one by the ‘Thanks for visiting… Please come again!’ sign) on the highway on the outskirts of town. The plaza in the centre of everything housed a post office, convenience store, laundromat, butcher shop and an all-purpose hardware/gift shop/variety store; businesses that provided you with everything you needed and nothing you didn’t. Why am I telling you this? I think it’s important for you to know in light of the fact that yours truly will be attending her first ever all-out, large-scale, big-time motorcycle show at the beginning of January…and I’m scared to death. Not ‘scared to death’ in the literal sense; I mean, I’m not afraid anything terrible is going to happen. But, in looking at the web site for the event and seeing that there are in excess of 50,000 people expected to attend, it occurred to me that 50,000 people is about 50x’s more people in one place than there were in the entire village where I grew up. That’s a lot of people, folks. I’m going to do it though; I’m going to show up and make myself available to say hello and chat with anyone who wants to come by The Motorcycle Times’ booth that weekend. I’m going to shake hands and kiss babies and get as many people as I can to sign up for a free subscription for this great little paper of ours. I’m also going to take a bit of time for myself and wander the rows of vendors and start making a wish list of everything I think I’m going to want or need when the spring rolls around and I buy my very first bike. OK... I heard that! “That list can go on and on and on…,” I can hear the more seasoned of you riders saying under your breath. Make no mistake: If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past year, it’s that you never stop adding to, taking away from, redesigning, refining and reinventing your ride. A bike is an extension of yourself, and as you change, your ride changes with you. It’s a never-ending process, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The bike show at the beginning of January will be my first real foray into ‘the world’ coming from a somewhat educated perspective. I’m quite the motivated student and I’ve been doing my homework: I know the differences between stock and modified, classic and custom, touring versus cruiser; I know what I to look for when it comes to a starter bike that’s right for me; and I’ve taken in, valued and respected all of the advice I’ve received from both seasoned riders and riders (like me) who are just starting out. With that being said, it’s going to be more than just a little bit overwhelming. Like a kid in a candy store, I’m know I’m going to be drawn to all the chrome and the bright and shiny things that may be somewhat more fashion than function. But you know? That really doesn’t matter. I want to experience all of it. Every little bit of the

practical, the impractical and the downright ‘only in your wildest dreams’ kinds of things. I want to park this fine yet ample behind of mine on as many different bikes as I can. I want the smell of all things leather to wrap around me like a nice, warm blanket. I want to ask questions, take notes and work on my wish list. That’s what shows like this are all about. They’re about feeling like you fit in, whether you’re a lawyer by weekday and a weekend warrior when the tie comes off and the jacket goes on, a retired couple looking for a different way to spend some quality time together, or you’re a single mom and almost empty-nester like me. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If you’ve got the heart of a rider, you’re a rider. You know and understand what riding means to you. There are no wrong answers. You and the wind have an ‘understanding’. We are all a part of the wonderfully unique, amazingly simple, and decidedly different world that is riding. So, what am I to expect from this show? According to their website, “A true shopping extravaganza, the Motorcycle SUPERSHOW hosts hundreds of exhibits. In addition to the unveiling of new motorcycles, the Motorcycle SUPERSHOW has the largest display of motorcycles, non-current and pre-owned bikes, aftermarket parts and accessories, rider apparel and helmets, performance equipment, trailers, travel destinations, custom bike builders, and a full range of leather fashions.” There will also be live bands, custom bike displays, fashion shows, special guests and more than 100 displays by motorcycle clubs, rides and rallies. Talk about baptism by fire! To be honest, if you would have asked me a year ago if I ever thought I would be brave enough to attend a show like this, I would have asked you if you were teasing me. Case in point: At the very first Friday the 13th event I went to on my own last year, halfway through the day, I found myself wandering down a little side street, tears in my eyes, and wondering what the heck I was thinking. I didn’t feel like I ‘belonged’ there in any way, shape or form. I asked myself who I was kidding. I had to convince myself that I had just as much of a right to be there as anyone. In contrast, January will find me walking into the International Centre with just the tiniest hint of a swagger. My youngest daughter teased me the day I took my first ride on the back of a friend’s Harley; she said I had started walking differently. No, it wasn’t from having a sore behind after sitting on a bike for several hours; it was from finally feeling like my dream was becoming a reality. Just a small town girl with big dreams; isn’t there a song about that or something? I think there is. If you know it, swing by the Times’ booth in January and we can hum a few bars together. Then you can grab me by the arm and take me to the booth where you found the amazing bike you discovered when you weren’t really looking, and I can get your opinion on which helmet looks best on me from every angle. After all, we’re riders and that’s what riders do for each other. Please come by our booth and say ‘hello’. I’d love to meet you. KAT out!

Friday the 13th in Port Dover

July 2012

17 – The Motorcycle Times, December 2012


Bike tour through Morocc an eye opening experience By Heather Walters


oanne and Rob Perttula of Simcoe have taken their Harley on several road trips, across Northern Ontario, throughout parts of Canada and across a good many of the states. When a friend casually mentioned an interesting tour was being organized through the North African country of Morocco, they decided to contact a UK motorcycle tour company called Motocadia and literally the wheels were set in motion for a ride they would never forget. Morocco is on the continent of Africa, officially the Kingdom of Morocco, Al Maghrib. A population of nearly 44 million, its coast reaches from the Atlantic Ocean, past the Straits of Gibraltar and into the Mediterranean. It has international borders with Algeria, Spain and Mauritania to the south. Their journey began in Malaga, Spain where they collected their tour bikes, met their follow tour riders, and prepared to ferry across to Ceuta, Morocco. Rob said that the first thing they had

to get used to was the bike itself – a BMW instead of their familiar Harley. Once they got a feel for that, they were off. This type of tour is not for the novice rider – rather, it is called “spirited riding,” for those with considerable experience as both the terrain and culture provided exciting challenges. Joanne talked about the first real cultural experience they came across, as soon as they disembarked from the ferry. Although the border crossing paperwork had already been arranged for by the tour, each of the many border guards took their turns “helping expedite the process” with an open hand and obvious bribe. Luckily, they had already been instructed to carry only small bills in their wallets, and “to never, ever, give up your passport!” It was also strange and slightly unsettling to both Canadians to witness so many armed troops with machine guns patrolling the area, but they passed through without incident and the adventure began. Each day of the two week tour, they travelled a good distance – between 250 and 300 miles. Rob stated that between the

Serving the GTA

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pu u sp M

December 2012, The Motorcycle Times – 18

full throttle RUSSELL WILSON Contributing Writer, TMT

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Driving about town in this cold, dark and blustery weather and seeing the odd biker braving the elements made me start to question why I wasn’t out there myself. Not a real ‘biker’? Is it a novelty? And worst of all, am I a ‘weekend rider’? I’ve always had these questions, since I consider myself a very avid, if not obsessive biker when I see other riders out in what I consider garbage weather. What’s their story? No other means of transportation? Economics? Maybe, they’re simply that fanatical about the biking experience? I stare at them with curiosity, intrigue and of course a million questions. This is the time of year, when in Windsor Ontario at least the weather can be simply brutal one day and very nice the next. The cause appears to be the fact that we’re surrounded by water, and thus our weather patterns can change quickly, causing our weather to differ greatly in relatively short periods of time. I like to think it’s simply that the town is screwed up in more ways than one. But I digress. I could live in London Ontario and go through spring and summer quicker than it takes to put away the bulky jackets and break out the ‘old man’ attire; you know, the khaki shorts, buttoned dress shirt and strap heeled sandals. Snow in July (no, not really, but it sure comes early. I wonder why my travel agent doesn’t have that brochure….. I was out riding the other day (yes, the weather was nice); my first ride in about a week or so, and it felt great to get out and experience the freedoms biking allots oneself. Of course, I had to dodge a few Buicks, a pedestrian with a walker, and the bad drivers in those steel cages (did I mention to become a Windsorite one has to give up all common sense when perched upon four wheels?). Digression; now there’s a name for a column... Meteorologists are generally predicting a mild winter, though more snow and colder weather than Canada got last year. I remember riding at least a few times every month last winter. As long as the temperature was at least about 50 degrees F and the roads weren’t covered in salt dust I tried to get out. I’m hoping the predictions are off (weather men aren’t exactly known for accuracy) and I can do the same this season. I find during the winter months I’m starving for motorcycle literature and information of any kind since I can’t readily ride. I’ll search the television


for motorcycle shows, movies (no matter how bad, i.e. Stone Cold), and visit the book store to read multiple bike magazines (free of course as long as you don’t walk out the door with them, or spill your coffee). I like to keep my ear to the ground so to speak during this time of year to see how different cities, locations, demographics are anticipating winter with regard to riding. Like I already mentioned, here in Windsor we’ve come to expect milder winters than the rest of Canada, so we are always prepared for that nice day we can thumb our collective noses at the calendar and go for a quick excursion to the coffee shop, etc. I’ve heard in London the weather won’t allow one to ride shortly after the first oil change……ah digression. To be in California. Talk about dreaming! They have the privilege of riding twelve months out of the year. That’s every month. Every year! While we fret about trickle chargers and gas stabilizers they cruise along, their only worry to pack a cardigan (who wears those?) for the cooler evening temps. Although, they do have their economy, political structure, severe homelessness and bad comedians. So maybe we’re not so bad off after all. I remember many years ago, when we were in the process of setting a record low (sixty below zero). This was when we actually got snow that arrived in December and left with the in-laws. I was working at my sisters’ store when I heard this rumble. It was about ten in the evening and I said to myself, ‘that can’t be a bike in this weather’? I ran to the door and peaked out and couldn’t believe what I saw. I biker with a snow mobile suit on riding down the street! I figured he had to be on crack, drunk, insane, or a republican. I remembered my mother telling me to be empathetic for those less fortunate so I didn’t laugh aloud. One good thing about the winter season is that all things motorcycle related (at least in our part of the world) are cheaper. It’s a great time to shop, compare, haggle or even dream. The shops are glad to have you, and repairs can be cheaper also, due to that ‘supply and demand’ thing. Winter. Winter. Man I hate it! Makes you question yourself, your gear, your bike, where you live, where others live, their gear, and their bikes. Digression. Now there’s a season I can relate too.

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KAT here… and as my ‘out with the old year and in with the new one’ gift to TMT readers and facebook friends, I’ve compiled a small list of what I consider the ‘KAT’s meow’ when it comes to places on the web that riders can go to for all kinds of things motorcycle related. Enjoy! www.gorideontario.com/en/motorcycle: ‘Cruise along the highways, glide down scenic back roads, follow pre-planned routes or create your itinerary as you go. Whatever your preference, Ontario is one of the best destinations for motorcycle touring. Whether you choose a weekend getaway of spontaneous cruising or a road trip lasting several weeks, the diversity of terrain and scenery will have you hooked. Cruise past fields and forests and through towns and cities. Experience that unparalleled feeling of independence and freedom that comes from touring the open road in beautiful Ontario.’ This site includes an Ontario weather link, events & shows listings, clubs & associations listings, an interactive motorcycle trip planner, road maps, a distance calculator and plenty more. A ‘must visit’ website if you are planning to do any touring of Ontario next season. www.shop.cafepress.ca/motorcycle: From motorcycle-themed tshirts, sweatshirts and hoodies to posters, bumper stickers, drinkware, calendars, and more, cafépress.ca is a great online shopping destination for unique gift ideas when it comes to the rider on your list. Know someone who’s gone from ‘biker’ to ‘biker momma’? You’ll find everything from baby bibs, onesies, bags and totes to baby blankets, hats and teddy bears with sayings like “My Daddy’s motorcycle is faster than your Daddy’s motorcycle’ and ‘If I’m crying, it’s because Mommy went riding without me’ on them. I had a great time surfing the site and checking out things like magnets, licence plate frames, Christmas tree ornaments and bowls for your pet. If you want something decidedly different, make sure you check out this site! www.shutterfly.com: Whether you take most of your pictures on your cell phone or you’ve got the latest SLR digital camera, chances are that you usually snap a shot or two when you’re out riding. For one of the most unique and treasured gifts you can give – to yourself or the riders on your list – why not consider a personalized photo book? I create a ‘yearbook’ every Christmas for me and my girls; it contains pictures from significant events, shots of our garden, photos of family and friends and bits & pieces of the celebrations and everyday little special things that make up the story of the last twelve months in our lives. Why not do the same kind of thing with pictures from your last road trip or daytrip? What about shots of the members of your riding club and their rides? Imagine the look on your loved one’s face when you give them a book filled with reminders of the memories created over the last year (or their lifetime)? Shutterfly’s website is one of the most userfriendly sites I’ve ever encountered. Browse the entire site and you’ll find ways to take that favourite riding photo and turn it into a mouse pad, coffee mug, throw blanket, puzzle and countless other items. I personally give this site an enthusiastic ‘two thumbs up’ for both the quality of their products and how quickly their products are shipped and into your hands.

19 – The Motorcycle Times, December 2012

where to go...

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torque means smooth acceleration essential for highway cruising. And strong power in the low and midrange enables effortless riding through city streets. Long-range comfort is enhanced by fully integrated hard saddlebags, windscreen and multi-function instrumentation on the C90T. These winning rides are ready to roll on any boulevard.


The All-New SUZUKI BOULEVARD C90T cruisers delivers a new level of performance – and they’re ready to let you choose any road. A liquid-cooled V-twin 1500cc engine built with Suzuki-technology delivers outstanding power and torque especially in low to mid range. More power and torque means smooth acceleration essential for highway cruising. And strong power in the low and midrange enables effortless riding through city streets. Long-range comfort is enhanced by fully integrated hard saddlebags, windscreen and multi-function instrumentation on the

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Snow city cycle & marine 1255 Kennedy Road, Scarborough 416-752-1560 or 877-766-9248 www.snowcity.com

Sturgess Cycle 615 King Street West, Hamilton 905-522-0503 or 888-421-3333 www.sturgessonline.com

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Specifications, product features and colours are subject to change without notice. PDI, Freight and administration fees apply. PDI charges from $220 to $528 and freight charges from $160 to $208 are extra dependent on model. Read your owner’s manual carefully and always wear a helmet and protective gear when operating your Suzuki motorcycle and remember to observe all safety regulations. Be responsible, take a rider training course and always respect the environment. See your participating Authorized Suzuki dealer for complete details. Suzuki. Way of Life.

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December 2012 Sat Dec 15, 2012: BCC VS Northumberland - 11:30am - 1pm Brant Sports Complex Sat Dec 29, 2012: BCC VS Elmira - 5pm - 6:30pm Elmira ​January 2013 Sun Jan 6, 2013: BCC VS St. Catharines - 5:45pm - 7:15pm ST. Catharines​​​ Sat Jan 12, 2013 BCC VS London - 11:30am - 1pm Brant Sports Complex Sun Jan 20, 2013: BCC VS Northumberland - 2pm - 3:30pm Northumberland Fri Jan 25 - Sun Jan 27, 2013 London Blizzard Tournament For more information about the Brant County Crushers, e-mail hourob2005@rogers.com

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Jessie’s Story: Of Ice and Bikes... by KIMBERLY TAPLAY Assistant Editor - TMT ‘Once a rider, always a rider’. Isn’t that how the saying goes? From the first time she rode on the back of her father’s motorcycle as a child, Jessie Gregory always figured there would be some kind of bike in her life. “I’m going to get my own (bike) when I’m old enough,” she’d always tell her father. From the dirt bikes she rode as a young girl to the first bike she bought for herself at fifteen, Jessie was a rider through and through. The thought that there would be a time in her life when she wouldn’t be able to ride never crossed her mind. Not even once. And then there was ‘the accident’. November 30th, 2008: That was the night everything changed for Jessie. Responding to an alarm at a local high school, Jessie (who was working for a security company at the time), was severely hurt by a hit and run driver. She was hit so hard that everything including her cell phone, pager, flashlight, keys and radio were knocked clear off of the belt on her uniform, and her left boot was off her foot and on the road near where she lay. The accident left her with a severe spinal cord injury, a damaged L4 and L5 disc and created permanent nerve damage. The process of recovery has been a long and difficult one, and her ongoing challenges with her physical limitations and the pain mean that she needs the assistance of a walker or wheelchair 95% of the time. The physical pain was tough enough to bear, but it was the emotional pain at the thought that she’d never be able to ride a bike or play hockey again that threatened to dampen the courageous girl’s spirits.

Play hockey? Yes. Before her accident, Jessie played competitive hockey for 14 years and got to travel all around the world. She was a referee (at all levels of minor hockey, for players aged 4 to 20), a coach (for a total of 6 years), and then a goalie coach for many years before she coached a team of her own for a year. Jessie found solace and motivation through the sport of sledge hockey. Invented in Stockholm, Sweden, in the 1960s, sledge hockey is a version of ice hockey for people with physical disabilities. Participants sit on a sledge – a narrow platform fitted with skate blades – and propel themselves along the ice with two specially-designed hockey sticks with picks on the bottom. The game follows the same rules as regular hockey, with six players on the ice for each team, including the goalie (Jessie’s position on the teams). Through sledge, she fell in love with the sport (of hockey) again, has met some amazing people, and now plays for not only the local regional team (The Brant County Crushers) but for the Canadian Women’s sledge Hockey team, STO (Sledge Team Ontario), and the Sledge Central Ontario team. Proudly showing off her gold medal from the Brantford Crushers’ extremely successful inaugural season last year, Jessie’s inner fire and spirit is fully evident. So is her gold medal attitude and biker ‘chutzpah’. “I was very worried that I wouldn’t be able to ride after my accident,” she says. “I didn’t get much riding in until this year because I can’t hold up a bike anymore. I can ride once I get going, but I can’t put my feet down to stop the bike from falling down.” Jessie did a lot of research trying to figure out how she could get back to riding a motorcycle.

“I’d seen a lot of other disabled riders out there so that really gave me hope,” she explains. “I figured that if they can ride, why cant I?” She found a side car for her bike (a Yamaha VStar 650 Silverado) and it works great for her, providing the stability she requires and it keeps the bike upright so she doesn’t have to worry about putting her feet down to the ground when stopped. Other modifications to her bike include a mount for her wheelchair and walker on the back of the sidecar, more comfortable seats for her back (Mustang touring seats), a suicide shifter because she can’t shift with her foot anymore, and she also added cruise control because her hands go numb after a while on the road. “My dad is working on a VW trike for me to ride; it’ll be a lot more comfortable and easier to ride once we customize it according to my needs,” she says. “I don’t get to ride as much as I would like, but any ride is better than not riding at all… even if it’s just down the street.” People are always surprised that Jessie is a rider. “I always get asked questions like ‘How do you ride?’‘ How do you get on the bike?’‘ Where does your wheelchair go?’ ‘ Do you like having the sidecar?” Jessie laughs. “But once they see me ride, the questions stop. It’s great.” When asked what her ‘dream bike’ would be, Jessie is quick to answer. “Oh, that’s easy,” she says with a grin. “An HD Fat Boy or Electra Glide with a trike package. Yeah, that would be sweet.” Sweet indeed, Miss Gregory. Whether strapped into a sledge on the ice or perched high on a bike, there’s the heart of a champion and the soul of a rider inside of you, young lady. TMT salutes you...

Tattoo artist and owner of Kreative Khaos in Brantford, Ontario, Dave McCabe, has been a bike enthusiast for close to thirty years. His first bike was a Harley Davidson 883 Sportster and his current ride is a 1989 FLHS that he had pinstriped by “Danno” at Black Heart Designs – Pinstriping and Lowbrow Designs of Brantford. The best part about riding? “That’s easy,” Dave answered when he sat down with me for a discussion about tattoos and motorcycles. “It’s having the wind in your face and a girl at your back!” Dave has been tattooing for close to twenty-three years. He’s even left his mark on this Times’ staffer. “People ask me about my favourite or best tattoo, and my answer is always ‘my last one’. Tattoos are highly personal and they often speak to the client’s inner self.” He pauses. “Their inner self expressed on their outside.” That expression of personal visions, hopes, fears or pain are never more evident than when it involves a memorial tattoo. “I have had the privilege of helping to create lasting remembrances of the past, present and future,” Dave explains. “Losing someone is a very hard journey to go through. I love being able to play a part in helping people cope with their loss. Tattoos can tell someone’s story for them.” Dave feels that a memorial tattoo tends to hold the most meaning when it comes to the reasons behind it, the design of it, and the story it can tell. “It’s like finding a way to bring your past into the present, in a deep and personal way,” he explains. I’ve been honoured to have shared that process and experience with countless people over the years.” One of those people is James. “James has been a friend and client of mine for close to twenty years, and I know his fierce loyalty to the service of our country.” It took close to a year to complete the masterpiece on James’ back. “It’s like a testament and a monument to James’ pride and respect for the men and women who serve.” Whether creating lasting memories on human canvases or riding in the wind, Dave McCabe is another kind of everyday hero. Thanks for everything you do to help your clients, myself included, find a way to ‘make their mark’.




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The Motorcycle Times - December 2012 Edition  

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The Motorcycle Times - December 2012 Edition  

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