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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Buono Gets Scandal-ous

From Jest To Arrest

MSU To Visit Obama

Ethan Fria News Editor

A “prank” was taken too far on Saturday night when a student was approached from behind by two freshmen, one of whom held an unidentified object against the back of the victim’s neck while the other searched his pockets, according to a campus-wide email sent by the University police department. Gerhard Patterson, 18, of Shamong, and Benjamin Izlar, 18, of Asbury Park, have been charged with criminal attempt and robbery. They were served a warrant, arrested, processed and released after making bail, according to Lieutenant Kieran Barrett.. The suspects were arrested on Sunday around 3 p.m. and their first court appearance took place on Tuesday night in Little Falls Municipal Court.. In such matters, University Police reserve the right to press charges on the suspects. Lt. Barrett denoted the case as out of the ordinary. “This is an unusual case in the sense that we rarely see people joking about serious offenses. The victim in this case feared imminent danger and it is certainly not a laughing matter or a joke,” said Lt. Barrett. Because the victim spoke to the suspects after they tried to rob him/her, the identification of the suspects was easily obtainable. After the email was sent out, the police confirmed several sources in regards to the identity of the suspects. The suspects themselves later showed up at the station and turned themselves in. Students around the campus were astonished at hearing the news—that astonishment bordered on amusement once the details were released. Nevertheless, it is no laughing matter, Barrett says. “This is a crime—it is not for us to interpret intention. You can’t just say ‘just kidding’ when it comes to a defense of crime.” Jest continued on Page 5.

Catherine Mack Contributing Writer

Buono reaches out into the crowd at her rally.

Ethan Fria News Editor State Senator Barbara Buono brought some celebrity flair to her campaign when she brought actress Kerry Washington to Montclair State for one of her political rallies on Sunday. With the gubernatorial elections only eight weeks away, this rally was key in garnering support for the progressive platform that Buono and her running mate, Milli Silva, who is also Washington’s cousin, represent. Tom Giblin, an assemblyman representing New Jersey’s 34th District, was

in attendance. His opening speech gave full support to Buono’s campaign before welcoming to the school Kerry Washington, the Emmy-nominated star from the ABC drama Scandal. Hoots and hollers of Olivia Pope—the lead character of Scandal—were heard from the crowd as Washington took the podium. She attacked Christie on his policies regarding education, pro-choice and equal marriage, among other hot topics. Many New Jersey residents were skeptical as to why Washington was com-

of their member initiation, also known as the pledging process, and have been taking part in for many years. The reorganization has eliminated the practices of social probation, or students being prohibited from speaking to people outside of their organization, wearing uniforms in a workplace on campus and marching on campus. Students pledging Greek organizations are expected to “act appropriately for relevant activities in the

Barack Obama has been committed to encouraging interfaith cooperation and community service since his inauguration. He has noticed that many social changes originate on college campuses. Encouraging individual students and organizations to be a part of this campaign, he began the Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge as an annual conference to promote the ideal of people of all faiths working together to better the community. The religious organizations on campus are taking a trip to Washington, D.C. for this conference. Specific delegates from each of the interfaith organizations on campus alongside different faculty members were chosen to attend. This trip is a unique opportunity to interact with experts and officials who are committed to community service within interfaith organizations. The event is designed to aid both campuses trying to get interfaith organizations started and those with longstanding organizations. The event is designed to celebrate the work currently occurring on campuses as well as providing students with opportunities to develop skills in interfaith cooperation and community service that will carry on throughout their lives. The participants will be able to tell stories about what they are doing on their campuses, learn about how to run their organizations more smoothly and celebrate ongoing work so they will be ready to return to campus, inspired to take the president’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus challenge to a higher level. Weaam Ali, a delegate from the Muslim Students Association, said, “I am really excited and just don’t know what to expect. I did not suspect that I was ever going be chosen to attend this event,

Greek continued on Page 5.

Faith continued on Page 5.

The Montclarion | Jordan Manglona

menting on how the state was being run even though she was born in New York and lives in California. The top comment on a article about the event said, “Hey Kerry, go back to LA and stay out of our business.” Students in attendance were of a different persuasion. Abigail Charles, a psychology major, said, “I think [Washington] did a good job connecting to everyone in the audience. The fact that she’s a celebrity allowed for more people to Rally continued on Page 5.

It’s Not Greek To Me

Greek organizations participating in the Greek Fair.

Kelly Potts Staff Writer Greek Life will be undergoing many huge changes during this semester. These changes include putting restraints on many things that are part of each organization’s initiation process and suspending pledging for the Fall 2013 semester to try and give Greeks an opportunity to develop their process, values and academics. In a letter sent to faculty and staff at the beginning of this semester, Dr. Karen

Pennington stated, “Toward the close of the 2012-2013 academic year, a group of University administrators gathered to discuss the state of the Greek (fraternity and sorority) community.” At this meeting, many changes to the system were made after administrators closely assessed the processes and rituals that Greek organizations have their new members go through each semester. The changes include removal or tweaking to many things that Greek organizations consider part

The Montclarion | Lynka Tanaka

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People You Should Know at MSU

Girls Who Love Football

An Assault To Comedy

The Drama of The Emmy Awards

Is The Big Apple Big Enough?

A list of mustknow contacts for any MSU student, transfer, freshman and returning ones alike.

The art of the pratical joke is an art that has never died.

Could the most glorified franchise in all of baseball be potentially taking a back seat to their city rivals in the upcoming future?


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Pelican Police Report

On Sept. 5

Brian Vaughan, 18, from Morganville, N.J., was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for urinating into a bush while waiting for a shuttle bus at the New Jersey Transit bus stop. Vaughan is schedule to appear in Little Falls Municipal Court.

On Sept. 6 A male student reported that his cell phone was stolen in Lot 24. This matter is under investigation. (near building #55)

On Sept. 7

On Sept. 2

A male staff worker reported bias graffiti painted on the garbage room wall on the fifth floor of Fenwick Hall. This matter is under investigation. (building #63)

A vehicle on the 6th level of the New Jersey Transit Deck was burglarized. This matter is under investigation.(building #61)

On Sept. 8 Three female students reported that their money was stolen from their rooms in Bohn Hall. This matter is under investigation. (building #47)

Anyone who has information regarding these incidents is urged to call the police station from any campus phone at T-I-P-S (8477). All calls are strictly confidential.



Jonatas Ferreira Assistant News Editor

Local • Montclair art advocate Joan Finn died on Friday, Sept. 6, at the age of 82. Finn was an editor at The Montclair Times, where she produced a weekly column on the art scene of Montclair. She had played an influential part in bringing the artistic community together during her work. Her death came one week after her retirement. •AshBritt Inc., a disaster recovery contractor, is set to repay $300,000 in overcharges to the state of New Jersey it had charged for the cleanup of superstorm Sandy. The company had been chosen by the Christie Administration for cleanup purposes. •Rahway mayor Rick Proctor resigned on Tuesday, Sept. 10. Proctor had been found guilty in municipal court for soliciting a parking lot donation from a Birdsall engineering representative. City council president Samson Steinman will be sworn in as a temporary mayor until the city council chooses a new permanent mayor. •Senator Robert Menendez has asked the Federal Department of Justice to award the city of Newark funds to allow the city to hire more police after 10 people were killed during a 10-day period.

All information compiled from CNN, NPR and North

National •Police confirmed on Tuesday that the infant remains found in a garage of a Toledo, Ohio home were the remains of Elaina Steinfurth. The 18-month old had not been seen since June 2. •Centre College, a liberal arts school that was to receive a $225 million endorsement to set up a scholarship program, ended discussions regarding the program. The money has been withdrawn. •An Amtrak train struck a tractor-trailer in Mississippi on Tuesday. Six people were injured. •Amir Hekmati, a 29-year-old former U.S marine who has been jailed in Iran since 2011, sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry saying that his confession was made under duress. Hekmati claims he has been subjected to prolonged periods of solitary confinement and miserable prison conditions. •A couple put a new spin on the phrase “taking the plunge.” A Montana woman faced charges of second-degree murder in court on Monday. She pushed her husband off a cliff in July.

International •President Obama addressed the nation on Tuesday, stating that the White House will delay a vote in Congress that would allow the United States to use military force against Syria in response to the discovery that chemical weapons have been used againt Syrian citizens. Obama states that the government would pursue diplomacy while keeping a military response as an option. •The four men in India accused of raping a 23-year-old woman were convicted of all charges on Tuesday. The woman died two weeks after the incident. It remains to be seen whether or not any of the men will receive the death penalty. Family members of the victim have called for the death penalty. •North Korea and South Korea are set to open the jointly held Kaesong industrial zone next week. The two governments agreed to reopen the industrial park, which serves as a symbol of cooperation between the North and South five months after it had been shut down due to tension between the two countries. •A new Vincent van Gogh painting has been discovered and will be presented at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The painting, titled “Sunset at Montmajour,” has been confirmed after extensive research.


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Continued from page 1 become aware of the issues.” Washington recognized this doubt and addressed it in her speech, saying, “I grew up right across the river and I care very deeply about all Americans.” “

“It’s been four years and Christie has failed this state...Let’s take back New Jersey.”

-Barbara Buono

I’m not coming to the table as a celebrity,” Washington explained, “I’m coming to the table as someone who recognized that people fought for my rights.” However, she did list her accolades as an actress. Washington went on to explain how Silva became a role model for her back in middle school when she started an initiative for minority women. Silva hit all the same beats as Washington did, attacking Christie on each one. She pointed to the statistic that women make only 76¢ to every man’s dollar. She highlighted the cuts that were being made to the Planned Parenthood organization’s funding as well as the poor funding that education was receiving under his rule. “It’s time we stand up for all the progressives in New Jersey,” she began. “It’s been four years and Christie has failed this state, but now we have the opportunity to turn that around


Continued from page 1

in the classroom, on campus, in the residence halls and in the workplace,” as stated in the letter from Pennington. Another change is that freshmen will no longer be able to pledge a fraternity or sorority during their first semester, allowing them more time to transition into the college atmosphere. They will still be allowed to attend recruitment events during their first semester, but will not be able to accept a bid or pledge a fraternity or sorority until their second semester here at Montclair. Michael Yim, president of national fraternity Theta Xi, believes that this moratorium on Greek life has its advantages and disadvantages, but one change that he believes hurts the Greek community is the ban on tabling. The forbiddance of tabling, or Greek organizations having their letters displayed on a table anywhere on campus is now in place because students and faculty felt unwelcome in these places and felt as though Greek organizations took over these areas, especially the Student Center cafeteria. Kim Safara, a junior, says “I know it means a lot to all Greeks that they

and we’ll do that on Nov. 5.” She went on to describe how Christie was creating an unbalanced state of affairs in New Jersey, saying he caters to the upper class while turning his back on the working middle class. “Christie can have Cake Boss, I have The Gladiator,” Buono said as she took the podium, referencing the epithet that Washington’s character uses in the show. She echoed many of the same statements that Silva and Washington made, attacking Christie on education, civil rights, unemployment and property taxes. She said that Christie has created a culture where “the rich pay less than their fair share—a culture that is run by corporations.” She added by saying Christie was the “poster boy” for this type of government. Buono tapped into her working class roots, saying that she relied on the government grants, loans and having a job available to get through college. “I know what it is like to stand on the edge of that fiscal abyss,” Buono said. She claimed that the social safety net was not a crutch for the lazy but a helpful hand for those who have suffered the injustices of society, saying, “All people need is a chance.” Buono ended her speech by reiterating her point of Christie’s unfair class structure, “This is a state of working men and women. Let’s take back New Jersey.” The 2013 New Jersey gubernatorial elections will take place on Election Day, Nov. 5. Registered students will be able to vote on campus in the multi-purpose room of Machuga, which will now have polling booths in them for all elections.

keep their traditions and I don’t think it’s fair that they have to change them.” “Since I’ve become part of Greek Life at MSU, tables in the Student Center were one of the largest ways to introduce, interact and create a bond with brothers and sisters in and outside your organization,” said Yim. Olivia Snyder, the secretary of Sigma Delta Tau, had her views. “As a member of executive board, I really got to see first hand the changes and reasons for them, and although many people are upset about various aspects of the changes, I believe that, overall, it is going to benefit all of Greek Life.” As stated in Pennington’s letter, fraternities and sororities will have the chance to sign up for a table in the Student Center during the first week of recruitment each semester to showcase and give information about their organization. Yim stated that although it is hard to see Greek Life change so drastically, he is “confident that we will solidify as a community, continue to serve the community and make Montclair State a better place.”

Sign supporting the new greek guidelines. The Montclarion | Lynka Tanaka

The Montclarion •September 12, 2013 • PAGE 5


Continued from page 1

Salma Hasson in the Center for Faith and Spirituality office, located in Room 112 of the Student Center Annex.

so I do feel very privileged.” “The Muslim Students Association has been the greatest outlet for me on campus and serving this organization has given me valuable experience and memories that I will forever cherish and appreciate,” said Ali. “Thus, there were many ups and downs in the MSA, from being part of and winners of the campus’ annual World Fair to hosting a comedy night in response to attacking bigotry that the MSA had to face from the

graffiti incident last year.” Rachel Druker, a delegate from Hillel, the Jewish Student Union, said, “As the president of Hillel, I am proud of our club, but I am also extremely proud to be a part of a university and campus where we are able to have such events in an open and accepting environment. It really shows our school’s positive attitude and our stance on diversity.” This seems like a unique and exciting opportunity for those attending. Most

The Montclarion | Lynka Tanaka

can be sure they will learn a lot from this conference. Those interested in joining the Faith and Spirituality council are encouraged to contact Esmilda Abreu-Hornbostel, head chair of the council. For more information in regards to the council and its events, visit the Council for Faith and Spirituality’s webpage at montclair. edu. Interested parties can visit the club’s office, located in Room 112 in the Student Center Annex.


Continued from page 1

The road between Machuga and the Rec Center where the incident took place.

Students were ultimately dubious that the act was ever a prank to begin with. “This so-called prank isn’t a prank at all. It’s the kind of middle-school excuse you use when you get caught throwing someone’s shoes on the roof,” said Aidan Bell, a senior English major. Barrett assures this is an isolated incident and that police are ever vigilant when it comes to the safety of anyone on campus, especially near the residential facilities. He offers a piece of advice for those who think that these types of pranks are fun and inconsequential. “I would strongly urge anyone who thinks that jeopardizing the safety of them or others rethink what it means to be an adult and part of a civil

community. This incident could have ended very differently had police been summoned or the victim taken matters into his own hands.” Barrett encourages anyone who sees these types of incidents to report to the police immediately. In addition he applauds the victims discernment in the matter: disregarding the suspects claims that it was a

The Montclarion | Jonatas Ferreira

joke and reporting the incident directly to campus police. To contact the police on campus, call 973-655-5222 in case of an emergency. Look for the red phone boxes with the blue light above them that are scattered around campus. The phone goes straight to the police department for your convenience.

PAGE 6 • September 12, 2013 • The Montclarion



The Montclarion • September 12, 2013 • PAGE 7

Five DIY Beauty Products

Camila Malvar de Souza Contributing Writer

Whether you’re a male or a female, beauty products are an essential part of our daily routine. However, there are a plethora of products that contain harmful chemicals which may cause health implications. Why not use a few things found in your own kitchen? These beauty fixes are cost-effective and, most importantly, give you the comfort of knowing exactly what you’re putting onto your skin. To maintain a healthy glow, beautiful hair or a bright smile, here are five options that won’t break the bank or negatively affect your health.


Olive O

Honey Honey work For the s wonderfully on any b skin typ cause it est results, u se raw is the r honey b e. ichest in helps re edu n conditio ce the appear utrients. Hone an y ns removin your hair and ce of acne scar s g impu d , is in fect rit leave h oney on ies from the s s zits by kin. If y ac minute ou s, you w ne for approx imately ill notic 3 e 0 how anti-irr itant it strong of an is.

For turizer. oil is o m t excellen a virgin olive il is an pure extr Olive o d is the ults, us n s e a r d t e s s e the b proces you con it isn’t hether e skin, because of olive oil. W onto th as a ly m t r c o e f est it dir se it or apply rence. U ent, or sume it otice the diffe atm ln calp tre a manis a , t you wil n before lubrica shaving n your cuticles as a makeup o it nto a apply it can even use drops o u w o e f Y . a e g r cu plyin r by ap ton ball. remove cot om

Cucumbers Not only are cucumbers delicious, but they also have beautifying components. Apply cucumber juice around your eyes or rub a cucumber around your eyes to gradually fade dark under eye circles. The ascorbic acid of cucumbers also helps reduce eye puffiness. If you aren’t fond of your freckles or acne scars, brighten your skin by applying cucumber juice onto your face for about 15 minutes and then wash it off with water. Cucumber juice also helps soothe sunburn.

Lemons From all of the products found in your kitchen, lemons have the most beauty benefits. Lemons can be used as a toner for oily skin because it is a natural astringent. Because of this, lemons will also help get rid of blackheads. Lemons will also fade age spots, lighten your nails and whiten teeth. If you’d like to lighten your hair naturally apply lemon juice onto your hair and sit out in the sun.

Photo courtesy of:



Photo courtesy of:

rt oto cou

Photo co




ww.f esy of:w

of: www




Sugar Sugar can be used as an exfoliator, which would not only moisturize the skin but also protect it from toxins and restore the balance of the skin’s natural oils. Aside from exfoliating the skin, sugar be applied before a lip balm to make your lips look and feel soft while preventing or moisturizing chapped lips. Sugar waxing is also beneficial because of how slow the hair grows back, how much finer the hair becomes and the sugar paste’s less painfulness than regular waxing.

Girls Who Love Football? Samantha Shane

It’s that time again— football season! Although football is typically perceived as a male sport, there are many women who also love football season. According to ESPN, 43 percent of women make up the National Football League audience. But while some women are happy football is finally here after waiting months for its return, others simply dread the sport. Women have either learned to inherit their team loyalty from their families or their significant others. Some women just pretend to like the sport for their men and hope that they never notice. Whatever you feel about the sport, the season is here. A few lovely ladies around campus shared how their love of

football was born. Nicole Couto, a sophomore, grew to love football from her family. Her influence stemmed from her brothers. “I truly believe that my passion for football—and sports in general—can be attributed to my two older brothers. I grew up always following them around, wishing to be like them. I learned so much about the sport and loved it, even at a young age.” It is amazing how influential family can truly be. Other lovely ladies found their love of football because of their boyfriends, including Kaitlyn Lenahan, a sophomore. “If it wasn’t for my boyfriend, then I wouldn’t watch it for any reason other than the Super Bowl, as well as knowing what is going on in the games,” said Lenahan. Football is most definitely

a bonding experience for Lenahan. and her boyfriend and for other ladies like her. Others sit next to their man every time their favorite team is playing and it always seems like the longest four hours of their life. These girls who pretend to like football for their boyfriend have a long road of football games ahead of them. “I pretend to like football for my boyfriend only because I love seeing him so happy,” one student proclaimed. “Even though I hate it, I love spending time with him.” Her reasons are valid and many other girls do the same thing. The question comes down to this: would you pretend to enjoy football for your boyfriend? Well ladies, whether you like it or not, the Super Bowl is only 146 days away with plenty of games until then.

Have a story idea? Want to see your name in the paper? EMAIL MSUFEATURE@GMAIL.COM

Photo courtesy of: Photo courtesy of:

Contributing Writer

PAGE 8 • September 12, 2013 • The Montclarion


It’s Tailgate Time Staying Healthy During Football Season Alexis Fissinger Staff Writer

Come September, most people are welcoming fall with open arms as the crisp breeze signals the beginning of everyone’s favorite season: football season. Of course, with all good football games comes good food, and lots of it. However, the food that tastes good doesn’t mean it’s all good for you. Avoid Tailgate Traps: Where I come from, football fans are just as serious about their tailgating as they are about the game. In fact, the 2013 Weber Grill Watch survey revealed that at least 57 percent of Americans have attended a tailgate party in the past 12 months without even going into the game. Unfortunately, tailgate food is usually pretty standard: burgers, dogs, chili, chips and dips. As you can imagine, healthy alternatives are not easily accepted. So how do you find that happy medium that satisfies both the traditional flavor of tailgate food and the health content of a guilt-free meal?

Photo courtesy of:

Burg e turke rs and d ogs: y, ve ggie T or sp ry lean m i c e y bla Chil ck be ats and v whic i: Make m a egeta n bur h use e g a e t l r s chu e s and rian optio nks o ss chili o ns lik turke r try f whi e Dips y h t o t h t e me : Cho e new d o g a s ose g . t chic fatty uaca ken i “white ch d a i m r n ili” tr y repla o stead end, ce so -based di le and sa o f g ps. F ur cr r l s o a u nd be more or cr eam ef. more with fat- eamy an often tha d f n r p s e rotei Safe n. Th e Greek even-laye cheesy an ty: D yogu e o for m taste n rt for r dip fan d ore t ot leave i s s, ident less f han t cooke ter! B i a c t w a d urge and l. rs an o hours a or cold f oods d dog nd al ou ways s sho uld b reme t of the r e coo ked t mber the efrigerato o at l therm r east o m e 160° F (71 °C).

Finger Food Frenzy: For those of us who prefer football parties and the warmth of watching a game in front of the TV, we know that the savory dishes and finger foods are half of the fun.

Chicken wings: There is no reason to nix them

altogether. Just bake them instead of frying them in oil. Try a turkey taco bar. It’s a fun, grill-free way to host a game day party with the limited resources of a college dorm or apartment.

Kebabs: These are my favorite go-to for just

about anything that requires fun finger foods. There are so many different ways to make these healthy snacks on a stick, all while impressing your guests. The old saying is true: we eat with our eyes first. 1. Load lots of vegetables onto your sticks with a few chunks of chicken or shrimp andof:pop them on Photo courtesy the grill. If you are adventurous, experiment with different spices and herbs. 2. A great miniature kabob can include mini mozzarella balls, grape tomatoes and fresh basil leaves. Not your typical game day food, but delicious and satisfying nonetheless. 3. Try fruit kabobs as a fun way to incorporate fruit into an afternoon of snacking.

Photo courtesy of:

General tips and tricks for game day: -Before you head out, be sure to have a pre-game/tailgate snack. A healthy mix of protein and fiber will prevent you from overeating at the main event, likely saving you hundreds of calories for the day. -Change up the old chips-and-dip routine with vegetables and hummus. Vegetables such as bell peppers, carrots and celery provide that crunch you crave and will fill you up with less fat, calories and sodium and more vitamins, minerals and fiber. -Remember your lower-fat snacks like pretzels, baked chips and low-fat popcorn. Better yet, make your own pita chips and impress your company with a snack they’ve never had before! This one is all your own. All you need is some whole-wheat pita bread that can be found in any grocery store, a little bit of olive oil and any herbs and spices that you like. -Prepare a plate instead of mindlessly munching from bowls of snacks or buffet items. With your mind on the game or the company of others, eating becomes automatic instead of intentional.


The Montclarion • September 12, 2013 •


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The Montclarion • September 12, 2013 •PAGE 11

The Weekly Debate How do you feel about female football fans? He Said

He Said

Once again, the National Football League and NCAA Division I FBS have overtaken everything else on sports media coverage. George Carlin had a memorable act where he compared football to baseball, citing football as an overhyped, barbarian spectacle. It kind of is. After all, NFL games are played in almost any form of inclement weather. Each player is almost superhuman from their strength and there’s an injury in every game. Lately, there have been reports about women showing a growing appreciation for the gridiron. The NFL, which is a billiondollar organization, began a more aggressive marketing campaign for the practically non-

existent feminine side of football. One would think women would stay away from a sport that would vaguely involve them at all. That’s never been that case as long as I have been around. Though I came from a baseball family, the New York Giants are the only thing both sides of my family could agree upon. The biggest fan I know is my aunt, who can scream some disconcerting things at the opposing team on TV. However, the stereotype we focus on is the perceived watching of football in general. There are guys who will glue themselves to the television just for the excuse of either avoiding work or for cheering on the run-

As a lifelong sports fan, it is really annoying to see the rise of female sports fans. Now before all the female readers develop a mob mentality, I am all for women partaking in and loving sports. However, I am completely opposed to the majority of female sports “fans” that put on a jersey like they put on makeup and scream like a horde of Justin Bieber fans just to prove to their boyfriends that they like “Tom Hardy, I mean, Brady” for his arm and not his chin. Out of all of my female friends, only one is a legitimate “fan.” I can talk to her about almost any sport and player and she will have

ning back assigned to their fantasy football team, even though the player could be on team the fan hates. These two reasons could be why there’s a perceived stereotype of women thinking of football unfavorably. I seriously think the difference between male and female football fans is indistinguishable. Women probably enjoy football because of the aforementioned velocities of the sport. Maybe it could also be the large variety of ripped, strong men on the team. Maybe some think the often lessbuilt quarterback is a cutie. Maybe they just like to see guys beat the snot out of each other. In reality, I’m pretty sure the loyalty

her own argument based on her own views. Sadly, I’ve also had plenty of female friends ask, “Wait… who has the ball?” while watching a hockey game. Ladies, I’m not here to offend or upset. I’m here to offer advice. If you have a boyfriend that is a big sports fan, learn the basics of the sport. It really isn’t that hard. Watch ESPN for a whole 20 minutes or sit down and just search “Basics of (Insert Sport Here).” Us men can spot a fake sports fan from a mile away. The only people you’re fooling when you wear your Yankees jersey to a New York Gi-

women have to football is comparable to any male-oriented sport they’re a fan of. In fact, I think NHL fans of both genders are more intimidating than even the most extremist football fan. Besides all of the NFL merchandising, I think a contributing factor to the rise of female fanaticism in football is fantasy leagues. There are some women who vaguely understand the sport and join a fantasy league under the recommendation of a friend or boyfriend. On most occasions, the most oblivious takes a player the website recommended, and lo and behold, they get a rush of adrenaline

ants game is yourself. Nobody is going to be jealous of how cute the two of you are. Every other person there will be secretly judging you in between drives. I’m not saying to go to the NFL Hall of Fame. All I want you to do is know barely enough that, when a penalty is called, you can either cheer or boo within half a second of the whistle being blown. Everyone around you, including your boyfriend, will be that much happier to know that you actually went out of your way to learn about something that is important to

knowing LeSean McCoy just somehow beat the top-ranked team in the league by scoring more than enough points on week four. Football may not involve women whatsoever, but the fact that women lust over the homoeroticism of the players and get excited for these games makes it more comforting they would gladly watch the games with us vegetable men on Sunday. It makes the man less discouraged in return.

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him. Now, you may be thinking, “But it’s so complicated. Why can’t I keep up?” Have no fear. Let’s be honest with each other: if you can recite backwards the cast of the most recent The Challenge: Rivals, recite who slept with whom and who got eliminated when and which season of The Real World and Road Rules each person is from, you can sure as hell remember the starting lineup for a sports team. I’ll even make it easy for you. Memorize the offense

of a football team. It’s only 11 players. Every other sport is less than that. To those who have made it this far, I would like to thank you for listening and say that I hope my harsh but honest words have left a mark. Also, please pass on this knowledge to those that stopped after the Bieber example. I have faith in all of you. It is my duty as a sports fan and human being to welcome you to the world of sports.

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Bianca Morales

Contributing Writer Every college student knows that education is esteemed in today’s society. In fact, we’re all striving for the same thing: success. For some people, success might be that pretty, white picket fence, the perfect spouse, two children, Max the golden retriever and a hot, red sports car. For those who hate clichés, success may be just a nine-tofive job. Let’s face it. That’s extremely hard to find after graduation. In March 2011, for the first time ever, more than 30 percent of U.S. adults 25 and older had at least a Bachelor’s degree. However, more than 40 percent of these college graduates are unemployed. So how exactly do we land the dream job after we receive the ever anticipated proof that comes on fancy, thick paper with majestic writing? Could the coined phrase “It’s not what you know, but who you know” hold some truth?

Six Degrees of Separation: The road to success Could all of our hard work, the blood, sweat and tears all are in vain? I don’t believe so, but who you know can make all the difference. This concept seems so un-

fair. Just think of that one actor or actress, that one musician or reality star who has it all. Do you ever just sit baffled and wonder, “Why?” It’s perfectly okay if you have because they probably do lack the

talent behind their million-dollar salary. They probably just know somebody who knows somebody who also knows somebody and reached out to somebody else who helped them get to where

Photo courtesy of:

they’re at now. You can’t really blame them for that. A huge factor in becoming successful could be networking and it could make all the difference in landing that dream job. Most people have heard of Stanley Milgram’s “Six Degrees of Separation” theory: the idea that everyone in the world is separated from everyone else by six links. More than likely, someone you meet along the way can help you advance your path to success. If they can’t, then they probably know somebody who can. A word of advice: Don’t just take down notes, take down numbers. Don’t be afraid to tell people exactly what you want to do. Chances are people will remember you by what you want and what you’re specifically good at. There are a lot of placements and job openings. Employers are simply trying to figure out where people best fit. Know your strengths and know your weaknesses. Study and practice; it makes perfect. Most importantly, speak up! Get talking to people. Chances are they know someone.

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Aries March 21 - April 19

Libra September 23 - October 22

Everyone needs a break from their usual routine and this is a good time to try something new. If you have a day off, you might spend it doing something you like. Buy some new clothes or maybe go see a film. Any little change can turn out to be for the better.

Doubt often represents a time to wait and find out whether this concern is based on anything solid. Such uncertainty is likely to be more relevant if it occurs to someone who rarely encounters such doubts. As you weigh your options, remember there is nothing wrong with being a little audacious.

Taurus April 20 - May 20

Scorpio October 23 - November 21

Gemini May 21 - June 20

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

Cancer June 21 - July 22

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

Leo July 23 - August 22

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

Virgo August 23 - September 22

Pisces February 19 - March 20

Life is full of making decisions. We can either choose to find something to enjoy or something to resent. Although sometimes we hide the way we feel about certain decisions we’ve made, remember that more than one choice exists for every decision. You have the power to determine which one is best for you.

Someone or something will confront you with what appears to be an awkward truth. If such were to happen, it would be wise to keep your cool. Reality bites but it does open up a door to new opportunities.

Sometimes being good natured and tolerant can be mistaken for being a total pushover. This may be, considering your problems haven’t gotten solved and your circumstances haven’t improved, because you have accepted what you possibly should have rejected.

We often make biased decisions because we live in such a competitive world. For example, we may think that the more expensive item or the person with a privileged background is more superior. Be cautious and really consider the questionable decisions you’ve made. Although suits, uniforms and outfits are designed to represent one’s “image,” you will learn that there are certain dress codes that represent the person you’ve become. It is certainly something to keep in mind when questioning who you are as a person.

We elect lawmakers whether we vote them in or out of power. To do so, we rely on our own knowledge and instincts. Sadly, the same thing does not apply to latest fads, as we cannot determine who says what is in and what is out in terms of the latest fashion and technology. Ignore the trends and stick to your best judgment.

We may hate upsetting others, but we surely don’t like the fact that we have to let things slide from time to time. Some of us question whether tolerance is key to maintaining a good character or whether we should be more like those who don’t care and brazenly carry an obnoxious attitude. As your social life booms, your professional and academic one busts. Do not let friends, family or romantic partners come in the way of your own personal matters; even if this means passing up a party, a dinner or a date. Finding the right balance of work and play can be difficult but it is possible. The pace will quicken and your ability to multi-task will become more of a necessity. Although it is a good time for enjoying studies and learning, you may feel a little lazy when it comes to serious topics or tasks that require a lot of brainpower. Others might question you since you have been getting noticed for what you have and haven’t done. Stay positive and express your intentions in order to give them the full and accurate picture to show that you are not taking credit for the actions of others.

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Help Wanted Are you a college student experienced in child care and looking for a stable income while pursuing your degree? Becoming a Nanny can provide fulfillment and still allow the time to pursue outside endeavors. Contact Kelley at Perfect Fit Nanny Placement Agency:

or call 862-485-5111. After school care for a 5 year old in Cedar Grove, starting in September 2013. Five days a week, but would consider 2-3 days. Contact

or call 973-615-7371.

Seeking sitter for well-behaved 14 year old twins, MondayFriday, 4-8 p.m. Safe driving (our car) and dinner preparation needed. Please call Eve at 973-699-0829.

Email for more information and details

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An Assault To Comedy Question of the Week What do you think about videos of pranks posted on the Internet? Nicole Chacon Psychology Junior “As long as it’s not malicious, I think it’s okay if it’s in good fun for everyone. If it’s hurtful to someone, then I think it’s not cool.” Megan Catanzaro Sociology/ Communications Senior “I think they’re funny, but I feel like everyone should be in on it after they post it, so it’s not a shock because it can be super embarrassing and not fair to that person. But, I mean, if everyone’s in on it, and it’s all fun and games, I think that’s okay.” Luke Drazdik Justice Studies Sophomore “I honestly think Internet pranks are hilarious, and every time I see one, it’s something different. I also think it’s funny when people try to remake them and try to make them more original than the first one. They’re always a good time to watch and it’s always a good laugh, especially on Vine.” Dana Samko Student Affairs Graduate Student “I think pranks that are posted on the Internet can be harmless, but they can also be very aggressive and demeaning, so I think it depends on the prank and on the people involved. If somebody has a really open personality and they get pranked, I think it’s a lot better than if you’re pranking somebody who’s more closed-off.” Nick Weber Business Senior "I think Internet pranks can be awesome. I like to joke all the time, myself. I think if you can pull it off and make it believable, more power to you." Nesma Youssef Biology Freshman “Yes, it’s funny, but it has an advantage and a disadvantage. It has a good use when we use it in the correct way, so it’s gonna help us, but if we use it in a bad way, it goes against us. I really think [Internet pranks] have an advantage and disadvantage.”


Vicky Leta | The Montclarion

he art of the practical joke is an art that has never died since the beginning of time. Many of us have participated in our fair share of pranking. Some of us have taken a joke too far once or twice, but attempted robbery is on a completely different level. Last Saturday evening, many spectators witnessed a supposed “prank gone wrong,” when two freshmen males grabbed hold of and patted down a fellow student only to then claim that it was a “joke.” It could be said that Montclair State University is starting off on an exceptionally well note. A prank can be defined as something found humorous by others. Some classic examples include putting a whoopee cushion under someone’s chair or suspending a bucket of water over a door.

A prank is usually something that was planned and hopefully delivered some sort of comical effect for spectators. These two freshmen males weren’t “joking” or “punking” this student. They had attempted to rob him, plain and simple. Thinking that they could get away with claiming it was a joke, someone would have to be dense enough to believe that story. To be fair, the students did turn themselves in and probably avoided a huge lawsuit by the student, but what was their motive in the first place? Clearly, comedy isn’t their strong suit if that’s what they were aiming for. Ironically, robbery is another thing these students are terrible at. Honestly, do you think you could get away with assaulting a student in front of the Recreation Center? Also, both students were identifiable and could have been reported right on the spot. Thinking this “robbery” was going to go over well is

like thinking the parking situation will improve on campus. It was a moment of false hope. However, this is one of the most comical stories we’ve ever heard of. It’s impossible to grasp the shear thought process of these two young men and their motives. I do give credit where credit is due. If it was through fear or a realization of what they’ve done wrong, the robbers did turn themselves in and will probably not receive too harsh a punishment. With this one situation, should our opinion of the freshmen class change? Should our hope for these new college students lessen? We were taught that we shouldn’t let the foolishness of one identify and justify the thoughts of many. Although many of you will be scoffing and muttering about these irresponsible freshmen, it is important to remember that these are only two freshmen, the ones who shouldn’t have the honor of

representing the entire freshman class. We can still hope for better things from these college students, that they will make good future students at MSU and will be the future voices of our clubs. We as upperclassmen pass down our legacy to these people. Of course, passing any sort of responsibility to those two jokers is out of the question, but we can’t hold this one incident over the entire freshman class. There shouldn’t be any bias over one incident on campus. Although a ridiculous story, there can always be some comedy found in stupidity. We also hope that the victim of the assault is alright. Who knows? Maybe we can all find this situation comical.

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Opinion The Pen Is Mightier Than The Mouse

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The values of good old-fashioned schoolwork in the Internet age


h e Internet is full of wonderful merits including kristen bryfogle resourcasst. opinion es highly editor valuable to college students. There are dozens of sites which provide public domain works, saving college students from buying expensive textbooks, and the Sprague Library has access to many fantastic databases which attribute to nearly every field of study at Montclair State University. Even simple informational YouTube videos which give vibrant demonstrations of scientific functions can make learning about bonds, formulas and structures that much easier. But in the ease of access which the Internet

provides, are students losing some of their own work ethic? Don’t get me wrong. The Internet is great. I use it all the time for my schoolwork as well as a way to unwind after class. However, I also think that there is a certain advantage to old-fashioned studying which can provide a greater outcome to the overall process of obtaining knowledge and experience in our chosen fields: the supposed goal of a college education. For example, in my own studies, I’ve found that I often have bought into the Internet too much. As a Classics major, many of my classes require me to do lengthy translations of ancient Latin texts, and the Internet makes this sometimes daunting task a little more manageable. Resources like Perseus Digital Library, funded by Tufts University, are a great resource when stuck on a tricky word. Not only does it give you the definition of the word, but

it gives you all the syntactical information of the word. It’s essentially doing all the work for you. While this can be a godsend when you just can’t figure out a word, I have often fallen into the trap of not bothering to actually try to figure out the word myself. It turns into simply typing words into dictionary sites to get through a translation with minimal effort required. It took me a while to realize that this convenience was not doing me any favors. Rather than having to carefully consider every word and where it fits in a sentence, I was simply looking at an answer key and not retaining any of the definitions or translation skills I developed by struggling through a translation on my own. Now, I try not to use websites like the Perseus site unless I am really stuck on something. In the long run, practicing my Latin skills by making mistakes and having to fix them teaches me more

than a speedy definition and parsing. Over the summer, I found many incoming students falling into the same rut of the convenience of the Internet. In helping to answer questions in the Class of 2017 Facebook page, I saw many posts about the “common read” book, The Devil’s Highway. More than once, I saw posts made by new students specifically asking their peers to highlight parts of the book, which would help them complete their essay. Optimistically, I could say these new students may have just been asking for help on their essays, but I have my doubts. Some may have been hopeful to find a friendly student who wouldn’t mind highlighting the important parts of the book so they could cut corners and only have to read sections of The Devil’s Highway which were relevant to the required essay. My advice to both new and

returning students who find the convenience and accessibility of the Internet is to reconsider the value of that kind of learning. Are you really learning anything when you look up a novel on Sparknotes, or are you just doing enough to get by? Is that the kind of attitude with which you want to complete your college education? In my experience, it does take more time to do the work yourself, but the rewards are at least tenfold. The Internet is useful and so easy and quick that sometimes it seems like the only logical resource to use on a tough assignment. However, a new year is a time to start anew and change old habits. Maybe it’s time to close your laptop, take out your pen and use your brain rather than the almighty Google.

Kristen Bryfogle, an English/Classics major, is in her second year as Assistant Opinion Editor for The Montclarion.

The Dark Knight Rises Again Ben Affleck not the hero fans need, but the hero they deserve


here is a lot of hype for the upcoming Batman/ Superarianny pilarte m a n movie. columnist Recently, the Internet nearly had a meltdown when it was announced that Ben Affleck would be the new Caped Crusader. It says a lot about the way these comic book film adaptions have changed the standards of cinema forever. Geek culture is not what it once was. The biggest rivalry in comics is not Batman vs. the Joker or Spider-Man vs. the Green Goblin. It’s Marvel versus DC,

and Marvel is a juggernaut (pun very much intended) in comparison with DC. With the exception of the Dark Knight trilogy, DC doesn’t have any other film in this era that have made quite the significant impact critically or in the box office. The recent Man of Steel comes pretty close, but it was received a little too lukewarmly for that. If you look at the releases for the past 13 years, DC has had a movie based on a major comic book hero released once a year since 2004. On the Marvel side, they have had 28 movies based on their characters in theaters since 2000, starting with XMen. That sometimes means they can have up to three movies in one year. By and large, this blows DC’s box office gross out of the water.

The real reason DC films have largely, especially in the wake of Batman, been a failure is the lack of continuity. Marvel movies follow the comic book tradition of a shared universe. Characters and references from previous movies often show up in other ones. Fans are given things to look forward to, such as postcredit scenes that will drop cliffhangers for the next film, like fan favorites Phil Coulson and Nick Fury. Stan Lee brings applause every time. All of these things led to the culmination of The Avengers, which became the thirdhighest grossing movie of all time and quite literally the biggest superhero movie seen thus far. In contrast, DC does not have that. Each movie is like

an island unto itself. The cities of Metropolis and Gotham do not seem to exist near each other. It is the complete opposite of the excellent animated universe DC created in the 1990s, spearheaded by producer Bruce Timm, whose art deco style is instantly recognizable. Is it any wonder that Christopher Nolan, the one constant the DC movies has, is responsible for one of the highest grossing trilogies of all time? Batman is clearly America’s favorite superhero thanks to his gritty and realistic approach to the universe, but while the Bat broods in his cave, Iron Man and company are having a much bigger and better party. It is obvious superhero movies aren’t going anywhere

anytime soon as long as they keep making bank. Some of us are weary of the constant onslaught of films while some of us are waiting what seems like forever for a Wonder Woman movie. Still, I have hope that this Batman/Superman collaboration will be a huge success and make millions of dollars all over the world. That definitely won’t be a problem. I even think Ben Affleck will be a very good Batman. Hopefully, this will finally be the collaboration that brings the DC universe together and give Marvel a reason to look over its shoulder.

Arianny Pilarte, an English major, is in her third year as a columnist for The Montclarion.

X Equals Mass Confusion Complications within a freshman math lab


e can all say that we have our weaknesses and strengths. Carmen Montalvo Some columnist people do well in writing and others do well in math. Unfortunately, math is a hard concept for some people to grasp. It’s a good thing that I’m not alone. Since I lack basic algebra skills, I am required to take a prerequisite class by the name of MATH-100. As a student, the requirements are to bring a notebook, a pencil and a $120 access code for the course.

Upon entering the room on the first day, it was filled with computers and teachers roaming around waiting for confused students to ask those specific general questions. Everyone was wondering who the teacher was and how the class was going to function. It turns out this class is unlike any lecture class. There is not a teacher lecturing or writing on a chalkboard. All of the lessons and examples are online, which makes the whole purpose of attending class inconvenient. I realized the course can be categorized as an online course. Our homework and assessments are online as well. When we attend class, we have an hour to complete whatever we

can and finish the rest in our time, which is fair, but why does it matter that we go to a designated room at a designated time? We are adults now. We are responsible in completing the course in our own time than wasting time in a room. They stress the importance of attendance and how you need to sign in the math lab room for a quiz or test meet up every other Wednesday to talk about homework problems that we were having trouble with online. These group meetings can benefit us, yet it can backfire at the same time. There is still the possibility that more questions will be left unanswered or the confusion will still remain.

Completing the assignments online at a certain time and date, which isn’t much of a challenge for some people. However, the online assignments can be quite frustrating, the computer has a mind of its own and if the answer isn’t in the proper format or simplified, it is automatically wrong. There are only three attempts in getting the answer right, but if it is still wrong, changes cannot be made. This leads to making the percentage in your homework lower. For some individuals, this can be a bit terrifying but for others, this can make it easier on studying since they know what they need to practice in their spare time. Whatever happened to

practice problems on the board and getting involved in class? This class can be looked at in two ways: an inconvenience or a reality check. We are now in college and we have the pressure on us to do well in class. Even though this math class can seem annoying and in the way, it has its purpose- to help us in the long run. Maybe this class is a reality check, to make us more independent. We now need to pay attention and actually read and do examples on our own instead of expecting teachers to give us the answers.

Carmen Montalvo, a Biology major, is in her first year as a columnist for The Montclarion.

Opinion The Domino Effect Should the United States stick its nose into the Syrian War?

The Montclarion • September 12, 2013 • PAGE 17


ome h o w , s o m e way, the United States is now fully emkenneth macri broiled columnist in the Syrian civil war. Bashar alAssad, the callous dictator of Syria who inherited the presidency from his father in 2000, operates the country to the equivalent of how a mafia don operates his assembly of criminals. Assad leads the Baath Party, a socialist movement, which penetrates almost every facet of public existence in Syria and flaunts its antigovernment exhibitions. The demand for democratic reform has led to Syrian protestors flooding the streets, calling for

the eradication of Assad and his malicious regime. As a result, Assad and his military have kidnapped, tortured and shot protestors, which led to the formation of civilian rebel forcing and the ongoing civil war sequentially. The Syrian government has allegedly used chemical weapons on civilians, which has prompted international involvement. Russia, having very strong ties with Assad’s regime, has disallowed the U.N. Security Council from permitting foreign intervention in Syria without their sanction. Russian president Vladimir Putin has stated:“While the Syrian army is on the offensive, saying that it is the Syrian government that used chemical weapons is utter nonsense.” Of course, these allegations stem largely from Americans. On Sept. 5, at the G-20 sum-

mit in St. Petersburg, Russia, Obama played the role of a used-car salesman, advocating for a military strike against the Syrian government to the unconvinced politicians present and abroad. In reality, Obama was never under the assumption that Putin would embrace his call for foreign military action. Obama’s fading optimism was silhouetted when he said, “We’ve kind of hit a wall,” even before he arrived at the summit. He was referring to the lack of cooperation from the countries still uncommitted to the plan of military action, including Japan and, of course, Russia. Putin said, “It was unpleasant and surprising for me. We talk to them; we proceed from the assumption that they are decent people. But he is lying and knows he is lying. It’s sad.” This was referring to

the United States and Secretary of State John Kerry. Nine countries are on board with the plan, including the stern enemy of Assad: Saudi Arabia and the NATO allies of France, Turkey and Poland. While the reasons for military action against Assad’s regime are readily apparent, there are valid arguments for why the U.S. should reduce its involvement in this calamitous civil war. Many allies of the United States look at our country as if we are their big brother. We step in when they are getting pushed around, and 99 percent of the time, we tame the bully and continue patting ourselves on the back for a job well done. If the United States chooses to do so, they can easily tame Assad’s personal regime via our potent military and advanced weaponry. It would be like the Yankees playing

against a high school baseball team. Of course, there are aftereffects and consequences to every action. This would only enrage Assad, causing him to look to his allies for aid, resulting in more warfare. U.S. military action could easily turn the Syrian civil war into a larger, widespread regional war. It would end one war and create a larger one. U.S. intervention may set off a chain reaction, crippling the Middle East in time. So leave it to the United States to make global headlines about how we are making a devastating civil war worse than it already was. Try not to mention igniting the fire under our already unstable relationship with Vladimir Putin and Russia.

Kenneth Macri, an English major, is in his third year as a columnist for The Montclarion.

Gaming Done in Two Dimensions Nintendo receives backlash for the 2DS handheld console


ast month, Nintendo announced their new handheld gaming monika bujas opinion editor s y s t e m , the 2DS. In the distance, many Nintendo fanboys and girls shrieked, throwing hissy fits over the odd design and the “stupid” concept of having a system that played 3DS games in 2D. Many believed that Nintendo was dishing out their April Fools prank a few months too early or were just confused over the entire concept. I would like to point out that if you already have a 3DS, you do not have to feel obligated to buy this system. It is basically a tablet-esque 3DS. In this case, 3DS owners

complaining about the 2DS is nonsense. It’s funny how people complain that no one will buy this particular product because it’s a less-advanced 3DS, even though people are willing to dish out money for a 3DS XL. Even in the past, Nintendo had constantly added different DS models on the market, ranging from the original to the DSi, which removed the option for people to play previous Game Boy games. Going back to the 3DS XL, which possesses larger screens, the XL does have a nicer display. The XL also has nice little perks like bigger buttons, better functioning start, home, and select buttons and is better on battery power. A certain someone who would classify themselves as a “true gamer” would put in the extra money for an XL. Even I have spent a pretty penny on a special edition Fire Emblem Awakening 3DS, but not everyone is so involved with

their systems as I may be. People may argue that this system is a downgrade, which it is, but keep in mind: the 2DS has a lot to offer. Someone who has not purchased a 3DS would probably be interested in getting a 2DS in its place. One good thing about the 2DS is that it has all the same functions as a 3DS, with the exception of a 3D screen. It still allows you to surf the internet as well as play DS and 3DS games. The 2DS is also going to be less expensive than the 3DS, so for those who do not have a 3DS and don’t care to spend the money on one, the 2DS should fill that void. Considering Pokémon X and Y will be released soon along with the new Super Smash Bros. game sometime in 2014, this system will be a good opportunity for people to play these games while spending less money on a 3DS system. Also, think about the target-

ed audience. The promotional trailer for the 2DS shows a child playing Mario Kart 7 on his new 2DS. The design was originally created for children, as the 3D feature was removed for younger children due to its health risks, including vision problems and nausea. Although you can have the option to turn off the 3D on a 3DS, it is nice to have a system with the 3D removed so that parents won’t have to worry about their child potentially damage their eyes. The design is more like a tablet, but a lot bulkier than any iPad. The bigger and thicker 2DS is ideal for children because it stands a better chance against damages than a regular 3DS. Also, considering the release date for the 2DS is the same day as the Pokémon X and Y games, there is no doubt that Nintendo intentionally wanted to target this product towards children.

Concerning Editorials and Columns

I personally enjoy its design especially for the younger generation. It almost gives me a sense of nostalgia because it reminds me of the original Game Boy, with the exception of the two screens. Let’s face it: those things were like Nokia phones, practically indestructible. There is even an original Game Boy that survived the Gulf War on display at Nintendo World in New York. I think that the 2DS is meant not to look like a downgrade for the 3DS but an upgrade from the once great Game Boy. Just like our infatuation with the original Game Boy, the 2DS will bring future gamers into the world of gaming. Someday, they will feel nostalgic about playing their first games on a 2DS.

Monika Bujas, a Communications major, is in her second year as the Opinion Editor for The Montclarion.

Main editorials appear on the first page of the Opinion section. They are unsigned articles that represent the opinion of the editorial board on a particular issue. Columns are written by individuals and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Montclarion staff.


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Eats flies. Dates a pig. Hollywood star.


Arts & Entertainment




Leading the resurgence into indie pop, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart captivated minds and ears of the most discerning listeners with their romantic and angst-driven lyrics combined with chorus laden guitars and grooving beats. With tracks such as “Heart in Your Heartbreak,” fans continue to have sound tracks for their lives. - Jonathan Molina


Sensational, impeccable, fantastic—these are just a few words to describe Goulding’s new album. Songs like “I Know You Care” will put you into a trance with its beautiful melodies. I get the feeling Ellie will not be a one hit wonder. She is just starting out, as anything can happen with her career. - Victoria Nelli

VAMPIRE WEEKEND MODERN VAMPIRES OF THE CITY If you’re looking for some intellectual pop, look no further than Modern Vampires of the City. I’ve been listening to this album on and off since it was released and I just keep coming back to it. This album has numerous references to religion and culture and evokes many questions about beliefs. - Brianna Terry


Selling sex to younger girls seems to be Miley’s perogative. Giving a completely distorted idea of what being an adult is and what partying is all about, We Can’t Stop probably has one of the worst messages on the radio right now. Admittedly, the title track is ridiculously catchy. One just has to remember to zone out the meaning of the words. - Kristin Rossi



Neko Case has always been feisty, determined and raw on each release. This one is no exception. Case does not let the loss of her grandmother and both her parents stop her from rocking out and making an art out of depression. Recommended tracks are “Man” and “I’m From Nowhere.” - Christine Byczkiewicz

The Montclarion • September 12, 2013 • PAGE 19

TYPE O NEGATIVE DEAD AGAIN Dead Again is a doom-metal, Catholic cult classic. Regret, depression and religion are underlying themes, giving Dead Again personality. “September Sun,” touches on the relationship troubles of the band’s lead singer, Peter Steele, and the struggles of letting go. Controversial among the band’s followers, Dead Again is a hit or miss album. - Veronica Schneider

PASSENGER ALL THE LITTLE LIGHTS Passenger has the perfect mellow voice that can keep you smiling for hours. With tracks like “Let Her Go” and “The Wrong Direction,” you will fall deeply in love with this British soulful singer. His career is young, but he is definitely one to watch.

- Victoria Nelli


“Play like your mother just died.” With motivation like that from George Clinton, Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain contains the prototypical soul that artists for the past 40 years have been searching for. With songs such as “Can You Get to That” being sampled in genrebending songs, Funkadelic remains a classic which needs to be heard. - Jonathan Molina



Theadora LeCour Asst. A&E Editor

“Supercut of Walter White yelling at Jesse Pinkman” We all know that on Breaking Bad, Walter White yells at Jesse Pinkman a bit. But it really takes the watching of this video to be overwhelmed by the comedic effect it truly has on the show. The title pretty much sums it up, but the viewer is startled (in a good way) at how much of Walter and Jesse’s relationship is captured in the not-so-tiny moments when they argue with each other. A little sentimental now that the end is so near, this video takes Breaking Bad fans back a bit into the nostalgia-filled early days of what is now a certified AMC hit.

“Cat Test Crash” In 54 seconds of nail-biting suspense, the viewers of “Cat Test Crash” are thrown into the paralyzing effects of cute kittens and the climax of an action-thriller. A world where one gets genuinely confused about whether to feel scared or fuzzy, “Cat Test Crash” is worth the time. There is no dialogue, only cuts to Russian title screens. I don’t think any animals were harmed in the making of this video.

“Aidan Dwyer: Better Solar Designs” If you don’t feel unaccomplished for your age already, then I invite you to look up Aidan Dwyer on YouTube. The 13-year-old has designed a more efficient model for solar panels by studying the Fibonacci sequence. Starting out by simply observing the growth pattern of trees, the natural formation most effective at absorbing sunlight, Dwyer is now giving lectures to grown adults. His ideas for the future of solar energy are pretty impressive and will definitely give you a little more faith in the pre-teens of our day. Swallow a little pride and watch this teenager teach you about science.

PAGE 20 • September 12, 2013 • The Montclarion

Arts & Entertainment

The Drama of the Emmy Awards

Handicapping the Drama Category Favorites For This Year’s Emmys Kenneth Macri Staff Writer Best Drama Series

Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

The nominees: • Breaking Bad (AMC) • Downton Abbey (PBS) • Game of Thrones (HBO)

• Homeland (Showtime) • House of Cards (Netflix) • Mad Men (AMC)

The fact that Breaking Bad has never won an Emmy for Best Drama series thus far over its four-season span makes it a clear frontrunner for the win. The only thing I could foresee preventing a Breaking Bad win is if voters decide to wait until next year after the second part of its final season finishes airing. Homeland won this award last year. Mad Men is a four-time winner in this category, but both shows had subpar seasons, therefore I can’t see a repeat with either. One freshman show to watch in this category is House of Cards, which airs on Netflix. The fact that this show is as good as it is without airing on television, coupled with the fact that it’s based on a tense political context, may intrigue voters.

The nominees: • • • • • •

Bobby Cannavale, Boardwalk Empire Jonathan Banks, Breaking Bad Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad Jim Carter, Downton Abbey Peter Dinklage, Game of Thrones Mandy Patinkin, Homeland This category is a tough one to predict, as there are three strong nominees who could each take home the Emmy. There is no doubt in my mind that Peter Dinklage will come up short and Bobby Cannavale should be lucky he is representing a severely slumping Boardwalk Empire this year. Jim Carter is nominated again for Downton Abbey. Don’t ask me why. It is a show dominated by strong, female driven characters, so Carter’s nomination came as a surprise. The favorites (and deservingly so) are last year’s winner Aaron Paul and newcomer Jonathan Banks. In my view, they equally deserve the award, with my slight personal advantage going to Banks. Although these two may split votes since they both represent Breaking Bad. The other contender is Mandy Patinkin, who was shockingly left out of the Homeland-dominated Emmys last year, and even though the show wasn’t as strong this time around, some Emmy voters may want to make up for last year’s undeserved omission.

The Favorites: • Breaking Bad • House of Cards

The Favorites: • Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad • Mandy Patinkin, Homeland

Walt deals with a load of money.

photo courtesy of

Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series The nominees: • Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad • Hugh Bonneville, Downton Abbey • Damian Lewis, Homeland

• Kevin Spacey, House of Cards • Jon Hamm, Mad Men • Jeff Daniels, The Newsroom

Bobby Cannavale in character.

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series The nominees: • Anna Gunn, Breaking Bad • Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey • Emilia Clarke, Game of Thrones • Christine Baranski, The Good Wife • Morena Baccarin, Homeland • Christina Hendricks, Mad Men

The previous winner, Damian Lewis, will have a tough time repeating due to his show’s lackluster year. I see this as a two-horse race between Bryan Cranston and Kevin Spacey. Cranston is the safe bet, being a three-time winner in this category already and also due to the fact that Breaking Bad is the most critically acclaimed show on the air right now. However, Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey in a showy role as a corrupt politician could provide Cranston with some stiff competition. The Favorites: • Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad • Kevin Spacey, House of Cards Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series The nominees: • Vera Farmiga, Bates Motel • Michelle Dockery, Downton Abbey • Claire Danes, Homeland • Robin Wright, House of Cards • Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men • Connie Britton, Nashville • Kerry Washington, Scandal There are two first-time nominees in this category that will definitely draw votes: Vera Farmiga and Kerry Washington. While I personally believe Farmiga should win for her brilliant work on Bates Motel, the fact that the show airs on A&E and went under the radar in every other category hurts her chances. Last year’s winner, Claire Danes, is still the slight favorite, but like Damian Lewis, I feel she will lose some votes due to Homeland’s slight decline since season one. Kerry Washington is the one to watch, because even though Scandal didn’t light up the critics’ radar on ABC, her performance carried the show the entire season. The Favorites: • Kerry Washington, Scandal • Claire Danes, Homeland

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

Christine Baranski and Morena Baccarin have no shot at winning whatsoever. I say if they by some miracle they do win, they should simply do away with the Emmys altogether. Christina Hendricks was much stronger on Mad Men last year and didn’t win when she was favored, so this year, she is a long shot, unless of course they want to make it up to her as they may with Mandy Patinkin. It’s nice to finally see Emilia Clarke in this category for her portrayal as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, but she won’t be stepping up to the microphone. The favorites are clearly Anna Gunn and Maggie Smith. Smith won last year, but if Anna Gunn shows the Emmy voters the Breaking Bad episode “Fifty-One,” which sees Gunn in one of the strongest female roles all year in any medium, she is sure to hear her name called.

The Favorites: • Anna Gunn, Breaking Bad • Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey

*The Primetime Emmys will be live Sept. 22 at 8 p.m. on CBS.


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Arts & Entertainment

The Montclarion • September 12, 2013 • PAGE 23

Breaking News: You Should Be Watching The Newsroom Victoria Nelli Staff Writer

Seven minutes and 55 seconds—that’s all it took for Aaron Sorkin to completely hook an audience and engulf us with his impeccable writing and cinematography on the HBO masterpiece, The Newsroom. The show is led by an all-star cast who are each individually brilliant for their roles. The cast consists of Emily Mortimer, Dev Patel, Sam Waterston, Olivia Munn, Alison Pill, John Gallagher Jr., Thomas Sadoski and Jeff Daniels. This remarkable show is set inside the New York news studio of Atlantis Cable News, a fictional network focusing on breaking world news. Season two is well underway and is jam-packed with suspense. Missing one episode this season is as big a “no” as it was during Lost’s final season. Every episode has a new problem and a new scandal. The main point this season up for discussion is how the team at ACN is facing a high profile lawsuit due to two infractions that took place during this season. The majority of this season so far has been seen through flashbacks and cuts to the present during meetings with ACN’s lawyers. Sarin gas is the topic of one controversy this season, which is the result of one of the network’s producers, Jerry Dantana. Dantana lied about an

Photo courtesy of

The Newsroom is out in the wild.

interview he conducted with a U.S. soldier and manipulated his words into admitting the U.S. used sarin gas when the soldier said the complete opposite in reality. Not only is Dantana’s job on the line, but also the integrity of the show is up in the air and the nation’s trust in “News Night with Will McAvoy” is gone. The other controversy this season was the casualty during the trip to Africa. During a trip to Africa, Maggie Jordan and Gary Cooper were documenting a small village

when a group of radicals bombarded the village and shot an innocent child. The episode featured a distraught and mentally unstable Jordan explaining her side of the story to the lawyers while going in and out of flashbacks through the horrific shooting sequence. The show not only features political drama but also world news and a dark twisted sense of humor, much like all of Sorkin’s projects. Sorkin also created The West Wing, along with writing the screenplays for the films The Social Net-

work and Moneyball. It seems everything Sorkin touches turns to gold, or should I say “Oscar” or “Emmy.” Sorkin is one of the most brilliant writers in the business and the fact that he writes the scripts for The Newsroom is the reason they are the impeccable works they are. Overall, this season of The Newsroom has been interesting. It’s incredible to see the characters go on such an emotional journey, and to see the toll it takes on them is incredible.

To me, The Newsroom is, hands down, one of the strongest shows on television. It not only has phenomenal actors who can portray an emotion the scene requires with ease, but the writing is just plain brilliant. The cinematography is beautiful and, overall, the show just flows very, very well. The Newsroom just got renewed for a third season, and I am sure this will not be its last renewal.

PAGE 24 • September 12, 2013 • The Montclarion


Is the Big Apple Big Enough? Corey Aron Staff Writer

Could the most glorified franchise in all of baseball be potentially taking a back seat to their city rivals in the upcoming future? For the New York Mets, David Wright seems to be the only core offensive player for some time now. Some people can argue that second baseman Daniel Murphy, who ranks just short of being in the top ten in National League hits, has also solidified a longterm spot on this team. The Mets are also banking on their highly-touted catcher Travis d’Arnaud to prove that acquiring him for last year’s Cy Young-award winner R.A. Dickey will pay off big dividends for them in the long run. Aside from these three players, their lineup will need some serious readjustments this offseason. “We’ve got some money to spend,” said general manager Sandy Alderson to Mike Francesa on WFAN. “I wasn’t planning on spending a lot of it on starting pitching because of the depth that we currently have at the major league level and in the minor league system.” Alderson has already gone on record that the team would bring in key free agents. It remains to be seen whether the Wilpons will end up putting their money where their mouth is. As most of us know, they desperately need a shortstop as well as two of the corner outfield positions. Considering Johan Santana and that regrettable signing of Jason

Bay are finally off the books, maybe they could sign guys like Stephen Drew and outfielders Hunter Pence and Nelson Cruz to help bolster that lineup. It’s also important to mention that the new face of New York, pitching phenom Matt Harvey, gave this team the type of news that, if it hasn’t already, is giving Mets fans nightmares. He has partially torn his ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) in his throwing arm and it remains to be seen whether or not Harvey will have to go under the scope and opt for Tommy John surgery. This could mean the Mets’ lack of competitiveness might result in another season to flush in Flushing. To end on a brighter note, pitching studs Rafael Montero and the 6’6 hard-throwing Noah Syndergaard have both torn up the minors and could both play a major role in this team’s rotation. Don’t forget Zack Wheeler, who’s continued to look stronger after each outing since his call up in the majors in midJune. As for the New York Yankees, there’s no question that this team has been the trademark of baseball for almost 20 seasons. However, the 2013 season has riddled the Yankees with injuries upon injuries. Derek Jeter has made fans squint their eyes with how gingerly he’s looked while running the bases and has constantly landed himself on the disabled list. Despite the aforementioned injuries paired with the hoopla on Alex Rodriguez, manager Joe Girardi has somehow been able to hold down the fort and

Photo Courtesy of

David Wright and Derek Jeter pose for photos at the Jeter-Wright Batting Challenge. prevent this team from not only plummeting out of competition but also has kept them alive in the standings to fight for that last wild card spot. The first thing the organization needs to do is ensure that Robinson Cano gets his long-term contract—even if that means overpaying him. He’s simply irreplaceable as a second baseman in the major leagues, and the thought of him going to the Los Angeles Dodgers could be a real possibility. Secondly, general manager Brian Cashman needs to address the catching position since Chris Stewart just doesn’t cut it. Look for the team to strongly consider sign-

ing Brian McCann, considering that the Atlanta Braves may look towards saving money by going with the Yankees’ thirdbest prospect, who happens to be a catcher expecting to be called up to the big leagues sometime next season. If the Yankees do sign McCann, expect that to be the team’s only big splash this offseason. Ever since George Steinbrenner has passed away, his sons Hal and Hank have endorsed that the Yankees organization are making it a priority to lower down their payroll each and every year. That’s not to say management doesn’t care about winning because they did bring back Alfonso Soriano, who’s

helped this team a great deal. However, they are no longer bidding on the high-priced free agents they’ve snatched up previously. Unlike the Mets, the Yankees have a subpar farm system at best. Also, with the likes of Hiroki Kuroda and Andy Pettitte departing, the Yankees pitching staff leaves much to be desired, especially with the sudden decline of CC Sabathia. Having said all that, it’s time for you to decide whether the power of wearing the pinstripes will still triumph over a Mets team that claims to be ready to spend big bucks while also potentially having the makings of a lethal pitching rotation.

Montclarion Staff NFL Predictions This year, the Montclarion sports section is bringing back a fun segment that has been absent the last few seasons. Each week the Sports Editor, Editor-in-Chief and Arts Editor will make their predictions on the upcoming NFL games. Join in and do the same with your friends to see who knows the NFL the best.

Nick (Sports)

Jessica (E.i.C.)

Jonathan (Arts)




Jets vs. Patriots Broncos vs. Giants Rams vs. Falcons Panthers vs. Bills Vikings vs. Bears Redskins vs. Packers Dolphins vs. Colts Cowboys vs. Chiefs Chargers vs. Eagles Browns vs. Ravens Titans vs. Texans Lions vs. Cardinals Saints vs. Buccaneers Jaguars vs. Raiders 49’ers vs. Seahawks Steelers vs. Bengals

Patriots Broncos Falcons Bills Vikings Packers Colts Chiefs Chargers Ravens Texans Lions Saints Jaguars 49’ers Bengals

Patriots Giants Rams Bills Bears Packers Colts Cowboys Eagles Ravens Texans Cardinals Saints Raiders 49’ers Steelers

Jets Broncos Falcons Bills Vikings Packers Colts Chiefs Eagles Ravens Texans Lions Saints Raiders 49’ers Bengals


The Montclarion • September 12, 2013 • PAGE 25

PAGE 26 • September 12, 2013 • The Montclarion



Football NJAC

Mens Soccer

The Montclarion • September 12, 2013 • PAGE 27

Womens Soccer

NJAC Overall


Field Hockey

NJAC Overall















W. Paterson























W. Paterson


































W. Paterson



























W. Paterson









This Week 9/14 vs. Salve Regina 12 p.m. Last Week 9/7 Lebanon Valley 15, MSU 14

This Week 9/16 vs. TCCNY 7 p.m. Last Week 9/8 MSU 5, Manhattanville 1

Who’s Hot

This Week 9/14 vs. Frostburg State 3 p.m. Last Week 9/9 MSU 1, F. Dickinson 0

This Week 9/18 vs. Ramapo 7 p.m. Last Week 9/7 MSU 5, Alvernia 0

Giana Moglino Forward — Field Hockey Moglino rallied the MSU field hockey team last week with five goals in two games.

Francesca Gibson Forward — Soccer Gibson was named the NJAC Women’s Soccer Offensive Player of the Week by posting six points in a 2-0 week of play.

This Week

Game of the Week

Field Hockey vs. Ramapo September 18, 7 p.m.

MSU hopes to continue its hot streak with a home game against the 0-2 Roadrunners. For updates, check out: w w w. m o n t c l a i r a t h l e t i c s. c o m and follow @TheMontclarion on Twitter.

Who’s Hot

Dan Mendoza Midfielder — Men’s Soccer During last week’s 3-0 run, Mendoza helped the Red Hawks offensively with a combined two goals and two assists.

AJ Scoppa Runningback — Football Scoppa kept MSU in the game against Lebanon Valley with 97 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown.

This Week

Game of the Week

Football vs. Salve Regina September 14, 12 p.m.

The Red Hawks look to bounce back from last week’s 15-14 loss with their home opener. For updates, check out: w w w. m o n t c l a i r a t h l e t i c s. c o m and follow @TheMontclarion on Twitter.

Sports Visit for recaps and updates of weekend games and events

Red Hawks Continue Hot Streak Mike Panepinto Staff Writer

Montclair State has started this field hockey season where they left off last season: by winning. MSU won two more games last week to bring their win total and streak to 4-0. What made the first Red Hawks’ victory of the week even sweeter was that Muhlenberg College was Montclair State’s only regular-season loss last year. Senior defender and captain Sierra Rauchbach explained their game plan for their only loss last season. “There was no change in game plan going into the Muhlenberg game,” said Rauchbach. “We just had so much energy and desire to go out there and show them what Montclair State field hockey is all about, and I think we did exactly that.” On Sept. 4, MSU welcomed the Mules of Muhlenberg College to Sprague Field. The Red Hawks took command early and won decisively by a final score of 6-1. Less than five minutes into the game, Montclair State received a goal from senior midfielder Jennifer Tafro, who scored off a corner to give MSU the early 1-0 lead. Five minutes later, senior midfielder Allison Jillons notched a goal thanks to an assist from sophomore forward Maura Johnston to put the Red Hawks up 2-0. At the 22nd minute of the match, senior midfielder Stephanie Lewis hooked up with Tafro, who netted her second goal of the game and

Photo Courtesy of Sports Information.

The Red Hawks were recently named the top team in the NFHCA Division III Coaches’ Poll. third of the season. Ten minutes later, freshman forward/ midfielder Gianna Moglino buried her first career goal to put Montclair State up 4-0 going into halftime. Fast-forward to the 52nd minute, where junior Katie Lipsit earned a goal of her own off a rebound to put MSU up 5-1. The Red Hawks got one more goal from Johnston in the 64th minute of the contest to make the final score 6-1. Coach Beth Gottung discussed if there was a revenge factor going into the game. “I want us to play every game with the same intensity and focus, but the loss from last year definitely motivated us

to want to get a big win this year,” said Gottung. “The team played hard and worked together to get the win.” On Sept. 7, Montclair State took on the Alvernia University Crusaders in an afternoon game” said Gottung. Unlike last year’s 2-1 nailbiter, MSU won handily by a final score of 5-0. Moglino had a career day, tying the MSU single game record with four goals in the game. Before ten minutes had passed in the tussle, Moglino had two goals off rebounds to put the Red Hawks up early 2-0. Later on, at the 34th minute, Moglino completed the hat trick by netting a pass

from Johnston that put Montclair State up 3-0 at the break. Less than two minutes into the second half, Johnston got her first goal of the match by tipping a shot attempt from Tafro into the net. Moglino stroked her last goal of the game at the 46:25 mark off a rebounded shot attempt by Tafro. This week, freshman midfielder/forward Gianna Moglino was named the NJAC Rookie of the Week after scoring five goals in the span of two games. Her performances include a four-goal effort against Alvernia University. Moglino is tied for first in the NJAC with five goals. Rauchbach and the team

both know that no one player is bigger than their team. “I think the best part of our team is that there are no x-factors for players,” said Rauchbach. “We have 22 girls on the team and each one of them could be put on the field at any time and can be considered a threat.” MSU does have some motivation on their side, as they made it to last year’s NCAA Division III Championship Game before falling just short and finishing as NationalRunner-up. Nobody knows that motivation better than Coach Gottung, who is in her twelfth season. “[The final] definitely helps us to stay focused on our goals,” said Gottung. “It was also a great learning experience and realizing what it takes to win big games late in the season. The preparation for that starts now. We are getting better every day in practice and incorporating the lessons we’ve learned from the prior week.” This week, the Red Hawks play two games on the road. On Sept. 11, Montclair State played against the Hawks of New Paltz University. On Sept. 14, at 5 p.m., MSU takes on the Misericordia University Cougars in Dallas, Penn.

Table of Contents

pg. 24 The Montclarion NFL Predictions Is the Big Apple Big Enough? pg. 27 Games of the Week Who’s Hot Standings

Photo Courtesy of Sports Information.

Currently undefeated, the Red Hawks show no signs of losing momentum. MSU will play its NJAC opener on Sept. 18.

“Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.” - Barry Switzer

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