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Dew Drops is a comprehensive teleconference wellness program given by Mrs. Yachy Moskovits Course Begins: November 20th 2017 through June 2018


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Dew Drops is an interactive educational course given by Mrs. Yachy Moskovits, certified by the Tahua School of Naturopothy and a graduate of the Hippocrates Health Institute. She has been teaching hundreds of frum women how to take charge of their health and vitality for over 10 years. Based on the teachings of Brian Clement from Florida, & Dr. Christian Limoge from Montreal, who was highly recommend by the Tosher Rebbe

DEW DROPS PRESENTS: The Wealth of Hashem’s Gift; “Your Health”. All classes live via teleconference. For more information and to register for FREE Call 845.951.1112 [Join for all or any day you choose.]

THUR NOV 16 9:00 PM

MON NOV 20 10:00 AM

TUE NOV 21 10:00 AM

WED NOV 22 10:00 AM

THUR NOV 23 10:00 AM

MON NOV 27 10:00 AM

What Dew Drops Can Do for You! Open Q &A with Yachy






The Four Pillars

The Spark of Life!

It’s a Lifestyle!

You Can Stop Feeling Sick

You are What You Eat, Drink and Think!

of Health

The Energy of Smoothies!

Issue 123  

The Monsey View

Issue 123  

The Monsey View