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‫תשעה באב‬

We mourn our tragic past and long for the glory that will be A transcendent poem

CHILDREN’S CRAFT Floral decoration for your Sukkah

PICADILLY IN ITALY A photographic tour



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I have to compliment you on a publication that outperforms all others I’ve seen. Every detail is beyond gorgeous. All articles and ads are absolutely amazing. I have one comment or suggestion.  The lettering of the reading material is a bit hard to read. I think the font or color of print MUST be stronger than the background it’s on. I hope I am explaining it correctly. I feel I have to strain my eyes to see all written information. (It may be my age, eyesight, or refusal to wear eyeglasses, perhaps.)

I would like to thank you for your great publication!! The hard work that goes into such a quality publication is much appreciated.

The Monsey View

If I may, I would like to note one issue I have; it’s pretty difficult to read the articles, especially where there’s a photo on the background. I would appreciate if you can make the font thicker and bolder.

Monsey N.Y. 10952

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Mission Statement The Monsey View is a weekly publication designed for every segment and age group of our diverse community. Under rabbinical guidance, we bring Monsey’s top talent together to provide high quality, informative current reading material, keeping you up to date on sales, events, news and issues of concern and import happening right now in the Monsey community. DISCLAIMER: We do not endorse any ad found in this publication. We are not responsible for typographical or grammatical errors.



AMUKAH Campaign ‫טו באב‬

Receive triple benefits:

1 This special day of tefilla and bakasha takes place on

~ R.P.

Arrow Group

P.O. BOX 305



Thanks! ~ M.G.

the 15th of Av, a historically significant day to daven for shidduchim and the day the nights begin to lengthen allowing Kollel Chatzos even more time to learn.

2 A group of illustrious talmidei chachomim, the

The Monsey View is a work in progress. We are working on fine-tuning our font size and clarity of the articles for clear and reader-friendly text. Please share with us your feedback on this week’s font, and let us know how we can further enhance the comfort of your read. To Whom This May Concern, Your publication is really enjoyable, and I look forward to each new issue every week. I’m especially enjoying Chany Rosengarten’s serial and other articles. I’m sure I am among many Monsey residents who devour every article. Therefore, I was shocked and saddened to read your portrayal of the Iran deal in Issue #9. Since I have been following this topic in other news sources, frum ones, as well as conservative secular ones, I can say with certainty that this news was presented from an angle that is not compatible with the outlook of Torah Jewry.

members of Kollel Chatzos Meron, will daven specifically on your behalf. These chashuve bnei Torah gather nightly throughout the year to learn through the midnight hours.

3 The tefillos will take place in Amukah, at the kever

of Rabbi Yonosan ben Uziel in whose merit thousands of singles have found their bashert

Kollel Chatzos sends best wishes to the chassanim and kallos from the United States, England, Canada and beyond, who became engaged following last year’s Amukah Campaign: • Avrom Leib be n Rivka • Binyomin Zev ben Sara • Chaim Nuchem ben Shoshana • Gittel bas Esth er Leah • Malkah bas M iriam • Shulem Tzvi b en Raizel • Tziporah bas Le ah • Yocheved bas Devorah • Yoel ben Chan a and many, man y more….

The deal was a tragic capitulation to a rogue terror government, and we should be aware of this fact, if only to know to daven harder for yeshua and geulah! Continued on page 24

‫חזון‬-‫פרשת דברים‬



‫רבינו תם וויזניץ סקווירא‬ 7:55


9:35 9:16

8:02 9:32

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38 JERUSALEM STONE Duvid thoughts take him out of the Bais Medrash, but the sacred walls keep calling him back.



INSIDE TOWN HALL Councilwoman Brendel Logan takes up a reader’s concerns. Learn how the Town of Ramapo can help.

REAL ESTATE Explore different down payment options catered for your specific budget with real estate expert Ann Zeilingold.

FYI Discover the richness and nutritional benefits within the peels of summer fruits of the prunus family.

Please note: Due to the nature of the time period we are in, we will not be featuring Excursions this week. Our sincere wish is that we should all be heading to our ultimate destination - Yerushalayim. Look out for an amazing Bein Hazmanim getaway, which will get extended coverage next week .


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YOURVOICE Replies to the Tutoring Dilemma:

Dear Third Grade Mom, I was compelled to write to you after reading your letter in The Monsey View. I am a learning disabilities and reading specialist for over 24 years. I administrate a special education department for NYC Department of Education and I work as an education consultant and tutor for our Monsey children. I have, Baruch Hashem, met with tremendous success. Educational support is successful, because when children achieve success they are happy, their self-esteem improves and school becomes a positive experience. All this can be achieved in a fun, loving and supportive manner.   Do not feel bad about giving your daughter that support! She will thank you. ~Yocheved Groll, M.S. SBL  P.S. I love The Monsey View and look forward to every new edition. Dear Concerned Mother, Thank you for bringing this issue to the forefront. I understand your struggle well. I’m awaiting the responses, as I am faced with similar decisions which I would like to receive guidance on. ~ Concerned Too



Replies to the Garbage Issue: I’ve just read a letter from an old Monsey resident telling the “newcomers” they should remember what garbage they left in the city. As a “newcomer” myself I have to say that in the city you will almost never see garbage flying around! If there’s garbage in front of your house, even a snack bag, you get fined. And there are big garbage cans on every street corner for passerby to put garbage in. I was bothered by the letter because it’s not true. So please don’t put the blame on the “newcomers.” ~Anonymous Dear Editor, I agree with the latest letter writers with reference to the garbage. Please focus on the beauty of our Town. In addition, instead of complaining, do something. For instance, I do not have kids at home anymore, yet my lawn always has wrappers and plates/cups on it blown from the neighbors. So what do I do? I go outside and clean it up. SIMPLE. Next in line is our beautiful Lake Suzanne. Please bubbies zaydies, mommies, tatties and others: when you direct your family members to throw the excess crumbs to the ducks (which actually might not even be legal), please remind them to first take the bread pieces out of the shopping bag. The ducks do not know how to do this. If you pass by the lake and look down, you will see shopping bags full of

food. As funny as this sounds, it is really not funny at all. And even though I can clean up the mess on my lawn, I cannot clean up the lake. Finally, the suggestion of folding the boxes is excellent and that is the way it was originally supposed to be collected. B”H for our children. B”H for our garbage. Let’s keep everything in proper perspective. ~ R. Perl Kudos to the first lady who wrote about the garbage all over Monsey. She is right in every way. We are weekenders from Boro Park and it is true, the garbage there is a disgrace as well. The same is here. There is no excuse at all of any kind - no matter how big Ke”h families are or that they have no maids - for the boxes and bags on lawns and curbs that fill our beautiful town. Yes, we appreciate the greenery and fresh air, but garbage has no right to be a sight to behold. Thousands of nonJews pass our streets and what is the view they have? Each one of us must be a little more careful and bribe a small child with a cookie to pick up litter. Let us keep a clean Monsey and Boro Park. Thank you. ~Anonymous Note: Please be aware that the references to “Route 306” are not a target for residents of that specific street; rather chosen as a main road of Monsey.

We would love to hear your opinion! To reply to a question or to submit a new question, email comments@themonseyview.com or fax to 845-600-8483.


Continued from page 16

Most notably - the deal completely eases any restrictions after a mere number of years - meaning Iran has all its money, and merely needs to wait a few years to chalila implement its oft-stated goal of the annihilation of Eretz Yisrael. And this is if it abides by the deal. If it doesn’t - well, Iran has a period of 24 days from when the international community requests an inspection of its nuclear facilities until it has to allow access. That is more than enough time for it to cover up its nefarious preparations. As well, during the time that the deal was being negotiated, Iranians were chanting on the streets “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.” That has to be significant. The only One Who can protect us is the Ribbono Shel Olam, but it does no one any service to misrepresent the true realities of our present galus. May you be zoche to report on the coming of Mashiach in the coming issue! ~ Tzipora Schiffer

Our News Editor Responds:

To The Monsey View:

Dear Tziporah,

I’d like to thank you for bringing us (the Monsey Viewers) such superquality, informative reading material. Especially the column “Becoming Weigh Smarter” by Esty Weiss, which will hopefully make us “way smarter.” The insightful and sensible info is a big eye-opener to us all. Please continue to bring us such useful information and more.

Thank you for your letter. We always appreciate feedback from our readers and value your opinion. Our intention with the news article was only to report on the very basic details of the deal and let our readers come to their own conclusions. Like you mentioned in your letter, “Lev malachim v’sarim byad Hashem.” Whatever the outcome of this deal is, it was orchestrated by the One Above. May we be zoche to the geulah sheleima before the deal goes into effect. And may these days of aveilus be turned into days of simcha.

Thanks, ~A Monsey Viewer

Sincerely, Ruchel Lebovits

Dear Readers, Your feedback is valuable to us. Please email your comments and suggestions to comments@themonseyview.com or fax to 845-600-8483.




a `xnb Q F P b. h yneg ` a b







kH zeipyn D ' M



, e



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MV: How long has solar energy for personal or commercial use been around? Mr. Kraus: It may surprise people, but the concept of converting solar energy into electricity was first discovered in 1839, nearly two centuries ago, by Alexandre Edmond Becquerel. MV: Why hasn’t the usage of solar energy gained momentum until now? Mr. Kraus: The major setback to installing a solar energy system is the cost. It costs about $20,000 to $30,000 to purchase. Eventually it pays off, as there are no monthly utility fees, but many people cannot afford such a hefty investment. Additionally, the purchasing of a solar energy system requires special permits, paperwork and technical know-how. Now, there is a better alternative to buying a solar energy system - leasing it. Through SolarCity, Go Solar now offers to install a solar energy system at no cost, for a low monthly fee that is fixed for twenty years, regardless of consumption. The fee promises to be significantly less than the average utility bill, so going solar is a no brainer!

Go Solar will take care of the entire setup process - permits, paperwork and installation, at no extra cost. Once the system is in place, it is backed by a warranty for the duration of the lease period, and costs for replacement parts and maintenance are all inclusive. Additionally, the company will be monitoring to ensure that the system is functioning properly and efficiently throughout. All the customer needs to pay is the fixed monthly rate, which will be lower than any utility company. MV: That sounds brilliant! How does solar technology save people money? Mr. Kraus: As opposed to conventional utility costs, solar energy does not require delivery of energy. Utility companies require power lines to transmit electricity, a costly process that is completely eliminated with solar energy. In addition to the lowerthan-standard monthly utility bill at the start, O&R Utilities continually increases their rates. Based on projected rate increases, the average consumer will save thousands of dollars by going solar.

Another way to get returns on solar energy is through various incentives, such as tax credits (as much as $5,000), made available by the government in an effort to encourage the usage of renewable energy. Solar energy completely eliminates the toxic carbon emissions and pollution associated with generating electricity, which the U.S. Government is committed to reduce, and creates incentives for doing so. MV: Is there any risk in delaying the transition to solar energy? Mr. Kraus: In fact, there is. In late 2016, the federal government will reduce its subsidies currently paid to solar energy providers, and therefore the cost of installing a new system will likely increase thereafter. It is as good as it gets right now! MV: What happens in the winter, when sunlight is scarce? Mr. Kraus: On a sunny day, especially in the summertime, the solar panels obtain a lot of energy from the sun, often more than what is being consumed. The unused energy flows back to the utility grid, and the meter

literally spins backward! In the winter months, or whenever consumption is higher than energy available, O&R Utilities will give you that energy back. The exchange is seamless and automatic. If at the end of winter you still have unused energy, O&R Utilities will pay you for the value of the energy you supplied them. MV: Have you ever installed solar panels before, and if yes, what feedback have you received? Mr. Kraus: Go Solar has installed many solar energy systems in the Monroe area, and is now expanding their services to include the Monsey area. All of our dealings have been positive and satisfactory, and we have earned a reputation for honesty and reliability. I have recently checked in with one of my clients, who was an ideal candidate for solar energy. He lives in a one-family home with plenty of sun exposure. He reported that his utility bills have been slashed from $400 per month to $200 since using solar energy, and he couldn’t be happier!

You can save as much as $5,000 in tax credits by Going Solar



FE ATURE First-Year Savings with a Solar Lease $0 Down, Pay As You Go MV: How much can one expect to save by switching to solar energy? Mr. Kraus: It will vary by household, depending on sunlight, energy needs and other factors, but the average savings is 30-50%. We provide free, no-obligation quotes customized to your home, and are always happy to answer any questions and address any concerns. MV: How can you be contacted for more information? Mr. Kraus: For a free estimate, call 845-535-1140, or email gosolar100@gmail.com. I look forward to bringing these great new savings to the Monsey community. The sun is always shining; we just need to let the sunshine in!


NASA relies heavily on solar energy for its space stations to have electricity in outer space.

The Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, FL built a massive, 10-megawatt solar plant on premises that provides electricity to 1,000 homes, in addition to the space center, and reduces carbon emissions by more than 227,000 tons.

The biggest power plants in America produce about 1,000 megawatts of electricity. It would take 116 billion power plants to match the power that the sun shines down on us in one day.

The sun continually pelts the earth with 35,000 times the amount of energy we now use on the entire planet. It is enough to power 2880 trillion light bulbs every hour!

Because our source of electricity is in a power plant miles away, electricity must pass through giant transmission lines to reach each destination. During the process, as much as 30% of the energy generated is lost just by transporting it. At the same time, tons of carbon emissions are created for a portion of energy that will not even be used. Solar power eliminates this waste and is therefore considered supremely efficient.

19 ¢

For a free estimate, contact Volvie Kraus at Go Solar: 845-535-1140 Email: gosolar100@gmail.com 30


19 ¢

Avoided Utility Rate in Cents per kWh

Avoided Utility Rate in Cents per kWh



12.71 ¢

15.92 ¢



Solar Energy Rate in Cents per kWh



Estimated First Year Production



Estimated First Year Savings

Why let your hard-earned money go to O&R, when you can be saving it by Going Solar?


First-Year Savings with a Solar Lease Custom $0 Down

Solar Energy Rate in Cents per kWh



Estimated First Year Production


$406 Estimated First Year Savings

Calculating first-year savings is fairly straightforward because current utility rates are easy to determine. Projecting long-term savings however requires estimating utility rates over the next 20 years. Historically utility rates tend to rise unpredictably, and in New York they have risen at a rate of 3.30%. With SolarCity you can lock in a 2.90% annual increase over 20 years with solar energy.

Historically utility rates tend to rise unpredictably, and in New York they have risen at a rate of 3.30%. With SolarCity you can lock in a 0.00% annual increase over 20 years with solar energy.

Estimated long-term savings:

Estimated long-term savings:

Year 1 Savings: $828 Year 5 Saving: $4,446 Year 10 Savings: $ 9,744 Year 15 Savings: $16,036 Year 20 Savings: $23,497

Year 1 Savings: $406 Year 5 Saving: $2,842 Year 10 Saving: $7,887 Year 15 Savings: $15,410 Year 20 Savings: $25,732



HE ALTH&W ELLNE SS ‫בעזרת השי״ת‬


Is “Calories In, Calories Out” the Whole Story? Most people would believe that if you eat more calories than you burn, you will store the excess as body fat, whereas if you eat fewer calories than you burn, you will lose fat; simple mathematics, right? Well, this is not exactly true!

Let’s explore this issue even further - if, for example, you weigh 200 pounds and you want to drop weight, then you might decide to eat 1,000 calories a day for the next year. That would result in a 292,000 calorie deficit, which would equal to a 200-pound weight-loss after the year would you then disappear? A Simple Explanation: When a calorie deficit is first introduced, weightloss generally occurs, just as the numbers would dictate. However, it never takes long before weight-loss slows or stops completely. Why does this happen?

If fat loss is as black and white Thanks to Hashem’s infinite as “calories in versus calories wisdom in the way He creout,” then how do you explain ated us, our bodies have a why some overweight people complex and infallible series eat less than lean people, yet of defense mechanisms to they still struggle to lose an ounce? AddiIt’s physiologically impossible to tionally, how is it pospermanently lose fat with very low sible for some people calorie diets. to eat only 1,000-1,200 calories a day without protect us from starvation. losing very much weight at It’s physiologically imposall, sometimes not even lossible to permanently lose fat ing any weight? with very low calorie diets;

as soon as the body senses a food shortage, these defense mechanisms start to kick in. The Starvation Response: You can survive weeks without food. You may have heard stories about how people were lost in the mountains or wilderness for weeks without food or with very little food (only water). What makes it possible to stay alive under such conditions, is the remarkable way Hashem gave our bodies the ability to slow down the rate of calorie burning so we don’t starve to death.

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The problem, however, is that your body can’t tell the difference between dieting and starvation!

For any questions or comments, Esty can be reached at: 845-459-4807 or weighsmarter@gmail.com




Fruit Punch Liquid $15.99

Esty Weiss, CHC, is a certified weight-loss expert and President of WeighSmarter™, a dynamic weight-loss program geared towards orthodox women. She specializes in solutions for lasting weight-loss, using many techniques including, but not limited to, personalized fat-burning food plans, guided imagery, positive affirmations, and EFT. Esty first used these powerful tools to lose over 70 pounds herself, and since 2006 has used these same tools to help others. She lives in Monsey, NY with her husband and five kids ka”h.


CounterAttack your Antibiotic with Probiotic.

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HE ALTH&W ELLNE SS When you slash your calories too drastically, your body will automatically go into starvation mode. There is nothing you can do to stop this from happening! Your body has no way of knowing if you’re trying to reduce your weight or if you’re stuck someplace with very little food. Its job is to make sure to reserve all its energy and slow down the burning of calories for your survival. 4 reasons I Hope You Will Never Want to Count Calories Again:

1. The first thing that occurs during a calorie short-

age is a decrease in your metabolic rate. The lower your calories, the slower your metabolism becomes. Simply put, when you eat less, your body burns less!

2. As I mentioned last week, one of the most dev-

astating effects of a low-calorie diet is a loss of muscle! Once the starvation alarm is triggered, your body begins to look for ways to conserve energy. Muscle is metabolically active tissue. It’s very easy for your body to convert muscle into glucose (glucose is used for energy). This includes using skeletal muscles, internal organs, or even your heart muscle if needed!

3. Low-calorie diets trigger increased appetite and cravings because, when your body is in starvation mode, it will release the hunger hormone called ghrelin in an attempt to get you to eat more food. The hunger and cravings can become so strong that you become ravenous; you walk around with hunger pangs and all you can think of is food, food, food!

Dini Wigs is having a

lipase (LPL). When your calories are dropped too low, your body will produce “more” LPL and less fat-burning enzymes, which means that when you don’t eat enough, your body chemistry changes and it actually makes it easier for your body to store fat!

I hope after reading this, you will attempt to experience weight-loss without restricting calories, and yes, it is possible to do so with a fat-burning food plan rather than through starving yourself! Have a healthy, weight-less week, Esty Weiss

Read next week’s article to see the answer to the question “How Does Insulin Pile On the Pounds?”



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4. There is a fat storage enzyme called lipoprotein


ways. I had closed the door on all debate. Money is money, and if you get it, you take it. I never say no to money. Even if it means I can’t get into Hirsch Kollel. Even so, I’ll take the money.

Stone Duvid’s Story So I sat down at a corner in Karlin, and now I had it all to myself, now that the kollel men have gone in search of a new one. There was an old hat sitting atop a seforim shank; why did someone leave it here? We wear hats until they come apart at the seams. I could see it had been sitting here a few days, based on the thin layer of dust that covered it. So nobody was here with me, even if someone’s hat was. Perhaps he’s one of those people, like my new mechutan, who has enough homes that one hat seems insignificant. I found Turkish coffee, and I made myself a cup of mud. The water couldn’t

So our month is covered, and I know Hashem has my back. Even if His way of working in my life is a check in Bank Hapoalim sent by people who refuse His way. Debt is the worst, and I never want it. Never, even as I marry off the children. My father knew all the gemachim the way he knew the names of his children. I know them, too, but only because I now pay them back for the debts my father could have never paid back in his lifetime, ten lira at a time. by Chany Rosengarten

Recap: In the aftermath of the shidduch, Chaya needs to discuss finances with her husband. In the privacy of the dark night, they realize that the sewing business does not seem to have viability. be heated; they had taken away the gas balloon when it emptied and never refilled it. So I drank it cold. Still, the essence that seeped into the

in a warm cave of answers. Seforim, all the wisdom of all of life, contained between these bindings. A ragtag of assorted seforim that people had donated the Money is money, and if you get it, you take it. over years, all of them cup was a refreshing jolt of holding the deep scent of alertness. The dregs I’d throw paper printed with eternal in the bin when I finished. words. I told myself this out loud, because who was listening, besides my own ears that needed to hear these words: “Vus iz di tachlis?” After I said these words, I sat quietly, waiting for answers. The walls surrounded me

I started recounting the facts out loud. Our monthly expenses were covered. People said they refused to take money from the medinah. Chaya had once raised her concerns about taking from a body that got its money in questionable

My children have gone hungry. I can say it with pride and with shame, a mix that precludes just stating the facts and knowing it fully. I couldn’t feed my children.

Kollel had never been more than a plug for the money leak. There was the house, and cheder, and kerosene. And milk and bread. But when it came to providing lunch, and a bite before sleep, every day for thirty days a month, not to mention Shabbos, I didn’t always have. And I would never, ever borrow. But we always scraped by. And the kids might have had a perpetual gnaw in the pit down their throat. This is how they grew. Malka is now fully grown. I’m required to give Malka’la 40 percent of a dirah in Mattersdorf. This is the fact. I just lost my kollel income, which we relied on for the little food we have. Another fact. Chaya is sinking money into a business that has no potential. Another fact. So the facts added up. And the big question, how to cover it.

The per fect Sh idduch :

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RELAX... There were options; the things others have done in my situation were plenty. Some went to America to collect and create contacts, for the next round. Some took on work. Some borrowed, which I wouldn’t. Going to America? It seemed like such an ambitious, difficult obstacle to overcome. Borrow, again, for a ticket. Go there, alone. Schnor contact lists from people who have charted the new continent before me. Find gitte Yidden who would host me. Who would show me around? Who would speak my language? Who knew if I’d be successful? Enough to even cover the exorbitant plane ticket costs. I had never left Eretz Yisrael yet. I would rather work at menial, degrading labor and continue to live the life I’d always known. So that left me with working. Working. When would I learn? Daven? Shmooze? When? But I could work. And someone who needed able-bodied laborers would pay. And the money would go to marry off Malka. Maybe, just maybe, there would be enough to take some off for a chicken once a month. I’d be working harder, but I’d be getting more. Maybe? The only other option was kollel. Because who knew if working as a laborer gave me



that much more than kollel off. I would talk to Rachamim. that it was worth going away A thought stole into my head. from my only profession? I should learn now. Sit down Kollel had never been more to rest in front of a sefer. than a plug But I had for the committed money leak. He wasn’t offering me any to action. I Work might help here. His face was a forged on in work. It was façade of well-fed happiness the heat and time to find and Sephardi ambition. uncertainty. out. I raked my hands over the seforim lined up the wall, like I was leaving the succah and kissing its walls goodbye. I’d be back, but never as before. The street was hot. The midday sun sneered at his underlings, who made their way out into a direct encounter with him. I cupped my eyes and looked directly up at the sun, allowing it to warm my nose. Nothing will stop me now from doing what I know I have to, I thought. Ha! How does one get a job? I didn’t know. So I opened the door to the first business I found, a bookbinder. “I’m looking for work. Do you have?” Velvel Benet peered up. “I work fine myself,” he said, his white, long beard unfolding as he lifted his head from his work. “But Rachamim Gal told me he is expanding. People are buying machines.” Velvel’s nachas was apparent as he savored the advances in today’s world. “Talk to him. He’s over at Haturim.” I left the store, and hurried

Rachamim was home when I got to his store, so I went around the building and up the stairs. He welcomed me into his kitchen, where his wife was frying a schwarma of fresh chicken ends. His house smelled spicy and bountiful, so different than the hopes of food that occasionally sent an aroma through my doorway. He was in good cheer when he bid me to sit and poured me a glassful of mint-infused water.

He wasn’t offering me any help here. His face was a façade of well-fed happiness and Sephardi ambition. I thought quickly. I still couldn’t guess. My mind started a shouting fest. “Ask for a lot. Let him negotiate you down. Ask in moderation, if you want the job. You’re a 40-year-old newbie at what Rachamim has done all his life. Do you want to enjoy his success?” “Give me what you would give any Arab, who needs to marry off his Jewish daughter in 12 months but has nothing to give.” Rachamim laughed heartily. His wife smiled. “You’re hired,” they both said together.

“I’m handy,” I said confidently, biting back an “I think.” I thought more. “I’m willing to shlep.” What else? “I’ll do anything,” I told him.

Rachamim told me how people are buying gas ranges, refrigerators. New homes are being built with more and stronger outlets and the old ones constantly rewired. “It’s a new world out there. Now is the time to be selling electronics. Soon every home will run on these machines. If they aren’t already.”

“And how much do you want?”

He took me down to his storeroom and unlocked the

“So you want work,” he said. “What can you do?”

“How much do I want?” What a baffling question. How much was he willing to pay? How much could I exhort before being kicked back into the gutter? “Yes.”

door. There, he showed me around. The new machines, their shiny finish smooth to the touch. Their interior mechanisms found in a tangle on the underbelly of these beautiful items. I looked around for a long time. I would lug these into homes. Sell them. Fix them. Deliver them.


It was one thirty. I told him I’d be back at three. He went upstairs to his royal meal while I trudged home. Bookbinding, tzitzis knotting, seforim printing, tefillin making, I had imagined myself working with the things I knew and loved. But Rachamim hired me, so that’s the work I would do.


Only… I didn’t want to do this work. Passing by Kaminetz, I wanted to go inside. Maybe I didn’t have to do this. My earlier conviction fizzled and turned flat. I took the stairs into yeshivah. Maybe I could find a bochur who needed extra help. Let Rachamim break his own back, then come home to rejuvenate over a hot meal and water chilled in his own fridge. I just couldn’t do this. To be continued…

Chany Rosengarten is a mother of three, whose love for writing runs almost as deep as her love for nature. Having recently returned to the U.S. from Eretz Yisroel, her spirit is in Yerushalayim even as she reacclimatizes to Monsey. She’s in touch with her former Yerushalmi neighbors, but makes a point of getting acquainted with the local businesses and friends. Her work is featured in several Jewish publications

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Chrysler Town and Country?




By Miriam Paskes

Photos by Michal Alpert

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This week’s food and family menu serves up some further inspiration for the remainder of the Nine Days. The Nine Days leads us into Tisha B’Av, the saddest day on the Yiddish calendar, the day the Beis Hamikdosh was destroyed. I don’t want to take the focus off the seriousness of the day, but after a twenty-five hour fast, we can all use something light and filling to break the fast on. The recipes that I present to you this week are also ideal for your oisfast meal. I’d like to wish all of you an easy and meaningful fast. May the Beis Hamikdosh be rebuilt speedily in our days. Amein.

Butternut squash soup INGREDIENTS


1 large white onion, diced

Saute onion in the oil until soft. Add the garlic cubes and butternut squash, and saute for additional 10 minutes. Add water to cover and the spices and bring to a boil. Lower the flame to medium, and cook for 1 hour until very soft. Blend with an immersion blender.

2 frozen garlic cubes 3 Tbsp. oil 1 large butternut squash, approximately 2 ½ pounds, peeled, seeded, and cubed Water to cover

At this point, you should taste the soup and add additional salt and flavoring if necessary.

¼ tsp. black pepper 2 ½ tsp. salt




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A gorge ou Drop on s and deliciou sg e heapin g teasp o arnish: cream in o t n of sou he cen soup, to p with s ter of your bow r o and a sp me roasted pin l of rig of fr e nuts esh bas il.




Flounder Roll-Ups with Mushroom Stuffing

Sweet Cheese Crisps

INSTRUCTIONS These sweet turnovers are absolutely delicious and disappear with startling speed! Whenever I serve them, I am inevitably asked for the recipe. They are so versatile; use them as an entrée or dessert; when in-laws or friends come over, or when you’re hosting an intimate brunch; for a summer afternoon treat or a winter Melava Malka… they’re always a winner!


Preheat oven to 350°. Line two cookie sheets with parchment paper. Mix all the filling ingredients. Place one heaping teaspoon of the mixture in the center of each piece of dough. Fold in half to form a triangle and pinch the edges tightly closed. Place on the lined cookie sheets. Brush with beaten egg. Bake for 25-30 minutes, until golden.

One pack puff pastry squares, package of 36 (preferably Yitzy’s) Filling


1 ¼ lb. farmer’s cheese

8 oz. sour cream

2 eggs

2 Tbsp. sugar

½ c. sugar

3 Tbsp. milk

1 ½ tsp. flour

Mix the sour cream, sugar, and milk with a spoon. If it is too thick to dribble, add a drop more milk at a time, taking care that it shouldn’t be too runny. Drizzle the topping sauce over the turnovers and garnish with blueberries.

2 dashes cinnamon 2 tsp. orange juice 1 egg, beaten, for brushing the crisps



INGREDIENTS 4 slices fresh flounder fillet salt black pepper 1 tbsp. mayonnaise Mushroom Sauce 1 large onion, sliced into half circles 6 oz. fresh white mushrooms, sliced oil for sautéing



These t ur Prepare novers freeze b a batch and fre eautifully. hand w eze to h heneve ave r necessa ry to de necessary. It is on f no ro bakingjust rem st turnovers be t ove fro fore place in to prehe m freezer and ated ov en.

oil for sautéing

2 onions, diced

30 Tam Tam original flavor

1 8-oz. container fresh white mushrooms, diced coarsely 2 stalks celery, sliced small


scant ½ tsp. salt ¼ tsp. black pepper ¼ tsp. garlic powder

INSTRUCTIONS Prepare the Stuffing Sauté the onions in oil until translucent, approximately 10-15 minutes. Add the diced mushrooms and celery and sauté for an additional approximate 25 minutes, slightly covered, until the mushrooms are totally soft and browned. In the bowl of a food processor fitted with an “S” blade, coarsely crush the Tam Tam crackers. Add the sauté mixture and the spices and pulse until you achieve a stuffing consistency. (If the mixture looks too dry, add a drop of oil until the texture looks right.) Prepare the Sauce

1 ¾ tsp. cornstarch

Sauté the onions in oil until translucent, approximately 10-15 minutes. Add the sliced mushrooms and sauté for additional 25 minutes, slightly covered. Dilute the cornstarch in the water. Pour it into the pan, add the spices, and bring to a boil. Lower the flame to medium and cook until the sauce has thickened, approximately 10-15 minutes.

¼ tsp. black pepper



1 ¼ c. water, room temperature

½ tsp. salt

2 tsp. sour cream ½ tsp. vanilla sugar

These roll-ups are gourmet! They do require a bit more time to prepare; however the results are worth the effort. Elegant and scrumptious, I’m sure you’ll receive 5 star reviews. You can prepare the stuffing and the sauce a day in advance and assemble the roll-ups right before baking.


To Assemble Preheat oven to 350°. Line a baking pan with parchment paper. Place a heaping spoonful of the stuffing at the end of each fillet and roll up. Spread mayonnaise very thinly on top of each rollup and sprinkle lightly with salt and black pepper. Place in prepared baking pan and bake for 30 minutes. Spoon some sauce over each roll-up when serving.




Tuna Patties

For a perfect supper, serve these simple and delicious tuna patties with a mound of steaming, hot milchige mashed potatoes and a light lettuce-based vegetable salad. This was actually the main plate I served upon breaking the fast of Shiva Assar b’Tammuz, the entrée being the sweet cheese crisps featured in this issue. It was the perfect menu, one which I highly recommend as a Tisha B’av oisfast supper.

INGREDIENTS 2 6-oz. cans solid white tuna 2 6-oz. cans chunk light tuna 4 eggs ¾ cup homemade breadcrumbs 1 small onion, very finely diced 1 heaping Tbsp. mayonnaise 1 flat tsp. salt ¼ tsp. black pepper ½ tsp. paprika oil for frying



INSTRUCTIONS Slightly drain the tuna, and mash very well. Mix it together with the rest of the ingredients. Heat oil in a large pan until it reaches frying temperature. Using a large scoop, scoop patties into the pan and flatten them a bit with the back of a spoon. Fry for approximately 8-9 minutes on each side, until golden brown and cooked through. Yields approximately 12 patties.




Child-fr iendly o Sandwic ption: h the tu na patty with yo ur child in a bun and dre ’s favor ite vegg ssings, e ie .g. lettu ce, toma s pickles t oes, ketchup .

Bursting with fruit goodness

THE CHOICE FOR A HEALTHY FAMILY This family friendly juice Concentrate is made from real fruit and is the perfect drink for the whole family

Three steps to a refreshing burst of flavor







double concentrated

Fill up the rest of the

Enjoy your drink less

fruit syrup into glass

glass with cold water

than 3 calories

Pour a tiny amount of


75 Kosher Parve




AND THE WINNER IS: Devoiry Lebovits Viznitz- Age 12 Malky Wertzberger Viznitz - Age 14

Sura Yitty Felberbaum Avir Yaakov - Age 13

Esty Anteby YSV - Age 11

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S.Y. Felberbaum

Yides Wertzberger Viznitz - Age 10

Chany Braun Avir Yaakov Skver - Age 11

Esty Wieder Belz - Age 13

Ratza Gitty Wiznitzer Viznitz - Age 8

Baruch Nison Cheder D’Monsey - Age 8

Leah’la Mandelbaum Bais Rochel - Age 12

Zahava Ratner Bais Yaakov of RC - Age 8

Shevy Feldman Satmar - Age 11

Avir Yaakov- Age 13

Henchy Wertzberger Viznitz - Age 10

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Yoely Steinberg Satmar Monroe - Age 9

Shiffy Weisberg Pupa - Age 9

Baila Becher Bobov - Age 11

Hudis Wertzberger Viznitz - Age 7


Due to the overwhelming amount of contest entries, we were only able to print some of the beautiful submissions we received. Look out for more masterpieces next week!

Aviva Berkowitz Ateres Bais Yaakov - Age 12

Chaya E. Kushner Bais Shifra Miriam - Age 15

H. Spitzer Satmar - Age 13

Suri Kellner Viznitz - Age 10





Things you will need:


1. If your flowers are on a stem take them Small Styrofoam ball

off so you are left with a pile of loose flowers.

2. Pick a spot on the ball to start, and attach

the first flower to the ball by sticking a pin into the center. If the flower is very big you can use more pins to keep it tight.

3. Attach the second flower next to the first and continue to make a ring around the ball.

4. Fill in the top with flowers pinning anything that’s loose.

5. Turn the ball so that the empty side is on 20-25 flowers

6. Fold the ribbon in half. Pick a spot on

the ball that will be the top and stick the loose ends of the ribbon between the flower petals. Attach to the ball with a few pins.


7. Hang up and enjoy the floral beauty!

By Miriam Maytelis

As Tisha B’Av is coming closer, all of us try to stop and think: What can I do to help rebuild the Bais Hamikdash? While everyone is hard at work adding bricks with good deeds, we supplied you with a fun and enjoyable Mitzvah to do on a long Tisha B’Av afternoon, creating this beautiful Succah decoration! (And of course we can add bonus points by working together in Achdus and letting Mommy rest…) We can’t wait to see them hanging in your Succah!

top, and fill in the space with flowers.

30-40 stick pins

Flower Picking: We used sunflowers, but you can do any flower that you like. Try using a few different flowers on one ball for a unique look! Be Creative: Make a flower ball garden! Try hanging a whole bunch of balls together in various sizes and colors.

½ yard ribbon

Variation: This project can be worked just as well with a plastic or rubber ball. Use a glue gun instead of the pins. Show us your creation! Take a picture and send it to The Monsey View to be featured in an upcoming issue.







How do I build & maintain a healthy credit? 0% APR? Miles and points value?

By: Sandy Eller

Dear Councilwoman Logan, Thank you for providing the opportunity to voice some questions and concerns I’d like to have addressed. Firstly, because I don’t own a car, I walk to do all my errands. Whenever I arrive at the dreaded Route 59 crossing by Evergreen, I become tense and anxious. You see, I have four little kids, and it’s almost impossible to get across the street safely. Even though the light is red, and the white crossing man shows up, cars can still turn, and it makes it very, very nerve-wracking to cross. Instead of only catering to the cars, can you try to make it comfortable and safe for the pedestrians, as well? Also, I live on Decatur, and what goes on there is absolutely crazy. It’s a tragedy waiting to happen! Decatur and its parallel streets are long, straight streets with no lights. Drivers speed down these roads at very high speeds,and there are no sidewalks or speed bumps on these abnormally narrow streets! There has been a huge influx of children on the block due to the new building projects.  Please do something to keep us safe! Thanks, B. Ostreicher



Dear Mrs. Ostreicher,

Over the last few weeks I have gotten calls about everything from readers of The Monsey View. I have been asked about street crossings, garbage pickups, road issues and other problems. I am addressing them one by one, in the order in which they came in. When we get requests involving street crossings, we go to the police department, and they send someone to do a traffic study on the complaint. Coming from Evergreen with a baby in tow and groceries-and then having to cross that intersection safely-can be a concern. I will have to send police out there, so that they can come back to me with their recommendations. Once I have those, I will be able to better deal with the situation. As for Decatur, you are right that there is a problem, because when they were building the housing that is there, they really did not take into account that we would have a community that would walk as much as it does, not just on Shabbos, but every day. Many residents, especially women with babies, walk every single day-and many of them don’t drive or even have a driver’s license. Who wants to use a cab when the weather is nice? You want to

What's the best card for car rentals? Travel credit vs. miles and points? How many applications can I do per day? Can

be outside with the children. We are going to come out there and see if we can include the area in a sidewalk project. Every year, the town spends thousands of dollars on sidewalks, and Decatur needs both new sidewalks and streetlights. In the past year alone, we spent about $300,000 on sidewalks on Old Nyack Turnpike and another $500,000 on sidewalks on Route 306 in the Wesley Kosher area. Those improvements were made based on requests from residents. Those are your tax dollars at work, improving our infrastructure. Our most important job is to maintain the safety of our residents and sidewalks, which can only be installed in warmer weather, from the spring through the fall. That is a very high priority to us. Brendel Logan

I avoid the annual fee?

Can I close the card? Can

I downgrade? Any



bonus for grocer-

ies, gas, restaurants?

Can I shift my credit

line? Got declined,



I do next? How do I build & maintain a healthy credit? 0%

questions MANY

APR? Miles and points


value? What's the best card for car rentals? Travel credit vs. miles and points? How many applications can I do per day? Can I avoid the annual fee? Can I close the card? Can I


downgrade? Any alter-



bonus for groceries, gas, restaurants? Can I shift my credit line? Got declined, what do I do next?

Councilwoman Town of Ramapo


If you have any questions for Councilwoman Logan, email them to us at comments@ themonseyview.com and we hope to be able to address them in future columns.


845-388-1234 CardsMaven




RACING EAST Racing east towards the sun

My nation to behold

To the gates of hope and tears

My people who now rest in dust

Wings outspread in majesty

But shall soon arise

As the heaven above nears

To be an everlasting part of them

How very long have I yearned for this

Who now strangle in a vise

For my everlasting dreams

To embrace the very earth beyond

Oh how long has my soul been choked

And gather it to me

Years and years it seems

I am a portion of that land

Ages have passed and I have so wanted

Of dust and tears and sea

To reach those gates so old Esther Herzl

To peer through them into the dusts

realize your dreams?



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Design, not

D e fau Lt

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in Our Town Each week we will feature a sight in Monsey for you to recognize and place. How well do you know our town?

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Family Halberstam 338






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» No adding “s” at the end of a word. » No proper nouns, abbreviations, or acronyms » No bouncing back to letters already used in a specific word » Words may not be found with a computer boggle solver » All words must appear in the Merriam Webster Dictionary. *The Monsey View carefully reviews all submissions. Word lists that have more than two incorrect words are disqualified. *Points submitted without a word list will be disregarded.






Write your 4-letter, 5-letter, 6-letter etc. words in separate columns. Fax or email your word list, together with your total points by Sunday, 8:00 PM for a chance to win! Include your name, phone number, and address. 845-600-8483 or ads@themonseyview.com





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 

        


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Last Week’s picture is in front of Evergreen Kosher Market.


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This Sunday Kupath Ezrah feted its 19th Annual Asifa at the Atrium. The event this year was in commemoration of the Kedoshim that died in the Holocaust AK”H. The theme of the Asifa was “From Bondage to Liberation.” Rabbi Feivel Mashinsky, president of the Kupah, opened the event with the large crowd of supporters by sharing the programs, projects and activities Kupath Ezrah is

involved with. Besides for the check stipends to hundreds of families which amount to over $100,000 monthly, Rabbi Mashinsky listed many of their efforts to help the needy families in the most dignified and discreet manner.

by Ruchel Lebovits

Rabbi Y.Y. Jacobson, a worldrenowned lecturer, dean of The Yeshiva Net.org, was the keynote speaker. He mesmerized the assembled with stories of greatness of Tzadikim and simple Jews who risked their lives and limbs to serve Hashem under the most harrowing situations. He quoted the words of the holy Rebbe Rav Klonimus Kalman of Piesetzne HY”D with which he infused in his chasidim and talmidim: “The ultimate purpose in life is to do a favor for another Jew.” Kupath Ezrah personifies that quote. Their burning desire to help a Jew with dignity and compassion is their way they serve Am Yisroel. It is charities like this that bring the coming of Moshiach closer.


North Creek



A V A IL A B L E JULY 30 A U G 13


Candlelit vigils were held, a makeshift memorial was set up and victims were remembered after four Marines were killed and three injured, one later succumbing to his injuries, in a horrific shooting at a military recruiting center in Chattanooga, Tennessee last Thursday. Witnesses said that they heard dozens of shots as the suspected gunman, identified as 24-yearold Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez, opened fire on

two military installations, sending people running for cover. Abdulazeez, of Hixson, Tenn., was killed in a firefight with responding police officers after the rampage. As a response to the shooting, the governors of at least a half dozen states ordered National Guardsmen to be armed. Security for the recruiting centers has come under scrutiny since the Tennessee shootings, because some people believe they are too vulnerable. This attack has been the fourth in the last seven year, and several

attempts against such centers have also been thwarted. But Military officials said they are not looking to heighten security. Brian Lepley, a spokesman for U.S. Army Recruiting Command, said, “We can’t have barricaded centers. We can’t have places where we recruit young men and women that look like a fortress. We have to have a connection to the American people.” Meanwhile, Tennessee Congressman Scott DesJarla said he has drafted legislation entitled the “Enhancing Continued on Page 66

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PICADILLY IN ITALY A Photographic Tour

Ancient Rome | Colosseum

Michelstadt, Germany | Time for Reflection

Visiting ancient Rome is like being dropped in color in a world of sepia. All around you crumbling edifices evoke an age long lost to the annals of time. In the images shown here, a touch of sepia added to reflect the feel of a bygone era. Tilting of the camera for thoughtful reflection, as though lost in thought.

No picture can portray the absolute reversal of time that visiting the resting place of the Baal Shem of Michelstadt awakens in you. You are transported to the pages of stories you read growing up, where traveling by wagon pulled by horse on the cobblestones was the travel of the day. The stones are weathered and worn, but the sun beats down relentlessly, the grass grows nonetheless, the trees blossom fully….such is the cycle of life. I photographed the stones and trees equally to reflect that feeling.

Shul | Tempio Maggiore

Italian Alps | Dolomites

A world over, a generation removed, yet we all follow the path of our heritage. A siddur in hand, seated on a wood-worn bench, sunlight streaming in through the stained glass windows, you marvel how throughout the ages, while time hurtles onward, a shul is and always will be the mainstay of peace and survival. I photographed the nameplate on the seat near me; a connection to a fellow Yid. The bright rays of sunshine washed out the interior photos, but that’s what I will remember. The light.

An artist rendering a portrait of the Italian Alps would easily be accused of taking liberties with his brush. His colors too bright, his strokes too bold… But to behold the beauty before your eyes gives truth to the belief that there is only one Master of the world. It was a challenge to hold the camera and try to do justice to the sheer beauty that surrounds you. A fellow photographer pointed out the opportunities for framing the images. By keeping tree branches in the foreground, it gives some perspective to the view you behold. The rustic fence and unruly weeds give it away; the picture is all too real.







Venice | Grand Canal

Pantheon | Piazza della Rotonda

The waterways of Venice are familiar to all. The gondolas and canals are photographed spectacularly. As a repeat visitor, I endeavored to capture the city in a more mundane way. I saw vibrant flowerpots hanging from windowsills, gondoliers sans cap drooping in the heat, and the blazing sun warming an undiscovered canal. The images are shot while in motion, as the jostling crowds leave little time for perfecting a pose. A gentle blurring in the main photo portrays the vibrancy that is Venice.

The whole of an image is the sum of its parts. Rounding the corner in the narrow streets of Rome you notice the remnants that time has forgotten, a once powerful regime now turned to dust. Cropping these photos to great detail reveals the glory that once was. Keeping the image whole is contrary to the ruin and devastation; showing only parts is more congruent with the feeling of a city broken.

Pitigliano | Little Jerusalem

Pisa | Leaning Tower

Postcard in a Pocket | Random Shots

A pocket of a town hidden in the hills of Tuscany. A short visit, but an “oh, so insightful!” revelation. Walking through the narrow corridors of the charming city, my eye was drawn to this story instantly. Steps going up, steps going down. Isn’t that much like life? My favorite pictures of the entire journey.

Yes, it really does lean. Two photos side by side to show the extent of the bend. The upright image of the tower was manually rotated and cropped to enhance the visual of the actual leaning tower. In my exuberance to capture this marvel from many angles, I neglected to experience the lean and climb the tower as countless others did. I’ll have to rely on the adage which says, “seeing is believing.”

How many photography tips and techniques do you recognize in these random pictures? Share your observations via email: info@ picadillyphoto.com. All respondents entitled to 1 free 8x10. Offer expires August 1, 2015.


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NEWS & VIEWS Continued from Page 61 Safety at Military Installations Act” that would repeal bans on military personnel carrying firearms on military recruitment facilities and base. Wisconsin U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said he plans to introduce a similar bill. “By disarming the Armed Forces, gun-free policies at military facilities have made our men and women in uniform easy targets for terrorist attacks,” Johnson said in a statement. Although terrorism is suspected, the shooters motives remain unclear. A US Law Enforcement official was

quoted as saying that they had “no information at this time indicating that this incident was either inspired, directed, or assisted by individuals associated with an identified designated foreign terrorist organization. However, the FBI investigation into his activities while overseas and the nature and extent of his affiliation with FTOs (foreign terrorist organizations) is ongoing. We have no information to date to suggest that these trips were associated with any nefarious or violent extremist activities.” The suspect, who has been a US Citizen since 2003, had traveled to Jordan on at least four separate occasions, the latest trip

taking place between April and November of 2014. The FBI continues to urge anyone with information to contact them or state and local law enforcement agencies with any tips.

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by Ruchel Lebovits

 Smooth Speech Solution


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by Pearl Stauber

The famous adage, “Good things come to those who wait,” holds true for summer fruits. Summer fruits undergo a lengthy process of growth and rest, with tender interventions by the gardener to ensure optimal results, only to emerge in the spring and summer months. Although the season for summer fruits is all too short-lived, their flavor and fragrance make the wait more than worthwhile. While each of the summer fruits has unique characteristics and offers its own punch of sweet and savory flavor, many are closely related. The most common summer fruits belong to the genus “Prunus,” which includes around 430 species of trees and shrubs. Some common species of Prunus are: apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches and plums. During the winter months, the Prunus trees undergo a period of deep sleep, known as dormancy, to save their energy for the intense growing season ahead. The trees awaken in the spring and buds emerge. Once the buds are opened, they reveal flowers belonging to the Rose family (Rosaceae). The open flowers attract bees, who swarm to the flowers and pollinate them. After pollination, the flowers die. The dead pollinated flowers cultivate the growth of fruits in their stead. Apricots - Prunus Armeniaca The apricots are relatively early bloomers. They usually flower in April, but will be ready for harvest in May through July, depending on location and the individual tree. How to Pick:

• Choose apricots that are

• •

firm, yet slightly soft to touch, plump in appearance and possess a deep orange or yellow/orange color. Look for fruit that is unblemished, as apricots bruise easily. If no ripe apricots are available, place immature apricots in a paper bag, fold them over, and store at room temperature to speed up the ripening process.

Uses and Tips: • Their sweetness makes them popular for preserves or may be canned or dried, to be enjoyed all year round. For pre-



serves, sauces or in baking, overripe apricots will work fine, so if they are on sale, do not overlook them. They can also be enjoyed fresh in salads, desserts or in a bowl of cereal.

Nutrition Information: Apricots are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium, and Fiber.

Sweet Red Cherries - Prunus Avium The cherry emerges from the dead blossom as a hard, green blob. Over the course of three months, the cherry will grow in size. After this growth, its color will turn red. At its last stage, the color of the cherries will deepen, as their sweetness and flavor develop. How to Pick: • Look for fruits with deep, dark saturation. • Cherries should be firm.

Wrinkling near the stem means the cherries have sat at room temperature. They may be sweet, but are probably not at peak freshness.

Peaches and Nectarines - Prunus Persica and Prunus Persica Nectarina Peaches share fundamental characteristics with their bald counterparts, the nectarines. Although they are sold as separate fruits, nectarines are of the same species as peaches. Nectarines vary slightly genetically from peaches. That variation contributes to its smooth outer layer, as opposed to the fuzziness of the peach. Peaches and nectarines flower in early spring, and are typically ready for harvesting in May or June, but as late as September in some areas. How to Pick: • Peaches should have vibrant tone and color. Keep in mind, though, that sometimes a leaf was shielding part of the peach, so there might be parts of the fruit that received less sunlight, making that part lighter in color. Make sure those parts do not have green tones, an indicator that the peach was picked too early. • Squeeze the peach lightly, pressing on the shoulder and tip. If the peach starts to give, it is ripe and ready to eat. Firmer peaches may be preferred for salads, as they hold up better.

Uses and Tips: • Cherries can be frozen. Pit them if you wish, or keep them whole with stems intact. Spread them in a single layer on a baking sheet, freeze until firm, and then place in a bag or container. • Cherries are often used in pies, desserts and drinks.

Uses and Tips: • Because of their mellow flavor and slight tartness, peaches are widely enjoyed in cooking and baking. They add great flavor to salads and other dishes without overpowering the dish. They are often poached or roasted to increase flavor. • The aromatic properties of peaches consist of over 100 chemical compounds. Peach aroma is also a characteristic of some wines.

Nutrition Information: Cherries have tremendous health benefits. They are low in calories and rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. They also contain Fiber, Potassium, Protein and Iron. They have anti-inflammatory agents and are used to treat inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. They also help prevent cancer and according a recent study, may even help prevent Alzheimer’s.

Peaches are low in calories, only 60 calories for a cup sliced peaches, and packed with nutrients. Peaches are an excellent source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, and the cancer-fighting antioxidant, beta carotene. Nectarines offer similar nutritional value.

Nutrition Information:

Plums - Prunus Domestica Plums flower in the spring and are ready for harvest in June. Although it is the wildest of all summer fruits, the plum is a delicate fruit. In a good year, approximately 50% of blossoms will become plums. How to Pick: • A ripe plum will feel heavy in the palm of your hand, and should start to give when squeezed. • If the plum is too soft, it is probably overripe. • If plums are hard, they could be ripened in a brown paper bag at room temperature in two days. Uses and Tips: • Plums can be enjoyed fresh or preserved as jam, and is also used in pies and fruity desserts. • Plum juice can be fermented into plum wine or sweetened to make brandy. • Dried plums, or prunes, are known for their laxative effects and are commonly used to treat constipation. Nutrition Information: Plums are an excellent source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, as well as Potassium and Fiber.





by Sury Spitzer

Esther is a fictional story based on real people and real events. Esther grew up in the Hungarian village, Selisht surrounded by her loving family. Esther’s spirit, wit, and unending generosity, combined with the boundless love she received from her parents and grandparents stand her in good stead in this summer story. Although this story takes place in 1933, when life in the European shtetel was still peaceful, these same attributes helped her overcome the terrible trials she faced years later during the war. The author, a granddaughter of Esther, is grateful every day for the deep love she was blessed to receive from her Babby Esther, and is doing all she can to continue her kindness.

Chapter 2 The Little House Later, when the work was finally done, Mamashe went in to help Babby prepare dinner, and Marishke went to attend to the cow and her calf. Now Esther could finally go play. Esther ran to the

yard in front of the shul with Mutche in tow. She knew she would find her friends there and some little boys for Mutche to play with. Her friends were playing their favorite game, Buttons. “Can I have a turn?” Esther asked her friends Clarel and Frimet. Esther, Clarel, and Frimet were the best of friends. They

Esther’s Family Zaidy: Zaidy Chaim cares deeply about his family, and takes great pride in providing for them. He is an honest laborer who works hard to make a living in the poor Hungarian village, Selisht. Zaidy is considered a rich man because he owns a cow and a field. However, the field is owned by several partners who can never agree on selling the property, so Zeidy’s wealth is of no practical use. Babby: Babby Malka is a queen. She grew up in the city and appreciates beauty and elegance. Babby knows nothing of milking cows, growing vegetables or whitewashing blackened walls, which are the basics of a woman’s chores in the village. However, Babby Malka knows how to embroider the most exquisite tablecloths and knit the finest silk socks. Babby’s home is always impeccably clean.



Tatashe: Tatashe is a serious Talmid Chachum, who spends his entire day and a big part of the night studying Torah. Zaidy Chaim and Babby Malka are very proud of their fine learned son-inlaw who is a true credit to the family. Esther loves Tatashe dearly. She enjoys listening to his Torah learning, and wouldn’t think of ever interrupting him. Mamashe: Mamashe is gentle and kind. She treats Tatashe, Zaidy, and Babby with boundless respect, as she works side by side with Babby to keep the household running smoothly. Having grown up in Babby’s care, Mamashe is the perfect combination of a city and village girl. She embroiders, knits, and sews clothing that is unsurpassed in elegance and style, and yet she has no fear of the cow, which she cares for with the same gentleness as she cares for her children.

Esther: The oldest of three children, Esther is surrounded by the love of her dear grandparents and parents. At age 10, Esther is a free-spirited girl who is fun loving and daring and has a heart as boundless as the village fields. Yet for all her spirit, Esther is always respectful to her elders, for that is how she was brought up. Mutche: Mutche is a good natured seven-year-old child. He spends plenty of time tagging along with Esther, whom he adores. Esther loves him too, which is why he is always welcome to join in her play. The rest of the time, he sits on a tall stool right near Tatashe who is teaching Mutche the Siddur. Ruchele: The baby Ruchele is at the center of all the activity at home. At age two, she gets into everyone’s way, except when the door is left ajar and she makes her escape. The noise of the chickens and the mooing of the cow alerts Mamashe to go search for Ruchele once again.

went to school together in the fall and winter and spent long hours playing together in the summer. Clarel’s home was similar to Esther’s. Her family also lived with their grandparents in one of the village houses, and Esther liked playing there sometimes. Yet, she didn’t often visit Frimet’s house, as there was really no room for visitors. Frimet had five sisters and seven brothers, the youngest of whom was born just four weeks ago. Their house was small, even In Selisht there by village

were many poor folks, but Frimet’s standards. family struggled T h e y terribly. all lived together in two rooms plus a kitchen. The house didn’t have flooring, so every Erev Shabbos they would make their own floors. With their bare feet they kneaded clay-like mud gathered from the fields until it was smooth and shiny. Then they spread it on the



by Sury Spitzer

ground. It made a shiny and pretty floor, but it didn’t smell good. In the winter, the family would bring in their young calf, two goats, and about fifteen chickens to live in the corner of the kitchen, because they didn’t have a barn in which to keep the animals warm. But now in the summertime, when the animals were fenced in in the yard, the kitchen was a lot roomier and quieter. Frimet and her sisters all wore dresses with many patches, and for a while, her mother wore two different shoes, as she didn’t have a pair that was still good. What was most sad was that Frimet had three sisters who were old enough to get married, but who would take them without a naden? A naden was money a girl’s family gave to the couple upon marriage, and every girl had to have a naden if she wanted to marry a worthy boy. Mima Feige had taken a girl without a naden for her son, but that was only because he was illiterate and coarse, and no one else would have him. In Selisht there were many poor folks, but Frimet’s family struggled terribly.



When Esther and Mutche arrived to the Shul’s yard, Esther’s two friends were deeply engrossed in their Buttons competition. With their fingernails, they dug three little holes in the ground. Then, they used a twig to scratch out the starting line. Each girl would try to flick a button from the starting line into one of the holes. Whoever scored, collected all the buttons. Esther fished in the pocket of her cotton summer dress. She always kept her supply of buttons handy.

and flicked really well. She never needed to worry again that she wouldn’t be able to join the game. In fact, once, when Frimet had flicked her last button and lost the shot, Esther gifted her three buttons so that she could continue playing, but not Zeidy’s. When the sun began to set, Esther, Mutche and their friends headed to the little lake that bordered the Deblingers’ yard. In summertime, all the village folk brought their livestock to drink from the lake. What fun it was to watch. There were many cows, calves, goats, and three horses. Only

Last year, Esther had still b e e n little, and Esther secretly believed that when the had not lake flooded and surrounded the little yet been house with water, it was the heavy so skilled at flicking bunk bed that kept the little house buttons. from floating away. One day she remained without a single button and was therefore unable to join the the rich men owned horses. game. Esther snuck into the There was always plenty house and secretly cut off of noise and splashing and two buttons from Babby’s laughter. Esther was sure that quilt cover and one from their cow and calf were the Zeidy’s pants. She suffered cleanest and best cared for of many pangs of guilt about the lot. She was proud of her that, but those three buttons Zaidy. She and her friends have since helped her never tired of watching as acquire a generous collection each man tried to jostle his of buttons. Especially the livestock into a good spot at one from Zeidy’s pants, the lake. which was big and heavy

When all the cows had gone, Esther knew she must go home. Their little house was warm and snug and welcoming. One side of the big room served as the dining area where the family gathered each evening for dinner. Babby set the table for dinner every evening with her embroidered

The little house was always full and busy and happy, and both Zeidy and Babby reveled in the pleasure of having young children underfoot again. tablecloth and sparkling dishes, as if company was coming. Tonight the house had a delicious smell of bean soup and sour cream. On the other side of the big room was the bed where Esther and Mutche slept. There was also a big bunk bed, which was so old and so heavy that it could never be moved, not even when they cleaned for Pesach. Esther secretly believed that when the lake flooded and surrounded the little house

with water, it was the heavy bunk bed that kept the little house from floating away. In early summer, the bunk bed was empty, but as soon as the fruits would start to grow, they would be picked and stored on the bed until Babby and Mamashe would cook them into sweet jam or bake them into mouthwatering pies. Off the big room was the kitchen. The big oven stood against one wall. During the winter, it warmed the entire house splendidly. There was a big work counter on the opposite wall, half of which was for dairy and the other half for meat. Babby and Mamashe spent many, many hours cutting and chopping and mixing and grating at the counter. Esther was good at grating potatoes; she rubbed them steadily against the grater. She also did a great job at turning egg whites into a fluffy snow by beating them for a long time with two forks, alternating between her right hand and her left hand so that they shouldn’t hurt too much. The third wall of the kitchen was screened off with a curtain. Behind it was Babby Malka’s and Zeidy Chaim’s bedroom. Esther had heard many times about how Babby

and Zeidy had once slept in the bedroom where Tatashe and Mamashe and Ruchele now sleep. But then, when Mamashe had grown up, Babby wanted her to marry a real Talmid Chacham, so she offered kest. Kest meant that whoever married Mamashe would get a home and food so that he would not need to work in order to provide for his family, and would instead devote his time to Torah study. So when Tatashe agreed to marry Mamashe, Zeidy and Babby happily gave up their room for the young couple and created a new bedroom for themselves off the kitchen. There was another little room off the kitchen, but because it was unfinished, it was never used for anything besides for the woodpiles. The little house was always full and busy and happy, and both Zeidy and Babby reveled in the pleasure of having young children underfoot again.

To be continued...






by Ann Zeilingold

Moshe and Esther want to purchase a home. They heard that 20% down is the way to go. They heard that you can find a home for about $400,000. Being that they have $75,000 available, and their parents probably will give them some money too, they feel that they are ready. Boy, are they in for a shock when they find out that they need over $100,000 with the closing costs!! What are their options? And is what you heard always correct? Obviously, they can put less money down to have enough money for their down payment in addition to closing costs, but that will throw them into a payment that includes PMI, Private Mortgage Insurance. This is an additional insurance payment that is paid monthly and is added to the mortgage payment. So the monthly mortgage payment would include the principle and interest, the taxes, the homeowner’s insurance and the PMI. Putting down less than 20% is not a bad course of action. Rebecca F., a homeowner who purchased

a home in Jackson, NJ, told me just this week that had she waited until she saved enough money for a 20% down payment, she would have paid $100,000 more for her home. Instead she is presently enjoying the appreciation of the home and is in the process of having the bank reevaluate her home to see if the PMI can be removed early based on the current appraised value. Possibly, if a family is short on just the money for closing costs, a seller’s concession can be an option. That is an arrangement where the price is negotiated to include the seller paying all or part of the closing costs. When putting less than 20% down, there are three different mortgage insurance options. There are a few mortgage insurance companies to choose from, and the rates vary between one company and the next. There are some lenders, though, that allow only a specific mortgage insurance company, so there is not always a choice. Additionally, this is not a product that the consumer can shop for.

Ultimately, your lender will determine which mortgage insurance company will issue the insurance for you. One can pay monthly. This monthly figure is determined based on the % down, the credit score and overall strength of the file. It does vary from scenario to scenario. One can pay an upfront lump sum. This figure also varies depending on the PMI company and the overall strength of the file. This way the consumer pays a onetime payment at closing and doesn’t ever make a monthly PMI payment One can get Lender Paid PMI. This is the same as the upfront lump sum, except the lender will pay the cost at closing. The lender will recoup the cost by raising the interest rate on the file to create a situation where there is a credit back to the borrower to pay for the PMI. There is another option which involves a “piggyback loan” This is where one will take out two mortgages at the closing. One mortgage

will be less than the 80% LTV (as if you are putting 20% or more down) and a second mortgage loan or a HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit) for the remainder. An example is, let us say, that the home price is $400,000 and you want to put down 10%, and get a loan of $360,000. The first loan would be a 75% LTV, $300,000 and the second loan would be $60,000, totaling 360,000. It is important to have a discussion with your mortgage lender to determine which scenario is the best for your family, based on your specific needs. This discussion should involve the monthly cost, the tax write-off potential, and the


determine which scenario is best for When buying a your family. home, each family There are other mortgage programs available in our area for clients with less than 20% to put down. There is the FHA and VA loan, two government loans. The FHA is available to everyone and the VA is only for an eligible veteran. There is a state loan called the SONMA loan which we will discuss a different week. Rockland County has a closing cost grant which is limited to a

has their own set of circumstances, needs and wants. It is important that all options are discussed and evaluated in order to make a proper and smart decision on the financing of what is probably the largest single purchase in one’s lifetime.

Ann Zeilingold, NMLS # 41850 is the Vice President and Branch Manager of First Meridian Mortgage in Pomona, NY. First Meridian is a direct lender, licensed in NY, NJ, FL and CT. She has been originating residential mortgages for 27 years. She has recently published a book, which is a must-read for any prospective homebuyer, The Homebuyer’s Companion. Ann grew up in Monsey, and she currently lives in Wesley Hills with her husband and children.

Ann Zeilingold Vice President


minimum down payment and a minimum family income limit. If anyone wants more information, please call It is important to have a discussion my office and request this information. with your mortgage lender to eligibility. Some of the options listed above have stricter requirements for approval.

First Meridian Mortgage 1609 Route 202 Pomona, NY 10970

Office: 845-354-9700 Mobile: 914-260-9000 ann@annzeilingold.com

Find Ann’s real estate column weekly in The Monsey View. TH E MON S EY V I EW /


Going on Vacation?




Last week we asked you to share how you add value to your product instead of lowering the price. Here is one of the many replies business owners shared: Hi,

service for mothers after birth.

I just read your Monsey Rebranded article and would like to tell you about the fantastic service we provide here at Tiny Treasures.

For no fee, we will bring a selection of beautiful baby clothing and accessories for the mother to shop in the comfort of her own home.

Our layette store caters exclusively to new mothers and their darling newborns. Our prices are comparable to any brick and mortar store, but we offer an additional, innovative

There is a small minimum purchase requirement, to make the trip worth our time. We provide amazing services, and for that we are not ashamed to charge average market prices.

Sanity for Sale “The Yomim Tovim are around the corner,” is the cliché of the months. And indeed, they are. If you own a retail storefront, you’re probably fully prepared – or even stocked - with your merchandise. (You may even be placing your orders for the following season …) If you’re a service provider, you may be preparing your task force or equipment for an influx of calls.

You may read this, and see it as an advantage that people don’t think and will shop or request services more easily. However, because they are so busy, they will also not take the time to think about which shop or service provider they will use. Whoever is more accessible or memorable will get the business.

Yom Tov time is hectic. When people are as busy as a Jewish family is, readying their home, clothing a line-up of children, cooking twentysomething meals, there is less time to think and reflect on each decision. A family who usually delegates a lot of daily responsibilities to their children will find that during this month they need to dig in for more help. Whether it is sending clothing to professional cleaners, ordering ready-cooked food, using the service of a seamstress, hiring someone to build the sukkah, stocking up on disposable dishes, or calling on the plumber for clogged sinks and dishwashers, they will be outsourcing more than throughout the year. When there’s so much on everyone’s list, people pay for sanity. Branding Because of the chaos inherent in holiday schedules, your brand must be consistent and well-recognized. A true successful brand is one that can withstand a hectic schedule.

So you may be fully prepared for the season, but did you prepare your customers? From today, Rosh Hashanah is 49 days away. How will your existing customers and new potential customers come to you? When the circulars will be double or triple the size, will you try to quickly make your mark, or can you think in advance? Can you begin drawing people in now? Whether it’s a compelling ad campaign, signage, or direct mail - I leave that up to you, but here are the two integral ingredients to be sure to put into the mix:

Unique Selling Proposition This is the time to remind people why they like you or should like you. This is the time when your unique service or product will be well paid for. Because as mentioned before, consumers pay a lot for sanity and convenience.

Arrow Group NY is Monsey’s leading marketing and advertising firm. Known for campaigns that are as memorable to consumers as their profits are to clients, Arrow Group has been one of the leading catalysts to the changes in the Monsey business landscape. For business inquiries or to be featured anecdotally in this column, contact monseyrebranded@arrowgroupny.com.








$ 95 AND UP


“Buy 3 or More, Get Burberry Mini FREE!!”

• Dual Voltage • Mini Folding


$ 98 Mini Version of the Famous Wet/Dry Detangling Brush

FREE SHIPPING • No Minimum *excluding Shampoo and Hairspray


Wholesale Discount for Hair & Wig Stylist




Good Luck! Until next week,


Corporate Gifts our Specialty


Buy 3 Get 1 FREE Everyday Special


Kosher Certified At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Pinchus Perlmutter, CEO of Arrow Group NY, A business adventure

















INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Draw one of the art ideas from this column. keep in mind that it can be drawn to any size, and that a bigger picture will be clearer and more fun to color.

2. Color it, using pastel, crayon, paint, marker or even colored pencil.

3. Clearly label your submission with your name, age, and s c h o o l /c h e d e r.

4. Mail your master-piece to Faigy Rothman at 8 Gwen Lane, Monsey, NY 10952 TH E MON S EY V I EW /




For Sale Exquisite mother and sisters of bride gowns for sale. Navy with maroon accents. Sizes 10, 10, 8, 7 & 16 children. Photos available. 347-8316104 shiffysussman@sympatico.ca

Join our staff in Chesed 24/7‛s Exciting Women‛s Day Hab Program As a Direct Support Professional, you will work with developmentally disabled individuals helping them learn life and vocational skills and engage in community and recreational activities. The ideal candidate must be responsible, compassionate and able to work independently as well as within a group. Must have valid drivers license with a good driving record. . Mon.-Thurs. 9-3:45, Friday 9-1. Wonderful environment. Good Pay.

Male and Female Community Hab Workers Needed Are you dependable, motivated and a hard worker? Chesed Com Hab needs you to provide one- on- one services to individuals with development disabilities in their home and/or community. Will assist individual with learning how to socialize appropriately while teaching safeguards for being independent in the community. Requirements: High School Diploma and valid driver’s license with a car. Good pay. Flexibility in the days worked and the times (somewhere between 4:00 pm – 8:00pm.)

Female Project and Volunteer Coordinator for our Chesed Department 11am-5:30pm. Responsible for overseeing large base of volunteers to streamline our current services while simultaneously assisting in administering our varied activities and programs . Strong computer skills, excellent command of the English language, ability to communicate ideas in writing, fluent in Yiddish. Wonderful, warm environment supported by outstanding staff makes this an incredible opportunity.

Selling a 10,000 BTU Friedrich a/c for $350. Only one year old. Please call 845-746-1810 New 2015 red Toyota RAV4 Selling due to driver’s medical condition. Only 2k miles. Paid 27k Selling for 22k or best offer Please call: 845538-0487 Elegant classy black maternity wedding dress/gown size M/L worn once for sale or rent‎ 845671-0130

Bargain prices! Fridge, 24” & 30” stove $700. Master bedroom set for $2000. Or best offer! Call 845-425-1576, 845-746-1810 Gently used bikes in good condition, tricycles through size 20” 845 452 1721 First Wheels Double Carriage for sale in good condition.   Black hood and seat with beige lining. $ 250.00 or best offer.  845 667 9292 Beautiful Chandelier for sale.   Perfect for dinette or entry.  Please call 914-391-8982. Cuisinart toaster over for saleused only for a few months. Please call 914-391-8982

Hat stretcher for sale, please call (347)450-4287

Jobs Brand new damask linen set, suitable for choson/kallah. 2 standard shams & 2 duvet covers, size ‘full.’ Purchased for $350, selling for $275. 845-393-4834 2 designer gowns sister of the bride size 6-8 for $900  845-459-6026 347-585-4441 Bugaboo cameleon for sale. Limited edition black frame. Additional winter canopy included. Excellent condition$385 please call 425-1937 Used steel shelving available at great price. Please call: 845-3527697

Frum company located 20 minutes from Monsey seeks a full time individual to reorganize designated areas of our warehouse; identify and repackage returned merchandise; perform weekly inventory; receive and stock merchandise from vendors and oversee helpers. Successful candidate must be detail oriented, organized, have excellent time management and communication skills and the ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment. Resumes to: careers@ churchillcorp.com  Please refer to Job No. 15-30 when replying. Great Benefits!  EEO/AA Employer.

Elegant black maternity jumper to sell for very good price. Size Small (short). Call or text 917-426-6989.

Call: 845-354-3233 x 1121 or email efeder@chesed247.org


Gently used bikes in good condition, tricycles through size 20” 845 452 1721

Looking for sales girl/woman in Monsey shoe store. Please call 718-473-6962. Looking for full-time salesgirl/ woman at The Hosiery Store Please call 845-579-5587

Worker needed for various office tasks. A good English required & should be computer savvy. Send resume or info to join@evelt. com Part time front end web developer needed; needs to be great at HTML & CSS (JS and/or PHP a plus) Send info to join@evelt.com ‫היימישע מוסד אין מאנסי זוכט א באס‬ ‫ ביטע שיקט‬: ‫בילדינג מענעדזער‬/‫מענעדזער‬ ‫אייער אינפארמאציע צו‬ 845-213-4778 ‫א היימישע תלמוד תורה אין מאנסי זוכט א‬ ‫פרינסיפל פאר די ענגליש דעפארטמענט פאר די‬ ‫ אינטערעסירטע ביטע‬.‫קומענדיגע יאר הבעל''ט‬ 507-1988 ‫שיקט אריין אייער אינפארמאציע צו‬ ‫א חסידישע בית חינוך זוכט א זעקסטע קלאס‬ ‫ ביטע‬.‫ מאל א וואך‬3 ‫לימודי קודש לערערין פאר‬ ‫פעקסט אייער אינפארמאציע צו‬ 845-746-4800 ‫טיים דרייווער‬-‫א היימישע מוסד האט א פיל‬ ‫ פאר אינטערעסירטע ביטע‬.‫פאזיציע עוועילעבל‬ :‫שיקט אייער אינפארמאציע צו‬ 746-4800 Looking to hire a friendly, energetic salesgirl/saleswoman for a store in Monsey. Part time3 afternoons per week.  Please call 845-422-6805 Cheder Chabad seeking full/ part time secretary/admin. Assistant. Must be organized, self-motivated, proficient in Microsoft Office, with excellent phone/ interpersonal skills. Email re s u m e :   H R@ c h e d e r m o n s ey. org Fax: 845-290-9616. Chassidish office seeking capable female till Succos for a Multitasking secretarial position for A/R; Scheduling appointments and customer service. Email resume: hiring0511@gmail.com or fax 845-753-5120

Trust Security. Looking for an installer. Willing to train if you are handy. Email  ben@ trustsecurityusa.com 845-659-8313



THE Services

Hair & Makeup for Wedding, BarMitzvahs and Special Occasions. Serving the Tri-State Area. Call Ricky at 845-548-4118

Get fit now in the comfort of your own home with a certified personal trainer. Call Mazal at 347-401-3033

TwoLips Outdoor Photography Get Professional Portraits taken in your own backyard! To schedule your appointment. Leah Frieder @ (845)-538-3069 Computer Freezing, Have a Virus, Slow? We recover deleted files, forgotten passwords, and able to fix most disabled Apple ipod/ipad/iphone with NO data loss 347-871-1818

Fixerman, installations repairs, (845)517-9026


Join the Beth Tefilla/Zichron Baila Judaica Library. Books are available in English & Yiddish. For Information call Librarian: Mrs. Wechsler 845 425 1603

Bunkbeds Custom made in Monsey.  Call Boruch 845-6595380

Pictures that POP! www.AdinaMarkowitzPhotography.com Call 845-608-5767 to book your summer portraits!

Ages 3-4 full Nursery curriculum. Hours 9-2:30 extended hour avail till 3:30. Transportation available.  Call Teacher Chaya Zc @ 356-3805

Make sure you pay the cheapest rate for you Gas and Electric Call 347-460- 0836



A new 2-bedroom apt. will be ready by August on West Central Ave. Pls. Leave message at (845) 243-0281

Tisha B’Av Camp. Boys and Girls Ages 2yrs - 9yrs old (separate groups) Our 11th year! Call Mrs. Felecia Goldfarb (845)548-0518 or Email campsplash38@gmail.com

Learn to crochet with Sury Weiss 425-3793

Experienced, reliable babysitter now available. Located on Cedar Lane. Small group. Ref. avail. Please call 845 3560071

Product Photography. Photography for websites, catalogs, Amazon etc. Have your pictures within 48 hours! 917-8581054 moshegrunfeld.com

Hair by Suri. Sharp cut. Professional hairstyling for all occasions at great prices. Call or text 517-7128

Having trouble writing essays? Need help with your resume? Can’t figure out what to say in your speech? Email zevichabuswriting@gmail.com

Herbal water-repelling diaper rash cream with proven results. 425-2772

Beautiful teen custom-made wedding dress size 4 Stunning for own tenoim or chasuna. For more info please call 425-6151

Custom Wooden Works Inc. We custom design and handcraft Book Cases, Wall-to-Wall Units, Vanities, and Fire-Places. For more info, call 845 377-5877 or visit www.customwoodenworks. com

US assets finders - FREE check if you or your parent/grandparents have lost assets call 718 522 4294

Attention Day Camps & Carnivals Cotton Candy Machine (toiveled bowl) & SnoCone/Slush Machine For Rent Please call:  845-4250886 or 845-213-7986

Small Moonwalk for Rent. Great for day camp, playgroup, carnival, or family fun day. For children up to age 8. $30 a day. Call 356-3142. Proceeds to Tzedaka.

Pearl Restringing. Expert & reliable service. Free pick up & delivery. 845-352-5013

Helium Balloons. Balloons for all occasions at The Hosiery Store. 29 Dover Terrace. Call anytime: (845)-352-6387

For Rent

Office space for rent in residential neighborhood. Formerly medical office. Call or text 845.323.5319

Hamaspik of Rockland County is seeking a part-time employee to work with individuals with various disabilities in vocational settings. Some office work included. Hours are flexible. Minimum requirements: High school diploma, driver’s license, car and English fluency.

‫אקטיוויטעטן אין ת”ת וויען‬

Great opportunity for the right individual! To apply, please send resume to Jobopportunity@ hamaspikrockland.org ‫המספיק אוו ראקלענד זוכט יעצט אויפצונעמען א‬ .‫ענעערגישע פרוי פאר א אחריות’דיגע פאזיציע‬ ‫מוז האבן גוטע פירערשאפט און קאארדינעישן‬ ‫טאלאנטן‬, ‫עקספיריענס מיט אינדיוויזשועלס מיט ספעציעלע‬ ‫געברויכן פארגעצויגן‬. ‫;ביטע שיקט אריין אייער רעזומעי צו‬ Joboffer@hamaspikrockland.org

Private House in Olympia Area for Rent. Private colonial with 5 bedrooms in the Olympia area. Please call 347 779 6355 Beautiful 3000sf up-n-down, unfinished ground floor to make a rental unit. Excellent location, Semi Private, Nice amount of grounds, to be completed Pesach 2016. Call 347-450-7453

‫פאסיגע ארבעטס געלעגנהייט! המספיק אוו‬ ‫ראקלענד זוכט נאך געטרייע יונגעלייט צו ארבעטן‬ .‫אין אונזער בארימטע “דעי העב” פראגראם‬ ‫מעגליכקייטן פאר פול טיים (מיט פילע‬ ‫ פארבינדט אייך‬.‫בענעפיטן) אדער פארט טיים‬ ‫ אויב‬.845-709-0098 :‫מיט’ן מענעדזשער אויף‬ ‫מען הייבט נישט אויף לאזט א מעסעדזש‬

‫פייערליכע אקטיוויטעטן אין דעי קעמפ מחנה חיים ושלום מונקאטש מאנסי‬

3-bdrm apt. for rent in Brewer area $1500 + utilities will be available for September 1, ideal for young couple. Please call 845659-2168 Storage space for rent in unfinished basment. Approx 700 sq ft. 347-385-5263 Beautiful 3-bedroom apartment in private house Church St. by Collins Ave.; fully renovated ready to move in: 347-762-4215 2 bedroom apt. available on Horton Dr. Available immediately. Preferably young couple. Please call 845-352-6230.

Send your classified ads by email only to: classifieds@ themonseyview.com

Lost & Found Found money on Monsey Trails bus going to Brooklyn 7/17. 347 666 3880

ORLANDO, FL - Luxury private 2-5 bedroom villas with pools, starting at $89 per night. Ask for mechitzah. Call: 888-466-3676 www.innhouse.com


Classified ads are FREE for our readers All ads must be a maximum of 25 words In order for classified ads to be featured in The Monsey View: *Classifieds must be typed *The spelling and grammar should be correct *Use standard text only (no all caps). *Do not insert extra space between lines.




‫בית‪-‬המדרש עזר‬ ‫ליהודה‬

‫אין מאנסי‬

‫צוזאמענגיס וואס מאכט דעם ארט‬ ‫אלס הערליכער אידישער וואונקל‪,‬‬ ‫לשם ולתפארת העיר מאנסי והסביבה‪.‬‬

‫דעם קביעות'דיגער שיעור‪ ,‬וואו מען‬ ‫פילט זיך אן די נשמה מיט רוחניות'דיגע‬ ‫שפייז פון לימוד התורה‪.‬‬

‫דז'יקוב ‪ -‬מעליץ‬

‫שמואל פוקס‬

‫בנשיאות הגה"צ ר' אברהם יעקב הורוביץ שליט"א‬

‫אחדות און געשמאק‬ ‫"וואס שטייסטו אינדרויסן?! ‪ -‬קום‬ ‫אריין און מאך א לחיים‪ ,‬לכבוד שבת‬ ‫קודש!"‬ ‫דאס איז א געווענליכער שבת‪-‬צו‪-‬‬ ‫קידוש'דיגער אויסרוף‪ ,‬וואס מען קען‬ ‫הערן אינדרויסן פון בית‪-‬המדרש עזר‬ ‫ליהודה דז'יקוב מעליץ‪ ,‬בנשיאות הגה"צ‬ ‫ר' אברהם יעקב הורוביץ שליט"א‪ .‬עס‬ ‫איז די רעדע פון א ברייטהארציגער‪,‬‬ ‫ברודערליכער און פרייליכער בית‪-‬המ‪-‬‬ ‫דרש‪ ,‬אן ארט וואו אלע מתפללים לעבן‬ ‫אין הארמאניע און פריינטליכקייט‪.‬‬ ‫ריכטיג‪ ,‬דער עולם באשטייט פון א קא‪-‬‬ ‫לירפולער ציבור‪ ,‬אנגעהויבן פון חסי‪-‬‬ ‫דים ואנשי מעשה‪ ,‬ביז צו עמך אידן‪,‬‬ ‫פשוט'ע בעלי‪-‬מלאכה ‪ -‬פון תלמידי‪-‬‬ ‫חכמים ועובדי השם‪ ,‬ביז די חוטב עצך‬ ‫ושואב מימך‪ ,‬אלעס קענט איר געפינען‬ ‫אין דעם בית‪-‬המדרש‪ ,‬אבער אלע אן‬ ‫אויסנאם לעבן אינאיינעם ברידערליך‬ ‫און געשמאק‪ ,‬מיט א שמחת החיים‪ ,‬א‬ ‫פארגינערדיגקייט און פריינטליכקייט‪.‬‬ ‫נישט אומזינסט איז דער בית‪-‬המדרש‬ ‫געווארן אן אבן שואבת און צוציאונגס‬ ‫קראפט פאר פילע אידן ארום דער גא‪-‬‬ ‫נצער געגנט‪ .‬דאס איינגענעמקייט און‬ ‫היימישקייט וואס שפירט זיך צווישן די‬ ‫פיר ווענט פון בית‪-‬המדרש‪ ,‬לאזט נישט‬ ‫אז מען זאל זיך אוועקרייסן פון דארט‪.‬‬ ‫וואס דארפט איר מער פון דעם‪ ,‬אז‬ ‫צווישן די מתפללים איז פאראן א איד‬ ‫וואס קומט צו גיין יעדן שבת נאכמיטאג‬ ‫צו שלש‪-‬סעודות‪ ,‬א וועג פון איין‪-‬און‪-‬‬ ‫א‪-‬האלב שעה צופיס‪ ,‬כדי מיטצוהאלטן‬ ‫דעם געהויבענעם זמן אין בית‪-‬המדרש‪.‬‬ ‫דער דאזיגער מתפלל האט צום ערשט‬


‫‪TH E MON S EY V I EW /‬‬

‫געוואוינט בקרבת מקום‪ ,‬נאנט צום‬ ‫בית‪-‬המדרש‪ ,‬און שפעטער ווען ער‬ ‫האט זיך אריבערגעצויגן צו א ווייטן‬ ‫געגנט‪ ,‬קען ער זיך נישט דערזען אלס‬ ‫מתפלל קבוע אין א צווייטן בית‪-‬המ‪-‬‬ ‫דרש‪ .‬מילא אינדערוואכן‪ ,‬קומט ער צו‬ ‫פארן מיטן מאשין‬ ‫אויף שחרית און מנחה וערבית‪ ,‬אבער‬ ‫אפילו אויף שבת‪ ,‬קלויבט ער ענדערש‬ ‫אויס דער אפציע פון קומען צו פיס דעם‬ ‫לאנגן וועג‪ ,‬ענדערש ווי צו דאווענען אין‬ ‫א נאנטן בית‪-‬המדרש אין זיין געגנט‪.‬‬ ‫דער דאזיגער פאקט רעדט ווערטער‪...‬‬

‫אן אפענער טויער‬ ‫דער דז'יקובער בית‪-‬המדרש איז בא‪-‬‬ ‫קאנט מיט אירע אפענע טויערן אלע‬ ‫שעות אין טאג‪ ,‬בשעת עס איז צוגעש‪-‬‬ ‫טעלט אויפן ארט‬ ‫קאווע מיט אלעמען גוטן‪ .‬אין בית‪-‬המ‪-‬‬ ‫דרש איז שטענדיג ליכטיג און לופטיג‪,‬‬ ‫גרייט פאר יעדן וואס וויל דארט זיצן‬ ‫און לערנען‪ .‬אין זייט פון בית‪-‬המדרש‬ ‫איז פאראן א קנעפל‪ ,‬וואו עס איז מע‪-‬‬ ‫גליך אנצושטעלן דעם עיר‪-‬קאנדישן‬ ‫אויף א שעה צייט‪ ,‬אזוי אז עס איז בא‪-‬‬ ‫קוועם לכל דורש ומבקש‪.‬‬ ‫ביים צימער נעבן פאליש פון בית‪-‬המ‪-‬‬ ‫דרש‪ ,‬דארט וואו מען הענגט אויף די‬ ‫מאנטלען‪ ,‬איז פאראן עטליכע ווענדי‪-‬‬ ‫נג מאשינען‪ ,‬וואו עס איז ערמעגליכט‬ ‫צו קויפן מזונות און איבערבייס במשך‬ ‫אלע שעות פון טאג‪ .‬דארט איז פאראן‬ ‫א גרויסן אויסוואל פון עסן און טרינק‪-‬‬ ‫ען‪ ,‬ביז אפילו אייסקרעם פאר א הייסן‬ ‫זומער טאג‪.‬‬ ‫נישט זעלטן קען מען זען מאמע'ס קומ‪-‬‬ ‫ען מיט די קינדער אינמיטן טאג‪ ,‬בשעת‬

‫די מאמע ווארט אינדרויסן פון שוהל אז‬ ‫דאס קינד זאל עפעס קויפן צו עסן‪ .‬מען‬ ‫דארף נעמען אין באטראכט אז עס איז‬ ‫נישט פאראן אין געגנט קיין גראסערי‬ ‫וואו מען קען קויפן עפעס איבערבייס‪,‬‬ ‫און דער דאזיגער מאשין איז גאנץ אפט‬ ‫מחיה נפשות פאר אידישע משפחות‪.‬‬ ‫ווער רעדט נאך פון שבת צו קידוש‪ ,‬ווען‬ ‫עס ווערט צוגעשטעלט פון אלעמען‬ ‫גוטן‪ ,‬א קידוש כיד ה' הטובה‪ ,‬אדער ביי‬ ‫מלוה‪-‬מלכה וואו אידן זיצן אינאיינעם‬ ‫בסעודתא דדוד מלכא משיחא‪ ,‬ביז אין‬ ‫די פריע פארטאגס שעות‪.‬‬

‫התקשרות‬ ‫עס איז אבער נישט בלויז דאס‬ ‫פריינטליכקייט און פרייליכער אט‪-‬‬ ‫מאספערע וואס מאכט דאס פאר אזא‬ ‫מוצלח'דיגער בית‪-‬המדרש‪ ,‬עס איז‬ ‫פיל מער פון דעם‪ .‬דאס צוגעבינדנקייט‬ ‫וואס די מתפללים פארמאגן צום רבי'ן‪,‬‬ ‫איז א שם‪-‬דבר; עס זענען פאראן יונ‪-‬‬ ‫געלייט וואס זענען שולדיג זייער לעבן‬ ‫פארן רבי'ן און שפירן א שטארקע‬ ‫ווארעמקייט און געפיל צום רבי'ן‪.‬‬ ‫וכמים פנים לפנים‪ ,‬דאס איבערגעגע‪-‬‬ ‫בנקייט וואס דער רבי פארמאגט פאר‬ ‫די מתפללים – פאר יעדן יחיד באזונד‪-‬‬ ‫ער – איז מיוחדת במינה‪ ,‬מען געפינט‬ ‫כמעט נישט איר'ס גלייכן אין אנדערע‬ ‫בתי‪-‬מדרשים‪ .‬דער רבי לעבט פאר די‬ ‫מתפללים‪ ,‬העלפט זיי בכל עת מצוא‬ ‫און לייגט זיך אריין אין זייער מצב‪ ,‬טו‪-‬‬ ‫ענדיג אלעס אין די וועלט זיי צו העלפן‪.‬‬ ‫דער דאזיגער פאקט‪ ,‬אינאיינעם מיט די‬ ‫אחדות און שמחת החיים וואס הערשט‬ ‫אין בית‪-‬המדרש‪ ,‬באשאפט אזא סארט‬

‫וגילו ברעדה‬ ‫אויף דער דז'יקוב‪-‬מעליצער בית‪-‬המ‪-‬‬ ‫דרש לאזט זיך זאגן‪ ,‬אז דארט הערשט‬ ‫מצב פון 'וגילו ברעדה'‪ .‬עס איז טאקע‬ ‫א פרייליכער בית‪-‬המדרש‪ ,‬וואו עס איז‬ ‫דא אויף וואס קידוש צו מאכן בשפע‬ ‫און וואו עס ווערט געפראוועט מלוה‪-‬‬ ‫מלכה'ס ביז אין די פארטאגס שעה'ן‪,‬‬ ‫אבער פון די אנדערע זייט איז זי אויך‬ ‫זייער אן ערנסטער ארט‪ ,‬וואו דער‬ ‫קדושת בית‪-‬הכנסת ווערט אפגעהיטן‬ ‫אויפן העכסטן גראד‪.‬‬ ‫בשעת'ן דאווענען איז נישט פאראן‬ ‫אזא זאך ווי שמועסן‪ .‬דער רבי בכבו‪-‬‬ ‫דו ובעצמו גייט ארום און גיבט אכטונג‬ ‫דערויף‪ ,‬ארויסשיקנדיג פון בית‪-‬המד‪-‬‬ ‫רש די וואס רעדן ביים דאווענען‪ .‬דער‬ ‫דאווענען גייט צו מיט אן ערנסטקייט‪,‬‬ ‫כראוי וכיאות לבית‪-‬השם‪.‬‬ ‫אויך דער ציבור איז זייער אן ערנסטער‪.‬‬ ‫מען דארף נישט מער ווי אריינשפאצירן‬ ‫א פארטאגס אין בית‪-‬המדרש און זען‪,‬‬ ‫ווי אזוי ערנסטע אידן קומען צו גיין אין‬ ‫בית‪-‬המדרש צו א שיעור‪ .‬דאס זעלבע‬ ‫איז ביינאכט‪ ,‬בשעת בעלי‪-‬מלאכה‬ ‫קומען נאך א שווערן טאג ארבעט‪ ,‬צו‬

‫עס איז א פאקט אז צווישן אלע בתי‪-‬‬ ‫מדרשים‪ ,‬פארמאגט דער בית‪-‬המדרש‬ ‫דער גרעסטער פראצענט פון מתפ‪-‬‬ ‫ללים‪ ,‬וואס זענען זיך קובע בלימוד‬ ‫התורה צווישן די רעגלמעסיגע שיעו‪-‬‬ ‫רים אין בית‪-‬המדרש‪ .‬דאס ווייזט אויף‬ ‫די ערנסטקייט און די קוואליטעט פון‬ ‫די מתפללים אין דעם בית‪-‬המדרש‬ ‫און דעם שיינעם ציבור מיט וואס דער‬ ‫שוהל איז געשאנקען געווארן‪.‬‬ ‫עס איז נישט זעלטן צו זען אינמי‪-‬‬ ‫טן טאג‪ ,‬צוויי בעלי‪-‬בתים מיט די‬ ‫ארבעט'ס קליידער‪ ,‬וואס כאפן אן איב‪-‬‬ ‫עררייס אינמיטן טאג‪ ,‬פארן אריבער‬ ‫אין בית‪-‬המדרש און לערנען בחברו‪-‬‬ ‫תא‪ .‬דער ארט ציעט פשוט די אידן זיך‬ ‫צו געפינען בין‪-‬עמודי דגירסא און יעדע‬ ‫איבעריגע מינוט ווערט אויסגענוצט‬ ‫אויף לימוד התורה בבית‪-‬המדרש‪.‬‬

‫דאס התיסדות פון בית‪-‬המד־‬ ‫רש‬ ‫איבער דער דז'יקוב מעליצער רבי‬ ‫שליט"א‪ ,‬דארף מען נישט צופיל‬ ‫שרייבן‪ ,‬דען ווער האט נישט געהע‪-‬‬ ‫רט דעם נאמען פון הגה"צ רבי יעקב‬

‫הורוביץ שליט"א?! – ווען אימער א‬ ‫איד נויטיגט זיך אין א טובה‪ ,‬ווען עס‬ ‫פעלט אויס אז איינער זאל עפעס טון‬ ‫פארן כלל אדער‬ ‫פארן פרט‪ ,‬איז דער‬ ‫רבי דא תיכף‪ ,‬מוכן‬ ‫ומזומן צו העלפן מיט‬ ‫וואס מען דארף‪ .‬פיל‬ ‫איז שוין געשריבן‬ ‫געווארן איבער דער‬ ‫פערזענליכקייט פון‬ ‫דעם רבי'ן שליט"א‬ ‫און זיינע פילע‬ ‫פאר‬ ‫לייסטונגען‬ ‫אידנ'ס וועגן‪ ,‬מיר‬ ‫וועלן זיך דעריבער‬ ‫נישט אריינלאזן אין‬ ‫דעם רבי'נס פערזע‪-‬‬ ‫נליכקייט‪ ,‬נאר ענד‪-‬‬ ‫ערש צוגיין צו דער‬ ‫גרינדונג און שאפונג‬ ‫פון דעם בית‪-‬המד‪-‬‬ ‫רש עזר ליהודה דז'יקוב – מעליץ‪.‬‬ ‫מיט אכצן יאר צוריק‪ ,‬אין יאר תשנ"ז‬ ‫לפ"ק‪ ,‬איז נסתלק געווארן לגנזי מרו‪-‬‬ ‫מים דער פאטער פון דעם רבי שליט"א‬ ‫– הרה"צ רבי אליעזר הורוביץ זצ"ל‬ ‫ממעליץ‪ .‬דער רבי זצ"ל איז געווען אן‬ ‫אייניקל פון די צדיקים לבית מעליץ‬ ‫– דזשיקוב און זייענדיג א יתום בימי‬ ‫נעוריו‪ ,‬איז ער אויפגעצויגן געווארן ביי‬ ‫ש"ב הרה"ק רבי יודעלע מדזשיקוב‬ ‫זצוק"ל‪ ,‬וועלכער האט זיך געזארגט‬ ‫פאר אים ווי פאר אן אייגן קינד און אים‬ ‫צוגעשטעלט אלע זיינע געברויכן‪ .‬אויך‬ ‫אויף די חתונה הזמנה פון דעם רבי'ן‬ ‫זצ"ל האט רבי יודעלע אונטערגעשרי‪-‬‬ ‫בן מצד החתן‪ ,‬זייענדיג דער פטרון און‬ ‫אויפציער פון דעם רבי'ן זצ"ל‪.‬‬ ‫זייענדיג באוויסטזיניג צו דער הכרת‪-‬‬ ‫הטוב וואס דער רבי זצ"ל האט שטענ‪-‬‬ ‫דיג געשפירט פאר הרה"צ רבי יודעלע‬ ‫זצ"ל‪ ,‬האט דער רבי שליט"א לאחר‬ ‫פטירתו געוואלט אויפשטעלן א זכר‬ ‫לעילוי נשמת אביו ולעילוי נשמת רבי‬ ‫יודעלע זצוק"ל‪.‬‬ ‫דער רבי שליט"א איז דאן‬ ‫אריינגעגאנגען צו כ"ק מרן האדמו"ר‬

‫‪/ T HE MONS E Y V IE W‬‬


‫מוויזשניץ שליט"א און אים געבעטן‬ ‫אז ער וויל עפענען א פארטאגס כולל‬ ‫לעילוי נשמתם‪ .‬דער וויזשניצער רבי‬ ‫שליט"א האט דאן אויסגעדרוקט זיין‬ ‫פולסטע הסכמה‪ ,‬גיבנדיג רשות צו נוצן‬ ‫דעם עזרת נשים בבית‪-‬מדרשו לטובת‬ ‫הכולל‪ .‬דער כולל האט זיך דאן געגרי‪-‬‬ ‫נדעט מיט פופצן יונגעלייט‪ ,‬אונטערן‬ ‫נאמען 'עזר ליהודה'‪ ,‬זייענדיג מרמז‬ ‫דערין די נעמען פון ביידע צדיקים לבית‬ ‫מעליץ – דזשיקוב זצ"ל‪ .‬דער כולל איז‬ ‫אויסגעהאלטן געווארן דורך הנדיב המ‪-‬‬ ‫רומם מו"ה ר' יוסף ניימאן הי"ו‪ ,‬וועלכ‪-‬‬ ‫ער איז געווען דער פטרון הכולל במשך‬ ‫פון צוויי יאר‪.‬‬ ‫נאך צוויי יאר‪ ,‬ווען דער עול פונעם כולל‬ ‫האט זיך פארגרעסערט‪ ,‬איז דער רבי‬ ‫שליט"א ווידער אריין אל פני הקודש‪,‬‬ ‫צום וויזשניצער רבי שליט"א זיך דורכ‪-‬‬ ‫צורעדן ווי אזוי צו האנדלען‪ .‬דער וויז‪-‬‬ ‫שניצער רבי שליט"א האט דאן מייעץ‬ ‫געווען פארן רבי'ן שליט"א צו עפענען‬ ‫אן אייגענעם בית‪-‬המדרש‪ ,‬פון וואו‬ ‫ער וועט קענען אליין אנפירן מיט זיינע‬ ‫הייליגע אקטיוויטעטן‪.‬‬ ‫דער רבי שליט"א האט דאן געעפנט‬ ‫זיין בית‪-‬המדרש אויפן אונטערשטע‬ ‫שטאק פון זיין הויז‪ ,‬בשעת הטפסר‬ ‫הנכבד מו"ה ר' יוסף ניימאן הי"ו האט‬ ‫מנדב געווען די קאסטן פון די בוי אר‪-‬‬ ‫בעט‪.‬‬ ‫אזוי האט זיך געגרינדעט דער בית המ‪-‬‬ ‫דרש עזר ליהודה דז'יקוב – מעליץ‪.‬‬

‫הרחיבי מקום אהלך‬ ‫נאך פיר יאר דאווענען אין בית‪-‬המד‪-‬‬ ‫רש‪ ,‬האט זיך אנגעהויבן איינצוזען דעם‬ ‫לחץ זו הדחק וואס הערשט אויף דעם‬ ‫ארט‪ ,‬מען האט זיך תיכף גענומען צו‬ ‫די מלאכה און ארויסגעבויעט א נייעם‬ ‫בית‪-‬המדרש מיט א ברייטקייט לכבוד‬ ‫השם ולתורתו‪.‬‬ ‫דער נייער בית‪-‬המדרש איז ערמעגלי‪-‬‬ ‫כט געווארן דורך אחד הנגידים בארץ‪,‬‬ ‫וואס א דאנק דעם האט דער בית‪-‬המ‪-‬‬ ‫דרש געטראגן דעם נאמען 'בית טוסיא'‪,‬‬ ‫אבער אין פאקט איז דער שוהל גע‪-‬‬ ‫בויעט געווארן מיט די הילף פון די מת‪-‬‬


‫‪TH E MON S EY V I EW /‬‬

‫פללי בית‪-‬הכנסת‪ .‬בשעת איין מתפלל‬ ‫איז א פלאמבער‪ ,‬האט דער צווייטער‬ ‫ארויסגעהאלפן זייענדיג א לעקטערישן‪.‬‬ ‫דורך די איבערגעגעבנקייט פון די מתפ‪-‬‬ ‫ללים‪ ,‬האט מען באוויזן צו שפארן פיל‬ ‫געלט און עגמת‪-‬נפש‪.‬‬ ‫דער אלטער שוהל איז דאן פארוואנ‪-‬‬ ‫דלט געווארן אין א חדר שני‪ ,‬אין צו‪-‬‬ ‫גאב צו א פראווע צימער פארן רבי'ן‬ ‫שליט"א‪ ,‬וואו עס קומען אריין כל‬ ‫דורש ומבקש‪ ,‬וואס דארף צוקומען צו‬ ‫די הילף פונעם רבי'ן שליט"א‪.‬‬ ‫עס לאזט זיך זאגן אז דער שוהל איז‬ ‫געבויעט געווארן מיט א שיינקייט‬ ‫און פראכט‪ ,‬א‬ ‫דאנק די הילף‬ ‫פון די מתפללים‬ ‫וואס האבן פיל‬ ‫ארויסגעהאלפן‬ ‫דערין‪ ,‬מיט די‬ ‫אייגענע הענט‬ ‫און כח‪ ,‬ברענג‪-‬‬ ‫ענדיג דערצו אז‬ ‫דער שוהל זאל‬ ‫געבויעט ווערן‬ ‫בתכלית היופי‪,‬‬ ‫לבית‬ ‫כראוי‬ ‫השם‪.‬‬ ‫עס האט נישט‬ ‫לאנג גענומען און דער נייער בית‪-‬המ‪-‬‬ ‫דרש איז אויך קליין געווארן‪ .‬דאן האט‬ ‫מען צוגעלייגט דעם ווייבער‪-‬שוהל צום‬ ‫גרויסן בית‪-‬המדרש‪ ,‬צובויענדיג א פרי‪-‬‬ ‫שער ווייבער‪-‬שוהל פאר די פרויען‪.‬‬ ‫והיתה הרחבה‪.‬‬

‫סדר היום אין בית‪-‬המדרש‬ ‫דער אור‪-‬אלטער מנהג‪ ,‬אז דער שמש‬ ‫גייט ארום קלאפן אין די שויבן און ווע‪-‬‬ ‫קן די אידן לעבודת‪-‬הבורא‪ ,‬איז נישט‬ ‫פארגעסן געווארן אין דז'יקוב‪ ,‬דארט‬ ‫האלט נאך דער מנהג אן‪ .‬דער רבי‬ ‫בכבודו ובעצמו טוט אן די שמש'דיגע‬ ‫קליידער און וועקט דעם ציבור פאר‪-‬‬ ‫טאגס‪ .‬ריכטיג‪ ,‬אין די היינטיגע טעכנ‪-‬‬ ‫עלאגישע עפאכע דארף מען נישט גיין‬ ‫צו די הייזער קלאפן פענסטער‪ ,‬עס קען‬ ‫געטאן ווערן פונדערווייטנס‪ .‬דער רבי‬

‫שליט"א וועקט דעם עולם אינדערפרי‪,‬‬ ‫און דער ציבור פארזאמלט זיך אין בית‪-‬‬ ‫המדרש‪.‬‬ ‫דער טאג אין דז'יקוב‪-‬מעליצער בית‪-‬‬ ‫המדרש‪ ,‬הויבט זיך אן אום פינף‪-‬‬ ‫דרייסיג פארטאגס‪ ,‬מיטן שיעור גמרא‬ ‫פון הגאון רבי יוסף מאשינסקי שליט"א‪,‬‬ ‫ממנהלי ישיבת בית‪-‬דוד‪ .‬צום שיעור‬ ‫פארזאמלען זיך א שיינער ציבור אידן‪,‬‬ ‫פון די משכימי קום וואס קומען פאר‪-‬‬ ‫טאגס אין בית‪-‬המדרש‪.‬‬ ‫עס זענען פאראן אין בית‪-‬המדרש צוויי‬ ‫מנינים שחרית‪ .‬דער ערשטער מנין איז‬ ‫תיכף נאכן שיעור‪ ,‬אום זעקס‪-‬דרייסיג‬

‫פארטאגס‪ ,‬און דער צווייטער מנין איז‬ ‫אום זיבן‪-‬פופצן אינדערפרי‪ ,‬דארט וואו‬ ‫דער רבי שליט"א דאוונט‪.‬‬ ‫דורכ'ן טאג איז דער בית‪-‬המדרש שט‪-‬‬ ‫ענדיג אפן לכל דורש ומבקש‪ ,‬צוגעש‪-‬‬ ‫טעלט מיט ספרי קודש צו לערנען‪ .‬עס‬ ‫זענען פאראן צוויי מנינים אויף מנחה‬ ‫ומעריב‪ .‬דער ערשטער מנין מעריב‬ ‫דאוונט אין דעם אלטן בית‪-‬המדרש‪,‬‬ ‫נעבן דעם רבי'נס פריוואטע פראווע‬ ‫צימער‪ .‬דעם דאזיגן מנין איז א קפידה‪,‬‬ ‫כדי מען זאל אנהאלטן די תפילות אויך‬ ‫אין אלטן בית‪-‬המדרש‪ ,‬אפילו נאכן גע‪-‬‬ ‫בוי פונעם נייעם ברייטן היכל התפילה‪.‬‬ ‫ביינאכט איז פאראן א שיעור אין מש‪-‬‬ ‫נה‪-‬ברורה‪ ,‬פארגעלערנט דורך הרב‬ ‫יעקב קאפעלנער שליט"א‪ ,‬דארט איז‬ ‫פאראן א פולער בית‪-‬המדרש מיט‬

‫משתתפי השיעור‪ ,‬וועלכע זעטיגן זייער‬ ‫זעל מיט גייסטישע שפייז‪.‬‬ ‫עס מוז באצייכנט ווערן דער הערליכער‬ ‫ליל‪-‬שישי שיעור אין חובת‪-‬הלבבות‪,‬‬ ‫וואס ציעט פיל אידן – לאו‪-‬דוקא מתפ‪-‬‬ ‫ללי בית‪-‬המדרש‪ .‬דאס איז צו פארדא‪-‬‬ ‫נקען דער מגיד‪-‬שיעור‪ ,‬העסקן הנמרץ‬ ‫לכל דבר שבקדושה הרב אהרן בנציון‬ ‫ווידער שליט"א‪ .‬אויסער דעם וואס ר'‬ ‫בנציון איז באקאנט פאר זיינע פילע‬ ‫לייסטונגען לטובת צרכי הציבור הכלל‬ ‫והפרט‪ ,‬פארמאגט ער א הערליכער‬ ‫שפראך וואס ציעט א גרויסן ציבור צו‬ ‫זיין שיעור‪ ,‬ווערנדיג מחוזק מיט אמונה‬ ‫ובטחון במשנת החובת הלבבות‪ .‬דער‬ ‫שיעור ווערט פארגעלערנט וועכנטליך‪,‬‬ ‫יעדן ליל‪-‬שישי צווישן צען‪-‬פופצן און‬ ‫עלעוו‪-‬אזייגער אויפדערנאכט‪.‬‬ ‫עס איז אויך פאראן א וועכנטליכער‬ ‫עין‪-‬יעקב שיעור‪ ,‬וואס ווערט פארגע‪-‬‬ ‫לערנט יעדן דינסטאג‪ ,‬דורך הגאון רבי‬ ‫יוסף מאשינסקי שליט"א‪ ,‬מיט וואס‬ ‫פיל אידן זענען זיך מחיה דערמיט‪.‬‬ ‫דער בית‪-‬המדרש פארמאגט אויך א‬ ‫גמ"ח‪ ,‬וואס איז געגרינדעט געווארן‬ ‫דורך מו"ה ר' אביגדור מאנדל הי"ו‬ ‫לעילוי נשמת הוריו ע"ה‪ .‬דער גמ"ח איז‬ ‫אפן צוויי מאל א וואך און פיל אידן זע‪-‬‬ ‫נען נהנה דערפון בעת מצוא‪.‬‬ ‫אויך דארף מען באטאנען די מקוה‬ ‫וואס האלט זיך אינמיטן בויען און איז‬ ‫שוין אט פארטיג‪ .‬לויטן פלאן וועט מען‬ ‫באנייען די נייע מקוה לכבוד די ימים‬ ‫נוראים לשנת תשע"ו הבעל"ט‪.‬‬

‫שבת קודש אין דז'יקוב‬ ‫אז עס קומט שבת‪ ,‬טוישט די בית‪-‬המ‪-‬‬ ‫דרש איר קאליר‪ ,‬עס ווערט שבת'דיג‪.‬‬ ‫פרייטאג‪-‬צו‪-‬נאכטס דאווענען אין‬ ‫שוהל פיל אידן‪ .‬אין די ווינטער שבתים‬ ‫קומט מען זיך צוזאמען בצוותא חדא‬ ‫און מען איז עוסק בשירות ותשבחות‪.‬‬ ‫שבת אינדערפרי לערנט פאר דעם שי‪-‬‬ ‫עור המגיד שיעור הנפלא הרב מנשה‬ ‫טריגער שליט"א‪ ,‬מחשובי מתפללי‬ ‫בית‪-‬המדרש‪ .‬די שיעור ווערט פא‪-‬‬ ‫רגעלערנט אום אכט‪-‬אזייגער פארן‬ ‫דאווענען‪ .‬עס דאוונט זיך גאר אנדערש‬

‫נאך א בלאט גמרא‪ ,‬און עס דערקענט‬ ‫זיך אויפן דאווענען דערנאך‪.‬‬ ‫נאכן דאווענען ווערט געגעבן א‬ ‫גרויסארטיגן קידוש‪ ,‬וואס ווערט צו‪-‬‬ ‫געשטעלט דורכ'ן רבי'ן שליט"א‪ .‬עס‬ ‫איז פאראן א תקנה אין בית‪-‬המדרש‬ ‫אז קיינער טאר נישט ברענגען קיין עסן‬ ‫צום קידוש‪ ,‬נאר דער רבי שליט"א שט‪-‬‬ ‫עלט אלעס אליין צו‪ ,‬בעזרתם ובהתנ‪-‬‬ ‫דבתם פון פארשידענע בעקערייען אין‬ ‫שטאט‪ ,‬וואס זענען מנדב די קדישים‬ ‫פארן בית‪-‬המדרש‪.‬‬ ‫ריכטיג‪ ,‬עסן טאר מען נישט אליין בר‪-‬‬ ‫ענגען‪ ,‬אבער משקאות – דאס איז שוין‬ ‫א צווייטע מעשה‪ ...‬דאס קען יעדער‬ ‫איינער ברענגען כיד ה' הטובה עליו‪ .‬און‬ ‫דער עולם ברענגט טאקע! – מען איז‬ ‫זיך משמח לכבוד היום ולכבוד השבת‪.‬‬ ‫אין די זומערדיגע שבתים איז פאראן‬ ‫א שיעור פרקי אבות נאכמיטאג‪ ,‬יעדע‬ ‫וואך ברענגט מען מגידים פון די שטאט‪,‬‬ ‫וועלכע לערנען פאר דעם פרק פון די‬ ‫וואך פאר א פולע ציבור צוהערער‪ ,‬און‬ ‫דער עולם איז זיך מתענג על ה' אין די‬ ‫לאנגע נאכמיטאג שעות‪.‬‬ ‫אויף שלש‪-‬סעודות קומט זיך דער עולם‬ ‫ווידער צוזאמען‪ ,‬צו זיצן אינאיינעם כמ‪-‬‬ ‫נהג חסידים ואנשי מעשה בכל הדורות‪.‬‬ ‫מלוה מלכה ווערט געפראוועט כדיאה‬ ‫לסעודתא דדוד מלכא משיחא‪ ,‬אנ‪-‬‬ ‫געהויבן פון עלעוו‪-‬אזייגער ביינאכט‪,‬‬ ‫ביז אין די פארטאגס שעות וואס מען‬ ‫דארף שוין אויפשטיין צום לערנען‪ .‬אזוי‬ ‫ווערט נתחבר דער קודש בחול מיט א‬ ‫לילה אריכתא‪ ,‬עס קען זיך מאכן אז‬ ‫דער גוי זאל אנקומען פארטאגס אויפ‪-‬‬ ‫רוימען‪ ,‬אבער ער זאל נאך געפינען‬ ‫אידן עסן מלוה‪-‬מלכה‪ .‬אין אזא פאל‬ ‫וועט דער גוי מוזן צואווארטן ביז די‬ ‫אידן ענדיגן די סעודה און דאן דערנאך‬ ‫וועט ער קענען צוגרייטן פאר די וואכן‬ ‫טעג‪.‬‬

‫דער נאכט פון שבועות‬ ‫רעדנדיג פון די שיעורים‪ ,‬קען מען נישט‬ ‫אויסלאזן דעם מנהג טוב וואס איז‬ ‫איינגעפירט געווארן אין בית‪-‬המדרש‬ ‫בליל התקדש חג שבועות‪ ,‬די נאכט‬

‫פון תיקון‪-‬ליל‪-‬שבועות‪ ,‬אז א גאנצע‬ ‫נאכט זענען פאראן בעלי‪-‬דרשנים אין‬ ‫בית‪-‬המדרש‪ ,‬וואס לערנען פאר פאר‪-‬‬ ‫שידענע ענינים לכבוד החג‪ .‬יעדע שעה‬ ‫טרעט אויף א צווייטער בעל‪-‬דרשן און‬ ‫לערנט פאר עפעס אנדערש‪ .‬איינער‬ ‫לערנט פאר אקדמות‪ ,‬דערנאך קומט א‬ ‫צווייטער און לערנט פאר רות‪ ,‬א דרי‪-‬‬ ‫טער גיבט א שמועס איבער די עשרת‬ ‫הדיברות‪ ,‬און אזוי פארברענגט מען‬ ‫דעם הייליגן נאכט מיט תורת‪-‬השם‬ ‫המענג לב השומע‪.‬‬ ‫די שיעורים קומען פאר אין גרויסן‬ ‫בית‪-‬המדרש‪ ,‬בשעת אין דעם אלטן‬ ‫בית‪-‬המדרש איז צוגעשטעלט צו זאגן‬ ‫תיקון‪ ,‬פאר די וואס ווילן זאגן דעם תי‪-‬‬ ‫קון‪.‬‬ ‫פאשטייט זיך אז נאך אזא תיקון‪-‬ליל‪-‬‬ ‫שבועות‪ ,‬הערנדיג אזויפיל עניני החג‬ ‫וגודל קדושתה‪ ,‬גייט דער גאנצער יום‪-‬‬ ‫טוב צו מיט א באזונדערע געשמאק‪,‬‬ ‫עס שפירט זיך אנדערש‪ ,‬דער יום‪-‬טוב‬ ‫פארמאגט א באזונדערע משמעות‪.‬‬

‫גבאי קודש‬ ‫צום לעצט‪ ,‬מוז ארויסגעברענגט ווערן‬ ‫לשבח די צוויי גבאי קודש‪ ,‬וואס פירן‬ ‫דורך זייער ארבעט בנאמנה‪ ,‬מיט א גע‪-‬‬ ‫וואלדיגע איבערגעגעבנקייט און זארגן‬ ‫שטענדיג לטובת הציבור‪ .‬דאס זענען‬ ‫מו"ה ר' קלמן אייזנבערג מיט מו"ה ר'‬ ‫יעקב זאבל הי"ו‪ .‬אזא פארנעם ווי עס‬ ‫פירט זיך אין בית‪-‬המדרש קומט נישט‬ ‫צו פיס‪ ,‬און עס איז נישט קיין סוד אז‬ ‫ווען נישט די איבערגעגעבענע גבאים‪,‬‬ ‫וואלט דער בית‪-‬המדרש נישט אויסגע‪-‬‬ ‫קוקט אזוי ווי זי קוקט היינט אויס‪ ,‬מיט‬ ‫אזא געשמאק און אייגנארטיגקייט‪.‬‬ ‫ישלם השם להם פעלם הטוב‪ ,‬ותהי‬ ‫משכורתם שלמה מעם‬ ‫השם!‬ ‫ווילט איר באשרייבן אייער שוהל אדער‬ ‫מוסד? ‪ -‬ביטע פארבינדט אייך מיט די‬ ‫מערכת‪:‬‬

‫טעל‪208.917.3829 :‬‬ ‫אימעיל‪sam@hakosev.com :‬‬

‫‪/ T HE MONS E Y V IE W‬‬


‫די אינהאלט פון די מגילות‬ ‫וואס א שורה ווייטער די פארשער האבן געליינט‪ ,‬זענען זיי אלס מער איבראשט געווארן פון די טייערע אוצרות‪ .‬עס איז‬ ‫קלאר געווען אז דא רעדט זיך פון אן אומשאצבארן אוצר‪ ,‬וואס די מגילה דערציילט אירע פונקטליכע ערטער וואו זיי זענען באהאלטן‬ ‫געווארן און וואו מען קען זיי געפינען‪.‬‬ ‫די מגילה ענהאלט אין זיך פארשידענע מיסטישע סודות און ערטער פון אוצרות‪ ,‬וואו זיי דארפן זיך געפינען‪ .‬מיר וועלן צוטירן‬ ‫עטליכע צוטאטן פון די מגילה‪ ,‬כדי צו האבן א בליק וואספארא סארט אוצרות עס איז די רעדע אצינד‪.‬‬ ‫‪KEN.‬בחרובא שבעמק עכור תחת המעלות הבואת למזרח אמות אריח ארבעין שדת כסף וכליה משקל ככרין שבעשרה‬ ‫אין די חורבה אין עמק עכור‪ ,‬אונטער די טרעפ וואס קומען פון מזרח‪ ,‬פערציג אמות ביי די ציגל‪ ,‬זילבער און אירע כלים אין די וואג פון‬ ‫שטייט אויפגעשריבן אין גריכיש)‪( KEN.‬דער ווארט ‪KEN‬צען כיכר‬

‫די צענטע שורה ליינט זיך ווי פאלגענד‪:‬‬ ‫בבור [ש]תחת החומא מן המזרח בשן הסלע כדין של כסף שש מאות ותחת הסף הגדול‪.‬‬

‫אין די גרוב אונטער די מויער‪ ,‬פון מזרח זיין‪ ,‬אין דעם פעלז‪-‬שטיין‪ ,‬קריגלעך פון זילבער ‪ -‬זעקס‪-‬הונדערט‪ ,‬און אונטער דער גרויסן שוועל‪.‬‬

‫אביסל ווייטער געפינען מיר שטיין‪:‬‬ ‫‪ HN 42.‬בבור המלח שתחת המעלות ככרין‬

‫(אומפארשטענדליכע גריכישע טערמינען)‪HN.‬אין דער גרוב פון זאלץ‪ ,‬אונטער די טרעפ‪ 42 ,‬כיכר‬

‫צווישן אנדערע שטויסן מיר זיך אן אין געוויסע הלכה טערמינען‪ ,‬א שטייגער ווי דער פאלגענדער צוטאט‪:‬‬ ‫בחצר ‪...‬ט (אומליינבאר) תחת הפנא הדרומית אמות תשע כלי כספ וזהב של דמע מזרקות כוסות מנקיאות קסאות כל‬ ‫שש מאות ותשע‪.‬‬

‫אין דעם חצר‪ ...‬אונטער דער דרום וואונקל‪ ,‬ניין אמות‪ ,‬כלים פון זילבער און גאלד פון דמע‪ ,‬שפריצערס‪ ,‬בעכערס‪ ,‬רייניגערס‪ ,‬קסאות (?)‪,‬‬ ‫אלעס איז זעקס‪-‬הונדערט‪-‬און‪-‬ניין‪.‬‬

‫מיר געפינען אויך עטוואס מער באקאנטע ערטער‪ ,‬ווי פאלגענד‪:‬‬ ‫תחת יד אבשלום מן הצד המערבי חפוור אמות שתין עסרה ככ ‪.80‬‬

‫אונטערן יד‪-‬אבשלום‪ ,‬פון מערב זייט‪ ,‬גראב צוועלעף אמות‪ ,‬ככ ‪( 80‬נישט פארשטאנדיג דער פשט דערפון)‬

‫אסאך גאלד – אסאך פראגן‬ ‫דער סך‪-‬הכל פון די מגילה‬ ‫נעמט אריין אין זיך‪ ,‬פיר‪-‬טויזנט‪-‬פינף‪-‬‬ ‫הונדערט שטיקער פון גאלד און זילב‪-‬‬ ‫ער‪ ,‬ווי אויך אנדערע חפצים‪ ,‬צווישן זיי‬ ‫הונדערט‪-‬פינף‪-‬און‪-‬זעכציג גאלדענע‬ ‫לעפלען‪ ,‬גאפלען און אנדערע כלים‪.‬‬ ‫אין אנדערע ווערטער‪ :‬העכער צוויי‪-‬‬ ‫הונדערט טאן פון גאלד און זילבער‪ ,‬א‬ ‫סכום עצום אפילו אין היינטיגע צייטן‪.‬‬ ‫אויפן ערשטן בליק‪ ,‬זעענדיג‬ ‫די דאזיגע אוצרות‪ ,‬האט זיך גראד גע‪-‬‬ ‫שטעלט אויפן געדאנק אז די רעדע איז‬ ‫אצינד איבער די כלים פון בית‪-‬המ‪-‬‬ ‫קדש‪ .‬די מגילה דערציילט איבער די‬ ‫הייליגע כלים וואס זענען ווארשיינליך‬ ‫באהאלטן געווארן פון רוימישע הענט‬ ‫איידערן חורבן בית‪-‬המקדש‪ .‬מעגליך‬ ‫אז מען רעדט אצינד איבער די דאזיגע‬ ‫פארלוירענע כלים‪.‬‬ ‫קוקנדיג אין די מגילת‪-‬הנחו‪-‬‬


‫‪TH E MON S EY V I EW /‬‬

‫שת‪ ,‬שטעלט זיך אסאך פראגן און שא‪-‬‬ ‫לות וואס דארפן פארמאגן אן ענטפער‪:‬‬ ‫וואס זענען די דאזיגע אוצרות? צו ווע‪-‬‬ ‫מען געהערן זיי און פארוואס האט מען‬ ‫דאס באהאלטן? – וואו זענען די אלע‬ ‫ערטער וואו די חפצים זענען באהאלטן‬ ‫געווארן? – קען מען זיי גיין זוכן און‬ ‫געפינען?‬ ‫צו וועמען געהערן די אוצ־‬ ‫רות?‬ ‫דער ערשטער קושיא וואס‬ ‫שטעלט זיך אויפן געדאנק‪ ,‬לייענדיג די‬ ‫מגילה‪ ,‬איז 'ווער איז דער באלעבאס‬ ‫פון די אוצרות? – ווער האט פארמאגט‬ ‫אין זיין באזיץ אזא ריזיגע מאס פון גא‪-‬‬ ‫לדענע און זילבערנע כלים‪ ,‬אין אזעלכע‬ ‫גרויסע ציפערן?'‬ ‫דערויף זענען פאראן עטלי‪-‬‬ ‫כע מעגליכע ענטפערס‪ ,‬וואס מיר וועלן‬ ‫באהאנדלען‪ ,‬פראבירנדיג אפצולערנען‬

‫ווער עס איז דער אמת'ער באלעבאס‬ ‫דערפון‪.‬‬ ‫אוצרות בית‪-‬המקדש‬ ‫לויט ווי עס קוקט אויס פון‬ ‫די מגילות‪ ,‬איז די רעדע אצינד פון די‬ ‫כלים פון בית‪-‬המקדש‪ ,‬וואס זענען‬ ‫באהאלטן געווארן איידער די רוימער‬ ‫זענען אריינגעקומען אין בית‪-‬המקדש‬ ‫און איר פארשוועכט‪ .‬די מגילה דער‪-‬‬ ‫ציילט גאנץ ווארשיינליך וואו אהין מען‬ ‫האט געלייגט די אוצרות‪ ,‬אז אין פאל‬ ‫אויב מען וועט וועלן צוריקבויען דער‬ ‫בית‪-‬המקדש‪ ,‬זאל מען קענען צוזאמ‪-‬‬ ‫עננעמען די אוצרות און בויען דערמיט‬ ‫דעם בית‪-‬המקדש‪.‬‬ ‫ווי באקאנט זענען רוב חוק‪-‬‬ ‫רים ביי די מיינונג‪ ,‬אז די אלע מגילות‬ ‫וואס זענען געפינען געווארן אין די‬ ‫היילן פון מדבר‪-‬יהודה‪ ,‬זענען געשריבן‬ ‫געווארן דורך א געוויסע סעקטע און‬

‫קולט וואס האבן געוואוינט אין יענע‬ ‫געגנט אין די צייטן פון דער צווייטער‬ ‫בית‪-‬המקדש‪ ,‬און זיי האבן זיך גערו‪-‬‬ ‫פן "איסיים"‪ .‬יוסיפון און פילון שרייבן‬ ‫איבער זיי און איבער זייער לעבנס‬ ‫שטייגער‪ ,‬און לויט ווי עס קוקט אויס‬ ‫פון די מגילות‪ ,‬האבן זיי געוואוינט‬ ‫אין יענע געגנט אין די היילן פון מדבר‬ ‫יהודה‪ ,‬און זיי האבן געשריבן די אלע‬ ‫מגילות‪.‬‬ ‫פאראן אבער חוקרים וואס‬ ‫קריגן זיך דערויף‪ ,‬און טענה'ען אז טרא‪-‬‬ ‫צדעם וואס א טייל מגילות קוקן אויס‬ ‫ווי עס שטאמט פון די איסיים‪ ,‬זענ‪-‬‬ ‫ען רוב מגילות געהעריגע כתבי קודש‬ ‫אדער ספרים חיצונים פון דער סארט‬ ‫וואס עס האט זיך געוואלגערט צווישן‬ ‫אידן במשך דער צייט פון דער צווייטער‬ ‫בית‪-‬המקדש‪ ,‬א שטייגער ווי בן‪-‬סירא‬ ‫און אנדערע‪ .‬עס איז דעריבער נישט‬ ‫ריכטיג אפצולערנען אז אלעס קומט‬ ‫פון די איסיים‪ ,‬נאר צוליב עטליכע מגי‪-‬‬ ‫לות וואס מען האט געפינען אויפן ארט‪.‬‬ ‫אין צוגאב‪ ,‬לויט דער אופן ווי אזוי מען‬ ‫האט געפינען די מגילות‪ ,‬קוקט עס אויס‬ ‫ווי די מגילות זענען באהאלטן געווארן‬ ‫אויפן ארט צוליב א סיבה‪ ,‬און נישט אז‬ ‫עס איז געווען אזא סארט ביבליאטעק‬ ‫פון די איסיים‪.‬‬ ‫דעריבער טענה'ען די חו‪-‬‬ ‫קרים‪ ,‬אז דאס איז געווען דער אוצר‬ ‫הספרים פון דער בית‪-‬המקדש‪ ,‬און‬ ‫זעענדיג אז די רוימער וועלן חרוב מאכן‬ ‫דעם הייליגן הויז‪ ,‬האט מען אין דער‬ ‫איילעניש אריבערגעברענגט די ספרים‬ ‫אין מדבר וואו מען האט זיי באהאלטן‬ ‫אין די היילן‪ .‬ווען אנדערע אידן האבן‬ ‫געזען אז מען ברענגט אהין די מגילות‬ ‫פון בית‪-‬המקדש‪ ,‬זענען זיי אויך געלאפן‬ ‫און דארט באהאלטן די ספרים‪ .‬דאס‬ ‫האט גורם געווען אז צווישן די ספרים‬ ‫האבן זיך געוואלגערט אויך אזעלכע‬ ‫ספרים וואס קומט נישט פון קיין היילי‪-‬‬ ‫גע מקור‪ ,‬א זאך וואס האט מיט טויזנטע‬ ‫יאר שפעטער גורם געווען‪ ,‬אז מענטשן‬ ‫זאלן זיך טועה זיין און מיינען אז מען‬

‫רעדט פון די ספרים פון די איסיים‪.‬‬ ‫אלס ראיה צו זייערע ווערט‪-‬‬ ‫ער‪ ,‬אז די מגילות שטאמען פון בית‪-‬המ‪-‬‬ ‫קדש‪ ,‬ברענגען זיי דער דאזיגער מגילת‬ ‫הנחושת‪ ,‬וואו עס איז פאראן א רשימה‬ ‫פון די אוצרות פון בית‪-‬המקדש‪ .‬פון‬ ‫די מגילה איז געדרינגען אז מען האט‬ ‫באהאלטן אלע כלים פון דער בית‪-‬‬ ‫המקדש‪ ,‬זייער מעגליך אז דאס האט‬ ‫פאסירט אין דער זעלבער צייט וואס‬ ‫מען האט באהאלטן די ספרים‪ ,‬און עס‬ ‫איז זייער לאגיש צו טראכטן אזוי‪ ,‬ווייל‬ ‫פונקט אזוי ווי מען האט באהאלטן די‬ ‫כלים‪ ,‬האט מען באהאלטן די ספרים‬ ‫אין די היילן‪.‬‬ ‫אנדערע פארשער פרעגן אפ‬ ‫די טעאריע מיט די טענה‪ ,‬אז אין אזא‬ ‫פאל וואלט געדארפט דערמאנט ווערן‬ ‫אין די מגילה עפעס איבער די ספרים‪,‬‬ ‫וויבאלד אויך זיי זענען באהאלטן גע‪-‬‬ ‫ווארן פונקט ווי די אנדערע אוצרות‪.‬‬ ‫דערווייל ווערן די ספרים נישט דער‪-‬‬ ‫מאנט אין די מגילה‪ ,‬א זאך וואס ווייזט‬ ‫אז די מגילה מיט די ספרים האבן נישט‬ ‫קיין שום שייכות‪ ,‬נאר די מגילה איז א‬ ‫באזונדערע זאך וואס דערציילט איבער‬ ‫די אוצרות פון בית‪-‬המקדש‪.‬‬ ‫דער דריטער בית‪-‬המקדש‬ ‫נישט ווייט פון דער פלאץ‬ ‫וואו די מגילות זענען געפינען געווארן‪,‬‬ ‫האט מען געפינען פיל פערזענליכע‬ ‫בריוו פון בר‪-‬כוכבא מיט זיין ארמיי‪,‬‬ ‫ווי אויך פיל כלים און זאכן מיט וואס‬ ‫בר‪-‬כוכבא האט זיך באנוצט‪ .‬עס שט‪-‬‬ ‫עלט זיך ארויס אז בר‪-‬כוכבא האט זיך‬ ‫פאר א שטיק צייט אויסבאהאלטן אין‬ ‫די דאזיגע היילן און האט פון דארט אנ‪-‬‬ ‫געפירט מיט זיינע מלחמות‪.‬‬ ‫ווי באקאנט האט בר‪-‬כוכבא‬ ‫געפלאנט אויפצובויען דעם דריטן בית‪-‬‬ ‫המקדש‪ ,‬און לויט טייל מיינונגען האט‬ ‫ער שוין אפילו באוויזן אויפצובויען‬ ‫דעם בית‪-‬המקדש‪ ,‬איידער מען האט‬ ‫איר ווידער איינגעווארפן‪ .‬ענליך דערצו‬

‫ווערט אויך געברענגט מדרש בראשית‬ ‫רבה‪ ,‬אז יוליוס קייסער האט שוין אפילו‬ ‫געגעבן רשות אויפצובויען דעם דריטן‬ ‫בית‪-‬המקדש‪ ,‬אבער ליידער איז דער‬ ‫פלאן נישט צושטאנד געקומען און‬ ‫אצינד ווארטן מיר אויף משיח צדקינו‪.‬‬ ‫דעריבער זענען טייל פא‪-‬‬ ‫רשער ביי דער מיינונג‪ ,‬אז די דאזיגע‬ ‫אוצרות זענען פון בר‪-‬כוכבא‪ ,‬וואס ער‬ ‫האט אראפגעשריבן די פלענער פון‬ ‫דעם דריטן בית‪-‬המקדש וואס ער וויל‬ ‫בויען‪ ,‬און וואו ער האט באהאלטן די‬ ‫אלע כלים וואס וועט זיך געפינען אין‬ ‫זיין בית‪-‬המקדש‪.‬‬ ‫דאס רייכטום פון די איסיים‬ ‫צווישן די אלע מגילות וואס‬ ‫זענען געפינען געווארן אין די מערות‬ ‫פון מדבר‪-‬יהודה‪ ,‬שטעלט זיך ארויס‬ ‫אז די מיטגלידער פון דער קולט האבן‬ ‫געטראגן מיט זיך א געוויסער מיסטי‪-‬‬ ‫שע סוד‪ ,‬וואס זיי האבן קיינעם נישט‬ ‫געטארט דערציילן‪ .‬יעדן יאר האבן זיי‬ ‫פון פריש געשוואוירן אז זיי גייען נישט‬ ‫רעדן צו קיינעם איבער די סודות פונעם‬ ‫קולט‪ ,‬און מיטגלידער זענען גע'קנס'עט‬ ‫געווארן אין פאל מען האט געכאפט אז‬ ‫זיי האבן גערעדט צו פרעמדע מענטשן‬ ‫איבער דער קולט‪.‬‬ ‫לויט ווי מאנכע ווילן‬ ‫טענה'ען‪ ,‬ליגט אין די דאזיגע מגילה‬ ‫דער סוד פון די סעקטע‪ ,‬און דאס איז‬ ‫געשריבן געווארן מיט באהאלטענע‬ ‫רמזים‪ .‬אנדערע ווילן אפלערנען אז זיי‬ ‫האבן געהאט ביי זיך גרויסע אוצרות‪,‬‬ ‫וואס זיי האבן נישט געוואלט מיטטיילן‬ ‫מיט דער אלגעמיינער גאס‪ ,‬און דאס‬ ‫זענען די אוצרות פון די קולט‪.‬‬ ‫אויף אזויפיל האבן שוין אר‪-‬‬ ‫כילאגן באמערקט‪ ,‬אז די מיטגלידער‬ ‫פון די קולט האבן געלעבט א באקווע‪-‬‬ ‫מע לעבן און עס האט זיי נישט געפעלט‬ ‫קיין געלט‪ .‬צווישן די חורבות פון זייערע‬ ‫וואוינערטער איז אנטדעקט געווארן א‬ ‫גרויסער פאס פיל מיט גאלדענע רע‪-‬‬

‫נדלעך‪ ,‬וואס איז באהאלטן געווארן‬ ‫אויפן ארט‪ .‬אזוי אויך זענען פאראן‬ ‫פיל אנדייטונגען אז די מיטגלידער פון‬ ‫די קולט זענען בכלל נישט געווען קיין‬ ‫ארעמעלייט‪.‬‬ ‫נו‪ ,‬אפשר האט מען אצינד‬ ‫געפינען דעם שליסל פון די אוצרות פון‬ ‫דער קולט? – ווער ווייסט‪.‬‬ ‫ווידער זענען פאראן אנדע‪-‬‬ ‫רע וואס טענה'ען אביסל אנדערש‪:‬‬ ‫אין די מגילות ווערן דער‪-‬‬ ‫ציילט‪ ,‬אז יעדער איינער וואס האט‬ ‫זיך געוואלט אנשליסן אין די סעקטע‪,‬‬ ‫האט געמוזט אוועקגעבן זיין גאנצע‬ ‫געלט פאר די קולט‪ .‬קיינער האט נישט‬ ‫געהאט קיין אייגענע פארמעגן‪ ,‬נאר‬ ‫עס איז געווען איין גרויסע קאסע וואס‬ ‫האט געדינט פאר יעדן‪ ,‬און וואס מען‬ ‫האט פארדינט איז תיכף אריין אין די‬ ‫קאסע פון די קולט‪.‬‬ ‫עס איז זייער מעגליך אז‬ ‫דאס זענען די באהאלטענע אוצרות‬ ‫פון די איסיים‪ ,‬וואס זענען אנגעזאמ‪-‬‬ ‫לט געווארן פון אירע מיטגלידער און‬ ‫באהאלטן געווארן אין די דאזיגע ער‪-‬‬ ‫טער‪.‬‬ ‫דער בית‪-‬המקדש פון די‬ ‫איסיים‬ ‫אן אנדערער – מער ראדי‪-‬‬ ‫קאלער ‪ -‬טעאריע איז פאראן ווי פא‪-‬‬ ‫לגענד‪:‬‬ ‫פון די מגילות ליינט זיך‬ ‫ארויס זייער האס און אנגעווייטאגט‪-‬‬ ‫קייט אויף די ווירטשאפט אין בית‪-‬המ‪-‬‬ ‫קדש און ירושלים‪ .‬די איסיים האבן זיך‬ ‫קענטליך אפגעטיילט פון דער בית‪-‬המ‪-‬‬ ‫קדש‪ ,‬נישט וועלנדיג זיין א חלק אין די‬ ‫עבודת בית‪-‬המקדש‪ ,‬און האבן ליידער‬ ‫דערקלערט אז זיי שטיצן נישט דער‬ ‫בית‪-‬המקדש‪.‬‬ ‫עס קען דעריבער זייער‬ ‫מעגליך זיין‪ ,‬אז די איסיים האבן פא‪-‬‬ ‫רמאגט אן אנדערן בית‪-‬המקדש – א‬ ‫זאך וואס מיר געפינען נישט זעלטן אין‬

‫יענע תקופה‪ ,‬א שטייגער ווי בית חניו‬ ‫אין מצרים‪ ,‬און דער בית‪-‬המקדש אין‬ ‫יב און אין אנדערע פלעצער – דארט‬ ‫האבן די איסיים מקריב געווען קרבנות‬ ‫און געטאן די עבודה‪.‬‬ ‫אלס ראיה צו דער טעאריע‪,‬‬ ‫האט מען געפינען עטליכע פעסער מיט‬ ‫ביינער פון בעלי‪-‬חיים‪ .‬עס איז אומ‪-‬‬ ‫פארשטענדליך וואס די דאזיגע ביינער‬ ‫האבן געדינט‪ ,‬אבער גאנץ מעגליך אז‬ ‫דאס האט א שייכות מיט זייער בית‪-‬‬ ‫המקדש וואו מען האט מקריב געווען‬ ‫דארט קרבנות‪.‬‬ ‫נישט אומזינסט זענען די‬ ‫חכמים ארויסגעגאנגען קעגן זיי מיט‬ ‫אזא שארפקייט‪.‬‬ ‫א פארקערטער השערה‬ ‫לאזט זיך זאגן‪:‬‬ ‫טראצדעם וואס די איסיים‬ ‫האבן דערקלערט זייער קעגנערשא‪-‬‬ ‫פט צום בית‪-‬המקדש אין ירושלים‪,‬‬ ‫האבן זיי פארט נישט געקענט נעמען‬ ‫דעם דראסטישן שריט פון נישט שיקן‬ ‫די תרומות ומעשרות צום בית‪-‬המק‪-‬‬ ‫דש‪ .‬זיי האבן דעריבער אפגעשיידט די‬ ‫תרומות אזוי ווי די הלכה פארלאנגט‪,‬‬ ‫אבער נישט געשיקט צום בית‪-‬המקדש‪,‬‬ ‫נאר ענדערש גונז געווען אין די אנגע‪-‬‬ ‫צייכנטע פלעצער‪ ,‬מיט די האפענונג אז‬ ‫ווען דער מצב אין בית‪-‬המקדש וועט‬ ‫פארראכטן ווערן לויט זייער פארשטא‪-‬‬ ‫נד‪ ,‬וועט מען דאס אהינשיקן‪.‬‬ ‫נדרים ונדבות פון די אידן‬ ‫אויב רעדט מען פון די‬ ‫תרומות און מעשרות פון אידן‪ ,‬זענען‬ ‫פאראן וואס קומען מיט אן אנדערע‬ ‫טעאריע‪:‬‬ ‫נאכן חורבן בית‪-‬המקדש‪,‬‬ ‫האבן די אידן פון חוץ‪-‬לארץ ממשיך‬ ‫געווען צו שיקן זייער שטייער פארן‬ ‫בית‪-‬המקדש‪ ,‬מיט זייערע נדרים ונד‪-‬‬ ‫בות‪ ,‬מיט די האפענונג אז דאס וועט‬ ‫אויפגעבויט ווערן בקרוב בימינו און מען‬ ‫וועט עס דארט נוצן‪ .‬עס איז באקאנט‬

‫אז די רוימער האבן נישט געקוקט מיט‬ ‫א גוט אויב אויף די שטייער וואס די‬ ‫אידן האבן געשיקט קיין ירושלים און‬ ‫גע'אסר'ט די אידן צו שיקן די דאזיגע‬ ‫שטייערן‪ ,‬א זאך וואס די אידן האבן‬ ‫נישט געקענט פועל'ן ביי זיך און האבן‬ ‫ממשיך געווען דאס צו שיקן‪ ,‬טראץ די‬ ‫ווארענונגען פון די רוימער‪.‬‬ ‫עס איז זייער מעגליך‪ ,‬אז מען‬ ‫האט דאס איינגעטוישט אויף חפצים‪,‬‬ ‫נישט וועלנדיג אז די רוימער זאלן כאפן‬ ‫די אוצרות‪ ,‬און דאס באהאלטן אויף א‬ ‫צייט וואס מען וועט קענען ארויסנעמען‬ ‫די אוצרות און זיך באנוצן דערמיט‪.‬‬ ‫איז פאראן נאך השערות איבער דעם‬ ‫אוצר? – האט מען פאקטיש געפינען‬ ‫די ערטער וואס ווערן אנגעדייטעט אין‬ ‫די מגילה? – וואו ליגן למעשה די אוצ־‬ ‫רות?‬ ‫קומענדיגע וואך אי"ה‬ ‫= אין גרויס‪ ,‬אינמיטן =‬ ‫ווער איז דער באלעבאס פון‬ ‫די אוצרות? – ווער האט פארמאגט אין‬ ‫זיין באזיץ אזא ריזיגע מאס פון גאל‪-‬‬ ‫דענע און זילבערנע כלים‪ ,‬אין אזעלכע‬ ‫גרויסע ציפערן?‬ ‫זעענדיג אז די רוימער וועלן‬ ‫חרוב מאכן דעם הייליגן הויז‪ ,‬האט מען‬ ‫אין דער איילעניש אריבערגעברענגט‬ ‫די ספרים אין מדבר וואו מען האט זיי‬ ‫באהאלטן אין די היילן‪.‬‬ ‫די דאזיגע אוצרות זענען פון‬ ‫בר‪-‬כוכבא‪ ,‬וואס ער האט אראפגעש‪-‬‬ ‫ריבן די פלענער פון דעם דריטן בית‪-‬‬ ‫המקדש‪.‬‬ ‫נו‪ ,‬אפשר האט מען אצינד‬ ‫געפינען דעם שליסל פון די אוצרות פון‬ ‫דער קולט?‬

‫‪Photo credit JDN‬‬


‫‪TH E MON S EY V I EW /‬‬

‫‪/ T HE MONS E Y V IE W‬‬


‫מסע הקודש של האדמו״ר מסאטמאר ל׳מקומות הקדושים ב׳אירופה לרגל הילולת הישמח משה זי״ע‬


‫‪TH E MON S EY V I EW /‬‬

‫‪Photo credit JDN‬‬

‫‪Photo credit JDN‬‬

‫‪92 / T HE MONS E Y V IE W‬‬

‫מסע הקודש של האדמו״ר מסאטמאר ל׳מקומות הקדושים ב׳אירופה לרגל הילולת הישמח משה זי״ע‬

‫אבי ס‪Photo credit .‬‬ ‫‪THE MONSEY VIEW‬‬

‫האדמו״ר מקאלוב בביקור במאנסי בשב״ק העעל״ט‬

‫האדמו״ר מ׳סקולען בסעודת ראש חודש‬

‫שמחת התנאים בחצרות סאלקא מאנסי ‪ -‬קיוויאשד‬


‫‪TH E MON S EY V I EW /‬‬

‫‪Photo credit JDN‬‬

‫‪Photo credit JDN‬‬

‫‪94 / THE MO NS E Y V IE W‬‬

‫מסע הקודש של האדמו״ר מסאטמאר ל׳מקומות הקדושים ב׳אירופה לרגל הילולת הישמח משה זי״ע‬


‫בשמחה רבה מקדמים אנו בחיבה‪ ,‬את פני האי גברא יקירא‪,‬‬ ‫בנש"ק והולך בדרכיהם‪ ,‬ידיו רב לו בחינוך צעירי ישראל‪ ,‬עוסק‬ ‫באורייתא תדירא‬

‫כש"ת הגה"צ רבי משה בערגער שליט"א‬

‫אבדק"ק רידניק‬ ‫לרגל בואו לשכון כבוד בתוככי שכונותינו המעטירה‬

‫טשערי לעין‪ ,‬עירמאנט‬ ‫ולרגל פתיחת שערי בית מדרשו‬ ‫לתפארת ולרווחת תושבי השכונה והגלילות‬

‫יהא בואו לברכה ולהרמת קרן התורה והחסידות‬ ‫המקדמים פניו בחיבה‬ ‫ארי' לייב גלאנץ‪ ,‬יוסף יוזפא ווייסמאן‪ ,‬חיים קאהן‪ ,‬בן ציון קאהן‪,‬‬ ‫יעקב שלום שימאנאוויטש‪ ,‬ישראל ראטטענבערג‪ ,‬מאיר גאלדמאן‪,‬‬ ‫יוחנן גרינבוים‪ ,‬דוד שמעלצער‪ ,‬יהודה שפירא‪ ,‬חיים כהן‬

‫בשם תושבי שכונת טשערי לעין‪ ,‬עירמאנט‬ ‫‪Photo credit JDN‬‬

‫‪96 / T HE MONS E Y V IE W‬‬

‫האדמו״ר מבאבוב בטיש לרגל הילולת האדמו״ מהר״ש מבאבוב‬

‫חברים אוו ראקלענד סעיפטי דעי‬


‫‪TH E MON S EY V I EW /‬‬

‫‪98 / THE MO NS E Y V IE W‬‬

Milchig & Parve Meals To Go

Parve & Dairy

FRESH DELICIOUS UNIQUE Pastas, Salads, Sandwiches, Paninis, Wraps, Soups, Quiches, Desserts, Cheese Cakes, Cakes, Cookies, Tarts, Danishes, Bourekas, Croissants, Muffins, Coffee, Smoothies, Milkshakes.

Individual and Family Sizes

Call 845-201-9000

FREE Delivery

178 Route 59, Suite 5, Monsey, NY 10952. (between Remsen Ave and Bates Dr)

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Sun 9:30am-7 pm / Mon-Thu 7:30am-7pm / Fri 7:30am-2hrs before shkiah. Or place your order online: www.PrimaveraKosher.com

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The Monsey View - Issue #10  

The Monsey View - Issue #10  

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