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Monday, October 28, 2013

Colegio Arubano San Nicolas wins 1st prize!

FIFA/Coca-Cola world cup trophy tours teaches recycling can be fun and creative cans and plastic bottles to create an artwork with the upcoming World Cup as the subject. Participating schools included Mon Plaisir Mavo, St. Antonius College, EPB Hato, EPB San Nicolas, Colegio Arubano Oranjestad, Colegio Aruban San Nicolas, IBERO American High School and Filomena College. Their submissions were displayed during a festive event on Friday evening, October 25, in the Plaza TurFirst Prize winners Colegio Aruban San Nicolas

Second place EPB San Nicolas

Third Place EPB Hato

This is the third time that the authentic FIFA World Cup™ Trophy is going on tour around the world. The 2013/2014 Trophy Tour will visit 89 countries during the 267-day tour. The Trophy Tour began its journey in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on September 12, departing from the famous Christ the Redeemer statue. the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy will travel around the world for 9 months before returning to the country of origin, which will host the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The total distance the tour will cover is 149,576.78 KM (92,942.702 Miles) or more than three times the circumference of Earth. The third FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by CocaCola is in route to Aruba, and will arrive on November 2. To engage and involve island secondary school students in this exciting event, Meta Corp, bottlers and distributors of Coca-Cola on Aruba, conducted a Recycled Art Contest, inspiring creativity and environmental awareness. Projects for the contest required they use empty Coke

ismo in Oranjestad. Judging the works was internationally renowned Aruban artists Ryan Oduber, Rocila Acosta of Aruba Bank and Ricardo Dijkhoff, Director of the Aruba Soccer Federation. They admit it was a very tough decision, and commended all the students and their mentoring teachers on their ingenuity in deploying recycled materials. Continued on pg 4

Monday, october 28, 2013  

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Monday, october 28, 2013  

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