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Our Purpose and Core Values Our Purpose Through the use of our God given talents and abilities, to become an indispensable asset to our clientele before, during, and after the real estate transaction.

Our Purpose and Core Values Our Core Values •

To behave with honesty, integrity and, a posture of mutual respect (towards ourselves and others) in ALL of our business and personal affairs.

To continually, systematically, and deliberately improve ourselves as human beings through spiritual, educational, and personal development, and to always have a set of clearly defined, written goals (both as a company and as individuals).

To seek first to understand the unique needs and goals of each of our clients, and to then render excellent and useful service within that framework.

To devote quality time, on a consistent and deliberate basis, to our interpersonal relationships (God, significant other, family, and friends).

To strive for a “WIN/WIN” outcome in all negotiations, and to earn a fair and reasonable profit for the services that we render.

To practice the fundamentals of our business with daily discipline and excellence.

Why List With You? “Stewardship™ Selling Agent vs. Typical Agent”

Advises and Consults

Educates and Directs

Uses Judgment and Experience  

Is Merely an Information Source 

Tells and Sells

Stays Away From Guiding Client

Is Irreplaceable

Follows the Rules and Procedures

Is Highly Compensated

Is Replaceable by Any Other Agent

Focuses on the Client’s Values and Needs 

Focuses on the Client

Is Looking to Make a “One Time” Sale 

Focuses on the Agent

Motivation Scale Is Selling Your Best Option?

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1











Market Price The market price is the key to maximum exposure and a satisfactory sale: 

Buyers determine a property value based upon: 

Location, design, amenities, and condition

Comparables and competing properties

Economic conditions that affect real property transactions

Factors that have little influence on the market value of a house include: 

The seller’s expected net proceeds

The amount spent on improvements

The price the seller originally paid for the property

The impact of accurate pricing: 

Properties that are priced too high have a difficult time selling

Properties priced within market range generate more showings, more offers, and sell in a shorter period of time.

Comparative Market Analysis An impartial evaluation of market activity is the most effective way to estimate a property’s selling price. A Comparative Market Analysis considers similar properties that: 

Have sold in the past months

Are currently on the market

Are Pending to close

Failed to sell

Pricing Guidelines

What is your property worth?

What you paid for your home doesn’t affect its value! The amount of cash you need from the sale of your home doesn’t affect its value! What you want for your home doesn’t affect its value! What another Real Estate Agent says your home is worth doesn’t affect its value! What an appraiser says your home is worth doesn’t affect its value! The price that your neighbor received for his/her property doesn’t affect its value. What well meaning friends and family members think your home is worth doesn’t affect its value. The value of your home is determined by what a BUYER is willing to pay in TODAY’S MARKET, based on COMPARING your home to others currently on the market for sale.

Buyers always determine value!

It’s a fact. Properly priced homes sell faster and for more money during the first weeks of the listing. Don’t miss your prime marketing period be setting a price higher than justified by the CMA. You risk the possibility of it selling for even less later.

A new listing should be correctly priced on the first day. A brand new listing is 1 – exciting, 2 – is shown more, and 3 – generally SELLS FOR A HIGHER PRICE than older listings. Later, fair or not, prospective buyers begin to wonder why it hasn’t already been sold.




UP TO 115%



UP TO 105%



UP TO 100%









The Seller’s asking price determines how much interest the buyers will show in their property. Advertising and other promotional efforts may cause the buyers to investigate a listing but won’t generate offers to purchase unless the prospective buyers believe the seller’s asking price is close to the actual value.

Getting Ahead of the Pricing Curve Top of the Market Price

X – Where prices are now X – Where prices are going You need to be pricing here; That’s what is meant by “Getting Ahead of the Pricing Curve”

No One Has a More Important Role Than You 

Here are some ways you can contribute to a successful sale: 

Maintain the property.

Ensure that the property is easily accessible.

Try to be flexible when scheduling showings.

Let us know where you can be reached in case an offer is received.

If approached directly by a buyer who is not represented by a Real Estate Professional, please contact us. Do not allow them into your home alone.

No One Has a More Important Role Than You (Continued) 

If possible, try not to be present when your home is being shown.

Be careful saying anything that could weaken our negotiating position.

Collect the business cards of Real Estate Agents showing your home.

Let us know of any changes to your property that must be disclosed to potential buyers.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Where The Money Goes Selling Agent

Listing Broker

Listing Agent

Selling Broker

Typically a real estate commission is divided four ways between Listing Broker, Listing Agent, Selling Broker and Selling Agent. Every single one of them plays an important role in the transaction.

Even more exposure on

Home Sellers Guide 

Last year our team sold _____ homes in ________________ County. transactions were with Sellers transactions were with Buyers

We sold our Sellers’ homes for 3% more and 31 days faster than the MLS average.

We sold 90% of our listings as compared to the MLS average of 53% of listings sold.*

We will sell your home fast and for TOP dollar.

We are able to get these superior results for you because of: 

Our unique team system

Our exclusive and innovative consumer programs

Our leading edge technology

*Only residential listings were used in these comparisons.

Market Share Report

Where the Buyers Come From Homebuyers use several information sources when looking for houses, but statistics show they find the home they actually purchase through a Real Estate Professional.

Knew the Seller, 3% Books/Magazines, 3% Internet, 4% Friends/Relatives, 8%

New spaper Advertising, 8%

Real Estate Professionals, 49%

Others, 8%

Yard Sign, 15%

The ABC’s of Real Estate Marketing (What most Realtors do)

Advertise themselves Bang a sign into your lawn Create an ad for the paper (and maybe run it) Download your listing to the MLS Encourage their office to show it Figure they might try an open house Get on their knees and pray it will sell This is the way real estate has been practiced for the last 200 years, and it’s still the way many Agents operate today, but… these traditional methods have proven to be less and less effective. That’s why Crye-Leike uses the latest technology and proven marketing innovations, which go far beyond this antiquated ABC approach.

Promoting Your Property To successfully promote your property, a plan of activities is essential. Our marketing program covers three specific areas: Promotion to prospective buyers The Internet Yard sign and riders Localized Marketing (open houses, direct contacts) Printed Advertisement (newspapers, flyers, direct mailing) Join efforts with other Real Estate Professionals Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Referral and relocation resources Direct promotion to other professionals Maintain communication to you Review the results of our marketing activities Consult with you to adjust our marketing strategies

The Internet How a website can bring Buyers to your home 

Websites can provide the prospective buyer: 

Pictures of your home

A Virtual Tour of your home

Traffic Statistics and School District Reports

Exposure to major search engines

Listings posted to MLS and

24-Hour Talking Ads The Problem Often when buyers phone for information on homes, they either get the run around or an unwanted sales pitch. Many Agents seem to operate a Sales Prevention Program. The Solution Many of our home ads have pre-recorded messages which provide buyers with immediate information by simply calling our 24-hour hotline.

Benefits to Homesellers

Benefits to Homebuyers

Detailed information about your home is available to interested buyers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We generate 3 times as many calls for the information on your home when buyers don’t have to speak directly to an Agent. The prospective buyers who view your home are prequalified because they have already received information on your home (including an optional faxed feature sheet).

You have FREE 24hour phone access to information on properties that interest you. You never have to speak directly with an Agent, unless of course you want to. You will save time by ruling out homes you’re not interested in viewing. If you have access to a fax machine, you can receive a complete feature sheet on any property we have listed for sale.

Free Recorded Information

Maximum Exposure with our For Sale Signs

Maximum Exposure with our For Sale Signs

There’s a lot to do to get a Home Sold

The Team Makes The Difference

How Most Agents Operate 

Attempts to juggle all of the necessary tasks by himself or herself.

Eventually run up against the limits of time, energy and, money.

Fewer homes sold means limited cash flow to invest back into advertising and marketing your home.

Limited time means less time to spend with you.

Our Team 

We have a whole team of professionals working for you (versus a single Agent).

We never run out of time for you because each Team Member is separately responsible for specific duties in the process.

Our Buyer Specialists are simply that: Agents who specialize in working with buyers.

We can focus 100% of our attention on finding the perfect home for you because we’re not distracted with all the other functions that most Agents must perform to survive.


More homes (90% of our listings sell!)

In less time (31 days faster!)

For 3% more money!

What is 3% of the value of your home?

Our Cancellation Guarantee

“If you’re not completely satisfied with our service as promised, you can cancel your listing with us.”

EASY EXIT LISTING AGREEMENT What’s your biggest fear when you list your home with a Real Estate Agent? It’s simple! You worry about being locked into a lengthy listing agreement with a less than competent Agent, costing you valuable time and exposure on the market.

Well, worry no more! We take the risk and fear out of listing your home with a Real Estate Agent.

How? Through this EASY EXIT LISTING AGREEMENT. When you list your home through our EASY EXIT LISTING AGREEMENT,

YOU CAN CANCEL YOUR LISTING AGREEMENT AT ANY TIME! No hassles, No Waiting Periods and No Gimmicks! You can cancel your listing agreement at any time. You can relax, knowing you will not be locked into a contract. You can enjoy the caliber of service from an Agent confident enough to make this offer.

We have strong opinions about real estate service. we believe that if you are unhappy with the service you receive, you should have the power to fire your Agent. It takes a strong belief in the quality of one’s service to make this kind of offer, but we never settle for less than the highest professional standards from myself and my staff. We’re confident you will be happy with both my service and the results! The only time your right to cancel the Listing Agreement is not applicable is when we produce a “willing buyer” as specified and described in our Listing Contract.


You’ve Made a GREAT Decision!

The Moore Team Listing Summary  
The Moore Team Listing Summary  

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