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Issue 1 September 13, 2012

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A Scary Start to the Fall Semester

Discovery of unidentified object leads to evacuation of the Student Center

The Montclarion | Stephanie Agudelo

Police officers and departments from across the entire county worked hard to test out if the wires found were explosive in nature. Catherine Baxter News Editor

Last week, students were welcomed back with the threat of an unidentified object during the first week of classes. On Wednesday, Sept. 5 at 1:47 p.m., campus alerts sent out a text-message alert stating: “Stay clear

of construction area behind the Red Hawk Diner by Lot 17. Unidentified object is being investigated. If in area turn off cell phone.” An email alert soon followed. According to Lt. Kieran Barrett of the University Police Department, at 12:20 p.m., the University Police received a call from a foreman at the construction

site regarding odd looking wires consistent with blasting embedded in the surface they were excavating. However, some students were not pleased with the lack of information the campus sent out at first. “My first thought was ‘so this is how the world ends,’” said Julia Velmer, sophomore. “I didn’t know if

it was an alien or a bomb. The message wasn’t really clear.” “Primarily, our concern was to identify if the wires were connected to any type of blasting device and to set up a perimeter,” said Lt. Barrett. “When it could not be determined if the items were live, the Passaic County Bomb Squad

was contacted and responded. An alert was sent to the community as well.” Once the bomb squad arrived, they needed to ensure the items were not explosive in nature. “Strictly as a precaution, the immediate area of the Student Center was cleared should Object Continued on Page 5

Step Up School of Life and Environmental Against Sciences to Get a New Home Violence Comes to MSU Catherine Baxter News Editor

Montclair State University is making an effort to raise awareness about bystander intervention with the Step Up Against Violence Program. Originating at the University of Arizona, this program has been adopted by multiple universities across the country. Starting this past summer, the Step Up Against Violence Program arrived at MSU. The program focuses on a few main areas: sexual assault, hazing, alcohol, anger problems, discrimination, rela- The new building will be constructed in the current parking lot located between Fox Theatre and Stone Hall. tionship abuse and depression. Israel Rosado, the Deputy Title IX Stephanie Agudelo science at Montclair difference for their eduat MSU, is working along with Robert Assistant News Editor cation. State University. Vadovic of the University Health CenRobert Prezant, Dean For the many students If you haven’t already ter to deliver this program to various noticed the banner claim- who are studying sci- of the College of Science organizations across campus. ing Lot 15 as “the Future ence here, the possibility and Mathematics, exThe program was first introduced Home of the Center of of constructing a facility plained that the univerat MSU during summer training Environmental and Life that is fully equipped, sity has been planning for Community Assistants through Sciences” (CELS), you’re spacious and modern this project for years and Step Up Continued on Page 3

probably not studying

could make a world of

as soon as it is approved,



Honorary Degree Nominations

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Fashion for Fall

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MSU Film Student Taps into the Other Side

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Commuter Satisfaction Guaranteed?

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The Montclarion | Ileana Ordonez

the CELS will be completed as soon as possible. “On the public ballot in New Jersey this November will be a bond issue for capital dedicated to higher education inScience Continued on Page 5


Field Hockey Lives up to Pre-season Hype

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The Montclarion • September 13, 2012

The Montclarion

Pelican Police Report

Montclair State University 113 Student Center Annex Montclair, New Jersey 07043 Editor-in-Chief: (973) 655-5230 Managing Editor: (973) 655-5282 News Dept: (973) 655-5169 Main office: (973) 655-5241 Fax: (973) 655-7804

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1 2 On Sept. 4:

On Sept. 2: A staff member of Mills Hall reported the theft of his unsecured lap-

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top from his office. This matter is under investigation.

A juvenile was arrested in Freeman Hall for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He is scheduled to appear in Union County Family Court. A staff member of Calcia Hall reported the theft of a Sony CD player and CD from a secured room. This matter is under investigation.

3 On Sept. 6: On Sept. 7: A staff member of Dickson Hall reported the theft of two text books 4 from the unsecured mailroom on the third floor. This matter is under investigation.

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On Sept. 7: A male resident of Machuga Heights reported the theft of his unse-


On Sept. 9: A male patron of Floyd Hall Arena reported being verbally threatened


On Sept. 10: Michelle Guarino, 45, of Highland Lakes, was arrested and charged


On Sept. 10: An employee of the Registrar’s office reported receiving harassing

cured iPhone from outside of the building. This matter is under investigation.

by another patron during a hockey game. No charges were filed in this matter. with simple assault and serving alcohol to a minor while at Yogi Berra Stadium. She is scheduled to appear in Little Falls Municipal Court.

9 On

phone calls from a known student. No criminal charges were filed in this matter. Sept. 11: Nadine Caple, 29, of Hackensack, was arrested and charged with simple assault while in the Red Hawk Diner. She is scheduled to appear in Little Falls Municipal Court.

Anyone who has information regarding these incidents is urged to call the police station from any campus phone at T-I-P-S (8477). All calls are strictly confidential.

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September 13, 2012 • The Montclarion

News 3

Step Up

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If there is an emergency, students can use the "blue light" system located around campus to contact the University Police Department. There is a phone located inside the box labeled "police" that students can use.

Residential Education. Rosado and Vadovic came to speak to the CAs about not only teaching their residents to be aware of violence around campus, but how they can get involved. They also allowed the CAs to use clickers while they asked questions, showing the CAs how their own peers felt about their safety on campus. "I thought the clicker system was a creative way to see the group's opinions," said Kyle Stuber, a CA in Freeman/Russ. "I immediately developed a solid understanding of what the participants valued because of it." The Step Up program teaches students about resources they can use on campus to try and bring down the rate of abuse and violence on campus. As always, students can either call the University Police Department or use the blue light system on campus. However, students are also

encouraged to get involved in situations that are not dangerous to them. This program is seen as a prosocial behavior and bystander intervention program. The goal is for students to see that sometimes, it takes that first person to make the initial move in a situation. If many people are sitting idly by, it takes that one person to be the difference between everyone continuing to do nothing and people coming together to possible save the person in need’s life. “I like that this program is geared to get students to talk to one another,” said Rosado. “It’s not just about us teaching students. This program is here to make students aware and to help students help each other. We want students to look out for one another.” Step Up focuses on the idea of the “mob mentality.” In the training session for the CAs during

the summer, they were shown a video about a car crash. There was a motorcyclist trapped underneath a car. At first, there were many bystanders sitting around and simply watching the scene play out. However, when one person stepped forward to help the motorcyclist, many people followed suit. They were able to work together to lift the car and bring the motorcyclist to safety. This program is designed for students to be able to work with one another, speak with one another and help each other out in problematic situations. “This program is to make students aware,” said Rosado. “We want students to be able to take care of one another and to intervene before the problem escalates into something horrible.” Rosado explains that if a situation is dangerous, a student should not necessarily put themselves in the middle of the violence. He explains that they

The Montclarion | Catherine Baxter

should use the S.E.E. method. Before they intervene, they should make sure the situation is safe. Next, they should have an early response time and help out as soon as possible. Finally, they should do whatever is most effective. However, if at any time the situation escalates and becomes dangerous, students are encouraged to get help or call UPD. The Step Up program has already been shown to Residential Education and Greek Life. Rosado has plans of bringing it to Athletics, major organizations across campus and eventually to the residence halls. With the efforts of the Step Up program, students are encouraged to help each other in making this campus a safe place. If students look out for each other and go against that “mob mentality,” they can definitely learn how to make MSU a better and safer place for everyone.

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For ticket prices, schedule changes or more information, please visit

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The Montclarion • September 13, 2012



THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 2012 Cohen Lounge, Dickson Hall

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2012 Cohen Lounge, Dickson Hall


12:00 p.m. Taking Your Diversity Abroad: Study Abroad for All

12:00 p.m. Faculty Led Spring 2013 International Field Trip Information Session


1:00 p.m. Applying for a Gilman Scholarship for Study Abroad (Pell Grant Recipients only)

1:00 p.m. Taking Your Diversity Abroad: Study Abroad for All

2:00 p.m. Budgeting Tips for Study Abroad: Saving, Raising, and Winning $

2:00 p.m. Applying for a Gilman Scholarship for Study Abroad (Pell Grant Recipients only)

3:00 p.m. Exchange Program Information Session

3:00 p.m. Budgeting Tips for Study Abroad: Saving, Raising, and Winning $

4:00 p.m. After Graduation: International Opportunities – Here and Abroad

4:00 p.m. Montclair Graz Sister City Scholarship Information Session

STUDY ABROAD WEEKLY INFORMATION SESSIONS Every Wednesday, 2:30 p.m. n Starting September 5, 2012



n n


Montclair State University offers academic programs in over 50 countries Semester, academic year, summer, and short-term programs are available Programs can fit into most majors’ study plans without delaying graduation Financial aid is available (grants, loans, scholarships) Credits for study abroad towards major, minor or general education requirements are possible Classes are available in English Employers value international experience and it’s a resume booster You will have the experience of a lifetime!

Global Ed Conference Room n 22 Normal Avenue (Across from Panzer Athletic Center) No Pre-Registration Required

Register via the link on our website:

September 13, 2012 • The Montclarion

People To Know on Campus -Dr. Karen L. Pennington: Vice President for Student Development and Campus Life -Ms. Kathleen Ragan: Associate VP for Student Development and Campus Life -Dr. Bryan Terry: Associate VP for Enrollment and Student Academic Support -Dr. Rose Mary Howell: Dean of Students -Dr. Shannon Gary: Associate Dean of Students -Ms. Margaree Coleman-Carter: Associate Dean of Student Life -Ms. Fatima deCarvalho: Asst. Dean for Student Life/Director, CSI -Ms. Donna Barry: Director of the University Health Center -Dr. Jaclyn Friedman-Lombardo: Director of Counseling and Psychological Services -Ms. Linda Smith: Director of Disability Resource Center -Dr. Esmilda Abreu-Hornbostel: Director of Equity and Diversity -Ms. Romayne Eaker-Kelly: Director of Campus Recreation -Mr. James Anderson: Director of Financial Aid -Ms. Maralyn Kinch: Director of Career Information Services -Mr. Paul M. Cell: Chief of University Police -Ms. Denise DeBlasio: Registrar

All emails are their last names followed by their first initial

News 5


Continued From Page 1

frastructure. As you may know the state has made very little investment in the infrastructure for higher education for many years. This bond issue would be a great start to the state reclaiming the importance of higher education. With approval of the bond issue, the University is committed to getting the building up as soon as possible. This probably means, from start to finish, about two years,” Prezant said. If the bond issue is approved, the university will be making a tremendous improvement for current and prospective students looking to receive an education in science. The facility itself would be 100,000 square feet and will be equipped with all the modern technology students need to perform scientific research. “CELS will offer the prospective student a remarkable new structure to call home, a building with state of the art laboratories designed for modern interdisciplinary scholarship as well as appropriate student study space, high end technology and welcoming environments. CELS will also allow us to expand our student base and help satisfy the many students hoping for a science education within Montclair

State,” said Perzant. Not only would the CELS benefit the students of Montclair State, it would also help the state of New Jersey and its future workforce. According to the university website, “New Jersey now ranks first nationally in net loss of college bound students (close to 30,000 annually). Why? Because New Jersey ranks 47th in the U.S. in public college/university enrollment capacity (undergraduate seats).” In other words, this new facility would be part of the solution to that problem and would give New Jersey students an in-state option for their science education. The CELS would also facilitate in conducting research to restore New Jersey’s environmental infrastructure. This center would allow students to get hands on experience in laboratories and through fieldwork. “We believe the plans for CELS represent the future of what university science buildings in New Jersey should look like. CELS will accommodate our diverse disciplinary needs with an overlay of promoting interdisciplinary; it is designed with student learning in mind; and most importantly, as part of that learning, it is designed to promote discovery,” said Perzant.

Photo courtesy of

An architectural illustration of what the new Home for Life and Environmental Science will look like when completed.

Object Continued From Page 1


The Montclarion | Stephanie Agudelo

Police worked hard to block off the area behind the Red Hawk Diner during the investigation to protect students.

the items be live and explosive,” said Lt. Barrett. Some students were not extremely concerned with what was happening. “I wasn’t really worried because I figure they’d evacuate the entire campus if we were really in danger,” said Melissa Ribaudo, sophomore. Students received periodic updates throughout the day as the investigation continued. Eventually, it was determined that the wires consistent with blasting were not indeed attached to any blasting device, and the area then was cleared for operations to begin again. According to Lt. Barrett, this unusual situation was not an extremely dangerous one. However, the wires were embedded in earth far below normal depth, so there is no way to determine how and when they got there, although there has not been any excavation in that area for decades. University Facilities is working with the construction company to

research further for any previous work that has occurred in this and any other area to be worked on. Lt. Barrett also thanks all of those involved for the quick investigation of the unidentified object in order to assure the safety of the community. “The construction company identification of these wires was extremely important to the safety of this site and the community,” said Lt. Barrett. “The expertise of the Montclair State University Police Department, University Design and Construction, Facilities Services, the Passaic County Sheriff ’s Department, New Jersey State Police and many other police agencies were critical to making this incident successful in its conclusion.” This certainly was an unusual start to the first day of classes, but the necessary precautions were quickly taken to ensure the safety of students, faculty and the surrounding community.

President Cole and the Board of Trustees request nominations of candidates for honorary degrees at the 2013 Commencement ceremonies. Nominations should be submitted to the President’s Office (College Hall, Rm. 235) by Friday, September 21, 2012 on forms that are available on at: www. board-of-trustees/honorary-degrees. Please be certain the background information you provide addresses the criteria established by the University’s policy on honorary degrees: “Honorary degrees may be awarded by the Board of Trustees to persons who have achieved a record of major distinction at the state or national level in such areas as education, science, the arts, public service, research, the humanities, business, and the professions. Under circumstances approved by the Board, honorary degrees may be awarded to persons who, though they have not achieved national or statewide recognition, have made an especially outstanding and significant contribution to Montclair State or to higher education.”

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The Montclarion • September 13, 2012

Constitution Day presents:

Bioethics and the Body Politic September 27, 2012 University Hall Conference Center, 7th Floor

Sponsored by the Montclair State University American Democracy Project

Keynote Addresses “Bioethics and the Body Politic” 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

The American Democracy Project (ADP) celebrates Constitution Day. ADP is a national multi-campus initiative focused on higher education’s role in preparing the next generation of informed, engaged citizens for our democracy. Constitution Day commemorates the signing of the Constitution in September 1787 by the Founding Fathers as one of the most important and influential events in American history, establishing the many rights and freedoms “We the People” enjoy today.

Opening Ceremony 12:00 p.m. – 1:45 p.m.

Our celebration will include an opening session in the University Hall Conference Center with a procession of student veterans and campus police; a keynote guest speaker; and a swearing-in ceremony of approximately 60 new US citizens by John Thompson, District Director Citizenship and Immigration Services with acknowledgements by elected officials.

For further information, please contact Carolyn Jones, American Democracy Project Campus Coordinator at

The Constitution is a living document which continues to shape our lives today. Dr. Jessica McCormick, a bioethics expert from UMDNJ and Dr. Leslie Wilson, professor of history at Montclair State will discuss the underlying questions in the book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot and the consequential tension between scientific progress and social exploitation. Dr. McCormick will discuss the challenges presented by the policies and regulations of bioethics then and now and the resulting impact on our lives as citizens. Dr. Wilson, a historian, will address the social issues that surround the question as to whether or not Henrietta Lacks’ rights were violated and if indeed the fact that she was a poor black woman are of relevance to our civil rights as guaranteed by the Constitution. Dr. Brigid Harrison will moderate. She is professor of political science and law at Montclair State and is an expert on the politics of the Millennial Generation. Additionally, she is a frequent commentator on national and New Jersey politics for print and electronic media, and for television including FOX News, NJTV, ABC News and local affiliates of ABC, NBC, and CBS. She is the author of American Democracy Now, A More Perfect Union, Power and Society and Women in American Politics.

Student Leader Panel Discussion All events are free and open to the public. To register visit:

3:45 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

As a follow-up to the keynote speakers, our student leaders will discuss the relevance of the issues presented and the resulting impact on their lives and their responsibilities as citizens.

1 Normal Avenue | Montclair, NJ 07043 | 973-655-4000 |

September 13, 2012 • The Montclarion

Advertisement 7

David Lacks Son of Henrietta Lacks

September 27, 2012 Montclair State University Conference Center University Hall, 7th Floor

7:00 p.m. David “Sonny” Lacks, accompanied by his son David Jr., will join a conversation about what it meant to find out—decades after the fact — that his mother’s cells were being used in laboratories around the world, bought and sold by the billions. The discussion will be moderated by Brigid Harrison, professor of political science and law. A book signing will follow. Sponsored by the Center for Writing

David Lacks

Excellence, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the First-Year Writing Program and Student Development and Campus Life.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks tells the story of how cells from a poor, African-American

This event is free and open to the public.

tobacco farmer who died of cervical cancer in 1951 played a crucial role in medical breakthroughs in vaccinations, cloning, in vitro fertilization and gene mapping.

1 Normal Avenue • Montclair, NJ 07043

For more information, visit


The Montclarion


Samantha Van Allen’s loafers are comfortable and well put togetherperfect for campus! I cannot resist a piece that is effortless but gives off a “put-together” vibe. I especially want a pair of loafers of my own with metal details. Her loafers add extra pop by dressing them with a black shirt and black jeans. By rolling your jeans up an inch or two, you can show a little skin and also showcase your loafers. I also saw in a magazine that they’re making high-heeled loafers, which would be great for a job interview or internship!

Jacquelyn Loder staff writer

Celestial patterns are stellar for this fall. These rainbow leggings, worn by Anshula Nathan, are a great example for an out-of-this-world trend. I love when this look is paired with hipster accessories like a beanie, or a leather jacket, or both. Keep the rest of your outfit low-key by making this galactic piece the focal point.

Shift or shirt dresses are great for making your legs appear thinner. I love shift dresses because it’s an easy and effortless outfit. Stay clear of the threequarter sleeves because the cut can disproportion your body. For curvy girls, like me, add a belt to define your curves. I love how Stephanie Petchers accessorized with a scarf — it gives a casual but cool feel.

Johanna Taborda’s colored hair is a fun trend for fall. You can take her ombre look to a whole new level by adding color to the bleached ends. Caution: before picking an extreme color, I suggest buying clipon extensions to test out which color best fits your hair color and compliments your skin tone.

Fashion for Fall For men’s fashion, I always love crew necks. You can do what Michael Kissiday did and layer it over a button down or wear it with a pair of khakis. Nothing says fall more than a crew neck. Plus, a crew neck is ideal for layering under a huge jacket because there isn’t a hood to get in the way. I don’t think crewnecks will ever go out of style.

The hottest craze this fall, I would say just by scooping out campus, is bold pants. Solid, stripes, floral, textured, metallic and tie-dye are a few designs I’ve seen. Megan Sommer, Evelyn Vasquez and Kim Roman all paired their colored pants with a solid top to make them pop. For fall, I recommend choosing more of a fall color base. This look is really versatile. You can color block it by wearing hunter green pants with a purple gem-colored top or keep it simple like these ladies did. I love the pop of color, I think everyone should try out this trend!

Boots are always a fashion trend, but adding studs makes them that much better. Samantha Citelli’s got it right when it comes to studded boots. I love when studded boots, an overly masculine piece, is paired with a feminine piece like a dress or a high-low skirt. Studs are cute on almost anything and give the specific piece an edgy-hipster feel. Be careful not to over-stud. Having too many pieces with studs on them is over kill.

The Montclarion • September 13, 2012

The Ex-Factor

Kristin Aldana Staff Writer

Ex-boyfriends. There’s an aspect of life no one tells us how to deal with. Is it because no one knows? In the media, we are bombarded by relationships, breakups, exes fighting and exes becoming friends. Cue Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. What about all the feelings? Where do they go? Is it possible that two people who once had very strong feelings for each other can completely forget them? And how does that tie in with a new relationship? This Labor Day, I was contacted by an ex. Joy. While I admit, it is nice to feel like I am still desired, it mostly puts me in an awkward place. In every other situation, I have been either hurt by an ex or had just lost feelings for them. With this one (we’ll call him John) it is completely different. The feelings I feel toward John are ones I can’t really explain, not even to myself. I have been in a relationship with my current boyfriend (we’ll call him Pete) for almost two and a half years and I am beyond happy, but every time I hear from John, I can’t help but miss what we had. Taylor Swift and other artists constantly give us anthems to shake an ex or ask for him back; but what about that limbo? That

Feature 9

Photo Courtesy of

place where you don’t want them back but the feelings sometimes return? I spent a long day thinking about John and the great conversation we had this weekend. Part of me fantasized about giving him a hint of where I’d be with my girlfriends this weekend so we could “run into each other” and hang out all night. I would never cheat on Pete, but a night out with John with a group of friends could be innocent fun while easing these crazy emotions I feel inside. The other part of me thinks this is the worst idea ever. If there are some in-between feelings about John I need to stay far away as possible. But, will that make them go away? I’m hoping that’s the path that will work, and I’m taking it. I realize when it comes to exes, everything must be brought down to its simplest terms. Everything must be brought down to one question: What do you want? That’s really all we can do. If we are not happy and chase what we truly want we will destroy everything in our path. I don’t want to be the tornado of doom to demolish my relationships. My fear of ignoring

my feelings for John causing them to only grow is completely irrational. After reading countless self-help guides on relationship advice all over the Internet, I have decided, I, and all of us, are in charge of our emotions. I will always be intrigued by the thought of a reunion with John, but doing so will only put me in a more vulnerable situation and put my relationship with Pete at risk. Seeing an ex while you are in another relationship is just dangerous. As innocent as a simple night out with a large group of friends might seem, unless you have absolutely no romantic feelings for that person, it is not a good idea. So we go back to the question. What do you want? I want to be with Pete. I want to see John. Which one is more important? Staying with Pete. Thus, there is my answer. In a perfect world, emotions for past romances could be completely erased. Last I checked though, we’re still on the same planet. So for now, I will stay away and focus on making decisions that will only make my relationship with Pete better, focusing on what I truly want and how to make it happen.

How to Tell if He Really Wants to Be With You Aurora Polanco contributing writer

In this age of mixed messages, relationships no longer stand by the definite lines they use to. In this age where relationships don’t really have an affirmative beginning, they just sort of happen. How can you really know your man wants to be with you? Guys will argue they show their feelings rather than say them. So what do they do that shows us they really want us? After attacking dating website after website for answers, here’s what I’ve gathered. He. Picks Up Your Phone Calls or Texts If you can take two seconds from your busy schedule to text, so can he! lists this as the number one way to know he’s into you. However, while eHarmony explains it’s important he calls, Cosmo explains it’s not if he calls, it’s when he calls. According to Cosmo, if he calls from Noon-5 p.m. then you’re in the clear. But any calls or texts before noon or after five or six means trouble. Calls too early screams desperation, while too late means you’re an after thought/ booty call.

He Will Make Time, Not Excuses In one of their advise articles “10 Signs He’s Into You,” eHarmony, one of the leading dating websites, list this as number two. They explain a guy must actively seek your company. If he does not, than it’s simple; he doesn’t want to spend time with you.

He Pays Attention to You When You Are Together ...and by pay attention I mean any attention. Acknowledge that some relationships only last a few hours (the span of one night) but during those hours make sure you’re the center of attention. . It’s the least he can do. And for you long term couples, if a date with your man is more of a contest of who can stay awake longer, then call the morgue. Your relationship is dead.

He’s Okay About Meeting Your Friends and You Meeting His Most sites list this as very important. Cosmo believes a guy who wants to meet your friends usually wants to hear embarrassing stories about you. But, beware of the men who go out with you and come back with your friend! Before, if a man really liked you, he would take you out on dates, take you for drives or ask you to the dance. Now-a-days, relations are a bit messier. Today, men expect sex after casually running into you at two different parties, about three Facebook messages and a text conversation longer than five minutes. These four signs should protect you from spending months of your life with a guy who does not really like you. Every person is compatible with someone out there, so do not be discouraged if the guy you’re with right now is not the cherry to your ice cream. Just keep an eye open and you never know what can happen.

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The Montclarion • September 13, 2012

10 Greatest Female Guitarists Photo courtesy of

Liouxsie Doyle Staff writer

Joan Jett

In 2003, Rolling Stone magazine compiled a list of the greatest guitarists of all time... and only two women were nominated. Joan Jett came in at #87 and Joni Mitchell at #72. Before you wonder, what does gender have to do with it? Keep in mind, this list implies that two percent of the most widely recognized greatest guitarists are female. With the exception of one, the editorial board for this list was entirely male. With odds like these, it’s no wonder the female greats were largely ignored. As is the argument in art history (for more, ARHS-108 “Women In Art” is offered every fall), Rolling Stone incites the question, Why have there been no great women artists? Without delving too deeply into feminist art theory, let’s turn this around: this is the wrong question to be asking. Instead, consider, what does it take to be great, and what might stop women from reaching this greatness? Or, as became the case as I scrolled through hundreds of scathing readership comments on websites that boasted the “Greatest Female Guitarists,” Can a female ever be great, without her looks dominating the conversation? So without any further adieu, here’s a female-friendly rewrite of the Top 10 Female Guitarists. (For the entire list, see the bottom of the article.) Whether or not you agree with, or even know all these women is only half the issue, listen to their music and after letting it speak for itself, start your own conversation. #10 Tal Wilkenfeld Greatest Guitar Moment: “Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers” at Crossroads 2007. When Jeff Beck (14) can’t contain himself around you and your basslines, you know you’ve done something right. In fact, this twenty-something has played with Rolling Stone’s own favorites: the Allman Brothers (2), Eric Clapton (4), Jimmy Page (9), and others. Even with these 6-string greats mere feet away, this high school drop out refuses to let her bass take the back seat.

Photo Courtesy of

#9 Bonnie Raitt Greatest Guitar Moment: After 20 years, her 10th album Nick of Time got her the credit she deserved. Raitt could place first on any list of pure devotion. Not only can she play a mean slide guitar, but this is a woman with a 40-year career and 18 albums under her belt. In 2000, Raitt was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

#6 Sharon Isbin Greatest Guitar Moment: Where do we start? Although she refuses to be tied down to just one musical genre, when she does settle down, Isbin is awarded left and right for her classical skills. Appearing as a soloist in more than 160 orchestras — including the New York Philharmonic and the London Symphony Orchestra — and being awarded a Grammy for Best Instrumental Soloist Performance, the first classical guitarist to receive the award in nearly three decades, receiving an additional two Grammies weren’t enough for her. She also went on to become the founder of the guitar department of Julliard — the first guitar director in the institution’s history. Not only did she break into the boys’ club, but she redesigned its interior while she was at it.

#8 Suzi Gardner Greatest Guitar Moment: The “Sh** List” appearance in Natural Born Killers. As Donita Sparks’s better half in L7, Suzi Gardner brought with her some notoriety and lead guitar chops. To balance out Sparks’s ferocity, she emitted genuine knowledge of her craft. #7 Joni Mitchell Greatest Guitar Moment: “Amelia.”An original guitar goddess, Joni Mitchell was discovered by influential guitarist Neil Young and soon became a staple of the 1960s folk music scene. Even Rolling Stone took the time to appreciate her, at #72 of their countdown.

#2 Kaki King Greatest Guitar Moment: “Pull Me Out Alive” as a tribute to her cityscape. Disjointed? Sure. Fascinating, complex, and utterly unique. You don’t have to follow Kaki King’s thought process in order to appreciate her simple and sincere brilliance. After all, she did go to NYU. The universe King creates is a rich one, busy with sounds made almost entirely from her guitar. She took her first musical steps underground by haunting the New York subway system, but luckily for those without a Metrocard, she was given mainstream success with her nomination for a Best Original Score Golden Globe Award. for her music in Into the Wild.


#5 Orianthi Greatest Guitar Moment: “Beat It” audition solo. This twenty-something shredder poses a threat to those who argue a woman can’t be attractive and talented; she has played alongside Carrie Underwood, Rolling Stone’s own Carlos Santana, B.B. King, Michael Jackson and found mainstream success with “According to You.” But this blonde has more to her than a Top 40 pop song. Santana sang her praises as someone he and Stevie Ray Vaughan (7) admired, going on to admit, “If I’m going to pass the baton down to anyone, she’ll be my first choice.”

Jennifer Batten

Number 1

Photo Coutresy of guitarcouchstraps.

Carrie Brownstein Greatest Guitar Moment: “Jumpers.” If Joan Jett may be traced back as the mother of “riot grrrl,” the women of Sleater-Kinney should be credited with cleaning it up and putting some fresh veneer on its guitar chops. Perhaps Stephen Deusner put it perfectly when he wrote of Sleater-Kinney, “To survive these days, you have to be either suicidal or superficial. Sleater-Kinney, meanwhile, get by simply sounding supersonic.” Carrie Brownstein

#3 Jennifer Batten Greatest Guitar Moment: “Beat It” & “Flight of the Bumblebee.” Jennifer Batten’s live performance on the King of Pop’s “Beat It” is pure rock magic. In fact, her fast fingers overshadow Eddie Van Halen’s (70) recorded track.

Photo Coutresy of blogspot

Photo Coutresy of

Bonnie Raitt

#4 Meshell Ndegeocello Greatest Guitar Moment: “If That’s Your Boyfriend (He Wasn’t Last Night).” This critically acclaimed bassist has done the impossible: she is taken seriously as an openly bisexual female bassist. Not only can she lay down solid bass lines that dominate her song, but her forceful raps have made her a funky, jazzy, innovative guitarist. She is credited for having sparked the “neo-soul movement.”

Full list (in no particular order): Nancy Wilson; Kim Gordon; Joan Jett; LinZ; Sydney “Squid” Silver; Poison Ivy; Charo; Patricia Day; Lita Ford; Donita Sparks; Stevie Nicks; Marnie Stern; PJ Harvey; The Great Kat; Mary Ford; Mary Timony; Melissa Auf der Maur; Odetta; Ruyter Suys; Kat Bjelland; Peggy “Lady Bo” Jones; Christina Billotte; Sylvia Juncosa; Rory Block; Kim Deal; Sister Rosetta Tharpe; Jennifer Finch; Elizabeth Cotten; Ani DiFranco; Allison Robertson; Dolly Parton; Jessie May Hamphill; Carol Kaye; Barbara Lynn; Tanya Donelly; Kristin Hersh; Cordell Jackson; Memphis Minnie; Joan Baez.



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Child Care

Babysitter needed in Ridgewood for 2 kids, ages 6 and 8. Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 3-6:30pm. Includes school pick up and driving to activities. Contact Ingrid Laub: 917-817-7833 or ingridlaub@

Professional parents need after-school care/homework supervision for my daughter, age 12, and son, age 9. In West Caldwell (6 miles from campus). Licensed driver with clean record, own car for transportation to activities. No cat allergies. Tues-Fri. 3pm to 6:30 with additional hours on school holidays and some evenings. Contact

Part Time Child Care Needed -- for two wonderful boys ages 2 and 5. We a r e l o c a ted in Emerson, NJ (about 15 minutes from the school). Hours are: 12pm to 6pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Must drive and have a reliable car. Start Oct 1st. If interested, please contact Pam at TOKEN1@ATT.NET.

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The Montclarion • September 13, 2012


ADVErtisement 12


The Montclarion


Commuters Satisfaction Guaranteed?


ontclair State University’s parking issue has always been a popular topic since I’ve been going to this fine institution. People have always complained about the lack of parking on campus, making it harder for commuter students to find parking. Many commuter students are being forced to park all the way down as far as Lot 40. If some of you residents are wondering where Lot 40 is, it’s near the softball field and Floyd Stadium. Now I’ve left many freshmen wondering where Floyd Stadium is. Please direct yourselves to the Student Center, where you can help yourselves to a map. So we all have a clear visual as to where Lot 40 is; you can clearly see it’s far from campus. Also, there is no shuttle that goes all the way down to Lot 40. Residents must hike to the closest shuttle, the Heights shuttle. Montclair has also made it official this year for sophomore residents to obtain a parking space, which means that we will be losing hun-

Victoria Leta| The Montclarion

dreds of potential parking spots to students who don’t have to drive themselves to class. Dorming can be looked at as a privilege, something many commuters don’t have the pleasure of enjoying. Many of our commuters are looking for a way to save money, since they don’t have the luxury of dorming. It’s debatable if the dorms being referred to as a “luxury” is a stretch. Regardless of your views on your dorm, residents have their place on campus. The only thing a commuter has to claim is a simple parking spot.

Many commuter students have a problem getting to class on time as a result. You can hear them mutter about how much earlier they had to get up, or the fact that it took them an extra 20 minutes to find parking. It’s understood that residents should have the right to parking, but it’s easier said than done with the limited parking spaces in certain parking lots, not necessarily the lack of spaces. The issue at hand isn’t just the lack of parking, but the organization of it all. We are allowing our residents and commuters to park in many of the same lots.

With the addition of sophomore residents, parking has to be organized in a way that will benefit the commuters. For example, having sophomore and other on campus residents park in one of the farther lots, leaving main parking places such as CarParc Diem open for commuters only. It also wouldn’t hurt to have shuttles go to those unchartered lots of MSU. Most people have been using NJ Transit parking anyway. It’s cheaper than buying the school’s parking pass. Plus, it gives options to residents, such as purchasing monthly passes instead.

Montclair State University has been focusing on building and repairing buildings, which is something they do deserve credit for. Most students that attend MSU are in fact commuters. More of the school’s construction projects should be geared to adding more parking spaces on campus. These students also pay tuition to attend this school. If MSU would like to improve campus life, then there needs to be some sort of compromise. The campus belongs to every student in this university. So it’s only fair the effort made towards new dorms should also be put into maximizing parking. MSU is still evolving as a university, granted we only earned the title of university in 1994. Our school has taken huge leaps to become such a large and prestigious New Jersey college. The demands for better parking spaces is just another small step in our history, but will hopefully become a reality in the near future.

Students Speak

How long does it take for you to find parking?

Hannah Scherba | The Montclarion

Katherine Velasak Fine Arts Senior “I started parking originally in Red Hawk and it took 15 to 20 minutes, but it was really expensive. So now I just park in the transit lot, which is a lot cheaper. And it doesn’t take as long because there a lot of spots. And there are shuttles run through there.”

Alex Quintana Undeclared Freshman

Jacob YI Marketing Senior

“I take the bus actually. But I heard parking is awful. And I was late the first day because I got a ride.”

“Parking here, umm it depends on what time. Especially in the morning, forget about it. It’s going to take me anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. Afternoon it’s alright. But yeah, in the morning I have to come here at least 20 minutes earlier for my class.”


The Montclarion •September 13, 2012

A Horror Story for the Masses Mold about and chairless too


or many students, a new school year means new housing to adapt to. Many choose Dylan Soltis wisely and Columnist move from traditional college dormitories to offcampus housing. Some, like myself, choose less wisely and move from dorms to on-campus apartments. When I moved into my apartment on Clove Road (I refuse to call it by it’s ridiculous new name, “Hawk Crossings”), I was prepared for the usual complaints: marks on the walls, stains on the carpets, the kind of things that are expected in apartments as old as Clove. However, I was in no way prepared for just how many problems my neighbors and I would have to encounter just by stepping into our apartments for the first time. For starters, there were no kitchen

chairs in my apartment. I thought this was a strange problem, given how easy it could be fixed (i.e. bring the chairs back), but not a wholly intolerable one. Even easier to fix, and all the more annoying, was the state of the kitchen itself. It looked as if it hadn’t been cleaned since the last time the previous occupants had decided to do so. The stove was greasy, the sink needed to be bleached, the fridge hadn’t been wiped out—essentially, none of the typical housekeeping duties that are expected to be finished before move-in day were done. These problems were annoying, but tolerable. Intolerable, however, was the condition of the bathroom. The grout is stained with what I really, really hope isn’t black mold, but I know probably is, and the shower doors are off their track to the point where they barely move. These are problems that are not only annoying, but beyond my ability to fix. My neighbors’ bathroom came with black mold as well, with the added benefit of no shower

doors. Those were instead placed in the hallway outside the bathroom, rendering them utterly useless. Apparently, both my neighbor’s missing shower doors and my missing kitchen chairs had been reported to maintenance by our Community Assistant weeks before we moved in, but we reported the problems again for good measure. However, as I looked out my living room window at the shiny new Heights complex across the way, I started thinking about why the residents of the Clove apartments were left to deal with these problems. One would think that, with four roommates paying $8,572 a year for a grand total of $34,288 per apartment, per year, ResEd could afford to re-grout the bathrooms or at least have shower doors installed properly for move-in day. It doesn’t seem like any of that money actually goes back to Clove. If that were the case, those rumors a few semesters back about the bathrooms being remodeled would have turned out to be true instead of

proving to be mere fantasy. Instead, I’m sure that money goes to the same place that $50 cleaning charge you got for leaving a Post-it on the wall when you moved out of the Heights may have went: to pay off the $211 million in bonds used to build the Heights through a private company, or the $90 million CHCP energy project currently tearing its way across campus. I will not argue that these are not necessary projects—they are. However, this university needs to pay more attention to the students who actually live here now and not the future students who will live here when construction is finally over (projected date: 2056). For all the money that we as students borrow so we can pay to live in these apartments, we deserve a little bit more in return to make this a more habitable place to enjoy our college experience. Dylan Soltis, an English major, is in his second year as a columnist for The Montclarion.

Waste Not Want Not: A Guide to Civil Eating at MSU How much food is taken vs. how much is actually eaten Kristen bryfogle Assistant Opinion Editor


he most consistent word of advice spread about grocery shoppers is to avoid shopping when hungry. Shoppers with rumbling stomachs often allow their eyes to do the shopping, rather than their appetites. However, the excuse “my eyes were bigger than my stomach” is not one just for grocery stores. Montclair State University’s dining facilities— especially Sam’s Place, set up in the all-you-can-eat buffet style—have similar issues with diners taking more food than they care to eat, and then disposing of the excess without so much as thinking of the food they are wasting. With the wide variety and availability of food at Sam’s, going from the burgers and fries at the Red

Hawk Grill to the Italian dishes at the Brick Oven Pizza and Pasta is just a short walk away and one meal swipe. But, rather than finish one part of a meal before choosing something else to eat, many students prefer to pile their plates high with whatever food catches their eye, only to throw out plates of uneaten food because they have already satisfied their hunger. It makes sense for a student to think that since he has purchased a dining plan for the year, it is in his best interest to take full advantage of the dining services at Montclair without thinking about the amount of food he is wasting. I invite students and faculty to consider these statistics as they hurry to their future meals: According to a study done by the Food Network on food waste, each year in the United

States, about 40 percent of the food produced does not get eaten. For every American, there are two-hundred pounds of edible food thrown away each year due to unnecessary food waste. Additionally, according to the New Jersey Food Bank’s website, over one million people in New Jersey were considered to be foodinsecure in 2009. It may be easy to pick up more than one dish at mealtimes to save a trip, but I would like to encourage students to think more carefully about what and how much they can really consume. There are no limits on the amount of times someone can get more food at Sam’s Place, and taking the initiative to eat food one plate at a time before getting more is an easy step which anyone can take. Not only can one become a more

conscious eater at Sam’s, but Freeman Dining Hall offers another good option for those who want to eliminate the amount of food they waste. Since all of the meals at Freeman are made to order, and come in generally large portions, it’s much easier to select just a few things instead of collecting a personal smorgasbord. Wasting food is an issue which Montclair State University can change with a little effort and thought. Becoming more conscious of the amount of food one consumes and wastes is only one step in becoming a more civil and responsible person,

Kristen Bryfogle, an English and Classics major, is in her first year as assistant opinion editor for The Montclarion.

September 13, 2012 • The Montclarion


Iron Consumer: Which Phone Will Reign Supreme? The Galaxy S III challenges the iPhone 5


his year, we have a battle royale of cellular proportions. The iPhone has some experiMonika Bujas ence opinion editor in the art of combat, since its first appearance on the market in June 2007. It has successfully beaten out its past competitors, such as the dying Blackberry. However, a new enemy has appeared on the market. The Galaxy was the first Android phone released, but wasn’t regarded much when it first appeared on the scene in 2009. The Galaxy S III is looking to blow the iPhone out of the water. The sales for the Galaxy S III are over the top, beating out the iPhone 4S here in the US. Is that because dedicated iPhone users are waiting for the return of

the iPhone 5? It’s important to know what the public looks for when they go phone shopping. The Galaxy S III is bigger than most typical phones, with a screen that is 4.8’’ long, .71mm wide and 8.6mm thick. The iPhone 5, on the other hand, is predicted to be much smaller and about 7.6mm in thickness. This makes the iPhone 5 much easier to carry around. The iPhone 5 is also said to have a much better design because it is made out of metal instead of plastic, giving it a more sophisticated look. In the looks department, the iPhone seems to reign supreme. It’s much more portable and is eye candy as far as phones go. The only concern with a metal exterior is that it scratches easily, which ruins the design of the phone. Maybe it was a good idea to use plastic in the design, making the Galaxy seemingly less susceptible to scratches. But the Galaxy is a huge phone and would probably stick out of most

jean pockets. The iPhone 5 being much smaller is more flattering to carry in one’s pockets. Another issue regarding phones is the processor. As of now, the Galaxy has the iPhone beat in processing and it looks like it will remain that way when the iPhone 5 comes out. The Galaxy has the fastest processor on the market right now. Now its huge size makes more sense. It’s only logical that the Galaxy is bigger because it has a much more powerful processing ability than the iPhone. Another feature customers focus on is the space on a phone. Most of us understand the concept of the iPhone’s capacity. You can buy an 8 GB, 16GB and so on. The GB or gigabits determine how much room your iPhone has to store pictures, videos, music, etc. The more gigabits your iPhone has, the more it will cost. As for the Galaxy, you are given a standard amount of gigabits, but you can add more gigabits if you need more space.

In some ways, it’s good to have the Galaxy because you are not limited on space. But if you want to be limited on space so you won’t have to pay extra, then maybe it’s better to have an iPhone. Lastly, there is the issue of expense. The iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S III are priced the same, however, it is safe to assume that the iPhone 5 is going to be a lot more expensive. If you really do enjoy Apple products and don’t mind spending more, than the iPhone 5 sounds very promising. Both phones are top notch and are well received. Many carriers sell both the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S III. The new iPhone will go on sale on Sept. 21, 2012. Whichever phone you decide to purchase, I’m sure it will be an excellent choice. There is one question that still remains: Which cell phone will reign supreme? Monika Bujas, a Communication major, is in her first year as the opinion editor for The Montclarion.

Locking The Doors On The Art World Administrators impending decision prevents artists from creating


he creative process is, as it stands in the context of the contemporary era, a Alexa Coppola wildly columnist misused and misunderstood term. Though it may be preserved for the few who deserve to call it their means to an end, to a finished product. These include those who practice and work at skills in which something is created out of nothing. The process of creativity, much like art in itself, has been stretched, pulled, pushed, punched, stomped on, coddled and warped as it has paralleled time and history. And we know, from looking at art, and more specifically, visual art, that there is a particular freedom and release of any bounds or confines, giving the artist infinite liberties so that the artist may express

the motifs, ideas and concepts they find valid enough for exposure with absolutely no limitations. Once constraints or limitations are applied, the truest message is lost, and the artist is now without the ability to express precisely what it is they would have originally deemed most valuable, and therefore worth being expressed. It is a sad world in which the artist is hindered, and we must ask “why?” Who would dare stand in between the artist and her or his art? In this case, it is the institution. For reasons relating to safety, there has been recent and serious discussion about locking the doors of Calcia from 11p.m. to 7a.m., a critical time period for many who work during these hours. This is an idea that stems from a series of thefts that have occurred in the past, and it is very much appreciated that the administration is taking a moment to consider the safety of the art and often times incredibly expensive equipment, that resides in

Calcia. However, they have in fact chosen possibly one of least convenient solutions for the students that work in this building, often times deep into the night. While many art students have classes or work that occupy the duration of the hours that normal human activity occupies, the time that is available for creative work is left to these sunless hours. The hours between 11p.m. and 7a.m. are arguably the hours most responsible for some of the greatest creative breakthroughs. They are waking hours imperative to the life of an art student, much like the setting of creative activity. Which is a secondary point, when the argument of working at home is brought to the debate table. It is important that students whose work is growing and developing, to be around one another, and more importantly, work around one another. This goes without mentioning that most of the students’ studio spaces

Concerning Editorials and Columns

are within the halls, classrooms and studios of Calcia. So it is simply impossible for most, if not all of the art students, to work solely at home during these hours. There is something very sad about this pending decision, and about the lack of understanding for those who need these hours to work that is automatically associated with the prospect. For as long as art has existed, those who have attempted to restrict or restrain it or the process leading to its creation have been shunned by artists and generally viewed by the masses, especially the youth, as “the man.” But it would be ok if the administration wanted to lock the building and give every student a key so they might access Calcia during these hours. As long as we can work.

Alexa Coppola, fine arts major, this is in her third year as a columnist for The Montclarion.

Main editorials appear on the first page of the Opinion section. They are unsigned articles that represent the opinion of the editorial board on a particular issue. Columns are written by individuals and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Montclarion staff.


The Montclarion

Arts & Entertainment

MSU Film Student Taps into the Other Side A Special Look at the Short Film Anima

Photo courtesy of WDK Studios

Behind the scenes of the thriller Anima.

Rashard Bradshaw Arts Editor

MSU senior film student Mike J. Stable is proving he has what it takes to make it in the competitive film industry with the release of Anima, a psychodrama that takes viewers on an emotional journey into life after death. Anima, developed by WDK Film studios, is a short narrative that follows an inmate on death row that is undergoing a controversial procedure. The purpose: to

tap into the secrets of the afterlife. A neuroscientist, who from the trailer seems to be the film’s protagonist, leads the experiment, which doesn’t end as planned. Anima was created as part of Stable’s Film 3 class last year. When asked what motivated him to pursue a career in film, Stable shared, “I’m just a fan of movies and I want to be part of the creative process behind them. But to go a little farther, I have a deep appreciation and love for narrative storytelling.” As both a writer and director, his passion is evi-

dent. “When I was 13, I was brought into a video editing lab and taught how to connect two shots. I’ll never forget that moment. That was it for me. I knew I would be making movies for the rest of my life.” Viewers should be appreciative! His talent speaks for itself. You are not only drawn into the film by the chilling events that the inmate experiences for the greater good of science, but also linked to the story line of the scientist, whose life seems to be turned upside-down thanks to the outlandish experiment.

The trailer has received a lot of positive feedback and has even snatched a few awards at the 2012 Indie Gathering and Film Festival Convention in Hudson, Ohio. In it, we see small parts of the barbaric treatment of the inmate and the turmoil that follows. A year’s worth of production will finally be shared with the world when the film debuts on Sept. 14, 2012. The link for the film will be posted on the official Facebook page,, but will only be up until Sept. 21 for film festival purposes. This should add some incentive to tune in as soon as the film debuts. MSU students will also be pleasantly surprised to see that many of the scenes that will play out on the big screen were filmed right here on campus. When asked how MSU shaped him on his journey as a filmmaker, Stable praised the department and faculty. “I’ve learned a great deal of technical knowledge here, but most importantly, the professors have instilled me with a sense of confidence.” The movie business is difficult to break into and discouragement and setbacks are just a part of the job, but Stable admits, “When I first

started taking classes at MSU, becoming a screenwriter and film director was just a dream, but now, as a senior, it feels like a very real possibility.” Anima stars Tom Zanca, Toni Vitale, Malin Tybahl and Jason Schmitz and was written and directed by Stable who also produced it with the help of CJ Pelosi. Similar to the classic premise of Truman Capote’s novel, In Cold Blood, with otherworldly twist and turns, the trailer alone had me perched at the end of my seat, assuring me that the film is definitely worth checking out!

Editor’s Rating:

4/5 Stars A MUST SEE!

Movie Night at Sprague Classic films at the campus library

Rashard Bradshaw Arts Editor

Taxi Driver is a 1976 thriller that delves into the psyche of an emotionally disturbed taxi driver who is driven to the edge of loneliness. To anyone from the outside, he is any one of us, a person going through the routine of his own dayto-day life, no hair out of place, shirt nicely pressed. However, on the inside, Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) is a deeply disturbed time bomb close to detonation. Taxi Driver is a great film that includes not only the beauty of old New York but the signature style of director Martin Scorsese that cemented him as an important and innovative fixture in film. The camera follows the unstable protagonist as he travels through the city aimlessly searching for something. What exactly is not known, even after the bloody climax. Jodie Foster is also featured as a young street urchin who is under the care of a suave pimp played by Harvey Keitel. The movie’s duration is 1 hour and 53 minutes. While some scenes may seem to lag on screen, the moments are only testaments to the creative genius of Scorsese. The entire cast delivers an amazing performance with De Niro, fully committing to the fragile and violent persona of a man who has had enough.

Editor’s Rating:

5/5 Stars A MUST SEE! “You talking to me? You talking to me? ”

-Travis Bickle (De Niro)

CALL NUMBER: DVD NO. 847 Photo courtesy

Screen-shots from Scorsese’s Taxi Driver.

Photo courtesy of

The Montclarion • September 13,2012

Advertisement 17

SHUTTLE SERVICES ANNOUNCES EXCITING NEW CHANGES NEW ROUTES: Servicing University Hall, CarParc Diem, The Heights and 855 Valley Rd.* (*limited service) Servicing Montclair Heights, Red Hawk Deck University Hall and 1515 Broad Street* (*limited service)

Servicing Lot 60, NJ Transit Station Sinatra Hall and Hawk Crossings


Servicing Fenwick Hall, Basie Hall Sinatra Hall, Hawk Crossings and University Hall

Servicing Red Hawk Deck, Lorriane Ave. and Clifton Commons


All Campus Local

7 Days a week, 24 hours

Servicing all campus shuttle stops

NEW CHANGES COMING THIS YEAR: -Increased passenger support during peak times. -New Shuttles buses arriving this Fall! For more information visit: www.

18 A&E

The Montclarion •September 13,2012

Blast from the Past Album of the Week

Download List: “You Oughta Know” “Ironic” “Perfect”

“Hand in My Pocket” “Head Over Feet”

Photos courtesy of

Jagged Little Pill was the third release from the Canadian-American songstress Alanis Morissette. The album, released on June 15, 1995, is a brew of alternative rock and post-grunge influences. The 12-track disc catapulted Morissette to commercial and international success. To this day, “You Oughta Know,” the lead single, is the anthem for scorned women across the world. Morissette howls, “And I’m here to remind you, of the mess you left when you went away!”in her signature scratchy vocals, accompanied by a build up of guitar and drums that fuel the flames of her angst.

The album received positive reviews, released six singles and was nominated for six Grammy Awards, winning four, including “Album of the Year.” In 2003 Rolling Stone included the album in The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list.

Have a suggestion for the next “Blast from the Past” Album?

Editor’s Rating: 3/5 Stars

Email msuarts@

The Montclarion • September 13,2012

Advertisement 19

Graduate Information Session Spotlight on

The College of Science and Mathematics This is an opportunity to speak one-on-one with faculty and staff from The College of Science and Mathematics.

Please join us for a Graduate Information Session Thursday, September 20th 6:00 p.m. th University Hall, 7 floor Immediately following the Graduate School overview, there will be the following breakout sessions:

1 Normal Avenue Montclair, NJ 07043 973-655-4000


Department of Biology & Molecular Biology (MS in Biology, MS in Aquatic and Coastal Sciences, MS in Molecular Biology & Molecular Biology Certificate)


Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry (MS in Chemistry & MS in Pharmaceutical Biochemistry)


Department of Computer Science (MS in Computer Science and CISCO Certificate)


Department of Earth & Environmental Studies (MS in Geoscience, MA in Environmental Studies, PhD in Environmental Management, Environmental Forensics Certificate, Water and Resource Management Certificate and Geographic Information Science Certificate)


Department of Mathematical Sciences (MS in Mathematics, MS in Statistics, MA in Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics, EdD in Mathematics Education, Teaching Middle Grades Mathematics Certificate)


Initial Teacher Certification (P-3, K-5 and P-12 with content area certification)


Newark-Montclair Urban Teaching Residency


School of Business – Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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The Montclarion •September 13,2012

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September 13, 2012 • The Montclarion



Field Hockey Living Up to Preseason Hype

Red Hawks off to excellent 4-1 start of 2012 season Mike Panepinto Staff Writer

The Montclair State field hockey team came into this season with high expectations. Currently, MSU’s record stands at 4-1 overall and 1-0 in the NJAC. The 4-1 start proves that the team is worthy of their #9 national ranking in the Division III Penn Monto/NFHCA poll. The Red Hawks opened their season at home on Aug. 31st against the Eastern University Eagles. Eastern University was trying to avenge last year’s opening day 2-1 loss to MSU, while the Red Hawks looked to make it two straight opening-day wins against the Eagles. MSU got its first score of the year in the 20th minute, when senior midfielder Michelle Hagel got an assist from junior Jennifer Tafro and buried a shot in the net while she was falling down. Once the Red Hawks grabbed a 1-0 lead, they never looked back en route to a 4-0 victory. Hagel ended up with her first career hat trick, collecting her second goal in the 42nd minute and her final goal with only 8 minutes remaining in the game. Frances Schafer contributed a goal with 15 minutes left in

the contest. The Red Hawks played such stifling defense against the Eagles that they held them to two shots in the first 35 minutes of the game. Senior goalkeeper Megan Bosland recorded her 11th career shutout and her 46th career victory, blocking all eight of Eastern University’s shots. With the shutout and win, Bosland moves to 5th place all-time in clean sheets and she is only nine wins shy of setting a new record for career wins. MSU’s next matchup took place at home against the Rensselaer Engineers on Sunday, Sept. 2nd. Once again, Hagel contributed with a hat trick and junior Sierra Rauchbach added one of her own as Montclair State defeated Rensselaer 8-2. Montclair State is now 7-1 all time against the Engineers. After jumping to an early 2-0 lead, the Engineers cut the lead to 3-1, but Montclair State ended the first half strong with two more goals to take a 5-1 lead into the intermission. The Red Hawks tacked on three more goals in the second half while Rensselaer scored one more to make the final score 8-2. Bosland blocked two shots before exiting in the 56th minute of the game. Backup goalies Laura Cummings (sophomore) and Rebecca Brattole (freshman) gained valuable experience as they split

Red Hawks off to Rocky Start Nick Patriarca Assistant Sports Editor

The Montclair State football team dropped its second game of the season on the road to the Salve Regina Seahawks by a score of 16-7. With the loss, the Red Hawks fall to 0-2, their worst start since 2005. The Seahawks got on the board first in the opening quarter when sophomore quarterback Steven Wilken completed a 52-yard touchdown pass to sophomore wide receiver Matthew Traynor. Traynor would eventually go on to lead the Seahawks with six catches for 166 yards. The Seahawks extended their lead early in the second quarter with a 28yard field goal by Christian Clark. Their defense seemed impenetrable in the first half, forcing three punts, an interception and just 113 yards of total offense. The special teams also came up big, blocking a 30-yard field goal attempt late in the second quarter, making the Red Hawks go into the locker room trailing 10-0. The Red Hawk offense didn’t see much action in the third quarter, as the Seahawks ate up most of the clock with two ten-play drives. Their second drive was capped off with a 1-yard touchdown run by Wilken followed by a missed point-after attempting to make the score 16-0. The Red Hawks were finally

able to get something positive on offense going with an eight-play, 84-yard drive that culminated with a four-yard touchdown run by junior running back A.J. Scoppa. Unfortunately, this would be the final tally of the game, as the Seahawks would hold on for a 16-7 victory. Scoppa led the Red Hawks ground game, gaining 152 yards on 22 carries, averaging 6.1 yards-per carry. Senior wideout Bryan Ogden led all receivers with five catches for 57 yards, and senior quarterback Drew Cathey completed 15 of 28 pass attempts, throwing two interceptions, and was sacked five times. The Seahawk defense held the Red Hawks to just 266 yards of total offense and allowed them to convert just one of thirteen third-down attempts. On the defensive side, junior middle linebacker Dan Avento led the Red Hawks with 15 tackles on the day, and also became the 21st Red Hawk to record 200 tackles in an MSU uniform. His efforts led him to being named NJAC Defensive Player of the Week, making it two consecutive weeks in which a Red Hawk was given the award following junior linebacker Adnan Sakiri’s performance last week. With the loss at Salve Regina, the Red Hawks will be looking to get back on track this Saturday when they host the Morrisville State College Mustangs to open conference play. Kickoff will be at 1 p.m. at Sprague Field.

Team Leaders

Offense Passing: Drew Cathey - 495 yds, 5 TD, 5 INT, 245.7 yds/game Rushing: AJ Scoppa - 217 yds, 4.9 avg, 1 TD, 96.5 yds/game Receiving: Vin Fischer - 151 yds, 13.73 avg, 2 TD, 75.5 yds/game Defense Adnan Sakiri - 9 solo, 16 asst, 25 total, 2.5 TFL for 9 yds Dan Avento - 9 solo, 15 asst, 24 total, 2 TFL for 3 yds Mark Aspinwall - 6 solo, 13 asst, 19 total, 1 TFL for 1 yard

Upcoming Games

9/15 vs. Morrisville State 9/22 @ W. Paterson 9/29@ SUNY Cortland 10/6 vs. Rowan

1 p.m. 12 p.m. 1 p.m. 1 p.m.

the last 15 minutes in the net. Following the season-opening back-to-back home wins, MSU hit the road on Wednesday, Sept. 5th to take on upset-minded Muhlenberg College. The host team proved inhospitable, dealing the Red Hawks their first loss of the season with a 2-1 score. Although MSU was able to outshoot the Mules 23-8, only one of those shots found the back of the net. Muhlenberg’s 2-0 lead at the half held up as junior midfielder Stephanie Lewis pulled MSU within one goal, but no closer. Senior goalkeeper Megan Bosland had three saves for MSU. Staying on the road, the Red Hawks took on Alvernia University on Saturday, Sept. 8th. The Crusaders gave MSU all they could handle during the 70 minutes of regulation time, but the Red Hawks squeaked out a 2-1 in in overtime. Alvernia scored in the 4th minute to take an early 1-0 lead in the first half. MSU knotted the score with five minutes left in the half as Tafro found the net. The second half was tightly contested and neither team was able to cash in. With 11 minutes left in OT, Lewis put in the gamewinner, sealing the victory for MSU. The Red Hawks were able to outshoot the Crusaders 18-5 in the contest while Bosland recorded three saves. This past Tuesday, MSU played their

third game in a row at Ramapo College. The Red Hawks dominated throughout, picking up an easy 7-1 win over the Road Runners and upping their record to 4-1. Kate Norgard, Tafro and Rauchbach each contributed two goals for MSU. Montclair State’s other goal came from Frances Schaefer. The win gave MSU a 1-0 record in NJAC play. In a recent interview, Coach Gottung spoke about the team’s performance in the games played thus far. “We played well in our first four games. We are out-shooting and outcornering our opponents in all of our games. We struggled to finish on the road last week in PA, but I’m confident that we’ll get back to scoring more goals this week. Traveling helped us see what areas we need to improve upon early in the season and gave us an opportunity to work on our weaknesses in practice.” As this team gains more experience and addresses some of their weaknesses, the Red Hawks will then be able to realize their full potential, which will mean trouble for future MSU field hockey opponents. The Red Hawks return home this week to host New Paltz on Thursday, Sept. 13th in a 7 p.m. start and Misericordia University on Saturday, Sept. 15th at 6 p.m. Both games will be played at Sprague Field.


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The Montclarion • September 13, 2012







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September 13, 2012 • The Montclarion



Football NJAC




W. Paterson













West Conn.












This Week 9/15 vs. Morrisville State

1 p.m.

Last Week 9/8 Salve Regina 16, MSU 7

Men’s Soccer NJAC

Who’s Hot This Week

MSU RU-Camden NJCU Kean Ramapo RU-Newark TCNJ Rowan W. Paterson Stockton

0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0


4-0 4-0 4-1 3-2 3-2 3-2 3-3 2-2 2-2 1-2-1

This Week 9/15 vs. Mary Washington 9/19 @ W. Paterson

Dan Avento Linebacker — Football Despite the Red Hawks losing 16-7, Avento recorded an outstanding 15 tackles against Salve Regina. He was honored by being named NJAC Defensive Player of the Week. Avento also became the 21st person to reach 200 tackles in a Montclair State uniform.

Francesca Gibson Forward — Soccer Gibson has been a huge force for the Red Hawk offense. In five games, Gibson has scored six goals, including two in their win over FDU-Florham. Gibson is currently second in the NJAC in goals and points.

12 p.m. 7 p.m.

Last Week 9/5 MSU 6, Hunter 1 9/9 MSU 7, Staten Island 0

Women’s Soccer NJAC TCNJ MSU Kean Stockton Ramapo Rowan W. Paterson NJCU RU-Camden RU-Newark

0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0

Overall 4-0 4-0-1 4-1 4-1 2-1 1-1 1-2-2 1-3-2 1-4 1-5

This Week 9/12 vs. Saint Joseph’s 9/14 vs. Old Westbury

5 p.m. 7 p.m.

Last Week 9/8 MSU 5, Centenary 0 9/10 MSU 4, FDU 0

Field Hockey TCNJ

Game of the Week Football vs. Morrisville State September 15, 12:00 p.m.

The Red Hawks will face off against Morrisville State in their first conference game of the 2012 season. They will be looking to bounce back after an 0-2 start. For updates, check out: @TheMontclarion on Twitter














W. Paterson









This Week 9/13 vs. New Paltz 9/15 vs. Misericordia

7 p.m. 6 p.m.

Last Week 9/8 MSU 2, Alvernia 1 OT 9/11 MSU 7, Ramapo 1

Volleyball NJAC Overall Kean NJCU W. Paterson Ramapo Stockton Rowan RU-Camden RU-Newark MSU

1-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-1

This Week 9/15 vs. York College 9/15 vs. Farmingdale State Last Week

5-2 3-0 7-1 4-1 4-1 5-3 3-2 4-3 8-3

12 p.m. 4 p.m.

9/9 MSU 3, BSC 1 - MSU 3, Maritime 0 9/11 Kean 3, MSU 1

Montclair State Football off to a Rocky Start p. 21

Check out on Monday for Recaps of this Weekend’s Games

Field Hockey Starts off Season with Conference Win p. 21

Race For October Heats Up Corey Aron Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again. Everyone gets excited that football season is back, while also rooting for their fantasy teams. I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t say I wasn’t just as excited about the NFL getting back into season form. However, let’s not forget that in just a few weeks, we’ll be heading into October post-season baseball. If we look at the last two seasons, both the St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants were wild-card teams that got hot at just the right time to pull together a remarkable run resulting in winning the World Series. This goes to show that you don’t have to be the juggernaut team that had the most wins in the regular season in order to be the best. Even though the playoffs aren’t set in stone yet, I’d like to still take the opportunity to acknowledge the teams that are in serious contention. This year’s “Cinderella” team has definitely been the Washington Nationals. Rookie outfielder Bryce Harper has certainly lived up to the hype by showing that he is morethan-able to handle his own in the big leagues despite being only 19 years old. This past week, the Nationals have decided to stick with their plans in shutting down pitching phenomenon Stephen Strasburg. Strasburg ended up missing most of last season due to Tommy John surgery, and they don’t want to risk him potentially suffering another career-threatening injury. Personally, I don’t agree with the decision as this will be the first time since 1945 that the city of Washington will get to experience playoff baseball. While the Nationals are looking at what’s best for the future for Strasburg, it’s not always going to be guaranteed that they will get to seize the moment in making the playoffs.

However, they still have starting pitcher Gio Gonzalez, who leads the Majors with 19 wins. Also in the National League East, the Atlanta Braves are comfortably ahead in the wild card race while Chipper Jones attempts his last hoorah in a pennant. In the American League East, the resurrected Derek Jeter seems to have turned back the clock by leading the Major League in hits. On the other hand, the Bronx Bombers have had a tough second half while playing sub-.500 ball since the All-Star break. They now have to go up against their hated rivals in Fenway this week. Despite the Boston Red Sox having a meltdown of a season, which included new management and getting rid of high priced players, they will still look to prevent the Yankees from winning the division. It’s amazing to see that the Orioles are relevant at this time of the year, and even if they don’t make the playoffs, Buck Showalter has made a serious case to be voted as Manager of the Year. Let’s not forget about the Tampa Bay Rays, who only trail by one game in the wild card race, and with a top-of-the-line pitching staff, they could be a very dangerous team. In the AL Central, first year manager and former infielder Robin Ventura has put the Chicago White Sox back on the map as they try to hold off the Detroit Tigers from stealing their thunder. The two clubs will square off in Chicago for a fourgame series that could potentially determine which team will build momentum going into the last stretch. The Texas Rangers and their everso-potent offense have once again had a great year for themselves, as they look to make it to the World Series for the third straight year with hope of finally winning a championship. Surprisingly, it’s the Oakland Athletics who’ve turned a lot of heads. They have the second lowest payroll in the Major Leagues, and yet, Beane still finds ways to put together a competitive team that can play at a high level.

Photo Courtesy of Keith Allison flickr

Derek Jeter will look to revive the New York Yankees and bring them back from the brink of elimination. Both Los Angeles teams are fighting to clinch the second wild card spot for each of their leagues. In the offseason, the talk of the town for the Angels was their prized acquisition in Albert Pujols, but the real story has been rookie sensation, Mike Trout, hailing from Vineland, New Jersey. This kid is the definition of what a five-tool player is. He will most likely win Rookie of the Year and is even giving Miguel Cabrera a run for his money for Most Valuable Player. The San Francisco Giants have built a comfortable lead out in the NL West but they will need Tim Lincecum to snap back into reality if they want

to make a deep run in the postseason. Lastly, the defending champion St. Louis Cardinals have overcome losing Pujols, and their starting ace, Chris Carpenter, who’s been out for the year. Although they won’t win the NL Central, they have a one-game lead for the second wild card spot. A new implementation this year is that both wild card teams for each league will actually play an elimination game to determine who will continue their postseason in the Divisional Series. There’s much to look forward to this year. October is setting up to be a very exciting month.

Red Hawks Participate in Charity Run 7th annual charity race to benefit Montclair Ambulance Unit and MSU EMS Michael Scala Sports Information Director

The Montclair State Department of Intercollegiate Athletics held its 7th Annual Reservoir Charity Training Run on Thursday which producedoutstanding results, and more importantly, generated funds which were donated to the Montclair Ambulance Unit and the Montclair State EMS. Montclair Ambulance Unit Deputy Chief Frank Carlo joined Director Mike Ricker from MSU Emergency Medical Services at the event. Over 180 MSU student-athletes, staff, coaches and members of the campus community took part in

the three-mile event around the Cedar Grove Reservoir which also included a walking race. Men’s lacrosse sophomore Michael Schreck became the first student-athlete to win the race for consecutive seasons as he covered the course in a time of 18:02. Women’s lacrosse freshman Serena Hitchins was the top female finisher clocking in at 19:03, which was the seventh-best time overall. The Top 12 finishers on both the male and female side received T-shirts for their outstanding performances. Past recipients of donations include the TALON Holiday Toy Drive, the family of MSU Police Sgt. Chris Vidro, The Walter Reed Army Hospital Chaplains’ Fund, Second Chance Boxer Rescue in the name of Renea Trejo, the EOF Book Fund and the John Greco Scholarship Fund.

Photo Courtesy of Sports Information

Hundreds of Montclair State students and Montclair residents are seen taking off from the starting line on Thursday, Sept. 6th.

The Montclarion issue 9-13  

The Montclarion issue for September 13

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