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FREE ISSUE #95 APRIL 20, 2017

‫פרשת שמיני‬ ‫כ"ד ניסן תשע”ז‬

TRUE STORIES From the files of the Skin Healing Gemach

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co-director of cognitive connections graduate instructor at massachusetts general hospital institue of health professions

Executive Function Skills

04.27.17 9:00-4:00 $179 STOLIN HALL 52 MAIN STREET MONSEY, NY

ASHA CEUS: THIS PROGRAM IS BEING OFFERED FOR 0.6 CEUS (INTERMEDIATE LEVEL, PROFESSIONAL AREA) DISCLOSURE: Sara ward’s company, Cognitive Connections produces and sells products that will be referenced in the seminar. Sara Ward recieves a speaker’s fee for presentations from Language Builders.There are no financial relationships to disclose.

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Kids First Services:

• ‫ פתח לבי‬Tutoring Services • Limud / Kriah • Physical Therapy • Occupational Therapy • SLP (Speech Language Pathology) • Behavioral / Social



Backed by the Kids First model of monitoring each case and keeping an open dialogue among each kid’s home, school and therapist, YOUR CHILD WILL SPEAK CONFIDENTLY.


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‫פארט איהר צוריק לערנען אין ישיבה?‬


‫בין הזמנים‬ ‫‪till 9:00pm‬‬

‫מיר האבן א ריזיגע אויסוואל פון‪:‬‬

‫העמדער • אינטערוועש • זאקן • חאלאטן • ציצית • קאפלעך‬ ‫גארטלעך • וועקערזייגער • און אלע צוגעהערן‬

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FREE ISSUE #95 APRIL 20, 2017

‫פרשת שמיני‬ ‫כ"ד ניסן תשע”ז‬



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From the files of the Skin Healing Gemach


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‫זמנים לפרשת‬

‫שמיני‬ ‫סקווירא‬


‫רבינו תם‬

7:17 8:59

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7:24 8:56

‫הדלקת הנרות‬ ‫מוצאי שבת‬

‫הדלקתי נרותי והחלפתי שמלותי‬ 8 4 5 . 6 7 8 . 8 6 2 4 | 1 6 M E L N I C K D R , M O N S E Y, N Y

Everest Equity Company , Inc.

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PART OF MY PACKING I found myself laughing at Sara Goldstein’s packing article; I felt she was writing about me! The part that really hit home was about the person who packs a two-foot humidifier… Was she watching me pack?! Thanks for the great read, and whatever you do: Don’t forget the humidifier filter! M.C.M.


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LIVE AND LEARN Thank you for the comprehensive and very enlightening article by Margie Pensak on the halachos pertaining to aluminum. It was the first time that I learned that utensils used for raw foods do not require tevilah. I recently purchased cookie cutters, toiveled them, and then was disappointed when they started to rust; I was unaware that it was entirely unnecessary. I also found the halachos of when a bracha is required and when it is not very informative. Enlightened


all your needs.



356-mall 6




I really appreciated your beautiful Seder tish pictorial. Everything was exquisite and the divrei Torah gave me something to share with my family during the Seder. As a busy mother, those tidbits were really appreciated. The “Secrets” series of seforim by Rabbi Meisels are really super special. I’ve seen the seforim on other topics and have highly enjoyed them. Thank you again for an inspirational yom tov piece. Appreciative Mother

INAPPROPRIATE DESTINATION Thank you so much for the special Monsey View Excursions booklet with ideas for Chol Hamoed. I’d like to comment that on page 74 you suggested to go to the pretzel factory in Pennsylvania and one is not M&S SHOE REPAIR




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Is ABA the abc


845 782 6558

of your child’s development?

Hamaspik’s exceptional Applied Behavior Analysis Program is now open to all children on the autism spectrum. We believe every child deserves the best chance at a bright future. Our cutting-edge ABA has proven to enrich young patients’ lives with improved personal and social skills while reducing undesired behaviors.

Make the call today, and Hamaspik will handle the process from A to Z! For info please contact: Reiny Steif P: 845.503.0239 E:

allowed to go to a place on Pesach where there is chometz: ‫לא יראה ולא‬ ‫ימצא‬. The rest of the attractions are excellent, but I feel it’s important to point out that the pretzel factory is not a permissible destination for Chol Hamoed Pesach. A Reader

PRACTICAL SUGGESTION I truly enjoyed to look through your compilation of Chol Hamoed ideas. The images are so beautiful, and they truly gave me a feel of each place. (Although I must say that Willow Tree Park looks a lot lovelier in the image than it is in real life!) I have just one suggestion that will enhance your excellent guide: An index would be very helpful as reference, so the booklet doesn’t have to be flipped through to find the info of a specific location. Thank you. B.L.

TRASH IT! I visited Van Saun park with my family on Chol Hamoed. I was proud to be part of this vibrant, pulsing experience, full of Yiddishe kinderlach dressed in their finest and spending a beautiful day out with family. On more than one occasion, it pained me to watch young children throwing their wrappers on the ground, and their mothers turning a blind eye. Granted, some of the kids were too young to know any better, but how could a mother allow the trash to stay on the ground in a public area, leaving it for the park volunteers to pick up? Mothers, please make a kiddush Hashem, especially in public areas that are swarming with Yidden. Teach your children to never leave trash on the ground (anywhere). And even if it’s not your child who littered, please bend down, pick up those heimishe wrappers, and show the world what we’re really all about. R.E.

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As told to: Basya Lev

EVERY YEAR MY FAMILY AND I look forward to a Shabbaton where we spend the Shabbos with close friends. The fact that we ended up going this year despite all the obstacles that cropped up along the way is a hashgacha pratis story in itself, but for now let me share with you the punchline of how Hashem watches over me... While packing up all the kids for this amazing Shabbos, I couldn't locate one little maroon sock that goes to my little one’s robe. I had been looking for that sock for almost three weeks but I couldn't find it. Therefore, I packed a pair of black socks instead. Finally, we were ready to leave. As we started pulling out of the driveway, I turned my head toward my baby and noticed the lonesome maroon sock next to the car seat ! I couldn't believe it! I had driven in the car plenty of times, put the baby in the car seat, and only now the sock appeared. In a split-second decision, I asked my husband to stop the car so I could run back into the house for the other little maroon sock. I got to the door to find that not only was the door not locked but it was wide open! It took me several moments to recover from the shock! I know Hashem watches over all of us. I thanked Hashem for so clearly showing me just how much He protects me and my home!

If you would like to submit your own Hashgacha Pratis story, please mail to The Monsey View at POB 305, Monsey, NY 10952, fax to 845.600.8483, or email it to viewmasterplan@gmail. com. Please remember to include your name and phone number.

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‫די קינדערלעך‬ ‫זענען הונגעריג!‬ ‫העלפט די‬ ‫וואס טוען וואס‬ ‫רבי ישעי׳לע אליין‬ ‫וואלט געטון פאר די‬ ‫אידישע קינדערלעך‪.‬‬ ‫מיט אויספירן‬ ‫׳וואס ר׳ ישעי׳לע‬ ‫ערווארט פון אייך׳‬ ‫וועט רבי ישעי׳לע‬ ‫אויספירן ׳וואס איר‬ ‫ערווארט פון אים׳‪.‬‬


‫יוב‬ ‫ל‬ ‫ה‬

‫ל ה מ ש כ ת מע‬

‫שי ה‬


‫י נכדיו‬ ‫ע״‬

‫זיך צו פארבינדן מיט‬ ‫'רב להושיע' רופט אריין‬



‫דער צדיק וקדוש רבי‬ ‫ישעי'לע מקערעסטיר‬ ‫זי"ע האט געזאגט פאר'ן‬ ‫ארויף גיין לגנזי מרומים‪::‬‬ ‫״אויב וועט מען ממשיך‬ ‫זיין די מעשי החסד אויף‬ ‫ווייטער בהרחבה‪ ,‬ווי‬ ‫מיר האבן זיך געפירט‪,‬‬ ‫וועלן די ישועות ווייטער‬ ‫קומען פון הימל״‬

‫לאמיר א בליק טאן‬ ‫אין דעם וואונדערליכן‬

‫קמיע‬ ‫הישועות‬


‫צדיק רבי ישעי'לע זי"ע האט געשריבן‬ ‫קמיעות פאר אידן‪ .‬איינע פון די‬ ‫קמיעות – ווי באקאנט ‪ -‬איז געשיקט‬ ‫געווארן קיין אמעריקע‪ ,‬נאך וואס אן‬ ‫אמעריקאנער איד האט זיך אויסגערעדט צו רבי ישעי'לעס א ברודער‬ ‫ וואס האט דא געוואוינט ‪ -‬אז ער ליידט זיך אן פון א גוי וואס האט‬‫געפענט א 'לאנדרי' נעבן זיינע‪ .‬דער ברודער האט אים גע'עצה'ט ער‬ ‫זאל שיקן א טעלעגראם קיין קערעסטיר‪.‬‬ ‫א בריוו‪-‬ענטפער איז געקומען‪' :‬זיך מחזק זיין אין שמירת‬ ‫שבת'‪ ,‬און ס'מיטגעקומען א קמיע וואס מ'זאל אויפהענגען אין‬ ‫דעם איד'ס פלאץ‪ .‬קומענדיגער נאכט האט דעם שכנ'ס 'לאנדרי'‬ ‫אפגעברענט! צומארגענס איז מען געוואויר געווארן אז דער גוי האט‬ ‫אונטערגעשיקט איינעם צו פארברענען דעם איד'ס געשעפט‪ .‬נאר‬ ‫יענער האט דאס נישט געטראפן‪ ,‬און זעעענדיג א 'לאנדרי' אויף אן‬ ‫אנדער אדרעס‪ ,‬האט ער געטראכט אז מן הסתם האט ער א טעות‬ ‫געהאט מיט'ן נומער‪ ,‬און האט דאס פארברענט‪.‬‬ ‫אזוי אויך איז געבליבן פון רבי ישיעי'לעס קמיעות אין ארץ‬ ‫ישראל‪ .‬אנפירנדיג מיט דעם חסד אפאראט על שמו ועל זכרו פון‬ ‫דעם צדיק וקדוש‪ ,‬איז אפיר געקומען דער געדאנק צו נאכשרייבן די‬ ‫הייליגע קמיע‪ ,‬וואס איתמחי קמיע (שבת סא‪ ):‬אלץ א סגולה בדוקה‬ ‫ומנוסה‪ .‬ע"פ דעת ועידוד צדיקי דורנו האט מען אויפגענומען א‬ ‫חשוב'ן אייניקל פון רבי ישעי'לע זיע"א ‪ -‬וואס טראגט דעם הייליגן‬ ‫נאמען ‪ -‬אליינ'ס א בקי בתורת הח"ן‪ ,‬וואס טוט איבערשרייבן דעם‬ ‫קמיע על דעתו ועל כוונתו ועל פי מתכנתו פון רבי ישעי'לעס קמיע‪.‬‬ ‫אלע וואס האנדלען זיך איין דעם הייליגן 'קמיע הישועות'‪ ,‬ווערט‬ ‫זייער נאמען דערמאנט ביים ציון הקדוש לישועות נפלאות‪ .‬אויף דעם‬ ‫האט כ"ק הגה"צ ר' יעקב מאיר שעכטער שליט"א געזאגט‪' :‬דורך דעם‬ ‫וואס מ'שטיצט די הייליגע קאסע‪ ,‬איז מען ווערט אז די הייליגע קמיע‬ ‫זאל משפיע זיין ישועות נפלאות למעלה מדרך הטבע'‪ ,‬און אזוי האבן‬ ‫אנדערע גדולי התורה והחסידות ארויסגעברענט‪ ,‬אז 'כדאי אותו צדיק‬ ‫שיוושעו בזכות הקמיעות שלו‪ ,‬ובפרט שמעתירים עליהם אצל הציון‬ ‫הק' שיהיו לזכרון לפניו תמיד לפדות וישועה'‪.‬‬

‫רעדנ'דיג אמאל צו א גרויסער רב האט דער רב צוגעצייכנט א‬ ‫חתם סופר‪ ,‬אז ווען מ'וויל מעורר זיין א זכות פון א צדיק‪ ,‬דארף מען‬ ‫טוהן עפעס א פעולה פון דעם צדיק'ס מעשים‪ ,‬ווי ער שרייבט‪' ,‬זכות‬ ‫הצדיק מגין בשאוחזין מעשיו'‪ .‬האט דער רב אויסגעפירט‪,‬א אז לויט‬ ‫דעם חתם סופר קומט אויס‪ ,‬אז ווען איינער שטיצט די הייליגע קאסע‬ ‫על שמו ועל זכרו פון דעם צדיק וקדוש‪ ,‬וואס דערמיט איז ער מעורר‬ ‫זכותו‪ ,‬און דערצו האנדלט ער זיך איין די קמיע‪ ,‬וואס ווערט געשריבן‬ ‫על דעתו ועל כוונתו ‪ -‬דורך אן אייניקל וואס פארשטייט וואס ער‬ ‫שרייבט ‪ -‬און מ'האט אינזין די אלע תומכים ביים ציון הקדוש‪ ,‬ווערן זיי‬ ‫זיכער געהאלפן בזכותו בישועות למעלה מדרך הטבע‪.‬‬ ‫עס איז דא צענדליגע מעשיות ווי אזוי אידן זענען געהאלפן‬ ‫געווארן מיט ישועות למעלה מדרך הטבע דורך זיך איינהאנדלן א‬ ‫קמיע הישועות‪ .‬אט הערט וואס אן עסקן פון 'רב להושיע' פארציילט‪:‬‬ ‫געווען איז דאס ווען דער עסקן איז געווען אין א בית מדרש אין‬ ‫מאנסי‪ ,‬און שמועסענדיג מיט א איד‪ ,‬איז דער עסקן געוואויר געווארן‬ ‫אז דער איד נויטיגט זיך אין א וויכטיגע ישועה אין ביזנעס‪ .‬האט ער‬ ‫אים גע'עצה'ט ער זאל קויפן א קמיע הישועות‪ .‬דער איד האט נישט‬ ‫אזוי שנעל געגלייבט אז דאס קען אים העלפן‪ ,‬אבער היות ער האט‬ ‫זייער שטארק געווארט אויף א ישועה‪ ,‬האט ער איינגעשטעלט און‬ ‫געקויפט דעם קמיע‪.‬‬ ‫ס'לאזט זיך גארנישט גלייבן! ממש יענע עטליכע מינוט האט‬ ‫מען אים אריין געקאלט‪ .‬דער איד איז ארויסגעלאפן פון בית מדרש‬ ‫אויפצוהייבן‪ .‬נאך אפאר מינוט קומט ער צוריק און פארציילט‪ :‬אז‬ ‫יעצט האט ער אראפ געלייגט א טעלעפאן קאל אויף וואס ער ווארט‬ ‫שוין אריבער ‪ 6‬חדשים; צו באקומען אן ענטפער וועגן אן ערענסטן‬ ‫ביזנעס דיל‪ .‬ב"ה‪ ,‬דער דיל באשטעטיגט געווארן!‬ ‫נאך אן ענליכער פאל אויך אין הינזכיט פון פרנסה ‪[ -‬הרה"ק רבי‬ ‫ישער דוב מבעלז זי"ע האט דאך געזאגט‪' :‬דער שליסעל פון פרנסה‬ ‫ליגט ביי רבי ישעי'לע אין די הענט'] איז געווען ווען דער שליח וואס‬ ‫פירט דורך אפיל'ס איז געווען א פארטאגס אין א בית מדרש אין בארא‬ ‫פארק‪ .‬דאן איז צוגעקומען צו אים א איד און געזאגט‪' :‬איך יאג זיך‬ ‫זייער‪ ,‬אבער הערנדיג פון דיר איבער דעם קמיע הישועות וויל איך זיך‬ ‫עס איינהאנדלען'‪.‬‬ ‫דער איד האט גענומען זיין קמיע און אוועק געגאנגען‪ .‬נאך א‬ ‫צייט פון א שעה צוויי קומט דער איד צוריק און זוכט אויף דעם שליח‪.‬‬ ‫ווי נאר ער טרעפט אים גייט ער צו אים צו‪ .‬אויף א רגע איז ביים שליח‬ ‫אריין א געדאנק‪' :‬אפשר האט ער חרטה און וויל עס צוריקגעבן'‪.‬‬ ‫יענער האט אים באלד אנדערש איבער'רעש'ט‪:‬‬ ‫'זייענדיג זייער געדרוקט פון גאר א געוואלדיגער שאדן ‪ -‬האב‬ ‫איך היינט הערנדיג דיין דרשה מחליט געווען צו פרובירן מיט'ן‬ ‫קמיע‪ .‬וואונדער איבער וואונדער‪ .‬ווי נאר איך שפאציר אריין ביי מיר‬ ‫אין פאבריק אזוי ‪ ,9:00‬באקום איך א טעלעפאן קאל וועגן א ריזיגן‬ ‫באשטעלונג‪ ,‬אז כ'וועל בע"ה ניטאמאל שפירן דעם שאדן וואס כ'האב‬ ‫געהאט‪ .‬איך האב דאך נישט ניין נאמבער צו רופן‪ ,‬האב איך געפילט אז‬ ‫עס איז ריכטיג צו קומען דיר דאס מיטטיילן‪.‬‬

‫צייט צו האבן א ׳קמיע הישועות׳‪ - .‬פארוואס נישט זען אפענע ישועות ווי אלע וואס האבן עס שוין געזען‪.‬‬

‫צו מסדר זיין א קמיע רופט‪ 718.682.5056 :‬‬

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As New Jersey’s 5-Star rehab designed around the kosher client, Alaris Health at The Chateau, serves a heimish lifestyle with gourmet kosher meals, available Shabbos rooms, a local minyan, and engaging shiurim. It’s like you never le� home.

I had the opportunity to learn first hand about Alaris health at the Chateau, when a family member was there for rehab, the staff and the therapists, as well as Managment, where dedicated and compassionate like family. I fully recommend this 5 star facility, Yossy Fisher, Rockland County Bikur Cholim

28 / THE MONSEY VIEW / April 20, 2017 / 845.600.8484

30 / THE MONSEY VIEW / April 20, 2017 / 845.600.8484

April 20, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 31 / 845.600.8484


While the rest of the world was busy with their heads buried deep inside kitchen cabinets, yellow gloves upon their hands, I was occupied with more than the typical two-step dance of yom tov prep and ongoing family life. My Pre-Pesach mind whirled beyond chometz, luggage and shiny new shoes — as if that weren’t enough! The Supreme Symposium was in the making! There was a hall to book, an ad to design, a hotline to set up, a sound system to find and an endless stream of calls. Truth be told, those calls were actually the precursor to the Supreme Symposium, the catalyst for the big event. And let me tell you, if telephone rings were rain, I’d be soaked. But what choice did I have? So many people are hurting! Only a short while ago my Skin Healing Gemach was founded, based upon information that’s been hidden from the world for the last 30 years. Information that I was zoche to find. Information that is healing thousands. And now, with Supreme Health at my side, this information will be spread even further, b’ezras Hashem. And it’s not just me that has something worthwhile to say; there’s a great lineup of speakers out to change the way we think about our bodies and their care. Dear Monsey, we’re starting a revolution to take back our health. Are you ready to heal?

32 / THE MONSEY VIEW / April 20, 2017 / 845.600.8484

“There’s so much information out there that can help people feel better and live longer,” Mr. Chaim Bergman, owner of Supreme Health tells me, the care evident in his voice. “It’s a must to share what we know with the world.” It’s a quiet, but passionate energy that radiates from Bergman, marking him as a man clearly dedicated to helping others live healthfully. I had contacted him shortly before Pesach, and explained to him how my Skin Healing Gemach is helping so many people with damaged skin. I also told him about Dr. Marvin Rapaport, the dermatologist who discovered the reason why so many people are suffering, and discovered, as well, how to help them heal. “The doctor is flying out from LA right after Pesach,” I said. “And I’m seeking sponsorship for an event. There is so much awareness that needs to be raised — awareness that can prevent an untold amount of suffering.” Honestly, I was expecting a flatout “no.” It wouldn’t be the first time I’d been turned down. After all, the information Dr. Rapaport has to share with the world is a bit of a challenge to his colleagues and the pharmaceutical industry, making him somewhat of a black sheep in the medical world. (That always happens with whistleblowers!) And besides, what would Supreme gain from the event? A little publicity and a hefty bill? “No” would have fit. “No” would have made sense. But that’s not what happened at all. “Let’s run with it,” was the answer I got. And run with it we did. Ideas began piling up, one on top of another — ways for Monsey to get the max out of this free event. Dynamic speakers volunteered for the symposium, and like a Divinelyguided jigsaw puzzle, all of the plans just fell into place. It’s as clear as day to each scheduled speaker that the time of revolution has come, the time to share our

April 20, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 33 / 845.600.8484

messages with the world. And share them we will, thanks to Supreme!


In this day and age, it’s easy to become befuddled as we try to make sense of what is beneficial to our bodies, and what is to be avoided. Thankfully, visitors to Supreme Health receive great guidance as they navigate their way to better living. Because at Supreme, it’s not just about the product and the sale — it’s about the people that walk through the door, and helping them to feel their best. Over at Supreme, connections are constantly being made between health specialists and the health-seeking masses. Those connections come very much in handy when putting together an event like the debut Supreme Symposium. Years worth of building respectful working relationships mean that the speakers invited to the event immediately clamored aboard with enthusiasm. Here’s a peek at this year’s Supreme speakers:


Dubbed by her sister a “health food mad scientist,” Rorie’s all about finding ways to make healthy food fabulous. Founder of Full ‘N Free, and the creator of Rorie’s Gluten-Free Oat Dough Mix, Rorie’s making a major impact in the lives of many. “It all began when life had me re-evaluate my commitment to healthy cooking,” Rorie tells me. “I had experienced firsthand how much ingredients matter, and the transformative effects of wholesome eating made me determined to feed my family better quality food. My family’s favorites needed a makeover, and I was up for the challenge.” It took years of testing, tasting

34 / THE MONSEY VIEW / April 20, 2017 / 845.600.8484

and tweaking, she says, but with time, her recipe collection grew — together with her passion. Rorie took the leap and enrolled in the top integrative nutrition and health coaching school with the goal of helping women and teens listen to and understand their bodies’ individual needs. “Today, that’s exactly what I do,” Rorie says, enunciating that Full ‘N Free is not about restrictive dieting. “One of my core beliefs is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to eating. It is up to each of us to look out for symptoms that clue us in to what our bodies like or don’t.” At the Supreme Symposium, Rorie will share tips and tricks, as well as recipes, for helping women free themselves of the foods that weigh them down. She’ll provide you with the tools to help you get started on making healthy lifestyle choices.


“So many illnesses can be avoided,” Mr. Gruber, founder of Nutri-Supreme Research tells me when we discuss the upcoming event. “There is a vast amount of research detailing how so many illnesses have their roots in bodily inflammation.” A certified nutritionist researcher, Gruber knows well how what we eats impacts our bodies. In fact, he’s prepared a groundbreaking presentation about the effects of modern eating on various body parts, like the heart and the skin. Doctors everywhere are sitting up and taking notice. “This is information that can drastically reduce the amount of people being diagnosed with terrible conditions. We can prevent so many illnesses, with Hashem’s help.” Preventing those illnesses is what makes Mr. Gruber tick. In fact, for over 25 years he’s made it his

mission to help people better their health. By staying on top of the newest developments in health science research, Nutri-Supreme is able to continually update their vitamin formulations, ensuring that consumers benefit from both quality ingredients and up-to-date health knowledge. His goal is to bridge the gap between nutrition and medicine. At the Supreme Symposium Mr. Gruber will share eye-opening discoveries about nutrition’s role in preventing chronic disease and inflammation. You’ll never look at food the same way again.


Hailing from Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Marvin Rapaport will be heading to Monsey to share with us exactly how to save our skins. A board-certified dermatologist, clinical professor at UCLA, and a Yid with a gigantic heart, Dr. Rapaport has seen thousands of patients diagnosed with severe skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. But here’s the big secret: Many of these patients actually do not have those disorders! Painfully red skin can often be totally prevented. Welcome to the world of medical cover-ups. Over 30 years ago, Dr. Rapaport conducted a study on 3,000 red and rashy people, which lead to an absolutely shocking discovery which he’ll share with us at the symposium. His discovery — had it been allowed to permeate the broader population — could have prevented untold suffering. Now that the information is leaking out, thousands of hurting people are finally beginning to heal. Come hear the truth about cortisone and help prevent the next generation from the suffering of severe skin damage. You never know,

it might be your kid with eczema. Here’s your chance to save his skin!


And then, there’s me. Yeah, me. I’ll be up there, emceeing the event and sharing with you my personal story about working my way through the world of wrongful diagnoses and bad medicine. You’ll join me for the rollercoaster of positive dreams and dashed hopes, and ultimately, healing. You’ll hear how I got started with this Skin Healing Gemach and how I desperately hope that the gemach will one day fold. Because trust me, I hate the calls that come in. Not because they take up my time, but simply because they exist — a verbal testament to lives full of pain. But skin health is an orphaned topic, and through virtue of my incredible story, I just can’t say no when it comes to helping people find the solution to their pain. By hearing my tale, you’ll learn that things are not always as they seem, and that sometimes the solution to any situation is incredibly simple. Join us the first Sunday after Pesach, April 23rd, at 229 Maple Avenue in the old Bais Shifra Miriam building to be part of the first-ever Supreme Symposium. This event is fully sponsored by the generosity of Supreme Health and is free for the community! And as they say: If it’s free, take two! In this case, we’ll give you four: Rorie, Ruchy, Rapaport and Gruber. We can’t wait to see you!

THE SUPREME SYMPOSIUM April 23rd at 229 Maple Avenue Program begins at 12:30 p.m. Healthy refreshments will be served

RECEIVE A FREE $5 GIFT CERTIFICATE WHEN YOU LET US KNOW YOU’LL BE COMING! Register at 845-60-EVENT(845.603.8368) or send an email with your name to Pick up your gift certificate when you show up at the event Please note that this is a women’s only event



April 20, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 35 / 845.600.8484

36 / THE MONSEY VIEW / April 20, 2017 / 845.600.8484

Under the supervision of





Restaurant: 845-618-5800 | Catering: 845 629 3820

Open Mon. through Fri. 7:30am - 3:30pm | 400 Rella Blvd, Montebello, NY (Ground floor, off the main lobby)

Compiled by Sandy Eller

Mandatory Countywide Rental Registry Intended to Create Better, Safer Housing, Says Day (VIN News) THE FOURTH AND FINAL STEP in County Executive Ed Day’s plan to crack down on illegal housing throughout Rockland County will require landlords of buildings with three or more tenants to register their property in a county database. Day announced the registry at a press conference held in front of a legal multi-family dwelling in Stony Point and said that while for now landlords are encouraged to enroll in the registry, participation will become mandatory, with fines that can range as high as $2,000 per day for those who fail to comply. There is a one-time registration fee of $25 per unit, but Day was adamant that the registry is not

intended to punish landlords and categorized the filing fee as nominal. “I think most landlords would rather pay a one-time fee of $25 instead of $2,000 per day,” said Day. Properties would need to file a copy of an up-to-date certificate of occupancy as part of the registration process, a move intended to ensure that rental properties in the county are safe, both for tenants as well as firefighters, who have long complained that illegal modifications to properties have placed their lives in jeopardy in emergency situations.

Potholes Be Gone: Better, Smoother Roads Coming Your Way (Rockland Daily Voice) AFTER A WINTER OF CONSTANT temperature fluctuations, resulting in a bumper crop of potholes, the New York State Department of Transportation has allocated $1.4 million to improve Rockland County roadways. Senator David Carlucci said that the funding will be coming from three different state entities and will provide tremendous benefits to local residents.

Distributions include: the Town of Ramapo, $165,106.24, the Village of Airmont, $85,921.49, the Village of Chestnut Ridge $96,103.30, the Village of Kaser, $4,552.85, the Village of New Hempstead $55,150, the Village of New Square, $13,283.15, the Village of Pomona, $48,841.03, the Village of Spring Valley, $156,767.16, the Village of Suffern, $112,899 and the Village of Wesley Hills, $58,574.16.

Rockland Property Taxes Second Highest in U.S. (The Journal News) IT IS A DUBIOUS HONOR that no one wants to receive: being ranked at the top of the list in nationwide property taxes. According to a report from ATTOM Data Solutions Rockland County’s property taxes are number two on the list, second only to Westchester. The report, released at the beginning of April, stated that Westchester residents paid an average of $16,500 in annual taxes with Rocklanders paying an only slightly more modest $12,300 per year in property taxes. Experts say that the high tax rate is due in no small part to the whopping costs of both homes and schooling in the Hudson Valley area. Governor Cuomo, a Westchester resident, attempted to put the brakes on rising property taxes in 2011 by initiating a tax cap that limited increases to less than 2 percent each

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year. Over time, New York State has fallen in the rankings for effective tax rate, coming in first in 2014, but currently placing just seventh in the United States. Rockland’s proximity to Manhattan, making it a relatively simple commute for residents to work in the city, is just one reason why so many people have made the county their home, but with that desirability comes a jump in home prices, explained Al Samuel, president of the Rockland Business Association. The lowest property taxes in the country were typically found in the south, where property taxes are generally not used to finance schools. Alabama ranked dead last in the report, with an average property tax statewide of just $776.

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to g n i m o C ey s n Mo

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march Chapter Six By: Chany G. Rosengarten

THE THING ABOUT STUPIDITY in wise men is that mistakes teach them. And then, they are not only wiser, having learned, but also practice precaution for all else, going forward. Even a wise man cannot foresee his own Recap: Yosef Yitzchak buries himself in downfall. rebuilding, which revitalizes him. He faces Not that he was wise. Oh, he was wise enough. Not in that way where he sat in his brain, thinkterrible obstacles and Henya warns this ing taking the place of doing. Not in choosing might be the end of a dream. to utilize his mental prowess for superiority. He was wise like all men are when bent on a task to which they bring dedication, joy, delight and consistent work — and are rewarded with experience. The process of building, he learned, is to keep moving forward. Staggering losses piled up. Critical opinions were offered to him like first aid, unsolicited, as if they were a necessity. Not only from where it hurt most, his own household, but also from others, those onlookers who had a lot to say with their mouths while their arms remained notably folded as they spoke. He had noticed it a lot, that folded-arm stance, as if by their He had noticed it a lot, that folded-arm very nature, critics were opposed to using their two blessed arms for creating something better stance, as if by their very nature, critthan what they were demolishing ics were opposed to using their two with their wagging tongues. Difficulties, like boulders in blessed arms for creating something the path of a wayfarer, stood before him. There was that oilybetter than what they were demolishhaired foreman who, after a week of him and his crew sitting ing with their wagging tongues. around in their pickup trucks listening to the radio because of the lack of wood and work, demanded advanced pay. “No—” Yosef Yitzchok tried reasoning, but he never got a chance to explain, because the men took off, and he was left gazing after the exhaust


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April 20, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 41 / 845.600.8484

of their truck, wondering where he would get a crew like theirs, hoping they hadn’t stolen anything from him. They had. The expensive saw they had demanded was now theirs, running away in the back of their truck, even as he scratched his left eyebrow, wondering, wondering, what next. He sighed heavily. Nobody said rebuilding was a war easily won. The houses were now skeletal and donning their colorful and festive coats. Doors were now soldered into place and windows installed. A kitchen, gleaming and wide, enough to put down four dairy pots on the one counter, and a mixing bowl plus five large utensils on the meat side, was installed, too. Floors were laid. “This is real. It’s really real,” he told Henya one day. She was holding Faivel, who was now much heavier, having fleshedout and rounded, his clothing now pinching his little toes. Henya was always feeling one step behind energetic, an exhaustion like an ankle weight, pulling her away from her day-to-day. If words are no indication, actions are a sure way to spot dedication. She had to give it to him. From the day Yosef Yitzchok shared his dream, he had soldiered forward, forever forward. “Tell me more,” she allowed. And he described it to her. Every house has two acres of land surrounding it out front and back. There were forty houses in all, but room to build even more. Which he would do, it was filling up

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k c o l r n a u e o y t s e u o m Ti elici d a

‫ חלב ישראל‬Cholov Yisroel

t a VE! , A d o ! o R F C BEST rices The BEST P oday! The Try it t

CHECK OUT THE 28 DIFFERENT FLAVORS OF DRINKS FROM CHILLA AT CRAVE CAFE (845) 517-4185 | Corner Main & Grove, Monsey | S: 8 am - 7 pm / M-Th: 7 am - 7 pm / Fri: 7 am - 2 pm / | Motzei Shabbos 1am (Summer Schedule)


march so fast, “I just couldn’t… borrow. For more.” “Is there a need for all forty?” she asked. “Not yet, but soon. So far, we have a minyan. Chaim Dovid, Aron, Moisha, Yona, Shulem and Berel.” “That’s six,” she said. “And us. And the Rav. We have a very young and chashuve rav. Rav Gedalya Levi.” “Rav Levi?” Henya shifted the baby into her other arm, as her shoulders were cramping into a burn. “An Amerikaner. Not a landsman.” “No. Not a landsman. But a very chashuve rav. He’s coming with his young married son and with a brother-in-law. So, ten.” “A minyan,” she said. “And we, us, are part of the ten.” “Yes.” He looked at her. “You’ll be happy there. You’ll have everything. It’ll be a place to start anew. You’ll heal. The air itself, so pure, will heal.” When she married and moved overseas to a land in which she knew absolutely not one soul, she had done so to rebuild. She promised herself — stepping out of the terrible, horrific dream — that she would rebuild. Here was her son, a testament. Here was her own self, alive, very much alive. Although she loathed that about herself. Still, she was alive. And their family was growing. Yosef Yitzchok was an indefatigable sort, a husband every woman could look up to. “What will you do to make it… doable?” she asked. It almost came out, the words she had thought and nearly said: How will you repay me? For leaving the little bit of joy I have, behind. The names I already know, the people’s faces I recognize. But what a silly question. They were both building. And if his was very different from her way of rebuilding, it was still he who set the tone of the household and she

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two acres away, and the noise were the waves and the wind whistling through foliage, whose voices would she concern herself with? “Also, I’ll be happy. I’ll be able to learn, to daven, to work, at peace.” The baby picked up his head and turned around, toward her. He rewarded her with his most brilliant smile, all abandon, pure joy. She held him closer to her neck and who followed his lead. One didn’t kissed his chubby cheeks. If that pay the other. The act; that was re- wasn’t a woman’s raison d’être. She ward itself. was born for this, to aid in his ultiA deep sadness, that shadow that mate accomplishment. And it gave lurked at all doorways, it stole into her back that firm knowledge that the room and sat down with her, her life was worthwhile. To be a wife. patting her arms. It would all work out. If she ig“I will be home more, in the new nored herself long enough to take place,” Yosef Yitzchok said. “I’ll be the plunge, she’d come back up for available to help.” Every woman air and find that the waters had rushed by. “When are we going?” she asked, menEvery woman needs to tally checking off Purim and Pesach from decide for herself if that her tasks before the moving tasks, packis disadvantageous or a ing all of their meager things, organizing, blessing. leaving. “Since we are goneeds to decide for herself if that is ing, can you please do me a favor?” disadvantageous or a blessing. he asked. That’s not what she needed. What It wasn’t a choice. It really wasn’t. she truly needed was a place to for- This was the life laid out for her. get. When she immersed herself in Long ago, she had decided to just put other people’s lives and noise and one foot in front of the other. “A fadirt, she could, momentarily, forget. vor?” Friends. Friends who could lay their Yosef Yitzchok nodded. “If we’re sorrows at her doorstep so she could doing this, can you at least do it forget about her own. Bianca; she gracefully? Be happy. I want you to needed Bianca. be happy.” Fashion. The competitive naSo he knew. Of course he knew. ture of living one on the head of the “And another thing. Can we other; it took away some of one’s life move in soon? I’d like to go, say, next and transferred responsibility to the month.” other. What are the neighbors doTo be continued... ing? What would the neighbors say? In a town of forty people — if that Chany Rosengarten authors columns and many — whom would she please, im- serialized novels in leading publications. press, worry about? In a place where She can be reached at gchanyg@gmail. the nearest neighbor was at least com.


‫הצלחה אין‬ :‫קיינער וויל נישט‬

:‫יעדער איינער וויל‬

‫ זיין אנגעצויגן‬ '‫ האבן 'סטרעס‬ ‫ האבן שטערונגען‬ ‫ נישט אויפטון‬

‫ זיין רואיג‬ '‫ פארמיידן 'סטרעס‬ ‫ איבערקומען שטערונגען‬ ‫ דערגרייכן די צילן‬



:‫ אברכים און יעדער אנדערער‬,‫ מחנכים‬,‫סוחרים‬

‫ שיעורים‬2 ‫הערט‬


:‫אויפ'ן טעמע‬

‫הצלחת הזמן‬ (Time Managment)

‫כ'ן בארימטן און אנע‬ ‫רקע‬ ‫דור‬ ‫נ‬ ‫טן‬



LIVE-ONLINE CLASSES AVAILABLE WHEREVER YOU ARE! Enjoy all the benefits of a Sara Schenirer education with live-online classes from across the globe. Affordable, accelerated, convenient, without compromising your values or education.

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‫הרב יקותיא' יודא שפוטץ‬ :‫וועט איר אי"ה טאג טעגליך אנגיין‬

-‫ איבערקומענדיג‬,‫ סטרעס'לאז‬,‫רואיג‬ ,‫ דערגרייכענדיג די צילן‬,‫שטערונגען‬ .‫און צו האבן צייט פאר אלעס‬

‫דריטע‬ ‫אין דער‬ ‫סעריע‬ ‫פארזיכערט אייך א זיץ ביי די‬ ‫ וואס טוט אייך פירן‬,‫שיעורים‬ .‫צו א ניי גליקליך צופרידענעם לעבן‬

‫שרייבט אייך איין ביי‬ ‫מוה"ר פינחס בירנהאק הי"ו‬


‫די שיעורים וועלן אי״ה פארקומען‬

‫דינסטאג און‬ ‫דאנערשטאג אח"ק‬ May 2 & 4 ‫ אווענט‬10 ‫ ביז‬8 ‫פון‬

z ‫ שעה‬2 ‫ערט‬ ‫שיעור געדוי‬ ‫יעדע‬ ‫עה‬ ‫שובות א ¾ ש‬ ‫שאלות און ת‬ ‫צווייטן שיעור‬ ‫ביים‬

‫צט ספעציעל‬ ‫פרייז איז אי‬


Hamatik \ Metzion

Right here in Monsey


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Breathtaking experiences & memories.

Azamru Tours Presents:

An Incredible Lag Ba’omer in Israel Tour for Heimishe Women & Girls

The Premium Tour for heimishe women and girls. Exploring the best of Eretz Yisroel, its wondrous nooks and hidden alleyways with the popular tour guide Rochel Schapiro. Dining in the finest restaurants with the best kashrus. Staying in five and four star hotels. Touring the most incredible places. Seeing more of Eretz Yisroel than any other tour. A VIP red carpet tour, at an affordable price.

Monday May 8 to Tuesday May 16 Please Ask Us For The Full Detailed Itinerary, or view it at:



...of setting the bar on Israel tours for Heimishe women and girls to its highest standards.













Includes Airfare

B� p�� � ��� m��� �h�'�� ���ea�� s��e� .

J��� Tod��!


‫מלומדות וועט אי"ה ווערן‬ ‫אייער טעגליכער געשמאק!‬

‫‪'7‬טע‬ ‫מחזור‬ ‫הונדערטער זענען שוין ב"ה 'די בעסטע מלמדים'‬ ‫אין די מוסדות פון‪ :‬בעלזא‪ ,‬וויזשניץ‪ ,‬מונקאטש‪ ,‬ניקולשבורג‪ ,‬סאטמאר‪,‬‬ ‫סקווירא‪ ,‬פאפא‪ ,‬צאנז‪-‬קלויזענבורג‪ ,‬ראחמיסטריווקא‪ ,‬בית דוד‪ ,‬און נאך‬

‫א דאנק זייער אנטיילנעמונג ביי די‬

‫שיעורי הכשרה‬

‫למלמדים‬ ‫דורכ'ן מחנך מומחה ונפלא‬

‫הרב יקותיאל יודא שפוטץ שליט"א‬

‫דאס איז א סעריע פון ‪ 10‬שיעורים‬ ‫וואו מ'הערט און מ'לערנט גרונטליך די‬ ‫הצלחה'דיגע מהלכים אויף די פאלגענדע נושאים‪:‬‬

‫ריכטיג אוועקשטעלן די כיתה באלד אנהויב זמן • האבן אן‬ ‫אויסגעצייכענטן סדר היום • צו קענען זיין פאזעטיוו און אהבה'דיג‬ ‫צו די תלמידים • ׳צו באקומען די גאנצע כיתה' צו וועלן צוהערן • די‬ ‫ריכטיגע מעטאדן אויסצופירן הליכות ותקנות הכיתה • ווי אזוי צו‬ ‫בויען מאטאוואציע און רצון ביי 'אלע' תלמידים • ווען יא און ווען‬ ‫נישט געבן מתנות • ווען יא און ווען נישט מעניש זיין • ריכטיגער וועג‬ ‫אין האבן קאנטאקט מיט די עלטערן • ריכטיגער וועג פון פערזענליכן‬ ‫קאנטאקט מיט 'יעדן' תלמיד‬

‫דינסטאג אמור הייבט זיך אן א נייע‬ ‫סעריע אי״ה יעדן דינסטאג‬ ‫פון ‪ 7:45‬ביז ‪ 10:00‬אווענט‬ ‫שרייבט אייך איין ביי מוה"ר פינחס בירנהאק הי"ו‬

‫ספעציעלע‬ ‫הנחה פאר‬ ‫איינגעשריבענע‬ ‫ביז זונטאג אח״ק‬


‫צייט צו הערן פון א מחנך מוצלח די סודות פון ווערן א מלמד מוצלח!‬ ‫‪April 20, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 47‬‬ ‫‪ / 845.600.8484‬‬

126 Maple Ave 845-262-0700






Simplify your simcha preparations.

(845) 243-3212

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Sun-Thurs: 10:30-6:30 Friday: 10:30-1:00

Whether you’re the superb balabusta who has her mixer packed away by Tu b’Shvat or the supermom who still turns out fresh cakes a week to Pesach, the aroma and taste of these baking cakes will entice and delight your family. The trio I present is basic enough to still whip up on this hectic weekend, yet each of them is more unique than your standard cake.


BROWN AND WHITE CAKE This cake is perfect for those who want to feed a crowd but don’t have a mixer that’s large enough to accommodate an 18-egg cake, because both layers bake together.

BROWN LAYER 9 eggs 2 ¾ cups sugar 1 T. vanilla ¾ cup oil 7 oz. cocoa 2 ½ tsp. baking powder 3 c. flour


DIRECTIONS: 1. Beat eggs and sugar until light and fluffy. Add oil. 2. Gradually add rest of ingredients. Mix until well combined. 3. Pour into a deep, lined roaster pan. Rinse and dry mixer bowl.

9 eggs, separated 2 ½ cups sugar ¾ cup oil 1 ½ c. orange juice 2 ½ tsp. baking powder 3 cups flour

VARIATIONS FOR LIGHT LAYER: For coffee flavor, use 1½ c. prepared coffee instead of the juice. For pink layer (as in featured image), add 2 tsp. of strawberry flavor, 6 drops of red food coloring and one drop of blue food coloring.

DIRECTIONS: 1. Preheat oven to 325°. 2. Beat egg whites and sugar until snow is formed. Add yolks and continue to beat. 3. Place liquids in one cup and dry ingredients in another cup. 4. Slowly add them into the egg mixture, while it continues to beat on a low speed, alternating the liquid and dry ingredients. 5. Pour white layer over brown layer carefully, distributing as evenly as possible. 6. Bake on 325° for 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1 ½ hours, until toothpick inserted in center is completely dry.

50 / THE MONSEY VIEW / April 20, 2017 / 845.600.8484

TRI-LEVEL BROWNIE This moist brownie, sandwiched between a chewy oatmeal base and a creamy chocolate glaze is a favorite classic.




1 ½ cups 1-minute oats

6 whole eggs

1. Preheat oven to 350°.

1 c. flour

1 ½ cups sugar

¾ cup brown sugar

⅔ cup oil

2. Beat eggs and sugar until stiff.

¼ tsp. baking powder

1 ½ T. vanilla sugar

⅔ cup oil

5 T. sweet wine

Combine all ingredients and press as thin layer into a 10x16 pan.

4 T. cocoa

3. Gradually add remaining ingredients. 4. Pour over oatmeal layer and bake 50–55 minutes.

1 ¾ c. flour ¾ T. baking powder

GLAZE This is a very delicious basic glaze recipe. If your cake is still warm or at room temperature, it is best to make it a little thinner, by adding a little more water, and then it will spread more easily. 2 cups confectioners sugar ⅓ cup good-quality cocoa 5 T. oil 6 T. water

DIRECTIONS: 1. Mix sugar and cocoa in a bowl. 2. Add oil and mix well. 3. Add water, starting with 4 tablespoons and increasing until desired consistency is reached. 4. Glaze cake.


CINNAMON BROWNIE A cake with a history; forgotten, lost — and found I was introduced to this deliciously flavored and textured cake in the country quite some time ago and was happy to share it with my mother, who always enjoys a new recipe. My mother was so excited to hear about this cake, for she had received this very recipe some thirty years earlier from a neighbor who had moved from Chicago, and had baked this cake many times, until she got bored of it and subsequently forgot about the recipe. Turns out, my mother had shared this recipe with her friend and classmate, who was my country mate's mother.

INGREDIENTS: 10 eggs, separated 3 ½ cups sugar, divided 1 tsp. cinnamon 1 ½ cups oil 1 ½ cups seltzer 4 t. baking powder 3 ½ cups flour 5 T. cocoa

DIRECTIONS: 1. Preheat oven to 350°. 2. Line a 10x16 pan with parchment paper. 3. Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form and add 1 ½ cups sugar. 4. Beat 1–2 minutes and lower speed. 5. Add the yolks, and then add the rest of the ingredients, alternating between the liquid and dry ingredients, and ending with the dry ingredients.

52 / THE MONSEY VIEW / April 20, 2017 / 845.600.8484

6. Bake at 350° for 1 hour.

Dear Bnos Yisroel,

Grab this great Mitzvah and segulah of your parents and grandparents.

Join us in our Annual Eizer L'Yoldos Campaign. Help new mothers and their precious new born babies of Torah Families in Erets Yisroel. In the past year, an enormous amount of funds were distributed by Kolel Chibas Yerushalayim Reb Meyer Baal Haness to Eizer L'Yoldos alone. You can do so much with so little. With your donation today a family will smile tomorrow. Yes, make me a partner in this big mitzvah today!

Free gift with your donation of $54+ $500

Donated By: The Kohn Family ‫לע''נ ר' חיים יצחק ב''ר ישעי' ארי' ע''ה‬

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‫אלקא דמאיר ענני‬


Donated By: The Towel Shoppe 4805 New Utrecht Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11219

By: Weber's Sewing Machines. ‫לע''נ שיינדל בת ר' יקותיאל יהודה ע''ה‬

Model and color may vary.

877.5.LINENS •

By: Binyomin Perlman CPA, BK, NY ‫לע''נ רעכל לאה בת ר' שלמה פערלמאן ע''ה‬



Elegant linen by benbarber

Brooklyn: 5719 New Utrecht Ave. | Brooklyn: 1910 Ave. M Lakewood: 6776 Rt. 9 S Howell



Donated By: Boro Park | Crown Heights | Brooklyn NY



By: Dependable Flour Everytime. request the popular 6 lb flour at your local supermarket



Bugaboo Stroller Elegant Linen Set Silver Match Box Bosch Machine 150 Peice PlayMags $500 Pastel $150 The Towel Shoppe Sewing Machine All Raffle Entries must have a phone number or email address included.

1......$18 3......$36 5......$54 7......$72 9...$100 12...$150





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�Please send me a Rabbi Meyer Baal Haness Pushka Raffle deadline Rosh Chodesh Tamuz.



all wood bookcases 3 PC unit $1499

actual item shown

9’ 8” WIDE X 7’ 3.5” TALL

face frame construction

Single Unit with Doors $400




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90” HIGH UNIT / $450


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There are many calls that come in on a daily basis to the Skin Healing Gemach. Most of them are from people with burning red skin. Here are just an assortment of calls we’ve had. All of the stories are true and have happened in the last six months. See if you can find a common thread that runs through every story‌

April 20, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 55 / 845.600.8484

THE CRADLE CAP KID At three months old, little Shloimy Herps* has a burning red face that oozes and flakes. “It started with a case of cradle cap,” Mrs. Herps tells me. “His head was full of oily yellow flakes, so we took him to the pediatrician. She gave us a tube of hydrocortisone and said to use it all over his head and forehead. So we did. The cradle cap is totally gone, but my poor baby is covered in eczema! What happened? Where did my beautiful baby go? And what should we do? The doctor said to use stronger cortisone to get rid of the rash.”


BUBBY HAD HIVES “My mother is depressed because she looks like a burn victim. Her skin is flaming red and skin is just flaking off in unbelievable amounts! She’s 68 years old and has never had eczema before. She did, however, get a weird case of hives seven months ago, and the doctor gave her clobetasol, a super-strong steroid to get rid of the hives. She looked great while she was on it, but now that she’s stopped… You can’t even imagine how much she is suffering! What can we do to help her?”

“She only had a small rash on her fingers, and now up to her elbow is bright red!” the kallah’s mother tells me. “She is getting married in a few weeks!” “What did you do for that original rash?” I ask. “We went to the doctor and asked him what to do. He gave us a cream — I insisted on no steroids — but after eight weeks, my daughter stopped using the cream and her arm is now horrific!” “What was the name of the cream?” I query. “Fluocinonide,” she says. “The doctor tricked you,” I’m forced to break the news. “That’s a very strong steroid.”

ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD LOSING HER HAIR My heart is broken when a mother calls me, saying that her eleven-year-old has flake-filled hair atop a burning red scalp. “They gave her a cortisone shampoo for some dandruff she had. Now she is itching like crazy.” A few weeks later, the mother calls me again. If the flakes and itch were not enough, now the girl’s hair is falling out.

Sam Lax Furniture (917) 731-4248

Current Sale: Dorm Furniture manufactured by Savoy Furniture 600 Sets Available in April 3 years old Large Quantity Payment Plan Available Single Bed – 36” w x 80”l

Wardrobe 24” w x 24” d x 78”h

Mattresses available.

Dresser – 24” w x 20” d x 47” h

Cafeteria Furniture

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“My husband is covered in terrible psoriasis. He uses cortisone like lotion, every day for years.” “I’m not so sure he has psoriasis,” I say. “Tell me the name of the cream.” I jump out of my skin when I hear the word “halobetasol.” “Your husband is using one of the strongest steroids in the world as lotion.” “I know,” the young wife tells me. “His doctor says he can’t help him anymore, at least not with creams. He wants to put my husband on the immunosuppressant Enbrel, but I’m scared because it can cause yena machlah…” I shake my head, feeling her pain. “I really doubt your husband has psoriasis. What you’re seeing is probably something else. I’m going to get you in for an appointment with Dr. Rapaport. This is a bad situation!”

“So I thought it was magic,” the caller tells me. “I had a rash on my face and used Clear Cream and it healed right away. I used it for a few years, and all of sudden it was pulled from the market for lying about being only herbal. It had steroids. I’ve been managing with a compounded steroid cream from my doctor, but I can never stop, or I become terrible again. What should I do?” MIRACLE DIAPER RASH CREAM Shmoozing with an acquaintance leads to a broken heart when she tells me the following: “So my baby has this horrific diaper rash that won’t go away. The doctor gave me hydrocortisone to use on the rash a couple months ago. It helped at first, but in the last few weeks, it doesn’t work as well anymore. Her skin is swollen, red and oozing. Today the doctor sent in a new prescription, upping the dose of the cortisone.”

NO CHEDER FOR MOISHY “I’ve tried everything. We’ve done Chinese creams, cortisone creams from the doctor, cortisone injections — which he reacted really badly to, and even took a trip to Switzerland where they put some kind of combination cream all over him. My son looks like someone blowtorched him! He’s too sick to even go to cheder!” I cringe when I see the picture of little Moishy; I’m barely able to handle the suffering of such a little boy. But I can help him. I know I can. Day by day I receive phone calls from little Moishy’s mommy, and six months later, we have a different kid on our hands. His skin is stronger now, much less red and flakey, and he’s going happily to cheder!

CHINESE CREAM CLEARING “So I went to a health food store and asked them for something to help my rashes. They gave me a tube of Chinese cream, saying it works wonders. It does! Maybe a bit too good, if you know what I mean... My rashes disappeared like magic, but whenever I try to stop using the cream, I look like a monster! Do you think Chinese cream is to blame?” “Yes,” I say. “Most Chinese creams have very strong steroids. They don’t label it, but you can test it in a laboratory and the steroids will show up.” LADIES AND GENTS, CAN YOU FIND THAT COMMON THREAD? *Names have been changed for privacy

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HI EVERYBODY! WE SHOPPED, we dropped, we rolled (rolled out the credit card, that is) and suddenly/not so suddenly, it's over. Pesach is built on memories and matzah, and I, for one, definitely feel myself being built on matzah, but it's always a mitzvah to eat, right? I love mitzvos! So the marrieds came and left the house a... umm, how shall we call it? A delight to clean. Oh, look, Zishe's pacifier is under the bed, the one he's been crying for for the past two days, uh, nonstop. It's almost reachable, just need the broom. Oh there. Almost got it. Oish, the broom pushed it farther away. You gave up, didn't you? Oh well. Next year, 50 pacifiers will grace the home. Just in case. Of course, an extension needs to be added to the home first to make place for it. So what to do with stuff your marrieds left over? No, they were not left for you to enjoy. Not at all. They're meant to take up space in your home until the children come for Shabbos again and forget to take it. Bochurim returning to yeshiva? Not much to worry about there! Nada, really! Just find their socks! Mainly black and white. Don't get confused with the white socks that look black. B"H, we love hosting our extended family. It's priceless. So having souvenirs staying over just comes with the territory of it all. However, here are a few points that might help to not worry about leftover souvenirs, except, of

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course, if it's the brownie truffle: Every night, if you're drooping eyelids allow you to actually see, pick up the strays and put them in a basket. The next day the owner will take it. Hopefully! Of course, depending on what it is, they might just leave it there. As soon as the guests have packed it all, and before they leave, it's up to you to do a search through the home. You can not leave that job to anyone else in the home, ‘cause you are the superhero. Only you can find the mini, tiny piece of Playmobil that six-year-old Shloimy got for afikomen and dropped in between the slats of the steam vent. And you thought the steam vent was meant to look at once a year before Pesach, huh? One year I had a family coming for Pesach. They brought along a new game — the kind that was different and cost a pretty penny. Brilliant, right? So wrong; oh, so wrong. The game, which I'm still thankful for, gave me an amazing workout every day of yom tov. Nope, it wasn’t Rummy or Sorry. It was a game with millions, okay thousands, umm, maybe hundreds of pieces, that yours truly had to clean up three times a day, precisely the time when the men ran out to Shacharis, Mincha and Maariv. Needless to say, for weeks afterwards I still found a piece here and a piece there. Of course, you can put a tracking device on everything your guests bring, and after yom tov the device will track anything they left behind and come out of the hiding place straight

to the owner. I'm sure somewhere it's been invented already. One thing I realized, though, is a pattern that has been repeated time and time again. Nobody, and I mean nobody, ever leaves money behind! Why is that? That's kind of the only thing I would be happy if they don't own up to. So! The ideas are many, but I do what every self-respecting company does. I prepare a box with lost and founds and after 30 days it's either hefker or you can make a garage sale where the original owner buys off their own stuff. Hold off the extension for now. Catch you later, Sara

We organize your home to perfection.

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Overall, public speaking is Americans’ biggest phobia, with 25.3% being afraid to speak in front of a crowd. PODIUM, LECTERN OR ROSTRUM? In the U.S., people are known to have some confusion with the various words used about the spot where the speaker stands.





The platform on which a speaker and the lectern stand

The stand on which the speaker’s notes are placed

A stage or platform for several speakers or honorary guests

A platform for one or more people

So a speaker stands behind a lectern and on a podium or rostrum.

There are only two types of speakers in the world: the nervous and the liars. Mark Twain

THE SPEECH THAT COULD’VE HAD THE WORST IMPLICATIONS was U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s address in August 1984, at the height of the Cold War, while running for re-election. Taking part in a sound check before the address, Reagan jokingly announced to the technicians: “My fellow Americans, I’m pleased to tell you today that I’ve signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in five minutes.” There’s a very popular misconception that this microphone gaffe was broadcast over the air. That didn’t happen, but it did leak to the general populace and was reported by a major newspaper in Japan. USSR’s reaction wasn’t too pretty.


THE PRESIDENTIAL LECTERN: THE BLUE GOOSE Considering that the most important person in the country stands behind it in the open, the Blue Goose is bulletproof. The presidential seal is not allowed to be attached to a lectern that a president is not speaking from. A Secret Service or military agent attaches the seal each time the president speaks from the presidential lectern and removes it after the speech.

Fidgeting during a speech? The length of focused attention span is maximum 20 minutes in adults. Another reason to include stories in your speech: Facts are 20 times more likely to be remembered if they are part of a story.



The extra 30 seconds gets your audience’s attention and portrays confidence (even if you’re inwardly shaking). PRACTICE AND PREPARE

Nervousness is normal; preparing will make you feel in control and less nervous. YOUR SPEECH IS ABOUT YOUR AUDIENCE

Not about you. Base your speech on your listeners’ interests and avoid saying “I” or “me.” GRAB THE AUDIENCE’S ATTENTION IN THE FIRST 30 SECONDS

• Filler words like “Uh,” “um,” “like,” and “you know” • “There’s a funny joke” (Even if it’s funny, don't kill it!) • “I’m not a speaker” • “I was asked to speak about” • “So” at the beginning of a word or sentence • “Sorry” • “Bear with me”

This can be done with a thought-provoking question, joke, startling statistic or interesting anecdote DON’T READ FROM A SCRIPT

Nothing bores an audience more than a speaker who’s reading off a paper. Use an outline to remember points. LOOK INTO THEIR EYES

Make eye contact with your listeners, one by one. CLOSE WITH A DYNAMIC END

Leave your audience with something to think about.

DRY THROAT? To minimize throat clearing during a speech:





dairy products before speaking

sugary drinks

intake of salty and spicy foods (especially processed foods and takeout)

plenty beforehand

One of the shortest speeches ever was that of Neil Armstrong when he landed on the moon. “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” became one of the most famous lines. Armstrong, though, contended that he had actually practiced good grammar and said “for a man,” but could not be heard. April 20, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 61 / 845.600.8484




‫חג כשר ושמח‬ Monsey

272 Route 59 W, Spring Valley, NY 10977


3465 Fort Hamilton Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11218

1.855.633.8500 |

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“MA, CAN WE PLAY A GAME?” The voice was a bit eager, a bit hopeful. Miri was already in pajamas, her bare feet padding on the playroom floor, as she carefully balanced the Candyland game she’d received from Bubby as an Afikomen present. “A game?” I glanced at the kitchen sink, piled high with dishes, which I’d planned to tackle that evening — just as soon as I got Miri and her siblings into bed. “But it’s nearly bedtime. Maybe tomorrow.” “Can we just play one game?” she pleaded. “Then I’ll go straight to sleep?” Her innocent request melted my heart, and I turned off the kitchen faucet, resigned. The dishes would wait. Little Miri needed me now. I’d been hoping for an early evening, so I could slip out for a brisk walk later on with my eldest daughter. It’s hard to make quality time for each of them separately, I mused. “Okay, Miri. Candyland it shall be! Who goes first?” “Me!” she squealed. “Unless, Ma, you wanna go first, maybe?” “No, we’ll start from the young-

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est,” I assured her, watching her face light up again as she gravely sorted the cards and gave me instructions as to where the gingerbread men should be placed. Judging from her careful maneuvers, this was a high stakes game, one that she was determined to win, at all costs. As if to underscore her deepest desire, Miri turned to me, and confided in a stage whisper. “Ma, guess who’s gonna win?” And with a deepthroated giggle, she pointed at her own pajama top. “Me! I know all the tricks!” “You adorable, foolish girl,” I wanted to explain. “Candyland isn’t a game of logic, where any ‘tricks of the trade’ can help you. It’s just a childish game of luck, where you draw cards at random, and go to the corresponding colorful square. Even if you’d play with your eightmonth-old baby sister, she’d very likely win, depending on how the cards were stacked.” But I said nothing. Why burst Miri’s bubble by explaining the reality of the Candyland game? She’d find out soon enough. Which she did. Sadly, it seemed

as if the cards were stacked against Miri, for she kept on drawing single colored squares, while I picked the lucky doubles, catapulting me way ahead of her on the candy trail. Miri’s pretty face fell as she faced her dose of bad luck and no tricks of the trade could help her progress. As the game continued in its lackadaisical manner, and I stifled bored yawns while slowly inching my gingerbread man along the colorful trail, things went from bad to worse. Miri had the misfortune of picking a Peppermint Forest card, which brought her back to the beginning of the trail, just as she was starting to make progress. Two salty tears formed at the corners of her eyes, and her mouth began to pucker. Poor soul! She had so counted on winning this game, on showing Mommy what a champion she was. “It’s okay, sweetie,” I tried to console her. “It’s only a game. You’ll win some other time.” My voice was soothing, but firm. Gotta teach her to handle disappointments in life. It’s never too early to learn how to handle being a loser.

Now the tears came, thick and fast. “But I wanted to win!” she sobbed, her heart clearly broken. “The game isn’t over yet,” I said, trying to sound positive, while discreetly riffling through the cards. I had an idea. I was going to play Fix-it Mommy, and make it all right. She was still young enough to fall for the scheme. “Let’s see if Miri can still win” I challenged, urging her to pick once more. I had carefully prepared a green lollipop card, which would take her all the way up to Lollipop Woods, three-quarters of the way to victory. “Ma! Look what I got!” she shrieked, drying her tears with a grubby palm. “A lollipop! I’m almost near Candy Castle. I’m gonna win, you’ll see!” And for the next ten lucky turns, as she consistently inched forward, she boasted to all her older siblings who had gathered to watch the rarity — Mommy playing a juvenile board game instead of starting bedtime — that she was gonna win and Mommy was gonna lose. Wait and see! Uh oh. Just as Miri was about to launch her way to victory, I picked a lucky card, that would take me to the coveted Candy Castle just a smidgen before my eager five-year-old. I quickly muttered something about making a mistake and picking the wrong card, before burying it at the bottom of the pile, as my older children smirked. Miri didn’t notice a thing as she proudly inched her gingerbread man into home base and allowed me to escort her into bed, her face glowing with victory. “Ma, why did you let her win?” my ten-year-old whispered, as Miri’s eyes finally closed, and her breathing turned even. “She didn’t play fair!”

like naïve little Miri, that our luck and skill propelled us to the rainbow trail? Do we look with disdain at those who have not been so blessed, whose gingerbread men got stuck on the Licorice Space and who lost an extra turn? What about those floundering in a swamp of unpaid bills, difficulties with parnassa, rebellious children or other festering issues? There are so many players seemingly stuck in the Molasses Swamp, desperate for the magical card that will take them to the house of Candyland. Do we, the gleeful winners, subconsciously pity them for the poor choices they made, the foolish paths they have chosen, while patting ourselves on the back for “picking the right cards?” Or do we realize that they have been placed there by our loving Tatty, who, for reasons we can never fathom, has manipulated the cards in our favor? It’s challenging to remember just Who is in charge as we play life-sized Candyland, reveling in our winning “picks,” Do we subconsciously magnanimously extending pity them for the poor sympathy to the players who somehow got stuck near the choices they made, the chocolate swamp and offerfoolish paths they have ing to teach them the tricks of the trade. chosen, while patting “If you’ll do it like me,” we ourselves on the back for silently whisper, “shop at the picking the right cards?” right stores, send your kids to the right schools, choose the right parnassa, then behind-the-scenes glimpse of the you’ll be a winner, too. It’s so easy… five-year-old within us. We convince just follow me.” ourselves that we are the ones conSweet Miri could be forgiven for trolling our destiny, choosing the thinking she won the game all on her ice cream card over the sticky tof- own. I doubt the subterfuge would fee, short-cutting the Rainbow Trail have lasted much longer, though. We to Snow Flake Lake instead of being all grow up, sooner or later. After all, stuck in dumpy Peanut Acres, keep- the pathway of life is filled with both ing Gramma Nutt company. rainbow trails and potholes. And as we confidently choose the And as we gingerly grope our way winning cards that have been clev- to the House of Sweets, let’s rememerly placed at our disposal, and cata- ber to keep our Gingerbread men on pult our way to the “perfect” shid- track. After all, we are merely puny duch, “perfect” job, “perfect” house players, all aiming for the finish and “perfect” children, do we boast, line. “I wanted to make her happy,” I explained. “She’s too young to understand how the game really works. She thinks she can control how far she gets, and who wins or loses. She’ll figure out the truth soon enough.” “When do most people figure out how the game really works?” another daughter asked, joining the conversation. I stopped for a moment, contemplating the casual question, and then I realized there was no clear-cut answer. “Some people figure it out sooner than others, and some never figure it out at all.” “Oh.” And that was the extent of my daughters’ interest in Candyland. After all, the older ones have long graduated the lure of childish games and prefer honing their battle skills in Chess or Stratego. But for me, the Candyland game still held a certain fascination. After all, it’s not often that one gets a

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Wow! Eretz Yisroel!

Thank You, Hashem, that I was zoche to reach Eretz Yisroel!

Thank You, Hashem, for watching over me all the way here!

I won’t waste any time. I’m going straight to Har Tzion in Yerushalayim.

Finally, my goal is within reach — to sit and learn in the Beit-El yeshiva and discover the secrets of Torah and Kaballah.


Recap: Rav Shalom is en route from Damascus to Eretz Yisroel.

YESHIVA DARCHEI NOAM HAS CHANGED ITS NAME TO YESHIVA KETANA OHR REUVEN SUFFERN, NY – Yeshiva Darchei Noam, the Elementary Division of Yeshiva Ohr Reuven, has announced that the school will now be known as Yeshiva Ketana Ohr Reuven. The name is being dedicated by the Yeshiva’s close friends, Moshe and Freeda Frankel, former parents and current grandparents of the school. Named in honor of the late Rav Reuven Frankel zt”l, Yeshivas Ohr Reuven has been providing a sterling Torah education to hundreds of students for over 25 years. “Rav Reuven’s dedication to Torah, his mesiras nefesh during Churban Europe, and his tireless devotion to his family, makes it an honor for Yeshiva Darchei Noam to adopt the Yeshivas Ohr Reuven name ‫לזכר נשמתו‬,” says Rosh Hayeshiva, Harav Bezalel Rudinsky. “This change will enhance the achdus in our mosdos, unifying all divisions from “‘Kindergarten to Kollel & Beyond.” Yeshivas Ohr Reuven was founded on the fundamentals of Ahavas Hashem, Ahavas Hatorah, and Ahavas Yisroel, and these lofty principles continue to guide the institution. “Our name may have changed, our mission has not! We will continue to provide the exceptional education that has become the hallmark of Yeshiva Darchei Noam, in Limudei Kodesh and General Studies,” S’gan Rosh Hayeshiva, Harav Benzion Brodie, affirms. In honor of the name change and over a quarter century of excellence in chinuch, a special dedication will take place at Yeshivas Ohr Reuven’s upcoming 25th Anniversary Dinner on May 23rd. The theme of the evening will be “Kindergarten to Kollel & Beyond” celebrating the superior Torah chinuch that Yeshivas Ohr Reuven is renowned for in the community; and its accomplished alumni who embody the values of the Torah.

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By Ann Zeilingold

Real Estate It Is Now Easier to Get a Mortgage THE AVERAGE INTEREST RATES HAVE GONE UP ž% since last fall. The fact that interest rates have gone up is no surprise to the house shopper who has watched the prospective mortgage payments go up. What is not readily known is that requirements to get a mortgage have eased. According to Keeping Current Matters (KCM), The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) quantifies the availability of mortgage credit each month with their Mortgage Credit Availability Index (MCAI) which is a summary measure which indicates the availability of mortgage credit at a point in time. The higher the index, the easier it is to get a mortgage. Here is a chart showing the MCAI over the last several months as rates have increased.

Mortgage Credit Availability 177.1 174.1




171.3 167








Have mortgage requirements actually eased? Yes. Here are two examples: 1. Credit scores: The score required to attain a mortgage has been falling over the last five months. There are more mortgages being approved with lower credit scores. 2. Down Payment Requirement: the percentage

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It is easier to get a mortgage today than it has been at any other time in the last ten years.

of the purchase price necessary to place as a down payment on a home. In 2011, 2% of borrowers put less than 5% down. In the first quarter of 2017, 17% of borrowers are putting less than 5% down.

Bottom line: Between the easing of credit scores and the availability of programs for home buyers putting less than 5% down along with the higher FNMA loan limits, whether you are a current homeowner looking to move to a home that will better serve your family’s current needs, or a first-time buyer looking for a starter home, it is easier to get a mortgage today


than it has been at any other time in the last ten years. While this is comforting, what has not eased is the quality control restrictions on loans. Today, because of the digitalizing of mortgage applications and data, FNMA and FHMLC can cross reference data. An example is a client of mine who is purchasing a new home. It happens to be a foreclosure. There were serious questions on the occupancy of the property. What was the basis? The client had bought a foreclosed property 8 months ago and 4 months later sold it for a profit. Today, based on data available, we can find out whether the mortgage application applied for at that time (8 months ago) was for an owner occupied mortgage or investment loan because my client clearly had not moved into the property. After doing our cross-checking of data, we found out that the previous loan was in fact an investment mortgage and all was “kosher.” Quality control is probably the most important behind-the-scenes factor in successful mortgage applications, underwriting, commitments and closing. We will visit that topic another week.


Find Ann’s real estate column weekly in The Monsey View.

Ann Zeilingold

FM Home Loans


Vice President

1609 Route 202 Pomona, NY 10970


845-354-9700 914-260-9000


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!!‫חג כשר ושמח‬

THE WORLD REALTY GROUP World Class Service ~ World Class Results LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKERS New York | New Jersey | Connecticut | Pennsylvania 400 Rella Blvd. Suite 165 Suffern, NY 10901 Irving Rohinsky

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1 David Ct.—MONSEY 6 BR/ 3 Bath, 3,000 SF renovated home on fantastic cul-de-sac in prestigious up the hill section. Over ½ acre of park like land, large DR, & LR w/ high ceilings. Lrg plyrrm, Anderson Windows, gorgeous hardwood floors, much more!! ONLY $849K!!

PRICE REDUCED!!! 4 Arrowhead Ln.-MONSEY 5 BR/3 ba. colonial is L-A-R-G-E!! Beautiful & quiet cul-de-sac, large newer EIK w/ granite & cherry cabinets, & MORE NOW ONLY $589K!!

Thinking of buying or selling? Who you work with MATTERS. The World Realty Group has likely LISTED or SOLD a property near you! Please call us today for a FREE consultation and market analysis!

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CaIl Us Today !! 1. It takes more then one cycle to dry your clothes

3. Your dryer feels hot to the touch while in use

2. There are any signs of a birds nest 4. Lint is building up on or around on the exterior your dryer vent the dryer

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Classifieds FOR SALE

MAYTAG DRYER for sale due to moving, please call: 608- 7877

TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 xle leather seats sunroof fully loaded well maintained call 845-461-3084 2003 ODYSSEY 145k fair condition. asking 2500. call 3711717. GET CASH i buy cars call 845-596-3791 TOYOTA CAMRY 2003 96k miles great condition call:845-596-3791 2007 DODGE CARAVAN Great condition, Powered seats, 125k highway miles. Recently changed tires and new battery. $1500 Obo. Txt or leave msg. 1845 579 5452.

DIAMOND HOOPS Sparkling pair of 14k gold diamond fashion hoops. Used, looks brand new. $700 (Reg. $2,200). Call 845-2745559 BRAND-NEW DOONA gray doona carriage/car seat sealed in box $400. Call or text 845-538-7608. EUROPEAN DOUBLE CARRIAGE Brand new in the box - looks like double bugaboo! Great price! 8454994363 BUGABOO BUFFALO Brand new in sealed box. Includes Blue canopy, Bassinet, and rain cover. $875 please call 845-517-7069


// for sale // for rent // dresses & gowns I'M GAME Slightly used battery operated I'M Game-timeout $40 845 517 3336

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STARS HIRING NOW: The STARSHiring program is now hiring 12th Grade (age STARS Now. The STARS program 18+)isornow post-seminary to (age work 18+) with our young hiring 12thgirls Grade or postadultseminary students 6:00-9:00 p.m. in the evening, 1-2 times girls to work with our young adult a week, as they enjoy exciting educational therapeutic students 6:00-9:00 p.m. in the and evening, 1-2 activities and outings. Enjoy a fun work environment times a week, as they enjoy exciting educational and gratifying work as you positively impact lives— and therapeutic activities and outings. Enjoy a plus, great pay! Driver’s license required. fun work environment and gratifying work as For more information, please call 845-746-7254. you positively impact lives—plus, great pay! GIRLS DAY HAB OPPORTUNITY: Driver’s license required. For more information, Join our Fabulous team of staff who make a please call 845-746-7254. difference. Driver’s license preferred. Please Contact: Esty Schonfeld Hamaspik is looking to hire a Yingerman to P :845-425-5011 E:

work in our Day Hab. Includes a competitive benefit package. Send resume to: Vzieg@ SUNDAY RESPITE PROGRAM: Hamaspik is currently hiring high school girls for our Or call 845-503-0260 Sunday Respite Program A rewarding and fun-filled experience. Good Pay. If interested, please email to or call 845-425-3421 and leave a detail message

PACEMONSEY OPPORTUNITY: 72 / THE VIEW / April 20, 2017 / 845.600.8484 to help a low functioning 5 Looking for a woman/girl

FOR SALE Beautiful Center-hall colonial in the heart of Wesley Hills! Over 5000 sq/ft of living space Situated on 1.15 acres of park-like property! House features 6 beds 7 baths for only $999K!!! Come get it before someone else does! Text 1001 to 845-943-2939


SEEKING COMHAB/RESPITE WORKERS: Looking forisacurrently male comhab worker be a ‘friend’ Hamaspik hiring hightoschool and for apost-high high functioning teenager every day between 3 and school girls for our Sundays & 10 pm. Flexible about schedule. After School Programs .Hours are Sun. 10:00 Looking for a male3:30 worker to help a young man -2:00 • Mon-Thur to 5:45. A rewarding andwith a slight physical disability every morning from 6-8 AM fun-filled experience. Good Pay. If interested, and evenings from 6-9PM. call 845-425-3421 and leave a detail message Looking for a female worker to accompany a physically disabled young girl every Sunday to a therapy Part Time secretarial position appointment in Brooklyn. Hamaspik is looking to hire for a part-time office Looking for a fun-loving girl that wants to work with a position, candidate must be very organized, disabled young woman. Former camp simcha/hasc computerpreferred. savvy, have greatand communications counselor Weekends possibly every day. skills. please email resume to Jobopportunity@ Looking for an experienced mature woman to assist a new mother with newborn care and light housekeeping. Looking for a girl to take out a young boy from new square on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Looking for a female worker to work with a very low functioning teenager on weekends. Francis area. Looking for girl to take out a young girl with lots of medical issues on Sundays. Individual should have g-tube experience or willing to train. Looking for a worker to take out a young boy in new

s for pics and details or Call Shayndel Moore 845-6080538 to schedule a viewing!

Dining Room & 2 bathrooms. Call 845-425-8873



AFTER PESACH REST. Miami bch, beaut. Condo on indian crk, 1 blk from ocean. Clean, sunny, porch, gorg. View, prkng. 718-812-2656.

LARGE FURNISHED APARTMENTS BY THE DAY/WEEK/MONTH. Spacious / furnished / center of Outremont / 3-4 bedrooms / up to 10 beds / kosher kitchen / amenities. Reservations: 718.737.4980

BEAUTIFUL HOUSE for rent in Airmont, newly renovated, 3800 sf house 5 bed 3 bath, on Cobblestone Ln next to Rudnik Shul, asking $3900. ready to move in please call 347-300-2696

1 BDRM APT. Beautiful 2 room furnished apt. Ideal for single or chosson/ kallah. Ground level. W/D included. Available immed. Call (845)664-0250

MOTEL-STYLE APARTMENT Spacious room for rent. By the day/ week/ weekend. Fresh linen/towels provided. Bluefield Area. Call: 845-3528360.

3 BEDROOM CONDO on Wiener Drive Porch,C/A, Sec 8 Aprvd .845.425.8000

FAMILY LOOKING TO RENT A HOUSE FROM AUG. 2-AUG. 16 WITH A POOL. Please call 0041787402945 or email chagrun123@gmail. com

RENTAL HOUSE small 2 bedroom; ready for occupancy now, separate yard & utilities Old Nyack Tpk 845-216-4626 GWEN LANE Beautifully renovated apartment now available. Private entrance... Great price! Call for details… (845) 352-7118 APARTMENT FOR RENT Brand new 2 bdrm 1 bath, kitchen, washroom, dining room, large backyard, approx 1300 sq ft, Nancy lane, spring valley Call 716-371-8309 lv msg or email vmcbh1@gmail. com 3 ROOM FURNISHED Apartment for rent on Remsen. 845.571.8409 VACATION RENTAL ‫באקוועמע צוויי צומערדיגע‬ ‫דירה צו פארדינגען אין גיבבערס‬ ‫ אדער שבת‬,‫ וואך‬,‫אויפן טאג‬ reasonable price - 845-7941227 FLORIDA RENTAL NMB FLA. Semi Private House Next to Shuls. Granite Kitchen, 2 BDRM, 2 Baths, Pool, 175 night Weekly . 914806-3048 NICE 3 BEDROOM apartment for rent on Herrick Ave. Nice kitchen,

PARK AVE/SOUTH MONSEY Apartment for rent, 1-bedroom., ideal for single., $1,200 includes all utilities. 845-642-6146. 5 BEDROOM CONDO on Wiener Drive 3.1/2 bath rm, Porch,C/A, Pesach Kitchen Sec 8 Aprvd .845.425.8000 CHESTNUT RIDGE RENTAL 3 bedrm + 2 bath ; living/ dining rm; spacious sunny home; w/ big backyard; in the Chestnut Ridge/ Spring Hill area; call 845 377 3687 NEW HEMPSTEAD Brand New 2 huge bdrm apt; Spacious State/Art Kitchen + Dinette; Appliances; Living/ Dining/Study; big backyard; New Hempstead Area 845 377 3687 SUNRISE DRIVE Beautiful, Spacious, 4-room apartment on Sunrise Drive for rent, Chossen-Kallah, above ground level 845-6595515 5 ROOM APT. for rent Paikin Dr. area, young couple preferred. 845.3771.3356

4 ROOM APT Brand new, with a large backyard in the Bluefield area.Please call (845)3560989 3 BEDROOM 2 floor house for rent on Sneden Ct. off Union. Beautiful condition. call 718963-0318 3 ROOM FURNISHED apartment on Remsen. 845.517.8409 3 ROOM FURNISHED apartment for rent on Jill Lane. Kitchen dining/living room bedroom washer dryer. Please call 845-826-4928. STUDIO APT/ OFFICE 1 large room with private full bath,private entrance, old nyack / Rockhill area call 425 -2871 NICE OFFICE for rent on Maple Leaf Rd. Call 845-425-8873 RITA AVE. Room for rent. Suitable for use as an office or for a single. 845-426-4660

LOOKING TO SHARE rent a beautiful art studio, perfect for all kinds of classes, yoga, healing work. 845-648-6002

DRESS/GOWNS CHILDREN'S GOWNS Beautiful teal & white Children's Gowns for rent sizes 2 - 10. great price call 845-356-1915. GOWNS FOR SALE Beautiful sister of the bride light color gowns size 00,0 and childrens gowns size 12, and 18 months Call 845-6424968 GOWN FOR SALE Adult/teen gown sz 4-6 worn once . lace with teal blue lining. plz call 845-659-9155 SISTERS OF BRIDE Fines & co pale pink dress with beading sz4-6. matching victorian dress sz4. Sale or rent 426-4660 GOWN Exquisite one of kind bridal gown for sale. Size 2 - 4! 8454994363 SOLOMIA-ITALIEN GOWN imported from Vienna. Size 2 $3,000 347-486-2881 TEEN/ADULT gown for sale sz 4-6 lace with teal lining , in excellent condition. Plz call 659-9155

April 20, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 73 / 845.600.8484

Classifieds TERI JON Size 4-6 Black and Silver Beautiful gown for sale Great condition. Call 347-563-3508 EXQUISITE SIZE 4 Cream color beautiful gown for sale. Great condition. Worn once. Call 347-5633508 BLACK AND WHITE gown for rent, size 2 Please call 362-0282 BLACK AND WHITE GOWN Stunning black and white gown for rent, size 6 Please call/text 499-3350 BEAUTIFUL GOWN Custom made silver and white gown for sale. Size 8-10. Please call or text 845-2698649 GOWNS WITH GLAMOUR Wedding Gowns SZ 2 - Teen MONSEY: Rachy Silber 845445-5458 BORO PARK: M. Halpert 347-385-2638 CUSTOM DESIGNED DRESS for rent. Kallah vort dress or for sister of the bride. Please call/text 845 587 2823.

MAUVE PINK GOWNS size 8 & 10 tall little girls. And ladies 8/10 pink gown. 845213-0978 c/t

HELP WANTED MECHANIC POSITION A company 25 minutes from Monsey is looking to hire an experienced Mechanic for the evening hours, to troubleshoot and maintain Electrical Controls & mechanical systems on machinery. Please email resume hr@ AMAZON / EBAY EXPERT Established company seeking an Amazon and Ebay selling expert. Extensive knowledge of Amazon is required. This is NOT an entry level position; you must have worked for a high volume marketplace seller. We offer tremendous opportunity for the right individual. Individual must pay strong attention to detail and complete proficiency in Excel. Please email resume

// dresses & gowns // help wanted // pl SOCK SHOPPE is looking for a seasonal worker for the next 7 weeks, from 10:30 till 4:00 PM If interested please call 718344-7593 OFFICE ASSISTANT A tzedeka organization in Rockland county is looking to hire an office assistant who is proficient in spreadsheets, computer data entry and basic computer knowledge. Part time hours. Must have good organizational skills as well as excellent phone etiquette. Discretion and sensitivity towards others is a must. Looking to hire right after pesach. Please forward resumes to leuniqueboutique@sbcglobal. net yiddish speaking is a plus SPECIAL JOB OPPORTUNITY Bhm”d in So. Monsey, looking for a Gabbai/Shamash, Well paid. If you qualify call or Txt 845.263.4377 NOW HIRING Great opportunity! A popular, well-established food company is looking to hire new female secretaries, due to relocating of the business. Office is located 30 minutes from Monsey. Transportation provided. Driver's license

a plus, but not a must. Job is from Monday through Thursday, from 9am-5pm. Computer knowledge a must. Great pay for the right individual. Positions available immediately, or can wait to start in June. Please call 718-522-0689. LOOKING TO HIRE JCI Insurance seeking F/T Female Employee. Must be computer proficient, & good phone skills. Entry level Email resume: jacob@jciins. com FLEXIBLE PART TIME Opportunity for woman or girl with Skilled hands. detail oriented. Follows instruction well. fast learner. 1845-4999923 SUMMER JOB A couple of openings available. Professional videographer. Makeup artist. Hair stylist. Drivers license & car a must 1845-445-8950. BUS DRIVER AVAILABLE Experienced, availible right after pesach from 3:45 for 1 or 2 boy's route's pls call. 323.1558


Women’s Group Home Shifts avail Sun 9am-5pm, Mon/Wed 3:30-9:30pm. Must drive.

Part-Time Job Coach - Men’s Day Hab Rewarding opportunity for energetic male to work with developmentally disabled young adults by providing support, supervision & encouragement on the job site. Must drive. Weekday hours 12:30-4:00pm. Women’s Day Hab Program Working with developmentally disabled individuals. Must be responsible, compassionate and reliable. Mon-Thurs 9:00-3:45, Friday 9:00-1:00. Wonderful environment. PALS program Join our exciting Sunday recreation program for young women with developmental disabilities. Sundays, 9:00-4:00. Drivers preferred.

Please call E. Feder at 845-354-3233 ext 1121 or fax your resume to 74 / THE MONSEY VIEW / April 20, 2017 / 845.600.8484

laygroups // babysitting // services TEACHER AIDES NEEDED East Ramapo's Bilingual Yiddish Classes (various locations) are seeking qualified aides to work with special needs children pls fax resume to 577-6059 or call 577-6040 MATH TUTORING Regents/GED/TASC/SAT/ ACT Common Core, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pecalculus, Calculus, Physics ALL Grades/Levels. call: 845445-8003 TEACHER WANTED playgroup looking for a teacher for the summer and the upcoming school year please call 845-425-4523

PLAYGROUPS PLAYGROUP 2017 For 18-24 month old. Center of Monsey, spacious facility, lunch included. Many years experience. Extended hours available. Tamara 845.425.1456.

BABYSITTING MONROE BABYSITER Warm and experienced for all your babysitting needsshabbos to (845)783-2314

BABYSITTER-AIRMONT Experienced, heimish, Small group with lots of TLC has few slots available. please call 845-369-1101 BABYSITTING AVAILABLE over 10 yrs experience. Drop off friendly. Hours days as needed. 8628998474

SERVICES MAKE A DIFFERENCE Do you believe that you can earn a significant income? Do you believe that the world needs a little more health and wealth in it these days? Do you want to help make a difference? I believe in inspiring people to do the things that inspire them so together we can create health and wealth in the world. But I can’t do this alone! Are you looking at improving your current financial situation? Do you enjoy helping people? If so, I might want to meet you! Mrs. F. Katz 845-5703565 DAILY CAR RIDE to and from JFK and laguardia airports. please call 845- 641- 4332 SELL YOUR SILVER/GOLD We buy your silver/gold items and diamond jewelry for top price. House calls upon request. 347-496-5660


QUICKBOOKS SPECIALIST Need help with your QuickBooks? Call Shucht Bookkeeping Services 845-243-7961 or email Reasonable rates - hourly, weekly or monthly. ONE MAN BAND Keyboard programmer. For all your occasions! Yisroel M. Turner 845-274-7002 ALTERATIONS get it done! in the main st. area please call: 845-4260581

Classified ads are free for our readers, as long as the following criteria are met. Classified ads must be emailed or texted to - in the body of the email, not as an attachment. Include two words for the heading and a maximum of twenty words for the body. The entire body of the ad should be written in one paragraph. Do not “enter” between sentences. Use standard text only – no all caps. Check for proper spelling and grammar before submitting. Do not fax any free classifieds. There’s a maximum of two classifieds per person per week. A classified ad that doesn’t meet the above conditions will be automatically rejected. The Monsey View reserves the right to omit or cut words from any free classified ads without confirmation.

HANDYMAN For all your construction work inc plumbing/electric call 201 892 0526/845 352 0928

***** We do not give confirmations for free classified ads. ***** Classified ad deadline is Monday at 12:00 pm. No exceptions. *****

LADY DRIVER Available 24/7 Local and Long Distance. reasonable rates (woman, girls only) Call 845709-9417 HEIMISHE LADY DRIVER available for local and long distance trips. You can book in advance - Call Esti (845) 422-6246 SHEIMOS PICK UP all year round shuls schools homes 845-461-3084 SEFORIM?SHAIMOS? If you have usable seforim that are sitting around or putting them into shaimos

For inquiries about PAID classifieds, feel free to contact The Monsey View.

I could take them for free 8455383715 SCHLISEL CHALLAH MADE EASY I Make It - You Bake It, Rivky's Famous Challah Dough, Custom made to your taste, diet and schedule. Call 369-3755 UNIQUE LIGHTING uplighting For all your events bar mitzva's Our speciality we also do party lighting and rentals call 845 459 3745



CHANIE GENUD Certified laser hair removal specialist

845.323.8886 Book your appointment

April 20, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 75 / 845.600.8484


// services // odds & ends // gemachim conditions. 973-610-8954.


you have homecare experience?

HamaspikCare has multiple positions available In a few departments in our fast growing agency. Candidate must be very organized and have great computer and communication skills. Great pay and comprehensive benefit package.

Please email your resume to COSTUME JEWELRY REPAIRS most repairs only $2 call 426Save (7283)

AHEAD COLLECTIONS Turbans Bandanas Chenillesconvenient night hours, Please call 845-587-6709

ATTENTION CAMP day camp directors incredible do- it- yourself jewelry available in individual kits for campers. call 290- 5779

BUYING AMEX and Chase. Any amount over 20k. info@SellMyMilesNow. com 845-517-1233 TEEN ILLNESS MyTEAM is a frum organization that provides peer-connections/mentors to H.S girls dealing with non-life-threatening medical

LASER TEETH WHITENING Get your teeth whitened professionally with lasting results. Male and Female Techs available. Call for specials 845-826-4928

EXPERIENCED PHOTOGRAPHERS Newborns, Upsherin, Bar/ Bas Mitzvahs, Engagements, Headshots, Corporate Affairs we've got you covered., (845) 558-8247 HOSTESS PACKAGES From budget to upscale we do it all Call/Text 845-263-7463 Email stylefavorsandgifts@ KEYBARD TO SELL yamaha tyros 2 w/programs, best offer 845.323.1558 PHOTOGRAPHY Let us capture the precious moments at your wedding, bar mitzvah, bris, or vort. Visit www. or call 845-459-3443 TUTORING SERVICES: Stop wasting money-hire a professional! MS Ed, Lic/ Cert 30+ yrs exp. All Hebrew/ English Subjects gr 1-12, BOYS/GIRLS.845-558-1682 DRUM LESSONS BY SHMUEL KLAVER Monsey’s most experienced Shomer Shabbos drum instructor. Lessons ($45 & up) given in your home or my studio, to boys or girls ages 10-adult, beginners to professional. Call (845) 459-9935

price! References available. Call Yitty @ 845-426-7561 after 4:30 pm GUITAR LESSONS Experience learning guitar in a manner unlike anything you've experienced before. Quickly, enjoyably, and easily by Heimishe, Female, Professional Guitarist. 845608-5108 GUITAR LESSONS Experienced frum female instructor will teach you how to play in ten lessons. Years of enjoyment guaranteed! 347-455-5320 ART LESSONS Professional art lessons by an award winning artist. Women and girls it's unlike anything you have experienced! Call 24 hours: 845-425-8616 PROFESSIONAL VOICE LESSONS. For boys and men. Studio locations in Monsey and Lwd. 8453278420. LIVE PERFORMANCE COACH. Public speakers. Musicians and singers. Music videos. Free assessment. Get noticed! 8453278420 GUITAR LESSONS: FUN winter activity!!Learn to play from a Guitar teacher with 30+yrs exp!!Beginners/ advanced levels, Sun//after school hours. Boys/girls/ women.558-1682

MUSIC LESSONS Give your daughter the gift of music at a very reasonable

Senior Bookkeeper - Immediate Opening Payroll, A/P, monthly closeouts, bank reconciliations. 2-3 yrs bookkeeping experience or accounting degree. Excellent Excel skills required, Fund EZ a plus. FT/PT, salary based on experience. Good environment, all women’s office. Please call E. Feder at 845-354-3233 ext 1121 or fax your resume to 76 / THE MONSEY VIEW / April 20, 2017 / 845.600.8484

m // lost // free giveaways SUMMER CAMPS Caricatures, face painting or fun beginners art lesson(s) for your group M.Green 2636961 356-5167 HAIR COURSES Learn to style your own hair/ shaitels or for others. Oneon-one or group lessons. 845 608 9895 MOTIVATIONAL WORKOUT COACH with private home gym will help you get into royal shape fit for a queen. Private $45 / Doubles $30 pp. Call / Txt 845-642-6640 PROFESSIONAL HAIRCUTS and Styling. Hatzlacha Grocery area. Years of experience; Can customize hairstyle to suit your face and taste. Call/Text 845-825-1789. HAIRCUT/STYLING DO YOU NEED A HAIRCUT OR HAIR-STYLING.CALL SURI 845 587 7802 HAIRCUTS AND HAIRSTYLES professionally done. Saddle river area for app. Call 845356-5038 CLAIREACCUHAIR WashNset your wig by someone who will give you the quality you deserve, superior then beauty school;$20intro 929 238 5487 HAIRCUTS/STYLING Starting @$10+done by an experienced certified

(SurieKornbluh)professional sheital macher call today: 929 238 5487!!! AIRBRUSH MAKEUP ARTIST FLAWLESS AIRBRUSH MAKEUP APPLICATION in the comfort of your home, gives you a natural glow call or text miriam 203-470-3206 MARY KAY Now 15% on all orders. Call\ text 845-200-0211 CERTIFIED MAKEUP ARTIST by Esther For any occasion Discount offered for referrals! Will do House calls!! 845642-2370 VOLUNTEER DUOLA Experience the gift of birth with a doula attuned to you. Sarah 845-837-9167 pinknbluedreamz@gmail. com. DOULA Chana Bracha Abramson CD (DONA) call or text 845-2135525 Discount with mention of ad FOR WOMEN Womens Torah, Tefillah & Nature Hikes. Opportunity to exercise the body, and nourish the Soul! Call/txt for schedules & rates 845-6426640 A VERY EXCITING CLASS for the heimishe woman,by experienced instructor.Jun. & Jul. due dates starting immediately after pesach. Mrs. Surie Gruber 362-1439

CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION CLASSES To join the next class please call 845-426-0931. Tzippy Tauber CD (DONA) Certified Birth Doula

ODDS AND ENDS I SCRATCHED A WHITE LEXUS car in the Evergreen parking lot on the Friday before Rosh Hashonah 9/30/2016. Please call: 845-213-9522 TEHILLIM Harness the power of tehillim today! A Yid will say tehillim on your behalf. Call/ text8452006378. FAMILY LOOKING TO RENT a house from Aug. 2-Aug. 16 with a pool. Please Call: 0041787402945 or email:

SKIN HEALING GEMACH Burning, red, rashy skin? We might be able to help you. 845.425.2773 or TSWfighter@ SIDDUR GEMACH for Simchas Nusach S'fard Call:558-4774 ROOF-CARRIERS GEMACH. Fits almost all cars even without bars on roof. Call early to reserve. 845-2745284. Monroe: 845-662-7102. KOS YESHUOS - BECHER GEMACH Simchah, Shabbaton? Don't spend on disposable bechers. Use real bechers from our free-loan gemach. Better for your pocket, and halachically. 845-377KOS1(5671) KosYeshuos@

LOST bag with little boys clothing before yom tov. 352-2060 or 200-4918

GEMACHIM MONSEY GOWN GEMACH mother and sister gowns size 0-12, by appointment only. 845-426-7496 or 845-3523031. FLORAL BISOMIM for your Simcha - 845-6292785. DVD/VIDEO GEMACH DVDS and portable players for sick and homebound adults and children.425-2660 mailbox #1

small canon red camera 845.356.2084

FREE GIVEAWAYS Cans of neocate to give away 7461755 pls leave message Frame for table Six chairs good condition Call: 845-4255496 and leave message. Looking for free giveaway of a crib. 1845-445-8950 Looking for if anyone has to give away bottom drawers of a whirlpool refrigerator. 8456625931

April 20, 2017 / THE MONSEY VIEW / 77 / 845.600.8484





Parmanand Mana,

VP, Branch Manager and Business Development Officer (845) 356-5300

Greg Monteith,

EVP, Chief Lending Officer (845) 634-7200 x5901

Raymond Francis,

VP, Commercial Lending Officer (845) 634-7200 x5905

Your NorthEast Community Business Banking Team Providing the products, services and expertise to help your Rockland County business thrive. Call us today — let’s talk business. • • • • •

Free Business Checking Free Online Banking Cash Management & Merchant Services Remote Deposit Capture 25¢ Returned Check Fee

• • • • •

Commercial Real Estate Lending Commercial Construction Lending Multi-Family Lending Equipment Financing Commercial Term Loans and Lines of Credit



72 West Eckerson Road Spring Valley, NY 10977 Tel: (845) 356-5300 Toll-free: (866) 287-7500

301 North Main Street, Suite 5 New City, NY 10956 Tel: (845) 634-7200 Toll-free: (866) 287-7500

Bank lobby hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM-5 PM • Saturday 9 AM-1 PM • Sunday 10 AM-1 PM

82 / THE MONSEY VIEW / April 20, 2017 / 845.600.8484

‫בהנהלת הרב משה זאב פאנעט שליט״א‬

‫מיר הייבן אן אי"ה די קומענדיגע‬

‫בר מצוה‬ ‫קלאס׳ן‬

‫פאר די קינדער וואס ווערן בר מצוה‬

‫סיון ‪ -‬תמוז ‪ -‬אב ‪ -‬אלול‬

‫דעם‬ ‫דאנערשטאג‬

‫ב' דר"ח אייר הבעל"ט‬

‫אייער קינד וועט לערנען‬ ‫ איבער חזר'ן ‪ -‬און זיך‬‫פארהערן‪:‬‬ ‫«‬ ‫«‬ ‫«‬ ‫«‬ ‫«‬ ‫«‬ ‫«‬ ‫«‬

‫הלכות תפילין‬ ‫הלכות זימון‬ ‫שליח ציבור‬ ‫הלכות קריאת התורה‬ ‫תפלה במנין‬ ‫קריאת שמע בזמנה‬ ‫מוסר והדרכה לימי הבחרות‬ ‫בר מצוה פשעטל )פריוואט(‬

‫רופט הרב משה זאב פאנעט מנהל‬ ‫‪845.238.8782‬‬ ‫אייער זוהן וועט בעזהשי"ת זיין גרייט און זיך פארהערן‬

‫גאנץ הלכות תפילין פאר זיין בר מצוה‬ ‫טראנספארטאציע‬

‫טייערע מתנות‬

‫ווערדפולע גורלות‬

‫רייכע מסיבות‬

‫באזוך ביים בתים מאכער‬

‫תפילין פסולים להתלמד‬

‫בחינות בכתב ובעל פה‬

‫פארהער ביי גדולי הרבנים‬

‫חשובע עלטערן!‬

‫אויב איר שיקט אין קעמפ און איר מאכט בר מצוה תשרי חשון כסלו און איר ווילט אז אייער יונגל זאל מיטהאלטן די רייכע פראגראם‬ ‫פון 'מכון לבר מצוה' דארף ער קומען צו די קלאס פון נאך פסח הבעל"ט‪ ,‬און מיר וועלן מאכן אי"ה א שטארקע חזרה פאר זיין בר מצוה‪.‬‬

‫נאנט צו‬

‫‪ 1000‬משתתפים‬ ‫זאגן עדות אויף זייערע‬

‫דראסטישע הצלחות!‬

‫פארט‬ ‫ארויף‬ ‫צו אייער‬ ‫העכסטע‬

‫הצלחה‬ ‫מחזור ל"ט‬ ‫מאנסי‬

‫‪ 15‬אינהאלטסרייכע שיעורים‬ ‫יעדן דאנערשטאג אווענט‬

‫פון ‪ 7:00‬ביז ‪11:00‬‬ ‫אנגעפאנגען בעזהשי"ת פון‬

‫דאנדערשטאג פר' אח"ק‬

‫‪ .1‬סעלף‪-‬עסטיעם און קאנפידענס‪:‬‬ ‫ ערלעדיגן זאכן וואס זענען אומבאקוועם‬ ‫אבער וויכטיג פאר אייער הצלחה‬ ‫ מחשיב זיין און אויסנוצן אייערע אייגענארטיגע‬ ‫כוחות און געדאנקען‬ ‫ אנהייבן און אויספירן נייע פראיעקטן‬ ‫ האבן די שטארקייט צו רעדן צו מענטשן‬ ‫וואס זענען איבער אייך (בעה"ב‪ ,‬נדבן‪ ,‬וכדו')‬ ‫ האלטן א דרשה פאר א גרויסע ציבור‬ ‫מיט שטארקייט‪ ,‬קלארקייט און זיכערקייט‬

‫‪ .2‬מענטשליכע באציאונגען‪:‬‬ ‫ ווערן אנערקענט אלס א מער פריינטליכער מענטש‬ ‫ בויען שטארקע קשרים מיט אנדערע מענטשן‪,‬‬ ‫געבויעט אויף נאמנות‬

‫רעקאמאנדירט פאר‪:‬‬ ‫‪9‬‬ ‫‪9‬‬ ‫‪9‬‬ ‫‪9‬‬

‫מיר וועלן אי"ה לערנען‪:‬‬

‫ זיך דורכקומען אויסגעצייכנט מיט אלע סארט מענטשן‬

‫בעלי בתים און בעלי השפעה‬ ‫מענעדשער'ס און מנהלי המוסדות‬ ‫ארבייטער און סעיל'ס לייט‬ ‫מלמדים ומגידי שיעור‬

‫ צוברענגען אז מענטשן זאלן "וועלן"‬ ‫קאפערירן און מיטארבייטן מיט אייך‬ ‫ פארבעסערן די שלום בית און בויען גאר א‬ ‫שטארקע קשר מיט די אייגענע קינדער‬

‫‪ .3‬השפעה און קאמיוניקאציע‪:‬‬ ‫איבערגעגעבן בס"ד ברוב כשרון ותבונה דורך דעם‬ ‫בארימטע מומחה בתורת הנפש והצלחה‬

‫הרב יודל מעלבער‬


‫מנהל המכון‪ ,‬יועץ ומדריך‬

‫רופט שוין‬

‫פאר מער אינפארמאציע און צו פארזיכערן אייער זיץ‬


‫ איבערצייגן אנדערע אנצונעמען אייערע‬ ‫געדאנקען און געפילן‬ ‫ משפיע זיין אויף אנדערע אז זיי זאלן "טוהן"‬ ‫וואס איר האלט באמת אז עס איז ריכטיג‬ ‫ אויפבויען די כוחות פון אנדערע דורך געבן‬ ‫ריכטיג אנערקענונגען און לויב‬

‫ קריטיקירן אנדערע און דאך נישט שאפן‬ ‫קיין שלעכטע געפיל‪ ,‬נאר דאנקבארקייט‬ ‫ זיך באנוצן עפעקטיוו מיט די שפת הגוף והקול‬ ‫צו מאכן די געוואונטשענע רושם און השפעה‬

‫‪ .4‬סטרעס מענעדשמענט‪:‬‬ ‫ פארשטיין און קאנטראלירן נעגאטיווע סטרעס‬ ‫און פארדינען פון פאזעטיווע סטרעס‬ ‫ זיך צוגרייטן פאר שווערע מצבים‬ ‫צו פארמיידן די אנגעצויגנקייטן‬ ‫ אנגיין אין אומבאקוועמע מצבים‬ ‫ זיך האלטן רואיג און בלייבן אין קאנטראל‬ ‫אפילו אין גאר שווערע מצבים‬ ‫ מאכן קלארע און ריכטיגע החלטות‬ ‫נאכ'ן דורכגיין שוועריקייטן‬

‫‪ .5‬עפעקטיווע מנהיגות‪:‬‬ ‫ ווערן א שטארקע מנהיג‪ ,‬צו זיצן אין‬ ‫די דרייווער'ס זיץ פונעם אייגענעם לעבן‬ ‫ נעמען אחריות און קאנטראלירן דעם טאג‪,‬‬ ‫און ווי אזוי מענטשן פירן זיך אויף צו אייך‬ ‫ פירן זיך מיט אנדערע דורך סעלף מאטיוועישאן‬ ‫און סעלף קאנטראל‬ ‫ קענען טוישן די נישט ריכטיגע עטיטוד‬ ‫און התנהגות פון אנדערע‬ ‫ האבן מער צייט אין טאג דורך האבן קלארע‬ ‫פראיארעטיעס און אנקומען צו אלעס‬ ‫דורך גוטע טיים מענענדשמענט‬

‫און אסאך אסאך מער‪!...‬‬

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Issue 95  

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