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The Student Voice of Montclair State University Since 1928 Volume XCIV, Issue 16

Thursday, February 13th, 2014


In Memoriam: John J. Cali

Spotlight Shines on Hangtag Theft Jayna Gugliucci Assistant News Editor

Bradford School in Montclair, NJ.

Portrait of John C. Cali by Eric Jean-Luc Kerke based on a photo by Mike Peters.

Ethan Fria News Editor John. J. Cali, who donated both his namesake and $5 million to establish the new School of Music at Montclair State University, passed away on Feb. 1.

A saxophone-playerturned-real estate developer, Cali worked to spread his love of music to future generations. In a campus-wide email, President Susan Cole expressed Cali’s value to the campus and to the students

Trans-Pacific ‘Gunslinger’ Shoots Partnership Blanks

Agreement causes tension and shows U.S flaunting power

Student film about an aspiring football player falls short

Tiffany Saez Production Editor

Jonathan Molina Entertainment Editor

Often referred to as “NAFTA on steroids,” the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – a free trade agreement currently being negotiated between the US and 11 other countries — reflects the US’ latest effort to flex its economic and military muscle over the Asia-Pacific region. While much of the public remains passive and unaware of the TPP and its consequences, the proposed deal embodies the dawn of a new era driven by multinational interests — something that should alarm our citizens. According to TPP draft texts released by the website WikiLeaks, the trade agreement aims to strengthen corporations by raising their status to that of government institutions.

For viewers, student films have a certain appeal to them that draw in viewers with the allure of raw and potential talent that blooms in front of their very eyes. For Aaron Dobson and his “short” (40 minute) film Gunslinger, the potential talent that was meant to be showcased ended up being completely overshadowed by its technicality, continuity and casting issues that end up being the main focus and left me thinking, “Why?” Christopher Friedel takes on the role of Derek, a painfully average looking male who aspires in achieving the lofty goal of becoming a NCAA Division I college football player.

TPP cont. on Page 14.

themselves, saying, “He frequently came to student performances and he was immensely proud of our students. Students, faculty and others who had the chance to know him could not help but return his affection and respect. John was a wise

and intelligent man, always gracious in his manner, welcoming in his home and unfailingly generous and kind to others.” The Cali School of Music remains the only university music school in New Jersey.

Though the theft of parking hangtags has decreased significantly over the last few years, the prominence of such a crime has not disappeared completely. With seven hangtags stolen from campus parking garages since the beginning of the school year, the issue has remained in the spotlight and will only continue to do so if steps are not taken to prevent theft. In accordance with the thefts, both Parking Services and the University Police are determined to bring an end to the crimes for good. To do so, all reported thefts of hangtags are flagged within Parking Services’ system. When utilized again, the stolen hangtag will generate a flag within in the system. Hangtag continued on Page 6 .

Hometown Teams Hits the Heart

Renowned museum exhibit comes to Montclair

The Yogi Berra Museum crew setting up the new exhibit.

Photo courtesy of Mike Peters.

pact of sports on the American lifestyle and culture. According to curator Bill Santelli, the exhibit displays “few aspects of American

Gunslinger continued on Page 17.

With the Super Bowl taking place in the Meadowlands, there could not have been a better time for

the Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center to share its home with a new exhibit. Traveling from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., “Hometown Teams” showcases the im-

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Sports, p. 24

Cole is Cooler Than Ever

Date Night Dishes for a Heart Healthy Valentines

Higher Education for a Lower Cost

‘Montclarion’ Sits Down with Kris Allen

Red Hawks Win Back to Back Games

President Cole ranks 79 in NJBIZ’s Power 100 list.

Jayna Gugliucci Assistant News Editor

Recently, Sen. Marco Rubio had addressed an education forum at Miami Dade College.

Smithsonian cont. on Page 5.

The Montclair State womens basketball team is building up another win streak.

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On Jan. 31

Don Spielvogel

Pelican Police Report

Non-student Frank DeLuica, 18, of Holmdel, N.J. was arrested and charged for his involvement in damaging the third floor hallway of Gordon Hall. On Feb. 1, non-student Andrew Masco, 18, of Holmdel, N.J. was arrested and charged with his involvement in the same incident. Both parties are scheduled to appear in Little Falls Municipal Court. (building #58)


Faculty Advisor Steve Johnson

On Jan.31 Student William Lyons, 18, of Alpha, N.J. was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia while in Freeman Hall. Lyons is scheduled to appear in Montclair Municipal Court. (building #15)

On Feb. 1


The Montclarion willingly corrects its factual errors. If you think there is a mistake in a story, please call Editor-inChief Jessica at ext. 5230.

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On Feb. 3

Non-student Everton Halauza, 34, of Woodside, N.Y. was arrested and charged with criminal mischief, defiant trespassing, an act of domestic violence, two counts for possession of marijuana and ecstasy and his involvement in removing air from tires in Lot 45. Halauza is scheduled to appear in Little Falls Municipal Court.

A student reported an act of criminal mis- On Feb. 7 chief on the first floor of Williams Hall. This A staff member of Sam’s Place reported that case is under investigation. (building #62) their wallet was removed from an unlocked locker within the Employees Only area. This case is under investigation. (building #58)

Anyone who has information regarding these incidents is urged to call the police station from any campus phone at T-I-P-S (8477). All calls are strictly confidential.

The Montclarion • February 13, 2014 • PAGE 3

PAGE 4 • February 13, 2014 • The Montclarion

The Montclarion • February 13, 2014 • PAGE 5

Awareness Reaching New Heights

Graduate student investigates the role birds play in illness

Got the inside scoop? Write for News! Contact

Andrew Osolin Staff Writer Heather Kopsco, a graduate student at MSU, has been studying the role of birds in the spread of Lyme disease. While they have been known to spread ticks which carry the disease, Kopsco’s research focuses on the possibility that birds can actually become infected with Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. After earning her B.A. in English at Rutgers in 2008, Kopsco received her B.A. in biology here at MSU. Kopsco’s interest in Lyme disease started when she contracted it herself in 2011. Her symptoms included “incredible fatigue and horrible joint and muscle pain,” as quoted on the Montclair State University website. She contracted the disease again last summer while do-

Weekend Update Campus, local, national and state news with a twist

• Fans watching the Super Bowl faced a “nightmarish” commute home on Feb. 2, with NJ Transit drastically underestimating the amount of commuters using the railway system. Riders claimed the scent of body odor was so strong, it was almost powerful enough to overcome the smell of Secaucus. • A push is being made in favor of state-funded preschools in every state. However, the bill has many who oppose it, including celebrities; “I’m against it. Our kids need to spend more time at home,” says Woody Allen. •Resident Education and Services is considering renaming all “CAs” to “RAs” next year. Subsequently, Freeman Hall is renaming “Frankfurter Day” to “Hot Dog Day.”

• Many were outraged over the Coca-Cola commercial that featured “America the Beautiful” performed in multiple languages, pero todas aquellas personas son cabrones.

•Obama is pushing to have wi-fi more accessible in the public school system. This way, future generations will also be able to struggle through the website.

• MSU has recently decided to reevaluate their deal with food distributor Sodexo. School officials are currently in negotiations with the highest bidder, Waste Management.

•Many Americans aren’t thrilled with the Olympics being held in Russia this year, but they’re Putin on a good face.

• Many noted that two teams to reach the Big Game on Sunday were coincidentally from the two states that recently legalized marijuana. We tried to make a pun, but it’s already called the Super Bowl. •Carly Rae Jepsen will soon be appearing on Broadway. . . FINALLY!

Photo courtesy of Mike Peters.

Heather Kopsco studies various birds to gain insight.

• Samuel L. Jackson was rightfully outraged during a television interview after being confused with fellow actor Laurence Fishburne. In other news, he will not be reprising his role in the next Men In Black. •Russia took home the gold in the team figure skating event, or as Russians call it, getting to work.

ing research as a field intern. Fortunately, she was able to recognize and treat it early, so her symptoms were much less severe. After first contracting the disease, Kopsco began doing some research. She learned that while birds have been found to contract the disease in Europe, there were no such studies in New Jersey. Kopsco took it upon herself to fill that void. To raise funds for her research, Kopsco launched a crowdfunding campaign on Mircoryza. She managed to meet her $8,000 budget in four months through generous donations from family, friends and other donors. This money will go towards equipment for both the lab and the field. Kopsco has taken over 40 blood samples from wild birds so far and is equipped to carry roughly 200 samples.

The question Heather seeks to answer is an important one: “If birds are indeed carrying not only ticks but the Borrelia burgdoferi bacterium, this has huge implications for the range map and human risk of Lyme infection,” said Kopsco, as quoted from the MSU website. The problem of Lyme disease is also very relevant to New Jersey, which, according to the Center for Disease Control, is one of the 13 states that made up 95 percent of reported cases in 2012 and is the most commonly reported vectorborne illness in the nation. However, it is not a nationwide problem. Lyme disease is mostly concentrated in the Northeast and upper Midwest. Kopsco will continue her research throughout the spring semester.


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culture so colorfully and passionately celebrate the American experience as sports.” In its entirety, the Smithsonian’s Museum on Main Street boasts the interactive exhibit aims to illustrate the idea that “our love of sports begins in our hometowns— on the sandlot, at the local ball field, even in the street.” From the long nights out on the corner with friends to the professional games played beside teammates, sports have grown into a national phenomenon that dominates

not be mistaken. In the end, “we win and we lose, and we yearn to play another day” together as a country. With sports so heavily rooted throughout the American culture, the “Hometown Teams” exhibit moves to bring such a treasured experience to the heart of Montclair State. Part of a partnership between the Smithsonian and the New Jersey Council for the Humanities, the museum will be hosting a series of programs connected to “Home-

The new exhibit is for the kid in all of us.

the culture in which we live. Since “sports are everywhere in America,” “Hometown Teams” works to bring the evolution of sports throughout generations to the public. Whether it is during a championship game of a local little league or the determining game of the World Series, the community truly comes together to watch sports. In fact, the Super Bowl is one of the only times the mass audience is recreated in its definition. With millions holding their breath at the fate of two teams, whether local or national, the bond between those watching could

Photo courtesy of Mike Peters.

town Teams.” Events include a sports film series as well as sports drawing classes and a sports writing seminar for younger students. Until March 16, students and residents of Montclair will be able to recapture precious memories of their childhood sports teams and create new ones from the inspirational exhibit. During public hours, Wednesday through Sunday (12 p.m.-5 p.m.), “Hometown Teams” will be on display in the Yogi Berra Museum. For more information, the museum can be contacted at 973-655-2378.

PAGE 6 • February 13, 2014 • The Montclarion

Cole is Cooler Than Ever


Continued from page 1

Montclair State President joins the ranks of Governor Chris Christie

Unsecured vehicles are subject to theft.

From there, Parking Services are then in touch with University Police to investigate the car, owner and driver of the stolen hangtag. With this system in place, those stealing hangtags will face the burden of their crimes sooner rather than later. When caught, the person could be faced with a variety of consequences. If caught in the act of theft or possession of stolen property, the person could be charged with a range of criminal charges. These charges include, but are not limited to, theft from a motor vehicle as well as receiving stolen property. Similarly, the person could face fines from Parking Services and disciplinary action from the university. However, the crime can altogether be avoided if students begin to take precautions. Lieutenant Kieran Barrett of University Police urges students to lock their vehicles, close windows and put tops on vehicles such

as Jeeps or convertibles. In addition, the alarm system should be activated on all vehicles that have one. According to Lt. Barrett, the overwhelming situation continues to be unsecured vehicles. “If you secure your car at the mall, home or other areas, do so here as well. I cannot stress enough to all community members that simple crime prevention tips go a long way to prevent crime.” Perhaps the most important step that a student should take is reporting the crime as soon as it occurs. If a student believes his/ her hangtag has been stolen while located in campus parking, the theft should be reported to Parking Services as well as University Police. Meanwhile, if it was stolen off campus, the student should report it to Parking Services and their local law enforcement authority. Yet, students should not be alarmed with the reports of stolen hangtags. According

The Montclarion | Claire Fishman

to Barrett, the University Police has been “very successful with prosecution when a flagged/stolen hangtag is utilized on campus.” Holding the image as a “safe environment to park and traverse,” crimes within the parking decks are “extraordinarily rare” at Montclair State. Therefore, students should not be alarmed, but rather should take steps to prevent the same from happening to them. With Parking Services and University Police stepping up to the plate, Lt. Barrett claims that it is only a matter of time until the crime catches up with the culprit(s). Because, here at Montclair, “we are like a small city. Crime does not stop at the MSU entrances and the more we prevent as a community, the less likely we are to be victims of crime.”

President Susan A. Cole honored by NJBIZ.

Jayna Gugliucci Assistant News Editor With influence in various areas of academics, businessand politics, it isn’t surprising for Montclair State’s President Susan A. Cole to be honored once again. Citing her leadership in the University’s unprecedented growth, NJBIZ listed Cole at No. 79 in their most recent “Power 100.” Marked as one of the most powerful people in New Jersey business, Cole’s countless accomplishments during her term at Montclair have been shared with the state. From her early days in 1998, Cole has overseen the second largest and fastest growing university in New Jersey. All the while, Cole has been moving forward in her career and shining a brilliant light on Montclair State, its staff and its students. In the

Photo courtesy of Mike Peters

past year, Cole has signedoff on the construction of two new buildings which are expected to be completed soon. With the new School of Business and Center for Environmental Learning underway, Cole has only invited more students to join her family here at Montclair. Meanwhile, in 2013, Cole was honored as New Jersey’s Educator of the Year. Recognized for her contributions to the state’s past and future in research and development, Cole’s outstanding leadership in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) only continues to grow. Though the list appears annually, there is no doubt on the Montclair State students’ minds that President Cole will be honored once again.

Feature Fashion History

The Montclarion • February 13, 2014 • PAGE 7

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel

Photo courtesy of

Deanna Massa Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of

Published in Vogue, December 1, 1937.


A Chanel ad featuring Audrey Hepburn wearing a Chanel “little black dress.”

Coco Chanel is one of the fashion industry’s most influential women, impacting the industry with her everlasting concept of the “little black dress.” It was revolutionary then and is timeless now, as the dress serves as a staple piece in every fashionista’s wardrobe. Born Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel on Aug. 19, 1883, her birthplace of Saumur, France became identified with the infamous fashion designer and founder of the Chanel brand. She later gained the nickname Coco from local soldiers who would frequent at cafes and concert halls where Chanel sang. She learned the trade of a seamstress at the young age of six when she was sent to the orphanage of the Catholic monastery of Aubazine. When she turned 18 years old, Chanel left the orphanage and took a job for a local tailor. During World War I, Chanel moved to Deauville, France and became the mistress of a Etienne Balsan, a rich ex-military officer and textile heir. This gave Chanel the perfect opportunity to practice the art of designing. She began creating and designing hats, which then turned into something more commercial. She eventually met Arthur Edward Capel, a wealthy friend of Balsan who she later dated for about nine years, even while Capel married someone else. Through the connections of these two men, Chanel was able to jumpstart her brand and launch her first boutique shops. The 1920s brought her much fame, as she was the first designer to create garments with a loose-fitting silhouette made out of jersey. Her dresses became very popular with clients because women were seeking garments without the usual corset restriction, as it seemed impractical post-war. The 1920s also housed the opening of Chanel’s headquarters in Paris. At this time, the Chanel brand became a force to reckon with and Coco Chanel became a style icon herself. Her short bob haircut and modern style was cutting edge, having women idolize Chanel in all her beauty. In 1922, she launched her first fragrance Chanel No. 5, the most timeless scent that is still internationally popular. She launched her first cardigan jacket, which became a signature garment for the brand, as well as the little black dress. During World War II, Chanel served as a nurse and had an affair with a Nazi officer. This diminished her popularity quite a bit, therefore moving to Switzerland to avoid any controversy. Shortly after, Chanel adopted Dior’s now infamous New Look. She expanded her brand and launched pea coats and bellbottom jeans for women. Today, Chanel’s product selection includes jewelry, shoes, headwear, all types of clothing, childrenswear, sportswear and even athletic equipment. Through media and advertising, the Chanel brand hit the United States full force. Hollywood began to adopt Chanel’s designs in film. Stars such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly were dedicated clients of the brand and were seen in Chanel both on screen and in their daily lives. In 1971, Chanel passed away at the age of 87 in her apartment at The Hotel Ritz in Paris. She worked hard to complete her latest, and last, couture collection which was introduced two weeks after her death. Her stayed true to her style even in her last moments and sported the Chanel brand gracefully. She impacted the fashion industry, is a style icon and will forever be one of the most influential designers.

! Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of


A motto followed by Coco Chanel.

Coco Chanel at an older age.

PAGE 8 • February 13, 2014 • The Montclarion

Date Night Dishes for a Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day

Alexis Fissinger Staff Writer

Not only is date night less expensive if you stay in and cook at home, but it can also be much more fun and healthy. Research has shown that cooking together can help couples de-stress, which is one of the most important things that you can do to control your cardiovascular health. Just as important is what you put in your body: nutritious food. Here are some tips to make your Valentine’s Day meal delicious and nutritious.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Start with a salad. Now you might be wondering: what’s sexy about eating a salad? Well, this salad is sure to keep yours and your partner’s heart strong since it’s not just any old salad. Loaded with lots of different flavors, textures and spurts of sweet surprise, this is sure to delight the taste buds. Fill a bowl with fresh spinach, toss in some sliced avocado, strawberries and walnuts. Shake up some olive oil and vinegar to drizzle over the top for an extra boost of hearthealthy oils. Here is the heart-conscious nutrient breakdown: Spinach- Folate for heart health, B-complex vitamins, magnesium, potassium, calcium, fiber Avocado- Heart-healthy monosaturated fats, potassium Strawberries- Vitamin C, antioxidants Walnuts- Plant omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, magnesium, folate, fiber, heart-favorable mono- and polyunsaturated fats; phytosterols

Salad is a light meal that can allow people to eat more chocolate later.

Drink red wine in moderation. If you are of age, go ahead and enjoy a glass of red wine while making your date night meal. Choosing this beverage over another alcoholic drink can do more than just set the mood. Antioxidant flavored compounds found in red grapes have been shown to have a positive effect on blood cholesterol by decreasing the bad and increasing the good. An added benefit is a compound in red wine called resveratrol. In moderation, this compound protects the health of blood vessels, reduces incidence of blood clots and may inhibit cancer cell growth. Photo Courtesy of

The better option when choosing alcoholic beverage.

Eat heart healthy pasta. Pasta is also a fun dish to make with another person. When you often order pasta at a restaurant, the portion sizes are enough to feed a whole family and there is usually an unnecessary amount of added salt, oil or butter and cheese. When you make your own, however, pasta can be a perfectly nutritious meal that is ideal for a romantic evening. The ingredients can be completely personalized, but here are some ideas for great heart-healthy pasta: garlic, olive oil, cherry tomatoes, spinach and basil.

Photo Courtesy of

Fresher and healthier pasta.

The healthier option when eating pizza.

Make homemade pizza. Making healthy pizza is, by far, one of my favorite food activities to do with both my boyfriend and my girlfriends. Whether you spend this evening with friends or a significant other, have some fun making your own personal pizza. The first step in making pizza healthy is to begin with wholewheat crust; I promise you will not regret it. The American Heart Association states that a diet rich in whole grains can help prevent stroke and reduce and decrease blood cholesterol. As for the pizza sauce, look for labels that advertise “heart healthy” or check the sodium content because the lower, the better. The best label that I have seen contains about 200 mg of sodium per serving. Whichever sauce you end up with, it is sure to have a hefty amount of lycopene, a healthy antioxidant. When it comes to the cheese, look for reduced fat or part skim cheese (fat-free is not ideal for cooking) or mozzarella, which is naturally lower in fat than those three-cheese pizza blends. Finally, load on the vegetables! Spinach is a must for its heart health benefits and mild flavor and red bell peppers provide a crunch of vitamin A and fiber. My favorite combination consists of any of the following: spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, zucchini, onion, mushrooms and banana peppers. Any vegetable is a good choice, so get creative.

Even better than a box of chocolates… End the evening with a sweet treat for your partner’s taste buds and heart. Heat up chunks of chocolate that have at least 70 percent cacao to get the health benefits of chocolate. You can do this in the top of a double boiler or place the chocolate in a heat-proof bowl over a saucepan of boiling (watch and stir often). Drizzle over chunks of fruit, or in a fondue style, dip the fruit into the chocolate. The following fruits pair well with dark chocolate: Banana- Heart-healthy potassium Mango- Full of filling fiber Strawberries- Immunity-boosting vitamin C Pineapple- Manganese, vitamin C and fiber Kiwi- Nutrient-packed fruit full of vitamin C, zinc and fiber Angel food cake- This light cake is virtually fat-free and is a fun option to alternate with fruit Have some fun with this activity by making fruit kebabs to dip in chocolate. They are fun to make and eat together. Have a happy, healthy Valentine’s Day!

The Montclarion • February 13, 2014 • PAGE 9

The Weekly Debate What is Valentine’s Day? He Said

She Said

Valentine’s Day is a tough holiday to pinpoint. Everyone has varying opinions and motives for what they should be doing. Some guys feel that this day should end in sex, otherwise they’ve somehow “failed.” Some guys feel that they have to go out of the way to do something nice for their girlfriend in order to appease them. However, most guys feel that it is just another day and that if their partner wants to spend Valentine’s Day seems to be, first and foremost, an excuse to be extra sappy in public and not feel bad about it. Some ladies also find that it doesn’t really matter what you do with your partner as long as you do it together. The gifts and other material parts of the holiday are nice, but most can agree that they aren’t essential in order to enjoy the holiday. It seems to be that Valentine’s Day has moved to become an overly commercialized

time with them due to a socially constructed holiday, then they will. A lot of guys don’t like Valentine’s Day because it seems to be a day focused around women and making them feel good. Some guys use the holiday as a moment to think and celebrate themselves for who they are, single guys living their lives. Other guys are tired of people talking about their relationship status publicly, as it feels like an excuse for

people to complain about how single or taken they are. Some men instead take the chance to go out and let all the women in their life know how special they are by buying them all roses. The consensus seems to be that most men find it to just be a day that is unremarkably different from any other. Some guys have even gone as far as to say they’d rather have a second Christmas, because at least they can feel that they can also benefit from

the holiday as well. Instead of the focus of roses and chocolates, people should focus more about the positives of their relationship.

holiday which is moved to push flowers and cheap chocolate onto all the females of the world, perfectly encompassing the corporate shill of “buy our products to find love.” Women and especially men need to understand that these gifts and chocolate’s while nice, don’t save or sustain a relationship. Having men feel socially obligated to buy stuff shows that the holiday is slowly shifting from a holiday based around love to corporate

greed. Men should buy women gifts on any day and shouldn’t feel that pressured to a gift because the retail chains and supermarkets influenced them. xxThat being said, it is odd for a woman to celebrate a holiday which has its origins in whipping women in exchange for fertility. That, to be perfectly honest, makes the holiday just that much more confusing and almost ironic that it is now celebrated based

on “love.” Even after all that, Valentine’s Day can be a day to strengthen a couple’s love by having them remember and recount old feelings for one another, that they might have forgotten in the monotonous grind that is life.

Email your Campus Concerns to

One $5,000 scholarship available for a Montclair State University student to study abroad. Information Session Dickson Hall, Cohen Lounge Thursday, February 20, at 3:00 pm

To be eligible for consideration, you must be:  An undergraduate  Studying in a non-traditional destination  Participating in a program for a semester or longer  Studying abroad beginning in Spring 2015 For more information, visit or e-mail Ms. Domenica Dominguez at

PAGE 10 • February 13, 2014 • The Montclarion

Help Wanted

Classifieds Help Wanted

Are you a college student experienced in child care and looking for a stable income while pursuing your degree? Becoming a Nanny can provide fulfillment and still allow the time to pursue outside endeavors. Contact Kelley at Perfect Fit Nanny Placement Agency: or 862-485-5111.

Babysitter/Mother’s helper: After school help for 3 children in Upper Montclair. Days & hours flexible. Occasional nighttime babysitter also required. Contact: or call Lesley 201-563-2047.

After school care for a five year old in Cedar Grove, starting in September 2014. Five days a week, but would consider 2-3 days. Contact or call 973-615-7371.

Full Service Salon & Spa in Clifton seeks part-time receptionist with managerial duties. Must be outgoing, hardworking, flexible, & reliable. Basic computer skills req. Retail experience helpful but not necessary. Salary commensurate with experience. Benefits available. Call 973-340-4200.

Part-time dog walker needed in Montclair area between 11 a.m. & 3 p.m. Mon-Fri. $10 per 30 minute walk. For more info email Janine at

Part-time Nanny wanted from 3:00 - 6:30 p.m. Minimum of 3 days per week (prefer 5) for 2 elementary age children in Pompton Plains. Requires homework help, transportation to extracurricular activities, light housework and cooking. Please call Allie 973-476-5892.

The Montclarion • February 13, 2014 • PAGE 11

Parking Reasonable off-street parking, Mon.-Fri. Only three min. walk to MSU Bridge & Shuttle! Call 973-819-0334 Sun-Sat, 5 a.m.- 8 p.m. ONLY.

Room for Rent Save $$$ - Female students, grads, transfers. Furnished room rentals Jan – May, across from campus on Valley Road. Internet included. Single or shared. Call 973-778-1504.

Part-time male or female student to help promote The Montclair Boutique and also work part-time. Contact Jeff 201-506-5555.

Interested in advertising with The Montclarion?

Part-time dog sitter desired in Cedar Grove. Must have transportation. Contact Marcie 917-273-6208 or

Email For more information and details

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By Joe Stansbury

MSU Memes by Rob Rowan

By Joe Stansbury


The Montclarion • February 13, 2014 • PAGE 13

Higher Education For A Lower Cost Question of the Week If you could change one thing about higher education, what would it be and why? Kaiya Muniz Junior English

“I would change higher education by changing the grading policy. I would make things more seminar-based and judge students based on qualitative work rather than standardized work.” Kyle Kowal Senior English

“I would change higher education by getting rid of many of the general education requirements. It lowers ecently, Sen. a student’s drive to do well. Half of the general education classes they often Marco Rubio had adhave no interest in, so I think it overall dressed an education forum at Miami Dade Collowers what they learn in college.” lege. The Florida senator is a possible candidate to Joseph run for the Republican Stanley Kurp Party in 2016 and with Senior his idea for a “higher Communications education overhaul,” he and knows how to appeal to Media Arts young voters. One sugges“I think it would tion made by Sen. Rubio was to have free online definitely be what everybody wants— classes count towards colthe tuition cost—because it’s too expen- lege credits. sive, and I feel that people need to save We’ve mentioned their money on better things, too.” the benefits of websites such as Courserea that Amara offer free online classes. Higgins Many of us have taken Junior classes offered by such Business sites and have found them to be comparable to Gen“What I would eral Education classes change about offered at a typical unihigher educaversity. The classes are tion is that there should be more ad- taught by professors after vanced scholarships to college students. all, so in all honesty, what I feel that there can be other scholar- is the difference between ships which are available, like grants payable online classes ofthat you can apply for online and I have fered by a university and no idea about them and everyone else these classes? It’s virtuhas no idea about them. But I feel that ally nothing with the exthese kinds of awards are very beneficial ception of receiving credit toward college students. They should for one and none for the have more scholarships available and other, and really, there is inform more students about them.”


Vicky Leta | The Montclarion

no harm in having educating yourself for free. There’s no mediocre Google searches on various “topics of interest” either. We mean putting the effort into learning something new. If someone really wants to learn, why should money be a restriction? Colleges in other countries cost virtually nothing, at least not nearly as much as ours. The U.S. debts associated with education also seems to be less in most European countries. Some countries even offer free tuition for those going for a Ph.D., yet we have to pay for the entirety of our education for whichever degree we try to attain. In 2012, funding was being slashed as the universities’ tuitions began to rise. Many have come to the same conclusion that higher education can become virtually free. In 2012, an estimated $69 billion was going into methods of subsidizing college expenses through grants and tax breaks, when a close $62 billion was being spent on college tuition. So realistically speaking, every person who was going to college at the time could have gone free of charge. Of course, the fact that some who can’t afford

Sharbel Aldabain Sophomore Computer Science

“I would like there to be more experience or hands-on based classes rather than simply theory classes, because experience is the best teacher.”

perhaps a student would only need to complete a two or three year program which could reduce the amount of money spent on tuition and less money the government could give to universities to cover tuition costs. Sen. Rubio also hopes that many could use free classes and standardized tests to help people earn certificates in areas of interest. The last proposal for Sen. Rubio’s plan would be to have someone give students cost-benefit analyses, which shows students what they will expect to earn in a particular field and how much they will owe after earning a degree. If we live in a country based on innovation, than we should be working on a way to reduce the costs on higher education. People are getting paid for ideas, yet a degree determines if your ideas should be heard. We don’t live in a world where the rich should only be the ones who are educated. We no longer live in a world were “literature” shouldn’t be embedded into the minds of the “common folk.” We should be striving to show that we have evolved as a civilization by giving everyone a chance at becoming educated individuals.

Thumbs Up

Emily Chen Freshman Music

“The cost, because I feel that we pay too much to not be guaranteed a job. After we leave, we’re just grappling. We’re putting too much in and not getting as much out.”

it weren’t taken into consideration. There are probably thousands, if not millions, who would love to go to college who were not accounted for. Another statistic shows that in 2012, an estimated $107 billion was being poured into covering student loans. If the money that was poured into covering student loans could also accumulate over time and ideally drop the price of tuition, of course, that would require a freeze on student loans. Maybe not now, but in the future, if a freeze on loans was implemented and we took all the money the U.S. from subsidized investments, we could potentially make universities less expensive in the long run. The government does make money off of the interest of the loans it gives students, yet students are getting deeper and deeper into debt because they cannot pay off the increasing interest rates. As hard as the government may try to make money off interest, it is just becoming an accumulation of debt. Sen. Rubio’s plan resolves to use free online classes that can reduce the amount time a student has to stay in a university. So instead of being stuck in a four-year program,

Valentine’s Day Remembering Shirley Temple Erin Hamlin wins first ever medal for the United States in womens luge

Thumbs Down Japan nuclear program NBC’s coverage of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies More snow

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Wassup, Catering To America’s Sympathies? Super Bowl commercials prove that advertising is not about the product


h i s year, having opted out of watching the Super Bowl in kristen bryfogle order to asst. opinion do homeeditor work, I caught a compilation of the best commercials of the night. Some of the most successful crowd-pleasers were two heartwarming advertisements for Budweiser. One featured an unlikely friendship between a puppy and a horse, and another featured a veteran of the war in Afghanistan coming home to a surprise welcome paid for by Budweiser. Another positive commercial was from Coca-Cola, which featured “America the Beautiful” being sung in many different languages while the camera cut across many different types of people and families. While many embraced this commercial for displaying the wonderful diversity that makes America great, others were outraged by the idea. Hashtags like “#SpeakAmerican” and “#BoycottCoke” were flying around Twitter after the commercial aired. I will not lower myself so completely as to express why this lashing out against CocaCola for expressing the many cultures of America is not just over-the-top but bigoted. I am

instead more interested in the Budweiser commercials, and why they seem to have been overlooked by people who feel the need to pick on Super Bowl commercials for their messages. I believe in supporting the happiness of puppies and horses and the importance of recognizing soldiers for their service to America, and was particularly touched with the variety of interviews given, presenting many valid issues of veterans’ affairs to the public in a highly watched program. Yet, viewing these heartwarming commercials, so praised in the media, left my heart a bit lukewarm. I commend Budweiser for giving attention to the worthy cause of veteran appreciation, and even financially supporting a homecoming celebration for Lt. Chuck Nadd, but I can’t help but wonder why Budweiser chose to present these two commercials. Atypical for any commercial, these advertisements did not have convenient product placement or end in crowds of people toasting to those in the service with bottles of Budweiser, although Lt. Nadd’s parade did feature the Budweiser Clydesdales. With Budweiser logos flashing only at the very end of these productions, one has to ask, “What is being advertised in these?” Is it the usual message of beerguzzling, “wassuping” football watchers who boast Spuds

MacKenzie as their mascot? Or is Budweiser merely using appeal to emotion as a method of promoting themselves? To me, the message Budweiser is sending in these commercials is not just “Buy our beer because you will enjoy it and have a good time on game day,” but, “Buy our beer because we care about the troops and cute animal friendships and know how to make you feel warm and cuddly inside.” While this is, of course, their product and their marketing strategy, it still leaves me questioning the genuineness of Budweiser’s marketing techniques. I would rather see a commercial from a company showing soldiers coming back to a parade because the company cares deeply about our veterans and wants to improve the state of veteran affairs, not just because they want to give the illusion that they care so you can feel secure in buying their beer because they stand behind our servicemen. Although I cannot claim that Budweiser is not genuine, my perception of their advertising technique is that they were showing the American public what they wanted and not an accurate advertisement of their product. This is a qualm not only with Budweiser, but with many brands which choose to play in to emotions, especially feelings of patriotism, including Coca-Cola’s commercial. However, Coca-Cola’s perspective was more acceptable.

Kristen Bryfogle, an English/Classics major, is in her second year as Assistant Opinion Editor for The Montclarion.

to suppress innovation, restrict online file sharing and obstruct Internet freedom. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) would be given the power to enforce copyright law in the interests of corporations, to remove and censor certain online content and to cut off access to Internet for those who have breached copyright protection laws. The intellectual property chapter of the TPP would additionally extend patents on pharmaceuticals and medical procedures while prohibiting the development of cheaper generic drugs; thus restricting the availability of medicine or life-saving medical procedures to those who need it but cannot afford it. Just by skimming at few of these provisions, it now becomes clear why the Obama administration and US Trade Representatives have decided to keep Americans in the dark. These provisions would never have passed had they been discussed in a transparent, democratic manner. While numerous leaders are hesitant to comply with

the adverse framework of the TPP, what they fear most is pressure from other participants who assert that any country’s withdrawal from the agreement would be put at an economic disadvantage. All hope is not lost though, as more and more politicians, organizations and citizens are starting to open their eyes to the corporate coup that is the TPP. Last week, Senate majority leader Harry Reid rejected President Obama’s request to give him fast-track authority for two free trade deals currently under negotiation: the TPP as well as the US-EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Meanwhile, New Zealand’s Labour Party recently requested that Parliament seek the release of the full contracted text of the TPP before it is signed. Although New Zealand’s request was denied by their government, their efforts have prompted politicians from six other countries to seek more transparency in the TPP talks. Proponents of the TPP

Unlike Budweiser’s commercial, Coca-Cola featured many people drinking Coke throughout the commercial, not only emphasizing the fact that America is beautiful for all of its diversity, but that, in the midst of all the differences shown between groups of people and types of families, Coke is a universal which everyone knows and everyone can enjoy. Budweiser is not the only company that utilizes this marketing technique for its products. In the past, Dove has featured real-beauty campaigns that emphasize that there is not one type of beauty for women. However, Dove is owned by the company Unilever, which also owns Axe, a brand notorious for featuring scantily-clad, thin, attractive girls running after guys for wearing Axe products. Clearly, Dove is advertising an idea because the company believes it to be true, but because focusing on different types of beauty is what sells. In the end, the Budweiser puppy may be adorable, but for me, I find fault with American viewers for buying in to the appeal of a completely unrelated commercial over a commercial that actually sends an interesting message. For me, the real winner of the Super Bowl was the Coca-Cola commercial and the images of our country which it raised.

Want to get involved, expand your resume, learn new things and make amazing friends and connections? Join us at ‘The Montclarion!’ The Opinion Section is looking for a new assistant. We are in Student Center Annex 113 every Wednesday and available via email at msuopinion@

TPP Continued from page 1 By diminishing their jurisdiction over public health, the environment and Internet tiffany saez freedom, production the provieditor sions of the TPP would make national governments subordinate to corporate entities. Such provisions only reflect a fraction of what’s to come from the TPP, since much of the draft remains hidden from the public eye due to strict non-disclosure agreements. With members of Congress having limited access to its precise details, the TPP is by far one of the most covert trade agreements in US history. Despite having been discussed in low-key manner, over 600 corporate actors have direct access to details outlining the deal’s policies. In order to give the final green light to the TPP, Presi-

dent Obama would need to be granted fast track negotiating authority from Congress. Also known as trade promotion authority, fast-track would permit the President to sign any trade agreement without full congressional approval. Congress, meanwhile, would be barred from making any amendments to the proposed agreement. To make the matter worse — under the provisions of the TPP— corporations can legally sue governments in private tribunals to overturn any laws that they feel undermine their projected future earnings. Such measures do not only belittle the justice system, but encourage governments to implement laws on behalf of corporate entities instead of the public. Further leaks reveal that US intellectual property laws, particularly those relating to the Internet, would be exported overseas; thereby reintroducing the same conditions under the preceding Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) bills that intended

have played the “free trade” card; claiming that the agreement will stimulate economic growth by helping to eliminate trade barriers, increase market access and improve relations with neighboring countries. Even so, why should participating countries consider relinquishing their sovereignty to something that would jeopardize their citizens? Rather than helping us, the TPP harms us by putting the environment, health and jobs of our people on the line; putting corporate interests above those of our citizens.

Tiffany Saez, an Economics/Political Science major, is in her first year as the Production Editor for The Montclarion.

Opinion Love Is In My Programming Jonze’s Her leaves audience wondering if romance with AI is possible

The Montclarion • February 13, 2014 • PAGE 15


gates helms columnist

n S p i k e Jonze’s Her, the protagonist falls in love with his operating sys-

tem. While the premise may be confusing to any iPhone user who tries to have a conversation with Siri, it becomes more plausible with the fictitious level of artificial intelligence available in OS1, not to mention, Scarlet Johansson has a way sexier voice than Siri. The main character, who had recently suffered from a divorce, goes through a period of self-discovery during his romantic relationship with the AI girlfriend, Samantha. While the love story is entertaining, no further description

of the plot is necessary to explore the future of artificial intelligence in relationships. Computer programs are used to teach many subjects in our ever technologically advancing world. In fact, computer programs have essentially replaced mathematics professors in lower level classes here at Montclair State University. If they are viable substitutes for college professors in the instruction of course material, then why can’t computer programs be used to teach us how to love? That might be an unfair comparison, as love is difficult to define and math is almost entirely quantitative in nature. However, psychologists have studied the components of relationships and “real connections” in order to break them down and find common denominators in successful relationships. In a TED Talk entitled

“The Power of Vulnerability,” Dr. Brene Brown describes the results of her qualitative research efforts in finding the root of love and belonging. She reveals that vulnerability is at the heart of loving connections. Our problem is our ability to numb emotions that we would rather not feel. This numbing inhibits the entire range of emotions, not just the “bad” ones. We have already witnessed the heartbreak of Internet dating victims who meet their soul mates on the TV show Catfish. Their shame and pain seems real enough as evidence of their vulnerability. There is no doubt the ordeal teaches them to exercise care when having a relationship online. The greater lesson may be that a loving relationship requires, as Dr. Brown contends, some degree of vulnerability and authenticity. Sadly, the online counter-

parts in the Catfish shows often present completely false personas in response to this authenticity. Fortunately, for the deceived Internet daters, the willingness to engage in a relationship, even at the risk of emotional hurt, is the key to a real connection. If the essential processes of a relationship and true connection can be simulated with an online persona, regardless of the level of authenticity of the source, then the human participant would experience emotional growth? The responses on Catfish support this claim. There is already experimentation with robots that experience love, but we are far from true artificial intelligence. However, the time in which the lonely are comforted by programs that respond to their need for affiliation is not far off. As we become more reliant on our gadgets to interact with the world, we miss chanc-

es to interact socially. An uncomfortable silence that may have prompted a conversation a few decades ago can easily be avoided with a cellphone today. While networking tools are advancing, physical interpersonal communication is decreasing to an extent that programs that simulate norms for positive human interaction may be necessary. Internet dating offers evidence that virtual relationships have the potential to elicit the same emotions as physical ones. Technology may provide a solution to the crippling effects of social media on social interaction. Whether it will act to improve our ability to connect as people or ultimately inhibit our desire to connect with others is yet to be seen.

Gates Helms, a Psychology major, is in his first year as a columnist for The Montclarion.

Spread Love, Not Love Bugs Practice safe sex this Valentine’s Day for the perfect date night


hat’s your New Alyssa stokes Year’s resoand Allison lution? Is Halpern it to lose columnists weight? Eat healthier? Get more sleep? How about to have a healthier sex life? As you may know, the way sex plays out in the movies and on TV is not always how it is in real life. Don’t be fooled– passionate, spontaneous love scenes are actually carefully choreographed events. Sharing that special moment is possible for many of us. It just takes a little bit of planning. The best way we can make our sex lives more like the ones we see in the movies is to do what they do behind the scenes and plan it out. It might seem counterintuitive, but putting thought into your sexual encounters before they happen will actually improve your sex life. Often, we don’t think about the preparation that should go into sex until we are in the heat of the moment—and by then, it’s too late. Instead, there are

some guidelines which we all can follow to spice up our sex lives while still protecting ourselves. The first thing to remember when planning for that special Valentine’s Day is that, as the t-shirts floating around campus say, safer sex is sexy. I think we can all agree that there is nothing to kill the mood like a sexually transmitted disease. Burning, itching, discharge? Thanks, but no thanks. The way to keep these impudent words from infiltrating your underpants is by using condoms consistently and correctly every time. In fact, besides abstinence, condoms are the only available protection against STDs. My advice for Valentine’s Day and all other times where you expect to get it on is to toss a condom in your pocket or purse before you go out. It is always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. This way, you can be prepared when things start escalating, and be sure to keep yourself protected. No one wants to have to explain to their friends and family that they got herpes or pregnant on Valentine’s Day.

Another tip is to take care of your condoms, as they can easily become ineffective if they are not stored in the right conditions. Common places to keep condoms, like in glove compartments and wallets are actually not the best storage locations, since condoms need to be in the right temperature and out of direct sunlight so they don’t rupture. Instead, a discreet way to store your condoms while keeping them in the proper conditions is in a sock in your sock drawer or in a mint tin. That way, you cannot only be supplied for your special night but also sure that your method of protection is still viable. Another pitfall which can ruin the mood is committing DUI—doing-it under the influence. Alcohol and other drugs have a profound effect on your ability to think clearly. It may seem like a good idea to combine sex and alcohol for a less inhibited experience, but that is a misadventure you might want to miss out on. In fact, in the state of New Jersey, a person who is under the influence of alcohol or another substance cannot legally give consent to engage in any form

sexual activity. Adding drugs or alcohol into the mix blurs the lines of consent and may lead to a situation where you or your partner’s boundaries have been disrespected. Besides the enormous issue of safety, alcohol can affect your sex life in other ways. Even a few drinks can cause physical changes in your body that actually make sex less enjoyable. Alcohol can make getting an erection more difficult, cause vaginal dryness due to dehydration and delay or prevent orgasm in males and females. When it comes to alcohol and other drugs, leaving them out of the equation will make sex healthier, safer and more enjoyable for you and your partner. Finally, having sex can bring up a lot of complications—both in relationships and in the physical body. If you consider yourself mature enough to make the decision to have sex, then you should be mature enough to talk about the real-life consequences. You need to be okay with telling your partner or partners that it is not okay not to use protection, because in the end, you have control over your

own body and sex life. A sexual partner who is not interested in respecting your choices with regards to sex is not the kind of person with whom you should want to spend time. Remember that if you have any issues with your sexuality and sexual health, there are resources on campus for you. The Drop-In Center, CAPS, and The Health Center can all help you with these struggles, and this Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to start becoming more conscious of your sex life and how you can keep yourself safe and secure. You are capable of making responsible sexual decisions. So while you are in the thick of putting your new resolutions into action, try to squeeze in one more. Special thanks to D’Juana Clark, MSN, APN, FN-CSA for her medical expertise and consulting with writing this article.

Alyssa Stokes and Allison Halpern, Graduate Assistants at Montclair State University Office of Health Promotion, are in their first year as columnists for The Montclarion

Recession Reaches Youngest

Elementary school students dealing with the stress of hard times


s the econ o m i c state of our country continues victoria fisher on a roller columnist coaster ride, we are seeing it becoming more of a far-reaching issue. Suddenly, it is not just about college kids looking for jobs or parents having to pick up a second or even a third job. The economic stress is now reaching to children and in-

troducing a stress that would otherwise be foreign to them. Most students in elementary school do not understand the concept of money or what it means. They do not know to appreciate it, work for it or even where it truly comes from. Elementary students are in the beginning stages of development and are just learning how to properly socialize. The unfortunate truth is that kids can be cruel regardless of their age. Although the type of teasing that may take place does evolve from elementary school

all the way up to college, the issue of children being teased will always exist. A man who was a volunteer at a Houston-area school felt that students who were struggling to gather their change together for their discounted school lunches should not have to deal with such a stressor. Kenny Thompson is a tutor and a volunteer at Valley Oaks Elementary school in Houston. According to The Huffington Post, after learning that there were about 60 students that were unable to afford their 40

cents-a-day fee to pay for their lunch, he donated $465 in order to eliminate this issue. Not only can this be considered a random act of kindness, the long term effects can be tremendous. If students are being properly fed, then they are able to perform better in school. They will no longer have to fear being teased because they can’t afford things and this can also cause them to do better academically. It also teaches a valuable lesson to children, to “treat people the way that you want to be treated.”

Concerning Editorials and Columns

Even though Kenny Thompson is a volunteer, it is evident that he wanted the children to be happy and not have to worry about being able to eat lunch. Those 60 children (and their peers) will remember that man for the rest of their lives. They may not understand right now how tremendous his outreach is, but eventually, they will.

Victoria Fisher, a Political Science major, is in her fourth year as a columnist for The Montclarion.

Main editorials appear on the first page of the Opinion section. They are unsigned articles that represent the opinion of the editorial board on a particular issue. Columns are written by individuals and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Montclarion staff.

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HELP!! WriteRapid Fire Reviews! 40-50 Words msuarts@

This song is from the newest album of the indie rock band Best Coast. If you are experiencing heartburn over a recent breakup, this would be the perfect song to remind you of the good times you had with that person. However, don’t listen to it excessively, because it could evoke some unpleasant memories as well. Awije Bahrami


Falling in Reverse’s new album has been an interesting mix of rock and rap mixed together. Some of the songs have questionable lyrics such as “Fashionably Late,” which promotes cheating on your girlfriend, but overall, the album’s tone is a confident take on the typical American teenager. Padraigh Gonzalez

This piano piece might just change your mind a b o u t classical music. Listening to this song while walking to your next class in the cold makes you forget about this weather for a few minutes. Because of its upbeat and erratic melodies, you can let yourself be transported to a warmer climate. Awije Bahrami



Instantly becoming a worldwide phenomenon, Disney’s Frozen continues to hold its place in the spotlight with its soundtrack. Featuring heartfelt, Disney-esque tracks sung by Broadway’s Idina Menzel and the lovely Kristin Bell, each song will easily dance its way into the hearts of listeners of all ages.

Paul McCartney’s new album shows the pop-rock icon exploring the American songbook. Some of the standouts include “My Valentine,” “The Glory of Love” and “We Three.” Though McCartney struggles with the essence of 1940s jazz, his voice is still strong and his interpretations are lively.

Jayna Gugliucci

Ethan Fria

Theadora LeCour Asst. A&E Editor

The Most Unexpected Gold Medal In History - Steven Bradbury The Winter Olympics are with us again, which allows us to take that trip down Olympic memory lane. One of those priceless moments in the competition’s history was that of Australian Steven Bradbury at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Competing in the 1,000 meter speed skating race, Bradbury’s competitors were neck and neck for the gold, maneuvering in and out of each other’s way so that anyone could have won, except Bradbury, who was dead last. In a shocking but awesome turn of events, Bradbury had what was the luckiest break.

Jay Leno’s Heartfelt Goodbye - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno The time has come for Jay Leno to say goodbye to the millions of people that have watched his program over the last 23 years. In what was a heartbreaking moment for several viewers, Leno shared personal anecdotes and loving thank-yous to all of the people that have contributed to his late night career. Leno’s spot is in talks to be taken by none other than Jimmy Fallon, whose spot Seth Meyers is taking over. The talk show scene is certainly expecting a huge shift in what is a new era of late night television.

Buck 22- Achy Breaky 2 ft. Billly Ray Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus is finessing his way back into the hearts of millions with the remix of his early 90s hit, “Achy Breaky Heart.” This remix features Buck 22 and cannot really be taken as much other than a gimmick. A pertinent question for the artist would be, “Who is this song for?” Country listeners don’t want this and rap listeners certainly don’t want this. The lasthalf of the beloved daddy-daughter counry duo has plunged into the hyper-sexualized videosphere, joining his kid, Miley.

The Montclarion • February 13, 2014 • PAGE 17

The Gunslinger Continued from Page 1

Jonathan Michael Molina Entertainment Editor The opening scene dictated my general attitude towards the movie with questions ofcasting arising by wondering why a more appropriate actor wasn’t in the frame. For viewers, the actor in the screen is the one who carries the story, the one who conveys the emotions, the one who captivates hearts for better or worse. However, with the placement of Friedel in The Gunslinger, I wasn’t able to connect with the story because it just seemed so out of place. In addition to Friedel, the other actors created a mish-mosh of personalities that were performed either not enough or way too much. As the movie progresses, the introduction of Derek, played by Lea Ostner, creates one of many scenes where I would have stopped the DVD and walked away to regain my composure. This aforementioned scene establishes the dynamic between the Friedel and Ostner’s characters in a way that gender stereotypes would either portray one of the characters as manipulative and sexually deviant or silly, aloof and humorous. Besides catering to stereotypes and preconceived notions, the dialogue between the two seemed forced at times that made me

wonder if it was possible to move up my wisdom tooth surgery. Within The Gunslinger, there was small continuity errors scattered throughout that

in transition scenes and Ostner’s hair had weeks of natural color peeking through the bleached strands on her head that grew within a span of hours in the movie. Also, the

Photo courtesy of

Friedel in character. showed the unrefined side of Dobson’s directing. Friedel’s knee brace would mysteriously disappear and reappear

camera focus issues that become the most obvious in the construction interview scene. Hopefully, Dobson wrote The Gunslinger with the intention of creating a flick that

DIY ethic of the film showed through, as the cameraman himself became visible in reflections of glass. There were

relied on its humorous cringe factor to obtain relative cult status. It’s been done before and I can see future work

breaching that kind of notoriety. Breathing a sigh of relief once the credits rolled, I regrouped myself and realized that there were glimpses of talent throughout The Gunslinger. As a director, Dobson created the framework for a good, albeit cliché, story that simply wasn’t executed to the standards that would befit a good student film. Had the plot of the story better suit Friedel’s character by possibly having him trying out for a defensive position instead of a quarterback, The Gunslinger would have had a better chance at creating a believable story. However, with a three-step drop that made Tim Tebow look like Peyton Manning, Friedel just didn’t create that sense of believability. On a lighter note in regards to casting, an immense congratulations should be given to Dobson, who was able to cast (insert name) as Friedel’s coach whose look made me do a double take and mistaking him for Terrell Owens. Dobson is a fledgling director whose talent is still in its beginning stages. As a result, The Gunslinger is destined to be that film that he will pull out years from now and be proud of how far he has come.

‘Montclarion’ Sits Down with Kris Allen Victoria Nelli Staff Writer Aside from winning the eighth season of American Idol, Kris Allen has number-one singles and has been nominated for People’s Choice Awards and Teen Choice Awards. He’s currently in the middle of recording his latest album. Allen spoke with me about touring, his writing process and what his goals are with this new album.

When can we expect this new album to drop? We don’t have a set date yet! We are still finishing up the musical part of things, but we’re hoping sometime in the late spring. That’s not a promise, but we are hoping for sometime around then. Photo courtesy of

You’re in the studio a lot these days. Can you tell us anything about your new album? I’ve been working on it in Nashville, which is new for me because I made both of my last records in L.A., so this one is definitely different and I wrote the songs mostly here in Nashville and at my home in Arkansas. I definitely think a lot of people are going to be saying it’s a country record. It is absolutely not a country record. I think it’s also because of some of the songs and because of the emotion in the songs. We are doing our best here in Nashville recording this month to convey what the songs mean through production and through instruments. New life, new looks

Do you still keep in touch with your Idol friends? Do you ever collaborate with them? I haven’t done any collaborations with anybody. I think it would be fun! I do see people from time to time. I’m in Nashville right now. There’s a lot of people from the show that live here, so I ran into Matt Giraud the other night. He was performing some songs out of Nashville and so I went to go see him and he sounded great. I ran into Melinda Doolittle, who wasn’t on my season, but she’s a very sweet person as well. Now that I’m in Nashville, I see a lot of people.

What was your writing process like for this album? Was it different from some of your previous albums? Yes! I feel 98 percent of the songs came from whether I wrote the song myself or I just came up with the initial idea instrumentally and melodically. And I can’t say that that’s happened on my last two records. It’s like I write songs with people in a room and you start from complete scratch. These songs definitely feel more personal because of that, because over the last year or so, it just comes from me personally, which is a good thing. I think most people want to hear that. They want to hear your personal experiences in song.

Do you have any goals for this album? No matter what I do, my goal is to make good music and for people to connect with it. I would hope that it’s a lot of people. I hope more and more people connect to my music and this new record and I think it’s really possible. I have certainly figured things out as an artist. I’m really excited about the new stuff!

You’re going on tour soon! Any specific stops you’re looking forward to? Can you tell us a little bit about the tour? This tour kind of feels like a warm-up for the rest of the year. We are playing through February and we are going to be playing a lot of new songs, which is a huge deal, and we’re gonna get people’s reactions to them. Most of them will hopefully be on the record. It will be good to just play some new stuff for people. I’m just really excited for the new material. In another way, we haven’t played a full band show in a long time and we are actually going out with a full band this time around, so for the last record, we didn’t get to play any of those songs with a full band, so we’ll get to do that and play some stuff off the last record as well.

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Controversial Call Ends Main Event Early Andrew Guadagnino Staff Writer

At the end of the night on Feb. 1, Urijah Faber still has yet to reach his ultimate goal of holding a UFC title. UFC Bantamweight Champion Renan “the Baron” Barao improved his already impressive winning streak to 22 with a technical knockout win over “The California Kid,” but the win did not come without some controversy. After feeling each other out for the first couple minutes of the fight, Barao (32-1, 7-0 UFC) unleashed an overhand right that badly rocked Faber. While Faber was able to recover from the first blow, the champion followed up with a barrage of knees and another vicious overhand right that left the challenger dazed and clinging to one of Barao’s legs. Unanswered hammer fist strikes prompted referee Herb Dean to stop the contest at 3:42 of the first round. “He’s a very tough guy. He’s very resilient, so I knew it was going to be a tough fight,” said Barao. “I trained very hard for this fight.” Faber (30-7, 6-3 UFC), as well as most of the Newark, N.J. crowd dis-

agreed with the stoppage, saying that he was still conscious and able to fight. “It’s very frustrating,” he said. “I’m one of the most durable guys in the world. You get caught with punches. He told me to do something, so I gave him a thumb’s up right before he stopped it.” In the co-main event, Jose Aldo kept his belt out of Ricardo Lamas’ hands after their five-round title fight went the distance. Aldo (24-1, 6-0 UFC) was nearly flawless in his performance. Using a diverse striking attack highlighted by brutal leg kicks, he managed to out point the American challenger en route to a unanimous decision victory. Despite Aldo’s proficiency in the striking game, he displayed his ground skills in the fourth round, taking “The Bully” down and threatened with a rear naked choke. In the fifth round, Lamas (13-3, 4-1 UFC) turned the tide, taking the top position and raining down strikes until the closing bell. “He took a lot of kicks on the leg. I was surprised he kept going, but he’s a great fighter,” said Aldo, who has won his last 17 fights. “His will impressed me.” In a battle of former heavyweight champions,

Alistair Overeem dominated Frank Mir en route to a unanimous decision in their three-round main card bout. Early in the fight, Overeem (37-13, 2-2 UFC) rocked Mir with a wellplaced knee to the head sending him reeling into the cage. Mir (16-9, 14-9 UFC) miraculously weathered the storm and made it to the second round. From then on, Overeem continued to beat down the Brazilian jujitsu specialist with a mix of ground and standing strikes before seemingly showing mercy at the third round’s close. In a flyweight match-up, Sambo specialist Ali Bagautinov beat John Lineker by unanimous decision after three rounds. Throughout the course of the fight, Bagautinov used a mix of takedowns and ground-and-pound to outscore his Brazilian opponent. However, Lineker (23-7, 4-2 UFC) hit Bagutinov with a few body punches that forced the Russian to attempt takedowns out of desperation. In the end, it wasn’t nearly enough. Abel Trujillo of the “Blackzilians” camp brutally knocked out former WEC lightweight champ Jamie Varner in the second round of their lightweight show-

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case. Their fight was dynamite with back-and-forth action taking place from literally beginning to end. In the first round, Varner (21-9-1, 3-4 UFC) seemed to have the grappling edge, nearly securing a chokehold that Trujillo fought through. In the second, Trujillo (12-5, 3-1 UFC) was on his heels after being rocked by strikes but while closing

in on him, Varner left his chin unguarded and Trujillo exploded with a left hook to his chin, knocking him out cold. Trujillo kept his comments on the fight sweet and short. “Man, I was hurt like a ‘mug,’” said Trujillo with a grin on his face.

Offseason Moves Symbolize 2014 Success in Flushing Harry Hamparian Staff Writer

Another year, another disappointing finish for the New York Mets in a National League East division that is experiencing a “changing of the guard” regarding the positioning of teams at the conclusion of the season. Normally, one would expect a team like the Philadelphia Phillies to take hold of the National League East on a consistent basis. From the years 2009 to 2011, the Phillies averaged a lead of eight games at the conclusion of each season, respectively. Furthermore, the Phillies won the National League East title during each of those campaigns. Since winning the National League East title in 2011, however, the Phillies failed to experience top glory, and a changing of the guard took flight when

both the Nationals (2012) and Braves (2013) captured National League East glory. This leaves one to question the whereabouts of the New York Mets in the competition that occurs during the homestretch of every season. The answer is at the bottom of the table. From 2011 to 2013, the New York Mets trailed the National League East title by an average of 24 games. At this point, the only crown the Mets have worn as an organization is for being the butt of all New York-related baseball jokes. After all, it is quite the challenge to share New York with a franchise whose clubhouse curio is overfilled with World Series championships. Can promise surrounding the New York Mets in becoming a better club during the upcoming 2014 campaign come into fruition? Although the Mets

As this most years the Mets are preparing for another long season.

completed less than a handful of major league signings this offseason, one shall not underestimate the magnitude of the signings themselves. The most significant signing the Mets accomplished was the signing of former Yankees outfielder Curtis Granderson. Speculation indeed found its way into the questionable move of the Yankees in not bringing back their productive former outfielder, but both the Ellsbury and Beltran contracts did quite the job in sweeping any sort of speculation of the Yankees not bringing Granderson back under the rug. Granderson averaged a healthy 28 home runs spanning from 2010 to 2013 during his stay in the Bronx. Eliminating his injury-ridden 2013 campaign puts his average home run total up to 36 per season (spanning from 2010-2012). Not one person can ignore the impact Granderson

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Former Yankee Curtis Granderson joins the Mets this season.

will have in the often-titled weak Mets lineup. Being healthy on a consistent basis and attempting to produce power numbers at Citi Field will be two key challenges Granderson will face during his time in Queens. Honing in on the topic of health pops up as an important need for the Mets. They have to have a completely healthy lineup and pitching staff in order to allow themselves to become contenders. The loss of the stellar Matt Harvey from injury left a gaping problem in the Mets rotation that needed to be addressed during this offseason. That hole was somewhat filled with the signing of former Athletics pitcher Bartolo Colon. Along with Matt Harvey’s injury concerns is a list of other Met players who will be shrouded with concern regarding injury. Along with Granderson on the injury watch list is the up-and-coming catching superstar Travis d’Arnaud. The young catcher experienced injury last season in the minors and will be monitored throughout the season in hopes of having a healthy 2014 campaign. Other players on the Mets

injury watch list include closer Bobby Parnell, first baseman Lucas Duda and lefty Jon Niese. A final topic of discussion revolves around consistency. Like the shortstop position, the first base position was under much scrutiny for the Mets last season. Nestled within the heart of the scrutiny was first baseman Ike Davis, who is to this day surrounded by a cloud of trade rumors. Teammate Lucas Duda also played first base when Ike Davis was on the disabled list. Both gentlemen had a combined average of .214 and posted a total of 24 home runs to go along with 203 strikeouts. Those numbers are flat-out unacceptable, especially for a first baseman in the major league level. Putting up similar numbers this season will spell different options at first base that include Josh Satin and Zach Lutz. Mets fans do have some things to look forward to this season. The organization has young stars that are sure to make a difference in the major league level, and who knows, Ike Davis may break out of his shell. A man can dream, can’t he?

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Super Bowl XLVIII: A Fan’s Perspective Joe Stanley Kurp Staff Writer

For all of us in New York and New Jersey, having Super Bowl XLVIII played in our backyard sure was a once-in-a-lifetime experience we’ll never forget. From all the festivities like concerts, Media Day at the Prudential Center and Super Bowl Boulevard in Times Square to the big game itself at MetLife Stadium, it sure was a memorable experience. Our area not just hosted the first ever Super Bowl in an outdoor cold weather stadium, but also the first Super Bowl where two states and two NFL franchises (the New York Giants and Jets) split hosting duties. Additionally, we lucked out weatherwise and had great weather for the game. Although the experience was memorable for all of us, it was extremely special for me, as I got to witness the majority of the Super Bowl festivities in person. The fun began began three days before the game when a few of my friends and I from the student-run organization RecBoard made a trip down to Times Square in New York to check out Super Bowl

Boulevard. The boulevard sure was a memorable experience, as football fans were enjoying themselves and cherishing the moment. With many activities to choose from, including a viewing of the Vince Lombardi Trophy, the giant roman numerals, the autograph sessions from various NFL players, football-themed activities and merchandise and even the Toboggan Run slide. Super Bowl Boulevard sure had a lot to offer for every NFL fan in the heart of the greatest city in the world. However, I also had the chance to attend the Super Bowl itself at MetLife Stadium three days later. From the minute I arrived on game day, I found myself in a festive atmosphere I had never seen before at the Meadowlands. All the fans that attended, especially the fans of the participating teams, the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks, sure were in the mood for such a historic game and who would emerge as the champion of the National Football League for the 2013 season. After making it through security, I checked out Game Day Fan Plaza, a spectacular pregame expe-

rience around the stadium grounds where I got to pose with the Lombardi Trophy, enjoy some fun activities and other things that I missed out on at Super Bowl Boulevard. Although the crowds grew quicker as kickoff neared, I was able to take part in the action and sink in the moment while enjoying the pregame festivities. It only got better when the fans and I arrived at our seats. After navigating through the crazy concourses and catching player warm-ups, the excitement leading up to kickoff built up as we were treated to extraordinary performances from the Rutgers and Syracuse Marching Bands, Queen Latifah and Renee Fleming, as well as witness the player introductions of the Broncos and Seahawks. From the minute the opening kickoff was made, we all knew our dream was a reality: that a Super Bowl was officially being played in New York/New Jersey. All of us were on the edge of our seats as the Broncos and Seahawks battled for glory. Surprisingly, the Seahawks dominated the game and were up 22-0 at halftime. Although the score was not close at all into halftime, the mood still


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became electric as Bruno Mars, with a little help from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, put on a sensational halftime show right before our eyes. Along with an LED display created by fans and spectacular fireworks above the stadium, the halftime show sure was an unforgettable moment. As halftime ended, we all expected a more hard fought half and a possible comeback by Denver. However, Seattle continued to dominate and only allowed one touchdown, eventually winning the game 43-8 and winning their first Super Bowl in their franchise’s 37-year history. As the fireworks shot overhead and the confetti flew throughout the stadium during the presentation of the Lombardi Trophy, Seahawks fans sure were basking in the glow of their championship. On the other hand, Broncos fans were very disappointed that Seattle’s shut their record-setting offense led by Peyton Manning down the entire game due to the

so-called “Legion of Boom,” which featured players like Richard Sherman and eventual Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith. For me, I just enjoyed the atmosphere and was entertained throughout the game. The only part that most fans and I did not like about the experience was the NJ Transit nightmare we went through heading home from the Meadowlands. However, I handled it just fine and was able to make a safe trip home. Overall, to be part of the Super Bowl festivities in New York and New Jersey in person sure was a fascinating once-in-alifetime experience. For the hard work that New York and New Jersey put together to make this Super Bowl happen, it sure was worth it. For a Montclair State student, being part of the experience sure was a memorable experience and I hope that New York and New Jersey gets selected to host the NFL’s biggest game again in the near future.

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Mens Basketball Returns to Winning Ways Joe Stanley Kurp Staff Writer

The Montclair State mens basketball team returned to their winning ways after suffering a fourgame losing streak, as they posted two crucial victories over NJAC rivals: a 64-59 win on the road at William Paterson on Jan. 29 and a 69-61 victory at RutgersCamden on Feb. 1. After trailing by three points early in the first half, the Red Hawks

took control against William Paterson as they went on two major scoring runs, one of eleven points after trailing by three and a nine-point run to close out the first half. At halftime, Montclair State led 34-23. In the second half, however, William Paterson stormed back in the first six minutes of the half and tied the game at 38 apiece. Although the second half was a tight affair, Montclair State took a 51-47 lead on a layup by senior forward Ordel Goldson with eight

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Amir Charrkas looks for an open player to make the pass.

minutes left. After William Paterson scored the next five points to take a 56-55 lead with 4:05 left in the game, a layup by senior guard Daniel Singleton, a putback by sophomore forward Kevin McGorry and a key free throw by junior guard James D’Angelo put Montclair State up 60-56 with 34 seconds to go. The Red Hawks then held off a William Paterson comeback and made their free throws when needed to to seal the 64-59 win and end their four-game losing streak. In total, Goldson ended the game with a game-high 27 points and 18 rebounds, posting his seventh double-double with one key play from him being a dunk in the first half. Additionally, McGorry made 14 points and five rebounds from the bench, while Singleton scored 12 points and made six rebounds. Sophomore guard Angel Gonzalez also contributed, as he scored six points and three rebounds. Three days later, in a rematch from the previous week at Rutgers-Camden, Montclair State was found in yet another tight contest, as they led 28-27 at halftime. The second half was just as tight, as


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Daniel Singleton tries to score over a opposing player.

missed shots and turnovers were aplenty. With Montclair State trailing 45-46 with 11:01 left in the game, Goldson hit a jumper that gave Montclair State a 4645 lead. The Red Hawks eventually hung onto the lead for the rest of the game, as they went on a nine-point run that gave them a 61-52 lead with 0:54 seconds left in the game. That run was all the team needed to win the game with a final score of 69-61 and earn their payback on Rutgers-Camden from the previous week.

In total, Goldson broke the record from the William Paterson game with 30 points and also recorded six rebounds and two steals. Singleton followed close behind with 13 points, four assists and nine rebounds while junior forward Chris Torres recorded 10 points, six rebounds and an assist. “We found a way to pick up the intensity in practice and in games,� said D’Angelo. “We need to keep up the hard work in practice and, if we just take it one game at a time from there, anything can be possible.�

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Red Hawk Round Up Womens Basketball

Nick Vehagen Sports Editor

As if the womens basketball team wasn’t dominating already, they cemented their role as a force to be reckoned with in their February opener against Rutgers-Camden. The Red Hawks completely trounced the Scarlet Raptors 87-30 behind scoring from Janitza Aquino, Kayla Ceballos, Melissa Tobie and Nicosia Henry.

Swimming Both the men and women of MSU swimming ended their season on a high note with a sweep of William Paterson. The women won 167-118 and the men won 162-126 to finish the most successful season in several years. The mens team finished their season 8-6 after back-to-back 5-8 seasons and the women continue to grow, finishing 7-4 after finishing their last two seasons 6-5 and 5-6.

Mens Basketball The mens basketball team is off to a good start, winning two of their first three games this month. Ordel Goldson continued to prove his worth after recording a combined 67 points and 30 rebounds in those three games. With only a few games remaining in the season, the Red Hawks are looking to end strong and finish the season with a .500 conference record.


The track and field teams continue to show promise and strength following the CTC Indoor Track and Field Championships where the men and women finished third and sixth, respectively. The teams are now finishing up preparations for the Molloy College Invitational on Thursday, Feb. 14 before ending their regular season with the IC4A Championships.

Who’s Hot This Week Ordel Goldson Forward — Basketball Ordel continues to prove that he is a key player in the Red Hawks’ arsenal, posting two double-doubles in his past two games for a combined 28 poins and 24 rebounds.

Season Stats Rebounds - 203 Asists - 13 Points - 319

Who’s Hot This Week Melissa Tobie Forward/Guard — Basketball In the Red Hawks’ last win, Melissa Tobie scored a season high 32 points while accounting for nine rebounds and two assists.

Season Stats Rebounds - 182 Assists - 56 Points - 392

Game of the Week

Mens and Womens Basketball Kean University Feb. 15, 1 p.m.

MSU hosts a doubleheader against Kean, looking to add needed wins to their respective records. For updates, check out: w w w. m o n t c l a i r a t h l e t i c s. c o m and follow @TheMontclarion on Twitter and Instagram

MSU Sports

Red Hawks Win Back-to-Back Games Mike Panepinto Staff Writer

The Montclair State womens basketball team is building up another win streak and gained some space in the tightly contested NJAC (New Jersey Athletic Conference) standings. With two wins this past week, the Red Hawks are now 18-2 overall and 12-1 in the league. MSU is currently ranked #13 in the Womens Basketball Coaches Association Division III Poll and first in the NJAC. Montclair State began their schedule on Jan. 29 at William Paterson

Aquino broke the Montclair State record for three-pointers in a game by knocking down eight (all in the first half). The previous record was six, which had been held by three previous athletes (Cathy Madalone, Erin Schultz and Jaime Ericson). The Red Hawks never trailed once during the game. This was the fifth time straight that MSU defeated William Paterson. “It was a tremendous team effort and I was extremely proud of how hard we worked,” said head coach Karin Harvey about the game. Montclair State then traveled to RutgersCamden on Feb. 1 for the team’s second matchup of the season. The Red Hawks

Nicosia Henry attempts to make a shot while being guarded on both sides.

University in a key NJAC matchup. The Red Hawks routed the Pioneers by a score of 81-60. Junior guard Janitza Aquino led the scoring charge for MSU with 26 points. Senior guard Nicosia Henry recorded a double-double by posting 15 points and 11 rebounds. Junior forward Melissa Tobie chipped in with nine points and a team-high 15 rebounds. This game was much different for Montclair State than from the first encounter, as they had a substantial 53-20 lead at the end of the first half. The Red Hawks scored 34 of their points in the paint. MSU also controlled the boards, outrebounding the Pioneers 52 to 38.

destroyed the Scarlet Raptors and won 87-30. Aquino topped the scoring chart with 20 points. Sophomore guard Kayla Ceballos contributed 16 points. Tobie and Henry added 14 and 11 points, respectively. This game was over at the half, as MSU led 5511. Once again, Montclair State controlled the lane, outscoring Rutgers-Camden 26-4. The Red Hawks converted 26 Scarlet Raptors turnovers into 37 points. MSU held RutgersCamden’s reserve players to four points. Melissa Tobie was selected to the Capital One Academic All-District womens basketball team. Tobie becomes the second womens basketball player

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Offseason Moves Symbolizes 2104 Success Controversial Call Ends Main Event Early

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Superbowl XLVIII: A Fan’s Perspective

Photo Courtesy of Sports Information.

Melissa Tobie finds an open Red Hawk to pass to down the court.

Photo Courtesy of Sports Information.

in school history to receive the accolade. Jamie Ericson was named to the team during the 2010-2011 season. The team awards athletes for outstanding work on the court and in the classroom. Tobie leads the Red Hawks in points per game (17.2), rebounds per contest (8.1) and assists (73). She also leads the NJAC in blocks with 44. In the classroom, Tobie has been named to the Dean’s List four times and was part of the NJAC AllAcademic Team. On Feb. 6, Montclair State returned home to take on the Ramapo College Road Runners and defeated them by a score of 69-59 with Tobie putting up 19 points and Janitza Aquino

scoring 18 of her own. On Feb. 8, the Red Hawks traveled down to Richard Stockton College to take on the Ospreys where they earned aonther win by a score of 86-64. Melissa Tobie again had a spectacular outing, scoring 32 of the 86 points and Janitza Aquino scoring 19 points herself. Coach Harvey thinks her team will be a tough matchup down the stretch for whomever they encounter. “Things are starting to click for the Red Hawks and I think if we keep working hard, staying focused and sharing the ball, we are going to be very hard to beat.”

Melissa Tobie dribbles down the court as a Vassar player creates a new dance style.

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Mens Basketball Returns to Winning Ways

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Red Hawk Round-Up Players/Game of the Week

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