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February 2018

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Are your teeth chipped, cracked, stained, loose, decaying, painful or missing?

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• Family Dentistry • Bonding • Cosmetic Contouring • Crowns • Bridges • Veneers • Cosmetic Fillings • Excessive/Uneven Gums • Teeth Whitening • Sealants • Root Canal Therapy

• Tooth Pain • Tooth Sensitivity • Tooth Decay • Missing Teeth

• Chipped Teeth • Crooked Teeth • Cracked Teeth • Loose Teeth

• Extractions • Scaling and Root Planing • Cosmetic Dentistry • Invisalign (Invisible Braces) • One-Day Cosmetic Makeovers • Headache/Migraine Prevention • Complimentary Smile Previews

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Happy Valentine’s! February 2018 | VOLUME 26 ISSUE 2

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Today’s Sandwich What’s in a sandwich really depends upon the tastes of the person eating it, of course. As you pack your lunch or lunch for your kids, you may find that you are stuck between two pieces of bread and the same old meat. You need something new and different. The truth is that sandwiches are really a blank canvas. In fact, the make of the canvas does not have to be the same day in and day out. Instead of the normal white bread, try a whole wheat wrap or a brioche. The Indian flatbread Roti can completely change the style of your sandwich. Pretzel buns and flavoured buns, such as onion or cheese, can add extra flavour to an otherwise boring sandwich.

Independent & Trusted Investment Advice

Mary Rourke


Specializing In All Aspects of Retirement & Estate Planning.


Do you have a diet that is grain-free? Replace any bread products with lettuce wraps or cucumber slices. If you are health-conscious, or want to be, fill your sandwich with meat that is “free from” additives and raised “without antibiotics”. When it comes to which meat you would like, try something new. Check out the local deli for an assortment of meats. There may be a twist on something you like that could just take your sandwich to the next level. Porchetta, grilled pork and even duck are different choices to consider. Don’t forget about the protein from the sea including tuna, mackerel and other seafood.

mary.rourke@holliswealth.com LL100–520 Industrial Pkwy. S., Aurora (at Yonge St.)

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Happy Valentine’s Day

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What really makes a sandwich is what you add after the meat and bread. You may be used to a little mustard and some mayo, but why not be sand-venturous and try something new to top off your lunch?


Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures • Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures • Botox/Dysport and Dermal Fillers • Facial line and Wrinkle Corrections • Face Contour • Lip Augmentation and Contour • Excessive Sweating Treatment

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(Reg. $10/unit) Some conditions apply. Cannot be combined with other offers. Expiry Feb 28 2018

The effects of these treatments are temporary and additional treatments will be required periodically to maintain the results.

The Heat is On!

Service your furnace and/or fireplace and keep the heat on!

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On furnace or fireplace maintenance. We service all makes Expiry: March 9th , 2018 , One coupon per appliance must be presented to technician at time of service.

905.727.4258 tholiver.com Service You Can Trust. Since 1924. 6 | February 2018 www.TheMonthAhead.ca

136 Wellington St. E. Aurora

Sundried tomatoes are a salty treat on many sandwiches. They are especially nice if you are creating a masterpiece that will need to be heated. Hold the mayo and grab the tangy aioli. The garlic spread has a wonderful flavour that compliments many meats. Pesto is usually associated with pasta, but it is a nice addition to many other foods. Try a dollop on your roast chicken or turkey sandwich. It just might be what you needed to spice up your lunch. If you prefer something sweeter, add some cranberry sauce or apple slices to your turkey sandwich. Smoked meat sandwiches with a pickle on the side can be so much more. Try a tip from the gourmet delis, add some sauerkraut and cheese to your smoked meat. Speaking of cheese, cheddar is not the only sandwich topper. Feta is a salty treat. Add some crumbled Feta to your sandwich. Why not make it more Mediterranean and add some onions and black olives? The combination is a hit with a salad. Blue cheese is a great sandwich topper, if you don’t mind the blue. Adding some crumbled blue cheese to a roast beef sandwich that has been coated in garlic aioli will have you salivating until lunchtime.

Rethink Refinishing ®


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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Floor Refinishing Granite Countertop Renewal Anti-microbal Refinishing



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s e t a b e R t n e m n r e v o G n i $5,000Replacement Window Wise Windows On New

y Star Win (Zone 3 Energ

dows Only)

Aurora’s Only Window & Door Company

240 Industrial Parkway S, Unit 1, Aurora, On, L4G 3V6

LifestyleOasis.ca | 905-726-4349

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This Month IN HISTORY HISTORY OF CHOCOLATE Some people believe that chocolate is its own food group. After all, any food that spans back about 4000 years should really be recognized as being in a league of its own. Anthropologists found evidence that chocolate was produced in Mexico (Pre-Olmec) as early as 1900 B.C. Mesoamericans were responsible for first cultivating cacao plants in Central America’s rainforests. They roasted the beans and made paste that they mixed with water, vanilla, honey and spices to brew a chocolate drink. The Olmec, Aztec and Mayan civilizations all believed that chocolate was actually an aphrodisiac. The Mayans believed so fully in the fact that chocolate’s aphrodisiac properties were based on spiritual qualities that they worshipped the god of cacao. Only rulers, priests and nobles were allowed to consume chocolate at sacred ceremonies. In the 14th century, the Aztecs found that they were unable to grow the cacao beans in the dry highlands of Mexico. They turned to the Mayans for their supply of cacao beans. Montezuma, the 16th Century Aztec emperor, was believed to have consumed three gallons of chocolate a day to increase his libido. In the 1500s, Spanish explorers went in search of gold and silver in Mexico. Instead, they returned to the motherland with chocolate. Only

the richest in Spain could afford to indulge in chocolate drinks, which were sweetened with cane sugar and cinnamon. Chocolate didn’t spread to other parts of Europe until the 1600s when the daughter of Spanish King Philip III wed French King Louis XIII and brought her beloved chocolate to France. It was then that the popular treat began to spread throughout Europe. Chocolate remained a food for the elite until the 1800s when a Dutch Chemist invented the cacao press and revolutionized how chocolate was made. The change meant that cacao could be easily used as an ingredient in confectionary and production costs were more affordable. This also meant that chocolate was available for the masses and no longer just the elite. A few years later, a British chocolate company J.S. Fry & Sons created the first chocolate bar made from cocoa butter, cocoa powder and sugar.  Fast forward many years later and chocolate is readily available in many forms including milk chocolate and dark chocolate and with many combinations. There are those that bring back some of the ancient ways to enjoy chocolate including chocolate bars with chili. Chocolate is used in many desserts and is even created into culinary art forms. While, many enjoy chocolate sweetened with sugar, there are many types of sugar-free chocolates. They are made with maltose and other sugar substitutes but taste just as sweet. The sugar-free treats come in almost as many forms as their sugared cousins. You can find boxes of sugar-free chocolates as well as truffles, nuts and bars in many specialty shops and grocery stores. Sources: http://www.history.com/news/hungry-history/the-sweet-history-of-chocolate https://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/a-brief-history-of-chocolate-21860917/

Helping Newmarket Stay On Their Feet for Over 30 Years! Happy Valentine’s Day to All of Our Patients, Start 2018 Off on the Right Foot.


• Bunions • Hammer Toes • Ingrown Nails • Neuroma (Pinched Nerves) • Arthritic Joints • Corns • Callouses





Unlike other laser treatments our fungal toenail treatments are effective and comfortable to you. Also covered by many insurance plans.

WE ALSO DO: • Prescription Orthotic Insoles • Shockwave Treatment For Plantar Fasciitis And Heel Pain/Achilles Tendinitis • Laser Treatments For Foot Pain, Fungal Nails, Warts • Sports Medicine • Diabetic And General Foot Care

16775 Yonge St., Unit 3, Newmarket (at Mulock) | 905-853-6466 | www.haberpodiatry.ca MANY SERVICES COVERED BY INSURANCE PLANS, DVA, WSIB www.TheMonthAhead.ca February 2018 | 9

Update On One Of Ontario’s Most Comprehensive Medical Cosmetic Clinics. By Ann Griffith

It’s been a few years since I last interviewed Dr. Philip Kritzinger of York Vein and Laser Clinic. What a difference! Brand new facility, new name, new services! Here are excerpts from the interview. AG: I see that your name has changed to York Laser and MedSpa and that you’re moving to a new location in Aurora. When can we expect the new clinic to be open?

Dr. Kritzinger: We hope to be open at the beginning of March. The new clinic is 6,000 square feet, and it’s beautiful! We’ll be offering all our usual services. York Vein Clinic will be downstairs. The cosmetic clinic will be on the main floor, and we’ve added a day spa on the top floor. Hence the new name: York Laser and MedSpa. AG: Day spa? That sounds exciting! What services will the spa provide? Dr. Kritzinger: We’ll be offering massage and body wraps for women, men, and couples. Our clients will also have access to our sauna and steam room before hitting the shower after their treatment. There will be a variety of relaxing facials for men and women. Our estheticians use the most luxurious skincare products from Europe.

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AG: Any new esthetic treatments for the ladies?

AG: Is there anything new for skin care products?

Dr. Kritzinger: Yes, our objective is to offer full esthetic services along with the cosmetic procedures we already do like Botox and fillers. People are time poor, so it makes sense to offer a “one-stop shop” to our clients. We added eyelash extensions, eyelash tinting and microblading to our menu. Mani/pedis will be available as add-ons to other procedures. Now women can get everything they need at our clinic, it’s so convenient for them.

Dr. Kritzinger: The science behind cosmeceuticals is always evolving, especially for anti-aging. We recently started carrying a skincare product called Regenica. It uses growth factors extracted from fibroblasts which are the cells that heal the skin and create collagen. Growth factors is one of the best anti-aging ingredients out there. It’s like having healing in a bottle! Then there’s Biologique Recherche. This is a product line from Paris that is unlike anything else. It uses multiple serums, and results are amazing.

AG: That sounds great Dr. Kritzinger. You mentioned microblading, I’ve never heard of that. What is it? Dr. Kritzinger: Microblading is a hot new item. It’s semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing that uses fine strokes that look like real hair. It’s completely different from the old way of tattooing where your eyebrows look unnatural, like a solid line. It lasts two to three years. It’s great for people who have over-tweezed their brows or are tired of having to use an eye brow pencil every day. A.G. Are there any other treatments to improve fine lines and pigmentation? Dr. Kritzinger: Yes, we’ve added two new treatments, The Perfect Peel and microneedling. The Perfect Peel is a medium depth peel. It’s fast and painless. You could have it done during your lunch hour and go back to work, but you will peel in a few days. It does an amazing job at reducing pigment, improving fine lines or acne scars. The other reason we decided to carry it is because we can treat dark skin with it. Microneedling uses fine needles to create tiny punctures in your skin. It triggers your skin to create new collagen and elastin which makes your skin look more youthful. It’s a great anti-aging treatment that can be done in a series. It definitely improves your skins’ texture and firmness and is also great for acne scars. It gives you almost as good a result as laser resurfacing with less downtime and lower cost. AG: There’s a lot of buzz in the media surrounding a new procedure for fat reduction called CoolSculpting , and I understand you now offer this treatment.

AG: Lastly, my friends and I have been hearing about a new treatment for vaginal rejuvenation but are embarrassed to ask. Can you explain a little bit more about it? Dr. Kritzinger: Sure. We’re now offering Femilift. It’s a laser treatment that helps with mild incontinence, but for the majority of women, it’s used for vaginal tightening to enhance sexual gratification. For postmenopausal women, it also improves vaginal dryness and irritation that results from the loss of estrogen. It usually takes three quick sessions once a month or so. They’re almost painless, and there’s no downtime. And the satisfaction rate is extremely high, like 95%. AG: Wow! That sounds fantastic. Anything else you’d like to mention?

Dr. Kritzinger: Yes we do. CoolSculpting is the world’s #1 noninvasive fat reduction procedure. It delivers controlled cooling to kill fat cells under the skin. You can treat a lot of body areas including the tummy, love handles, double chin, arms, thighs. What’s great about it, is that there’s no downtime. Once you have your treatment, whatever fat cells are gone, are gone for good. Most people need between 2-3 treatments depending on the amount of fat they have. If you’re interested, you should book a consultation with one of our estheticians. We also hold regular day time and evening seminars so you can learn more about it.

Dr. Kritzinger: Stay tuned for the grand opening celebration we’ll be hosting for the new building. It will likely be in late spring. If people want more information, they can call us or visit our website. It’s currently undergoing a make-over, but all the information is still there. AG: I’ve always loved your website. Lots of useful information, and no hype. Thank you for talking to me Dr. Kritzinger. I always learn so much, and it never ceases to amaze me that there’s always something new at your clinic. You never stop!

Here’s their contact information: yorklasermedspa.com, (905) 853-3200 .They’re still in the same location they’ve occupied since 2004 at 647 Davis Drive, Newmarket across from the hospital. In a few weeks they will move to 95 Wellington Street East in Aurora. That’s the south side of Wellington in the heritage district near the Go station. Sponsored Content | 11

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Staircase Makeovers Let’s admit it. Staircases aren’t the first thing on the list when it comes to home renovations. In fact, they may not even make the list! Yet, giving your staircase a facelift can make a dramatic statement in your home. Many homes have carpeted stairways leading to the second floor. After a few years, the carpet can become worn and dirty. Even with periodic cleaning, the carpet never springs back to the way it used to look. Some homeowners prefer carpeted staircases. If you prefer carpet, take it to the next level. High grade carpet is best for stairs. Don’t choose one that is too thick. Thicker carpet and underpad can make the stairs unsafe by causing slips and falls. Look for a carpet that is soil resistant. That will help make sure it looks its best for longer. If you are not sure whether you want to do a wooden surface or carpet on the stairs, compromise. Try using a carpet runner. It covers the center of the stairs with carpet while leaving exposed wood on the sides. It’s the best of both worlds. Hardwood staircases have a certain charm. They often become the focal point of a hallway or room. Try giving your wooden staircase a makeover. A classic white and black finish will draw the eye and create a sophisticated atmosphere. Paint the stairs and hand railing black. Cover the spindles with white paint. The combination of the two is very eye catching. If you prefer the rustic look, try white washing your existing wooden staircase. If it looks a little worse for wear, this touch will give it a vintage look and will not require any stripping and re-staining. Dressing up your hardwood staircase doesn’t have to include paint. Give the railing a facelift by changing out the wooden spindles for rod iron. There are some beautiful designs that will change the entire look of the structure. Try something unique and add rope spindles for a beachy look. If you want to see something really different, consider glass panels. If your home’s look is more modern than traditional, consider adding glass panels instead of spindles to your railing. Glass panels come in various shapes and sizes. There are some that are even coloured. Some panels are etched for a more artistic look.

Reclaimed | Wide Plank | Stair Refacing | Wood Floors

905-853-8507 | www.rowanfloor.com 569 Steven Crt., Newmarket 12 | February 2018 www.TheMonthAhead.ca

Staircases can be more than just a way to the top. There is a lot of unused space under the stairs. With a little ingenuity and some muscle, the useless space can become great storage. Check out the structure of the staircase and what’s underneath. The space can be used as a closet or for other storage. Consider adding paneling on the exterior of the staircase to create a hidden door leading to the space. For book lovers, this area could be made into a great bookcase.

www.TheMonthAhead.ca February 2018 | 13

Top Romance Movies Most people can tell you a list of romantic movies they have seen at least 10 times. It is that flick they turn to when they are in ‘that’ mood. They know the movies so well that they can recite lines and accurately describe certain scenes. Among the list of the most popular romantic movies of all time are three comedies that have something in common, rather someone in common… Meg Ryan. In 1989, Meg Ryan made a name for herself in the popular RomCom,‘When Harry Met Sally’. The endearing movie is about two friends (Ryan and Billy Crystal) that have known each other for years. They fear that starting an intimate relationship would ruin their friendship. Likely one of the most memorable scenes involves Ryan ‘faking’ while in a restaurant with Crystal. A woman at another table quips, “I’ll have what she’s having”. The movie was a huge hit for Director Rob Reiner and writer Nora Ephron. Ephron was nominated for an Oscar for Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen. Sleepless in Seattle was the second movie that Nora Ephron worked with Meg Ryan. This time Ephron directed and wrote the screenplay adaptation. The story involves a husband and father (Tom Hanks) that heads to Seattle to try to start over again after his wife dies. Meg Ryan stars as a journalist that hears Hanks’ son on a callin radio show saying his father needs a new wife. The tale

unfolds and Ryan (who is engaged to another man) believes she must follow fate and meet Hanks. The movie saw Ephron nominated again for a screenplay writing Oscar. It was a few years later when Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks teamed up in another RomCom, You’ve Got Mail. It was another Nora Ephron-Meg Ryan-Tom Hanks flick. This story involved two business rivals who despised each other. They meet on the Internet and unwittingly fall in love, not knowing they are business rivals. The movie earned Meg Ryan a Golden Globe nomination. RomComs have long withstood the test of time because they touch on the fairytale feeling of romance. It has been 27 years since Richard Gere and Julia Roberts won the hearts of moviegoers with ‘Pretty Woman’. The movie has been at the top of many lists since it appeared in 1990. Pretty Woman was followed by many other romantic movies including Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Love Actually, The Notebook, Brokeback Mountain, 500 Days of Summer and most recently, La La Land. La La Land united Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in a romantic musical about a pianist and an actress who fall in love while attempting to navigate their careers in Los Angeles. Emma Stone took home the Oscar for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role. The movie made more than $150-million.

Do You Need a

Health Detective? Do you have unresolved symptoms? Are you reacting to foods or chemicals?

Find the answers using a computerized Electrodermal testing system called IQS. The Interactive Query System can provide immediate and accurate results! It is painless and needle-free. WE CAN TEST FOR: • over 300 foods

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• Stress

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Korman Lifestyle Counselling 19718 Kennedy Road, Sharon | 905-473-1067 email: kormanlifestyle@gmail.com | kormanlifestyle.wix.com/kormanlifestyle

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Gift Certificates Available. TABOO HAIR STUDIO 16850 YONGE ST., NEWMARKET


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Snowed In

Designing Homes for Designer Living

Old man winter can be the best playmate, or the worst. Sometimes he is just too much. On those blustery days when no one in the family wants to head outside, what can families do to pass the time? Contrary to what the kids will say, there are plenty of things to do. It just takes a little creativity. Games Night. Most kids may roll their eyes at the thought of having to play a board game. They equate ‘board’ with boredom. With the whole family involved, they will likely find themselves enjoying the game. Make it a game marathon. Ask each family member to get involved choosing the games to play. Try to fit in as many games as possible. For the more competitive types, throw in a few prizes.

A New Year, A New Design! Call to schedule today.

416.435.4976 | hsdecorservices.com

Movie Marathon. If games really aren’t your thing, consider a movie marathon. Look through any movie series you may have that are family favourites. Start from the beginning and watch the series back-to-back. Be sure to have an ample supply of popcorn and drinks. Crafts. If your family is a crafty bunch, consider having a craft day. Drag out the glue, construction paper and sparkles and create a few masterpieces. Try a familythemed craft. Design your own family crest and paint it on a piece of cardboard. Make up a story to go with it. It is Your local authorized Alliance dealer!


Specializing in acupuncture and Chinese herbs, our Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and Registered Acupuncturist are graduates from a prestigious university of Traditional Chinese Medicine with more than 20 years of experience. Conditions treated include, but are not limited to: • Neck Pain • Back Pain • Sciatica • Post-Stroke

• Infertility • Frozen Shoulder • Allergies • Sinusitis

• Bell’s Palsy • Weight-loss • Arthritis • Menopause

RMT needed. Please fax resume to 905-235-7796.

905-715-7798 | hongwellness.com Open from Monday-Friday: 9am–7pm | Saturday: 9am–4pm 16 | February 2018 www.TheMonthAhead.ca

SAVE $50







15483 Yonge St., Aurora | 905-503-2503 | TOPFIRE.CA

something that your family will treasure for years to come.

Imagine your home, totally organized!

Hide and Seek. There are only so many hiding spots inside that anyone can use in a game of Hide and Seek. When in doubt, improvise! Choose an item that has to be hidden somewhere in the house. Take turns hiding it. Before too long the kids will be begging to have a turn to hide it and next thing you know the hours have passed. Write a Story. Some people may say that they are not creative enough to write a story, but that is the fun part. Have your kids drive the story. Each person gets a chance to write a line of the story. It will take the tale in many different directions and will be sure to create a lot of laughter. Name a Tune. It’s always fun to test your knowledge of any subject. Try having a rowdy game of Name a Tune. Designate someone to be the DJ. They can play the first few seconds of a song and the rest of the group has to call out the name of the song or the artist. For a quieter version, have everyone write down their responses. Give each person in the group a turn to be the DJ. Start with playing a song for 10 seconds and then as everyone advances, shorten the amount of playtime. It can be a lot of fun and will change the tune of an otherwise blustery winter day.

Can't Find A Solution To Your Pain And Injuries?

Come Give Osteopathic Manual Therapy A Try At Newmarket Osteopathy! Osteopathic Manual Therapy is a non-invasive and gentle form of therapy that restores health and balance to the body. By adjusting the body's framework, improving circulation, nerve conduction, and Treatment the body will gain health, vitality, decrease pain, and promote self-healing to help conquer future injuries. COMMONLY TREATED AREAS: • Back Pain (Including Sciatica, Bulged Discs, Strains, Etc) • Neck Pain • Joint Pain • Musculoskeletal Injuries • Sports Injuries • Repetitive Strain Injuries • Headaches, Migraines • Circulation Problems • Nerve Pain • Lymphatic Problems Christine Ryckman B.Sc., MOMSc.

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Newmarket Osteopathy

171 Main Street S. Unit 3C, Newmarket ON.

647-230-5935 | ryckman.christine@gmail.com

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Open 7 Days a Week PHONE: 905 952 2666 FAX: 905 235 8282

Unit 15, 16945 Leslie St., Newmarket www.sunlakedentalcare.ca info@sunlakedentalcare.ca

Why Choose Us? 1

We Accept Most Types Of Dental Benefits


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Winter Promotion 75% OFF X-ray and Cleaning Package for Kids  70% OFF Exam, X-ray, Cleaning for Adults and Seniors 20-30% OFF Any Type Of Restoration And Dental Crown

INFO Pages

February 2018 East Gwillimbury Public Library Visit our branch or website to see the many programs we have to offer including: Children’s Storytimes, Bebop & Dance, Sign & Sign, Tinker Time, Lego Club, Kids Tech Lab, PA Day Programs, Sewing Workshops, Wired Wednesdays & Tech Thursdays & many Adult programs as well. Holland Landing Branch, 19513 Yonge St. 905-836-6492 & Mount Albert Branch, 19300 Centre St. 905-473-2472. See more details at www.egpl.ca ORTA Hikes Come & join us on our hikes on over 300km of moraine trail! ORTA offers guided hikes of all difficulties & lengths, weekdays & weekends. Some are targeted at families; others are oriented towards adults while others have a strong nature focus. Hike schedules & related information can be found under the ‘Hiking’ tab at www.oakridgestrail.org

FEBRUARY 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 The Newmarket Stage Company Presenting the hilarious “Last of the Red Hot Lovers,” by famed playwright Neil Simon, Feb. 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 at 8pm. & a Thursday matinee Feb. 8 at 2pm., at Stage 426 – the Newmarket Legion, 707 Srigley St. Tickets $15. Call the Box Office at 905-727-3290 to see this rib-tickling comedy!

FEBRUARY 1 & 15 Free French Language Conversation Group The Free group welcomes adults (from francophones to beginners) looking to put their French language Conversation skills into action. Francophones & stronger speakers are encouraged to share their French language skills with less strong speakers. For more information visit http://bit.ly/partagez-fr. Covernotes Tea & Coffee House, 10268 Yonge St., Richmond Hill. 6-8pm.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 8, 15, & 22 Unity of York Region – Book Study & Discussion 20 | February 2018 www.TheMonthAhead.ca

Group 7:30 - 9pm at York Judo & BJJ Club, Unit #3, 620 Steven Court, Newmarket. New book begins – “The Universe is Calling” by Eric Butterworth, “.......he helped me to live more abundantly, and he can help you to live more abundantly, too.” – Dr. Maya Angelo, “This is the call to come up higher, to take charge of your life, to release your imprisoned splendour.....” Info: 905830-0331, 416-627-2380,  www.unityyorkregion.com

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2 Home Alone St. John Ambulance course for children 8-11. Basic emergency and safety training including handling phone calls, people at the door, 911 emergencies, first aid, at-home do’s & don’ts. 13321 Yonge Street Richmond Hill, 9am to 12pm. $39. Call 905-773-3394 to register. Babysitting St. John Ambulance course for 11-15 year olds. Babysitting, leadership & first aid skills. Caring for infants, toddlers & older children, questions to ask parents, what to do in emergencies. Includes role playing & handson practice. 13321 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill. 9am to 4pm. $65. Call 905-773-3394 to register. Learning Disabilities Association of York Region P.A. Day Program. LDAYR & Paint a Smile have teamed up for a one day PA Day Art Workshop for children with Learning Disabilities and/ or ADHD ages 8-12. 11181 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill. For info call 905-884-7933 ext 23 or email info@ldayr.org

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3 Aurora Montessori School Open House, 10:30am – 1pm. www.auroramontessori.com

Lou at 905-729-2323.

FEBRUARY 4 & 18 Free French Language Conversation Group This Free group welcomes adults (from francophones to beginners) looking to put their French language Conversation skills into action. Francophones & stronger speakers are encouraged to share their French language skills with less strong speakers. For more information visit http://bit.ly/partagez-fr. Country Style Deli/Bistro, 14980 Yonge St. 3-5pm.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5 Aurora Film Circuit Presenting a screening of the French comedy C’EST LA VIE. The film screens at 7pm at the Cineplex Odeon Aurora, 15460 Bayview Ave., Aurora. Tickets can be purchased at the Aurora Public Library for $10. For complete details please visit http://aurorafilmcircuit.ca/

FEBRUARY 6 – MARCH 31 The Elman W. Campbell Museum Commemorates Scouting Scouting is being commemorated with our annual display on view at the Newmarket Public Library. Open during Library hours. For more information, please visit newmarket.ca/museum.

FEBRUARY 6 – APRIL 28 Exhibit: All in This Together Explore the atmosphere & experiences of our community during war time. What was it like for those who stayed at home? Also included, the “Dear Sadie” exhibit – on loan from the Archives of Ontario. The exhibit can be seen during regular hours of operation. Visit www.townofws.ca/museum for details!

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7 Bond Head United Church Roast Beef Dinner & Silent Auction. St. John’s Presbyterian Church, 2940 Sideroad 10, Bradford (1km north of County Road 88), from 4:30 to 7pm. A dinner with roast beef, potatoes, vegetables, salad, rolls, pie and coffee/tea. Price is $18/Adults & $8/Children 12 years and under. For info contact Betty

Money Talks A free, informal discussion group to exchange ideas & unbiased financial information. 7-8:30pm first Wednesday of the month, September to June, Aurora Public Library. Moderator Roger Strong is not affiliated with any financial institution. February 7: Which is the better investment: RRSP, TFSA, or our mortgage?

7-8:30pm. For more information call the Adult Information Desk at 905727-9494, ext. 275.

FEBRUARY 7 – 27 Passage to Freedom: Secrets of the Underground Railroad Presented by The Elman W. Campbell Museum. The exhibit explores slavery, the Underground Railroad, a secret network that assisted fugitive slaves escape to freedom in Canada, & the challenges escaped slaves faced once in Canada. Old Town Hall (460 Botsford St.). Tuesday through Friday, 4-8pm. Saturdays: 2-4pm. Open to Schools: Tues. & Thurs. 9am12pm. For more info call 905-9535314, email elmanmuseum@rogers. com or visit Newmarket.ca/museum.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8 Friends of the East Gwillimbury Library Welcome Newfoundland writer, Wayne Johnston. He will introduce his latest book, First Snow, Last Light. Civic Centre, 19000 Leslie St., in Sharon (beside the Sharon Temple) at 7:30pm. Tickets available at the Holland Landing & Mount Albert Library branches. Tickets $15 ($10 for members of the Friends). Presentation, Q&A, book signing & refreshments. eglibraryfriends@gmail.com Amnesty International Meeting Amnesty International Aurora-Newmarket Group holds their monthly meeting 7-8:30pm to discuss current human rights issues & write appeal letters. Held at Trinity Anglican Church (in The Rectory building behind the church), 79 Victoria St., Aurora – all welcome! Free. For more information call Renee at 905-713-6713, www.amnesty.ca, amnestyaurora.wordpress.com Aurora Historical Society Speaker Series 2018 Colin Coates: Commemorating Women Warriors in Canadian History This presentation looks at the cases of the heroine of New France, Madeleine de Vercheres, & the heroine of Upper Canada, Laura Secord. Join us at Hillary House from 7-9pm. 15372 Yonge Street, Aurora. $5 AHS Members, $7 Non

FEBRUARY 8 & 22 Free French Language Conversation Group The Free group welcomes adults (from francophones to beginners) looking to put their French language Conversation skills into action. Francophones & stronger speakers are encouraged to share their French language skills with less strong speakers. For more information visit http://bit.ly/partagez-fr. Newmarket: Tim Horton’s, 17310 Yonge St. 6:308:30pm.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9 EarlyON Child & Family Centre, (formerly Ontario Early Years Centre – York North) Registration for March & April programs begins at 1pm for infant programs (those under 12 months) & 2pm for all other programs. Registration will be completed by phone only. All programs are free &

centres offer registered programs as well as drop-in, resources & referrals. Visit us on-line at www.yorkchild.ca or at our main sites: Newmarket – 17310 Yonge Street, 905-853-0754 or Georgina (Keswick) – 70 Biscayne Blvd., 905-476-3834. Euchre Night A fund raiser organized by the Rotary Club of Newmarket. Please join this Progressive Euchre Game of 8 rounds, at 6:45pm for the games starting at 7pm sharp. 55 Forhan Drive, Newmarket. $10 each includes light snacks. New players welcome. Contact Rohit Kumar Singh at rohit_ ks@yahoo.com to register.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10 Whitchurch-Stouffville Museum Sweets & Treats. 10am to 12pm. Got a sweet tooth? Learn to make a variety of sweet treats to take home – stay to create a heritage craft & tour the Museum. Recommended ages: 8-12. Preregistration required. Visit

www.townofws.ca/museum for details! Bradford Arts Centre Presents Hailiah Knight who will be performing her original songs featuring her latest single “From Winston to Julia” with her piano, guitar & loop pedal creating a chorally influenced sound. Bradford United Church, 66 Barrie Street, Bradford. 905-751-5335. www.bradfordartscentre.org. Tickets at the door $20; $10 students; children under 12 free. Subscriptions are available for the 6 concerts in the series – at all concerts in person, online or by phone.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 11 Unity of York Region – Sunday Service 10:30am at Newmarket Public Library, 438 Park Avenue. Jan 14 – “FINDING TIME” – “For everything there is a season & for every purpose under Heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1. Info: 905-8300331, 416-627-2380,  www.unityyorkregion.com

Writer’s Community of York Region Let’s explore writing for the screen! You could have the idea for the next Netflix hit buried in your notebook right now. How do you turn it into a workable script? The February meeting of WCYR will feature Sean Cisterna, award winning film-maker. He will discuss adaptation from novel or real-life story to screenplay. Newmarket Public Library, 1-4pm. Please register at wcyork.ca

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AHS Members. For more info or to reserve your seat, call 905-727-8991 or leigha.cooney@aurorahs.com

FEBRUARY 12 TO MAY 14 Journal Writing Each Monday from 6:30 to 8:30pm at York Catholic School Board. This hands-on course is conducted by a certified instructor which will lead you through the process of clarifying your thoughts & feelings through selfexploration. While learning various journaling techniques you may find that journaling will reduce stress, strengthen your emotional well-being & help in organizing your life. Contact: writing4self.info@yahoo.com

S p e c i a l i z i n g i n C u s t o m C a bi n e t r y f or C o m p l e t e K i t c h e n R e n o vat i o n s !

FREE Consultations! 905-473-1600 | www.paylesskitchens.ca

Showroom Appointments Required | 5427 Ravenshoe Rd., East Gwillimbury | Please inquire about wall removals www.TheMonthAhead.ca February 2018 | 21

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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 13 Aurora Public Library Nutrition Series: Eat Your Heart Out! Nutrition tips for a healthy heart. February is the month of love! Come learn how to show your heart some love with healthy eating. We will sample a better-for-you Valentine’s Day treat & you’ll walk away with lots of recipes & resources. 7-8:30pm. For more information call the Adult Information Desk at 905-727-9494, ext. 275. York-Simcoe Naturalists Free Public Lectures Winter Evenings 2018.Lori McLean from the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority “Creating Wonderful Wetlands – considerations for Success”. Meeting starts at 7:30pm. 20 Oak Ave., River Drive Park Community Centre. www.ysnaturalists.com Aurora Public Library Painters Club. Join other painters in a fun, relaxed space! Bring your own watercolour, drawing/sketching projects, supplies & ideas; share tips & inspiration. All abilities welcome, but space is limited. 7-8:30pm. For more information call the Adult Information Desk at 905-727-9494, ext. 275.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 14 A Healthy Way to Start the New Year Enjoy a Morning Out for just $6 (first-timers $4). Bethel Christian Reformed Church, 333 Davis Drive, Newmarket. Please Lug-a-Mug. Babysitting provided upon request. Feature: Kim Sartor: Natural Approach to Improved Health. Speaker: Janey Walker, Brampton, “Welcome to Grand Station”. Presented by Newmarket Christian Women’s Connection in Association with RSVP Ministries. For reservations & cancellations please call Marietta 905-895-9312 or email: carolford6@gmail.com The Probus Club of Aurora Monthly meeting today from 10am to 12 noon at the Royal Canadian Legion, 105 Industrial Parkway North, Aurora. This month’s speaker is Mr. Thanh Campbell, he was the 32nd Vietnamese orphan loaded onto a Canadian Forces plane on April 12, 1975. For more information 22 | February 2018 www.TheMonthAhead.ca

on this month’s speaker please call Cliff White at 905-841-2421. New Members Welcome! Call Gary Gilbert at 905-895-2849 or be our guest at the meeting.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 15 Prostate Cancer Canada Network Newmarket Support Group Meeting for February. Newmarket Seniors Meeting Place, 474 Davis Drive, Halls 4 & 5, Newmarket. Meet & greet at 6:30 with meeting from 7 to 9pm. Presenter this month Dr. Hans Chung, Sunnybrook Health Sciences. Topic: A new standard of care for medium & high risk prostate cancer patients. Everyone is welcome. Contact: 905-473-2688. Email: info@ newmarketprostatecancer.com Web address: www.newmarketprostatecancer.com Parkinson Disease Support Group Our group meets the 3rd Thursday each month, 1:30-3:30pm at Trinity United Church, 461 Park Ave., Newmarket. All are welcome. For info contact Marlene Shields at 905-895-3800 or almarshields@icloud.com

FEBRUARY 17 & 18 Winterfest & Free Skating & Swimming Newmarket Riverwalk Commons (200 Doug Duncan Drive), Ray Twinney Recreation Complex (100 Eagle Street West). Winter fun both indoors & outdoors. Saturday 5 to 9 pm. Sunday Skating 12 to 2pm or Swimming 2 to 4pm. For more info contact the Town of Newmarket at 905-895-5193 or visit newmarket.ca/events

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19 Greentiger Exercising is good for muscle tone & respiration. Internal exercise enhances the health of bones, connecting tissues & organs. Tai Qi & Qi Kung are basic internal exercises & when practiced for health are called Neigong. Classes for all levels & ages. www.greentiger.ca 905-853-9891. Toyland at the Museum Family Day fun at the Elman W. Campbell Museum. See our model train, Nursery Rhyme & Fairy Tale displays. Pretend toy animal grooming salon (bring a toy animal

from home). Museum scavenger hunt! Ages 4-10. Drop in 11am to 3pm. $3/participant with donation of non-perishable food item for the Newmarket Food Pantry. For info call 905-953-5314 or email elmanmuseum@rogers.com. The Museum is located at 134 Main St. S., Newmarket. Family Fun Day In partnership with York Regional Forest, register for 1 of 2 free snowshoe walks at the Hollidge Tract. Visit the Museum from 124pm to share some quality time sampling fresh maple syrup & other treats. Explore activities in the heritage buildings. General admission applies at the Museum. Visit www.townofws.ca/museum for details!

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20 East Gwillimbury Gardeners/East Gwillimbury Garden & Horticultural Society First General Meeting of the new season at 7:30pm. The speaker will be Pat de Valance, Toronto Master Gardener, speaking about Go Wild: Make Your Garden a Habitat. Refreshments served. All welcome. For more info call 905-478-8450 or email us at eggardeners@gmail.com or visit us on our Facebook page at www.fb.comeastgwillimburygardeners Newmarket Garden Club Meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 8pm at the Newmarket Community Centre –Lions Hall, Doug Duncan Drive, Newmarket. The topic is “Growing & Showing Peonies with Hazel & Joe Cook”. Members enjoy our annual summer Garden Tour, Bus Trip, & November Potluck Dinner. There is a nominal guest charge at the door or sign up to become a member for the 2018 year. Visit www.gardenewmarket.ca.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21 Newmarket Historical Society Bring & Brag. Always a favourite event – members are invited to bring in a treasure to share. It could be a mystery to solve, a family heirloom, a letter or document, or a curiosity. It may

come with an interesting, tragic or amusing story. 7:30pm. Lions Hall, Community Centre. Riverwalk Commons. A Second Probus Club in Bradford For retired or semiretired people. Our next meeting is at St. John’s Presbyterian Church, 2940 10th Sideroad, Bradford. 10am to 12pm. Contact Bonnie Keenan, 905-775-4700. Men’s PROBUS Club of Newmarket Meeting the third Wednesday each month at Seton Hall (17955 Leslie Street) from 10am to noon. Call Warren at 905-898-2761 or come to a meeting.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 22 Attention Experienced Shutterbugs & Novice Photographers! Aurora Public Library hosts a Camera Club the last Thursday of each month, October to May. Swap tips with other photographers & videographers; topics will include choosing the right camera, lighting, publishing your photos online. 7-8:30pm. For more information call the Adult Information Desk at 905-727-9494, ext. 275.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24 Yuk Yuk’s Stand Up Comedy Soroptimist International of York Region is holding a Fun Fundraiser featuring three hilarious live stand up comedians on Sat. Feb 24th at 7:30pm at Cosmopolitan Music Hall, 10 Via Renzo Dr, Richmond Hill.  Tickets are $30 & can be purchased on line at www. siyorkregion.ca.  All proceeds go directly to support programs to help improve the lives of women & girls.  Treasures Sale 8am to 11am, come to Bradford United Church (66 Barrie Street in Bradford, telephone 905-775-7268) to make a donation to the Church, & make some treasures your own. Proceeds support Bradford United Church & its charities. If you have goods that you wish to sell at prices you determine, a table may be rented for $15 – contact the Church regarding table rentals. Hope to see you at the Treasures Sale!

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25 Unity of York Region – Sunday Service 10:30am at Newmarket Public Library, 438 Park Avenue. Jan 14 – “THE PARABLE OF THE GOOD SAMARITAN” Matthew 22:36-40 “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” Info: 905-830-0331, 416-627-2380,  www.unityyorkregion.com

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27 Aurora Green Drinks Interested in connecting with community members who are passionate about the environment & sustainable development? Location: Aw Shucks Seafood Bar & Bistro, 15230 Yonge Street, Aurora. Free. Contact: auroragreendrink@gmail.com or 905-503-5008 for more information. The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) Aurora/Newmarket meets at the Royal Canadian Legion, 105 Industrial Pkwy. N., Aurora. Please note CHANGE OF TIME for this month only! Doors open at 1pm for meeting at 1:30pm. CFUW can provide an opportunity for ANY woman, regardless of educational level seeking to empower her life through education, friendship, outreach & advocacy. This meeting, Mary Rose Marrin, Sister of St. Joseph will be speaking on the Fruitfulness of Aging. For more information, contact cfuwauroranewmarket.com. Come & check us out!

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28 Region of York Quilters Guild Meeting held at Newmarket Community Centre & Lions Hall, Doug Duncan Drive,

Newmarket. Meetings begin at 7:15pm. This month’s speaker is Lorna McMahon, quilter & quilt designer, with a quilt trunk show. Guests are welcome for a fee of $7. For more info about the guild – www.regionofyorkquiltersguild.ca Learning Disabilities Association of York Region Annual Conference. Finding the Right Balance for Students with LDs. 320 Bloomington Road West, Aurora. Speaker: Dr. Dale Willows. For information call 905-884-7933 ext 23 or email: info@ldayr.org

Ongoing February 2018

Brad Jones Shotokan Karate-Do & Fitness Centre New courses starting in Shotokan Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Aikido, Fitness Kickboxing, Yoga & Zen meditation. 244 Main St. S., Newmarket. Please call 905-8959636 for further information. www.bradjoneskarate.com Crystal Reflexology EST. 1995 Painful Feet? Numbness or Tingling Due to Diabetes? Plantar Fasciitis? Arthritis? Relief from your discomfort is just a call away at 905-954-5512 for a Soothing 1 hour Foot Massage. Gift certificates available for all occasions. Visit www.crystalreflexology.ca. Monday Meditation nights – drop-ins welcome! We set the space for you to achieve relaxation, revitalization, and innerpeace. New and experienced will benefit. For more details, location and other classes, check the calendar at themiddlepillar.ca 905-717-5907, Bayview/Mulock area, Newmarket. Greentiger Exercising is good for muscle tone and respiration. Internal exercise enhances the health of bones, connecting tissues and organs. Tai Qi and Qi Kung are basic internal exercises and when practiced for health are called Neigong. Classes

for all levels and ages. www.greentiger.ca. 905-853-9891. Do You Suffer from an Autoimmune Condition? Do you want to move beyond simply managing your symptoms to restoring health? I approach autoimmune disease using a holistic, multifaceted strategy that includes homeopathy (a system of natural medicine that treats the whole person), diet/nutrition and effective stress management. To explore this approach, call for a FREE 20-minute no-obligation consultation: Linda Mariconda, HOM, DCHM, Registered Homeopath, 647-335-2873. HEART-STRINGS Newmarket Violin Studio “Every Child Can!” Talent Education: VIOLIN and VIOLA LESSONS, all ages and abilities. Registered Teacher: Suzuki and RCM, Master of Education. Call 905898-4726, email newmarketstudio@ gmail.com, website http://newmarketviolinstudio. mymusicstaff.com/ First Aid, CPR and AED Classes St. John Ambulance is Canada’s leader in first aid. Our courses provide information and skills that can help in an emergency situation at work, home and at play. Classes offered twice a week plus one weekend per month. For more information or to register email york.region@on.sja.ca or call 905-773-3394. Meditate with Canadian Buddhist nun, Gen Kelsang Suma Our class theme for the New Year is “The Medicine of Mindfulness: Healing the Heart in a Troubled and Divided World”. Every Monday from 7-8:30pm at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 227 Church Street in Newmarket. Each class includes a teaching, meditation and time for discussion. Cost: $10. For more information, please see https:// www.meditateinbarrie.org/ Soroptimist International of York Region If you are

interested in improving the lives of women and girls both locally and globally, Soroptimist is the volunteer service organization for you.  Our club meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7pm at Hollandview Retirement Residence at 200 John West Way, Aurora.   For further information about Soroptimist, please contact RoseMary at  905-235-8849. 

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Euchre Party at Bradford United Church The Church is located at 66 Barrie Street in Bradford (telephone 905-7757268). 1:30 to 4:00pm. Tickets $10/ person & obtained at the door on February 24th. Proceeds support Bradford United Church & its charities. Refreshments & prizes will be provided. Come & join us for an enjoyable social afternoon of cards. We look forward to seeing you.

A&B Courier Rock n Bowl for Kids Sake Save the Date: March 3 – Newmarket March 4 – Bradford March 24 – Richmond Hill April 4 – “Big” Weeknight Book your tour date today at www.bbbsy.ca Join Our Team…CNIB CNIB is currently looking for vision mate volunteers in YOUR community! As a vision mate, you’ll provide one-on-one sighted assistance with reading, organizing, walking, errands, outings and socializing or driving. To apply or for more information, please contact Filomena Di Ruscio 437-996-8487 or via email: filomeno.diruscio@cnib.ca East Gwillimbury Public Library Homebound Delivery Service. If you are unable to visit the library due to a limitation, Homebound Service can provide free monthly delivery of library materials. Call the Library for details or to register. 905-836-6492. East Gwillimbury Public Library Chromebooks for Loan. Chromebooks are perfect for homework or browsing the Internet. Patrons can borrow these amazing laptops for up to a day for use within the Library at either of our branches. Loan period: 1 day (in Library use only). York Singles If you are over 50 and single, why not join the YORK SINGLES CLUB. Activities include golf, hikes, cards, games, parties, dinners, movies, theatre, and pub nights. Visit our website at www.yorksingles.com.

www.TheMonthAhead.ca February 2018 | 23

House Calls, Evening & Weekend Appointments Available

DENTURE CLINIC Alina Fainshtein DD

Mouth & Sports Guards Teeth Whitening Full & Partial Dentures Repairs/Relines Same Day Soft Liners & More! Implant-Retained Dentures Flexible Partials Lab On Sight

Second Location Open in BRADFORD,

107 Holland St E #303 Phone 905-392-1303. Free Consultation! 905-853-7912 | 34 Main St. S., Newmarket, ON. L3Y 3Y4

258 Main Street, Newmarket | 905-836-4466

EnerQi Medicine at

ELEMENTAL CORE HEALING Affordable / Professional / Client Centered Healthcare ’


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we treat PAIN anywhere, we treat sports injuries, we treat infertility, we treat insomnia we treat headaches, we treat stress, we treat depression, we treat anxiety, we treat eczema, we treat asthma and seasonal allergies. Feel the shift towards a healthier you try our free 20 minute Acupuncture/Craniosacral Therapy consultation. Introducing Soul Sunday’s Call today to set up an appointment.

905-836-4466 Also available for corporate events: Treatment and/or meditation sessions Registered Massage Therapy | Thai Massage | Traditional Chinese Medicine Mindful Meditation Classes | Drop in Yoga | Drop in Meditation Community Acupuncture | Organic Medicinal Teas | Reflexology Metaphysical Crystals | Acupuncture | Craniosacral Workshops | Meditation Workshops

www.elementalcorehealing.com 24 | February 2018 www.TheMonthAhead.ca

Senior BEAT EATING HEALTHY There are some beliefs that the older we get, the more we are able to eat whatever we want whether it’s healthy or not. Nothing could be further from the truth. As we age, our bodies need more TLC than most would expect. Healthy eating can make a big difference. It is not uncommon for many seniors to lose their appetites. This may be caused by loneliness or medications that have been prescribed. Contact your doctor if you believe your medication is affecting your desire to eat. Whatever the reason, it is important to try to eat three healthy meals a day. Staying healthy also requires watching the waistline even after 65 years of age. Maintaining a healthy weight will reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. If you have a chronic illness then healthy eating can help you manage the effects of the disease and monitor your weight. It is important for seniors to get an ample supply of nutrients like potassium, calcium, vitamin D, minerals and fiber. Eating habits do change the older we get. It’s often because of a lack of appetite as well as a change in the social environment. Those who are cooking for one are less likely to go to the trouble of making a healthy meal. Eating alone can also be unsettling. Make a meal a social event. Plan a get together with a friend, especially one who is also alone. Turning a meal into a social event will help ensure you eat better. When it comes to what you eat, make a few adjustments to some of the foods you consume.   Fruits and vegetables are important parts of any meal. Add sliced fruits and veggies to your menu. If you suffer from arthritis or any other debilitating disease, look for already sliced fruit in the grocery store. If cost is a factor, choose those foods that are easy to eat and better on the wallet. Adding spinach to pasta or an egg dish will add a tasty dose of vitamins. It doesn’t require slicing or dicing and it is easy to use. Skip the salt as much as possible. This is a lesson for any age group. Use spices and herbs to add flavour to your favourite dishes. If you are not a cook and prefer to buy packaged foods, reach for those that have low-sodium. Remember that you can always add your own spices and herbs to dress up your meal.  Thirst can diminish with age. Remind yourself to drink water often unless you have a health issue that dictates otherwise. Make sure to drink about three cups of low fat milk throughout the day. It is important to consume enough calcium and vitamin D. If you cannot tolerate milk, try eating yogurt or other foods high in calcium.

tingling in the arms, or headaches, this could be the most eye-opening article you’ll ever read.

Why Haven’t People With Neck Pain Been Told These Facts? Nothing’s worse than feeling great mentally, but physically feeling held back from life because your neck hurts and the pain just won’t go away!

patients with chronic neck pain showed “clinically important improvements from a course of spinal

My name is Dr. Joshua Nikkanen, owner of since we’ve opened the doors, I’ve seen hundreds of people with neck pain, arm problems and headaches

I had found you sooner”, I’m running a special two neck problems.

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feel in just a few short weeks. See and feel your life change for the better. Start your body on the way to pain-free, normal living. Feel tight joints rest, relax, free up. Feel muscles tied in knots become more supple. Feel strength in your muscles increase. As you begin to see motion returning to your joints, you’re preventing and reducing chances of disability and a crippling future. You’re able to live life like a normal person again, without neck pain -- able to play with your kids, enjoy time with friends, and not have to worry that your pain will hit you at just the wrong time.

Chiropractic has been around for over a hundred years, and has been used to help everyone from tiny babies to the elderly. Even top sports stars and entertainers… like Tom Brady, Sidney Crosby, Tony Robbins, Michael Jordan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Wayne Gretzky.

IF YOU READ NOTHING ELSE, READ THIS The following conditions can be caused by a problem in your neck…  Carpal tunnel syndrome  Numbness and tingling in the arms and hands  Cervical disc bulging and herniations  Weakness in the arms/hands  Neck Pain  Headaches  Tension in the shoulders  Shoulder and arm pain

In another study comparing acupuncture, a nonmanipulation found… spinal manipulation was the only intervention that -J In addition to that, here’s what some of the top medical researchers had to say … Chiropractor’s manipulation of the spine was “more helpful than any of the following: traction, massage, biofeedback, acupuncture, injection of steroids into the spine and back corsets, and ultrasound.” – Stanley Bigos, MD, Professor of Orthopedic Surgery

With Neck Pain Can Say

any kind of doctors they want, yet they choose to have a chiropractor on their team.

just go away on its own.”

adjustments outperformed massage treatments

who do nothing will have pain 12 months later.

A 1998 study in the British Medical Journal proved

To Your Neck Pain For 14 days only, $35 will get you all the services I normally charge new patients $220 for! normally do in my new patient evaluation. Just call before February 22 and here’s what you’ll get…

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An in-depth consultation about your neck problems where I will listen…really listen…to the details of your case. A complete neuromuscular examination. A full set of specialized x-rays to determine if a spinal problem is contributing to your pain or cost you at least $100).

A thorough analysis of your exam and x-ray plan to being pain-free.

A special report complimenting your recommendations that reveals the foods you should and should not eat, the best way to sleep and how to reduce stress.

Call today and we can get started with your consultation, exam and x-rays as soon as there’s Eagle Street in Newmarket. Tell the receptionist you’d like to come in for the Neck Pain Evaluation before February 22, 2018. won’t be sitting in the waiting room for long – no more than 15 minutes

Sincerely, Dr. Joshua Nikkanen, D.C. and Dr. Kristina Turkewitsch D.C. P.S. How many years can your body handle

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905-830-1146 | www.crosschiro.ca

45 Eagle St., Newmarket www.TheMonthAhead.ca February 2018 | 25


Authentic Italian Cuisine

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Celebrating Our 1 Year Anniversary On Valentine's Day

Cakes, Cakes by the Slice, Cupcakes, Macarons, Cake Pops, Hot & Cold Beverages & more

10% OFF

Custom Cake Orders With This Ad Expiry: Mar 28 2018

At The Theatre

At The Theatre

Newmarket NEWMARKET STAGE COMPANY PRESENTS… LAST OF THE RED HOT LOVERS Feb. 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10. Call 905727-3290 for tickets. Stage 426 – Newmarket Legion, 707 Srigley St.

 February 4 - 2 PM 
 February 7 - 6:30 PM 
 February 10 - 8 PM 


Tel: 905 235 1107 • 647 338 3094

 February 16 - 8 PM 

17 Alexander Road, Newmarket, ON L3Y3J2

 February 24 - 6:30 PM 
NEWMARKET THEATRE 505 Pickering Cres., Newmarket, (905) 953-5122 www.newtix.ca Aurora IF/THEN On until February 3rd


150 Henderson Dr., Aurora, (905) 727-3669, www.theatreaurora.com

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Keswick YUK YUKS 2018
 February 10 - 8 PM 
Stephen Leacock Theatre


 February 24 - 8 PM 
Stephen Leacock Theatre 130 Gwendolyn Boulevard, Keswick, (905) 476-0193 www.stephenleacocktheatre.ca Information correct as of press time.

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Breakfast & Lunch road

St. John’s Side

Sunny Morning Breakfast & Lunch (Next to Chocolats Favoris)

an Superstore

Real Canadi

Beer Store

Bayview Ave Cinema Cineplex Aurora

The Home




St. E.

Now open in Aurora! Traditional Breakfast & Lunch at its best!

20% OFF Monday to Friday Only. Expires February 28, 2018

15975 Bayview Ave. Unit B1, Aurora, ON L4G 0S3 • (905) 726-2726 www.sunnymorning.ca • Open Daily 7am to 3pm


Thai Golden Bell RESTAURANT IN NEWMARKET Call for Reservations or Delivery

905-954-0954 905-954-0377

16925 Yonge St. , Newmarket (Unit 17, in Quaker Hill Plaza) Just South of Eagle St. | Licensed under LLBO

10% Discount On Pick-Up Orders SPECIAL VALENTINE’S DAY CLASSES AND$25, COMPETITION. WEBSITE Over Before Tax,SEE Cash Only. (Not valid on Dinner Special or Free Spring Roll) ADULT AND TEEN HANDS-ON CLASSES FOR 2018:

SATURDAYS 9.30AM - 1.00PM: FEB 3RD, 10TH AND 24TH ROLL FREE SPRING On Orders Over $25 for Take-Out & Delivery (before tax) FRIDAYS 6.00PM TO 9.00PM: 2ND, 9THanyAND WithFEBRUARY coupon only. Not valid with other23RD discount or Dinner Special.

www.gfood.ca |www.thaigoldenbell.com gfood@rogers.com www.TheMonthAhead.ca February 2018 | 27

Fighting Cellulite Let’s face it, dimples are cute but only on the face. So many of us have multiple dimples in places we just don't want to discuss. Of course those dimples go by another name, Cellulite. Even the sound of it makes most people cringe. Cellulite is fat deposits that push through connective tissue beneath the skin creating an orange peel look. About 90 percent of women over the age of 40 have some form of cellulite. The dimples appear mostly on the buttocks and thighs. It may come as no surprise that a healthy diet will help you avoid cellulite. Stay away from foods that are high in saturated fats and cholesterol. Choose healthy fats, like nuts, avocados, and olive oil. They have been found to assist with weight loss and in turn, cellulite. Avoid eating foods that are high in sugar. Think twice about having that honey cruller with your morning coffee. Instead eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Eat whole grains including wholewheat bread and pasta. Cut down on the amount of salt you eat. Switch out the salt shaker for other spices to dress up your food. Drink plenty of water and avoid alcoholic beverages. Get off your cellulite. Fit an exercise routine into your busy schedule. Spending an hour every day shaking that cellulite will burn fat and will help to avoid adding pounds to those thighs. Try cycling, jogging, aerobics and even fast walking to increase your heart rate and reduce fat deposits.

Always check with your physician first before starting any new exercise routines. Likely the most annoying thing about cellulite is the fact that you can never really get rid of it completely. If you are doing your best to fight the good fight and you feel like you are still losing, try heading to the spa. There are a few methods that are used to help reduce the effects of cellulite. RF treatments can be effective in smoothing dimpled areas. The RF device sends radio waves through the skin and into the underlying tissue. Heat is created shrinking the fat cells and tightening the collagen. On the surface, the cellulite is reduced and the skin appears smoother. RF treatments work best on mild to moderate cellulite. Those with severe cellulite may not see the same results. There is no real pain to the treatments and there are virtually no side effects. However, the RF device cannot be used to treat patients that have pacemakers.   Most patients will begin to see some results within a week. It usually takes about six sessions to adequately reduce the cellulite. Some patients may need as many as 10 sessions to break down the fat deposits. The skin will continue tightening for about four to six months. After the sessions are complete, most patients will need to have one or two sessions a year to maintain the effects.

Lose Your Muffin-Top ...

Say Goodbye

to Belly Fat!

If you could have done it alone, You would already be there!

Have a Healthy New Year! Diane Leslie CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER

www.dianeleslie.ca | dianeleslie2814@gmail.com | 905-716-2539

Your home, my studio or your place of business! Free consultations. Corporate programs available. 28 | February 2018 www.TheMonthAhead.ca




We Carry Eyenvy, Kevin Murphy, 911 Hair Products, Vegan Hair Care And Oligo. Complete Skin Care Available Also. Kathy Rannelli & Audrey Gebbie Owners/Stylists


Deanna Burke i.n.f.a.

Skin & Laser Specialist


Complete Skin, Hair & Aesthetic Services | 17080 Bathurst St., Unit 6, Newmarket | nuyubeauty.ca www.TheMonthAhead.ca February 2018 | 29


PR I VATE SCHOOL Preschool | Elementary | High School | Reach Ahead Program

CGMA Private School was established in 1995 as a Montessori preschool and since then has expanded to include elementary and high school. The success of our school lies within the hearts and minds of our students, teachers and parents who all understand education is a cooperative undertaking. The school is located on five park like acres and the Newmarket Indoor Soccer Facility is available next door for us to use during the winter. Furthermore, we offer our students small class sizes, hands on learning, reach ahead programs and extensive career counseling

to ensure top post secondary placement. We offer parents peace of mind with a disciplined and safe school environment and accountability from our teachers and administration. Our school is dedicated to building strength, resilience and endurance in our students by creating a true sense of community and a culture of learning. Here, you will find a place where your child will interact with students and teachers in a mutually respectful environment and you will have the sense that it all seems “right.�

For more information or to book an interview, please contact Donna Hilsenteger or Cheryl Minassian at 905-898-6257.

601 Newpark Boulevard, Newmarket | www.countrygarden.ca 30 | February 2018 www.TheMonthAhead.ca

Youth BEAT ENGAGING IN SCIENCE By Samantha Forani, Graduate of McMaster University Science is not for everyone. It can be complicated and confusing, and truthfully, frustrating. However, there are many ways to become engaged in science that may not seem so daunting. And the best part, it encourages physical activity as well as engaging in social activities. Programs such as Rink Watch and Nature Watch are just two examples of great ways to become active in the science community and have fun doing it.   Rink Watch was launched in 2013 by researchers at Wilfred Laurier University and it observes and analyses ice patterns and ice conditions of over 1400 different outdoor skating rinks and ponds in North America. Do you enjoy skating or playing hockey outdoors in the winter? Do you have a rink in your backyard, or a local frozen pond you use? Rink Watch asks for people like you to simply log on, and send information in with regards to the ice conditions that day and for the times when you skate outdoors. Was it too soft that day? Maybe it was only thick enough to skate on at a much later time than the year before. Rink Watch wants to know all of this as it helps them to track climate patterns and ice conditions. This is a great way for

you to take your favourite activity and use it to benefit science. It is also a wonderful social community as they have a Facebook page you can join and meet other people with the same interests. There are also amazing contests and prizes, including prizes donated by the NHL. Now if skating is not your ideal sport, then maybe Nature Watch is the site for you. Nature Watch was first launched in 2000 and is a partnership with Environment Canada and many other organizations. They aim to have the Canadian public help them track any sort of changes in the climate and natural environment. Information collected from Nature Watch is used in many scientific reports and analyses specifically aimed at the three subcategories Ice Watch, Frog Watch, and Plant Watch. Did you perhaps notice that a certain flower in your favourite park bloomed much later than the year before? Or perhaps you noticed an increase in frog population in the pond near your home. Nature Watch wants to hear all about it to put into their latest research.   Nature Watch is also a great motivator to get your friends and family to explore the environment around you. Just as with Rink Watch, gather your friends and go to that frozen pond and play a game of hockey. These sites offer many ways to have fun, but also observe your surroundings and contribute to science. These are great sites for both youth and adults, and motivate you to be active, join a new community, and engage in science!







COURSE #5: March 31st, April 1st, 7th, 8th

COURSE #2: February 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th


COURSE #3: March 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th COURSE #4: March 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th

MARCH 12th-15th (Monday-Thursday)

• MTO Approved Beginner Driver Education Course • #1 Choice of High School Students • Group Discount Rates • 1 to 1 training • Price-Match Guarantee! • Highest Road Test Passing Rate • Specializing in G Road Tests

905-954-0090 | newmarket@allstardriving.ca 350 Davis Dr. Unit 5, Newmarket |



www.TheMonthAhead.ca February 2018 | 31


Tumble for Fitness | Tumble For Fun | Gymnastics is for Everyone! Tumble for Fitness | Tumble For Fun | Gymnastics is for Everyone!


OFAFdFF %TO 0% 110 isAd ithh Thhis Wit W

RegisterNow NowFor For Register

March Break BreakCamp Camp Summer Camp! Camp! and Summer About Birthday BirthdayParties Parties&&Our OurFlexible Flexible Call About Programming ProgrammingFor ForHome HomeSchooling SchoolingStudents Students

905-836-6401 905-836-6401 www.tumbletot.com www.tumbletot.com Celebrating Celebrating 28 28Years Yearsin inBusiness! Business!1–1166 1–1166 Gorham GorhamStreet, Street,Newmarket. Newmarket. 32 | February 2018 www.TheMonthAhead.ca

Your child will engage in their curiosity in our camps as they learn about: 1. Teamwork 2. Time Management 3. Technology 4. Measurement 5. Probability 6. Balance 7. Problem solving ... and more!





March Break Clinics!



March 12th, 13th & 14th Register Before February 20th for


Everybody Can!



email: newmarketviolinstudio@gmail.com

newmarketviolinstudio.mymusicstaff.com | fb, instagram: #susanbethbarak



Art Instruction & Camps For Over 20 Years!

Regular: $195

149 Each FOR A GROUP OF 4

Register now for


2 hours Blade Training & Shooting Instruction per day.

For more information: 905-836-8176

www.highspeedhockey.ca • info@highspeedhockey.ca

3–200 Mulock Dr., Newmarket SKATING | SHOOTING | STICKHANDLING

March Break Art Camp!

9am–4pm for ages 6–12 years March 13, 14 & 15 ART SUPPLIES • CUSTOM FRAMING 1–611 STEVEN COURT, NEWMARKET (BAYVIEW/MULOCK)

call 905-836-1231







art as a second language






For More Info and Registration

www.newmarketsoccer.com | call 905.836.8761 or visit during office hours at 621 Newpark Blvd www.TheMonthAhead.ca February 2018 | 33

Recipe of the Month


Pork Shoulder Boneless Roast with Asian Caramel Sauce

Ingredients: • 1 (1kg) pork shoulder roast • 2 tbsp (30mL) minced ginger • 2 tbsp (30mL) minced garlic • 1/2 cup (125mL) brown sugar • 1/2 cup (125mL) oyster sauce • 1/2 tsp (1mL) cayenne pepper • 1/2 cup (125mL) water or Shaoxing wine • 1 tbsp (125mL) Chinese 5 spice powder • 2 tbsp (30mL) soy sauce • 1 cup (250mL) chicken broth, vegetable

broth or water

Directions: 1. Slice pork in half and set in slow cooker insert. 2. Mix together remaining ingredients and pour over pork.

Our Photography Contest Winner is Vicki Lowe Parry

A Ski Hill Adventure

3. Cover and cook on low for 8 hours. Cook time may vary depending on the power of your slow cooker. 4. Remove pork and shred using two forks to remove excess fat. Top with remaining sauce and serve. Find more delicious recipes online at dubreton.com. www.newscanada.com

Craft Corner

Edible Valentine’s Marshmallow Pops

By: Carmina Pereira You will need: • marshmallows • white chocolate • sprinkles • paper straws • food coloring • clear plastic bags

This month send us an original photo of

Skating Fun Our contest is open to people of all ages! Win Cineplex Movie Tickets! (2 General Admission Tickets, a Regular Sized Popcorn & Two Drinks). The winning photo will appear in the next issue of The Month Ahead. Email your photo (minimum 1MB file size) to bpianezza@gmail.com no later than February 10th, 2018. Please include your full name, address & phone number. 34 | February 2018 www.TheMonthAhead.ca

What to Do:

1. Cut a small slit in the top of the marshmallows to allow you to insert your straw. 2. Put them in the freezer for about 5-10 minutes. They do not take long to freeze and by doing this, the marshmallow is adhered more securely to the straw. 3. Melt the white chocolate in the microwave on medium heat and stir every 30 seconds. White chocolate burns easier than regular chocolate so watch it closely! Add food coloring if desired. 4. Dip the frozen marshmallows in the white chocolate. Tap the excess white chocolate off. The frozen marshmallow will make the chocolate harden quickly so don’t wait too long before dipping them into the sprinkles.  Let dry. 5. Wrap up pops in individual plastic bags and tie with a pretty ribbon.


Move Up To Any Of These Homes & Have Your Move Up To Any of Home These Homes & Have Your Home




This Sunday


1$,1 3

Open House


Open House 1pm-4pm

Open House Open House Open House This Sat. & Sun. 1-4 pm www.226Denise.com This Sat. & Sun. www.42Haskell.com 1-4 pm This Sat. & Sun. 1-4 pm www.35Copeland.com www.103Hawkes.com

Open House

This Saturday

This Saturday




$1 8,00 ,29 0 9,9 00

1$,0 99, 000


9$19 ,80 0

,90 0

6$89 ,90 0

Open House

$6 75 ,00 0

This Saturday


$1 ,09 6,0 00

This Saturday

FOR SALE Open House

$6 9$9 1,4,00 990

Open House

8$49 ,90 0

$4 32 ,90 0

5$99 ,90 0


1$,0 89, 900



This Sat. & Sun. 1-4 pm

www.386Dowson.com www.416Traviss.com 416 Traviss Dr - Newmarket 226 Denise Circ - Newmarket 42 Haskell Cres - Aurora 35 Copeland Cres - Innisfil 386 Dowson Lp - Newmarket 103 Hawkes Dr - Richmond Hill Green Ln & Leslie St Mulock Dr & Bathurst St Bathurst St & Henderson Dr King St & Queen S Bathurst St & Davis Dr www.107PeakPoint.com Yonge St & Gamble Rd www.69McCurdy.com www.82Centre.com www.92RichardsonCres.com

www.181Meadowhawk.com www.382Orsi.com 181 Meadowhawk Tr - Bradford 382 Orsi Ave - Bradford www.20WilliamRoe909.com 8th Ln & Barrie St Summerlyn Tr & Meadowhawk Tr



Open House


Mt Albert Rd & 9th Ln

Summerlyn Tr & 8th Ln

8th Ln & Holland St W

This Saturday

FOR SALE 1pm-4pm $6 89 ,00 0

$2 ,04 9,9 00


This Saturday

www.891Elgin.com www.14464Woodbine.com 891 Elgin St - Newmarket 14464 Woodbine Ave - Stouffville Leslie St & Davis DrOpen House Vandorf Sdrd & Woodbine Ave

www.896Arnold.com www.597McGregorFarm.com www.342SpruceGrove.com 896 Arnold Cres - Newmarket 597 McGregor Farm Tr - Newmarket 342 Spruce Grove Cres - Newmarket Open Bathurst HouseSt & Davis Dr W House YongeOpen St & Green Ln W Leslie St & Davis Dr

282 Sloss Crt - Newmarket Bathurst St & Davis Dr

5$61 ,50 0

6$90 ,00 0

This Saturday

1pm-4pm FOR SALE

1pm-4pm FOR

Yonge St & Mulock Dr

4 Bedroom Detached * Approx 2600 Sq Ft * Upgraded Thru-Out * Coffered Ceilings * Granite Counters * 9’ Ceilings * Hardwood * 2nd Floor Laundry CALL House HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING! Open House Open

3 Bedroom End Unit Townhouse * Updated Eat-In Kitchen * S/S Appliances * Finished Basement * Hardwood Throughout * CALL HANS FOROpen PRIVATE VIEWING! House

$9 99 ,90 0

7$50 ,00 0

6$48 ,00 0

This Sunday

This Saturday

$6 99 ,90 0


• 4 Bedroom • Over 3000 Sq Ft • On Pie • 3 + 2 Bedroom • 2 Kitchens • Separate Shaped Lot • Upgraded Top To Bottom • Entrance • Walking Distance To Schools, www.282Sloss.com Custom Kitchen • 1 Year New Trails And Shopping

27 Hawtin Lane - Aurora Bayview Ave & Wellington St

82 Rush Rd. - Aurora Bayview Ave & St Johns Sdrd

4 Bedroom Detached * Master W/ 4PC Ensuite & W/I Closet * 2 Car Garage * Finished Basement Open House CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING Open House

8$49 ,90 0

750 Clifford Perry Pl - Newmarket Bathurst St & Green Ln

1$,3 80, 000

9$89 ,90 0

Open House FOR SALE This Sunday


9$49 ,90 0

Yonge St & Mulock Dr

Yonge St & Queensville Sdrd

20 Twiss Dr - Barrie Mapleview Dr & Essa Rd

1pm-4pm FOR SALE

This Sunday


www.126DonaldStewart.com www.108Armitage.com Open House Open Housewww.80Citrine.com Open House Open House www.116Warwick.com www.97McDonnell.com www.71River.com 126Sat. Donald Stewart Cres -1-4 Mountpm Albert 97 McDonnell - Newmarket Citrinepm Ave - Bradford This This & Sun. 1-4 pm108 ArmitageThis Sat. & Sun.801-4 & Sun. ThisCres Sat. & Sun. 1-4 pm Cres - Newmarket - Bradford 71 RiverSat. Dr - Holland Landing 116 Warwick

Beautiful 4 Bedroom 4 Bathroom Home * Family 4 Bedroom Detached * 5 Baths * Custom Kitchen Friendly Neighbourhood * Upgraded Throughout * * Finished Basement * Hardwood Floors * 1 Close To Schools, Parks, Public Transit & Shopping Year New Open House CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE Open House VIEWING! CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING! Open House


Open House

This Saturday

• 3 + 1 Bedroom Bungalow • 4 Bedroom Detached • 4 Baths • 9’ Ceilings • 4 Bedroom • 3 Baths • Partially Fin Basement • 4 Bdrm Detached • 1.5 Years New • Approx 3160 • 4 Bedroom Detached • Premium Corner • 2 Bedroom Detatched Bungalow • Custom Kitchen • Finished Basement • Finished Basement W/ Sauna • Double Car • Patio Stone Outside • Granite Counters • Sq Ft • Upgrades • Premium Lot Facing Park • Lot • 6 Years New • 3 Baths • Professionally • Premium 55’ x 505.75’ Waterfront Lot www.20Twiss.com www.82Rush.com • Fantastic Location Garage • Backs Onto Greenspace Hardwood • D/S Fireplace • Granite Counters www.27Hawtin.com Landscaped Backyard Hardwood Floors • Double Car Garage www.750CliffordPerry.com • Huge Property

This Sunday

7$39 ,00 0

9$49 ,90 0

8$39 ,90 0

8$99 ,90 0

Open House FOR SALE This Saturday

$1 ,05 9,0 00


$6 49 ,90 0

This Saturday


$9 79 ,00 0

Open House

This Saturday


$8 59 ,90 0

www.231Elman.com www.42RidgeGate.com Open House 42 Ridge Gate Cres - Mount Elman 1-4 Cres - pm Newmarket ThisAlbert Sat. &231Sun. York Durham Ln & Doane Rd Yonge St & Green Ln


6$85 ,00 0


8$99 ,90 0


$9 99 ,59 0

$6 59 ,00 0

9$29 ,90 0


9$59 ,90 0

• 4 Bdrm Detached • 2.5 Baths • Upgrades • 4 Bedroom Detached • 3 Years New • 4 + 1 Bedroom Detached • In Woodland • 3 Bedroom Townhouse • 4 Baths • Custom • 3 Bedroom Detached • 3 Baths • Large • 4 + 2 Bedroom Detached • 4 Baths • 3 Bedroom Semi-Detached • Backs Onto • 3 + 1 Bedroom Bungalow • Renovated Top • Fenced In Yard • In-Ground Pool • Fin 107 Peak Blvd• –Thru-out Vaughan 69 McCurdy DrW/O - Tottenham 82 Centre Aurora 92 Richardson Bradford 20Kitchen William Roe Blvd #909 - Newmarket Pie -Shaped Lot • Open Concept • S/S Appl Corner LotCres • Over -3000 Sq Ft Hills • Large Eat-In KitchenPoint W/ S/S Appl • 9’ Ceilings • Breakfast To Yard Kitchen • Renovations • Finished Basement St To Bottom W/ W/O Basement Apartment • Greenspace • Upgraded • Granite BsmntBlvd • Parking For 6 • Backs Onto Greenspace • Large FrontAve Porch • Huge Backyard Holland • FinishedSt Basement Granite Counters Hardwood FloorsKeele • Fin Bsmnt Rec RmPoint St &W/Peak Mill Street & Queen Yonge & 10 •Sideroad • Upgraded • Finished BasementStreet & Mulock • 2nd Floor Family Room St & Wellington Private Yard Dr • Fully Landscaped Counters • S/S Appl • Hardwood Yonge Floors StLarge 4 Bedrooms * Over 3000SqFt * Backing Onto Brand New 4 Bedroom Semi-Detached Home Detached 3+1 Bedroom * Huge 54x181 Ft Lot Detached 3 Bedroom 3 Baths * Upgraded Open 2 Bedroom Condo * 9th Floor * South Facing Ravine * Main Floor Office * Fully Interlocked * Eat-In Kitchen W/ Centre Island & S/S * Custom Renovation Throughout * Finished Concept Kitchen W/ Extended Cabinets * Master W/ 4Pc Balcony W/ Open View * Inc Parking & Locker * Driveway Appls * Hardwood Flrs & 9Ft Ceilings On Main Basement Ensuite & W/I Closet Steps To Yonge St CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING! *  Master Bedroom W/4Pc Ensuite & W/I Closet CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING! CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING! CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING! CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING!

This Sunday

1pm-4pm FOR SALE

www.70Copeland.com www.392Athol.com 70 Copeland Cres - Cookstown 392 Athol St E - Oshawa Open King St E & Ritson Rd S House King St & Hwy 89

www.7Chapman.com 7 Chapman Crt - Aurora Open Bayview AveHouse & Wellington Ave

• 4 + 1 Bedroom Detached • Premium 60’ Frontage Rental Potential • • 31-4 • Renovated 2 + 2 Bedroom • • 3 Bedroom Bedroompm Bungalow • Premium 49’ x 131’ Bedroom •1-4 4 Baths pm • Premium Lot • 3 Baths • Kitchen W/ • 3 + 2 Bdrm Bungalow • This 3 BedroomSat. Townhouse • 3 Baths •1-4 Fully pm • 4 + 1 Bedroom • OverThis $100k InSat. &• 4Sun. & Sun. This Sat. & Sun. 1-4 pm Bungalow • 2 BathsThis Sat.Townhouse & Sun. 1-4 pm ThisW/R/I Sat. & Sun. • Main Floor Family Room W/W/O To Yard • S/S Gorgeous Almost 1 Acre Lot • Located In Prestigious Granite Counters • Fin Bsmnt W/ Theatre Room Renovated Thru-Out • New Kitchen • Caesarstone Lot • Hardwood On Main • W/O Finished • Large Kitchen W/ Centre Island • Hardwood Renovated • New Kitchen W/ Quartz Renovations • Finished Basement W/ Stone Counters • Fin Bsmt W/ Rec Room Vandorf Area • Fin Bsmnt W/ Sep Entrance Basement Floors Thru-Out • 9’ Ceilings On Main • Premium Lot • Thousand Spent On Landscaping Counters • S/S Appl • Good Size Backyard Appl • Finished Basement • Pool Sized Backyard Bedroom • Private Backyard • 2 Tier Deck


8$00 ,00 0

4 Bedroom Detached * All Bedrooms W/ Ensuites Open House * W/O Basement * Double Car Garage

This Saturday



www.47Parnham.com This Saturday

$6 65 ,00 0

$7 99 ,90 0

Open House This Sat. & Sun. 1-4 pm

Open House

Thiswww.17Fitzwilliam.com Sunday This Sunday

Open House

www.16Geddes.com This Sunday

8$58 ,80 0

Open House

Open House This Sat. & Sun. 1-4 pm Open House


www.8940Concession4.com This Sunday

1pm-4pm 1pm-4pm 1pm-4pm 8940 Concession Rd 4 – Uxbridge 17 Fitzwilliam Ave – Richmond Hill 16 Geddes1pm-4pm St – Bradford 1 Sail Cres - Vaughan 47 Parnham1pm-4pm Cres – East Gwillimbury 1pm-4pm Sandford Rd & Concession Rd 4 Yonge St & North Lake Rd Rogers Tr & Vipond Way Jane St & Major Mackenzie Dr Leslie St & Mt Albert rd 3+1 Sidesplit Home * Positioned On Half An Acre! www.358Handley.com Beautiful 4 Bed 3 Bath Detached www.211Savage.com Home * Bright & 2+2 Bedroom Detached Bungalow * 3 Baths * www.35AnchorWoods.com 3 Bed 3 Bath Detached * Custom Kitchen W/ www.130Brookview.com www.660McGregorFarm.com www.49StrawbridgeFarm.com www.12Birdsong.com Detached www.115ArtWest.com * 4 Bedroom * Premium Lot * Inground Surrounded by Million Dollar Homes * Move In Spacious Layout * Extended Landscaped Driveway * 45’ Frontage * Finished Basement * Upgrades Granite Counters * Finished W/O Basement * 2 Pool * Master W/5Pc Ensuite & W/I Closet 49 Strawbridge Hill Lot 35 Anchor Woods - East Gwillimbury 130 Brookview Dr - Bradford 211Location Savage Rd - Newmarket 660 358 Handley Cres -Move-In Newmarket 115 Art West Ave - Newmarket McGregor* 2Farm Tr - Newmarket 12 Birdsong St - Richmond Condition! Ready * Great Throughout Car Garage Car Garage * Corner LotFarm Dr - Aurora Yonge Bayview Ave & Wellington St Bayview Ave & Old Colony Rd Langford Blvd & Holland St W Yonge St & Eagle St Bathurst St & Davis Dr W Yonge St & Mulock Dr Bathurst St & Davis Dr CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING! St & Doane Rd CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING! CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING! CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING! CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING!

This Saturday

This Sunday





This Saturday


This OpenSunday House 1pm-4pm This Sat & Sun

www.42RidgeGate.com 1pm-4pm

$8 70 ,00 0

Open House

This Sunday


www.73Jordanray.com www.20087Bathurst.com www.82Rush.com www.750CliffordPerry.com www.565Priddle.com www.268Sloss.com 946 Green St – Innisfil 53 Wandering Glider Tr - Bradford 42 Ridge Gate Cres – Mt Albert 204 Bennett St - Newmarket 73 Jordanray - Newmarket Summerlyn & 8thStLine Rd & York Durham 82 RushLine Rd - Aurora Bathurst St Blvd & Davis Dr 20087TrBathurst - Holland Landing 20th 750 Clifford Perry Pl - Newmarket RdAlbert - Newmarket 268Side SlossRdCrt&- Killarney NewmarketBeach Rd565 PriddleMt 4 Bedroom * 4 Baths * Over $50k In Upgrades Upgraded Kitchen 4 Bedroom Detached * 4 Baths * 9’ Ceilings Yonge & Mulock Dr * 9’ Assignment Sale * 3 St Bedroom * 3 Baths Bayview Ave & St John’s Sdrd Bathurst St & Hwy 11 Bathurst St4 &Bedroom Green Ln* 4 Baths * Gourmet Bathurst St & Mulock Dr Davis Dr & Bathurst St

• Assignment Sale • 4 Bedroom Detached • Approx 2557 Sq Ft • Hardwood Floors •

Smooth Ceilings • Over $27,000 In Upgrades FOR SALE

Open House This Sat. & Sun. 1-4 pmOpen Open House Open House House

1$,0 49, 900

6$89 ,90 0

$6 95 ,90 0

Open House FOR SALE This Sat. & Sun. 1-4Open pmHouse

Open House

• 3 Bedroom Townhouse • Corner Lot • Maple Hardwood Floors • Beautifully Landscaped W/ Large Patio


8$29 ,90 0

Open House This Sat. Sun. 1-4 pm Open& House


1$,0 15, 000


5$89 ,00 0

Open House FOR SALE This Sat. & Sun. 1-4 pm

Open House

• 4 Bedroom Detached • 3 Baths • Backs Onto • Attention Investors/Renovators • 3 Bdrm Detached • 4 Bedroom Detached • 60’ x 111’ Corner Lot • • 4 Bedroom • 3 Baths • Approx 2800 Sq Ft Ravine • 9’ Ceilings • Hardwood Floors • S/S Bungalow • New Windows & Doors • 112’ Depth • Approx 2900 Sq Ft • Updated Kitchen W/ Quartz • 1 Yr New • Quartz Counters • 9’ Ceilings • Appl • Large Deck • Extensive Landscaping Huge Backyard • Located In Great Neighbourhood Counters • W/O Basement • Renovated Thru-Out Energy Efficient • Upgrades

1$,0 70, 000


$8 65 ,80 0

• 4 Bedroom Executive Detached Home • 10’ Ceilings On Main • Custom Kitchen • Backs Onto Ravine

5$29 ,90 0

1$,0 69, 900

$8 99 ,90 0

• Brand New 4 Bedroom • 3 Baths • 9’ Ceilings • Hardwood Floors

$8 79 ,90 0


Open House This Sat. & Sun. 1-4 pm

www.79Frey.com 79 Frey Crt - Toronto WardenSALE Ave & Lawrence Ave E FOR

• 4 Bedroom Detached • Approx 3300 Sq • 4 Bedroom • 4 Baths • 2nd Floor Family • 3 + 1 Bedroom Bungalow • Premium 43’ x 125’ Lot • Basement W/ Separate Ft • Premium 60’ x 200’ Lot • Custom Eat-In Room • Main Floor Office • Upgraded Entrance • Eat-In Kitchen • Gas Fireplace Kitchen • Smooth Ceilings Kitchen W/ Centre Island • High End S/S Appl

1$,0 99, 900

This Sundaywww.1SailCres.com This Sat & Sun

Open House

• 3 Bedroom End Unit Townhouse • 4 Baths • Finished W/O Basement • Backs Onto Ravine

9$88 ,88 8

Open House

7$29 ,90 0

1$,1 49, 000

Open House This Sat. & Sun. 1-4 pm

• 3 + 1 Bedroom • 4 Baths • Finished Basement • Pie Shaped Lot


86 Ridge Gate Cres – Mt Albert Mt Albert Rd & York Durham Line

9$68 ,80 0

8$99 ,00 0

8$48 ,80 0

$1 ,13 9,9 00

• 2 + 2 Bedroom Detached Bungalow • 3 Baths • 45’ Frontage • Finished Basement • Upgrades Throughout • 2 Car Garage

• 4 Bedroom Detached • 3400 Sq Ft • 9’ Ceilings • Hardwood Floors • 2 Family Rooms

1$,5 96, 600

9$99 ,00 0


www.94Milloy.com www.16Geddes.com www.35Stewart.com www.45Pleasant.com www.214RedMaple.com 94 Milloy Pl - Aurora 16 Geddes St - Bradford 35 Stewart Cres - Bradford 45 Pleasant Ave - East Gwillimbury 214 Red Maple Rd - Richmond Hill Bayview Ave &SALE Wellington Ave E FOR Rogers Tr & Vipond Rd FOR SALE FOR Yonge St & Queensville Sdrd WSALE 8th Ln & Summerlyn Tr 16th Ave & Yonge St

Open House This Sat. & Sun. 1-4 pm

Open House

10 Harvest Hills Blvd - Newmarket Bathurst St & Green Ln

$1 ,09 9,9 00

$1 ,04 5,9 00

• 4 Bedroom • 1 Year New • 9’ Ceilings • Hardwood Floors • S/S Appl & Granite Counters • Upgr16 geades

www.61Milby.com 61 Milby Cres - Bradford SALEDr Holland StFOR & Melbourne


89 McCurdy Dr - Tottenham Mill Street & Queen Street

1$,1 90, 000


www.30VivianCreek.com 30 Vivian Creek Rd - Mt Albert York Durham Ln & Mt Albert Rd


7 Rosegarden Cres - Richmond Hill Yonge St & Coons Rd

4 Bedroom Detached * 3 Car Garage* 1/3 Acre * Upgraded Open 4+1 Bedroom Detached * 4 Baths * Over 2500 BrandHouse New 4 Bedroom Semi-Detached Home * Open House Open House Kitchen * Hardwood Floors * Main Flr Family Room * Gas Premium Pool Size 206 Ft Lot * Hardwood Flrs & Sq Ft * 9’ Smooth Ceilings * Fin Bsmt W/ Sep This Moulding Sunday* Finished Basement This ThisW/4Pc Sunday Fireplace * Crown Entrance * 2nd Flr Laundry 9Ft Sunday Ceilings On Main * Master Bedroom 1pm-4pm 1pm-4pm 1pm-4pm Ensuite & W/I Closet * 2nd Floor Laundry CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING! CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING! CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING!

Semi-Detached * 3 Bedroom * 4 Baths * Fin W/O Basement Apartment W/ Sep Entrance * Full This Saturday Kitchen & 4Pc Bathroom * Open House



8$49 ,90 0


7$99 ,90 0

9$28 ,00 0

1$.0 49, 900


347 Coachwhip Trail - Newmarket Bathurst St & Davis Dr

This Sunday


This This Saturday Saturday

1pm-4pm 1pm-4pm


www.19FordWilson.com www.10HarvestHills.com 16 Mercury Ave – Keswick Hwy & Ravenshoe Rd Hills Blvd - Newmarket 19 Ford Wilson Blvd404 - Newmarket 10 Harvest 5 Bathurst BedroomStDetached 9' Ceilings & Davis DrExecutive Home *Green Ln W & Bathurst St

Appliances * 9’ •Ceilings * Hardwood * Marble * Quartz Counters * Master * Finished * Double Car• MasterCeilings * S/S Appls * 2nd• 4Floor * Approx SqFt * Main Floor Office Laundry• 4* Baths • Over 2500 Sq • 3 Bedroom Detached BathsLaundry • 4 Bedroom Detached W/ 4PC On Main • 3 Bedroom End 2900 Unit Townhouse • 3 Baths Your Dream Home • Premium 53’ x 825’* S/S • 4 + 1&Bedroom • 4 Bedroom • 5 Baths • CustomBacksplash Kitchen • Build 3 Bedroom Townhouse • FullyBasement Renovated •W/ •Sauna • 4 Bedroom Detached Family Room W/ Gas • Floors W/ Soaker * Upgraded Light Fixtures Greenspace * Open Concept GasConcept Fireplace * Beautiful Finished Basement • 1.5 Car Garage & W/I Closet • 2 Car Garage • Very Bright • Open • Kitchen W/ FtLayout On Over 1 Acre • Backs Onto Greenspace • Fireplace • Hardwood On Main • 9’ Ceilings Finished Basement • NewGarage • 9’ Smooth Ceilings • Fin Basement W/ • Finished Basement • Hardwood FloorsTub Lot Kitchen *• Backs S/S ApplOntoEnsuite CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING! CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING! CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING! CALL HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING! HANS FOR PRIVATE VIEWING! • Finished Basement PantryCALL • 2nd Floor Laundry Building Permit For 4000 Sq Ft Easily Obtained Separate Entrance • 2nd Floor Laundry • 1 Year New • Quartz Counters • Upgraded Thru-Out • California Shutters • W/O Basement

HomeLife’s 1 GTA Real Estate Team!

HomeLife’s #1 #GTA Real Estate Team! Servicing Areas of Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, North Richmond Hill & King+ Servicing Areas of Newmarket, Aurora, Bradford, King, Oak Ridges & Richmond Hill

Anna MICHAEL Michael SOLMAZ Solmaz ANNA SHIRAZI* HAKIMI* >> * >> Hakimi Shirazi>> DOLZHYKOV Dolzhykov

Sorin Maria Shiva CHRIS Nina Chris Naveed Leili OlaNINA Jeannine Irina MYLES Ilona MILAD Deanna Myles Milad Sam Mitra ANNA Claudine ELHAM Anna Elham Sima Ladan MARIA SORIN Melroy MELROY SamaNINA IrwinIRWIN Faith FAITH Yaro >>YARO LEILI OLA JEANNINE SHOAIB Nina IRINAShoaibDEANNA SAM RAMAN LINDA Raman MARIA LindaSUYAN Maria MITRASuyan CLAUDINE LADAN SHAYAN MARYAM Maryam SAM >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> * >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >>BIRYUKOV* >> TAJKARIMIAN* >> >> >> >> * KAGAN* Finatan FINATAN* COELHO* BONAKDAR* RAHIMI* >> ANANIEVA LABELLE* HAKEMI* KHAIT* MALHOTRA* DEMERJI* WANG* BERANGE* TALATI* >> HAJIAN EHSANI KAZYMYRSKIY* MAREJNEJAD ZARETCHNEV* HAU* MOLASALEHI *Molasalehi Kazymyrskiy NandaNANDA* Coelho DarvishDARVISH* Kagan* Shirazi GorjianfarMIRZAJANI* Bonakdar>>Mirzajani Khan>> Rahimi Ananieva Labelle Hakemi>>NASR* Khait>>MANDELL* Marejnejad Fishbein>>AHMADIAN* Nasr>> GHAMSARI* Mandell>> Ahmadian Ghamsari Malhotra Demerji TajikPOOR* Talati Zaretchnev Wang>>SIMONEBerang Simone Biryukov Tajkarimian


Realty Inc., Brokerage **

Newmarket & Bradford Aurora, Richmond Hill & GTA

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