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2001 ‘No Child Left Behind’ Education Law Rewritten

AHS Under New Principal’s Administration


DIANA LI News Editor

more than 70 elementary and secondary educational programs. Instead, grant money will be given to the states and school districts to improve the areas they deem necessary. Additionally, the bill would eliminate federally required testing of students and the adequate yearly progress criteria. Furthermore, the bill would encourage high-quality charter schools to expand, thus

Although the school district is still in the process of working on the changes, they have notiFormer president George W. fied the schools that there will be Bush’s No Child Left Behind many professional changes and (NCLB) Act, which affects how more timelines which to adhere. federal funds are spent in public “Overall, I just want what schools, was rewritten on July 19 best serves kids,” Princiby the House of Representatives. pal Duane Russell said. This change occurred because However, the Obama adminthe Republicans wanted to renoistration said the revised NCLB vate the original law law is a step backwards in terms to reduce federal of the efforts involvement in to better preeducation ispare students PROS: sues; however, for colleges, •States and local school districts create the it was met with careers and imrules instead of Washington. resistance from provements to •The expansion of high-quality charter schools the Democrats. low-performing gives parents more schools to choose from. The Republicans schools. Demoand the Democrats crats also argued •Standardized tests set baseline standards for both agreed that, that the legisachievement for each grade level. despite the suclation would CONS: cesses that were garlower the spend•Standardized tests do not measure the broad nered in improving ing levels for range of skills that students acquire in the achievement levels, education and classroom. the law was too inwould not hold •The NCLB Act causes teachers to ‘teach to flexible and required the states and a major overhaul. schools accountthe test’. The NCLB Act able for ensuring •There is a potential loss of educational oprequired all stuthat the students portunities for the disabled, low-income and dents to have the are learning. English language learners. appropriate reading Though the •The revised NCLB Act does not hold states and math skills for modified and school districts responsible for ensuring their grade level by law was votthat students learn at their respective grade 2014. However, last ed against by year, the Obama adevery Demlevel. ministration argued ocrat and that this objective 12 Repubwas unattainable. Last year, it giving parents MOOR graphic by Simon Zhao licans, the began to offer waivers to states a wider range revised law that created their own federally of schools to choose from in still passed with a 221-207 vote. approved plans to measure stu- order to find one that would Despite their loss, the Demodent and teacher performance suit their student’s needs. crats are working on their own for college and careers, ensurTherefore, California and the act. Their act contains similar ing that students are prepared. Alhambra Unified School Dis- aspects to the Republicans’ act House Republicans voted to trict (AUSD) will have the power in that it would also give the dismantle the original NCLB to develop their own plans and states more flexibility to adAct because they felt that the strategies in order to improve vocate school improvement states and local school districts, school and student performances. standards. However, their bill rather than Washington, should “This will allow us to set allows the federal education be the ones creating the rules educational goals that are rea- secretary to be in control and to to ensure that students are re- sonable, so that students do approve of any plans. Nevertheceiving a quality education. not get discouraged,” sci- less, it is unlikely that a Senate The new bill would get rid of ence teacher Daniel Hyke said. vote will occur until autumn.

After former Principal Brad Walsh left AHS, a new administrator arrived to continue AHS’ legacy. Though Principal Duane Russell is new to AHS, he is not inexperienced with the roles of teaching and administrating. Russell began his career in education in 1986, when he became a teacher at his alma mater, Northview High School, in Covina. He later taught various subjects at Mark Keppel High School (MKHS), including social studies, English, physical education and special education. However, Russell did not limit himself to academic teaching; during his time at MKHS, he also coached football, baseball, basketball, swimming, track and

field, wrestling and softball. His interest in teaching was sparked by his pursuit of coaching football. He was initially named assistant football coach of MKHS, but later became the head coach. Over the years, Russell has spent 17 years teaching and 12 years administrating. After working at MKHS for 24 years, he also worked at Century High School and Mountain View High School. He was the principal of both high schools, with each term lasting two years. Russell hopes to ensure that students will enjoy their time and experience at AHS. “I want our students to achieve, I want our students to be involved and I want our kids to be connected to Alhambra High School,” Russell said. MOOR graphic by GEN THIPATIMA

New Kickoff Event Welcomes Freshmen ELTON HO Staff Writer The new school year brings along new freshmen, many who may be intimidated by AHS’ unfamiliar campus. This year, in order to make this transition less daunting, Associated Student Body (ASB) organized “High School 101,” a freshman kickoff event. A week before the first day of school, incoming freshmen and their parents were invited to the event, which took place on Aug. 8. Through campus tours, dance performances and a club fair, ASB hoped to rally excitement among freshmen about their new school. High School 101 was created to be more efficient than previous kickoff days, which took place during the school year. With the event held in the

summer, ASB members were not pulled out of their classes to give tours and help out. “I did enjoy seeing the [variety] of clubs and the teams perform,” freshman Jennifer Nguyen said, who attended the kickoff event. “They did quite a nice job [of] introducing [the school].” High school can be intimidating, but ASB tries to have freshmen feel comfortable at AHS regardless. Christina Eng, ASB assistant to Commissioner of Clubs, stresses that staff and ASB members will always be available if any help is needed. “Don’t be scared to approach us because we’ll always be welcoming,” Eng said. Despite the pressures of high school, ASB hopes that freshmen will be able to enjoy their time at AHS. MOOR graphic by SYDNEY LI

Creatine Supplement Conflict Results in New Football Coaching Staff OLIVIA CHEUNG Editor in Chief With less than seven weeks before their first game of the season, AHS’ football team lost its entire coaching staff on July 9. According to Principal Duane Russell, the staff was dismissed for providing seven players with creatine, an over-the-counter supplement that is used to help build muscle mass. Under CIF State rule 22B12, it is a violation of the coaches code of ethics to provide anything other than

“non-muscle building nutritional fronted school officials for ac- years playing at Alhambra,” said supplements.” tion. According to the Pasadena senior outside linebacker Chris “Although I can’t make definite Star News, Head Coach Chuck Salazar. “These are not only our promises, [...] I can promise a safe Leonardis, Athletic Department coaches, but they are family.” learning environA meeting was held ment for [AHS] later that same day, [W]e need to hold [our coaches] students,” Russell during which school accountable. said. “What our officials addressed coaches did was parental concerns. -Principal Duane Russell unacceptable and we Many parents and players need to hold them accriticized the unfairness countable.” Chair Jerry DeSantis and Russell of valuing one family’s opinion The issue arose when it was met after practice on July 9; later more than all of the other indiscovered that one of the players that day, the entire staff was fired. volved families. did not receive parental consent. “This is our best coaching staff “It’s unfair [that] we put the Upon discovery, the parents con- [that] I’ve had in the past three time and effort into waking up

every morning at 5 a.m., working out [...]; now it feels like the only people who were doing that with us [are] gone just like that,” said senior running back Jimmy Calderon. Despite the incident, the team met its new coaching staff on July 15 and has been working hard since. “At the end of the day the situation is out of our hands and the only thing we can do now is [...] go show what a Moor stands for and bring a championship back to Alhambra,” Calderon said.

The History of Sports 776 B.C. - Year of the first Olympics Games in Olympia, Greece. 1876 - Spalding Sporting Goods, founded by Albert Spalding, becomes the most iconic sports brand for equipment today and has been for 137 years. 1942 - Wat Misaka becomes the first Asian American to play in the NBA during World War II. Being one of the few Japanese released from the internment camps. Misaka follows his passion becomes an NBA player, serving as a role model for AsianAmerican youth. 1947 - Jackie Robinson is the first African American admitted into Major League Baseball, resulting in the rise of more minorities inspired to enter the league. His number was retired in 1997. 1964 - Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) wins the world boxing title after being banned for nearly 3 years for not drafting into the army. Clay became the harbinger of civil rights by refusing to enter the draft. 1970 - Honduras and El Salvador play in the preliminary round of the FIFA World Cup, fueled existing tension between each country. This sparked the outbreak of a war that resulted in 1000 deaths. 1971 - China invites the U.S. Table Tennis team to play to show sporting events are capable of being a diplomatic tool. 1972 - Palestinian terrorists seizes and kills 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games, leading to retaliation and bloodshed that results in 11 deaths, one of which was innocent life. 1999 - The U.S. Women’s soccer team wins the World Cup after playing against China, emphasizing the importance of women playing in sports during the feminist movement. 2012 - Michael Phelps wins his 22nd medal, making him the most decorated athlete in recorded history.


Every country has its own traditional sports that bring pride, passion and joy to its people. Originating over three thousand years ago, sports provides nations opportunities to break cultural boundaries and allows its people to focus on what unites them. The world of sports has changed greatly throughout the years. For example, early sports began as chariot races, sword duels and discus competitions that evolved into contemporary forms, such as basketball, baseball, swimming and other sports. There are currently 442 recognized sports in the world and, even though the numbers have continued to increase, the effects sports has on people remains the same. ANHAYTE GUAJARDO Staff Writer

Bare Feet to Sweet Cleats Sports Around the Clock Over the course of history, humans have learned how to create fire, cultivate land and adapt to different harsh climates. Along with evolution, humans began to use their skills sets to demonstrate their physical capabilities in athletic events. Sports are one of mankind’s first forms of entertainment. The earliest forms of sport, depicted in thousand-year-old cave paintings in the Middle East, included activities such as swimming, sprinting and wrestling. Over time, more sporting events were created. In ancient Greece, the first recorded Olympic Games were held in 776 B.C. “It is the inspiration of the Olympic Games that drives people [to] not only to compete but to improve, and to bring […] inspiration to those lucky enough to witness the athletic dedication”, 1960 Olympic gold medalist Herb Elliot said. Dif“It is the inspiration of the Olym- f e r e n t parts of the pic Games that drives people not world have their o w n only to compete but to improve, v e r s i o n s o f and to bring […] inspiration to a t h l e t i c events. those lucky enough to witness In England, the athletic dedication,” peasants played v i o lent ball games, while the -Herb Elliot royalty enjoyed watching equestrian events and medieval jousts. Children and adults alike began to find creative ways to play the games to develop beloved sporting games. In fact, most of today’s sports were created during the 1800s. According to a legend, the modern game of rugby was created when William W. Ellis picked up a football during a match and began to run with it. The game of baseball was invented in 1845 by Alexander Cartwright and is known as America’s national pastime. The game of basketball was first played with a soccer ball and peach basket. For the next century, athletics underwent many developments that shaped them into the games we enjoy today. Rubber bladders would become Adidas soccer balls. Converse would become Air Jordans. However, the future of athletics is uncertain as new technologies introduced to the sports world. Sports are humanity’s way of creating friendly competition while building character and dedication. They help people gain a sense of accomplishment and establish a lasting impact on future generations. NATE GARCIA Sports Editor

As human history progresses, the future brings exciting changes and innovations. The sports world is no exception. From baseball to lacrosse and tennis to soccer, sports are constantly improving and gaining more prominence. The dynamism and pageantry sports have is what ultimately draws in viewers and fans. For example, the endless action that college football brings is making it quickly catch up to professional baseball as America’s second most popular sport behind professional football. Soccer is proving to be a “high-demand” sport in the United States as the Major Soccer League is expanding with the additions of international players and thrilling match ups. Also, being recently dubbed as one of America’s fastest growing sports, lacrosse’s participation rate has increased 218.1 percent in the last decade because it appeals to both males and females, according to Yahoo! Sports. Moreover, the addition of golf and rugby as Olympic Through the years, advancesports makes ments in athletic medicine, t h e m both h i g h l y technology and equipment have a n improved the play of sports. ticipated events for the coming 2016 summer Olympics in Rio. These sports are growing explosively and attracting more and more supporters. As the world’s attention turns to sports, popularity and worldwide enthusiasm will only continue to grow. Throughout the years, advancements in athletic medicine, technology and equipment have improved the way sports are played. It is important that athletes are being treated with great care since they are prone to injury. According to Forbes magazine, Canadian doctors have found more efficient ways to manage concussions, one of the most common sports injuries. In other fields of technology, Major League Baseball is currently working on revising the replay system that will give managers more power in giving calls. A recent advancement in sports equipment includes a hightech tennis racket that uses fewer cross strings to control how a racket gives off more spin, power and force. These advancements enhance how athletes can compete and prove to be gateways to each sport’s future success. The evolution of each sport has helped the sports world thrive, improve and flourish. Empowering and entertaining fans along the way, it is only a matter of time for what is to come. SIMEON LAM and KAYIU WONG Staff Writers MOOR graphics by SYDNEY LI and SIMON ZHAO

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