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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Women's Day Conference 2013: The power and solutions are with the global SHE Those attending 2nd Aruba Women's Day Conference would heartily agree it was a diverse and inspiring day targeting each women's individual sense of empowerment, and community. A diversity of subjects were addressed, not only focusing how each women could be her best, but how to support and encourage the next generation of girls and young women to fully realize their enormous potential.

Latin America leaders, US foes bid farewell to Chavez CARACAS(AFP) - Latin American leaders and US foes paid tribute to Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez yesterday as he lay in state in a flagdraped coffin during a lavish state funeral before the nation swears-in an interim president. Venezuelan conductor and Los Angeles Philharmonic maestro Gustavo Dudamel led an orchestra's rendition of the national anthem to open the ceremony for the man whose socialist rule earned him friends and foes at home and abroad. Chavez's political heir, Nicolas Maduro, placed a replica of the golden sword of

South American independence hero Simon Bolivar on his mentor's wooden casket as foreign dignitaries applauded. Several Latin American leaders, including Cuban President Raul Castro, then stood around the coffin, which was closed and covered in the yellow, blue and red colors of Venezuela, in an honor guard. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Belarussian strongman Alexander Lukashenko were next, the two of them standing on either side of their ally, who used petrodollars to form an anti-American bloc. Continued in page 6

Minister Hooyboer-Winklaar and this year's theme

Dr. Sue Morter Aruba's Minister of Economic & Social Affairs and Culture, Michelle HooyboerWinklaar, officially welcomed over 600 women, and some men, including Aruba Governor Fredis Refunjol, to the day's presentation. The official theme of this year's event "Strong Women, Strong Leadership, Strong World." An impressive roster of strong women were the invited speakers. They included HRH Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands, with a long record of battling illiteracy in the Netherlands. She compared Aruba's impressive record of women occupying 44% of leadership positions in island

government, compared to only 11% in the Netherlands. The author of a series of children's books that are parables for world issues such as preserving the environment and tolerance, she particularly focused on the need for enabling youth, both genders, but particularly girls, to insure sustainability for the next generation. Her comments were very much in line with the contention of Dr. Hellen van der Wal, who believes that youth are dismissed and discriminated against by a mentally she calls "adultism." This practice is believed by psychologists to be just as damaging as racism or sexism, and equally discriminatory. Founder of the

Aruba Youth Hotline, she posited that youth should have a voice in the laws that govern them by giving them the vote at the age of twelve. "The same arguments brought against youth having the vote are those that were presented against women having the vote," she reminded the audience. The morning's sessions finished with a presentation by Dr. Sue Morter, internationally known authority on bridging science, spirit and human possibility. She literally brought the gathering to their feet as she encouraged them to move and reach "deep into their core, the seat of wisdom" and drop their inhibitions and let their spirits shine. Continued on page 3


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Painting project is up and Minister Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert running at Jaburibari very impressed with Aruba

Artist Stan Kuiperi is the one responsible for the art work on the homes in the "Pinta BoBario" painting projects. Before he decides on a design, he drives around to see what are the characteristics of the Barrio. What stands out more and with this in mind he comes up with a design which is later painted on the homes. It is always a challenge. For this Barrio he has chosen to use the names of the streets which are the names of fruits and flowers

grown locally. According to Stan Kuiperi, what stand out in this particular Barrio are the names of the streets. They are a group of rather peculiar names. All are names of trees and flowers and a few are the names of herbal medicines. There are names like: Bini Bini, Franse Bloem, Canebloem, Seida and a lot more. He decided to use these names to create designs to paint on the houses, creating a special identify for the Barrio with flowers and trees typical of Aruba. Every house will get the flower or tree to correspond with the name of his street. For this Barrio, Stan designed ten designs. Stan Kuiperi indicated that they always discuss the design with the residents of the Barrio before proceeding. He said, when they did this with Jaburibari everyone reacted spontaneously and positively, they all loved the idea very much. The tedious job of painting the 62 homes have begun and very soon we will be able to see the beauty of the designs with their colorful appeal.

Dutch Minister of Defense, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert recently paid Aruba a working visit. On her first day here, she visited Aruba Governor Fredis Refunjol as well as Prime Minister Mike Eman. This was followed by a visit to the Marine Camp in Savaneta. Hennis-Plasschaert was very im- pressed with what she saw at the Camp. She remarked... “The troops are in excellent condition and are well trained. Remarkable is that everyone are so enthusiastic here.” The Minister expressed too, that she is convinced that our marines are prepared for any task they may have to confront after observing several tactical exercises and encounters with the ‘enemy.’ After witnessing their preparedness and training at the Marines Camp, she declared that the Camp must remain open and that this is not part of the enormous reorganization taking place in Dutch defense. The Minister indicated that, “indeed, 12000 func-

tions will no longer exist. Next year we will be doing more to bring our finances in order, but that will not have any consequences for Aruba. We have made agreements with the Dutch Caribbean and we intend to comply with them.” Henis-Plasschaert believes that the presence of Dutch Marines in the Dutch Caribbean is very important. Their tasks are important not only for military assistance, but also for the fight against

all sorts of criminality. This week, the Minister will be visiting the other islands. Dutch Commander of the Armed Forces, Tom Middedorp will be accompanying the Minister on her vests to Bonaire, and Curacao. With respect to the Coast Guard, Director of the Coast Guard for the Caribbean Region, General Dick Swijgman, indicated that the role of the Coast Guard is to guarantee security in the region.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Women's Day Conference 2013: The power and solutions are with the global SHE

Princess Laurentien, Minister Hooyboer-Winklaar, Governor Refunjol and Spouse Claret Dr. Hellen A. van der Wal She explained her holistic ap- lents for communicaproach to physical and spiritual tion and empathy. Elizabeth Gore has health, and how they are inexaddressed the UN and orably intertwined. Following a brief lunch founded the grassroots break, the audience heard from movement Girl's Up, Michelle Brooks of Aruba re- seeking to assist young women garding countries and busi- around the globe who are opnesses fully utilizing their pressed within their society. female workforce and re- She manages partnerships with sources. She cited large com- Fortune 100 companies and panies are increasing taping the Bill and Melinda Gates into this, placing women into Foundation. In 2008, Mrs. responsible position and taking Gore was named by People as advantage of their natural ta- one of the Top 100 Extraordi-

Up with Women

nary Women. Finally, actress and humanitarian Maria Bello talked of her experiences and frustrations in attempting to help the island of Haiti and what drove her to establish the foundation “We Advance,� which is about supporting each other to move forward. This grassroots movement and NGO based out of Cite Soleil, Haiti organizes advocates for woman throughout this country, moving towards their having a voice in politics, economic self-sufficiency and social participation. The afternoon ended with the World Premiere of the documentary "Femme-Women Healing the World" by French/US filmmaker Emmanuel Itier. While officially opening the event, Minister HooyboerWinklaar spoke on Harvesting

Aruba's First Lady Doina Eman, Dr. Sue Morter and President of Parliament Paul Croes

Women's Power for a Stronger Community. Pointing out what an important percentage women contribute to the GDP, she was supported by startling figures from one of the day's major sponsors, CMB Bank. Emily Arends of CMB pointed out that of 372 "children of CMB" women number 185 and that among the 78 leadership positions in the bank, women occupy 46 of them. She made the point that statis-

tics show in a world where intellect is the leading factor in success, it would appear "men are falling behind." She urged that on this women's day, with all the information being presented at the conference, the audience should always keep in mind the advancement both genders. "All deserve to succeed equally in today's world, as well as tomorrow's." by Rosalie Klein


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Second bird count on Aruba’s national day, March 18, ORANJESTAD -- On March 18, our National Flag and Anthem Day, the second national bird count of Aruba is planned to take place. The motto for the bird count this day is: “ Abo tambe ta conta!” which means: You also count! On March 18, from 7:00 to 9:00 am, everyone is encour-

aged to participate to identify birds occurring in their garden. This year 16 different species of bird have been pre-selected for the count, but there is space on the forms for more observations. There are also extra questions, i.e. the ocurrence of Boa constrictor in the vicinity. 14.000 forms will be

handed out to high schools all around Aruba by the Department of Education with a petition to have the schoolchildren participate. The bird count is organized by Arikok National Park with support from the Central Bureau of Statistics, and Aruba Birdlife Conservation. The

Aruba Postal Services is also giving a helping hand. The forms have to be handed in after the count at schools, but can also be handed in at the post offices. There is currently an instructional video in development in both Papiamento and English which will be published on YouTube. Next week

a press conference will take palce to explain more in detail what the course of action will be. For more information please visit the Arikok National Park website: www. Everyone is encouraged to participate in this National Bird Count.

Guava: Nature’s Blessing” PIEDRA PLAT -- At Santa Rosa, department of agriculture, livestock and fishery, it is not just a job. It is a hobby, a passion and a wonderful gift left behind by our forefathers. It is a way of life and a way to keep our families healthy. Santa Rosa understands the importance that fruit, vegetables and fresh meat have for our health and we want to share this with the community. Their goal is to create an Aruba with farms full of animals and trees, somewhat like it was in the past. They would like to see plantations full of organic produce free of pesticides that would also alleviate the high cost of living. We have good fertile soil around our homes and we should be making good use of this to plant. One very easy plant to plant is the Guava fruit. This is a delicious fruit high in vitamins and nutrients, hence the reason it is called the “superfood that nature has blessed us with.” The benefits of the Guava fruit are many, among them are: - Regulates hypertension and cholesterol. One Guava contains more potassium than a banana. - It minimizes the absorption of sugar in the blood, making the fruit the ideal fruit for diabetics. - It contains a high amount of fiber which prevents diabetes type 2 and helps to stop diarrhea. - It contains 4 times more

vitamin C than an orange, which helps to prevent damage to cells that can become cancerous. - It contains copper which helps to maintain our thyroids healthy. - It is rich in vitamin B which helps to maintain the well functioning of our brain. - It promotes fertility in women. - It contains a high amount of vitamin A which keeps our eye sight in good condition. - The leaves of the Guava tree can be boiled and drank like a tea to combat the common cold and stomach upsets. The Guava tree, like many other trees and seeds are available at Santa Rosa. They also have bulletins with information. Their service staff is always ready to assist customers with all their questions and other queries.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Nicolas Maduro sworn in as Venezuela’s acting president

Caribbean Basin Coastal Surveillance and Maritime Security Summit March 12-14 March in Curacao WILLEMSTAD -- The Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard seized 1453 kg of cocaine this week following the pursuit of a “gofast” boat on the Caribbean high seas. An operational success for the Coast Guard, but the incident also underscores the Caribbean Basin’s growing drug smuggling problem. Against the backdrop of the unprecedented expansion of the Panama Canal, which is due to be completed next year, port authorities and govern-

ments in the region should be cautious about the anticipated increase in sea trade as a result. Next week the commanders of navies and coast guards in the Caribbean Basin, together with international organizations, and ambassadors from the US and Europe will meet at the CABSEC 13 conference in Curaçao. The Prime Minister of Curaçao, the Hon. D. Hodge will give an opening address, on behalf of the Curaçao government who have been in-

strumental in their support to CABSEC 13. On Tuesday, March 12, the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard will conduct a live demonstration for the conference guests with an exercise anticipating a fast boat carrying illicit contraband, similar to the Coast Guard’s recent seizure. CABSEC 13 aims to energize the wider collective effort to promote regional and hemispheric maritime security through enhanced cooperation,

and improved reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities of partner nations in the Caribbean Basin. With the Organization of American State’s small island strategy, the Treaty of San Jose and the new Joint EUCaribbean strategy all under discussion, the conference promises to foster interest and increase momentum for addressing the regional maritime challenges that are shaping the region’s future.

CARACAS -- Vice President Nicolas Maduro was sworn in as acting president last night, the same day a state funeral is held for Hugo Chavez. Upon construction of Article 233 of the Constitution, as requested by lawyer Otoniel Pautt on Thursday, the Constitutional Court, Supreme Tribunal of Justice, found that the second person in the government's hierarchy (the vicepresident) shall step down from his current position to take office as acting president. In other words, Article 229 of the Constitution, which bans the executive vice-president from being elected as president, is by no means an obstacle to run for president. The government said Maduro would both be acting president and the presidential candidate of the governing party. Without stepping down, Venezuelan Acting President Nicolás Maduro may run for president in the next election to be held in the weeks ahead. Chávez loyalists and his regime leaders face the dilemma of inheriting a government whose strength is due largely to love for Chávez, not the regime. Now that Chávez is dead after 14 years in office, Maduro will have to convince Chávez's supporters that he is capable of carrying Chavismo beyond its personality cult foundation. "Maduro would probably lose right now between 40% and 50% of the people who voted for Chávez in the October presidential elections,'' said Tarek Yorde, a Caracas-based political consultant, prior to the death announcement. "He's a president in training."


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Latin America leaders, US foes bid farewell to Chavez Continued from page 1

INTERNATIONAL NEWS Witnesses claim torture under Haiti ex-dictator 'Baby Doc' PORT-AU-PRINCE (AFP) Witnesses testified Thursday against an absent Jean-Claude Duvalier, in a hearing aimed at determining whether the former Haitian dictator will stand trial for crimes against humanity. "Baby Doc," who ruled Haiti with an iron fist from 1971 to 1986, has been unwell since appearing at a rowdy five-hour hearing on February 28. His lawyer, Aurelian Jeanty, explained that the former "president for life" would not appear in court on Thursday "because he is still hospitalized." The 61-year-old's supporters say he suffers from cervical osteoarthritis, a degeneration of the spinal column in the neck area. On Thursday, several of his alleged victims testified that Duvalier had ordered their arbitrary detention and torture. Duvalier succeeded his fa-

ther Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier in 1971 aged only 19, and continued to rule the poorest country in the Americas in his father's brutal style until he was ousted in a popular revolt in 1986. He fled to exile in France, only to return a quarter-of-acentury later and take up residence in a well-to-do Port-auPrince district, where he is often to be seen driving himself around in a luxury SUV. Lawyers representing human rights groups, alleged victims of torture and relatives of opponents who were killed under his rule have attempted to bring charges of crimes against humanity, murder and corruption. A court initially ruled that the most serious of the charges were protected by a statute of limitations, but the plaintiffs have appealed that decision and a judge is holding a series of hearings before ruling on their claim.

Brennan sworn in on Washington's draft of Constitution WASHINGTON (AFP) - New CIA director John Brennan was sworn into office Friday, using an original draft copy of the US Constitution, marked up by George Washington, in a show of commitment to the rule of law. Brennan made the gesture as scrutiny swirls around the CIA over the legality of interrogation techniques previously used on terror suspects and of the US drone war, which is partly conducted by the agency. The swearing-in ceremony, conducted by VP Joe Biden, took place in the White House and was closed to the press.

Chavez had also built friendships with some Hollywood stars, including Sean Penn, who attended the funeral. Venezuela has given a long farewell to Chavez, with hundreds of thousands of people filing past his open casket nonstop since Wednesday. Though popular among the nation's poor, his policies alienated the upper-middle class. Chavez's body will lie in state for seven more days and officials said his body will be embalmed and preserved "like Lenin" to rest in a glass casket in the military barracks where he plotted a failed coup in 1992. Foreign Minister Elias Jaua and a crowd of flag-waving Chavez supporters greeted leaders as they arrived at the military academy. The crowd chanted "Chavez lives, the struggle goes on!" Ahmadinejad, looking emotional, hugged Jaua and pumped both fists in the air toward the Chavez loyalists. Lukashenko, once dubbed

"Europe's last dictator" by the United States, smiled and pumped his left fist at the crowd. Castro, whose nation's economy relies on cheap Venezuelan oil shipments to stay afloat, waved both hands and then held them together. Chavez's mother, Elena Frias, raised her arms toward the cheering crowd, crying and wiping her tears with a white handkerchief. Leaders from Africa and the Caribbean attended the funeral but European nations sent lower-level delegations while the United States was represented by its charge d'affaires and two Democratic Party politicians. Spain sent the heir to the throne, Prince Felipe, while Russian President Vladimir Putin, a close Chavez ally, dispatched his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov. Maduro said Thursday the body will be taken to the "Mountain Barracks" in the January 23, a public housing project that was a bastion of

Romanian police arrest mother of Dutch art heist suspect BUCHAREST (AFP) - Romanian police said yesterday they had made another arrest linked to the spectacular 2012 art heist at Rotterdam's Kunsthal museum, detaining the mother of one of the male suspects. Judicial sources said Olga Dogaru, whose son Radu Dogaru was arrested in January for direct involvement in the robbery, was arrested on suspicion of complicity in the theft of seven paintings by Picasso, Gauguin, Matisse and Monet. Experts have estimated the paintings' value at more than 100 million euros ($130 mil-

lion). The heist gripped the Netherlands and the art world as police apparently struggled to piece the crime together, despite putting 25 officers on the case. Six Romanians have so far been charged in connection with the heist. The works stolen include Picasso's "Tete d'Arlequin", Monet's "Waterloo Bridge" and Lucian Freud's "Woman with Eyes Closed". It is not clear what has happened to the paintings even though a suitcase allegedly used to store them has been found in Romania.

Chavez support. The barracks is now being converted into a Museum of the Revolution. It was there that Chavez had spearheaded what proved to be a failed coup against then-President Carlos Andres Perez on February 4, 1992. His arrest turned him into a hero, leading to his first of many election victories in 1998. But Maduro suggested that Chavez may one day be moved elsewhere, a nod to popular pressure for him to be taken to the national pantheon to lie alongside Latin American independence hero Simon Bolivar. Maduro, 50, has now taken on the leadership of Chavismo, a leftist movement that poured the nation's oil riches into social programs. He will likely face off in elections against opposition leader Henrique Capriles, who lost to Chavez in presidential voting in October of last year.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


International News US delays award for Egyptian Conclave to elect new woman over Twitter remarks Ibrahim had been initially airport in Bulgaria on the (AFP) - In pope begins Tuesday WASHINGTON an embarrassing about-turn, chosen "because of the incred- Black Sea. Today is a very VATICAN CITY (AFP) - Cardinals from around the globe will hold a conclave in the Sistine Chapel from next Tuesday to elect a new leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics, after "pope emeritus" Benedict XVI's historic resignation. Cardinals will first celebrate a "Pro Eligendo Romano Pontifice" mass in St Peter's Basilica after which they will file into the chapel under the famous frescoes of Michelangelo for a centuries-old ritual bound by a vow of secrecy. On the eve of the event, the 115 "cardinal electors" are expected to move into a special residence within the walls of the Vatican, where they will be cut off from the world. Each cardinal has to swear not to reveal details of the conclave on pain of excommunication. The cardinals will spend the weekend and Monday in last-minute debates over who is the best candidate. Vatican watchers have suggested the cardinals are split roughly into two groups, between those who think that

Italy's Angelo Scola, the Archbishop of Milan, is the man to lead the Church, and others who would prefer a non-Italian in charge. Among the other names on the rumour mill are Canadian Marc Ouellet, Ghanaian Peter Turkson, US cardinal Sean O'Malley and Luis Antonio Tagle, the Archbishop of Manila. In the run-up to the conclave, the Princes of the Church have seized the rare chance of being able to air their grievances against the Vatican, with no new pope to defer to and no old pope to mourn. The meetings of cardinals that began on Monday are normally something of a formality before the conclave to elect a new pope but this time around they have taken a revolutionary turn. The closed-door talks are protected by an oath of secrecy, but the voices calling for change have been growing louder after the first papal resignation since the Middle Ages.

KABUL AFP) - New US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel landed in Afghanistan on Friday on an unannounced visit nine days after he was sworn into office, vowing to ensure a successful withdrawal of international troops. Hagel arrived in Kabul as the US-led military coalition prepares to pull out by the end of next year and leave Afghan security forces to battle the Taliban insurgency that has raged across the south and east of the country. A total of 100,000 international troops are currently deployed in Afghanistan, with all combat forces due to exit by the end of 2014.

the US Thursday said it would delay giving a prestigious award to an Egyptian activist to check reports she had made anti-American and anti-Semitic remarks. Samira Ibrahim was to have been honored Friday along with nine other women with the International Women of Courage Award at a glittering event to be hosted by top US diplomat John Kerry and First Lady Michelle Obama. The annual award marking International Women's Day is given to women for "exceptional courage and leadership in advocating for women's rights and empowerment, often at great personal risk," according to the State Department.

ible bravery and courage she displayed at the time of the Tahrir Square protests," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said. She acknowledged the department "became aware very late in the process about Samira Ibrahim's alleged comments." "After careful consideration we've decide that we should defer presenting this award to Ms Ibrahim this year so that we have a chance to look further into these statements," she told journalists. The rightwing Weekly Standard said Ibrahim, who is prolific on Twitter, had written in August: "An explosion on a bus carrying Israelis in Burgas

sweet day with a lot of very sweet news." She also allegedly wrote on September 11 "Today is the anniversary of 9/11. May every year come with America burning," the Standard said. Ibrahim has told the State Department that her account was hacked. Among the nine women who will be honored Friday are the Indian student who died after being gang-raped in a bus in Delhi in December; Tsering Woeser, a Tibetan poet and blogger; Malalai Bahaduri, a first sergeant and senior instructor with the Afghan National Interdiction Unit, and a Syrian human rights lawyer, Razan Zeitunah.

Argentine ex-president Menem convicted for arms smuggling BUENOS AIRES (AFP) Former Argentine president Carlos Menem was convicted on Friday of orchestrating arms smuggling while in office. The Appeals Court issued a guilty verdict against the 82year-old Menem, who ruled from 1989-1999, and his then defense minister, Oscar Camilion, for the smuggling of 6,500 tons of weapons and ammunition to Croatia and Ecuador. Sentencing was to take place in a different court. Menem was initially acquitted of the charges in 2011 along with more than a dozen other defendants, but prosecutors appealed. Menem was not present in the courtroom, because of health problems. Ten other defendants were also convicted besides him and the ex-minister, including a former army colonel turned arms trafficker. Sentencing will be done by the lower court which first acquitted Menem. Aggravated smuggling carries a sentence

of between four and 12 years in jail. The charges related to three decrees the Peronist former president signed for shipments made in the early 1990s. Menem has admitted signing the decrees, but insists the transactions were legal because the weapons -- rifles, artillery, mortars, anti-tank rockets and ammunition -were being sent to countries at peace.

The weapons were labeled as being destined for Panama and Venezuela, but this was ultimately deemed a maneuver to dodge weapons embargoes the in force against Croatia and Ecuador. Menem is now a senator and thus in theory has immunity from imprisonment. But he could be incarcerated after his term ends in 2014, or if lawmakers strip him of this legal shield.


Health & Living BALTIMORE, : The “cure” of a baby from the dreaded disease HIV made news globally but missing from the story is the fact that a Caribbean-born doctor of Johns Hopkins’ Children’s Center in Baltimore led the team of researchers who found the “treatment.” Guyana-born Dr. Deborah Persaud, a virologist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, said in a news conference at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Atlanta on Sunday, that the child from Mississippi was born with HIV two-and-a-half-years ago but now appears to be AIDS free. The child, a little girl, has been off medication for about a year with no signs of infection. If the child remains free of HIV, it would mark only the world’s second known cure. The infant described in the report underwent remission of HIV infection after receiving antiretroviral therapy within 30 hours of birth. The investigators say the prompt administration of antiviral treatment likely led to this infant’s cure by halting the formation of hard-to-treat viral reservoirs—dormant cells re-

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Caribbean Doctor led team that “cured” Baby of HIV sponsible for reigniting the infection in most HIV patients within weeks of stopping therapy. Specialists say the finding offers exciting clues for how to eliminate HIV infection in children. “Maybe we’ll be able to block this reservoir seeding,” Persaud said. The finding, the investigators say, may help pave the way to eliminating HIV infection in children. A report on the case was presented Sunday at the 20th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) in Atlanta. “Prompt antiviral therapy in newborns that begins within days of exposure may help infants clear the virus and achieve long-term remission without lifelong treatment by preventing such viral hideouts from forming in the first place,” Persaud said. The researchers say they believe this is precisely what happened in the child described in the report. That infant is now deemed “functionally cured,” a condition that occurs when a patient achieves and maintains long-

Coal-fired power plants making Europeans sick: report BRUSSELS (AFP) - Emissions from coal-fired power plants in the European Union contribute to over 18,000 premature deaths a year and cost an annual 42.8 billion euros, a report from the Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) said. The 46-page report titled "The Unpaid Health Bill", says such power plants are a key contributor to air pollution, dubbed an "invisible killer" and a major public health threat by medical experts. Figures published in the report blame the plants for more than 18,200 premature deaths, some 8,500 new cases of

chronic bronchitis and over four million lost working days each year. When Croatia, Serbia and Turkey too are taken into account, mortality rises to 23,000 premature deaths, with the bill at 54.7 billion euros. "The findings are particularly worrying given that the use of coal is now rising after years of decline," said Genon Jensen, who heads the environmental network. Germany, which along with Poland and Romania, account for almost half the health bill, is relaunching coal-fired plants following its decision to shut down nuclear reactors. "The startlingly high costs to human health should trigger a major rethink on EU energy policy," Jensen said. Jean-Paul Sculier of the European Respiratory Society said that "addressing air pollution from coal power plants alone has the potential to yield significant savings to health budgets, especially given that an average coal power plant operates for at least forty years."

Deborah Persaud term viral remission without lifelong treatment and standard clinical tests fail to detect HIV replication in the blood. The child described in the current report was born to an HIV-infected mother and received combination antiretroviral treatment beginning 30 hours after birth. A series of tests showed progressively diminishing viral presence in the infant’s blood, until it reached undetectable levels 29 days after birth. The infant remained on anti-virals until 18 months of age, at which point the child was lost to follow-up for a while and, the researchers say, stopped treatment. Ten months after discontinuation of treatment, the child underwent repeated standard blood tests, none of which detected HIV presence

in the blood. Test for HIV-specific antibodies—the standard clinical indicator of HIV infection—also remained negative throughout. “Our next step is to find out if this is a highly unusual response to very early anti-retroviral therapy or something we can actually replicate in other high-risk newborns,” Persaud says. Persaud was the lead author on the report, and University of Massachusetts Medical School immunologist Katherine Luzuriaga, headed a team of laboratory investigators. Pediatric HIV specialist Hannah Gay, M.D., associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, provided treatment to the baby. Persaud was born on Aug. 23, 1960 in Guyana, South America and migrated to the U.S. at age 16. Her parents had divorced, and when she was 10, her mother went to America to find work. Six years later, Persaud and her three siblings joined her in Bushwick, Brooklyn, N.Y. She went on to earn a B.A., York College (CUNY) and an M.D. from NYU Medical

School before doing her pediatric residency at ColumbiaPresbyterian. Persaud was a medical student at NYU in 1985 when the first cases of HIV were being identified in young, gay men. During her residency at Columbia Presbyterian, she started seeing infants presenting with the same type of pneumonia. In 1997, she was hired by John Hopkins and by 2005 had won the Elizabeth Glaser Scientist Award. The award, which funds AIDS research, gave her $700,000 for five years to better understand drug-resistant HIV in children both in the United States and abroad. Today, eight years later, Persaud not only fulfilled this mission but could have helped find a cure for HIV in children, a historical achievement. Her career highlights include the Aaron Diamond Fellow, NYU, the Doris Duke Clinical Research Fellow, JHUSOM and the Elizabeth Glaser Scientist Award. She is married to William Moss, M.D., M.P.H, pediatric infectious diseases specialist and has three children: Taylor, 10; Ian, 8; Soraya, 6. Asked what people should know about her she told The DOME, a John Hopkins publication: “I am the American dream.”

Saturday, March 9, 2013



I’ve learned that you shouldn’t go

Big engines ultimate in luxury at Geneva Motor Show

through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back. – Maya Angelou

LaFerrari 2013

GENEVA (AFP) - Huge engine power and speed records remain the name of the game for the many luxury vehicles on prominent display at the International Geneva Motor Show this week. "In super-luxury, there is still a tendency to try to reach new speed records," explained German car specialist Stefan Bratzel. Judging from the models unveiled in Geneva, horsepower wars still have plenty of road ahead of them. Italian Lamborghini, celebrating its 50th anniversary, unveiled its Veneno (Spanish for poison) model -- a name that hints at the warrior nature of the sleek machine. With 750-horse power under the hood and a whopping pricetag, the car turned more than a few heads at the show. Only three models of this bundle of concentrated technology have been made, and each has already been snapped up for a staggering 3.0 million euros ($3.9 million). Accelerating from 0 to 100 kilometres an hour in just 2.8 seconds, and with a top speed of 355 kilometres (220 miles) an hour, the car is the fastest nonracer ever built by Lamborghini, company chief Stephan Winkelmann said. Ferrari's brand new hybrid su-

percar, LaFerrari, is another big attraction at the show. Car enthusiasts need a fair dose of patience to catch a mere glimpse of the dream machine, made by Italy's Fiat. But once through the crowd, the firy red descendant of Ferrari's famous Enzo is a heartstopper, especially with its promise to go from 0 to 200 kilometres an hour in less than 8.5 seconds. It has two engines: one electric and one a thermic 12-cylinder, allowing it to boast 963 horsepower at short distances. The 499 LaFerraris made have already found buyers, each willing to pay more than one million euros to call the luxury speed dream their own. LaFerrari's biggest rival on the floor is called P1. The bright yellow model with butterfly doors was built by British McLaren, and is sold for the same price as its Italian competitor. The symbol of refinement, Rolls-Royce, owned by German BMW, meanwhile unveiled a new four-seat coupe, the Wraith. Boasting 633 horsepower, it aims for high-speed performance and is clearly aimed to take on Bentley's Continental GT. Some carmakers are meanwhile trying to innovate and broaden their product portfolios


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MRT 09 - MRT 16 O’stad : ‘ Botica Serv. Maria

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’ - S.N. ‘ San Lucas. ’

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Mexico cuts key interest rate for first time since 2009 Current as 03//08/13


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MEXICO CITY (AFP) - Mexico's central bank lowered its benchmark lending rate by 50 basis points yesterday to 4.0 percent in the first such adjustment in nearly four years. It did so because inflation is under control and the bank wants to adjust to a scenario of lower economic growth, the bank said. The reduction of the rate that the bank charges commercial banks on overnight loans does not, however, signal the start of a cycle of cuts in this rate, the Bank of Mexico said in a statement.

Mexico ended 2012 with an inflation of 3.57 percent. For this year the goal is around 3 percent. As of February it was running at an annual rate of 3.55 percent. The world economy continues to show signs of weakness and short term risks for Mexico include the impact of deep cuts in government spending by the United States, where $85 billion in automatic cuts go into effect this fiscal year, the bank said. The Mexican central bank's benchmark rate had been at 4.5 percent since July 2009.

ment rate slipping to a fouryear low and jobs growth picking up in the world's largest economy. The jobless rate fell to 7.7 percent, from 7.9 percent in January, and the US gained a net 236,000 jobs, the Labor Department said.

ing in the depths of the Great Recession. The numbers were much better than analysts expected. The average estimate was for the jobless rate to stay stuck at 7.9 percent for the second month in a row and additional jobs to total only 165,000. But the January jobs growth number was revised down to 119,000 jobs from an initial estimate of 157,000. "The data add to evidence that momentum in the labor market has strengthened further," said Jim O'Sullivan, chief US economist at High Frequency Economics. "Even without any further acceleration, the trend in job growth has been strong enough to keep unemployment coming down." The welcome news lifted the dollar and sent stock markets higher, pushing the bluechip Dow Jones Industrial

Fitch downgrades Italy to US jobless rate falls to 7.7% as jobs surge 'BBB+' with negative The unemployment rate Average to new all-time highs WASHINGTON (AFP) - The February US jobs report deli- was the lowest since Decem- after three straight days of vered an encouraging surprise ber 2008, when it stood at 7.3 record-breaking closes. outlook The dollar immediately yesterday, with the unemploy- percent as the rate was climb-

ROME, March (AFP) - The international ratings agency Fitch said yeterday it had downgraded Italy's sovereign debt rating by one notch to "BBB+" from "A-" and added that the outlook was negative. Fitch pointed in particular to "the inconclusive results of the Italian parliamentary elections on 24-25 February" which "make it unlikely that a stable new government can be formed in the next few weeks." Italy's vote left the country in a political deadlock, with no party or coalition able to form a government on its own, and party leaders have made little progress in talks so far. While the centre-left coalition won in the lower house, its failure to take the Senate has left leader Pier Luigi Bersani scrabbling to reach an agreement with the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) to form a minority government. Bersani's refusal to form an alliance with Silvio Berlusconi's centre-right party -which came a close second in the election -- has also left many analysts fearing the country may be forced to return to the polls before long.

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The uncertainty has not been reflected on stock markets until now, but should Italy slip back into the debt mire it could have a knock-on effect on other vulnerable countries in the eurozone. Italy's borrowing costs rose slightly to 4.599 percent on 10year government bonds from 4.596 percent just before Fitch's announcement. Fitch also noted that Italy's ongoing recession "is one of the deepest in Europe," and warned that "the increased political uncertainty and non-conducive backdrop for further structural reform measures constitute a further adverse shock to the real economy." The agency also forecast that Italy's public debt, one of the eurozone's biggest, would peak this year at close to 130 percent of GDP (gross domestic product), worse than Fitch's previous estimate of 125 percent. It added that the economy was likely to shrink by 1.8 percent this year, in the wake of a 2.4 percent contraction in 2012, and said that "a weak government could be slower and less able to respond to domestic or external economic shocks." Fitch's "BBB+" rating nonetheless leaves Italian debt in the investment grade category, and on the bright side, it underscored the country's "relatively wealthy, high valueadded and diverse economy with moderate levels of private sector indebtedness." Rome has also made considerable progress with fiscal consolidation in the past two years, the agency noted, estimating that Italy's public debt would fall to around 2.5 percent of GDP this year.

Lagarde: ECB should cut rates, allow higher inflation

The euro zone may need higher inflation in countries like Germany and lower interest rates across the bloc to ensure a sustained economic recovery brings palpable benefits, the head of the IMF said yesterday. Speaking during a visit to bailed-out Ireland, Christine Lagarde said while Europe had come a long way since last summer and financial anxieties have eased somewhat, more needed to be done to deal with "depressingly familiar" underlying issues.

gained more than one cent against the euro, trading at around $1.2980 to the eurozone currency, and jumped to 125.0 yen. The private sector last month once again drove jobs growth, adding 246,000 posts, led by gains in professional and business services, construction and health care. The government shed 10,000 jobs, continuing cutbacks that could deepen after the March 1 launch of drastic "sequester" spending cuts aimed at reducing the government's deficit and debt due to a budget impasse in Congress. The $85 billion in sequester cuts required over the next seven months require government agencies to reduce temporary hiring and contracting, and that could begin showing up in March's employment numbers.

Tokyo, Japan -- AFP photo shows container trucks leaving a container yard at the international cargo terminal in Tokyo. Japan posted its third straight current account deficit in January, as trade losses swelled on the weakening yen and strong energy imports, the government said.


Friday, March 9, 2013

Chavez follows Stalin, Mao, to waxy afterlife MADRID, March 08, 2013 (AFP) - Hugh Chavez will enter a waxy afterlife when he is embalmed and put on permanent display in Venezuela, giving his backers a powerful propaganda tool to ensure his populist movement survives his death. Preserving Chavez's body and fixing his face in an eternally serene gaze will fill a political void, analysts said, as it did for earlier revolutionaries such as Russia's Joseph Stalin, Vietnam's Ho Chin Minh or China's Mao Zedong. It is a way of ensuring "Chavismo" survives Chavez. Importantly, it was Chavez' political heir, Vice President Nicolas Maduro, who announced the decision to embalm his leader, "like Ho Chin Minh, Lenin and Mao". The body of the Venezuelan anti-American firebrand, who died Tuesday at the age of 58 after a losing struggle against cancer, will be preserved and kept in a glass casket to be seen "for eternity", he said. "Chavismo wants to confer on him a kind of immortality," said Juan Carlos Trivino, political science researcher at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Chavez's charismatic presence filled the lives of Venezuelans "for better or for worse," Trivino said. "Venezuelans are losing a very powerful presence with his departure. The idea of embalming allows you to conserve that material and tangible presence," he added. Chavez's body, which lay in state will be taken to the "Mountain Barracks", which is being converted into a Museum of the Revolution, Maduro said. But there is popular pressure for Chavez one day to lie alongside Latin American independence hero Simon Boli-

Lenin var, who inspired his revolutionary, socialist movement that promised to help the poor by redistributing the country's huge oil wealth. Authoritarian regimes typically use personality cults to maintain legitimacy, and embalming allows them to prolong the cult beyond death, said Joseph Cheng, a professor of politics at Hong Kong's City University. "With a personality cult, you can create a lot of myths to strengthen people's support for the existing regime and the existing policies of the regime," Cheng said. "It helps to mystify politics to the advantage of the regime." In North Korea, for example, the body of Kim Il-Sung, the country's "Great Leader", remains under a spotlight in an enormous glass-enclosed tomb at his presidential palace on the outskirts of the capital, Pyongyang. The embalming process itself is not simple, said Philippe Charlier, French forensic scientist, anthropologist and historian. "The body is pretty much completely preserved with an injection of formalin, disinfectant and dehydration products, and the body is then covered in wax," Charlier said. "Then you can preserve the

physical integrity of the individual but you also have a face that is peaceful, beautiful and fit for viewing," he said. There were strong suspicions, though, that the preserved bodies of some Russian communist leaders were regularly switched to be restored and freshened up, the scientist added. Russia boasts specialists on embalming who have worked on preserving the body of Lenin in the last decades but also helped embalm leaders from the former Communist bloc who died in Soviet times. Lenin’s body was embalmed after his death in 1924 and placed in the purpose-built mausoleum on Red Square where it still resides to this day, although the mausoleum is closed for restoration. His successor Stalin was also embalmed when he died on March 5, 1953 -– ironically the same date as Chavez -– although his body was later buried at the Kremlin walls when the Soviet Union recognised the extent of his crimes. As well as Soviet bloc leaders, Russian specialists embalmed the likes of Bulgarian Communist leader Georgi Dimitrov in 1949, Ho Chi Minh in 1969 and North Korean leader Kim who died in 1994.

International women’s day

CHANGSHA (AFP) - : This picture taken on March 7, 2013 shows people on a pillow fight game to celebrate the coming International Women's Day in Changsha, southwest China's Hunan province. The organizers said they would like to ease the stress in daily life of both female and male citizens.

Vietnam to ban short, fat traffic police in Hanoi

HANOI (AFP) - Short, pot-bellied policemen will be banned from traffic duty in Vietnam's capital Hanoi and given office jobs in a bid to improve the force's public image, police said. Details of the new height and weight restrictions were not available but the head of Hanoi's traffic police said they were working on a list of cops who didn't measure up and would be redeployed out of sight. Vietnam's traffic police -- which were voted the "most corrupt" institution in the communist country according to a recent World Bank-funded survey -- have long been dogged by a poor public image. In 2011, authorities banned traffic police from wearing sunglasses on duty and warned them not to hide behind trees to ambush motorists to extract fines.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Eat like a local at The Queen’s restaurant at Palm Beach Plaza

Keshi Yena with plaintains, vegetables and pica

-- An elegant décor with a breezy terrace overlooking Palm Beach welcomes guests to Varella Innocencia’s very popular restaurant showcasing authentic local cuisine: The Queen’s. They may have moved from Oranjestad to hipper new digs in Palm Beach Plaza, but the food and prices are strictly native, which is what first won this charming

eatery their loyal clientele. Varella’s mom, Luisa, is still in the kitchen, conjuring up the delicious dishes that have been in her family for generations, acknowledged on the menu with items such as “Carni Stoba di Mamachi”“Grandma’s Beef Stew,” and their Arawak Steak, along with local delicacies like Keshi Yena -“Full Cheese.” This is a tasty, filling stew of

chicken, with other ingredients that are handy that day, all incased in a thick skin of melted Gouda. It was very satisfying and particularly memorable paired with The Queen’s garlic bread and very special Pica, a mix of chopped onions and the famous local hot pepper, Madame Janette. Not overly spicy, it lends that perfect bit of tang to this deliciously picturesque meal. One of the distinctions of Aruban cuisine is incorporating unique indigenous ingredients such as in Wild Cucumber Stew and a particular light fish chowder accompanied by the local specialties pan bati (corn meal pancake) and funchi (the local version of polenta.) Seafood main courses of Catch of the Day Aruban Style to shrimp and a mixed seafood platter with shrimp, fish, squid, scallops and mussels. Meat dishes such as BBQ Chicken and Ribs or

Varella, Luisa and the next generation of chef

Grilled Tenderloin, each including a choice of 2 side dishes; all quite yummy and bargain-priced to boot! The Queen’s is located on the second level of Palm Beach Plaza, tucked into a cozy corner at the front of the mall. If you have a mind to try the real deal in Aruban food, without a doubt, this is the way to truly eat like a local. They are open from

11:00 AM to 11:00 PM, daily, offering indoor and outdoor dining. Telf. 5860606 and email: saus.arubancuisine@live.c om. from an extensive menu they also have daily specials made from whatever is in season and Mama Luisa is in the mood to prepare, so don’t forget to ask about what isn’t on the menu!

La Linda Department Store- where Aruba shops! started with Calman Hoch- particularly known for its man, a Jewish Polish immi- huge fabrics and notions degrant who opened his first partment, the first destination small shop with his Aruban for many on an island where wife Anna, carrying “a little making your own clothes is bit of everything that anyone still an everyday practice. could need.” This was be- Without question, the store fore WWII, when the pres- offers the greatest diversity of ent head of the company, selection in nearly every deJaime, hadn’t even been partment, and they have now born yet. Many of their sales consolidated them all into help have also been with the one store; four floors containstore for over two decades, ing a wealth of choices in and “it is very much like clothing for men, women and family here,” he admits. children, house wares, bedTheir loyal patrons also look ding, sporting goods, lugCalman and Anna Hochman forward to being helped by gage, shoes, jewelry, decoshop girls who have become rative items and more. Though Aruba has its share “The present store is a of designer brand stores and friends, knowing they will work in progress,” asserts shopping malls, ask almost get great and honest service. To this day, La Linda is JaIme, as they continue to any islander where they shop, and they will likely tell you “La Linda.” Spread out over several specialty stores on the Caya Betico Croes, La Linda was Aruba’s first and foremost department stores, where, for decades, one could find anything and everything, and after more than 70 years, still can make that claim. It is also a distinctly family operation, with the personal touch and supervision of the Hochmans, who take their reputation for stocking “the best quality for the best Unique, quality goods in all departments price” very seriously. It all

Comfortable lounges for companions while shopping a vast selection

renovate and enlarge what had been only the men’s store and warehouse in the past. Normally closed for a 2 hour lunch/siesta in the old island way, shoppers will soon find it open daily for the entire day, from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM, as they are on Saturday’s, with a bright, charming eatery installed on the top floor. La Linda is continually expanding their inventory, with their acquisitions department continually seeking out interesting, unique, and moderately priced goods from all over the world, always with an eye towards quality.

They pay particular attention to their Women’s Department specializing in over-sized garments, stocking larger sizes exhibiting distinctive dash and style. For travelers who have perhaps lost their luggage, they can offer a quick fix for all the family which won’t break your budget, including some very stylish new suitcases. A visit to La Linda and perusal of their interesting collection will make anyone understand why it has remained successful all these decades, and is still Aruba’s favorite place to shop!


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sport Dutch sports dilemma on cooperation with betting industry THE HAGUE: More and more sports organisations in Europe are concluding agreements with international online sports betting operators, with the Netherlands now also in the start-up phase of debating opportunities and threats. Betting companies are currently familiar names on the shirts of Europe's top soccer clubs, like Spanish giants Real Madrid. However, with the recent revelations of Europol on widespread match-fixing in European soccer still a fresh memory, some Dutch sports officials are wary of doing business with betting organisations, including legal ones. The fear of loss of reputation of the sport is great. During a meeting at the TMC Asser Institute in The Hague, a center for international and European law, this week the advantages and dangers of cooperation between the Dutch sports and betting world were discussed. In general the need for new revenues is great in sports, especially now that the sponsorship revenues have declined as a result of the financial crisis. For this reason, cooperation between sports organisations and online betting operators for sponsoring their organisation or licensing their audiovisual rights might be a great opportunity. "What does it bring us and what not? What can we do and what shouldn't we do? We must also pay attention to the dark sides, which are matchfixing and gambling addiction. We must talk about that together, for me that's more important than the commercial side. How can we solve or reduce these issues." said Jelle Beuker, operational director of the Cooperation Eerste Di-

visie, the organization of the second soccer league in the Netherlands, to Xinhua. Dutch basketball is one of the front-runners in Dutch sport in terms of possible cooperation with gambling parties. The Federation Eredivisie Basketball (FEB), which organises the top league, offers the national league matches through online streaming to betting companies worldwide. Jeroen van Veen, director of commercial affairs of the FEB, acknowledges that the combination of a small sports organization and large amounts of gambling money could be tricky. Van Veen is aware of the dangers, but focuses on the possible positive aspects, like rising revenues. The only question is how much revenue it would bring. "Maybe 50 to 100 euros per betting operator per match. But with a multitude of operators and competitions it can be very lucrative, because there is little or no investment attached. We can offer 200 matches, with for example 50 euros per match and 100 operators to deliver the images," stated Van Veen. Small federations, small clubs struggle to survive amid the financial crisis. Some Dutch soccer clubs are also facing financial problems and all are looking for new sources of income. Jelle Beuker of the Cooperation Eerste Divisie, does not consider cooperation with the gambling industry as a solution for financial problems. "I do not believe that," he said. "To be financially healthy should be achieved through other areas. We will not get 100 million euros or so for the league, that is an illusion."

Cycling: Sagan claims TirrenoAdriatico 3rd stage ROME (AFP) - Slovakian star Peter Sagan held off sprint ace Mark Cavendish to win the third stage of the Tirreno-Adriatico over 190km from Indicatore to Narni Scalo on Friday. With former world champion Cavendish on his wheel,

Sagan attacked from well back and reeled in Andre Greipel to claim the victory. Race leader Cavendish left his attack too late while a fading Greipel took third on the stage. Sagan praised his team's

RIO GRANDE, Puerto Rico (AFP) - Argentina's Anders Romero fired his second consecutive seven-under par 65 on Friday to grab a one-stroke lead after the second round of the $3.5 million US PGA Tour Puerto Rico Open. Romero, whose only PGA title came in 2008 at New Orleans, was on 14-under 130 after 36 holes, one shot ahead of American Scott Brown with US rivals Peter Uihlein and Steve LeBrun on 132 and Argentina's Fabian Gomez fifth on 133. With 65 of the tour's top players at the World Golf Championships event at Doral in Miami this week, the Puerto Rico event offers a title chance to some of the PGA's unheralded standouts. Romero, who shared the lead with Australian Cameron Percy when the day began, birdied the par-5 second, par-4 third and par5 fifth holes but a double bogey at the par-3 eighth sent him tumbling back down the leaderboard. The 31-yearold South American responded with starting the back nine with back-to-back birdies, added another at 13, then had back-to-back birdies at the par-5 15th and par-3 16th before closing with a birdie at the par-5 18th. Brown birdied three of the last four holes after a bogey at 14 to fire a 63 and move into second place. He birdied the second and fifth, then eagled the par-4 seventh before starting a run of three birdies in a row at the eighth. Percy fired a 70 to stand five strokes off the pace.

tactics on the stage. A series of attacks in the final 15km in wet conditions forced up the pace as the sprinters' teams accelerated to control the action. No-one could get away for very long and as the stage drew to a close Greipel seemed ideally placed while Cavendish found himself a long way back. Greipel led until the final 50-metres but while Sagan timed his charge to perfection, Cavendish left himself just a little bit too much to do. Australian Matthew Goss, who won Thursday's second stage, could manage only fifth on the day, behind German Gerald Ciolek in fourth. Today's fourth stage is a lumpy 170km run from Narni Scalo to Prati di Tivo.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


NBA: Durant's Thunder edge Football: Balotelli scores Knicks as Milan go 10 unbeaten

NEW YORK (AFP) - Kevin Durant hit the go-ahead free throws with 1:38 remaining to lift Oklahoma City to a 95-94 win over the New York Knicks, giving the Thunder their sixth win in their last seven games. Durant finished with 34 points, eight rebounds and a half dozen assists for the Thunder in front of a crowd of 19,033 at Madison Square Garden. After the free throws, Raymond Felton turned the ball over on the Knicks' ensuing possession. JR Smith then followed by missing a threepointer. With the Thunder still

ahead by one, Durant missed a shot with eight seconds left in the fourth and the Knicks called a timeout. After the short break, New York worked the ball to Smith who ran down the clock then put up a 20-foot jump shot from the left side that bounced off the rim at the buzzer. Guard Smith finished with a game-high 36 points, while Felton and Amare Stoudemire had 16 points each for the Knicks, who had just 13 points in the fourth. The Thunder have won three in a row, but the Knicks

made them work for the victory Thursday unlike their previous four wins where they dominated with an average margin of victory of 27.0 points. New York recently finished off an undefeated road trip with wins over Cleveland and Detroit. The Thunder have now won three straight over New York and five of their last six. The Knicks are among the National Basketball Association's best at committing the fewest turnovers. They had 13 turnovers compared to 16 for the Thunder on Thursday.

SILAO (AFP) - Mexican driver Benito Guerra of Benito Guerra Team during the first day of the FIA World Rally Championship's in Silao, Guanajuato State, Mexico, March 8, 2013.

ROME (AFP) - Mario Balotelli grabbed the headlines again as 10-man AC Milan consolidated their grip on third place in Serie A with a 2-0 win Friday at lowly Genoa which extended their unbeaten league run to 10 games. Balotelli, who started on the bench, scored the clinching second after his replacement, Giampaolo Pazzini, had notched the opener. Despite a torrid start to the season, in which they lost five of their opening eight league games. Mario Balotelli scored his fifth goal in the five Serie A games for Milan. Milan now occupy a Champions League qualification spot and lead Spanish giants Barcelona 2-0 ahead of their last 16, second leg clash in that competition at the Camp Nou next week.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Baseball: Netherlands WBC semis

stun Cuba, Japan to fight for want to make it to the championship series starting in San Francisco on March 17. "It's a great moment for our country. We have the momentum on our side right now. The guys are playing great. They're scoring first to keep the pressure off the pitching, they play great defence," said Dutch head coach Hensley Meulens. "We have to play the better team anyway," he said. "The best team is going to win this game. We have to play good to beat them." Schoop said: "Maybe I just

Jonathan Schoop TOKYO (AFP) - The Netherlands stunned Cuba 6-2 in the World Baseball Classic's second round on Friday to move one win from reaching the tournament's final stage for the first time. Second baseman Jonathan Schoop earned four runs to put the Dutch through to Japan, and leave Cuba's hopes hanging by a thread. The win at Tokyo Dome, against one of the tournament favourites and 2006 finalists, was the second big upset recorded by the Netherlands after they shocked South Korea, runners-up in 2009, in the first round. The Netherlands have never reached the final stage before, while Cuba have to go through repechage play-offs if they

see the ball well, and try to put the ball in play. I feel comfortable everyday." While Slugger Sho Nakata earned a game-winning run by hitting a sacrifice fly in an extra inning to give two-time defending champions Japan a 4-3 victory over Taiwan. The result left Japan to face the Netherlands on Sunday, the winners over powerhouse Cuba . "My players were really tenacious at the very last moment," Japan's head coach Koji Yamamoto said of Hirokazu Ibata's timely single,

which equalised the score at 33 in the ninth inning at two downs. Earlier, Japanese starter Atsushi Nomi gave up one run with a walk when Taiwan had occupied three bases in the bottom of the third inning, and Peng Cheng-min added another by hitting a timely single in the fifth, while Washington Nationals hurler Wang Chienming shut out the first six innings. Cuba and Taiwan will play each other in a repechage playoff for another chance to reach the final stage.

Saturday, March 9, 2013  

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