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FREE ISSUE 97 MAY 3, 2017

‫קדושים‬-‫פרשת אחרי‬ ‫ז' אייר תשע”ז‬



Keep kids safe both to and from school

Every offense counts

FIGHTING YOUR WAY OUT OF THE SPEED ZONE An interview with Law Offices of Zev Goldstein

FYI: Traffic lights New Serial!


STORY: First Offense

r e m O ’ B Lag at Meron a t u o h t i w p u t e l s ’ t momen ction of as per the instru vsky shlita ie n a K im a h C v a Maran Hagaon R

g a L o t g a L Meron from Daily The 24 Hours of Lag Baomer

For an Entire Year

at the kever of Rabi Shimon

at the kever of Rabi Shimon

Throughout the 24 hours of Lag B’Omer

Throughout the year, from Lag B’Omer

messengers of Kupat Ha’ir will daven for

5777 through Lag B’Omer 5778, a

your Yeshuah and Hatzlachah.

messenger of Kupat Ha’ir will daven daily at Meron for your special request.




2 8 4


Donations can be sent to: American Friends of Kupat Hair - 4415 14th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11219

Donate Online:

‫קו‬ ‫העפת‬ ‫יר‬











For those with higher standards ℠







An unforgettable audio-visual presentation for women and high school girls.




HERE Now What?


HaRav Yitzchok Scheiner Shlita

Rabbi Naftali Reich Mrs. Dina Schoonmaker Mrs. Tammy Karmel Mrs. Miriam Sandler

WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 2017 – The


Going P laces!



“ ife is N ow” L “Happy Ending”

‫ תשע”ז‬,‫כ”א אייר‬

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‫לע’’נ ר’ מנשה‬ ‫בן ברוך ז’’ל‬


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FREE ISSUE 97 MAY 3, 2017

‫קדושים‬-‫פרשת אחרי‬ ‫ז' אייר תשע”ז‬



Keep kids safe both to and from school

Every crime counts


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Weigh Smarter

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Week in Review

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Forward March

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Filling the GAPS


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Safe Stop

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Speed Zone

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First Offense

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Point System

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Real Estate

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An interview with Law Offices of Zev Goldstein

FYI: Traffic lights

STORY: First Offense

New Serial!



YOEL ITZKOWITZ Editor in Chief:

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‫זמנים לפרשת‬

‫קדושים‬-‫אחרי‬ ‫סקווירא‬


‫רבינו תם‬

7:32 9:14

7:28 8:55

7:39 9:11

‫הדלקת הנרות‬ ‫מוצאי שבת‬


‫הדלקתי נרותי והחלפתי שמלותי‬ 8 4 5 . 6 7 8 . 8 6 2 4 | 1 6 M E L N I C K D R , M O N S E Y, N Y

Everest Equity Company , Inc. THE

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// Talk of Town



Thank you so much for the delicious recipes featured weekly! I’m very adventurous and like to try new recipes, so I was delighted when my friend advised me to try the Cinnamon Brownie in Issue #95. The cake was heavenly! Everyone simply loved it, and I want to thank Leah Stern for featuring such a mouth-watering recipe! Thank you for your great magazine. It’s really informative and fun to read. A Teenager Who Enjoys to Bake

WORTHY OF MENTION I wanted to share a bit info with readers about the dog attack that you wrote of last week: The security footage that showed the dog attacking the little boy was instrumental in getting the dog removed from that neighborhood. Many people would never think of installing security cameras due to the cost, but many times footage has been able to help remove dangerous criminals (or dogs) or help solve crimes in other ways. While expensive, cameras should be considered an investment in personal safety and that of the klal. Encouraging everyone to install a security camera, A Reader


HOW DO I KNOW? I attended the Supreme Symposium, and I was blown away by the wealth of information shared. There was one point, though, that I need some clarity on. I understand that eczema can lead to Red Skin Syndrome if steroids are wrongly used, but I still am unsure as to how to diagnose and treat real eczema. My one-year-old is suffering from eczema and has never been on steroids. How do I find out if it’s indeed eczema and not a symptom of something else? And what can I do to alleviate the suffering of this poor, helpless child? Will a change of diet M&S SHOE REPAIR




32 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484













Is ABA the abc


845 782 6558

of your child’s development?

Hamaspik’s exceptional Applied Behavior Analysis Program is now open to all children on the autism spectrum. We believe every child deserves the best chance at a bright future. Our cutting-edge ABA has proven to enrich young patients’ lives with improved personal and social skills while reducing undesired behaviors.

Make the call today, and Hamaspik will handle the process from A to Z! For info please contact: Reiny Steif P: 845.503.0239 E:

help? And is there a specialist in eczema who can give me a proper diagnosis and treatment protocol? Thank you so much for the help you provide the klal. I am so grateful that this prevalent issue is being addressed. RUCHY REESE RESPONDS: Thank you for your letter. There a few issues that I’d like to address: The symptoms of eczema and RSS are actually different, with RSS being more severe than true eczema. Feel free to call the Skin Healing Gemach to discuss the various symptoms. Many RSS patients (or their parents) are the type who have “tried everything,” except doctor-prescribed steroids. Unfortunately, there are many charlatans who prey upon the suffering, and many creams that are touted as “natural” have actually been shown to contain extremely strong steroids. In general, I always recommend sticking to major brands as they are more closely monitored. Unfortunately, even within our community, “natural” creams have been tainted with steroids and have caused or extended RSS. A full history and symptoms are needed to make the correct diagnosis. Change of diet has appeared to help real eczema, but it will never help RSS — though due to the cyclical flare cycles of RSS many patients have falsely assumed, at times, that food can cause flares. Again, getting that right diagnosis is the important factor, and sadly, many doctors nowadays have lost the art of correctly diagnosing. There are many different opinions on how to heal eczema, from the GAPS diet (as featured in this week’s new series) to sun exposure to herbal drops, but none of them have

34 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484


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as heavily documented and clearly scientifically proven results as there are with RSS, so I refrain from telling people how to treat real eczema. But rest assured: Kids who never develop RSS almost always outgrow their rashes in youth! Wishing you and yours an abundance of health! Ruchy Reese



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We had a very frightening story this week that I would like to share. Our eight-year-old son went to take a bath. After a half hour I suddenly realized that he hadn’t come out. I called his name, and there was no response. I ran to the bathroom in a panic to check on him only to find him fast asleep in the bathtub, the water covering part of his face, but not yet his mouth or nose. I woke him up to see that b’chasdei Hashem he was okay. It seems that he was very exhausted and relaxing in the bath lulled him into a peaceful sleep. The encounter shook us up, and all night we were envisioning all kinds of scenarios. It goes without saying that younger children must be supervised in the bath, but care should be taken also when the older children bathe on their own. Be mindful that they are in the bath and call their name every so often to make sure they’re okay. May Hashem watch over all of us. Shaken-Up

WE NEED OUR SIDEWALKS The summer has arrived and the nice weather takes us outdoors. I, and many others, enjoy walking outside, when taking the children to playgroup, walking to the grocery, etc. Many of Monsey’s roads have sidewalks for the safety of pedestrians, but they have become unusable, as many people are positioning their sprinkler systems to spray on the sidewalks. Your grass needs to grow, not my shoes and stockings. It is often unsafe to step off the sidewalk, and my son, whom I take to playgroup, can’t handle the water. And what about the men walking to kollel? The mailmen? The elderly? It is the inconvenience that bothers me, but even more, the safety. Let’s take the message of sefirah, the tragedy that occurred ‫בפני שלא‬ ‫נהגו כבוד בזה‬, and let’s look out for others. Even the small things will bring tremendous zechusim. A gezunten summer, Beila Rosenberger

RESPECT OUR MINHAGIM I’m writing this letter after a beautiful yom tov spent with my family. It is always a delight to host my children and grandchildren and to enjoy family time together. I love and respect my children and their spouses dearly, and every wise mother and shvigger knows to appreciate every child for who they are, and not to weigh and measure their every action against what we would have liked to see. During yom tov I had some experiences with my married children-inlaw, where they didn’t realize how important certain minhagim, which I have kept to all the years, are to me. It was painful for me to watch them doing things differently than I would have liked in my kitchen and in my home. Please, dear children, even if you are not used to doing things the way your in-laws do, respect their minhagim and make every effort to comply with them when you’re in their home. This is especially true during Pesach

with its myriad chumros. Sensitivity and respect goes a long way in building great family relationships. A Proud Mother and Shvigger EDITOR’S BULLETIN: In regards to the pit bull attack that took place two weeks ago, askanim would like to remind the community about the significance of filing police reports any time a crime or a dangerous situation occurs. When people (or animals) have previously recorded histories of wrongdoing, it is more likely for convictions to happen. If you are victim, ch”v, please take the time to help the klal by filing a report.

HALACHA ALERT I would like to thank the reader who contacted me regarding the proper bracha for the energy bars featured in Issue #96. It has been discussed with several poskim well-versed in hilchos brachos and the consensus was that according to the Shilchun Aruch it’s a shaila if one can make a bracha on a product containing raw oats. According to halacha, these bars must be eaten during a meal to which one has washed for Hamotzi. I will present an amended recipe next week with the correct bracha. Leah Stern

38 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484

Incontrovertibly Quality




le c

th d fo e ft te r a ality dt c he a n d of qu fi n e s t r aw m a t e r i a l s ine The r ve l i s u l c esult is an ex

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As told to: Basya Lev

TWO AND A HALF WEEKS BEFORE PESACH I found myself with a free half hour. Since oatmeal is a staple in my house and I was out of it, I decided to quickly run to the store to buy some before I picked up my baby from the babysitter. I realized once I got there that I did not have my Chodesh book with me. I needed to know the dates to see if the oats were still yoshon. I called my mother from the store, but I was unable to reach her. I then tried my sister-in-law. She was home and asked me if I was actually in the store. When I said yes, she told me she had four containers left that she needed to use up before Pesach. She then offered some of them to me. Being that she lived around the corner from my son’s babysitter, I picked him up and then went to her. It was hashgacha pratis that I first went to the store instead of picking up my baby and that I couldn’t reach my mother. My sister-in-law was very grateful that she didn’t have to throw out the two containers I took from her.

If you would like to submit your own Hashgacha Pratis story, please mail to The Monsey View at POB 305, Monsey, NY 10952, fax to 845.600.8483, or email it to viewmasterplan@gmail. com. Please remember to include your name and phone number.

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MAY.9.2017 7:30pm

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Dr. Rebecca Gilbert is an associate professor in the dept. of neurology and associate director of movement disorder in NYU Medical Center. She is board certified in neurology and has published books and articles on various aspects of Parkinson’s disorder.



Medical Board: Dr. Jonathan Cohen, MD Dr. Hillel Pelz, DO Dr. Howard Lebowitz, MD Meir Rotberg, DPT Dr. Stanley Fahn, MD Dr. Steven Frucht, MD Dr. Daryl J. Victor, MD

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By Esty Weiss

Becoming Weigh Smarter Spring-Cleaning Your Lifestyle WELCOME TO SPRING! I hope you’ve been enjoying the weather we’ve all been waiting for. With the beautiful, blossoming trees, hibernation is finally over. Take a peek outside this afternoon, and you’ll see the streets are full of kids, mothers and people from all walks of life taking in the fresh air. Some of you might be excited for summer, while others would prefer to hold on to their jackets — not necessarily to ward off the cold, but to hide the 32 pounds you promised yourself you would lose over the winter. And now, as we spring into the warmer months, you might feel pressure to drop weight quickly. Where does that leave you? First of all, I would like to fill you in on a little secret: There are others like you dealing with the same thing — myself included! Granted, I didn’t gain 32 pounds, but guess what? I’m up approximately seven or eight pounds since Pesach. How does that happen to a health nutrition coach? Well, I’d like to share my story to give you some insight. I married off my first child about a week before Pesach and took a vacation immediately afterward, during yom tov. I stayed at three different locations, but indulged in delicious gourmet foods at each one. And that, in a nutshell, is how I put on weight. I’m not complaining, nor am I upset about it. You see, I made a conscious decision to eat whatever I wanted for a full week, and I was willing to deal with the consequences of a few extra pounds. I made up my mind that right after Pesach, I would get myself back on track. Years ago, I would have dwelled on the extra weight; I would have gotten desperate and begun yo-yo dieting. But now, by making a clear choice and knowing what I would do afterward, I found myself in the driver’s seat. And fortunately, in a very short time, I was back to where I was. Why am I telling you this? Because you might not think a few silly pounds are a very big deal, but they certainly can be — it’s all about your per-

46 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484

Some of you would prefer to hold on to your jackets — not necessarily to ward off the cold, but to hide the 32 pounds you promised yourself you would lose over the winter.

spective. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that weight gain is a deeply personal matter. Now, when I hear a thin person kvetching about all the weight they’ve gained, I understand where they’re coming from. It’s a very specific feeling that you, and only you, can experience, and no one should be made fun of for it. So now, we’re hopefully on the same page. Wherever you are with your weight at this point in time — stop! Don’t continue overeating just because that’s what you’ve been doing! This is a common habit, but I have no doubt that you can break it. You may be upset about your weight or feel out of control with your eating. Perhaps your mind is even playing tricks on you, and telling you to keep overeating because you’ve already gained the weight. However, deep inside, you know that in a few weeks, you will have to deal with even more weight to lose! Watch your mind chatter away, and see if you can observe and listen to what your mind is telling you without judgment. See if you can springclean your lifestyle in a way that will bring you closer to your goals, and track your results. And no matter where you are with your weight, try following some of these smart tips to get back on track.

Smart Tips • Drink two glasses of water first thing in the


morning. • Go for a walk or hit the gym if you can. • Start logging a food journal, and document every piece of food that enters your mouth. • Stop eating by seven or eight in the evening.

• For a few days, eat protein and vegetables only — that will help you get into fatburning mode. • Enjoy iced coffee made with unsweetened almond milk and stevia. • Have a few pieces of dark

chocolate each day. • Chew your food 20 times before you swallow. Now that you’ve finished your post-Pesach cleanup, it’s time to spring-clean your lifestyle. I hope you have a healthy, happy week.

Esty Weiss, CHC, is a certified weight-loss expert and President of WeighSmarter™, a dynamic weight-loss program geared towards orthodox women. She specializes in solutions for lasting weight-loss, using many techniques including, but not limited to, personalized fat-burning food plans, guided imagery, positive affirmations, and EFT. Esty first used these powerful tools to lose over 70 pounds, herself, and since 2006 has used these same tools to help others. She lives in Monsey, NY with her husband and five kids ka”h. For any questions or comments, Esty can be reached at: 845-459-4807 or

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Compiled by Sandy Eller

Proposed Tax Increase in East Ramapo Budget Could Restore 14 Days of Transportation to Private Schools WITH SCHOOL BOARD ELECTIONS just two weeks away, voters in East Ramapo will be faced with a dilemma: choosing between lower taxes or adding additional staff, programming and non-mandated transportation for public school students on select days, all items that were eliminated in recent years in order to balance the district’s budget. Yeshiva parents have been scrambling to get their children to and from school during public school vacations, including winter break and President’s week, ever since 14 days of non-mandated busing that provided transportation to private school students on those days were slashed from the budget. The latest budget submitted to New York State Education Chancellor Maryellen Elia includes a 2.49 percent property tax increase that would put transportation for those days back in the budget and would also be used to hire five new public school teachers and restore certain extracurricular activities, as reported by The Journal News. Currently, a state tax cap allows for only a 1.48 tax percent increase each year, which means that the proposed budget would have to be approved by 60 percent of the voters in the

district in order to be pass. But for taxpayers to even have that choice, the proposed budget would have to be approved by Elia. The commissioner rejected a previously proposed budget that restored five days of non-mandated transportation to private schools because the budget failed to provide funding for educational programs to East Ramapo’s public schools. State Senator Ken Zebrowski blasted the new budget saying that it was inappropriate to include non-mandated busing in the budget until all previously cut public school programs had been reinstated. “Great strides were made over the past year to restore educational opportunities in this district,” said Zebrowski. “To switch course in Year Two and expend significant taxpayer dollars to fund non-mandated private school services is illadvised.” East Ramapo voters will head to the polls on May 16th to vote on both the proposed budget and to elect school board candidates.

New Kosciuszko Bridge Opens with LED Light Show THE FIRST SPAN OF THE KOSCIUSZKO BRIDGE, which connects Brooklyn and Queens, opened last week with a dazzling light show, a taste of the New York Harbor of Lights project which will bring multicolored LED lights to the George Washington Bridge and seven MTA-operated bridges and tunnels. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was president of the United States when the Kosciuszko Bridge was completed in 1939. At the time, the bridge was designed to carry 10,000 cars daily, far fewer than the 180,000 that traverse the 78-year-old structure today. A second span of the bridge is expected to be completed by the year 2020, four years ahead of schedule. Two sections of the existing bridge will be imploded this summer to allow for construction of the second span. Like the new Tappan Zee Bridge, the new Kosciuszko is a cable-stayed bridge, the first to be completed in New York State. According to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office, LED lights will also be installed by 2018 on the RFK Triborough, Whitestone, Throgs Neck, Whitestone, Henry Hudson, Verrazano, Marine Parkway and Cross Bay bridges as well as the Queens Midtown and Battery tunnels. The bridges will be illuminated for special events and Gov-

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ernor Cuomo said that he expects the lighting to bring financial gains to the state. “As we continue to move New York’s bold infrastructure plan forward, we are setting a national model for safe, reliable transportation, while bolstering the state’s tourism industry and driving the regional economy,” said Governor Cuomo. “This remarkable light show across the New York City skyline symbolizes the connection and strength of communities across the region.”



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S ucceed in C ountless O pportunities at R ayim’s E vening



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march Chapter Eight By: Chany G. Rosengarten

THE AIR SMELLED OF SO MANY THINGS: air, water, salt, dirt, grass, life. Henya vomited incessantly. When there’s pain, even things of beauty hurt. Like a kiss on a wound. And a new estate on Henya’s friends disagree with her decian acre of waterfront land. She didn’t know she’s sion to move. Starting off in the new settlehurting, so used to it was she. In brief moments, she would forget the pain ment is not easy for the young mother. and peer the baby deep in the eye, noting his iris threads weaving together to look, to see, to delight, and she delighted in that visceral experience through the eyes of another. But mostly, she found herself bored, restless, unaccustomed to the plainness of joy. She strolled through the as yet uneven streets with her Silver Cross carriage, the shock springs bouncing at every pebble. The summer day was roping itself in, colors draining out to make room for the nothingness of the night, and the world would go crazy with the colors of magic: purple, a deep rash of magenta, and the swish of gold and orange, and she’d momentarily breathe. Full shudder, deep down to below her rib cages, below the knot of earthworms in Out of all the young families like her her solar plexus, just opening up wide to let the Creator’s joy in. But own who had settled in the city, only then she’d catch herself. Back to her thoughts, her remembrances, fifteen chose to relocate to the end of her story. America, right here by the water. One can say she was frozen over in her own cube of ice, still a child, almost, back in Europe, still young and perpetually afraid beneath that icy veneer, her emotions dulled to below zero in temperature so as not to feel. Faivel grew despite her, cut a tooth, wobbled and stood. He engaged her, and she made silly sounds whenever she remembered. Yitzchok Yosef was often gone. He was sometimes away all day. Still traveling, selling the other homes, showing them to inter-


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ested buyers, building the shul, the infrastructure for a Jewish community, meeting the people, talking, talking this dream into being. Coming home, he tended to the gardens, big patches of seedlings he’d planted with his own hands. There were small things already growing, so fast, the vegetables so satisfying. Her husband was putting himself into too many things at once. While she had no friends. In Williamsburg, she’d had Bianca, and then Bianca’s friends: Sura, Blima, all those others from inderhiem, they’d been a balm to each other. But now, here... without someone to draw her out, she was retreating back into the messages that were planted in her early brain, when she’d been much too young to lose parent and sibling and every person in the world she had known. The Nazis’ message was instilled in her for five of her most delicate years, as she worked to de-jewel corpses day after day after day, aiding in the confiscation of Jewish ownership to Nazi possession. You are the scum of the scum. Work the most demeaning and soul-dirtying work to grovel for your life, or it will be over. You are in constant, constant danger. There were fifteen families in this desolate place. Out of

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march all the young families like her own who had settled in the city, only fifteen chose to relocate to the end of America, right here by the water. It was like those few had been handpicked and kicked to the curb, to go live chutz l’machaneh. Her new neighbors, too, they were encased in their own ice, and nobody but the ones possessing the warmest of warmth could melt the encasements, nearly invisible in its translucency, yet bending the light as it hit the glass, skewing who they truly were. Mrs. Engelman came to borrow a glass of sugar for her marble cake. Since Lot’s wife, borrowing was never about the need for the item, but to convey relationship. Henya didn’t pick up the cue, didn’t advance the friendship by asking about the recipe, sharing her own, or finding out that Mrs. Engelman served her husband two slices upon his return from work. Mrs Engelman came, knocked, left with her measuring cup brimming, but the words she had on her tongue stayed there, weighing it down, reversing its way back into her brain, reverberating there for hours of imagined conversation. Henya was lonely, but the place was filling up. Only three months, and they’d already grown. Twenty families now. And those five families who joined those who came before them, Henya wondered. Why did they do it? The world was walking on fastpaced legs toward its destiny, and only twenty had chosen to drop out of the city grid, and just enjoy each day, lap after lap of water on the edges of earth, rustle of the leaves, squirrels dancing between them, the manure of cows, the soft earth giving way under heels… heels? Her small collection of fashionable shoes, amassed ever so slowly in the times

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an said, so clearly blasé with fashion. “Cherries?” “For compote. The Yomim Tovim. Only two more weeks.” Henya remained unconvinced. “My compote needs to get done and jarred by tonight or I’m so behind schedule I might as well serve orange juice and tuna cans at the she had shopped with Bianca, lay in seudah,” she laughed generously, her the closet, shaped like the bunion entire chin thrown back to the sun. on her foot. Unused. Who even wore “And I’d like to do it with company.” heels in this place? People walked “Nobody eats compote in my around in clogs they could wash house,” Henya said. Compote. Her nightly, because the mud clung to it mother had just put up a large pot of in clumps, attracting grass, looking apples when they were taken… forlike a bird’s nest, after a single so- ever pragmatic, her mother was. She journ in the garden. wondered if the apples burned down But then Tila arrived. And she to a crisp, still cooking, still cooking while they were taken farther and farther away, closer and closer to their She wondered if the deaths. Or had the water boiled over and doused the apples burned down to fire with sticky, sweet liquid? Or maybe the neigha crisp, still cooking, bors came in, ladled out the warm, cinnamon-like still cooking while they treat, and gorged themwere taken farther and selves on it, as if it were farther away, closer and theirs? Maybe she should make compote. closer to their deaths. “”Thank you, bitte. But I was planning to do my laundry now.” shone her light. “Wash, or fold?” She shocked the frozenness of “Both.” winter ice off of these women, each “So start a load and bring your of whom was still keeping to her clean vesh outside. We’ll work toown. gether, under the tree.” “It’s spring,” she bounded up the It was hard to refuse Tila. “I’ll stairs that Wednesday morning, bring my things out,” Henya promknocking fiercely on Henya’s door. “I ised. hear the birds now. Have you heard “I’m waiting for you.” them?” To be continued... Henya regarded her with guardedness reserved for the weird. Tila Chany Rosengarten authors columns and did not flinch. serialized novels in leading publications. “We are pitting cherries under She can be reached at gchanyg@gmail. Berta Neini’s tree,” the young wom- com.

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RELLA CAFE OFFERS EXQUISITE IN-HOUSE CATERING IN A QUAINT, PRIVATE LOCATION, AVAILABLE ALL WEEK, INCLUDING MOTZEI SHABBOS AND SUNDAY. Restaurant: 845-618-5800 | Catering: 845 629 3820 400 Rella Blvd, Montebello, NY (Ground floor, off the main lobby) Open Mon. through Thurs. 7:30am - 3:30pm, Fri. 7:30am - 2:00pm

Supper on a Stick

By Draizy Wercberger

Somehow, I find that children will eat supper more eagerly if the food is presented a little differently; especially if it’s threaded onto a skewer and named something unhealthy like “lollypop” chicken. Here I share with you three fabulous recipes that are all served as “supper on a stick.” Behold how simple it is to turn everyday, mundane food into something pleasant to look at and fun to eat! Enjoy!


HAWAIIAN CHICKEN KABOBS INGREDIENTS: 4 chicken cutlets 2 cans pineapple chunks; drain and reserve the juice 1/8 cup honey 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 teaspoon cornstarch, dissolved in 1 tablespoon cold water

DIRECTIONS: 1. Cut chicken cutlets into long, thin strips and place into a bowl. 2. In a small bowl, combine Âź cup reserved pineapple juice, honey, soy sauce, and cornstarch dissolved in water. Pour over chicken cutlets and let marinade for at least 3 hours. 3. Thread chicken cutlets onto skewers, alternating chicken and pineapple chunks. Place prepared skewers onto a cookie sheet.


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Roasted Vegetables

4. Broil for 5 minutes on one side, then turn over and broil for an additional 3 minutes on the other side.

WINE-MARINATED BEEF AND ONION SKEWERS INGREDIENTS: 1.5 lbs. chuck steak 3 tablespoons red wine 3 tablespoons soy sauce 1 ½ teaspoons sugar 1 bag of pearl onions

DIRECTIONS: 1. Cut the chuck steak into small, even-sized squares and place into a bowl 2. Combine red wine, soy sauce and sugar in a small bowl and pour over steak. Let marinate for at least 3 hours or overnight. 3. Preheat oven to 400°. 4. Meanwhile, place pearl onions in a bowl and pour boiling water over the onions. Let stand for a few minutes and then drain the water. When the onions have cooled, peel them. 5. Place peeled onions onto a cookie sheet and spray with cooking spray. Bake for 30 minutes. Remove from oven and let come to room temperature. 6. When ready to assemble, thread onions and steak onto skewers and bake for 10–12 minutes. Turn skewers over and bake for an additional 10–12 minutes.

SUGGESTED SIDES: Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Yellow and Green Beans

7. You can also thread some cherry tomatoes onto the skewers to add color and flavor.

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CHICKEN AND VEGETABLE KABOBS IN DIJON SAUCE INGREDIENTS: 4 chicken cutlets, cut into chunks Assortment of vegetables: Different color peppers, chunked Slices of green zucchini, thick slices Small button mushrooms, peeled and cleaned Cherry tomatoes ¼ cup duck sauce 2 tablespoons honey 2 tablespoons mustard 2 tablespoons mayonnaise

DIRECTIONS: 1. Combine chicken chunks and vegetables in a large bowl. 2. Mix duck sauce, honey, mustard and mayonnaise in a small bowl. Pour over chicken and vegetables. If you use a lot of vegetables you might have to double the marinade ingredients. Let sit for about 3 hours.


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3. Thread onto skewers and broil for 6–7 minutes on each side.

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‫אל תקרי בנות אלא בונו"ת‬

‫אפדעיטס און אנטוויקלונגען‬ ‫איבער די אויפבוי און בליה אינערהאלב אונזער מוסד "עטרת בנות"‬

‫שמחה דקדושה אין שטאט מאנסי מיט פענאמענאלע‬ ‫וואוקס פון בית חינוך "עטרת בנות"‬ ‫מיט א געוואלדיגע שמחה דקדושה ווערט מיטגעהאלטן דורך תושבי‬ ‫מאנסי‪ ,‬די פענאמענאלע בליה און וואוקס פון אונזער הייליגן מוסד בית‬ ‫חינוך "עטרת בנות"‪ ,‬וואס איז היינט א פרעכטיגער קרוין איבער דער שטאט‬ ‫מאנסי‪ ,‬מיט'ן ערציען ערליכע בנות ישראל על דרכי התורה והצניעות‪ ,‬מיט‬ ‫פשטות און ערליכקייט‪.‬‬ ‫בלויז אינעם פארלאפענעם יאר איז נתרבה געווארן דער מוסד מיט‬ ‫פרישע אריבער ‪ 30‬משפחות וועלכע שיקן צו אונז זייערע טעכטער נתחנך צו‬ ‫ווערן על דרך ישראל סבא‪ ,‬וואס דאס באטרעפט אריבער ‪ 50‬נייע תלמידות‪,‬‬ ‫ברענגענדיג די מספר התלמידות צו ‪ 360‬בליעה"ר‪.‬‬

‫די רבנים הגאונים הצדיקים שליט"א‪ ,‬חברי נשיאות המוסד‪ ,‬באגלייטן‬ ‫פערזענליך די אנטוויקלונגען מיט אן אחריות און דעת תורה‪ ,‬און עס קומען‬ ‫פאר פון צייט צו צייט אסיפות צווישן די חברי נשיאות המוסד און די הנהלה‬ ‫און עסקנים‪ ,‬איבערצוגעבן פאר די רבנים שליט"א די פארשידענע שאלות‬ ‫וועלכע קומען כסדר ארויף‪ ,‬און מען איז מקבל די דעת תורה איבער וויאזוי‬ ‫זיך צו פירן אויף טריט און שריט‪.‬‬

‫דער אויסטערלישער וואוקס פון דער מוסד הק' האט געברענגט אז עס‬ ‫זאלן אונטערגענומען ווערן פארשידענע גרויסע פראיעקטן צו קענען‬ ‫אקאמאדירן און סערווירן די פארמערטע צאל תלמידות‪ ,‬ווי איר וועט ליינען‬ ‫ווייטער אין די באריכטן‪ ,‬און ווי עס ווערט איבערגעגעבן דורך די הנהלה‪,‬‬ ‫ווערט שוין פלאנירט געעפנט צו ווערן פאראלעל קלאסן צום‬ ‫קומענדיגן‪-‬לערן יאר‪ ,‬פאר די גרויסע צאל תלמידות קע"ה‪.‬‬

‫הנהלת המוסד אפגעקויפט ‪ 3‬שפאגל‪-‬נייע באסעס‬ ‫פאר די טעגליכע טראנספארטאציע פון די בית חינוך‬ ‫הגיע הזמן! מיט גרויס פרייד איז אויפגענומען געווארן די בשורה צווישן‬ ‫די חשוב'ע עלטערן‪ ,‬אז די הנהלת המוסד איז אריינגעשפרינגען אינעם‬ ‫קאסטבארן פראיעקט‪ ,‬אפצוקויפן ‪ 3‬שפאגל‪-‬נייע באסעס פאר די בית חינוך‪,‬‬ ‫נאכדעם וואס ביז היינט האט מען זיך באנוצט מיט געדינגענע באסעס‪ ,‬אבער‬ ‫אצינד איז בס"ד געקומען די צייט איינצוקויפן אייגענע באסעס‪ ,‬וואס זאלן‬ ‫דינען אין די טראנספארטאציע דעפארטמענט צו ברענגען און אהיימטראגן‬ ‫אלע תלמידות פון\צו די בית חינוך‪.‬‬

‫אפצוקויפן א פערטע באס תיכף נאך די זומער‪ ,‬כדי מען זאל קענען באווייזן‬ ‫צו מאכן רואיג אלע טריפס איבער דער שטאט‪ ,‬און צו קענען אויפנעמען די‬ ‫הונדערטער תלמידות פון אלע יארגענג צייטליך אינדערפרי און אהיימקומען‬ ‫צייטליך נאכמיטאג‪.‬‬

‫די נייע‪ ,‬באקוועמע באסעס פארן שוין ארום איבער די גאסן‪ ,‬און סערווירן‬ ‫די הונדערטער תלמידות וואס מאכן זייער וועג יעדן טאג פון און צו דעם בית‬ ‫חינוך‪ ,‬און דערביי דארף אויסגעדרוקט ווערן א הארציגן דאנק און הכרת‬ ‫הטוב פאר די חשוב'ע עלטערן וועלכע האבן ערמעגליכט צו קענען דעקן די‬ ‫גרויסע הוצאות‪ ,‬אריינצוברענגען אין דינסט די נייע באסעס‪.‬‬ ‫אצינד ווערט איבערגעגעבן דורך די הנהלה אז עס איז אין פלאן‬

‫נייער בנין אויף טשערי לעין אפגעדינגען‬ ‫און אויסשטאפירט פאר די היי‪-‬שולע קלאסן‬ ‫א געוואלדיגע הרחבת הדעת הערשט ברוך השם אין די היי‪-‬שולע אפטיילונג‬ ‫נאכדעם וואס מען האט זיך שוין אריינגעצויגן אינעם נייעם בנין אויף טשערי לעין‪,‬‬ ‫וואס איז געווארן צוגעשטעלט אנהייב פון דעם לערן‪-‬יאר מיט אלע געברויכן‪,‬‬ ‫קלאסן‪ ,‬זאלן‪ ,‬אפיסעס‪ ,‬א‪.‬א‪.‬וו‪ ,.‬וואס האט געברענגט פאר די חשוב'ע תלמידות און‬ ‫די מחנכות א שטארקע הרחבה‪ ,‬צו קענען שטייגן אין די לימודים פון היי‪-‬סקול‪.‬‬ ‫די נייע לאקאציע איז א הערליכע בנין וואס איז גאר שטארק געאייגנט פאר די‬ ‫שולע‪ ,‬בפרט אז מען האט שוין היי‪-‬יאר געעפענט א דריטע היי‪-‬סקול קלאס‪ ,‬און‬ ‫פאר דעם צוועק איז אויך אויפגענומען געווארן נייע‪ ,‬ערפארענע לערערינס‪ ,‬בנוסף‬

‫צו די געלונגענע שטאב פון לערערינס ומחנכות וועלכע לייגן אריין אין די‬ ‫תלמידות ערליכקייט‪ ,‬הבנה און צניעות‪ ,‬אין צוגאב האט מען אויך אנגעהויבן אין‬ ‫היי‪-‬סקול פארשידענע נייע פראגראמען‪ ,‬צו לערנען פארשידענע סקילס פאר די‬ ‫תלמידות‪.‬‬ ‫די חשוב'ע תלמידות און איינגעשטעלטע זענען שטארק מכיר טובה פאר די‬ ‫הנהלת המוסד און אלע תומכים‪ ,‬וועלכע האבן ערמעגליכט זיך אריינצוציען אין די‬ ‫נייע לאקאציע‪ ,‬טראץ די שווערע געלטער וואס עס האט אפגעקאסט‪ ,‬צוצושטעלן‬ ‫דאס פלאץ מיט אלע נויטיגע געברויכן‪.‬‬

‫רעגיסטראציע צו דעי‪-‬קעמפ "מחנה עטרת" אין שוואונג‬ ‫געלונגענע מחנכות\קאונסלערס גרייטן זיך שוין צו א פרייליכע און אינהאלטסרייכע דעי‪-‬קעמפ סעזאן‬

‫שטייענדיג נאך אינמיטן דעם לערן‪-‬יאר גרייטן זיך שוין אבער די געלונגענע‬ ‫מחנכות צו דעם בעפארשטייענדן דעי‪-‬קעמפ סעזאן‪ ,‬וואס וועט היי‪-‬יאר ווערן‬ ‫צוגעשטעלט בעז"ה אויף א גרעסערן פארנעם ווי אין די פארגאנגענע יארן‪ ,‬און‬ ‫וועט האפענטליך ברענגען א געוואלדיגע צופרידנהייט ביי די מיידלעך און ביי די‬ ‫עלטערן‪.‬‬ ‫עס ווערט אריינגעלייגט גרויסע כוחות צוצושטעלן הערליכע פראגראמען און‬ ‫תוכנ'פולע אקטיוויטעטן‪ ,‬מיט וואס די תלמידות וועלן פארברענגען דורכאויס די‬ ‫זומער וואכן‪ ,‬און דורכדעם שטייגן אין ידיעות‪ ,‬תוכן און ערליכקייט‪ ,‬מיט געשמאק‬ ‫און הנאה‪ ,‬מיט א היימישע‪ ,‬ווארימע אטמאספערע‪ ,‬אונטער די אויפזיכט פון די‬

‫חשוב'ע מחנכות און קאונסלערס‪.‬‬ ‫באזונדער עפנט מען היי‪-‬יאר אויך א‬ ‫פרי‪-‬נורסערי קלאס‪ ,‬פאר די גאר קליינע‬ ‫מיידלעך‪ ,‬וועלכע וועלן אויך האבן א‬ ‫ספעציעלן פראגראם‪ ,‬אנגעפירט דורך‬ ‫געטרייע קאונסלערס‪ ,‬מיט אקטיוויטעטן‬ ‫וואס איז אינטערעסאנט און באלערנד פאר‬ ‫זיי‪ ,‬אזוי ארום וועלן אלע תלמידות קענען‬ ‫אויסנוצן מיט הנאה און תוכן‪.‬‬



‫בכבו„ רב הננו מזמינים ‡‪ ‬מע"כ י„י„ינו הח‪‬ובים‪ ,‬הורי‬ ‫ו‪‬ומכי מוס„ו‪‬ינו ‪‬י'‬

‫לבו‡ ולה‪‬ף בכינוס נ‡ה ונ‪‚‬ב‬

‫‪‬ינער‪‬ה‪‬נ‪‬י‬ ‫לביסוס ולחיזו˜ מבˆר החינוך לבנו‪‬‬

‫עטר‪ ‬בנו‪‬‬

‫המ‪‬נוסס ל‪‬ם ול‪‬פ‡ר‪ ‬על בנו‪‬ינו ועל „ורו‪‬ינו‬

‫ד' אמור‬

‫י"ד אייר תשע"ז‬

‫למספ' ‪May 10‬‬

‫באולם ווילחאוויץ‬ ‫‪230 Maple‬‬ ‫‪Ave. Monsey‬‬ ‫‪‬ע"ז‬ ‫‪ NY 10952‬י"„ ‡ייר‬

‫למספ' ‪May 10‬‬ ‫ב‪‬עה ‪ 8:00‬בערב‬

‫בה‪‬סף‪‬ר‪‬י‪‬עם‪‬הורים‪‬י‪‬רים‬ ‫בר‪‬ו‪‬ה‪‬וה‪‬רבני‪‬המוס‪‬ליט‪‬‬ ‫הרה"‚ ר' מ‪‬ה‪‬רין ‪‬ליט"‡ ‪ -‬הרה"‚ ר' רפ‪‬ל‪‬רר ‪‬ליט"‡‬ ‫הרה"‚ ר' מנחם‪‬מ‪‬יר‪‬ווייסמ‪‬נ‪‬ל ‪‬ליט"‡‬

‫המחכים ל˜ר‡‪ ‬בו‡כם ל‪‬לום‬

‫הנהלת עטרת בנות‬


‫א געשמאקער פראגראם‬ ‫מלא תוכן והתרגשות!‬

PREPARING FOR A CAREER In anticipation of the Business Enrichment Course, PCS spoke to graduates from the previous classes. Tell us about your current job.How did the PCS Business Enrichment Course prepare you for your career?

MORDECHAI KLEIN: I am a regional manager for a real estate management company. I manage close to 400 units. The education I received is exclusively from the PCSBusiness Enrichment Course. My computer knowledge—specifically in Excel—is integral for managing my budget. The accounting classes gave me a firm understanding of monetary concepts; I learned how to use money properly in order to make more money. I also learned to appreciate and utilize the Internet for integral marketing purposes that I useevery single day. Without this knowledge I would not have gottento where I am today. Y.T. I am an administrator in training for a nursing home. This course prepared me in many ways. Coming straight out of yeshiva, I knew nothing about the business world. The computer courses, as well as the accounting courses, were very helpful. The marketing and sales classes were also crucial in teaching me how to recruit new patients. The public speaking courses taught me how to- and how not to- talk to clients and colleagues. In general, the various fields and views that I learned about were very helpful in launching my career. For whom would you recommend this course?

M.K. I would recommend this course for someone leaving yeshiva, who is trying to understand the business world and does not yet have a specific goal in mind. This course will give him strong inspiration and direction. The wide array of classes offered in this coursewill help him determine which field to pursue afterward. I would also recommend this course for a newbie in the business world. This course will help him take his skills to the next level and increase his value as an employee. It will also give him the necessary skills to successfully launch a business. Y.T: I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to get to the next level at his current job. Why is it important to receive proper training from industry experts before entering the business world?

M.K. The business world is aggressive and competitive. You don’t have the luxury of making big mistakes. Mistakes can set you back and be very costly. The instructors are here to help us succeed. They really care about the students and want to put them on their feet. I was in touch with instructors afterward that were very open to assisting me and helped me avoid mistakes. You have one chance to make a first impression; it’s essential to start off on the right foot. With the proper foundation and training, you can go so much further in your career. Every class is important. You never know where your career will lead you to and which skills and insights will put you ahead.

For more information call/text 845 459-2059 or email 76 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484

IN ONLYBUSINESS ENRICHMENT COURSE 5 MONTHS Are you ready for your first job?

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‫גרייט זיך צו א גוטע פרנסה‬

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?‫זענט איר גרייט אריין צו גיין אין די ביזנעס וועלט‬ ‫ווילט איר האבן די אויבער האנט ווען עס‬ ?‫קומט זיך צו פארמעסטען אין עולם המסחר‬ ‫ וועט איר בעזה״י‬PCS ‫מיט דער בארימטער קורס פון‬ ‫ חדשים קונה זיין געוואלדיגע ידיעות‬5 ‫אין בלויז‬ .‫אינעם עולם המסחר‬

Time for Success!


“The Business Enrichment Course gave me all of the knowledge I needed to enter the workforce. I highly recommend it.” – S. Radzik


845-459-2059 :‫שוין‬


Business Enrichment Course

*** “I highly recommend this course to my friends who are still in kollel.” – Mendel W.


‫מאנטאג‬ ‫בחקותי‬-‫פרשת בהר‬

May 15th • 8:00pm Tiferes Gedalya Hall 9 Saddle River Rd. Monsey

*** “I have gained tremendously from r Learn the whole experience.” – B. Mille

the skills that really matter

*** TOPICS “My business has turned around and credit.” – Mendel B. • Negotiation skills Computers it’s all •your


‫קורסעס‬ • Risk management • Financing ‫ביינאכט‬ ‫זענען‬ • Presentation skills • Personal finance • Purchasing a • Quickbooks business Interviewing skills • Money • Accounting LEARN ••THE SKILLS THAT REALLY MATTER: • Marketing • Business law management Business math • Computers Real Estate • Business Plan • E-commerce • Sales •• Business plan • Real estate • Investments • Sales and much more... •• Management • QuickBooks • Negotiation Skills Investments • Management • Accounting • Marketing • E-commerce

• Presentation• Limited SkillsScholarships • Risk Management • Financing Available • • Interviewing skills • Personal Finance • Purchasing a Business for more information and to register: OPEN HOUSE • Business Math • Money Management Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016 • 8:00 PM Email: ‫זונטאג פרשת ויקהל‬ FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO REGISTER Pupa Hall • 15 Widman Ct. email: call/text: 845-459-2059 Call/Text:

Limited Scholarships Available (845) 459-2059

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4520 18th Avenue, • (718) 436-1900 Ext.(Ext. 5 5) Avenue,Brooklyn, BrooklynNY NY• • • (718) 436-1900 PCS is sponsored in part by the Lightstone Group and the David Lichtenstein Family Foundation


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I had the opportunity to learn first hand about Alaris health at the Chateau, when a family member was there for rehab, the staff and the therapists, as well as Managment, where dedicated and compassionate like family. I fully recommend this 5 star facility, Yossy Fisher, Rockland County Bikur Cholim


Call or Text:


50 E. Concord Dr / side entrance

by Fraidy Lichter

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New Series!

ME? A HEALTH NUT? YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING. I WAS THE TYPE OF KID WHO could never have enough Chew Chews (remember those hard squares that came in brick packs?), consumed Bissli by the mountainful, and would be content eating pizza and fries for supper 365 days a year (besides for Pesach, of course.) As a teen and young adult (and older adult…), I would consume cases of instant noodle soup and would always make sure to have a backup stash of chocolate. Now, don’t you judge me yet. I made sure to eat only fat-free yogurt, I managed to down wholewheat bread for breakfast (Mom’s orders), and ate my mother’s nutritious health suppers without complaint (don’t get me started on the kasha, though...). I had an overall healthy balance that tipped a bit more to the sweet side… So, if someone back then would have prophesied about my eating habits and lifestyle at this point, I probably would have had a good laugh and continued fantasizing about my

ice cream-stocked freezer “when I’ll be a mother.” But all that changed when Shiffy was born. Shiffy was born on a hectic Erev Sukkos looking like a perfect angel. Even her sweet little cry sounded angelic. For the first few hours, at least. Shiffy made sure we bonded really well right from the start as she gave me constant reason to hold, cuddle and soothe her. I was comforted by staff and family members that crying is very normal for newborns and she’ll adjust to the real world soon enough. Somehow, I couldn’t remember my other kids having such a traumatic adjustment period… As I was getting ready to go home, the head nurse came to inform me that Shiffy could not leave yet. She had not relieved herself in her 48 hours on planet Earth and they just wanted to make sure

everything was working well. The next few anxious hours were spent biking her tiny legs, feeding her every 30 minutes, and then stuffing her with a Similac bottle (against my usual policy). I guess her little tummy was quite full at that point because at 4:00 p.m. I was notified that all was well and we could finally leave! Whew! Little did I know that it would take another 12 days for that to happen again. The rest of yom tov was filled with song, both in the sukkah and in the baby’s crib. Some labeled her colicky, some unabashedly called her a “crybaby,” and my husband and I took turns dancing around the house trying to rock her into a semi-calm state. She slept at halfhour intervals, waking with piercing shrieks. As the days progressed we noticed a new development. Shiffy had started spitting up. Tiny amounts at first, and full feedings in the next few days. Whatever went in, came out. Nights were a terror. The crying would get worse as we stumbled up and down the hallway with her until the wee hours of the morning. We would

Somehow, I couldn’t remember my other kids having such a traumatic adjustment period…

80 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484


all wood bookcases 3 PC unit $1499

actual item shown

9’ 8” WIDE X 7’ 3.5” TALL

face frame construction

Single Unit with Doors $400




please leave message

90” HIGH UNIT / $450


additional support for shelves added

watch, bleary-eyed, as she contorted in pain, arching her back and throwing her head. She gagged on her pacifier and spit up, and spit up, and spit up some more.

was a wonder med no more. What now? The pediatrician had nothing to offer and even less to say. “She has a very immature stomach. Give it some time.” Her words, verbatim. What can a mother do? I davened to Hashem to protect my sanity and tried whatever I could to make her more comfortable. I fed her while she was lying down, upright and curled up. I tried feeding large amounts four hours apart, and small amounts two hours apart. My days were accompanied by cries and spit-ups. The worst was the constipation. She would shriek, showing signs of terrible pain and discomfort. Every 7–10 days she would go through this laborious ordeal, never really getting comfortable. I cried for her, and with her, as I tried to massage her stomach, bike her feet and coax her along. It was utterly heartrending to watch a little neshamale in so much pain. Then the rashes started. I noticed it on her ankle first. Rough patches of red skin would crack and bleed at the crease of her leg. Then her arms turned rough. As in, steel-woolrough. And then her cheeks! I broke down. Poor baby, did she really have to start scratching her body, too? My tefillos became more fervent as I watched her scratch and scratch and scratch and scratch. The itch didn’t let her fall asleep, and it woke her once she finally fell into dreamland. I tried applying Bacitracin, Vaseline, Mustella, baby lotion, all to no avail. I kept on hearing the

Every single morsel of food caused an extreme reaction the second it only touched her lips!

A quick visit to the doctor confirmed what had been in our minds. Diagnosis: the popular and infamous Reflux. She was started on Zantac, and we finally had some relief. I actually got to sleep 3–4 hours a night! For an entire week! Then it started again. Back to the doctor and home with a new prescription, Shiffy was put onto Prevacid. She actually liked the flavor and gave me a cute little smile as the liquid trickled onto her tongue. I sang to Hashem for this wonderful medication as Shiffy finally started acting like a mentch. She slept better, kept almost everything down and was much calmer during the day. For three whole months I enjoyed the wonderful change and a happier Shiffy. I was glad to be able to tune into my other kinderlach again and got back to keeping house in an organized fashion. As I work from home and have flexible hours, I was glad to tackle a mountain of assignments that had accumulated. And then, one nice morning, it all came back. Just like that. The crying, the constant spitting up, the sleepless nights, all without any prior warning. Thinking the medication was expired, we tried getting a new bottle, upped the dosage, switched pharmacies… Prevacid

82 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484

word “cortisone,” but somewhere in my tired brain I recalled hearing something about its negative effects, so I didn’t want to touch it. I can write a book with the advice that came pouring in from friends and family: You must stop using Tide! Go off dairy! Quit eating eggs! You must move; get out of your apartment! Go to Arizona! Go to Florida! Go to Honolulu! I know they were well-intentioned, but it was so frustrating hearing everyone say, “But have you tried ___?” People would tell me about their experience with eczema and comfort me that, “You’ll see, she’ll outgrow it one day.” I was really looking forward to that day, but in the meantime, I had a cranky baby and a flying house to attend to. At times it was better and at times it was worse, and I kept on trying every idea in the book. Meanwhile, in my home office, I was trying to tackle a mountain of work with a sad little baby on my lap. (She was expelled from three babysitters consecutively…) She had moments of being happy, but for the most part, she was pretty miserable. Her skin itched and she constantly scratched it. Her nose ran, non-stop, like a faucet. She commonly had a mucousy cough to the point that I

You must stop using Tide! Go off dairy! Quit eating eggs! Go to Arizona! Go to Florida! Go to Honolulu!

had delayed all her vaccinations because she always seemed sick. The next appointment was with a dermatologist. When I entered the waiting room, I was surprised to see

that Shiffy was one of four (!) babies there for eczema. The dermatologist had very little time or patience and told me simply that my child had eczema and that her skin just “lacked the ability to retain moisture.” When I asked her if she had suggestions for foods to avoid she looked at me like I was speaking Japanese. She curtly told me she didn’t know anything about that and gave me prescriptions for steroid creams. I threw the prescriptions away and never went back for my follow-up appointment. My final visit was to an allergist. He told me, while he felt very strongly that Shiffy did not have any allergies, he would still do the standard allergy workup on her. As he predicted, all of the allergy tests came back normal, with a slight allergy to dust. The allergist told me the dust was most likely the reason for her constant runny nose and that he could give me a prescription for an allergy medicine. All doctors I saw gave me prescriptions to treat the symptoms, but were never able to discover the root of the problem. How frustrating it feels to be practically screaming out to the medical community to help your child and they tell you it’s “fine,” “normal,” or “that’s just how they are,” and then push you out the door. There were moments of happiness where I could see the real Shiffy shining through the pain, but those moments were rare. We felt like we were watching a ticking time bomb. As we started introducing solids, literally everything that touched her lips would make her break out in fiery flare ups all over her face and neck, immediately. Every single morsel of food caused an extreme reaction the second it only touched her lips! Then she became much worse. She started crying all. day. long. If she wasn’t crying she was clinging to me. Often, she would cry even if I held her. Sometimes when I held her, she would fight me. She would scratch my face and claw at me. She would wake up at night in agony, flopping all over the bed. Her screaming was constant for anywhere from 20–45 minutes, while she suffered from the gas trapped in her stomach. On these nights I sat with her, crying, asking Hashem what more could I do? How could I help her? I had tried my best. I said, “Hashem, You can make people sick, and only You can heal them!” I pleaded with Him to show us the light at the end of this dark, sad tunnel. The final straw was when Shiffy’s rashes significantly worsened. She was covered in huge, red blotches with oozing puss and blisters.

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Listening to a neighbor’s advice, I went wild in desperation buying organic cotton undershirts, organic cotton crib sheets and an organic cotton blanket (I will not disclose the cost of that shopping expedition…). I paid a visit to three different pediatricians to get a diagnosis. All were baffled. Maybe it’s MRSA? Maybe it’s impetigo? Or maybe staph? One prescribed medication, saying there’s a slight chance it will help. One advised that I should just let it heal on its own. The other brought in a laptop and tried matching up the looks of her skin condition with the images. At that point I had just about had enough. A doctor who needs to refer to images on a screen to treat a skin rash? What do they get their Ph.D.’s for? I can do that just as well without going to college for ten years. I always loved researching, just not such painful topics. Over the next few days I researched and investigated, probed and studied, skipping sleep for nights in a row. I pored over everything I could find until Hashem with His infinite chesed displayed the answer in front of my eyes with such clarity. I found that Shiffy had a condition called Leaky Gut, an autoimmune disorder. Not a single doctor was able to tell me that. And there was a wonderful healing protocol that b’ezras Hashem would cure Shiffy from the inside out: The GAPS diet. As we started learning more and more about Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), the information we discovered was equally shocking, reaffirming and bittersweet.

Eczema isn’t the only thing the diet was meant to help! With tremendous siyata d’Shmaya, I got in touch with a bunch of women who formed a support group of sorts, doing the GAPS diet together. We kept in touch over the phone, helping each

A doctor who needs to refer to images on a screen to treat a skin rash? What do they get their Ph.D.’s for?

others with chizuk and recipes. One was in Montreal helping her teen recover from depression. Two were friends from Brooklyn helping their kids through the diet to heal ADHD. A few others were trying the diet for eczema and psoriasis, and there was one who was trying it for Crohn’s. Another woman from London started the diet to help with anxiety. But the most astounding was a second woman in London. She had started the diet for a child diagnosed with autism. After two years of following the protocol her son was off the autism charts! When she came to America for a family simcha I had to see it with my own eyes. I traveled to Boro Park to meet her and her son and I couldn’t help doubting her. How could he have ever been labeled autistic? He was a normal six-year-old! Baruch Rofeh Cholim! My own experience with the diet was going amazingly well, too. Although it was a tremendous under-

taking, and took quite an adjustment in the beginning, we started noticing positive changes pretty soon. After three days, Shiffy slept through the night. On Day Four she displayed signs of her constipation slowly easing. Day Five came with further progress and the condition improved dramatically from there. When she relieved herself two days in a row, it was a miracle for us! By the end of the week she was smiling for the most part of the day and even played on her own for a few minutes. By the end of the third week her rashes were gone. Besides for a bit of roughness at the original spot at her ankle, her skin was silky smooth. A month into the diet, Shiffy was sleeping through each night and experiencing signs of healthy digestion on a constant basis. She had deliciously soft skin which we made sure to kiss at every opportunity, and finally, she was accepted by a babysitter. There was no trace of the runny nose or coughing. And we finally took her off Prevacid. (She had been taking it all along for the tiny amount of respite it had provided.) Although the symptoms were gone, we knew that the road to recovery on GAPS is long. We continued faithfully and slowly with constant tefillos to the One Above. I am amazed at the complete metamorphosis it brought to my home, to my kids and to myself. A miracle truly unfolded. And now, as a way of expressing hakaras hatov to the Hashem, I’d love to share my journey with you. So, join me for the next few weeks on the road to a healthy gut.

Editor’s note: The views expressed in this column reflect one woman’s account and recollection of a medical journey. While many attribute their healing from various issues to the GAPS diet, the GAPS diet may not be appropriate for everyone. Please discuss your personal health with your health practitioner before beginning any diet or drastic change in lifestyle. Please note as well, that various skin (and other) conditions may not be helped by dietary changes, such as steroid damage often misdiagnosed as eczema. Getting the correct diagnosis for any condition is vital.

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‫‪CaIl Us‬‬ ‫!! ‪Today‬‬ ‫‪3. Your dryer feels hot to the touch‬‬ ‫‪while in use‬‬

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‫‪2. There are any signs of a birds nest 4. Lint is building up on or around‬‬ ‫‪on the exterior your dryer vent‬‬ ‫‪the dryer‬‬


‫˜ומט‬ ‫‡יר ˜יין‬

‫ˆפ˙‬ ‫מירון‬

‫‡ ˘ב˙ פ‡ר ל"‚ בעומר‬ ‫˜ומט ‡ון ה‡ט הנ‡ה‬ ‫ע˘מע˜ע היימי˘ע רייכע מעניו פון מענ„יס‬ ‫פון „י ‚‬ ‫‡ויך ˜ען מען ב‡˘טעלן ˆו עסן סעו„ו˙ ˘ב˙ ˜ו„˘‬ ‫‡ ˘ב˙ פ‡ר ל״‚ בעומר‪ ,‬ביי ‡ונז ‡ין רעסטערנט ˆו‚ע˘טעלט‬ ‫‡ויפן ˘ענסטען ‡ון רייכסטן פ‡רנעם‬

‫‡ ‚רויסן ירי„ פון ‡לע מ‡כלי ˘ב˙ „‡נער˘טי‚ פון ‪2:00‬‬ ‫מיט‡ר‚ ביז ˘פעט ‡ין „י נ‡כט ‡ון פרייט‡‚ פון ‪ 9:00‬ביז ‪4:30‬‬ ‫˘עו˙ פ˙יחה המסע„ה בימי ל״‚ בעומר‪ :‬מה˘עה ‪ 11:00‬ע„ ‪ 1:00‬בלילה‬

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‫פארט איר קיין מירון‪/‬צפת‬ ‫אפשערן אייער קינד אויף‬ ‫ל״ג בעומר?‬

‫דער צפת׳ער פאטאגראפירער‬ ‫דוד כהן שטייט גרייט אייך‬ ‫אהער צו שטעלן הערליכע אויג‬ ‫פארכאפענדע בילדער פון אייער‬ ‫משפחה אין אלט שטאט אין צפת‬ ‫פאר מער אינפארמאציע רופט‪:‬‬ ‫‪011-972-54-542-2726‬‬ ‫אדער שיקט אן אימעיל צו‪:‬‬


‫אדער לאזט א קלארע מעסעדזש אויף‪:‬‬ ‫‪347.709.3430‬‬ ‫מיר טוהן אויך אנעמען צו פאטאגראפירן‬ ‫חאלאקעס און אנדערע מאורעות אין צפת‬ ‫און אין מירון איבער׳ן יאר‬

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䠀倀 䐀攀猀椀最渀 眀栀攀爀攀 礀漀甀爀 搀爀攀愀洀猀 挀漀洀攀 琀爀甀攀




㠀㐀㔀ⴀ㌀㜀㄀ⴀ㘀㠀 ㈀ ㈀㔀 刀伀䈀䔀刀吀 倀䤀吀吀 䐀刀䤀嘀䔀ⴀ匀唀䤀吀䔀 ㈀ 䈀 䴀伀一匀䔀夀  一⸀夀⸀  ㄀ 㤀㔀㈀ 栀瀀搀攀猀椀最渀䀀栀瀀搀渀礀⸀挀漀洀 簀 眀眀眀⸀栀瀀搀渀礀⸀挀漀洀

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Perhaps you’ve seen it happen this past week: A school bus stops, the red lights flash and the stop sign opens, but instead of stopping, an impatient driver attempts to rush past the bus in a sudden lunge for freedom… And instead is pulled over by a different set of lights — those that flash both red and blue. Welcome to Operation Safe Stop, a government funded program that puts police aboard school buses or sends them trailing behind in both unmarked or marked vehicles. To better understand the safety issues that spurred Operation Safe Stop, I interviewed one of Monsey’s experienced transportation managers who, though forthcoming with valuable information, prefers to remain nameless.

WHAT IS OPERATION SAFE STOP ALL ABOUT? Operation Safe Stop is a yearly event that takes place all over New York in an effort to remind the public about bus safety laws and common sense. During Safe Stop, the police crack down, hiding and following buses, handing out tickets to drivers who choose to ignore safety laws, specifically in relation to school buses. This year’s Operation Safe Stop began the past Thursday and lasts roughly a week to two weeks, so we are currently in the middle of it. Unfortunately, people are getting pulled over left and right, because they are not paying attention to the safety laws that protect our children.

WHAT PROMPTED OPERATION SAFE STOP? Unfortunately, it’s an epidemic; people are always in a rush and don’t have patience to follow a bus, being forced to stop at every second house while another child boards or gets off. Often, drivers are stressed-out and try to pass a bus, or sometimes they are just distracted and don’t see the flashing lights or other signs of a stopping bus. Because of this, some bus drivers — though technically not allowed — block

92 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484

the street by stopping sideways, in order to prevent those drivers, who are putting our children in danger, from passing. The goal of Operation Safe Stop is to raise public awareness about the very real safety concerns that come from drivers trying to bypass buses.

WHAT CAN PARENTS DO TO HELP THEIR CHILDREN BE SAFE AT THE BUS STOP? Be with your child at the bus stop, even if he is ten years old, because he is still a child, and he needs your eyes and ears there to help him stay safe. Make sure that your children know that they should never run into the street when they see the bus approaching, but instead wait for the driver to give the signal that the children can cross. This applies even if the stop sign is open. The driver has to stop traffic, and because he’s positioned higher up and sees farther in all directions, he can see dangers that perhaps the child can’t. So, teach your child to always wait for the driver’s signal. Don’t even let them step off the sidewalk until that signal is shown! Also, never let a child run after a bus in the street, trying to catch it. Rather, let the kid miss the bus and take him with a car service if you have to, because a child chasing a bus is nervous, not thinking well and

May 3, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 93 / 845.600.8484

Operation Safe Stop is a yearly event that takes place all over New York in an effort to remind the public about bus safety laws and common sense. not tuned into the surroundings. This can lead to kids dashing in front of cars, behind vehicles that are backing up and the like. At the same time, the driver’s mind is elsewhere, not behind him, and he’s not aware that a kid may dart in front of his bus to grab his attention. It has happened that kids have slipped and fallen under moving bus wheels. The risk of danger is greatly increased when it comes to chasing after a bus. When the bus stops to pick up or drop off your child, don’t try to ask questions from the drivers, bus rebbis or teachers; it throws the driver off schedule, increases his stress, and makes focusing harder — potentially leading to dangerous driving. The same goes for calling a driver on his cell phone. If you’ve missed the bus by one minute, plan alternative transportation; these calls distract the driver, and he needs to be fully focused on driving safely. When it’s raining or snowing, make sure you and your child are clearly visible. Here’s a big one: Parents have to watch their children outside at all times, even when not waiting for the bus! Parents don’t realize it, but drivers experience nissim every single day! For instance, I’ve had it that kids have flown directly in front of my bus on their little bikes, especially kids from families who have driveways or live on streets that are sloped. In one instance, I was very traumatized after a threeyear-old little boy missed my bus by mere inches. The outcome could have been tragic! Parents should also realize that various conditions like traffic, garbage trucks or weather (or parents who throw off the schedule when they try to talk to

94 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484

the rebbis/teachers!) can affect the timely arrival of the bus. Whatever happens, don’t harass the driver!


Bus drivers should take it easy and be in a calm state before driving. I tell my drivers to be at their bus five minutes beforehand, drink a coffee and relax a few minutes before beginning the route. I also remind them that it’s not their problem if there is construction or traffic or snow; their job is to be safe rather than on time. Timing is the manager’s issue, not the bus driver’s.

WHAT IS YOUR MESSAGE TO DRIVERS WHO HAVE TO CONTEND WITH BUS TRAFFIC? We all understand that it’s hard to sit for hours a day in traffic, due to the hundreds of buses on the road. Nobody blames you for feeling frustrated, but we will blame you if you put our kids at risk! Realize that driving a bus is a hard job and drivers are trying their best to drive carefully, safely and keep to their scheduled routes. They definitely have no desire to hold up traffic! So don’t try to outsmart the buses or honk at them, since I can guarantee you that the driver is doing his best! Just wait patiently! On the flip side, it does sometimes happen that a bus driver can be reckless. If that happens, note the school, the time, the location and the bus number, and please call the bus manager. Let him know you’ve seen the driver engage in dangerous driving. We managers typically have a logging system we use to track complaints about drivers. We only want safe drivers on board. Just remember, everyone is committed to doing the best job possible, so try to stay focused, obey the safety laws and remember: It may be your kid on board! Don’t you want him to be safe?







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and fined $150 plus a court surcharge of approximately $100. That penalty rises to $300 plus court costs and four to six points for traveling between 11 and 30 miles per hour over the speed limit. At higher speeds, drivers can be fined $600 plus court costs and receive either eight or eleven points, depending on the severity of the offense. In rare cases, drivers can also be sentenced to up to 15 days in jail. Having a conviction on your record can have other unwelcome consequences: Your insurance rates can go up and you may face stiffer penalties in the event of a future moving violation. Once your case is in court, prosecutors have While in some parts of the state, police the ability to offer a plea deal which could involve an offer of no points, a lesser number of officers seem to give out tickets with points or a reduced fine. The location where a was issued can be a major factor in how alarming frequency, Goldstein said that ticket your case will play out. “Ramapo happens to be more understandthings are pretty equitable in Ramapo. ing of drivers, while other places are less so,” noted Goldstein. “For a long time, in Airmont, out tickets, often to meet quotas,” said Goldstein. “It if you got a four-point speeding ticket, they would is almost unavoidable that someday you will get a never reduce it to less than two points. In Ramapo, if you get a six-point ticket they may offer you a ticket, whether you deserve it or not.” While in some parts of the state, police officers parking ticket and no points.” Because they are familiar with the nuances of seem to give out tickets with alarming frequency, Goldstein said that things are pretty equitable in different municipalities and courts, hiring a lawRamapo and that in most cases a person who was yer is money well spent and Goldstein suggests taking advantage of free consultations so that you cited for speeding likely deserved to be ticketed. “Speeding tickets are usually accurate,” said know your options and can make an educated deGoldstein. “Police officers are trained to use ra- cision. He estimated that the average cost of cases dar guns and are usually able to accurately detect that come to his office are at $400 to $500 and noted that a reliable attorney will tell a client if it is in which car was speeding.” It goes without saying that the best way to avoid their best interest to fight a ticket or to just pay the being ticketed is to comply with the speed limit, but fine and be done with it. He also cautioned strongly once you have been cited by an officer in blue, what against hiring anyone who isn’t an attorney to represent you in court. should you do? “There is a lot “First, find out what you are being charged with,” explained Goldstein. “It doesn’t matter if of advice out there, “There is a lot of they use the words ‘speeding’ or ‘interfering with but you can end up advice out there, traffic’; you need to find the code on the ticket that getting bad advice,” said Goldstein. tells you the exact violation.” but you can end up In one instance, A speeding ticket brings with it several concerns: a fine, points and a possible conviction on a relatively young your driving record, with consequences varying by man came to Gold- getting bad advice,” stein’s office sayviolation. said Goldstein. “You should always try to fight a ticket if it will ing that he had end up on your driving record, and you don’t want gotten a speeding to get points on your license, because once you have ticket while on probation as a new driver. Someone 11 points your license will get suspended,” advised promised him that for $3,000 he would take care of the ticket and get it dismissed. After postponing the Goldstein. Consequences for speeding go on a sliding scale. case for three years, the individual representing In New York, a driver caught going up to ten miles the young man pleaded guilty to the charges and per hour over the speed limit can get three points paid the fine, not realizing his actions resulted in a YOU’RE DRIVING ALONG ON YOUR FAVORITE Monsey roadway when you suddenly see the sight that no one ever wants to see in their rearview mirror: flashing red lights. It’s a police car, and maybe, just maybe, you were driving a few miles per hour over the speed limit. If you live in New York, odds are good that you are going to get a ticket sooner or later, said Hershel Goldstein of the Law Offices of Zev Goldstein, which has been defending clients for more than 25 years. “In New York, there are so many officers giving


conviction on the young man’s record. “Meanwhile this young man had gotten a commercial driver’s license and was working as a tow truck driver, but because of the conviction, his license was suspended and he couldn’t work anymore,” said Goldstein “The person he had hired was under the misconception that after 18 months there would be no points if he pleaded guilty but that wasn’t true. Sadly, there was no happy ending in this case.” In an interesting local twist, Goldstein has had cases of drivers who were ticketed and given points on their license for twirling their peyos as they drove. “A police officer a few lanes over sees someone doing that and they see someone with his hand by his ear and assume there is a cell phone,” said Goldstein. “You can claim that the officer was wrong, but it can be very hard to prove.” New York has stiff penalties for cell phone use while driving. Drivers can receive five points for cell phone violations, with new drivers facing a 60-day suspension of their license. “It is not illegal to hold your phone in your hand while you drive in New York,” said Goldstein. “But the problem is how does a police officer know what you are doing with it? You can’t just show phone records to prove you weren’t talking, because maybe you were messaging or looking at your pictures. There is a presumption that if you are holding your phone you are using it, so a driver who is twirling his peyos may be giving the appearance of impropriety.” Another violation that can have devastating ramifications for local families? Neglecting to seat-belt children, a violation that carries a three-point penalty per child. “For a non-Jewish family with one kid, not having them put on their seatbelt means that they can get three points,” said Goldstein. “But for a Jewish family with eight kids, if five kids aren’t wearing seatbelts, that is a fifteen-point violation, which means the driver can automatically lose their license.” The moral of the story? Learn the laws of the road and obey them. One day, you might end up saving yourself a lot of money and aggravation. Sandy Eller is a freelance writer who writes for numerous websites, newspapers, magazines and many private clients. She can be contacted at sandyeller1@


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AS TOLD TO SHEVY HOLLANDER “YOU MUST SLOW DOWN! This is unsafe.” “Do you want to take over the wheel?” I asked tiredly, for what must have been the fifth time since we left the wedding in Monsey. Really, if I would have the option of sitting in the passenger seat right then, instead of focusing on the dark highway, I would be catching up on some much-needed shut-eye. Why did my wife choose to spend those cherished two hours of quiet watching the road — and my every action on it — as if I hired her to be my personal driving coach? And just for the record, I was five miles below the speed limit. A few years down the road, when my key ring had not held anything reading Toyota or Pontiac in a while, I’d remind my wife that she was the reason I bid my car adieu. To be perfectly honest, it was just one of many reasons. Living in Brooklyn, it really didn’t make any sense to put up with the hassle of parking and the expense of keeping up a car. I lived around the corner from my shteibel, a ten-minute walk to work, and there was a grocery, dry goods store, Boro Park’s most popular wedding hall and pharmacy between the two. And on the occasion that I needed to get to a simcha or event that was longdistance, I was more than pleased to relinquish the driver’s seat and the midnight focus on the road and do what my wife had not thought of doing when our marriage was still young: sleep through the ride in blissful oblivion. The years moved on, and when the first hairs in my beard started fading to grey, we outgrew our apartment. And with outgrew I mean that the dining room was already housing two of my boys and we were instituting a number system to manage the line for the shower. Looking for new accommoda-

104 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484

tions was not something we could push off any longer. We researched rentals, we looked into homes; the numbers were dizzying and totally out of our range. We decided to join the mass exodus to Monsey. With my parents and most of my siblings living in the ‘burbs, it was a decision that was reached without too many qualms. Settling into Monsey life, it was easy to get used to the trees, the grass, the parks, the spacious supermarkets and the country-like summer air; less so, the distance to the stores and the miles of sidewalks between our home and just about anywhere we needed to get to daily. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it was time to reclaim my status as a New York State driver. I pulled out my driver’s license — which had been renewed over the previous decade and a half for the sole purpose of being my ID card and to prove that I was over 21 — and I hit the market for a car. It took a few days to make myself at home at the steering wheel of my Pacifica (a steal of a deal, they told me) as I learned which traffic lights to avoid at all costs, how to make sharp turns and at what speed one cruises up a hill. By the time two months passed, I was ready to venture onto the highway on my own to attend a bar mitzvah in Brooklyn. The night was foggy as I cruised down the Palisades on my way home to Monsey. My eyelids were doing this downward motion and the dark, quiet stretch was soothing my brain into a pre-slumber. I rolled the windows down, letting the cold air slap my face and keep me awake. I turned the music volume up, and then out of pure desperation, called my brother on bluetooth to keep a conversation going.

There were still ten miles to go; ten dark, excruciating, mind-numbing miles. I had to get onto the Thruway fast, before I fell asleep. I pressed down the gas, hard, until I saw red. And blue. And they were flashing. I was being pulled over by a cop for speeding. I was awake in an instant. “Good evening,” the officer greeted me, probably relieved to break up the long, boring night. I returned his greeting and heeded his request to turn over license and registration. “You’ve been driving at 12 miles over the speed limit,” he chastised me. He slapped a portfolio open and started preparing my ticket. “Officer,” I appealed to him. “You are 100% right. I was speeding, and I was wrong. But, officer…” I looked him in the eye. “I have a driver’s license for over 20 years, and in all these years, I never received a ticket. My record is clean. Can I ask you, officer, to look away just this once, and you have my word that I’ll take utmost care not to blight my record?” He didn’t believe me, but he turned around and went to his car to check. I heard him whistle, and he returned to my window.. “Wow.” He shook his head from side to side, with admiration in his eyes. “I’ve never seen the likes of this before. Twenty years and a clean record? I’m just going to let you go. I wouldn’t want to ruin a record like that. Good evening and drive safely!” “Thank you.” I shook his hand warmly, and then I continued on the way to Monsey. It’s 14 months later, and I drive with great care. After all, if an officer decided against ruining my perfect 20-year record, why should I?

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The NYS Driver Violation







MPH over posted limit

1 to 10 11 to 20 21 to 30 31 to 40 Over 40



3 points 4 points 6 points 8 points 11 points











points 106 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484


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Tire Service

914.712.TIRE ‫גדלי' וויינבערגער‬
























points 108 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484

POINTS ARE NOT ASSIGNED FOR THE FOLLOWING VIOLATIONS: • Any bicycle violation • Any pedestrian violation • Any parking violation • Any violation related to unregistered, unlicensed or uninsured operation • Any violation related to motor vehicle inspection, vehicle weights or dimensions or vehicle equipment other than inadequate service brakes • Any violation related to a business or the sale of goods established in the Vehicle and Traffic Law or any local law • A violation related to the improper use of High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes in Suffolk County, between exits 49 and 57 of the Long Island Expressway • Any other violation not resulting from the operation of a motor vehicle

OUT-OF-STATE CONVICTIONS If you are convicted of a traffic violation in another state or country, points are not added to your New York State driving record, unless the violation occurred in Ontario or Quebec.

SUSPENSIONS AND REVOCATIONS Conviction of a serious traffic violation or multiple traffic violations can result in the suspension or revocation of your driver license or privilege to drive in New York State. It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle when your driver license or driving privilege is suspended or revoked. Common reasons for a definite suspension (a period with a beginning and end date in which you are not allowed to drive) • You did not have automobile liability insurance. • You were convicted of an alcohol or drugged driving charge. • You received too many traffic tickets in a certain amount of time. • You did not follow the rules for junior drivers. • You got 11 points in an 18-month period. Common reasons for indefinite suspensions(a period when you may not drive until you take a required action): • You did not answer a traffic ticket. • You did not pay for a traffic ticket fine. • You did not file a motor vehicle accident report. • You have unpaid NYS tax debts. • You did not have automobile liability insurance. • You have a medical condition that affects your ability to drive safely. • Common reasons for revocations (cancelled license) • You operated or permitted operation of a vehicle without insurance. • You were involved in an uninsured motor vehicle accident. • You were convicted of an alcohol or drugged driving charge. • You were convicted of a serious traffic offense or multiple offenses. • You failed a DMV road test. • You made a false statement on an application for a license or registration. • You were a driver in a motor vehicle crash that involved a fatality

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10 S H O P P I N G


e r u s e k a M you are in... 3








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B y the Community For the Community

The Drawing will take place on Lag B'omer 2017

Call Today! 24 hour raffle hotline:

845.951.1122 or via email

5 $54 for

3 $36

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1 $18 for

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The first non-electric, gas-lit traffic lights were installed outside the Houses of Parliament in London to control the overflow of horse-drawn traffic. It lasted all of a few weeks, when a leak in the gas lines severely injured the police officer who was manually controlling the lights.

The yellow light didn’t exist until 1920. Until that point drivers didn’t have a slow-down interval. There was only a warning buzz when the color changed, and it caused plenty of accidents. A Detroit police officer, William Potts, added the yellow light to the traffic light, which is a great thing — even if drivers consider it a signal to speed up and beat the red light.

Until 2013, the Garden State

Parkway had three traffic lights, surprising drivers out of the blue while they cruised at 80 mph. They’d slam on their breaks, or not stop in time, and it led to many fatal accidents.

Traffic lights are typically connected to area power circuits and in a case of a power outage, they just may go black. In such case, drivers should treat each traffic light as a four-way stop, with the driver on the right having the right-of-way. It’s also important to watch out for and obey police officers manning the traffic.

WHY THOSE COLORS? The red and green, for “stop” and “go” respectively, were derived from early train signals, indicating when trains should maintain speed and when they should come to a stop. Red seems to have been chosen for its highest wavelength — the fact that it is visible from the greatest distance.

Here’s what a blinking traffic light means: Red: Come to a complete stop, then proceed when you can. Yellow: Proceed with caution.

In the heart of Prague’s oldest neighborhood there is a street, or rather alley, so narrow that it’s impossible for two people to pass each other in it. Two traffic lights were installed on either end to signal when the street is free or occupied, although most do not take it seriously and they end up colliding with someone from the opposite end.

112 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484

THE UPSIDE-DOWN TRAFFIC LIGHT There were many Irish immigrants living in Tipperary Hill, in Upstate New York when traffic signal lights were installed at the main intersection. Local Irish youth would throw stones on the traffic lights, objecting the placement of red (a British color) over the green (Irish color). It was such a major issue that the town installed a “green-over-red” traffic light in place of the traditional version, which is still in operation today.

The Traffic Light Tree is a public sculpture in London. At over 26 feet tall and containing 75 sets of lights, each controlled by a computer, it is the most confusing traffic symbol in the world to motorists who don’t know that it’s just an attraction for tourists and locals.

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114 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484

May 3, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 115 / 845.600.8484






INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Draw one of the art ideas from this column. Submissions should be drawn on a standard 8.5” by 11” paper. 2. Color it, using pastel, crayon, paint, marker, or even colored pencil. 3. Clearly label your submission with your name, age and school/cheder. Please write your name and age on the art page, not on a separate paper. 3. Mail your masterpiece to The Monsey View, 3 College Road, Suite 204, Monsey, NY 10952. *Art submissions become the property of The Monsey View and will not be returned.

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May 3, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 117 / 845.600.8484

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Last week’s Boggle board


4 letter words 2 points | 5 letter words 3 points | 6 letter words 5 points | 7 letter words 7 points | 8 letter words 9 points | 9 or more 12 points


DIRECTIONS: Write your 4-letter, 5-letter, 6-letter etc. words in alphabetical order, in separate columns. Fax or email your word list, together with your total points by Sunday, 8:00 PM for a chance to win! Include your name, phone number, and address.

r: Phone numbe


PLAYING RULES: • No adding “s” to a word. • No proper nouns, abbreviations, or acronyms • No bouncing back to letters already used in a given word • Words may not be found with a computer boggle solver. • Words may not be found with the help of a dictionary. • The Monsey View will carefully review all submissions to ascertain each word is found in the dictionary. Points will be deducted for ineligible words. • We reserve the right to disqualify entries that have a few ineligible words, that are not written in alphabetical order, or are missing information. • Each contestant has a chance to win only once in four weeks. • No credit given to archaic words, or words chiefly used in other languages (including British).



pizza pi er on us! A

e, fries, an

d ice crea

m delivered

to your do


Runner Ups: FAMILY GREENFELD xxx-3492: 180 points POLLAK xxx-6000: 174 points LEFKOWITZ xxx-6647: 161 points T. HOROWITZ xxx-1415: 159 points Pick up your free slice and ice cream at Chai Pizza Please be considerate, and do NOT try to claim your prize without The Monsey View issue in which your name appears or after six weeks. It will not be honored.


118 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484

The Monsey View does not take responsibility for faxes that don’t come through.


1 3 9 8 2

4 7 3

8 5 6 7 3


6 1 6 1 5 3 8 5

9 1

1 3


9 8 8


8 6



4 5

3 4 9


7 1 8 4 2

9 6


BOGGLE WINNER LIST REMINDER Dictionaries or electronic devices may not be used to help you solve the Boggle board. From this point on we will be disqualifying word lists, as per our discretion, that include too many unusual words. The Boggle Team at The Monsey View

4 LETTER WORDS flip glim glum home homy host

hypo isn’t limo lion list memo

mist most mote nome note omer

pony post snot soil some stem

6 LETTER WORDS stop term tern toil tome tony

ghosty isomer lister

mister piston poster

siphon tonsil

7 LETTER WORDS glister



5 LETTER WORDS empty fluid ghost homer

humid misty moist mommy

noter phony shyer stern

stomp stony

8 LETTER WORDS misnomer



9 LETTER WORDS symposium

Are you wondering why your points were reduced? The following are some of the ineligible words found. dist empts hoster lipo monty remop

soph stry Tommy

Please note that credit is not given for inappropriate words.

May 3, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 119 / 845.600.8484

































43 47













































55 50 46




























31 27





24 20 17 14 1







A 3



S 4



H 5




















I 9














59 33






39 22


















N 42









A 45











































T 43




















13 / 845.600.8484


120 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017


1. Stitches 2. Civil aviation Agency 3. Hammer’s target 4. Body shop fig. 5. Kvetchiest

44. Shortsightedness 45. Learned one 46. Kind of ray 47. Steer clear of 48. Pulled 49. Chemical compound 51. Of sound mind 52. Carangid fish 53. Piece of glass 54. Fruit spray 57. Additionally 58. Circle meas. 59. Son of a son A


6. Heroic tales 7. Offended 8. Big fuss 9. ___ Grande 10. Orbit 11. Drink served with marshmallows 12. Smells 13. Lowly workers 18. Poetic adverb 23. Campaigns 24. Instrumentalists 25. Seashore 26. Language of Pakistan 27. ___ and aahs 28. Certain cookie 29. Passion 30. Perfume 32. Iranian money 34. Understood 35. Crowning point 36. Drop from the eye 38. Child of fortune? 39. Arouse again


1. Tendon 6. Pottery fragment 11. One with a beat 14. Electronic money 15. Sound 16. Tribute, of sorts 17. Lounge 19. Loving murmur 20. Note after fa 21. In apple-pie order 22. Squirreled-away item 24. Goes (for) 25. Medieval body armour 27. More seeping 30. Anatomical structure 31. Sandwiches for dessert 32. Go through volumes 33. Card game for three 37. Provides medical coverage 40. Songs for one 41. Point in the right direction?

42. Tomato blight 43. Photographer’s request 45. Shish kebab stick 46. Ones who die for their religion 49. Speaker’s platform 50. Dispatch boat 51. Communicate silently 52. Health resort 55. Mo. before Dec. 56. One trained to give emergency treatment 60. Bit of business attire 61. Empty 62. Jungle vine 63. Contribute 64. Venomous snake 65. Pillow stuffing



Rav Gedaliah hired him as a servant in the yeshiva

I come from Yemen,

where I supported my widowed mother and orphaned siblings. But I so badly wanted to come and learn here, so my mother encouraged me to travel to Eretz Yisroel..

Thank you, Rav Shalom!

Thank You, Hashem! I am so happy to be here and enjoy the Torah of these gedolim!


Reb Shalom asks the Rosh Yeshiva if he can work as a servant at the yeshiva. May 3, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 121 / 845.600.8484

By Ann Zeilingold

Real Estate Is Monsey for You? ONE OF THE MOST ATTRACTIVE attributes of the greater Monsey community is the safety. Some old-timers will tell you that they never lock their doors. Violent crime is very low, and so my husband says that our policemen have very little to do, so they seem to give out a lot of traffic tickets! Speaking to insurance agent Eric Jaslow from State Farm insurance in West Nyack, NY, educates me that insurance rates for cars and homes are quite a bit less than in NYC. This is because crime is lower here than in the city, and insurance companies calculate that risk in their insurance cost. A comparison between someone insuring a home worth $700,000 in Rockland County versus a $700,000 in Brooklyn (is there such a home?) can be a difference of more than $1,500 a year! The difference in auto insurance is even more startling. A client who relocated from Brooklyn to Monsey told me that his car insurance went down almost $3,000 per year, for just one car! When moving to a new area, the cost of the mortgage payment obviously is key in the decision making. But there are other costs and savings that need to be taken into account. Some examples are: • Utilities: What is the projected cost? • Yard maintenance and snow removal • Home repairs • Bungalow colony— or not? • Insurance: car and life

Find Ann’s real estate column weekly in The Monsey View.

Ann Zeilingold

FM Home Loans


Vice President

1609 Route 202 Pomona, NY 10970


845-354-9700 914-260-9000

122 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484

Sometimes, it’s not only the money.

• Traveling costs: commuting to work and car services if one doesn’t drive or have a second car • Groceries • Tuition • Day camps/ sleepaway camp • Babysitting • Sheitel machers/ clothing And the list can go on. For one person, moving to the suburbs is actually a cost saver and for another it means major additional expenses. Sometimes, it’s not only the money. Just yesterday I was speaking with a woman who asked me if she should officially move to Monsey. She has a home here and she comes every Shabbos. She told me that she was concerned because her children are in excellent schools in Brooklyn. I told her that was less concerned about the kids but more concerned for her marriage, because both she and her husband have demanding careers in Brooklyn. The move to Monsey would mean that children see less of their parents, and she and her husband would see less of each other. Most people who move to Monsey from the city will rave about the quality of life: the space, the yards, the slower pace — but as you can see, this is a very individual decision.

OPEN HOUSE Sun May 7 1:00-4:00 PM 10 Madeline Terr Chestnut Ridge NY

$529,000 Brocha Fischman • Large 3/4 Acre 347-598-8084 Lic RE Salesperon

Property! • Low Taxes! • 1900 Sq FT • New Kosher Kitchen! • Detached Two story garage!

May 3, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 123 / 845.600.8484

THE WORLD REALTY GROUP World Class Service ~ World Class Results LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKERS New York | New Jersey | Connecticut | Pennsylvania 400 Rella Blvd. Suite 165 Suffern, NY 10901 Irving Rohinsky

Chaim Cillo

OFF MARKET DEAL— Crestview Area, Monsey

CELL: (203) 641-0373

CELL: (917) 817-9146

8 Br’s | 4 Baths | 4,000+ SF | Modern | Luxurious | Cul-De-Sac $1,550,000

Warehouses / Industrial Properties Available 4,000100,000 SF NY, NJ, CT

Retail Investment Properties Excellent CAP Rates with National Tenants

1 David Ct.—MONSEY


Multifamily Investment Prop- 6 BR/ 3 Bath, 3,000 SF renovated 5 BR/3 ba. colonial is L-A-R-G-E!! home on fantastic cul-de-sac in preserties Tri-State area tigious up the hill section. Over ½ acre Beautiful & quiet cul-de-sac, large

Call For Info

of park like land, large DR, & LR w/ newer EIK w/ granite & cherry cabihigh ceilings. Lrg plyrrm, Anderson nets, & MORE Windows, gorgeous hardwood floors, NOW ONLY $589K!! much more!! ONLY $849K!!

Thinking of buying or selling? Who you work with MATTERS. The World Realty Group has likely LISTED or SOLD a property near you! Please call us today for a FREE consultation and market analysis!

(845) 605-TWRG @TWRGLLC

124 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484




**CALL LONNA 914-548- 0870Meeany FOR THESE AMAZING DEALS** 5 South Monsey

RARE INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY Approximately 28,000 cubic ft building on 10.8 acres of residential land in the heart of Airmont! Ripe for development. Many possibilities! NEW CONSTRUCTION To-Be- Built Several New colonials in various areas and price ranges. Call for plans and details LAND FOR SALE one acre+ in central location BUILD YOUR DREAM HOUSE! MONSEY. Magnificent and spacious 5 year young custom colonial featuring 10 Bedrooms, Beautiful Granite eat-in kitchen with state of the art appliances and elegant cabinetry, library, separate guest apartment and much more! Blueberry Hill Area –Kearsing Blvd. Several condos for lease/sale including a 2 and 3 bdrm duplex. Some with new kitchens


UNIQUE AND SPACIOUS 9 Unique opportunity to own stststststst stststststststst stststststststst ststst stststststststst stststst Bedroom 5.5 Bathroom Colonial the magnificent one of a stststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststst on .92 Acre level Tree-Lined kind colonial with 7 great bedrooms (5 on upper Property in Prestigious Up The level including master Hill Monsey. Ultra Spacious and suite boasting huge walk Functional Custom Designed in closet and Jacuzzi with warm ambiance) This Granite Kitchen with Center Island, Leading into Open Bright Concord remarkable home is situated in a beautiful prestigious and Airy Dinette, surrounded by Windows revealing the area of Monsey. Featuring an elegant dining room Natural Landscape. Other Features include; Sprinkler System, with marble floors and detailed accents, office/library Elflllfllfl5 Blfllllll lflfl lllllllllllllllflflflfl Family Room with Retractable Roof, Large Finished Walkwith separate entrance, finished walk out basement, flflflflflflflflfl flflflflflfl flflfl flflflflflflflflfl flflflflflfl flflfl gorgeous and spacious state of the art kitchen with out Basement, Private Master Bedroom Suite on Ground flflflflflflflfllllllllllllllllllllllllllll sleek cabinetry and striking granite counter tops, Level, and second Master Bedroom and Bathroom Upstairs. open floor plan with great entertainment flow, Beautiful, Comfortable, and Practical Home. Don’t Miss this surrounded by windows and skylights. Stunning glass One! doors lead out to beautifully manicured gardens with a gracious waterfall, fish pond and gated sparkling Elegant bright and spacious 6/7 bedroom colonial splanch in ground pool. There is so much more to see and an Tokyo opportunity not to be missed. in the prime Forshay neighborhood, custom designed with

11 llflllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll style and functionality. This unique home features extended eat-in kitchen with adjacent family room, impressive living lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Gorgeous bright and spacious center hall coroom with cathedral ceilings and huge bay window, 6 lonial onllllllll almost an acre of tree-lined property lllllll flflflflflflflflfl flflflflflflflflfl flflflstst bedrooms on second level including beautiful master suite, located on a most desirable street. Large eat-in ststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststststst st gorgeous flat manicured property, on quiet dead end block. kitchen finished w/o basement, 9 bedroom, 5 Don’t miss this one! ½ bathroom with many other unique features.

May 3, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 125 / 845.600.8484

Classifieds FOR SALE CHEVY UPLANDER 2008, 100k miles in excellent condition $5,000 call 845538-6999 GRAND MARQUIS 2003, with 95k miles. Excellent condition. Asking $2,900. Serious inquires only please call 274-4206 TOYOTA SIENNA 2005, 143,000 miles, excellent condition $7500.00 Please call 845-248-3535 VOLKS WAGEN Jetta 2012 74k miles very well maintained beautiful condition for $7,600 please call 845-200-6246 GET CASH i buy cars call 845-596-3791 LEASE GIVE OVER Honda accord 2016 Great condition,with 25k miles,return date March 2019 up to 60k. 3475983059 DODGE CARAVAN year 2000, 90000 miles in good running condition for sale for $2,000, 845-596-7546 TOYOTA CAMRY LE highway miles for sale call 9149792464 TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 xle leather seats sunroof fully loaded well maintained call 845-461-3084 MASTER BEDROOM Gorgeous Furniture for sale. 39” beds. About 8 yrs old. Great condition! Call: 918-1753 MASTER BEDROOM for sale. Dark wood. 48” headboards. From Chasuna Depot. 222-1305

CRIB AND ARMOIRE for sale natural color great condition for $400. 845-5707514

D.R.FURNITURE for sale - good condition $1950. Call or text 845-6420126

TREADMILL good condition for sale. company pro-form.selling for $ 845-425-2936

BEDROOM/RR SET bookshelf and major appliances for sale due to move. please call 426-0821. reasonable prices.

HVAC UNIT Used comfortmaker model# gne125j20g1 in excellent condition for sale $400 obo. pls call or text 845-274-5771

OUTDOOR PICNIC TABLES convert to benches. Also little tikes kitchen center plz call 845 826 0700

LOOKING TO BUY White Baby Dresser that looks nice for good price. Also kids Desk, Hutch + Mirror 356.1212

KENMORE WASHER & DRYER xl capacity, lightly used. Kenmore washer and dryer, super capacity plus, great condition $450- per set 845662-4346

3 PIECE BEDROOM SET for sale 1 brown wood bed 2 door 1 drawer armoire and 7 drawer chest please call 8453716009 BEDROOM FURNITURE for sale 2 44” mattress and headboards, night table, armoire, and dresser. Great for furnished apartment. 845.587.7493 FOR SALE Am ware suitable for dinette/ dining room/living room please call 371-1963 USED CHAIRS 6 dining room chairs and 2 arm chairs w/ plastic org. $350 selling for $100 ,china closet $1,000. call (845)4252338 . MASTER BEDROOM furniture in perfect condition $2200 pictures available call 352-4875 BEAUTIFUL DINETTE SET for sale! 6 wrought iron chairs w leather-look upholstery & glass table top. Partially brand new. $550 Call/txt 845.548.2685 4’ DINETTE TABLE and four chairs, new glass table top, great condition. 845-538-6517

126 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484

// for sale // for rent

DISHWASHERS 2 brand new Amana stainless dishwashers for sale. Excellent price $ 500.00 for both!! Call 845-425-5033 FARBERWARE SET 15 pc. Brand new $95, vrem pots set $50,also a step 2 play kitchen $20. call 347-581-1053 EARRINGS Beautiful Earrings brand new 14 KT gold with diamonds and colored stone. Original $675 asking $500. Please call 517-7547 CONDOR POCKET WATCH Beautiful used 14k gold Condor pocket watch with chain. Engravable. Looks new. $700, regular $1,125. Call 845-274-5559 GOPED GAS SCOOTER w/seat & basket in mint condition for sale. Eager to sell - just $500 OBO (was $930). Pls. call/txt 845-4995605 YAMAHA KEYBOARD PSRE-443 including stand $200 426.3824 WIG 4 SALE Human majestic medium brown shorter cut bob style gr8 price picture available call/text 845- 538-3091

KEYBOARD Looking to sell my brand new korg Pa 4x, 76 key, keyboard. very good price call: 845-2740725 YAMAHA PSR-S900 $500, JBL EON 610 speakers $750, 6 channel mixer $120, Shure Mic. $100. call 4995906. MATERNA Stage 2 for $28 - 1845-4999923 MENS HAT Brand New in box. Roche. Size 56. Bought for $175 Selling for $145 - 1845-4999923 ULTRA BRAND push button combination (shabbos) locks. Only $125.00 each (does not include installation). Limited stock remaining. 425-4606 DSLR CAMERA Canon EOS T5. Used. Excellent condition. Negotiable. Please call 845425-3015 YAMAHA PSR-433. Used. $175. Stand, mixers and cables also available. Please call 845-425-3015 JUDAICA BOOKS Used, for sale in excellent condition. Assorted titles for teenagers and grownups at reduced prices. Call 845-4149226. MOVING SOON 2 Brass chandeliers, Double self-cleaning wall

oven, Fl dishwasher, Boys bedroom set: dresser with bookshelves.12ft Tergal curtains w/rod. 425-7545, 304-8463 BOYS VOCHEN SHORTS Carters size 3t & 4t beige short pants with adorable t-shirt. $10 each. Call 845356-0759 Lv msg. NEW PAIR of good expensive jogging sneakers never used size 7, 2386691 BUGABOO CAMELEON Off white hood and insert 2nd hand. Great deal $175 call 845-362-2422 BLACK FLORAL shabbos dress medium never worn , Still has all tags 99$, 2386691 DOUBLE MOUNTAIN BUGGY for sale. used only a couple of times. New condition. 845 521 2402. SIMCHA CHAIRS for sale at a great price of $10 each (80 chairs available) please call 845-213-8236 50 GALLON hot water heater, used for only 2 years. Has about 1 year left on the warranty. 914-3918982.

SELLING almost new bottle of 1) shefa milk 2) life booster , $15.00 each. Call or text 570-1433

BLACK GEOX LOAFER Boys, size 29, for $50. Please call: 425-2284 SHOES/ HIGH-CHAIR jon josef size 5(big 5) originally $150 selling for $120 booster seat with table (high-chair) $15 845- 6596895

MATERNA $25 For sale just arrived materna milchig and parve limited quantity for just $25 call 845426-3231 SEWING MACHINE Vintage Westinghouse sewing machine with original table, in decent condition, for sale $150 obo. please call or text 845-274-5771 GOODSTART Soy formula for $13 call 845263-4099 BUGABOO FROG hoods & bassinet parts for sale call 845-422-1588

PHOTO PRINTER Canon, new in box. Call 845356-1932 CHICCO HIGHCHAIR like new condition. Two dishwasher safe trays- one unused. Two cushions- one unused. $75. Call or text 718613-9128

Plus additional 1300 Sq. Ft. Basement. Full height. Excellent location. Pls call 425 3873 FOR SALE ON ELM STREET 3rd Floor flat style unit for sale includes: Kitchen/ Dinette, Dining Rm/Living Rm, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, back porch. Please Call 845659-4531. OPEN HOUSE Madeline Ct, Chestnut Ridge. 3/4 acre, low taxes... Steal of a deal! Great Price. Call B. Fischman @ 347-598-8084


HOUSE FOR SALE cul-de-sac, Prime Location. Paiken Drive R2 Zoning. approx 7000 SF 845-521-9428

HOUSE IN NEW CITY Brand new. 5 bedrooms. 4 bathrooms. Frum block. For rent Call or text 2015790126

HOUSE FOR SALE Most sought after neighborhood in New Hempstead; 4 bedroom plus more colonial; walk to many shuls and shteibels . 845-4998322.

NEW HEMPSTEAD Newly Renovated, 3,bedrm; 2 full bath; spacious living/ dining; high ceilings; modern kitchen/appliances; skylight; fireplace; large deck/ bckyd; 845 377-3687

HUGGIES PAMPERS Size 1 case of 240 for $36. Please call (after 4:00 P.M.) 845-659-0047

FOR SALE CHESTNUT RIDGE Chestnut Ridge. Priced reduced to sell! Brand New Kosher Kitchen! Large Lot! Low Taxes! Brocha Fischman 347-598-8084

SUMMER RENTAL Spacious house in Chestnut Ridge with lots of land and beautiful private pool available for month of August. Call 845-290-1650

KEYBOARD STAND (Z-style) in great condition, asking $40 or best offer, call or text: 845-587-7430

CONDO FOR SALE. brand new three bedroom 1300 Sq. Ft. Ground floor.

SUMMER RENTAL Nice private house on private street in heart of Monsey, for

HENRY FERRERA waterproof boots, new for sale little girl size 9 (23) $10, big girl size 2(30 grey quilted $25. call 845-422-1588 MEFOAR PESACH SET used once, looks brand new. For sale call 917.648.2678




CHANIE GENUD Certified laser hair removal specialist

845.323.8886 Book your appointment

May 3, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 127 / 845.600.8484


// for rent HOTEL- STYLE RENTAL Spacious 2 bedroom apt. for rent by day/week/weekend. All amenities included. Stonehouse area. 845-5481050


2 HUGE BDRM APT Spacious State/Art Kitchen + Dinette; Stainless Appliances; Quartz Countertops+ Living/ Dining/Study; big backyard; New Hempstead Area 845 377 3687

LARGE FURNISHED APARTMENTS BY THE DAY/WEEK/MONTH. Spacious / furnished / center of Outremont / 3-4 bedrooms / up to 10 beds / kosher kitchen / amenities. Reservations: 718.737.4980 rent for July/August. Please call 8453563730 PRIVATE HOUSE for rent in the Rockhill area. 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, Pesach kitchen. please call: 845-2930663. SUMMER RENTAL 4 bedroom house w/porch front and back fenced yard in the Peiken Laura area walking to hatzluche supermarket and shuls 347546-4899 CORNER RANCH in Chestnut Ridge. Three bedrooms, newly renovated kitchen. For rent Call for appt Judy stern 845-422-1512 HOUSE FOR RENT Beautiful Summer Home available for July and August. Five bedrooms, 3 full baths, deck in the back, swing set, kid-friendly block, on a Culde-sac: 845 371 1002 or 845 807 9667 SUMMER RENTAL 5-bedroom house, large backyard with trampoline, playroom, living room, child friendly block, walk to all shopping. 845-263-4000 HOUSE RENTAL BiLevel -4Bd/3fullBth with Mbd Suite, Laundry, Game & Family rooms,

Office & Guest Suites with separate entrances. Deck & fenced yard. $3,500/mnth, 845.362.4854

FURNISHED APARTMENT Kitchen, dining room, bedroom, fully furnished. Please call: 845-578-5750

SUMMER RENTAL 4 bdrm private house in Paiken area 6000 full summer including utilities 18458264066

FURNISHED APARTMENT 3 Rooms on Remsen Ave. 845.517.8409

LOOKING TO RENT a house with a pool from Aug. 2-Aug. 16 Please contact 845.517.8409 or 01141787402945 or email: LOOKING TO RENT A house with a pool, for the summer. Please call or text 347 423 2325 GWEN LANE Beautifully renovated apartment now available. Private entrance... Great price! Call for details… (845) 352-7118 FOR RENT Beautiful 4-room apartment on Blauvelt road with a stunning view. Available as of June 1. Please call 213.7402 FORSHAY APARTMENT Beautiful 1 Bedroom Apartment for rent. Washing Machine Included. Above ground Call/Text 845-6593957

128 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484

4 BDRM Manor drive! $2200 avail immed 845-288-3151

ONE BDRM APT ON JILL LANE One Bedroom apartment for rent on Jill Lane. Includes Kitchen, Dining Rm and bath. No parking avail. Please call 845-659-4531. FOR RENT ON KEARSING PARKWAY Duplex for rent on Kearsing Pkwy, includes: Kitchen, Dining Rm, 2 bedrooms, 1 ½ baths. Please call 917-5253538. FOR RENT ON DECATUR AVENUE New apartment for rent includes: Kitchen, Dining Rm, one bedroom and full bath. Please call 917-5253538. FOR RENT ON BATES 5 Bedroom townhouse for rent includes: Kitchen/ dinette, Dining/Living Rm, 2.5 baths, front & back porch, Playroom, 2.5 baths & garage. Please call 845-659-4531.

3 BDRM +2 bath ; living/dining rm; spacious sunny home; w/ big backyard; in the Chestnut Ridge/ Spring Hill area; call 845 377 3687 3 BEDROOM APT. available on Marman Pl. ideal for young couple for rent 845.371.3356 CHESTNUT RIDGE Two bedroom apartment available for Shabbos or short-term rental 845-2637462 2 BDRM APT for rent on Kaufman Ct (off Park/Adar) ready to move in. Call/Text 845-445-9123 5 ROOM APT on Maple Leaf. 1 flight up. Special rate for chosson/ kallah or middle-aged couple. 845.425.6759 1 BEDROOM FURNISHED apt. top floor, for rent, please call (845) 293-2232 TWO BEDROOM APT. Beautiful spacious brand new apt on Decatur. 1500.00 . Will be ready mid June. call 222 0545.

1 BEDROOM FURNISHED Apt, on Ronald Dr, No Parking, new walkin ChusenKallah preferred, 845 425 7780 $1000

4 ROOM APARTMENT on upper brewer Rd please call 845 659 3933

FURNISHED BASEMENT a brand new 2 bedroom apartment for rent on Carlton rd please call 425-0544

1 BEDROOM APT walk in, Emes Lane Very reasonable, Air Conditioned 845 356 8270

PAIKEN CORNER MAPLE 2 Br front Newly built, call Broker 732.708.2004 or 263.4113.

BRAND NEW 4 room apt with a large backyard in the Bluefield area. Please call (845)3560989

2 BDRM FURNISHED Young couple beautifully appointed apt. avail. for a few months. Dr. Frank area. Please call 352-4963 or 5177293. BRAND NEW 4 room apt with a large backyard in the Bluefield area. Please call (845)3560989 FLORIDA Miami bch. Btfl clean condo w/scenic porch avail. 718812-2656 1 BDRM APT. suitable for roomates or single . near Ohr Sameach. reasonable rent 845-2000938 SUMMER RENTAL Beautiful 3 bedroom house for rent in the heart of monsey. LR DR big playroom and porch with grill. Call 845-826-4928 3 BDRM BUNGALOW In Torahdik colony. by the week at the beginning or end of the summer. 845-356-0256

DAY AMP for girls entering Pre1A, 1st and 2nd grade. KIDDIE CLASS: 18 months - 3 1/2 and 3 1/2 -5 Hours: 8:30 - 4:00 Breakfast, lunch and snack included Free transporation

FULL 10 WEEK PROGRAM Sunday option also available

Part time and full time daycare accepted. We can help you apply for daycare.

FURNISHED APARTMENT on Calvert. Short or long term. 1 bedroom with kitchenette and washer/ dryer. Call 352.7148. MOTEL-STYLE RENTAL Spacious room for rent. By the day/ week/ weekend. Fresh linen/towels provided. Bluefield Area. Call: 845-3528360. 4 BEDROOMS newly renovated. big dining room with beautiful new salko kitchen. fixed up attic with set steps. Nissan ct 659-4057 FURNISHED APT New, available in the Blauvelt carlton area 845-445-5698







‫ורי‬ ‫סידפיקים‬ ‫צ‬



SUMMER RENTAL 4 bdrm 3 bathroom house for rent month of av great house great kid friendly block (862)591-7432 3-4 BEDROOM 2 floor plus basement, semi detached house for rent on Sneden Ct. off Union. Beautiful condition. call 718963-0318



BRAND NEW 4 BED 3 Bath playroom and more apt and 2-bed apt ready to move in please call 845-5171771

SHORT TERM RENTAL Beautiful, new 3 bedroom, 2 bath furnished apartment available as of June for summer & short term. Great location! call/text 917.652.2635



‫ענען‬ ‫ו‬


CALL TODAY: 356-7467 BRAND NEW spacious 3 bedroom apt on route 306 private entrance front porch asking 1,900 call/ text 347 308 2683. WEEKEND RENTAL on bates dr very cozy 2 bedrooms, couches, linen and more included call 845 709 4459 LOOKING FOR top floor 2 bedroom spacious apartment anywhere in Monsey area with parking. Pls call 845 598 4335 2 BDRM APT for rent on Kaufman Ct (off Park/Adar) ready to move in. Call/Text 845-445-9123

BREWER RD Very nice 4 room apt available after 15 May call 426-3849 -Wont last STUDIO APT/ OFFICE 1 large room with private full bath,private entrance, old nyack / Rockhill area call 425 -2871 BREWER AREA Lower Level of High Ranch available for Office or Playgroup 347-394-7115 PRIVATE OFFICE newly renovated size 15 x 10 on ground floor for rent location off Highview Rd between college & Spook rock please call 347-243-1815 STORAGE FOR RENT 1000 square foot pull up straight to garage door great

May 3, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 129 / 845.600.8484

Classifieds location twin area call 845659-8216

email to dressrental3207@

386 RT 59 office space around 300 sq ft $750.00 ALL INCLUSIVE 845-425-6565

EXQUISITE GOWN Cream color size 0-2 for rent or sale.pic avail.Call or text 845-709-4836.

STORAGE SPACE available for rent in unfinished basement. 1200+ square feet. Please call 914391-8982.

CUSTOM GOWN Lavender with applique flowers, size 6. Coordinating little girls gown size 4T. 914391-8982.

OFFICE FOR RENT Brand new office for Rent Private Entrance. 845-5387861

THEIA GOWN sister of the bride black & gold gown/dress size 14/16 for sale or rent 845 578-6585

SHUL FOR RENT For weekdays on edwin can be used for day camp or playgroup $975 a month call 347-7317302

SISTER OF BRIDE GOWN for sale/rent childrens size 8. Ivory & pink tulle. Worn once. Please call/text (845) 274-6826

3 ROOM BASEMENT available for office, custom made to your specifications. Blauvelt area call 8452137882,

IVORY DRESS size 4 magnificent fit. For sale /rent. Worn once. Call/text 558-1773. Great price!

DRESS/GOWNS ADULT/TEEN GOWN sz 4-6 for sale all lace with teal blue lining plz call or text 845-659-9155 SISTER OF BRIDE 2 beautiful gowns teen or young adult size 2-4. Call or text 845-213-0366. BLACK AND WHITE wedding dress size 10 for rent, call 845-425-3207 or

DRESS 4 SALE Nice teal brocade with black n white flowers. Size 10 (runs small about size 6)good 4 mature girl/young lady 845 362 0388/845 587 2445 MATERNITY GOWN black and gold maternity gown for sale/rent, worn once 845-263-9695 MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH! Bring us your teens and childrens gowns and we will rent it and make the money for you! Call 570 7783

130 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484

// for rent // dresses & gowns // help wa PEARL PINK ladies 8/10 and two childrens mauve pink gowns size 8 & 10 tall. Magnificent pieces! C/T 845-213-0978 MACHETENISTA COBALT blue gown size 18/20. Slenderizing fit. Call 845356-3892 GOWN SALE Mechtenista Gown Sz 12 845.774 8719 BLACK AND WHITE sister of the bride gown. Size 4 - 6 with room to adjust. Price negotiable. 845-4995087

SISTER OF THE BRIDE gown size 4-6 for sale pictures available pls text 8453045906 MOTHER/GRANDMOTHER OF BRIDE Beautiful black 2 piece wedding dress w/ lace size 18good price call 845.825.9830 SISTER OF THE BRIDE Beautiful Ladies Gown size 18/20 designer fabric gown, room to let out or down, for sale. Pls call 8456416184. WHITE AND LIGHT GREEN dress for sale. Size 2-4. Please call or text 845-269-8649

L LADIES 8/10 pearl pink gown and two childrens mauve pink gowns size 8 and 10 tall. C/ T 845213-0978

TODDLER GOWN Adorable little girls gown, soft pink and a little gold on top, size 2 picture available, sell $40 call 845-362-2422

2 WEDDING DRESSES size 4-6, available now for sale. Great price. Picture 845-664-5139

CHILDREN’S GOWNS Beautiful teal & white for rent sizes 2 - 10. great price call 845-356-1915.

DRESS FOR SALE/RENT navy, size 4 sister of the bride/ kallah vort excellent price. call 3560971

GOWNS FOR SALE Beautiful sister of the bride light color gowns size 00,0 and childrens gowns size 12, and 18 months Call 845-6424968

CUSTOM SISTER OF BRIDE dress for rent. Size 2-4. Please call 845-352-1752 SISTER OF BRIDE gown mauve & off white size 8-10 please call:845- 2001689

WEDDING GOWNS for sale ivory kids gowns size 4 and 6. Stunning Black and gray sister of the bride gown size 4/6. 845-746-1683

anted CUSTOM DESIGNED DRESS for rent! Kallah vort dress or for sister of the bride. Please call/text 845 587 2823. GIRLS GOWNS for sale. Sizes 4, 8-14 3560004 EXQUISITE sophisticated, one of kind custom bridal gown for sale. Size 2 - 4! 8454994363 PRETEEN GOWNS for sale sizes 14 and 16. Please call 445-5336 5 PIECE OFF-WHITE boys tuxedo size 2, crisp pleated shirt, pants with satin sides, vest and jacket, and bow tie. Selling for $35 call or text 845-362-2422 MATERNITY DRESSES Burgundy for sale/rent. Size xs. Can easily be alterated to fit regular sizing. please call: 845 263 5573 SISTER OF THE BRIDE beautiful shade of lilac, beaded top. Size 10 taken into a size 2, can be altered call 845-362-2422 FOR RENT OR SALE white top floral bottom gown size 4-6 perfect for girl or young lady call 709-5670 GORGEOUS GOWN for rent! Ivory with coral pink & gold brocade center. Approx Size 6-8. Stunning style & slenderizing fit, Text for pic/Call 845.548.2685

STUNNING BLACK TOP / grey skirt 2 pc married sis of bride gown size 14 Elegant Ivory and gold married sis of bride dress size 12-14 not a gown 347-645-6857

Lag b'omer photobooks

MOTHER OF THE BRIDE custom , taupe gown size 1416. Must see! 7182889467

Custom Design Vivid Print Elegant Binding

MIRI’S DRESS elegant dusty blue lace size 14 brand new never worn with fabric 845-213-7451 SISTER OF THE BRIDE Gold gown. Size 10-12. Worn once. Great price. Pls call 845.558.9470. CUSTOM DESIGNED dress for rent! Kallah vort dress or for sister of the bride. Please call/text 845 587 2823. GOWNS WITH GLAMOUR Wedding Gowns SZ 2 - Teen MONSEY: Rachy Silber 845445-5458

HELP WANTED MONSEY MANAGEMENT OFFICE looking to hire a girl for a full time management position. Applicant should have great phone skills and basic computer knowledge. Great potential. Please email resume to remanagementoffice@gmail. com

COBALT BLUE slenderizing gown for mechetenista. Size 18/20. 845-356-3892

LOOKING FOR a full time secretary for a local marketing company. Needs to know Ps Ai Id. Pls email resume to

GOWNS FOR RENT Maternity black & off white wedding dress for rent or sale, size 16. Stunning mauve chiffon sister of bride gown Size 8-10. 362-3149

LOOKING FOR ENERGETIC and responsible person, for warehouse receiving. Please call 971-232-1030 and leave a message, or send resume to:


Photo Books | Photo Gifts | Photo Prints | Photo Blocks | Wall Decor

MEDICAL BILLER F/T 5 yrs+ exp, must know CPT & ICD10 codes and have good problem solving skills. Gr8 salary and growth potential! JOB OPENING Frum Company seeking girl for Full Time office Position in Paterson NJ (22 Min from Monsey) must have basic computer knowledge of Microsoft Excel, car needed, Email resume to sp326jobs@ AMAZON / EBAY EXPERT Established company seeking an Amazon and Ebay selling expert. Extensive knowledge of Amazon is required. This is NOT an entry level position; you must have worked for a high volume marketplace seller. We offer tremendous opportunity for the right individual. Individual must pay strong attention to detail and complete proficiency in Excel. Please email resume EVEREST EQUITY CO SEEKING F/t loan officer assistant. Must be an organized selfstarter and adept at problem solving. F/t mortgage processor. Must be detail oriented, creative, and able to handle a heavy workload. Willing to train the right individual. F/t assistant to an

Executive. Must be efficient, polished, and professional. Position allows for a lot of growth potential. Willing to train the right individual. Driving required (must have own car). Qualified applicants (basic computer proficiency a must) send your resume to saram@ fax 845230-8682 HEIMISH REAL ESTATE OFFICE in Chestnut Ridge seeking to fill 2 full time positions. Quickbooks knowledge required; applicants need to be responsible and organized. Please email resume to eeisen@” ADVERTISING AND MARKETING FIRM in Monroe, is seeking a FT female employee to run the Sales and marketing. Candidate will be responsible for maintaining and renewing accounts, and be in charge of the marketing, social media and printed ads. Must have strong phone and Marketing skills Please email to: or Call 845-445-0612 #102 OFFICE HELP – SHORTTERM Seeking capable secretary for Heimishe office for months of May and June. Full-time

May 3, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 131 / 845.600.8484

Classifieds preferred. Email resume to or fax to 845-425-9224 YOUNG GIRL NEEDED for secretarial work, full time. Must be articulate, quick learner, and computer savvy. Please email resume to or fax to: 845-363-0900. SAFESIDE INSURANCE is expanding! We are looking for graduates for full-time office positions. Applicant must be quick learner and have good computer & phone skills. Please fax your resume to 845-738-3671 or email to FULL TIME OFFICE POSITION available in the health insurance field with great pay and benefits. General work experience required. Please email resume to hr@ GRAPHICS POSITION Monsey office seeks woman with extensive Adobe Photoshop knowledge and experience with image editing, Basic photography skills necessary. For a full time position. Please email

resume to stvyc@hotmail. com PROFESSIONAL OFFICE in Monsey is looking to hire for multiple positions, Great environment Please email resume to clearchaingroup@ NEED A SALESPERSON will pay a high commission Please call us 718-541-9446 OFFICE IN MONSEY looking for full/part time help. must know excel, have good phone skills, please email monseyoffice1@gmail. com FULL TIME OFFICE WORK Are you looking for a rewarding job doing interesting work in a fast paced environment? Are you detail oriented, self-motivated, a quick learner with great phone & writing skills? We are looking to hire FULL TIME female secretaries. We pay a base salary and performance based incentives on top of that. Experienced & beginners are welcome. Email resume to or call (845)356-5954 Ext 207

// help wanted BUSY MAINTENANCE SUPPLY company in the Bronx looking for full time assistant ‎Hours are from 10-4 please email resume to Harry@ AVAILABLE SALES POSITION looking for a FT employee in office, mainly sales online and manage day to day task. good pay for the right candidate must have experience in sales, professional English speaking and writing a must, must have computer, and online marketing experience. email resume to SECRETARY POSITIONS AVAILABLE Graduates Welcome. Great opportunity! A popular, wellestablished food company is looking to hire a group of girls, due to relocating of the business. Office is located 30 minutes from Monsey. Transportation provided. Job is full time from Monday through Thursday. Computer knowledge a must. Great pay for the right individual. Positions available immediately, or can wait to

start in June. Please call 718522-0689. LOOKING FOR A F/T Graphic Artist. Email resume to MALE EMPLOYEE wanted to source used books. Will pay $1 per book found. Training provided. Approx. $35/hr. Email yrmorg@ ONLINE MARKETING POSITION Avail. In Monsey Office Experience a Must! In Please email resume to SHORT TERM Motivated, Conscientious and personable individual looking for a short term job/assignment in office or other field until late June. FLEXIBLE Call 845 303 3373 BUNGALOW MANAGER Looking for manager to manage a bungalow colony of 35 units good pay 4263849 SPECIAL JOB OPPORTUNITY Bhm”d in So. Monsey, looking for a Gabbai/Shamash, Well paid. If you qualify call or Txt 845.263.4377

JOB OPENINGS Women’s Group Home Shifts avail Sun 9am-5pm, Mon/Wed 3:30-9:30pm. Must drive. Part-Time Job Coach - Men’s Day Hab Rewarding opportunity for energetic male to work with developmentally disabled young adults by providing support, supervision & encouragement on the job site. Must drive. Weekday hours 12:30-4:00pm. PALS program Join our exciting Sunday recreation program for young women with developmental disabilities. Sundays, 9:00-4:00. Drivers preferred.

Please call E. Feder at 845-354-3233 ext 1121 or fax your resume to 132 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484


Healthcare Management Specialists

“ I have been fortunate to have many growth opportunities over the last two years working for Future Care. I enjoy working hard and feeling as though my efforts make a difference. Future Care has provided me with so many opportunities for growth and development that I have always been able to move around and take on new challenges. I am incredibly grateful to work for here and look forward to every challenge, and opportunity Future Care presents to me. ”

R. B., Lakewood

DID YOU know... MORE THAN 40%




of our employees stay for 5+ year

take advantage of our complimentary transportation or babysitting service

begin working straight out of seminary with no experience

have been promoted in the past 2 years

Reserve your job today at one of our three locations:

Brooklyn, Lakewood or Monsey

Please submit your resume to

"Feel free to contact me; I'd be happy to answer questions or address any hesitations you may have. Simply ask for my contact information when scheduling your interview." -R.B.

Classifieds DELI IN MONSEY is looking for a responsible worker for the night hours. please call 845-352-9008. X102. BOYS CAMP looking for a lifeguard. We can train/certify you to become a lifeguard. please call (917) 576 3573. WAREHOUSE JOB Looking to hire a responsible person for a full time warehouse job, must have drivers licence with good record. (347)458-7277 JCI INSURANCE seeking F/T Female Employee. Must be computer proficient, & good phone skills. Entry level. Email resume: SALESGIRL Looking for a f/t salesgirl please call and leave a clear message 845-206-9371 PART TIME Earn money doing a mitzvah! Girl/woman wanted as companion for energetic, astute older woman. Contact Frady: (845)205-9315/ MANAGER ASSISTANT Seeking to fill a F/T retail male position. Customer service, Computer knowledge, Good phone skills, Inventory etc. Sun-Fri. Great growth potential: 845213-0321 RESTAURANT MANAGER A monsey restaurant is seeking full-time manager. please call 347-232-9821 LOCAL SUPERMARKET looking to hire efficient person to fill customer orders. Early morning hours needed.(845)642-0162

RESTAURANT MANAGER NEEDED Local Steakhouse seeks F/T experienced manager from 3pm-11pm Sun-Thurs. Please email JOB OPPORTUNITY: Medical supply store seeking woman for customer service, full time, growth opportunities. Basic computer knowledge necessary. Email resume: jobopportunities120@gmail. com Fax: 845-425-5550. ACTRESSES WANTED Looking for experienced actresses to volunteer for a DVD production for Project Hope. Please call Chaya @845-304-1405 IMMEDIATE OPENINGS YSV Boys seeks 1) 2nd grade asst teacher 2) 2nd grade private instruction teacher. Resume & references to FAX 356-8551 attn: TB ortbayer@ BAIS YAKOV SCHOOL in Manhattan seeking 4th grade Morah for the 2017-2018 school year. Experience a plus, but not necessary. Please fax resume with references to 212 928 4422 or email to byteacherapplications@ CURRICULUM PROGRAM DIRECTOR Yiddish speaking, high standard girls school looking for Yehadus program director. Please call 3524832, after 8:00 p.m. SEEKING AN ABA PARA to work 1:1 with children who have ASD Special ed. experience preferred Minimum credentials: high school diploma After school hours, competitive pay Please call 8454775000 Extension 105 or 108

134 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484

// help wanted // playgroups // babysit GIRLS DAY-HAB OPPORTUNITY: Join our fabulous team of staff who make a difference. Driver’s license preferred. Please Contact: Esty Schonfeld: 845425-5011 E: Eschonfeld@ COM-HAB OPPORTUNITIES! Looking for a worker to take little boy swimming on Sundayfrom 2-5. Possibly evenings too. Looking for someone to help a young mother with her newborn baby. Please call 845-5030241 EXPERIENCED SUB available for long and short term subbing. Short notice ok. Reference available. Elementary and junior high. Call Rifky Blum 362-0283 GIRLS SCHOOL seeking experienced Hebrew and General Studies teachers, Remedial Teachers and assistants for the coming school year. Please email resume to girlschoolmonsey@gmail. com SUBSTITUES WANTED: Looking for experienced, capable substitutes for English dept. for local Girls’ School. Good pay. Call: 845352-5000 ext. 0 DAY CAMP for special children is looking to hire Assistant Head Counselor to run the program for a small group of Boys. Excellent Pay !! Please call or text 845-587-6082 or Fax to 845-425-3044

experience. Extended hours available. Tamara 845.425.1456. CAMP CREATIVITY Morah Gila has slots available this summer for 3-31/2 yr olds. Located in new hempstead area. Call/text 845-656-0189 AFTERNOON PLAYGROUP Warm Loving Experienced Morah, has a few slots avail. Ages 2 - 2 1/2. Hrs 11-15am -4:15pm. Pls call Morah Michli @ 845-426-1082 DAYCAMP yiddish speaking daycamp for girls in 3rd & 4th grade. Swimming lessons by certified instructor. Lunch & transportation provided. on Saddle River Rd. call Mrs. H. Frankel @ 425-1692 or 659-0841 PRESCHOOL SUNDAY CLUB Give your girls Sundays to remember! Drop-ins welcome. Ages 3-5, 10:303:00. call C. Hechel 371-2670 KIDDIE GROUP opening on Francis Pl. 18-24 months. To Register Call: 845-406-4613 A FEW SLOTS LEFT Summer Kiddy Group on Jill Lane. Accepting kids from 18 months-2 1/2 206-9033 SUMMER KIDDIE GROUP Back for the fifth exciting summer. From 20 month - 2 1\2 Union area call 845 659 0645

BABYSITTING PLAYGROUPS PLAYGROUP 2017 For 18-24 month old. Center of Monsey, spacious facility, lunch included. Many years

MOTHER’S HELPER available for the summer. approximately 9:30-4. Please call and leave message. at 845-362-7345

tting // services NEW GROUP Starting a small babysitting group. Jasinsky off Union Rd. Newborn to 1 yr. 9-3:30. Call Chavy: 631-532-7378 MOTHER’S HELPER Energetic devoted high school girl is available as a mothers helper or babysitter. Lots of experience. Call 845327-0043 PLAYGROUP TEACHER Looking to hire playgroup teacher starting next September. Please leave message with your name and number at 347-351-0617. LOOKING FOR A BABYSITTER for a 2 month old baby in the Glen Hill erea. with daycare informal or lisenced. Part time, please call (845)_371_1942. BABYSITTER Available all day 3474528656 EXPERIENCED BABYSITTER available to babysit night hours in your home. References available. Please call 845-499-9272 EXPERIENCED BABYSITTER in Francis area for drop ins or overnight. 347-628-2479 LOVING BABYSITTER is available to babysit accepting drop ins as well limited slots available,

Calvert area Please call 845598-0656 MONROE BABYSITTER Warm and experienced for all your babysitting needsshabbos to (845)783-2314 BABY SITTING Across the street one minute away. Call anytime 352-5916 Weekends & overnights welcome FRUM BABYSITTER needed for Sunday 3-6 pm, Monday 2:15-7:15pm and Tuesday 2:15-8:15pm for 3 kids ages 3-6 in Pomona area. 347-581-9946. ‫היימישע איבערגעגעבענע‬ ‫בייביסטער‬ ‫מיט יארן עקספירענס איז גרייט‬ .‫אנצונעמען פאר סטעד’ס‬ ‫דראפינס אווערנייטס און פאר די‬ .‫וואך מיר נעמען אויך אן זינטאג‬ ) 845(-425 4732 ‫ביטע רופט‬ ‫ריטא עשיל געגענט‬ BABYSITTER Looking for lady or girl to babysit 1 child in my home from 3-6 Monday thru Thursday. Call 845-825-6476

SERVICES MAKE A DIFFERENCE Do you believe that you can earn a significant income? Do you believe that the world needs a little more health and wealth in it these days?

Do you want to help make a difference? I believe in inspiring people to do the things that inspire them so together we can create health and wealth in the world. But I can’t do this alone! Are you looking at improving your current financial situation? Do you enjoy helping people? If so, I might want to meet you! Mrs. F. Katz 845-5703565 ONE MAN BAND for all your Occasions, call: 845-274-0725 KAUFMAN INSURANCE Are you rates to high? Have a poor record? We will work on bringing your premium down over 30+ years experiance call mrs kaufman 845-356-4440 HEALTHY SOLUTIONS for your postpartum concerns. Please call Shoshana Denberg, Holistic Nutritionist, @ 845-213-8420

GROUP TUTORING prepare your child for 2Knd-5th Grade common core. Individual groups for girls and boys. please call 3474328525 PREMIER TUTORING Summer classes forming!!MS Ed, Lic/Cert 30+ yrs exp. All Hebrew/English/REGENTS Subjects gr 1-12, BOYS/ GIRLS.845-558-1682 WARM AND GENTLE BABY NURSE Experienced with multiples and preemies. Active EMT & CPR instructor. Will help sleep - train. Many happy babies and well rested mommies. Available for \‫שבת‬ 845.598.1912 .‫יו”ט‬ SELL YOUR SILVER/GOLD We buy your silver/gold items and diamond jewelry for top price. House calls upon request. 347-496-5660

PHOTOGRAPHER Available for your simchas. Bar mitzvas, vorts,tenoim etc. 845-269-0588

COMING TO ISRAEL? A Heimishe yingerman is ready to drive you all around israel. Yiddish/ English speaking Call Mendy 0528012249

MATH TUTORING Regents/GED/TASC/SAT/ ACT Common Core, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pecalculus, Calculus, Physics ALL Grades/Levels. call: 845445-8003

HAVE A CAMP? Creative themed programs including daily activities and more. Leave ALL your planning to us! / 845-213-7053

Accounts Payable - Immediate Opening Accounts payable, monthly closeouts, bank reconciliations. 2-3 yrs bookkeeping experience. Excellent Excel skills required, Fund EZ a plus. FT/PT, salary based on experience. Good environment, all women’s office. Please call E. Feder at 845-354-3233 ext 1121 or fax your resume to May 3, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 135 / 845.600.8484


// services reliable always on time call yanky845-217-1717 DAILY CAR RIDE to and from JFK and laguardia airports. please call 845- 641- 4332 CAR RIDE Lady in Philadelphia wants to come to Monsey/Bkln for weekends, looking for someone that could offer her a ride Pls. call 718.384.1224

Rayim is looking for an energetic girl to work with an adorable 4 yr old girl with special needs, Friday and Shabbos afternoon (Hatzlacha grocery area.)

If interested, please call (845)782-7700 Ext. 402.

If no answer, please leave a detailed message.

IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN Find out who you really are! Tap into the infinity of Hashem! Spaces limited, call 845-263-5271 Starts 5/2/17 @ 10:30 AM ‫קבלת פנים בדחן‬ ‫מאכט איהר חתונה? ווילט‬ ‫איהר האבן א הארציגע קבלת‬ ‫אדער א מסודר’דיגע‬/‫פנים? אין‬ ‫ איז אייער‬845-587-1077 ?‫חופה‬ .‫ מנחם מענדל גאנצפריד‬.‫ענטפער‬ TEHILLIM Harness the power of tehillim today! A Yid will say tehillim on your behalf. Call/ text8452006378. MOTHER/DAUGHTER APRONS. Matching, Adult version: Helping to Learn. Children’s version: Learning to Help. All

proceeds to ‫צדקה‬. Call 845352-4963 ELECTRICIAN We are ready to do any of your lectric jobs like change outlets at Outlets put on chandeliers and any service calls please call 845 393 4557 ONE MAN BAND & Keyboard programmer. For all your occasions! Yisroel M. Turner 845-274-7002 POOL New beautiful clean heated pool and hot tub jacuzzi New Hempstead area scenic surroundings private property $80/hr call: 8455214454 LONG DISTANCE TRIPS brand new minivan or SUV anywhere anytime very

136 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484

FRUM LADY DRIVER Punctual, friendly, caring, responsible, dependable. NEW steady slots have become available. Please call/ text 917-750-4105. CHEAP MOVERS No job too big or small, great service, for reservations Please call or txt - 845 587 2467 UNIQUE LIGHTING uplighting For all your events bar mitzva’s Our speciality we also do dj, party, atmosphere, lighting and rentals call 845 459 3745 PRECISION WRITING A picture is worth a thousand word or fewer words well chosen. Poems, songs, essays, translation. F. Grosz (845)2742214 RESUMES: Dreaming of that perfect job? Our expertise ensures that your resume gets noticed fast! Call 855.224.2160 or email Rachel@TheBusinessEngine. com LASER TEETH WHITENING Get your teeth whitened professionally with lasting results. Male and Female Techs available. Call for specials 845-826-4928 QUICKBOOKS SPECIALIST Need help with your QuickBooks? Call Shucht Bookkeeping Services

845-243-7961 or email Reasonable rates - hourly, weekly or monthly. RESPONSIBLE DRIVER with VIP and experience entire Israel available to drive you on lag beomer and year round. 011972527622945 /011972526113090 CAR RIDE to Williamsburg and Boro Park 11:00 am Monday thru Thursday. Call 646-8206803. LADY DRIVER Available 24/7 Local and Long Distance.reasonable rates (woman, girls only) Call 845709-9417 LONG DISTANCE TRIPS. Heimeshe reliable yungerman available for all your long distance trips. Credit cards accepted. Please call 845-422-2681 SUMMER NIGHT ACTIVITY For girls ages 10-13 crafts/ food art. Twice a week contact Menucha @ 845-213-0029 GRAPHOLOGY ANALYSIS No one can change you from being the person that you are..get to know yourself better! Experienced anal ‫אן עקספיריענס בינדער‬ ‫איז גרייט אנצונעמען אלע‬ ‫אייערע ספרים און ביכער פאר‬ 845-499- ‫א ביליגע פרייז רופט‬ ‫ און לאזט א מעסעדזש‬6477 WE CREATE camp summer programs for all ages including creative themes, special activities, entertainers and events, crafts, unique workshops and more! campingsecrets@ / 845-213-7053 AIRBRUSH MAKEUP ARTIST in the comfort of your home Lasts longer Looks better and

gives you a natural glow call or text miriam 203-470-3206 CABINET & FURNITURE SERVICE replace most type of HINGES & Draw Slides, clamp CABINET doors, etc. FREE ESTIMATES 845-6783298 ADDRESSING ENVELOPES Amazing prices, call for quote. Jobs can be done immediately. Call 845-445-7422 or e-mail printingaddresses@gmail. com DEBT COLLECTORS sending letters or calling you? Contact Attorney Efraim at or (845) 300-1843. CONSTRUCTION For all your work inc plumbing/electric call 201 892 0526/845 352 0928 WILL BEAT ANY COMPETITORS PRICE ELI’S BRAKE SERVICE I come to you - professional friendly service 3059348203 POEMS Greetings. Songs. English. Yiddish. Gifts. Ideas. Creatively composed by esty 347-563-5692 SAVE ON GAS & electricity every month. call 845-274-1372 for lowest price. HANDYMAN Specializing in the small jobs no one else wants to do. 35+ years experience. 845-4254606 FABRIC PAINTING The high end way to personalise! Add spunk. Splash on color. Create your own personal touch... Call Chaya R. Zitronenbaum 845659-1916

SMALL HOME REPAIRS Plumbing, Electrical, Led Lights, Timers, ECT. Auto Door Closers, locks, Blinds, ect. CALL motty 845 499 1266 BALLOONS 4 U! Big selection, all kind. We do arrangements. Friendly service! gr8 prices. located in new square call/text 845538-3091 CLOSING DOWN. Vaping connections {e cig.} is closing down. 6 ml $2.75 18 ml $6.75 please call 848224-3456 BE B’SIMCHA will make your hostess bags! Just pay the cost plus hachnosas kallah donation. Chani: 917.750.4035 BRAIDED CHEESE LOG order now for shvuos! the original braided cheese log, with a delicious heimish homemade taste. nicely presented call 845-323-8972 SPEAKER RENTALS top quality, powerful speakers for rent. to reserve, call 845-422-5516 GIFT WRAPPING and hostess pkgs. Call the professional. Stunning pieces at reasonable prices. Call 445-2282 ATTENTION DIRECTORS! incredible do-it-yourself jewelry available in ready kits for each camper to create and wear. Call2905779 SALADS - FRUIT and smoothies for every occasion. Beautifully wrapped assorted fruit boxes and salads available for gifts, call 845-354-1267 BRIS / PIDYEN HABEN new elegant table centerpieces with displayed souvenirs to enhance your

FEMALE ADMIN ASST FOR FUNDRAISING DEPT Highly competent, detail oriented, self-motivated, database experience req, some graphics and prior experience in Fundraising Department a plus. Send resumes to or call 845-354-3233 ext 1121. SELL YOUR GOLD & silver for top dollar 845461-3084

simcha. for more info. call: 845-263-5918 BUY TIGHTS/SOCKS: Most Popular Brands 4 Entire Family. Also Support Hosiery Medi, Sigvaris, etc. Free Delivery. Great Prices. 845290-0650 BAKE CHALLAH hassle free Let me make you perfect challah dough - freshly made to your specifications CALL ANY TIME 845-538-9332challahdough@ SHAKLEE Looking for powerful nutritional supplements? Call to place your Shaklee order 845 213-8016 free delivery

GIFTWRAPPING We’ll show off your gift at it’s best Pickup/Delivery Available, we also do hostess packages Call or text: 845-263-7463 stylefavorsandgifts@gmail. com SALON CHAIR. Looking to buy salon chair. 598-5341 or 426-2654 BIRKENSTOCK SLIPPERS World famous for comfort, posture & arch support.The Natural Place 352-7331 BIG SALE on swaddles & blankets .very cozy.perfect gift idea. call 8456596115

PRE-PUNCHED TENNIS balls ready to be placed on the bottom of classroom chairs. Omit the noise, enhance the learning. 845445-8691

2 POMPOMME SHORTS sleeve white shirts with light blue trim size 24m and 5yr. Pic avail. $20 each or $30 for both. 356 2358

PEARL RESTRINGING Expert & reliable service. Free pick up & delivery. 845352-5013 JEWELRY GARDEN 845 352 2051 exquisite one of a kind sterling c.z. gold filled & fashion jewelry! Largest selection! Lowest prices!

THE CRAFT CORNER Check out our excellent selection of assorted crafting supplies for your creative projects. Call 845-414-9226. NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY Give the gift that always fits! Stunning portraiture of your baby’s first precious

May 3, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 137 / 845.600.8484

Classifieds days! (845)499-1523, PHOTOGRAPHY Let us capture the precious moments at your wedding, bar mitzvah, bris, or vort. Visit www. or call 845-459-3443 MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION Stunning portraiture for business and personal aspirations. (845) 4558-8247 PHOTOBOOKS WITH CLASS Beautifully done! At a great price. 845.659.9020 PHOTOBOOKS graduations baby photobooks tnoims or just plain family memories have them done with style and personality call Chany 8455383563 DRUM LESSONS BY SHMUEL KLAVER Monsey’s most experienced Shomer Shabbos drum instructor. Lessons ($45 & up) given in your home or my studio, to boys or girls ages 10-adult, beginners to professional. Call (845) 459-9935 MUSIC LESSONS Give your daughter the gift of music at a very reasonable price! References available. Call Yitty @ 845-426-7561 after 4:30 pm COTTON CANDY Popcorn and Snow Cone machines for your party’s. call now 347-729-4104 we sell supplies to.

GUITAR LESSONS FUN Summer activity!!Great gift!! Guitar teacher with 30+yrs exp!!Beginners/ advanced, Sun//after school hours. Boys/girls/ women.558-1682 HAIRSTYLING SEMINAR Become a pro in Hair-styling & Hair-cutting Small group! ..Individual attention! Register asap! 845.538.7603 COMPUTER LESSON Free, call 845-596-4590 Learn how to become computer literate in very short time. AMAZING YOGA Monday morning 10:30- off maple - call 367-1111 TIFERET MOVEMENT Yoga for women, with Bracha Meshchaninov, certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist . Group classes & private sessions 917 8210694 HAIR COURSES Learn to style your own hair/ shaitels or for others. Oneon-one or group lessons. 845 608 9895 HYPNOFIT 3-x more effective for permanent weight loss. Use hypnosis and apply self-hypnosis techniques. Call 646-773-0324 Shalom NGH,C.H. VOICE LESSONS. By chaim. 3 years training experience. For boys and men. Studio locations in Monsey and Lwd. 8453278420.

// services // gemachim // odds & ends YOGA in my or at the comfort of your home 371-1963

PROFESSIONAL HAIRCUTS Sharp cuts. Chic hairstyles. Hatzlacha Grocery area. Years of experience; We customize hairstyles to suit your face and taste. Call/Text 845-825-1789.

VOICE LESSONS Ladies! Girls! Discover an exciting outlet! from an experienced instructor. Lessons conducted in a professional recording studio. 845-263-2687.

NS ELECTROLYSIS Join hundreds of satisfied clients! Now in Monsey w/ 13 yrs exp. Half off 1st visit w/ ad. Nechama 356-1536

HAIR STYLING Now available on Howard Dr. Call 587-4593.

CLAIREACCUHAIR WashNset your wig by someone who will give you the quality you deserve, superior then beauty school;$20intro 929 238 5487

NEED A HAIRCUT Or suri 845 587 7802 BLUEFIELD HAIRSTYLING Stunning styling and great cuts. Fantastic prices! 845517-5443

WAXING - PERMS 15 yrs. Experienced By Miriam Goldstein 362-3739 N.Y.S. Licensed Satisfaction Guaranteed

WASH AND SETS Next day service available, free pickup,$25 845-587-8325

HAIR CUTTING & STYLING In Sunrise area. hair cutting $7.00. hair styling $15.00. Your satisfaction is our priority. Call 845-4254088

HAIRCUTS AND STYLES done to perfection. Fabulous prices! Call Y. Spiegel (845) 426-7230 or (845) 499-6558

CERTIFIED MAKEUP by Esther For any occasion Discount offered for referrals! Will do House calls! 845-6422370

HAIRCUTS AND HAIRSTYLES professionally done. Saddle river area for app. Call 845356-5038

Classified ads are free for our readers, as long as the following criteria are met. Classified ads must be emailed or texted to - in the body of the email, not as an attachment. Include two words for the heading and a maximum of twenty words for the body. The entire body of the ad should be written in one paragraph. Do not “enter” between sentences. Use standard text only – no all caps. Check for proper spelling and grammar before submitting. Do not fax any free classifieds. There’s a maximum of two classifieds per person per week.

GUITAR LESSONS Experienced frum female guitar instructor will teach you how to play in ten lessons. Years of enjoyment guaranteed! 347-455-5320

COOKING CLASSES for Beginners Attention Kallahs and newly weds: Learn from the pro! Feel confident and prepared in your very own kitchen! Call 845-422-7872

A classified ad that doesn’t meet the above conditions will be automatically rejected. The Monsey View reserves the right to omit or cut words from any free classified ads without confirmation. ***** We do not give confirmations for free classified ads. ***** Classified ad deadline is Monday at 12:00 pm. No exceptions. ***** For inquiries about PAID classifieds, feel free to contact The Monsey View.

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s // shiurim // lost & found // free giveaways MAKE-UP By Devorie! Natural and refined. For all occasions. Your home or mine. Great prices. Call/text Devorie 845642-6833 COSMETICIAN FINALLY in CHESTNUT RIDGE over 18 yrs experience! Makeup/ facials/ waxing/ tinting/sales BD845-671-2390 NAUSEA RELIEF! Yes! there’s relief for first trimester nausea symptoms. Call; 263-0313 to learn how BREATHE EASY with Estee Salczer CD(DONA) at your side! Call or text (917)280-3707 email GOT PAIN? This drug-free FDA medical device is PROVEN to work! details yourhealthispriority@ 347-450.3499 DOULA SERVICE Worried how you’ll fare? Turn to MOTHERCARE for all your labor support needs.Happy references avail. Call Sara Esti @ 845 352 -7716 VOLUNTEERING DOULA. Now booking for May and June due dates. Call Judith 845-537-6148 CHILDBIRTH CLASSES To join the next class please call 845-426-0931. Tzippy Tauber CD (DONA) Certified Birth Doula TELECONFERENCE childbirth education. Everything you need to know and more. live Q&A weekly. Call; Mrs. surie Gruber 263-0313 THROAT CULTURES Call 641-1627 or 845-356-3851

DOULA Chana Bracha Abramson CD (DONA) call or text 845-2135525 Discount with mention of ad VOLUNTEER DUOLA Experience the gift of birth with a doula attuned to you. Sarah 845-837-9167 pinknbluedreamz@gmail. com. FEEL YOUNG AGAIN with a FDA cleared medical device that relieves pain & stress 100% money back guarantee painmedex@ 347-4503499

GEMACHIM SKIN HEALING GEMACH Terrible eczema or psoriasis? It might not be what you think. Call 845.425.2773 ISRAEL GPS No fee. English or Hebrew. Must reserve in advance by email at IsraelGPS@gngroup. com MONSEY GOWN GEMACH mother and sister gowns size 0-12, by appointment only. 845-426-7496 or 845-3523031. FLORAL BISOMIM for your Simcha - 845-6292785. DVD/VIDEO GEMACH DVDS and portable players for sick and homebound adults and children.425-2660 mailbox #1 ‎ EMACH G for hot water urns-pls call 8454259211 PIDYON HABEN GEMACH zichron elimelech coins,silver tray, lace box, outfit 347-8224018, 908-307-6260

KOS YESHUOS GEMACH Simchah, Shabbaton? Don’t spend on disposable bechers. Use real bechers from our free-loan gemach. Better for your pocket, and halachically. 845-377KOS1(5671) KosYeshuos@ ROOF-CARRIERS GEMACH Fits almost all cars even without bars on roof. Call early to reserve. 845-2745284. Monroe: 845-662-7102. SIDDUR GEMACH Sfard: Friedman 845-6087830 Ashkenaz: Shulman845 352 1756 or 845-826-6718 MOVING BOXES GEMACH Cardboard Boxes for Moving 845-425-6826 or 845-6087830 MYTEAM is a frum organization that confidentially provides peer-connections/mentors and teleconferences to H.S girls dealing with Crohn’s/ Colitis . 973-610-8954.

ODDS AND ENDS EARLY THIS YEAR my child accidentally mildly scratched a minivan (thinks grey) in rockland kosher parking lot call 929 251 3777 BUSINESS TO SELL Small, well worked out, home-based, great profit, much potential growth, product in health food line. 587-2806 SEEKING PLAYGROUP ALTERNATIVE FOR ALLERGIC CHILD 3yr old boy with severe allergies to dairy, eggs, and nuts needs an arrangement for next school year. Please call (845) 521-2924.

SEFORIM?SHAIMOS? If you have usable seforim that are sitting around or putting them into shaimos I could take them for free 8455383715 POOL FOR RENT in chestnut ridge 845/6712390

SHIURIM FREE HOTLINE For married women only, FREE live teleconference from the world-wide organization Tahareinu Thursday, May 4th 10:00 a.m.. Previous recordings available. Call 845-422-7956 for more info.

LOST diamond which fell off my ring somewhere on the way from Dover Terrace to Elyon Road, please call 845-4260762 Royal Ruby bag with ring and earrings, possibly in ZIRS taxi. Please call 845 641 8485 Lipliner on wednesday 352_8456 diamond pin @1 school terrace if found please call 845-521-4706

FOUND Nice siddur with no I.D. which someone left in Nyack Taxi. Available for pickup in center of town. 845-4450435. Leave msg

FREE GIVEAWAYS box of mishpachas and binas from past year 8457461189 Rocking Chair Nebulizer. 845-274-6117

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‫סעודת הילולא אצל בנו האדמו”ר מסאטמאר‬

140 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017 / 845.600.8484

‫יומא דהילולא של הרה”ק בעל הברך משה מסאטמאר זי”ע‬

‫סעודת הילולא אצל בנו האדמו”ר מסאטמאר‬

‫‪May 3, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 141‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬


‫האדמו”ר מסקווירא בברכת אילנות‬

‫גאב”ד סאטמאר מאנסי באזוכט ביי גאב”ד וואודרידזש‬

‫‘פתיחת שערים’ למבצר התורה רשת הכוללים דחסידי צאנז מאנסי‬

‫‪142 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬

‫תלמידי ישיבת זיו התורה מתברכים מהאדמו”ר מספינקא‬ ‫ואב”ד פאפא מאנסי‬


May 3, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 143 / 845.600.8484

‫‪144 / THE MONSEY VIEW / May 3, 2017‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬


‫מסיבת רב להושיע וסעודת הילולא של הרה”ק רבי ישעי’לע קערעסטירער זי”ע במאנסי‬

‫יומא דהילולא של הרה”ק רבי ישעי’לע קערעסטירער זי”ע‬

‫‪May 3, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 145‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬

Parmanand Mana,

VP, Branch Manager and Business Development Officer (845) 356-5300

Greg Monteith,

EVP, Chief Lending Officer (845) 634-7200 x5901

Raymond Francis,

VP, Commercial Lending Officer (845) 634-7200 x5905

Your NorthEast Community Business Banking Team Providing the products, services and expertise to help your Rockland County business thrive. Call us today — let’s talk business. • • • • •

Free Business Checking Free Online Banking Cash Management & Merchant Services Remote Deposit Capture 25¢ Returned Check Fee

• • • • •

Commercial Real Estate Lending Commercial Construction Lending Multi-Family Lending Equipment Financing Commercial Term Loans and Lines of Credit



72 West Eckerson Road Spring Valley, NY 10977 Tel: (845) 356-5300 Toll-free: (866) 287-7500

301 North Main Street, Suite 5 New City, NY 10956 Tel: (845) 634-7200 Toll-free: (866) 287-7500

Bank lobby hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM-5 PM • Saturday 9 AM-1 PM • Sunday 10 AM-1 PM

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Marriage M A S T E R YO U R


Invest in your

MOST MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIP DISCOVER THE SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL AND REWARDING MARRIAGE Practical and doable steps Unique perspectives and tools Marriage truths and myths Real-life solutions

Join Dina for a free live preview!

MAY 4TH 10:30AM EST call 515-604-9742 code 860715

For our demo line, and to register, call or visit

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