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KEYCLUB The Official Newsletter of Franklin High School

THE MONSTER MEDIA Volume V, Issue 4: JULY 2013

Pretty Muddy Mud Run Franklin Key Club members work at the Old Navy tent to hand out free merchandise to the runners from the race

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Division 7 South | Region 16 | CNH District Franklin High School 6400 Whitelock Parkway, Elk Grove, CA, 95757

Monster of the Month

TABLE OF CONTENTS 2|Contents & Announcements Monster of the Month……….….. 2 A Note from the Editor………….. 2 3|July Calendar 4-7|Past Events Franklin Key Club Ice Cream Social…………………………......... 4 Step Out to Cure Scleroderma Packet Pick-Up ………….…..…... 5 Run for Independence Packet Pick-up ………………….……….... 5 Officer Training Conference…... 6 A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Crystal Ice Cream Fantasy…….. 6 Pretty Muddy Mud Run………..... 7 Tapioca and Tea Fundraiser…....7 8-9|Upcoming Events 10|Contact Information

Lesley Wong helped out at the Pretty Muddy Mud run by unpacking and distributing Old Navy t-shirts

This month’s Member of the Month is the one and only Lesley Wong! Her favorite Key Club event is the Franklin Elementary Fall Festival. When she’s not volunteering, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and older sister, and playing tennis. Lesley says, "I feel like a lot of people participate in Key Club for hours. However, I have been helping out at my elementary school since 3rd grade and have realized that helping people makes others feel great. That’s what I love about Key Club. I get to help many other people and I also appreciate it when I get an unexpected thank you."

Hey Key Clubbers, Sharon here! Instead of having me write all the articles for the newsletters, I’ve decided to let you guys, the members, include your personal experiences from each event. I can’t believe summer is already drawing to a close. Do you guys feel like summer’s flying by too quickly? The school year of 20132014 is approaching so be sure to get as many hours in as possible! We have a lot of events available so be sure to take a look at the forums or our club’s Facebook page. I look forward to seeing you guys soon! In service and in friendship, Sharon Hsu Franklin Key Club Bulletin Editor

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July 2013 Sun



























Grand Opening of Vietnamese Community Center

ARIA Clean Up and Decoration


ARIA Clean Up ARIA Clean Up and Decoration and Decoration

ARIA Clean Up and Decoration

ARIA Clean Up and Decoration

Tapioca and Tea Fundraiser

The ARIA Black & White Gala: Ties and Tennies

ARIA Kids Fair Eppie’s Great Race






Strauss Festival Strauss Festival


Strauss Festival


Strauss Festival

Laguna Creek's D7S July CarBeastly Barbe- wash que


Strauss Festival


Strauss Festival



Water Dodge Balloon Extravaganza July DCM

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PAST EVENTS Franklin Key Club Ice Cream Social ASHLEY YU Vice President Melted ice cream. Yum. The sun was burning through our ice coolers and possibly our skin. However, we still kept cool with the help of our water balloons. All we had to do was throw one at Dorian Chen and a war started. Then we had our traditional officer pie-ing with a new twist: ice cream instead of whipped cream (the brilliant idea of Betty Li). It was the most delicious facial I’ve ever received…but I think I’ll pass next time.

DORIAN CHEN IP Division Spirit Coordinator Under the roaring heat of summer, the ice cream social provided a great escape from the hotness. From gorging on some godly strawberry ice cream, to bombing people with water balloons, to cooling off at the water park, this was not an event to miss. Is there a better way to support the Eliminate Project than having crazy fun and meeting a bunch of new people? Probably not, but if there is any, PM me at If you missed the event this year, you definitely should go next year! It is always nice to be able to do something helpful and fun at the same time. ANDREW F. FONG IP Project Committee Head Finally, after long anticipation (it had only been a few weeks since school ended), I got to see everyone again. The FKC Ice Cream Social! Yes, I’m lactose intolerant, but of course that didn’t stop me from learning about how everyone’s summers have been and blasting away in water wars. In the picture, I am calculating how to optimize the utility out of 2 π. First aim for Diego, but then divert to Ashley to add unpredictability. Then wait for Diego to clean his face off...


Step Out to Cure Scleroderma Packet Pick-Up ANDREW FONG Member My experience at the Scleroderma Packet Pick-up was very fun and easy-going. I had the simple job of sorting all the tshirts and distributing them along with a bag and two coupons. The runners also got a stool to sit on. It was great seeing all the happy runners that got the special gift. People came in between long intervals of time making our jobs less stressful. We were also given lunch breaks to go over to Arden Mall to eat and then come back. With such a small amount of people coming to pick up their bibs and shirts, the supervisor did not mind if we took a long break or not. Overall, it was a fun experience being with everyone and sitting around waiting for people to come by. Members hand out t-shirts to runners at the Step Out to Cure Scleroderma Packet Pick-up

Run for Independence Packet Pick-up LAWRENCE LEE Member The packet pick-up was a mix of experiences. I met many friendly people while handing out bibs. Most of the time, it was not busy, so I had time to relax. There were several times when things got complicated, but they were not troubling. Not much went on during the event. It was a peaceful time spent volunteering, however.

Lawrence Lee and his brother Kevin Lee hand out bibs to the runners at the Run for Independence Packet Pick-Up

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Officer Training Conference AMELIA CHEN President I personally attended the President workshop, led by Betty Li, the How to Plan Events workshop, led by Jennifer Dalanan and Kristi Doan, and lastly District Goals, led by the LtG’s of 7 North and 7 South. Our IP LtG, Stanton Rucker, was even there, leading a workshop about Public Speaking. During the breaks, I chatted and laughed with other Key Club members, reunited with friends from other schools, and made new friends. Although this year’s OTC is over, don’t worry! There will be a Region Training Conference in September, and you all are invited! IP President Betty Li leads a presentation on the duties of a president as well as ways to improve leadership skills

A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Crystal Ice Cream Fantasy ANDREW YU Member My experience at The Midsummer Night's Dream and Crystal Ice Cream Fantasy event at Fairytale Town was breathtaking! I served ice cream, for the very first time, to customers of Fairytale Town and it was wonderful to see the smiles on both kids and adults when getting their ice cream and the witty costumes they were wearing. I was also the Project Captain and was able to make sure my fellow Key Clubbers were on task and were still accounted for. Andrew Yu and Sophia Duong scoop out Vanilla Bean ice cream for the kids at the event


Pretty Muddy Mud Run

Monica Lomanto passes out Old Navy bags and t-shirts to the runners

Ashley Yu helps clean up the changing station by putting the curtains away

Ashley Yu and Sharon Hsu take a picture after the event

SHARON HSU Bulletin Editor I had been looking forward to the Pretty Muddy Mud Run for weeks. I think I was most excited about the prospect of actually being able to help out on the course where all the mud was. However, I was instead chosen to direct traffic in the parking lot. After parking lot duty, Michael Ma, our club’s treasurer and I went to help at the Old Navy tent where several other Key Club members were organizing and handing out merchandise. It was a bit hectic at times and the tent was a little too crowded. Although it was hot outside, I still had a great time meeting the ladies running the race and other volunteers. After the day came to an end, the volunteers helped pack up the bags, t-shirts, and flip-flops, and take down the tents.

Tapioca and Tea Fundraiser SHARON HSU Bulletin Editor One of my favorite drinks ever? Milk tea. Our club held the Tapioca and Tea fundraiser on July 13th. It was great seeing not only Key Clubbers, but also friends from school that I hadn’t seen since the beginning of summer. I went to Tapioca and Tea later in the evening and stayed until 9:00 to hang out with my friends. It made my day when I finally got to drink the greatness that is milk tea. I’m very thankful to everyone who attended the fundraiser. We managed to raise $55.00 for our club and the Eliminate Project!




ESENTS ELK GROVE KEY CLUB PR Annual Water Dodge Balloon Extravaganza

etings e m is Kiwan hursday! T every bers are m All me attend. o free t

July 31, 2012 10:00Am-4:00pm EGHS Soccer Field


President Amelia Chen gets pied at the annual Ice Cream Social

Laguna Creek Key Club’s


DCM Date: July 31 , 2013 Time: 9: 10:00a 00am— m Where : Elk G r Schoo l socce ove High r field


Date: July 26, 2013 Time: 2:00pm-7:00p m Where: Elk Grove Regional Park

o’s @Coc m a 0 7:3 rden the A r a e n Mall

Togo’s/Baskin Robbins fundraiser on August 3rd. More details coming soon!



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Upcoming Events Our division will be having a car wash on July 27 from 10am to 4pm at Grocery Outlet on Bond Road. Whether it’s volunteering to wash cars or just getting your car cleaned, all help is appreciated! Donations will be accepted and proceeds go to the Pediatric Trauma Program. Be prepared for war! Elk Grove Key Club will be hosting their Annual Water Dodge Balloon Extravaganza at the Elk Grove High School Soccer Field on July 31st from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Join the rest of the division in this battle! In terms of registration, regular registration (July 19July 30) is $12 per player and registration the day of (July 31) is $15 per player. Make sure to assemble a team of 5-9 people and email with your team name and the names and phone numbers of all players. Bring the money the day of the event! Check the forums or Elk Grove Key Club’s Facebook event page for more details. It’s that time of month again! The July DCM will be held before Elk Grove Key Club’s Annual Water Dodge Balloon Extravaganza on July 31 from 9:00am to 10:00am at the Elk Grove High School soccer field. Attend for division updates! Laguna Creek Key Club will be hosting their Beastly Barbecue on July 26 from 2:00pm to 7:00pm at Elk Grove Regional Park. There will be a $7 admission fee that includes unlimited food and drinks! 30% of the funds raised will go towards the Eliminate Project. 70% will go toward Laguna Creek Key Club. There will also be various activities available such as sports, a waterballoon/gun fight, and officer pie-ing. Check on the forums for more info on this event!


Other Upcoming Events: Strauss Festival (7/24-7/29), Crocker Art Museum Family Friday Program (7/26), The Color Run (8/3), Ice Cream Safari (8/17), Capitol Apocalypse 5K (10/26)

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Franklin Key Club - 2013 July Newsletter  
Franklin Key Club - 2013 July Newsletter  

Franklin Key Club's July Newsletter Division 7 South Monsters Volume V, Issue 4