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Our Town’s Weekly Issue #48



‫ תש‬Ma ‫ יסן‬y 4 ‫ "ו נ‬, 2 ‫כ‬- 0 ‫ חרי‬16 ‫תא‬ ‫רש‬












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‫השקפה < די אידישע בליק‬ ‫אויף חיי נישואין‪ ,‬נישט נשפע צו‬ ‫ווערן פונעם גוי‘שן צוגאנג‪.‬‬


‫שיעורי‬ ‫שלום בית‬

‫ש לום ב ֵחי ֵלך‬

‫דורך הרה“ג‬

‫טויבער‬ ‫בערל‬ ‫ר‘‬ ‫שליט“א‬

‫ר“מ בישיבת אור תורה‬

‫אויפן‬ ‫טעלעפאן‬

‫‪Live Teleconference‬‬

‫הבנה < פארשטיין קלאהר די‬ ‫נאטורן חילוקים צווישן מאן און‬ ‫פרוי )דאס פארשפארט רוב‬ ‫ווייטאגן‪(...‬‬ ‫קשר < בויען די אמת‘ע קשר‪,‬‬ ‫)אפילו ווען ס‘איז דא חילוקי‬ ‫דעות‪(...‬‬ ‫רואיגקייט‪ :‬אריינצוברענגען‬ ‫אין שטוב א רואיגע אטמאספער‬ ‫על דרך התורה בס"ד‪.‬‬

‫א חלק פון די שיעורים וועלן זיין‬ ‫פאר די מענער באזונדער דורך‬ ‫הרה“ג ר‘ בערל טויבער שליט“א‪,‬‬ ‫און פאר די פרויען באזונדער דורך‬ ‫זיין שוועסטער רעב‪ .‬ניישטאדט‬ ‫תליט“א פון ארץ ישראל‬

‫יהי שלום בחיליך שלוה בארמנותייך‬

‫געאייגענט‬ ‫אפילו פאר יארן‬ ‫נאכ‘ן חתונה!‬ ‫‪Never Too‬‬ ‫…‪Late‬‬

‫די שיעורים וועלן געגעבן ווערן‬ ‫אויפן טעלעפאן יעדע מאנטאג נאכט ‪9:00‬‬

‫צו הערן די אריינפיר‪-‬שיעור‬ ‫און זיך איינצושרייבן רופט‪:‬‬


‫‪&A‬‬ ‫‪LIVE Q‬‬ ‫ותשאלות‬ ‫שובות‬

‫‪All Major Credit Cards Accepted‬‬

‫אנגעהויבן פון ר“ח אייר‬ ‫מאנטאג פ' קדושים‬ ‫‪Starting Monday, May 9‬‬ ‫א סעריע פון ‪ 8‬וואכן‪.‬‬ ‫מען וועט קענען איבערהערן‬ ‫די שיעור א גאנצע וואך‪.‬‬




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the mitbach chef table cooking

Back in Monsey! That's right Chef Casey Colaneri, formerly executive chef of The Ridge Steak & Sushi & winner of 2013 Kosherfest Iron Chef Culinary Competition is coming home. Chef Casey is teamingCrispy up withSkin ChefSalmon tomato bruschetta, creamed spinach, Andrew Rivas to create a unique culinary experience. potato gratin 26

The mitbach is a casual gourmet dairy restaurant featuring unique & bold flavors, fresh seasonal ingredients & fast friendly service.

Our Favorites

Crispy Skin Salmon

Ricotta Gnocchi

arugula, basil pesto, toasted pine nuts, charred heirloom cherry tomatoes, wilted sorrel mushrooms 17

The Mitbach

tomato bruschetta, creamed spinach 26

truffle ricotta, crispy onions, sautĂ&#x2030;ed oyster mushrooms, swiss cheese 13

We look forward to seeing you this week. Call for reservations 845-356-2555. The Mitbach 306 Saddle River Road tomato bruschetta, creamed spinach, Airmont, NY 10952 potato gratin (Located next 26 to The Ridge)

DISCOVER DISCOVER our upstate location

the kitchen of your dreams Your needs are our priority. We're proud to welcome you to our new location that will take your Kentco experience to a whole new level of convenience. Book your appointment with us today and let us create an exquisite kitchen together.



Some of the popular brands we carry:

t Only

By Appointmen

6 Mel ni ck D r. Mon s ey, NY • 7 1 8. 387.0 60 6


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Shabbos Retreat for Couples

Fri-Sun, May 13-15 2016




Delicious Cuisine & 24hr Viennese Bar

R’ Eli Bineth

& Choir

Special Motzei Shabbos Program

Babysitting Available

Separate Hours Swimming & Fitness

Separate Seating

‫בית מדרש ומקוה‬ ONLY $947 per couple

There is no other weekend convention offered at this price!


Speakers Include

3 DAY WEEKEND OF INSPIRATION ‫ר׳ זכרי׳ה‬ ‫וואלערשטיין‬

‫ר׳ יום טוב גלעזער‬

R’ Zecharia Wallerstein, Ohr Naava

Aish Jerusalem, Founder The Possible U Seminar

‫הרב מרדכי‬ ‫טווערסקי שליט״א‬

‫הרב אליעזר יונה‬ ‫זילבערמאן שליט״א‬

‫אדמו״ר הורנסטייפל‬

‫מייסד אירגון ׳שיעורי חינוך בדרך התורה׳‬

‫ר׳ אביחי כהן‬

flying in from Eretz Yisroel A Personal Story of Pain and Drama

‫ בן־ציון‬.‫ר׳ דר‬ ‫טווערסקי‬

‫ר׳ מרדכי ויינבערגער‬

R’ Mordechai Weinberger, LCSW

‫ר׳ ארי׳ה משה רויד‬ R’ Aryeh Royde, The Traveling Chassidim

‫ר׳ יוסף מזרחי‬ R’ Yosef Mizrachi

‫ר׳ יונתן ריאתי‬

R’ Dr. Benzion Twerski

R’ Jonathan Rietti

‫ר׳ יקותיאל‬ ‫אלימלך פרידמאן‬

‫הרב הירש אלימלך‬ ‫רוקח שליט״א‬

R’ Yekisel Elimeilech Friedman

R’ Hersh Elimeilech Rokeach

‫ר׳ יונתן זיקאטינסקי‬ R’ Yoni Zakutinsky, Project Inspire


Speakers will be available all Shabbos for private discussions

Special Women’s Program






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TWO BY FOURS Worry niggles at Sara’s heart, preventing sleep; what will be with Chaim Elazar?

GOLDMINE The Million Dollar Question

















3 Toltchav Way, Unit 201 Monroe NY 10950 Tel: 845-492-3131 Fax: 845-875-4248

May 6

May 5

MILES FOR LIFE is in desperate need of ‘your’ mileage To sponsor a trip to a domestic medical facility out of state via your accumulate air-miles please call: 845-492-3131

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Rockland Kosher


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To help Cholei Yisroel achieve the best medical care.







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Talk of Town

Yoel Itzkowitz EDITOR IN CHIEF:





P.O. BOX 305 Monsey N.Y. 10952 TELEPHONE

845-600-8484 FAX:

845-600-8483 E-MAIL: MISSION STATEMENT The Monsey View is a weekly publication designed for every segment and age group of our diverse community. Under rabbinical guidance, we bring Monsey’s top talent together to provide high quality, informative current reading material, keeping you up to date on sales, events, news and issues of concern and import happening right now in the Monsey community. DISCLAIMER: We do not endorse any ad found in this publication. We are not responsible for typographical or grammatical errors.


Thank you for such a wonderful magazine. I want to let your readers know that we visited the Walkway over the Hudson, and then went to the FDR Home and Library, as well as the Vanderbilt Mansion, which are around ten minutes away from the Poughkeepsie entrance of the Walkway. They are such stunning places to visit. An Excursions Fan Editor’s Note: Look out for detailed coverage of these Hyde Park/Poughkeepsie attractions in our Excursions column when it will resume for the summer.


In your Excursions pamphlet, I read that you wrote in reference to Viola Park:“What’s wrong with sitting on the grass?” I felt that I have to speak up and let you know what happened when we were in Manny Weldler Park five years ago and had the same thought — “What’s wrong with sitting on the grass?” My child was sitting and rolling on the grass. He got tick bites and contracted Lyme Disease. Now, five years later, he’s still suffering from it. We tried many antibiotics, many different



‫רבינו תם‬

7:33 9:15

7:29 8:56

7:41 9:12


The Mother of a Suffering Child


I recently utilized the services of CHESED D’MONSEY, who provide door-to-door transportation to and from medical appointments. Had I not needed them twice a day for weeks in a row I never would have known about this quiet, noble organization buzzing with activity right here in our town. The volunteer dispatchers and drivers deal with the patients and visitors with utmost respect, kindness, and compassion. Their confidentiality and “happy-to-serveyou” manner is so soothing. When a family member is hospitalized, the routine dynamics of a regular household go totally off-kilter. With mounting pressure and expenses as is, these amazing volunteers relieve us from tremendous stress and added aggravation. Continued on page 24

‫זמנים לפרשת אחרי מות‬ ‫הדלקת הנרות‬ ‫מוצאי שבת‬

Everest Equity Company , Inc. THE

ResidentialandCommercialMortgages TwoExecutiveBoulevard,Suite201 Suffern,NewYork10901 845.357.6900| The Everest Equity Company, Inc. Is a Registered Mortgage Broker New York State Department of Financial Services. Registered Mortgage Broker NJ, CT, FL Banking Departments. Loans arranged through third party providers. NMLS ID 12484


medications that we keep on changing. It’s not so simple. So I’d like to spread a message that people should be careful to check their children for ticks when they come home from a park so the issue can be nipped in the bud. Thank you.




the zechus of torah


Raizel was already in the shidduchim arena for quite a while, yet there was no suitable boy in sight. In addition, she was struggling with unemployment and was unable to find an appropriate position. Her father turned to the Talmidei Chachamim of Kollel Chatzos, who learn throughout the night with tremendous devotion, to storm the gates of shamayim on her behalf. He firmly believed that in the great merit of supporting their learning, his daughter would be helped. Aer a while, a mediocre job was offered for Raizel, which she was not too enthusiastic about, for various reasons. However, as it was be er than being wholly unemployed, as was her status at that point, she accepted.

a er a bleak stretch on the shidduch front, Raizel got engaged!

Although there was no great improvement just yet, they remained steady fast knowing that the zchus of Limud Torah will surely stand by. And then, aer a bleak stretch on the shidduch front, Raizel got engaged! To whom? To the u er surprise of all the Chasson was the son of her boss! He had been extremely impressed by the great job she was doing, in addition to her refine and sterling character. Therefore, he decided that she would make a perfect wife for his son. Before long, the l’chaim was announced. Every midnight our talmidei chachamim illuminate the world with Torah.




4 locations:


1.855.CHaTZOS 24






and experience the zchus of 46 Main St #104 Monsey


sustaining Torah learning.

Your Voice

Inbox Talk of Town

Continued from page 22 Mi k’amcha Yisroel! For so many people to give freely of their time and koach only to help other Yidden, it must be creating a real stir in Shamayim. Who knows? Maybe they’ll be the first on the road, in midst of their mitzvah travels to greet Moshiach in our town. I can only bentch them they should always be on the giving end gezunterheit, and be zoche to help Yidden only with simchos. All the best, A Very Grateful Monsey Resident


We moved to Monsey two years ago, just as we were ready to settle down roots. The decision to move here was not an easy one. There were so many amazing places that we were considering moving to, each with its own set of pros and cons. But after much back and forth, and with the blessings of our Rav, we settled on Monsey and bought a beautiful home in Chestnut Ridge with a big backyard. The appeal of Monsey was obvious. Big backyards, the great outdoors, less crime, less dirt (both physical and spiritual), and so much more. There’s also a certain vibe in Monsey that not a lot of people are aware of, but which I felt whenever we came to visit our relatives who



live here. Honestly, this was the closest thing I felt to a town of emes’dig Torah since I left seminary years ago. The people here are purer, simpler, more wholesome. The focus is on chesed and Torah. Life is slower here and therefore it’s easier to focus inwards without the constant noise and distractions of the big city. So we moved here, but then somehow things changed. All the reasons I moved, the people and the atmosphere, remained the same. But there was something else I was feeling. It felt like I wasn’t wanted. I would open the local Monsey magazines and read about people complaining about the traffic, the garbage, the shopping! They were complaining about me! Don’t get me wrong. I know where they’re coming from. (News flash: No one likes to sit in traffic!) But I also felt unwanted. It was as if I was personally responsible for the shift in the community. And then I realized that we in Monsey are experiencing growing pains. The way I see it, both Old Monsey and New Monsey are experiencing change. It’s time we learn to understand each other. We moved away from the lives we’ve been living and the places we were accustomed to because we wanted to join your town. We moved away from our families and left behind our friends because we chose your town as the perfect place to call home. Please understand that we too are experiencing change. It’s not easy to move and to learn how to navigate new streets. Instead of Avenue J, K, and L there is Maple Avenue and Main Street. Instead of Thirteenth Avenue, there’s Route 59. And I have no clue where Regina Road

is, so please don’t look at me like I’m crazy. At the same time, I fully appreciate the changes that you are experiencing as well. Your small town is turning into a big city. The good ol’ days when everyone knew each other and Frank’s made the best challah in town are gone. Today, there is no Frank’s but instead, there is a bakery in every grocery. Now, everywhere you look there are new houses, new stores, new groceries, new restaurants, and lots of new construction. There’s a lot of change and change is hard. But take a moment to realize what is really happening all around you. Klal Yisroel is growing by leaps and bounds, B”H! Look at it this way: When the grandkids come to visit Bubby and Zaidy, the house will become a little messier and candy wrappers will be strewn all over the living room floor. But the grandparents wouldn’t have it any other way. And they take it all in stride because they know that this is their nachas; these are their beautiful babies! Change is indeed hard. It’s hard for the Old Monsey families who are watching their small and peaceful town explode with activity. And it’s hard for the New Monsey families to start all over in a new community. Okay, so we bring some of our “narishkeit” with us. Our upscale groceries, our glossy magazines, our fancy restaurants, and our clothing boutiques. But please understand there’s another side to the story. We are here because we respect you. We want our children to grow up here in this wholesome environment where they won’t be greeted by questionable billboards every time we drive down the street.

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Your Voice We want them to grow up in a community that celebrates differences. Monsey is the only place I know where you can overhear several different languages in the pizza store all at once, including French. Here we are a melting pot of Yiddishkeit. Okay it can get messy sometimes, it’s true. And the traffic can get annoying once in awhile. But on the whole it’s an amazing place to live. And I, for one, am proud to live here! A Grateful New Monseyite


As per the recommendation of The Monsey View, I took my family to Abma’s Farm on Chol Hamoed Pesach. It is really a beautiful farm and we had a special afternoon out. However, I was quite disappointed, even embarrassed, when I witnessed fellow Yidden acting less than perfectly there. They are a farmer’s market, and do not do this as a free service to the community. It is only mentchlich that when going to places like this — that earn their money from the produce they sell — to purchase something in the shop; whether it’s fresh fruit, a plant, or a souvenir. And it goes without saying that following all rules is a must. I watched children feeding the animals random stuff, when there were signs posted very obviously stating that they were on a special diet. Please be aware that each of us carries a responsibility

Your Voice to create a Kiddush Hashem at all times, and it behooves us, as human beings to act like mentchen. A Disturbed Visitor


Dear Morahs who feel justified in getting a week off before Pesach, Of course we understand how hard you work. And we really respect your dedication. But please listen to what you are saying. Really listen. A FULL WEEK?? One reader said, “You can’t compare the energy it takes to deal with children to the energy it takes to do office work.” There are so many Yiddishe mommies out there who work just as hard as you do, if not harder. This is not about office work versus teaching. This is about women who work their kishkas out, many of whom work straight through until erev Yom Tov, and, through a lot of advanced preparation and planning, manage to make Pesach vs. women who get an entire week off before Pesach, thereby leaving the rest of us scrambling for a place for the kids. As for how much work you have when you get home… You are not the only ones who have homework. Some jobs have homework, others don’t. End of story. Think home care nurses, special-ed evaluators, speech therapists, accountants etc, to name a small handful. It is not exclusive to teaching. As for not wanting our kids to be “taught by a cranky, grouchy teacher,” you’re right, I don’t. One letter writer commented, “You can’t just waltz into a classroom like you get to an office desk.” Well, again, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but there are other occupations that require endless concentration and energy as well. Nurses, physical and occupational therapists are just a small example of us who can work an eight-hour shift, on our feet the

whole time, and are expected to have a sharp mind and patient disposition throughout. If you look around, you’ll see plenty of women who work full time, with physically and/ or mentally challenging jobs, who all manage to make Pesach. This is not a competition about who works harder. I am just saying that justifying getting a whole week off with how hard you work, is not a convincing argument. I would be totally fine with my kids being off two days before. That’s a reasonable amount of time off to focus on Yom Tov. But one week is absurd. Wishing all Morahs, teachers, office workers, stay-at-home mommies, doctors, lawyers and sailors hatzlacha in manning the fort. A Working Mommy

I’m following the school discussion and came to one conclusion. Frustrated Mom has so many blessings in her life that she forgot to count them! My daughter is in public school, (bilingual Yiddish program) and one of the biggest lessons I have learned from my experience as a parent of a specialneeds child is to appreciate what our heimishe mosdos give our children! In the public school system, a parent has NO say whatsoever. They literally have more vacation days than school days. We parents joke, “There’s never school, except for exceptions!” If Frustrated Mom can get a hold of our school calendar, I encourage her to do so and she will count her blessings so fast! (My child is home for every legal holiday which includes over a week for the winter holidays, over a week for President’s Week, plus every holiday that you never knew existed, in addition to every yom tov!) Did you even realize that “our” schools didn’t have snow vacation this year?! Well, I did, because East Ramapo took four more days off their school calendar

since there was no snow vacation. Let’s not forget that our children are a bracha and our responsibility. Your child’s birth certificate didn’t come with a school contract. P.S. I enjoy The Monsey View tremendously, especially Energy. It’s the first thing I read after checking out your great recipes! A Mother

Although Pesach is behind us and the subject no longer relevant, I still wish to comment on the letters regarding letting children out of school a week before Pesach. I think some teachers responded very defensively, when no one ever begrudged them their vacation! The entire discussion about how hard teachers work is totally irrelevant. Mothers too, work very hard; many of us had newborn infants on erev Pesach and we could go on and on explaining how difficult it is, but that’s besides the point. Everyone tries to do their best with simcha. All that mothers demanded is that the school should provide “fun school” at no extra cost, since this would actually be their obligation at this time of the year. Parents are paying a full month of tuition for Nissan, with the kids being out of school for over half of it. Parents feel taken advantage of when made to pay “thirteen” months of tuition for only “ten” calendar months of school, and after all that, during such a critical time of year, the schools don’t come through. Perhaps having this discussion now, after Pesach when we’ve all calmed down from the frenzy, we can rethink this topic rationally, so that IY”H next year, parents and schools can have a discussion on this topic before Purim and make plans accordingly. Thank you so much for enabling this community-wide discussion. C. P.

As told to: Basya Lev


WE KNOW WHAT SHE WANTS. From our design through our sales process, kallah jewelry is our main focus. At Monsey’s highest end home-based fine jewelry boutique, you are sure to find the most brilliant designs and services. Come do your kallah proud.

Evening appointments available

My husband and I did not have children for several years of marriage and decided to adopt a Jewish baby. Such a child is very hard to find and we did as much hishtadlus as we could, however, nothing was materializing. Then one Shabbos we ate a seudah at the home of another couple. The wife, Bracha, told over the following story that just “happened” that week. Bracha and Mendy wanted to adopt a child and called a kiruv organization to see if they had any leads. Although the organization doesn’t usually have any way to help such a couple, it just so happened that the head of the organization, Mr. Weiss, had just received a phone call before they called that would make him the shaliach for them. An old woman was niftar in her apartment, and her landlord contacted Rabbi Weiss. She’d had her five-year-old grandson living with her. They were Jewish and there was no other relative to take care of this boy. The landlord had recently received a tzedekah appeal from this organization and called to see if they could help as he didn’t want this boy to go to a non-Jewish home. Mr. Weiss took down the information and then he got the call from Mendy. He saw it as yad Hashem and gave over the information to Mendy to pursue. The story gave me chizuk to continue our own search.

If you would like to submit your own Hashgacha Pratis story, please mail to The Monsey View at POB 305, Monsey, NY 10952, fax to 845.600.8483, or email it to Please remember to include your name and phone number.

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WeighSmarter By Esty Weiss

How’s Your Challah Feeling? Yes, Pesach is over, and with it all the effort you put in and the precious time you spent with your family. If you put on weight over Yom Tov, do your best to feel empowered and excited about starting to eat healthy, whole foods that give you energy and slim you down. If you are one of those who ate potatoes for a week in every shape and form, then you probably feel like a couch potato by now. People who ate a variety of vegetables throughout Pesach, had a higher chance of staying energized, but the important thing is that we’re all here! We’ve made it, and I hope you carry your fond memories with you from yomtov………. For those of you, my clients, who have followed my advice and weighed your matzos before Yom Tov, you only consumed about 3 ½ to 4 of them over all of Pesach! Some of you stayed the same weight, and others have even lost weight! Despite the chill outside, I urge you to prepare to put those jackets away and get ready for summer. I know how uncomfortable that may feel, especially if you didn’t lose those 30 pounds you thought you’d shed last winter. I know you’re not losing weight to impress anyone else, or maybe you are, but the truth is that self-control – especially when it comes to food – is very important. I’m talking about the fact that you can trust yourself to indulge in delicious foods without overeating. The inner strength you feel from portion control and a healthy diet will spill over into other areas in your life, and it is something that only “you” can experience and feel. Just think about it – you really owe it to yourself! Over Pesach, I had quite a bit of time to read, which is one of my favorite hobbies. While I was reading, I came across something so enlightening that I’ve decided to share it with you. A woman complained to her nutritionist, “I feel so deprived.You don’t let me have any cake, cookies, ice cream…I don’t think I can stick to the diet you gave me.” The nutritionist answered her bril-



I know, I know – it’s fresh challah this week! Are you really only allowed just a taste?

liantly by saying, “You will be deprived either way.If you eat the cake, cookies, or ice cream, you will deprive yourself of energy, health, and being slim – of feeling calm and in control around food. Which form of deprivation will you choose...?” Based on my own experience, you can learn how to “taste” certain treats without overeating on it; that way you won’t have to deal with deprivation at all! I know, I know – it’s fresh challah this week! Are you really only allowed just a taste? It’s either no challah at all or four slices of the stuff, right? But there is a smarter way of having your cake and eating it too. I would like you to try and just be aware every time you want to overeat. The next time you reach for the chips, think about the feelings from which you want to run away. Do you use food to cope with loneliness? (Yes,you can live with twelve people under one roof and still feel lonely.) Are you overwhelmed with too much work? Are you struggling to make an informed decision about something that’s very important to you? Are you upset, guilty? The list goes on and on, and sometimes you may be experiencing multiple feelings at once. Just be aware that if you eat three slices of cake in one sitting, you will experience pleasure for a moment or two – but can you really bury your feelings in cake? I know that when I’m very tired, overwhelmed, or stressed, the first thing that comes to mind is this: What treats do I have downstairs? What can I eat? The nice part is that I now know to just smile and say, “Esty, you need sleep, and all the food in the world won’t sub-

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stitute for that!” Although you may not have techniques in place to cope with your feelings, the first step is to recognize the emotions you are trying to mask with food. So, for example, if you feel guilty about your not-so-great parenting skills, eating five slices of challah

– whether you’ve made it from spelt, whole wheat, or white flour – won’t make you a better parent.In fact, I can almost guarantee that after indulging and overeating, you will feel like a very lousy parent. Stay tuned for next week’s article: ”Is there any relation-

ship between gluten and your weight?

Esty Weiss, CHC, is a certified weight-loss expert and President of WeighSmarter™, a dynamic weight-loss program geared towards orthodox women. She specializes in solutions for lasting weight-loss, using many techniques including, but not limited to, personalized fat-burning food plans, guided imagery, positive affirmations, and EFT. Esty first used these powerful tools to lose over 70 pounds, herself, and since 2006 has used these same tools to help others. She lives in Monsey, NY with her husband and five kids ka”h. For any questions or comments, Esty can be reached at: 845-459-4807 or

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Parshas Acharei-Mos

By Rebbetzin Malka Teitelbaum

Bluma got into her car and drove to the kosher grocery store to do her Shabbos shopping. She selected the products she would need to prepare the seudos, plus nosh for the family. After returning home, Bluma cooked the food and set the table. Dina got into her car and drove to the kosher grocery store to do her Shabbos shopping. She selected the products she would need to prepare the seudos, plus nosh for the family. After returning home, Dina cooked the food and set the table. Despite their outward similarities, Bluma is a tzadekes whose life is filled with joy, vitality, and purpose, while Dina is an ordinary, good person who is constantly yearning for meaning in her life. In order to see this distinction, we must delve into the thoughts and intentions of each woman. At every step along the way, from driving to the store, to selecting her purchases, to cooking the meals, Bluma had in mind that she was fulfilling Hashem’s will that she be m’chabed Shabbos. Dina did the same physical actions, but she did so somewhat mindlessly. Dina could completely transform and elevate herself and the world by shifting her mindset. The Sfas Emes, in his first ma’amar on this week’s Parsha from the year 5632, brings this idea to light. It says in this

34 / T HE MO NS E Y V IE W

week’s Parsha, “Dabeir el b’nai Yisroel v’amarta, ‘Ani Hashem Elokeichem’ – Speak to the children of Israel and say to them, ‘I am Hashem your G-d.’” (Vayikra 18:2) Hashem then states His command that the b’nei Yisrael not follow in the ways of the lands of Mitzrayim and Cana’an.

Our true reason to do any mitzvah must be to carry out Hashem’s will. The Sfas Emes cites Rashi that the statement, “Ani Hashem Elokeichem,” is a reference to the first of the Aseres HaDibros, which states, “Anochi Hashem Elokeichah.” Just as we accepted Hashem’s malchus before receiving the Torah, Hashem is telling us that we should accept ol malchus Shamayim first before accepting His chukim. Accepting Ol Malchus Shamayim must precede all mitzvos, as we see in Kriyas Shema, where the parsha of accepting Hashem’s malchus comes before the parsha of accepting the mitzvos. Indeed, notes the Sfas Emes, every mitzvah should be performed with the intention of accepting Ol Malchus Shamayim, and this is the true purpose in performing any mitzvah. There may be clear, logical explana-

tions as to why Hashem wants us to do certain mitzvos, but our true reason to do any mitzvah must be to carry out Hashem’s will. When we subordinate ourselves to Hashem’s will before doing a mitzvah, that mitzvah attains greater potency, and the ramifications of that mitzvah reverberate throughout the physical and spiritual realms. We can effect far greater positive changes in our personal life, in this physical world, and in the spiritual realms, by simply having the right kavanah before performing a mitzvah. The Sfas Emes takes this idea a step further, pointing out that while this concept clearly applies to every mitzvah in the Torah, we can use this method to transform any action into a mitzvah. By performing an otherwise ordinary action with the intent to fulfill Hashem’s will, we turn that action into a mitzvah. The Sfas Emes then takes this one step further. Since mitzvos are the channels through which we bring vitality to this world, and since any action can be turned into a mitzvah by having the right intention, it follows that we can turn ordinary dayto-day actions – such as grocery shopping – into conduits that draw down life-force into ourselves and into this world.

Conversely, Chazal say that reshaim are considered as dead even when physically alive, because they are lacking mitzvos. The Sfas Emes points out that this is why the Torah says in this week’s Parsha, “U’shamartem es chukosai… vachai bahem. – You shall keep My statutes and My ordinances, which a man shall do, and he shall

By living life this way, every action will become a mitzvah, every mitzvah will be performed properly, and our lives will be filled with purpose, meaning, and joy. live through them.” (Vayikra 18:5) The posuk uses the future tense: ya’aseh – he shall do – to teach us we should live in a state of constant readiness to do Hashem’s will at any moment. This state of readiness is what is meant by the word “u’shamartem” at the beginning of the posuk, and will lead to the words which follow: “vachai bahem” – living through them. We should always be ready and willing to do Hashem’s will at all times, yearning to find such opportunities moment by moment. By living life this way, every action will become a mitzvah, every mitzvah will be performed properly, and our lives will be filled with purpose, meaning, and joy. The Sfas Emes writes that living our lives in this manner will bring us great chayis and simcha. Now we have the secret not only to Bluma’s tzidkus, but to her simchas hachaim as well. Who among us does not dream of living such a life? Well, such a life lies within the reach of every one of us. Or, more specifically, it lies within our thoughts.

Hilchos Shabbos



Is makeup allowed to applied and be washed off by hand with water or liquid soap? Applying any type of cosmetics or makeup on shabbos is an issur of tzovayah (‫)צובע‬. Even powders that are used only for the purpose of enhancing the color of the skin are assur to be applied on any part of the body. This also includes powders whose color disappears within a few hours. (Most leading Poskim hold that the so-called “Shabbos makeup” is included in this issur.) This issur also includes all types of nail polish (even clear). One may wash all types of makeup from one’s body with clear water, bleach, or lemon juice. Some are meikil to use liquid soap, (which is diluted with 70% water) after which one may wipe it off with a clean towel. One may take hot water from the Shabbos kettle, pour it into an empty cup and add a little of this into a keli of cold water to bring the temperature up to lukewarm (below 103° F). However, one should not use a clean, unused towel to first wipe off any makeup before washing it off with water.

Two Halachos at a Time By Rebbetzin Y. Weissmandl

It is muttar to use a tissue or napkin. Ha’Goan Harav Shlome Zalman Auerbach zt”l was of the opinion that women who wear makeup on a daily basis are not permitted to remove makeup in any manner at all.


May I cover my pot which is on the blech with a towel to make it cook better? If everything in the cholent, including small parts that may take longer to cook; e.g. the meat or bones that one eats the inner parts of, is “fully” cooked and edible for everyone, and the cholent is on the blech, is yad soldos bo, (over 160° F) then one may put a towel on the lid of the pot to bring it to a boil. This is only permitted if the towel is “completely” dry, and the towel does not drop over the sides of the pot, covering all sides until the blech. (Obviously, one should take precautions not to create a fire hazard.) If the cholent is directly on the fire, (not on the blech) then one may not put anything on top of the lid in order to raise the temperature.

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  

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By Rebbetzin Malka Teitelbaum

When Klal Yisrael left Mitzrayim, we were on the fortyninth level of tumah. We had to ascend all forty-nine levels within forty-nine days before receiving the Torah at Har Sinai. The fortynine days of sefirah are the period of time during which we prepare ourselves to be worthy to receive the Torah on Shavuos. In Shaarei Kedusha (1:2), Rav Chaim Vital writes that the Torah includes very few mitzvos regarding the improvement of one’s middos, because good middos must be in place before one can absorb the Torah. We must work on improving our middos as a prerequisite to making ourselves fitting keilim to receive the Torah, as Chazal say, “Derech eretz kadma l’Torah.” (Vayikra Rabbah 9:3) As such, it is customary to learn a chapter of Pirkei Avos each Shabbos afternoon during sefirah. There are six Shabbosim between Pesach and Shavuos,

we improve ourselves without the help of the Torah? Isn’t the Torah the very tool we need in order to perfect ourselves? The Ramban comments (Vayikra 19:2) that the Torah lists the forbidden foods, but does permit kosher meat and wine. The Ramban notes that a person could theoretically live a lowly life without violating any precept in the Torah, by overindulging on meat and wine without limit. If the Torah is perfect, then how is it possible that a person can live an unholy life while staying fully within the Torah’s parameters? This, concludes the Ramban, is the reason why the Torah then states: “Kedoshim tihiyu ki kadosh ani Hashem Elokaychem – You shall be holy, for I, Hashem, am holy.” (Vayikra 19:2) By commanding us to be holy, the Torah is telling us that we must not only live within the literal framework of the Torah’s

In order to make ourselves fit to receive the Torah, we strive to complete Pirkei Avos in time for Shavuos. and six chapters of Pirkei Avos, so this works out perfectly. Thus, in order to make ourselves fit to receive the Torah, we strive to complete Pirkei Avos in time for Shavuos. (Many communities then have the custom to extend this weekly learning of Pirkei Avos until Rosh Hashanah as well.) This leads us to a natural question: Why should we need to change ourselves before receiving the Torah? Or, rather, how would

rules, but we must be refined. As we work to perfect our observance of the tiny nuances of halacha, we must not forget to step back and see the big picture. We should remind ourselves why it is that we are so busy with sha’atnez, kashrus, Shabbos, etc. The Torah is not merely an ultimate “To-Do (and Not-To-Do) List.” The Torah is the means through we become kedoshim – holy people. And why do we want to be

holy? The answer is right there in the same posuk: because Hashem is holy. The way we draw close to Hashem is by emulating Him. In the physical world, closeness is measured by distance. In the spiritual world, closeness is measured by similarity. Hashem wants us to be holy so that we can be similar to Him; what Hashem really wants, then, is to have a close relationship with us. So now we have the answer to our question. We must work on our middos to become people who can receive the Torah. More than that, by having in mind what a decent person should be, we can keep this as an overarching goal as we pursue our learning and observance of the Torah. And where do we look to find a list of which traits are desirable, and how to improve ourselves? The Torah itself includes guidelines we should use to bring ourselves towards this goal: Pirkei Avos. Taking this one step further, we should think about and clarify our ultimate goal. We do, of course, wish to draw close to the Aibishter, but underscoring that goal is the fact that we wish our children to draw close. Who among us does not yearn to raise children who love the Torah and yearn for closeness to Hashem? Who among us does not dream of meriting that our sons be talmidei chachamim, and our daughters ohavei Torah who wish to marry talmidei chachamim? What is the key to bringing these dreams closer to reality? There are years from when a child is born until the child can even begin to learn Torah, and yet

more years from when he begins to learn until he attains a minimal level of understanding. What can we do to create a fertile ground for planting the seeds of Torah during those years? What can we do to make our children vessels worthy of receiving the Torah? We can work on instilling within them middos tovos from a very early age. The success of a rebbe or teacher trying to teach our children Torah often depends on the preparedness of our children to receive that Torah. In addition to teaching them proper behavior and good manners, as well as reading them sipurei tzaddikim, we should try to find ways to instill within them the values taught in Pirkei Avos. As we ourselves learn Pirkei Avos week by week, we should strive to think of ways to present these precious values to our young children, bringing it to their age level. This is the gift entrusted primarily to mothers. It was brought down in a recent issue of Inyan magazine that the Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Unsdorf, HaRav Shmuel Rosenberg, ztz”l, was once asked why the Haggadah uses the feminine, “at p’sach lo – you shall open for him,” in regards to the child who cannot yet ask. He answered that when a child is small and not yet able to grasp his father’s teachings, it is his mother’s job to instill within him yiras shamayim, and make his heart a fitting vessel to receive Torah. Let us look at a few practical examples of how to bring the lessons of Pirkei Avos into our children’s hearts. Example 1. Chapter 1, Mishnah 1: “V’asu s’yag laTorah… make a fence for the Torah.” If

you know a pole is electrified and could kill a child if touched, you would not merely tell your child to avoid the pole. You would build a big, strong fence to keep the child away. A way to bring this lesson into your young children could be to have them go around the house with you covering light switches before Shabbos. As you do so, explain to the children how you would never, of course, turn the lights on or off on Shabbos, but you want to make sure you can’t even do so by accident.

posed to do. This leads right into Example 4. Example 4. Chapter 4, Mishnah 10: “V’im amalta baTorah, yesh sachar harbeh liten lach. - And if you have toiled in Torah, He has much reward to give you.” In the above example of a child who struggled with his kriah, you can then praise him for having toiled in Torah. You can say, “Hashem has a big reward for you because you worked hard learning His holy Torah. Did you know it does not say that Hashem has a

Who among us does not yearn to raise children who love the Torah and yearn for closeness to Hashem? Example 2. Chapter 1, Mishnah 2: “…Al shlosha devarim haolam omed: al haTorah, al ha’avodah, v’al gemilus chasadim. - …the world stands on three things: on Torah, on avodah, and on chesed.” When your child learns Torah, says a bracha, or does an act of chesed, praise him by telling him that he is helping hold up the whole world. Example 3. Chapter 2, Mishnah 16: “…Lo hayah omeir, lo alecha ham’lacha ligmor - … it is not for you to complete the task. Neither are you free to give it up.” As difficult as it can be at times to do certain mitzvos, and even if we cannot bring the mitzvah to completion, we still must try. If your child struggles to get through a page of kriah, and only succeeds with the first few lines, praise him for his efforts. Tell him that nobody expects him to finish it all if that is too much for him, but he still must try. Praise him for having done exactly what he is sup-

big reward for those who learn Torah quickly or easily? It says Hashem rewards those who work hard at their learning!” You can even bring in the example of Rav Aharon Kotler, ztz”l, who once broke down crying because the Torah came so easily to him that he didn’t feel he merited “toiling” in Torah. Example 5. Chapter 4, Mishnah 1. “Eizehu ashir, hasameach b’chelko - Who is wealthy? One who is happy with his lot.” As you sit down to the Shabbos table, you can look around at your family and exclaim, “I don’t care what anyone else has, how big their house is, or how fancy their meal, I’m the richest person in the world because I have all of you!” May we all be zocheh to prepare ourselves and our children for kabbalas HaTorah this coming Shavuos, and may we merit to celebrate it in Yerushalayim Ir Hakodesh together with Moshiach Tzidkaynu.

Practical Lessons in Preparation of Receiving the Torah T H E M O N SE Y V I E W /


By: M. C. Millman

PURSUING POSTPESACH PARNASSA Shlissel challah stories abound such as:

“There was the year my brother stopped by erev Shabbos after Pesach and happened to be short one challah. My freshly baked challahs were cooling in the kitchen, so I told him to help himself. It wasn’t until Shabbos that we realized he had taken the shlissel challah, as none of the ones we had eaten on Shabbos had the foil wrapped key lurking inside. That year was a great year for my brother parnassa-wise, but not so much for us . . .” “We had been trying to buy a house for years. We had come so close multiple times, but deal after deal fell through. Then there was the year I made shlissel challah for the first time. By the following Rosh Hashanah we moved into our new home. A few years later, we needed a car. I made the challah in the shape of a car key and had kavanah when I took challah that Hashem would send us the right car at a price we could afford. A few months later, we had our new car. I haven’t missed a year of making shlissel challah since.” Shlissel Challah: The prevalent minhag to bake challah for the first Shabbos after Pesach as a segulah for parnassa is an easy opportunity to demonstrate our reliance on Hashem as the One who unlocks inexhaustible stores of bracha for our benefit. Whether it is placing a key inside the challah dough before baking, or shaping the challah dough itself into the shape of a key, baking a shlissel challah adds that much more to the anticipation of the first challah after Shabbos. Given that the gates of Heaven are said to be open from Pesach until the Shabbos after Pesach, this time is a particularly auspicious one to daven for financial success. Pesach is also the time of the new wheat harvest — and historically, Pesach was when B’nei Yisroel first entered Eretz Yisroel, and were therefore no longer the recipients of daily nissim delivered in the form of mann. As a result, B’nei Yisroel’s dependence on Hashem as the provider of sustenance rose to a whole new level, as they actually had to plant and harvest in order to have food. But a harvest’s success was never a given, and thus the shlissel challah reminds us of exactly who holds the key to parnassa, commemorating our reliance back then as well as our current daily reliance on



Hashem. Another reason for shlissel challah is given by the Ohev Yisroel who says that the matzah eaten on Pesach is meant to instill yiras Hashem, with yirah being compared to the key. According to the Gemara in Mesechta Shabbos 31a-b, Rabbah bar Rav Huna said: Any person that has Torah but

doesn’t have yiras shamayim is comparable to a treasurer who has the key to the inner parts of a house of treasure but not the key to the outer area.” In order to gain access to this inner treasure of Torah, we put the key representing yirah into the challah the Shabbos after Pesach

to show we want both: the yirah obtained from the matzos and through that, access to the Torah’s inner treasures. Ever a stickler for details, even after all this, the question remains, why shlissel challah? Why not shlissel challahs? And the next pressing question in my mind which still remains a mystery, is which Shabbos meal is the shlissel challah designated for? Even knowing that we should save the best foods for the Shabbos day seudah, is the

shlissel challah always the best of the challahs, or is it a kind of Russian roulette in which you hide the key and don’t know exactly which challah it is going to pop up in? My solution to both problems is simple enough. In our house we bake a shlissel challah for every Shabbos meal; never too much of a good thing, right? When it comes to parnassa, why not make the most when opportunity knocks? Especially when we hold the key to opening the door wide.

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Good Credit Even Greater Possibilities

By: C. Kraus

Credit Advisor at GoldMine

The Million-Dollar Question:

Good questions are worth being asked, smart questions are worth being answered, and brilliant questions are worth being explained. So here comes the milliondollar question: What is Credit? And to spin-off of that: What is a Credit Card? What is the meaning of a Credit Report? It is a question worth asking, pondering, and understanding in its entirety. Your awareness of this important subject matter can catapult you to millions in equity and success, whilst ignorance and reckless credit handlings can lower you into an abyss of millions in

sider doing the following exercise. Take a blank piece of paper and create a wish list. What is it that you dream about? What are those elusive far-fetched fluffs of wants, desires, and fantasies? Is it a car lease? A mortgage for you very own palatial home? Some perks like expensive electronics and equipment? Some luxuries of a plush or exquisite nature? A dream vacation that will relax and rejuvenate you? Now here goes. Remove the blindfold. Open your eyes. This is not the world of make-believe, of whimsical childhood games. This is reality. Forethought, wise credit han-

This is not the world of make-believe, of whimsical childhood games. This is reality. debt. My name is C. Kraus, and I am a Senior Consultant at Goldmine Credit Solutions. We are at the forefront in educating the community about the benefits and pitfalls of good and bad credit. After all, knowledge empowers you to know your possibilities and helps you to proceed with caution. So welcome to GoldMine. Let us begin our first meeting.

Create Your Wish List: If you are bewildered and overwhelmed and consider this topic to be way over your head, rest assured. We will cover all concepts pertaining to credit in depth and with clarity. As a beginning, con-



dlings, and perseverance can help you attain your dreams. The magic wand in real-life is called Good Credit.

Good Credit — Even Greater Possibilities Credit is the ability to obtain goods and services prior to payment based on the trust that payment will be made in the future. Of course you’ll lend your vacuum cleaner to the neighbor that is trustworthy and returns stuff in pristine condition, in a timely manner. And no way will you lend that bike to the neighbor that is reckless and tardy in returning borrowed items. What is the difference? Trust.

That is why it is worthwhile to apply for credit and maintain good credit. It helps you establish trust. If you keep up a good record and pay your credit card responsibly, you ultimately end up with stellar credit and obtain buying power and the ability to check off your wish list with ease. The magic key to the castle of your dreams is good credit. So here are the car keys to your shiny new Infiniti, the blueprint to your spanking new house, your UPS delivery of coveted goods, or the ticket to your dream vacation. Acquire good credit. The doors of opportunity will open wide for you.

Real-Life Report Cards A credit score is a numerical expression that is based and dependant on an analysis of a person’s credit files. It determines the creditworthiness of the person. The score that really matters when applying for credit is the FICO Score. It is a combined score that gathers your borrowing history from the beginning of time, when you first borrowed, and gets constantly updated on a monthly basis. There are three separate credit reporting bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. So, in simple English, what is a Credit Score? Consider the following analogy: Your Credit Score is compared to scores on a report card, and the three bureaus can be compared to your teachers and principals who collect your marks and reward you with a final score. Good scores on a report card help you obtain the

honorary and desirable roles of valedictorian, G.O coordinator, etc. They also earn you respect in the school hierarchy; a request of absence or of taking a test at a later date will carry weight, for you have proven yourself. It will also serve you well when applying to schools of higher education. Report card scores are allotted for academic prowess, good behavior, and effort. Credit scores are allotted when examining several factors of your credit history, as listed below. Scores range on a scale of a low 300 to a high of 850. The score is combined of the following five factors, each carrying a different level of importance.

35% — Payment History: The greatest impact on your credit score is made by timely credit payments. Paying late will have the worst impact on your credit score. One late payment can dramatically decrease your score, and be the difference between an approval or a decline of your next mortgage, credit card or car lease. But don’t give up if you were once late, or if you had occasional late payments, but were generally on top of your credit payments — you might still benefit from good scoring. (Call your company immediately to make the payment if you fall behind; one day late is not to

be compared to thirty days or let alone 60 days!)

30% — Amount OwedUtilization: Credit card companies like to see that you don’t abuse them. They might give you a limit of $500, or $10,000,but they don’t like you using your full allowance. The banks like to see you with TRUSTED TRAVEL a cushion of extra availCREDIT money REWARDS & APPLICATIONS MILEAGE able, otherwise they look at you as if you’re just not handling your finances correctly. The so called magic number stands at 30%. Always try to keep your balances below the 30% benchmark. Will your credit profile suffer badly if you are maxed out on your credit? If you have several credit accounts and owe money on one, it does not immediately categorize you as a high-risk borrower. But if you owe a lot of money, on a lot of accounts, a lot of the time — then you are in a lot of trouble. Do not “stretch yourself thin” with your credit needs.

10% — New Credit: Nowadays people have more credit and shop for credit rates more frequently. Be extremely vigilant if you have a short credit history, because opening several accounts in a short period of time can adversely affect your credit.

10% — Types of credit: Revolving Account (credit card),‫בס"ד‬ Charge Card, Loan, Mortgage: Your credit score will reflect a combination of credit cards, loans, CREDIT BUILDING 0% shopping accounts, mortgage loans CARD CREDIT & APR GUIDANCE MAINTENANCE PROMOTIONS etc. A healthy mix can improve your score. It is not necessary to have a credit portfolio containing all kinds of credit; therefore do not open credit accounts that you do not intend to use. A credit mix will not be the key factor that will determine your score, but it can be very helpful in the event that your actual report does not supply much information. So are you an “A” Outstanding Student? Can you be entrusted with loans, leases etc.? I have had a desperate client complain: “But I was a failure in school. I was hardly a passing student.” Rest assured. In the school of good credit it hardly matters if you were an academic star. A good score is strongly dependant on grit and responsible credit handling. Briefcases and notebooks aside, let us be outstanding students and let us start working on our Credit Score. So, does your report card make you and the Big Banks proud??


15% — Length of Credit History:

A longer credit history will vastly affect your credit score, because it shows that you are responsible with your credit dealings. However, even people who do not have a long credit history can still enjoy high scores if the

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Credit is the ability to obtain goods and services prior to payment based on the trust that payment will be made in the future.

rest of their credit factors making up their score looks good.

The GoldMine team is a dedicated group of financial professionals, enthusiasts, and researchers, working ? & /card ... !usage and managing your own credit. Armed with to keep you informed about the ins and outs of credit knowledge, you can change your financial world and live a better life! always wantWith to pay C. Kraus is one of the honored members of theYou GoldMine Team. five years of lowest possible! credit experience under her belt, she is known tothe provide excellent and on-the-mark With the price program credit advice. You can reach a GoldMine representative by rewind dialing 845.495.0535. it’s possible.


T H E M O N SE Y V I E W /









By Chany Rosengarten



Recap: Chaim Elazar can’t sleep, and goes outside to learn. He is discovered by Jose, a young immigrant, who wants to “try something.” Goldy Friedman relishes unpacking in her new apartment. The only drawback to living in Monsey is her proximity to the run-down, dilapidated, and unkempt house next door.

Sara couldn’t decide where to put her hands. If she let them lie limp at her sides, they felt like anchors; weighty, clumsy, in the way of her sleep. If she crossed them, she was exerting too much energy. She tried one under her pillow. Turned over and tried the other one. “I can’t sleep,” she finally said, sitting up and looking out at what had once been the moon, but was now a street lamp glaring directly into her eyes. She tried again, tried taking her mind off herself. It went right to Chaim Elazar. “Oy,” she said, a sigh so deep, so laden, that Elimelech stirred in his sleep, his deep breathing interrupted for a second, before he resumed his more audible snores. She got up. Padded to the kitchen. Turned the kettle on. For a while, even as the steam whistled clouds into the kitchen, she just sat, chin to chest. A deep panic, something akin to a bloodbath in her innards, pulled at her attention. She refused to acknowledge it, and yet there it was, pulling at her, swimming within. What will be? In her mind’s eye, scenarios played themselves out in three-dimension, real time. He could go crazy from all this pressure. And then not even make it to Brisk. He could decide enough was enough and go to the opposite extreme. He is harboring a terrible, shameful secret. He’s being bullied, unbeknown to anyone. Cancer in his liver. Mono. Maybe he had an anxiety disorder. Or schizophrenia. “My son is in terrible pain,” she whisper-screamed. She picked up her head. The kettle was blowing its last vapors. She got up and threw the remaining liquid onto her teabag and sat down again. Now, she breathed in the blueberry scent of her herbal tea. He was in pain enough that Elimelech had opted for a therapist, rather than pretending the problem didn’t exist, or hoping that if


ARE YOU A RESIDENTIAL MORTGAGE PROCESSOR INTERESTED IN A GREAT CAREER OPPORTUNITY? OM FOR O R F O S T O L F $50,000. O N O I T A S EMOTELY. MPEN R O C K R G O N I W T R O T STA EXIBILITY L F . H T W O GR seeking ly e iv t c a r s age lende g t r o m l ia . Candidate t n m e a id e t s e g r in s r es premie rtgage Proc o M processing r u We are a n o a lo in jo e g o t a g t dividuals ential mor id s e ironment. r v f n o motivated in e s n r e a e iv y r d at least 2 d, deadline e c a p erks in a t p s e must have fa u a iq n u in and thrive ckage, and a p s t u’re the fi o e y n e k experience b in , h y t r u la a grow! If yo mpetitive s o t o c m a o n. o y r jo h n E ent wit informatio m e r n o o ir m v r n o e f e 3-435-0308 collaborativ 7 9 ll a c , e t a right candid

they waited long enough, it would cease existing — like she had done throughout this entire long and draining winter. Elimelech chose to bring it into the limelight and make it real. Chaim Elazar needed help. He was struggling. He was right, but couldn’t it be pushed off, until the pain was no more than a lingering ache, rather than a full-blown frantic blow? “I’m scared,” she said. In the dark, in the loneliness of the night, she could talk to herself. It wasn’t really to herself, she knew, it was to Hashem, always there, always listening. “I never thought it would come to this,” she said. “I want

It’s far more comfortable stepping on a pebble of dislike for another, than a rock of worry over one’s own child. what’s best for him. I’m afraid. I’m so afraid.” Questions danced. What if the therapist finds out something so out of control that we can’t deal with it? What if he finds nothing? What if he drags out therapy in such a way that my son never comes out on the other side? What if he’s not the right shliach? What if it’s physical? What if therapy stigmatizes Chaim Elazar, and he never makes it into the big yeshivos? “Please protect him,” she murmured. In that request was the acknowledgment of her smallness, of her faith in the Aibishter, big

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enough to hold this. She was crying, because she felt vulnerable, afraid, and protected. She got up, not one to sit in the rawness of awkward pain. She peered out the window. Once, in times like these, she’d look up to the sky. She’d peer deep into the royal blue forever, and she’d find stars. Lights, strung about like perfectly placed confetti, that spoke of the deliberateness and greatness of a Creator that attended to each miniscule person, including herself and her broken heart. Now all she saw was the gutters of the new building. And a light, on the third floor, still illuminating the entire night color with its yellow fluorescence. Who’s still up now? she wondered, annoyed. Her moment, her connection with a world more wise and intricate than she could perceive, narrowed. All she saw now was the neighbor, and the air she took up, and the light she took away and replaced with a fluorescent that should have been off at three in the morning. But the distraction helped. It’s far more comfortable stepping on a pebble of dislike for another, than a rock of worry over one’s own child. Spent, she didn’t even finish her tea, but put it on the top shelf in the refriger-


ator, maybe for tomorrow. * * * * *

Lights, strung about like perfectly placed confetti, spoke of the deliberateness and greatness of a Creator that attended to each miniscule person, including herself and her broken heart.

It was a good time for his mother to pray. Maybe she should have stayed in the moment, prayed a little longer. Under that same starry night, Chaim Elazar slept. His body was tense and spent from a full day of driving himself toward success. He didn’t feel the rustle of the other man approaching. Jose wasn’t in a frame of mind to think. His logical capacities had drowned in beer, but his heart was on fire. He felt the switchblade in his pocket like one would a fine strand of hair. That boy at the party, Geraldo, had been downright fresh, making derogatory remarks that still smarted. Jose had left earlier than everyone else. The loneliness, failure, sense of not belonging smarted in places that felt uncomfortable. He wondered what others would think of him if he did anything to this boy. It might be fun to see what would happen, to see how Geraldo and the others would think of him then. Jose was also Jewish. His father had told him they had Jewish ancestry, all the way back to Portugal and the Inquisition. He was standing right behind the boy now, he could feel the heat, the buzz, emanating

from the sleeping boy. What if he got caught? He might get caught; it’s a risk everyone has to take when you get on the wrong side of someone else. He might be deported back to Mexico. There was nothing to do there. But the plantains back home were good. Oh, were they good. Nowhere in the United States could you find them. And goat the way Nanna made it, cooked in milk forever. He pulled out his knife and it glistened in the weak beam from the flashlight in the crook of the boy’s arm. Jose looked around, at the windows all around him. He bent slightly. Chaim Elazar stirred. And screamed. To be continued...

Chany Rosengarten’s work has appeared in Mishpacha, Ami, Jewish Press,, Lakewood Shopper and of course, The Monsey View. She writes for businesses and entertainment venues, gives workshops on writing and success, and her book Jerusalem Stone will soon be released.

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By: Draizy Wercberger

Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s so much to do with your

CHALLAH DOUGH After Pesach, everyone is all of a sudden so excited to bake challah. Even if you have been buying challah the weeks leading to Pesach, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re thrilled to start baking again. Although most of you have your own challah dough recipe that you are used to and like, I have included a basic recipe for those who want to try what I find to be a winner. Additionally, I present to you three wonderful recipes which can be made using any challah dough. You can decide to turn an entire batch of challah dough into any of the following recipes, or you can just take off the dough of one or two challahs and play around with that. All of the recipes should be made after the dough has risen for an hour. Happy baking!

T H E M O N SE Y V I E W /



Challah baking for me used to be a full-day job, until my neighbor taught me this method, which cut the preparation phase in half, and allowed me to clean up the kitchen much earlier: When you start braiding the challahs, preheat the oven to 400°, and shut it when it reaches 400°. Once the braiding is done, brush each challah with egg wash, sprinkle with sesame seeds, and put them all into the warm oven that is turned off. Leave it there for a half hour. After the half hour is up, preheat the oven to 350°, leaving the challahs in while it warms up. Once it reaches 350°, bake for 40-45 minutes, and then check it to see if it has reached the desired color.

6 lb. flour 7 T. sugar 2 T. salt 1 ¼ sticks margarine

3 eggs, plus 1 egg yolk 3 oz. fresh yeast or 4 T. dry yeast 5 ½ c. warm water

1. Proof the yeast: combine the yeast, sugar, and warm water in a bowl. 2. In the mixer, add the flour, salt, margarine, and eggs. Add the proofed yeast, and mix on low for 1 minute, and then 6 minutes on high. 3. Allow to rise for one hour, and then braid the loaves. 4. Allow to rise for an additional hour. 5. Brush the top of each loaf with egg wash, and sprinkle with sesame seeds. 6. Bake on 350° for one hour or until desired color is achieved.




If you use six pounds of flour, divide your dough into six balls. If you use five pounds of flour, divide your dough into five balls. Each ball of dough will make one cookie sheet of foccacia bread. 1. Preheat the oven to 400°. 2. Line each cookie sheet with parchment paper and brush two tablespoons of olive oil onto the parchment paper. Spread each ball of dough over the parchment paper, to the size of a cookie sheet. 3. Brush an additional two tablespoons of olive oil over the dough. Then sprinkle your choice of toppings over the dough. Choices of Toppings: • Sliced fresh mushrooms and garlic powder • Sliced olives and dried rosemary spice • Diced raw onions and kosher salt • Halved cherry tomatoes and dried basil • Yellow pepper strips and oregano 4. After the topping is on the dough, use your (clean) fingers, to press the dough down randomly. That is called “dimpling the dough.” It prevents the dough from blowing up and bubbling during baking. Let rise an additional 30 minutes. 5. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes or until foccacia turns golden.

T H E M O N SE Y V I E W /


1. Divide your challah dough into eight even balls. Roll each ball out to the size of a cookie sheet, and using a pizza wheel or a sharp knife, divide the dough in half lengthwise. You should now have two long rectangles. 2. Cut each rectangle into twelve short strips. Roll each strip into a knot and place onto a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet. Let rise for twenty minutes. 3. Preheat oven to 375° and bake knots for 15 minutes.

4. For each cookie sheet, prepare: •

2 tablespoons oil

3 cubes frozen garlic

1 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon dried parsley flakes

5. Mix all the above ingredients in a large bowl. As soon as the garlic knots are removed from the oven toss them in the garlic oil. Then place on cookie sheets to cool.

Who can resist the taste, or smell, of fresh garlic knots?





These muffins are extremely kid friendly. They are also great because they are pre-portioned and easy to serve.

1. Divide your dough into eight balls. Divide each of the balls into six. Using your fingers, flatten each ball until it is mostly flat and round, and push it into a greased muffin pan. The dough should come up on the sides of the muffin tin. You should get about 48 pizza muffins from an entire batch of challah. 2. Meanwhile, sauté onions, tomatoes, mushrooms or vegetables of your choice. 3. Fill up each muffin tin with sautéed vegetables and top with shredded cheese. Bake on 350° for 15 to 20 minutes.

Image for illustrative purposes only.

T H E M O N SE Y V I E W /


WHAT YOU CAN SEE AND EXPERIENCE IN 10 DAYS OF ISRAEL You’ve always seen the pictures in wonder, and dreamed about being there yourself. Lag Ba’omer in Meron. Thousands of Chassidim and every type of Yid dancing to uplifting music. Your face glowing in the reflection of the huge bonfires and leaping flames. The hushed kedusha inside the maa’rah, where you can daven for your heart’s desire and where the great yeshuos happen. It’s where every Yid wants to be on Lag Ba’omer. The joy, the power.

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Primary Elections By Ruchel Lebovits



vote, and took home the New York state’s sixteen delegates. B AT T L E F O R T H E Republicans – With a Kasich and Cruz got 20% WHITE HOUSE decisive victory of 60.4% and 15% respectively and no POLL AVERAGES of the vote, Donald Trump delegates. carried the night, getting at Democrats – Hillary ClinNATIONAL INDIANA least 89 of the 95 delegates. ton won with 59.8% and got TRUMP 46.5 TRUMP 42.3 At a very distant second, twelve delegates. Bernie CRUZ 29.0 CRUZ 33.7 John Kasich won 25.1% and Sanders got 39.2% of the KASICH 16.5 KASICH 16.7 got four delegates. Ted Cruz, vote and nine delegates. who came in third, got only NATIONAL INDIANA MARYLAND 14.5% and no delegates at all. CLINTON 49.0 CLINTON 50.5 It was a big night for Republicans – Donald SANDERS 45.0 SANDERS 44.5 Trump, as it gave him a sigTrump got 54.4% and all nificant boost in his quest of the state’s 38 delegates. to reach the 1,237 delegates John Kasich got 23% of the while setting Ted Cruz well behind him. It also vote and Ted Cruz got 18.9%. Here too, neither rechanged the dynamics of the race following Cruz’s ceived any delegates. win in Wisconsin, as well as his delegates victories Democrats – Hillary Clinton had a resounding in Colorado and Wyoming. victory, winning 63% of the vote and 61 delegates Democrats – Hillary Clinton won New York, to Bernie Sanders’ 33.2% and 33 delegates. beating Bernie Sanders 58% to 42%. She got 139 Pennsylvania delegates while he got 108. With the additional Republicans – Donald Trump won 56.7% of the delegates tacked onto her lead, Hillary declared, vote. Ted Cruz won 21.6% and John Kasich 19.4%. “Victory in sight.” Hillary, of course, currently calls So far 57 delegates have been allocated to Trump New York her home, and she was very relieved to and four to Cruz. have won so soundly against Bernie, who is a New Democrats – Clinton won 55.6% and Bernie got York native. 43.6%. Of the state’s 189 delegates, Hillary received 105 and Bernie 83.




Republicans – Donald Trump won 63.8% of the vote and 12 delegates. John Kasich won 24.4% of the vote and 5 delegates. Ted Cruz won 10.4% of the vote and two delegates. Democrats – It was Bernie Sanders’ only victory of the night. He won 55% of the vote and got thirteen delegates. Hillary won 43.3% and got eleven delegates.

Republicans – Donald Trump won 57.9% of the vote, which gave him all of the state’s 28 delegates. John Kasich won 28.4% of the vote while Ted Cruz got only 11.7%. Neither of them got any delegates. Democrats – Hillary Clinton won Connecticut 51.8% to 46.4%. It was a narrow win, which gave her 28 delegates to Sanders’ 27 delegates, but it was still a win in a state that could have gone either way.

DELAWARE Republicans – Donald Trump won 60.8% of the



SUMMARY Overall, the night was a massive success for Donald Trump. He swept all five states, and of the 162 delegates available to win, he won 151. This

put him only 241 delegates away from winning the nomination, a victory that seems to be more and more attainable with each passing win. He also significantly exceeded the polls, which was a first for him. Conversely, it was a terrible night for Ted Cruz who came in third in four out of the five states and only picked up six delegates. On the democratic side, it was a good night for Hillary as well, although her delegate lead was not quite as large. Bernie has done very well in northeast states in the past, so being able to beat him in four out of the five close contests was a significant victory.

MAY 3RD INDIANA Both the Republicans and Democrats hold primaries in Indiana on May 3rd , and like every contest now, it will be a crucial victory for whoever manages to pull it off. On the Republican side, it is a winnertake-all state and the polls have been very close – which adds to the significance. Republicans – Open Primary, 57 Delegates, Winner-Take-AllPer-Congressional-District Democrats – Open Primary, 83 Delegates, 9 Superdelegates

MAY 10TH On May 10th Republicans and Democrats both hold primaries in West Virginia. Only the Republicans will hold a primary in Nebraska. (Democrats already held a caucus on March 5th.)

WEST VIRGINIA Republicans – Open Primary, 34 Delegates, Direct Election



(voters vote for candidate directly rather than for delegates) Democrats – Semi-closed Primary, 29 Delegates, eight Superdelegates

NEBRASKA Republicans – Closed Primary, 36 Delegates, Winner-Take-All




TOTAL 996 565







1645 1318







CRUZ-KASICH ALLIANCE FALLS THROUGH Last week Sunday (April 24th), the Cruz and Kasich campaigns announced that they had formed an alliance to stop Trump. The plan was that Kasich would pull out of Indiana and ask his supporters to back Cruz, and Cruz would do the same in Oregon and New Mexico where Kasich had a better chance to beat Trump. But almost immediately, the deal fell through. On Monday, Kasich said that he thought his supporters “ought to vote for me.” He went on to say that he didn’t see it as a big deal; rather he wouldn’t be spending money in some states and Cruz would do the same in others. By Wednesday, both candidates seemed to be disregarding the deal, with Cruz telling a crowd by one of his rallies that Kasich had pulled out of Indiana without any mention of a deal between them. In polling done among likely voters in Indiana, 58% disapproved of such a deal. It is very probable that when both campaigns became aware of this data, they decided to distance themselves

from the idea which caused this short-lived alliance to collapse.

CRUZ PICKS CARLY FIORINA AS HIS RUNNING MATE In an unusual move, Ted Cruz announced last Wednesday, April 27th, that he would be choosing Carly Fiorina as his Vice President were he to win the nomination. In his speech, Cruz lauded Fiorina’s qualities as a leader with her history as a CEO of HP, one of the largest corporations in the United States, as well as her foreign policy experience serving on an external CIA advisory board. It is unconventional, as the candidates usually wait until they have secured the nomination to announce their choice for running mate. It seems like Cruz’s team decided it was now or never, since the chances of keeping Trump from getting a nomination has become considerably slimmer. The announcement was made prior to the Indiana primary, as he is hoping it will give him the necessary votes to win the state. His campaign needs the victory in order to stop Trump in his tracks and keep his hopes for a brokered convention alive.


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A Deeper Look at

HAFRASHAS CHALLAH BY: ADINA HERSHBERG I grew up in a home where the delicious smell of challah wafting throughout the house was lacking. Our challah was purchased at the local kosher bakery. It wasn’t until I was seventeen that I was introduced to challah baking by a local Rebbetzin. I joined a group of girls in the shul kitchen and learned the age-old art of making a sixstranded challah. I was so excited by this newly found concept that I decided to bake challah at home. To my dismay, my mother was not too keen on the idea, even though I told her that I’d clean everything u p and



she need not worry. Years later, with children of my own who bake and cook in my kitchen, I understand that my clean-up when I was a youngster, was not on par with my mother’s z”l expectations. Even though their clean-up is not as thorough as mine, I encourage my children to cook and bake. Our younger daughter shines in the timeless mitzvah of Challah. As we know, three miracles distinguished Sara Imeinu’s tent: the Shechina rested in a cloud which hovered above her tent, her Shabbos candles burned all week long and her bread stayed fresh from erev Shabbos to erev

Shabbos. First in the Mishkan and later in the Beis HaMikdash, these miracles continued in a similar vein through the presence of the Shechina, the Ner Tamid and the Lechem HaPanim. The Jewish woman also has three special mitzvos in her home, which is considered a Mikdash Me’at, paralleling these three miracles: maintaining family purity, lighting Shabbos candles, and hafrashas challah. The word challah doesn’t mean bread or dough. The root of the word is actually “chol” which means “secular” or “ordinary.” Everything that Hashem created is kadosh in its essence, but Hashem allows us to use His

world for a “chol” purpose only if we preserve that holy essence. This is what the mundane ingredients of challah come to teach us. The source for hafrashas challah is in Parshas Shelach, 15:17-21 in which it states: “...When you will come to the land to which I bring you, then it will be that when you eat of the bread of the land you will set apart a portion for Hashem…” According to the Maharal, Rabbi Yehudah Loew of Prague, our world is composed of earth and water; man is composed of physicality and intellect. Through the act of separating challah, we dedicate a part of ourselves to Hashem. This part of ourselves is a combination of our physical and spiritual selves. Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagen, the Chofetz Chaim, wrote in the

main yearning at that moment should be directed to relieving the pain of the Shechina which is in galus. This is the reason that the tefillah of “‫שיבנה בית המקדש‬...‫ ”יהי רצון‬is recited after hafrashas challah. Every week, a local nursery school teacher sends a note home with the children requesting names to daven for when she bakes challah with her little charges. There is also a proliferation of women’s groups that bake challah with the goal of achieving salvation for other Jews. At least fortythree women (the gematria of ‫)חלה‬ comprise each group. A former neighbor of mine told me that over one thousand women worldwide did a simultaneous hafrashas challah for her sister who was to undergo an operation for a bone marrow transplant. The operation was boruch Hashem

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Mishna Berura (siman 242) that when a woman bakes challah, it honors Shabbos. Moreover, it brings bracha to one’s home for the entire week. Harav Aaron Halevi, author of Sefer Hachinuch, wrote, “… At the root of the precept lies the reason that man’s sustenance is from food and most of the world lives on bread… Hashem wished to make us meritorious by a constant mitzvah with our bread, so that blessing will dwell on it through the mitzvah and that we will earn merit for ourselves. As a result, the dough provides food for the body and food for the spirit.” (commandment 385) The moment after challah is taken is a time of deep spiritual closeness to Hashem. There are various tefillos that one can daven at this time. Chazal tell us that our

successful, and following another group hafrashas challah, her sister was “thrown out” of the hospital. One of my friends also told me that on Succos of 2008 she organized a group hafrashas challah for a couple married five years without any children. Approximately sixty people signed up in Eretz Yisrael for the group hafrashas challah, and about forty people participated outside of Eretz Yisrael. Ten months later, the wife had a baby, and the children have been coming ever since! Part of the power in hafrashas challah is the unity it creates between women. Water and oil do not mix, while salt kills yeast, but combine them in a bread dough and it becomes a unified whole. May our hafrashas challah continue to unify us so that Mashiach will come soon!

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The moment after challah is taken is a time of deep spiritual closeness to Hashem.

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Life’s Journey By Chaya Liba Aarons



The fun part about raising children is

that at some point, those ever-demanding, ever-hungry babies turn into friends you enjoy schmoozing with. I remember when Shabbos with the little ones was a lonely, isolating twenty-four hours, and I yearned for adult company. As time passes, I discover that my seven- and five-year-old children can be good company, and we often share satisfying (and often amusing) conversations. Suri, Nachman, and I are eating supper together one day when the popular topic of What-Will-Be-in-the-Future comes up. We imagine Suri’s wedding and laugh as we try to guess how Chavy will look then and wonder who else will have joined our family. “And Nachman will be a bachur—hey, will he have a beard yet?” Suri asks with a chuckle. Nachman will be a bachur. The words hit me hard. He’ll be at the men’s side at the wedding, and he might have a beard. Nachman, my difficult and sometimes burdensome child. Whom I send out to a crafts club, to play with friends, or to join Aryeh for errands so he can be out of my hair. Nachman will be an independent, tall, bearded young lad one day, spending most of his time away from home. He will not be my little boy forever. This thought is sobering and reassur-



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“Nothing worthwhile goes fast and painless,” he says, and I can almost mouth along. ing all at once. All I suddenly want is to hold Nachman to me tight. I can’t contain my tears as I think, Nachman, I want to do you right. I want to give you a childhood that will build you. I want you to grow into an adult with confident, stable foundations. And I want to enjoy your childhood years together. Raising Nachman always seemed to me like an endless, impossible task. Now my perspective shifts. Life moves on and changes. Nothing is forever. And I want to make the most of today. I really don’t have to go as far as envisioning a bearded Nachman to appreciate that. Things have already changed. Life with Nachman has gotten much easier in so many ways. I hardly have to scratch my head anymore to come up with activities that will occupy Nachman. He is already reading and his all-time favorite hobby is reading the pesukim from a Chumash in loud singsong. And he colors and paints and cuts and pastes. He doesn’t wake up at unearthly hours anymore either. He often joins Aryeh for Mincha and Maariv in the evenings and goes to sleep after the girls, so he sleeps a bit later in the morning. I am changing, too. Ritalin is still my lifesaver, but I am willing to think outside the medicine chest. Aryeh’s old suggestions start to pene-

trate. I finally open Dr. Walker’s book on brain exercises. I make an appointment for another neurologist to get an additional perspective. I start looking — just a bit — beyond Ritalin (as long as it’s always in my stash). But instant results versus hard work still remain a tug of war. I clip ads broadcasting “the 12-step treatment that will change your child” or “natural supplements that will do the supernatural” and present them to Aryeh with a flourish.

and yarmulke and suddenly sensing his vulnerability. He looked small and scared and I bent down to hug him tight. And then my heart sank as I tried to recall the last time I had embraced him with that pure love. I spent my days so busy chasing him and gasping for air that it was hard to carve out a moment of simple motherly affection. I was sucked too often into a pool of negativity and barely came up for a breath of natural, fresh love. Now, I often think of that love-filled moment and try to relive it. I tuck him into bed after a wild and draining evening and will myself to lavish love when inside I am screaming, “You just ruined my day!” I sit and stroke him and think of the sunshine that he is in my life. One day, I am gifted with another magical moment. Nachman is feverish and home from cheder. I am sitting on the recliner with Nachman on my lap and I lean back and close my eyes. I hold him tight and try to breathe love. I exhale the negativity and shed all those moments of anger and resentment. It comes to me then in a flash: Love is not about doing. I don’t love Nachman less because of what he does. Love is about being. I discover the secret of unconditional love, in the blessing of my most challenging child called Nachman.

Love is a big word, and Nachman is teaching me what it means. “Nothing worthwhile goes fast and painless,” he says, and I can almost mouth along. “But I wish it did. I’m willing to try anything. Everything.” That’s me, the naïve and desperate woman talking. “You’re also willing to part with twenty thousand dollars just for trying?” Aryeh wins again, and it’s back to working hard and trusting the changes that will come. What doesn’t change is my struggle to love and show my love. Love is a big word, and Nachman is teaching me what it means. On the day of Nachman’s upsherin, I remember looking at him in his new haircut

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Wellspring ofWISDOM By: Kaila Weingarten, MS Ed

Wellspring Early Intervention Service Coordinator

THE LEARNING KITCHEN I’ll admit it: baking with young children sounded a lot better before I tried it in my own kitchen. I know that cooking can help practice some basic math concepts and build language skills, and the experience of creating meals as a family can build self-confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits. It does, however, take flexibility and prep work to enable a culinary adventure you’ll all enjoy. A word to the wise: Don’t invite your child to “help” when you’re under pressure. Trust me, I learned the hard way. No youngster will enjoy baking fancy cookies from scratch after a long and overwhelming day. Don’t plan an elaborate project; five to ten minutes might be all your child wants to spend on an activity. Start small and keep it fun. Since eating is a universal need, cooking is a great time to work on goals. So what skills should we work on? Begin by building basic speech skills. You can ask what comes first, second, and third, or count together as you spoon dough onto a cookie sheet. When you read a recipe, introduce new words to your child’s vocabulary. Following steps in a recipe can boost listening skills. By eighteen months, your toddler should be able to follow one-part directions, and use some impulse control. Other im-


portant goals to work on while cooking are planning and making choices. Leah Schapira’s career as a famous cookbook author began at the age of eight. Her mother, desperate to find a way to get the notoriously picky Leah to eat, taught her how to cook. Bringing picky eaters into the kitchen to cook helps introduce children to new tastes. When your daughter plays chef, she may sample dishes she wouldn’t try otherwise. Encourage your tot to taste new ingredients and talk about what they like and how healthy foods make a body grow. Invite sensory exploration. Children learn by exploring with their senses and the kitchen is an ideal place. Invite them to listen to the whir of the mixer, pound dough and watch it rise, smell it baking in the oven, and finally taste the warm challah. If it smells good, looks appealing, and is easy to eat, they may just be willing to try it! Boost confidence. Toddlers love to show what they can do, and working in the kitchen provides opportunities to gain a sense of accomplishment. If they helped assemble the pizza, let them know that their help was important. You could name the pizza or another dish after your child. Serve “Dovid’s Pizza” or “Esty’s Salad” for dinner tonight. Even if the end results are not exactly what you expected,

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praise their efforts. Children also learn to work together as a team, whether it is with a parent or with a sibling to get the job done. Want to teach more? Hone basic math by doing something as simple as counting eggs or pouring water into a measuring cup. Talk about scientific concepts, such as liquids turning into solids. Practice bilateral coordination (activities using both hands) through sifting flour and rolling dough. Develop fine motor skills while mixing, shaking, and cutting. Work on visual perception by looking for a space to place the cookie cutter, without wasting dough. Practice patience while waiting for ingredients to mix, rise, bake, and cool off.

I love my two-year-old’s confident grin when she tells our guests that she made their challah.

Here are some ways toddlers can help: • stirring batter • adding ingredients • assembling a pizza • helping you “read” a cookbook by turning the pages • sprinkling cheese • using cookie cutters • using a butter knife to cut and spread As children grow, they will develop the skills, attention span, and interest to do bigger cooking jobs, like squeezing the juice out of a lemon, measuring ingredients into cups and spoons, and beating eggs or mashing potatoes.

I love my two-year-old’s confident grin when she tells our guests that she made their challah. She poured the ingredients, watched the mixer, and punched down dough. She’s created positive memories and skills that last a lifetime!

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Q&A With the Challah Pro: Tamar Ansh author of A Taste of Challah 74


The Monsey View: Hi Tamar, your book A Taste of Challah is sensational! It’s perfect for a newlywed. How did you get into Challah baking so heavily? Tamar: I learned to bake by wanting to bake. I got married not knowing anything substantial about the kitchen, except how to keep it really clean. And it wasn’t too hard to keep it clean since I didn’t know how to cook to make it dirty! However, once you’re married, the husband doesn’t do too well on tuna fish and noodles or cold cereal, so I got to work. I discovered that I really enjoyed just being in my very own kitchen, and choosing what to make myself. The more I did it, the more I looked forward to it. (Of course, then I really did have lots of mess to clean up…) Those first few times that I actually pulled off an entire Shabbos worth of meals that was good, (not only edible) I could hardly believe it came out of my kitchen! I started slowly, taking whatever old and no-name cookbooks I had, and made myself go through them, one reci-

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‫גדלי' וויינבערגער‬

pe at a time. After 15 weeks or so, you really get a repertoire that way. I also thankfully thought to write down next to each recipe if I liked it and how it turned out. Later on, when I would want to go back to them, I only used the ones I labeled as “excellent” or “really good”. Anything mediocre was just not bothered with again. And I also gained lots of “experience” cooking this way, too. I also used to teach preschool children; one of my weekly activities with them was baking. Instead of making the same boring chocolate brownies week after week, I figured I may as well try out new things with them. If something wasn’t that good the kids didn’t care — they would eat anything they had “helped” to bake. And that way, I got a chance to try a lot of different things, until I started to gain more confidence and more experience. My best source of “experience” though, really was when I just called people whose cooking I liked and asked them outright to share their recipes with me. Of course, I did this with my own mother, but I also did it with a wide range of other people and I really learned the very best way – far better than by using cookbooks! The Monsey View: Why did you choose to write a challah book? Tamar: The challah book, A Taste of Challah, is actually my fourth book, my second cookbook. It was a dream of mine for a long, long time. I did not know how to make challah at all when I got married. And although I really wanted to, I had no clue



how to begin. I looked for a good book on the topic and there was nothing. I felt very lost! After a few years of making challah and trying out all sorts of recipes, I finally settled on one that I liked and that became “my recipe.” (By now, with so many more years – and shows! – worth of experience, I now have others that work just as well, if not better.) Shaping, though, was a whole different story. My challahs tasted good, but were so… unpretty – to put it mildly! I wanted so badly to learn how to braid properly and make them look good. When I checked into it, and looked in stores, I couldn’t find one decent book that showed just traditional Jewish breads with real photos and step-bystep instructions. There were one or two which were old, unappealing, and for the most part, only had a few diagrams that I couldn’t follow. I took a class or two, I went to others’ homes who were able to braid better than I, and I kept trying. I started to keep a file of what I knew could be written about Challah, hoping to have enough for a book. The file started out as only 80 Word document sized pages…and then it literally grew, and grew, and grew over the

next few years…(I suppose I can now say that it “rose!”) as did my experience with other types of bread baking, and my confidence in being able to create recipes on my own… and that’s how we have a book. A gift straight from Hashem, Who was the One that lead me to every person that so generously shared their experiences with me! The Monsey View: What do you feel is the most important part about baking Challah? Tamar: Challah is not just a physical food. It’s really called “challah” in order to remind us to take off the piece of dough that literally should go to the Kohen in the Bais Hamikdash. Because we still do not have the Bais Hamikdash today and we cannot give our piece of challah to a Kohen to eat in the Bais Hamikdash in holiness and purity — a tragedy! — we have to remove that part and burn it properly (not in the oven; see the halachos on mitzvahs challah in the back of the book). And we can only do so if we have made a dough that is large enough to be mafrish challah with a bracha, 5 lbs. of flour/ 2.25 kilos/ about 16-17 cups of flour, depending on how dense the flour is. Only when the dough can be “mafrished” this way, does the bracha of challah come down to our homes, our families, and all Klal Yisroel! When I began to realize how very many women — yes, frum women — do not realize how important this mitzvah is, that is when I pushed myself to get much more actively involved. Ladies — out of all 613 mitzvos in the Torah, ONLY three

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were specifically set aside for women — and Hafrashas Challah with a bracha is one of those three. If the Torah says it’s so important, we need to make sure we do it — all the way. To me, challah is at the heart of Shabbos, which is the holiest part of our week. A woman puts so much tefillah and love and care into her challahs; no bakery in the world can do that for you! The prayers that women traditionally whisper to Hashem while they are kneading the dough and most importantly, after saying the bracha and davening, (a time that our Rabbanim teach us is a tremendous “eis ratzon”) — these tefillos affect the entire family! And, the very first tefillah we say after being mafrish challah with a bracha is “sheyiboneh bais hamikdash”. This is CRUCIAL — concentrate on it! If we get this tefillah answered, we will have every single need of everyone’s answered, and most importantly, Hashem’s “dira b’tachtonim” returned for Him as well. Think about it and daven harder. Challah is NOT just another “bread baking experience.” There’s a lot more to this mitzvah; I have only scratched the surface of everything Chazal have to say on this very holy mitzvah.

The Monsey View: Beautiful. What are you doing with all your knowledge about the mitzvah of Challah today? Tamar: Baruch Hashem, I now have several special challah “tours” and live demos with Torah thoughts, live Q&A for the participants, inspirational stories from now and from Jewish history, tons of helpful tips, insider secrets and much much more that I have developed into my own kind of challah shows. I have presented these shows for tour groups, kiruv groups, seminaries, schools, private home bas mitzvah parties, family women events, tzedakah events, the worldwide Shabbos Project and everything in between, on at least three continents. I also have an emotional, touching presentation to complement my larger shows that really brings home the impact on your family that this mitzvah can have — for generations; and my goal for the future is to reach out to as many groups of women as I can! Your readers can contact me for more information about my Jerusalem Challah Corner. The Monsey View: Thank you Tamar! Our readers will be delighted to see a few of your tips on this page.

Tamar Ansh is the director of the JWWS seminar and network for frum writers, and a widely published author of books, interviews, and inspirational true stories. She is also an internationally-recognized expert on challah, hosting lectures, demos, and workshops for bas mitzvahs, yahrtzeits, tzedakah events, tour groups, engagements, and more; She is the author of the bestseller challah book A Taste of Challah (Feldheim).Other publications include: Let My Children Cook!; Pesach — Anything’s Possible, and more. Learn to make your challahs the best they can be! by signing up today for her free Challah Bytes tips at



Tamar’s Tips The Challah Pro Shares Years of Challah Baking Wisdom EGG GLAZING TIP If you’d like your egg glaze to look 100% clean without that “drip” look, blend the eggs in your hand blender first, then brush them on. The egg glaze should go on evenly, without drips. Of course, keep in mind that we are all human and most often, these things are not completely perfect – if you got to at least 80% perfection, you’re doing great! WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO FREEZE AND DEFROST CHALLAH? Before freezing, I recommend completely cooling the challah so that the hot, steamy bottom won’t freeze with accumulated moisture, which will make the underside of the bread soggy. When your challahs come out of the oven, immediately lay them to cool on a wire rack. This way, as the challah is cooling, it will cool on both the bottom and the top. If you leave challah to cool in their pans, the bottoms will collect moisture from the heat within them and then become soft and somewhat mushy. Once completely cooled, package your challahs in plastic freezer bags. Remove the air from the bag and seal the bag well before storing it in a good, deep freezer. When well wrapped in airtight freezer bags and placed in a good freezer, challahs can last for two months or more, if necessary. To defrost, remove your challahs from the freezer about five hours before they will be served and let them come to room temperature. For those who like warm challah, simply lay the defrosted loaves on top of a hot pot of soup or cholent. Or, heat up your oven for 20 minutes, turn it off, and place the challahs, wrapped in aluminum foil inside the oven until serving . Using aluminum foil in this step is important to prevent the bread’s crust from hardening or browning slightly. I personally do not recommend braiding and freezing uncooked challahs. To me, I


think that challahs taste best when they rise and bake in the same day. CRUNCHY CHALLAH BOTTOMS Line your baking pan with parchment baking paper. To keep it from moving around, spray your pan lightly with a bit of water first and then put on the paper. Sprinkle a wide line of sesame seeds directly onto one side of the lined pan. After braiding your challah, place it down directly onto the seeds and roll slightly back and forth so the seeds will stick to the bottom of the challah. Place the challah onto the pan to bake, and then cover to rise as usual. Egg them and bake as directed. Enjoy your crunchy bottoms!


COMBAT CRUMBLY CHALLAH People have asked me why their challah crumbles or the dough is very sticky when they use self-rising flour to bake challah. Here’s my educated guess: The reason those flours “self-rise” is because they are laced with tons of either baking soda, baking powder or both. Baking powders are one kind of a rising agent, and yeast is a totally different one. Self-rising flour is meant for simple cakes that doesn’t require added baking powder. If the flour has all that baking powder in it and then on top of that you have the yeast of the challah recipe, the challah is sure to dry out while it is baking. It can’t be a cake and also a bread at the same time. KEEPING YOUR YEAST ACTIVE If your challah seems to be falling flat, ask yourself about the yeast you are using. Did you use fresh yeast, or dried yeast from a new or old package? Has the yeast expired already? Did you perhaps forget to put the yeast into the dough? (Yes, I’ve done that!) Often times, the problem comes down to the place you’ve been storing your yeast. Potency can be lost very easily. For active yeast, empty your dry yeast package into a good quality plastic container and immediately store it in the freezer. Not the refrigerator or cabinet! Only remove it from the freezer to take more out, and then put it right back! Your challah should now rise beautifully! SUBSTITUTING WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR FOR WHITE FLOUR To make whole wheat challahs, just substitute whole wheat for the white flour in any recipe you’d like, and add in another 1/4 – 1/2 cup water to the dough, since whole wheat absorbs more water than white flour does, especially during the first rise of the dough. Tamar Ansh is the director of the JWWS seminar and network for frum writers, and a widely published author of books, interviews, and inspirational true stories. She is also an internationally-recognized expert on challah, hosting lectures, demos, and workshops for bas mitzvahs, yahrtzeits, tzedakah events, tour groups, engagements, and more; She is the author of the bestseller challah book A Taste of Challah (Feldheim).Other publications include: Let My Children Cook!; Pesach — Anything’s Possible, and more. Learn to make your challahs the best they can be! by signing up today for her free Challah Bytes tips at



Joel Klein 845.596.7399 Your heimishe real estate agent

As told to: Dini Ackerman

DOUGH IN THE SKY The beeping of the washing machine disturbs my concentration as I try to fit all nine salmon slices into the overcrowded pot. Squeezing them in sardinesstyle, I rush to transfer the load and feed the washing machine’s endlessly hungry mouth once more. I hurry back to the kitchen and attempt to zoom through the myriad of errands still on my “To-Do” list. I keep an eye on the simmering soup, while attempting to sweep the kitchen floor and simultaneously put the first morsel of food for the day into my mouth. The pretzel twists drop from my hand and scatter all over the swept part of the grey linoleum. I sigh. Chaim chooses that moment to enter the house. Noting the chaos all around, with the unsifted bag of flour haphazardly located next to a dozen eggs and the mixer, he takes pity on me. “Should I pick up some bakery challah when I buy the dips and reading material for Shabbos? I see that



you still have plenty to do,” he says as he surveys the scene. “Nah, there are hours left until the z’man,” I brush his concerns away and let my pride triumph. “And you know how I feel about the mitzvah of taking challah, especially on Friday. I can’t see myself giving it up.” I might

stovetop stops me mid-track, and I hastily lower the flame under the bubbling soup. I glance at the fish, and see that it’s done and needs to be transferred into a Pyrex dish. By the time I am ready to tackle the challah for the thirteenth time, the phone rings.

You know how I feel about the mitzvah of taking challah, especially on Friday. I can’t see myself giving it up. have convinced my husband, but definitely not myself. The mad dash is in full swing. I speed-peel potatoes, and peels manage to coat most surfaces within a six-foot radius of the whirlwind. I then go about taking turns with the food processor, oven, broom, and Scotch Brite sponge. Every half a minute or so, I look forlornly at the bag of flour and sifter, as if imploring them to please acquaint themselves without my intervention. The kugel is in the oven, and I finally manage to get my hands onto the bag of flour. A sizzle on the

“Hi Mommy, how are you managing Shabbos preps?” Shiffy asks me breezily, with baby Yanky cooing in the background. I murmur an unintelligible reply, which she defines to signify that everything is under control. “I just wanted to tell you that Avrumy is on his way to Costco. Do you want him to pick up anything for you?” After expressing my appreciation for her thoughtfulness, we chat for a few short moments, and I hang up, telling her how I’m looking forward to hosting her for the Shabbos afternoon seudah. I then valiantly try getting back on track with my race against the clock. As I stir the farfel in the pot, my teenagers thunder into the house, describing in graphic detail how ravenous they are. “You could eat four slices of potato kugel? I could eat a whole pan!” I instruct them to put some frozen pizza into the toaster oven, and delegate a sink full of dishes to each of them. “Chevy, you’ll do the milchig dishes, and

Malky, please do the fleishig side. By the time you’re done, the pizza should be ready.” Amidst playful groaning, they actually get to work, much to my relief. My hands are occupied with the nearly burnt farfel, but my mind is on the yet-to-bemade challah dough. There’s a knock on the door, and I go to answer, since my daughters are still meticulously rinsing the sudsy dishes. A seven-year-old boy with mussed up hair holds out a raffle book. Rummaging through my purse, I hand him a dollar, wish him a good Shabbos, and hurry back to the kitchen. As I hold the bag of flour in my hand, ready to place it on the table, I find Chevy and Malky digging into their milchig pizza, and I’m forced to wait until they’re done. I rush to fold some laundry in the meantime, yelling over my shoulder that they should please wash the table when they’re done with lunch and call me when the table is pareve once more. Enjoying the relaxing lull of laundry folding, I refuse to look at the teasing face of my watch, and utilize the time that this mindless task offers to read through my mental list of tasks still needed to be completed. If my girls stay in their helpful mode, I might actually make it to the z’man. As I get up to pack away the stacks of laundry, the phone rings. I allow it to give someone else a chance to answer its call. “Mommy, Dovi is on the phone for you,” Malky’s voice bumps up the burgundy carpeted stairs. I pick up the upstairs extension, making sure not to mess up the

pile of neatly folded towels still in my hand. “Hello Dovi, so what’s the big news?” I jestingly ask my firstborn who never calls just to chat. “Mommy, you know that I very much wanted to go to the country for Shabbos this week, right? Fraidy just got a call from Mrs. Stein who is in Sunshine Acres for the summer. The Friedlanders are coming back to Monsey for Shabbos, since her sister gave birth to a girl this morning, and she wants to attend the kiddush. So, believe it or not, we’re packing up now, and leaving in about twenty minutes.” “Wow, I’m so happy for you,” I exclaim with a full heart, “but make sure that you give Fraidy a real vacation out of it, and help her out with the kids. She really works hard all week.” Dovi affirms that he will. “But Mommy, tell me what to do. Fraidy just put up a challah dough, seconds before she got the call. What should I do with the dough? Throw it out?” I disbelievingly stare at the faded pink towel at the top of the pile, “She’s looking to get rid of a challah dough? I could use that!” I exclaim incredulously. “I’ll swing by on our way out,” Dovi promises, relieved at the thought that the dough will not go to waste. Sure enough, fifteen minutes later, I spot him meandering up my front path, with a covered bowl of dough resting on his shoulder. And then I understood how the Yidden must have felt when the mahn fell from Heaven.




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Yeast is here, yeast is there, yeast is truly everywhere... All jokes aside, yeast really is just about everywhere. It’s found in the air, on your skin, and even in your hair!

• So, what exactly is yeast? It’s a single-celled micro-organism — if that explanation helps you any. If not, let’s just call it a fungus. Like all other fungi, yeast isn’t capable of producing its own food through the process known as photosynthesis. But yeast loves to eat! So what’s a little cell to do when hungry? Like many of us, yeast goes straight for the carbs! Eating up the sugars inherent in various foods, yeast-cells then proceed to belch out carbon dioxide and alcohol, resulting in bubbles, growth, and intoxication, depending on the type of food they’ve landed on. • Think you’ve got a lot of cousins? There are over 500 species of yeast! • It’s not just you dreaming of warm and sunny days. Yeast cells thrive in warm environments, feeling especially freilach when the thermostat reads around 90˚F. Once it hits around 130˚F the little guys begin to die off though. Nebech. • In other ways, however, these little cells are quite sturdy. Yeast can be dried and even frozen; just wake them up from hibernation with a little water and sugar! Kind of like wafting the scent of an aromatic hot cocoa in front of sleeping kid’s nose when you want him out of bed...

82 / T HE MO NS E Y V IE W

By Ruchy Reese

YUMMY YEAST! • Once upon a time, fluffy bread was obtained by mixing a hunk of unbaked bread dough that that was left sitting around, into a new batch of bread dough and allowing the mixture to rise. The result was a tangy, delicious bread called Sourdough. • Sourdough bread is still made today by many people, due to its health benefits. While most breads contain a higher yeast-to-good-bacteria ratio, Sourdough is just the opposite. Low in yeast and high in the probiotic lactobacillus, real Sourdough bread is actually good for you! In fact, throughout the ages, Sourdough starters (yeast mixtures) were so prized that people would pass starters from generation to generation! • Some strains of yeast are actually sold as supplements or food condiments, due to various healing properties, high protein content, and the fact that yeast is a rich source of B vitamins, niacin and folic acid. Don’t try eating raw challah dough though; that type of yeast isn’t deactivated like Brewer’s yeast or Nutritional yeast, and if you eat it, the fungi can ferment inside the body, inviting a whole host of problems ch”v. • Ever wondered what that stuff at the bottom of a beer bottle or at the top of your ale is? You guessed it! Yeast. Yeast is the key ingredient behind all types of alcohol, including wine, and is responsible for that fermented taste associated with alcoholic beverages.

YUCKY YEAST! • Let’s get candid. There are some strains of yeast that have a bad rap, like candida albicans. This form of yucky yeast is responsible for all types of itchy fungal infections. It’s highly opportunistic and loves dark, warm, moist places — like inside your shoes — and will happily hitch a ride on an unwilling host. Normally, candida overgrowth is able to be maintained by the healthy bacteria in one’s body, but sometimes, when the immune system is down or antibiotics have wiped out positive gut bacteria, candida yeast-cells go into overdrive and run amok, leading to all sorts of unpleasant symptoms. Yet another reason to build your immune system by eating well, taking your vitamins, and exercising! • Here’s another way to combat yucky yeast: take probiotics, especially if you will be starting a course of antibiotics! You can get your share of probiotics from various naturally-fermented foods (like Sourdough), from yogurt, or from specially manufactured probiotic supplements. Your local health food store will be a good starting point for learning about the various types of probiotics.

T H E M O N SE Y V I E W /




By: J. Mesch



From New Square to Walla Walla There is not a finer challah Than the one that will be made someday, Some special day not far away, By our young and recent kallah— Whose expertise in making challah Is for the moment, somewhat lacking, But as soon as she gets cracking She’ll make the most of her new kitchen And bake twin loaves to leave us kvitchen; They’ll be golden and bewitchin’ Soft as pillows, full of crunch, For Friday night and Shabbos lunch. Not to keep you on shpilkes She won’t just bake bilkes And cute rolls in pairs She’ll have doughs that are rising on tables and chairs She’ll be punching down batches Arrayed on the stairs She will bake you a shlissel That looks like a key, And for Yomim Noraim She’ll bake spherically, She’ll bake challah with raisins For special occasions. There’ll be some for the table And plenty to freeze And just for Shavuos She’ll make some with cheese. Simple water, rich egg, heimish— They’ll be gorgeous: she’ll be famoush! She’ll use great big blocks of yeast and Flour by the sack at least, She’ll learn to subdivide and flecht As flink with links as with her recht, And as we’ve all along supposed, She’ll do it all with both eyes closed! In my dreams I smell them baking; I want challah on awaking! And while I’ve been imagining How crusty, scrumptious, comforting That challah will feel on my tzing, I’ve just one more word to say, and this is: Our brand new kallah, who’s now Mrs. Is almost, but not quite, perfectly ready To toss out challos like confetti The plain and simple fact is A puhshet truth advanced with tact, is The only thing our kallah lacks is Just practice, practice and more practice!

‫גרויסארטיגע בין הזמנים ספרים סעיל‬

‫גרויסארטיגע בין הזמנים ספרים סעיל‬

‫פון ‪ 20%‬ביז ‪ 50%‬אראפ‪ ,‬טויזענטער ספרים פאר ביליגע פרייזן‬

‫פון ‪ 20%‬ביז ‪ 50%‬אראפ‪ ,‬טויזענטער ספרים פאר ביליגע פרייזן‬

‫איינמאליגע געלעגענהייט !!!‬

‫איינמאליגע געלעגענהייט !!!‬

‫הפצת ספרים‬

‫הפצת ספרים‬

‫אנטיק ספרים‬

‫אנטיק ספרים‬

‫מיר האבן א גרויסע‬ ‫אויסוואהל פון סלאוויטא‬ ‫ספרים און היסטארישע‬ ‫כתבי ידות‬

‫מיר האבן א גרויסע‬ ‫אויסוואהל פון סלאוויטא‬ ‫ספרים און היסטארישע‬ ‫כתבי ידות‬

‫גרויסארטיגע בין הזמנים ספרים סעיל‬

‫גרויסארטיגע בין הזמנים ספרים סעיל‬

‫פון ‪ 20%‬ביז ‪ 50%‬אראפ‪ ,‬טויזענטער ספרים פאר ביליגע פרייזן‬

‫פון ‪ 20%‬ביז ‪ 50%‬אראפ‪ ,‬טויזענטער ספרים פאר ביליגע פרייזן‬

‫איינמאליגע געלעגענהייט !!!‬

‫איינמאליגע געלעגענהייט !!!‬

‫‪seeking‬‬ ‫‪saleswoman in‬‬ ‫‪Monsey to‬‬ ‫‪host wig sales.‬‬ ‫הפצת ספרים‬

‫אנטיק ספרים‬

‫מיר האבן א גרויסע‬ ‫אויסוואהל פון סלאוויטא‬ ‫ספרים און היסטארישע‬ ‫כתבי ידות‬


‫הפצת ספרים‬

‫אנטיק ספרים‬ ‫מיר האבן א גרויסע‬ ‫אויסוואהל פון סלאוויטא‬ ‫ספרים און היסטארישע‬ ‫כתבי ידות‬


CHALLAH IN THE SHAPE OF A KEY: My 15-year-old daughter shaped these beautiful challahs for me last year, and we took photos so I could share them with you this year! Here’s how we did it:

Cut off two pieces of challah dough and roll them out with a rolling pin. Now roll each one up jelly roll style.









Using the palms of your hands, gently roll out each jelly roll strand until it is a bit longer. (One strand will be for the base of the key and should be somewhat thicker so it will not break later on, after being baked.) Lay this base down on your lined baking tray. Cut off two small pieces of dough to make the “teeth” of the key you see here.



Elongate the other long strand of dough as much as possible. Put it down on the table in front of you, crossing it over itself in the center. This is the center circle.

Now cross over each of the ends over themselves and then bring the loose ends towards the center. Pinch them together in the back. You should now have the top part of your key. Place this over the bottom half of your key.

Tip: If you want the holes in the top of the key to remain open, insert some rolled up pieces of foil as shown in the photo here, to keep them that way. Remove the foil after it has finished baking.

Make a few more keys as you need and then cover them loosely with a piece of plastic (not cling wrap) to rise for 20 minutes.

Brush with a beaten egg, sprinkle with sesame seeds or seeds of your choice and bake for 20 minutes until golden. When the challah is cool, freeze in good-quality freezer bags and remove from the freezer a few hours before serving.

CHALLAH WITH KEY ON TOP: Others have the minhag to make a regular challah and make the shape of a key on top of it. Braid a challah with the standard six strands. (You can find easy instructions for this in my challah book with step-by-step photos.) Let the challah rise for 40 minutes. Make a small challah in the shape of a key and add it to the top of the nearly finished rising challah. Let them rise together for another 15 minutes and then brush with eggs and sprinkle it with seeds. I like to sprinkle the key with sesame seeds and the rest of the challah with poppy seeds so it shows up more prominently. Bake your challah for 30 minutes until it is browned on top and bottom. Enjoy! T H E M O N SE Y V I E W /


This can be your wall.

Book the photo shoot your family deserves.

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845.362.7800 | 845.354.2626 Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;chaim! Clink the beautiful, specially-monogrammed stemware. Our personalized gift to the new couple on their wedding day.

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Real Estate

The Team Approach by Ann Zeilingold Buying a new home is literally a team sport, since there are so many tasks, important timelines, documentations required, and responsibilities that all need special care and attention. Besides working with a professional team that you trust, it’s important that the individual players have the ability to effectively communicate and execute on important decisions together. Realtor: A good realtor is key. A few of the important roles your agent performs: • Determines your home buying needs • Defines your property search criteria: neighborhoods, school districts, local amenities... • Provides insight on market trends and property values • Negotiates purchase contracts • Pays attention to due-diligence periods and other important timelines • Professionally estimates fair market value on listings • Deals with appraised values when they come in short A common misconception of many first-time homebuyers is that hiring a real estate agent will end up costing more money. However, the typical arrangement in a purchase transaction is for the seller to cover the buyer’s agent commission. In some cases where a new home developer or For Sale by Owner is listing a property and offering a lower price to deal direct, it is still a good idea to have an agent in your corner to protect your financial and investment interests. Mortgage Professional: A mortgage professional (loan officer, mortgage planner, loan consultant, etc.) is the glue that holds the entire transaction together (biased comment). In addition to establishing the purchase price and monthly payment a borrower can qualify for, the mortgage team will also need to communicate with all of the other players on the homebuying team throughout the entire process. To highlight a few details your mortgage team is paying attention to: • Initial pre-qualification to determine purchase price /loan amount • Explain all loan program options that may fit your investment goals • Collecting /organizing loan approval documents



Since two homes are rarely identical, the appraiser has the difficult job of trying to compare apples to apples.

• Watching economic indicators that influence daily rate changes • Locking rates • Communicating with attorneys/ title/escrow officers • Submitting loan package to underwriting departments • Updating disclosure paperwork within proper time frames • Following funding through the final recording • Tracking inspections, insurance, and other lending requirements Insurance Agent: The lender in any mortgage transaction will require a homeowner’s insurance policy (hazard insurance). This policy protects the property in the case of fire, theft, or other damage (except flood or earthquake; those are separate policies and may be optional). If it is determined that the property that you want to purchase is in a flood zone, flood insurance is not optional, it is mandatory. The flood zone determination will be done with a “flood certification” from a third-party provider. Real Estate Attorney: There are two attorneys. The buyer’s attorney and the bank attorney. The bank attorney can sometimes also be the

bank attorney. The buyer’s attorney serves a key function. Your attorney is an extension of you, and his job is solely to protect your interests. Some things that the attorney does for you: • Reviews your Contract of Sale • Corresponds and negotiates with seller’s attorney regarding any changes in the contract • Protects the down payment funds through carefully wording terms in the contract • Makes sure that all dates in the contract are met or requests extensions • Reviews and provides the mortgage commitment to the seller’s attorney • Orders title and deals with any title issues and violations with the seller’s attorney • Schedules and attends your closing The bank attorney takes care of receiving, signing, and notarizing the final loan documentation, as well as collecting the other paperwork associated with the home sale. He makes sure no money is transferred until all the banks and contract requirements are met. Home Inspector: When you have found the home that you like, it is a wise idea to have a professional home inspector take a look it. The inspector will look at the functionality of the home to make sure the electrical, plumbing, and physical aspects of the home are strong, which will help the buyer make an educated decision about following through with the purchase, or renegotiating certain

aspects of the contract. This is not required by the mortgage company. Appraiser: While the appraiser is typically never seen by the homebuyer, an appraisal is obviously an important component of a home purchase transaction. The appraiser will conduct an analysis of the property to determine the current market value. The bank will always require an appraisal, and in some cases need a second opinion of value. Appraisers compare the sales prices of similar properties sold in the neighborhood and surrounding areas with the subject property. This can be a very tricky process, especially if there are few properties to choose from, or if there is an overwhelming amount of foreclosures and short sale listings. Now, since two homes are rarely identical, the appraiser has the difficult job of trying to compare apples to apples; sometimes red delicious to yellow delicious, or sometimes Fuji to Winesap. The appraised value is key because if the home does not appraise at purchase price, this can present a problem! So you thought buying a home was simple? Think again. It takes expertise, professionalism, and a joint coordination of efforts!

Ann Zeilingold, NMLS # 41850 is the Vice President and Branch Manager of FM Home Loans in Pomona, NY. FM Home Loans is a direct lender, licensed in NY, NJ, FL and CT. She has been originating residential mortgages for 27 years. She has recently published a book, which is a must-read for any prospective homebuyer, The Homebuyer’s Companion. Ann grew up in Monsey, and she currently lives in Wesley Hills with her husband and children.

Find Ann’s real estate column weekly in The Monsey View.

Ann Zeilingold Vice President

FM Home Loans 1609 Route 202 Pomona, NY 10970

Office: 845-354-9700 Mobile: 914-260-9000



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Calvert Dr. Luxurious Brand new custom built townhouse, ready to move in, 5 bedrooms, playroom, beautiful custom kitchen with granite countertops, separate Pesach kitchen, oversized dining room & living room with custom flooring, Asking Price $3500. Section 8 ok. Call: 845-641-4208

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NEW HEMPSTEAD Temp New Apt 2 Huge bdrms +living/dining/study +big dinette and kitchen w/appliance 845 37R-ENT7

Centrally located -Grand view and west maple, high ranch, unfurnished, Please call 8458259901

HOUSE RENTAL New Hempstead, 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom, great family neighborhood, 2 sinks, central air, 2 car garage, avail immed $2500.00 845-362-7302

FOR RENT House for rent on Vincent Rd. Short or long term. Please call 845-270-3075

OFFICE SPACE for rent. Ground level. Private entrance. Please call 845.426.1830

SUMMER RENTAL Beautiful 2 bdrm/1.5 bath walk-in apt. Privately fenced-in yard/ swing set. Suitable for couple with 2 kids. 845-558-5363

FOR RENT 3 room apartment for rent. Nice neighborhood for 950.00. Section 8 ok. 845-356-2754

FOR RENT Brand new beautiful 2 bedroom apt to rent on W. Central Ave. Private entrance.Pls call 845 356 1491

FOR RENT Stunning 2 bedroom apt.on Spruill Ct. Mint condition, ready to move in. Choson Kallah preferred. 845-517-8300.

HOUSE FOR RENT Spacious 5 bdrm house for rent near Main St. State of the art kitchen with top of the line appliances spacious dining room pesach kitchen laundry room playroom lots of windows, large porch w/ Awning.






Beautiful 5 room (3 bedroom) apartment on Bluefield Dr. for rent call: 1-347-243-2395

2 rooms + kitchen for rent in chestnut ridge perfect for single or office. Call/text 222 2807



Seeking a place for private day-camp, spacious room + large outdoor grounds.ideally in Francis area. (845) 222-6901

West St. Spring Valley 2 room office space for rent, in a heimishe office bldg. private entrance. Call or Text: 845-5386841


FOR RENT Beautiful 2 room furnished apt. Ideal for single or chosson/ kallah. Ground level. W/D included.Call (845)664-0250




FOR RENT Beautiful 2+ bedroom 2 bathroom apartment for rent on Jill Lane. $1500+ please call 845-826-4928.

GREAT LOCATION Herrick Ave. / First St. Beautiful Apt. Please call 845-200-8147

WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE Sunny Apartment Near Main Street Monsey. Perfect for elderly/handicapped, ramp, rollin-shower. 845 323 9682



CHILDREN’S GOWNS Gorgeous white children’s gowns for sale. Sizes 3 and 6. One of a kind. 608-9176

MATERNITY DRESS Elegant black sz M maternity dress for rent or sale pls call 347432-6669

SALE/RENT Magnificent size 2-4 ivory/ Royal blue dress for Kallas Tnoyim or sis of the bride. 8453522999 -Picture available


Couple seeking ground floor home (rental) with handicap accessibility, or owner willing to allow renovations. 845-641-7109

Girls Wedding Dresses 845-4785980



Chestnut ridge. Chosson kallah aprt. Scotland hill area. Fully furnished-pots towels linen dishes etc. $1300 monthly inc. utilities, call (732) 806-1505,

Sister of the bride gown; gray and white with stunning fit. ladies Size 2-4 well priced 845-356-1208 leave msg

FURNISHED APT. 2 room furnished apt for rent near Main St. Call 356 -8909.


Wedding Gowns and Dresses

FOR RENT 3 room apartment for rent, morris road area please call (845)304-1248

LOOKING TO RENT a basement for the summer months in the Herrick/Decatur area. Please call 845-570-7563.


DRESS/RENT Navy sister of the bride dress size 12/14 for rent @ great price call 845.300.0636

GOWN For sale - Sister of the Bride elegant gown Size 36 (845) 3629183

MATERNITY GOWN Flattering up-to-date maternity gown for rent. (845) 548 - 8313

Jobs HELP WANTED Heimishe office next to Monsey is looking for full time female secretary. Quickbooks experience a plus. Transportation provided. Great opportunity for right candidate. Email resume to

FAST GROWING COMPANY Seeking an experienced bookkeeper. Must be proficient in: QuickBooks, Word, Excel and Outlook • Astounding Organizational Skills •Excellent verbal and written communication skills • An ability to work quickly, accurately and meet deadlines. Send your resume to:

VITAMIN BUSINESS looking for a FM F/T sales & marketing experience, online & website skills, great communication skills, quick learner, detail oriented, multi tasking, professional English, extra pay for graphic experience, good pay for the right candidate. email

ORDER ENTRY POSITION Large Monsey company seeking qualified individual for Order Entry position with potential for growth. Candidate must be quick, organized, detail oriented and very proficient in Excel. Full Time. Please email resume:agrossman@

ECOMMERCE SELLING Established Monsey Company seeking an ecommerce and Amazon selling expert. Extensive knowledge of marketing and selling product on Amazon is required. This is NOT an entry level position, you must have worked for a high volume marketplace seller (in any category). We offer tremendous opportunity for the right individual. Individual must have proven ability to think strategically and execute methodically, strong attention to detail including precise and effective communications and complete proficiency in Excel (advanced formulas, charting, conditional formatting and pivot tables). Please email resume to





Established Monsey company seeking an experienced FullTime Real Estate Bookkeeper. Must have complete background and experience in the field. Knowledge of Excel is required: advanced formulas, charting, conditional formatting and pivot tables. Please email resume to

Frum company located 20 minutes from Monsey seeks a full time individual to support and assist our Customer Service Manager. One (1) year administrative/customer service experience preferred.Resumes to Careers@ChurchillLiving. com Refer to Job No. 16-16 Great Benefits! EEO/AA Employer

Fast Growing Company seeking an experienced bookkeeper. Must be proficient in: QuickBooks, Word, Excel and Outlook • Astounding Organizational Skills • Excellent verbal and written communication skills • An ability to work quickly, accurately and meet deadlines. Send your resume to: hiring1045@gmail. com



Growing Company looking for E Commerce Help, Creating and managing listings on Amazon/ Ebay and other marketplaces. online experience preferred, Huge potential for the motivated person. Email your resume:

Candidate should be good at researching information and writing descriptions based on research. Excellent verbal and written communication skills required. One (1) year office experience a plus. Located 20 minutes from Monsey.Resumes to Careers@ChurchillLiving. com. Great Benefits! EEO/AA Employer

LOAN PROCESSOR Heimishe office in monsey seeking f/t female secretary/loan processor. Must be comp literate have good phone/people skills & be detail oriented .email resume:

F/T FEMALE POSITION Office 5 minutes from monsey looking for a full time female for office work. Must have computer skills. and fast learner. Great opportunity for growth. Please email resume to

‫המספיק‬ ‫המספיק אין מאנסי זוכט א יונגערמאן אין די‬ ‫ דעפארטמענט‬Finance :‫קוואליפיקאציעס‬ finance ‫• עטליכע יאר עקספיריענס אין‬ ‫• עקספיריענס אין מעדיקעיד בילינג‬ ‫פארגעצויגן‬ .‫שיין באצאלט פארן ריכטיגן פערזאן‬ .‫פולע בענעפיטן‬ joboffer@ ‫ביטע שיקט אריין א רעזעמעי צו‬



Seeking f/t employee for retail company in Monsey. Must be detailed oriented. Computer knowledge a plus. Email resume to

Frum company located 20 minutes from Monsey, seeks a full time responsible individual to work as an Executive Assistant in a fast paced company. Must be organized, accurate in bookkeeping, have strong communication and project management skills. 1 year bookkeeping & 3 years work experience required. Resumes to: Great pay! Great benefits! EEO/ AA Employer

ADMIN ASSISTANT Frum company located 20 minutes from Monsey seeks a F/T candidate to assist the Furniture Warehouse Administrator. Responsibilities include processing shipping and receiving documents, preparing driver’s schedules and overseeing daily schedule to ensure deliveries are completed in a timely manner. Must be organized, have excellent verbal and written communication skills and be able to work in a fastpaced environment. Resumes to Great Benefits! EEO/AA Employer

COORDINATOR Frum Company located 20 minutes from Monsey, seeks a full time dependable individual to answer property inquiries; respond to phone and email booking requests; make and confirm reservations; maintain room availability/guest accounts and perform data entry tasks to support the Vacation Rental Team.One year work experience required. Must be organized, detail oriented, have excellent verbal/written communication skills and have the ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment. Resumes to: Great Pay! Great Benefits! EEO/ AA Employer

RECEIVABLE/BILLING Monsey business looking for a full time candidate with office and computer experience, that is comfortable in a high paced office. Great work environment in a frum office. Salary and benefits commensurate with experience. Forward your resume to

ART TEACHER Boys Yeshiva in the Monsey Area seeks an experienced English Language Arts teacher for upper elementary grades. Hours 1:30-5:45. Please email resume to



Monsey Boys Cheder is looking for an experienced male or female English teacher. Hours Mon-Thurs 1:30-5:30 pm. Please email resume to mgoldstein@

Monsey Boys Yeshiva is seeking a female kindergarten assistant. Hours: Sun 9:30-2:30, Mon-Thurs 9:00-3:00, Fri 9:00-12:00. Please email or call 845-369-1515 ext 107







Monsey Boys Yeshiva is seeking a female kindergarten teacher. Hours: Sun 9:30-2:30, Mon-Thurs 9:00-3:00, Fri 9:00-12:00. Please email or call 845-369-1515 ext 107

needed from 2:30 to 4:30 four days a week. 862 505 9546

Want to express your words, but just don’t know how? We do the work. You get the credit. Call 845248-6340

JOB OPP Wesley Kosher is looking to hire a warehouse receiving manager. Great opportunity for motivated individual. Please call 845-5487014.


BABYSITTING In the Saddle River Rd. Airmont/ Chestnut Ridge area. Leave your child with a caring and attentive babysitter- 426-3283

KIDDIE CAMP for toddlers ages 18 mths to 2 yrs has a few slots available. Exp mommy and morah. Brewer area. 862 505 9546

Preschool Morah and Female Counselor needed. Boys day camp in Monsey is looking to hire a pre-school Morah and a counselor for the summer of 2016. Experience a + ‎but willing to train. Great salary package for the right individual. Leave message @ 917-972-7505

Expert babysitter avail for all your occasions. We do shabbos too! near keren vayoel mohe-no min(845)783-2314


Available on Kaufman Ct. Please call 845-352-1620.

Looking to hire an assistant for a three year old english speaking playgroup. Call 8454256135






for 6 year old girl, in my house or yours. Every Sunday from 10:30-till 5:30. Call me anytime 845-641-3159

Do you believe that you can earn a significant income? Do you believe that the world needs a little more health and wealth in it these days? Do you want to help make a difference? I believe in inspiring people to do the things that inspire them so together we can create health and wealth in the world. But I can’t do this alone! Are you looking at improving your current financial situation? Do you enjoy helping people? If so, I might want to meet you! Mrs. F. Katz 845-5703565

HELP WANTED Playgroup in Bates area seeking responsible girl willing to work for assistant. Also teacher Position for summer/September. 845.379.4711

GIRLS H.S in Passaic seeking experienced teachers- 10th grade Geometry, 9th and 10th grade English Literature, Ivrit, STEM course. Email:

SHADOW AVAILABLE Experienced girl looking to shadow your child.References available.Please call/text 908 783 4784

DROP-IN BABYSITTER located on Adar Ct. Also accepting Sundays, overnight and evening. Pls call 845-659-4286


ORGANIZER Ever wonder what it would be like to easily clean up toys or find something in the kitchen right away? CALL TZIPORA WENGER 845-642-3812

MUSIC One man band & singer music for all occasions by Chaim benatar. 845 659 0222

PRECISION WRITING A picture is worth a thousand words… or fewer words wellchosen. Poems, songs, essays, etc. (845)426-0553

HANDYMAN Affordable and talented handyman! Any job, big or small! Repairs, renovations, installations. 845-642-0572 862-505-9546

PHOTOGRAPHY Professional photography at unbeatable prices! Bar mitzvahs, mens side at chasunahs, dinners... 862- 505-9546 845-642-0572

BOOKKEEPING QuickBooks Specialist - Need someone to help post, reconcile, run reports & more? I can help. Call 201-376-4378 or email

SON-RISE Want to help your autistic child? Learn the Son-rise program. Call 845-425-5161

AUTISM BREAKTHROUGH (age 8-18) Experienced, chasiddishe yungerman professionally trained in the Sonrise program, that helps children connect with the world around them. 845-274-3244.



Experienced seamstress in the sunrise area ready to do all your alterations (845)425-3134

Mature female WSI and Lifeguard teaches all levels. Sensitivity to special needs. Organize your own group. 845356-1113

Expert & reliable service. Free pick up & delivery. 845-352-5013






Punctual. Professional. Reliable. Horizon Trans.845-270-9890 All credit cards accepted.

Take someone responsible & can ALWAYS depend. Steady slots also available. Day/night. Call/ text 917-750-4105.

by Shmuel Klaver. Monsey’s most experienced Shomer Shabbos drum instructor. Lessons ($40 & up) given in your home or my studio, to boys or girls ages 10-adult, beginners to professional. Call (845) 459-9935

SOUND EQUIPMENT Sound equipment rentals for all occasions, speakers, microphones, mixers and more please call 845263-0460.

ACCESSORIES Hairbands! Babybands! Clips! Bowties! Necklaces! Custom colors & more! Most items under $10! Call or text 845-570-7615

SOUND RENTALS Sound equipment rentals for all occasions, speakers, microphones, mixers and more please call 845263-0460.

BOOK BINDING we accept to bind all your Sefurim & Books at a great price. Best Choice Bookbinding (845) 445-9183

MUSICIAN Upgrade your keyboard with better programs- call the Programer. 845-459-7774 we make for u every style u like.

PHOTOGRAPHY! Book now for a $50 portrait session outdoors with props and scenery. Free digital album! Call Dassy @ 845-517-9920

SCHLISSEL CHALLAH I’ll make you perfect textured dough. Call 845-538-9332

CAR SERVICE Long distance trips brand new minivan anywhere anytime very reliable always on time call yanky 845-558-2697

LADY DRIVER Tovah: Local and Long Distance. 612-267-9147

LADY DRIVER Call 709-7338

PARTY PLANNING For every budget and style! Gorgeous setup, top quality vendors, professional service. Call/text: 845-274-4799. References/ photos available upon request.


EXERCISE AIRMONT Ladies and girls aerobics classes forming in the Smith Hill area. Certified instructor. Call Esty 845-213-0978 Empowerbyesty@


Want to attract customers? Boost sales? Raise funds? Call Copywrite Writing Service today. 845-377-5503 Copywritetk@

Learn to crochet in 3 lessons. Sunday afternoon from 3:15 4:15. Call Leah 356-8909.



Wide selection in the latest styles. Exp in getting it in that perfect spot. Call 371-2325

Course: Learn how to mend basics on your own with or without machine. Francis area 659 5649

PICTURE SOLUTION Pictures waiting to be developed and stored into albums?? We have a solution! call/text 845538-3648

HAIRCUTTING Great cuts at great rates. New on Widman/ Bluefield area. Introductory offer: $6. Call Chani at: (845)517-5443



NEW SELECTION capes - teens, adults, children. Wool capes, optional matching berets. SALE!!!! Necklaces $8.00 - $15.00. Phyllis Terrace 845-608-1547

BB’s Professional Wash N Sets located in Forshay: Wash ‘n Sets: $25 Falls: $20 Call or text: (410)960-4427.

‫מציאה רבה‬ 120 ‫גאנצע סעטס מחניים ביכלעך צו פארקויפן‬ 845-274-4904 $490 ‫ רעג‬$420 ‫חלקים פאר‬

STYLED N STYLE To have your hair professionally done at a great price, call now (845) 578-1939.



Get your teeth whitened professionally with lasting results. Male and Female Techs available. Call for specials 845826-4928

Get your teeth whitened professionally with lasting results. Male and Female Techs available. Call for specials 845826-4928



Marks & Spencer baby undershirts (short sleeves) - Pls call 845 356 1491

Hair styling for better occasionsKallah..Engagement..Bar Mitzvahs.. 538.7603.....426.4632



Rivky’s custom challah dough, last minute orders accepted 845369-3755

Sharp cut. Professional hairstyling for all occasions at great prices. call or text 517-7128






Every yiddishe mamma deserves to birth with serenity!Listen to childbirth classes by phone. Live Q&A; Mrs. Surie Gruber (845) 263-0313

A DELI in Monsey looking for a part time worker please call 845.538.7010


Text ‘follow guardtongue’ to 40404 to receive daily Shemiras Halashon texts. Don’t miss this opportunity. SUBSCRIBE TODAY. IT’S QUICK, EASY AND FREE.



Miracle Blossoms Doula Services Chana Bracha Abramson CD(DONA) 845-213-5525



To join the next class please call 845-426-0931.Tzippy Tauber CD (DONA) Certified Birth Doula

GPS GEMACH Call 845-352-2588 leave message. (Minimal fee)



MASSAGE THERAPIST Certified Massage Therapist available for house calls. Prenatal, Swedish & Deep Tissue. Chavi Brisk CMT 845 694 9204


Lost & Found LOST

MASSAGE THERAPIST Professional female massage therapist available for morning and evening appointments. My home or yours. Women only. 848-202-4980.

SHAKLEE Powerful nutritional supplements- Call to place your order. Free delivery. Call/text 845 213-8016.

2 velvet kapelech custom made by Stitch With name Eli In the Polkadot area or Taxi. Pls call 845-3522999

LOST Diamond Bracelet 2nd day Pesach in Rita/306/Maple Ave/ Maple Terrace area. Please call 347.585.2626


Call 641-1627 or 845-356-3851

Lost a diamond and gold bracelet at the palisades mall or at bounce u in nanuet! Please call 19179210532 thank you!



Innate Health counseling. Reasonable rates. Please call 845 459 0480.

Found childrens gold bracelet with name. on Ashel Ln On first days Pesach. Call 845 304 0438



Misc. TEHILLIM Harness the power of tehillim today! A Yid will say tehillim on your behalf. Call/text 8452006378.


CARRIAGE FOUND Found a Bugabee carriage in a taxi on May 1/Isru Chag. Call 426-0514.

FOUND BRACELET On Maple Corner Suzanne. Please call 845-694-7210

Classified ads are free for our readers, as long as the following criteria are met. 1. Classified ads must be emailed or texted to - in the body of the email, not as an attachment. 2. Include two words for the heading and a maximum of twenty words for the body. 3. The entire body of the ad should be written in one paragraph. Do not “enter” between sentences. 4. Use standard text only – no all caps. 5. Check for proper spelling and grammar before submitting. 6. Do not fax any free classifieds. A CLASSIFIED AD THAT DOESN’T MEET THE ABOVE CONDITIONS WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY REJECTED. The Monsey View reserves the right to omit any free classifieds. * * * * * We do not give confirmations for free classified ads. * * * * * Classified ad deadline is Monday at 12:00 pm. No exceptions. * * * * * For inquiries about PAID classifieds, feel free to contact The Monsey View.

‫הגר"ח קנייבסקי בסיום על כל התורה כולה‬

‫הגר"ח קנייבסקי בסיום על כל התורה כולה‬

‫הגר"ח קנייבסקי בסיום על כל התורה כולה‬

‫אדמו"ר ממונקאטש אצל אדמו"ר מקארלסבורג‬



‫אדמו"ר מסקולען אצל אדמו"ר מקארלסבורג‬

‫אדמו"ר מתו"א אצל גאב"ד ירושלים‬

‫אדמו"ר מתולדות צבי ספינקא אצל אדמו"ר מקארלסבורג‬




‫גאב"ד ירושלים‬




‫תולדות אהרן‬

‫תולדות אברהם יצחק‬


‫עדה חרדית‬

‫גאב"ד ירושלים‬

‫הגר"ח וואזנער‬



‫הגר"ב פוברסקי‬

‫סאטמאר לאנדאן‬




‫באיאן ב"פ‬

‫בית חיים יושע‬

‫אבד"ק באבוב ‪45‬‬


‫גאב"ד ירושלים‬

‫הגר"ח קנייבסקי‬







‫הגר"ב פוברסקי‬


‫בית חיים יושע‬

‫בית יצחק ספינקא‬



‫גאב"ד מעלבוירן‬




‫קרעטשניף ירושלים‬



‫בית חיים יושע‬




‫מחנובקא בעלזא‬


‫ספינקא ירושלים‬



‫אב"ד מראה יחזקאל‬



‫הרב לאנדא‬

‫ספינקא ירושלים‬

‫תולדות אהרן מאנסי‬

‫ספינקא מאנסי‬


‫תולדות אהרן‬






‫הגר"ח וואזנער‬


‫הגר"א עפגין‬




‫מיר הייבן אן אי"ה די‬

‫קומענדיגע‬ ‫קלאס‬

‫פאר די קינדער וואס ווערן‬ ‫בר מצוה אין די זימער חדשים‬

‫דעם זונטאג‬ ‫פ׳ קדושים‬

‫אייער קינד וועט‬ ‫בארייכן זיינע‬ ‫ידיעות אין‪:‬‬ ‫הלכות תפילין כהלכתה‬ ‫הלכות זימון‬ ‫שליח ציבור‬ ‫הלכות קריאת התורה ומפטיר‬ ‫דיני קידוש והבדלה‬ ‫תפלה במנין‬ ‫קריאת שמע בזמנה‬ ‫מוסר והדרכה לימי הבחרות‬ ‫בר מצוה פשעטל )פריוואט(‬

‫א׳ דר״ח אייר הבעל"ט‬

‫בר מקינדער ו‬ ‫ו‬ ‫א‬ ‫ס‬ ‫ו‬ ‫ו‬ ‫צוה תשרי ערן‬ ‫ח‬ ‫שון כסלו‬


‫הרב משה זאב פאנעט‬



‫אויב‬ ‫ש‬ ‫י‬ ‫ק‬ ‫ט‬ ‫אין קע איר‬ ‫מפ איז‬ ‫י‬ ‫ע‬ ‫צ‬ ‫ט‬ ‫צו מיט הדיאלצטיןיט‬ ‫ד‬ ‫י קלאס‬



THE PUFF 200 MAPLE AVENUE 路 845-445-8650 路 SUNDAY - THURSDAY 9:00PM - 11:00PM

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The Monsey View

Issue 48  

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