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Thursday, September 26, 2013

This Week On Breaking Ground Ethan Fria News Editor University President Susan Cole took the podium Wednesday afternoon in front of a crowd of students in the Student Center plaza to inaugurate the addition of two new campus buildings. The construction of the two buildings — a Center for Environmental and Life Sciences and a new School of Business building — was set in motion after the University was awarded nearly $94 million in state bond funding. Only public research universities received more than MSU. Cole believes that the new buildings, which will house several new classrooms and lecture rooms, will help alleviate pressure that the current buildings feel now that the School of Business and School of Mathematics and Sciences boast over 4,000 combined students. The 107,500-square-foot Center for Environmental and Life Sciences will house the University’s Sokol Institute for the Pharmaceutical Life Sciences, the Institute for Sustainability Studies and the Passaic River Institute.

President Susan Cole outside the Student Center delivering her welcome speech in front of a crowd of students, faculty, staff and interested parties.

The School of Business is slightly larger at 143,000 square feet. It will contain both the Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship and the Institute for Corpo-

rate Social Responsibility. One of the building’s main goals will be to foster the growth between partnerships throughout the New Jersey business community.

Photo courtesy of Marta Hanaka.

Business students were excited at the prospects that the new building hopes to bring. Meghan Greer, a freshman accounting major, said, “I thought Presi-


dent Cole really drove the initiative. I’m thrilled; that’s why I am here.” Cole attributed the success of getting the projects funded to the continued perseverance of the faculty, staff and, most importantly, the dedicated construction workers. As an acknowledgment of the construction workers, two backhoe loaders served as bookends at either end of the stage. SGA President George Juzdan spoke last and described the transformation that the school has undergone since his freshman year. “I have seen this campus transform into one of the most beautiful communities in the state,” Juzdan said. “Being here today is a testament that we are on the road to a bright future.” Cole was flanked by a slew of politicians, including senators, assemblymen and the mayor of Montclair, Robert Jackson. Each was introduced by Cole and subsequently lauded her and the project in general. “This is a very inspiring day,” said State Senator Nia Gill. “Education is the cornerstone in our Ceremony continued on Page 4.

MSU Professor Featured in ‘Time’ Kelly Potts Assistant News Editor

Terry Adams performing professional stunts on his bike outside Blanton Hall.

had his own personal vision with BMX and always pushes himself to the fullest.” One move, titled Hurricane Katrina, was created by Adams and pledged

Montclair State University professor David Sanders was featured in Time Magazine’s list of “teaching stars” in the article, “The Hottest Seats in Class.” Time accumulated this list by surveying students in colleges across the country to find the most popular professors. Sanders, who has a Ph.D. from New York University, is an associate professor in the Broadcasting Department and regularly teaches audio production and sound design courses. Sanders was recognized as a teaching star by Time for many reasons, including the audio and sound program that he designed at Montclair State and the various courses he teaches, ranging from film

BMX continued on Page 4.

Professor continued on Page 4.

The Montclarion |Kelly Potts

Terry Adams, a 30-year-old BMX biker from New Orleans, paid a visit to Montclair State on Wednesday at 2:30 p.m.

to give a demo of some of his tricks on the Blanton Quad as part of his weeklong Red Bull College Tour. The quad outside of Blanton and Bohn Halls was filled with students as Adams performed a se-

News, p. 3

Feature, p. 9

Opinion, p. 13

A&E, p. 19

Sports, p. 23

Hawks Start Walking

Do DVD Workouts really work?

MSU Building Up Its Reputation

Parodying the American Dream

Field Hockey Remains Red Hot

Kelly Potts Assistant News Editor

In a campus-wide email sent out last week, MSU Police Chief Paul Cell announced that the police department would be bringing back the Hawk Walk student escort program.

quence of some of his most difficult tricks to mixes performed by DJ Ridd. Darryl Nau, who is also a BMX biker, was on the microphone to announce Terry Adams and his trick sequences. Nau stated, “Adams has always

As much as we hate construction, the two new buildings will be great additions to our campus.

The Montclair State University field hockey team kept their stupendous streak going by winning two more games this week.


PAGE 2 • September 26, 2013 • The Montclarion

Pelican Police Report

On Sept. 17

Non-students Qdiar Maxwell, 21, Malik Jackson, 27, and Harry Meggett, 23, all of Jersey City were arrested and charged with defiant trespassing in the New Jersey Transit parking garage after given prior communication by a University Police officer to stay off campus. They are scheduled to appear in Little Falls Municipal Court on Oct. 1. (building #63)

On Sept. 18

On Sept. 20

Student Shukri Abdus-Sabuur, 23, from Piscataway, N.J., was arrested and charged with theft, harboring stolen property and unlawful involvement in purchasing items with a stolen credit card. Abdus-Sabuur appeared in Little Falls Municipal Court on Sept. 24.

Students Dylan Frisoli, 18, from Edison, N.J. and Bill Viazis, 18, of Edison, were charged with defiant trespassing in Freeman Hall. They are scheduled to appear in Montclair Municipal Court on Oct. 3. (building #15)

On Sept. 18

On Sept. 20

A student reported that she was assaulted at an off-campus party by a former student. This case will be transferred to Lincoln Park Police for further investigation into this matter.

On Sept. 20

An employee reported that the sign, placed in Lot 46, was stolen. This case is under further investigation.

Student Peter Varsalona, 18 from Galloway, NJ, was arrested and charged for possession of marijuana (under 50 grams) while in the Amphitheater. Varsalona is scheduled to appear in Montclair Municipal Court on Oct. 8.

Anyone who has information regarding these incidents is urged to call the police station from any campus phone at T-I-P-S (8477). All calls are strictly confidential.



Jayna Gugliucci Contributing Writer

Local •Two Plainfield men were formally accused of staging a robbery at the GameStop in Watchung. Ethan Hendrix, the store manager, and William Curry allegedly conspired with a 17-year-old to plan the robbery, set to take place on Aug. 8. •A teenager in Mount Olive who wanted “revenge” on a supposed bully using a baseball bat, was arrested. On Sept. 19, the 17-year-old smashed his way into a Kings Village apartment, where he attacked two people. •The annual John Basilone Parade marched its way down the streets of Raritan this past Sunday. Today, the parade serves to honor the commitment of all U.S. Armed Forces personnel and dedicated youth. •Governor Christie helped open a $100,000 fitness center at a middle school in Asbury Park. The school is one of three in New Jersey that has been awarded as a “Live Positively” fitness center through the National Foundation for Governors’ Fitness Councils. • Staff Sergeant Timothy Raymond McGill, from Ramsey, was shot dead by an attacker in a Special Forces mission in Afghanistan.

All information compiled from CNN, Google News and

National •The body of an unidentified woman was found in the aftermath of the Colorado flood this past weekend. With this confirmed fatality, the death toll in the state rises to eight. •A pair of 22-year-old men linked to last week’s shooting in Chicago was arrested Sunday night. The shooting wounded 13 people, including a 3-year-old boy, and is linked to gang violence. •Apple sold nine million new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c models during the launch weekend of the devices. The record-breaking sales topped Wall Street expectations and sent the company’s shares up more than five percent. •The winner of last week’s $400 million Powerball prize stepped forward in South Carolina, but asks to remain anonymous. Both Powerball winners in the state have purchased their tickets at a Murphy Express. •With JPMorgan listing the lead advisor, Chrysler made a government filing that could lead to an initial public offering of stock. The trust said it wants to cash out in order to pay health benefits for the 60,000 people it covers and to diversify its investments.

International •Kenyan forces and terrorists faced off at the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi on Monday night. With at least 62 people killed in the attack, police have vowed to “finish and punish” the terrorists involved. •Thirty world leaders gathered at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on Tuesday. The General Debate will set the stage for building a new global development program which protects and promotes equality, justice and prosperity for all people. • A court in Egypt has banned “all activities” by the Muslim Brotherhood, though harsher rules have been set since the overthrowing of Muhammad Morsi, the Egyptian president. The interim government has been ordered to seize the Brotherhood’s funds which need an appeal for redemption. •The Iranian President rallied for “a constructive approach” to international affairs. Hassan Rouhani called for everyone to “work together to end unhealthy rivalries” for the good of the world. • Typhoon Usagi washed away the coast of southern China on Monday. The eastern part of Guangdong was left completely devastated and at least 25 individuals were killed in the storm.


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The pathway from the Heights to Frank Sinatra Hall, NJ Transit Deck and the Village residence halls.

Joseph Remmert Contributing Writer In a campus-wide email sent out last week, MSU Police Chief Paul Cell announced that the police department would be bringing back the Hawk Walk student escort program. The service will be available for the duration of the fall semester. The program allows students to call University Police any time between

10 p.m. and 4 a.m. to request a walking escort. Students must then wait in a safe place for an escort to arrive. Hawk Walk escorts have no vehicles but are intended to arrive in “a reasonable amount of time,” according to Chief Cell. All student escorts are employed by UPD and will be easily identifiable by neon vests. Hawk Walk escorts must also pass comprehensive background checks. “[Hawk Walk is] a great

The Montclarion | Robin Pullman

resource for community members that are available during times when people have an apprehension about walking alone on campus,” Lieutenant Kieran Barrett wrote in an email. Lt. Barrett also mentioned that Hawk Walk has been around for years with different names. In addition to Hawk Walk, Lt. Barrett wrote that UPD have worked with utilities to ensure that there is plenty of

lighting on campus paths. With the recent attempted robbery and lewdness incidents on campus, the Hawk Walk program has been a relief to some students. “The things happening on campus now make you feel unsafe. I think it’s a really good idea,” said student Jameka Carter, who works in Freeman Hall and sometimes walks back to her car late at night. Lt. Barrett said that being familiar with your surroundings and learning some basic self-defense are the best ways to stay safe on campus. UPD encourages students to attend the Street-Smart Self Defense class at the Rec Center on Mondays from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. UPD officers with training in martial arts instruct the class. The announcement of Hawk Walk was accompanied by an announcement for Guardian Tracking, a cell phone application that allows UPD headquarters to locate the students via GPS and ensure that he or she arrives to his or her destination safely. If the student does not arrive to his or her destination within the time specified by the student, the police can then quickly reach the student’s last known location via Guardian Tracking. To call a Hawk Walk escort, dial 973-655-5222 between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. any night of the week. Students can download the Guardian app on their cell phones from the App Store.

PAGE 4 • September 26, 2013 • The Montclarion



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advancement and our success. This is a day of success. This is a day of vision.” Assemblyman Thomas Giblin shared similar sentiments, saying, “This is about our future. We need to make sure our students, young and old, are well equipped.” President Cole then introduced State Senator Kevin O’Toole, who discussed the coming together of politicians in order to get the funding for the construction. “We may fight, but we believe in you, the students,” O’Toole said.

“I have seen this campus transform into one of the most beautiful communities in the state.” -George Juzdan

Many of the visiting politicians praised President Cole for her perseverance. Assemblyman Ralph Caputo jokingly said, “This is a lesson for everybody: don’t mess with Dr. Cole.” The idea of MSU installing cutting-edge technology in the new science building struck a chord with students. Tamara Kreiss, a graduate chemistry student, said, “It’s great that it’s expanding. Research is the foundation of the future.”


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Professor Sanders posing with his students at the trip to Tunisia and Jordan.

and TV to music and theater. Another huge reason for this recognition is the handson experience he helps bring to his students through a trip to Tunisia and Jordan to produce news features after the Arab Spring. “This trip was part of a new international program sponsored by Montclair State and Spiritus Mundi, a Swedish non-governmental organization that uses the performing arts to bring communities together,” as stated in the article in Time. Sanders supervises Carpe Diem, the Montclair State Broadcasting Department’s award winning cable show. He has been the Director of the National Music Council since 1994, helping to strengthen the importance of music in the lives, cultures and educations of the people in our nation. Before he became a professor here at Montclair, he was

the Director of the Music, Business and Technology Program at New York University and Dean of the Audio Arts Division at the Center for the Media Arts in New York City, as stated on his page on the Montclair website. Sanders says, “I am thrilled for the recognition and for the attention it draws to the innovative programs and projects we are doing in the School of Communication and Media to educate true global citizens,” as stated on the Montclair State website. Casie Zarin, a recent graduate from the broadcasting department, says she felt proud and honored when she found out her former college advisor was featured in an article in Time. “The broadcasting department is smaller and closer knit than some of the other majors at Montclair, so to see Dave Sanders represent not only

Photo courtesy of Steve McCarthy.

our department but Montclair State as a whole is an honor,” says Zarin. “It just shows how much Montclair is growing as a university.” Gelsomina Picariello, a senior in the broadcasting department, said that she was not surprised to find out that Sanders, her former professor, was featured. “He’s so involved not only with his students but with the department as well,” says Picariello. “He really pushes his students to do the best they can with broadcasting and life in general.” The survey conducted by Time was to prove that professors didn’t have to be bigname celebrities, like Bob Woodward, who revealed the Watergate Scandal and will be teaching at Yale, or David Petraeus, the former CIA director who will teach a course at the City University of New York.

to the victims of the storm that blew away his hometown. The move consists of Adams balancing on the pegs while rolling on the front wheel of the bike, then jumping halfway over the bike, a move that every student watching was impressed with. Adams has been biking since he was 12 years old, and went professional in flatland contests at age 16. Adams stated that seeing bikers in magazines is what inspired him to get started in the sport because it looked impossible and he wanted to do anything impossible as a kid. In 2005, Adams won the gold medal at the X Games. The same year, he was given Ride BMX Magazine’s Number One Ride Award, or NORA, the most prestigious award a BMX biker can receive. He received the award a second time in 2008. Adams says that winning the NORA was his biggest accomplishment in his biking career. The award was so special for him because his peers vote on it, so he was honored to accept the award. Nicknamed “the ambassador for flatland,” Adams has been seen in some of the world’s best BMX magazines and has been featured on national television many times. Adam’s idol growing up was Will Smith, but he also looked up to any biker that was featured in a magazine because he has always wanted to be in magazines himself. Adams said he’s grateful for being able to perform at 30 years old. There really isn’t a difficult part to his career. Adams stated, “Being away from home is hard, but it’s always just for short periods of time and my wife always travels with me.” Nicolette Vassallo, a soph-

omore, says that she believes this just goes to show how much our campus is growing. “The fact that a professional BMX biker was interested in giving a demo at our campus shows how big our school is getting,” says Vassallo. “It’s a cool way to bring students together as well.”

“Adams has always had his own personal vision with BMX and he always pushes himself to the fullest.” -Darryl Nau

Adams will continue his week-long college tour in New York City, but was excited to be able to stop at Montclair when he found out that he was cleared to perform on campus as an event. Adams said, “Thank you to Montclair State for allowing me to come here today.”

After the Cuffs

Students posing outside the University Police Department.

Ethan Fria News Editor After the arrests of the past couple weeks — of Laquay Rooks, charged with lewdness, and Gerhard Patterson and Bejamin Izlar, charged with criminal attempt and robbery — students have wondered what happens to those arrested on campus. Lieutenant Kieran Barrett of University Police gave a description as to what happens once a suspect is arrested. “After a suspect is arrested, depending on the offense and the arrestee’s prior history, they are processed through fingerprinting and photographing. A warrant is prepared and they are served this with the court’s approval.” Each charge comes with its own set of consequences, from a minor fine to a substantial one and an issue of expulsion. Some students feel

that along with the repercussions that criminals receive through the court, the school should also take action. Mary Smith, a senior English major, weighed in on how offenders should be punished via the school. “Though the prank mugging was more serious than the male exposure crime, both are unacceptable,” said Smith. “The students should be required to write apology letters to the Dean of Students, explaining what they’ve done wrong. On top of that, they should have to do at least 20 hours of community service. This would allow the students to serve their time while also becoming active members of the community.” Other students were much more critical. Jordan Manglona, a senior animation/illustration major, said, “I honestly think the law can take care of it. I don’t think any additional punishment or

The Montclarion | Claudia Ko

repercussions change what happened. They are already paying for what they did.” Once a suspect is arrested on campus, they are held in a holding room within University Police headquarters and are afforded the standard constitutional rights such as phone calls and meals if needed, according to Barrett. In the recent cases, which are more severe than a simple drinking offense, the offenders have a bail stipulated by a judge. If the bail is not made, they are then transported to the respected county jail. In both the lewdness case and the assault case, the suspects posted their respective bails. Suspects can only be held for 12 hours. After that, they would have to make bail or the police will have to transport them to a respective county jail. The court dates are set depending on the severity of the crime, says Barrett.

For indictable or more serious offenses, the date is set within 72 hours of the arrest while non-indictable offenses (minor crimes) could be set up to two weeks after the offense. The dates are set by the courts themselves, not the police. Both cases are currently being processed by the court system and the results are forthcoming. “We do get results from court, however, the court many times acts without need from police testimony as the individual may make a deal. Cases can take months to resolve and more severe ones can take longer,” Barrett said. Students who witness a crime or suspicious behavior are encouraged to call University Police at extension x5222 or by email at


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The Montclarion • September 26, 2013 • PAGE 7

What’s Trending Schooled in Style: The 65th Emmy Awards Yasmin Abboushi Contributing Writer

It’s the most glamorous and prestigious time of the year for television: the Emmys. Whether it’s your favorite drama or comedy, it’s time to see your favorite actors get that prestigious Emmy. What can possibly top a life-changing, career-topping award like an Emmy? Well, the answer is sprawled out on that red carpet, preferably in silk chiffon and diamonds. Like every glitzy award show, seeing the stars step out prior to their moment of truth is perhaps the peak of our excitement. We shake our heads at the mishaps and nod in approval at the showstoppers. The notorious crowd pleasers came out to play this Sunday, including Prada, Ralph Lauren, J. Mendel, Marchesa, Vera Wang and several other A-list designers showcasing their works of art on the nominees. Regardless of the amount of head-to-toe designer couture each star wore, it seemed to be a battle of the stylist for this year’s Emmys. For example, Michelle Dockery (from Downton Abbey) owned that stunning Prada gown but Girls’ Lena Dunham got lost in her Prada emerald rose pattern-splattered get up. Here are a few of the designer battles on the red carpet. Who’s your pick?

In J. Mendel:

In Prada:

Kate Mara

Lena Dunham

(From, House of Cards)

(From, Girls)

Michelle Dockery

Zooey Deschannel

(From, Downton Abbey)

(From, The New Girl)

Photo courtesy of: hitfix.comi

Photo courtesy of:

Photo courtesy of:

Photo courtesy of:

In Marchesa: In Ralph Lauren Collection:

Alyson Hannigan (From, How I Met Your Mother)

Kerry Washington (From, Scandal)

Linda Cardellini (From, Mad Men)

Allison Williams (From, Girls)

Photo courtesy of:

Photo courtesy of:

Photo courtesy of:

Photo courtesy of:


PAGE 8 • September 26, 2013 • The Montclarion

Shopping Seasonally: Fall Fruits & Veggies

Alexis Fissinger Staff Writer

As the temperature drops and summer produce prices skyrocket, many are hesitant to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. To the surprise of many, however, the fall is full of colorful and nutritious produce to eat alone or as part of a main dish.

Photo courtesy of:

Three reasons to shop in season: 1. It’s healthier: When you purchase produce that is out of season in your area, it has to be transported from elsewhere with optimal growing conditions. In addition, there are also preservatives used to keep the produce intact during the transportation process. The longer the transportation time, the fewer nutrients are left in the fruit or vegetable by the time you get to eat it.

2. It’s tastier: Have you ever taken a bite out of a tomato in the winter? It kind of makes you want to stop eating tomatoes. Fresh, in-season produce really is the most flavorful because it has grown naturally in an environment which fosters its growth. In reality, tomatoes that you eat in the winter are often harvested before their flavor even develops.

3. It’s cheaper: Quite simply, purchasing food that was grown closer to home is less expensive. The farther away it was grown, the more money it takes to get to you. In addition, when a fruit or vegetable is in season, it grows abundantly, therefore allowing the prices to drop.

Choose these fall fruits and vegetables for a healthier, tastier and cheaper bite: Fruit • • • • •

Vegetables • • • • • • • • • • •

Apples Cranberries Figs Grapes Pears

Artichokes Broccoli Beets Carrots Cauliflower Eggplant Kale Mushrooms Onions Pumpkin Sweet Potatoes

Photo courtesy of:

How to incorporate fall fruits and vegetables into your daily routine:

Sweet potatoes: Rich in vitamin A and fiber, these are easily one of the most versatile vegetables of the fall season. Use these as a star ingredient in a dessert, savory dish or even a homemade snack food. To make your own healthy sweet potato fries, simply rinse the potato well, cut into fry-like batons and bake in the oven at 400°F for about an hour. No added salt or fat is needed to make this simple, delicious snack. Stew things up: Fall vegetables are perfect for making hearty stews and soups. By making your own, you can avoid much of the excess sodium found in canned soups and stews. Just make sure to use low sodium broth and lots of vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, onions and mushrooms. Photo courtesy of:

Save the seeds: Next time you carve a pumpkin, save the seeds! Pumpkin seeds, or pepitas, are full of fiber, protein, vitamins E and K and heart healthy minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and phosphorus. Just rinse, season, roast and eat! Pumpkin seeds are a perfect snack, but they also make a great addition to salads or soups by providing a boost of flavor and nutrients. How to season: For a savory/spicy seed: curry powder, cayenne pepper or chipotle flakes. For a sweet seed: cinnamon, clove or nutmeg. Otherwise, just season with a dash of salt to bring out the natural flavors of the seed.


Instead of apple pie, make an apple, pear and cranberry crisp. There are many simple recipes out there for crisps that are lighter on the butter and generous with the fiber-rich fruits. To make a healthier pumpkin pie, substitute your usual pie crust with a low-fat graham cracker crust that you can make at home. However, in this context, forget the crust altogether and indulge in a 50-calorie crustless pumpkin pie: Ingredients: 1 tsp pumpkin pie spice 2 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp salt 2 tsp baking powder 1/3 cup flour 1/3 cup xylitol or brown sugar 2 stevia packs, or 2 extra tablespoons brown sugar 1 (15-oz) can pumpkin puree 3/4 cup plus 2 tbsp milk of choice 2 tbsp oil, or omit and increase milk to 1 cup 1 tbsp ground flax 2 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 400°F and grease a 10-inch round pan. In a large mixing bowl, combine the first seven ingredients and stir very well. In a separate bowl, combine all liquid ingredients with the flax and whisk. Pour the wet into the dry, stir to combine, then pour into the pan and bake for 35 minutes. (It’ll still be gooey after baking, but that’s okay.) Allow to cool completely before transferring uncovered to the fridge to “set” for at least six hours before slicing.

Recipe retrieved from: Photo courtesy of:

Photo courtesy of:

Favorite fall desserts gone guilt-free


The Montclarion • September 26, 2013 •


Do DVD Workouts Really Work? Stephanie Chavarria Contributing Writer

work out in the comfort of your own home or dorm room. Working out at a gym is great way to get in shape. However, many people feel self-conscious and do not like working out alongside many people. Workout videos give you the opportunity to work out at the times that are more convenient for you and also help you fit exercise into a busy schedule. They also keep you from getting

bored of your workout routine. Workout videos usually come with eight or 10 DVDs that vary every day. They are made to give you the best results and also made to target many different muscles. The DVDs have a very specific routine that make you feel like you have your own personal trainer by your side. There are a variety of different DVDs that can target different goals, like Zumba, which is made for

weight loss and body toning. The benefit of this workout is that you are dancing away the pounds. Studies show that the average number of calories burned in one hour of Zumba is a whopping 817 calories. It is really fun for people that need variety in their workout routines and love dancing. The music and atmosphere this workout gives you makes you want to work out every day. For more intense workouts, there’s Insanity or

Photo courtesy of:

There are many options to working out and exercising. Many people feel that in order to exercise, you have to go to the gym or join an expensive membership program. However, that is not necessarily true. Recently, there have been are many TV commercials about workout videos with routines such as Insanity, P9OX, Zumba and Hip Hop Abs. Many people have reservations about buying these videos. However, these videos are really effective and can actually be tougher workouts than going to the gym. People are always looking for a new exercise or a new way to lose weight. It is good to sometimes change up your exercise routine, because after a certain time, your body will plateau. This is when a lot of people do not know what to do and lose motivation. Starting to do workout videos can spark your interest and motivation to exercise regularly. Workout videos have many benefits and there is one for everyone out there, ranging from beginner to boot camp options. One of the main benefits to workout videos is that you can

P90X, which are total body circuit training workouts that use only your body weight as resistance. P90X uses interval training, which means highly intense pace for longer periods of time with short thirty second rests. This workout is one of the most difficult cardiovascular DVD programs out there. Even though it is difficult, it doesn’t mean it is impossible. The results you get from this workout are real. Many people lose 15-30 pounds within a three to six month period and also build muscle mass. The weather will no longer be an excuse anymore for not being able to work out. With at-home DVD workout programs, you will have to be dedicated and follow the program, but the results will be as successful or even more than going to the gym. If you are tired of your same gym routine and are thinking about doing something different, try doing a DVD workout program. It can make you love exercising all over again.

Have a story idea? Want to see your name in the paper?

Photo courtesy of:


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Help Wanted Are you a college student experienced in child care and looking for a stable income while pursuing your degree? Becoming a Nanny can provide fulfillment and still allow the time to pursue outside endeavors. Contact Kelley at Perfect Fit Nanny Placement Agency:

or call 862-485-5111. After school care for a 5 year old in Cedar Grove, starting in September 2013. Five days a week, but would consider 2-3 days. Contact

or call 973-615-7371. Part time dog walker needed in Montclair area between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., Mon-Fri. $10 per 30 minute walk. Email Janine for more info,


The Montclarion • September 26, 2013 • PAGE 11



PAGE 12 • September 26, 2013 • The Montclarion

By Tiffany

Aries March 21 - April 19

Libra September 23 - October 22

Actions speak louder than words, and you’re currently thinking whether some of your most recent actions haven’t shown the best of your character. It’s never too late to clear up misunderstandings. However, keep in mind that certain things will never be the same as they were before.

Although your mind truly has the potential to adapt to the information it receives, you prefer to study the more practical. Any information, really, is useful and can be used as an advantage. With that said, it is best to try to get the most out of anything you do.

Taurus April 20 - May 20

Scorpio October 23 - November 21

Besides putting your self-interest into all of your efforts, take the interests of others into consideration. Perhaps they have more in common with you than you think. New perspectives can mean new opportunities.

Gemini May 21 - June 20

Refrain from getting embroiled in disputes pertaining belief systems. There’s no need to convince die hard followers that there is an alternative perception. As long as you’re comfortable in your own beliefs and don’t force your opinion on others, you are likely to gain the friendship of others without having to sacrifice your beliefs.

You’ve been feeling troubled about certain things lately. Despite your cries for help, no one seems to be listening to what you have to say. There are two ways to approach this issue: you can either choose to ignore these people as they do to you or can adapt to the circumstances, turn it around and make the best of it.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

Talking to yourself may sound strange but it really is an effective way to understand yourself. After all, who knows you better than yourself? Not only will you be able to rearrange your priorities, you will be able to distinguish what you really want without any external influence.

Cancer June 21 - July 22

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

Leo July 23 - August 22

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

Enjoy this moment while it lasts for changes may lie ahead. Prepare for this as best as you can to avoid the overwhelming sense of anxiety and nervousness when such changes finally approach.

While going back to square one may be tedious or even embarrassing, it may be necessary if you’re stuck in a rut. Starting out clean on a clean slate is worth it. Never get caught up in the past and weighed down by its burdens. Embrace what’s to come ahead.

Virgo August 23 - September 22

Pisces February 19 - March 20

You may encounter someone who is so troubled at the moment that you may actually start to appreciate your own good fortune. Previously, you always questioned why your life was so ill, but it is circumstances like these that make you feel grateful for what you have.

There are some things that aren’t worth doing because they strain your time and effort. The same applies with people. There are simply some who are so adamant that they are not worth trying to change. Some people are only willing to improve their circumstances without improving themselves.

Your most important personal goals and reputation have recently received a boost from the recent sacrifices you made to concentrate on your work. On one hand, you feel great about yourself; on another hand, you feel as though part of you is lost somewhere. It’s time to ask yourself, was it worth it?

In truth, your imagination and creativity have increased which could benefit any artistic work you do. However, your ability to reason and be practical has now diminished. Your judgment regarding substantial matters is somewhat unclear, so it is best to delay making important decisions.

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The Montclarion • September 26, 2013 • PAGE 13

MSU Building Up Its Reputation Question Of The Week What do you think of the two new buildings on campus? How, if at all, do you think it will effect school? Shane Batson Math-Finance Senior “Well, honestly, I don’t think they need to build any new buildings right now because this fall we had the largest freshmen class intake. We need more parking lots because we had a big issue at the beginning of the school year. The first week was just ridiculous. The buildings, they are a good touch to develop our campus, but space it out. Two buildings at one time while we still have a lot of students coming in is just too much for right now.” Bushra Ali Biology Sophomore “Being a biology major myself, I feel that there’s a wide range of biology students and incoming biology students. As we only have two buildings, it’s a little crowded. Having other buildings for environmental science can have an effect on campus for these students specifically.” Robert Barrows Chemistry Junior “I don’t always agree with how Montclair spends their money, but the fact is, the old business and science buildings, Partridge and Richardson, aren’t the best buildings on campus. I know Richardson is expensive to heat, the chemistry and computer departments share a floor, so I think the science building money is well-spent. I believe afterwards that Partridge is going to be used for office space, which is needed. In this case, the money is well-invested.” Narmin Shahin Pre-Law, Business minor Senior “I feel that there are other majors which need to be attended to, like the art school building, different buildings like that, but I think the new building probably will help. I’m taking language classes in the renovated Schmitt building, and it shows more improvement. It’s clearly a more modern space and I feel that it’s easier to learn there, so I think it will help.” Maged Hanafi Biology Junior “I think it will definitely affect [the] school. The new science building will allow incoming science majors a lot more resources than they have now. We have a lot of resources already, but I think we’ll be able to propel them into the future. For the business school, I heard that they’re having a new entrepreneurship program which is going to allow people to really have an idea of what business is like before going into the workforce. I think it’s going to be great.” Amara Higgins Business, Italian/ Spanish minor Junior “I do like that there are new buildings so that we can expand more programs for environmental science and business. I feel like this school is good for art and education, but not so good for environmental science. I think it will provide more classes. I know for Business majors, we struggle with having classes that we really don’t want. I feel that this would definitely make people graduate on time.”

Vicky Leta| The Montclarion


s much as we complain about construction, it might be the time to put all of our discrepancies aside to appreciate the benefits construction might have. We can all sympathize with commuter students and faculty, as Montclair State University has seized some parking lots in order to use the land as a platform for construction. Maybe the age of this being a “commuter school” is over. Perhaps it’s about time we identify with something more than that. As much as we hate the construction, the new School of Environmental and Life Sciences and the new School of Business will be great additions to our campus. The School of Environmental and Life Sciences will be a whopping 107,500 square feet. The building will harbor new state-of-theart classrooms and research labs that will be

necessary for expanding all research infrastructures. It seems that MSU is hoping to improve its departments in biochemistry, pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry, as well as environmental sciences and geography. The new School of Business will be 143,000 square feet and will include new lecture halls, classrooms, computer labs, a marketing research/analysis lab and a financial trading floor. Yes, it’s very unfortunate that we’ll have to wait until 2015 for the unveiling of these buildings, and we’ll have to put up with two huge construction projects going on. There is also the doubt that these buildings will actually finish on time, but we believe that these building will still be a worthy investment. Not only will it be improving the existing science programs, but it looks like it will add additional programs to the departments. We predict that these two expansions will be signifi-

cant contributions to the growth of Montclair State University. This contribution to campus is like evolution for our school and is a clear attempt that we are trying to be a more diverse campus. Many times, when people talk about MSU they associate the school with our great education program or the arts department, but departments such as science and business don’t contribute to our reputation as a university. These buildings will make a great attribute to our reputation. It’s time to let these departments shine. Montclair State University was awarded $94 million out of the $750 million from state bond funding, meaning we’ve received more funding than any other public or private institution, with the exception of public research universities. Out of normal private and public universities, we received the most state funding for the expansion of our institution. Now, as much as we could use a

parking lot, this money was meant to better the resources for our education, and MSU decided that investing in these two buildings was the best way to improve our school. The new construction projects are also very beneficial to the state and local economies by creating jobs for construction companies. Considering we had so much money granted to our institution, it really speaks for our school. MSU has been entrusted to use this money to benefit our education here. Being recognized by the state is indeed a huge honor and maybe in a few years, we’ll even be recognized as a nationally-ranked university. Although this will probably ensure that MSU will never fully put construction projects on hold, this might be a step in the right direction to making ourselves known throughout the country.

Thumbs Up Apple-picking Breaking Bad series finale Pittsburgh Pirates

Thumbs Down Emmys Obituaries New York Giants Wi-Fi last week

Opinion Massacring Our Faith And Security D.C. Navy Yard shooting raises larger questions about gun control

Page 14 •September 26, 2013 • The Montclarion


gunman opened fire at the Washington Navy kenneth macri Yard. This columnist gunman, despite having a history of arrests, gun infractions and unstable behavior, was somehow legally allowed to step foot into the Navy Yard. Despite all of those red flags, tell me, how in the world does that happen? Aaron Alexis, a severely troubled individual and a former Navy reservist, gained access to a military facility last Monday and left claiming the lives of 12 innocent people. After entering the yard, Alexis emerged from a fourth floor bathroom in Building 197 with a Remington 870 shotgun

and began his hunt. He was also equipped with additional ammo inside of his bulky cargo pants that must have also “slipped past” the precautionary pat down. Alexis’s motive for committing this heinous crime is unknown, as well as how he managed to breach security in the first place. A man suffering from mental health issues manages to slip through the cracks of security clearance and penetrate a U.S. military facility to claim the lives of the workers within it. This should leave the citizens of this country feeling real secure. In the wake of the Navy Yard massacre, U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered extensive assessments of the security of U.S. military facilities worldwide, as well as the process in which the Department of Defense grants security clearance. Remember

these are military facilities he is talking about. Shouldn’t the inadequacies and gaps within those facilities have already been remedied and closed, considering that they harbor not just weapons, but the people defending our country? If these places aren’t fully secure, then I can’t see any place being invulnerable from criminality and creating a troubling consternation. President Obama called the shooting a “cowardly act,” yet many Americas are wondering if stricter gun laws would have prevented the shooting to begin with. Defense Secretary Hagel is seeking to reassess the security systems within military facilities, even though it was not a security system Alexis used to murder his victims; it was a firearm. Perhaps the government can use this appalling incident to revisit the unfruitful yet criti-

cal issue of gun control. Washington D.C.’s gun laws are appropriately strict, yet Virginia’s gun laws are rather lax. They must be if Alexis was allowed to buy a firearm despite his background. However, Alexis did not have any felony convictions, so he was apparently allowed to legally purchase a shotgun from a firearms dealer in Virginia and proceeded to fire away at not only innocent people, but also at our faith in American security in turn. Virginia law states that buyers are permitted “to purchase a long gun – which is a rifle or shotgun – without being a resident of the state where the firearm is bought.” Alexis somehow wasn’t deemed mentally unfit to buy the shotgun. I guess background checks are thrown out the window when it comes to former navy reservists.

Some will argue the Navy Yard shooting was a product of the laxity when it comes to gun control in this country. Others will argue it was a flaw in American security which should have been addressed before Hagel suddenly felt the need to. A number of individuals might even say this was one of those incidents that couldn’t possibly have been stopped. It was the result of a person we cannot begin to understand. In reality, every crime can be prevented. Every person can be understood in one way or the other. Unfortunately, there are too many times this country and its government fail to comprehend that fact.

Kenneth Macri, an English major, is in his first year as a columnist for The Montclarion.

Why College Crimes Have Become A Joke College campus crimes less sincere and more playful with prank crimes


u r ing your senior year of h i g h school, you are stephanie agudelo burdened with the feature editor difficult task of choosing which college you want to attend for the next four years of your life. You go on college tours and ask questions about their academics and extracurricular activities, yet the thought of being unsafe on campus almost never crosses your mind. However, crime on college campuses is more prevalent than prospective students believe and should be considered just as important as the rank of the school or the look of the dorm rooms.

According to statistics provided by the Department of Education in 2011, Montclair State University and surrounding universities like Kean and Rutgers-New Brunswick have all been subjected to crimes like burglary, aggravated assault and sexual assault. It is the harsh reality of living on a college campus that crime will be committed. However, the way students and University Police handle these crimes can make all the difference in the atmosphere of their school. Lately, there has been a rise in a particular kind of crime: hoax crimes. Just a few weeks ago, two freshmen held an unidentified object to the neck of another student on campus and searched his pockets before running off. Once these students came forward to the police, they claimed that they meant it as

a “prank,” which was of no consolation to the student they assaulted. Similarly, last year, after a series of hateful words and threats were made to members of the LGBT, Islamic and African American communities, another hoax crime arose. Two students wrote the “n” word on their door, claiming that another student had done it. In reality, a police investigation later determined that they had written the word themselves as a way to shed light on the importance of hate crimes on campus. Last month, Oberlin College in Ohio also experienced a series of fake hate crimes that targeted Jewish, Muslim and African American students, resulting in an uproar in their college community. Now, you may be asking yourself, what does this all mean? Are students becoming

less sensitive to serious issues like racism and rape? Or does it simply mean that college kids nowadays have a really bad sense of humor? Regardless of the reason, “hoax crimes” are becoming a bigger and bigger issue and should be taken just as seriously as regular crimes. These types of crimes do raise concerns about whether or not campus police are taking crime as seriously as they should anymore. Certainly, students can become jaded to real crime because of these hoaxes. Therein lays the danger for the rest of the community. In response to the recent incidents on our campus, Lieutenant Kieran Barrett of University Police assured students that any criminal mischief would not be taken lightly and University Police is still extremely vigilant when it comes to the safety of students. “This is a crime—it is not

for us to interpret intention. You can’t just say ‘just kidding’ when it comes to a defense of crime. I would strongly urge anyone who thinks that jeopardizing the safety of them or others rethink what it means to be an adult and part of a civil community,” said Barrett. So, before you and/or your friends decide it might be a good idea to scribble down some harsh words on someone else’s door or run up behind your friend at night and pretending to endanger them, it’s important to realize these “pranks” can be interpreted in many serious ways. College is about becoming a more educated citizen, not about seeing what you can legally get away with.

Stephanie Agudelo, a Communications major, is in her first year as the Feature Editor for The Montclarion.

Interested in writing and/or editing for The Montclarion, but don’t know where to start? Come to our Open House! Wednesday, Oct 9 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Student Center Annex, Room 113. Meet the editors (Monika Booya), write for the paper, eat pizza and get your questions answered!

The Plusses of Being Bilingual Knowing more than one language can help in more than just job-search


h e ability to speak a foreign language is a gift every bilingual individual awije bahrami columnist should be proud of. A lot of individuals do not appreciate the gift of knowing more than one language. When I was younger, I took it for granted. Now, it defines who I am and also gives me a sense of pride. A plethora of benefits come with being bilingual or trilingual. The cultural aspect is what usually comes first to mind. One gets the best of both cultures. The exposure of different kinds of music, tradi-

tions, foods, mentalities and virtues open up your peripheral vision. At one point in our early stages of critical thinking, we bilinguals realize that the world is so much bigger than we thought it was. A majority of the bilinguals I know have multicultural pools of friends. I feel like they don’t limit themselves to one culture or community of people. Bilingual people have other bilingual friends who speak languages different from theirs. Oftentimes, cultures of bilingual people are very similar. For example, a bilingual friend of mine is Korean and her friend is Algerian. Their backgrounds are from two distinguished parts of the world. However, one similarity in their cultures is the importance of schoolwork. That’s when bilingualism helps us under-

stand that we are all different but the same. Moreover, when speaking two languages on a daily basis, picking up a third language will become easier for a bilingual person. In the HealthDay article, “Bilingual People More Adept at Learning Third Language,” an Israeli study shows that sixth graders who speak both Russian and Hebrew have an easier time picking up a third language. Fluency and proficiency in one language supports the learning of a second language which in turn aids the learning of a third. Another plus is the “secret language” side of it. My sister and I use it all the time. It is so much fun! If we don’t want people to understand the content of our conversation, we switch to our mother tongue. In addition, there are some

expressions for ways of saying things that only make sense in a certain language. Some are very comical. It can be truly entertaining when we joke around, but we are still cautious of what we say. It happens all too often when people end up understanding what we are talking about. People are not always as they seem. Someone from South America might look Middle Eastern. We have experienced it on several occasions. I feel sorry for people who haven’t learned a second language when they had the opportunity. If parents do speak a foreign language, it’s their responsibility to make sure their child hears it on a daily basis during their critical period and beyond. I find it absurd when parents blame their own chil-

dren, giving reasons such as they “were uninterested,” or he/she “didn’t show any signs of talent.” I know of parents who were incredibly strict about only speaking Arabic at home and now the children, all grown up, are so grateful to be able to understand another language. Most bilingual people can confidently say that those who don’t seize the opportunity miss out on so many benefits. It saddens me to see those who could’ve experienced the same benefits my fellow bilingual speakers and I are currently experiencing. It passes over a great deal of culture, traditions, foods, virtues and many unique expressions.

Awije Bahrami, an Undeclared student, is in her first year as a columnist for The Montclarion.

Concerning Editorials and Columns The main editorial appears on the first page of the Opinion section. They are unsigned articles that represent the opinion of the editorial board on a particular issue. Columns are written by individuals and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Montclarion staff.

Arts & Entertainment

FRANZ FERDINAND LOVE ILLUMINATION One of the tracks off of their newest album, “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions,” is funky and definitely will make you want to dance. As usual, Franz Ferdinand delivers with a unique and exciting track that only adds to the excellency. - Emilia D’albero


G-Dragon’s Coup D’Etat takes a spin on his personal life, shedding the past and reviving his image with drained out vocals, fierce rap verses and just some songs that make you rethink what you’re actually listening to, like the track “R.O.D.” Featuring multiple artists such as Missy Elliot and Lydia Paek, you’ll realize why G-Dragon is still on top. - Nicole Duque



September 26, 2013 • The Montclarion • PAGE 15


This British band led by Alex Turner never disappoints! This marks the fifth studio album by the band and it is one of their more dark albums. Although it’s a bit of a new sound for the band, they still stay true to their original roots. Tracks like “R U Mine” do not disappoint.

Somehow, Mona has taken country and rock music by storm and produced something wonderful. “Darlin” is a super-fun track that combines a country/bluegrass feel with the intensity of rock and roll. The entire album is worth a listen or several.

I went to a Taylor Swift concert. Swift had the lyrics to her song “Love Lost” on her arm, so I looked the artist up later that night! I am so glad I did. Her voice is beautiful, and her lyrics are so powerful and catchy. It’s definitely someone new to check out.

- Victoria Nelli

- Emilia D’albero

- Victoria Nelli



Avicii picks up on folk, s o u l a n d synths to deliver his addictive beats on his debut album. Imagine Dragons pitched in on “Heart Upon My Sleeve,” Dan Tyminski of Union Station provides vocals for “Hey Brother” and firm vocals are delivered by Audra Mae and Adam Lambert on two funky disco jams.

Sirah is doing what Ke$ha wishes she could be doing: making intense pop songs that wouldn’t sound out of place in a club. “Motel Bible” is an anthem for the young and restless, combining innocent vocals on the chorus with rapped verses that make Sirah sound like someone don’t want to mess with.

- Nicole Duque

- Emilia D’albero

SEBADOH DEFEND YOURSELF After ending a 25-year relationship, Lou Barlow, the band’s lead singer and songwriter, transmits his energy and feelings of change into both the album’s lyrical content and overall vibe. Post-divorce bummers come from all corners with the soft acoustic “Let it Out” and the electric “I Will.” What a way to return since last appearing in 1999. - Nicole Duque



Theadora LeCour Asst. A&E Editor

“Conduct Us - An Orchestra in the Middle of New York” As a reader, you may be a student, a professor, a mother, a boss, a friend. Imagine being asked randomly to conduct an entire string orchestra for an audience of a hundred or so people. The opportunity and skill was given to a number of New Yorkers by Improv Everywhere, an improvisational comedy organization. About 60 improv-ready musicians were seated with stands of music at the ready, waiting for people to step up on the street and guide them through their pieces. Sure enough, many takers found out what musical talent they didn’t know they had.

“Drake Makes Everything Sound Better” The side effects of Zoloft and the instructions for toner cartridge change were the topics of sensual discussion for Drake on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week. In a segment she called, “Drake Has One of Those Voices Where He Can Make Anything Sound Sexy,” viewers are briefly granted a romantic island vacation where Drake lists side effects of depression medication. Pouring butter into your ear, take a few seconds and listen to Drake teach you how to change a printer cartridge.

Webster Hall Halloween 2013 - Official Trailer Webster Hall has the new trailer out for its ludacris annual Halloween parade afterparty. Laser shows, huge transformers, ridiculously detailed costumes and a tribal virgin sacrifice all meshed together with the hypnotic tones of EDM characterize the events to take place at 125 East 11th Street. This New York City club for 19 and older finds itself as the place to be on October 31. Attendants can also win $5,000 in a costume contest. Watch the trailer. You may just have new holiday plans.

PAGE 16 • September 26, 2013 • The Montclarion

Arts & Entertainment


Recapping The Emmys Surprises and tributes

A captivating drama Joseph Davis-Lees Contributing Writer

Victoria Nelli Staff Writer

The fall movie season has hit the ground running, and thank goodness that it has. From director Denis Villeneuve is the fall movie season’s first hit, Prisoners. Straight out of a positive reception from the Toronto Film Festival just a few weeks ago, it has, without any curiosity or doubts, earned its good reputation. Led by a fantastic cast and intricate directing, Prisoners tells a daunt-

Denis Villeneuve deserves a lot of credit for an excellent sense of character, direction and composition as he drives this cruel and powerful story. This film is hard to watch in the best possible way. Watching these characters go to dark lengths to gain the information they need isn’t pretty, but the fact that the film’s direction allows the actors to evolve and not hold back is what makes the movie so gripping.

and Gyllenhaal lead the company through two different but equally impacting performances. Jackman digs deep to put forth the true and painful agony that comes when facing the abduction of a child. The way Gyllenhaal balances the ethics of his work and his passion to find the missing children is strong and makes for very impactful viewing. Terrence Howard, Voila Davis and the always

Photo courtesy of AP Images.

Fallon and Neil Patrick Harris onstage.

Neil Patrick Harris started the show off with a bang. Even though the bit with all the previous hosts got old really quick, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s cameo made the show a thousand times better. Even so, Harris did a fantastic job hosting. From the Tony Awards to last night’s Emmys, he just knows what the crowd and the people watching at home want to see. He makes fun of himself, which is really amusing and something a lot of people enjoy. Since the whole cast of Veep is tremendously talented, it was no surprise at all that Julia Louis–Dreyfus took home the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series. Her co-star Tony Hale also took home Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series earlier that night. A short bit featured Anna Chlumsky, Dreyfus and Hale portraying their Veep characters and couldn’t have been more on point. It lightened up the mood to a very awkward and somber evening. The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons receiving the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series was no surprise at all, since he wins every year. Personally, I would’ve been happier seeing someone like Jason Bateman for his role on the Netflix revival of Arrested Development or even Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock. “This may be the saddest Emmys ever, but we couldn’t be happier,” said Steven Levitan, the cocreator of Modern Family. The sad atmosphere he was referring to was the very beautiful but tragic tributes throughout the night featuring the deceased co-stars presented by Edie Falco of Nurse Jackie and Jane Lynch of Glee. Many were upset that the producers of this year’s Emmys strayed from the usual “In memoriam” tributes done in the past, when they played a slideshow of the deceased and have an acclaimed artist perform music over it. This year was very selective of who was honored, and it was very uncomfortable for viewers, let alone attendees in the Nokia Theater. The winners were a bit shocking in some of the more recognizable categories. Merritt Wever took home Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for her work on Nurse Jackie. Many were surprised by her win over the other six very qualified nominees.

Anna Chlumsky from Veep is outstanding and would have been a great surprise if she were to have won. One of the most talked-about wins was Jeff Daniels for his portrayal of Will McAvoy on The Newsroom. Critics and fans alike assumed the Emmy would go to Bryan Cranston for his raw, insane and inspiring portrayal of Walter White on AMC’s Breaking Bad. When Daniels’s name was called, the crowd was in shock, as was Daniels. Both of those shows are incredible and both worthy of Emmy praise, yet Daniels absolutely deserved the win. The Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series win was well deserved and obvious. Although fans on Twitter and other social media sites assumed Kerry Washington would take home the gold, Claire Danes took home the top prize, and for good reason in her work on Homeland. She won last year and if she continues to shock us with her convincing portrayal of Carrie Mathison, she will probably take it home again next year as well. The top honors last night had pretty predictable winners. Best Comedy Series went to (shocker) Modern Family, probably one of the most deserved awards of the night. Yes, they win every year, but for good reason. Modern Family is not only the currently best written comedy but also has the strongest cast and production team. For Best Drama Series, the winner was the Vince Gilligan-produced fan favorite Breaking Bad. The cast was thrilled, as was everyone watching at home. In its last season and last episode airing this Sunday, no show was more deserving. Winning Best Drama was a wonderful way to end the era of Heisenberg.

Paul Dano opposite Jake Gyllenhaal. ing story that captivates you through horrifying suspense and powerful character drama. Prisoners tells the unfortunate story of what every family fears above all else: the kidnapping of their innocent child. Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman) can’t sit still as Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) finds his power to return his and his neighbor’s children as well as his own. However, proceedings go astray when Dover begins to take the law into his own hands when he believes the police aren’t doing enough to find their children. It’s a gripping tale of perseverance and personal endurance that comes when all hope seems lost.

Photo courtesy of

The mastery shot composition that cinematographer Roger Deakins brings to the film allows for the steady build-up of suspense and mystery that adds to the film’s dreary world. The script has a tendency to fall into clichés at points throughout the film, but thankfully not enough to make you think twice about the characters and their motives. It should be pointed out that Prisoners has quite the runtime at 153 minutes, which does lead to some pacing problems, particularly in the second act. Each member of the cast puts forth a naturally powerful and fascinating performance in this film. Jackman

incredibly talented and fantastic Paul Dano do stand out as supportive cast members. The ensemble brings the story to such vivid and cruel life and there are no weak links. To put it simply, Prisoners is a brilliantly produced portrait of mystery and drama that will keep you hard on the edge of your seat as the story unfolds. Packed to the brink with powerhouse performances from an outstanding cast, it’s one of those movies that can keep its audience engaged and engrossed. Minus a few pacing and script issues, I give Prisoners 4 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it to the more mature moviegoer.

Penultimate Suspense

Reaching the end of Breaking Bad Tom Mika Contributing Writer

In the pilot episode of Breaking Bad, Walter White stands before his zoned-out, thankless high school students with a Bunsen burner and a flint spark lighter. He lectures about the meaning of chemistry or in his words, the study of change. “It’s the constant, it’s the cycle. It’s solution, dissolution, just over and over and over. It’s growth, then decay, then transformation.” At this year’s Montclair Film Festival, I had the good fortune of attending a Q&A with the show’s cinematographer Michael Slovis, who attributes the look of the show to the westerns of Sergio Leone (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Once Upon a Time in the West.) The homage is evident in the many wide-angle shots of the New Mexico desert vistas, which often isolate a single character in the frame. Similarly, the often slow pacing of the show which forces the viewer to be patient and observant is a characteristic of Leone’s movies and an uncommon television practice. While the show sometimes moves at a gradual rate, it explodes with tense energy during pivotal action as if the editing itself were a chemical reaction. In those less-than-humble beginnings, White was an underpaid, overqualified

chemistry teacher with the noticeability of a faded inspirational classroom poster. In two years, he transforms into a ruthless, money-starved crystal meth kingpin with a pension for building science fair projects that will kill you and whose fashion statement is a pork-pie hat. Over the course of its five seasons, Breaking Bad has built a broad, devoted fan empire whose word-ofmouth spread faster than Heisenberg’s crystal blue meth and whose addiction to the show is just as strong. The show, a recent Emmy winner for Best Drama Series brings its story to an end Sunday night, is in the zeitgeist and at the forefront of quality television. Created by Vince Gilligan, the success of the show owes so much to the creative elements behind it. It’s not just for the writing, whose meticulous attention to detail and subtleties are as clever as its twisting, didn’t-seethat-comin’ plot points. It’s not just the remarkably vivid, nuanced characterizations of its actors (Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Bob Odenkirk). Stylistically, the show is a rich exercise in craftsmanship. The show also makes metaphorical use of its color palette. Take for instance, the colors

worn by Walt and Skylar during this past season, who often wore light, neutral layers over blue, as if trying to mask their criminally blue past with purity and innocence. The blue of the pool which reflects into the Whites’ home at night also serves as a looming, incessant reminder of the meth. The red tarp at the bottom of Walt’s storage unit cash dune is like a pool of blood. Ultimately, the series is a consistently excellent reminder of what happens when a show or movie fires creatively from all cylinders and never loses sight of its story. What a tragic story it is – one that is clearly uncompromising and has no plans for a tidy, happy ending. My predictions for the finale? A bloodbath, I’m sure. Maybe Walt will kill Todd and Uncle Jack. Maybe Walt will save Jesse and Jesse will kill Walt. Maybe Walt will kill his alter ego (Heisenbergwith the ricin.) Maybe Todd will kill Lydia after too many date rejections. Maybe baby Holly will kill Walt’s old Gray Matter partners and put their heads on the back of a tortoise. There will be blood and lots of dread. But no matter what happens, the order of Walter White’s change will be growth, transformation and then decay.


The Montclarion • September 26, 2013 • PAGE 17

PAGE 18 • September 26, 2013 • The Montclarion


Arts & Entertainment

September 26, 2013 • The Montclarion • PAGE 19

Parodying the American Dream Grand Theft Auto: A Cultural Phenomenon Kenneth Macri Staff Writer As a life outside of actuality, Grand Theft Auto V offers a refreshing deviation from the conventionalism of today’s gaming world. Rockstar’s GTA V is not simply a diversion from the gamer’s reality but a departure from the norm for the characters within its digital world as well. As gamers begin to decipher all the features GTA V has to offer, the three main antagonists attempt to situate themselves within their new lifestyles. Rockstar’s epic fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise provokes both the gamer and the characters they adopt to forge a new existence inside the artificial, utopian city known as Los Santos. Grand Theft Auto V follows the story of three interrelated characters who are drawn together by one thing: criminality. Despite their paths being intertwined the lives of Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips and Franklin Clinton couldn’t be more disparate. De Santa is a former bank robber who faked his own death to escape jail time, only to be imprisoned later in the household of his dysfunctional and greedy family. He lives a lavish lifestyle complete with expensive cars and tailormade suits, but he lacks the one thing money can’t buy: the admiration of his children. Phillips, De Santa’s former partner-in-crime, lives the complete opposite lifestyle. He lives a solitary life in a trailer park in the desert. He keeps himself isolated from

everything except guns and drugs, which he uses to construct his reckless persona and uncontrolled behavior. Finally, there’s Franklin Clinton. A former repo man at a shady car dealership, Clinton develops a relationship with De Santa doing some illegal odd jobs for him and his partner Lester in order to generate some quick income and work his way up in the criminal ranks. There is one main difference between De Santa and Clinton. Albeit his notorious criminal background, De Santa tells his

son he “always thought he was the good guy.” On the other hand, Clinton knows that his way of achieving the “American dream” is all but honest. However, in a world crippled with fraudulence in pursuit of the almighty American dollar, dishonesty is actually a valuable attribute and that is something De Santa fails to grasp. All of these characters want to create new lives for themselves and escape their scandalous fantasy world – the very world us gamers are trying to assimilate into, because we can never inhabit

it within our own reality. If you are trying to avoid crime in the world of Los Santos, chances are you’re going to be thrusted into the middle of it. Hijacking airplanes, smuggling drugs and robbing anyone with a pulse is what makes Los Santos a place ridden with delinquency. The vibrant scenery, complete with beaches and boardwalks, coupled with a plethora of luxurious shops, at times, works to camouflage the corruption within the city. It is visually impressive with pulsating colors and gorgeous palm trees, tempting gamers

to lose themselves within the immensity of its open world. The world of GTA V is so vast that, at times, you forget that you are living as a fictional character. You buy amenities, explore the open world and progress the stories of De Santa, Phillips and Clinton, all while trying to figure out what it all means after your system turns off. When you lose yourself completely in a game, that’s when you know it was worth every penny. Grand Theft Auto V accomplishes just that.

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The most sought out thing in a life of crime is normalcy.


Kevin Camilo Staff Writer

Billboard Hot 100 Week of September 19

• After finishing their tour on Sept. 20, Mumford and Sons have announced that they will be going on an indefinite hiatus. The band is looking to take a break and relax without having any commitments. Their last album, Babel, was their most successful album yet and one of the biggest albums of the year.

#1: “Wrecking Ball” - Miley Cyrus (Last week - #22, Weeks on chart - 4 weeks)

• The iHeart Radio Music Festival last weekend was well delivered with huge stars such as Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake and Miley Cyrus putting on memorable performances. The concert also included veteran performers Paul McCartney and Tim McGraw. Joan Jett made a special appearance alongside Ke$ha during her performance.

#2: “Roar” - Katy Perry (Last week - #1, Weeks on chart - 6 weeks) #3: “Royals” - Lorde (Last week - #3, Weeks on chart - 11 weeks)

• Singer-songwriting legend Carole King has already built up a huge legacy for herself, winning awards such as the Gershwin Prize and five Grammy awards, including one this year for Lifetime Achievement. It was just announced that she will be adding the 2014 MusiCares Person of the Year to her legacy. King is also a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriting Hall of Fame.

#4: “Blurred Lines” - Robin Thicke feat. Pharrell and T.I. (Last week - #2, Weeks on chart - 22 weeks) #5: “Wake Me Up” - Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc (Last week - #5, Weeks on chart - 12 weeks) #6: “Holy Grail” - Jay Z feat. Justin Timberlake (Last week - #4, Weeks on chart - 10 weeks)

• New music this week: Katy Perry’s new song “Dark Horse” featuring Juicy J, Little Mix’s new single “Move,” Justin Timberlake’s new single “TKO,” Imagine Dragon’s “Monster” and Daughtry’s new single, “Waiting For Superman.”

#7: “Applause” - Lady Gaga (Last week - #7, First Week, Week on chart - 5 weeks)

• This week, Miley Cyrus gets her first #1 hit with “Wrecking Ball,” jumping to the top spot all the way from #22, displacing Katy Perry’s “Roar” to #2. Jay Z’s “Holy Grail” falls out of the top five this week, hitting #6. Eminem’s “Bezerk” rebounds back to #8 this week as well. “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey drops from #6 to #10.

#8: “Berzerk” - Eminem (Last week - #10, Weeks on chart - 3 weeks) #9: “Hold On We’re Going Home” - Drake (Last week - #8, Weeks on chart - 6 weeks) #10: “Summertime Sadness” - Lana Del Rey and Cedric Gervais (Last week - #6, Weeks on chart - 10 weeks) Biggest











PAGE 20 • September 26, 2013 • The Montclarion


Field Hockey Remains Red Hot make it close, but Johnston capped her career day by tipping in a shot off an assist from Erier to give MSU the win for sure. “SUNY Cortland is always a great game,” said Senior defender and captain Sierra Rauchbach. “They are a team that always comes out fighting and it was a great test for us. We came out with energy and played our game and ended up on top.” Sophomore forward Maura Johnston was named NJAC Offensive Player of the Week. Johnston scored five goals in the Red Hawks’s twogame weekend She now has eight goals, three assists and 19 points so far in the 2013 season. Johnston recorded her

Mike Panepinto Staff Writer

The Montclair State University field hockey team kept their stupendous streak going by winning two more games this week to run their record to 8-0 overall and 1-0 in the New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC). MSU played their first league game and a tough independent opponent this week, but managed to win both games pretty easily. On Sept. 18, the Red Hawks battled the Ramapo Roadrunners at Sprague Field. Montclair State came out firing on all cylinders and crushed Ramapo by a final score of 8-0. Not even two minutes into the contest, freshman forward/midfielder Danielle Butrico found sophomore forward Maura Johnston, who scored her first goal off a rebound pass to put MSU up 1-0. Less than three minutes later, Johnston netted her second goal of the game from a rebound pass to give the Red Hawks the early 2-0 edge. At the 7:41 point in the match, senior midfielder Jennifer Tafro notched a goal for herself, giving Montclair State a 3-0 lead. Six minutes later, senior midfielder Stephanie Lewis found Tafro off a corner pass. Tafro did the rest, clinching her second goal of the game and the fourth for her team. Senior forward/midfielder Brooke Hullings joined in on the action at 20:38 in the

first career hat trick this past week against nationallyranked SUNY Cortland. “I’m so proud of how our team has played,” said Rauchbach. “We work together and show how hard we have worked to be where we are now. I know we have big things ahead of us.” Montclair State’s game this week was on Sept. 25, against their very big rival. William Paterson. The game started at 7 p.m. at Sprague Field. This game is special in that MSU will be accepting donations for the charity Play 4 the Cure during the game. There is also a “T-shirt swap” opportunity, where students can trade in another college’s T-shirts for a Red Hawks one.

Photo Courtesy of Sports Information.

The Red Hawks, who have dominated the competition thus-far, look to remain undefeated. contest, delivering a fifth point for MSU. Lewis closed out the scoring for the Red Hawks in the first half by getting a goal of her own and putting the Red Hawks up 6-0. At the 63:26 mark, freshman forward Erica Faraone connected with freshman forward/midfielder Gianna Moglino, who contributed a goal to the onslaught. Junior defender Abby Erier added a final score for Montclair State four minutes and 30 seconds later. On Sept. 21, MSU welcomed SUNY Cortland to Sprague Field. The Red Hawks won by a decisive score of 6-3, thanks in a big part to Maura Johnston. Johnston struck for the hat trick, scoring three

goals for Montclair State at various points in the contest. Her first score came in the 21st minute, when she received an assist from Hullings and drove in from the left side. Roughly eight minutes later, Johnston scored her second goal of the game by knocking in a rebound near the net. Lewis notched a goal less than eight minutes into the match to stake MSU to an early 1-0 advantage. Moglino connected on her first goal in the match roughly at the 12-minute mark. Butrico concluded the first half, scoring for the Red Hawks off of an assist from Lewis to put Montclair State ahead 5-1 at the half. SUNY Cortland scored two goals in the second half to

Photo Courtesy of Sports Information.

Through the first half of the season, the Red Hawks have averaged five points per game while allowing an average of only .62.

‘Montclarion’ Staff NFL Predictions This year, the Montclarion sports section is bringing back a fun segment that has been absent the last few seasons. Each week, the Sports Editor, Editor-in-Chief and Arts Editor will make their predictions on the upcoming NFL games. Join in and do the same with your friends to see who knows the NFL the best. = This week’s winner

Nick (Sports)

Jessica (E.i.C.)

Jonathan (Arts)

This Week 9-7

This Week 9-7

This Week 8-8

49’ers vs. Rams Giants vs. Chiefs Jets vs. Titans Ravens vs. Bills Bengals vs. Browns Bears vs. Lions Steelers vs. Vikings Cardinals vs. Bucs Colts vs. Jaguars Seahawks vs. Texans Eagles vs. Broncos Redskins vs. Raiders Cowboys vs. Chargers Patriots vs. Falcons Dolphins vs. Saints

49’ers Chiefs Jets Ravens Bengals Lions Vikings Cardinals Colts Seahawks Broncos Raiders Cowboys Patriots Saints

49’ers Chiefs Jets Ravens Bengals Lions Steelers Cardinals Colts Seahawks Broncos Raiders Cowboys Patriots Saints

49’ers Chiefs Jets Ravens Bengals Bears Steelers Cardinals Colts Seahawks Broncos Redskins Chargers Falcons Dolphins





Football NJAC

The Montclarion • September 26, 2013 • PAGE 21

Mens Soccer

Womens Soccer

NJAC Overall


Field Hockey

NJAC Overall













































W. Paterson















W. Paterson



























W. Paterson



W. Paterson


















This Week 9/27 @ Rowan 7 p.m. Last Week 9/21 Alfred 33, MSU 10

This Week 9/28 @ TCNJ 7 p.m. Last Week 9/21 Messiah 3, MSU 1

This Week 9/25 @ W. Paterson 7 p.m. Last Week 9/18 MSU 4, St. Joseph’s 0

This Week 10/2 vs. Stevens 7 p.m. Last Week 9/21 MSU 6, SUNY Cortland 3

Who’s Hot This Week Maura Johnston Forward — Field Hockey Named the NJAC Offensive Player of the Week, Johnston helped the Red Hawks go 2-0 over the weekend with five goals.

Season Stats Goals - 8 Assists - 3 S.o.G% - .833

Game of the Week Field Hockey vs. Stevens Oct. 2, 7 p.m.

The Red Hawks look to maintain their momenutm going into the fourth and final home game before hitting the road for two weeks. For updates, check out: w w w. m o n t c l a i r a t h l e t i c s. c o m and follow @TheMontclarion on Twitter.

Who’s Hot This Week Marc Aspinwall Linebacker — Football In a 33-10 defeat to Alfred University, Aspinwall recorded a career-best 14 tackles, including 2.5 tackles for loss.

Season Stats Solo Tackles - 11 Assisted Tackles - 10 Tackles for Loss - 3.5

Game of the Week Soccer @ TCNJ Sept. 28, 7 p.m. MSU hopes to stay hot when they travel to take on the 6-1-1 Lions. For updates, check out: w w w. m o n t c l a i r a t h l e t i c s. c o m and follow @TheMontclarion on Twitter.

PAGE 22 • The Montclarion • September 26, 2013

Red Hawks Get Shot Down in 33-10 Rout Nick Verhagen Sports Editor

Sadly, the momentum of last week’s win did not last long as the Montclair State University football team fell to Alfred University 33-10 on Sept. 21. Although the Red Hawks lost the game, they did show improvement offensively from last week. Ryan Davies, who completed seven of his mere 17 attempts, recorded 174 yards in the air with two interceptions and a touchdown. Unfortunately, one of those interceptions was returned for a touchdown. Splitting the snaps with Davies was fellow sophomore Gabe DiMasi, who completed four of his 16 pass attempts for 44 yards. Both quarterbacks have potential and will grow over the season and the next two years. On the ground, the Red Hawks continued their stuggles as DiMasi, Davies and runningback A.J. Scoppa combined for 32 yards on 18 attempts. Scoppa, who had a promising start to the 2012 season before suffering a season-ending injury, has every-

thing it takes to lead the Red Hawks to victory. The first quarter saw very little action on both sides of the ball. The quarter ended with Alfred up 6-3, due to a botched extra point attempt. After a slow but hopeful start, the second quarter is what many of the Red Hawk players and fans wish to forget. Alfred took a 10-point lead when Austin Dwyer ran in his second touchdown of the day. However, the Red Hawks quickly retaliated with an 80-yard pass from Davies to Aaron Williams to bring them back within three points. That, however, marks the last part of the game that MSU enjoyed. Following an uneventful six minuted of play, the Red Hawks experienced the two minutes from hell as Alfred scored 17 points in 64 seconds. The final scoring drive of the game came in the third quarter for the final three points. The Red Hawks return to the field on Sept. 27 when they visit Rowan for a 7 p.m. game. The Red Hawks have the skill and coaching of a winning team. Hopefully, they can figure out what the problem is and fix it before it gets too late.



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Meet with Faculty and Students about Public Health Degrees and Careers

Rutgers School of Public Health


Through our three campuses and eight departments, your education opportunities are plentiful. • New Brunswick Campus • Newark Campus • Stratford Campus • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Biostatistics Dental Public Health Epidemiology Environmental and Occupational Health Health Education and Behavioral Science Health Systems and Policy Quantitative Methods: Epidemiology and Biostatistics Urban Health Administration Post Baccalaureate Certificates Master of Public Health (MPH) Master of Science (MS) Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Dual Degree Options Also Available

Invites you to our

OPEN HOUSE October 9, 2013 4:30pm-7:00pm 683 Hoes Lane West, 1st Floor Atrium Piscataway, NJ 08854

Take Your Passion and Enthusiasm for Protecting and Improving the Lives and Well-Being of Communities to the Next Level

Scheduled Activities: • 4:30pm Meet with faculty and students • 5:30pm Light Dinner and Academic Showcase • 6:00pm Meet with faculty and students Make a Difference With a Graduate Degree or Certificate in Public Health For More Information and to RSVP, call 732-235-9700 or email • • Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Sports Visit for recaps and updates of weekend games and events.

Hockey Season Slowly Draws Near Corey Aron Staff Writer

If you’re a disgruntled New York sports fan, then you’ll be happy to know that hockey season is only one week away from dropping the puck. Even Philadelphia fans have had little to cheer about in both of their baseball and football teams. Speaking about the City of Brotherly Love, the Flyers are coming off from a very disappointing season of high expectations. Though last season was shortened due to the lockout, every other team in the NHL can no longer put blame on the lack of cohesion or not being physically ready. Things have been back to normal from a full training camp this offseason. However, not everything was particularly normal, as Flyers captain Claude Giroux had the misfortune of injuring himself from playing another sport. The most commonly known sport that has hampered athletes outside of their profession has been basketball. Take, for instance, linebacker Terrell Suggs suffering a torn achilles or former big leaguer Aaron Boone breaking a hip bone — all from shooting hoops. Getting back to Giroux, he was playing golf and ended up having a freak incident when his golf club shattered, severely injuring his finger. The beauty about sports is that you can’t make these things up, but the good news is that he is slowly getting back into “the swing” of things by getting in some preseason game action. Fans are also happy to note that the atrocious signing of Ilya Bryzgalov has been bought out, and now the team’s former goalie has all the free time in the world to keep wondering about his fascination of the universe. Now even though the season begins in a week, the New York Rangers won’t get to see home ice until Oct. 28. They start their season off by playing nine consecutive games on the road. This is due to the final remaining renovations

that Madison Square Garden has been working on for the last three years. MSG has been working on making a sky bridge that will be built across the upper tier from one side of

Callahan and Swedish left winger Carl Hagelin. They both underwent shoulder surgery and still do not have a timetable on when they will be able to return.

Yankee Stadium. Three days later, the Rangers and Islanders will also be playing a night game out in the Bronx. The often forgotten New York Islanders not only

A picture of what Madison Square Garden will look like with the proposed “Sky Bridge.” the Garden to the other. The Blueshirts can also agree that they did not live up to their talent they have on paper as being a Stanley Cup favorite last season. They got rid of the fiery John Torterella, who ended up switching places by bringing in the Vancouver Canucks’ all-time winningest coach Alain Vigneault. Players have come into the locker rooms this season wearing shirts that read, “Clean Slate/Grab It!” Vigneault hasn’t watched much footage from last season’s team by mentioning, “I really want everybody to come in with a clean slate. I don’t want to come in here with any preconceived notions. I want guys to have a legitimate chance.” Some of those players will have a legitimate chance to step up because they’ll be without their captain Ryan

The big splash during this past year’s NHL Draft at the Prudential Center was the New Jersey Devils rewarding their hosting crowd by surprisingly trading their draft pick to acquire Canucks goalie Cory Schneider. Despite losing Kovalchuk back to his homeland in Russia, the team was able to somewhat compensate by signing a one year deal with the ageless Jaromir Jagr. The NHL’s realignment of teams in each division will also ensure for Devil fans to mark down March 20 on their calendars when the Minnesota Wild visit. The betrayal of Zach Parise deserves to get the type of booing that can be heard all the way back to St. Paul. Fans should also mark down Jan. 26, because the Devils and Rangers will be playing an afternoon outdoor game at

“I never blame myself when I’m not hitting. I just blame the bat and if it keeps up, I change bats. After all, if I know it isn’t my fault that I’m not hitting, how can I get mad at myself.” - Yogi Berra

stigma throughout the years, as they are now going to be playing in the state-of-the-art Barclays Center out in Brooklyn. Their face of the franchise, John Tavares, has also been

Photo Courtesy of

astonishingly made the playoffs last year, but gave the offensively skilled Pittsburgh Penguins a run for their money by nearly forcing their first round series to a game seven. The Islanders will continue to shake off their bad

given the honor to wear the “C” stitched across his jersey. Here’s to an upcoming season of missing teeth, broken glass and lighting up the lamp in pursuit to lock those lips onto the sweet Stanley Cup.

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Stop by the Montclarion office to meet the editors and eat free pizza. Wednesday, Oct. 9 11 a.m. — 2 p.m. Student Center Annex, Room 113

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