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Spotlight December 2013

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President’s Thoughts Gifts




It’s all happening at The Montgomery!


The Gift of God’s Word

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Gift Ideas

Hand painted signs Fairtrade chocolate


If a name means anything

Holy Socks

Art for the Soul

Card games

Christian Cross Stitch Kits


The Christian Gift Company




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The gift of a child


WANTED - Minutes Secretary for The Montgomery quarterly trustees meetings. midweek at 6.30pm


A festival of creativity

Arts Alive 2014


0114 272 0455

Are you a creative or performing artist? Showcase your work at The Montgomery! Our annual Arts and Craft Festival returns as the new and improved Arts Alive! An exhibition on the theme of ‘journeys’ at our city centre venue throughout July and August. For details on how YOU can take part visit


Book Choice There is nothing better than giving or receiving a gift.. Below is a small selection of ideas to wet your appetite. Simple Gifts Kevin Scully 9781841018515 £7.99

The Dark Chapters Series Various Authors £6.00

One Thousand Gifts Ann Voskamp 9780310321910 £10.99


The Gift Bringer Val Hawthorne 9781848670037 £14.99

Touch Points For Women 9781414320205 £8.99

Plush Kitty Book Cover 9780310519805 £14.99

Chronicles of Narnia Gift Book C.S. Lewis 9780007241897 £50.00


VeggieTales plush Bible Cover 9780310806455 £12.99

The Bible Promise Book For Teens Gift Edition Flexibind 9781616263591 £6.49 Love Dare Day By Day 9781433680359 £19.99

My Hopes And Prayers For You As You Graduate 9780310806929 £12.25


Creative Crafters Card Craft workshop

New Opening Hours for 2014 for the Reception & Resource Centre at The Montgomery Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm

The Mile of Coins Collection is growing!

1/3 of a mile is now complete!


The Importance of The Message, the Giver of the Message and the Receiver of the Message.

  

The receiver of the message is the most important.


The Message is most important St Peter Preaching

The one delivering the message is most important


Christian Resources at The Montgomery DVD library with a variety of Christian DVDs freely available for loan to partners of The Montgomery

Resources for sale

Resources for hire

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Diary Dates December 2013 4th-21st





8th 11th


14th January 2014 15th


18th – 25th





Beginning January 2014

February 2014 5th 7th


Winter/Spring Season at The Montgomery December The Producers

SHU Drama

January Mother Goose


Wales Methodist Pantomime Players

Handsworth & Hallam Theatre Company

February Dance Show

Middlewood Dance & Theatre School

March Musical

Girlguiding Sheffield

Hungarian Classical Music & Folk Song

Budapest Gypsy Orchestra

Please note that disabled access is not yet available 25

Winter/Spring Season at The Montgomery (continued) March (continued) Wizard of Oz

Westbourne School

April Merry Widow Operetta

Dore Gilbert & Sullivan Society

April / May Footloose

Southey Musical Theatre Company

June Mack & Mabel

Handsworth & Hallam Theatre Company

Please note that disabled access is not yet available


Spotlight is produced by The Montgomery, an operating name of Montgomery Arts & Christian Centre Sheffield Ltd, a non profit making company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales No. 07963026. Charity No. 1148489. For more information about our activities or resources please call into or telephone us at the Resource Centre in reception on the first floor of The Montgomery. Our opening times are 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday. Articles for the next edition of Spotlight need to be in by Tuesday 18th February 2014

Please note disabled access is not yet available at The Montgomery

The Montgomery Surrey Street Sheffield S1 2LG 0114 272 0455

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